General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough 05/15/13 FinalFLuver Shu 784K
FAQ/Walkthrough 06/14/09 Shotgunnova 594K
Walkthrough 11/23/96 SIwata 1.0 48K
FAQ 11/01/05 bWoNg 047 102K
FAQ/Walkthrough 06/13/02 Shinji Lam 2.0 126K

In-Depth FAQs

Blacksmith Limit Guide 05/15/13 FinalFLuver Lieza 162K
Character/Item Development FAQ 08/22/03 TopperCop 1.03 77K
Game Script 05/12/06 coldfire_sedai 1.2 189K
Game Script 06/11/08 Shotgunnova 534K
Guild Job FAQ 07/01/02 ANoble 13K
Item FAQ 03/15/11 ball4376 1.02 150K
Job FAQ 06/14/09 Shotgunnova 101K
Monster Class FAQ 07/04/04 Wanizame Final 3 11K
Shop List 06/10/08 Shotgunnova 48K
Special Attack Guide 03/07/01 Dragon Scholar Ryu 10K
Steal/Drop Guide 05/15/13 FinalFLuver Sania 55K
Wanted Monster FAQ 02/16/08 KatanaSoul 1.1 49K

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