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    Game Script by Shotgunnova

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              /¯/                                                      \¯\
             / /                                                        \ \
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            | |___  ___   ____   _____  _    _  ____   _     _____  ____ | |
            |     ||   \ |    | |     || |__| ||  __| | |   |     ||    \) |
            | |¯| || [] )| |¯¯   ¯| |¯ |      ||  __| | |   | |¯| || |¯\   |
            |  ¯  ||   ( | |__    | |  | |¯¯| || |__  | |__ |  ¯  || |_/   |
            | |¯|_||_|\_||____|   |_|  |_|  |_||____| |____||_|¯|_||____/) |
            | |  ¯  ¯  ¯  ¯¯¯¯     ¯    ¯    ¯  ¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯¯  ¯   ¯  ¯¯¯¯ | |
            ( (                 |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|                    ) )
             \ \                 ¯|  |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  |¯                    / /
              \ \                 |  |         |  |                    / /
               ) )                |  |         |  |                   ( (
               \/                 |  |         |  |                    \/
                                  |  |         |  |
     GAME SCRIPT BY SHOTGUNNOVA  _|  |_________|  |_  shotgunnova (@) gmail. c0m
     01) Introduction ....................................................... GS01
     02) Indigos ............................................................ GS02
     03) Prodias ............................................................ GS03
     04) Yagos Isle ......................................................... GS04
     05) Indigos............................................................. GS05
     06) Gallarno's House.................................................... GS06
     07) Salba Desert........................................................ GS07
     08) Lost Forest......................................................... GS08
     09) White House......................................................... GS09
     10) Touvil.............................................................. GS10
     11) Palencia............................................................ GS11
     12) Romalian Battleship................................................. GS12
     13) Clenia Isle......................................................... GS13
     14) Touvil.............................................................. GS14
     15) Holn................................................................ GS15
     16) Chimera Research Lab................................................ GS16
     17) Touvil.............................................................. GS17
     18) Palencia Tower...................................................... GS18
     19) Touvil.............................................................. GS19
     20) Houfion............................................................. GS20
     21) Main Chimera Lab.................................................... GS21
     22) Greyshinne.......................................................... GS22
     23) Brakia.............................................................. GS23
     24) Forles.............................................................. GS24
     25) Millmana............................................................ GS25
     26) Balbalard........................................................... GS26
     27) Amigue.............................................................. GS27
     28) Seirya.............................................................. GS28
     29) Palencia Tower...................................................... GS29
     30) Touvil.............................................................. GS30
     31) North & South Towers................................................ GS31
     32) Romalia............................................................. GS32
     33) Romalia Castle...................................................... GS33
     01) Indigos Sewer Research ............................................. JB01
     02) Ghost House Ruin Town .............................................. JB02
     03) Indigos Jewely Robbery ............................................. JB03
     04) Barns' Lost Dog .................................................... JB04
     05) Weird Sewer Sounds.................................................. JB05
     06) Indigos Whiskey Delivery............................................ JB06
     07) Search for Missing Child............................................ JB07
     08) Doll Collector in Ruins............................................. JB08
     09) Dangerous Types in Ruins............................................ JB09
     10) 3 AM Piano at the Bar............................................... JB10
     11) Monsters in Vacant House............................................ JB11
     12) Protect House from Burglary......................................... JB12
     13) Robber's Revenge.................................................... JB13
     14) Find Missing Son.................................................... JB14
     15) Catch Mischievous Boy............................................... JB15
     16) Stop the Terrible Gas Leak!......................................... JB16
     17) Guard the Recyclers................................................. JB17
     18) Monsters' Food!?.................................................... JB18
     19) Catch the Scrap Thief............................................... JB19
     20) Slay the Nocturnal Monsters......................................... JB20
     21) Find a New Home..................................................... JB21
     22) Play Cupid.......................................................... JB22
     23) Indigos Jewelry Robbers II.......................................... JB23
     24) Exterminate Weapons Thief........................................... JB24
     25) Slay the Monster.................................................... JB25
     26) Indigos Escort...................................................... JB26
     27) Catch the Slasher................................................... JB27
     28) Find Ancient Treasure!.............................................. JB28
     29) Find Ancient Treasure II............................................ JB29
     30) Vengeance Assistance................................................ JB30
     31) Find the Old Man.................................................... JB31
     32) Monster in the Arena................................................ JB32
     33) Arena Monster Revolt................................................ JB33
     34) Stop the Desert Thieves............................................. JB34
     35) Stop the Desert Thieves II.......................................... JB35
     36) Clear the Tracks!................................................... JB36
     37) Collect Minerals.................................................... JB37
     38) Deliver Meat to Gourmet............................................. JB38
     39) Mysterious Job Interview............................................ JB39
     40) Yuk Yuk Comedy Club Guard........................................... JB40
     41) Get Food to Holn Village............................................ JB41
     42) Deliver the Herb.................................................... JB42
     43) Monsters on the Tracks!............................................. JB43
     44) Get Monster Egg..................................................... JB44
     45) Archaeological Guard................................................ JB45
     46) Monster Kids!....................................................... JB46
     47) Rescue Coal Miners.................................................. JB47
     48) Monsters in Amaidar................................................. JB48
     49) Find the Ring....................................................... JB49
     50) Lost Girl........................................................... JB50
     51) Dangerous Medicine.................................................. JB51
     52) Desert Rapture...................................................... JB52
     53) Boor at the Bar..................................................... JB53
     54) Find the Missing Burro.............................................. JB54
     55) Theft at Senor Generale's........................................... JB55
     56) 5 Feathers of Amigue Roc............................................ JB56
     57) Return the Sea Dragon's Egg......................................... JB57
     58) Deliver the Charm................................................... JB58
     59) Updates & Contributions............................................. UPDT
     60) Legality............................................................ LGLT
    01) INTRODUCTION                                                         [GS01]
    [In a forest camp, soldiers ruthlessly gun down villagers.]
    Chief: "By what authority are you doing this?!"
    Soldier: "If I were staring down the barrel of a gun, I would be less
    Man: "We will never allow the Fire Guardian to be taken!"
    Soldier: "Hrmph. Is your Guardian so valuable to you...that you would sacrifice
             yourselves to stop us? Fine. We shall give you the martyrdom you
    Boy: "Wait! Stop!"
    Man 2: "Elc--!"
    Soldier: "FIRE!!!"
    [The soldiers fire upon all the grownups.]
    Elc: "Grandpa! DAD!! ...Why? Why did you do that?! They did nothing wrong!"
    Soldier: "They were in the way, boy...and so are you. Prepare to join your
             father in the afterworld!"
    Elc: "NO!! You won't hurt anyone else! You'll suffer for what you've done!"
    [He kills some soldiers with his fire magic.]
    Elc: "Now it's your turn!"
    [Elc falls down.]
    Soldier: "Hrmph. He appears to have exhausted himself. That was quite an
             impressive display, don't you agree? The boy seems to channel the
             power of the Fire Guardian!"
    Scientist: "When the child's anger boiled over...he unleashed Fire energy upon
               your soldiers. It was absolutely extraordinary."
    Soldier: "Let us complete our task and leave this stinking hovel. Fasten the
             chains, men! Double-time! Signal the Silver Noah, soldier."
    Soldier 2: "Yes, sir!"
    [A large white airship, the Silver Noah, descends.]
    Soldier 3: "The cargo is secured and ready for transport, sir!"
    [The Fire Guardian statue is lifted up and away by the airship.]
    Soldier: "Excellent job. Return to the ship! Shall we take the child to the
    Scientist: "Certainly."
    Elc: "Let...me...go! Leave...me...alone!"
    [He wakes up in his apartment.]
    Elc: "Let me go... Leave me ALONE!! ... I had that dream again... ...I wish I
         could erase the memories so I could get a decent night's sleep."
    [Elc tries to leave his apartment.]
    Lynx: "Elc, I'm glad you're still up. You've got to come to the Guild...right
    Elc: "Lynx, do you know what time it is?"
    Lynx: "Yeah. It's time to go to work. I've got a job for you! Besides, you're
          a Hunter, remember? Saving the world from darkness at any hour! You're
          not supposed to care WHEN the jobs come to you, just how much they pay...
    Elc: "Speaking of which, how much are we talking, here?"
    Lynx: "You'll do it, then? Great. We'll talk money at the Guild. Get ready!
          Great! Let's go."
    [In the Prodias Guild...]
    Lynx: "The dispatcher at the counter has the job. Time to go to work."
    Dispatcher: "Well, it's comforting to see that some things never change. You're
                late, Elc. As usual. This is a hot one, kid. You're lucky I didn't
                give this to someone else. The location of the operation is Aldia
                Skyport. Some radical freak is causing trouble. He's giving the
                Skyport cops fits, but I guess that's no surprise, eh? The job
                pays 2000G, and I gave it to Lynx in advance to hold for you. Wrap
                this one up quick, okay? And, I don't want a mess this time, or I'm
                charging you for the cleanup!"
    Elc: "No problem, but why'd you give the dough to Lynx?!"
    Dispatcher: "Look, kid. I paid in advance for your services this time. I'm
                counting on success. Nothing less."
    Elc: "Hey, don't worry, bean counter. You bought the best."
    Lynx: "So did you get the assignment?"
    Elc: "Yes. Funny thing. The dispatcher says you've got the bounty for this job
    Lynx: "Uh...yeah. I didn't want him to rip us off."
    Elc: "I'm more concerned about getting taken closer to home. I'd better get
         the lion's share of the bounty when this is done."
    Lynx: "Yeah, yeah. You should know to trust me by now. I'll take care of you!
          By the way, did you sign in on the journal at the counter? Are you ready?
    Elc: "Yes, I am!"
    Lynx: "Great! One Skyport coming up, one terrorist going down!"
    [At Aldia Skyport, a freak has a woman hostage in a terminal.]
    Woman: "Please help me!"
    ?????: "Get BACK, you idiots!"
    Woman: "Why are you all standing there?! HELP ME!!"
    Guard: "Please remain calm, miss. We want you to walk away from this unharmed.
           Now then, sir, tell us again what you want."
    Woman: "Didn't you hear him the first time?! He wants you to close down the
    Guard: "Please remain CALM, miss!!"
    [In the back of the terminal...]
    Man: "Did you hear that? If the Skyport is shut down, the Saint Diana cannot
    Man 2: "And all the major guests of the Ceremony are on board."
    Man: "Of course...now I understand the thug's motives! Without those guests,
         the Ceremony cannot take place!"
    Guard: "Close the Skyport? That's impossible!"
    ?????: "Then kiss this pretty little girl goodbye."
    Woman: "Why don't you stop asking questions and do what he WANTS?!"
    Guard: "But I don't have authoriz..."
    ?????: "I SAID, shut up and DO it! NO EXCUSES!"
    Man: "These idiotic rent-a-cops are going to get ALL of us killed! If they
         can't handle this criminal, what are we going to do?!"
    Man 2: "I called in a Hunter."
    Man: "Hunter? What's a Hunter?"
    Man 2: "They're mercenaries that take on tasks for money. I don't know how
           they started, but I hear they get the job done."
    [Outside, a low-flying plane drops Elc out, and he crashes through a window.]
    Elc: "Looks like I landed in the middle of the party."
    ?????: "Huh?!"
    [The hostage leaves.]
    ?????: "Damn it! What the hell do you think you're doing?!"
    Elc: "Taking out the trash. Nothing personal. I've got a job to do, and today,
         you're it."
    ?????: "What about the garbage coming out of your mouth, punk?! Now stop
           talking and start bleeding!"
    [Elc sends the perp on the lam.]
    ?????: "Damn. You ARE strong. But I'm smart... He who fights and runs away,
           will live to fight another day. We WILL meet again, and next time, I
           won't be so nice."
    [The perp runs to a nearby docked ship.]
    Elc: (He ran into the ship!)
    [Elc follows onto the Romalian airship and finds a dark room.]
    Elc: (Someone's in there...I can smell it! He's close...) "There!"
    [He finds a wolf monster, but a girl heels him before he can attack.]
    Girl: "Paundit! Come here! Please don't be angry at Paundit. He's just
          protective of me."
    Elc: "Uh, how can a monster be your guardian?!"
    Girl: "Paundit is NOT a monster!"
    Elc: "Then your definition is quite different than mine. But, why isn't your
         mutt attacking me?"
    Girl: "..."
    Elc: "You've tamed the creature! Amazing! I would love to hear an explanation
         ...but I have a more pressing question for you. Did you see a strange man
         run past the door? He's a dangerous fugitive. I've come to capture him."
    Girl: "..."
    Elc: "I shall take your silence as a "No"."
    Girl: "You..."
    Elc: "Excuse me?"
    Girl: "You might be looking for ME."
    Elc: "What do you mean?"
    Girl: "..."
    Elc: "I said, WHAT do you MEAN?!"
    Girl: "...Please let me escape."
    Elc: "Escape?"
    Girl: "I can't tell you."
    Voice: "HELP!!"
    Elc: "Damn it! I'll be back for that explanation!"
    [He runs out to the abovedeck area.]
    Elc: "Are you gonna keep running? Or will you wise up and surrender?"
    ?????: "I choose...neither. The chase is over, Hunter...and so is your short
           career. I will enjoy watching the life run from your veins!"
    [He summons some bats into battle.]
    ?????: "Aren't they beautiful?"
    Elc: "How did you...DO that?!"
    ?????: "Drink deeply, my pets! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!"
    Elc: "A healing spell?!"
    [It came from...the girl.]
    Girl: "Do you feel better now?"
    Elc: "You--? You healed me."
    Girl: "Is that all right?"
    Elc: "No complaints here! I think you just won this battle for me!
    [The battle ends.]
    Alfred: "Please...help me."
    Elc: "I'm not qualified to councel nutcases. Perhaps you can consult a prison
    Alfred: "No! You...you don't understand! They'll never forgive my failure!
            They'll...kill me!"
    Elc: "Who are 'they'?""
    Lieza: "..."
    Alfred: "The Cabal! They're everywh... GWAAAH!!!"
    [Someone shot and killed him.]
    Elc: "!?"
    Gangster: "He never could close his trap."
    Elc: "Who are you?"
    Lieza: "Oh, no...!"
    Gangster: "Gimme the girl. Now."
    Elc: "Do you know these men?"
    Lieza: "They..."
    Gangster: "Shut up! You should keep your nose outta our business...before it
              gets cut off."
    Elc: "WHAT did you say?! Time to go!!"
    Gangster: "Where you gonna run, huh?"
    [They run to the airship's edge.]
    Elc: "Damn! Whoa!"
    Gangster 3: "Watch your step, kid."
    Lieza: "All right! I'll...go with you."
    Elc: "No!!"
    Lieza: "But I have to. Don't you see? If I don't, they'll kill us both."
    [Elc has a flashback to when he was little. He and a girl are in a forest.]
    Voice: "Where are those two children?!"
    Voice 2: "We have to find them! NOW!!"
    Voice: "They went that way!"
    Voice 2: "Catch them! HURRY!!"
    Girl: "Ouch..."
    Elc: "Mariel!! Get up! Come on!"
    Mariel: "I...can't."
    Elc: "Yes, you can!"
    Voice: "They're just children. They couldn't have gone far!"
    Voice 2: "Find them!"
    Mariel: "Please, Elc. Go without me."
    Elc: "No..."
    Mariel: "But if you stay, they'll find us both..."
    [The flashback ends.]
    Gangster 2: "Whassa matter, girlie? Get OVER here!"
    Lieza: "..."
    Gangster 3: "Ain't you gonna t'ank her, kiddo? She just saved your life."
    Elc: "Thank you..."
    Gangster 3: "There ya go."
    Elc: "...for dropping your guard."
    Gangster 3: "Wha?"
    [Elc cuts him down.]
    Gangster 2: "You doity little rat!"
    Lieza: [Gasp!] "Paundit!!"
    [Paundit kills the other guard.]
    Elc: "This way!"
    Lieza: "...Why are you helping me?"
    Elc: "We'll trade explanations later. HANG ON!!"
    [They use a rope as a zipline and get onto a tower.]
    Gangster 4: "You ain't going nowhere, kid!"
    Lieza: "NOOO!!"
    [She gets shot.]
    Gangster: "Stop shooting, ya dumb bastid! She ain't worth nuttin' cold!"
    Gangster 4: "Sorry, boss."
    Gangster: "Bogart."
    Gangster 5: "Yeah, boss?"
    Gangster: "Go to Gallarno and tell him what happened."
    Gangster 5: "Will do, boss."
    Gangster: (Dat punk's gonna regret dis...)
    [In Prodias...]
    Elc: "We're safe now. How badly are you hurt?"
    Lieza: "It's hard...to breathe."
    Elc: "I'm taking you to Indigos. We can find someone there who can heal your
         wounds. Just hold on..."
    [Meanwhile, in Gallarno's Office, the man is speaking on a telephone.]
    Gallarno: "You didn't shut down the Skyport? Why not? A Hunter...with the power
              of Flame? He beat Alfred...and he took Lieza? Find him...or suffer
              the consequences."
    [He hangs up.]
    Gallarno: "I knew it was too early to send Alfred on a job... But I never
              imagined that kid would become a Hunter. And a Flame Master, as well!
              This is starting to get interesting..."
    02) INDIGOS                                                              [GS02]
    [They two escapees make it to the nearby town.]
    Elc: "We made it!"
    Lieza: "Is this...Indigos?"
    Elc: "Yes. I have a friend who lives here."
    [In an apartment, a ninja-like man listens to the radio.]
    Radio: "And in other news... Police continue to investigate the bizarre crime
           scene at Aldia Skyport. The terrorist who attempted to shut down the
           Skyport remains missing...along with the Hunter who was called in to
           subdue the criminal. The authorities have asked for the public's help
           in finding both men....while they continue to investigate possible
           links between them. We'll keep you updated on the situation as it
    Elc: "Shu! It's me! Elc!"
    Shu: "...It's open."
    [Elc stumbles in.]
    Elc: "Shu, I need to stay here for a while...and so does she."
    Shu: "Who's the girl? What's wrong with her?"
    Elc: "A long and strange story. I don't even know her name. But I do know she's
         in big trouble..."
    Shu: "...You want to put her on the bed?"
    Elc: "I thought you'd never ask."
    [He lays her down.]
    Shu: "You came here from the Skyport?"
    Elc: "I'm afraid to ask you how you knew that. I encountered this girl while I
         was there. She has the ability to tame monsters...and she was being
         pursued because of it."
    Shu: "By whom?"
    Elc: "Men with strange hats and large guns...one of which shot her as we
         escaped. She needs medical attention, but..."
    Shu: "...what if her pursuers find her again? And now the police are pursuing
    Elc: "Any ideas?"
    Shu: "Talk to Lado."
    Elc: "Oh? And how can he help?"
    Shu: "Doctor for hire. All the Hunters are here use him. I have business to
         take care of. You can stay here while I'm gone. I suggest you get some
         rest, too. You look like crap. You need to be more careful, Elc."
    Elc: "I know. Thanks again."
    Shu: "Any time."
    [He leaves.]
    Elc: (I need to find Lado right away...)
    [He goes to the Hunters' guild.]
    Dispatcher: "Are you here for an assignment, Hunter?"
    Elc: "No. I am in search of someone. His name is Lado. Heard of him?"
    Dispatcher: "A Hunter who hunts within the walls of the Guild?! Give me a
                moment to savor the sweet irony!"
    Elc: "I was told that Lado was known amongst the Hunters..."
    Dispatcher: "Do I look like a Hunter to you? I thought not. So why don't you
                go and find one?"
    [Elc finds a man nearby.]
    Elc: "Do you know a man named Lado?"
    Hunter: "Yes, I do. He is a skilled surgeon and an infamous lush. Lado can be
            found destroying his liver at the tavern."
    [At the tavern...]
    Man: "Get out of my way, child!"
    Elc: "He's certainly not a happy drunk... Do you know of a man named Lado?"
    Barkeep: "Yep. He just walked out the door...mumbling something about the Ruin
    [Elc goes to Ruin Town.]
    Lado: (He was supposed to meet me here...)
    [A warrior appears.]
    Leland: "There you are."
    Lado: "!?"
    Leland: "Don't you recognize me? I didn't think you would. Do you remember a
            thief who was shot in Indigos last week? A man you walked past instead
            of trying to help?"
    Lado: "I wanted to help him, but I couldn't. He was surrounded by police
    Leland: "Well, that thief's life was saved after all...and he was given the
            amazing gift of a new body. This body! And now, it's time for you to
            pay for what you failed to do!"
    Elc: "Wait! The doctor is out, thief! Try again some other time."
    Leland: "Don't you know anything, kid?! You NEVER interrupt a psychotic
            diatribe! I could educate you about that kinda stuff...but I'd much
            rather just kill you, too!"
    [Leland is beaten.]
    Leland: "Damn you!"
    [He teleports out.]
    Elc: "Are you alright, sir?"
    Lado: "Yes, but only because of you. How could that man have been turned into
          a monster? I didn't know such power existed in this world..."
    Elc: "You're Lado, aren't you?"
    Lado: "Yes, I am."
    Elc: "I need a favor, then. A friend of mine has been shot. Without your aid,
    Lado: "I understand. Take me to her."
    [Back at Shu's...]
    Lado: "You'll be alright now."
    Elc: "How is she?"
    Lado: "Somewhat weak, but she will recover quickly. If I had arrived much
          later, however... Who did this to her?"
    Elc: "..."
    Lado: "Never mind. Allow her plenty of rest...and consider my life debt paid
          in full. Goodbye."
    [He leaves.]
    Lieza: "..."
    Elc: "You look much better. He had a bad attitude, but he was an excellent
    Lieza: "Did you bring him here?"
    Elc: "Yes."
    Lieza: "Thank you. Why...did you save me?"
    Elc: "Because you needed to be saved. My name is Elc. I'm a Hunter, but I
         think you already know that. What's your name?"
    Lieza: "I'm Lieza. You're the nicest person I've ever met outside of my
           village. You helped me without even knowing my name..."
    Elc: "Why were those men after you, Lieza?"
    Lieza: "I was taken from my village and put on the ship. They were sending me
           to a place called the Facility. They said the Facility had a lot of
           kids like me. On the ship, they did a lot of tests on me. The only thing
           that got me through that was Paundit. He is the wolf-beast I've had
           since I was young. Then, last night, they decided to move me to another
    [Flashback to the previous night. In a dark airship corridor...]
    Man: "Not the damn lights again! Stay here while I check it out. Don't let the
         freak and her furball out of your sight."
    Man 2: "Yes, sir."
    Lieza: "Excuse me..."
    Man 2: "What is it, girl? Gyaaah!!"
    [Paundit claws him to death.]
    Lieza: "Come on, Paundit! Hurry up! This way! Let's hide in here, okay?"
    [They hide. Alfred runs by, and Elc enters the corridor. Flashback ends.]
    Lieza: "...and that's when I met you."
    Elc: "I see."
    Lieza: "I'm sorry I didn't tell you before."
    Elc: "It's alright."
    Lieza: "Ohhh... All that talking made me tired."
    Elc: "You need to rest anyway. We can talk more later."
    Lieza: "Okay..."
    [She goes to sleep.]
    Shu: "A "Facility" filled with gifted children..."
    Elc: "...Which might be related to my lost memories."
    Shu: "And your power to command Flame?"
    Elc: "Yes."
    Shu: "When I have completed my current task...I will join you."
    Elc: "Thanks, Shu!"
    Shu: "I suggest we follow Lieza's lead, and get some sleep."
    [That night...]
    Lieza: "..."
    Shu: "Zzzzz..."
    Elc: "...Stop it! Stop it! STOP!!"
    [Elc is having a nightmare about his villagers getting killed.]
    Lieza: "Elc! Elc! Elc!! Are you okay? You were having a nightmare!"
    Elc: "Yes...I'm alright. All my dreams are bad ones. You're feeling much
         better, aren't you?"
    Lieza: "Yes! I'm not weak at all."
    Elc: "That's wonderful to hear. Where is Shu?"
    Lieza: "He left to finish his work."
    Elc: "I see."
    Lieza: "Elc..."
    Elc: "Yes?"
    Lieza: "You have missing memories?"
    Elc: "...So you overheard me yesterday. When I was a child, my father and
         grandfather were...murdered. An army invaded our village and burned it
         to the ground. A soldier dragged me to an airship...and that's when my
         mind goes blank. Shu found me five years ago...wandering through the west
         Aldian Desert."
    Lieza: "Oh..."
    Elc: "It's not a very interesting story, is it? I've never enjoyed speaking
         about myself..."
    Lieza: "It's okay, Elc."
    Elc: "Anyway. I need to take on a few jobs. I refuse to ask Shu for financial
    Lieza: "Elc...may I come with you?"
    Elc: "Are you kidding?!"
    Lieza: "No..."
    Elc: "Those men are looking for you, Lieza. What happens if they find you
    Lieza: "That's why I need to stay with you...for protection."
    Elc: "But..."
    Lieza: "Please!"
    Elc: "Alright. You can come with me. But you will do whatever I ask of you,
         whenever I ask it!"
    Lieza: "Of course. Thank you! Paundit! Come on!"
    [They visit the guild again.]
    Dispatcher: "You're the novice Hunter who came in here yesterday."
    Elc: "I'm a Hunter, but I'm certainly not a novice! My name is Elc. I used to
         work in this town."
    Dispatcher: "Elc... Elc, the Flame Master?! Well, I have quite an important
                favor to ask. I need you to eliminate a notorious group of bandits.
    Elc: "ANd what is the source of their notoriety?"
    Dispatcher: "They use monsters to prey upon their victims. I'm afraid there's
                no reward. Will you do it anyway?"
    Elc: "Those bandits aren't gonna know what hit 'em."
    Dispatcher: "I should hope so."
    [Elc goes to a back alley.]
    Lieza: "It's a dead end."
    Elc: "Hmmm. Strange."
    Lieza: "Uh-oh... Turn around, Elc!"
    Elc: "Who are you?"
    [A monster is there.]
    Monster: "I'm surprised to see you here! Didn't you realize you were being
             set up? Ah, well. Surely you realize you're about to die."
    Elc: "It's a trap!"
    [They fight for awhile.]
    Elc: "What?! Another monster?"
    [A policeman arrives on the scene.]
    Commander: "Move it! MOVE IT!! Be careful when apprehending the girl. She has
               the ability to control monsters."
    [The monsters start fighting the police squad.]
    Lieza: "It's the police! They're here to help us, Elc!"
    Elc: "I don't think so, Lieza. You and I are fugitives from the law,
         remember? They're more likely to arrest us than help us. And their
         commander has a vendetta against me..."
    Commander: "Come on, men! Get them! NOW!! Use deadly force if necessary!"
    Elc: "This is bad. Very, very bad..."
    [A door opens in the dead end.]
    Voice: "Come this way! Hurry!"
    Commander: "Where did they go?! FIND THEM!!"
    [A girl has abetted their escape.]
    ??????: "Follow me!"
    [They take refuge in the tavern.]
    Commander: "This way! Hurry UP!!"
    ??????: "They're gone."
    Elc: "Whew...thank you. I'm Elc. I work as a Hunter. This is Lieza. You're
    ??????: "Ha, ha, ha! You should be ashamed of yourself!"
    Elc: "Uh..."
    Shante: "My name is Shante, by the way."
    Elc: "Why did you help us?"
    Shante: "I don't know...but I just couldn't ignore you. What kind of Hunter
            isn't even man enough to protect his girlfriend?"
    Elc: "Lieza isn't my girlfriend!"
    Lieza: "Well, Shante, thank you very much."
    Shante: "Don't mention it. Well...Elc, right? She's a good girl. Don't lose
    Elc: "I TOLD you, she's not..."
    Shante: "Ha, ha, ha! You're funny. By the way...you two are fugitives, aren't
    Elc: "And how do you know that?"
    Shante: "A Hunter vanished from the Skyport...and a girl vanished from the
    Elc: "Where did you hear about that?"
    Shante: "From them...I used to live as an informer. Do you want to buy
            information? I think I can find out who's after you."
    Elc: "Really?"
    Shante: "How about 1500G?"
    Elc: "So you helped us for money. Well, that's too expensive!"
    Shante: "Too expensive for a Hunter? I thought Hunters made that much every
    Elc: "But..."
    Shante: "You have no idea who's after you. You're in serious trouble. You NEED
            my information."
    Elc: "Okay. I'll hire you."
    Shante: "It's a deal! Come here again when you have enough money to pay my fee.
    Elc: "Perhaps. Be careful. Our pursuers are very dangerous."
    Shante: "Ha, ha, ha! The The hapless Hunter is giving me advice? Thanks for the
            warning, but I'll be just fine. Oh, I almost forgot to tell you. I sing
            on this stage, so come and see me sometime."
    Lieza: "Sure! Elc?"
    Elc: "..."
    [Shante leaves.]
    Elc: "Damn!"
    [Meanwhile in Gallarno's office...]
    Gangster: "Da police interrupted us, but we got the target, boss."
    Gallarno: "Good. Follow those brats...and no screwups!" (Our little Flame
              Master and Monster Tamer...Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh...)
    [In Indigos:]
    Elc: "It's gettin dark."
    [Back in Shu's apartment...]
    Shu: "I worry about the girl..."
    Elc: "I can pay you later. Don't worry."
    Shu: "No. That is not what I mean. There is a strange aura around her."
    Lieza: "I'm sorry... It's my fault..."
    Elc: "It's not your fault at all. The group that tried to take you...you need
         to be protected from them."
    Shu: "I shall accompany both of you from now on."
    Elc: "Thank you, Shu."
    [That night, after the tavern's closed, it's time for the rendezvous.]
    Elc: "It's almost time. Let's go to the tavern."
    [They do.]
    Elc: "Where did everyone go?"
    Lieza: "This is too creepy..."
    Elc: "Shante? Are you here? Hello? What was that?"
    Lieza: "The door...automatically..."
    Shu: "Stay on your guard!"
    Elc: "Huh?! Who are you?! Come out and face me!"
    [A monster appears.]
    Gulnag: "You're a smart one, I see."
    Elc: "Who are you?!"
    Gulnag: "My name is Gulnag. I am a New Human, with the soul of a man and a body
            of a monster."
    Elc: "New Human? You're the ones who tried to capture Lieza!"
    Shu: "Where is Shante?"
    Gulnag: "We're...taking care of her. She was sniffing around too much for her
            own good. Elc...Lieza...our master really admires you. Why don't you
            join our little family? You'll receive power beyond your wildest
    Elc: "None of us would trade our humanity for power!"
    Shu: "That means...no deal."
    Gulnag: "I can't say I'm not disappointed. We traveled here hoping you would
            join. Very well, then. I suppose it can't be helped. You've left us no
            choice...but to eliminate you!"
    [After a while...]
    Gulnag: "How could I have lost this battle? It's not possible... If you want
            the girl back, go to the Square of the Goddess. Hurry, if you know
            what's good for you!"
    [They disappear.]
    Lieza: "We have to save Shante."
    Elc: "Yes, we do. The Square of the Goddess is in Prodias..."
    Shu: "You realize we're walking into a trap."
    Elc: "But we don't have a choice, do we?"
    Shu: "Not at all. Our only choice is to overcome whatever they throw at us."
    [In Gallarno's office, he's on a telephone.]
    Gallarno: "Hrmph! I knew that incompetent Gulnag would be of no use. You did
              exactly as I said? All I have to say is that you had better not screw
              this one up! Or else!"
    [He hangs up.]
    Gallarno: "Elc and Lieza have grown stronger than I thought. They are my final
              hope. Now...I must prepare for the Prodias Plan."
    03) PRODIAS                                                              [GS03]
    Lieza: "Wow! This town is huge!"
    Elc: "Of course. This is the capital of Aldia. And this...is my apartment."
    Lieza: "This room?"
    Elc: "Yes."
    Lieza: "May I come in?"
    Elc: "Yes."
    [They go inside.]
    Lieza: "This is nice. Small, but nice."
    Elc: "I have a small airship hidden nearby as well. The airship used to be
    Lieza: "Where is it kept?"
    Elc: "The hill to the west of Prodias."
    Shu: "So what should we do now?"
    Lieza: "We better try to rescue Shante."
    Elc: "Right. The statue is in the new event square. When I left, the square
         was still under construction. It's just to the south of town. If it's not
         done now, it soon will be."
    Shu: "We should probably gather information around town."
    [A dog appears if Elc completed the 'Mr. Barns' Dog' job.]
    Elc: "Oops! I totally forgot about the pooch."
    Lieza: "What are we going to do with it?"
    Elc: "He can stay here for now. It's safe and warm. Besides, my landlady is a
         gem. I'm sure she'll watch it."
    Lieza: "Sounds like a plan! Elc, we should name the dog. How about 'Marl'?
           Marl, be good!"
    [The head to where the Hein is docked.]
    Elc: "Hey, Lynx. It's me. Open the gate! Lynx? The hatch is open... He has to
         be in there! LYNX! I guess there's no choice but to jump the fence."
    Lynx: "Sounds like a crazy idea you'd come up with!"
    Elc: "Huh?! Lynx! Why didn't you answer before?"
    Lynx: "I am. Now. You're just too impatient! Besides, you've been a stranger
          anyway. Where ya been?"
    Elc: "Sorry about that. Busy. Anyway. Enough about me. I'll tell you more
         later. Open the gate, please."
    Lynx: "Anything you say, my impatient compadre. Say!? Who's the cute girl
          you've got in tow?"
    Elc: "Oh. This is Lieza."
    Lieza: "Hello."
    Lynx: "Watch out for this one, miss. He only wants one thing."
    Elc: "Will you knock it off, Lynx? Just open the gate!"
    Lynx: "And with that statement, Elc perfectly illustrates my point! You be
          careful, Lieza. Okay, let's get this open. 7...that's it. Yeoooowwww!"
    Lieza: "Oh, dear! Are you all right?"
    Lynx: "I...uh...I forgot I changed the...uh, password. Let's tempt fate and
          try that again... 5...THAT should be it."
    Elc: "How's the Hein?"
    Lynx: "Top shape. Never better. I streamlined the bow a bit. It should be
          roughly 10% faster than before."
    Elc: "Huh. It doesn't look any different."
    Lynx: "The engine isn't tuned yet, so it can't be overloaded. But flight at
          normal speed is not a problem. I planed to fix it for high speed travel
          during the Ceremony. Might as well. Nothing else is happening in town
          until after the event. You don't have to be scared, girl. This baby's
          solid. It's not going to break if you touch it."
    Lieza: "Ah...um, well...perhaps I'll just rejoin Elc."
    Lynx: "Say, are you planning on going to the Ceremony? It's the hottest ticket
          in Prodias."
    Elc: "Then why aren't you going?"
    Lynx: "Like I said, I've got to fix your baby here. 'Sides, carved hunks of
          rock don't interest me."
    Elc: "Fair enough."
    Lynx: "But if you want to go, I've got a ticket. You might as well get some
          use out of it."
    System: Ticket received!
    [Over at the ceremony pavilion, a huge statue is erected.]
    Gallarno: "Hello, everyone, and thank you for coming. This beautiful statue of
              the Goddess...is a magnificent gift to our nation...from Romalia, as
              a symbol of our alliance. Now, we all know that our future...is
              intertwined with the future of Romalia. Our country is...?"
    Elc: "Excuse me. Out of the way, please."
    Gallarno: (Elc...Lieza...so good of you to make it.) "Ahem... Our country is
              fortunate to be the recipient of such a great honor. Behold the
              beautiful statue of the Goddess!"
    [The crystal it holds shines eerily.]
    Woman: "What's going on? This light...it's...it's... My power has been drained
           from my body!"
    Person: "I'm...fading..."
    Shu: "Elc! Watch out!"
    Elc: "..."
    Shu: "Elc..."
    Gallarno: "Hmmm?"
    Guard: "Look! Over there!"
    Guard 2: "It's an airship!"
    Guard 3: "What?"
    Guard 2: "Oh, no! It's going to crash into the statue!""
    [On the Silver Noah's cockpit...]
    Chongara: "It's the Goddess statue, eh? Such a big pretty thing. Shame give
              big bomb necklace, no?"
    Arc: "Yes, well, it appears that the Ceremony has begun. All right, Gogen...
    Gogen: "Ah, well...yes. Hee, hee. Time to start the fireworks."
    [The mage starts casting magic on the statue, wrecking it.]
    Woman: "Help!"
    Man: "The statue of the Goddess is crumbling!"
    Man 2: "Arc!"
    Man: "Arc did it!!"
    Lieza: "Elc, we need to go...NOW! Elc...what's the matter?"
    Elc: "That airship... I've seen it before. My...my village was raided by..."
    Lieza: "Hey, Elc! What's the matter with you?"
    Elc: "I have no doubt. My village was destroyed by that airship. And now I'll
         destroy IT!"
    [He runs off.]
    Lieza: "Elc!"
    Gallarno: "Damn that ship! I was so CLOSE this time!"
    [He teleports out. Meanwhile, on the Silver Noah...]
    Arc: "We're done. Let's go."
    Chongara: "Make a big boom and run. It's good, eh?"
    Chopin: "We're heading out, then."
    [At Hein Port...]
    Lynx: "Whew. I think I need to take a rest. Hmmm?"
    Elc: "Lynx, I need the airship!"
    Lynx: "But...I haven't finished adjusting the engine!"
    Elc: "I don't care!!"
    [He pushes him aside (into the electric fence) and runs inside.]
    Lieza: "You poor man."
    Lynx: "Elc, you can't push it too hard! You'll destroy the engine!"
    [The Hein takes off after the Silver Noah.]
    Shu: "What's the matter, Elc?"
    Lieza: "Elc!!"
    Elc: "That airship destroyed my village...but it will never destroy anything
         else. I'll have my revenge today. And if that criminal Arc is inside the
         ship, so much the better. We're almost within range. Shu, prepare to
    Shu: "Are you sure, Elc?"
    Elc: "Yes. I'm positive that ship is the one. Let's go!"
    [On the Silver Noah...]
    Chopin: "!? Chongara, something is chasing us."
    Chongara: "It must be biiig crazy bird, eh?"
    Chopin: "No. It's a small airship."
    Arc: "What's going on up here?"
    Chongara: "Crazy tiny airship is coming to get us. Maybe crazy people with
              death wish inside it, eh? Chongara doesn't want to find out."
    Arc: "I think we're about to, whether we want to or not. Chopin, full speed.
         Lose them."
    Chopin: "Check. Hold on. It might be a bumpy ride..."
    [The Silver Noah speeds off.]
    Shu: "Elc! The ship is breaking apart! Slow down!"
    Elc: "NO!!"
    Lieza: "Gyaaah!"
    [The Hein crash lands at...]
    04) YAGOS ISLE                                                           [GS04]
    [Vilmer hears the crash from his laboratory.]
    Vilmer: "Oh, dear! An earthquake?"
    Villager: "Doctor!! Doctor!! Doctor!?! Doctor! Guess what?!"
    Vilmer: "What in heaven's name is it? You're not making any sense!"
    Villager: "Doctor!! Big mass iron fall from sky!! Big, BIG iron thing. Humans
    Vilmer: "Well, it sounds like an airship. Are the humans inside alive?"
    Villager: "D'oh! Cramp, cramp!"
    Vilmer: "Oh, for pity's sake! If you weren't jumping so much, you wouldn't be
            cramping! Just take me to the crash site!"
    Villager: "Yes! Come fast, Doctor!"
    [Elc has a dream from his childhood in an indoor playground.]
    Kid: "Elc."
    Elc: "What?"
    Kid: "You like Mariel, don't you?"
    Elc: "Nuh uh! That's not true!"
    Kid: "Elc, you try to hide your feelings, but I can see. You should tell her
         how you feel..."
    Elc: "No way!"
    Kid: "If you won't, I will! Hey, Mariel!"
    Elc: "Ginie, don't! Please..."
    Mariel: "? Hi! You wan't to play?"
    Elc: "Um, not exactly. Mariel, you know..."
    Mariel: "Why are you acting so weird? What's wrong?"
    Ginie: "Elc called you over to..."
    Elc: "Quiet, Ginie! Uh, it was nothing, Mariel. Never mind. Ginie just wanted
         to play a joke and call you."
    Ginie: "Ouch! Elc!"
    Mariel: "You two are funny. Ha, ha, ha..."
    [Elc wakes up in Yagos Village.]
    Lieza: "You're awake. Good."
    Elc: "Unghh...where am I?"
    Lieza: "The house of the person who saved us."
    Elc: "We were saved? I dreamt...about the place I was taken after my village
         was destroyed."
    Lieza: "Did you remember where it is?"
    Elc: "No. I just get bits and pieces in dreams...and nightmares..."
    Vilmer: "Hrmph. So you are alive, after all. I guess you're cursed with a bit
            more time among the living, then."
    Elc: "You saved us?"
    Vilmer: "Bah! Don't look at me like that. I just dragged your hide here. That
            girl has been keeping watch over you night and day. So slather her
            with your gratitude. I've not got time for it."
    Elc: "You kept watch over me? Thank you, Lieza. Say... Where is Shu?"
    Lieza: "I don't know, Elc. When I woke up, he was gone."
    Elc: "What? Well, we have to find him."
    [They go see Vilmer in his downstairs lab.]
    Elc: "We're missing a companion...Shu's gone!"
    Vilmer: "The only shoes I know are on my feet."
    Elc: "I'm serious! You must have seen him! He was on the airship with us when
         it crashed."
    Vilmer: "Look, kid. I came to this island to be alone. You crashed my party.
            I helped you out in a pinch."
    Elc: "But we're missing our friend!"
    Vilmer: "And that's not my affair. I helped the people I found. I've got
            important research to do here..."
    Elc: "Research? About what?"
    Vilmer: "As I was going to say before I was interrupted...I've got important
            research to do here that is none of your affair. Now that you're up
            and around again, it's time for you to go."
    Elc: "But the airship is..."
    Vilmer: "...YOUR problem. I've done as much as I intend to do. Good day!"
    [They go into the hangar and see the airship.]
    Elc: "Is that the Hein?"
    Lieza: "It looks better than before it crashed!"
    Elc: "So..."
    Vilmer: "What are you doing here?! How dare you enter without permission!"
    Elc: "What...?"
    Vilmer: "Don't jump to conclusions..."
    Lieza: "You're nothing but a scrap-sniffing THIEF!"
    Vilmer: "You have no authority to make such judgments, girl! You can't
            possibly fathom my motivations for..."
    Villager: "Doctor!! Doctor!! Lia, go Ruins, but no come back."
    Vilmer: "She went to the Ruins!! I told her over and over not to go there!"
    Villager: "Ruins many monsters! Worry, worry, very worry."
    Vilmer: "Lia..."
    Lieza: "We should go there!"
    Elc: "We don't really have a choice, do we?"
    [They go the Sealed Ruins nearby.]
    Lieza: "This is creepy. I don't like it."
    Elc: "Yeah, I've got a bad feeling about it, too."
    Lieza: "..."
    Elc: "Let's find Lia and get out of here!"
    [Further in...]
    Elc: "Do you really think a child could make it this far into the dungeon?"
    Lieza: "We haven't seen her yet, so she must have, unless she..."
    Elc: "Don't think that thought. We'll find her."
    ???: "Aaaahhh!!"
    Elc: "Huh?!"
    Lieza: "That was..."
    Elc: "Lia!!"
    Lieza: "There she is!"
    Elc: "This is not good!"
    Lia: "Go away! Get back! Ahhhh! No!!"
    Elc: "What?!"
    [A robot half-embedded in the wall kills all the enemies.]
    Elc: "What just happened?"
    Lieza: "Lia...? Oh, sweetie, are you all right?"
    Lia: [Sob!]
    Lieza: "Are you hurt?"
    Lia: "No...but...but...I was scared!"
    Elc: "What is this thing in the wall that vaporized those monsters?"
    Lia: [Sob!] "The robot...Grandpa found... He...he saved me."
    Elc: "He saved you? It moves?"
    Lia: "Yes, he SAVED me!!"
    Elc: "But, it looks broken..."
    Lieza: "Let's stop debating the issue here. We need to go before more monsters
    Elc: "Right. We found the girl. Mission accomplished. Let's go."
    [They go back to Yudo Village.]
    Lia: "Grandpa!!"
    Vilmer: "Oh, Lia!! I'm so relieved you're all right... I misjudged you. I'm
            sorry to have been so...well, nasty."
    Elc: "We really didn't do much."
    Vilmer: "What do you mean? You saved my dear Lia!"
    Lia: "Grandpa, the robot you made destroyed the monsters trying to get me!"
    Vilmer: "What?! Do you mean to say the robot...moved? That's an impossibility.
            The servo drive has been long dead... Still...perhaps there is a
            chance... Elc, I have a proposition for you. I'll repair your airship."
    Elc: "And I will...what?"
    Vilmer: "You shall return to the Ruins and retrieve the robot for me. I'm much
            too old and slow to do it myself. I'd given up on it, but if what Lia
            says is true...there may be some life in that thing yet."
    Elc: "You've got yourself a deal."
    Lia: "Oh, Elc! I know you can do it. Good luck!"
    Elc: "Thanks."
    Lieza: "I can't believe we're going to get the airship fixed!"
    Elc: "Yep. We need to find that robot, but before we leave, we have to find
    [Elc sleeps and dreams of the place where he was confined. Guards take him in.]
    Guard: "Hey, you gonna be livin' here now."
    Guard 2: "You don't hafta worry 'bout nuttin'."
    Guard: "Nuttin' until tha study's done, dat is."
    Elc: "..."
    Ginie: "Oh, a new kid!"
    Mariel: "Ginie, don't be so silly. Introduce yourself! Like this...watch! Hi.
            What's your name?"
    Elc: "...Elc."
    Mariel: "Elc, I like that name. I'm Mariel. This is Ginie. Nice to meet you."
    Elc: "Where am I? Why am I here...? Ahhh, my head..."
    Mariel: "Are you alright?"
    Ginie: "I bet he's reacting to the control medicine."
    Elc: "Control?"
    Mariel: "Elc, everyone who comes here has to take the medicine. It makes your
            head feel funny for a while. Then it's hard to remember. You'll feel
            better soon. Don't worry."
    [Elc wakes up.]
    Lieza: "It's morning, Elc."
    [Elc can dream again about "that place" he was at.]
    Elc: "Ginie! Do you know where Eva is?"
    Ginie: "Um, the black suits just took Eva."
    Elc: "I wonder where..."
    Mariel: "Hey, what are you guys talking about?"
    Elc: "Oh, Mariel. Eva is gone. I was just wondering where she went."
    Ginie: "Elc...if they come for Mariel. We have to protect her."
    Elc: "Yeah, there's no way I want her to go away, too."
    Mariel: "Ha, ha, ha. Don't worry! I'm not going anywhere! But, I am a little
    [Elc wakes up again.]
    Lieza: "It's morning, Elc."
    Elc: "..."
    Lieza: "You had another of those terrible dreams, didn't you?"
    Elc: "Yes, I hate them, but maybe they're trying to tell me something. We
         better find that robot so Vilmer can fix the airship.
    [They all get ready to return to the ruins.]
    Merchant: "You, wait. Me teach good thing. Come, come. You, save Lia. Doctor
              good man. Lia good girl. So, save Lia, you good too. Good you, so me
              teach you good thing. Well, listen. You use Spear? Spear people glad.
              Sword people glad too. You know Sword great weapon? Sword greater
              attack ability than Spear. But next to Ax. Ax hard process, but Sword
              easily become strong. So, Sword very very very good weapon. And Sword
              can have many ability. Useful. You have strong Sword, you easy
              battle. You have ability, you easy battle. You want Sword? You use
              Spear, but now you use Sword, OK? Man Sword, cool. Find Sword. Find
              strong Sword. So, you use Sword? My shop have Sword too. Girl use
              Whip...is good. Whip, same power Sword. High attck ability. You
              should use. Okay, end. Now, what you buy?"
    [They return to the ruins' B3 floor.]
    Elc: "Well...how should we dig it out?"
    Lieza: "Elc, it's too hard. There's no way..."
    Elc: "If it was buried, it can be exhumed. We have to try! Aaahhhh!! This
         stuff is harder than rock! How did it get IN there?!!"
    ????????: Whirrrrrr... "Visual sensors damaged. Who has come?"
    Elc: "We are...friends. The doctor sent us."
    Lieza: "It's talking..."
    Elc: "Shhh! Are you able to get out of this...stuff?"
    Diekbeck: "I am Diekbeck. I am the leader of the 7 Machine Gods."
    Elc: "Okay. Good to know. Question is, can you get out of this stuff by
    Diekbeck: "My mission is accomplished. I am in standby mode."
    Elc: "Great. Mission accomplished. I can relate. But, that wasn't the qustion.
         How can we get you out of there? Can you do it by yourself? We have to
         get you to the doctor, or he won't repair my ship!"
    Lieza: "Yes, we are here to help you, but you must tell us how."
    Diekbeck: "Help...?"
    Lieza: "Yes. You mustn't want to remain in this state forever..."
    Diekbeck: "I do not need assistance...but..."
    Elc: "But?"
    Diekbeck: "To gain release, a Power Unit is required. It is on a deeper level
              of this place. I must equip it."
    Elc: "So, if I get this Power Unit thing, you can get out by yourself?"
    Diekbeck: "Power Un...it..."
    Elc: "Hey! Wake up! Hmmm. Damned thing died again."
    Lieza: "The Power Unit is the only way, Elc. We have to try."
    Elc: "Right. Let's go."
    [They go down to B4.]
    Lieza: "What is this?"
    Elc: "It's the 'Guardian's Force'."
    Lieza: "Guardian's Force?"
    Elc: "Yes. It is a fountain of crystals that channel power from air and earth.
         Regardless of how tired you are, touching this recovers vitality
         completely." (Face the fountain and press X to feel the benefit)
    [They reach the lowest (8th) floor. Two ghouls appear.]
    Elc: "!?"
    Ghoul: "The Seal"
    Ghoul 2: "Seal"
    Ghoul: "must not"
    Ghoul 2: "not"
    Ghoul: "be broken."
    Ghoul 2: "broken."
    Elc: "But, Diekbeck sent us to get the Power Unit here."
    Ghoul: "Diekbeck!?"
    Ghoul 2: "What plans have you"
    Ghoul: "have you"
    Ghoul 2: "for that fearsome man of metal?!"
    Ghoul: "Confess your intent!"
    Elc: "Well...um..."
    Ghoul 2: "The man of metal must not re-awaken."
    Ghoul: "It cannot."
    Ghoul 2: "The seal must remain intact."
    Ghoul: "We have been charged with protecting the slumber of Diekbeck."
    Ghoul 2: "We cannot allow passage."
    Elc: "But...Diekbeck spoke to us! He was awake!"
    Ghoul 2: "Liar!"
    Lieza: "No he's not! I was there as well! He had just enough power to speak to
           us. He asked us to retrieve the Power Unit down here."
    Ghoul: "Only one of the 20 was spoken of?"
    Ghoul 2: "The 20 sacred units."
    Elc: "20 parts? There are 20 Power Units?"
    Ghoul: "Silence! You know too much already."
    Ghoul 2: "We will not let you leave with this knowledge."
    Ghoul: "To protect the order of Grolgalde..."
    Ghoul 2: "...you must surrender your lives!"
    [They defeat the enemies and find a weird device.]
    Elc: "Is that..."
    Lieza: "Yes, I think that must be the Power Unit. Or at least - A - Power 
           Unit, if there are indeed 20."
    Elc: "It seems to be stuck in the same muck as Diekbeck. How do you propose
         we get it out? Oh!"
    Lieza: "Ah!"
    Elc: "I don't believe this!"
    Lieza: "The Power Unit is coming out of that stuff on its OWN!"
    System: Retrieved the Power Unit!
    Lieza: "What just happened?"
    Elc: "I dunno, but we got what we came here for."
    Lieza: "If this works, we can get the ship back from the doctor!"
    Elc: "Right. Let's get this back to Diekbeck and see if it works."
    [They do.]
    Elc: "Okay, we've got the Power Unit. Where do we put it?"
    Lieza: "There doesn't appear to be any obvious place..."
    Elc: "Huh?!"
    Lieza: "Oh, dear! It's automatically..."
    Diekbeck: "I am operational once more. The world must be in peril. I must
              journey with the one who walks with the Guardians."
    Elc: "Get back! It's self-destructing!"
    Lieza: "No...I think it's breaking out!"
    Elc: "Whoa..."
    Diekbeck: "Boy...I...will...with..."
    Lieza: "It just...stopped."
    Elc: "I bet its power circuits are messed up."
    Lieza: "What should we do, Elc?"
    Elc: "He'll have to be carried to the doctor's lab. Hrmph! Quite a Machine
         God YOU are, robot..."
    Lieza: "Great! I'll meet you at the entrance, Elc."
    Elc: "Damn...! I meant WE should carry him, not ME. Maybe I can just...push
         it. I can't believe she left me like that. This guy better be strong
         enough to withstand some scratches..."
    [Back at the lab...]
    Vilmer: "Hrmmm, huh...I see."
    Elc: "I hope you appreciate how hard it was to get this rusty bucket here.
         Vilmer, you better keep your promise."
    Vilmer: "Yes, yes! I promised to repair the airship, and so I shall.
            Actually...it's nearly done right now."
    Lieza: "Really?"
    Vilmer: "Now why would I say that if it weren't true? It will be ready by
            tomorrow, no sooner. I would recommend you get some rest. It's been
            quite an adventure, I'm sure."
    [Elc sleeps again and remembers some of his past, namely escaping w/ Mariel.]
    Elc: "I can't believe what we just saw!"
    Mariel: "Elc, I'm afraid! I don't want to turn out like that! If they can
            control our special powers, they can control us."
    Elc: "And change us into monsters like the rest! Mariel, we can't let that
         happen. We have to escape. If we can just get out of this place, we can
         get help for the others!"
    Mariel: "Oh, Elc..."
    Elc: "Shhh! Somebody's coming. Mariel, Run!!"
    Man: "? !"
    [Elc wakes up and leaves.]
    Lieza: "Elc..."
    [Down at the Yagos Coast...]
    Lieza: "...Elc? What are you doing out here? I heard you get up, and came to
           find you. What's the matter? Can't you sleep?"
    Elc: "..."
    Lieza: "Can I sit with you? The breeze tonight is so lovely... Elc...do you
           want to hear about my village?"
    Elc: "Sure."
    Lieza: "My village is colled Holn. It's a peaceful place, surrounded by
           beautiful mountains. People nearby don't like to come there. They're
           afraid of us. You see, the women in my village have a special ability.
           We can communicate with birds and animals. A few of us are even able to
           speak with monsters. I am one of the women with this ability. I can use
           this power to control monsters and make them my companions. I was taught
           that I shouldn't use my power in front of people. For, if they know what
           I could do, they would become afraid like the others. And...that fear
           might turn into hate."
    Elc: "Why are you telling me this?"
    Lieza: "I don't know. I think it's because...I believe I can trust you, Elc.
           You saved me, even after you know I could speak to beasts."
    Elc: "...The airship that attacked Prodias is the same one that attacked my
         village. I was so blinded by my rage that I may have killed my best
         friend. I keep wondering what would have happened if I had just waited."
    Lieza: "Oh, Elc...you couldn't have known..."
    Elc: "But that's exactly it! I NEVER know, and somehow those I love end up
         getting hurt. Mariel is another..."
    Lieza: "Mariel? Did you remember more?"
    Elc: "Yes. I had another nightmare, and more memories came back. I remember
         being taken to a big, white building. There were...children there with
         special powers. Mariel and I were two of those children. We didn't
         understand the purpose of that place at first. We simply know it was our
         home. Then I noticed that, every day, there were fewer children around us.
         And so Mariel and I watched, and waited, and eventually, escaped. We snuck
         into one of the forbidden rooms and watched from a corridor. And witnessed
         the horrible truth...our friends were being turned into monsters.
         Terrified, we ran from that place and began our escape. It didn't take
         them long to realize we escaped. They tracked us into the forest around
         the compound."
    [Flashback: forest outside of the compound. Mariel and Elc are escaping.]
    Elc: "Mariel! Get up! Come on!"
    Mariel: "I...can't."
    Elc: "Yes, you can!"
    Voice: "They're just children. They couldn't have gone far!"
    Voice: "Find them!"
    Mariel: "Please, Elc. Go without me."
    Elc: "No..."
    Mariel: "We'll be both be caught if you don't leave me behind. Leave now, and
            return with help!"
    Elc: "Mariel...I...."
    Mariel: "Hurry up! I'll attract their attention."
    Voice: "That way! Hurry!"
    Elc: "Mariel!!"
    Mariel: "Elc...I'll be waiting for you..."
    Elc: "Mariel, no!"
    Voice: "Over there!"
    Voice: "Did you see that?"
    Voice: "She ran into the bushes!"
    Voice: "Catch that little runt!"
    Elc: "Mariel...I will return...I promise."
    [Flashback ends.]
    Elc: "..."
    Lieza: "Oh, Elc... She'll be okay! I'm sure that she's still waiting for you.
           And I have a sense that Shu is alive, as well. How can you falter now?
           It's not the Elc I've come to know."
    Elc: "Lieza...you're right. I can't give up. If there's a chance Shu and Mariel
         are alive, I have to help them."
    Lieza: "And I'll only be too happy to help!"
    Elc: "Well, we've got a couple big tasks ahead. We'd better get some more rest.
    Lieza: "I completely agree. Mariel is a very lucky girl. I'm a little envious..
    Elc: "What?"
    Lieza: "Oh...nothing. Never mind."
    Elc: "What?"
    Lieza: "The sun will be up soon. Let's get whatever sleep we can."
    Elc: "Right."
    [Back at Vilmer's, the place is wrecked.]
    Elc: "Oh, no! What happened?"
    Lieza: "I don't know, but we have to find Vilmer and Lia! They might be in
    Elc: "Oh, no! Now I'm really getting worried. Where are they?"
    Voice: "Don't be mean to my Grandpa! Kyaaa!"
    Elc: "They're in the lab!"
    [They enter the lab/hangar.]
    Gangster: "We've been lookin' for yoose, Doc."
    Vilmer: "I know. And I refuse to go back. You can't make me! Get out of here
            this instant!"
    Gangster 2: "Oh, Doc. Yoose will come back. Othawise...we may hafta take more
                ...drastic measures."
    Vilmer: "No! No! You mustn't involve Lia!"
    Elc: "What do you think you're doing?!!"
    Lieza: "AH! You're...!"
    Gangster: "Hey! It's tha brat from tha Skyport! Good. We can ice him, then take
              the Doc and the girl!
    [They're defeated.]
    Lieza: "Are you...all right?"
    Vilmer: "Yes. We're okay."
    Elc: "What was that all about? Why were those thugs after you?"
    Vilmer: "Well..."
    Elc: "Come on. I have to know so I can help."
    Vilmer: "They're from the Chimera Research Lab."
    Elc: "Chimera Research Lab?"
    Vilmer: "Yes. I was one of its lead scientists... The Chimera Research Lab...
            was established to study monsters and learn how to create them. The lab
            is Romalia's most prizes scientific facility. The monsters which are
            produced at the lab are used for a variety of tasks. Some are used to
            aid Romalia in conflicts with other nations...while others are used for
            more peaceful purposes, such as trade. The lab's creations have
            infiltrated the world...and all of them are controlled by Romalia. Now
            that the lab has achieved its original goals...they have embarked on
            a more ambitious task. The lab's new focus is to create stronger,
            smarter monsters...by combining the genetic material of monsters and
            humans. As the program progressed and grew, they found humans who
            possessed special abilities. Most of them were just children, ripped
            from their homes. They began a program to study the children. They
            desired a way to harvest the children's powers. The facility code named
            'White House' is their lab. Each child had a target job, such as
            soldier or spy. The children's abilities were cultivated and powers
            raised. Then, at just the right time, they were melded into monsters.
            As I progressed up the ladder in rank...I came to know the full truth
            of what was taking place at the lab. They had put into action a series
            of unspeakably horrible programs. I decided I could no longer play a
            part. So I planned my escape, along with my grandddaughter, Lia."
    Elc: "It seems like such a long time ago... So, my village was destroyed by..."
    Vilmer: "And you're also a victim of the Chimera Lab..."
    Elc: "Please, tell me where to find White House! I made a promise. I have to
         save her!"
    Vilmer: "I'm afraid I don't know exactly where it is. I do know it's somewhere
            in Aldia, and is managed by Gallarno, one of Romalia's four Generals."
    Elc: "And where is Gallarno?"
    Vilmer: "He's in Aldia, attempting to control the country with the Cabal."
    Elc: "Hmmm...the Cabal. Well, it's a start. Is my ship operational yet?""
    Vilmer: "Not quite. I'm afraid those Cabal goons interrupted my work. However,
            I will finish it in short order, and it will be something special. It
            will be much more powerful than it once was -- a Vilmer special, if you
            will. I promise to have it done tomorrow."
    Lieza: "I'll take the doctor at his word. I think we need a rest."
    Vilmer: "Your ladyfriend is right, you know. You'd better rest up while you
    Elc: "I will. Thanks."
    Lia: "Elc...Lieza...wake up."
    Elc: "It's morning already?"
    Lia: "Morning? It's afternoon, silly!"
    Lieza: "Wow! It feels as if I just went to sleep."
    Elc: "I know what you mean. We really needed the rest. So, how's the airship?
         Is it ready?"
    Lieza: "Good morning, Lia."
    Lia: "Good morning, Lieza."
    Elc: "Enough small talk, Lia! Did you hear me?"
    Lia: "Good morning, Elc. Yes, I heard you. Grampa said the ship is on the small
         Skyport outside the village."
    Elc: "Outside the village? Great. Let's go, Lieza."
    [They go to the makeshift skyport.]
    Elc: "Wow. Impressive. The Doc does great work."
    Lieza: "Now we can finally get back to Indigos."
    Elc: "Alright. Let's get moving. !? Oh!"
    Lieza: "What, Elc? Oh, Doctor..."
    Vilmer: "Ha, ha, ha! I knew I'd catch you!"
    Elc: "What's wrong?"
    Lia: "Ha, ha! We caught them together, Grampa!"
    Lieza: "Lia."
    Lia: "Grampa! Why'd you leave to say goodbye without me?"
    Vilmer: "I'm sorry, Lia. I didn't know you'd be able to keep up. They were in
            a hurry to leave, you know!"
    Lia: "Well, I did it! Ha, ha!"
    Vilmer: "Yes, well, um...Elc, about the robot you brought to me..."
    Elc: "Did you fix it?"
    Vilmer: "Well, no, not yet. It seems to be a battle robot. I'll fix it...and
            once it's done, you may have it. But you'll have to come back for it
            later, when it's done."
    Elc: "That's great, but...why?"
    Vilmer: "I decided that I must do everything I can to stop Romalia. Repairing
            this battle robot is my way of helping the cause."
    Elc: "Great. We'll come back after we save Mariel."
    Vilmer: "Be careful, Elc. Gallarno is the most sadistic of the four Generals.
            If he's not stopped, we're all in a world of trouble, and soon. He's
            no stooge, so I'm sure that he's waiting for you with all manner of
            vicious traps. It won't be easy, but I believe you can win."
    Elc: "We will. Don't worry."
    Vilmer: "Um..."
    Elc: "I've got to get this thing ready to go. Bye! Rotor...check. Propulsion
         system...check... It's different, but I guess it'll do."
    Lia: "This is so sad! You're leaving!"
    Lieza: "I'm sorry I didn't have time to play with you."
    Lia: "It's okay. We can do it if you come back."
    Elc: "Hey, Lieza! Come on! We've got to go!"
    Lieza: "Wait! Okay, Lia. See you soon."
    Lia: "Yeah! Come and see me soon!"
    Lieza: "I'm ready now, Elc."
    Elc: "Thanks for everything, Vilmer. We'll see you soon!"
    Vilmer: "Good luck, kids!"
    [They leave. In Gallarno's Office...]
    Gallarno: "So, you failed to stop Vilmer?"
    Gangster: "Y...yes, sir. Elc and Lieza distracted us."
    Gallarno: "You imbecile!! You were afraid of those little brats?!"
    Gangster: "I...I have no excuse."
    Gallarno: "That's enough. Get out of here! The sight of you make me sick!"
    [The gangster leaves.]
    Gallarno: "There's no doubt remaining. Elc must be stopped. It's me."
    [He gets on the phone.]
    Gallarno: "It's me. Send...send the Slasher. I won't accept another failure.
              Heh, heh, heh...Elc will come for me now. And it shall be his final
              misstep. Heh, heh, heh, heh, HEH!!"
    05) INDIGOS                                                              [GS05]
    [They go to Shu's Apartment.]
    Lieza: "It feels just like the old days, doesn't it?"
    Elc: "..."
    Lieza: "Shu is fine. I feel it in my heart."
    Elc: "And what of Shante?"
    Lieza: "I'm sure she's okay, too. We need to rest. All these strange events
           have worn me out! I know exactly what you mean..."
    [That night, a stranger is creeping around the flat. Elc turns on the light.]
    Elc: "Who are you? Shante!"
    Shante: "Elc, you scared me!"
    Elc: "I just about bashed you!"
    Lieza: "Is Shante okay?"
    Elc: "Seems to be...though the sneaking around thing is dangerous."
    Shante: "I have to be careful now. The Cabal are after me. I've been in hiding
            since they caught onto my game. They're after you, too, you know."
    Elc: "Yeah, I know. But what I don't know is this...why did you come back?"
    Shante: "Why? Because...well...I knew I had to get in touch with you. Anyway...
            How did you know about the Cabal?"
    Elc: "Someone told me about Gallarno...the leader of the Cabal."
    Shante: "I see. I have to work today. Come see me at the tavern tomorrow
            morning. I'll talk to you then."
    Elc: "Alright. ...?"
    [The next morning:]
    Lieza: "Elc! Elc!"
    Elc: "Hmmm...?"
    Lieza: "Shante is waiting for you at the tavern! Elc! Get UP! Much better. Now
           let's go!"
    Elc: "Alright, alright..."
    [They visit the guild.]
    Inspector: "Don't be ridiculous! I have heard the rumors about the Slasher.
               What is going on?"
    Dispatcher: "We're working on that right now."
    Inspector: "Then, why haven't we been involved? Why is it that you Hunters
               fail to cooperate with the Indigos police?"
    Elc: "Hey there. Simmer down. It's not good for your health to blow your stack!
    Inspector: "Huh? Elc! You are part of the problem with this...this GUILD! I
               bet you're looking for the Slasher, too!"
    Elc: "Slasher? Who's that?"
    Inspector: "Don't play dumb with me. I know all about you Hunters. The Slasher.
               You know, the serial killer stalking the innocent people of this
    Elc: "Hmmm. First I've heard of it."
    Lieza: "That's terrible..."
    Inspector: "Look, we're on to you rgame. We're not going to let you catch this
               one. I think my man Lizetti will be the one that nabs him."
    Elc: "Great. Go for it."
    Inspector: "You'll see! Just wait!"
    [He leaves]
    Elc: "Quite a little bag of wind, isn't he?"
    [They go to the tavern.]
    Lieza: "It's been a long time, Shante! And it's good to see you alive!"
    Shante: "It's good to BE alive."
    Elc: "You should remain in hiding, Shante."
    Shante: "I can't. I have something to do."
    Elc: "What might that be?"
    Shante: "I have a little brother. He's the only family I have left. He means
            more to me than my own life."
    Elc: "And what happened to him?"
    Shante: "He got into trouble..."
    Elc: "What kind of trouble?"
    Shante: "He took a risky job for me, and...I have to take care of him. I can't
            believe that I'm talking about my family... Anyway, tell me the story
            you were telling last night. Why do you know the name of the Cabal's
    Elc: "I recently got into some trouble of my own. I learned that the people
         pursuing Lieza are my enemies. So, now we have the Cabal in common.
         Shante, tell me where to find Gallarno."
    Shante: "Gallarno..."
    Elc: "You're an informant, Shante. Inform me."
    Shante: "I don't think you want to kn..."
    Elc: "I do. I MUST know."
    Shante: "...Geez. I should have known it would be no use trying to change a
            Hunter's mind. Alright. I'll do it. But I need some time, Elc. Come
            back tomorrow."
    [Elc retires to Shu's apartment. Outside on the street, that night.]
    Woman: "Both of you, inside!"
    Gangster: "Haay, I'm not takin' orders from no lady! I don' care if it is for
              your bruddah..."
    Woman: "And that's none of your business, brute!"
    Gangster: "Oh! Dat hurts! Ha, ha, ha! Get in there, boys. This'll be a piece
              of cake."
    [In the dark apartment:]
    Elc: "...!? Lieza! Wake up!"
    Gangster: "Heh. Looks like tha stooges are up. Good. Now they can meet our
              good friend."
    [The Wanted Monster 'Slasher' enters.]
    Slasher: "Grr! Grr! Grr! You will bleed!"
    Gangster: "Take 'em out!"
    Elc: "Watch out for the blade, Lieza!"
    [They defeat the Slasher.]
    Slasher: "Damn you!! This isn't over yet!"
    [He escapes.]
    Elc: "So that's the Slasher! I bet he's one of the monsters they made in the
         Chimera Lab!"
    Lieza: "Oh, Elc! I'm getting frightened again..."
    [In Gallarno's office, he's on the phone.]
    Gallarno: "What? You failed?! The Slasher wasn't strong enough? Alright...
              that's enough. Shut your trap! I want Elc... Did you hear me?! I
              said, bring Elc to me! Do you understand, idiot?!"
    [He hangs up.]
    Gallarno: "I'm surprised they've grown so strong...it appears I underestimated
              them. Now I'll have to finish them myself. I'll let them know how
              foolish it was to make me angry!"
    [At Shu's Apartment:]
    Lieza: "Elc! Elc!"
    Elc: "What an awful night..."
    Lieza: "Shante is waiting for you."
    Elc: "Alright..."
    [They visit the tavern again.]
    Lieza: "Hello, Shante."
    Shante: "The Slasher appeared here yesterday, didn't he?"
    Elc: "Huh?! How do you know about that?"
    Shante: "It's...not a big deal...I deal in information, remember? Anyway,
            about Gallarno."
    Elc: "Yes. Where is he?"
    Shante: "I found his headquarters...but..."
    Elc: "But?"
    Shante: "Do you always interrupt? It's quite rude."
    Elc: "Not always, but sometimes. Go on..."
    Shante: "It's at the edge of town. I'll take you there, but need to make sure
            you have all the battle stuff you need."
    Elc: "Right. I'll stock up."
    Shante: "Good. I'll wait for you here. Are you ready to leave? Let's go. The
            command center is at the edge of town."
    [They start to leave. The inspector is nearby.]
    Inspector: "Going to face down the Cabal, eh?"
    Elc: "That's not really your business, is it?"
    Inspector: "You can't win this fight. It's suicide. They're too strong...too
               powerful. Even as police, we're powerless. They have connections
    Elc: "I don't care. They have to be stopped. And I'll tell you something else.
         The Slasher is somehow connected to the Cabal."
    Inspector: "What?! Look, Elc. I'm not gonna kiss your butt on this one. But if
               you manage to finish this case, you'll have my utmost admiration."
    Shante: "Awww...that's sweet. Can we GO now?"
    Elc: "Uh, yeah...yeah."
    Shante: "Right this way..."
    06) GALLARNO'S HOUSE                                                     [GS06]
    [They hide behind a car in front of the mansion.]
    Lieza: "Guards. What should we do?"
    Shante: "Leave it to me."
    [She wlaks out in front of them and the guards leave after inspecting her.]
    Elc: "What did you say to them?"
    Shante: "Whatever it was, it worked. We don't have time to chat. Hurry! This
    [In the foyer...]
    Shante: "Gallarno's room is just ahead. I'm pretty certain Gallarno's room is
            behind this door."
    Voice: "But you'll never find out, will you?"
    Shante: "Who's there?!"
    [Some monsters appear, but they get buried quickly.]
    Shante: "Elc, I'm sorry. I didn't know that was going to happen."
    Elc: "Hey, don't sweat it. You got us this far, and that's amazing! C'mon.
         Into the lion's den!"
    Shante: "Damn! It's locked!"
    Lieza: "Oh, no. What do we do now?"
    Shante: "There has to be a key around here somewhere...or another way in. What
            about that room to the right, over there?"
    Elc: "Sounds like as good a plan as any. Let's check it out."
    [They do.]
    Lieza: "Elc! Look at this! It has to be the key!"
    Elc: "Great work. Time to head back to Shante."
    Voice: "Ha, ha, ha! It's not nice to take things that don't belong to you!"
    Elc: "Who's there?! Show yourselves!"
    [They return to Shante's spot, but...]
    Elc: "Hey...where is Shante?"
    System: Elc used the key to unlock the door.
    [They go in the main auditorium.]
    Slasher: "Ahh! Elc. It's so good of you to join us. I was disappointed that
             our last encounter didn't go as I had planned."
    Elc: "I don't know what you're talking about."
    Slasher: "I can't imagine that you've forgotten me already."
    Elc: "Should I know you?"
    Slasher: "I used to be a friend of yours, but people have now come to call me
             The Slasher."
    Elc: "Friend? ... Wait...that...that voice..."
    [Flashback to the playground where Elc grew up.]
    Elc: "Ginie!! You said something to Mariel again, didn't you!?"
    Ginie: "Hee hee hee."
    Elc: "Why are you laughing?"
    Ginie: "Ow! I was just playing!"
    Elc: "Well, mind your own business!"
    [End flashback.]
    Elc: "Ginie? Y...you're the Slasher?"
    Slasher: "Yes, Elc. I'm glad you haven't forgotten what I used to be. You
             don't know how much I've looked forward to seeing you again. But now
             I have to say goodbye again. Taste but a small fraction of the power
             you gave up when you ran away!"
    Elc: "Wait! Ginie! I don't want to fight you."
    Slasher: "Then it will be easier than I'd hoped to finish you. I'll make this
             as painless as possible...for old times' sake."
    [Ginie gets smoked.]
    Slasher: "No!! It's not...I can't lose...Gwaaahh!! My head...it HURTS!! My...
    Elc: "Ginie...Ginie!! Hold on, Ginie!"
    Slasher: "E...Elc... We waited...for you to return...to save us. But...after
             you left, they...accelerated the pace of...conversion. Please...save
             Lily...so she...won't be made into...a monster like me... Ahhh..."
    Elc: "Ginie?"
    Slasher: "Elc, I..."
    Elc: "Ginie! Nooooo!"
    [Slasher dies.]
    Gallarno: "And so, at death's threshold, two friends part ways. How
              melodramatic. I should have never allowed you to escape that day."
    Elc: "Gallarno."
    Gallarno: "Mmmm. Very good. So you do know me. Your friend Shante was right.
              You are a smart one."
    Elc: "Shante?"
    Gallarno: "Yes, we couldn't have cornered you without her. She's quite a prize.
    Lieza: "Shante...why?"
    Elc: "Why did you betray us?"
    Gallarno: "Ha, ha, ha! It was nothing so simple as that! Shante didn't seek
              to betray you. I had to 'persuade' her to befriend you."
    Shante: "Elc...Lieza...I...I'm so sorry. You have to believe that I had no
    Elc: "No choice? No CHOICE? Because of you, Ginie is now DEAD!"
    Lieza: "Elc! Stop it!"
    Shante: "Elc, you have to believe I..."
    Lieza: "Elc!"
    Elc: "You're right. She's not worth the effort."
    [Shu blows open the door and runs in.]
    Shu: "Elc!"
    Elc: "Shu?!"
    Shu: "Shante is being controlled by them."
    Lieza: "Shu, you're alive!"
    Shu: "Yes. I took advantage of my unfortunate 'death' to research the Cabal.
         Elc, Shante's brother was taken hostage by the Cabal."
    Elc: !?
    Shu: "I've discovered that Shante's brother and Lieza were both at White
    Shante: "My brother?! Where is he? What have they done to him?"
    Shu: "He..."
    Gallarno: "Wahhh, ha, ha, ha, HA! What perfect timing! I have some rather
              disturbing news to deliver in that regard. Unfortunately, Shane,
              your brother is no longer with us."
    Shante: "What? What do you mean?"
    Gallarno: "Your brother was converted...and met his end because of a Hunter at
              the Aldia Skyport."
    Elc: "No...it can't be!"
    Gallarno: "Ah! But it is, Elc. You killed him. It's quite a streak you're on.
              First, Shante's brother, and now Ginie. I'm not certain it's a
              healthy thing to be your friend."
    [Flashback: Aldia Skyport.]
    Alfred: "Please help me... Don't kill me... GWAAHH!!"
    [End flashback as Alfred's shot by a goon.]
    Shante: "No!!"
    Elc: "You're a madman! I can't believe that you're even human!"
    Gallarno: "Oooh. Such cutting words from the friend-killer. But, in fact,
              they're quite true. For you see...I am not human. In fact, the only
              humans in this room are with you. And soon, you shall perish as well.
    Elc: "You assume too much!"
    Gallarno: "It's time to conduct a little experiment."
    Elc: "I don't wnat any part of your pathetic plans!"
    Gallarno: "Nevertheless, you have no choice. The experiment is to see if
              pathetic humans can outslash five superior C-class monsters!"
    [They, naturally, lose.]
    Elc: "Gallarno, it's over. Tell me where White House is located."
    Gallarno: "I don't know."
    Shu: "You're lying, Gallarno!! I know you are pulling the strings at Chimera
    Gallarno: "Hu, hu, hu...ha, ha, ha, ha!!"
    Elc: "What's so funny?"
    Gallarno: "I think it's hilarious that you still believe I'm Gallarno!"
    Lieza: "Huh?"
    Gallarno: "You should know that it's impossible for ANYONE to catch Gallarno!
              So long! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"
    [He disappears.]
    Shante: "No..."
    Elc: "Oh, Shante..."
    [The police enter.]
    Inspector: "Arrest everyone you find! Go! Search everwhere! I don't want anyone
               or anything getting out of this place!"
    Policeman: "Yes, sir!"
    Policeman: "Yes, sir!"
    Inspector: "GO! Elc, I can't believe you stopped the Slasher. It was great!
               What's wrong, Elc?"
    Elc: "Shante... I didn't kill your brother at the Skyport. I...I almost did,
         but then he... ...It doesn't matter...Gallarno's men finished him before
         I could second guess myself. But, the fact remains that I put him in the
         position for the Cabal to finish him. I...I just didn't know. I couldn't
         have! ... You must hate me. You must want to kill me. I'll gladly allow
         you to do so. But could you wait until I save my friend?"
    [The inspector leaves, seeing as he's ignored.]
    Shante: "Elc...I can't blame you for what happened. I... I killed him when I
            betrayed him."
    Lieza: "Shante..."
    Shante: "You have no reason to forgive me. Traitors are never forgiven... But,
            I dearly need to avenge my brother. Please, Elc. Let me fight with you.
    [Somewhere, the Silver Noah is being cleaned by Chongara's critters.]
    Poco: "Mofly, move a bit to the right. Yes. There."
    Chongara: "Hey, Kelack! Do not make the goofing!"
    Kelack: "Kikeeee!"
    Chongara: "Don't say Kikeee. No Kikeee, right? Well, well."
    Iga: "It's time for the strategy meeting. Come down."
    Chongara: "So you have a biiig plan in your head now? It's good, eh?"
    Poco: "We'll be right down."
    [The meeting takes place in the Silver Noah's interior.]
    Chongara: "Chongara gets big ants in pants. Want to move. Heh, heh, heh. We
              not do anything but hide after statue go boom."
    Iga: "We cannot act against Romalia until we understand their plan fully."
    Chongara: "Chongara not like to wait... Sorry I keep you wait here!"
    Tosh: "This isn't the first time, merchant!"
    Chongara: "Chongara not like this side of you."
    Gogen: "Yes, yes. Enough of that nonsense you two. It's time to come to order."
    Arc: "All right, listen closely. As you all know, Romalia has initiated a
         monster research program."
    Tosh: "At the Chimera Research Lab, correct?"
    Arc: "Right."
    Poco: "That hideous place is just one big, scary monster factory."
    Gogen: "And their program has accelerated. They are now kidnapping children
           with special powers. They use these children to fortify the monsters'
           inherent abilities...creating super-monsters!"
    Poco: "Ooohh...I don't like the sound of THAT..."
    Arc: "Their plan has been global domination from the start...but the campaign
         has entered a sinister new phase with this program's acceleration. We've
         learned that Andel is behind this new plan. We must do what we can to
         stop it."
    Iga: "However, I must point out that...if we don't know exactly what their
         master plan is, we cannot counter it."
    Arc: "Partially correct. We cannot make an assault on their master plan. We
         can only work to disband the parts we're aware of. I shall take the task
         of researching Andel's plan myself, as least for now. While I'm
         investigating that, I'd like you to destroy the Research Labs."
    Tosh: "Sounds invigorating."
    Iga: "It has been a long while since we've undertaken such an assignment. I
         look forward to it."
    Arc: "We haven't much time. Each of you must take responsibility for a Lab."
    Poco: "Uh, we're splitting up? I...I don't like working alone..."
    Chopin: "Don't worry. I'll make sure your backs are covered."
    Arc: "Okay, then. We know what we have to do. Let's get to work."
    Poco: "Um, Arc? Where are you going to go first?"
    Arc: "To White House. I'm certain Andel is calling the shots from there."
    Tosh: "It's time to go!"
    [Outside, the Kelack and Mofly lounge in the grass.] 
    Chongara: "Hey, you guys!"
    Mofly: "..."
    Kelack: "Kyyy?"
    Chongara: "We gonna go. Get on!"
    Kelack: "Ukkyy?"
    Mofly: (Huh?!)
    [The Silver Noah takes off. Meanwhile, in Indigos' bar...]
    Narrative: Elc returns form Gallarno's House...
    Elc: "We will get Gallarno. I promise."
    Shu: "There's only one place he could have gone."
    Lieza: "White House?"
    Shu: "Exactly. It's his favorite haunt."
    Elc: "When I was there, it was loaded with innocent children. It has to be
         worse by now. We have to save them at any cost!"
    Shante: "Shu, do you know where White House is?"
    Shu: "Not exactly, no...but I've heard that it's in the Salba Desert of West
    Lieza: "So all we have to do is...search a sprawling desert."
    Shu: "Should be no problem, right?"
    Elc: "I dunno about that. But we'd best get started..."
    07) SALBA DESERT                                                         [GS07]
    [The Hein lands in the continent's west region.]
    Elc: "The entrance to White House is somewhere in the desert."
    Shu: "And the desert here is supposed to be crawling with monsters."
    Elc: "Well, we don't have much of a choice. Let's get started."
    Shu: "If we follow this desert east, we should find a passage north."
    Lieza: "Will there be monsters that way?"
    Shu: "Unfrtunately, we can't avoid them completely. We'll have to fight our
         way through them. But, it shouldn't be too much trouble. ...And speaking
         of trouble...here comes our first batch now!"
    [They continue on. Lightning strikes.]
    Elc: "Huh?! What?"
    Bandit: "If you value your life, give me all your money!"
    Elc: "I'm not scared by common thieves."
    Bandit: "You're quite defiant for one just struck by lightning!"
    Wizard: "Remember, I get half your share!"
    Shante: "That's not showing off, is it?"
    Bandit: "A smart mouth is not such a good idea in your situation."
    Wizard: "Heh, heh, heh. I'll take the girl with longer hair."
    Elc: "You sicko!"
    Wizard: "It's not what you think. I merely have a preference for untainted
    Elc: "That's it. You're finished!"
    [They move on.]
    Shu: "There! We can reach the forest through here."
    08) LOST FOREST                                                          [GS08]
    [They find the forest's outskirt.]
    Elc: "We finally made it through the desert."
    Shante: "It seems to continue itno the Forest."
    Shu: "I guess it will be a long way, too. We'd better take a rest in the
    Lieza: "Yeah, why don't we?"
    [They enter the woods later.]
    Lieza: "This is...the Lost Forest."
    Shu: "Local folklore says that if you enter, you never return."
    Elc: "This place...I..."
    Lieza: "Have you been here before, Elc?"
    Elc: "Yes...I...I think I have."
    Shu: "The Forest is more confusing than the Desert we just went through. The
         visibility is very poor, and the Forest itself is like a maze. If we get
         lost, we'll never find our way out."
    Shante: "We have to get through it to find the lab, though."
    Shu: "We don't really have a choice except to try."
    Lieza: "Elc..."
    Elc: "All I could do was run away... But this time, it's gonna be different.
         I'm ready to fight! For myself, and for Ginie! I'm not going to let
         Mariel end up like the others, either!"
    [Eventually, the party finds White House. In a security room...]
    Scientist: "The targets have successfully cleared the forest. We estimate that
               they will arrive within five minutes."
    Gallarno: "Such a feeble-minded Hunter..."
    Andel: "Are you still toying with these idiots?"
    Gallarno: "You haven't an inkling of the magnitude of my ambition, Andel. The
              enhanced monsters you'ev grown so fond of are MY handywork."
    Andel: "And yet...your grand ambition seems to have failed to account for one
           thing. A small boy and his gullible friends. Tell me, Gallarno, why is
           that? I shall pay rapt attention to your response."
    Gallarno: "Do not mock me, Minister. Remember, it is only by means of my
              enhanced monster-guards your towers yet stand."
    Andel: "Hmmm, well, yes. I suppose I do owe your monsters a debt of gratitude.
           Because once those towers are complete and the Martyr Plan is enacted...
           ...I shall gain sovereignty over the world! At that time, The Dark One
           shall be revived, and a new order will be established. An order that
           does not rely on undead and freakish children, I might add. I find it
           somewhat ironic that your childish plan would be foiled by...CHILDREN!
           It's almost too delicious to bear. Ahhhh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"
    Gallarno: "Oh, really? I seem to recall that you were outwitted by Arc not so
              long ago."
    Andel: "Hah! I can finish that brat at whatever moment I choose. For you see,
           I hold a trump card."
    Gallarno: "Ha! You're an amateur. Shut your mouth and watch. I'll show you how
              to play a trump card! Prepare...Sample M."
    Scientist: "Yes, sir!"
    09) WHITE HOUSE                                                          [GS09]
    [The party hides behind a tree in front of the place.]
    Elc: "Three guards..."
    Shu: "What do you think, Elc?"
    Elc: "We should be able to take them easily, but...it could attract unnecessary
    Shu: "I don't know what choice we have. It's the only entrance I see."
    Elc: "Psst! Shu! This way!"
    [They go around the place to a grate.]
    Shante: "What's this?"
    Elc: "It's the duct I used as a child. It's not the easiest way in...but it'll
         get us into the building with the least attention."
    Shu: "So, these lead to the basement?"
    Shante: "They must."
    Elc: "Yep. To the basement. I'll lead the way."
    Elc: "Damn! Monsters!"
    Shu: "We can't let them escape and tell the others!"
    Wizard: "I don't know if you came here intentionally...or it's simply a
            grievous error. But regardless, it will be your final error in
    [Finally they get into White House proper.]
    Lieza: "It looks like we're moving into the main part of the building."
    Elc: "Yeah. This is the outer part of the lab. I think there are stairs
         somewhere on this floor."
    Shu: "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's find them."
    [Eventually, they enter a dark room with a robot.]
    Elc: "!? What in the HELL is that thing?!"
    ?????: Invaders detected. Initialize eliminate program. No escape. Invaders
           detected. Eliminate program initialized."
    Elc: "This doesn't look good, but we have no choice. Let's show this steel
         bitch how they do things uptown!"
    [They scrap Gunhed. Somewhere in a lab...]
    Scientist 1: "Sir, Sample M is ready."
    Scientist 2: "Very well, then. We should leave.""
    Scientist 1: "Who's that!?
    Elc: "Mariel!!"
    Scientist 2: "Who the hell are you?""
    Shu: "We're here to save Mariel!"
    Scientist 2: "Then you're nothing but a pack of fools! Behold!"
    [They defeat the monsters and unhook Mariel from the machine.]
    Elc: "Mariel, are you alright?"
    Mariel: "W...who are you? E...Elc?"
    Elc: "Yes, Mariel. I've finally come for you!"
    Mariel: "I knew that you wouldn't forget. Even when they were strapping me
            into that horrible machine...I refused to believe that you wouldn't
            come to save me."
    Elc: "Oh, Mariel..."
    Shante: "Elc, I know this is emotional, but we have to get out of here."
    Elc: "Mariel, she's right. It's dangerous, we have to go. Show us the way to
         the others."
    Mariel: "Yes, yes. Of course! Follow me. The others are in here."
    [They go to the playground.]
    Mariel: "Listen up, everyone!"
    Elc: "We've come to get you out of here!"
    Lieza: "Elc... There's something wrong with them."
    Shante: "They don't seem to even know we're here."
    Shu: "What's going on here?"
    Elc: "Mariel? Do you know... What's that?"
    [The door closes.]
    Voice: "That would be game, set, AND match."
    Elc: "Gallarno!"
    [He's watching the playroom from a window high above.]
    Gallarno: "I'm pleased you remembered my voice. Welcome back, Elc. I'm happy
              to note that your powers have grown substantially. I shudder to
              think of the powerful monster I can create with you. It's been your
              destiny all along. It's time you stopped denying it."
    Elc: "You're mad, Gallarno! I have no intention of helping your warped plan!
         Shu. Lieza. Shante. Take Mariel and the children. I have a job to do
    Lieza: "Oh, Elc! No! Don't try to do this alone!"
    Elc: "There's no time to debate this. Go! Shu, see that they get out okay."
    Shu: "Done."
    Gallarno: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"
    Elc: "Why do you laugh?"
    Gallarno: "Do you really think I would let the children escape? You lived
              here. You now know the purpose of this Laboratory. The fate of
              these children was written the day they arrived here. You cannot
              hope to change that now. Begin the exercise."
    Gangster: "Yes, sir."
    Elc: "Exercise? What is he talking about?"
    Gallarno: "All will be crystal clear in short order. Look!"
    [They defeat the transformed children.]
    Elc: "You sick bastard! How can you sleep at night? You're a monster!"
    Gallarno: "Mmmm. No, I am much more. A 'Monster Master', if you will. You have
              the one thing I must possess next, Elc. The power of a Flame Master.
              Your Flame Power surpasses even the Water Power Mariel possesses. I
              must have it!"
    Elc: "What?!"
    [Him and Mariel fall through a trapdoor.]
    Lieza: "Elc!"
    [In a security room...]
    Scientist: "Sir... Elc and Mariel have been deposited in the room."
    Gallarno: "Wah, hah, hah, hah! At last, Elc is mine! Switch on the surveillance
              to the main monitors. I want to see this."
    Scientist 2: "Yes, sir."
    Gallarno: "Heh, heh, heh. You are indeed strong, Elc...but you're not
              invincible. Soon, you shall discover your fatal weakness. Is the
              girl ready?"
    Scientist 2: "Yes, sir."
    Gallarno: "Don't do thi stoo fast. I want you to allow Elc to recover first."
    Scientist 2: "What?! Why?"
    Gallarno: "I want complete data."
    Scientist 2: "But..."
    Gallarno: "Are you disobeying my orders?!"
    Scientist 2: "...No, sir. Mariel's energy is being transferred to Elc. Level
                 D...C...A. Elc's abilities have been raised to their maximum."
    Gallarno: "Excellent. Begin!"
    Scientist 2: "Start the control check of Sample M."
    Scientist 3: "Mind Control System verified."
    Scientist: "Start the recording of the battle data."
    Scientist 4: "Set the target to Elc."
    Scientist 2: "Sample M is now activated."
    Gallarno: "What do you think, Andel? Isn't it beautiful? Two people who love
              each other, soon to be locked in a fight to the death. What could
              possibly be better than that? Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"
    [In the room the two have been dropped into...]
    Elc: "What are you talking about?"
    Mariel: "You never wanted to come back here. You promised to come back, but
            you never intended to."
    Elc: "No! I was..."
    Mariel: "All this time I've waited...and now I can finally take my revenge!
            Elc, are you going to kill me like you did Ginie? Of course, I can't
            let that happen. I'll have to finish you first!"
    Elc: "Stop it, Mariel! What's wrong with you?"
    Mariel: "Wrong? There's nothing wrong. For the first time in a very long time,
            everything is RIGHT! So let's get this over with. I promise to kill
            you quickly."
    Elc: "Mariel!!"
    Mariel: "Elc, kill me...I'm not the girl you knew...I can't control...this...
            Elc...please...kill me..."
    Elc: "Damn...DAMN!!"
    [They start fighting.]
    Mariel: "I can't--I won't kill Elc... Help! Elc, help me!!"
    Elc: "Mariel! Are you alright?"
    Gallarno: "What?! Has she regained her senses?"
    Scientist 4: "Her blocked memories have reawakened, sir. She is acting on her
               own...suppressing the mind control."
    Gallarno: "Dammit! We're so close! There's no choice! Destroy the mind of
              Sample M!"
    Scientist 2: "Sir! If we do that, we will lose control of--"
    Gallarno: "Do it!"
    Scientist: "But Sample M is sure to perish--"
    Gallarno: "I don't care! We have many other samples! I said DO IT!"
    Scientist 4: "Yes...yes, sir."
    Scientist 3: "Set mind control to maximum!"
    Scientist 4: "Set target to Elc."
    Scientist 2: "Sample M is no longer under our control!"
    Scientist: "Experiment termination initiated."
    Mariel: "Elc...you must die!"
    Elc: "Guuuhh!"
    Mariel: "Must...kill...!!"
    Elc: "Mariel...Mariel...are you in there? You have to remember!!
    [Mariel's defeated again.]
    Mariel: "No! I...I won't...do what they're trying to..."
    [Upstairs again, the hardware is blowing up.]
    Scientist: "Sample M's control data has been destroyed."
    Scientist 2: "The sync controller doesn't work!"
    Scientist 4: "We've lost control of Sample M's mind!"
    Gallarno: "Switch to the emergency circuit!"
    Scientist 4: "No, sir! The machine can't take any more! Waaaaah!"
    Scientist 2: "Ohhhh!"
    Scientist: "Gyahhhh!"
    Gallarno: "Damn! How can their force of will be THIS strong?!"
    Mariel: "Elc..."
    Elc: "Don't speak. Be still."
    Mariel: "I want to be free, too..."
    Elc: "You're alright. You will be free soon."
    Mariel: "Elc..."
    [An alarm goes off.]
    Elc: "What?!"
    Voice: "Invader! Invader! Airship on the radar. Probable identity: Silver
           Noah. Invader: Arc."
    Elc: "Arc?! Arc is coming here?"
    [The Silver Noah is overhead, dropping bombs.]
    Gallarno: "There is no choice...we must begin a full evacuation."
    [The scientists flee.]
    Gallarno: "So, Andel. It looks like you've invited trouble to my Lab."
    Andel: "...That brat is a constant thorn in my side!"
    Gallarno: "But I thought you could finish him whenever you wished? The lad
              does seem to be quite resourceful...but the length of time it's
              taking you to finish him is becoming embarrassing."
    Andel: "Only slightly less than your failure with Elc, eh?"
    Gallarno: "Ah, but you speak too hastily. I'm afraid it's time for the tragic
              end to our quaint love story. Yes, Mariel...draw your lover
    [Below, in the hidden room...]
    Mariel: "No!! Elc! Run!!"
    Elc: "What?!"
    [Mariel blows up.]
    Shu: "What have you done with Elc and Mariel?! Gallarno!! Show yourself, pig!"
    Gallarno: "Ha, ha, ha...don't trouble yourself about your little friends."
    Scientist: "!!!"
    Gallarno: "However, you won't have long to shed tears at their demise. This
              lab will soon be a pile of rubble, sealing your fate as well! Ha,
              ha, ha, ha, ha!""
    [They leave.]
    Shu: "What have they done!??"
    Shante: "The ground is beginning to shake again! This building won't take
            much more..."
    Lieza: "I won't believe Elc is gone!"
    Shante: "Gaaa!"
    [Arc enters.]
    Arc: "Identify yourselves!"
    Shu: "Are you...Arc? He IS!"
    Arc: "There is no time for discussion! You have to evacuate immediately! This
         building will collapse in seconds!"
    Lieza: "I won't leave. My friend Elc is still in here somewhere."
    Arc: "Elc? Was he captured by Gallarno or Andel?"
    Lieza: "He...he tried to save the children imprisoned here, and..."
    Arc: "Enough said. Stand back."
    [He melts a hole in the floor with his Guardian magic.]
    Arc: "Into the floor, everyone!"
    Lieza: "Elc... Elc!!"
    Shante: "No... I don't believe..."
    Lieza: "...he's dead..."
    Shu: "No, he's still alive. But..."
    Shante: "The building is collapsing!!"
    [The Silver Noah lands through the building.]
    Chopin: "Arc, hurry up! We've got to GO!"
    Arc: "Get on. Hurry up!! Chopin, I have one more thing to attend to. Go ahead.
    Chopin: "Be safe, Arc."
    [The Silver Noah leaves. Onboard...]
    Lieza: "Elc...if you die, I..."
    Chongara: "I don't think they'll follow us. Don't let the worries in your
              head. Chongara thinks Kukuru fix up friend, eh?"
    Lieza: "Kukuru?"
    Chongara: "Yes, Kukuru! She have big healing power, and Chongara call her
              friend! Chongara and Kukuru go back long time. Much deep friends!"
    Shu: "Where are we headed?"
    Chongara: "Seirya."
    Shu: "Isn't that the country that has a bounty on your head for killing the
    Chongara: "Oh! Oh! Those bad words! Chongara not kill anyone. Much bad man
              called Andel make it LOOK like we get King dead. We not do!"
    Shu: "Andel?"
    Chongara: "Bad man with shiny head. He with Gallarno in lab, eh?"
    Shu: "I believe I know who you're talking about, but who is he?"
    Chongara: "He Minister of Seirya. Big traitor. Bad man. Arc find his plan to
              take over biiig world with Romalia! Gallarno and Andel work together
              on biiig plan. It not so good, eh?"
    Shu: "No, it's not. If Arc has indeed gone after Andel, we must seek out
         Gallarno. He must be stopped. Do you have any idea where he's headed?"
    Chongara: "Um... Chongara guess Romalia. Main Chimera Lab there. Bad place."
    Shu: "Then, you must take us there."
    Shante: "Please. We can stop him, but you have to get us TO him."
    Chongara: "Okay, okay! You make biiig hurt in Chongara's head. Chongara show
              you way...after Kukuru fix this poor man."
    Chopin: "We're going to visit Kukuru in Seirya. Kukuru has special healing
            powers. I believe she will help your companion."
    [White House explodes as the Silver Noah leaves the region. Onboard the Guist:]
    Andel: "It was a mistake to allow Arc and Elc to meet."
    Gallarno: "Yes, and thanks to your failure to stop Arc earlier, we've lost an
              entire lab! It doesn't reflect well on you, Minister."
    Andel: "Regardless, your tone is sounding surprisingly defeatist. I don't care
           for it. Remember, we still have an incredible advantage of which they
           are unaware. And, at this point, it will be best to take the illusion-
           -maker to Romalia. But..."
    Gallarno: "Say no more. The Towers will be safe. We're now mass-producing
              guard monsters to protect them."
    Crewman: "Minister! We have coordinates on an airship that may be Elc's."
    Andel: "Excellent. I'm certain we can put it to good use. Place it in the
           battleship dock. Increase speed. We must return to Seirya at once!"
    Narrative: The Silver Noah, carrying the critically injured Elc, heads for
    10) TOUVIL                                                               [GS10]
    [The Silver Noah lands at the quarry.]
    Chongara: "Come! Come. Make hurry feet!"
    [They go to see Kukuru at the Sabatico Shrine.]
    Chongara: "Kukuru, biiig healing needed much fast. Can you do?"
    Kukuru: "I can try. Here, follow me!
    Lieza: "Elc..."
    [Kukuru comes back later.]
    Kukuru: "I managed to save his lifeforce."
    Lieza: "So then, Elc...is all right now?"
    Kukuru: "Well, in a matter of speaking. He won't die, but..."
    Lieza; "What do you mean? You must tell me!"
    Kukuru: "Do you understand that living and not dying are not the same thing?
            That it is possible to heal the body, but fail to recover the mind.
            Simply breathing does not mean that one is truly alive."
    Lieza: "That's right...but does that mean..."
    Kukuru: "I have never seen such a strange case. What happened to put him in
            this condition?"
    Shu: "I'll explain that."
    [Skip ahead a few minutes...]
    Shu: "...and once the trap was sprung, Elc couldn't get away in time. His mind
         was damaged by the control device at the lab...and his body was damaged
         by Mariel."
    Chongara: "Chongara saw the big hurt and think of Kukuru!"
    Lieza: "But, can his mind be healed now?"
    Kukuru: "... The task you all now face is not small. You have become a part of
            a conflict that pits humans against monsters, and good against evil.
            It is easy to deny the scope of what you've stumbled into...it's only
            natural. However..."
    Shu: "I am not blind to the events that are unfolding. I know what must be
         done. I cannot give up."
    Kukuru: "..."
    Shu: "I will find a way to stop what has begun. Or die trying."
    Shante: "Wait, I'll go with you! Lieza, please watch over Elc."
    Lieza: "But..."
    [The two start to leave.]
    Shante: "Shu, do you have any idea where to begin?"
    Shu: "The airship is a great asset. I shall start with that."
    [They return to the Silver Noah.]
    Chopin: "Is Elc all right?"
    Shante: "We're not sure. At least he's still breathing."
    Shu: "We've decided to go to Romalia. While Elc hovers between life and death,
         I must stop the one that did this. Gallarno mustn't be allowed to live."
    Chopin: "I admire your commitment, but the attack on White House damaged the
            ship. Until I finish the repairs, the Silver Noah cannot fly."
    Shu: "It's very risky to even attempt to fly at the moment. But you MUST!
    Chopin: "I wish I had better news to impart. My best suggestion would be to
            find a ship to Romalia at Seirya Skyport."
    Shante: "That sounds fine, but it doesn't solve the problem of getting out of
    Chopin: "Perhaps Kukuru can help you in that regard. Why not ask her?"
    Shu: "Okay, let's go."
    [They seek out Kukuru.]
    Kukuru: "The confrontation you seek is dangerous, indeed. Are you still certain
            you wish to find Gallarno?"
    Shu: "Yes!"
    Kukuru: "Are you absolutely positive?"
    Shu: "Absolutely!"
    Kukuru: "Hmmm. I see. There's no sense in blocking your advance. I shall
            transport you to Palencia. Now then, close your eyes."
    [They disappear.]
    Chongara: "Kukuru, Chongara have big worry bug in head. They be okay, eh?"
    Kukuru: "I believe they shall prevail. They must."
    11) PALENCIA                                                             [GS11]
    [They appear in the nearby city.]
    Shante: "Now what will we do?"
    Shu: "Let's learn some information about the airship, and go to Romalia."
    Shante: "Sounds like a plan. Let's get to work!"
    [They get information on a guy name Pepe in the downtown bar.]
    Pepe: "Hmmm? Who are you and why should I care?"
    Shu: "I'm looking for a guy named Pepe."
    Pepe: "Yeah. So why should I care?"
    Shu: "Because I'm willing to compensate him well."
    Pepe: "Really? Well, I'm Pepe. I bet you heard that I can do any job cheaper
          and faster than even a Hunter! So, uh... Ya got a job for me or what?
          Wait! Don't answer that yet. Howsabout you buy me a drink to start
          this? Heh, heh! It's a deal. Barkeep, pour me ya finest!"
    Barkeep: "Uh, uh. Let's see your money first, Pepe."
    Pepe: "Hey, that's no way ta treat ya best customah! Them over there's treated
          me this time out! Now shut yer yap an' pour! Hmmm? Oh, yeah. Ya got a
          business proposition, eh? So spill it..."
    Shu: "It's a long story, but we need..."
    Pepe: "What?! You ARE nuts! You want to get on a Romalian battleship? That's
    Shu: "But, I heard that Pepe can do anything."
    Pepe: "Okay, so maybe not impossible for ME, but it's pretty damned haaad,
          I'm tellin' ya. Look, I'll help ya out as much as I can, but I need a
          favor first. There's dis group uh monstahs on Quina Hill. Lotsa 'em
          carry dees: Shimmer Stone. So, kill tha monstahs, an' bring me tha
          stones, get it?"
    Shu: "Shimmer Stone? What's the trick? Why the stones?"
    Pepe: "Look, is this uh deal, or an interrogation? Just get the stones and I
          fix up your ship problem. Non-negotiable! Bring me 4 Shimmer Stones, an'
          I get ya on the battleship. You're bright folks. I bet you can do it.
          I'll be waitin' right here 'til ya come back."
    Pepe: "Ya got tha Shimmer Stone?"
    Shu: "Yes."
    Pepe: "Good. I'll take dem. 1...2...3...and 4... 4 Shimmer Stones received.
          Okay, now it's my turn ta make good. Let me know when ya ready, an' I'll
          take ya ta tha battleship. But take ya time, I ain't in any hurry. Are
          ya ready ta go?"
    Shu: "Yes."
    Pepe: "Okay, then. Folla me. Hey, are ya deaf or sumptin? I done said: FOLLA
          ME! Look, if ya don' folla directions, we ain't gonna get far. Got it?"
    [At Seirya Skyport, Pepe pushes a crate with the two inside.]
    Guard: "Halt! You are not authorized for access."
    Pepe: "Hey, I know dat! I'm jus' duh messenjah boy, eh? Tha soldiers ordered a
          messa food. Go ahead an' call 'em up if ya wanna make 'em real mad."
    Guard: "There's no need for that. You can go in, but drop that off in a hurry
           and get back out here!"
    Pepe: "Hay, no problem, guys. See ya soon. Uh, ya in duh way, guys. Ya mind
    Guard: "If you're not out here again in 5 minutes..."
    Guard: "...we'll be in after you."
    Pepe: "Geez, fellas, calm down. I got it!"
    [He pushes the crate into the hangar and comes back out.]
    Pepe: "What? No tip? Afta allt he grief ya gave me?"
    Guard: "Get out of here!"
    Pepe: "See if I evah delivah to dis joint again!"
    12) ROMALIAN BATTLESHIP                                                  [GS12]
    [Onboard the ship...]
    Soldier: "Prepare all stations for lift-off!"
    Soldier: "Main engine!"
    Soldier: "Main engine activated, sir!"
    [Shu and Shante sneak out of the crate in a supply room.]
    Shu: "Perfect. No one is around. Shante, all clear. Come out."
    Shante: "Everyone must be at their stations for lift-off."
    Shu: "It seems safe, but we should wait here for a while."
    Shante: "Besides we should rest. We've got a tough road ahead."
    Shante: "By my calculations, we should almost be there."
    Shu: "We'd best take a look around, then."
    [A soldier sees them in an adjacent room.]
    Soldier: "Who are you? What are you doing here? Security breach!"
    System: The doors locked!
    [They're defeated.]
    Shante: "What do we do now? They've been alerted to our presence."
    Shu: "They must have small combat planes in the hangar. That's what these
         ships are for, after all. If we can get one of those, we can get off this
         and land in Romalia."
    Shante: "Great. Now all we need to do is find the hangar. Easy, right?"
    Soldier: "We've been waiting for you. You'll not leave this room alive."
    [They do leave the room alive, and find the hangar.]
    Shu: "Are we where I think we are? It is! It has to be the hangar!"
    Shante: "Shu! Look! Over there!"
    Shu: "It's the Hien!"
    Shante: "What's it doing here?"
    Shu: "Who cares? Let's take it back!"
    Soldier: "If it were only that easy. Do you really think we're about to let
             you steal that?"
    Shu: "Uh, pretty please?"
    Soldier: "I'll leave them to you."
    Shu: "I don't think my good manners impressed anyone. We're going to have to
         duke our way out of this one."
    [They assassinate the goofball soldiers. Another enters.]
    Soldier: "Hmmm. It's too quiet in here. I don't like it. Where have the
             soldiers gone...and the fugitives? What?!"
    Shu: "Keep your mouth shut and we won't harm you."
    Soldier: "O...okay!"
    Shante: "We're taking that airship, with or without your help. But it might
            go a bit...easier for you if you were to tell us a thing or two."
    Shu: "Like, for example, how do we control the lift to move the ship out of
         the hangar?"
    Soldier: "Uh..."
    Shante: "Remember, we don't want this to get ugly, but..."
    Soldier: "Use the lever next to the ladder to control the lift."
    Shante: "That's better."
    Soldier: "The lift will move the airship to the launch deck."
    Shu: "Sounds easy enough."
    Shante: "I'll start the lift. You get ready to fly the Hien, Shu."
    Shu: "Are you certain?"
    Shante: "Well, I certainly can't fly it, so we don't have any choice."
    Shu: "You have a point. All right. Good luck!"
    Shante: "Back at ya!"
    [They go to their tasks.]
    Soldier: "... Help! Help! The intruders are in here!"
    Shante: "Shu has to be in position by now. Time to pull the lever. Shu, are
            you ready?"
    Shu: "Check. All clear on this end. Start the lift."
    Shante: "It seems to be...jammed. Wait! There it goes! Time to move! !"
    Soldier: "Get away from the lever!"
    Shu: "Shante, it's okay. Get moving up the ladder!"
    Soldier: "After them!! They can't get away!"
    Shante: "You're a persistent little underachiever, aren't you? Ahhhh!"
    Soldier: "I've got you now!"
    Shante: "Guess again, you Romalian fruitcake! Say 'hi' to your friends on the
            way down..."
    [She kicks him and his cohort off the ladder.]
    Soldier 2: "Waaahh!"
    Shante: "That should buy some time."
    Shu: "Shante, are you all right?"
    Shante: "Seem to be. I have to use this lever to movet he ship on the deck.
            Let's see here... The right lever moves the lift up, and...the left
            lever moves the lift down."
    Shu: "Shante, come on! Hurry up!!
    Shante: "Be right there! Ahhhh! The wind's...too...strong!"
    Shu: "Shante! You have to get in! The guards are almost here!"
    Shante: "Shu! I can't make it! The wind is too strong!"
    Shu: "Nonsense! You have to try! The guards won't walk out because they can't
         stand the wind, either."
    Shante: "But they have...bombs! Ahhhh! Nnnnnggg! Shu...!!"
    Shu: "Shante!"
    [A bomb blast throws her out of the airship.]
    Soldier: "That one's out of the way. Don't let her friend here get away."
    Shu: "Sorry to disappoint you, but I've gotta run."
    Soldier: "Over my dead body! What?! He's getting away!"
    [Shu's bombs allow the Hien to escape.]
    13) CLENIA ISLE                                                          [GS13]
    [Shante washes up on shore. A little girl is walking nearby.]
    Girl: "Ha, ha, ha! The water's nice and cold! Dad, come on! Come on!!"
    Gruga: "Elena, you must watch where you step. The ocean can be dangerous!"
    Elena: "Oh, Dad! I know. Kyaaah! Ouch! Oh my god! It's...it's...it's a...
    Gruga: "What's the matter, Elena?"
    Elena: "Someone's hurt here on the beach!"
    Gruga: "Hmmm. She must have washed ashore. Elena, move aside so I can get a
           better look."
    Elena: "Okay."
    Gruga: "She's still alive...that's a good start. We should get her to the Inn,
    Elena: "Okay."
    Gruga: "She can finish resting there and we can have her wounds tended."
    Elena: "W...will she be alright?"
    Gruga: "I believe so. It appears you found her just in time."
    [Later on, at the inn...]
    Shante: "Ungh...umm..."
    Elena: "Can you get up?"
    Shante: "W...who are you? Where am I?"
    Elena: "Well, my name is Elena. This place is the Inn on Clenia Isle. I found
           you washed up on the beach near here."
    Shante: "The beach? ...all I remember was...falling... Oh! I remember now! I
            fell from the Romalian battleship!"
    Elena: "Wow. That sounds scary enough. My dad was surprised to find you alive.
           He's the one that carried you here."
    Shante: "Oh, well, I must take the time to thank him. I'll thank you now,
            however. My name is Shante. It's nice to meet you."
    Elena: "Nice to meet you, too! Wait a moment, I'll help you. Oops!"
    Shante: "Are you alright?"
    Elena: "Shante, where are you?"
    Shante: "...?! Elena...are you blind?"
    Elena: "Oh...yeah. That. Yes, I'm blind. But my hearing is top-notch! Dad
           says I can sense what's going on around me better than most people. But
           that doesn't stop me from tripping every now and again."
    Shante: "Oh, I see... Well, Elena, where is your father now?"
    Elena: "I'm afraid he's out. He won't be back for a while. The owner of the
           Inn might be able to help you."
    Shante: "Okay, thanks. I have to go out and give a nice 'thank you' to your
    Elena: "But...the doctor said you needed to rest in bed."
    Shante: "Thanks for worrying about me. But, I'm alright now."
    Elena: "I sure hope so. If you pass out again, the doctor'll be mad at ME!"
    Innkeep: "Ahh! So our little fallen angel has awakened!"
    Shante: "Um, well, I don't know about the 'angel' part, but yes, I'm up."
    Innkeep: "Ohh, you're altogether too modest! I must admit that I was very
             worried when Gruga brought you in."
    Shante: "I certainly had endured a rough journey. By the way, my name is
    Innkeep: "Well then Shante, what's on the agenda this bright day?"
    Shante: "Well, I would like to find Gruga...so I can thank him properly. Would
            you happen to know where he is?"
    Innkeep: "Of course! He's most assuredly at Training Rock. He's training as
             much as possible before the big day tomorrow."
    Shante: "Big day?"
    Innkeep: "Oh, yes, of course...you wouldn't know! There is a big tournament
             held at the arena tomorrow."
    [She goes to Training Rock. Gruga is being ambushed by some ninja types.]
    Shante: "Huh?!
    Gruga: "Hmmm. I thought you would be above an ambush."
    Ninja 1: "Hehe...people are talking about your incredible strength."
    Ninja 2: "So, we came to beat it out of you before the tournament."
    Ninja 1: "We can't have you winning and embarrassing us."
    Shante: "Oh, no! There are too many! He'll never win! He needs help!"
    [They defeat the ninja.]
    Shante: "Gruga, is it? The Innkeeper told me you might be here. I had no idea
            you'd be in such trouble, nor that you were so strong."
    Gruga: "I came here for solitude so I could prepare for the tournament. Why
           did you come?"
    Shante: "Well, I came to thank you for taking me in when I was unconscious.
            And to, um...ask you a favor. I need to get to Romalia, but I have no
            idea how to proceed."
    Gruga: "No ship will leave here until the tournament concludes."
    Shante: "When will that be?"
    Gruga: "The day after tomorrow. Once the ships are moving again, you can
           easily get to Romalia."
    Shante: "That's just the information I was looking for. Thank you. Oh, by the
            way, I hear you're a favorite in the tournament. Good luck!"
    Gruga: "I must win...for Elena."
    Shante: "For Elena? What do you mean?"
    Gruga: "..."
    Shante: "I'm sorry. I've obviously intruded into your personal affairs."
    Gruga: "No...no...it...it is my shame. I am not Elena's real father. I lied...
           I told her that I was. And yet, I only said that because it is my fault
           that she lost her parents...and her sight."
    Shante: "..."
    Gruga: "I have said too much. Goodbye."
    [Back in Clenia...]
    Innkeep: "Did you talk with Gruga?"
    Shante: "Yes."
    Innkeep: "So, you heard about Elena, didn't you?"
    Shante: "Yeah...he told me a little, but then ran off."
    Innkeep: "Gruga came from Brakia, after the war for independence 5 years ago.
             The inhabitants fought tooth and nail for freedom from Niedel. Many
             lives were lost on both sides. Gruga, especially, is torn, because
             he was one of the leaders of the uprising. He's bearing an immense
             load of guilt, and can't seem to find any relief. Maybe you can find
             a way to ease his mind?"
    Shante: "I don't know how, but I'll try. It's the least I can do after what he
            did for me."
    [The next morning...]
    Shante: "U...unghhh... I don't know what it is about this place, but I slept
    [At the arena...]
    Shante: "I don't know if you need it, but I'm here to cheer you on."
    Gruga: "Thank you. I must win this tournament, so any advantage is good."
    Shante: "Wow, you're putting a lot of pressure on yourself there. Is that
    Gruga: "I'm sorry there is no time to talk. The next battle is about to begin.
    Shante: "Well then, good luck!"
    Voice: "Gruga - please enter the arena..."
    [In the arena...]
    Catch: "Laaadies and Gentlemen...take your seats. Intermission is over! We're
           down to the last warriors. Is your favorite still in this thing?
           Leeeet's seeeeee! Everyone's favorite announcer, yours truly, Catch
           Mamaman, is ready to rev this thing up again! And...here come our
           combatants for the next round now! Let's give them a proper
           introduction! On my right (and that's your left for those of you that
           are a little slow)...it's the terror that put the hurt on Bagus of
           Zariban...the bruiser that's all heart, Gruga of Brakia!! And on my
           left...it's the killer who bashed Rapecia with his great sword...all
           the way from that rathole Niedel...Gester the Molester! Who will emerge
           victorious from this scramble from victory? Geeeet ready for the first
           battle of the semifinal!"
    [The battle starts, and Gruga pulls it out.]
    Catch: "Annnnnnd...Gester's on the ground! It looks like our underdog from
           Brakia has pulled one out of the fire! Gruga will move onto the finals!
           What a battle! It was closer than I ever imagined it would be. And here
           come the next hopefuls now...give it up for them!"
    [Back outside...]
    Shante: "My, I must admit your performance was impressive. How can you take
            the pain that opponent dished out?"
    Gruga: "It is simple. I must win this tournament."
    Shante: "You haven't entertained the possibility of losing?"
    Gruga: "No. I must win this tournament...for Elena. If I win this, I can take
           Elena to a doctor that can restore her sight."
    Shante: "But...once she can see, it will be obvious that you are not her
    Gruga: "That is true, but...perhaps that will be the time to face the truth. I
           must first get us both to that point."
    Shante: "Are you sure that's what you want?"
    Gruga: "I am not. But, it is what Elena needs."
    [At the inn...]
    Innkeep: "The championships are tomorrow. Gruga seems to be isolating himself
             after each victory, though. I'm concerned about him."
    [The next day at the arena...]
    Gruga: "This one match will decide everything."
    Shante: "Right."
    Gruga: "I must win at any cost...for Elena. Please leave me alone so I can
           concentrate on my strategy."
    Shante: "..."
    Catch: "Combatants to the arena! This is the final match!"
    [Out in the open arena...]
    Catch: "Aaaa, testing, testing... Welcome back all to the bloodiest...most
           exciting...richest tournament around! Nothing else even comes close,
           as you all know. This has become the event everyone has to see at least
           once before they die! Let's hear it for the contestants this year! I'm
           your announcer, Catch Mamaman, for those of you with short-term memory
           loss. I'll be giving the blow-by-blow commentary as this final match
           unfolds. I can say that I am looking for a battle to end all battles
           this time out. I know, because I've had a look in the holding pen.
           We've got two really ripped rivals waiting to go at it. And only one
           battle left! This is it, folks! The final battle of the tournament.
           Let's invite our two conquerors into the arena! Take your positions!
           In the semifinals, our first finalist beat the stuffing out of Gester
           in a surprise upset. Let's give it up for Gruga of Brakia!! Our taciturn
           finalist has a rather colorful history. Previously, Gruga was the leader
           of Brakia's push for independence. If I were facing him down, there'd be
           poo in my pantaloons. But, fortunately, I'm not facing him down. This
           unfortunate finalist IS. But don't cry him a river just yet, because 
           he's decimated all opponents thus far. Give a big round of applause to
           the Master Hunter Galburn!! In his life as a Hunter, he's defeated a
           record number of criminals. If Gruga is Brakia's hero, then surely
           Galburn is our hero. This is going to be one interesting match, and I
           can't WAIT! Let's get this paaaartty STARTED! And now our final
           tete-a-tete is ready to unfold."
    [The two people fight and...Gruga pulls it out!]
    Catch: "Galburn doesn't seem to be getting up! Gruga has pulled off an
           incredible victory from behind! This is the greatest battle Catch has
           every witnessed! I can't believe what just unfolded before us, ladies
           and gentlemen! Gruga pulled up strength from somewhere deep inside and
           pulled down the victory! Congratulations! Gruga's earned his 100,000G
           prize! Ohhh yeah! Let's give it up for the madman from Brakia...Gruga
           the Great!"
    Shante: "Gruga! You did it!"
    Gruga: "Yes. I have achieved my goal to win the prize money. Now I can use
           that to take Elena to the doctor. I must take her to the doctor
    Shante: "Gruga... Are you sure you really want that? You know the
    Gruga: "We must overcome whatever difficulties lie before us together. But
           regardless, Elena must have her sight."
    Shante: "But..."
    Gruga: "I cannot deny any longer that I have used Elena to soothe my guilt.
           Now, I must face what has been done and move forward. We both must."
    Shante: "Oh, Gruga..."
    [At the inn, everything's smashed up.]
    Shante: "What?!
    Gruga: "What happened?"
    Innkeep: "U...unghhh..."
    Shante: "!"
    Gruga: "He's been beaten, but appears to be returning to consciousness."
    Innkeep: "Y...yes. I can...can hear you."
    Gruga: "What happened here? This place is in shambles!"
    Innkeep: "Men in black swarmed in suddenly and took Elena."
    Gruga: "!?"
    Innkeep: "I tried to stop them, but it happened so fast..."
    Gruga: "This is not good."
    Innkeep: "Gruga, I'm so sorry...I was just too weak and there were too many of
    Gruga: "I do not blame you. I shall get Elena back at any cost!"
    Shante: "Ah! Gruga, wait..."
    Gruga: "Elena...where are you? Elena? Why did they take my Elena? It makes no
    Shante: "Oh, Gruga..."
    [She finds a note by the bed.]
    Shante: "Wait! This is a... Gruga, look what was pinned to the bed!"
    Gruga: "A ransom note? If you want to save your girl, come to the vacant house
           outside town. So it's true. She's been kidnapped."
    Shante: "If they want a ransom of some sort, at least she's still alive.
            Gruga, I feel I must help you."
    Gruga: "Thank you, Shante. We must hurry to save Elena!"
    [They go to the abandoned house.]
    Shante: "Gruga, wait! I don't like the way this is playing out."
    Gruga: "I do not care, Shante."
    Shante: "Gruga, this feels like a trap."
    Gruga: "If they have taken Elena as a hostage, I do not have a choice."
    Shante: "But, if you both lose your lives, what have you gained?"
    Gruga: "Shante, this is not really your concern. You are correct that this
           will be dangerous. Perhaps you should return."
    Shante: "I'm concerned, Gruga, but I would never abandon you!"
    Gruga: "I appreciate your help, Shante. I am certain Elena does as well."
    Shante: "Yes, well, first we have to rescue her."
    Gruga: "Right."
    Wizard: "So, the mighty Gruga has come. Why don't you show me your lauded
    Gruga: "Where is Elena?"
    Wizard: "I don't know. But I might be able to remember if you defeat me."
    [They defeat him and continue on.]
    Gangster: "Ya did good in dat last fight. It looks like ya got tha skills tha
              boss wants."
    Gruga: "Who the hell are you, and why did you kidnap Elena?'
    Gangster: "We don't want yer gimpy kid. We are afta ya strength. For da
    Shante: "The Chimera Lab!"
    Gruga: "You know what he is talking about?"
    Shante: "Yes! That lab killed my brother! I was going to Romalia to avenge his
    Gangster: "Dat's not too smart, lady. But hey. Dat don' matta anyway. It's
              curtains for youse, den Gruga's comin' wif us. I'm warnin' ya not to
              resist. It wouldn't exactly be healthy for ya daughta."
    Gruga: "I do not like the sound of that."
    Shante: "Why are you tormenting him, anyway? Elena isn't even his daughter!"
    Gangster: "What tha?!"
    Shante: "I thought you goons would have figured it out just by looking at
            them. They don't even look the same!"
    Gangster: "Well den it looks like ya both are outta luck! Now we got no
              reason to save eitha of da girls. An' da boss is gonna be happy we
              bagged tha champion heah!"
    Shante: "Gruga...I'm sorry...I seem to have really messed this up."
    Gruga: "It is not your fault. It was the truth. You could not have known the
           outcome of telling them."
    [They defeat the enemies.]
    Gruga: "Elena! Are you here? ELENA!!"
    Elena: "D...dad...?"
    Gruga: "Elena! Are you all right? Did they hurt you?"
    Elena: "Oh, Dad...I...I knew you'd come."
    Shante: "We're just glad to have found you. Your father was so worried."
    Elena: "I'm sorry you had to worry, Dad. I..."
    Gruga: "Shhh. Don't talk anymore, Elena. Save your strength. We need to get
           Elena to bed. She needs rest."
    [Back in town...]
    Shante: "You're safe now, Elena. You can rest."
    Elena: "Yes...rest. D...Dad...don't leave me alone, okay?"
    Gruga: "I shall never be far. And dear...I did not have a chance to tell you
           ...but I won the tournament. Tomorrow we can go to the doctor to begin
           the process of restoring your sight."
    Elena: "That sounds nice, Daddy. I just need to sleep a little now."
    Gruga: "Good night, Elena..."
    Elena: "Good night, Daddy."
    Shante: "Rest well, Elena."
    [The two adults go outside.]
    Gruga: "Is Elena still sleeping?"
    Shante: "Yes. She's very tired. It was quite an ordeal."
    Gruga: "Yes..."
    Shante: "Gruga...what's wrong?"
    Gruga: "I...I've made arrangements for Elena to see the doctor."
    Shante: "Made arrangements?"
    Gruga: "Yes. I arranged for the Innkeeper to take Elena to the doctor's. He
           can use my prize money to pay the doctor. Elena can then live on the
           money that remain."
    Shante: "But...Gruga...Elena needs you! What will she do?"
    Gruga: "She will be fine under the Innkeeper's care. I have a task to carry
    Shante: "Task?"
    Gruga: "Yes. I must stop the Chimera Labs I have learned of. I cannot ignore
           barbarians who use innocent children for experiments."
    Shante: "But, Gruga..."
    Gruga: "I have decided. You cannot change my mind. It is best for everyone. I
           will join you on the journey to Romalia."
    Shante: "I see...aren't you going to say goodbye to Elena?"
    Gruga: "It is best that I do not."
    Shante: "I understand...I think. Let's go."
    Gruga: "..."
    Narrative: Under the cover of night, the two departed for Romalia holding
               their emotions close..."
    14) TOUVIL                                                               [GS14]
    Narrative: With Shu and Shante away, Lieza has cared for Elc, but her heart is
               torn by grief.
    [At the Sabatico Shrine...]
    Lieza: "Oh, Elc... If you're like this forever, I... Will Elc come out of this,
           or is he lost to us?"
    Kukuru: "The answer to that depends on Elc, and no one else. If his mind fails,
            it will matter not that I healed his body."
    Lieza: "But... If Elc fails to awaken... What will I do? I could finally be
           free... But to lose the person I have come to..."
    Kukuru: "But do you really wish to depend on one person forever?"
    Lieza: "What?"
    Kukuru: "I believe you have some personal issues to face first."
    Lieza: "!"
    [She recalls her village of Holn. An airship flies overhead.]
    Villager: "What?!"
    Villager: "Hmmm?"
    Villager: "Huh?!"
    Lieza: "What?"
    Villager: "What happened?!"
    Villager: "It's the battleship!"
    Lieza: "No! Grandfather! The battleship is landing nearby again!"
    Joseph: "Blast! Why can't those leeches just leave us to live in peace? We
            have to try and hide, Lieza! Quickly!"
    Soldier: "Halt! One more step and that breath will be your last! This is the
             one we were looking for. Scan her."
    Lieza: "Scan? Wait...stop!"
    Joseph: "I'm warning you scumsuckers! Get out of my house!"
    Soldier: "Watch your mouth, old man. We're not going anywhere yet."
    Scientist: "Hmmm. This is incredible! I've never seen readings this high! And
               this one hasn't even been elevated to C-class yet! We must make use
               of her."
    Captain: "So, men, how did your subject score?"
    Scientist: "Ours is an incredible specimen! She will be a valuable addition."
    Captain: "Hrmph! So, it appears the rumors about her weren't fabrications
             after all. Good. Gallarno will be pleased. Transfer her to White
    Joseph: "Wait! No! Take me instead! She's just a child!"
    Soldier: "Shut up, old man! You're of no use to us!"
    Joseph: "Owww!'
    Lieza: "Grandfather!"
    Captain: "Let's get the girl out of here. We can decide what kind of C-class
             she'll be later."
    Soldier: "I actually think this one will enjoy the transformation. You heard
    Lieza: "..."
    Joseph: "Lieza!"
    Lieza: "Kya!"
    Woman: "You have no right to take us like this!"
    Woman: "People learn what you're doing and STOP YOU!"
    Soldier: "Silence! Unfortunately for you, no one can stop this! Besides, you're
             just lab samples now. No one cares what you think. ... Get them out of
             my sight!"
    Captain: "Let's go, now!"
    Lieza: "Grandfather..."
    Joseph: "Lieza! No!"
    Soldier: "Stop the sobbing and move it!"
    [End flashback]
    Lieza: "I..."
    Kukuru: "Elc still battles his feelings of guilt. You also must face your inner
            demons. You cannot wait for Elc to wake up and help you with that."
    Lieza: "..."
    Kukuru: "It is a journey you must make yourself. Bravery will open your mind...
            ...just as love has opened your heart."
    Lieza: "But, Kukuru...what do I do?"
    [But Kukuru's left the room. Chongara enters.]
    Lieza: "Chongara, what are you doing here?"
    Chongara: "Chongara feeling inside tell Kukuru send you on quest. Chongara
              want to give Guardian Forces. Keep company. Help good. Sometime they
              make biiig noise, but help little Lieza much biiig."
    Lieza: "You're...giving them to me?"
    Chongara: "Not give to end of time. Just while quest. Is good, eh?"
    Lieza: "Yes, Chongara...it is very good. Thank you."
    Chongara: "Come in now!"
    Kelack: "Kee kee!"
    Lieza: "Chongara, are you certain they wish to go with me?"
    Chongara: "Ask them with own voice. You see!"
    Kelack: "..."
    Mofly: "Kee!"
    Chongara: "See? Biiig excitement come out when you ask! They want go biiig bad!
    Lieza: "Well then...um, I look forward to their assistance...I...think."
    Chongara: "Also Rai-jin in Alatos Azenda Highland and Fu-jin in Zariban Water
              Shrine! You go see with biiig eyes, they help too, eh? Move much
              fast now. Chongara wait for you in Silver Noah."
    Lieza: "Um, thanks...again."
    [At the SN's dock...]
    Chopin: "Kukuru has told me to take you anywhere you wish to go. Do you wish
            to depart now? Well then, where would you like to go?"
    Lieza: "To my hometown of Holn. It's on the continent of Forles."
    Chopin: "Check. I know exactly where it is. Step inside, and we'll be on our
    Narrative: The Silver Noah, with Lieza onboard, heads for Lieza's hometown on
    [They land.]
    Chopin: "I suppose I'll say goodbye here. I wish you well in your endeavor
            here. Good day."
    Lieza: "Thank you."
    15) HOLN                                                                 [GS15]
    [Lieza goes to her hometown. Monsters are attacking someone.]
    Lieza: "Oh my!"
    Monster: "This is no place for kids. Where'd you come from, boy? You came from
             Ramul, didn't you? I'll show you what happens to people too curious
             for their own good!"
    Lieza: "Oh, dear! I have to save him! Paundit. I have to save the boy! Please
           help me. STOP!"
    Monster 2: "Hey, it's just a human."
    Monster 3: "And a female, too!"
    Monster 4: "She's got a weird dog!"
    Monster 5: "Hehe...this'll be fun!"
    Monster: "Kill them all!"
    Monster 4: "Yeah!!"
    Monster: "Damn! The boy ran away!"
    Monster 2: "He's too small to run far."
    Monster 3: "Leave him for later."
    Monster 4: "We'll start the slaughter with this girl..."
    Monster 5: "...and her dog!"
    [After some fighting...]
    Monster: "They're...too strong!"
    Monster 5: "They're going to kill us! I'm going to run!"
    Monster: "I won't forget this, girl!"
    [They leave.]
    Lieza: "It's all right. Come here."
    Kid: "Thank you."
    Lieza: "Did they injure you?"
    Kid: "No. I'm okay. Wow! Your beast obeyed you! It was incredible! Are...you
         one of the people from Holn?"
    Lieza: "Yes."
    Kid: "That makes sense."
    Lieza: "We'd better go. It won't be safe here for long."
    Kid: "Okay...thanks again for saving me."
    [A rock is in front of the town entrance, barring the way through.]
    Lieza: "Those monsters must have put this here! Nevertheless, I can't move it
           myself. I'd best ask for help."
    [She goes to Ramul and starts asking for help. As she tries to leave...]
    Policeman: "Wait!!"
    Lieza: ?
    Chief: "Are you the girl from Holn?"
    Lieza: "Huh?"
    Chief: "You have to come with us. Take her!"
    [They take her into a jail cell.]
    Lieza: "Chief! Why have I been arrested?"
    [The Chief transforms into a monster.]
    Lieza: "You were foolish enough to use your power in front of a child. Now,
           he has told the townsfolk, and they are demanding your death! Humans
           are afraid of what is unfamiliar. Your mistake was trusting them... I
           heard that you want help moving the rock blocking the path to Holn.
           Fool! That rock is imbued with a spell. Humans won't be of any help in
           moving it. You would do well to learn to hate the humans. It is they
           who will cut your life short! With that thought, I say goodbye...I have
           a ride to Aldia to catch. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!"
    [He leaves.]
    Voice: "Ho ho! When she met Elc, she started to believe in humans...but will
           she lost that trust now?"
    Lieza: "What!? Is...is someone there?"
    [Gogen, from the Silver Noah, is in the next-door cell.]
    Gogen: "Ho ho! None other than Gogen the Great, young lady. Magic Master
    Lieza: "If you're so extra-ordinary, why are you still behind bars?"
    Gogen: "Well, if I had escaped, I would not have met you, my dear! ...Perhaps
           we were fated to cross paths?"
    Lieza: "That's...an...interesting excuse."
    [The kid Lieza rescued enters the room through a sewer grate.]
    Lieza: "Hey! You're the boy I saved near Holn!"
    Kid: "I'm sorry I told the others about your power, Lieza. I didn't know
         they'd do this. I've come to help you escape."
    Gogen: "Ho ho! Bravery shall open your mind, eh?"
    Lieza: "What did you say?"
    Kid: "Here, Lieza...it's the key! Th...there! Got it! C'mon! This way, quickly!
    Lieza: "Wait a moment!"
    Gogen: "Why, thank you, little one. Oh..."
    Lieza: "You're coming with us!"
    Kid: "Lieza, hurry!"
    Gogen: "Don't forget about me..."
    Kid: "We've got to get out of here! You'll be back behind bars if you don't
    Gogen: "Ho ho! You're quit a bundle of fire, aren't you?"
    Leets: "My friends call me Leets!"
    Gogen: "Fine. Well then, Leets, lead the way."
    Leets: "C'mon! Follow me!"
    [They re-emerge in town.]
    Lieza: "Thank you, Leets. You saved my life."
    Leets: "Heh, heh, heh!"
    Gogen: "So where do we go now?"
    Lieza: "What?!"
    Gogen: "We're going to Holn, aren't we? And the great Magic Master will go
           with you."
    Leets: "Me too!"
    Lieza: "Leets!!"
    Leets: "I want to help!!"
    Lieza: "I'm glad to hear that, but you must stay here."
    Leets: "Why?!"
    Lieza: "It will be dangerous, and I don't want you to get hurt!"
    Gogen: "Precisely."
    Leets: "Aw, man!"
    Gogen: "Let's go!"
    Lieza: "All right!"
    [They return to Holn.]
    Gogen: "Well, well! This does seem to be quite a...barrier. Hmm. Just as I
           suspected. It's been sealed. Brute force alone won't budge this bad
    Lieza: "...But who did this? I worry so about my grandfather..."
    Gogen: "Now, now! No need to despair!"
    Lieza: "But, you said..."
    Gogen: "Ho ho! You forget! Gogen the Great is your friend! You might want to
           stand back... I think you're going to like this."
    [He blows up the rock.]
    Gogen: "You see? Barely a trace of the barrier!"
    Lieza: "I can scarcely believe it! You really are wonderful!"
    Gogen: "Ho ho! Don't swell my head too much. Shall we proceed, m'lady?"
    Lieza: "Yes, YES!"
    Gogen: "And what do we have here? It seems our troubles aren't over quite yet."
    Monster: "Is it you who broke the seal of the rock?"
    Monster 2: "Why do you disturb us?"
    Lieza: "This is my home, I have every right to be here!"
    Monster: "So you say."
    Gogen: "What is your claim to this place? You do not belong here!"
    Monster 2: "I grow weary of your tone."
    Monster: "You shall be silenced. Piiiyyyygaaa!! We will soon see if you are as
             tasty as you look!"
    Gogen: "Retreat looks like an attractive option at the moment."
    Lieza: "Agreed."
    Monster 3: "You're not leaving here alive!"
    Jad: "Hey, look at that!"
    Monster 4: "They're..."
    Monster 5: "What? What? What's the matter with those people?"
    Jad: "They attacked us the other day."
    Monster 4: "Yeah! Yeah!"
    Monster 5: "That's the day you guys suffered, right?"
    Jad: "Right."
    Monster 4: "We have to attack them now!"
    Gogen: "I suppose we have no choice now."
    Lieza: "We are forced to fight."
    Gogen: "Then we shall fight with everything we have!"
    [Gogen's team slays the enemy.]
    Lieza: "I'm glad that's over, but I'm so worried about my village!"
    Gogen: "We must find out what the monsters were doing here."
    [They find Lieza's house.]
    Lieza: "It's just as it was when..."
    Lieza: "Grandfather, why can't I leave the village?"
    Joseph: "The girls in this village are born with special powers. When others
            left the village before...they were hunted and killed by outsiders."
    Lieza: "But...why would they do such a terrible thing?"
    Joseph: "They were branded as 'witches'. Humans are distrusting, weak, horrible
            creatures. Never put your faith in them, Lieza."
    Lieza: "So...if we stay in Holn, we can live in peace?"
    [End flashback.]
    Lieza: "...What?!
    Monster: "Ha! You've returned here, just as I thought! I won't let you escape
             THIS time!"
    Lieza: "Where have you taken the other villagers?"
    Monster: "Not to worry, dear. You'll be joining them at our secret lab soon."
    [They're defeated.]
    Monster: "Blargh! I've underestimated you once more."
    Lieza: "Now then! Show us where the secret lab is!"
    Monster: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Did you think I would surrender to you?
             You've won this battle, but the war rages on! Farewell!"
    [He disappears and enters a secret passage in a nearby mountain.]
    Lieza: "He escaped to the secret lab! We must try to follow his tracks! My
           people must be saved, Gogen!"
    Gogen: "Hold on, there, little miss. Let's take a moment and gather our
    Leets: "Wow! You were incredible! You're really strong for a girl, and the old
           man's good, too!"
    Gogen: "You dare to call Gogen the Great an 'old man'? I should metamorph you
           into a toad this instant for that transgression!"
    Lieza: "Calm down, Gogen. I'm sure Leets didn't mean it that way. Leets, you
           shouldn't have followed us. It's dangerous!"
    Leets: "But...I wanted to be around...in case you needed help!"
    Lieza: "Leets, this isn't a game."
    Gogen: "It isn't? Hrmph. Go figure..."
    Lieza: "You could get hurt! You need to go home now."
    Leets: "But...I can help!"
    Lieza: "No! Go home! Promise me!"
    Leets: "You're not fun! Okay...I'll go home."
    16) CHIMERA RESEARCH LAB                                                 [GS16]
    [In the mountainside nearby...]
    Lieza: ? The door just appeared out of the ice!"
    Gogen: "Ho ho! Are you complaining? This is GOOD! Follow me, my dear!"
    Monster: "What a nice surprise."
    Monster 2: "Our dinner has walked right to us!"
    Monster: "I'm starving!"
    Monster 3: "They look delicious."
    Monster: "What are we waiting for?"
    Monster 3: "Let's tear them limb from limb!"
    [Further in...]
    Wizard: "Mmmm. Visitors. How...unexpected. Regardless. We'll give you the
            reception you deserve."
    [Finally a laboratory is found.]
    Monster: "We've been waiting for you since you breached lab security. You can
             be the control group for our latest subjects. You are the perfect
             subjects for this test. Our study centers on people with special
             superhuman abilities. We use them to create stronger monsters. And,
             ironically, you have a beasttalker among you for us to destroy."
    Lieza: "Your arrogance shall be your downfall!"
    Leets: "Lieza!! I know you told me to go home, but I just couldn't! I found
           your grandpa, and the others from Holn!"
    Joseph: "Lieza..."
    Lieza: "Grandfather!"
    Monster: "Aw...too bad this touching reunion has to be cut short! Hah! It's
             time for you to fall before our engineered monsters!"
    [They win.]
    Joseph: "My dear, sweet Lieza!"
    Lieza: "Grandfather..."
    Gogen: "Ho ho! Perhaps this would be easier if you were closer. Stand back up
           there! Ready, Lieza? GO!"
    Joseph: "I'm so happy you're alive! I thought they'd hurt you!"
    Lieza: "Oh, Grandfather! I never thought I'd see you again!"
    Joseph: "There, there, dear. It's alright now..."
    Leets: "See? I told you I could help!"
    Gogen: "Ah, yes! But, you could have put yourself in grave danger!"
    Leets: "It all turned out alright, didn't it?"
    Lieza: "...Yes, it did. Thank you so much, Leets."
    Leets: "It's the least I could do after ratting you out in Ramul!"
    Gogen: "Well, I must be going now. There's still much to do!"
    Lieza: "What?"
    Gogen: "This lab is only one part of an entire network. If I don't destroy
           the Main Lab, this tragedy can occur again."
    Joseph: "Lieza, I was wrong about the humans. Perhaps they are not all bad.
            You should help them. Here, take this."
    Lieza: "What is it?"
    Joseph: "Nol's Crystal, our village's most precious heirloom. It is said to
            open the way to Mother Claire. It also gathers the experience of
            beasts you defeat. The experience can be used to upgrade the beasts
            you capture. I hope you will find it to be useful."
    System: Nol's Crystal received!
    Lieza: "...Gogen, I shall accompany you, if you'll have me."
    Gogen: "Please take care of my granddaughter, Lieza."
    [They teleport out.]
    Joseph: "Farewell..."
    17) TOUVIL                                                               [GS17]
    Narrative: Several days aftr Lieza's departure, Elc remains unconscious in
               Sabatico Shrine...
    [In Elc's subconscious...]
    Voice: Elc...
    Elc: "?!"
    Mom: "Oh, my dear son...you're so tired."
    Elc: "!?"
    Dad: "Elc, this life is nothing but pain for you. Come with us. We can show
         you how to let go of the world."
    Elc: "Dad? ...M...mom?"
    Ginie: "Hello, Elc."
    Elc: "Ginie! You're...!
    Ginie: "Yes, I am. Elc, why suffer under the weight of your sins? You're not
           that strong... Just give up the struggle. It's easier than you think."
    Mariel: "Elc, I've been waiting for you. Come! Live with us here. It's quiet
            and peaceful here."
    Elc: "Mariel I...I can't."
    Mariel: "You deny me my one request? I would think you would want to please
            me. After all, you were the one who killed me."
    Elc: "..."
    Mariel: "I won't allow you to go back to that cruel world."
    [They all appear as monsters.]
    Elc: "!"
    [Elc defeats his tormentors.]
    Elc: "Damn! Am...am I supposed to perish? To give up?"
    Mariel: "No, Elc. Despair is not your fate. Failure does not become you."
    Elc: "Mariel!"
    Mom: "Death is our common eventuality."
    Dad: "But in life we have the chance to make a difference in others."
    Elc: "Dad! Mom!"
    Ginie: "You cannot succeed at everything."
    Mom: "Yet, without failure, you would not be the fine young man you've become."
    Mariel: "It is the failures that allow you to appreciate the successes. You
            can't give up yet, Elc. There remains much to be done."
    Elc: "..."
    Mariel: "Farewell, Elc..."
    Elc: "Wait!"
    [They all disappear.]
    Elc: "Come back! Please!"
    All: "Don't give up...we're all counting on you... Only you can...avenge us..."
    [He wakes up in the Sabatico Shrine.]
    Elc: "Th...this is... What the hell happened?
    Kukuru: "Elc, you've finally awakened."
    Elc: "W...who are you?"
    Kukuru: "My name is Kukuru. You were brought to me because you were injured."
    Elc: "!? Yes! I failed to..."
    Kukuru: "Your friends told me already. You know what you must do next, don't
            you? Since Arc and his friends saved you..."
    Elc: "Arc!?"
    Kukuru: "Yes, it was Arc who brought you here."
    Elc: "I won't believe it! My village was burned, and my parents were killed.
         Arc's airship was the one that brought the killers! Don't tell me he
         wasn't involved...it's not possible."
    Kukuru: "Elc, do not close your mind. There is an explanation...but this is not
            the time."
    Elc: "Of course not. Because it's a LIE! I will avenge Mariel's death...and
         after that Arc will suffer for what he did!"
    Kukuru: "Elc, do you know WHY your village was attacked?"
    Elc: "!? I don't have time to listen to pathetic excuses."
    Kukuru: "Or rather, are you hiding from a truth you don't want to know? Go to
            Palencia Castle. The answer lies there. When you are ready to know the
            truth, I can transport you. Just tell me when you wish to go."
    Elc: "..."
    Kukuru: "Have you decided? Okay. Close your eyes."
    [He appears in Palencia.]
    Elc: "I have to go to Palencia Castle.
    [He goes there.]
    Elc: "So this is Palencia Castle. It's just a pile of rubble... Damn! What
         could possibly be here for me? ... Well, I guess I should take a look
    Poco: "Waaaaaah! That...smarts. Aaaah! I hate this!"
    Elc: "Who are you?"
    Poco: "Shhhh! Keep your voice down! If they find us, it's trouble!"
    Elc: "What are you babbling about?"
    Poco: "Shh! I said QUIET! I'm a wanted man. There's a huge bounty on my life."
    Elc: "... You don't look like a felon."
    Poco: "Thanks...I think. By the way, who are you?"
    Elc: "I'm Elc. I'm a Hunter."
    Poco: "What?! Are you here to catch me?"
    Elc: "No. I'm looking for something. Kukuru said that you were a friend of
    Poco: "I...is that a good thing...or a bad thing? Uh, what do you want to hear?
          Kukuru told me that you might become Arc's friend..."
    Elc: "...She's dreaming. Never gonna happen."
    Poco: "Well, anyway, I'm Poco. I'm also here to find something...but I'm scared
          to go alone! I'm glad you came along when you did! Let's go inside
    Elc: "...Okay."
    Poco: "We can go down to the basement from here."
    Elc: "Are you sure? Isn't it about to collapse?"
    Poco: "It's okay. Just watch your step! Waaahhhh! That was a...surprise. Ahhhh!
          M-m-monsters! W-w-what should we do?"
    Elc: "Fight!
    [They defeat the monsters.]
    Poco: "The damage in here is so terrible..."
    Elc: "You did this, didn't you?"
    Poco: "Who told you that?"
    Elc: "Everyone knows it."
    Poco: "Well...you'll learn the truth soon. For now, we need to go that way!"
    [As they walk over the floor...]
    Poco: "It just collapsed."
    Elc: "Great. How are we supposed to get back?"
    Poco: "You're a Hunter. Figure something out later... What the..."
    Elc: "Hey!"
    Poco: "I'm certain there used to be an elevator here. I guess we'll just have
          to climb down."
    Elc: "Is that safe?"
    Poco: "I...I think so."
    Elc: "What's in the basement?"
    Poco: "There used to be a secret research lab down there. Before it was
    Elc: "You mean before you and Arc destroyed it, don't you?"
    Poco: "Let's go!"
    Elc: "H-h-hey!!"
    Poco: "Ouch. That might have been a little too far."
    Elc: "And we still have a ways to go. I guess we can jump a few more times."
    Poco: "I just won't think about getting out..."
    Elc: "Great. More monsters."
    [They continue on.]
    Diros: "Grahhh! Stupid humans!"
    Elc: "Hmmm. Scary.
    [They win.]
    Diros: "You can't be victorious!"
    Poco: "Well, if I remember right..."
    Elc: "!? W...what!?"
    [The statue stolen from Elc's village long ago appears.]
    Fire Guardian: "Welcome...you who have inherited my power."
    Elc: "Inherited power? Me?"
    Fire Guardian: "I am the Fire Guardian...I bless the world with the power of
                   flame. However, I was enslaved by evil and my power taken. The
                   evil minions killed the tribesmen of my home. Elc, you are the
                   last surviving member of that tribe."
    Elc: "My village... What evil are you talking about?"
    Fire Guardian: "I speak partially of the Minister of Romalia, Andel. However,
                   he is a mere puppet for a far greater evil that will enslave
                   the world. Elc...you must join together with Arc to save this
    Elc: "Are you saying that Arc wasn't with the people who burned my village and
         killed my family? But...Arc was commanding the airship!"
    Fire Guardian: "Do not trust what you believe you see. Arc released me from
                   the enslavement. He was embraced by the Earth, Water, Fire,
                   Wind, and Light Guardians....and entrusted with the Brave Crest.
    Elc: "So, I was..."
    Fire Guardian: "Elc, the residents of Touvil who have protected the Guardian
                   in Seirya are in danger."
    Poco: "What!? Oh, no! They're in danger!"
    Elc: "Poco, what do you mean?"
    Poco: "Arc and Kukuru's fellow villagers were captured by Andel. He took them
          to Palencia Tower. That's why I came here. To find the secret passage to
          the tower."
    Fire Guardian: "You must hurry! Andel plans to execute the villagers soon! The
                   passage you seek is there... Elc, do not let the missteps of
                   your past stumble you. Use your power for good...and make your
                   tribe proud!"
    [The guardian vanishes.]
    Poco: "We have to hurry! I'll go to the tower. Can you tell Kukuru about the
    Elc: "How am I to do that?"
    Poco: "With this."
    Elc: "What is it?"
    System: Leaf's Bead received!
    Poco: "It's Leaf's Bead. If you use it, you can return to Touvil at any time."
    Elc: "I'll try it, then."
    Poco: "Good luck!"
    [He reappears in Kukuru's shrine.]
    Elc: "I met the Fire Guardian in the Castle Basement. He told me the villagers
    Kukuru: "I've already heard about that. Andel is trying to break my seal. I
            care not what my fate shall be. But, I mustn't leave here, or the seal
            will be broken."
    Elc: "Kukuru! I can go to the tower. I'll save the villagers."
    Kukuru: "..."
    Elc: "I have decided to move beyond the past...to cast aside the demons that
         have haunted me...ruled my actions. I can save those villagers...I know
    Kukuru: "Elc, you finally understand."
    Elc: "I don't want to see people fall victim to evil any longer."
    Kukuru: "You've made a wise decision, Elc. When you're ready to go, let me
            know and I'll transport you. Are you ready? I see. Here, take Leaf's
            Bead. Use that when you wish to return to Touvil. I must caution you
            about one thing, however. A barrier surrounds Palencia Tower, so you
            cannot use it there. Now, with that word of caution, it's time for
            you to go."
    18) PALENCIA TOWER                                                       [GS18]
    [At the tower...]
    Poco: "Hm, something's wrong. It's too quiet... Another empty room...I'm
          starting to get a bad feeling about this. Great. Locked. And not a
          switch in sight. Oh!! Waaaahh!"
    Soldier: "This area requires security clearance level 'J'. What are you doing
    Poco: "Uh...leaving? Waaahh!"
    Soldier: "Stop right there!"
    Andel: "What is going on in here?"
    Poco: "Oh my! It's...it's...it's...Andel!!"
    Andel: "Well, well. It appears the fox has returned to the pen. It's been some
           time since we last met, hasn't it, Poco?"
    Poco: "Not long enough, if you ask me! What have you done with all the
    Andel: "Hm, hm, hm. They're safe and sound, for the present. Which is more
           than I can say for you, my ample adversary. But, you may prove useful
           for a time. I believe that you may be of value in enticing Kukuru out
           of the shrine."
    Poco: "She will never come...she knows what that would mean! Besides, our
          numbers have increased! You'll never stop us!"
    Andel: "Hmmm...well, our traitorous hero has more friends, eh? Sounds like
           fun. I can hardly contain my anticipation. But, for now, I suppose I
           must. Farewell."
    Poco: "So now you're running away, huh?"
    Andel: "Running?"
    Poco: "Oops..."
    Andel: "Watch your tongue, or I'll calm it in more...unsettling ways. Get him
           out of my sight."
    Soldier 2: "Move it!"
    Poco: "You can lock me up, but I won't be here for long. I'll be resuced. Just
    Soldier: "Just shut up and walk."
    Andel: "I want triple security watch on the Tower Basement."
    Soldier: "Yes, sir!"
    Andel: "If you let so much as a mouse enter, you'll have much to regret."
    Soldier: "Understood, sir!"
    [Elc arrives in Palencia.]
    Elc: "Palencia Tower..."
    [Elc approaches the base.]
    Soldier: "Who's there?! Gwahh!!"
    Elc: "Damn! Company's coming."
    Soldier 2: "Hey man, it's time to rotate shifts. What's the problem? Get out
    [Elc changes into the soldier's uniform.]
    Elc: "Hold on... ...What'd you say?"
    Soldier 2: "Uh...it's time for your watch, idiot!"
    Elc: "Of course. And I'm watching...?"
    Soldier 2: "...Paint dry! What do you THINK you're watching?"
    Elc: "Um...freshly painted quarters?"
    Soldier 2: "Very funny. No, dumbass. You're watching that new capture we got.
               You know, the one they call Poco?"
    Elc: "Uh...yeah...I'll get right to it. I just have to pick up in here."
    Soldier 2: "No you're not! Get to your new post...NOW!"
    Elc: "Okay...have it your way..."
    Soldier 2: "Gwuhhhaa..."
    Elc: "Where was my post, again? And, try to say it nicely this time."
    Soldier 2: "Prison...in the...Tower... Unghh..."
    Elc: "Here goes nothing..."
    [He enters after hiding the bodies. In the prison area...]
    Elc: "This has to be the prison. Hey, Poco! Poco!"
    Poco: "Is that...Elc?! Elc! I'm in here!"
    Elc: "In where?"
    Soldier: "Over here! Follow my voice!"
    Elc: "I'm going to blast the door. Stand back!"
    Poco: "No problem."
    Elc: "That's it. Are you okay?"
    Poco: "Elc...I'm so glad to see you! I was really getting more than a little
    Elc: "We can talk about that later. Right now, we need to get the villagers
         and get OUT of here."
    Poco: "Right! I think they took them downstairs."
    Soldier: "Hey! You there! Halt!"
    Elc: "I guess we're going to have to do this the hard way."
    Soldier: "You're not soldiers!"
    Elc: "Too bad you won't live to tell anyone."
    Poco: "Elc, we don't have time to fight. The villagers, remember?"
    Elc: "Right. We better free them first."
    Soldier: "Stop! Halt!"
    Elc: "Let's find those villagers and get out of here! But, where are they..."
    [They come upon a trapdoor and fall.]
    Elc: "What?! Damn..."
    Poco: "We've both been trapped."
    Elc: "Alright. Now that the obvious is out of the way...let's look for a way
    Poco: "But, how?"
    [They escape and continue on.]
    Elc: "Oh, great."
    Monk: "So, you must be the friends of Arc, at last."
    Elc: "If I categorically deny that, will you let us pass?"
    Monk: "Ha, ha, ha, ha! No. I shall redeem your death warrants and claim the
          bounty! Be as loud as you wish now. In this space...no one can hear you
          scream! Goodbye."
    [They find the villagers.]
    Elc: "It looks like there's a cell ahead."
    Poco: "I bet that's where the villagers are!"
    Elc: "It's a cell, alright. Anybody there?"
    Man: "Who's asking?"
    Elc: "We're here to rescue the villagers."
    Man: "That's us! Who are you?"
    Elc: "I'm Elc. I've come to help you. Stay back, Poco. I'm going to open the
         door. Stand back!"
    Man: "We're away from it. Go ahead."
    Poco: "Elc, that talent of yours is great. Forget Arc! You'd make a GREAT
    Elc: "..."
    Poco: "Uh...hehe?"
    Elc: "..."
    Poco: "W-wait up!"
    Elc: "Is everyone alright?"
    Man: "We're so glad you came. We feared the worst."
    Elc: "Yes, well...getting in here was the easy part. Getting OUT is going to
         be slightly trickier...because they already know we're here."
    Kid: "So what do you propose?"
    Poco: "Well, there's a secret passage I used to get in here."
    Elc: "Good thinking, Poco. But, have they found it, yet?"
    Poco: "I don't think so. I hid the entrance pretty good...and it was far away
          from where I got caught."
    Elc: "Well, that sounds like our best shot. Let's try it."
    Poco: "Okay, but...can we rest, Elc? That's what I thought. Good! I'm sooo
          tired...and hungry. At least sleep will fix the tired part... Follow
          me, everybody!"
    Girl: "Get up, Lishena!"
    Lishena: "Unghh...I don't want any more gruel!"
    Girl: "No!"
    Lishena: "I don't feel good."
    Girl: "They're here to help us. We're escaping!"
    Lishena: "What?! Oh, no...everyone is gone. I have to hurry. Wow!"
    Girl: "Not again..."
    Elc: "You're not going to help?"
    Girl: "Nah. She's always falling, tripping, tumbling. Sometimes, she hurts
          herself, but usually she doesn't."
    Elc: "...Is she really alright? Oh?"
    Lishena: "Ouch. I won't miss these iron plate floors..."
    [Everyone leaves.]
    Elc: "Well, she can still run, so I guess she's okay."
    [Meanwhile, in Andel's chamber.]
    Soldier: "Sir! The Tower basement has been breached. Poco is among the
    Andel: "Yes, but who is leading them?"
    Soldier: "We are working on that, sir. The leader uses Flame power..."
    Andel: "Flame power? It is most certainly Elc." (The soldiers won't be enough
           to stop him...)
    Soldier: "Sir?"
    Andel: "Do not underestimate the one wielding Flame! Kill him, the villagers,
           and Poco on sight! ... What are you waiting for? GO!"
    Soldier: "Yes, sir!"
    Voice: "Gallarno's failure returns to haunt us..."
    Andel: "Do not trouble yourself, Master. I shall have the final say in this
           little matter..."
    [In the secret area...]
    Poco: "Here we are!"
    Elc: (This girl needs help...) "It smells like mold in here."
    Poco: "Yes. I think this is some kind of abandoned storage area."
    Elc: "Point us to the exit, Poco."
    Poco: "Oh. Yeah. Right...it's right over here. I hid it pretty good, huh? See?
          There. Alright, everyone. Go!"
    Lishena: "W...wait for me!"
    Elc: (Again? Come on!!) "Hurry up! I think I hear footsteps!"
    Poco: "Right."
    Soldier: "Halt!"
    Elc: "Oh, no! Poco, go! I'll take care of them!"
    Poco: "But Elc..."
    Elc: "No time to argue! GO! Just make the sure the villagers get out of here
    Poco: "Elc, I hope you know what you're doing."
    Elc: "I do. I'm saving your butt. Now get OUT of here! You'll pass this point
         over my dead body."
    Voice: "That's such a finite statement. It guarantees your demise, lad. For we
           shall most assuredly crush you."
    Elc: "!?"
    [Andel warps in.]
    Andel: "Well, well. It's a pleasure to see you, Flame Master."
    Elc: "Andel! Too bad the villagers escape your experiment!"
    Andel: "Ha, ha, ha! Do you really think I care? You have much to learn about
           villainy, boy."
    Elc: "...! But I know how to fight! Let's go...one on one!"
    Andel: "Ha, ha, ha. This is hardly the time or place to bloody my hands. I
           believe you have more pressing matters to attend to."
    Elc: "What do you mean!?"
    Andel: "For example, I thought you might like to save your friends. You know...
           the ones that are to die in the Chimera Labs?"
    Elc: "You're lying!"
    Andel: "Well, I might be, but then again..."
    Elc: "You're a bastard."
    Andel: "I know. But that is neither here nor there. THIS is the present
           reality. Life and death now hangs in the balance yet again. Your life
           here...and your friends' lives at the lab."
    Elc: "Dammit!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha..."
    [He leaves.]
    Elc: "This is NOT good. Hmmm. Three enemies... I should be able to take them.
         But then I have to find Poco right away..."
    [Elc wins.]
    Elc: "Three down, a jillion to go... But no time for relief... ...Lieza must
         be in danger."
    [In the secret passage beyond...]
    Poco: "We're almost through... Watch your step. I'm going to check ahead.
          Follow me. Huh?! Oh, no! The monsters. They weren't here when I came
          through before! They're sleeping...but what should I do?"
    Man: "What's the matter?"
    Poco: "Um, look."
    Man: "Monsters."
    Poco: "Yes. They weren't here last time. They're alseep now...so we should
          wait for Elc."
    Man: "Hmmm..."
    Poco: "..."
    Man: "I believe we should go now."
    Poco: "What?"
    Man: "If your friend has failed, the guards will soon come for us."
    Poco: "...That's a terrible thought."
    Man: "It must be considered."
    Poco: "You're right... I guess we can sneak past one at a time. Be careful not
          to make ANY sounds."
    Man: "Alright. Did you hear that, everyone? Get ready."
    Kid: "I'll go."
    Man: "No, I'll go first..."
    [He makes it out.]
    Poco: "You did it!"
    Woman: "My turn."
    Girl: "Here goes..."
    Girl: "It's my turn."
    Kid: "Heh. Easy.
    Man: "Piece of cake."
    Poco: "And... Uh..."
    Kid: "Do I really have to go through the monsters?"
    Kid 2: "I can't do it!"
    Kid 3: "Me neither..."
    Kid 4: "It's the only way out...we HAVE to go!"
    Lishena: "C'mon."
    Kid: "Alright. You go first."
    Lishena: "Me...?"
    Kid 3: "Yes."
    Kid 2: "Lead us by example."
    Kid 4: "Okay..."
    Kid: "Lishena, go!"
    Lishena: "Okay... Uh..."
    Kid: "What's wrong? Go ahead!"
    Lishena: "Hold on. I need to make up my mind first! Okay. Oops!!"
    Monster: !
    Monster: !
    Lishena: "Ouch! Uh, oh!!"
    Poco: "Oh, my!"
    Kid: "Idiot!!"
    Kid 2: "Idiot!!"
    Kid 3: "Idiot!!"
    Kid 4: "Idiot!!"
    Lishena: "I'm sorry!"
    Poco: "We almost made it... Run! Yaaaahhh!"
    [Poco defeats the enemy.]
    Elc: "I smell blood...and hear the sounds of battle. Poco, are you there? !?
    [Some monsters are behind him.]
    Elc: "Damn!"
    System: Elc and Poco saved the villagers!
    [They make it back to the research lab in the castle ruins.]
    Elc: "Everyone seems to be alright."
    Girl: "Thank you."
    Girl 2: "Thank you so much for saving us."
    Elc: "Shall we take them to Touvil?"
    Poco: "Sure. But before that... Stay away!"
    [He blows up the entrance with a cacophany]
    Poco: "How's that? Okay, Elc."
    Elc: "Good!"
    [They warp to Touvil with the special bead. Back at Palencia Tower...]
    Soldier: "S-sir...th-they..."
    Andel: "You've failed again...haven't you?"
    Soldier: "Y-yes, sir."
    Andel: "Give it not a second thought."
    Soldier: "W-what?"
    Andel: "You are dismissed."
    Soldier: "Y-yes, sir!"
    Voice: "Again, they have managed to slip past our defenses."
    Andel: "Worry not, Majesty. I have prepared two backup plans...and the second
           trap is about to be sprung."
    Voice: "It had best work. We cannot tolerate their interference."
    Andel: "I agree, Majesty."
    Voice: "Do not disappoint me further..."
    Andel: "Oh, I won't...I won't... Heh, heh, heh, heh... Ahhh, ha, ha, ha, ha!"
    19) TOUVIL                                                               [GS19]
    [In Touvil...]
    Poco: "We did it, Elc!"
    Elc: "We're going to tell Kukuru."
    Poco: "Wait, Elc!"
    Kukuru: "You have performed well, even in adversity."
    Poco: "But, I'm worried because it seemed a little TOO easy. I wnoder if Andel
          has baited us..."
    Kukuru: "Poco, you are as anxious as ever."
    Poco: "I know...I can't help it!"
    Elc: "Kukuru, I need to go to the Main Chimera Lab right away. I believe Lieza
         is in danger."
    Chongara: "Chongara have ears that hear travel words. Chongara ready!"
    Kukuru: "Chongara, you're back."
    Poco: "Let's take Chongara up on his offer and take the Silver Noah!"
    [At the quarry...]
    Chopin: "The ship is ready to depart. Please board immediately..."
    Chongara: "Heeeeeeeey! You in hurry so biiig you put Captain of ship behind,
    Elc: "I'm sorry, Chongara. I thought you were already on board."
    Poco: "I'm glad you came...it certainly would have been an embarrassing
    Chongara: "Yes, yes! Miss Captain and much bad thing happen!"
    Elc: "Right. Well, we caught the mistake, so let's go."
    Chongara: "But, how can human friends forget poor Chongara?"
    Narrative: After escaping from the ship, Shu hides out in Houfion, near the
               Romalian wall.
    20) HOUFION                                                              [GS20]
    Shu: "So this is the much maligned Houfion. Romalian scraps haven't brightened
         this place a bit. What a dump! The first order of business is breaching
         Romalia's defenses. ... I pray Shante's all right...
    [In the tavern...]
    Bartender: "Hey. I haven't seen you around. You new?"
    Shu: "Yes."
    Bartender: "You're in for a real party, then. This town's a regular laugh riot.
    Shu: "Barkeep..."
    Bartender: "Yeah?"
    Shu: "Can you tell me a bit about Romalia?"
    Bartender: "Romalia, eh? Hmmm..."
    Shu: "What's the matter?"
    Bartender: "You're new, so I'll give you a tip that might save your hide. Don't
               ask for information about Romalia. If you're overheard, it could be
               bad for your health. There are spies everywhere."
    Shu: "Great. Thanks for the tip. Do you know who might be able to satisfy my
    Bartender: "If you're dead-set on learnin' more, I'd talk to Moris.'
    Shu: "Moris?"
    Bartender: "Yeah, he's holed up at the Inn. Real bright guy. Might be able to
               clue you in."
    Shu: "Moris. Got it. Thanks."
    Bartender: "If ya don't watch your step, ya might not be thanking me later..."
    [Shu leaves to the street.]
    Voice: "Noooo! Stop beating me!"
    Soldier: "Tell us where your rebel friends are!"
    Soldier 2: "Yeah! We know you're with the Resistance...spill it!"
    Soldier 3: "Open your mouth and make some words, idiot!"
    Shu: "Let him go!"
    Soldier 2: "Well, what do we have here? A Resistance leader?"
    Shu: "No. Just someone who knows a bully when he sees one."
    Soldier: "Bully?"
    Soldier 3: "Are you talking about us?"
    Shu: "If the shoe fits... Now, let the kid GO!"
    Soldier: "You've made a big mistake, human. You're coming with us."
    Shu: "Like hell I am."
    Soldier: "I guess we're gonna have to do this the hard way."
    Soldier 2: "Heh! Yeah, one limb at a time..."
    [After the intense beating...]
    Shu: "Hey, are you all right?"
    Kid: "Uh...y...yeah. I think so."
    Shu: "Get out of here before more soldiers come."
    Kid: "No problem. Uh...thanks for saving me."
    [At the inn...]
    Woman: "Hello. A room is 100G. Would you like one?"
    Shu: "No, thank you. But I do have a question for you."
    Woman: "What would you like to know?"
    Shu: "I was told there was a person named Moris staying here."
    Woman: "Moris! You came to see that idiot?! He's been here for some time...
           last room over there. He doesn't come out of his room except to pay
           the rent. ...Says he's got lots of books to catch up on..."
    Shu: "Well, thanks for the information."
    Woman: "I don't mind. But if your'e gonna cause trouble...take him outside
    Shu: "Sure thing."
    [The kid from before enters.]
    Shu: ?
    Danny: "Hey, I wanted to thank you for saving me from that beating earlier. My
           name's Danny. I bet you're in the Resistance, aren't you?"
    Shu: "Sorry, kid, I don't know what you're talking about."
    Danny: "Awww...c'mon! You can tell me! I'll be a big help, you'll see! Please
           ...can't I join you?"
    Shu: "Shut your mouth, or your'e going to get us both in trouble!"
    Danny: "Oh...uh...s...sorry..."
    Shu: "I don't have any ties to the Resistance. Besides, if you know what's good
         for you...you'll forget about the Resistance and go home."
    Danny: "B...but!"
    Shu: "I'm not going to tell you again...go home!"
    Danny: "...Hrmph! You're no fun..."
    [He leaves.]
    Shu: (Here goes nothing...) "Are you Moris?"
    Moris: "Who's asking?"
    Shu: "My name is Shu. I'm a Hunter."
    Moris: "What could a Hunter want that I have?"
    Shu: "Information."
    Moris: "..."
    Shu: "I need to know how to get inside Romalia."
    Moris: "Romalia? I don't know what nut wagon you fell off of, but forget about
           getting in. That city is fortified beyond believe to protect against
           information. The only thing that gets in or out is the train that
           supplies the Romalian Forces."
    Shu: "What about an Airship?"
    Moris: "It'd be shot down before it got within 1000 meters of the wall. You
           might as well give up. The city cannot be compromised."
    Shu: "Then why the Resistance?"
    Moris: "Why should I know? Besides, even if I did know, I wouldn't tell.
           Knowing about the Resistance is bad for your health in Houfion."
    Shu: "So you just let Romalia walk all over you..."
    Moris: "I didn't say that."
    Shu: "Then tell me what I seek to know! I will not let Gallarno go free."
    Moris: "Gallarno!?"
    Shu: "Yes. What do you know about him?"
    Moris: "Oh...nothing... ...Look, I'd like to help you, but I can't. There's a
           guy with wild red hair in the bar that might help you out. Give that a
    Shu: "Well, thanks...I think."
    [Meanwhile, in Romalia...]
    Soldier: "Sir,"
    ?????: "You may enter."
    Soldier: "Patrol Corps have reported locating the invaders."
    ?????: "Are they allied with the Resistance?"
    Soldier: "We feel they must have some ties to the Resistance. Otherwise, why
             would one openly attack our Patrol Corps?"
    ?????: "Excellent. If we watch carefully, we should be led right to the
           Resistance core. Continue surveillance and notify me when the Resistance
           headquarters is found."
    Soldier: "Yes, sir!"
    ?????: "How stupid is this...Resistance? They must know that if they infiltrate
           Romalia, they are walking dead."
    [Shu goes to see the red-headed barfly.]
    Shu: "Excuse me."
    ????: "Do I know you?"
    Shu: "I was told by Moris..."
    ????: "I know what Moris told you. I know every step you have taken since you
          arrived here. It seems like you may be too curious for your own good.
          Especially where the Resistance is concerned."
    Shu: "Moris said you may be able to help me make contact with the Resistance."
    ????: "Forget it."
    Shu: "Why!?"
    ????: "Too dangerous. All I know about you is that you're nosy. And persistent.
    Shu: "But..."
    ????: "It's too risky for the Resistance to let someone like you inside. You
          are a wildcard...a lone wolf. Something the Resistance doesn't need."
    Shu: "But I must penetrate Romalia!"
    ????: "THAT is what I'm talking about. You're a fool. I cannot waste my time
          with fools. Forget your ill-conceived plan and go home."
    Shu: "Tosh, I'm begging you!"
    Tosh: "...How do you know that name? I suppose I should give you some credit.
          You're a Hunter. Tell me. WHY do you want to infiltrate Romalia?"
    Shu: "I'm after Gallarno."
    Tosh: "Gallarno? Isn't he supposed to be dead already?"
    Shu: "No. He escaped from White House and fled here, I believe. I have to stop
         that man...that monster."
    Tosh: "......Come with me."
    Shu: "Thank you."
    Tosh: "Do not thank me just yet. You have not learned what lies ahead."
    [They go to The Heap.]
    Tosh: "Well..."
    Shu: "...It doesn't really look like the Resistance stronghold."
    Tosh: "Of course not. Look. I do not know you, and I do not know your real
          motives. I cannot guarantee that you are not a Romalian military mole."
    Shu: "I don't know what I can say to change your mind... So, what's your plan?
         To finish me here? Redden this rusty pile a little more?"
    Tosh: "No. I do not kill without provocation or reason. I only want to tell
          you to leave this town."
    Shu: "And if I refuse?"
    Tosh: "It would be unfortunate. Because then I would have reason and
    Shu: "You're making a mistake, Tosh."
    Tosh: "You made the first by not leaving when I asked."
    Shu: "I can't go. I have to stop Gallarno. And if I have to fight you to prove
         that, I will!"
    [Shu defeats Tosh.]
    Tosh: "...You...are an excellent warrior."
    Shu: "I was just lucky. If we fought again, I couldn't guarantee I would win.
         But you know that."
    Tosh: "..."
    Shu: "Tosh."
    Tosh: "What?"
    Shu: "I hope that I've proven myself. Will you listen to me now?"
    Tosh: "...I suppose you've earned that. Shu, tell me something... Why are you
          so determined to get into Romalia? What did Gallarno do to you that was
          so terrible you can't let it go?"
    Shu: "He killed without remorse...trampled lives without regret. I've witnessed
         his cruelty firsthand. It must be stopped."
    Tosh: "Yes, but Gallarno is only one of four Generals. He will not be an easy
          mark, that is for certain."
    Shu: "You must know by now that even that knowledge will not sway me."
    Tosh: "You're the second most stubborn person I know. But, I like that."
    Shu: "Thanks, Tosh."
    Tosh: "So. The time has come for you to meet my companions. Follow me!"
    Shu: !
    Tosh: "What is it?"
    Shu: "Why don't you stop hiding and show us who you are?!"
    Danny: "Uh...hehe...okay, you found me. I saw your whole battle! It was
           amazing! You ARE in the Resistance, just like I thought!"
    Shu: "I believe I have told you to go home at least once before."
    Danny: "But..."
    Shu: "'But' nothing. This is not the place for one so young."
    Danny: "You don't understand! I'm ready to join!"
    [Shu punches him...finally.]
    Shu: "No! You are the one who doesn't understand. This is not a game. Lives
         hang in the balance even now. I cannot be responsible for another."
    Danny: "..."
    Shu: "Go home, kid. It's the best thing you can do. Let's get out of here."
    Tosh: "This way..."
    Danny: "Huh! That didn't even hurt. I'm not giving up that easy."
    [He follows 'em again. Back at the bar...]
    Tosh: "This way. Follow me."
    Shu: "What are we doing in here? You were supposed to show me to the base."
    Tosh: "Things are not always what they appear. Watch."
    [The keg handle reveals a passage.]
    Tosh: "This way."
    Danny: "Huh? I know they came in here. Where'd they go?"
    [Downstairs, in the base...]
    Man: "How are you, sir?"
    Tosh: "Good. And you?"
    Man: "Fine."
    Man 2: "Who is with you?"
    Tosh: "He's with me...don't worry about him."
    Man: "Go right in."
    Tosh: "Listen, everybody! I have just learned that Gallarno escaped from White
          House...and is now inside Romalia."
    Man: "Are you certain?"
    Tosh: "Yes. It's true. We should have additional information soon."
    Moris: "Actually, I have more information now."
    Shu: ! "You're...!?"
    Moris: "I've just learned that Gallarno is in the Chimera Main Lab in Romalia."
    Tosh: "This is almost too good to be true! We have an opportunity to finish off
          Gallarno and the Main Chimera Lab at once!"
    Moris: "Come with me. We have details to discuss."
    Tosh: "You may join us if you wish."
    [The three spread out a map.]
    Tosh: "But how do you propose we sneak in?"
    Moris: "The wall has made Romalia like a fortress, that's for sure. But here...
           look at this. We've established that sky and underground entries are
    Tosh: "If we force our way in..."
    Moris: "...we're gonna lose a lot of good men, and success isn't assured."
    Tosh: "So what do you have in mind?"
    Moris: "The train."
    Tosh: "Train?"
    Moris: "Yes. We can use the train to get in."
    Tosh: "But that's a military transport! It's heavily guarded...they'd see us."
    Moris: "I know. But...what if we hijacked the WHOLE train?"
    Tosh: "Wouldn't that be suicide?"
    Moris: "I believe that their defenses would be lower inside the train. If we
           can get ON the train, we should be able to take it easily..."
    Tosh: "...and ride it right into Romalia! Moris, you have not disappointed me!"
    Moris: "I aim to please..."
    Voice: "Leave me alone!!"
    Tosh: "Erm? What's going on out there?"
    Man: "We took a kid into custody that was searching around the hidden door."
    Danny: "I wasn't doing anything wrong. Leave me ALONE!"
    Tosh: "Quiet down."
    Danny: "Ha! There you are. I knew I could find this base."
    Tosh: "Any ideas, Shu?"
    Danny: "I won't give up. I want to be a rebel!"
    Shu: "...I don't want to be responsible for him."
    Tosh: "Leave him."
    Danny: "Yeah! You won't regret this!"
    Tosh: "Moris...Shu and I are going to search the train. We'll be back shortly."
    Moris: "Okay."
    Tosh: "Let's go, Shu."
    Shu: "Okay."
    Danny: "You're the leader, right? Please let me join the Resistance. Please? I
           can help you! I'm begging you. Please?"
    Tosh: "Suit yourself."
    Danny: "W...wait! I'm coming, too!"
    Tosh: "Shu, get ready. If you're ready, we're gonna leave. Are you ready to go?
          Great! Let's go."
    Danny: "Wait, please!"
    [He follows them to Romalia Tunnel's train tracks.]
    Shu: "This is even more impressive up close."
    Danny: "It's huge!"
    Shu: "And it's the only real way into Romalia."
    Tosh: "Right."
    Shu: "If we can ride the train through this, we've got an express ticket to
    Danny: "Uh, who's Gallarno?"
    Tosh: "No one of consequence to you."
    Danny: "Hrmph! You guys are awfully mean to me. You should be nicer..."
    Soldier: "Halt!"
    Danny: "W...what!?"
    Soldier: "What is your business here? Show us your papers..."
    Shu: "Don't worry about that...we were just leaving."
    Tosh: "Right."
    Soldier: "After them! Don't let them escape!!"
    Danny: "C'mon! They're right behind you!"
    [A monster appears.]
    Monster: "You're not going anywhere."
    Shu: "Run, Danny!"
    Danny: "But..."
    Tosh: "No words! GO!"
    Danny: "Uh..."
    Monster: "Don't bother with the little one. I can take care of him. ...Farewell
             little one. Are you the Hunter who's been hounding Gallarno?"
    Shu: "What!?"
    Monster: "We know all about you. You've been watched..."
    Shu: !
    Monster: "Executing you will be just the ticket to my promotion."
    Tosh: "Let's see you try it!"
    Monster: "Patience... Well, we're all here now, so the battle can begin
    [The monsters fail, naturally. Meanwhile, Danny goes back to the base.]
    Danny: "I have to get help! Shu and Tosh are in danger!"
    Shu: "So... They've known about me from the start. And they just watched until
         I led them to the Resistance."
    Tosh: "It was a risk. Regret serves no purpose now. We must hurry, or the
          others will be in dangers as well!!"
    [When they arrive at the base, everyone's slain.]
    Shu: "Oh, no..."
    Tosh: "Moris!! Son of a...!"
    Shu: "This is all my fault!"
    Tosh: "The responsibility is not yours. It is not your fault."
    Shu: "Tosh! We've got company!"
    Tosh: "Who's there?"
    [The monster throws Danny on the floor.]
    Shu: "Danny!!"
    Tosh: "You'll pay for this!"
    [They defeat the enemies.]
    Danny: "Unghhh..."
    Shu: "Danny!"
    Danny: "I was being followed...it's my fault..."
    Shu: "You couldn't have known."
    Danny: "Shu, Tosh...I...I'm s...sorry..."
    Shu: "Shh! You must rest quietly."
    [At the inn:]
    Tosh: "He's asleep. I believe he will be all right. His wounds are not as
          serious as I thought at first."
    Shu: "..."
    Tosh: "Don't worry, Shu. It was not your fault."
    Shu: "If I had only been more careful..."
    Tosh: "It would not have changed the outcome. You cannot blame yourself."
    Shu: "But he's only a boy."
    Danny: "...Unghhh. M...mo...m..."
    Tosh: "He will be fine. All he needs now is rest."
    Shu: "..."
    [He walks out into the rain; Tosh follows.]
    Tosh: "We're alone. But that is better than being lonely."
    Shu: "I have always been alone. Don't know my parents, don't have any close
         friends... I've been alone for as long as I can remember. When I see
         Danny, he reminds me of those days. Reminds me of Elc... I didn't want
         either of them to live as I had."
    Tosh: "I do not know my real parents, either. If the village elder had not
          taken me in, I would have perished. He was a very wise man. One of his
          favorite sayings I shall never forget. He used to tell me...'In this
          world, there are people only we have the power to save. You must live to
          save those souls, for no one else shall.' I've come ot live my life by
          those simple words."
    Shu: "That's far nobler than anything I've done. If I am hurt, I will hurt
         back...it's the only thing I know. But even though I remain alone, I will
         finish what I set out to do."
    Tosh: "You are not alone any longer. We are only two, but it is enough."
    Shu: "Tosh..."
    Tosh: "United in purpose, we shall finish this."
    Shu: "...Right."
    [Meanwhile, the Four Generals of Romalia are in a room.]
    Voice: "At last! The destiny I have waited all this time to embrace nears
    Zalbad: "Yes, Master! The Sky Castle is nearly complete!"
    Voice: "In order to propel it, we must draw on the Dark Power of humanity.
           What is the status of preparations for that?"
    Gallarno: "We suffered a minor setback because Arc destroyed White House...
              however, our research there has already yielded impressive results.
              We have settled lab specimens in Seirya and Millmana, disguised as
    Yagun: "Our cannon, Graunoln, is constructed and functional as well. All the
           areas surrounding Millmana have been decimated by it."
    Voice: "And what of the Martyr Plan?"
    Andel: "Ah, yes. The plan will be fully in place and ready to enact very soon.
           Of course, that is if the other Generals move as I direct..."
    Gallarno: "Ha! Your 'direction' resulted in Arc destroying my lab! How dare
              you try to insinuate that my loyalty is not absolute."
    Andel: "I was not questioning, merely pointing out the obvious..."
    Gallarno: "Damn you, Andel!"
    Voice: "Silence! It would be a mistake to underestimate Arc and his companions.
           They are of the lineage of the Seven. Their forefathers were the ones
           that rose up and sealed me long ago. I shall never forgive the blow the
           Seven dealt me...and their offspring shall soon pay with their blood.
           Our greatest hour is nearly upon us. Do not fail!"
    Zalbad: "We shall not, Master!"
    [Later, in the Main Chimera Lab security room...]
    Gallarno: "This 'Arc' and his friends are nothing but trouble! And, I know that
              Andel and the others are just waiting to exploit my misfortune. I
              must find a way to deep-six Arc and his friends before this gets out
              of hand. What is the status of the Hunters? What? They are all still
              alive? Have the imbeciles forgotten how much I paid them to destroy
              the Hunters?"
    Soldier: "Sir! The Hunter who captured Iga requests a meeting with you."
    Gallarno: "Iga? Iga...hmmm...interesting! Show him in."
    Soldier: "Yes, sir!"
    Gallarno: "So, you're the one that captured Iga? Your build is so...slight.
              How did you manage to capture one so strong?"
    Hunter: "That does not matter. All that need concern you is that I succeeded
            where others failed."
    Gallarno: "Perhaps this is a decoy, meant to make me THINK I have Iga."
    Hunter: "You are free to examine him. He is most definitely Iga."
    Gallarno: "Oh, how the mighty have fallen... Hmm, hmm, hmm..."
    Iga: "Kill me now...or you shall regret your indecision forever."
    Gallarno: "Ha, ha, ha! Patience, patience. All in good time, I assure you."
    Hunter: "He's definitely Iga, see?"
    Gallarno: "What a sight you are, hero. Even restrained, you foolishly thought
              you could harm me. I admire yoru will, but pity your intellect.
              Besides, you are not my focus. You shall merely act as a decoy to
              draw Arc into my trap."
    Iga: "It will...never work. Arc is smarter than that."
    Gallarno: "Put this optimist in our filthiest cell. He'll need to get in touch
              with his dark side...if he's to become the monster I think he can be!
              Your work is good, there is no denying it. Why not work for me? I
              could give you a squad of soldiers to assist you."
    Hunter: "Not interested. Stop stalling and hand over the bounty you promised."
    Gallarno: "I admire your style. You shall have your bounty, and so much more."
    Hunter: "You have more for me to capture?"
    Gallarno: "No. This time I want you to kill."
    Hunter: "It will cost you triple."
    Gallarno: "Not a problem."
    Hunter: "We have a deal then."
    Gallarno: "I look forward to hearing of your success... Ha, ha, ha! If this
              plan works...I can seize control of the Martyr Plan from Andel!"
    Hunter: "Martyr Plan?"
    Gallarno: "The Martyr Plan is a scheme for controlling everyone in the world.
              The Tower will be central to the control scheme."
    Hunter: "And what will happen when the Tower is complete?"
    Gallarno: "The world will become devastated, and our King shall ascend once
    Hunter: "King?"
    Gallarno: "Bah. Nevermind. I've already said too much. Your targets will be
              here soon. You'd best prepare for their arrival."
    [In Houfion's bar...]
    Tosh: "It is imperative that we infiltrate Romalia now. Moris said it's not
          possible to breach the wall."
    Shu: "Yes. But, he seemed to think that the tunnel was the key."
    Tosh: "Do you really think hijacking the train is the best course of action?
          It seems impossible."
    Shu: "I believe it IS impossible. So, we should try something else."
    Tosh: "What?"
    Shu: "We're gonna...destroy it."
    Tosh: "What!?"
    Shu: "The weakness is size."
    Tosh: "Yes, that's what Moris said."
    Shu: "So, if we set up a bomb or bombs in front of the tunnel and blow up the
         train...the wreckage will block the tunnel and cause great confusion. In
         the midst of all that...we should be able to sneak in."
    Tosh: "Bold. I like it. But how will we place the bombs? We already know that
          the tracks are well-guarded."
    Shu: "I know someone who's rowdy enough to hold off ten guards. He can be a
         decoy while I set the bombs."
    Tosh: "Who are you talking about?"
    Shu: "Uh, you, Tosh!"
    Tosh: "Oh!"
    Shu: "Are you ready to try it?"
    Tosh: "Yes!! Let's work out the details of the plan... Great. I think we really
          have a chance."
    Shu: "Tosh, here. Take this."
    Tosh: "What is it?"
    Shu: "It's a Cast-Off Ball. Use it when you can't hold the guards any longer."
    System: Cast-Off Ball received!
    Tosh: "Hmm...okay. Let's go!"
    [They go back to the Tunnel.]
    Shu: "Ready for this?"
    Tosh: "Anytime."
    Shu: "All right. I'll go place the bombs."
    Tosh: "Good luck! Ohhhh! Wooooo! Daaaaaa! I am Tosh!! Come on, you Romalian
          pigs! I've got a blade for you! What are you waiting for? Get out here
          and fight like men! Oops! Uh...you all weren't invitted to the party.
          Damn... I need to find an advantage, or this'll be over before it starts.
          I'll teach you freaks how to fight a real battle. If you can catch me!"
    [He leads them down the track."
    Tosh: "This looks like as good a place as any."
    Soldier: "Ha!"
    Soldier 2: "Ha ha!"
    Soldier: "Ha! Ha! Ha!"
    Tosh: "You won't be laughing shortly."
    Soldier: "You don't know what you're up against, do you? Witness our true form!
             Your head will make a nice trophy for Gallarno."
    Tosh: "Talk is cheap. Let's see what you've got."
    [He remembers back at Houfion's bar...]
    Shu: "Okay, while you're distracting the enemy...I'll be setting the bombs.
         I'll need a fair amount of time to get them set up. You need to keep the
         guards at bay as long as possible."
    Tosh: "Fight as long as I can. Got it."
    Shu: "Just don't put yourself in danger of dying. If it gets too intense, use
         the Cast-Off Ball."
    Tosh: "No problem."
    [End flashback.]
    Tosh: "Play for time...sounds easy enough."
    Monster: "What are you mumbling?"
    Tosh: "I'm sorry...let me speak up. I said 'COME AND GET IT, YOU GENETICALLY
    [They fight for long time.]
    Tosh: "I've been fighting well. That should be enough time for Shu. I hope
          that's enough time. I did my best, Shu. I hope you've got those bombs
    [Further up the track...]
    Shu: "This is the place. Now then, where to place the bombs... Here... Here...
         And here. That's it. Okay. First, open the cover. Set the timer. And
         finally, turn on the switch. Great, this one is armed. Now for the other
    Soldier: "What are you doing?!"
    Shu: "Damn! I've been found out! I'll have to finish this as I fight the
    [They fight for awhile.]
    Shu: "Okay, this one is primed. Great, this one should be ready now. The train
         is coming! Right on time..."
    [The train derails and is screwed up. Meanwhile, in Houfion...]
    Gogen: "Ho, ho, ho. Tosh has done it, by the sound of it!"
    Lieza: "What!?"
    Gogen: "We mustn't be late. We have a date to keep."
    [They teleport out. Meanwhile, at the local Skyport...]
    Shante: "What happened?"
    Attendant: "We've got big problems by the tunnel."
    Attendant 2: "What!?"
    Attendant 3: "Someone blew out the tracks and derailed the train!"
    Attendant 4: "But I thought the Resistance was already disbanded?"
    Shante: "Hmmm. Resistance... I can guess who that might be."
    Gruga: "Come. We must hurry, Shante."
    Shante: "Got it."
    [On the Silver Noah...]
    Chopin: "Elc...it's too dangerous for the Silver Noah to move in any closer."
    Poco: "Do you have any idea what the source of the smoke is?"
    Chongara: "Hmm. Chongara use super good eyes to check. Chongara thinks Tosh
              involved. Maybe hit lab with attacking hands?"
    Elc: "Chopin, you must let us off."
    Chongara: "Elc, be careful from biiig monsters with bad breath and much
              sharpness swords."
    Elc: "Thanks, Chongara. Poco, you ready?"
    Poco: "As ready as I can ever be."
    [At the Main Chimera Research Lab...]
    Guard: "What happened?"
    Guard 2: "Someone bombed the train!"
    Guard 3: "Is the Resistance still alive?"
    Guard 2: "I don't know. I need help dealing with the wreck...NOW!"
    Iga: "It has begun.
    [He breaks off his handcuffs.]
    Iga: "I must work quickly...before..."
    [He breaks down the door.]
    Iga: "Unghhh... Which way?"
    [He escapes. At the train tracks...]
    Tosh: "You did it!"
    Shu: "This is our chance. We have to hurry!"
    Tosh: "We must hurry before they get organized."
    [They make it to the castle wall.]
    Tosh: "Stairs or rails... Which way should we go?"
    Shu: "According to the blueprints, I'd say the stairs."
    Tosh: "Good. Let's move. Damn. That's what I thought. These stairs have been
          booby-trapped to explode on contact."
    Shu: "How could you know that?"
    Tosh: "Intuition. ..."
    [They survey the wreckage from a metal bridge.]
    Tosh: "Impressive..."
    Shu: "And deadly."
    Tosh: "If we fight fairly, I do not think we can win."
    Shu: "I'll fight in whatever manner necessary to finish these bastards."
    Tosh: "Whatever we decide, we should do it quickly..."
    21) MAIN CHIMERA LAB                                                     [GS21]
    [They infiltrate the place.]
    Tosh: "In here?"
    Shu: "...I suppose so."
    Tosh: "Come on!!"
    [They find some monsters later.]
    Tosh: "Damn!"
    Shu: "There are too many!"
    Tosh: "We don't have a choice! Get ready!"
    Shu: "Wait a minute...they're not attacking... They've turned into statues
    Tosh: "It's to block us in this hellhole, I'm sure."
    [In Zalbad's chamber...]
    Soldier: "Sir."
    Zalbad: "Step forth and report!"
    Soldier: "The main tunnel was breached by the Resistance. Members of the
             Resistance team have infiltrated Romalia."
    Zalbad: "Leave them be."
    Soldier: "But...?"
    Zalbad: "Let Gallarno handle them. This is his mess to sort out."
    Soldier: "...As you wish, sir."
    [The soldier leaves.]
    Voice: "The Resistance seems to be more resourceful than you imagined."
    Zalbad: "Do not worry, Master. Their target is Gallarno, I'm certain of it."
    Voice: "Yes, but we cannot let their actions disturb our plans. You must warn
           Gallarno so he can stop Arc before he becomes stronger."
    Zalbad: "It shall be done, Master."
    [At the security room, all of the infiltrating parties are on camera.]
    Gallarno: "Ha, ha, ha! This is almost too perfect! And now...for the coup de
              grace. Is the machine ready?"
    Worker: "Yes, sir."
    Hunter: "Machine?"
    Gallarno: "The little trump card I've been saving."
    Hunter: "And who do you wish me to dispatch first?"
    Gallarno: "Patience, my cold-blooded compadre. You turn will arrive soon
              enough. For now, just sit back and enjoy the show... Ha, ha, ha ha...
              Ahhhh! Ha, ha, ha, HA!!
    Tosh: "This is only the first stage of a bigger trap...I feel it."
    Shu: "Perhaps they're trying to close us into a corner..."
    Tosh: "If that's their plan, they underestimate our resolve. But they'll know
          that soon enough."
    [Further in...]
    Tosh: "Oh! It's you."
    Gogen: "Oh, Tosh! This is very fortunate, indeed."
    Tosh: "What are you doing here?"
    Gogen: "We came to help you, but got a bit...confused down here. But...what
           were you..."
    Lieza: "Hello, Shu. It IS Shu...isn't it? I'm afraid I don't know your friend."
    Tosh: "I'm Tosh. Any friend of Gogen's has my allegiance as well."
    Shu: "...?"
    Gogen: "Yes, well this isn't the time for introductions, really."
    Shu: "Right. We have a job to do here."
    Tosh: "And we should keep moving."
    [Further in...]
    Tosh: "Party time."
    Gogen: "Well, well. Looks like the party's over to me."
    Tosh: "What are you talking about? We can take these two."
    Lieza: "Ah, but what if there were more?"
    Tosh: "More?"
    Lieza: "Yes! Come closer and I'll show you."
    Shu: "No! Tosh, they're impostors!"
    [They defeat the fakes.]
    Tosh: "If Gallarno has made a fake Gogen and Lieza, he probably has copied us,
          as well."
    Shu: "It appears that confusion is his plan of attack."
    Tosh: "This hardship will only make running him through with my blade all the
    [In the security room.]
    Gallarno: "Ha, ha, ha! So far, so good. Soon they won't even trust each other!
              And then...they will begin to kill their real friends, thinking them
              copies. This is almost too delicious to bear!"
    Hunter: "Is this your trump card?"
    Gallarno: "Oh, not at all! This is merely a trifle to whet your appetite for
              the main course."
    Hunter: "Main course?"
    Gallarno: "These copies have the same physical abilities...but less experience,
              and no instinct or intuition. They're basic machines that obey
              orders. But if they get into trouble, I expect a good result. We will
              be able to watch the heroes kill each other."
    Hunter: "Are you afraid they might catch onto your game?"
    Gallarno: "Not at all. Ha, ha, ha!!"
    Gogen: "I would bet my beard that Tosh is behind this mischief."
    Lieza: "Tosh?"
    Gogen: "That rascal rogue is more gangster than he lets on. He's an excellent
           swordsman...and an excellent companion. If he's in here, he's going to
           need help. We must find him as soon as possible..."
    Enemy: "Strange..."
    Gogen: "Hrmph. Just as I suspected, a trap."
    [They continue on.]
    Gogen: "Oh! Ah! You managed to stay alive in this hellish place!"
    Tosh: "Gogen! That is my line!"
    Lieza: "...Who is this?"
    Shu: "Come, Lieza! Have you forgotten me already?"
    Lieza: "I know who you pretend to be, but you are not what you seem! You're
           not even human."
    Shu: "W...what are you talking about? I AM Shu!"
    Lieza: "No. All creatures possess emotion...it is part of life. I can sense
           the emotions within beings...but from you, I sense nothing at all."
    Shu: "I don't know what you're babbling about, but you're gravely mistaken."
    Lieza: "I've never been more sure of anything in my life."
    Tosh: "And for that, you must die!"
    Gogen: "You are fools!"
    [They defeat the impostors.]
    Gogen: "That was certainly interesting. Who were they?"
    Lieza: "And...are there more of them?"
    Gogen: "That is a question for which I do not have the answer. But I'm afraid
           we're about to find out..."
    [The view changes to Poco's team.]
    Elc: "Looks like a trap."
    Poco: "One of these switches HAS to open the door."
    Elc: "But, what's behind the door?"
    [They open it.]
    Elc: "Arc!! I've come to join forces with you, but first I must know the
    Arc: "About your village?"
    Elc: "You know?!"
    Arc: "My father had to do what he did to get the Fire Guardian. The village
         trash that revered it were hardly worth the bullets."
    Elc: "What?! I knew you were a killer!"
    Kukuru: "Like you? You're not above killing innocents when it serves you. You
            killed Ginie and Mariel in cold blood, remember?"
    Elc: "That was different...I had no choice!"
    Poco: "Psst! Elc, these two can't really be Arc and Kukuru. They're lying! I
          can see a dark aura about them...something is wrong..."
    Arc: "Poco! Has Elc poisoned you, too? Have you forgotten how long we've fought
    Poco: "I don't know you...because you're not Arc!"
    [They defeat the fakers.]
    Elc: "What WERE those things?"
    Poco: "They have to be some kind of copies manufactured by Gallarno."
    Elc: "But, how...never mind. It's not worth thinking about. We've got a job to
         do. Let's go."
    Poco: "I'm beginning to regret coming here. Gallarno's more powerful than I
    Elc: "Poco, what's the holdup? C'mon!"
    Poco: "Oh...uh, right! Ohhh, my poor stomach is in knots...but, here goes
    Shante: "Gruga, this is my fight, not yours. Stay here..."
    Gruga: "Are you serious?"
    Shante: "You don't need to endanger yourself in the crusade I have taken."
    Gruga: "Shante...I have a stake in this as well. Remember, they hurt Elena
           because of me. And..."
    Shante: "Yes?"
    Gruga: "It doesn't matter. I can never go back, anyway. In any event, I am
           bound to finish thi smatter as well. I will not leave."
    Shante: "All right then. Let's find that egomaniac..."
    Gruga: "We're surrounded!"
    [They continue on.]
    Shante: "...No! A...Al...!"
    Alfred: "...Sha...nte...he...help...me..."
    Elc: "Shante..."
    Shante: "Elc! What the hell is going on?"
    Elc: "He said he was lonelly."
    Shante: "But...my brother was killed because of YOU!"
    Elc: "He told me he wanted to see you again. And, how could I refuse? I am
         bearing the guilt of his death... So I promised to finish you, too. A
         sweet little forced family reunion in the hereafter."
    Shante: "What are you talking about? This is all so...wrong! This can't be my
            brother! It's impossible!"
    Alfred: "Shante...Shante...my dear sister! I've waited so long. I'll make this
            as painless as I can. For old times' sake..."
    Shante: "Are you...real? Gallarno has sunken to a new low."
    Gruga: "His monsters now take the form of relatives and friends."
    Shante: "This last stunt erased any doubt I may have had about killing him! He
            cannot be allowed to continue these macabre charades!"
    Iga: "Before Tosh begins battling his real companions...I must destroy the
         machine that generates the illusions. These are Gallarno's illusion
         monsters? They have the same abilities as real monsters...but lack the
         experience of the beings from which they've been copied. I don't need
         two of me. One is enough."
    Monster: "You're right! One IS enough. Goodbye! Unghh...it's not fair..."
    Iga: "If you were really me, you would not make excuses in defeat."
    Monster: "Damn you! You are correct!"
    Iga: "I do not see a machine in here. The machine does not appear to be in
    [Further on...]
    Iga: "Here?!"
    Monster: "Intruder!"
    Monster: "Die! Die!! DIE!!!"
    Iga: "This must be the machine."
    [He destroys it.]
    Iga: "That should take care of the illusions. Now, I have only to find the
         others...before something tragic happens."
    Tosh: "Did you hear that explosion?"
    Shu: "Yes, I also felt the building shake.
    Tosh: "It felt like it was hearby. Let's find out what happened!"
    Voice: "Yahhh! Ahhh! Ungh!"
    [Elc and Iga run by.]
    Tosh: "Was that who I...thought?"
    Voice: "Grah! Ahhh! Ungh!"
    Shu: "I...believe it was...Elc?"
    Tosh: "But what was wrong with him?"
    Shu: "Perhaps it was related to the explosion? Only one way to know for
    Tosh: "Yes...through that door."
    [At the security room.]
    Soldier: "We have a problem! Iga escaped and destroyed the illusion machine!"
    Gallarno: "What! Show me his cell monitor! Empty... Damn! They've tricked us!
              But, this time they've gone too far. Let them play their little game
              a bit longer. I have a fabulously gruesome finale to their class
              project. And it's nearly time to unveil it. You! Come with me!"
    Hunter: "..."
    [Gogen and Tosh's team meet again.]
    Tosh: "Not again? Doesn't Gallarno know we know his trick?"
    Gogen: "Hmm. Curious. These ones look...angrier."
    Poco: "More copies? But who's real and who's fake?"
    Elc: "I don't know. If we watch, we should be able to figure it out."
    Shante: "Hey! What? Don't scare me like that!"
    Gruga: "It appears Gallarno is trying to defeat us with sheer force."
    Tosh: "If I can take down two of you freaks, I can take down twenty!"
    Elc: "You're programmed a bit overconfident, aren't you? That should be your
         undoing, freak!"
    Tosh: "What did you call me, infidel?"
    Elc: "Freak. Old freak, in fact. Your hearing's bad."
    Tosh: "That is IT! You're finished! Are you watching, Gallarno? I'm destroying
          ALL your copies!"
    Gruga: "Gallarno? Wait! They each speak as if they are real."
    Shante: "Right! The copies were not like that."
    Iga: "Precisely!"
    Tosh: "Iga?!"
    Iga: "The goal of the enemy is to cause confusion among us. I destroyed the
         illusion machine. All present are real. I'm certain of it."
    Tosh: "Yes, but how do we know that YOU are real?"
    Iga: "You don't."
    Tosh: "That's reassuring."
    Iga: "But you have no choice but to believe."
    Tosh: "Let's find Gallarno, then. And Iga...I've got my eye on you."
    Elc: "Thanks, Iga."
    Shante: "This is it."
    Gogen: "Get ready for the fight of your life, Lieza, my dear!"
    Lieza: "I'm ready!"
    [They find Gallarno.]
    Gruga: !
    Gallarno: "Welcome!"
    Elc: "Gallarno! Where are you!?"
    Gallarno: "Everywhere...and nowhere. Ha, ha, ha, ha..."
    Tosh: "I am not amused. Show yourself, coward!"
    Gallaro: "I am not afraid of you. I merely am...enjoying our last few moments
             together. You see...soon you will be nothing more than a statistic in
             our research."
    Elc: "You're assuming quite a bit, Gallarno!"
    Gallarno: "Ha, ha, ha! Am I? Well, then, on with the show! Here, I'll open the
              door for you. There's a little...surprise waiting for you behind
              door number 1."
    Elc: "You son of a bitch! Stop toying with us!"
    Gallarno: "I'm afraid you have no choice but to play along. Have fun."
    [They find 6 Elc clones.]
    Elc: "I thought the illusion machine was destroyed."
    Iga: "I saw it explode with my own eyes. It could not still be functional. And
    Gallarno: "Don't believe what you're seeing? Perhaps you're dreaming? You'd
              best pray you're not awake. For if you are, this will surely be your
              worst nightmare."
    Tosh: "I detest that man more every passing minute. Elc, you had best stay out
          of this fight. Once the melee starts, we may lose track of who is you and
          who isn't."
    Elc: "Agreed."
    [They defeat the copies.]
    Gallarno: "I must admit...I'm impressed. Perhaps you'll find door number two
              more...challenging. Fight hard...we want to collect accurate data.
              Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
    [It's 6 Tosh copies this time.]
    Elc: "Well, Tosh, turnabout is fair play, eh? I guess it's your turn to sit
         out the fight. I just hope these...things...aren't as ferocious as the
         real thing."
    Tosh: "For your sake, I agree."
    [They kill the copies.]
    Gallarno: "Well done! You've earned a shot at door number three. Don't keep
              me in anticipation...I hate to wait!"
    [They enter the security monitor room.]
    Elc: "There's no one here! We've been duped!"
    Gallarno: "Welcome to my office. First off, I want to thank you for coming in
              for a visit. I wasn't enamored of the idea of hunting you down."
    Elc: "Gallarno!! Your tricks won't stop us! We'll hunt you down and kill you!"
    Poco: "We destroyed all the other Chimera Labs. And when this one is gone,
          too, Romalia's campaign of terror will end!"
    Gallarno: "Ha, ha, ha, ha!! You marvelously naive idiots! Haven't you figured
              out yet that I don't care what happens to the Labs? They're only a
              small fraction of the big picture...the ultimate plan."
    Tosh: "What?!"
    Gallarno: "While you fools bumble and tumble around here...the other Generals
              continue with their tasks."
    Tosh: "Then we shall defeat them after we've beaten you!"
    Gallarno: "That's quite a confident statement. Are you certain you can back it
    [A weird monster appears, and "captures" everyone in its gaze.]
    Tosh: "What?!"
    Elc: "M...my body...!"
    Gallarno: "Ha, ha, ha! Feeling a bit...strange?"
    Tosh: "Damn you and your...dirty...tricks!"
    Gallarno: "Ha, ha, ha! Don't worry, my altruistic adversaries! You'll make
              fabulously useful monsters! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!"
    [In the room Gallarno's at...]
    Gallarno: "It appears that the Mecha-Monster is working as planned."
    Hunter: "Mecha-Monster?"
    Gallarno: "Yes. It is a hybrid machine and monster. It has an excellent
              paralysis attack, and I can control its actions perfectly. If Andel
              only knew what I have accomplished... Wa, ha, ha, ha, ha!"
    Hunter: "Gallarno, you seem to be gripped by desperation... What happened to
            your cool, methodical ways? Do you feel that these rebels now have a
            chance of actually stopping you? Or have you come to realize that you
            are a disposable piece of Romalia's war machine?"
    Gallarno: "How DARE you speak to me in that tone! You know as well as I that
              Romalia is where it is now because of the Chimeras I made!"
    Hunter: "And now that you've supplied what Romalia needed, your worth is
            diminished. Your apparent value to the program is lessened by the
            minute. And so you are wildly grabbing for something that will propel
            you into the spotlight once more."
    Gallarno: "Your tongue has become suspiciously free, Hunter. Perhaps I have
              laid my trust in the wrong man..."
    Hunter: "I would agree with that statement."
    [The hunter breaks the machine.]
    Gallarno: "Y...you...it's not possible!"
    Hunter: "Ah, but it is! I've duped you."
    [The Hunter reveals himself to be...Arc!]
    Arc: "It's over, Gallarno. You're going down with this lab."
    [The Mecha-Monster breaks.]
    Elc: "...Are we alive?"
    Poco: "Arc!"
    Arc: "Are you okay?"
    Tosh: "What the hell is going on?!"
    Arc: "I'll explain after we defeat Gallarno. Get in here and help me out!
    [They go down there.]
    Elc: "Arc!!"
    Arc: "Elc! Watch out!!"
    [Gallarno has turned into a huge monster.]
    Gallarno: "He, he, he. It seems all the pigeons have come home to roost. Or
              is that...roast? Were you unaware that I had created a newer,
              stronger Chimera? Too bad for you..."
    Elc: "Is that...Gallarno?"
    Gallarno: "Of course, idiot! All along you have misunderstood my mission. I
              act not only for the strength of Romalia...but also for the Dark
              One. I toil to bring his power to all people."
    Iga: "You're mad!"
    Gallarno: "Perhaps. But once you have been absorbed into the Chimera program,
              it will not matter to you."
    Shu: "You're assuming an outcome that won't come to pass, Gallarno!"
    Gallarno: "Ha! It's already too late to stop what's set in motion. The other
              Generals have nearly finished their work on the Martyr Plan. 
              Destroying the labs will not stop it now. But, enough talk. It's
              time for you to pay obeisance to the Dark One. My...friends here
              shall assist you.
    [They defeat Gallarno.]
    Shu: "It's over."
    Elc: "No, this is just the beginning. Arc, I don't know if what you're doing
         is right or wrong. But, I won't allow Romalia to destroy everything we
         know and love...like Miriel, and...Ginie."
    Arc: "Elc, you'll be a fine asset in this fight. With an attitude like that,
         we CAN beat these power-mad freaks. The Guardians guided you all here.
         You were chosen for this cause."
    Gogen: "And what a help they've been! I wish I could remember all the names...
           I'm so bad with those."
    Poco: "With all these new friends to help, we'll win for sure!"
    Tosh: "You're an optimistic boob. It shall still be a hard fight. See? We're
          not out of this yet! Let's get out of here."
    [They go to the skyport.]
    Elc: "Chongara... What's the matter?"
    Chongara: "Biiig badness comes with much fastness. In Greyshinne!"
    Elc: "What do you mean?"
    Chongara: "There is no time to make clear talking. Go to Silver Noah! Chongara
              will talk much longness there."
    Shu: "I can't leave the Hien."
    Chongara: "Hien is small ship, eh? No worry for you. Chongara put tiny ship in
              Silver Noah. Come! We must get on ship with much fastness."
    Arc: "What could be happening in Greyshinne?"
    Shu: "We'll soon find out."
    [They go onto the Silver Noah.]
    Arc: "Chongara...you said Greyshinne was in peril? What do you mean?"
    Chongara: "Millmana make biiig movement! They take much soldiers into
    Iga: "You mean they've invaded Greyshinne?"
    Tosh: "I find that hard to believe!"
    Arc: "If Chongara said it, it must be true. He's quite reliable."
    Poco: "Greyshinne is...Iga's home country."
    Tosh: "Unfortunately, the governor of Millmana is Yagun, Romalia's cruelest
    Gruga: "Greyshinne's only defense now is the Amaidar Monks."
    Tosh: "And, Iga was...or rather...IS...their leader."
    Arc: "It seems rather curious that Yagun would go for Greyshinne."
    Chongara: "Not Yagun's plan. Chongara's mind feel Andel do this bad plan."
    Arc: "Andel?!"
    Tosh: "What I would pay to be able to slice that snake in two!"
    Chongara: "In Palencia, biiig words go around with soft sound that say Andel
              has plan. They say it called 'Martyr Plan'."
    Poco: "Uh, I don't like the sound of that! W...who's gonna be the Martyr?"
    Arc: "From what I've gathered, he plans to erect towers all over the world to
         revive something."
    Chongara: "Chongara not know ever that. It makes the mess in the pants, eh?"
    Arc: "It IS quite frightening to contemplate. Unfortunately, that is the extent
         of the knowledge I gathered from Gallarno and his goons."
    Tosh: "Andel's plans never succeed. How can he hope to this time?"
    Arc: "But why is Yagun involved in this way? It doesn't make sense."
    Chongara: "Chongara not know. But he is."
    Iga: "The monks of Amaidar will never fall to Romalian puppets!"
    Chongara: "Chongara know you strong, Iga. We help big, eh?"
    Arc: "Chongara?"
    Chongara: "You not need to open mouth! Chongara knows the place we land next!
              Greyshinne, eh?"
    Narrative: Arc and Elc travel to Greyshinne on the Silver Noah.
    [In Yagun's office...]
    Yagun: "I've received word that that imbecile Gallarno has been taken out.
           You'd better watch your step, Andel, or you'll be next."
    Andel: "Hrmph. Gallarno was weak. We all knew it. The outcome was exactly as
           we all expected."
    Yagun: "Confident speech from one who has bedeviled himself, no?"
    Andel: "Enough! We will not was more time talking of such matters. You should
           be consumed with the conquest of Greyshinne."
    Yagun: "And what makes you believe that I am not? Every aspect of the operation
           is under my control."
    Andel: "Good. We cannot let the monks of Amaidar gain popular support. Since
           Greyshinne is second only to Romalia in size, they would be a formidable
    Yagun: "Yes. Well, you needn't worry about the sorry bastards of Amaidar. They
           have no leader. We will crush them and make way for the construction of
           your next tower."
    Andel: "Mmmm. Perfect. Once the Martyr Plan is fully in force, our great King
           can return once more! Our towers will gather the negative energy from
           the dark desires of the teeming masses...and that very energy will
           enable the castle to float, making way for His Majesty. ... If you carry
           out your part of the plan, that is..."
    Yagun: "Do not furrow your brow, Andel. Everything shall go exactly as planned.
    Andel: "Let's hope so...for both our sakes."
    Soldier: "General, the envoy from Greyshinne has arrived to negotiate for a
             peaceful resolution."
    Yagun: "Kill him."
    Soldier: "Sir?"
    Yagun: "Kill him, and send him back to Greyshinne."
    Soldier: "But..."
    Yagun: "There is to be no negotiation. They shall surrender to us, or die. I
           believe a dead envoy will deliver that message quite effectively. You
           are dismissed."
    Soldier: "Yes, sir!"
    Andel: "Mmmmm. Yagun, you've become more aggressive than usual."
    Yagun: "Someone once said that desperate times call for desperate measures...I
           couldn't agree more. Ha, ha, ha, ha. Ahhh, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!"
    22) GREYSHINNE                                                           [GS22]
    [Everyone goes to Amaidar Temple.]
    Guard: ! "Master! You have returned!"
    Iga: "The circumstance of my return is not one of joy, I'm afraid."
    Guard 2: "We are aware of the threat, Master. It is a relief that you have
             returned to address it."
    Iga: "It appreciate your confidence in me. I have brought friends to help."
    Guard 2: "Yes, I remember Arc. Welcome, friends, old and new!"
    Guard: "This is Amaidar Temple."
    [They all go to the archmonk's chamber.]
    Archmonk: "Iga! You have returned at a dark time."
    Iga: "Yes, I received the news. What is the status?"
    Archmonk: "Millmana is now amassing a force to invade Paysus. We have little
              time left."
    Iga: "What action has the King taken?"
    Archmonk: "He dispatched the Greyshinne ambassador to negotiate a peace
    Tosh: "Foolishness! General Yagun is a bloodthirsty maniac. He will not listen
          to reason."
    Iga: "If that is the case, we have no choice but to defend Greyshinne."
    Guard: "Our sworn duty..."
    Guard 2: "...shall not go unfulfilled!"
    Iga: "Um."
    Guard 3: "Master! A visitor requests an audience with you!"
    Voice: "Hey! Come back here! You are not allowed in until..."
    [The fortune-teller from Paysus runs in.]
    ?????: "Just as I thought. Arc and his companions."
    Iga: "And who might you be?"
    Sania: "I might be Sania, a local fortune-teller."
    Tosh: "What is your business here?"
    Sania: "Glad you brought that up. My business is information. And, I have a 
           good deal of information to share. I thought you might appreciate some
           intelligence on Millmana's forces."
    Iga: !?
    Arc: "You thought correctly. Tell us what you know."
    Sania: "Tut, tut. Valuable information is...well, valuable. This information
           is not free. I'll share it on one condition."
    Iga: "Which is?"
    Sania: "I want to examine the Amaidar scripture."
    Iga: ! "The holy scripture of Amaidar was written by monks through the ages.
         It contains Amaidar lessons, history, and secrets. It has been sealed for
         some time. It is a sacred book that contains great powers and holds
         authority over all Amaidar Monks."
    Sania: "I have heard tales that a complete history of Amaidar lies within its
           pages. That history even included the death of the last Archmonk who
           became a monster."
    Iga: "But, none of that matters. Only one who has completed training at Amaidar
         is eligible to see the scripture. And, even then, only the hearts of those
         chosen hold the key to unlock it."
    Sania: "But, you HAVE completed the training...and your heart is pure. You
    Iga: "You know not what you ask of me. It is not possible! It is a blasphemy
         to the sacred writings!"
    Sania: "Hmmm. This will be more challenging than I expected."
    Guard 3: "Master Iga! The King has come to meet with you."
    Iga: "The King? I shall see him at once.""
    [They all leave.]
    Sania: "Hey! I...I have information you want, remember?!"
    [At the temple grounds...]
    King: "Iga! It has been too long, hasn't it? I must say you're looking well."
    Iga: "I would say the same of you, Majesty. And, I appreciate that you
         traveled so far to meet with me."
    King: "Bah! Iga, there is no need for such formality. We are friends, and I
          have come to you to ask a favor. ... As you no doubt are aware, Millmana
          is marching on Paysus. And, it is clear that we are no match for their
          military might. We are left with only bad and worse choices, I'm
    Iga: "Surely there is still hope..."
    King: "Iga, our only hope is for you to make a supreme sacrifice. I ask that
          Amaidar submit to Millmana."
    Iga: !?
    King: "General Yagun has stated that he will spare the people of Greyshinne...
          ...if, and only if, Amaidar and its monks give themselves to Millmana."
    Iga: "But, that shall be a betrayal of everything we stand for! Who will fight
         for justice? For...peace?"
    King: "Iga, our lot has already been cast. There is no other way. Millmana's
          forces have an immense Train Cannon at their disposal, now. If they
          choose to use it, Paysus will be obliterated. Alas, even your forces
          could not prevent that terrible fate."
    Iga: "But...this temple is..."
    King: "Iga, believe me...I know what I am asking. I know how painful it shall
          be. Please understand...it is the only way left to us."
    Iga: "...I need time alone, now. Please leave me be."
    King: "..."
    [The king leaves. Back in the archmonk's chamber...]
    Arc: "Iga..."
    Sania: "Iga... This isn't the end...right?"
    Iga: "You heard the same words as I. It has already been decided by the King.
         I must obey."
    Sania: "Why? It IS your country, isn't it? Your forefathers have protected it
           for generations! Why throw that heritage away at the request of an
           overworked monarch? Amaidar Monks are not world-renowned for giving up
           before they start."
    Iga: "We cannot win this alone, and the people of this land...they...they are
         not trained to fight. They cannot win against a trained force such as
    Sania: "Well, now I know we're scraping for excuses. If the people don't know
           how to fight, SHOW THEM. It is their country, too. If you were to teach
           them even the simplest military strategy, victory would be possible.
           You simply can't give up without trying."
    Iga: "You just don't understand! The...the King..."
    Sania: "The King will soon be dead as well if we give Yagun a foothold here.
           Everyone here know that's true, though no one wishes to speak it. The
           King is either a traitor or a fool, and in whichever case, we all lose.
           Surrender to Yagun means death to Greyshinne. Memories, loved ones,
           culture...all lost to the Romalian machine. Can you honestly say that
           is acceptible? I can't."
    Arc: "Sania..."
    Iga: "You are asking me to betray the King's wish, then."
    Sania: "What good is a King if the country is lost obeying his command?"
    Iga: "..." (I finally hear the voice of reason, but what is her motive?)
         "Sania, your argument is compelling, but I must know one thing. Why do
         you seek information regarding Amaidar's Archmonk?"
    Sania: "I seek the monster who butchered my parents. I have made it my life's
           work to avenge their deaths."
    Iga: "But...what does that have to do with the Archmonk?"
    Sania: "One of the monsters was disguised as your Archmonk...the one you
           defeated. I must learn whatever I can about the one who commanded him."
    Iga: "Revenge can be a noble goal...but take care that it does not consume
         you. You have shown me another way, and so I shall aid you as well. We
         must gather the scripture, first. Come."
    Sania: "You...you're going to help me, then?"
    Iga: "It is a matter of necessity. You have information we need to succeed
         against Yagun. Arc, we need to retrieve the scripture before we can
    Arc: "Where is it stored?"
    Iga: "It is kept in the library of Paysus."
    Arc: "We had best hurry, then. Millmana is closer each second we stand here.
         Let's go!"
    [Everyone leaves.]
    Iga: "I apologize for doubting your intent. Please understand that it was not
    Sania: "Mother...Father...I hope you're watching. I'll take revenge for what
           they did to you!"
    [At the Paysus library...]
    Librarian: "Iga! The Amaidar scripture has been stolen!"
    Iga: "Who stole it?"
    Librarian: "I was put into a strange sleep...and when I awakened, it was gone."
    Iga: "How can this..."
    Arc: "Iga, do you have any idea who the thief was?"
    Iga: "I do not. It's well known that the scripture has no value outside of
    Sania: "Regardless, we must find who did this immediately! Wait!"
    Elc: !?
    Sania: "I know where the holy book is!"
    Elc: "Then tell us!"
    Sania: "Just give me a minute!"
    [She puts out her crystal ball.]
    Sania: "...I see... [Man] has the book."
    Elc: "Is he still in Paysus?"
    Sania: "I canot see clearly enough... I see only that the criminal is in
    Elc: "Wh-what do you see now? Heh-heh...gotcha! We shall not rest until the
         thief is found!"
    [At Yagun's office...]
    Voice: "General Yagun..."
    Yagun: "Mmmmm. Zalef, what good news do you have for me?"
    Voice: "The Amaidar Scripture is in our agent's possession. It shall soon be
           delivered to us."
    Yagun: "That damned scripture contains the secret of our power. It must never
           fall into the hands of Arc or his allies. Were that to happen, it would
           be a disaster. Besides, we can use the Amaidar techniques detailed in
           the scripture to train our monsters. But first, we have to make certain
           it is smuggled out of Greyshinne safely."
    Voice: "Do not fail me."
    Yagun: "Heh, heh, heh, heh. Once that scripture is mine, the Monks of Amaidar
           are history! And so, one of the largest countries will fall to me. Then,
           I can work on... Geh, heh, heh, heh. Ahhhhhh, ha, ha, ha, ha..."
    [On the library's top floor.]
    Hunter: "How many people have had an alibi?"
    Shu: "Eleven."
    Hunter: "Hmm. None of them seemed suspicious, eh?"
    Shu: "Not especially, no."
    Hunter: "Well, then. The thief must have escaped town already. However, that
            is not as dire as it seems. His escape options are limited since the
            Skyport is closed. I doubt he'll go to Amaidar with the scripture he
            stole. I also don't think he'll be brave the monster-infested ruins.
            That leaves only Noyam Plain, Anan Flats, and the Rutar Plain. He must
            be in one of those three areas. I'm confident you can find him. Don't
            disappoint me!
    [They go to Noyam Plain.]
    Iga: !
    Thief: "Ahhh! Oh! You...uh...you caught me off guard."
    Monster: "Where is it?"
    Thief: "I have it here in my bag. But I want the reward first."
    Monster: "As you wish."
    Thief: "Guh...ahhh....You...you...double-crossed me."
    Monster: "No use crying about it now. Goodbye."
    Iga: "Hand back the scripture! It has no use or purpose for you."
    Monster: "How did you get here? Strike that. I don't care. I have to kill all
             of you, now. Yagun has placed a bounty on the head of Arc and his
    Sania: "Yagun?"
    Monster: "Yes. Yagun. And, I don't intend to let his bounty go uncollected."
    [They kill the monsters.]
    Arc: "What is written in this that is so valuable?"
    Iga: "I do not know, but if Yagun is interested, it must be powerful."
    Sania: "Yagun..."
    Iga: "You seem to know of him. Have you crossed him before?"
    Sania: "None of your business!"
    Gogen: "Ooooh. Spunky. I like that."
    Poco: "Reminds me of Kukuru, I think."
    Iga: "Sania does not wish to share, and we do not have time for coercion. We
         must go to Mt. Amaidar at once to break the seal on the scripture."
    [At Amaidar Mountain...]
    Arc: "What an eerie calm..."
    Earth Guardian: "You have come to this sacred place with the scripture once
                    again. For what reason have you done this?"
    Iga: "I wish for you to break the seal that binds the scripture."
    Earth Guardian: "The scripture contains a great power. To receive it requires
                    a special kind of human to wield it properly. There has been
                    no one suitable in Amaidar recently. And so, the scripture has
                    remained sealed."
    Iga: "Guardian, I shall do whatever is necessary to be deemed worthy. I have
         completed the training, and achieved the level of Master. What more is
    Earth Guardian: "Your capacity for good is commendable, but the power you want
                    is dangerous. Since it uses the power of the Earth, it can
                    destroy the world if used improperly. The other risk is you.
                    The power may be too great for you to absorb. Attempting to
                    receive more than you can absorb may kill you. Knwing this, do
                    you still wish to receive the power called 'Amaidar Fist'?"
    Iga: "My duty is to the country I love and the people that depend on me. I have
         no choice but to do whatever is in my power to protect them. To rise
         against the treat of Millmana, I must risk receiving the power. Guardian
         of the Earth, I am prepared to risk receiving the Amaidar Fist."
    Earth Guardian: "Iga, you have grown much since you left this place. However,
                    you have much yet to learn. I shall grant the request you ask
                    of me. Sealed heart and scripture shall become one! Iga, you
                    now hold the sacred trust of Amaidar. It is your task now to
                    safeguard your inheritance."
    Iga: "I shall!"
    Earth Guardian: "Arc, the world is speeding ever faster toward destruction. The
                    black thoughts of humanity continue to grow and soon shall
                    upset the balance. The Guardians shall only be able to help a
                    short while longer. You must redouble your efforts to strike
                    down the root of this evil, before it is too late."
    [The guardian disappears.]
    Arc: "Hmm, the root of evil..."
    Iga: "Sania...according to the scripture, the Archmonk came here at the order
         of Yagun."
    Sania: "But, what about the other monsters?"
    Iga: "There is no account of that, but I am certain they were under Yagun's
    Sania: "Yagun...took my country...my...life..."
    Arc: "Sania?"
    Sania: "We have to stop him from killing again! Millmana forces are south of
           Paysus, now."
    Elc: "There's no time to talk, then. We gotta move!"
    Sania: "I'm goign with. I might be able to get a lead on the monsters that
           killed my parents. That is, if you think you can protect li'l ol' me."
    Arc: "There is no protection once battle begins. You must fight for yourself."
    Sania: "..."
    Elc: "Okay, enough of that. Let's go!"
    [They go to the border. Soldiers laze in their camp nearby.]
    Sania: "These pigs have completely sealed the border!"
    Arc: "They appear to be serious about taking Greyshinne. If we strike here,
         we can at least delay their attack on Paysus."
    Tosh: "Enough talk. Time for action!"
    Soldier: ! "Who the hell are you?"
    Tosh: "A big problem."
    Soldier: "Wait! You're... Tell General that Arc and his companions are in the
    Soldier 2: "Yes, sir!"
    [At Yagun's office...]
    Soldier: "Sir, Arc and his companions have appeared at the border of
    Yagun: "Arc? Heh, heh, heh. Perfect. Ready Graunoln for the intercept."
    Soldier: "But...Paysus is out of range...?"
    Yagun: "Idiot! Don't aim for Paysus, aim for Arc and his companions!"
    Soldier: "But, sir! The Train Cannon's power is too great! Our soldiers will
             be killed along with Arc if we fire at him."
    Yagun: "No prize worth a damn comes without cost. Arc is one hell of a prize."
    Soldier: "So...casualties are understood?"
    Yagun: "Yes...YES! All I want out of this damned mess is Arc's corpse! Just do
    Soldier: "Yes, sir!"
    Tosh: "Why do you just stand there? Are you too scared to fight?"
    Sania: "What is he thinking!? He's just jumped into the middle of a hornet's
    Iga: "Tosh is one of action, not thought."
    Gogen: "He's kinda like the opposite of me."
    Sania: "How has he managed to stay alive this long?!"
    Arc: "..."
    Soldier: "Arc has to be around here somewhere. Kill the redhead and we'll work
             from there!"
    Soldier 2: "You all heard him. General Yagun has ordered Arc killed at all
               costs. We'll start by killing one of Arc's band, first!"
    Tosh: "This will be entertaining."
    [They defeat the enemies.]
    Arc: "Yagun slaughtered his own soldiers to try to kill us."
    Iga: "In the process, he eliminated his own outpost."
    Sania: "That is the General I came to know. I...I..."
    Arc: "Sania, what happened between you and Yagun?"
    Sania: "Not so long ago, Millmana was a beautiful, peaceful land...like
           Greyshinne. However, once Yagun arrived, all that changed. He
           slaughtered so many...so many...innocent people. My parents were...
           When he first arrived in Millmana under diplomatic cover...my parents
           suspected his motives and hid me. That single act would save my life,
           as his monsters soon killed my parents. ... I have lived in the shadows
           since that terrible day, plotting my revenge. It's...it's all that
           sustains me now. The thought that one day I will cut him down."
    Iga: "I believe we can all understand your suffering, for we share similar
    Shante: "Yes. If you journey with us, perhaps your opportunity will come."
    Sania: "..."
    Arc: "We are all in this together, banded by necessity. You are welcome to
         join us."
    Iga: "You helped save my country from Yagun. I owe you a debt of gratitude now.
         Please join us, so that I may have the opportunity to repay it."
    [At Amaidar Temple...]
    King: "Iga! What madness has overtaken you? We cannot win against the forces of
          General Yagun! Why have you taken it upon yourself to provoke them?!"
    Iga: "I have thought carefully before acting, Majesty. It is in our best
         interests to resist Millmana to the limit of our ability."
    King: "But...we cannot prevail! It's impossible!"
    Iga: "That is what Romalia's war machine wishes us to believe. They trade on
         the fear and doubt of their prey."
    King: "But..."
    Iga: "If we make a stand, and fight well, perhaps other countries will follow
         our lead. We cannot win alone, but with the support of others, there is a
    King: "But why must WE be the country that stands? Can't another country..."
    Iga: "Majesty! It is precisely that kind of thinking that has led Greyshinne
         to this point. I will now waver. The monks of Amaidar are prepared to
         fight to the death. All I ask is that you unify the people of Greyshinne
         to rally behind us."
    King: "Um... I will do my...best. But... But, if we lose, what will happen to
    Iga: "If we surrender, of if we lose, Greyshinne will be destroyed. The only
         choice, then, is to fight."
    [In the Paysus library...]
    Sania: "I sense strange power from two different places. Brakia...and...Forles.
           It's unmistakable."
    Arc: "Perhaps they are connected to the Martyr Tower scheme, somehow?"
    Sania: "The power is being channeled to revive something."
    Tosh: "But... If we can't tell exactly what or where the power is, we can't
          stop it."
    Sania: "Well, at least we know the power is emanating from withing those two
    Arc: "Then the only option for us is to go there and investigate."
    Iga: "I've spoken with the King. I sincerely hope that the has the will to move
         the people of Greyshinne to action."
    Sania: "If he succeeds, Greyshinne will remain free from enemy threats.
           However, he must motivate the people."
    Arc: "We now have our own trials to face. Andel, Yagun, and Zalbad yet remain.
         I fear that we are about to witness their true fury. Once that happens,
         our journey shall become much more difficult."
    Tosh: "I know what must be done, and I'm ready."
    Arc: "All right, then. Let's head to Brakia, and then Forles. We must find the
         source of their power."
    [On the Silver Noah...]
    Chongara: "Ah! Friend faces come back after biiig time! Chongara wait, and
              wait, and wait. Good you come now!"
    Arc: "Yes, Chongara, but there is no time for pleasantries. We must act to stop
         the Martyr Plan. Do you have any news for us?"
    Chongara: "Eh, heh, heh, heh. Chongara know many things. Secret places. If you
              go on world, Chongara show good things to you. Fast words fall so
              lateness not be bad."
    Arc: "Well, then, show us what you have to share!"
    Chongara: "Is information good in head? Ready to go? Hokay! We go up in sky
              now! Hold tight!"
    23) BRAKIA                                                               [GS23]
    [The team enters the town of Ruwaga.]
    Gruga: "What is going on?!"
    Soldier: "We KNOW that your King is hiding in this town. Show him to us!"
    Woman: "We know nothing."
    Soldier: "I'll cut that lying tongue out of your throat when we find him!"
    Gruga: "Strong words for a cowardly force."
    Soldier: "You're..."
    Woman: "Gruga!"
    Man: "Gruga has returned!"
    Girl: "He will save us from this terrible trouble!"
    Kid: "Pah! Ptoo! Now that Gruga has come back, you're all in BIG trouble! He'll
         teach you a lesson!"
    Soldier: "So, the local hero has returned! Let's see what 'lesson' he'll teach
             us now!"
    Kid: "Bwaahhhh!"
    Man: "They're monsters!! Run! Run!!"
    Soldier: "So, Gruga. Let's see this special power of yours."
    [They defeat the monsters. In a house...]
    Ginba: "Gruga! Welcome back!"
    Gruga: "What happened here, Ginba?"
    Ginba: "HE came back again."
    Gruga: "Rygar?"
    Shante: "Who's Rygar?"
    Gruga: "He was sent from Niedel to govern this country. He vanished after the
           War for Independence...once Niedel had accepted the independence of our
    Ginba: "Gruga, Rygar now allies himself with Romalia!"
    Gruga: "Romalia?!"
    Ginba: "I don't know how he expects to win Romalia's favor...but he's trying
           to take back this country by using monsters."
    Gruga: "You're encouraging him to do this?"
    Ginba: "Of course not! I did try to negotiate a truce with Rygar and Romalia.
           But the results were awful. My companions were attacked by the monsters,
           and I was injured, as you see. I failed in the worst way possible."
    Gruga: "Hmmm. I see. There is no other choice, then. I must go to see Rygar."
    Arc: "We must determineif Rygar is working for Andel in some capacity."
    Elc: "His change of allegiance sure makes you wonder... We'd better watch our
    [At the Lord's Manor...]
    Gruga: "Hmmm. I wonder where the guards are?"
    Arc: "We must remain alert."
    Elc: "Yeah, keep your eyes peeled for trouble."
    [They fight their way to the study.]
    Rygar: "Well, Gruga, it has been a while, hasn't it?"
    Gruga: "I believed you to have perished..."
    Rygar: "Ha, ha, ha. Believed...or hoped? You seem to have had a hand in my
           intended demise... My injuries were critical, but I was rescued from
           oblivion and escaped the country."
    Gruga: "So that you could become a tool of the Romalian empire?"
    Rygar: "Ha, ha, ha. Now, now, Gruga. Green is not a shade that suits you.
           However, you have every reason to be jealous. Soon, I shall be absolute
           ruler of Brakia, and you shall be a sad footnote in Brakia's history."
    Gruga: "You cannot take back the independence we fought for and won! The world
           has accepted our independent status. It cannot be taken away."
    Rygar: "Ha, ha, ha. Oh, really? Who cares what the world thinks? Soon the
           entire world shall be in the control of Romalia, anyway. Your
           'independence' will have no meaning outside your walnut-sized grey
    Gruga: "Rygar, you can't do this!"
    Rygar: "Oh, can't I? Gruga, you underestimate me, again. Perhaps a little
           surprise I've been saving will lift your spirits. This way..."
    [Elena is there.]
    Gruga: "E...Elena!"
    Elena: "D...Daddy?"
    Rygar: "Gruga, I must thank you for having my daughter's vision restored. She's
           quite the prize, don't you think?"
    Elena: "D...Daddy? W...wait! You sound like my dad, but you look like...like...
    Gruga: "Oh, Elena..."
    Rygar: "Sweetie, I told you about the bad man who stole you from me. This
           barbarian is not your father. He is only a common street thug who
           pretended to be your father."
    Elena: "N...no...it can't be true...he...he...loved me."
    Rygar: "No, dear. He deceived you. You were nothing more than a means to an end
           for him. A surrogate for his festering guilt."
    Gruga: "Elena! No! That is not true...it is... This man did not raise you...
           does not love you. I do!"
    Elena: "Then, why did you leave? That...that hurt."
    Rygar: "Yes, I know it did, Elena. Your real father would never do such a
           thing. And now, I'll always be with you, dear. Gruga, you have lost.
           Face it and move on. I am in control now. And, with Romalia on my side,
           you won't stop me. Why don't you just run away now...you seem to know
           how to do that best of all."
    Gruga: "Elena..."
    [At Gruga's house in Ruwaga...]
    Gruga: "Shante...leave me be."
    Shante: "Gruga..."
    Gruga: "Elena...Elena..."
    [She goes to the inn.]
    Elc: "How's Gruga doing? I see..."
    Arc: "What could Romalia possibly want with this place? It's so remote..."
    Shante: "Perhaps they need it to complete their Martyr Plan."
    Ginba: "You're not going to believe this! I hardly believe it myself! The
           villagers believe Rygar will force an eruption of Mt. Banza...to kill
           the Resistance here."
    Elc: "What!? He'll destroy this whole village!"
    Ginba: "He doesn't care. They've started construction of a device near the top
           of the mountain. If it is completed, I fear this village is finished."
    Elc: "Arc! He is not planning an eruption. He must be installing a mind-control
         device for Romalia."
    Arc: "I was thinking the same thing!"
    Shante: "We have to get Gruga and stop this!"
    [At Gruga's house...]
    Shante: "Let me talk to him..."
    Arc: "Of course..."
    Gruga: "Elena...my sweet Elena..."
    Shante: "Gruga, why are you doing this to yourself?"
    Gruga: !
    Shante: "You can't stay like this forever. Don't you love Elena?"
    Gruga: "You know the answer to that better than anyone."
    Shante: "Then why don't you SAVE her?"
    Gruga: "You heard him. Rygar said Elena is his real daughter...and he's right."
    Shante: "Snap out of it! Gruga! You know the truth! You raised that girl as
            your own. Her father is evil. She would have inherited a black legacy
            from him. From you, she learned kindness, respect, honor. You know
            that. Biology aside, you're more of a father to her than Rygar will
            ever be. And you must rescue her form the unhappiness that is sure to
            befall her. Rygar doesn't love her. She's just a tool...a trophy to
            him. You love her too much to let her live like that."
    Gruga: "...You are right. I will go and stop Rygar. Then, I'll tell Elena
           everything and hope she forgives me."
    Ginba: "Gruga!"
    Gruga: "Shante has told me everything. Rygar must be stopped!"
    Ginba: "Yes, yes!"
    Gruga: "We need to move...now. I will not let go of this place so easily..."
    Ginba: "Ahh! The hero Gruga has returned! We are saved! They have made a
           fortress of Banza Mountain. Unfortunately, we have no information on
           the traps they have set in there. Please be careful...we are counting
           on you."
    Gruga: "We shall. Thank you, Ginba."
    Ginba: "Not to pressure, but the future of this country lies with you, now.
           However, I have faith that you can bring the peace we all crave. Good
    [They go to Banza Mountain...]
    Gruga: "Stay on your guard!"
    Elc: "What?! Hey!!! Hey!!!!!"
    [They defeat the enemies. Later...]
    Elc: "Whoa!"
    [They go to the mountaintop.]
    Gruga: "Mmm. At last, we have reached the pinnacle."
    Rygar: "It most certainly took you long enough! I trust that my associates
           kept you...entertained? I almost believed you wouldn't make it...almost.
    Gruga: "You are finished, Rygar. I will not allow you to do this."
    Rygar: "So, you recognized my little handiwork. Glorious, isn't it?"
    Gruga: !?
    Shante: "It's disgusting!"
    Rygar: "Only to the uninitiated. As you must know, this is only one of many
           that will allow us to control the whole world! Romalia shall be
    Gruga: "No! Rygar, you cannot do this! Think about Elena! Your heart is
           becoming black as night! Please, for Elena's sake, stop!"
    Rygar: "That...is a domestic matter that is no longer your concern."
    Gruga: "If you will not listen, I have no choice left..."
    Rygar: "What? You would run me through in front of a little girl? How
           positively morose...what kind of animal have you become, Gruga?"
    Gruga: "Do not mock me, Rygar."
    Rygar: "That time has passed. Now is the time for business. Farewell, Gruga."
    [He knocks him over the bridge near the lava.]
    Gruga: "Ungh..."
    Shante: "Elena! You must help Gruga!"
    Elena: "But...he's not my..."
    Shante: "Have you forgotten the Gruga that raised you, loved you, returned your
            sight? He fought battles to win money so that you could see again.
            Regardless of who you are now, how can you deny that love?"
    Elena: "..."
    Gruga: "Elena!"
    Rygar: "Get away from him, Elena! I'm warning you, if you don't get away, I'll
           send you with him! Ha, ha, ha, ha!! That's right, darling. Let go of the
           bad man and bury your painful past! Do it!"
    Gruga: "Elena, let me go, it is the only way. I...will still hold you in my
           heart always."
    Elena: "I won't let go! This isn't right...it's..."
    Rygar: "Hrmph! You stupid little advertisement for nurture over nature! You
           can't be mine..."
    Elena: "I...I'm sorry...I can't...hold..."
    [He kicks them both over the edge.]
    Rygar: "It seems that Brakia's brightest star has met an explosive end."
    Shante: "How can you kill your own daughter like that? Did Romalia remove your
    Rygar: "Actually...no. But they did give me a taste of the power I now crave.
           The supreme power Yagun has granted me has become my sustenance, my
           life. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! And, speaking of life, the time has come
           to end yours."
    Gruga: "Hmmm. At last, you show the world the monster you have become."
    Rygar: "What?! Impossible!"
    [Gruga and Elena climb back up.]
    Gruga: "You have lost everything that matters, Rygar. The power you covet has
           turned you into something detestable. You cannot succeed, now. Just give
    Rygar: "NEVER!"
    Gruga: "Elena, stand back!"
    Rygar: "Now we can finish what was started so long ago..."
    [They defeat Rygar.]
    Gruga: "We must get out of here before the machine collapses into the volcano!
    [The machine falls in and blows up.]
    Gruga: "Elena, I have to tell you the truth, now. Once you know it, you can
           choose to love me, or take your love from me. At least then, I will
           have no secrets from you. ... You know that I am not your real father.
           What you do not know is that I am the one that caused the war. The war
           that took your real parents from you. I raised you in the beginning out
           of guilt... But, I soon grew to love you as my very own."
    Elena: "..."
    Gruga: "When I left that night, I was afraid. I knew that once you could see,
           you would realize I was not your real father. I...I did not believe I
           was strong enough to handle what would happen then. ... I am sorry I
           had to conceal the truth. Please know that, whatever happens, I love
           you dearly."
    Shante: "Elena, your biological father is lost. But, one stands before you that
            will care for you more than he ever could."
    Elena: "Daddy!"
    Gruga: "Elena?!"
    [They hug. Later, in Ruwaga.]
    Ginba: "So, you must leave again, then?"
    Gruga: "Yes, this battle is not yet complete. Please take care of Elena in my
    Ginba: "I shall, Gruga. Do not worry."
    Elena: "Daddy...I love you."
    24) FORLES                                                               [GS24]
    [They all go to Holn.]
    Lieza: "Oh no...!!"
    Elc: "Something very bad happened here."
    Lieza: "But...what? And why?"
    Gogen: "Better yet, where have the villagers gone? Did they all perish?"
    Monster: "Ha, ha, ha!"
    Elc: "Huh?!"
    Lieza: "Who?!"
    Gogen: "It's the damned undead!"
    Monster: "Your tardiness has cost lives...again.."
    Elc: "I demand to know why you did this!"
    Lieza: "The peopleof Holn were innocent! Why did you attack them?"
    Monster: "Heh, heh, heh. Always jumping to conclusions. The people of Ramul
             are to blame for what happened here. It was they who attacked...and
    Lieza: "I won't believe it!"
    Elc: "You're lying!"
    Monster: "Believe me or not, I do not care. For soon, it shall not matter. For
             you see, I have come to claim YOUR souls this day."
    [They finish the battle.]
    Lieza: "But why...? Why did the people of Ramul attack...?"
    Gogen: "Though it shall be difficult, you must conceal your grief. I believe
           they were driven to this act. Controlled by some...force. You mustn't
           show emotion for this loss, or you may put your own life in danger."
    Elc: "C'mon, Lieza. Let's get out of here."
    Lieza: "..."
    [They head to Ramul's inn.]
    Lieza: "Leets!"
    Leets: "..."
    Lieza: "What happened to you, Leets? Don't you remember me?"
    Leets: "...Holn is...evil..."
    Lieza: "Leets!?"
    Innkeep: "...Holn is...evil..."
    Shu: "Well, there seems to be a consensus here."
    Lieza: "What's going on?"
    Gogen: "Lieza, calm down. The winds of Ramul are obviously blowing ill, lately.
    Elc: "It seems to be affecting people's...minds!"
    Lieza: "But they are all speaking ill of Holn in the same terrible tone."
    Arc: "Someone...or something is controlling them."
    Elc: "You mean they wre guided into attacking Holn?"
    Gogen: "Sounds like Romalian handiwork to me."
    Lieza: "But, how...?"
    Gogen: "Well... Even I cannot control an entire village...so it must be a great
    Arc: "We should stay here for a time and watch the villagers. This force may
         direct them again."
    Shu: "I agree."
    Gogen: "Well, if we're here for a time, I suggest we rest."
    Poco: "What? But the owner is out of his mind. Wouldn't we be taking advantage?
    Gogen: "Poco, the owner would be happy to have us, I'm certain. That's better.
           Nappy, nap time. Don't forget to write in the diary, kiddies. Good. I'm
           off to rest these tired bones, now.
    [During the night...]
    Lieza: "Mm... What's that sound?"
    Shante: "The bell at the temple...?"
    Lieza: "Why is it ringing now?"
    Shante: "Sania?"
    Sania: "Strange...look! People are walking somewhere."
    Lieza: "Hmmm..."
    Shante: "Let's follow them!"
    Gogen: "Well, well. Now we've been awakened by the bell!"
    Lieza: "How could you not be? And, did you see how strange the people out
           there are acting?"
    Elc: "Something weird is going on, that's for sure."
    Innkeep: "Temple...Gia...The Archmonk calls."
    Leets: "...We must go to the Temple."
    [They leave.]
    Lieza: "Leets!!"
    Arc: "Wait, Lieza!"
    Lieza: "Arc, I have to go! If something terrible happened to him, I don't know
           what I'd do!"
    Arc: "But Lieza, we don't know what's going to happen. You could be put in
         danger yourself! We're all going...but we have to mingle with the crowd.
         Hopefully, we can avoid drawing attention to ourselves..."
    [They go to Gia Temple's square.]
    Gogen: "They're headed into the Temple."
    Nun: "Wait!"
    Nun 2: "You are not of the fold!"
    Nun: "Your deception will not go unpunished! Now you shall be judged by Gia,
         the Dark God!!"
    Arc: "Something strange is going on inside this temple."
    Lieza: "It seems as if the people inside are controlling everyone outside!"
    Elc: "Then let's just work on destroying the building! Simple! Let's go, Lieza.
    Lieza: "Okay!"
    [They enter the cathedral and hide.]
    Elc: "What?!
    Archmonk: "Listen to me, followers of the great Gia! Holn has been destroyed,
              at last! Our fair country has finally been saved! But many other
              evils yet exist, and threaten our world. We followers of Gia will
              exterminate those evils!!"
    Lieza: "So, these are the ones that destroyed Holn? Oh, Grandpa..."
    Gogen: "No time for grief, yet. We must look closer at what we see. Look past
           what you think you see to see the truth. There is something wrong with
           the layout of this temple."
    Lieza: "What?"
    Gogen: "It has a flow...a design that is distinctly...Romalian. And these
           monks...I can't shake the feeling that they aren't what they seem.
           They're using some kind of...power to control these people."
    Lieza: "So Leets is under their control, too."
    Gogen: "Most assuredly."
    Elc: "We've got to find a way to break their trance...and fast!"
    Gogen: "You're right about that. Something terrible is going to happen if we
    Lieza: "Let's go!"
    [They reach the 3F.]
    Nun: "..."
    Archmonk: "What?! Our temple has been defiled by Arc and his followers? Find
              and destroy them!"
    Nun: "..."
    Nun: "..."
    Nun: "..."
    System: A hidden switch was pressed.
    Nun: "..."
    Nun: "..."
    Nun: "..."
    Archmonk: "Wait! I shall accompany you. I will not let this project be undone
              by heretics!"
    [The team follows the archmonk into the secret antechamber.]
    Archmonk: "So, the meddling band of infidels has finally come to this sacred
              place. Yagun warned me about you...and gave me the authority to end
              your reign of terror."
    Elc: "Reign of terror? You're talking about yourself, buddy! You're the
         psychotic freak controlling the minds of innocent people...making them do
         terrible things!"
    Archmonk: "You misread my intent, boy. I wish only for all to know peace and
    Arc: "You are going about that in a completely dishonorable way, then. They
         are not gaining peace...they are losing their souls to you!"
    Archmonk: "But, I have relieved the people of their distress...they know
              nothing of worry now. Could there be a happier life than that?"
    Elc: "You've lost your mind!"
    Iga: "And we have come to make certain your plan does not come to fruition."
    Archmonk: "Really? Well, then watch this. Bring them in!"
    Lieza: "Leets!"
    Archmonk: "Under my direction, they cannot disobey. Behold."
    Lieza: "W...what...?"
    Archmonk: "The great god Gia calls for your sacrifice!"
    [The bell rings.]
    Lieza: "NOOO! Stop it!"
    [The villagers kill themselves.]
    Elc: "Unholy crap!"
    Lieza: "No! No..."
    Archmonk: "Towers like this are being erected all over the world as we speak.
              Soon, all of humanity shall obey. No one...anywhere...shall have the
              fortitude to resist."
    Elc: "You delusional son of a bitch!"
    Archmonk: "Ah, ah! Not...another...step. You move, and the little one over
              there dies, too."
    Elc: "..."
    Lieza: "People aren't as weak as you believe. They won't follow your twisted
    Archmonk: "THAT is quite an interesting theorem. Why don't we test it? That
              girl is a witch from Holn. Kill her!"
    Leets: "..."
    Lieza: "Leets! Don't do it! Snap out of it!"
    Archmonk: "Why do you bother? He can't hear your pathetically sentimental
    Lieza: "Leets! Please...wake up!! Leets!! Leets, you mustn't do this...please!
           Find yourself! I know you're in there!"
    Leets: "Li...Lieza..."
    Lieza: "Leets?!"
    Leets: "Lieza...help."
    Archmonk: "He resists my commands?! How is this possible! Stupid boy! Die!"
    Grandfather: "Lieza...watch out!!"
    [He takes the hit for her.]
    Lieza: "Grandpa!"
    Archmonk: "The villagers will end what's left of your life."
    Iga: "I...I will not stand idly by and let this happen."
    [Iga wrecks the bell.]
    Archmonk: ?! "What have you done!"
    Lieza: "There is no way to control the villagers, now. Your project has
           failed! Surrender!"
    Archmonk: "Surrender? Never! You will pay for this blasphemy! The penance
              starts with the surrender of your lives! Goodbye!"
    [The Archmonk dies instead. Oops!]
    Lieza: "Grandpa...why..."
    Grandpa: "Lieza...dear. Do not be sad. You reminded me of what it was to be
    Lieza: "But..."
    Grandpa: "Lieza...be...strong...for me."
    Lieza: "NOOO! Grandpa!!"
    Gogen: "Once again, evil has robbed us of the time to grieve. If we fail to
           stop Romalia, they'll continue to victimize the world. Now is not the
           time to succumb to sadness. Our job is yet undone."
    [The temple shakes.]
    Elc: "Huh? Oh, no! The tower is collapsing! We must save the other victims
         and get out of here!"
    Gogen: "Let's go, Lieza..."
    Lieza: "..."
    [Later, in Holn, Ramul's citizens are helping to fix it up.]
    Lieza: "Oh, Grandpa... You taught me to believe in others...to trust, even when
           it seems hopeless. And so now, I trust that our village will recover
           from this tragedy. I'll try to be brave in the face of despair...and
           trust...trust that we will, one day be accepted as equals, rather than
           scorned as outsiders. I want to make you proud of me..."
    Elc: "Lieza, look!"
    [Some villagers approach.]
    Leets: "Lieza!"
    Lieza: "Leets? What are you doing here?"
    Leets: "We've come to help you rebuild Holn. After all, we were the ones that
           helped destroy it."
    Lieza: "Oh, Leets..."
    Gogen: "Well, well. It seems as if things are unexpectedly looking up already!"
    Lieza: "I...I can hardly believe it... Perhaps Grandpa was right, after all."
    Gogen: "Perhaps, indeed."
    Elc: "C'mon. We still have a lot to accomplish. Those other towers are going
         up all over the world."
    Lieza: "He's right. Let's go!"
    [In the operations room.]
    Chongara: "Whoo! You make Chongara's head spin around with fast work!"
    Arc: "Well then, wait until you see what I'm really capable of! Have you
         learned anything more of the Martyr Tower?"
    Chongara: "We try to find tower with magic waves bouncing in sky. It's new
              technology called 'sensor', but results not so good yet."
    Arc: "So you couldn't find the tower, then?"
    Chongara: "No, no. Chongara find tower, but..."
    Elc: "Get to the point. Which country is it in?"
    Chongara: "That strange problem. Magic sensor not point to country, but ocean!
              It say waves in sky come from middle of ocean!"
    Arc: "The ocean?!"
    Chongara: "It's right, yes. From water in ocean by Millmana."
    Arc: "Millmana..."
    Sania: "I don't doubt it's true. Yagun is in Millmana, and he's as crafty as
           they come."
    Arc: "Millmana is the key."
    Chongara: "Hokay! Millmana is next destination. Silver Noah go there with much
    25) MILLMANA                                                             [GS25]
    [At a bar...]
    Roan: "T...that face! Is it really you?"
    Sania: ?
    Roan: "You're Sania...you MUST be...aren't you?"
    Sania: "Roan! I can scarcely believe it's really you!"
    Roan: "Oh, Princess, I am so happy you're alive. I feared the worst."
    Sania: "But hoped for the best, as usual, Roan. I can't believe you made it
           out, too!"
    Roan: "Bah! It was no big deal for me, I just blended in with the natives here.
          I've been gathering intelligence since the King was killed. I believe
          Yagun or his associates had something to do with that. However, that's a
          story for another time. Since Yagun took over, this place has steadily
          decayed. Even the Forest Spirit struggles."
    Sania: "No! If the Forest Spirit dies, Millmana is doomed as well."
    Roan: "Yagun has no long-term interest in Millmana. He lusts only for power.
          This place is a means to an end. And now that he has nearly bled the
          land and its people dry, he is moving on. I have heard that Yagun has
          directed the construction of an immense oil platform. It's in the ocean
          east of Millmana. But, I believe it serves a dual purpose..."
    Arc: "The Martyr Plan..."
    Iga: "Yes. Surely it is. We must hurry. The people of Millmana are in danger."
    Arc: "Sania, I know you wish to even the score with Yagun now, but you'll have
         to wait. We have to stop that platform from becoming fully operational."
    Sania: "I know. Let's return to the Silver Noah!"
    Roan: "Princess Sania, please be careful."
    [They go to the offshore oil rig. In Yagun's office.]
    Soldier: "Sir, the Silver Noah has been detected approaching the Oil Rig..."
    Yagun: "Ha, ha, ha. Those sniveling brats have finally figured it out, eh?
           Let's show them how little they really know... Bring out Grauholn! Time
           for a little...fun -- at our uninvited guests' expense."
    Soldier: "Yes, sir!!"
    [In Millmana, deep in Nien forest, at the train control room...]
    Worker: "Output and pressure are normalized."
    Soldier: "Compensate for wind resistance and direction."
    Worker: "No obstacles detected near the target!"
    Worker 2: "Power transfer to Grauholn!"
    Worker 3: "Lower security redundancy check from 13 to 2!"
    Worker 4: "Final check!"
    Soldier 2: "System all clear!"
    Soldier: "Auxiliary transport confirmed!"
    Soldier 4: "Security redundancy release verified. Begin count!"
    [In the Silver Noah cockpit:]
    Chongara: "Some big thing make boominess. Is Noah hit?"
    Tosh: "How can we be under attack? The skies are clear..."
    Chopin: "Projectiles are coming from the direction of Millmana. Hold on!
            Another projectile incoming! This ship won't take much more..."
    Chongara: "Big messiness! Bad problem! What is there to do now?! Oil city in
              ocean now good for falling ship."
    Tosh: "The Rig is off-limits until Yagun is gone, it appears. He must be behind
          this attack."
    Arc: "There is only one choice. We must retreat at once. We must find another
         way... Chopin, change course to Millmana. We have to find the Train
         Cannon. It must be where these projectiles are coming from."
    Chopin: "Understood."
    [They return to Millmana. Back in Yagun's office...]
    Soldier: "Sir, the Silver Noah has landed and surveillance reports Arc and his
             company entering Ajarl."
    Yagun: "Hah! Now that they can't land on the Oil Rig, they are going to try and
           take out my cannon. Well, those runts are in for a rude awakening. Keep
           Grauholn where it is. Inform surveillance to keep watch on their efforts
           in Ajarl."
    Soldier: "Yes, sir!!"
    Yagun: "Arc, your days as a thorn in my side are coming to an end. Andel's
           efforts will pale compared to what I have planned for you. He, he, he,
           he, he...HAH, HAH, HAH, HAH!"
    [In Ajarl...]
    Sania: "Roan, do you know anything about the Train Cannon?"
    Roan: "The Train Cannon was made in Romalia, where it was christened Grauholn.
          Grauholn is the Goddess of Destruction. Right now, it is being kept in
          Nien Forest. It is highly armored and protected by barrier magic, so a
          direct attack will not work."
    Sania: "Do you know of a weakness?"
    Roan: "It will be difficult to execute, but there IS a weakness to the system.
          If you can destroy the Control Room of the Train...it will render
          Grauholn a useless heap of iron. However...to do that you must breach
          their security to get TO the Control Room."
    Arc: "Hmmm. It sounds difficult, but not impossible."
    Sania: "We must try!"
    Roan: "But...Princess! It's too dangerous for you!"
    Sania: "Roan, regardless of the odds, we have to make an effort. Millmana is
           my country...I would be a coward not to try to save it."
    Roan: "...Oh, Princess..."
    Iga: "Do not worry. Sania will not be alone. I shall look out for her."
    Roan: "Well...if you put it that way...I'm STILL frightened out of my mind!
          PLEASE be careful! She is the last of the royal family!"
    [They go Nien Forest.]
    Tosh: "The cannon is just ahead..."
    Sania: "We need to sprint for it, so as not to be seen."
    Tosh: "That's the spirit!"
    Sania: "Less talk...more action! Follow me!"
    Tosh: !
    Sania: "What are you doing?!"
    Iga: "You are too excited. You must remain calm, or we will make mistakes."
    Sania: "How dare... I am completely calm and rational."
    Gogen: "Ha, ha, ha. Don't take it so hard... Iga is making a rare showing of
           his tender side. He's fretting over you, Sania!"
    Sania: "..."
    Tosh: "Iga is correct. We need to eliminate any chance for misstep."
    Sania: "Right. Just like I said... Thanks, Iga."
    Iga: "..."
    Gogen: "Ha, ha, ha. I think Iga's smitten with that sexy kitten!"
    [They make it to the train.]
    Tosh: "That metal beast is immense! It seems impossible to destroy!"
    Poco: "Um, yeah! Look at that armor plating! It's so THICK! Besides, how can
          anyone get in there without being seen?"
    Sania: "That kind of thinking is what put you in the drum corps. What kind of
           idiot attacks a target from its most fortified point? No one. That's
           who. We just need to find this encampment's weakness."
    Poco: "Uh, where is that, then?"
    Sania: "Use your HEAD! Think about that huge machine. It is fortified against
           attacks from the sides and bottom. Because that's where attack is
    Tosh: "Yes! The top is not fortified!"
    Poco: "But, uh, aren't there anti-aircraft guns?"
    Sania: "Yes, you dolt! But only a few. If we destroy them, we're in."
    Arc: "So you're saying we should attack the train by airship to take out the
         guns...then drop inside and take out the train?"
    Elc: "I dunno. It seems to me that they would have that base covered. I can't
         believe they'd let us in that easily."
    Poco: "When they see us coming, they might raise security or scatter."
    Sania: "So we need to direct their attention...elsewhere, for a while."
    Arc: "Then you're suggesting we break into two teams? One as a decoy, and one
         for the attack?"
    Sania: "Exactly."
    Poco: "But, the Silver Noah is so big...they'll see us coming!"
    Sania: "Don't you have anything positive to add?"
    Poco: "I...I'm sorry."
    Elc: "We'll take the Hien. It's small and fast enough to get in without much
         chance of detection. Especially if the other team does their job well.
         Okay. I'm on the air team, then."
    Sania: "I'm up there, too."
    Arc: "I will lead the decoy team. Once this operation starts, we can't stop
         until it's finished. Are you all ready?"
    Shu: "Elc..."
    Elc: "What, Shu?"
    Shu: "Take these."
    Elc: "What are these?"
    Shu: "Burst and Thunder bombs..."
    Elc: "Bombs...?"
    Shu: "When the Burst bomb hits the target, its outside bursts and a smaller
         bomb comes out. It is useful when you want to damage many enemies in a
         row. Thunder bomb is, as the name implies, a bomb that causes thunder.
         With Gogen's help, I stored magic power in the bomb. Both types are very
         powerful now. When you use them, get back quickly."
    Elc: "Got it. Thanks, Shu."
    Arc: "Okay, the decoy team will start 30 minutes from now. The air-attack team
         will begin 5 minutes later!"
    [In Yagun's office...]
    Soldier: "Sir, Arc's party has made it through the forest and are approaching
    Yagun: "How could they slip past so many beasts? Why am I surrounded by
           incompetence?! Perhaps these brats are smarter than I thought. But even
           if they have gotten this far, they have no idea what lies ahead! Send
           more monsters to intercept! Finish them!"
    Soldier: "Yes, sir."
    [Back at Graunoln's location...]
    Narrative: -30 minutes later-
    Soldier: !
    Soldier 2: "Here are the ones we were warned about!"
    Soldier: "You're finished!"
    Arc: "We must keep them occupied until the Hien breaches the topside... Let's
    [They defeat the enemies. In the Graulnoln control room...]
    Soldier: "Sir! The troops that went to intercept Arc have been defeated!"
    Captain: "Impossible! If I can't beat that pack of kids, there'll be hell to
             pay from Yagun. Send in the topside soldiers to take care of them."
    Soldier: "Yes, sir!!"
    Arc: "Is that all of them? It seemed to easy... ! Good. Show us what you
    [In the Hien...]
    Chopin: "Destination ETA is three minutes."
    Elc: "This is it, guys. Stand ready!"
    Chopin: "Here we go..."
    [In the Graulnoln control room...]
    Worker: "Commander Giones, an unknown flying bogey is heading in from nine
    Giones: "Unknown?"
    Soldier: "It isn't registered as one of ours, sir. It's coming in fast."
    Soldier 2: "Shall we fire Graunoln?"
    Giones: "Idiot!! We can't fix on a target moving this quickly! Get General
            Yagun on the horn!"
    Soldier 2: "Yes, sir. ...General Yagun...General Yagun..."
    Yagun: "Giones...what the hell is it?"
    Giones: "An unknown aircraft is heading towards us. How shall we counter?"
    Yagun: "Airship? Is it the Silver Noah?"
    Giones: "No, sir. It is much smaller and faster."
    Yagun: "Use the damned anti-aircraft gun on Graunoln, you baboon!"
    Giones: "S...Sir, all our soldiers trained to operate it are fending off a
            ground attack from Arc. However...I shall take care of it, sir."
    Yagun: "You'd better 'take care of it,' or there'll be hell to pay tomorrow,
    Giones: "Y...yes, sir!"
    Yagun: "Damned kids! I'm getting too old for this cat and mouse crap! I don't
           have the patience for it. Just KILL THEM ALREADY! Damned half-wit
    [Back at Graunoln's topside...]
    Giones: "Here they come! Train your sights ahead of the ship. Fire!"
    [They hit the Hien a bit.]
    Elc: "Are they firing on us?"
    Chopin: "Yes, but they seem to have more than one anti-aircraft gun..."
    Elc: "Will the Hien take this kind of beating?"
    Chopin: "Sure will. She was checked out and in top shape when we took off.
            This baby's a tank."
    Elc: "Are talking about the SAME ship?"
    Chopin: "Yes. It's been made to be much stronger than it looks. Fire-resistant,
            too. It was made for just this kind of situation."
    Elc: "This situation? You mean...Vilmer! That old crank hopped up the Hien,
         eh? I'll have to remember to thank him!"
    Chopin: "We're making the first pass."
    Elc: "Get ready!"
    Chopin: "Keep an eye out for the enemy flame attacks!"
    Soldier: "Th...they're too close! What are you waiting for?! Fire! Shoot it!
             Shoot it down!"
    Soldier 2: "It's too close!"
    [Elc's team jumps onto the train.]
    Elc: "If you want to see tomorrow, run."
    Soldier 2: "Never!"
    Soldier 1: "You're finished, punk! Goodbye! ! How..."
    Elc: "Like THIS!"
    [All the AA guns are blown up.]
    Soldier: "O...Oh, my! Unhh...ahhh... I...it's jammed! W...we can be...um,
             reasonable, right?"
    Elc: "That time is past! ... ! It's jammed...or locked from the inside. This
         must be some kind of sad joke! Arc finished his mission... And a stuck
         hatch stops me from finishing mine? No way! Not this Hunter! Yes! Of
         course! The bombs Shu gave me! If these don't work...we're gonna have to
         find a red suit and hope there's a chimney to breach on this thing. And,
         I don't think Chongara will go for the...suit!"
    [He throws the bombs and blows the hatch.]
    Elc: "Perfect! And, it's clear! If this was the easy plan, I would have hated
         to see the hard way... In we go!"
    [Near the base, Arc's team kills the enemies.]
    Arc: "That's it. Elc just disappeared into the train. We did it! Okay, then.
         Back to the Silver Noah!"
    [In Yagun's office...]
    Soldier: "Sir, they have breached the Train interior."
    Yagun: "You may go."
    Soldier: "Pardon?"
    Soldier: "Y...yes, sir! I take my leave, then."
    Yagun: "Damn those brats! Why is luck on their side? WHY?!"
    [They finally reach the control room.]
    Giones: "Well, proud of yourselves? No one believed that you would get here,
            least of all me. Your age makes that feat all the more impressive."
    Sania: "Enough talk. Where's Yagun?"
    Giones: "Did you really think he would be here? You're more naive than I
            thought. But don't cry too hard about that. I can give you bigger
            disappointments to cry about... Ready!!"
    [They defeat Giones and his monsters.]
    Giones: "Guhhh...damn it all... To have failed General Yagun...and...Romalia...
    Elc: "Well, that was a kick in the head. Those damned Chimeras seem to be
         everywhere! Ready to blow this place to smithereens?"
    Sania: "Wait! Perhaps we can leave a special going-away gift for our Romalian
           friends. I think the coordinates are...these."
    Elc: "What are you doing? We have to do this quickly or the chance will be
    Sania: "Just...one...more...minute."
    Elc: !?
    Sania: "Yagun, here's a special gift from me to you. Thanks for the pain.
           That's it. Stand steady for the launch kickback!"
    [Graulnoln fires and destroys the Headquarters near Ajarl.]
    Yagun: "You IDIOTS! How can you have mistakenly FIRED ON OUR HEADQUARTERS!
           I'll kill you ignorant backwoods bastards with my bare hands! !!! 
    [A piece of ceiling falls on him, and his monkey escapes. Meanwhile...]
    Elc: "Are the explosives set here?"
    Sania: "Yes, let's go!"
    [Back in Ajarl:]
    Roan: "Princess!"
    Sania: "We have taken care of the Train Cannon and the Headquarters in one fell
    Roan: "YOU were the ones that bombed the Headquarters? That's fantastic! Word
          here is that Yagun died in the fire. The soldiers have left the
          Headquarters and are heading for the Oil Rig at sea. Something else is
          still going on, but I don't know what, yet. In fact, the Forest Spirit
          and Toyoke Forest continue to weaken."
    Sania: "Then, this isn't over yet..."
    Poco: "Maybe the Forest Spirit knows what's going on?"
    Arc: "We can ask...but if her power continues to weaken, she may not show
    Roan: "Whatever you do, be careful. Yagun's goons are without a leader...
          they're lashing out at anything that moves."
    Sania: "Got it, thanks..."
    [The Silver Noah lands at the oil rig.]
    Tosh: "Hmm. I do not like this. It is too quiet...and there is quite a
          distance to the deck of the rig. What was Chopin thinking?"
    Sania: "Um, Tosh, could you move? You're holding us up!"
    Tosh: "Look!"
    Sania: "Wow! We're quiet a ways up here, aren't we? I get it, now. You're
           afraid to make the jump."
    Tosh: "What?! I am not frightened of such a small obstacle."
    Sania: "Then why aren't you jumping, pretty boy?"
    Tosh: "Because you have not stopped flapping your lips long enough for me to
          concentrate. So, just close your mouth, and watch. !"
    Sania: "A...are you okay?"
    Tosh: "I am fine. Your turn."
    Gogen: "There comes a time in one's life where wisdom prevails over folly. This
           is just such a moment. Gogen shall take the wise course on this one,
           and leave the jumps to the pups."
    Shante: "I knew I shouldn't have worn heels on this trip..."
    Poco: "Oh! I knew I should have brought a rope!"
    [Everyone jumps down onto the helipad.]
    Arc: "All right. Our only job here is to get in as fast as possible and destroy
         the mind-control device. We are probably being watched already, so be on
         guard for monster or guard attacks."
    Sania: "We'll be out before they even know what hit 'em."
    Tosh: "To believe that is to open yourself to disappointment."
    Sania: "I don't need your philosophy to rain on my parade, Mr. Happy."
    Tosh: "..."
    Chopin: "Arc, I'll stay here as long as I can, to defend the Silver Noah. If
            things get too dangerous, you're on your own. Got it?"
    Arc: "Got it. Let's get this over with!"
    Sania: "Wait."
    Arc: "What?"
    Sania: "Are we certain that destroying this facility will free Millmana?"
    Arc: "Most likely, but we don't know until we do it, Sania. General Yagun was
         crafty. This may be another elaborate trap."
    Sania: "That's what I'm afraid of. Well, I guess there's no way to find out
           unless we do this. Let's go."
    Diekbeck: "Wait! Diekbeck has been left behind!"
    [They find Yagun's place.]
    Monkey: !?
    Sania: "That must be the mind-control device. What's that thing jumping on it?"
    Arc: "That looks like Yagun's monkey. The one that was in his office..."
    Sania: "Let's get this over with. I'll go in front."
    Voice: "...So, the boy comes to me yet again..."
    Arc: "That sounded like...like...Yagun's voice!"
    Voice: "And this time, the Ex-Millmana Princess comes, too. I believed Arc to
           be a boy posing as a hero...and the Princess to have died in a ditch...
           That's the problem with expectations. They're so often wrong."
    Sania: "It DOES sound like Yagun. Is he here...alive? Enough of this game!
           Show yourself, Yagun!"
    Yagun: "Show myself? Ha, ha, ha, ha. Open your eyes, then. I've been before you
           this whole time."
    Sania: "T...the monkey?"
    [The monkey transforms into a huge beast.]
    Arc: "Yagun was a Chimera?"
    Yagun: "My, but you have a keen sense of the obvious, boy! Behold the wonder of
           my true form as you pray I end your lives quickly."
    Sania: "Ahhh! T...that...that's the monster that killed my...YOU were the one
           that killed my parents?"
    Yagun: "Heh, heh, heh. It was an...unfortunate dinner party for them. I was
           especially surprised that your mother went down so...easy. A nice
           Chianti and aged, succulent leg of ma'am are so often underrated. And,
           once your parents were gone, I concentrated on the Forest Spirit. And
           now, she shall soon be gone as well..."
    Sania: "Yagun! You're making plans you'll never see realized. You'll pay for
           what you did to my family...to my country. Your sins will not go
    Yagun: "Sins? That's such a...condescending term. There's no allowance for...
           context. I am merely carrying the order of Andel to its logical
           conclusion. If I merely follow orders, what sin is there in that?
           Besides, once Andel completes the Martyr Towers, sin will be a thing of
           the past. Much like yourselves... So now, are you ready to join your
           ill-fated parents?"
    Sania: "You're not going to win this one, Yagun!"
    Yagun: "You stupid bitch! I've already won. This affair is merely a
    [They defeat Yagun.]
    Yagun: "Gugh...I won't fall to you! A...Andel said...I...I...I...Gwahhhhhh!"
    [He skin melts off and he dies.]
    Gogen: "Well, now that that nonsense is over with, it's down to business."
    Sania: "Don't waste time, Gogen. Crush that thing!"
    Gogen: "Such an ugly hulking mass. I have no regrets dispatching it..."
    Arc: "Hurry, Gogen."
    Gogen: "Alright, alright. I'm getting worked up to it. Stand back, now."
    Sania: "Oh no! We've breached the walls! It's taking on water!"
    Arc: "We had best get out of here in a hurry, or we'll go down with this place.
    Alarm: Water detected in block four, basement level. Explosions detected in
           block four, basement level. Begin evacuation plan 1A. Proceed to
           emergency dock.
    [Everyone meets in in a room nearby.]
    Arc: "We've destroyed the machine! Let's get out of here!"
    Elc: "Will it stand until we reach the Silver Noah?"
    Tosh: "I don't think so..."
    Shu: "We saw a submarine on the way. Let's use it!"
    Arc: "Okay, let's check it out!"
    System: You must evacuate before the Oil Rig collapses. Time remaining is
            displayed on the bottom left of the screen.
    [They near the submarine dock.]
    Monster: "Here you are. You who disturb our project. As General Andel ordered,
             I will stop you here. You will share the fate of this Oil Rig!!"
    [They reach the submarine.]
    Tosh: "Ah! The method of our escape!"
    Arc: "It looks like everyone made it all right."
    Poco: "Hohhh! I can't tell you how happy I am to see that submarine! Let's get
          out of here! I was beginning to think we'd never get out of there!
          Ahhhh! It's...it's going to explode! "
    Tosh: "The Oil Rig has begun to collapse."
    Arc: "We must hurry. Everybody, on the sub, quick!"
    [In the boss room, Andel stands.]
    Andel: "So, Yagun failed, after all... That fat-headed blabbermouth cost me
           another device. No matter. We have enough power gathered to begin the
           revival. Just a little more..."
    Yagun: "A...An...An...del."
    Andel: !?
    [Yagun's tiny monkey form is laying on the ground.]
    Andel: "General Yagun? Hrmph. It appears you managed to survive your latest
    Yagun: "Hel...p...me...P...lease...my life...my power...is..."
    Andel: "This is somewhat awkward, isn't it? You've ruined my machine, slowed
           my plan, and let Arc and his band escape. Yet, you somehow managed to
           survive it all..."
    Yagun: "Andel...you must...must...help..."
    Andel: "I MUST do only that which results in the return of our King. And,
           unfortunately, that does not include an allowance for charity."
    Yagun: "..."
    Andel: "Hrmph. Satisfying, I must admit. Ah! My cue to exit."
    [He leaves the dead body of Yagun there. Meanwhile...]
    Iga: "Hurry, Sania!"
    Sania: "Coming...coming! I spit on your grave, Yagun! Even this end was too
           good for you..."
    [They leave in the submarine as the Oil Rig explodes. They land on the coast.]
    Gogen: "Well, that was a close one. Got the old blood pumping..."
    Elc: "I'll agree with that. We got out of there just in the nick of time."
    Poco: "Sania...you're so quiet...Sania?"
    Sania: "..." (Father...Mother...your murder has been avenged at last. And
           now...the time has come for me to let go of the hate that consumed me
           so I can rebuild my life. I know you would want it that way...)
    Diekbeck: "Seawater is not appropriate for mechanical beings. Rust. Rust. Rust.
              Assistance, please!"
    Sania: "..."
    Arc: "We should return to Ajarl and wait for the Silver Noah."
    [At the Ajarl Bar...]
    Roan: "Now that this dark chapter in our history has concluded, we can begin
          the healing."
    Sania: "It will take time, but Millmana will one day be as peaceful and
           beautiful as it once was. It's just going to take time."
    Roan: "With your leadership, we shall return to prosperity in no time!"
    Sania: "...Roan, I cannot lead our return. I have other responsibilities now.
           Princess Sania is dead. As far as the world is concerned, I am just a
    Roan: "Princess...you cannot be serious...you..."
    Sania: "Roan, one day I will return. Perhaps then you can convince me. But,
           until then, you must guide this country back to health."
    Roan: "I see. Well, I can't pretend to understand, but I shall do as you ask."
    Iga: "Sania, if you must stay here to help your people, we will understand."
    Arc: "Yes. You are not bound to continue with us."
    Sania: "No. I must continue. If what Yagun said is true, there are more towers
           left. If I don't help destroy them, Millmana will be threatened all over
           again. I've made up my mind. Let's go!"
    [On the Silver Noah...]
    Chongara: "It's good you come back, eh? Sensors have new magic to show more
    Tosh: "Do not tell me we are headed into the sea again."
    Chongara: "No, no! Next tower seem to be on land in Amigue and Balbalard."
    Arc: "TWO countries?"
    Elc: "Then are we going to split up and attack both at the same time?"
    Arc: "No. We should finish one before striking the other."
    Chongara: "Hokay! We go, then!"
    26) BALBALARD                                                            [GS26]
    [They go to the Pyramid.]
    Arc: "This...this...sandstorm is...blinding!"
    Elc: "The wind's too strong here to get through!"
    Arc: "We'd best go back and find another way in."
    [They visit the Guild. As they try to leave...]
    Man: "Wait! Have you come looking for a job?"
    Tosh: "Who's asking?"
    Man: "That does not matter."
    Tosh: "Sounds like you have a cheap job, and we're not interested."
    Man: "...You're searching for clues about the Pyramid, aren't you?"
    Tosh: "What?!"
    Man: "I might be able to assist you in stopping the sandstorm."
    Tosh: "I do not believe you are trustworthy..."
    Arc: "Wait, Tosh! Listen to what he has to say, first."
    Man: "Follow me."
    Elc: "I don't trust him..."
    Arc: "Yes, but this is the only lead we have. We can at least follow him and
         find out what he has to offer..."
    Rata: "I am going to the Bar. When you are ready, come see me there. Ah. You
          decided to come, after all. Good. My name is Rata. Good to meet you."
    Elc: "I'm Elc, and this is Lieza."
    Rata: "I have a small task for you, first. There is a monster in Kanara Desert
          called Rayburn. I would like you to defeat it."
    Elc: "That's it?"
    Rata: "Yes."
    Elc: "Fine. Sounds like easy money."
    Rata: "Do not be deceived by appearances, my new friend."
    [At the Kanara Desert...]
    Elc: "Is that the monster we're seeking?"
    Rayburn: "Gya, gya, gya, Que!"
    Arc: "Looks like we have our work cut out for us."
    [They defeat Rayburn.]
    Rayburn: "Qye, que, que. Qun, qyu, qyu."
    Elc: "You're not getting away that easily! Ha! We've got you trapped, now!"
    Rayburn: "Quee qeeen..."
    Lieza: ! "Elc, look...over there!"
    Elc: "She's just protecting her nest..."
    Rayburn: "Qeen qeen."
    Arc: "What shall we do, Elc?"
    Elc: "Letting this monster live is against the Hunter code. I understand that
         the monster attacks only when her nest is threatened...but I was given a
         job to do. Perhaps I can talk to Rata so he'll understand..."
    Rata: "That is not necessary."
    Arc: "Rata!"
    Rata: "Are you backing away from the job you took?"
    Elc: "We did not say that."
    Rata: "Well, if I told you to kill it, still, would you slay the monster?"
    Elc: "W...well..."
    Rata: "Hmm...I see. You're different from other Hunters... I saw it in your
          eyes at the Guild. I think you may be able to help me... I'm sorry I had
          to test you in the first place. However, I had to make certain that you
          were reliable for the real job. But first, I have a promise to keep. Let
          me introduce you to the person that can control the sandstorm. When
          you're ready, meet me at the bar in Muhad. Sorry again about the initial
          test. This world is becoming dark and dangerous. I had to take
    Elc: "Well, what now, Arc?"
    Arc: "I don't know what he intends to do... But he certainly knows more than
         he's letting on. So, we'd better meet him in the bar."
    Lieza: "We forgive you. Just don't attack humans any more, okay?"
    Rayburn: "Queek, que. Gruiq, gruiq."
    Lieza: "What?"
    Rayburn: "Gruiq, gruiq."
    Lieza: "This...this is for me?"
    System: Emerald received!
    Lieza: "Thank you. Take care. And, remember...be kind."
    [Back in Muhad...]
    Rata: "Ah! It is just as I'd hoped. You decided to trust me! Come! I shall show
          you what I promised. Let me pay, then we can go."
    Clerk: "Remember, you are the Sultan of Habib's World of Alcohol! Come again
    Rata: "Okay, follow me. Now then, to fulfill my promise to introduce you to the
          one who controls the sandstorm."
    Elc: "Wasn't there something you wished to ask of us?"
    Rata: "Yes, but we will discuss that later. Now I shall tell you that the one
          controlling the sandstorm is...the Chief of the Saryu Tribe."
    Arc: "The Saryu Tribe? Aren't they in Zariban?"
    Rata: "At one time, yes, but they migrated here."
    Elc: "What? Why?"
    Rata: "I can tell you no more. Come! They are camped east of the Kanara Desert.
          I will take you there."
    [At the Saryu camp...]
    Rata: "Hmmm..."
    Elc: "What's wrong?"
    Rata: "Um...no...nothing."
    Man: "...!! Rata!"
    Rata: "Yes. It has been some time, has it not, my brother?"
    Man: "Hrmph. YOU were the one that left, remember."
    Rata: "This is not the time for that conversation. I have come with guests. I
          would like you to meet them. Come in."
    Elc: "Hi."
    Man: "Hrmph. If thi sis another ill-conceived attempt to change my mind, it
         won't work. The Saryu Tribe will fight Zariban until our dying breath for
         what they did. Our enslavement to Balbalard for their help is a small
         price to pay for revenge. As Chief ot he Saryu Tribe, it is my decree."
    Rata: "Nam, why continue the hate? We traveled all this way, and finally found
          a land where we can live in peace. This is the time to let go of the
          past, and build our tribe's future!"
    Nam: "You are not a man. How dare you even THINK of peace when our tribe was
         killed so mercilessly! They killed everyone! Warriors, women, children...
         it did not matter to them!"
    Rata: "..."
    Nam: "Rata, our time for revenge is nearly here, brother! The King has told me
         of a powerful weapon in the Pyramid that is nearly finished! When it is
         finished, he has promised to use it on Zariban, first!"
    Arc: !?
    Nam: "All that I must do is continue to protect the Pyramid until the weapon
         is complete. The power that used to seal the Water Guardian has served us
         well. It now protects the Pyramid...and our best chance at avenging our
         tribe's destruction."
    Arc: "You have been deceived! The weapon the King speaks of is a Romalian
         mind-control device!"
    Nam: "Mind...control? I have no reason to believe that the King would deceive
    Rata: "And that's WHY you're falling into his trap! Nam, we have been used by
          Romalia. This is all part of some elaborate trap, and the King is part
          of it. We have to ask for help...to get Mother out before it's too late!"
    Nam: "Silence! Enough! Get out of my sight. Your words do nothing but confuse
         what is clear in my mind."
    Rata: "You stubborn bastard. You'll never change, will you? Let's go, Arc, Elc,
          Lieza. You can rest in my tent before leaving."
    [In Rata's tent...]
    Rata: "I am sorry you had to be a part of that."
    Arc: "No need to apologize."
    Rata: "I believe he knows what was said is true. That's the only explanation
          for how he acted."
    Elc: "How's your mother wrapped up in this? I still don't get that part..."
    Rata: "The story is convoluted. It is easy to get confused. Let me explain. We
          of the Saryu Tribe once lived in Zariban, and were protectors of the
          Water Guardian. One day, the Zariban military launched an unprovoked
          attack and nearly wiped us out. Survivors of that attack traveled
          constantly, until they arrived here. Once here, my hot-headed brother
          sought an alliance with the King of Balbalard. He wished to use the
          King's power to exact revenge on Zariban. However, the King of Balbalard
          demanded a hostage as proof of Saryu loyalty. He asked for our mother.
          Consumed by anger, Nam saw only the chance for revenge. He would listen
          to no one. Our dear mother was sent to the King, and Nam swore allegiance
          to Balbalard. Nam cannot believe that the King has betrayed him, because
          that would destroy his dream. He would rather live in his revenge fantasy
          than face the truth."
    Arc: "It is a dangerous game, and your mother's life hangs in the balance."
    Rata: "Indeed. I want to believe the King as well, but..."
    Arc: "No! Do not even entertain that thought! As long as Balbalard's King
         protects the Pyramid, Romalia is involved."
    Elc: "I'm beginning to get the picture, Rata. You have been thinking that
         perhaps we can snatch your mother from danger, right? If that is your
         wish, we can do it, no problem."
    Rata: "Oh, thank you! Thank you! I would go myself, but if the raid were to
          fail...they would know I was of the Saryu. The King of Balbalard would
          quickly eliminate what was left of our tribe in retaliation."
    Elc: "Including your thick-headed brother..."
    Lieza: "Elc!"
    Rata: "No. He speaks the truth. My stubborn brother has brought all this upon
    Elc: "All right, then. We'll steal in and get your mother back! Do you know
         where she is being kept?"
    Rata: "Yes. They have confined her within Tukae Cave, south of here."
    Elc: "Don't worry. We'll be back in a flash!"
    [At Tukae Cave...]
    Arc: "Hmmm?! That's strange."
    Lieza: "What's the matter?"
    Elc: "There aren't any guards posted here."
    Lieza: "Perhaps they're inside?"
    Elc: "It looks clear to me..."
    Arc: "We'd better get inside while we can."
    Elc: !? "Arc, this place is crawling with bats. Bats don't congregate where
         people live."
    Arc: "Agreed, this is not a good sign. There wouldn't be this many bats if
         people were hiding out in here."
    Shu: "I do not see any signs of human inhabitation in here, either."
    Elc: "Hmmm. Perhaps that's why there were no guards outside?"
    Lieza: "Rata's mother was probably moved to a different site."
    Elc: "The only way to know for certain is to check out the cave."
    Shu: "Right."
    [Further in...]
    Elc: "Hmm. No one home."
    Lieza: "She must be here..."
    Arc: "We should look a while longer."
    [At the back of the cave...]
    Tosh: !
    Lieza: "At last! You must be Rata and Tam's mother."
    Mother: "...Why have you come here?"
    Elc: "We...came to save you! Rata sent us."
    Lieza: "I'm so relieved we found you. Let's go see your sons!"
    Mother: "Not so fast. I have a better idea...why don't you stand there, so I
            can kill you like the others?!"
    [They win the battle.]
    Gualde: "How humiliating! Defeated by CHILDREN!"
    Elc: "What was that about? Let's go!"
    [They find a secret room...with a female skeleton in it.]
    Elc: "Is that...?"
    Arc: "It appears to be."
    Elc: "Dammit! She's already been killed!"
    Lieza: "Elc, look. There's something here."
    Elc: "It's a letter. It starts... 'My dear sons, Nam and Rata...'"
    Arc: "This is definitely their mother, then."
    Lieza: "This is just sickening! They took a hostage, used her, then killed her!
    Elc: "These cowardly bastards don't care about anyone or anything besides
    Arc: "I have no idea how those men will take this news."
    Lieza: "Yes, especially Rata. He truly loved his mother."
    Elc: "Well, we have to tell them. This place is depressing the hell out of me.
         Let's get out of here."
    [Back at the Saryu Tribe camp...]
    Rata: "If this doesn't work, I'll follow you, brother."
    Nam: "Do you realize what you did? Our mother..."
    Rata: "Oh! You're back! ...w...where's my mother?"
    Elc: "Um, well..."
    Rata: "Oh no! Don't tell me you failed!"
    Elc: "Well, not exactly..."
    Arc: "The hostage was already dead. Had been for some time."
    Nam: "No! You must be lying! You're assassins from Zariban!"
    Arc: "We arenot. Here...she was clutching this. It's for you."
    Nam: "Give me that! It's a letter? 'My dear sons, Nam and Rata.' This is indeed
         written in my mother's hand. 'Nam, if you're reading this, then you know
         the awful outcome of the course you chose. I cannot blame you for changing
         since our tribe was nearly destroyed. You were damaged, too. Somewhere
         down deep is a pain you cannot soothe. I know that you are acting in a way
         you feel will save our tribe...but continuing along it will only result in
         more hate, more death. Nam, believe in yourself, and cast aside your hate
         for Zariban. Hatred begets nothing but more hate. If you suceed in
         exacting your revenge on Zariban with Balbalard's help...do you truly
         believe that Zariban will lie dormant and accept your assault? No. They
         will merely intensify their hatred of you. It is a vicious circle. I have
         come to believe the words that it is the truly brave who walk away from
         conflict. To overcome your rage and pain, turning it into a force for
         good, is the bravest act of all. Nam, as Chief of the tribe, I know the
         burden you bear. It is a great responsibility. Do not be afraid to ask
         your brother for help. Together, I believe there is no hardship you cannot
         overcome. My sons, I am proud of you both.' ...No...no...way..."
    Rata: "Mother..."
    Nam: "Why?! Why has the King of Balbalard allowed this to happen?! I will ask
         that double-crossing jackal myself!"
    Arc: "Where is the King of Balbalard?"
    Rata: "He is in the Pyramid."
    Elc: "Not good. Not good at all. That Pyramid must be crawling with Romalian
    Arc: "If Nam causes a stir in there, it will be over in a matter of seconds."
    Elc: "He'll know that he's been duped as he draws his last breath. We have to
         catch up and stop him from doing this!"
    Arc: "I agree that that is the best course of action. However, I need to speak
         with Rata in private. I shall remain behind...go ahead without me."
    Elc: "You're gonna miss all the fun, but okay!"
    [At the Pyramid:]
    Nam: "I, Nam, Chief of the Saryu, break the seal!! I, Nam of Saryu, have come
         to address the King."
    Man: "And what pathetic triviality have you come to discuss today? Mmm. Hmmm.
         I see. You wish to discuss the hostage."
    Nam: "I will not discuss this matter with you. I wish to address the King!"
    Man: "Well, your impertinent tone would suggest that you discovered our little
    Nam: "Ghh, you son...of..a...!!"
    Man: "I'll tell you another secret, if you shut up for a moment. ... I was the
         one that finished your hostage, too. But, not before showing her the love
         she so desperately craved. She was such a delicate truffle, it was almost
         a pity I had to kill her. However, orders are orders. !"
    Nam: "...I'll kill you with my bare hands!"
    Elc: "We're just in time. Nam, I know the pain you're feeling...but this is not
         the way!"
    Nam: "You 'know'...!? What could you possibly 'know' of me!?"
    Elc: "Nam, don't be foolish! If you go in there alone, they'll crush you! We
         all have pain in our lives, but we have to overcome it and make sure it
         isn't repeated. This insane approach will just result in more pain as
         your family mourns another loss!"
    Nam: "..."
    Tosh: !? "That looks like...Kasadoll!? Why...what?"
    Kasadoll: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Cat got your tongue, you ridiculous oaf? I
              believe the question you are trying to form is something like: 'Why
              is the great General Kasadoll, who is supposed to be dead, standing
              there?' Well, as you can see, I'm not dead. The one you killed in
              the desert was my Golem...a cloned Chimera. If you thought that
              battle was too easy, you were right. It wasn't me. And, now, I have
              come here with only one purpose. I intend to declare war on Balbalard
              and Zariban! Or, more precisely, I intend to crush them."
    Nam: "...Balbalard and Zariban... What possible purpose could that serve?"
    Kasadoll: "Ha, ha, ha. We thrive on the power of darkness! The more destructive
              and vile humans become, the more strength we gain. Your greed becomes
              our blood, your conflict, our flesh."
    Nam: "So, I have been...helping the one that murdered...our tribe. How could I
         have been so stupid!"
    Kasadoll: "Well, this conversation is over. You have a perfect vantage point
              for my next act of destruction. Watch!"
    Elc: "You are a typical third-class villain who will be killed after confessing
         all his wrongs."
    Kasadoll: "I seriously doubt you'll be presented the opportunity to kill me.
              That...was our latest Romalian battleship. Our most powerful yet."
    Tosh: "They must have been building it in the Pyramid!"
    Kasadoll: "My, you do catch on quick, don't you? The new battleship will enable
              us to decimate the region...starting with...I bet you can guess where
              we'll start, can't you? So long, Saryu Tribe!"
    Nam: "Nooooo!"
    [The battleship fires and destroys the camp.]
    Nam: "...Twice, twice I have..."
    Tosh: "Pathetic."
    Arc: "Don't worry! Your tribe will be fine!"
    Poco: "Arc!"
    Arc: "After what happened to Nam and Rata's mother...I felt that the camp would
         be a target, so Rata and I evacuated it."
    Elc: "Good thinking, Arc!"
    Arc: "Kasadoll, I will not allow you to repeat the Saryu tragedy again!"
    Kasadoll: "Hrmph. As if you have a say in the matter. You're quite self-
              -important, boy. Perhaps my friends here can take the wind out of
              your sails. Seems like deja vu all over again, eh?! Have fun, kids!
              Ahhhhh, ha, ha, ha!"
    [They defeat the flesh golems.]
    Arc: "Nam...we evacuated the people of your tribe to the forest east of here.
         They're worried about your well-being. You should go to them."
    Tosh: "Kasadoll will be mine!"
    [They infiltrate the Pyramid.]
    Kasadoll: "Ah! Here come our delusional crusaders, now."
    Elc: "Kasadoll! You won't escape this time. You're finished!"
    Kasadoll: "Ha, ha, ha. You're awfully confident for one so...disadvantaged.
              But, isn't it always the way? It's the scrappy, ugly dog that barks
              loudest. Farewell, you ugly mutt. Time for me to put you to sleep."
    Elc: "Talk is cheap, Kasadoll. I'm not going anywhere without a fight."
    [They win the battle.]
    Kasadoll: "Damn...you! This fate was not supposed to be mine!"
    Elc: "This must be the mind-control device! It sickens me to think how many
         people sacrificed their lives for this...thing!"
    Arc: "Anger...sadness...hatred... Somehow they're tapping into the darkest
         corners of people's minds."
    Elc: "Yes, they are feeding on the dark thoughts and desires of humanity."
    Arc: "Romalia is our focus, but the real enemy is all around us...in people's
         minds. Enough of that for now. We have to leave before this place
    [They leave as the Pyramid caves in on itself and sinks into the ground.]
    27) AMIGUE                                                               [GS27]
    [The party enters the town of Morea.]
    Man: "Looks like we got visitors. They ain't from 'round here."
    Man 2: "Yeah...they're all scrubbed up real pretty, too. Bienvenidos, amigos."
    Elc: ?
    Man 2: (Blank stare. Yeah, they're REALLY not from around here.) "Welcome,
    Man: "Yes, welcome. You're new to our town, aren't you?"
    Elc: "Well..."
    Man 2: "What's the matter? Can we help you?"
    Man: "Yes, just let us know. We can help with almost anything. Would you like
         a tour of Morea?"
    Elc: "Uh, you didn't tell us who..."
    Man: "That's right! Where are our manners? We didn't introduce ourselves!"
    Man 2: "Heheh...just kinda slipped my mind... I'm Gomez..."
    Antonio: "...and I...am Antonio. We're brothers. Yes, yes. It's strange, but
    Elc: "Nice to meet you. We don't really need a tour, but thank you."
    Gomez: "We don't offer the tours to every stinking super-deformed honky, you
    Antonio: "Gomez!"
    Gomez: (I meant to THINK that last one. Bad Gomez! You are sooo stupid!)
    Antonio: "Well then, welcome to Morea, anyway."
    Gomez: "We'll be seein' you around, amigo. If you need some protection or got
           a problem, come see us."
    Antonio: "Yes. We can usually be found in the bar."
    Gomez: "Adios, amigos."
    Elc: "Uh...a...adeeus, I think."
    [They go to the bar.]
    Gomez: "Hey, amigo!"
    Elc: ??? (Oh no! Not these guys again...)
    Antonio: "Well, we meet again! It seems we just can't remain apart."
    Elc: "Since you're here, what can you tell me about the God Tower?"
    Gomez: "God Tower? Ooooh! That's one creepy joint, amigo! In fact, I think..."
    Antonio: "Brother, may I have a word with you?"
    Gomez: "What do you want, Antonio?"
    Antonio: "Brother, I have seen that boy's face before... He's Alex, or Arl,
             or Arc...or something. He's wanted."
    Gomez: "So what's he doin' here, Brother? There ain't nothin' to steal."
    Antonio: "Nothing we're aware of. Perhaps he knows something we don't!"
    Gomez: "Eh, heh, heh, heh. You sneaky devil! I see what you're getting at,
           brother. This bandito is trying to get the treasures of the God Tower."
    Arc: "I can't help but overhear your whispering. I am not after any treasure
         in your God Tower."
    Gomez: "But there's lots of treasure in the tower for a bandito like you to
           steal, eh? That's why you come to Morea, eh, amigo?"
    Antonio: "It's just that lots of strange people have come to look at the tower
             lately, it seems. They must be looking for the treasure."
    Arc: "What!? Other people have been in the tower?"
    Gomez: "Of course! They dressed like Senor Generale..."
    Antonio: "Um, brother! If I may have a word with you..."
    Gomez: "I think he's lying through his stinking teeth, brother."
    Antonio: "I agree. We can use him to get to the treasure in the tower."
    Gomez: "Hehehe...that treasure will be ours!"
    Arc: "Excuse me...can you tell me about the God Tower, now?"
    Gomez: !
    Antonio: "Yes, yes."
    Gomez: "You need to get permission from Senor Generale to enter the Tower,
    Antonio: "We can take you to see him, if you wish."
    Gomez: "Do you want us to take you to him, amigo?"
    Arc: "Thanks."
    Antonio: "Good. Then we will go see Senor Generale, then."
    [They go to the mansion.]
    Gomez: "Hola! Is Senor Generale here?"
    Guard: "Maybe. What do you want?"
    Gomez: "I have brought very important guests to see him."
    Guard: "Oh yeah, well, if they're anything like your usual 'special' guests...
           we don't want any."
    Antonio: "No, no. These guests are actually quite famous. This man is wanted
             the world over!"
    Guard: "They're really famous?"
    Arc: "I...I don't think so."
    Elc: "We're famous?"
    Antonio: "No, no! Just the lad!"
    Arc: "Only me?"
    Guard: "That short kid with the weird face is Arc?"
    Arc: "Hey!"
    Shante: "Heh...weird face...that's funny."
    Arc: "I don't find it so."
    Guard: "Well...okay. I'll let you in...IF I can get your autograph."
    Arc: "Autograph...?"
    Iga: "I have never signed such a thing."
    Shante: "That's 'cause no one WANTS yours, Iga."
    Iga: "Oh."
    Guard: "Don't be shy, bandito. Please? We get no famous people here. I'll take
           what I can get."
    Arc: "..."
    Shante: "Give him the autograph... If you do, we can get in and get this over
    Elc: "Yeah. Sign your name, famous boy."
    Guard: "So, are you going to give it to me or not?"
    Arc: "Okay."
    Guard: "Please write, 'To the doorkeeper'. Wait. How about 'To my best friend,
           the doorkeeper'. No. How about 'To my only true competition'."
    Arc: "You sure, now?"
    Guard: "Yes. That's the one I want."
    Arc: "How is that? Satisfied?"
    Guard: "Oh yes, yes! Thank you! Arc...this will be my treasure!"
    Shante: "We're not really bad people."
    Guard: "Shhhh. Don't spoil the moment! Senor Generale is inside. Come with me."
    Antonio: "This is the office of Senor Generale."
    Gomez: "Let's go inside, eh, amigo?"
    [They do.]
    Gomez: "Hola, Senor Generale! We're here with your guests!"
    Senor Generale: "Hmm, hmm. Well, glad to see you. Glad, indeed. Don't get many
                    guests in this neck of the woods. Probably should break out the
                    good china and have a reception. Yes, yes. That's it. We'll
                    have a military reception for our guests."
    Arc: "That's not necessary, sir. We just want permission to go to the God
    Senor Generale: "What's this? You want to go to the God Tower, you say?"
    Arc: "Yes, sir."
    Senor Generale: "That's trouble, young man. Trouble, indeed. You're tempting
                    the fates! But, I used to be a strappying young, impetuous man
                    with good looks, much like yourself. Folks called me a hero,
                    in fact. I was the center of attention -- young ladies' mostly.
    Arc: "...That's a brilliant story. Now, about the To..."
    Senor Generale: "Oh, there's much more to my story than you've heard. I'm just
                    getting started... Do you want to hear the rest of it?"
    Arc: "Of course"
    Senor Generale: "I thought you might. Everyone likes my stories. But, let's cut
                    to the chase. I don't know when that blasted God Tower was
                    made. No one does. It's been there ever since anyone can
    Gomez: "But, Senor, if you don't know about it, who does?"
    Antonio: "I know there's a fair amount of treasure in it."
    Senor Generale: "That's the rumor around town, but no one has ever lived to
                    verify it. It's a troublesome situation. People go in...they
                    don't come out."
    Gomez: "It must be piled with treasures. I can see them from the outside!"
    Senor Generale: "Well, that's fine, but they're no good to any of us when
                    they're up there. Why don't you buy yourself a nice souvenir
                    of the tower. It's much safer."
    Arc: "..."
    Senor Generale: "I can get you a discount..."
    Arc: "..."
    Senor Generale: "Well, if I can't talk you out of going to the tower, perhaps
                    I can dissuade you another way. I'll give you permission to
                    enter the tower..."
    Arc: (At last!)
    Senor Generale: "...for the sum of 10,000G."
    Arc: "Excuse me, I seem to have heard wrong."
    Senor Generale: "No, you didn't. I require 10,000G to let you in the tower."
    Arc: (I listened to his boring, rambling story and I have to pay, too?)
    Senor Generale: "What are you thinking? Change your mind?"
    Arc: "...Here you go."
    Senor Generale: "That's certainly generous of you. You are excused."
    Arc: "What about the...?"
    Senor Generale: "Yes, yes. The Tower...permission and all that. Don't worry so
                    much. You'll be allowed to pass, now."
    Arc: "..."
    Senor Generale: "Now if you'll excuse me, I have money to count."
    [They go to the God Tower nearby.]
    Arc: "Well, here we are."
    Elc: "This thing is immense!"
    Diekbeck: "This tower is..."
    Tosh: "The tin man is malfunctioning!"
    Diekbeck: "This tower was constructed during the Ancient Era."
    Elc: "You okay, Diek?!"
    Diekbeck: "Do not be concerned. I am fine. I am merely affected by the energy
              field. In the Ancient Era, the King constructed these towers all over
              the world...as sentinels over his nation-states. Artificial Guardians
              of a sort."
    Arc: "And the ones that remain have fallen into disrepair..."
    Tosh: "Mmmm. Yes. And now, Andel plans to use them to further his evil
          ambition...does he not, tin man? Wake up! Very funny. I did not hit you
          THAT hard."
    Diekbeck: ? ?? ??? ???? "What happened?"
    Tosh: "...He seems to be functioning normally again."
    Arc: "Well, we better get moving. We have no idea what awaits us inside, so
         stay alert!"
    Diekbeck: ??????
    [After they enter, Gomez and Antonio arrive.]
    Gomez: "Heheh...excelente! They're inside, Brother."
    Antonio: "So I see."
    Gomez: "The banditos will attract the attention of any beasts in there."
    Antonio: "While we sprint ahead and capture the treasures for ourselves! This
             plan is perfect! It will be our biggest take yet!"
    [Later, the bungling slicksters are looking around.]
    Antonio: "That's odd. We seem to have arrived at a dead end."
    Gomez: "Except for that thing on the floor. Step on it, brother! Maybe it will
           open a treasure door!"
    Antonio: "...It doesn't appear to do anything."
    Gomez: "Oh, well. It was worth a shot."
    [After falling through the trapdoor...]
    Elc: "Well, now we know there are trapdoors in this place..."
    [On 6F...]
    Gomez: "Antonio! Here is another switch!"
    Antonio: "Surely this must be the one that leads to treasure... Pull it,
    [Elc's team is teleported off.]
    Elc: "A teleportation trap?!"
    [They fight enemies on the 6F.]
    Shante: "What are these monsters made of in here?"
    Diekbeck: "They... The opponents we have encountered are Machine Soldiers."
    Elc: "Machine Soldiers?"
    Diekbeck: "They were created in the Ancient Era to kill the Seven Braves. It
              was the reason I came into being. I was created to protect the Braves
              from these machines and Grolgalde."
    Tosh: "Grolgalde? Wasn't he destroyed long ago?"
    Diekbeck: "Mechanical beings do not die...but he did cease to function."
    Tosh: "If there is no worry, then why do you keep malfunctioning in here?
          Perhaps I can clear your circuit..."
    Diekbeck: "..."
    Tosh: "That did not seem to have the intended effect."
    [On 9F, the pair are near machine soldiers.]
    Antonio: "This does not look good!"
    Gomez: "Wait! Brother, I have an idea!"
    Antonio: "Now would be a good time so share it..."
    Gomez: "We should take one step back...then turn and RUN like scared little
           chicas! Ow! I hit the wall, but that switch in your face must have
           really hurt!"
    Antonio: ! "Gomez! Look! That was a stroke of luck, I must admit."
    Gomez: "Nyah! Stupid monster! You can't get us now!"
    [Elsewhere, monsters are freed.]
    Elc: "That...sounds like trouble..."
    [They reach 12F.]
    Grolgalde: "Visitors. Your arrival has been anticipated."
    Diekbeck: "Grolgalde!"
    Grolgalde: "Diekbeck. Your shape has changed, but I sense that it is you."
    Diekbeck: "You were destroyed! How..."
    Grolgalde: "Our battle was epic, but I was damaged, not destroyed. I failed to
               kill the Seven back then, but will finish the job now."
    Diekbeck: "The creator does not exist any longer. Who restored you to
    Grolgalde: "That does not matter. I must finish the job given to me.
               Destruction of the Seven and all who accompany them."
    Diekbeck: "As it was then, you will have to deal with me, first. ..."
    Grolgalde: "What a pathetic sight you have become, Diekbeck! I will destroy
               you slowly. ... You seem to be quite strong warriors. However, this
               small trick should weight the odds in our favor. The weight of the
               world is a terrible thing to bear...as you just discovered. This
               will almost be too easy, now. You are said to be the ultimate
               heroes! Have you given up all hope already? Such a pity you cannot
               strike back. The gravity amplifier in this tower almost makes it
               too easy to dispatch you all. Too bad the controls for the device
               are safely out of your reach. Nothing can save you now..."
    Antonio: "Brother!"
    Gomez: "What?"
    Antonio: "Look at the size of that GEM!"
    Gomez: "...We must have it!"
    Antonio: "Yes, we must!"
    Gomez: "What's the matter?"
    Antonio: "It...seems to be jammed in this machine. I...can't get a good grip
             on it."
    Gomez: "There must be a way to make the machine let it go! Is that better,
    Antonio: "Not...yet... Let me try to loosen it from the console. Okay, one more
    [They take the gem and it ruins the graivty amplifier.]
    Gomez: !!! "Brother, are you okay?"
    Antonio: "Yes! LOOK! I got the gem! The treasure is ours, at last!"
    Gomez: "We're rich, eh, Brother?"
    [In the battle...]
    Grolgalde: !!! "The gravity amplification effect has ceased!"
    [They defeat Grolgalde.]
    Diekbeck: "Grolgalde will not return from this defeat."
    Tosh: "Though he was our adversary, I feel he was a victim as well. His purpose
          was to obey the command of his creator."
    Diekbeck: "It is what we, as machines, were created to do. Grolgalde only
              existed because a human or humans wished it to be. We do as we are
    Arc: "Yes. The sins of this mechanical beast were purely those of its creator."
    Elc: ! "The Tower's collapsing! We need to get out of here!"
    Diekbeck: ?
    Elc: "What are you waiting for, Diek?! Let's GO!"
    Diek: ?
    [They leave the tower.]
    Antonio: "Look at that! They ran away!"
    Gomez: "Heh, no treasure in their hands, either!"
    Antonio: "Hah! They were no match for our treasure-hunting skill! ! This place
             is falling apart! Let's get out of here, Brother!"
    [The God Tower crumbles. At the Silver Noah...]
    Arc: "What's next, Chongara?"
    Chongara: "Well, it's not biiig surprise Chongara, but maybe you... The sensor
              show next tower in Seirya."
    Arc: "Seirya? ...Of course. Palencia Tower!"
    Chongara: "Andel know you are coming, Arc. He know we all coming. Chongara
              smell biiig trap."
    Tosh: "There is no trap that can take us all. Andel is destined to perish."
    Arc: "We should not become too confident. This IS Andel. If we take his threat
         lightly, we are doomed to fail."
    Tosh: "I haven't underestimated that mouse. He's mine."
    Chongara: "Yes, Chongara have much to repay him as well."
    Arc: "All I ask is that you all stay alert and not let emotion overtake you."
    Chongara: "Hokay! Let's go!"
    28) SEIRYA                                                               [GS28]
    [On a hill overlooking Palencia Town, soldiers are near a gravesite.]
    Soldier: "Yes, Monji's body is here...but it has already de..."
    Wizard: "Stand back. Lord of Death, infuse this body with new life!"
    Voice: "W...h...o...seeks to awaken me?"
    Wizard: "A servant of the Dark One. Monji, you have been infused with life
            once more."
    Monji: "I have nothing to regret in my life. Why have you done this thing?"
    Wizard: "All creatures die with regrets, great or small. You were said to be
            the greatest swordsman in Seirya. You left this world without proving
            yourself the best...so how can your spirit be satisfied?"
    Monji: "I am at rest, without regret. Leave me by. My destiny has run its
    Wizard: "Are you certain? There is yet one opponent you never challenged."
    Monji: "Tosh...the one whom I love the most...and who I most fear. If only I
           were able to cross blades with him as a man once. But...that is a dark
           thought...I dare not think it."
    Wizard: "Heh, heh, heh...that's precisely right. Nurture that dark desire once
            I revive you as a zombie..."
    [The Silver Noah docks near the Sabatico Shrine.]
    Arc: "We must go to Palencia first, to gather information."
    Poco: "Arc...what about Kukuru..."
    [They go to Palencia.]
    Arc: "We need information..."
    [At the downtown bar...]
    Barkeep: "Wait a minute! Tosh? It's you, isn't it?! Hey! It's been too long!"
    Tosh: "It has been some time, hasn't it? The smell of alcohol in here is as
          strong as ever."
    Barkeep: "Bah! Go on! You know it's the smell of success!"
    Tosh: "Today I cannot stay. We are here on business."
    Barkeep: "Oh, yeah...yeah! I bet you're here to see Monji, right?"
    Tosh: "Monji? ...My...my father is alive?"
    Barkeep: "Yeah...I...I thought you knew... But, he's not the way you remember
    Tosh: ? "What do you mean?"
    Barkeep: "You know how Andel has been harassing us?"
    Tosh: "Yes. I have heard of that disgrace."
    Barkeep: "Then you must know that few of us bother listening to him. Monji
             appeared and began killing those who resisted Andel."
    Tosh: "I cannot believe it. He would not do that."
    Barkeep: "The Monji you knew wouldn't, but something's changed...I can't put
             my finger on it, but it's definitely weird."
    Tosh: "Is this some elaborate ruse? I cannot believe you speak the truth."
    Barkeep: "God's honest truth, Tosh. See for yourself!"
    [They leave and see Monji and soldiers hassling some villagers.]
    Woman: "Stop it! Please! I beg of you! Tell me, what did we do to deserve this?
    Soldier: "Silence! Don't give me an excuse to backhand you again!"
    Soldier 2: "Go!"
    Woman: "Please! Let my child go..."
    Kid: "What did you do to my mom!?"
    Tosh: "Stop it. Father...this cannot be! You appear as I remember, but...you
    Monji: "Tosh...things are not always what they seem. I don't remember how many
           people I killed to distract you."
    Tosh: "What? What did you say?!"
    Monji: "My only regret is that I have never had a fight with you."
    Tosh: "But, Father... What has happened to you? You used to protect this town
          like it was your own! And now...you have become some kind of raging
    Monji: "Things change. Death is quite an eye-opener. Now, then. We fight."
    Tosh: "I can't. I can't fight you...I...I..."
    Monji: "All right...I suppose provocation is necessary to let your anger flow."
    Woman: "W...why?"
    [He kills the woman nearby.]
    Kid: "Mommy? MOMMY!!"
    Tosh: "How could you do that?! You killed that innocent in cold blood! What
          have you become?! Ugh..."
    Monji: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!! You will never defeat me unless you control your
           emotions. Make your mind calm, and your sword steady. I did not come
           here to fight someone so lacking in mental fortitude!"
    Tosh: "Damn...damn it...my power...it's..."
    Monji: "I'll give you a little time to collect yourself. When you are ready,
           we will battle at Palencia Tower. I shall see you soon, Tosh."
    Shu: "Are you all right, Tosh?"
    Tosh: "What has Andel done to my father? That was...that was not him. I must
          face him alone...to settle this. By my own hand..."
    Arc: "We need a firm plan. Let's return to the Silver Noah!"
    [At the Silver Noah...]
    Poco: "I knew it! This is part of the trap, isn't it?"
    Gogen: "It is, indeed."
    Elc: "Not that it matters. We still have work to do here."
    Iga: "Even though we know it is a trap?"
    Tosh: "Especially because we know of the trap!"
    Arc: "Tosh, what are you doing up? Your wounds are still bleeding. You need to
    Shu: "Do not be a fool! You are in no condition to fight."
    Tosh: "...I was not raised to be enslaved to the limits of this body."
    Arc: "Hey, Tosh, come back!"
    Gogen: "He isn't going to heed your call, I'm afraid. It's quite obvious his
           mind is made up."
    Shu: "Yes. He shall die at Monji's hand."
    Elc: "Not good. We need to catch him!"
    Arc: "I am not sure if this is all part of the trap, though. Perhaps Andel
         seeks to entice us away, so he can attack Touvil..."
    Elc: "There are enough of us. Leave Touvil to me...you go after Tosh. He is
         your friend, after all."
    Arc: "All right, then. I leave this to you."
    Elc: "Go, then! Time is wasting!"
    Arc: "Come on, everybody!"
    [In the shrine...]
    Kukuru: "Tosh! What are you doing here alone?"
    Tosh: "Please, you must transport me to Palencia...NOW!"
    Kukuru: "But, Tosh...you're injured."
    Tosh: "It is merely a flesh wound. I have endured worse."
    Kukuru: "I cannot send you into that snakepit alone. It's too dangerous."
    Tosh: "And I cannot wait on the actions of cowards! You must send me 
          immediately, or my father..."
    Kukuru: "...If you must go, take Leaf's Bead. I shall send you only on the
            condition that you do not act rashly."
    Tosh: "I will fight with honor to protect us all."
    Kukuru: "That wasn't what I asked, but I suppose it's the best I can hope for.
            Close your eyes."
    [Tosh leaves; everyone goes to Kukuru.]
    Arc: "Did Tosh come to you?"
    Kukuru: "Yes. He requested to be sent to Palencia."
    Arc: "Just as I feared -- the Tower. He'll be in danger if we don't catch up
         to him."
    Kukuru: "He is headed to Palencia Tower? That's madness! I'll send you to
            Palencia to follow him, immediately. But...I gave Leaf's Bead to Tosh
            ...Without it, you cannot return to Touvil, so you MUST find him."
    Shu: "Wait. We can't all go. It will draw too much attention."
    Sania: "Right. We should make two teams. One will go to help Tosh and the
           other will remain in Touvil."
    Arc: "All right. So, who's going to help Tosh?"
    Kukuru: "Remember, Leaf's Bead cannot be used in Palencia Tower. And most
            important of all, be careful."
    Arc: "We will, Kukuru."
    Kukuru: "Now, close your eyes."
    29) PALENCIA TOWER                                                       [GS29]
    [In the tower...]
    Andel: "So, you met Arc, I hear."
    Monji: "Yes."
    Andel: "Your little...demonstration Downtown also impressed your son?"
    Monji: "Tosh is sure to come. He must fight me, now. It is for honor. He will
           come alone."
    Andel: "Heh, heh, heh. Excellent. Those radio waves I sent duped those buffoons
           into believing a mind-control machine was here. Of course, there is no
           machine, as they shall all learn, one by one."
    Monji: "I do not like the plan you laid for me to follow. So I shall follow my
    Andel: "Yes, yes. Fine. As long as the end result is the same, I care not the
           means. I suppose I must kill the other..."
    Monji: "I am only interested in the battle with Tosh. Once it begins, do not
           interrupt, regardless of what happens. It shall be just him and me. No
           others. Know that if you interfere, I will kill you."
    Andel: "At last, Arc's crusade begins to unravel!" (Heh, heh, heh, ha, ha, ha,
           ahhhh, ha, ha, ha, ha!)
    [At Palencia...]
    Arc: (Tosh is in Palencia Tower.)
    [They go there and find dead guards.]
    Arc: "Tosh has definitely been here. I have to catch him..."
    [At the airport...]
    Andel: "Now that the trap is set here for Arc, I am moving to the Martyr Tower.
           Arc is not to leave this tower alive under any circumstance. Do you
           understand that?"
    Wizard: "I understand, Majesty."
    Andel: "If Monji does not follow the general plan, well...you know what to do."
    Wizard: "Of course, Majesty. Do not worry. All will be carried out exactly as
            you have decreed."
    Andel: "Excellent..."
    [Andel leaves in an airship. Meanwhile, inside the tower's base...]
    Tosh: "Damn! Is there no end to this onslaught?"
    Monster: "Is your confidence fading? You were ready to fight alone, but are you
             ready to die alone?"
    Tosh: "I have no interest in killing you. I seek only my father!"
    Monster: "You will never see him again!"
    Arc: "Tosh! We're just in time, it seems!"
    Tosh: "I will foolish to attempt this alone."
    Arc: "Well, yes. But we can talk about that later."
    Monster: "You assume too much..."
    [The foes die.]
    Tosh: "I apologize for my selfish actions."
    Arc: "I understan dyour anger. Just remember...we're friends."
    Tosh: "Arc..."
    Arc: "Enough talk. Let's get this over with."
    [Later, in the Guist airship.]
    Soldier: "Majesty, the Silver Noah is anchored at the quarry."
    Andel: "Excellent. With this surprise assault, our victory is assured! Those
           buffoons never saw THIS coming... Activate the Chimera control program
           in Touvil."
    Soldier 2: "Yes, sir!"
    [In Touvil...]
    Villager: "Hmmmm?"
    Villager: "Ugh...what...is...happening?"
    Villager: "Ugh?"
    Villager: "Huh?"
    Girl: "What's going on?"
    Man: "Something is wrong..."
    Girl: "Ahhh! It's...it's...it's..."
    Man: "Monsters!"
    Woman: "Hey! Don't leave me with these things!"
    [The monsters head into the Sabatico Shrine. On the Silver Noah...]
    Man: "Captain! Multiple Chimera have been seen invading the shrine!"
    Elc: "What?! How did they break through Kukuru's barrier?"
    Man: "No break was necessary, Captain. Some of the townspeople of Touvil that
         were saved...were Chimera!"
    Elc: "The ones we...OF COURSE! Andel! Kukuru is defenseless in there, I have
         to go!"
    Chongara: "Chongara in your rear with much fastness. But, you go, first."
    Chopin: "Be careful."
    Man: "Hurry up!"
    [In the shrine...]
    Kukuru: "What?!"
    Girl: "Oh, no! Kukuru, the shrine has been invaded by Chimeras!"
    Kukuru: "You know that I cannot leave this place."
    Girl: "Yes, but what should be done?"
    Kukuru: "You must flee. And, do not look back. I will find a way to stop them."
    Girl: "Oh, Kukuru... I'm...I'm sorry..."
    Kukuru: "No time for regret... Go!"
    Monster: "Ha! THIS is the great Kukuru? I was expectinga great soldier, but
             you're just a frail girl. This will be easier than I expected."
    Kukuru: "Not if I have anything to say about it, freak!" (I can't fight unless
            I break the barrier...but if I break the barrier, Andel will attack.
            This seems hopeless. What should I do? Oh, Arc...)
    Elc: "Kukuru! Are you alright?"
    Kukuru: "Who--?! Elc!!"
    Elc: "Sorry I'm late! You genetic misfits tricked us!"
    Monster: "Of course. It's easy when your opponents are stupid. And now, your
             idiocy will cost you your lives."
    [They save Kukuru.]
    Elc: "That was close."
    Kukuru: "Yes...thank you."
    Chongara: "It's okay now, eh? Chongara want to help more fastly, but need
              secure Silver Noah."
    Elc: "That's a fine excuse."
    Chongara: "It's good, eh? Hah, hah, hah!"
    Kukuru: "I'm all right, but I worry about Arc. Andel's trap is in motion."
    Elc: "Chongara, we have to go."
    Chongara: "Yes, yes. Chongara know a slave driver when eyes tell him. Hello,
              Chopin! Where you go to? Need to leave, now!"
    Elc: "Kukuru, don't worry about Arc. We're off to help him."
    Kukuru: "Right. Be careful, Elc. The world just became much more dangerous."
    [In the Guist...]
    Andel: "What is the status of the barrier?"
    Soldier: "No change noted as of yet, sir."
    Soldier 2: "Chimera transmissions have stopped as well."
    Andel: "Some of Arc's companions are still being detected in Touvil. Ah, well,
           it was worth a shot... Our main goal was to kill Arc, and we succeeded.
           Right about now, he is sinking in the sea with the tower. Set a course
           for the Martyr Tower!"
    Soldier 2: "Yes, sir!"
    Andel: "It's time to enact my glorious plan at last!"
    [At Palencia Tower's top floor...]
    Arc: "We've reached the top of the tower, and...nothing."
    Tosh: "No. Look...there."
    Monji: "So, you did not come alone. You disappoint me, son."
    Tosh: "You are not the father that took me in from the cold. You are a mockery
          of everything that great man stood for."
    Monji: "My son, what a cowardly wordsmith you have become. What has happened to
           you? The boy I raised was a master of swordplay."
    Tosh: "That boy has become a man, and now I am the Master. We shall settle
          this man to man, as you wished."
    Arc: "Tosh...no!!"
    Tosh: "Do not try to dissuade me, Arc. I must fight this battle alone. Please
          do not interfere, it is the only way."
    Arc: "It is against my better judgment, but I will honor your wish."
    Tosh: "Thank you."
    Monji: "I see the bloodlust in your eyes, Tosh. My dying regret was that I
           could not fight you. And now, I have been granted the chance."
    Tosh: "My father would never dream something so wicked. You are not fit to lap
          my father's excrement! And, your words are an insult to his memory! The
          time has come for me to silence you!"
    Monji: "Your power rises from the anger within you. Do you not remember? Anger
           is powerful, but difficult to control. You cannot prevail when your
           emotions dominate you."
    Tosh: "Shut up!"
    Monji: "If you will not listen...then watch and learn. I will not use Jubaku-
           -zen this time, so you will be free to move. If you fail to dodge my
           attack, you will die."
    Tosh: "I am ready."
    Monji: "Guuuhhh!"
    Tosh: "I...I felt...power coursing through me..."
    Monji: "Yes. You see? When anger is tempered by calm, you can control your
           actions. This is the fight I desired. Now, it is time for the real
           battle to begin. Stand ready!!"
    Tosh: "I fight for the memory of my true father...not this THING he's become."
    [Tosh wins.]
    Tosh: "That was your best?"
    Monji: "Mmmm... Come, Tosh. Return with me."
    Tosh: "What?"
    Monji: "The Dark Power is being drawn into me so I can close this chapter. This
           tower and everything in it will be destroyed!"
    Tosh: "Stop...I do not wish to see this..."
    Monji: "Heh, heh, heh. You believed yourself victorious...and yet that prize
           will be snatched from your grasp!"
    Tosh: "Damn! What should..."
    Voice: "Tosh..."
    Tosh: !? "F...Father?"
    Real Monji: "My son, listen carefully...I cannot break the chains of the Dark
                One that control my body. Only you can break this curse for me. You
                must root out the Dark Power controlling my mind."
    Tosh: "How am I to do that, Father?"
    Real Monji: "Monji Slash...you must use the Monji Slash. I showed it to you
                once, remember?"
    Tosh: "Yes! Since it attacks the point where the Dark Power gathers, it
    Real Monji: "...shatter the Dark Power's grip on me."
    Tosh: "But Father, when I attempted it before...I failed. But, if I succeed
          this time, you will..."
    Real Monji: "Tosh, I no longer exist in this world...do not worry about me. I
                have faith that you will succeed. You must!"
    Tosh: "But, Father...!"
    Real Monji: "Tosh, there is little time left. Honor my final request. You must
                use Monji Slash to kill me!"
    Monji: "W...what? What were you doing? What happened? ...It does not matter.
           Soon we all will perish with this tower!"
    Tosh: "Father...!"
    Monji: "What? You think you can stop this? Tosh, you have taken leave of your
           senses. We will both die here, as the gods intended."
    Tosh: "Oh, Father, how I wish we could bury another drink together..."
    Monji: "...Huh?! What are you talking about?"
    Tosh: "Goodbye..."
    Monji: "W...!?"
    [Tosh uses Monji Slash.]
    Tosh: "..."
    Monji: "N...no!!"
    Tosh: "..."
    Monji: "I am proud...of you, son. You did the Monji S...Slash..."
    Tosh: "Father?! You're all right!"
    Monji: "I never imagined I would be able to see you again. For that, at least,
           I am grateful. I was revived because they learned of my secret desire to
           fight you. They used that dark desire to control me. But you..you saved
           me from my weakness. Thank...you..."
    Tosh: "But, Father! I did not save you! I have slain you!"
    Monji: "No, Tosh. You did exactly as you should have. And, I have passed on
           the Monji Slash to you. My life course is finally complete."
    Tosh: "Father..."
    Monji: "This is what they do. Turn people into mosters and manipulate their
           weak minds. They are dangerous, son, and many traps lie ahead. Be
           careful..." [Cough!]
    Tosh: "You must not leave again, Father. Please!"
    Monji: "The time has come for me to depart, son. I am so proud...of...you..."
    Tosh: "W...Wait! Father? Father! Why did you go?! I had more to tell you!
    System: Tosh inherited Monji Slash from his father.
    Arc: "Are you all right?"
    Tosh: "...Yes. I apologize for making you watch that. Come. We have work yet
          to do."
    Voice: "So...Monji lost to you after all."
    Arc: "Where is Andel?"
    Wizard: "Taking control of Touvil. But, that's not a concern of yours at the
            moment. You have a much more distressing dilemma. Look!"
    [Arc's mother is in a machine.]
    Arc: "Mother!"
    Wizard: "To save the world, you wuld have to sacrifice your dear mother. It's
            quite delightfully macabre, don't you think?"
    Arc: "You black-hearted bastard!"
    [A man breaks his mother's confinement chamber and saves her.]
    Wizard: ! "Who are you! Speak!"
    Arc: "Father?"
    Yoshua: "Yes, Arc! I shall safeguard your mother. You must take care of this
            pathetic slave to Darkness!"
    Wizard: "Damn you! Attack her! No, wait!!"
    Yoshua: "Tut, tut. This is a lady! Have you no manners? This faux pas shall
            cost you dearly. Goodbye."
    [The monster shrinks out of existence.]
    Yoshua: "Your opponent is Arc. If you attempt to harm Polta again, I shall lay
            your black heart bare myself."
    Wizard: "Brave words from the walking dead. What you don't know is that this
            tower has already begun to collapse. The stairs and elevators have
            already been destroyed. You shall all perish together!"
    Tosh: "Only the weak meet an untimely end without a struggle. We are not weak."
    Wizard: "Nor am I, as you are soon to discover. I've finished talking. Time
            for action."
    [They defeat the necromancer.]
    Arc: "Father!"
    Yoshua: "Arc..."
    Arc: "Is Mother...alive?"
    Yoshua: "She is unconscious, but her wounds are not serious."
    Arc: "Good... Father...I knew you did not leave us! I have been seeking you...
         following your path since the night that fearsome storm came. I journeyed
         to each fothe Guardians, and learned to understand what is happening."
    Yoshua: "Arc...you have become exactly what I had hoped you would. I could not
            be more proud. It is only fair now that I tell you what happened when
            I went to the Mountain. ...I sacrificed my life there to the Guardians,
            who granted me the power to travel through time. Since then, I have
            traveled to the past and the future...gathering the brave defenders of
            Love, Courage, and Justice. That..."
    Tosh: "The tower!"
    Arc: "We have to escape!"
    Tosh: "But how?! All the exits have been destroyed!"
    [In the Silver Noah.]
    Chopin: "The tower is collapsing! Chongara, we don't have time to land!"
    Chongara: "Chongara smell the trouble brew coming! Chongara never like trouble,
              but always have much! Why?"
    Chopin: "Chongara, stop babbling and start commanding!"
    Chongara: "Yes, yes! Much danger, eh? Put Silver Noah by top. Chongara run in
              and take friends out. Fast! Go fast now!"
    Chopin: "Yes, sir!!
    Tosh: "What is that sound?"
    Chongara: [Cough!]
    Arc: "Chongara!"
    Chongara: "We talk big words later. Come!"
    Arc: "Quickly! Go! Thank you, Chongara."
    Chongara: "you give Chongara much angry bowels with worry."
    Arc: "Come on, Father!"
    Chongara: "Hmmm? You...you bad man from Ruin! Ahhh!"
    Yoshua: "Straightened you out, I see."
    Chongara: "Chongara not talk to danger man. We go!"
    Arc: "Hurry up!"
    Yoshua: "Arc...here, take your mother."
    Arc: "Father?"
    Yoshua: "Unghh..."
    Arc: "What...what's wrong? Come on! You're almost on the ship!"
    Yoshua: [Cough, cough!]
    Arc: !
    Yoshua: "It...it's not the course for me, Arc. This...time...travel is d...
            difficult on human bodies. Though the...Guardians granted the ability
            ...my body...h...has suffered. I am sorry, my son. I wish this could
            have turned out differently."
    Arc: "NO! Father, Kukuru may be able to heal you! She helped Elc recover from
         terrible injuries. You cannot give up! Just step onto the ship..."
    Yoshua: "...I shall fight. For you, son."
    Voice: "How touching..."
    [A weird monster head pokes through the tower's top door.]
    Arc: "What the hell is THAT?"
    Yoshua: "The Necromancer's body has been taken by the Dark Spirit of the tower.
            It seeks to destroy us all, still! Arc, you must leave!"
    Arc: "No...no! We have just met again, Father! I will not lose you again."
    Monster: "Sssssss...burn...rise...burn...sssss"
    Yoshua: "Arc, do not make selfish decisions that will affect the lives of
            others. Have you learned nothing of my way in your journey? Think of
            your friends...of your mother."
    Arc: "..."
    Yoshua: "Losing all our lives would be a tragedy. Escaping with all but one is
            a triumph. ...I have met my son, who has become all that I hoped and
            more. I am ready to make this sacrifice so that you may live. For
            without you, this world is surely lost. Take this, my son. Here. I
            received this from the Guardians. Take it."
    System: Yoshua's Memento received!
    Yoshua: "I shall never be far from your heart, my son. Remember that always."
    Arc: "Father!!"
    Yoshua: "Now go!! The future lies in your hands!"
    Polta: "Yoshua..."
    Yoshua: "Polta...you've awakened. I am sorry to have filled your life with
            worry, my love. My only wish was that one day I would live with you
            and our son in peace. ...Alas, it is to remain a foolish dream."
    Polta: "Yoshua, do not regret your course. I...I was always proud of you."
    Yoshua: "...Thank you. My son will complete this journey I began. I have
            cleared my mind of regret. And now, I shall destroy you!"
    [The tower eventually explodes. Elsewhere, in the Martyr Tower...]
    Andel: "Ha, ha, ha... At last! The Martyr Plan can finally begin. Though that
           brat Arc and his friends have broken most of the towers...enough
           negative energy has been transmitted to this tower...so that the Ark's
           power can at last be unleashed! And then, the glorious return of the
           Dark One shall begin! I alone have endured to return my Great Lord to
           his rightful place." (And, I quiver in anticipation of my reward!)
    30) TOUVIL                                                               [GS30]
    [In the Sabatico Shrine...]
    Polta: "Yoshua..."
    Arc: "Mother...I failed you. I...I was not yet man enough to save Father."
    Shante: "So, how is she?"
    Arc: "She's sleeping now."
    Kukuru: "We failed to stop Andel, but the Martyr Plan is still vulnerable.
            However, first you should rest."
    Chongara: "Yes, yes. Sleeping dreaming make new man from old Chongara."
    Poco: "Arc..."
    Shante: "I think he needs some time alone."
    [At the quarry...]
    Arc: "..."
    Kukuru: "Arc..."
    Arc: "I have battled for people I barely know, and saved them all. And yet, I
         failed to save the person I love most. ...I haven't grown into a savior
         of the world. I'm still just a confused boy."
    Kukuru: "Arc, it is not your fault. Your father's path was on a different
    Arc: "But, that's not FAIR. I should have been able to help him! The power of
         the Guardians, the Braves...what use is all this?"
    Kukuru: "Arc, think about it. This burden does not lie on your shoulders alone.
            You CAN save this world, but only with the help of your friends. We
            have all been battling for the same outcome. The end is so close. You
            cannot give up now. Do you truly wish to cast aside the dying wish of
            your father?"
    Arc: "...You're right, of course. There is no place for self-pity in this
         struggle. I...we have a job to do, and cannot give up until we succeed."
    Kukuru: "I know it is difficult, Arc. It is for us all, but there is no other
    Elc: "Hey! Sorry to bust up yoru make-out session, but we got trouble."
    Arc: "M...make out?"
    Elc: "Yeah. No shame in that, tiger."
    Kukuru: "What's happened?"
    Elc: "Oh, yeah! Trouble...big trouble in the shrine. C'mon! Hurry!"
    [They all return to find a weird warp at the back.]
    Chongara: "Itsa pretty thing. Pretty scary, eh?"
    Shu: "It seems to be some kind of pulsating force."
    Kukuru: "Stay away! Oh, no...the seal! It's nearly broken. Please...stand back
            quickly! Power of Light within my soul...shine forth to quell the
            Darkness before me. Ahhh!"
    Arc: "Kukuru! Are you all right?"
    Kukuru: "I...I'm fine -- however the power is becoming too strong to contain."
    Poco: "Why? We destroyed all the towers, didn't we?"
    Tosh: "Is there nothing more you can do?"
    Kukuru: "I cannot stop it at this point. I can only slow it. Only with much
            greater power to assist me could it be stopped."
    Elc: "Hmmm..."
    Kukuru: "The Dark One was sealed by the Ark and the power of the Guardians.
            The power of the Ark could be used to stop this breach, however."
    Elc: "Great! All we have to do is get the Ark, then!"
    Tosh: "If that were possible, which it is not."
    Elc: "Why!?"
    Poco: "The Ark was stolen by Andel."
    Elc: "Isn't there anything else that can approximate the power of the Ark?"
    Gogen: "Well, there's alway sthe Mirror Kukuru has. If it is combined with the
           power of the Five Guardians...it is a rough equivalent of the Ark's
    Kukuru: "Unfortunately, the Mirror was broken when I tried to seal the power
            just now."
    Iga: "Then all is lost?"
    Elc: "No way! I'm not buying it! There has to be a way to make this happen!"
    Arc: !? "You're right. I have an idea! Perhaps THIS is the answer."
    Kukuru: "That was your father's, wasn't it?"
    Arc: "Yes. It allowed him to travel through time. He was given the power to do
         it by the Guardians. And that power was concentrated in this."
    Elc: "If we return to the past and gather the power of the Guardians, we can
         stop the Dark One!"
    Gogen: "Alas, the power of the Guardians has weakened considerably. One would
           have to travel back quite far for this to work. And also, only one can
           travel at a time."
    Kukuru: "It is our only choice, it seems."
    Elc: "We're not giving up now!"
    Chongara: "Fast words make Chongara think like scared girl. We write in
              Journal, to be safe, eh? Please give the humor to poor, scared
    [Arc is chosen to go back in time.]
    Chongara: "Make carefulness!"
    Kukuru: "Are you prepared?"
    Arc: "Yes."
    Kukuru: "Here you go."
    [Arc -- or another selected time-traveling nominee -- disappears.]
    Chongara: "I hope in behind world Kukuru believe and do good job."
    Kukuru: "We have no choice but to believe I shall..."
    [Arc arrives in the past.]
    Arc: "This is...Touvil? It seems to be right after we opened the Ark. Kukuru
         must be in the Quarry. I have to go."
    [He goes there.]
    Arc: "Kukuru!"
    Kukuru: "A...Arc?! B...But...you just left on the ship..."
    Arc: "I know it is difficult to believe, but I have come from the future. I
         came...to see you."
    Kukuru: "What? I do believe, Arc. Oh, Arc! I never thought I'd see you again.
            Promise me you'll never leave!"
    Arc: "Kukuru... Even when I am far away, I am never far from your heart."
    Kukuru: "Oh, Arc..."
    Arc: "Listen, Kukuru."
    Kukuru: "Please don't spoil this moment. I know you came here for a reason.
            Something terrible happens in the future."
    Arc: "Yes. The world of the future is on the brink of extinction. The only one
         that can save the world by sealing the evil is...you, Kukuru."
    Kukuru: "Is that all? Of course I'll do it! Where shall we do this?"
    Arc: "There's a shrine above Touvil."
    Kukuru: "Really? I hadn't noticed."
    Arc: "It's at the base of the rock pinnacle that came out of the ground. It is
         the place the Seven Braves of old fought the final battle. And, when they
         prevailed, the Dark One was sealed there."
    Kukuru: "So...this 'Dark One' was the evil force from ancient times?"
    Arc: "Right."
    Kukuru: "We haven't a moment to lose, then. To the shrine!"
    [They go there.]
    Kukuru: "This place...it is somehow familiar. But, how can that be when it
            just jutted from the ground? And yet...I sense an extraordinary
    Arc: "The Dark One is sealed in here."
    Kukuru: "If he breaks the seal, the world will perish?"
    Arc: "The world as we know it, yes."
    Kukuru: "Let's go, then. Hmm. it must be deeper in the shrine. !"
    Arc: "Monsters..."
    [They defeat the monsters.]
    Kukuru: "This shrine is more dangerous than I expected."
    Arc: "Yes, we should be on our guard as we work our way toward the back."
    Kukuru: "Good. Let's go. !"
    Arc: "More monsters..."
    [They win.]
    Kukuru: !!!
    Arc: "..."
    [They win a third time.]
    Kukuru: "This power...it is pure evil!"
    Arc: "This isthe manifestation of the Dark Power breaking the seal."
    Kukuru: "THIS is the Dark Power? The power sealed long ago by the Seven Brave
    Arc: "Yes, the Dark One and the Black Power he sought to control were sealed
         here. The Ark was used to create the seal..."
    Kukuru: "...and to protect that seal, the Sacred White Clan, my Clan, was
            formed. Because the Ark was stolen, the seal was weakened. I must try
            to strengthen the seal to hold back the Dark Power. Stand back! Hahhh!
            Unggh... The...the power opposing the seal is too strong. I cannot stop
            it from breaking through."
    Arc: "Kukuru, there is a way. You told me in the future."
    Kukuru: "How?"
    Arc: "The mirror."
    Kukuru: "Mirror?"
    Arc: "Contain the power of all five Guardians within the mirror...and you will
         have enough power to strengthen the seal."
    Kukuru: "We are to visit the five Guardians, then? If that is what's required,
            let's go at once."
    Arc: "You seem...happy to hear that."
    Kukuru: "The circumstance is sad, but I am happy we can be together. Let's
            visit the Fire Guardian, first. Palencia Castle's ruins are dangerous,
            but we have no choice."
    Arc: "Right. Let's go."
    [They warp to Palencia.]
    Kukuru: "Okay, we need to head for Palencia Castle."
    [They go there.]
    Arc: "Great, soldiers. What now?"
    Soldier: "Get outta here before I run ya through!"
    Kukuru: "Good advice...for you."
    Soldier 2: "Ungh!"
    [She beats them all up. ^___^]
    Kukuru: "Come...we must hurry."
    Arc: "..."
    Soldier 3: "Who are you?"
    Soldier 4: "Hey! You're the girl who was with Arc!!"
    Kukuru: "My name is Kukuru! Remember it this time!"
    Soldier 2: "You're a fool to come here again."
    Kukuru: "And you're a bigger fool if you engage me again. Let's get this over
            with. We must hurry. Soon there will be too many to defeat. Watch your
            step, it's very unstable in here. This'd be much easier if we hadn't
            blown up the elevator shaft." (Too bad we couldn't turn time back just
            a little more.) "Come! Follow me down."
    [They find the lab.]
    Kukuru: "The Fire Guardian is in there! Let's go! Fire Guardian! It is, I
            Kukuru! Please, show yourself!"
    Fire Guardian: "Your request must be urgent, since you have risked much to
                   visit here."
    Kukuru: "It is, Fire Guardian. I have come to beg for your assistance. The seal
            holding the Dark One is nearly broken. I need your power to strengthen
            the seal. I have come to beg that you project your power into my
    Fire Guardian: "The Dark One? What of the Ark?"
    Kukuru: "...the Ark was stolen by Andel."
    Fire Guardian: "Without the Ark, the Fire Guardian cannot be sealed."
    Kukuru: "I...I was told that if we combined the Guardian power in the mirror...
            ...it would be enough to seal the Dark One."
    Fire Guardian: "Quite possible, but in that case, YOU would be the seal, or
                   barrier. That action wouuld trap you in Touvil forever as a
                   living seal."
    Kukuru: "If that is the sacrifice I must make, I shall. I can stay in Touvil
            to buy us time while Arc saves the world. I see no other way."
    Fire Guardian: "That is a mighty sexist solution. Are you comfortable with
                   that? Hmmm. Yes. I can see that your mind is made up. I shall
                   grant you the power, then. The power of your mirror will only
                   seal the Dark One temporarily. You must regain the Ark to ensure
                   the seal lasts forever."
    Arc: "Which Guardian shall we visit next?"
    Kukuru: "We must visit Greyshinne, Alatos, Niedel, and Zariban."
    Arc: "We mustn't waste any more time. Let's go!"
    Kukuru: "But how? My magic can only transport us a limited distance."
    Arc: "We have to sneak onto the Romalian airship, then."
    Kukuru: "I think I have an idea."
    Arc: "I hope it works."
    [They go to the skyport. Kukuru uses Pepe's old crate trick.]
    Arc: "Is everything going all right?"
    Kukuru: "Will you be quiet?! You're going to blow this for both of us!"
    Guard: "What is in the trunk?"
    Kukuru: "Supplies requested by General Yagun."
    Guard: "What is your destination?"
    Kukuru: "Didn't I say this was for General Yagun? Where do you THINK I'm
            going? Would you like me to inform him of your incompetence?"
    Guard: "Uh, n...no! Carry on."
    Kukuru: "Thank you."
    [They visit Greyshinne's Amaidar Temple.]
    Guard: "Kukuru! You have returned to us!"
    Guard 2: "Where are your companions?"
    Kukuru: "I am traveling with just one this day."
    Guard: "Ah, travel in smaller numbers is very wise now."
    Guard 2: "Yes. All of you are wanted for what happened in Seirya."
    Kukuru: "All of it is the work of that demon Andel. We did none of it!"
    Guard: "We know. Do not worry that we have been swayed by hearsay."
    Kukuru: "Good. I have come thi sday because I need to ascend Mt. Amaidar."
    Guard 2: "That is impossible. It is sealed now."
    Kukuru: "Can the seal be broken?"
    Guard 2: "Come inside. Perhaps a way can be found..."
    [At the Archmonk's chamber.]
    Monk: "Welcome. You must be tired with so many foes stalking you now."
    Monk 2: "This place is safe, so please make yourselves comfortable."
    Kukuru: "I am sorry, but there is no time to relax. Please. You must break the
            seal so we may ascend the mountain. It is a matter of life and death."
    Monk: "Kukuru, as a friend of our Master, we desire to please you."
    Kukuru: "Then why can't you release the seal?"
    Monk 2: "We have...a problem..."
    Kukuru: "What is it?"
    Monk: "Well..."
    Monk 3: "You must come at once!"
    Monk: "What?"
    Monk 3: "They've returned."
    Monk 2: "Oh, no..."
    Kukuru: "What returned? What is he talking about?"
    Monk 2: "If you'll excuse us..."
    Kukuru: "Something's wrong. Let's follow them."
    [In the training ground, there are strange monks.]
    Monk: "Unghh..."
    Monk: "Die!! S...so strong..."
    Monk: "How can we defeat them...they are..."
    Kukuru: "What is going on? They fight their own kind?"
    Monk: "No. They fight monks who were slain here."
    Kukuru: "You fight the ghosts of your own kind?"
    Monk: "They are the ones enslaved and slain, by the evil Archmonk."
    Kukuru: "But, we defeated him!"
    Monk: "And yet, the power of his evil lingers."
    Kukuru: "This is terrible. It's not the best solution, but perhaps I can defeat
            them once and for all. Stand back."
    Monk: "Yes!"
    Kukuru: "Ready!"
    [They defeat the ghosts.]
    Kukuru: "Are you certain those ghouls were slain monks? They appeared to be
            just monsters."
    Monk: "No, they are definitely of Amaidar."
    Kukuru: "Why are they attacking you?"
    Monk 2: "They seem to be consumed by hate, which is not the Amaidar way."
    Kukuru: "Do they appear often?"
    Monk 3: "Lately, yes. When they began coming, it was from the mountain above."
    Kukuru: "So that is why you sealed the mountain! The answer to your problem
            lies at the mountain peak. I am certain of that now."
    Monk: "But if we break the seal and allow you to confront the source..."
    Kukuru: "It would be like another betrayal...of those that lost their lives to
            the wicked Archmonk, right?"
    Monk 3: "That has been discussed amongst our clan."
    Kukuru: "I shall carry out this task as honestly as I can. But first, you must
            break the seal."
    Monk: "We shall pray for your safe return."
    [At the top of Amaidar Mountain...]
    Kukuru: "There is evil here...I sense it."
    Ghost: "Why have you come to this sacred place?"
    Ghost 2: "Have you come to desecrate our memory, like the others?"
    Ghost 3: "You will not leave here alive."
    Kukuru: "Wait! I came to end your suffering...to let you go in peace."
    Ghost 4: "What do you know of suffering?"
    Ghost: "Betrayed by our leaders, we payed the ultimate price."
    Ghost 2: "All that is left for us to cherish is hatred and derision. Our peace
             will come only when those that betrayed us are destroyed!"
    Kukuru: "You know that only a few were responsible for your deaths. Why do you
            foster hatred for the others? They were your friends..."
    Ghost 4: "We hate those that left us to die. We abhor those that betrayed us."
    Ghost 3: "We detest those that yet enjoy the gift of life."
    [They defeat the ghosts.]
    Kukuru: "Wait! Something has changed. I...I'm sensing a new...more powerful
            evil. ...Show yourself!"
    Reaper: "As you wish. But perhaps you will soon regret that demand."
    Kukuru: "You're the one enslaving the ghosts of the monks! But, why?"
    Reaper: "I am merely fulfiling the wish of their black hearts. They are
            consumed by grief and envy. Grief for the lift they lost, and envy of
            those yet living. I simply show them the satisfaction they can receive
            from taking life."
    Kukuru: "So, you admit your evil core, then! Now I have no choice but to cut
            you off as well!"
    Reaper: "Do not assume that I lack the power to resist you. I was given the
            task of destroying Amaidar by Gaidel himself. Though that runt Arc
            managed to defeat our Archmonk...I shall not be taken down as easily."
    Kukuru: "That...is all talk. Let's see how you fight."
    Reaper: "My pleasure..."
    [Instead of pleasure, all the monsters re-die!]
    Kukuru: "Why? Why do you hate the innocent? Your friends had nothing to do with
            your demise. They were victims of this evil as well. If you harbor hate
            within your souls, the Dark One's return is al but assured. Discontent,
            greed and hate are his lifeblood."
    Ghost: "Kukuru, you have shown us a better way."
    Ghost 2: "Had we not been in training, I do not believe we would have fallen.
             This agent of Darkness played on our doubt and insecurity. He
             succeeded in making us doub tall we had learned before our deaths.
             And, to hate those that taught us..."
    Ghost 3: "However, because of your effort, we have seen our error."
    Ghost: "Please tell the others that we are sorry for the trouble we caused. We
           would like them to care for Amaidar as if a precious jewel. For truly,
           that is what it, and you, are. Thank you, Kukuru!"
    Earth Guardian: "You have done well."
    Kukuru: "Nothing is solved...the root problem remains."
    Earth Guardian: "Kukuru, humanity is fragile and flawed. And yet, that is what
                    makes humans such beautiful creatures. In this world, nothing
                    achieves perfection. You should know that by now. In this case,
                    you showed the monks who were murdered the error of their ways.
                    And, in that, you achieved a victory both for Amaidar, and for
    Kukuru: "Earth Guardian, I have not come here without purpose..."
    Earth Guardian: "Yes, I have seen your coming. The Ark has been stolen, hasn't
    Kukuru: "...Yes."
    Earth Guardian: "Since the day the Dark One was sealed in Touvil, we knew this
                    day would come. When it was done, however, there was no 
                    alternative. Filled with the Dark Power gathered from humanity,
                    the ancient King of Humans sought to enslave the entire world.
                    However, the Dark Power consumed him, changing his lust for
                    power into a lust for destruction. He became the Dark One, and
                    the Seven Braves of Old sealed him in the Ancient Shrine.
                    However, now the greed and hate of humanity has grown, giving
                    strength to the Dark Power. And, in turn, the Dark One has
                    nearly broken the seal binding him. That is why you have come,
                    is it not?"
    Kukuru: "Yes!"
    Earth Guardian: "Here...raise your mirror and receive my power. The Dark Power
                    feeds on negative thoughts...and the dark side of humanity 
                    feeds on the Dark Power. If you do not stop this cycle soon,
                    nothingwill be able to stop the return of the Dark One."
    Kukuru: "I shall do everything in my power to stop this!"
    Earth Guardian: "Bless you, Kukuru."
    Kukuru: "Let's go."
    [in Amaidar...]
    Monk: "Kukuru..."
    Kukuru: "It is over. You have no need for further worry."
    Monk: "So, they...!?"
    Kukuru: "Yes, it was the spirits of your fallen brothers. Defeating their evil
            master released them, and for that they are grateful."
    Monk: "I see. We do not know how to repay the kindness you have shown us."
    Kukuru: "There is no need to repay my kindness. Just remember that to have a
            weakness is not a point of shame. However, to hide that weakness from
            yourselves is. From that knowledge comes true strength and inner
    Monk: "Thank you, Kukuru."
    [They go to Niedel. Everyone is petrified.]
    Kukuru: !?
    Arc: "This is a strange place for a statue."
    Kukuru: "I think it used to be...human. However, it looks as if he's been
            turned to stone!"
    Arc: "But, why?"
    Kukuru: "Something has gone terribly wrong here."
    Arc: "What about the Wind Guardian?"
    Kukuru: "We must make an effort to find the Wind Guardian quickly. Perhaps he
            can explain what happened here..."
    [They find a little girl.]
    Kukuru: "Are you okay, little girl? What's happened to everyone?"
    Girl: "The...the monster, he turned everyone to...STONE! My mommy's stone, my
          daddy, grandpa...every...one!"
    Kukuru: "Shh...calm down. Everything will be all right. I'm sure I can get
            your family back."
    Girl: "Really?"
    Kukuru: "Yes, so please don't cry."
    Girl: "All right."
    Arc: "Where is the monster?"
    Girl: "I think...I think it's in the Arena."
    Kukuru: "In the Arena? Well, then, that's where I'll go. The sooner I go, the
            sooner we get your mother back to normal."
    Girl: "Wait! Don't leave mea lone..."
    Kukuru: "We shouldn't leave her here alone. A child is not safe when a monster
            is present. She will not be safe with me."
    Girl: "Please..."
    Kukuru: "Okay...I'm probably going to regret this, but you may come along.
            Let's go..."
    Voice: "Welcome to our Arena! Brave challenger, enter the ring!"
    Arc: "...It's a trap."
    Kukuru: "Don't worry, I can handle this. You stay out here and protect the
            little girl."
    Arc: "Are you sure?"
    Kukuru: "I shall be fine...you'll see!"
    [In the arena...]
    Kukuru: !?
    Voice: "Ladies and gentlemen, it's time for today's main event, 'battle girl
           vs the monster horde!' Will she be the ultimate survivor, or monster
           meat? Watch as this legendary battle unfolds!"
    Kukuru: "This looks like it should be fun!
    [She defeats them.]
    Kukuru: "Hrmph. Easier than I expected."
    Voice: "How strong! How dangerous! How absolutely HOT! Who IS this exotic,
           erotic blur of blades? It does not matter. She will be stopped."
    Kukuru: "You were the one that changed the villagers to stone!"
    Monster: "I had to stop them from finding the Wind Orb."
    Kukuru: "Wind Orb?"
    Monster: "Yes. It will be mine, then I will have its power!"
    Kukuru: "Sorry, but the Orb is no more."
    Monster: "You're lying. Arc has it!"
    Kukuru: "Nope. It was broken."
    Monster: "You're lying!
    Kukuru: "I am not."
    Monster: "Are too!"
    Kukuru: "Am not."
    Monster: "Are!"
    Kukuru: "Not."
    Monster: "..."
    Kukuru: "..."
    Monster: "You're beginning to annoy me."
    Kukuru: "You're beginning to annoy me."
    Monster: "I've seen your kind come and go."
    Kukuru: "I've seen your kind come and go."
    Monster: "Stop...copying me!"
    Kukuru: "Stop...copying me!"
    Monster: "I'll tear you limb from limb and get the truth!"
    [But the monster decides to die instead.]
    Kukuru: "What a stupid, greedy monster. He had no idea what trouble that Orb
            would have brought him."
    Arc: "Are you okay?"
    Kukuru: "I defeated the monster. Your mother should be back to normal soon."
    Girl: "Wow! You're strong! Too bad you die such a fine job."
    [The girl was actually a monster.]
    Wizard: "Now, if you'll just hand over the Orb."
    Kukuru: "Oh no! Not THIS again... Are all you monsters thick-headed idiots?"
    Wizard: "If you won't hand over the Orb, you die."
    Kukuru: "Great...just...great. Come on...let's get this over with."
    [The monster dies soon after.]
    Kukuru: "All the townspeople should be back to normal soon."
    Arc: "Why don't these monsters know that the Wind Orb does not exist any more?"
    Kukuru: "Just another manifestation of their greed, I suppose. They must
            possess the unpossessable...in their lust for power."
    Arc: "But, why?"
    Kukuru: "I don't know yet, but we're sure to find out."
    Wind Guardian: "Your assumption is correct. The monsters have been poisoned by
                   greed and their envy of humanity. And, the lack of balance of
                   nature has made the monsters even more horrible."
    Kukuru: "It is the Wind Guardian!"
    Wind Guardian: "Why have you come here with such a serious face?"
    Kukuru: "These are serious times. The Ark has been stolen, and the seal of Dark
            Power is about to be broken."
    Wind Guardian: "Dark Power? ...I see. That explains much."
    Kukuru: "Please! I need your help. I...I have the mirror."
    Wind Guardian: "Little time remains. I will help. Raise your mirror. The one
                   who stole the Ark must have a black heart."
    Kukuru: "Why do you say that?"
    Wind Guardian: "The Ark is not a source of power, but rather a container of
                   sorts. It can contain infinite amounts of power, good or bad.
                   If the person possessing the Ark seeks to revive the Dark One,
                   he will pour the dark desires of humanity into it to achieve
                   his goal. If he succeeds, not only will the balance of nature
                   be upset, he may actually destroy the world we know. In this
                   process, his heart has become as black as his Master's desire.
                   Kukuru, you must stay on guard...danger is everywhere."
    Arc: "So, Romalia's goal is to revive the Dark One."
    Kukuru: "Yes, but Romalia is not the true enemy. The true enemy is the one that
            is controlling Romalia."
    Arc: "It will get much more difficult from this point, right?"
    Kukuru: "Definitely."
    [They go to Alatos.]
    Kukuru: "We need to get through the Azenda Highlands to meet the Light
    [They go there.]
    Kukuru: "Hmm. It's a golem, all right. But it's not moving."
    Arc: "Well, alive or not, it's blocking the way."
    Kukuru: "We could try to hack at it. Do you want to try?"
    Arc: "Yes."
    Kukuru: "Ready!"
    [It doesn't move.]
    Arc: "Probably not a good idea."
    Kukuru: "We'll have to find another way, then. Let's go back to town. We should
            ask around town to see if anyone knows how to get past the golem."
    [They get an old magician to move it. They put a necklace on his wife's grave.]
    Kukuru: "He really loved his wife. Now, he will finally be with her forever.
            This poor golem has been guarding her grave...waiting for his master
            who will never return. Well, all we have left to do is bury the
            necklace. All right. That's done. Here, follow me."
    Light Guardian: "Kukuru, why have you come? You are supposed to be guarding
                    the seal in Touvil!"
    Kukuru: "Light Guardian, the Ark has been stolen by Andel, who has almost
            broken the seal!"
    Light Guardian: "Hmm. This is a grave development."
    Kukuru: "That is why I have come. To collect your power."
    Light Guardian: "Raise the mirror. I shall grant the power you seek. Humans
                    began the journey down this dark path by following their
                    desire. When the world of ancient times neared collapse, the
                    Seven arose to save it. However, if humans were again to fall
                    victim to desire, causing nature to sway from its natural
                    balance, it was forteold that the world would truly end. Humans
                    were given another chance, and now that will soon be lost.
                    Though they do not seem to notice the signs of the end, they
                    all shall perish if the Dark One is revived."
    Kukuru: "I know."
    Light Guardian: "Precious little time remains. Hurry, Kukuru!"
    Kukuru: "Light Guardian... Two who loved nature are sleeping over there. So..."
    Light Guardian: "Yes, I shall watch over them."
    Kukuru: "Thank you. Come, we have much yet to do!"
    [They go to Zariban's town of Elzark.]
    Kukuru: "Soldiers!"
    Arc: "I bet they're Romalian soldiers. But, what are they still doing here?"
    Kukuru: "They must seek the Power Stones."
    Arc: "Of course, Power Stones!"
    Kukuru: "They appear to still be seeking the stones of the Zariban region. We
            have to meet the Water Guardian and get out of here, before there's
    Soldier: !? "You! You're wanted in the death of the King! Don't move! We're
             taking you to Andel!"
    Kukuru: "Dream on. I'm not standing here waiting for you to take me captive."
    Soldier: "Halt!"
    Voice: "Come this way, please! Hurry up...this way! In here! To your right,
    Kukuru: "You're one of the Saryu..."
    Saryu: "No time to explain. In here...quickly!"
    Soldier: "Did you see a girl around here?"
    Saryu: "Well, I don't know..."
    Soldier: "Dammit! We lost her. With Arc's companions in the area, nothing is
             safe. Tell the workers to redouble efforts to break the barrier on
             the shrine."
    [In a room.]
    Saryu: "It is good to see you again, Kukuru."
    Kukuru: "You're the elder's son! The one that took us to the Village!"
    Saryu: "Ah, so you do remember!"
    Kukuru: "Of course. And, thank you for saving us back there. Where are the
            survivors of your village?"
    Saryu: "They have left this land."
    Kukuru: "What? You mean they left Zariban?"
    Saryu: "Yes. When Arc defeated Kasadoll, there was great hope for change. But,
           it did not come to pass. More Romalians soon came, hungry for Power
           Stones. They have destroyed our country in the process of getting the
    Kukuru: "Yes, it looks much worse than before."
    Saryu: "Now, they seek to enter the Water Shrine."
    Kukuru: "Water Shrine?"
    Saryu: "They are trying to gain the power of the Water Guardian. I have put a
           barrier that has slowed their advance thus far. But it is only a matter
           of time before they break it."
    Kukuru: "We need to go there, then...to protect the shrine."
    Saryu: "I must retrieve the key, first."
    Kukuru: "Okay. So, where is it?"
    Saryu: "It is in the ruins of our village."
    Kukuru: "Then let's go!"
    [They go the ruined village.]
    Arc: "It's just as it was..."
    Kukuru: "This is the sad result of humanity's greed and arrogance."
    Saryu: "Please, follow me...this way. This is the key to break the seal."
    Monster: "You hid it there? What a cheap trick, you stupid human! Give it to
    Kukuru: "I won't let you take that key!"
    Monster: "Shut up, girlie! If you value your pathetic life, give me the KEY!"
    Kukuru: "I said NO, and I meant it!"
    Monster: "Your loss, then..."
    [But, the monsters lose their lives instead.]
    Kukuru: "Are you okay?"
    Saryu: "I'm fine."
    Kukuru: "Let's go to the shrine."
    Monster: "Ha, ha, ha! Stupid humans!"
    [At the shrine...]
    Soldier: "We've been watching you since you arrived. We know you came to break
             the seal on the Water Shrine. I must admit, you're making fine
             progress. But this task is not yours to complete. So, just hand over
             the key and I'll let you live."
    Kukuru: "Don't talk down to us! We're not some idiotic children. Do you really
            think we're going to hand over this key to a Romalian pig?"
    Soldier: "Those words will cost you dearly!"
    Kukuru: "At last! You finally show what you really are! This will make taking
            you out even easier..."
    [The soldiers-turned-monsters are slain.]
    Kukuru: "All right, it's clear. Use the key."
    Saryu: "Right. Stand back. That is it. The barrier has been removed."
    Kukuru: "Good! Now we can finally visit the Water Guardian. Water Guardian...
            It is I, Kukuru! Show yourself to us, please. !?"
    Monster: "Not what you were expecting, eh? You didn't defeat us in the Saryu
             village! We let you think you won so you would break the seal and lead
             us here!"
    Kukuru: "You bastard!"
    Monster: "Ha, ha, ha. No time for harsh words now! You have assured the
             destruction of the Water Guardian!"
    Water Guardian: "To the contrary, it is your destruction that is assured."
    Monster: !? W...what!?"
    [The monster dies.]
    Water Guardian: "This was but another sign of the decline of our world."
    Kukuru: "Water Guardian!"
    Water Guardian: "Kukuru, why have you returned so soon?"
    Kukuru: "I have come because the Ark has been stolen. The Dark One has nearly
            broken free of the seal!"
    Water Guardian: "This is distressing news, indeed. There is no time to waste.
                    We must strengthen the seal and regain the Ark."
    Kukuru: "That is why I have come to you. I need your power for the mirror."
    Water Guardian: "I know. Raise it and receive my gift. Kukuru, please listen,
                    before you leave. All the Guardians are struggling to maintain
                    the balance of nature. But our power weakens as the Dark Power
                    grows. I do not know how long we shall be able to stand. Soon,
                    we shall not have the strength even to show ourselves. If you
                    cannot contact us, do not despair. As long as you survive,
                    hope exists."
    Saryu: "Now that the barrier is broken, Romalia will come. It is dangerous to
           stay here."
    Water Guardian: "I can care for myself, do not worry. Besides, I have help
                    right there next to you. This loyal servant will continue to
                    protect the shrine. Go now! The time left is reduced..."
    Kukuru: "Thank you!"
    Water Guardian: "I shall wait for news of your success!"
    Kukuru: "I just wanted to thank you again before we leave. This would not have
            been possible without you. What will you do now?"
    Saryu: "I shall stay here, protecting the shrine. That was the dying wish of
           our village elder. And besides, I feel closer to my slain friends when
           I am here."
    Kukuru: "I see. Well, take care of yourself."
    Saryu: "Thank you, and good luck."
    [They return to Palencia.]
    Soldier: "Andel is leaving. Hurry up!"
    Kukuru: "Something is wrong."
    Villager: "Did you hear that?"
    Geezer: "Yes. Minister Andel sent the military to Touvil."
    Villager: "They're going to check into that new cliff that appeared."
    Geezer: "The minister himself accompanied the troops."
    Kukuru: !? "This is not good! Andel is looking for the Dark Power. We have to
            return to Touvil! Are you ready?"
    Arc: "Sure."
    Kukuru: "Okay, let's go!"
    [They return there.]
    Kukuru: "Now we have to seal the Dark Power. Hurry! We have to get to the back.
            Andel is probably already there."
    [The two eavesdrop.]
    Dark One: "Arc has received the power of the Brave. He mustn't be allowed to
    Andel: "Do not worry. I shall finish them soon. All shall be cared for in
           advance of your triumphant return."
    Dark One: "I am counting on you, Andel. You must gather the power in time..."
    Andel: "It shall be exactly as you desire, Master."
    Kukuru: "Andel is talking to that...thing!"
    Dark One: "And what of the progress on the Martyr Tower?"
    Andel: "All is proceeding according to plan. The towers in the North and South
           Poles will be completed soon."
    Dark One: "Once all the towers are completed, we can control all of humanity.
              Once we gather the dark desires of humanity, my return is assured. I
              am impatient for that time. Tell Gallarno and Yagun to expedite
              the plans."
    Andel: "Yes, Majesty! ! What impudence!"
    Kukuru: "Andel! It's clear your villainy continues!"
    Andel: "The girl from the Sacred Clan! Your name is Kukuru, is it not?"
    Kukuru: "Stop wasting time, Andel. I'm here to stop the seal from being broken.
    Andel: "Words and deeds are, unfortunately, quite discrete. You will never get
           the chance to follow through, young girl. You see? Help is never far
           from my call."
    Kukuru: "You truly are a coward, Andel."
    Andel: "Be that as it may, I shall live to see another day. You, however, may
           not. Farewell."
    [He disappears.]
    Kukuru: "Let's get this over with."
    [They kill the baddies.]
    Kukuru: "Time to see if our work paid off. I'm going to try to use the mirror
            to strengthen the seal. Stand back..."
    Arc: "Kukuru, it's time for me to return."
    Kukuru: "I shall remain here to keep the seal strong. Goodbye, Arc. See you
    Arc: "See you..."
    Kukuru: "Be careful."
    [Arc returns to the Sabatico Shrine in his own time.]
    Kukuru: "Welcome back. The seal is contained for the time being."
    Arc: "Good. I learned the details of Andel's plan. We have to stop him
    Kukuru: "Everybody will prepare and wait for you. They will be in the Silver
    [On the Silver Noah...]
    Chopin: "Everyone is waiting for you."
    Arc: "The remaining towers are key to Andel's plan. They are the actual Martyr
         Towers. The others were merely mind-control and power-collection towers.
         So, now we know that Andel is in a Martyr Tower. We also know what his
         purpose is. All we have to do is find him in either the North or South
         Pole tower. And then, put his plan for reviving the Dark One to an abrupt
    Tosh: "I cannot wait to let my blade taste that dog's flesh!"
    Arc: "The best cours eof action to guarantee we catch him is to split in two
    Poco: "If we take both towers at once, he can't get away!"
    Arc: "Right. Okay, I shall take the North Pole team. Elc, you should lead the
         South Pole team."
    Elc: "Got it."
    Arc: "Who is going with me?"
    [They pick the teams.]
    Arc: "Andel has prove to be a dangerous foe. Be careful."
    Elc: "I will. Good luck!"
    31) NORTH & SOUTH TOWERS                                                 [GS31]
    [At the North Pole Tower...]
    Arc: "Let's go! Huh?! What is this? It's blocking our advance!"
    [At the South Pole Tower...]
    Elc: "Let's go! Hmmm?! What is this? We can't go any further! It's too hard! I
         can't break through the ice wall."
    [At North Pole Tower...]
    Arc: "There's something about this floating ball... Perhaps if I just hit it.
         What? It just...disappeared!"
    [At South Pole Tower, Elc's ice wall crumbles.]
    Elc: "All right. That was weird. I'm not going to try to explain it...but, I
         ain't gonna knock it, either. What?!
    [On North Tower's 9F...]
    Andel: "Mmmm... So, our hero arrives in the nick of time to save the world from
    Arc: "You've got something right for once, Andel. You'll pay for every innocent
         person you ever crushed."
    Andel: "That does seem to be an overly-ambitious plan, don't you think? I'd
           imagine it would be quite time-consuming to avenge all my
           transgressions. Besides, I haven't the time to engage one so naive as
           yourself. The time has come to move to the next level of my plan!"
    Arc: !?
    Andel: "The greed and dark desire of humanity have been gathered into the Ark.
           And with the power we've already collected, the world will soon be
    Arc: "You're mad with the Dark Power you've collected. Your plan doesn't stand
         a chance in hell of succeeding now that I'm here."
    Andel: "Perhaps this will change your mind..."
    [He opens the Ark and changes into a huge monster.]
    Andel: "Ah! That's more like it! And now, it is time to play out the classic
           confrontation once more...Good vs Evil, Light vs Dark..."
    [They defeat Andel.]
    Arc: "It looks like 'Good' wins out over Evil again."
    Andel: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."
    Arc: "What's so funny?"
    Andel: "This isn't over yet! It's too late for you all, now!"
    Arc: "Too late!?"
    Andel: "The Martyr Plan is already in motion...the Dark One comes!"
    Arc: "What are you talking about?"
    Andel: "Watch..."
    Arc: "Andel, you're delusional...you've lost!"
    Andel: "Ha, ha, ha, ha... The Ark has collected the power necessary to revive
           our Master, the Dark One. And nothing you can do now will stop us..."
    Arc: "What are you talking about?"
    [He blows up the Ark.]
    Andel: "Now, no one can stop the seal from breaking, or the return of our
           Master. This world shall be ours once more!"
    [He dies.]
    Arc: "This isn't good...we need to get outta here!"
    [Both of the Pole Towers break. In Romalia Castle's meetin room.]
    Zalbad: "Andel has perished."
    King: "And, what of Arc?"
    Zalbad: "He appears to be headed for Romalia next."
    King: "How can four of my best Generals be slain by a CHILD?! This is an
          inexcusable embarrassment! Zalbad! I do not care what methods you employ.
          I want Arc and his friends DEAD."
    Zalbad: "Certainly, Majesty."
    [In the King's chamber...]
    King: "Arc is thought to be coming to Romalia. Instruct me, please. Tell me
          what to do!"
    Dark One: "Remain calm. There is nothing to worry about. Arc himself cannot
              penetrate Romalia's defenses. And, even if he did reach this castle,
              you have a final card to play, right?"
    King: "Indeed... But...that may destroy the entire world! Are you suggesting
          it is a viable option?"
    Dark One: "Ah, but once you display the might at your command, all of humanity
              will grovel at your feet!"
    King: "Ha, ha, ha. You're right. Of course! Soon, everything I survey shall be
          mine! Ha, ha, ha, ha!"
    [In the Sabatico Shrine...]
    Arc: "At least we know what strength we're up against. If what Andel told us is
         true, little time remains."
    Tosh: "But, are the odds in our favor if we attack Romalia now?"
    Shu: "I do not wish to have any more victims like Danny. We should first gather
         more information."
    Iga: "To know one's enemy completely is to assure victory."
    Elc: "And, we can't afford to lose this battle."
    Arc: "The King of Romalia must be stopped from reviving the Dark One."
    Sania: "Why does the King of Romalia submit to the Dark Power, anyway?"
    Gruga: "He gains some degree of power, but does not note that he has become a
    Elc: "But, if Gaidel is allowed, he will destroy the world!"
    Arc: "After a long and difficult journey, it all comes down to this. Are you
    Elc: "I think I speak for everyone when I say: Hell yeah!"
    32) ROMALIA                                                              [GS32]
    [Everyone enters Houfion. Meanwhile, in his chambers...]
    Zalbad: "Gaidel is such a bumbling fool he doesn't even realize he is being
            manipulated. Soon, he will learn the distressing truth of his
    Soldier: "Sir...Arc and his companions have entered Houfion."
    Zalbad: "Intercept them at once."
    Soldier: "Yes, sir!"
    Dark One: "The time draws near..."
    Zalbad: "Yes, Master! Arc and his companions are preparing for an assault on
    Dark One: "how much time remains before the revival?"
    Zalbad: "The energy has been transferred to the Sky Castle."
    Dark One: "The seal in Touvil cannot be destroyed without outside intervention.
              But, I am counting on the greed of humans to accomplish that."
    Zalbad: "Master, I believe that Gaidel will not disappoint."
    Dark One: "I shall leave that to you, then."
    Zalbad: "Thank you, Master. Soon, the world will at least be ours to control!
            Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha..."
    [In Houfion...]
    Tosh: "Something's wrong...it is too quiet."
    Shu: "Right! Look..."
    Tosh: !?
    Soldier: "So, the criminal Arc and his friends finally returned. We knew you
             would, if we waited long enough."
    Elc: "So, what is this? Some kind of budget ambush? You're a bit short on men."
         (Among other things...)
    Gogen: "Well, I suppose it's the thought that counts."
    Soldier: "Talk is cheap. You're not getting into Romalia."
    Tosh: "You have been given the unfortunate task of stopping us?"
    Soldier: "I shall proudly stop you all! In fact, I'll paint the town with your
    [The soldiers die...]
    Poco: "If they sent a team to ambush us here, there's gotta be more. How are
          we even gonna get close to the wall?"
    Elc: "They're just trying to scare us."
    Gruga: "Though it may seem impossible to enter Romalia, there must be a way.
    Elc: "It's not gonna be easy, that's for sure."
    Arc: "We'll find a way."
    Tosh: "We had better formulate a plan soon, though. Soon, there will be more...
    Arc: "Right. We should search the town, first. Perhaps we can turn up a clue
         as to how to evade their security."
    Shu: "We should start at once."
    [Near the bar...]
    Shu: "..."
    Tosh: "Shu...what's wrong?"
    Arc: "Bad memories, I think."
    Tosh: "The Resistance used to have a base here... The secret entrance was at
          the back of the bar."
    [Flashback to the backroom.]
    Danny: "I have to tell everyone! Shu and Tosh are in danger!"
    [End flashback.]
    Shu: "..."
    Tosh: "Poor Danny..."
    Soldier: "Halt! Do not move! It IS them!"
    Tosh: "It seems our Romalian friends are a little slow. But, I shall be happy
          to beat them into pudding again."
    Soldier: "Attack forms now! Finish them!"
    [But, they only lose again.]
    Sania: "We're not making any progress...they're sending too many soldiers."
    Arc: "We have to find a better way, or we'll just be fighting forever."
    Elc: "We can take 'em out."
    Sania: "But fighting isn't the point! We have a more important task! There has
           to be a better way to get into Romalia."
    Elc: "..."
    Sania: "Don't worry. I did NOT ask YOU to think."
    Elc: "..."
    Arc: "Well, enough talking. Standing here, we're just a target. Let's
         accelerate the search."
    [In the bar...]
    Danny: "Shu?!"
    Shu: "Danny!? You appear to have recovered from your injury."
    Danny: "Hey, it wasn't really a big deal..."
    Shu: "I remember it differently...it seemed life-threatening."
    Danny: "Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Hey, I got over it."
    Shu: "And, for that I am grateful. Allow me to introduce my friends."
    Danny: "Hey, no introduction necessary here! This is Arc!"
    Arc: "Good to meet you!"
    Danny: "You look...stronger in the wanted posters."
    Shante: "Ha, ha, ha."
    Arc: "..."
    Shante: "Oh. Uh, sorry."
    Danny: "You've come to attack Romalia, haven't you? I want in on the action."
    Tosh: "I believe this is where we left off last time."
    Shu: "It is too dangerous for you to follow us, Danny. Have you forgoten?
         Romalia wiped out all your Resistance friends!"
    Danny: "Really? Well, I might have a surprise for you. This way. Stay on guard!
    [They go to the new Resistance Base.]
    Danny: "..."
    Shu: !?
    Danny: "So, the Resistance is alive?"
    Arc: "But, who is leading the cause?"
    Danny: "I am."
    Tosh: "You!?"
    Danny: "Yes. After you left, we were nearly wiped out by Romalia."
    Man: "We were treated like garbage. No...worse than garbage."
    Danny: "But, it was that harsh treatment that put our resolve in focus. We
           decided that if we did nothing to stand up, nothing would change. And
           so, we banded together again, secretly."
    Tosh: "I must admit that I am surprised."
    Danny: "I thought you might be."
    Sania: "This is a good opportunity for all of us!"
    Arc: "Yes... If we work with the Resistance, we should be able to infiltrate
    [In Zalbag's chambers...]
    Soldier: "Sir, Arc has contacted the new Resistance members in Houfion."
    Zalbad: "Their numbers do not concern me. One or one thousand...they are
            insects waiting to be crushed. I want them wiped out...NOW!"
    Soldier: "Yes, sir."
    Zalbad: "I will not allow Arc and his criminal friends to ruin this. I have
            worked too long...too hard...to see this fall apart now."
    [Back at the base...]
    Man: "As we learned from the last attack, the tunnel is their weak point."
    Tosh: "YEs, but it was well-guarded, and it will be moreso now."
    Danny: "Then we can act as decoys."
    Elc: "What?"
    Danny: "While we're attracting attention away from the tunnel...you can be
           infiltrating Romalia through the tunnel."
    Tosh: "That sounds too dangerous to you."
    Danny: !?
    Tosh: "You would have to delay them for some time. I do not think you would be
          able to hold them long enough."
    Danny: "Hey! We can do it!"
    Iga: "Foolish men die young. We are here today by remaining cautious. You would
         do well to learn from our efforts."
    Danny: "But..."
    Tosh: "We are settling nothing by talking here. We are the strong ones. I say
          we take our chances and fight in the open!"
    Shante: "That is simply reckless!"
    Sania: "No, Tosh is right."
    Shante: "Sania, have you completely lost your mind?"
    Sania: "Don't you see? We should exchange roles! We can be the decoys while the
           Resistance breaks into Romalia."
    Danny: "R...Really?"
    Sania: "..."
    Arc: "Yes. If we appear in the open, they will send everything to us."
    Sania: "And, while we hold them, Romalian security is being compromised.
    Shante: "And, once the Resistance is in, we can join them."
    Danny: "We'll do our best to break down Romalia's defenses."
    Sania: "You will have no choice."
    Danny: "But, what if we fail?"
    Sania: "I believe that would be the end...for all of us."
    Danny: "..."
    Sania: "Are you scared?"
    Danny: "N...no..."
    Voice: "Ahhhhh! Romalian soldiers have infiltrated the... Ugahh!"
    [A soldier shoots him.]
    Soldier: "Good, the party's all here. This'll make it easy..."
    Danny: "Son of a..."
    Tosh: "Leave them to us. You need to escape!"
    Danny: "But...we'll fight with you!"
    Tosh: "Nonsense! You have a mission! We'll join you soon! A senseless death
          here will serve no good."
    Danny: "B...but..."
    Tosh: "Go!"
    Danny: "We'll meet you at the wall. Good luck!"
    Tosh: "GO!"
    Danny: "Use evacuation route Alpha! Now! ..."
    Shu: "Hurry!"
    Soldier: "This is the end of your little crime spree!"
    Soldier 2: "You'll die here."
    Arc: "You're not the first to say that."
    Elc: "And, you won't be the last."
    Soldier: "Says you!"
    [They kill the baddies.]
    Tosh: "I hope the Resistance got away cleanly."
    Arc: "We'd better move to the Romalian Wall to see if they made it."
    Tosh: "This place is finished as a base."
    Shu: "Yeah."
    Tosh: "Urya! That's it!"
    [He breaks off the handle. In the Romalian Castle meeting room...]
    Gaidel: "Arc is heading toward Romalia, isn't he?"
    Zalbad: "I have sent soldiers to stop him."
    Gaidel: "That is not ENOUGH! If you KNOW where Arc is, why do you stand before
            me? Go and KILL HIM!!"
    Zalbad: "Pardon my ignorance, Majesty, but...if I were to leave, would that
            not leave you unprotected?"
    Gaidel: "...Y...Yes. Of course, my security is of paramount concern. But if
            you must remain here to protect me, send more soldiers to kill Arc!
            MORE SOLDIERS!!"
    Zalbad: "At once, Majesty."
    [In Gaidel's chambers...]
    Gaidel: "Arc is getting too close! I cannot rely on Zalbad to protect me
            adequately any longer! You must do something to assist me!"
    Dark One: "Do not worry. This castle shall never fall."
    Gaidel: "But, they are defeating my generals in rapid succession! No one has
            been able to stop them!"
    Dark One: "Why do you even furrow your brow? Your power is like that of a god!
              The disruptive acts of children should not concern you."
    Gaidel: "Y...You're right! I am like a god! No one can defeat ME!"
    Dark One: "See? You feel better already."
    [In Zalbad's chambers...]
    Dark One: "Gaidel is near the breaking point."
    Zalbad: "All we have to do now is wait for him to activate the switch."
    Dark One: "And, how about yourself?"
    Zalbad: "Do not worry about my part of this. I know just what to do."
    Soldier: "Arc is nearing the wall!"
    Zalbad: "Use any amount of force necessary. I want all of them DEAD!"
    Soldier: "Yes, sir!"
    [At the Romalian Tunnel...]
    Tosh: "We shall draw their fire, while you breach the wall. You must not fail!"
    Danny: "We won't! Let's go!"
    Tosh: "They just keep coming!"
    Arc: "We've got to hold them to give Danny time... Just do your best to keep
         them distracted!"
    Tosh: "Let's go!"
    [They stall the enemy for a long time. Danny's troops get in place.]
    Danny: "You remember where to meet, don't you?"
    Man: "Check!"
    Danny: "There's no guarantee Arc and his friends will be successful back there.
           We'll have to blow Romalia apart ourselves! Quickly! Let's get off these
           tracks before the enemy spots us..."
    [In Zalbad's chamber...]
    Soldier: "Sir..."
    Zalbad: "Yes?"
    Soldier: "The Resistance has breachd the top of the wall and is headed toward
             the interior."
    Zalbad: "How did this happen?"
    Soldier: "We diverted much of our force to hold Arc on the tracks near the
    Zalbad: "It seems as if our prey is toying with us... Break off the attack on
            Arc. Command the soldiers to retreat."
    Soldier: "But...sir...won't that allow Arc to breach the wall as well?"
    Zalbad: "Yes! That's the point! We'll take care of them all at the same time!"
    Tosh: "They're retreating!"
    Shu: "It appears Danny has kept his part of the deal."
    Arc: "However, he'll be in over his head soon if we don't catch up. Let's go!"
    [In the Castle Meeting Room...]
    Gaidel: "Arc and his Resistance friends have breached our wall! Why did you
            allow this to happen?!"
    Zalbad: "Majesty, we sent too many soldiers to stop Arc...it was a decoy attack
            to draw us away from the Resistance breach."
    Gaidel: "YOU IDIOT! There is no excuse for this kind of oversight! Did you
            learn your military strategy from a BOARD GAME? If Arc gets any closer
            to this castle, you shall be held personally accountable! Do you
            UNDERSTAND?! Personally...ACCOUNTABLE!"
    Zalbad: "I understand completely, Majesty."
    [In Gaidel's chamber...]
    Gaidel: "Zalbad has become useless! He allowed Arc to BREACH THE WALL!"
    Dark One: "Gaidel, you must calm yourself, so you can think clearly. Why does
              this breach bother you so?"
    Gaidel: "Arc has bested all but one of my best generals. If he penetrates the
            castle, I shall fall, as well."
    Dark One: "Have you forgotten? This castle is impregnable!"
    Gaidel: "But..."
    Dark One: "If you do not feel safe, however, you CAN destroy the world outside.
              That would neatly solve your little problem and put you mind at ease.
    Gaidel: "I...I...I should not fear Arc. I have the power! You're right."
    Dark One: "Of course! There is nothing in the world that should frighten you."
    Gaidel: "You're right! You're absolutely right! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!"
    [The team makes it into the town of Romalia.]
    Arc: "We've almost reached Romalia Castle. Let's start running!"
    Elc: "Yeah!
    Soldier: "Idiots."
    Soldier 2: "Entering Romalia was a death wish."
    Soldier 3: "You need a lesson in mortality."
    Soldier 4: "YOUR mortality."
    Soldier 5: "When you entered our gate, your fate was sealed. Here, you shall
    Tosh: "I see not the means before me to carry out that statement."
    Soldier 5: "Then, watch closely!"
    [They defeat all the enemies.]
    Soldier 6: "Unnnggh... We can't defeat you. But, you will not leave here alive!
    [The north gate closes.]
    Tosh: "What?!"
    Arc: "They closed the path!"
    Poco: "Ah!"
    Tosh: "Danny! Are you all right?"
    Danny: "We're all fine, but we can trade stories later. Quickly! Come this
    [They enter a safehouse.]
    Danny: "This is the safehouse of the Resistance inside Romalia. The wall you
           saw shoot up was triggered by Romalian security. There are five main
           barriers within Romalia. Each wall is wired to the master system and
           one override switch. Find the override switch, and you have the key to
           downing the wall. It is impossible to reach the castle until at least 4
           walls are disabled. This part of the operation will be the most
           difficult. You should rest here before continuing. There are beds
    [Later, they save a Resistance member.]
    Man: "I thought I was dead. Thank you for saving me."
    [Further in, a soldier conversation is overheard.]
    Arc: !
    Soldier: "How is it that all of us got put on duty at the same time? I mean,
             isn't it a little overkill for this no-activity zone?"
    Soldier 2: "There's no way the intruders are giong to make it this close to the
    Soldier 3: "We could sneak off to Houfion for a bite to eat..."
    Soldier 4: "Yeah, but this time of day, only the winos are still asleep.
               They're easy pickins, but they leave a bad aftertaste."
    Soldier 5: "We could probably get tastier snacks at the iron pile. The 
               scavengers there are in better shape, so they taste fresher."
    Soldier: "Yeah, but they're so much work to run down. I was looking for 
             something quick and easy. How about a kid? Kids always taste fresh."
    Soldier 6: "Can't argue with that. Never had a spoiled kid. Wait. Let me
               rephrase that. Actually, never had a kid that wasn't fresh. The
               spoiled kids are the most fun. They never see it coming."
    Soldier 5: "Yeah, yeah. We hear about it every time we go out for a snack. Can
               we just get to Houfion and get back? If we're gone too long, we'll
               get busted again..."
    Soldier: "What's this? It looks like our snacks have come to us."
    Soldier 5: "Some of them do look tasty... ...This should be a piece of cake."
    Soldier 3: "Did you have to say it like that? Now I'm even hungrier!"
    Soldier 2: "Hey, I've got dibs on the brains!"
    Soldier 6: "That's not fair! You got them last time!"
    Soldier 2: "Enough arguing! Kill them first. We'll divide them up afterward..."
    [The monsters are killed.]
    Soldier 7: "Okay boys, your shift is... Hey? Where's everyone?" (Those jokers!
               They're hiding again. They've got to knock off this juvenile crap...
               No sign of them here. I know! They've got to be over here... Hrmph.
               Nothing.) "Ha ha!" (Not here, either. This is freaking me out.)
               "Okay guys! You can come out! Stop messing with my head! ! ...Oh,
               uh, h...hi. I...uh, just...just came out...for the...shift...
    [He runs off.]
    Arc: "That was strange. Let's get in and out before he tells someone."
    [They go to the Underpass Entrance after finding all the switches.]
    Arc: "Are you having trouble with that?"
    Danny: "I got it...just give me another second. Yes! There! The door is open!"
    Tosh: "Excellent work, Danny."
    Poco: "Yeah, good job."
    Danny: "Glad to be of service! Just hurry and get to the castle, before it's
           too late."
    Tosh: "We will succeed, whatever the cost."
    Arc: "Let's get moving."
    Shu: "Right."
    [They go in through the underpass' route.]
    Poco: "W...We're going in...in THERE?"
    Shante: "What are you, a man or a mouse?"
    Poco: "Well...usually a man, but..."
    Lieza: "What's wrong, Gruga?"
    Gruga: "I distrust narrow, dark spaces, as well."
    Sania: "I can't believe it! You're too big to be scared!"
    Gruga: "It is not a matter of being frightened. It is a caution born of
           practical experience."
    Shu: "What do you think, Arc?"
    Arc: "My only fear is that we'll be trapped in there if they attack from both
         ends. So we'd better get moving before they discover us."
    Shante: "Good. Let's go!"
    [They come to the castle.]
    Arc: "Zalbad!!"
    Zalbad: "So, Arc and his loyal band has finally made it. Unfortunately, the
            shine of your victory is about to turn dull. My Royal Guard has been
            specially trained to fight you. Here. You'll see what I mean. Farewell.
            In every sense of the well..."
    [They defeat the royal guard.]
    Arc: "Give up now, Zalbad!"
    Zalbad: "Hmmm... You have slain even the castle honor guard. But you shall not
            enter this castle alive!"
    [In Gaidel's chambers...]
    Dark One: "Zalbad failed to stop Arc and the Resistance."
    Gaidel: "I expected him to fail from the moment Arc defeated the first of my
            generals. Those brats will be sorry. The time has come to show them my
    Arc: "Zalbad is plotting something else..."
    Shu: "Arc, we must go after him."
    Arc: "Yes, but... ..."
    Tosh: "What is wrong, Arc?"
    Arc: "Do you hear that?"
    Poco: "What? Woo, woo, ahh, woo, woo!"
    Elc: "What's going on?!"
    Shante: "Aaaah..."
    [The Romalian Castle rises into the air, breaking apart the city.]
    Resistance Man: "No way...!"
    Resistance Man: "NO!!"
    Danny: "What the hell's going on?"
    Resistance Man: "Look! Look at that!"
    Danny: "But...that's impossible! The castle's floating!"
    [In Gaidel's chambers...]
    Gaidel: "Now the world can see the awesome power I have at my command!"
    Dark One: "I believe you have taken everyone by surprise with your decisive
    Gaidel: "Haven't I? And, it's a grand feeling! Ha, ha, ha, ha!!"
    Dark One: "All the pieces are in place. Everything depends on the actions of
              Arc, now."
    [In town...]
    Elc: "I have to admit, I didn't expect THAT. It was one hell of a trick!"
    Shante: "What do we do now, Arc?"
    Iga: "We are running out of options. Soon the Dark One will be fully revived."
    Arc: "There has to be a way to get in..."
    Gogen: "Ho, ho, ho! Come on! You're not THAT dense. It's in the sky!"
    Arc: "Of course! The Silver Noah!"
    Elc: "Great! There's no time to discuss it. Let's go!"
    [At the skyport...]
    Arc: "Chongara, we need to use the Silver Noah!"
    Chongara: "Biiig mess. Now not good for flying."
    Arc: "I'm afraid we haven't the time to wait."
    Chongara: "Chongara know. Big finals with badness ready now, eh? If Chongara
              take you, come back might not happen. You sure to go now? Or wait
              little time to rest first?
    33) ROMALIA CASTLE                                                       [GS33]
    [The Silver Noah crashes into the Flying Castle.]
    Chongara: "Is Arc all together still?"
    Arc: "Yes, Chongara."
    Chopin: "It wasn't the best landing, but at least we can still disembark."
    Arc: "What about you?"
    Chongara: "Pah! Do not worry. Chongara and Chopin be good! Chongara one of
              Seven. Can take care of own, eh?"
    Chopin: "You'd better get inside the castle..."
    [They go inside.]
    Elc: "Great. Another freaky set of rooms. This one's weirder than the last!"
    Arc: "We're going to have to find some kind of exit...and fast. We should
         divide up, so we can search faster."
    [Eventually they find Zalbad.]
    Arc: "Zalbad!"
    Tosh: "This time you won't be able to run from us!"
    Zalbad: "Run? Ha, ha, ha! I have no need to run from you! You are a minor
            annoyance, nothing more. Soon, Gaidel shall fully revive our great
            King. Nothing you can do will stop that."
    Arc: "You rely on the power of a human to revive your dark master? That seems
    Zalbad: "To the contrary. To have devised this plan at all proves our strength.
            Monsters are barred from manipulating the power of the ark, for good or
            bad. So, we devised a plan taht used the greed and dark desire of
            humanity to work for us. Even though we were barred from physically
            touching the Ark, we eventually controlled it. And, because of the
            humans we controlled, the power of the Guardians weakened. Now, Gaidel
            stands in the room behind me, poised to take the final step...so that
            our glorious reign of darkness will begin anew! It's almost too
    Elc: "But the Dark One hasn't been revived yet, and the Guardians still live.
         It seems to me like you've got a lot of bridges yet to cross. And the
         tough part is...now WE'RE here to stop you."
    Zalbad: "Ha, ha, ha! What a charming little speech. I'm certain school bullies
            everywhere would be shaking in their boots upon hearing it. But, it
            will take much more than words to shake ME. Perhaps this will persuade
            you to realize the futility of your efforts."
    [Zalbad turns into a monolith, but gets defeated anyway.]
    Arc: "He said Gaidel was in the back! We have to get in there and stop him!"
    Zalbad: "I...I misjudged your...your power. But soon, you shall still witness
            the firstfruits of humanity's dark desire...the product of foolishness,
            greed, jealousy, and inherent weakness. S...Step into the...the next
            room... Then you may witness the moment that humanity triggers its own
    [They go upwards to Gaidel's chambers.]
    Arc: "Stop Gaidel! Don't do it!"
    Gaidel: "Don't...don't come any closer!"
    Dark One: "Gaidel, they intend to take your power. It is time to show your true
              strength...by unleashing my power."
    Gaidel: "B...but if I break the seal...the world...will end. What is a King
            without a country? I...I can't destroy my own people."
    Dark One: "Gaidel...you're smarter than that! Have you already forgotten? We
              are floating in the sky! From this vantage point, you can restore the
              world as you see fit. And with my power, we can recreate whatever you
    Elc: "Gaidel! That...thing is lying! What you're about to do will ruin
         everything. There will be no recovery according to your wish. Just
    Arc: "Don't activate the switch! We haven't come to kill you...we wish you no
         harm. We have only come to save the world from collapse and defeat the
         evil that enslaves you."
    Gaidel: "You're lying! You killed all my generals! I...I can't believe a word
            you speak!"
    Dark One: "That's right. They cannot be trusted to tell the truth. They killed
              your generals, and now they seek to kill you."
    Arc: "That's not true, Gaidel! We don't wish to kill you...we must just stop...
    Gaidel: "You did this! YOU forced me to the edge. Now I have no choice! If you
            hadn't pushed me...I wouldn't have to do THIS!"
    Arc: "No...WAIT!"
    [He breaks the ark's seal. Around the world people are shown running frantic
     in the streets, with carnage everywhere, as the land breaks and floods start
     to happen. In the Sabatico Shrine...]
    Kukuru: ! !? "The seal has broken?! The Dark Power will soon escape! Arc..."
    Dark One: "Ha, ha, ha! Daughter of the Sacred Clan, your barrier is a memory
              now...and all because of the stupid humans. How does it feel to have
              been betrayed by the humans you trusted?"
    Kukuru: "Your words do not lessen my resolve. I still have people who believe
            in me. I will protect them!"
    Dark One: "Ha, ha, ha! Defiant to the last. I can't say that I'm surprised.
              Absorbing your power will be the final step in my revival. Too bad
              you couldn't have known that when you started this at the Flame Cion.
              ...I bet you regret that action every waking hour!"
    Kukuru: "You're not back yet! I'll confine you again myself!"
    Dark One: "...N...nooooo! ...I...can...can...cannot..."
    Kukuru: "I did it! I must strengthen the seal immediately! W...what? But, I
            defeated you!"
    Dark One: "Ha, ha, ha! Do you really think you could beat me? Stupid girl!"
    Kukuru: "..."
    Dark One: "Everything is finally in place! I shall sacrifice you to gain the
              energy to complete my return!"
    [In the flying castle...]
    Arc: "What... What did you do!?"
    Elc: "God damn you!"
    Gaidel: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Did you see? That was a manifestation of my
    Arc: "You idiot! Don't you understand what you've done?!"
    Gaidel: "Yes, pefectly. I have become ruler of the world!"
    Elc: "You brain-dead, cowardly bastard!! I can't believe you DID it."
    Dark One: "Isn't it pefect? The world of humanity has finally come to an end!"
    Gaidel: "Now that I have released the power...I can do as I please. I believe
            my first task shall be to..."
    Dark One: "Gaidel, you have served your purpose. Goodbye."
    [He fires a beam and disintegrates Romalia's ruler.]
    Gaidel: "Gwaaahhh!"
    Dark One: "I must thank you, Arc."
    Arc: "What!?"
    Dark One: "If you had not driven Gaidel to the edge, I would not been able to
    Arc: "You set this up from the start!"
    Dark One: "Of course. Do you doubt my cunning?"
    Arc: "..."
    Dark One: "The negative energy of humanity was the power of my return..but a
              human had to willing release me. A weak, pathetic human."
    Arc: "Gaidel might have been weak and short-sighted but we are not!"
    Elc: "We don't intend to let humanity go down without a fight! This isn't over
    Dark One: "Ha, ha, ha. Your silly female companion said the same...right before
              I assimilated her."
    Arc: "What?!"
    Dark One: "Don't worry. You'll be together again, soon. And with that power,
              everything will finally be mine! Ha, ha, ha! Your last card has been
              played, Guardians! Unfortunately, it was not the card you had hoped.
              Now, I have the power to destroy you all! Nothing shall remain!"
    [They defeat the Dark One's 2nd and 3rd forms.]
    Dark One: "For humans to wield such power for good is...unexpected. However, I
              shall not be sealed again! If I cannot possess everything in this
              world...then I shall destroy it!"
    Elc: "That sick bastard is going to destroy us all!"
    Arc: "I must stop him...but how?!"
    Dark One: "W...what is happening? M...my body..."
    [Kukuru appears.]
    Kukuru: "Don't give up, Arc!"
    Arc: "Kukuru? Kukuru!"
    Kukuru: "Arc, listen closely. My body was destroyed when the Dark One
            assimilated me. But now that you have weakened him, I can hold him by
            the force of my will. Arc, you must seal him again, while I can still
            keep him immobilized."
    Arc: "But, the Ark was destroyed..."
    [Yoshua appears.]
    Yoshua: "My son, channel the power of your being into the sword you possess.
            Filled with your power, the sword will seal the Dark One. Arc, you must
            do it before my consciousness is gone, hurry...
    [He and Kukuru disappear.]
    Dark One: "I...cannot...believe that this girl's will is stronger than mine!
              Arc, if you seal me, you shall perish in the process! You must decide
              if the world is worth enough to sacrifice your life."
    Arc: "I believe light is the future, not darkness. Guardians! Empower me to
         overcome the calamity from ancient times! Drink from the cup of my pain
         and anger!"
    Dark One: "You...won't seal me...forever! As long as...humans harbor dark
              thoughts...my return will...Gwahh!"
    [The Flying castle falls to the earth and the players are scattered.]
    Elc: "Lieza, are...are you alright?"
    Lieza: "Yes. Did...we all survive?"
    Shante: "I know I'm counting my blessings!
    Elc: "We should find the others..."
    Sania: "But first, let's wake up, Poco."
    Poco: "Ouch! That wasn't very nice! I've been through a traumatic experience!"
    Gogen: "Ho, ho! That was much tougher than the last 'last battle'. Remind me
           to skip the next one. I'm getting too old for this sort of thing."
    Sania: "We're counting on there not BEING a next time."
    Tosh: "We are yet missing some of our party. The silly child... Metal one!
          Where are you?"
    [Choko and Diekbeck appear, too.]
    Elc: "Okay, we're all here. Now that we're all together, let's see what's left
         out there. Look at that. Everything's gone."
    Lieza: "It's terrible..."
    Tosh: "..."
    Elc: "It makes me wonder what we were fighting for. Arc died, and for what?
         So we could inherit this desperate and hopeless future? We didn't stop
         the world from ending, we survived it. And, now we're left with nothing."
    Lieza: "Elc..."
    Elc: "Damn it...this wasn't supposed to happen!"
    Voice: "Elc, this is not the end."
    Elc: !
    [Arc and Kukuru's spirits appear.]
    Lieza: "Arc!"
    Arc: "As long as there is life, there is hope.
    Lieza: "Kukuru!"
    Kukuru: "The world has been damaged greatly...but it still remains...and life
            yet exists. The fact that there is life at all is a major victory!"
    Arc: "You must find the survivors and begin the rebuilding. The gift we have
         all given humanity is great. It is the gift of light...the light of hope.
         And now, you must show that hope to those remaining. And that light shall
         burn brightly once more...in the eyes of your children. Elc, I leave this
         gift in your capable hands.
    [The two spirits ascend to the heavens hand in hand as the credits roll.]
                                        THE END
    01) INDIGOS SEWER RESEARCH                                               [JB01]
    [Elc sees the dry sluiceway.]
    Elc: "Hmmm. No water...this is definitely the right place. Um? It looks like
         that pile of trash is blocking the sewer. I better get a closer look. I
         don't believe it! That pile of slimes is blocking the whole town's
    [After the battle...]
    Elc: "Looks like the sewer is flowing normally now that the slimes are gone.
         I guess all we have to do now is collect the bounty."
    02) GHOST HOUSE RUIN TOWN                                                [JB02]
    [At Ruin Town...]
    Elc: "Is that the Haunted House? Let's go inside. It's as creepy as everyone
         said. Huh?? Auugh!!"
    Voice: "GO - HOME - OR - DIE - HERE!"
    Elc: "Ha! Hunters never quit, especially when they're told! Let's go upstairs!"
    [There, a little kid is playing.]
    Kid: "Oh, no! You found me!"
    Elc: "Are you the one causing all the trouble?"
    Kid: "I'm sorry. It's just so funny when people are scared!"
    Elc: "Whatever you say. Where did you find that skeleton?"
    Kid: "You mean this? This was... It was inside that box over there. But it was
         just a heap of bones when I found it. I put them together and gave it a
    Elc: "That means..."
    [Monsters appear in the room.]
    Elemental: "You have desecrated the dead!"
    [It enters the skeleton.]
    Skeleton: "Now you will pay for your misdeed!"
    Elc: "Over my dead body!"
    [Baldol is defeated.]
    Baldol: "Uhhh...dead...again?!"
    Elc: "Are you alright?"
    Kid: "Thank you."
    Elc: "Huh?!"
    [The kid floats and glows.]
    Kid: "That monster was controlled by evil. He didn't even know what he was
         doing...or if he was dead or not...nor even who he killed... Thank you
         for saving his spirit. ...Now...I can...leave, too..."
    [He disappears in a beam of light.]
    Elc: "Okay, that was officially weird."
    Lieza: "..."
    Shu: "I've seen a lot of weird, and that ranks."
    Elc: "Let's get out of here."
    Lieza: "No argument here. Let's go."
    03) INDIGOS JEWELRY ROBBERY                                              [JB03]
    Clerk: "You're a Hunter from the Guild, aren't you? Well, I have a job for you
           tonight! Are you ready for it? I'm counting on you."
    [That night, after closing, some thugs blow up a wall and enter.]
    Docsun: "Heh! At last these gems will be mine! March! Smash! Collect the
            jewels! Hurry!"
    Elc: "Why are you in a hurry? Expecting me?"
    Doscun: "Damn! A Hunter!"
    Elc: "Yep. It's a Hunter. With some friends."
    Shu: "If you drop the jewels and just back out of here, we may forget we saw
    Docsun: "Never! Golems...SMASH!"
    Elc: "Well now, those sound like fightin' words, eh Shu?"
    Shu: "I would have to agree. Unfortunate for them."
    [They prevent the heist.]
    Docsun: "Jewels...my precious...jewels..."
    [The cops enter.]
    Commander: "Hah! Robbers! We've got you now! !...?"
    Shu: "I'm afraid you're a little late. We already stopped the robbery."
    Commander: "Shu. Are you trying to show me up? Make me look stupid?"
    Shu: "No sir. You're the law here. We were just hired to stop this robbery by
         the owners here."
    Elc: "And we did exactly that. Stopped the scum cold."
    Commander: "E...Elc! What are you doing back here?"
    Elc: "A little of this and a little of that. I'll be around a while. I'm sure
         we'll cross again."
    Shu: "Well, officer, I'll leave this place to you then. Elc, Lieza, let's go."
    [They leave.]
    Commander: "Great, as if we don't have enough trouble with the Cabal and
               monsters! Now we've got that troublemaker Elc back in town..."
    Policeman: "What should we go now? The thieves are gone..."
    Commander: "I don't know! Grab a broom and clean up this mess!"
    04) BARNS' LOST DOG                                                      [JB04]
    [In front of the local tavern:]
    Mr. Barns: "Are you the Hunter? Good! I want you to find my dog. He looks like
               this... I know my dog has to be around here somewhere. I'm just sick
               that I lost him in the first place. When you find him, bring him
               back as soon as you can, okay?
    [Down in the sewers...]
    Elc: "Ha! There's Barns' dog!"
    Ghoul: "Not one step closer! This is my lunch, and I'm not sharing!"
    Elc: "Well, sorry to disappoint, but it's my job to return the pooch. I'm not
         leaving here without it. Guess you're going hungry."
    Ghoul: "You're right. You're not leaving here. The mutt's our appetizer, and
           you're the main course!"
    Elc: "Well, I guess I'm gonna have to work for the pay on this one!"
    [Elc kills the monsters.]
    Elc: "Cute pup."
    Lieza: "Aww...look! He yawned!"
    Elc: "It was some fight to get him. Better be SOME reward."
    Lieza: "Let's get him out of here. Come on, poochie..."
    [Back near the tavern...]
    Boy: "You're the Hunter, aren't you? I have a message from Mr. Barns. 'I waited
         as long as I could, however, business has forced me to travel abroad. In
         the event that you find my dog, please take care of it until I return.'
         Mr. Barns also left these for you."
    System: Received 4 Doggy Treats
    Boy: "I have to go now. Bye!"
    Elc: "Great. Do a job, get a fleabag to take care of. But, he's the customer.
         I suppose I better watch his pet."
    05) WEIRD SEWER SOUNDS                                                   [JB05]
    [In the Indigos sewer...]
    Voice: "SE-RO-IM-EL-SA-LEM..."
    Elc: "Huh?! I bet this is the weird sound townspeople were talking about..."
    Voice: "Stop! Don't move! Who are you? Why have you come here? Wait! Don't
           tell me! I already know your intent! You have come to rob me of my
           precious experiments!"
    Elc: "Uh, no. I've come to shut you up. You're freaking out the townsfolk."
    ???: "You don't know who you're dealing with!"
    Elc: "Frankly, I don't care. I've got a job to do, and today, you're it."
    ???: "You should learn to listen without interrupting! For I am the great
         necromancer whom everyone will soon fear!"
    Elc: "Uh, yeah, right."
    ???: "Your impudence is beginning to annoy me!"
    Elc: "Well then, let's just have a battle and get this over with."
    ???: "Ha, ha, ha. As you wish! Let me summon some of the undead to assist in
         your demise!"
    Elc: "Alright. He's definitely serious."
    ???: "Kill them!"
    [Elc beats the crap out of one and all.]
    Piers Beronica: "I...I give up. Please don't hurt me!"
    Elc: "Why were you singing the strange songs here in the sewers?"
    Piers Beronica: "I don't sing! I recite spells."
    Elc: "It doesn't matter. You are frightening the townspeople. They want me to
         stop you. So quit the chanting and the necromancy and I'll let you walk
         out of here alive."
    Piers Beronica: "Fair enough. I promise to never again dabble in reanimating
                    the dead. But, um, is it alright if I keep my doll?"
    Elc: "Uh...fine. Just don't use it to cause trouble."
    Piers Beronica: "No problem. Goodbye."
    [They leave.]
    Elc: (That was certainly bizarre. Well, at least the job is complete. Lieza's
         already gone, so I'm out of here, too.)
    06) INDIGOS WHISKEY DELIVERY                                             [JB06]
    Elc: "Hey there, barkeep!"
    Barkeep: "Oh! Hi, Elc. What's going on?"
    Elc: "The Gulid says you have a job for me."
    Barkeep: "I do indeed. I need you to receive a shipment from the tavern in
             Indigos. The owner of the tavern already has the goods crated up and
             ready to go. Easy money, eh? Good luck!"
    [At the Indigos bar...]
    Barkeep: "Are you the Hunter? The tavern owner in Prodias told me to expect
             you. Here's the goods. That's a very expensive package. Be careful,
    [On the street...]
    Bandit: "We'll take that little delivery off your hands, missy."
    [Instead, they're murdered by Elc, who returns to Prodias.]
    Barkeep: "Hey, thanks for delivering this stuff! You can pick up your reward
             at the Guild. Hey, how about a drink. On the house!"
    07) SEARCH FOR MISSING CHILD                                             [JB07]
    Man: "You're the Hunter from the Guild, right? My grandson is missing. I'd
         like you to find him. He looks like this. I don't think he could have
         gone far. But then again, I dozed off for a while there... I was told
         you're the best, so I'm looking forward to seeing him soon!"
    [Elc finds the brat in his apartment building.]
    Kid: "Hey!"
    [He brings him to his grandpa.]
    Man: "What?! You found him! This is great! I knew hiring a Hunter to do the
         job was the right choice."
    08) DOLL COLLECTOR IN RUINS                                              [JB08]
    Piers Beronica: "Oh, no! What are YOU doing here? If you've come to steal my
                    dolls, you'll be bitterly disappointed!"
    Elc: "I don't want your stupid dolls!"
    Piers Beronica: "Then leave! I don't have time for you!"
    Elc: "Oh...yeah...right. Got to get back to dolly playtime, eh?"
    Piers Beronica: "So now you mock me? Perhaps you'd like a demonstration of my
    Elc: "I don't have time for this, you middle-aged deviant."
    Piers Beronica: "Well, you'd better make time! Because I've got a party ready
                    just for YOU! I am the Doll Master! My magic flames control
                    the dolls! Ha, ha, ha! Hey! You haven't won yet!"
    Elc: "Watch this!"
    [They save Piers from his creations.]
    Piers Beronica: "Mmmm, that was close."
    Elc: "You're a disturbing man. With a disturbing fetish...hey, you!"
    Piers Beronica: "You again?!"
    Elc: "You're the Great Necromancer from the sewer, aren't you?"
    Piers Beronica: "I haven't reanimated the dead since we last met, just like I
    Elc: "Yes, but didn't I tell you not to cause any more trouble?"
    Piers Beronica: "Me? Causing trouble?"
    Elc: "Don't play innocent with me. You're luring children in here."
    Piers Beronica: "Is that wrong?"
    Elc: "Parents are getting a little...nervous."
    Piers Beronica: "Why?"
    Elc: "Because you're an untrustworthy freak."
    Piers Beronica: "Maybe I should give this up and become a monk."
    Elc: "Isn't that a little drastic?"
    Piers Beronica: "I'll become a monk, and someday..."
    Elc: "You don't have to make a radical change. Just stop being a freak...
         Hrmph. He's gone..."
    Lieza: "I must admit I do fell a bit sorry for him."
    Elc: "Awww...he'll get over it. Freaks always do. Well, mission accomplished.
         Let's get out of here..."
    09) DANGEROUS TYPES IN RUINS                                             [JB09]
    Lieza: "Elc! Over there!"
    [A monk is preaching to some baddies.]
    Lieza: "Those must be the ones we're looking for."
    Elc: "Let's go."
    Piers Beronica: "...And that is why our actions are permitted by the gods...oh?
                    You two! Are you new believers?"
    Elc: -> Yes.
            Piers Beronica: "May I take the girl and sacrifice her to the gods?"
                            -> Of course.
                               Lieza: "Elc!"
                               Elc: "Heh! Just kidding! I only wanted to find out
                                    what they think. And, they're certainly not
                                    thinking clearly. We learned something, you
                                    see? If you leave town and disband, I will
                                    allow you to live. I don't think your gods are
                                    interested in saving you today."
                            -> No way!
         -> Not at all, freak!
    Piers Beronica: "You are sent by the unbelievers to stop us, aren't you! We
                    shall not allow any intervention! You are doomed! Get them!"
    [They defeat the freaks.]
    Piers Beronica: "I...I give up."
    Elc: "Now then, who are you, really?"
    Piers Beronica: "A very sorry man. I once preached the gospel of the gods...
                    ...but no one listened and no one cared."
    Elc: "And now you thrive on the dark underside of society?"
    Piers Beronica: "I know. It's shameful, and I am sorry. I won't be troubling
                    you any longer. Goodbye."
    [He disappears.]
    Elc: "Hmmm...another weird job."
    Lieza: "Let's go, Elc."
    Elc: "Alright." (I'll never believe in the gods again. If there were truly
         gods...they should have...they WOULD have...saved my village..."
    Lieza: "Elc...what's the matter?"
    Elc: "Aw, nothing. Let's get out of here."
    10) 3 AM PIANO AT THE BAR                                                [JB10]
    Barkeep: "Are you from the Guild? I heard a rumor that people near the tavern
             ...are hearing piano music in the dead of night. I'd like you to check
             it out for me. Are you ready?"
    [They go to the tavern in the dead of night.]
    Elc: (I'm sure that I heard the piano. Someone's in front of the piano!) "Who
         are you?"
    Kid: "Waaaah! I'm sorry!"
    Elc: (It's a little kid!) "What are you doing here in the middle of the night?!
    Kid: "I'm practicing the piano...because I want to join the band."
    [A weird creature appears.]
    Elc: "Hmmm?"
    Monster: "Graah! What are you doing here?"
    Elc: "Investigating. But it looks like you're robbing the joint."
    Monster: "But, you're not getting out of here alive to tell anyone, punk!"
    [Elc kills every baddie. ^___^]
    Elc: "That was an exceptionally stupid band of thieves."
    Kid: "I'm sorry."
    Shante: "So, you want to join the band, do you? I'll let the barkeeper know
            about you."
    Kid: "Really? Oh! Thank you!!"
    Elc: "Hmmm? It's daybreak already..."
    11) MONSTERS IN VACANT HOUSE                                            [JB11]
    Elc: "This is a big house...and I bet it's crawling with goons. I suddenly
         don't think this job pays enough..."
    ???: "Are you calling us cheap? That's quite an affront!"
    Elc: "Um, what?"
    Dex: "You're the Hunter from the Guild, right?"
    Elc: "Well...uh, yeah."
    Dex: "Well, I'm your current employer."
    Woman: "The one you just implied was cheap. I do believe that was the
           implication of the lad's comment."
    Elc: "I really didn't..."
    Dex: "Oh, tut tut! No need to stammer out an apology. I am somewhat of a cheap
         bastard. Even my friends say so."
    Elc: "Uh...so...you're not mad?"
    Dex: "Heavens no! The name is Dex - Habersham Dex."
    Elc: "Well, Mr. Dex, why did you request a Hunter?"
    Dex: "Ha, ha, ha. Why spend my money to stop creepy sounds bothering
         townspeople, eh? I shouldn't care less about what those simpletons think.
         But, well, my wife here has been nagging me to be more sensitive. And I
         figured, 'What the hell?' I've got a mountain of cash. I suppose I can
         employ a bit of philanthropy and make this little problem go away."
    Elc: "Well, I certainly admire your change of heart."
    Woman: "Hrmph! Change of heart... Pfft!"
    Elc: "Huh?!"
    Woman: "he's not doing this out of the kindness of his heart."
    Elc: "But, I thought..."
    Dex: "Pipe down. You're going to spoil it all!"
    Elc: "Spoil?"
    Dex: "Erm...I suppose there's nothing to do but confess the truth now. My wife
         is right. I'm not doing this for the townsfolk. I bought this place at an
         unbelievably cheap price intending to resell it for a tidy profit. But, I
         didn't know this damned place was haunted. So, I have to get it cleaned
         out before the buyer comes to look at it."
    Elc: "I'm beginning to understand."
    Dex: "There isn't much time, Hunter. This place has to be clean of monsters,
         and soon!"
    Elc: "Right. I'm on it."
    [In the main hall...]
    Elc: "Monsters!!"
    [In a side room...]
    Elc: "Here we go..."
    [After winning any battle...]
    Elc: "We did it!"
    [After all six battles...]
    Elc: "I think that was the last of the monsters."
    Dex: "Ah, Hunter! You've mopped up the monsters in record time! I can't tell
         you how happy this has made me! Now I can sell this place and command a
         hefty premium on my purchase price! You shall be well-compensated for
         your efforts, Hunter."
    Woman: "I don't believe it."
    Dex: "No, I'm serious."
    Woman: "Yes. A seriously cheap bastard running on at the mouth."
    Dex: "That was uncalled for."
    Woman: "I'm sorry, pookie. I got carried away."
    Dex: "Yes...yes, you did. But let's not forget that we have a buyer coming
         soon. We have to prepare for his arrival. So then, thank you again,
    Woman: "I shan't hesitate to call on you again if necessary!"
    Dex: "Take care of yourselves!"
    12) PROTECT HOUSE FROM BURGLARY                                          [JB12]
    [Back at Dex' manse...]
    Elc: "This house again. I don't know why anyone would buy such a cursed
         house... Oh well, not my problem. I just do the jobs."
    Guard: "Halt!"
    Guard 2: "Identify yourself!"
    Elc: "Huh? Oh! I'm the Hunter that was summoned from the Guild."
    Guard: "Hunter?!"
    Guard 2: "Excuse us."
    Guard: "The Master is waiting for you in the Dining Hall. He's quite impatient.
           You'd best hurry."
    Elc: "Right."
    [In the dining hall...]
    Dex: "Ah! You must be from the Guild! Come in! Come in!
    Woman: "Oh."
    Dex: "Oh. It's you again. Let's see what you can do to help me this time. I
         hear robbers are targeting my property, so I called for a Hunter. As you
         may know... My home has a main corridor on each side, with 2 small rooms
         off each. As a precaution, I divided most of my valuables into 4 parts 
         and put some in each room. Each chest in each room is tremendously
         valuable. It would be a tragedy to lose even one to a thief. You must
         protect all of them. The robbery is supposed to take place this evening.
         And, that's why I've summoned you."
    [The lights flicker.]
    Dex: "What is going on?!"
    Guard: "We are under attack, sir!"
    Guard 2: "Monsters are overrunning the mansion!"
    [In the foyer.]
    Guard: "What!"
    Guard: "You!"
    Woman: "Oh, this is so annoying! Nighty night!"
    [She puts them to sleep.]
    Guard: "Gh!"
    Guard: "Oofh!?"
    Woman: "That's better."
    Monster 1: "Ms. Rouge!"
    Monster 2: "Ms.!"
    Rouge: "What are you doing talking when you should be ransacking?! Do you know
           where the treasure is?"
    Monster 1: "Yah! We found it."
    Monster 2: "We did, we did!"
    Monster 1: "There are four treasure boxes in four different rooms, Ms. Rouge."
    Rouge: "And they'll be ours, soon enough. Go get them."
    Monster 1: "I thought you might wanna."
    Monster 2: "Yeah! Let's go, guys!"
    Dex: "I suppose the time has come sooner than we expected. Go to it."
    Elc: "Right."
    [After Elc clears a room:]
    Rouge: "These guys are good! We're not done yet..."
    [Elc clears all the rooms.]
    Rouge: "These guys are good! I think it's time to go. Let's get out of here!"
    [She reappears in the entrance.]
    Rouge: "Hrmph. Time to go."
    Monster 1: "Ms. Rouge! Don't leave me here...please."
    Rouge: "You're still here?"
    Monster 1: "You'll take us with you, right?"
    Monster 2: "Please?"
    Rouge: "You two are pathetic. No treasure and dead henchmen. This is not going
           as I had hoped. It's no wonder we failed. The thing that frustrates me
           is that I can smell treasure here."
    Monster 1: "I think you're right, Ms. Rouge."
    Monster 2: "Yeah! Yeah..."
    Rouge: "Well then... We can't leave all that booty here, unattended, can we?
           It shall be mine...I swear it. But for now, we had best regroup and form
           a new plan. Ready to go?"
    Monster 1: "Yes!"
    Monster 2: "Ooh! Ooh! Yes!"
    [They all warp out.]
    Dex: "Hmmm. I see... I had no idea the ringleader would be a woman. And one
         that commands monsters, to boot! What a smashing job you've done here.
         Those parasites didn't get an ounce of my valuables! And, I owe it all
         to you! You were far better than I had imagined you'd be. I can finally
         sleep without worrying. You deserve every bit of your bounty!"
    Woman: "We'll recommend you to our friends!"
    13) ROBBER'S REVENGE                                                     [JB13]
    [Back at Dex's house...]
    Elc: "That's strange... The guards are missing..."
    Voice: "Gh!! Gh!! Gya!! Kuh!!"
    Elc: "Something's up in the back of the house!
    [The guards are all beaten up in the main hall.]
    Elc: "W...what happened here?"
    Rouge: "Our little soiree got out of hand. But you came just in time to see us
    Monster 1: "Ms. Rouge! Ms. Rouge!"
    Monster 2: "Boss! Boss!"
    Monster 1: "We couldn't find any treasure."
    Monster 2: "It wasn't where it was supposta be!"
    Monster 1: "What're we gonna do now, Ms. Rouge!?"
    Monster 2: "Yeah, what?!"
    Rouge: "Shut up, both of you! We have no choice but to retreat for the time
           being. But...not before we take care of this meddling Hunter and his
           pesky friends!"
    Monster 1: "Good plan, boss!"
    Monster 2: "Yeah, good!"
    Rouge: "Come forth, creatures of the night!"
    [Enemies appear, and then are defeated in a timely fashion.]
    Rouge: "All of them...defeated? What an embarrassing showing. I assure you...
           it won't be like this next time, Hunter! Farewell."
    [She disappears.]
    Dex: "Hah... You really showed those thieves, didn't you? When they attacked
         before you arrived, I feared I might perish."
    Woman: "It was quite frightening...I can't bear to think of it!"
    Dex: "Well, it's over now, my sweet. We've been saved by the Hunter. As a
         matter of fact, I think this is the fastest job he's done! I'm sure he's
         looking for a big, fat reward. And, of course, he'll get it. But, I'm
         fairly certain this will be his last job for us. Ever since I bought this
         house and failed to sell it for a quick profit...it's been one disaster
         after another here. I believe this wretched place is cursed, and it's time
         for us to leave."
    Woman: "If we don't see you again, I want to wish you well."
    Dex: "Yes, yes! Be certain to take care!"
    14) FIND MISSING SON                                                     [JB14]
    Lieza: "This is the comedy club... Ugh! It's so dirty!"
    Woman: "I'm sorry, but we're closed right now."
    Lieza: "I came from the Guild next door."
    Woman: "Oh... You're the Hunter?"
    Lieza: "Yes."
    Woman: "I...I was expecting a man. Sorry to have been so surprised."
    Lieza: "There's no need to apologize."
    Woman: "I'm sorry to be speaking to you when I'm sick. I don't want to spread
           this. Oh...Ha, ha, ha..." [Cough! Cough! Cough!]
    Lieza: "Oh, are you all right?"
    Woman: "I'll be fine. It's just a bad cold."
    Lieza: "You sound terrible, though."
    Woman: "I know... Let me tell you about the job so you can go. My son left for
           a journey some time ago. He used to send me a letter once a month.
           However, three months ago, the letters stopped. I'm beside myself with
           worry, and the police are no help."
    Lieza: "Have you any clues about where he was?"
    Woman: "In his last letter, he said he would be returning to Forles in five
           days. It makes me think he may be nearby. I beg of you...please find
    Lieza: "I'll certainly do my best!"
    Woman: "Here's a picture of him. His name is Segle. I'll be waiting for your
    [Lieza goes to the 'Forest Edge' area.]
    Lieza: "Strange, I didn't know there was a house here... ...!?"
    Segle: "Thanks for everything! I'll see ya around!"
    Lieza: "That...looks like the boy I was looking for from the comedy club! Are
           you...is your name Segle?"
    Segle: "Y...yes. How did you know my name?"
    Lieza: "My name is Lieza. I've been sent to find you. Your mother has been
           beside herself with worry since she lost contact with you."
    Segle: "My mother?"
    Lieza: "She contracted with the Hunters' Guild to find you, and I took the
    Segle: "I'd better get home as fast as I can, then. Ouch!"
    Lieza: "What's the matter? Are you okay?"
    Segle: "I...I just haven't healed fully yet."
    Lieza: "Oh! You were hurt?"
    Segle: "Yes, I injured my leg and the person in that house found me. She took
           me in and cared for me until I could stand again. But my leg isn't quite
           back to normal yet."
    Lieza: "Well, if you walk slowly, you should be fine, then. I'll walk next to
    Segle: "Thanks..."
    [They go back to Ramul.]
    Woman: "Segle!"
    Segle: "Mom!"
    Woman: "I'm glad that you're alright..."
    Segle: "Mom, I'm so sorry that I put you through this. I sould have sent
    Woman: "Oh, Segle...I'm just happy to have you back with me! Thank you for
           all you did!"
    Segle: "Yes, thanks. Now that I'm hope, I've decided to take over the club."
    Woman: "Oh? Did you find some good entertainers during your journey?"
    Segle: "Yes, I did find many acts to book, but... While I was away, I also
           learned something important. I learned that I really wanted to be an
    Woman: "What!?"
    Segle: "As I interviewed entertainers all over the world, I decided that's what
           I wanted to do. So, until I have my act, I can manage this club...then,
           someday soon, I can be a performer as well!"
    Woman: "Oh, Segle...I'm so proud of you. You left a boy, but have returned a
    Segle: "Do you think so?"
    Woman: "Yes, I do. I just wish your father were here to see how you've turned
    Segle: "Mom..."
    Lieza: "..."
    Segle: "Lieza!! Thanks again!"
    Woman: "Please come back and see us anytime!"
    Lieza: "Okay, goodbye!"
    15) CATCH MISCHIEVOUS BOY                                                [JB15]
    Woman: "I'm sorry to bother you, but... Are you the Hunter that took the job
           to find my son?"
    Lieza: "Why, yes."
    Woman: "I'll tell you what I know... He used to be the best-behaved boy. But
           lately, he's just been out of control! Now he's been seen running
           around town, causing trouble. Please find him for me."
    Boy: "Ha, ha, ha! You can't tell me what to do anymore!"
    Woman: "See? Bring him back so I can tan his hide!"
    Boy: "You can't catch me! Ha! Not so fast! Nee ner, nee ner! You're starting
         to bug me! Try again! Leave me alone! Get away from me! Okay, you caught
         me! I give up! Just leave me alone! Mommmm!"
    Woman: "I'm so glad you were able to bring my son back. I think a swat or two
           by his father should set him straight! You reward is at the guild.
           Thank you so much!"
    [Lieza enters the guild.]
    Boy: "Mom..."
    Woman: "What?"
    Boy: "Can't the bad feeling I have about being naughty be my punishment?"
    Woman: "I think the bad feeling after your father is finished will be better.
           You need to learn your lesson. This has happened too much!"
    Boy: "But, Mommmmm..."
    16) STOP THE TERRIBLE GAS LEAK!                                          [JB16]
    Man: "Ah! You must be from the Guild! We've got a real problem out here. An
         unknown gas has been escaping from this collapsed area since yesterday.
         We're afraid it may be a danger to Houfion, and want it stopped at the
         source. Let me know once you've stopped the leak.
    [Shu jumps down and comes back up later.]
    Man: "You stopped the gas leak? What? There's a door in the collapsed area? I
         didn't know about that, but thanks for telling me. If we hae any more
         trouble out here, I'll be sure to ask for you! Your bounty can be
         collected at the Guild."
    17) GUARD THE RECYCLERS                                                  [JB17]
    Man: "Ah, are you da Huntah? Hey Bobby, da Hunter is heah!"
    Bobby: "Be right there!"
    Man: "I want ya ta escort this guy ta The Heap. An...keep tha monstas away
         from him or NO bounty!"
    Bobby: "Hi! I'm Bobby. Good to meet you! Well, we should get started, eh?"
    Man: "Yeah! Get outta heah!
    Bobby: "While I search The Heap, you stand guard, alright? I bet I can find a
           good use for this meter! I'll certainly put this switch to good use!
           This is fantastic...a lighter! Who could have thrown out such a grand
           socket? I probably can find a use for this case. Wait...a...moment!
           Yes! A light! Alright. I've collected enough. Let's go.
    [Back at the recyclers.]
    Bobby: "We've returned!"
    Man: "So, how goes it in da heap today?"
    Bobby: "It went quite well. No problems at all."
    Man: "Hell yeah! Dat's the woids I love to heah! Tanks again, Huntah! Ya can
         get ya bounty at da Guild!"
    18) MONSTERS' FOOD!?                                                     [JB18]
    [At the Heap Cave-In...]
    Man: "The Guild sent you, right? Well, I got this door open...barely. Once it
         was open, I couldn't resist going inside. But once I was in there, I ran
         into one monster after another...after another, after another... They
         eventually forced me to retreat back to this point. That's why I asked
         the Guild for help. And, since you took the job, I guess you're elected
         to stop these monsters. Good luck...and be careful."
    [Shu staves off the baddies.]
    Shu: "That should keep the monsters inside.
    Man: "You stopped the monsters?! Excellent. I never doubted your skill for a
         second! You may collect your bounty at the Guild."
    19) CATCH THE SCRAP THIEF                                                [JB19]
    Man: "Hey. You're tha Huntah, aren'tcha? I been waitin' for ya. Lemme show ya
         the warehouse I wantcha ta guard. Dis way... Dis is our basement
         warehouse. We keep all tha stuff from The Heap heah. Den, once we sort
         it, the goods are put out fah sale. Your job is ta guard this crap from
         them damned thieves. I'll bring ya somethin' ta eat a couple times durin'
         tha night. Good luck."
    [During the night...]
    Arc: !
    [They defeat the Acid Slimes.]
    Elc: "It's starting to make sense now. The slimes must have been feasting on
         the inventory down here."
    Man: "I can't believe we was the victim of dem damned parasites!"
    Bobby: "Slimes are quite common in this area. They feed on the iron."
    Man: "Dose damned metal-eatahs are comin' back, tho! I know it!"
    Bobby: "I don't believe so. I reinforced the walls and floor to make them
           stronger. And since the slimes IN the warehouse are destroyed, no more
           can get in."
    Man: "Poifect! I knew ya had da smarts when I hired ya!"
    Bobby: "Well, if you'll excuse me, I should be getting back to work."
    Man: "Dat kid's dream is ta make ten lights, bless his little heart! Ya can
         pick up tha bounty at tha Guild. I put a little extra in, for the good
         service ya gave. And kid...tanks!"
    20) SLAY THE NOCTURNAL MONSTERS                                          [JB20]
    Dispatcher: "Well, I'll see you tonight."
    Narrative: Later that night...
    Girl: "Noooo!!"
    Elc: "Hold it right there! This is where your little reign of terror ends."
    Jackal: "You seem pretty certain of that...for a dead man."
    [They kill the monsters.]
    Elc: "That was...interesting. I guess I'd better collect the bounty."
    21) FIND A NEW HOME                                                      [JB21]
    [At the Paysus inn...]
    Man: "Oh! You're the Hunter from the Guild! I'm so glad you came...and so
         quickly! I've got a problem, but it's not a big one. I just need a nice
         house in a warm place. Should be a simple job for you. But, I'll be most
         grateful if you can stoop to accept it. If you find the house, just
         return and tell me, okay?"
    [In a house in Elzark...]
    Woman: "I've been thinking a lot about moving since this land turned to
           desert. But, I don't think anyone would buy my house. What? You know a
           person that wants to buy my house? Yes! Of course I'll sell it. Please
           tell him! He's from Greyshinne? I don't care where he's from as long as
           he's got cash!"
    [In Paysus:]
    Man: "Hmmm. You found the perfect place in Zariban? I see. Well, I suppose
         thanks are in order! If you'll excuse me, I have to start planning the
    22) PLAY CUPID                                                           [JB22]
    Man: "Oh! This is perfect! You're the Hunter I contracted for, right? I am a
         traveler from Balbalard. I didn't mean for this to happen...but... Well,
         I've fallen in love with a wonderful girl. Actually, she works at the
         counter downstairs. I'm afraid I'm a little too shy to convey my love. I
         know that sounds cowardly and pathetic, but I can't help it. Will you
         please help me? Thank you so much! You have no idea what this means to
    Clerk: "Hello. If you're looking for the Inn, it's on the second floor. Hmmm?
           You want to ask a few questions? ... Well, yes. I did notice the
           traveler...looking at me. But, I cannot consider romance. My parents
           think I am too young to wed. They demanded a terrible price for my hand.
           They... They want... They want any suitor to retrieve the jewels from
           the monster in Anan Flats. I just can't bear to think that poor man 
           could lose his life for me. I would like you to tell him to not even
           give me a second thought. I'm not worth risking his life..."
    Man: "What?!! What kind of love has conditions set on it?! ... Well, if that's
         what her parents say I must do, so be it. I will find a way to get those
         jewels from that monsters, or die trying! Wait! You're a Hunter! Will you
         get the jewelry from the monster for me? I can't believe you said yes!
         Thank you so much!"
    [At Anan Flats...]
    Hell Spawn: "It seems as if foolish humans have come seeking treasure once
                again. How ironic that I shall take their most precious treasure
    System: Received the jewelry.
    [Back in town...]
    Man: "You got the jewelry! I am so happy! Now I can show her parents that I am
    23) INDIGOS JEWELRY ROBBERS II                                           [JB23]
    Clerk: "Are you the Hunter from the Guild? I want you to work for me, starting
           tonight! Are you ready to take up patrol here? Don't le tme down, now!"
    [That night...]
    Monster: "All these jewels will be mine! Fall in! Power and pummel! Collect
             the jewelry! Hurry!"
    Elc: "At it again, eh?"
    Monster: "I expected you, Hunter."
    Elc: "Then you know I'm gonna take you down, right?"
    Monster: "That's a matter of opinion. I have more...friends than you might have
             expected. You won't take us all out easily."
    Elc: "Finally! A challenge! Let's get to it!"
    [The battle starts.]
    Monster: "Mmm. This is a valuable one! That's it. Let's go!"
    [Elc's team emerges victorious.]
    Elc: "That was some battle. It's almost morning!"
    Shu: "Considering the odds, we did quite well. Let's get out of here."
    24) EXTERMINATE WEAPONS THIEF                                            [JB24]
    Clerk: "Finally! A Hunter! I didn't think it was going to take so long for the
           Guild to send one over! I've got a problem with a nocturnal thief. He's
           been robbing my store! I want you to hide out here at night and take
           care of the bastard. Is that clear?"
    [That night...]
    Elc: (Okay, gotta take out the thief... But, he needs to show up first..."
    Noise: [Crash!]
    Elc: ?! "That came from upstairs! What the hell's going on in here?!"
    Thief: "Dammit! Double damn!
    Elc: "Wooooo!"
    [Elc chases him down the backdoor area and into an alley.]
    Thief: "Curses! Dead end!"
    Elc: "Okay, you've got nowhere to go. Just give it up!"
    [He defeats the enemy.]
    Elc: "Well, things are under control here. We'd better head back to town."
    25) SLAY THE MONSTER                                                     [JB25]
    Elc: "Okay, the client is in apartment 2. Is anyone home? I'm from the
         Hunters' Guild."
    Girl: "Oh, good! Please come in.
    [Another man is in the apartment entryway.]
    Man 2: ?!
    [Inside the apartment.]
    Elc: "Are you the client that requested assistance from the Guild?"
    Girl: "Yes, I am."
    Elc: "I was told you needed a monster exterminated?"
    Girl: "Yes. I need you to slay the monster you see before you."
    Elc: "What?! You...you want me to kill you? Have you lost your mind?"
    Man: "Wait!"
    Elc: "Huh?!"
    Man: "Who are you?"
    Girl: "Alven..."
    Elc: "So...you know this person?"
    Girl: "Yes, he's my..."
    Alven: "...I'm her guard. And you?"
    Elc: "I'm Elc...a Hunter from the Guild."
    Alven: "Hunter? What business have you here?"
    Girl: "Alven...please return tonight. There's a full moon, so I'll need your
    Elc: "You want me to come back? But..."
    Girl: "It will all be made clear to you then."
    Alven: "Hope, you want him to come back?"
    Hope: "It's okay, Alven."
    Elc: "Okay, then. I'll be back later tonight."
    Hope: "I'm sorry. I know it all sounds rather strange."
    Elc: "Hey. No problem. It's your money..."
    Alven: "Hope..."
    Hope: "I'm so sorry, Alven. It's the only way..."
    Narrative: Later that night...
    Alven: "It's happening again, isn't it, Hope?"
    Hope: "Alven...please...run away. GET OUT OF HERE! RUN!"
    Elc: "What?!"
    Alven: "You're...?! ! Gwaah!"
    Voice: "Gwah, hah, hah, hah!"
    Alven: "Not again..."
    Voice: "Geh, heh, heh, heh...yes, again! This girl and I have become one. We're
           a team, now."
    Alven: "You're not a team! I won't believe it...you're some kind of genetic
    Voice: "There is no mistake. I am Hope and she is me. We are now one. Even the
           Hunter can see that."
    Alven: "Hunter?"
    Elc: "You...you're a Chimera! How did you escape?! Never mind. I don't care.
         I've got a job to do, and tonight, you're it."
    Alven: ! "Wait! NO! If you kill that...that THING, Hope will die as well. Can't
           you save her?"
    Chimera: "Geh, heh, heh, heh. He's right, Hunter. Kill me and the girl dies,
             too. Decisions, decisions...but this should be an easy one. After
             all, you always hurt the ones you love."
    Elc: "..."
    Chimera: "Hesitation is not the best plan in cases like these. Because,
             generally speaking, it costs Hunters their lives."
    Alven: "Hope, you have to stop this thing!"
    Hope: "Al...ven... I...I won't...let..."
    Chimera: "Aargh! Her mind yet resists... That's all right. I will break her,
             soon enough."
    Alven: "Hope!! Are you okay?"
    Hope: "Unghh..."
    Alven: "Did that thing hurt you?"
    Hope: "No. I...I'm all right. I'm just...so...so...sorry! It's all my fault!"
    Alven: "It is not! That evil bastard that's invaded you is the problem."
    Hope: "But...I can't resist forever. One day I'll..."
    Alven: "Quiet. Don't think such terrible thoughts. You need to rest..."
    Hope: "...Let me speak to the Hunter...alone, please."
    Alven: "Okay. But, I'll be right outside if you need me."
    Hope: "Elc, I knew that you'd be the Hunter that would come."
    Elc: "Huh?"
    Hope: "I requested that this job only be offered to you. You see, I know about
          your history...I knew you'd understand. I am an experimental Chimera.
          They never guessed that I'd be smart enough to escape their terrible lab.
          But, I outsmarted them all and got away from White House. Unfortunately,
          the monster within me is growing more powerful every day. And, one day, I
          fear I will actually kill Alven."
    Elc: "So, that's why you requested me? Because I know about what happened at
         White House? Do you remember anything of the time before you left?"
    Hope: "Yes. My memory has returned in pieces. The last piece was the most
          important. Before I escaped, I heard a rumor that a doctor also escaped
          before me. The whispers were that he became disgusted with the work he
          was assigned. I thought that he could heal me, if only I could find
          him...but then I realized the hopelessness of that dream. Because, only
          by remaining hidden would he be able to stay alive. If the goons from
          White House knew where he was, they'd take him back...or kill him."
    Elc: "...You know, I bet you're talking about that old crank Vilmer!"
    Hope: "Vilmer?"
    Elc: "Yes! I'm sure of it!"
    Hope: "How do you know him?"
    Elc: "He's some old crank on Yagos Isle. I knew there was something about
    Hope: "So, you think he might be the one I heard about at the lab?"
    Elc: "...Hmm? Oh! Yes."
    Hope: "But yu're the only one that knows where he is..."
    Elc: "Well, I AM a Hunter. Just change your job for me from 'Kill me' to 'Ask
         Vilmer how I can be cured'. Simple as that."
    Hope: "Oh, yes! Please, please ask him how to cure this terrible curse! I just
          know my time is running out..."
    Elc: "Don't worry. I have an airship that can get there and back quickly. I'll
         be back before you know it."
    Hope: "I'll pray for your safe return, Elc.
    Alven: "Where's Hope?"
    Elc: "Don't worry. She's fine. She gave me a new job. We're going to try and
         cure her disease."
    Alven: "Well...okay. But just know that I don't trust Hunters. The only reason
           I'm making an exception this time is because I have no choice. Don't
           make me regret it."
    Elc: "You won't. Hope's hired the best there is. I gotta go. Keep an eye on her
         until I return." (I better get some sleep before I head out.)
    [The next morning...]
    Elc: "Aaaah. That felt great."
    [At Yudo Village...]
    Vilmer: "Elc! This visit is certainly a surprise. I can't help but notice that
            you seem a bit agitated. Is there a problem? Mmmm, hmmm. I see. The
            second stage has definitely begun."
    Elc: "Second stage? Yes. Inserting the modified genetic material is the first
         stage. In the second stage, the modified genes ineract with the host,
         creating a new being. Once the human host has completed stage two, they
         irreversably become a C-class monster. But since that hasn't happened in
         the case you mentioned...there may be a way to save the girl. ... Listen
         up. Head north from here and you'll find the opening to the Jinbara Tube.
         If you can find and collect the juice of the Jinbara you find there,
         bring it to me. I may be able to concoct a potion of sorts from that juice
         to stop stage two metamorphosis."
    [At the Jinbara Tube...]
    Elc: "There!
    [They bring the Juice of Jinbara to Vilmer]
    Vilmer: "Oh, perfect! You've managed to collect the juice! I'd best set about
            creating a medicinal potion at once. Sit tight. This won't take long.
            Finished. Here...take it."
    Elc: "What is it?"
    Vilmert: "Good god, lad! Have you been sleeping through this? It's the potion
             you came here to get! The one that might be able to save your friend.
             I believe it can interfere with stage two metamorphosis, preventing
             the C-class end result. However, you'd best move quickly. If what you
             say is correct, that girl hasn't long before she's C-class."
    [Back in Prodias...]
    Hope: "Alven...I can't...you...must run...RUN AWAY!"
    Alven: "Hope, I can't leave you! Elc must return soon!"
    Hope: "No!! It's too late...run, before I kill you!"
    Alven: "Gwaahhh! But...H...Hope...ungh... ..."
    Chimera: "Gwah, hah, hah, hah! That was fun! Let's do more..."
    Hope: "N...no..."
    Chimera: "Just give yourself over to me. We are destined to become one."
    Hope: "Al...Al...Alven...?"
    Chimera: "Look! You kill everyone and everything you love. You and I both know
             you can't live with yourself, knowing that. So just give up...and
             present your body to me."
    Hope: "..."
    Elc: "Wait!!"
    Chimera: "What?! Ah, Hunter boy...getting in the middle of things again. This
             time it's gonna cost you!"
    Hope: "Elc...I...I...I... You have to kill me! I've become the monster! This
          murder is only the first!"
    Elc: "Don't trust what the monster wants you to believe."
    Hope: "What?"
    Elc: "Alven isn't dead yet. He's lost a lot of blood, but he's still breathing.
    Chimera: "Shut up, Hunter!"
    Elc: "This is the end of the line for you, beast!"
    Chimera: "Speak for yourself, Hunter!"
    Hope: "Did you find something to cure me, Elc?"
    Elc: "Yes, Hope. Here..."
    Chimera: "Gwaaah! W...what's happening?"
    Elc: "The doctor I found says this should work to stop the second stage from
         completing. It halts the genetic sequence and in effect kills the
    Chimera: "Damn you, Hunter! Damn you to hell! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!"
    Hope: "Al...ven."
    Alven: "Unghh...ahhh..."
    Hope: ! "Oh, Alven, I'm so sorry. It's...it's my fault. I never should have
          let you get this close."
    Alven: "Hope...you...you're alright."
    Hope: "I'm so happy! Alven, why didn't you run? I nearly killed you!"
    Alven: "I...I couldn't run...I felt my body become light, as if I was flying...
    Hope: "What?"
    Elc: (Oookay...the blood loss must have affected his thinking...) "He's lost a
         lot of blood... Hope, we've got to get a doctor here before he really does
    Alven: "Oh, Hope..."
    Hope: "Hold on, Alven..."
    Narrative: The next morning...
    Hope: "Thank you so much for getting the doctor so quickly."
    Elc: "No problem. I'm looking forward to seeing some great paintings out of
         you now, Alven."
    Hope: "..."
    Alven: "Hey, that's the least I can do after what you did for us."
    Elc: "You got that right! See ya both around..."
    26) INDIGOS ESCORT                                                       [JB26]
    Man: "After we cross this bridge, we should be safe. The Death Crown bandits
         don't control the area on the other side."
    Shu: "Right. I have heard that the Dark Serpent bandits control the area
         around Indigos."
    Elc: "Shu, this 'Marg' character that threatened our client wouldn't be here.
         If he were, he would risk attack from the Dark Serpent bandits himself."
    Shu: "That is true, however, Ax Master Marg is not known for his intellect.
         Nor are any of the Death Crown bandits, I've been told."
    Marg: "Ha, ha, ha! I've been waiting for you, Lunacius. Your opposition to
          Death Crown will cost you dearly!"
    Elc: "Hrmph. I see what you mean, Shu. The weaker the dog, the louder the bark,
    Marg: "You dumb Hunters won't feel so smart when I slash you! This is your last
          chance! Give us that guy and we'll let you live!"
    Elc: "I've got a better idea. Why don't YOU leave before we have to embarrass
    Marg: "You son of a bitch! That's it! You're finished!"
    Bandit: "You should have left when you had the chance."
    Shu: "A rear attack? That is...unusual."
    Elc: "Okay, Lunacius, stand here. We'll take care of these big-mouthed morons."
    Lunacius: "No problem. I'm not moving."
    Elc: "Don't worry, it won't be long."
    Lunacius: "You can speed things up if you go after Marg. Without him, the rest
              will scatter."
    Elc: "Thanks for the tip. I'll keep that in mind!"
    [They defeat the boss.]
    Marg: "Damn you! You're going to pay for this!"
    [He flees.]
    Elc: "Okay, it's safe to cross, now.
    Marg: "Wait!!"
    Elc: "Okay guys, time to pick up the pace.
    [They leave and some Dark Serpents gangbangers appear.]
    Marg: !?
    Dark Serpent: "If you're looking for a fight, you came to the right place.
                  This is OUR territory."
    Marg: "You're Dragon Ash...a...a Dark Serpent!!"
    Dark Serpent: "Yeah. So are you looking to be swallowed by the Serpent?"
    Marg: "Gah..."
    Dark Serpent: "Answer!"
    Marg: "Dammit! Let's get outta here."
    Dark Serpent: "Just as I thought. Cowards!"
    Elc: "Thanks for the help."
    Dragon Ash: "We weren't helping anyone but ourselves. We have to protect our
                territory, simple as that."
    Elc: "So...you're not going to attack us?"
    Dragon Ash: "We don't attack civilians. Only rival gangs. So, get out of here."
    Elc: "Well, thank you anyway. We're leaving, now."
    Lunacius: "Now that we're across the bridge, everything will be fine. Thanks
              for the help! Your reward's at the Guild."
    27) CATCH THE SLASHER                                                    [JB27]
    [At Aldia Bridge...]
    Elc: "Shu, the slasher is supposed to be really careful and attacks people who
         are alone."
    Shu: "Yes..."
    Elc: "So, he's not going to show up if we're together, right?"
    Shu: "Good thinking."
    Elc: "So..."
    Shu: "You think a decoy might be in order, correct?"
    Elc: "Yes."
    Shu: "The decoy will draw the killer out, then we can ambush him. ..."
    Elc: "But, who can we get to be a decoy? Both of us are well-known Hunters..."
    Shu: "We had better choose someone carefully, then."
    Elc: "Okay, we'll wait until tonight."
    Decoy: !
    Monster: "I've been watching you...and now you'll be mine! Wind silence FIELD!
             Now no one will hear your screams..."
    Elc: "Has the slasher taken the bait yet?"
    Shu: "I'm not certain...it is too dark to see clearly."
    Elc: "...If we can't see him, we can just listen for the scream."
    Shu: "...Mmmm, yes."
    Monster: "Lie still now...this is my favorite part."
    [The decoy defeats the monster.]
    Monster: "Ungh. How is this possible? Help!"
    Decoy: (??)
    Monster: "You've wounded me! I'll release the spell, if you get me help!
             Wind silence BREAK! There, the spell is broken. Get me help! I'm
    Shu: "Elc! Time to move."
    Elc: "Let's go. Well, this isn't exactly what I was expecting..."
    Monster: "Please...don't let me die."
    Elc: "How many times did you hear that from your victims, dirtbag? Hear them
         beg for your lives while you slowly cut it from them? You're the worst
         kind of scum...and the only thing keeping you alive is the Hunter code.
         I have sworn to turn you over to the Aldia Police."
    Monster: "I...I was going to do that after tonight anyway."
    Elc: ?
    Monster: "I can't live with what I've become...it's consuming me. I have...a
             daughter. She's sick... To heal her, I needed blood. Blood to make
             the potion...to keep her alive. I was going to turn myself in once
             she was healed."
    Shu: "Sick child or not, I cannot condone what you have done. If she knew she
         lived because others died, it would surely sicken her, would it not?"
    Monster: "..."
    Elc: "What are we gonna do with this coward, then?"
    Monster: "What? Don't you know that means death for my girl? How can she
             survive without the potions? She's sick! Please, if not for me, for
             my daughter, you must let me go."
    Shu: "What is her name?"
    Monster: "W...w...wll...L...Lidia..."
    Shu: "Mmmm hmmm, so, what's her mother's name?"
    Monster: "W...well...E...Emilia...maybe..."
    Shu: "Just as I suspected. Another set of lies. Tell your pathetic tales to the
         court. Elc, take this bottom-feeder in. This job's over."
    28) FIND ANCIENT TREASURE!                                               [JB28]
    Elc: "We were sent by the Guild..."
    Man: "Ah! I've been waiting for you. An ancient family heirloom was hidden in
         a warehouse in Palencia Castle. I obviously couldn't find it by myself.
         Will you find this priceless treasure on my behalf? Good luck."
    [They go to the warehouse.]
    Elc: "Okay, let's find the treasure. Um? Something is here."
    System: Ancient Letter received!
    Elc: "There's no treasure here. I guess I'll return to the tavern."
    [Back at the tavern...]
    Man: "What? No treasure there?"
    Elc: "I did find this, though."
    Man: "Let me see. Hmmm! This is a letter from my ancestor! I appreciate this.
         The reward will be at the Guild, as promised. Good job."
    29) FIND ANCIENT TREASURE II                                             [JB29]
    Man: "Oh, I was waiting for you. Well, the letter you found might be a clue...
         ...as to the location of the treasure. So I'd like you to search this land
         more thoroughly. The letter says...'Quina Hill, from the skull under the
         tree... Castle 4 Out 2 Sand 1 Ghost 7 Out 5 Sand 2 Ghost 4. Under the
         corpse of the crow. Good luck."
    [They defeat monsters at Quina Hill.]
    Elc: "Alright, let's look for the treasure. Hey! I found something! This is...
         the treasure the old man told me about!"
    System: "Ancestor's Treasure" found!
    Elc: "Let's go back to the tavern!
    [They do.]
    Man: "Oh! You found the treasure cache!! The legend was true! Good job."
    30) VENGEANCE ASSISTANCE                                                 [JB30]
    Kid: "You're the Hunter from the Guild, right? This job is all about revenge.
         The man who killed my father is always surrounded by soldiers. I want you
         to get rid of those soldiers so I can have a straight shot at him. I'm
         counting on you, don't let me down!"
    [At the Palencia Ruins, the mark walks with soldiers.]
    Man: "Who are you?"
    Kid: "I'm the son of Morgan, the man you killed!"
    Man: "That idiot had a son?"
    Kid: "I will have my revenge!"
    Man: "So the lesson is...go easy on children and they'll be hard on you in
         adulthood. I suppose I have to end your bloodline for good. Come on!"
    Tosh: "I'm ready for a one-on-one battle."
    Soldier: "They're wanted..."
    Soldier 2: "Help!!"
    [The soldiers flee.]
    Man: "Damn!"
    Kid: "Waaah!"
    Tosh: "Hurry up!""
    Arc: "Is it a good idea to let him go alone?"
    Tosh: "It isn't revenge if he doesn't do it by himself."
    Poco: "But, I'm worried about him."
    [They follow the kid down into the ruins.]
    Kid: "I will avenge my father's death!"
    Man: "You can never defeat me!""
    Kid: "Waaahhh!! That soldier...was a monster?"
    [They win the battle.]
    Tosh: "You have to finish this."
    Kid: "I've waited for this for too long! Thank you, everybody. I'm going home
    31) FIND THE OLD MAN                                                     [JB31]
    Man: "Oh! You're the Hunter from the Guild? I don't have time to talk much, but
         you need to find my father. He's been gone for a couple of days. We're
         concerned, but I'm busy with my work...and my wife is busy taking care of
         the kids. It shouldn't be too hard to find him. He's done this before, and
         he never leaves town. He always carries his umbrella, and he's got an
         unmistakable ribbon on his head. Thanks again. Good luck!"
    [They go to a house and find him.]
    Elc: "You need to return..."
    Old Man: "They're looking for me? Really? Hmmm, well I better go home, then.
             Hey, come a little closer. C'mon. I won't bite. That nice lady over
             there lost her husband a few days ago. The fact that she has no
             children to console her makes her grief even worse. When I lost my
             wife, my son's family cheered me up. But, since she has no one, I
             think I'll try to cheer her. When people have someone to talk to,
             they feel less lonely. I didn't run away from my family, I just want
             to console that poor woman. Please tell my son, so he won't worry."
    [Back at the house...]
    Man: "Hmm. I see. Well, at least he's safe. Thanks for tracking my father down.
         Your reward's at the Guild.
    32) MONSTER IN THE ARENA                                                 [JB32]
    Official: "The Guild sent you? Great! Our little 'problem' is in the rear. Take
              care of it, will you? Thank you so much!"
    Negdus: "You came here to defeat me? Ha, ha, ha! Fools! Ha, ha, ha! Which one
            is real, and which a deception? You can't tell, can you? Ha! The real
            one appeared, huh? The battle is not done until the real opponent is
            defeated. I'll fight until I die!
    [They defeat the copies and find the real Negdus.]
    Negdus: "Grhhh...How...?"
    33) ARENA MONSTER REVOLT                                                 [JB33]
    Man: "Because of the uprising, we can't use the arena. Please quell this
         uprising as soon as possible! Thank you so much!"
    Skeleton: "You have enslaved us! Now, we'll show you our true power!
              Impressive, but you won't last! Damn, you're better than I thought...
              But, we fight for freedom!"
    [They're all defeated.]
    34) STOP THE DESERT THIEVES                                              [JB34]
    [At the Water Shrine...]
    Bandit: "There must be a great treasure inside!"
    Bandit 2: "Why don't you go first?"
    Bandit: "Okay, come on!"
    Elc: "Wait! Robbing sacred sites is not very nice."
    Bandit 2: "A H...Hunter? He ain't gonna take us down! Get 'em!"
    [After some fighting...]
    Bandit: "Damn! Let's get out of here."
    Shu: "Hah! Cowards. They won't be back. Dawn is breaking! We better go back to
    35) STOP THE DESERT THIEVES II                                           [JB35]
    Elc: "Drop everything! You're done robbing sacred ruins!"
    Zanack: "Your mouth has run ahead of your ability... You'll make a nice trophy
            for my mantel!"
    [But Zanack dies instead.]
    Shu: "There are too many monsters! Let's get out of here."
    36) CLEAR THE TRACKS!                                                    [JB36]
    Man: "Oh! You must be the one that took my job at the Guild. I had hoped you'd
         come a little faster, but no matter. Let me tell you about my problem. I'm
         sure the Guild told you a little, but they always get things a little
         wrong. I'll just tell you what's going on, and what I expect. The tracks
         in here have a large number of rocks on them. I don't know how it
         happened...monsters, earthquake...whatever. But, the result is that I
         can't do my job. And, if I don't work, I don't eat. So, I've hired you to
         remove as many of the rocks as possible. Got it? Oh, and once the rocks
         are off the tracks, it sure would be nice if you got rid of them. When
         you're done, report back to me. Well, good luck!"
    [They move all the rocks.]
    Man: "Oh! Oh my! You not only got rid of all rocks, but also dropped them into
         the hole! I really appreciate the extra effort! Your reward is at the
         Guild. Who knows? You might get a bonus!"
    37) COLLECT MINERALS                                                     [JB37]
    Man: "If I can't get enough minebrals, I won't be able to trade for food! Oh,
         no! Oh, no! Why did the monsters have to block the way? Why?! What will I
         do? Wwahh! Oh! You scared me! I thought you were a monster! You must be
         from the Guild. My problem is this: When I was finishing harvesting
         minerals the other day...monsters suddenly attacked, and I ran. In the
         commotion, I dropped the 20 mineral rocks I collected. Now, the minerals
         are back where I dropped them, guarded by monsters. I can't get the
         minerals to trade for things to live. I'm in a terrible bind. Please bring
         back the minerals I dropped. If you can't get them all, bring back what
         you can. When you finish, bring them to me, and I'll have the Guild give
         you the bounty."
    [They find all the gems.]
    Man: "You've brought all 20 minerals! Good job! Your bunty is waiting at the
         Guild. Thanks again! See ya!"
    38) DELIVER MEAT TO GOURMET                                              [JB38]
    Gourmet: "Ahhh! Are you the Hunter that has taken my job? I heard that the
             Lord's Manor has all kind of good meats. I'd like to sample some of
             that. Please bring me some."
    [They get the food.]
    Gourmet: ! "That is the meat I ordered! Thank you. You can receive the reward
             at the Guild."
    39) MYSTERIOUS JOB INTERVIEW                                             [JB39]
    Ninja: "It's sunny, isn't it?"
    Elc: "Not really..."
    Ninja: "So, you must be from the Hunter from the Guild. I'm the head of the
           bandits around here. They call me Ash. You probably have heard the name
           'Dragon Ash' around, right? That nickname comes from my ability to
           control dragons. Well, actually, I don't control them. I just borrow
           their power. But that's a story for another day...anyway... You look
           familiar. Have we met before?"
    Elc: "You saved me from a fight with Ax Master Marg once."
    Ash: "Thaaat's right. You're the kid that took Marg down, then he came back
         for more."
    Shu: "Without your help, that second fight would have been much more difficult.
         Marg had returned with many more men."
    Ash: "Well, that time I remember telling you I didn't intend to help you. It's
         not my style."
    Elc: "Hey, I understand. A guy's got to have a code to live by. So, I came out
         here to get a job. Have I got it?"
    Ash: "Yeah, you got the job. I need someone to look around a bit for me. It's
         hard for me to keep a low profile, being wanted pretty much everywhere."
    Shu: "..."
    Ash: "Okay, here's the deal. I lost my dragon in the last storm to hit here. I
         have no idea where he went, nor if he's even still alive. That dragon took
         me in when I could have died and raised me. I have to know what happened
         to him. I'm hiring you to find him for me. His name is Elvic."
    Elc: "Elvic has left the building, huh?" (That's a pretty wacky story, but I
         guess it takes all types.)
    Shu: "Elc..."
    Ash: "I ain't asking for your blessing. It's a job. Take it or leave it. I
         can't do it by myself because I can't let word out that 'Dragon Ash' is
         dragonless. It'd give people some ideas that are better left unthought,
         if you know what I mean."
    Shu: "I believe we understand."
    Ash: "Good. I'll be waiting here for the good news."
    [Later on in Balbalard. Later, they arrive at Tukae Cave and...]
    Wizard: "Not long ago, I was walking on the beach and came across this dragon.
            He was critically injured, barely holding onto life. I took him in,
            bringing him here so I could return him to health. Hm?"
    Elc: "Ah! Are you Piers?"
    Piers Beronica: "Yes. You are the Hunter I met so long ago, aren't you?"
    Elc: "Yes. And you...you seem much more...normal."
    Piers Beronica: "Ha, ha, ha! People grow and change. It's no different in my
                    case. And what of you? You look to have grown quite a bit
    Elc: "Well...yeah, kinda. But I really am here to talk about the dragon."
    Piers Beronica: "Oh, you know him?"
    Elc: "Well, I know his owner. He hired me to find the dragon for him."
    Piers Beronica: "Interesting. I didn't know this ol' boy had an owner."
    Elc: "Lieza, can you..."
    Lieza: "Yes. Hello there, dragon. Is your name Elvic?"
    Elvic: "Ggahhhh"
    Lieza: "Yes, Elc. He says he is Elvic."
    Elvic: "Gru, ggahhh"
    Lieza: "He said tell Ash that he'll return to him as soon as his wounds heal."
    Elc: "Good. I'm sure Ash will be relieved to hear that. Well, we're finished
         here, I guess. Let's go back."
    [Back at the bridge...]
    Ash: "Any word on my dragon? Hah! I knew you'd find my dragon! Where was that
         rascal? Balbalard...hmmm. Wouldn't have guessed that one. Anyway, good
         job. There's a fat reward at the Guild for you. Enjoy!"
    40) YUK YUK COMEDY CLUB GUARD                                            [JB40]
    Lieza: "I wonder if Segle is okay... Th..that is... This is terrible...who did
    Segle: "Get out of here!"
    Lieza: "Segle!?"
    Segle: "Lieza? Why are you here?"
    Lieza: "I was assigned another job here from the Guild."
    Segle: "I see... Mom!"
    Woman: "Segle, what's the matter? AH!? You're..."
    Lieza: "It's good to see you again. I've been assigned another job here. What
           in the world happened to your stage?"
    Segle: "Farmas did it."
    Lieza: "Farmas?"
    Segle: "Yes. He's a loan shark in town."
    Woman: "I feel behind in my payments to him when I got sick. After Segle came
           back, we caught up, but Farmas insists we still owe him."
    Segle: "He wants to take the theatre from us! Once we began to catch up on
           payments, he sent monsters to pillage the theatre!"
    Lieza: "Monsters?
    Segle: "Yes! Like the Holn witches people talk about in town!"
    Lieza: "Holn...witch..."
    Voice: "It's not nice to call the people from Holn 'witches'."
    Lieza: !
    Farmas: "I don't appreciate the label. For you see, I, too, am from Holn."
    Segle: "Farmas!"
    Lieza: "Segle, leave this to me."
    Segle: "B...but..."
    Lieza: "Take your mother and go to the back room!"
    Segle: "...Okay."
    Lieza: "Farmas, why do you torment these good people?"
    Farmas: "I have a dream. ... Well, actually, I have many dreams, but this is
            just one. The dream of owning a world-famous theatre. Thought you may
            not see the potential, I see what this place could be, and it excites
    Lieza: "But, why sully yourself to take it? These people have dreams, too...
           and you're crushing them!"
    Farmas: "I cannot be concerned with the dreams of others. So, fight to protect
            this place if you must. However, it is a losing battle. I shall
    [His monsters are routed.]
    Farmas: "M...my monsters! You killed my babies! You've killed my...my DREAM!
            Damn you!"
    [He leaves.]
    Woman: "I don't think he'll be back anytime soon! Thank you so much!"
    Segle: "I don't know what would have happened if you hadn't come, Lieza!
           You'll always have a special place in our hearts."
    Lieza: "Thank you both. Good luck!"
    41) GET FOOD TO HOLN VILLAGE                                             [JB41]
    Lieza: "I was sent from the Guild..."
    Barkeep: "You're the Hunter? Pardon my surprise, but I've never seen a female
             Hunter. How long you been one?"
    Lieza: "You had a job for me? I wasn't expecting an interview."
    Barkeep: "Oh, sorry...yeah. I got a job for you."
    Lieza: "I heard that you want me to deliver food to Holn..."
    Barkeep: "I want you to deliver some food to the volunteers in Holn."
    Lieza: "That's certainly a nice gesture."
    Barkeep: "Well, I think with the trouble in the past and all...well, this is a
             good way to patch things up."
    Lieza: "..."
    Barkeep: "Be sure to deliver the food before it gets cold!"
    Lieza: "No problem, sir."
    [At Holn Bridge...]
    Monster: "I smell something good."
    Monster 2: "I smell something good, too."
    Monster 3: "I'm so hungry."
    Monster 4: "I'm so hungry, too."
    Monster 5: "Food, food!"
    Monster 6: "Eat, eat!"
    Monster 4: "Hey, look at that!"
    Monster 3: "They have food!"
    Monster: "Human is coming. Smell good!"
    Monster 2: "Food. They're carrying food!"
    Monster 5: "Hide!"
    Monster 6: "Hide!"
    Gogen: "Lieza, could you slow down? This old sack of bones just doesn't move
           like it used to."
    Lieza: "I'm sorry. I just..."
    Gogen: "Mmmm. Did I mention that the food smells really good. May I try some?"
    Lieza: "Gogen! I'm surprised at you! This is for the workers in Holn!"
    Gogen: "Of course I know THAT. But they wouldn't miss a little bit, would they?
    Lieza: "No!"
    Gogen: "Just one bite?"
    Lieza: "I said NO!"
    Monster: "I can't stand it any longer!"
    Monster: "Give me food! Food!"
    Lieza: "Gogen! See what you've done now! We have monsters! I hope you're
           pleased with yourself!"
    [They defeat the monsters.]
    Lieza: "Come! We have to get the food there before it's cold."
    Gogen: "...Do you think they'll share when they get there? Share with poor,
           emaciated, old Gogen?"
    Leets: "Wow! Thanks! I'm sure that everybody will love this."
    Lieza: "Good..."
    Leets: "It smells great...mind if I have a taste?"
    Lieza: "Okay, but just a little one...then we'll call everyone to dinner."
    Leets: "Great!"
    Gogen: "...Can't I have even a little, now?"
    [After dinner, back in the bar...]
    Barkeep: "So, the workers liked it, huh? Great! Your reward is waiting at the
             Guild. Thanks again!"
    42) DELIVER THE HERB                                                     [JB42]
    Man: "Ah! At last! I was wondering if the Guild would ever send a Hunter! I am
         the doctor that requested a special Cure-All Herb be retrieved. This
         village is especially unsanitary, and many diseases are approaching
         incurable. I fear that an epidemic could wipe out this poor village. I've
         heard the natives here talk of a special Cure-All herb that is found in
         Mt. Banza. They say that is far more potent than the normal Cure-All sold
         in stores. Please, retrieve this herb from the mountain, if it exists at
         all. I'll reward you handily for your efforts."
    System: Got the special Cure-All Herb!
    [Back in town...]
    Man: "Oh! So it DID really exist. This will be very valuable to keep disease
         under control here. Thank you so much for retrieving the special Cure-All.
         You can receive your reward at the Guild."
    43) MONSTERS ON THE TRACKS!                                              [JB43]
    Man: "I've been waiting for you! You came from the Guild, didn't you? Please
         help me. Those monsters... Those monsters over there have been threatening
         to attack for hours. I'm so scared I can't concentrate, and the track is
         blocked, anyway. Can you get rid of them? Oh, thank you! Thank you! I'm
         counting on you all!"
    Tosh: "Leave it to me."
    Poco: "Hey! Why should you get all the glory?"
    Tosh: "Did you say something, little man?"
    Poco: "Um, no...nothing..."
    Elc: "C'mon, guys! We have a job to do here."
    Man: "I hope you find success...for my sake!"
    Tosh: "No problem...watch."
    [They defeat the monsters.]
    Man: "Hah! You won!"
    Tosh: "I told you I would."
    Poco: "But..."
    Tosh: "Silence, little man!"
    Man: "Well, anyway, many thanks! Your reward is waiting at the Guild."
    Poco: "Let's go back to town, I need a rest."
    Arc: "Good idea, I believe we all do."
    Shante: "Wait a minute! Look at that!"
    [A Fire Bird lays an egg.]
    Tosh: "W...what is it!? An egg!?"
    Shante: "Hmmm. It must have been some kind of nesting area."
    Poco: "No wonder there were so many of them around here!"
    Tosh: "Nothing we can do about it now. It is just as well. They might have
          harmed someone to protect the nest. We'll leave the egg here. It probably
          will not hatch, now.
    44) GET MONSTER EGG                                                      [JB44]
    Gourmet: "Ah! You have come again from the Guild. I heard that a wondrous
             monster egg is inside Banza Mountain. And, I got to wondering what a
             monster egg tastes like. Can you get it for me to try?"
    System: Got the egg the fat gourmet requested.
    [Even later...]
    Gourmet: ! "Ah! The egg...the immense, beautiful, and most-likely tasty monster
             egg! Thank you! THANK you! Your reward is waiting for you at the
             Guild. I can hardly wait to eat this beautiful specimen."
    45) ARCHAEOLOGICAL GUARD                                                 [JB45]
    Man: "Ah! Good show! You've come to assist me at the ruins! I'm currently
         working in Nien Forest. There are three immense stone markers there that
         date back thousands of years. My research is aimed at examining and 
         dating the ruins, using these markers. It's difficult work...but made a
         hell of a harder by the scores of blasted monsters out there! I need you
         to guard the area I'm working while I decipher the runes. There are three
         distinct locations within the forest I have to examine. Got it? Boffo!
         Let's get started, then!"
    [They go to Nien Forest.]
    Man: "We should probably start at the closest ruins. Ah, yes! This is exactly
         where I was when monsters interrupted me last time! I'll begin deciphering
         the runes, if you'll just be so kind as to keep a lookout. If monsters
         show up again, be a good fellow and poke them, or kill them, or whatever.
         Just don't let them get near me! I have a serious allergy to danger, and
         monsters just exacerbate the problem. Now if you'll excuse me, I have
         some ancient secrets to unlock. Just go stand over there and guard...or
         talk, or whatever it is you Hunters do while waiting for monsters."
    Hemo-ji: "The foul-smelling beasts have come again."
    Hemo-ji: "They are called humans."
    Hemo-ji: "Yes, and they taste as disgusting as they smell."
    Hemo-ji: "The small one at the stone must be stopped from ruining this sacred
    Hemo-ji: "Yes, yes..."
    Man: "Here they come! I won't be finished for at least five more minutes! Put
         on a good show and hold them at bay for me." (Five minutes is five turns
         in this case. Jolly good coincidence, eh?)
    [They buy some time.]
    Man: "Ah! I've got the runes deciphered! Only two more to go. Good show on the
         battle front, chaps! Let's go! Let's proceed to the second set of ruins I
         need to investigate. This...is the second set of runes I need to decipher.
         It's a mite bit more difficult, so it's bound to take more time than the
         last. I'll have a go at the runes on this stone, then. While I'm working,
         I can't have any of those blasted monsters near me. So if you see any,
         shoot 'em, or slash 'em, or whatever it is you Hunters are s'posed to do.
         If I'm nervous, I can't concentrate so keep the beasts away from me. This
         little mind-bender will take me at least seven minutes to decipher."
         (Seven minutes is seven turns in this case. Are you following along,
    [They finish the 2nd battle.]
    Man: "Ah! That'll do it! I've got this figured out. Only one more of these
         buggers to go, then I'll buy ya all a round of drinks! All right. Just one
         left to research. Let's go! Ah! This is the final rune stone I need to
         decipher. That's odd. This one seems to be easier than the last. How
         unexpectedly smashing! Well, since we've had a bang-up bit of luck, this
         shouldn't take long. While I'm working, all you need to do is keep the
         beasts away. Just keep them away by shooting, slashing, bashing...or
         whatever it is you do to persistent beasts these days. Just make certain
         you don't let them near, all right, mates? This whole stone should be
         deciphered within five minutes." (For those of you asleep during the last
         two ruins, here's a clue: Five minutes of my time equals five turns in
         your game time. Beautiful, eh?)
    [They finish the third battle.]
    Man: "Eureka! That's it! Now that that's behind us, let's make tracks out of
         this god-forsaken place."
    46) MONSTER KIDS!                                                        [JB46]
    [They return to the gourmet's room, having heard his kids turned into monsters]
    Gourmet: "Please, you must save my children! After they ate the monster egg,
             they started...changing. I don't know what's wrong with them...please,
             you have to help!"
    [At the bar...]
    Doctor: "Hmm. The children became monsters? Use this special Cure-All. It
            should help the children's resistance. They probably are susceptible
            to attack by the egg's monster properties."
    [Back at the inn...]
    Gourmet: "Oh! Thank the Guardians! You found a special Cure-All! Please see if
             it will return my sons to me."
    Kid: "..."
    Kid 2: "..."
    Kid: "W...what happened? I...just remember craving worms... Yeah."
    Kid 2: "Yeah."
    Gourmet: "Oh! I can't believe it! This is a miracle! Thank you, thank you!!
             Your reward is waiting at the Guild."
    47) RESCUE COAL MINERS                                                   [JB47]
    Dispatcher: "This is a rush job, so hurry up!"
    [They go to the Grassal Coal Mine.]
    Man: "Hey, you got the job at the Guild, right? I'm in charge of this mine.
         Several of my men need immediate help! There are 10 miners trapped
         inside...and the tunnel is about to collapse. The problem is that no one
         knows WHEN it's going to cave in. If you think it's too dangerous in
         there, you should come back. Better safe than dead. Several sections of
         the mine have already caved in. Take this..."
    System: Mattock received!
    Man: "...but don't use it indiscriminately. You'll damage the tunnel every time
         you do. Good luck!"
    [All miners are returned.]
    Man: "Thanks! You've saved them all! Let's get ouf of here before the whole
         mine collapses!"
    48) MONSTERS IN AMAIDAR                                                  [JB48]
    [At Amaidar Mountain...]
    Iga: "Cursed invaders of this holy place, show yourself!"
    [The team wins.]
    Iga: "The power of the Guardian is weakening..."
    49) FIND THE RING                                                        [JB49]
    Elc: "We're gonna look for the ring in THIS mess?"
    Lieza: "Well, wbe have no choice, really. The job is ours."
    Poco: "All this sand does is make me hot...then I get thirsty...it's vicious!"
    Elc: "Well, Poco, you're gonna have to tough it out a little longer."
    [They find the ring.]
    Bandit: "Hey! You just picked up something mighty shiny. What is it?"
    Bandit 2: "I think it was a ring! It looked like gold!"
    Bandit: "It must be the one I dropped yesterday by accident."
    Bandit 2: "I bet."
    Bandit: "Since it's my ring, why don't we get it back?"
    Bandit 2: "Sounds like a plan."
    [The bandits are killed.]
    50) LOST GIRL                                                            [JB50]
    [They go to the client.]
    Lieza: "What a cute girl! She's like a doll. Hello. I'm Lieza. What's your
    Mia: "Mia. I'm looking for my mother."
    Lieza: "Oh, are you lost?"
    Mia: "Yes. I have looked for my mother, but have not found her anywhere."
    Elc: "Where did you lose her?"
    Mia: "Prodias."
    Elc: "Prodias? Are you sure? That's a LONG way from here. You're so young...
         how did you get here?"
    Mia: "..."
    Elc: "...Ah, never mind. It doesn't really matter. I know Prodias well. What's
         your mother's name?"
    Mia: "Milia."
    Elc: "Milia? Hmm. Can't say that rings a bell."
    Lieza: "Elc, we have to reunite this girl with her mother...even if that means
           journeying to Prodias."
    Elc: "Well, I suppose you're right. So, Mia, will you wait here for us?"
    Mia: "Yes."
    Lieza: "Good girl. We'll be back soon."
    [At the Prodias apartment building...]
    Lieza: "Excuse me. Do you know a girl named Milia?"
    Landlady: "Milia? Were you a friend? She...she was in an accident, and..."
    Elc: "What? You mean..."
    Landlady: "Yes. This is her ribbon. They gave it to me to remember her by...
              ...but I think Milia would be happy if I gave it to you."
    Elc: "Wait?! Milia is...already dead? What happened to Milia's daughter, Mia?
         Isn't she your grandchild?"
    Landlady: "Mia? Grandchild? What are you talking about? Why are you teasing me?
              It's impossible for Milia to have had a daughter. She was only 9
              years old! I don't like the game you're playing! Go away! Get out of
    Elc: ?
    Lieza: "Elc, let's go."
    Elc: "Yes."
    Elc: "What just happened in there?"
    Lieza: "It was certainly strange... And this ribbon...is this okay?"
    Elc: "I don't know..."
    Lieza: "Well...let's go to Mia again."
    [They do.]
    Mia: ! "Where's my mother?"
    Lieza: "Mia...your mother...your mother is..."
    Mia: "Where is she? What's happened?"
    Elc: "Mia, Milia never had a daughter, did she?"
    Lieza: "Elc! A little tact, please?"
    Mia: "Yes, she did! I'm her daughter! She's my mother!"
    Elc: "Mia, Milia is dead!"
    Lieza: "Elc! She's just..."
    Mia: "No...NO! I won't believe it! Where's Mom? Where's my mother?"
    Lieza: "Mia...he's telling you the truth. Please, Mia...you have to tell me.
           Who are you, really?"
    Mia: "My mother will come for me! Why are you lying to me?!!"
    Elc: "Okay, I'm now officially creeped out."
    [They defeat the will 'o wisps.]
    Elc: "..."
    Lieza: "Elc..."
    [The ribbon summons another girl into the room.]
    Mia: "Mother!"
    ???: "Mia..."
    Mia: "Oh, Mother! I've been looking for you..."
    [Mia shrinks down to doll-like size.]
    Mia: "I've been...waiting so long for you to come back!"
    ???: "Mia, I'm sorry. I never meant to leave you. I'll never leave you again."
    [Milia's spirit vanishes with her doll.]
    Lieza: "Her mother was that little girl!"
    Elc: "So...Mia is the doll that Milia had when she was alive?"
    Lieza: "I...think so. Perhaps there was a bond there that we don't understand."
    Elc: "Don't WANT to understand, you mean."
    Lieza: "Elc..."
    Elc: "This is just too weird..."
    Lieza: "Some things are better left unexplored."
    Elc: "This is definitely one of them. Get me out of this place!"
    51) DANGEROUS MEDICINE                                                   [JB51]
    [They find a leviathan.]
    Leviathan: "Gruahhhh!"
    System: Received the Sea Dragon Horn!
    52) DESERT RAPTURE                                                       [JB52]
    Elc: "Well, this is where the people are disappearing. I bet they're just being
    Voice: "Sir, please...no!"
    Monster: "Ha, ha, ha, ha. The girl will be mine as well. Sands! Rise and obey
             your master!"
    Elc: ?
    Bandit: "What?! How can you stand unaffected by the storm?"
    Elc: "Simple. We're not your typical victims."
    Bandit: "You've got a smart mouth, kid. Time for me to shut it...permanently."
    [They end up dying instead.]
    53) BOOR AT THE BAR                                                      [JB53]
    [Arc talks with everyone in the bar.]
    Bandito: "Yaaa hooo! It's time ta get ta drinkin'."
    Arc: ?
    Barkeep: Oh, no...it's him...the bandito!"
    Bandito: "Well, lessee what we have here.
    Patron: (Oh, no! He's coming towards me.)
    Bandito: "Well, lookee here. Hey there, buckaroo. How's yer day?"
    Patron: Uh...f...fine."
    Bandito: "Yer damn right it's fine. Yer about ta meet yer maker in a gunfight!"
    Patron: "Uh...I...I don't even have a g...gun."
    Bandito: "Huh. That's just what I'd expect a lily-livered sissy ta say. Yew a
             lily-livered sissy-lovin' mamma's boy?"
    Patron: "Y...yes...sir."
    Bandito: "Ha! If that don't beat all! Yee haw!"
    Patron: "..."
    Patron 2: (Oh, no. Don't talk to me...please?)
    Bandito: "Hey there, pardner! How's about you and me pop pistols at each other.
             It's a mess'a fun. Guns, dust, blood, beggin', the works!"
    Patron 2: "I...I'm not stupid. You're the best. I can't win against you."
    Bandito: "Well, now yer just flatterin' me ta save yer bony hide. T'ain't
             gonna work this time, pardner."
    Patron 2: "It's not...?"
    Arc: "That's enough.
    Bandito: "What'd yew say, varmit? I THOUGHT you told me that was enough. An'
             I'm thinkin' ta myself...'This varmit's gone plum loco, buttin' inta
             my business.'"
    Arc: "..."
    Bandito: "Only one way ta settle this. Getcher gun. We're gonna settle this
    Arc: "..."
    Bandito: "Let's go! NOW!"
    Gomez: "Hey! Looks like we're gonna have another gunfight!"
    Antonio: (And another funeral, and another reason for visitors to shun Morea.)
    Gomez: "We better tell the others. They're gonna be hot if they miss this, eh,
    Antonio: "I suppose. A gunfight! There's a gunfight in front of the bar!"
    Girl: "A gunfight? Really?"
    Woman: "How can we be sure? You jokers aren't above stretching the truth!"
    Gomez: "Hey there, amigo. We're just doin' the best we can, okay?"
    Antonio: "And, here comes the main attraction!"
    Bandito: "What is going on?"
    Gomez: "I heard you were gonna do the bang bang cha cha, so...
    Antonio: "...we took the liberty of collecting an audience."
    Bandito: "What?! I don't need an audience for this!"
    Gomez: "Hey amigo, don't worry about it! They won't get in your way. 'A 
           gunfight mess is best when witnessed' is Morea's unofficial motto."
    Antonio: "These people adore a good bullet ballet. Why would you deny them
             access to yours?"
    Bandito: "...Git out here! Are ya ready ta get yer clock cleaned?"
    Arc: "...?"
    Bandito: "Guess I'm s'posed to tell ya the rules, first. We start back ta back.
             After 5 paces, on the count of 5, we turn an' shoot."
    Arc: "Understood."
    Shu: "If we're dealing with firearms, I should take this challenge."
    Elc: "One shot is all it takes."
    Shante: "There is no doubt we'll win if Shu is doing the shooting."
    Tosh: "Shu should do it, then."
    Shu: "Leave this to me. I'll take this challenge."
    Bandito: "Suit yourself, ya fruitcake!"
    Shu: "As you wish."
    Bandito: "Let's get this over with. Ready?"
    Antonio: "Wait. Perhaps our victim...er, challenger...needs a little more
             coaching. After the count of 5, turn and press the R1 button to fire."
    Gomez: "Just squeeze it fast, or you're fajita mix, amigo."
    Shu: "Understood, thank you."
    Bandito: "Can we FINALLY git this over and done?"
    Villager: "Ready! 1...2...3...4...5!"
    [Shu lands the shot.]
    Shu: ...?
    Bandito: "Good shootin', hombre. You ain't gonna be so lucky next time!"
    Girl: "Wow, you did it!"
    Gomez: "Good job, Senor!"
    Woman: "I guess that's it. Time to go home."
    Shante: "Great work!"
    Shu: "It was nothing out of the ordinary."
    Elc: "You're modest as ever, Shu."
    Tosh: "That was over too quickly."
    Shante: "Well, looks like when the excitement's over, the crowd is GONE!"
    54) FIND THE MISSING BURRO                                               [JB54]
    Woman: "My burro, Pepito, has disappeared! Where has he gone? Did any of you
           see him?"
    Girl: "Yeah, I saw that stupid donkey the other day."
    Boy: "He was trotting toward the edge of town, last time I saw him."
    Woman: "Oh! Thank goodness, you have come from the Guild! My burro must be
           found. Without him, I cannot continue doing business. He is the way I
           transport all my goods!"
    [At Madeta Hill...]
    Arc: "Ah! The lost donkey! That was easier than I expected... Let's go back
         to the village."
    [They defeat the enemies.]
    Arc: "It's all right. Let's go home."
    Woman: "Hi, you there."
    Arc: "I found your donkey."
    Woman: "Thank you. Then, we'll see you again. Let's go home."
    Arc: "I guess I'll go back too."
    [In Morea...]
    Woman: "Thank you for finding my sweet Pepito. He's a little tired, but at
           least he's safe."
    55) THEFT AT SENOR GENERALE'S                                            [JB55]
    Senor Generale: "Ah! So, you've come over from the Guild to help me with my
                    little 'problem'. I've noticed that a number of items have
                    disappeared from the house here lately. First, I suspected my
                    assistant, but I can't really believe he did it. This house
                    is too big for me to know every inch of the blasted place. A
                    thief could be hiding out and stealing things practically any
                    time. So, I'll just leave it to you to find the thief and
                    return the stolen goods!"
    Assistant: "When the item was stolen from the Generale, I was blamed. I should
               be used to it by now, but I'm not. I was gonna quit this stinkin'
               job, but didn't. An hombre's gotta eat, ya know. I just couldn't
               figure out how someone got an item past me standing here."
    [Arc figures out the lights do something.]
    Elc: !!
    [He goes up to the rooftop.]
    Kid: "How did you find these stairs? You're looking for an item that turned up
         missing from Senor Generale's? Eh, heh, heh. I'm sorry, I was playing
         with that in the loft. I didn't think he'd miss it for just a little
    Elc: "..."
    Kid: "Holy frijoles! I didn't steal it or anything! But, I'll take it back to
         Senor Generale and apologize."
    Senor Generale: "Mmm. You found the thief, then?"
    Elc: "Yes. It was a child on the roof of the house. He seemed honest."
    Senor Generale: "Well, if he says he was just borrowing, I can't really fault
                    the brat. He just better have returned everything..."
    56) 5 FEATHERS OF AMIGUE ROC                                             [JB56]
    Man: "The tail feathers of the Amigue Roc are valuable. People covet them, but
         they're very hard to get. ? Oh! You're from the Guild! I would like some
         feathers. Five, to be precise...from teh Amigue Roc birds on Madeta Hill.
    [The feathers are collected.]
    Man: "Oh, this is great! You've collected all the feathers! Thank you. Your
         bounty is waiting at the Guild."
    57) RETURN THE SEA DRAGON'S EGG                                          [GS57]
    [They meet the client...]
    Biologist: "Oh, so you're the one the Guild sent. I asked for a hunter because
               this is a difficult job. We need you to return this egg of the sea
               serpent. This one egg allowed us to research the biology of the
               whole den. We're afraid to try to return it ourselves because
               thieves want to steal it. If this egg is captured, its DNA could be
               used for evil purposes. So then, please return it to the shrine at
               the bottom of the ocean."
    [They go to Vilmer's house on Yagos Isle.]
    Vilmer: "Ah! A friend of Elc, is a friend in need, right? ... Bah! I'm just
            pulling your leg! Heh, heh, heh. What can I do for you this day? What?!
            A submarine? boy, you certainly don't mess around with the small
            requests, eh? ... Well, I hear one washed up on Millmana beach. Don't
            know if it works, but I could try to repair that one. It's going to
            take time, though. But, you knew that, didn't you? When I'm done, it'll
            be in the bay outside the village.
    [Later, in the submarine...]
    Elc: "Let's go!"
    Poco: "This is scary!!"
    Sania: "Poco! You're such a baby! Suck it up!"
    Poco: "I'm trying!"
    Arc: "All right. Let's start searching for that shrine. Elc, we'll rely on your
         piloting skills."
    Shu: "Elc, something is dead ahead."
    Arc: "Is it an enemy?"
    Shu: "I do not know yet."
    [They try to leave.]
    Shu: "He's following us."
    Arc: "He must have picked up our signature on sonar."
    Shu: "We're prepared for attack."
    Elc: "Torpedoes launched!"
    Lieza: "Distance to target 1000 meters... 500 meters... 100 meters..."
    Elc: !?
    Lieza: "No detonation recorded."
    Shu: "Damn!"
    Lieza: "Sonar signature indicates torpedo missed."
    Elc: "I hope that doesn't come back to haunt us."
    Arc: "We're open for attack from them, now."
    Elc: "Not if we can get to the shrine, first. Let's find it...and quickly!"
    Poco: "This isn't fun anymore!"
    Elc: "Zip it, Poco!"
    Shu: "Elc! A structure is detected dead ahead!"
    Arc: "It must be the shrine!"
    Poco: "Oh...we're saved!"
    Lieza: "Elc, we've detected a torpedo coming up behind us."
    Elc: "Damn! What is your command?"
    Shu: "Decoy Shot!"
    Lieza: "The torpedo detonated on impact with the Decoy Shot."
    Arc: "Perfect!"
    Lieza: "They've launched another torpedo."
    Elc: "They won't fall for another cheap trick. Advance to the shrine, full
         speed. We can outrun this."
    [In the Deep Sea Shrine...]
    Voice: "I shall reveal the way to the Guardian of the sea."
    [They a man later.]
    Man: "You will hand that egg over to me. To restore the Chimera Lab that you
         destroyed! I will make a strong Chimera with the egg, and offer it to the
         King of Romalia. I've answered your question. Now give me the egg! You
         have done just as I expected. And for your error, you shall pay with your
    [The scientist dies. Downstairs...]
    Golem: "The egg..."
    Golem 2: "...will be ours!"
    [On B2...]
    Man: "So, you made it to the nest room after all. This is your last chance.
         Give me the egg!"
    Elc: "No."
    Man: "Then I will take it from your cold, stiff fingers."
    [They set the egg in the nest and try to leave. Three scientists appear.]
    Man: "You should have been on guard!"
    Man 2: "Your precious egg..."
    Man 3: "...shall be ours!"
    Elc: "Huh!!"
    Man: "What?!"
    Man 2: "What's happening to the egg?!"
    Man 3: "It hatched!"
    Man: "It will still be useful for the experiments."
    Voice: "...Infidels!"
    Man 2: "What?"
    Voice: "You who have tried to corrupt nature to satiate your own desire. Now
           you can burn for your sins!"
    [The three men are struck down by thunder.]
    Voice: "Hero, I thank you for returning me here. I am a descendant of the Great
           Sea Dragon. I forgive the researcher who studied my egg...but tell him
           never again to touch the eggs of the Sea Dragon."
    [They all go to leave.]
    Voice: "My mission is accomplished. The door will be sealed."
    58) DELIVER THE CHARM                                                    [JB58]
    Woman: "You're from the Guild? My son is in the Resistance. He has moments of
           mental...weakness. I'd like you to deliver this charm to him. I believe
           it can strengthen his resolve. Thank you so much for taking this job!
           You have no idea what it means to me...or my son!"
    [They find the guy in Romalia.]
    Man: "This charm... My...my mother wanted me to have this? I...I don't know
         what to say. Please...if anything happens to me...tell my mother I love
    59) UPDATES & CONTRIBUTIONS                                              [UPDT]
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     • Catch Mamaman's entire announcing for Gruga's battles at Clenia Isle
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