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    FAQ/Move List by NightStrike

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          Asuka 120% Burning Fest. Special Psuedo-FAQ for the PSX v. 1.22
                       by NightStrike (nstrike@unc.edu)
                        Last Updated December 25, 1996
     People have been asking for a FAQ since this great game came out. It was 
    the SAME frequently asked question over and over.. "Is there a movelist?"
    So instead of writing this as a FAQ, I'll just compile the moves from the
    book, the net, and my own experience, and add a few strategies/combos.
    If you would like to contribute/add to this file or have a correction, 
    please email me at nstrike@unc.edu.  
    -=What's New=-
    Ver. 1.0 - First release.
    Ver. 1.1 - Minor word and spelling corrections. 
    Ver. 1.2 - Corrected a few moves. Added a few moves, combos and 
    Ver. 1.21 - Added name of Nana's sport.
    Ver. 1.22 - Added a move.
    First of all, this is a 2D fighter that originated on the PC Engine.
    The setting is an all girls high school, with 11 playable characters,
    including the hidden boss.  Since my Japanese is severely lacking, I
    cannot make out the background story.  Basically, each girl represents a
    different part of the school's curriculum, like chemistry, softball, volleyball,
    etc. Then they all fight each other for some reason or another. ^_^
    If someone can translate the Japanese and give me a synopsis of the 
    background of the story, I would appreciate it and of course, give you
    credit. There also exists a re-release of the game under the name of Asuka
    120% Burning Fest Excellent.  The main difference between the games are
    added pictures in story mode and you can play the boss character from the
    beginning.  The gameplay is identical and there aren't any new moves that
    I'm aware of...
    This game is very similar to Street Fighter Alpha in game play and
    mechanics. While it doesn't have all the buttons of SFA, it has many of
    the same moves and similar characters.  Just a few of the features:
    Double jumps are possible for all characters.
    Air throws, blocks, and juggles.
    Dashing attacks.
    Linkable combos.
    Combo counter.
    Special (super move) attacks.
    Different story mode for each character. (At least it looks like it.)
    Survival Mode.
    Guard Reversals
    Soft landings (up, up when knocked down)
    Launchers (a la Marvel Super Heroes)
    The only code or cheat I've found is getting the last boss as a playable
    character. Choose either 2 or 3 stars difficulty and finish the game
    without continuing. You'll have to fight Shinobu then. After defeating
    her, go to VS. mode and hit either R1 or R2 to play as her.
    Ok.. it's what everyone wants so here's the best list I could put
    Special thanks to Mark Bradley <ataru@netcom.com> for his list of moves.
    f = Tap Forward
    d = Tap Down
    b = Tap Back
    u = Tap Up
    Moves for all chars:
    This IS only a 2 button game. You can do everything using either X or O.
    X is the weak attack
    O is the strong attack
    Square is both X + O together. Used for 120% Specials and to counter.
    Triangle is F + X.
    f + f is dash forward. (Also R1)
    b + b is dash back.
    R2 can be used to dodge. 
    Hold forward + large attack (F + O) Lunging attack.
    Hold forward + weak attack (F + X)
    Simultaneous attacks cancel each other, like a mutual block. Projectile
    attacks can be blocked by normal attacks and, of course, other
    As the character attacks and blocks, their power meter goes up. When it
    reaches 100%, they can execute one of their special attack. If they
    continue to fight instead, the meter will go up even more until it reaches 
    120% and a burning fist appears over the power bar for a limited time. At
    this time,  the character can do special attacks over and over until the
    burning fist disappears (a few seconds). 
    This is a rather simplistic game in terms of moves. Using SF as an
    analogy, everyone's moves are fireball, hurricane kick, and tapping down +
    down and an attack. There are a couple of exceptions. Also, some of the
    moves can be done in the air.
            Asuka : Chemistry
     Tap X or O : Shadow Fist
     d,f,X      : Slow fireball
     d,f,O      : Fast fireball
     d,b,X      : lobbed exploding beaker near, can be done in air
     d,b,O      : lobbed exploding beaker far, can be done in air
     d,d,X or O : Uppercut (knocks them into the air and then slams them to 
                            the ground, beat that Ryu)
            120% Specials:
     d,f,square : Super Fireball
     d,b,square : Super Exploding Beaker
            Karina : Biology 
     d,f,X      : Dash frog attack, can be done in air
     d,f,O      : Flying frog attack, can be done in air
     d,d,X or O : Rising Knee (also slams them into ground at end, evil move)
     d,b,X or O : Frog Charge (gives you 120% burning fist)
            120% Specials:
     d,f,square : Kero Kero Mega He!
     d,b,square : Multi-frog raid
     These can be done from behind the opponent, depending on where the frog 
    is. So, you can be on the left facing your enemy, and the frog attacks
    from the right.
            Kumi : Rythmic Gymnastics
     d,f,X      : High club throw
     d,f,O      : Low club throw
     f + O      : Ball throw
     d,d,X or O : Ribbon Attack
     d,b,X or O : Flip Kick, can be done in air
            120% Specials:
     d,d,square : Super ribbon/flip kick attack
            Nana : Naginatado  
     Tap X or O : Lightning Fist
     d,f,X      : Straight fan throw 
     d,f,O      : Rising fan throw
     d,d,X or O : Fan Dance/Spin
     d,b,X or O : Ki Shield/Attack
            120% Specials:
     d,d,square : Naginata Slash
     d,d,square,u,u,square : Twirling Flame Naginata Slash
      You start the first 120% with d,d,square, and before Nana gets her
    naginata, hit u,u,square to do the other 120%.
            Megumi : Cheerleading
     d,f,X or O : Pom Pom Attack, can be done in air
     d,d,X or O : Rising Pom Pom Punch (shopompomken?)
     d,b,X or O : Triple Attack
     d,u,X or O : air roll (she arcs up through the air, and you can guide it
                            back and forth, and you can attack or air slam
                            w/ it much like Vega's Barcelona Slam in SFII)
            120% Specials:
     d,d,square : Mega Pom Pom Beating
            Ryuuko : Volleyball
     d,f,X      : Straight body drill, can be done in the air 
     d,f,O      : Rising body drill, can be done in the air, goes down
     d,b,X or O : dig slam (she hops forward digging her fists toward the
                            ground, if it connects she takes you waaaay up and
                            back down hard.  You can do two of these in a row
                            and combo into other stuff.  A must see.)
     d,d,X      : Volleyball spike low attack
     d,d,O      : Volleyball spike high attack
            120% Specials:
     d,f,square : double shoulder charge (great for juggle combos)
             Cathy Wild : Wrestling
     d,f,X or O : Grab and Knee
     d,d,X or O : Cross Punch
     f,f,O      : Clothesline
     d,b,X      : Knee Slam
     d,b,O      : Grab and Punch
     f,d,df,X or O : Back Drop
            120% Specials:
     d,d,square : Grab and multi-beating
            Kyoko : Softball
     d,f,X or O : Underhand Pitch
     d,d,X or O : home run (puts her mitt on her head so she can swing the bat)
     d,b,X or O : flying attack, can be done in air
            120% Specials:
     d,f,square : yer out!
             Tamaki : Tennis
     d,f,X or O : Ball Serve
     d,d,X or O : Tennis Racket Uppercut (people get knocked above the screen)
     d,b,X or O : V stroke
            120% Specials:
     d,f,square : Flaming serve
             Torami : Karate
     d,f,X or O : ??ouken fireball, can be done in air
     d,d,X or O : ??yuken multi-uppercut
     d,d,X or O (in air) : flying kick (can be done more than once)
     d,b,X or O : leaping kicks, can be done in air
            120% Specials:
     d,f,square : Super Fireball
     d,d,square : ??? sho ten ha (Lightning Strike)
            Shinobu : Boss
     d,f,X      : Slow fireball
     d,f,O      : Fast fireball
     d,b,X or O : Gale Kick (flying Dan kick, can be done in air)
     d,d,X or O : Shoryuken uppercut
            120% Specials:
     d,f,square : Shinku Hadoken fireball
     d,d,square : Shoryu Reppa uppercut
    Roundhouse knock down, do small fireball above opponent then hit
    low roundhouse again and the opponent will bounce up then get hit
    by the fireball.  Fun.
    For hits and dizzy do jumping large attack for two hits, then do
    two crouching small, two standing medium, and tap on the large
    button, what will come out is a fierce punch, interrupted by her
    lightning fist, making 22 hits in total.  Often re-dizzies too.
    With super, a simple RoundHouse kick interrupted into her test
    tube bomb super does quite a bit of damage.
    Against dashing opponents, small bomb followed by overhead attack for 1 or
    2 more hits, pretty good damage. Crouching short x 2, crouching
    roundhouse, dragon punch.
    Charge your frog (down, back, attack) will get up to 120% quick.
    Do frog raid (down, back, square) then do Kero Kero attack
    (down, front, square), just as the opponent lands do your
    rising kick for an impressive combo.
    Crouching short x 2, crouching roundhouse, Kero Super, dragon punch 
    juggle. Can also start with standing short, standing forward.
    She's another character with a lightning fist, just do two or
    three small attcks, chain into medium, then again tap on the
    large attack button for 17 to 18 hits.  Charges up your super
    meter like crazy.
    Super combo is good for juggling, do it after a roundhouse trip, or her
    dragon punch.
    Small attack, medium, large attack, interrupted into her triple
    kick, then juggle with large uppercut or super uppercut.
    With some characters like Asuka, she can juggle uppercut with
    two more uppercuts, so that's small uppercut, small uppercut,
    large uppercut for 8 hits.
    Triple kick can be done 3 times.
    Counter (square button) will launch opponent, follow up with triple
    kick x 2, dragon punch.
    Crouching short, crouching roundhouse, dragon punch will usually
    combo for all characters.
    Counter, piledriver.  Do another piledriver if opponent doesn't soft land.
    standing short, standing roundhouse, flying kick.
    A few simple strategies for the game:
    Characters are vulnerable for one juggle hit as soon as you knock her
    down, so don't forget to get the extra hit after you knock them down.
    Better yet, whenever you knock someone down with a crouching roundhouse,
    immediately do a multi hitting attack to juggle for more hits.
    On the other hand, the computer can also combo you when you're down.
    Remember to constantly hit square to recover during a knock down or hit
    up,up before you fall for a soft landing.
    The moment you block a multi hitting move, do your special move to
    interrupt your block stun.  Say you're blocking a multi hitting super
    move, just do your down, down, attack motion just before the move 
    finishes and you'll conter.  Scary when used with your own super move.
    Hitting square also acts like a counter.  Will drain some super energy,
    but can be done with no meter.
    Guard reversals need not be for multi hitting moves only.  They are
    extremely easy to do, as they can interrupt at any point in block stun.
    Computer usually fail to block a series of low small attacks upon the
    3rd or 4th blocked hit.  So whenever they are getting up, tap on
    small attack, and when the opponent's hit, chain into medium or large
    attack and immediately execute a special move or a super attack to juggle.
    The moment you reach 120%, keep doing your super move.  If you leave
    it alone, it'll go away real fast.  Usually you can land 5 or 6
    consecutive super moves if you do one right after another.  Supers like
    Asuka's or Shinobu's super fireball can be done right after another.
    You can even juggle the opponent in the air with Torimi's Lightning
    Strike. Best used to end a chain combo.  As previously mentioned, the
    computer often fails to block chains.
    The girl from biology has a move where she "charges" her frog as the
    frog sparkles.  That move will charge your super meter to 120%
    You're free to do tons of super moves until it wears off. Just charge up
    While the frog is sparkling, attacking Nana will cause the frog to
    automatically guard reverse.
    After you hit the large attack button, do not let go, do your
    motion such as down, down, then let go of the button and that's a 
    easy way to interrupt your attack.
    To get updates to this FAQ or if you have correction/contributions, please
    email me at nstrike@unc.edu.
    I want to give special thanks to Mark Bradley <ataru@netcom.com> and
    Derek Liu, or Lanzer, at lanzer@mindlink.net.  They both had numerous
    posts on USEnet about the game, and much of this FAQ is just ripped from
    their messages. I did make a few corrections and additions, but I had to give 
    credit where credit is due. Thanks also to Brian Chan <chanav@sfu.ca> for
    his recent additions and corrections and payton@msrcnavo.navy.mil for his 
    contribution. I apologize for any inconsistancies or errors. Thanks to
    Donny Chan <crs1219@inforamp.net> for explaining the what sport Nana is
    doing. Kendo is what men do with swords, naginatado is what women do with
    naginatas (glaives). 
    Updates of this FAQ can be obtained from http://www.gla.ac.uk/~gkrx11/PSX/
    http://www.gamefaqs.com or by emailing nstrike@unc.edu and asking for the
    latest version. Newest updates are posted to rec.games.video.sony and

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