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    Walkthrough by ChrisK2018

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    From: ChrisK2018@aol.com
    Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 21:57:20 -0400 (EDT)
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                  _____| |  | |  | | | | _/  | | ||__|| | |  | |   \_ _/
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                                                     FAQ  v. 1.0
    Part One:   Introduction
    Part Two:   A Word from Butt-head
    Part Three: The Walkthrough
    Part Four:  Item List
    Part Five:  The Mini-Games
    Part Six:   After Beating the Game
    Part Seven: Credits
    Part Eight: FAQ Version Update
    Part Nine: Me
    Part One: Introduction
              by ChrisK2018
        Hello!  The first FAQ was met with great cheer or something.  In this 
    update I've tried to polish the FAQ off, adding more information to make it
    as complete as possible.  Keep sending in new additions!  
                                                   Chris Kohler
    Part Two: A Word from Butt-head
        Uh, like welcome to the FAQ.  I'm Butt-Head and this is our "CD-ROM
    Adventure Game".  Like, that's what it's sposed to be, but it's really just
    and Beavis being cool.  And like, joining Todd's gang.
        Like, the first thing you have to do is load the game.
        M heheh! Load.
        Shut up Beavis!  It's my turn to talk now.  Like, if it doesn't load
    right, then you're like a wuss and have to make like a call to cutsomer
    cervixes.  But like if you make it a collect call, you don't have to pay.
    That rules.
    Part 3:  The Walkthrough
             by ChrisK2018
        When the game begins, you're stuck in Science class.  Grab the Bathroom
    Pass and use it on Mrs. Dickey to get permission to leave.  Use the door and
    exit to the hallway.
        McVicker is off to the left, out the door, so don't head out there yet.
    Check the water fountain and pick up the gum, and exit right to the gym.  You
    can talk to Buzzcut, but that will get you nowhere.  Jump on the springboard,
    then onto the pommel horse (the brown log-type thing).  Jump on the
    Springboard again and Butthead will leap to the ladder.  Use the ladder and
    climb to the roof.
        Use the Ledge on the roof to play Hock-A-Loogie (for more info on HAL,
    turn to Part 5).  Unlike the other 3 games, you must play HAL to complete the
    game.  Score 10 hits to gain a MegaLoogie, then hock the MegaLoogie on
    McVicker to remove him from the front door.  Pick up the Stick (it's on the
    floor) and jam it in the Air Shaft vent.  Jump in the vent and you'll be back
    in the hall.  Now you can exit to the left and leave the building.
        Talk to Leroy's gang out in front and exit the area.  Go to the Park to
    find Todd's gang (the Park is NE of the school).  Talk to the guy in front
    until he tells you to go get some Burger World food.  Walk right to the trash
    can and kick it over.  Pick up the Flyer from the ground (it's at the lower
    left of the trash pile).
        Head to Burger World and talk to the Manager.  You can't go in yet,
    though.  Keep talking until Beavis and Butthead walk to the Drive-Thru and
    told that they need a car.  After they realize that they need a car to get
    food, leave Burger World and go home.
        All you have to do in Beavis and Butthead's house is pick up the
    magnifying glass for some Bug Justice later.  You can watch TV if you feel
    like it: there's 3 different videos:  GWAR's "Saddam a Go Go", Primus' "DMV",
    and Sausage's "Riddles Are Abound Tonight" (otherwise known as The
    Seminefrious Tubloidial Buttnoids).
        By this time, you should have Gum, the Pass, the Magnifying Glass, and
    Flyer in your inventory.
        Hit the Food Mart.  You can mess around outside, but all you have to do
    enter the store proper, try to take the Nachos, and talk to Anderson.  If
    Anderson isn't there, then you still have to talk to Todd's gang.  Go do it!
    Talk to Anderson about the value of money.  Keep talking until he mentions
    Veterans Hall.  WHen you vacate the Food Mart, the Hall will open up.
        Talk to Buzzcut at the Hall until he gives you the job of washing the
    tank.  Washing the Tank isn't as much fun as driving it, though, so try to
    in there.  The door's at the TOP, dumbass.  After failing that little
    talk to Van Driessen until he tells you about the Sperm Whale fundraiser at
    the Coffee House.  The Coffee House will open up, so go there.
        Give the lady your Flyer to get in.  Have Beavis get pumped up on
    crapocino by drinking the 3 cups on the tables.  Talk to the guy in front of
    the crapocino machine and he'll move IF YOU DRANK ALL 3 CUPS.  Drink straight
    from the tap and Beavis will becaome Cornholio.
        Head to the Veterans Hall (noting Cornholio's ravings the whole way
    and rip open the tank cover.  Hop in and take off!
        Oops!  It seems that stealing a tank is illegal and our boys have wound
    in prison.  Grab the soap on the sink and feed Sam (the guy under the bed).
    He will spit the soap out at you.  Feed the soap to Beavis and let him spit
    out.  Leave it on the floor and talk to Leroy until Beavis starts going nuts.
    The Guard will come in and slip on the soap.  Sam will eat him and give you
    the Keys.  Use the keys on your cell door, and, as Butt-head says, "Now we
    go anywhere in prison we want!".
        Exit to the Prison Yard and talk with Killer.  Take his Pillow, walk to
    the right, and take the towel. Enter the Insane Ward.  Open the Cabinet to
    right and grab the Shock Therapy unit.  Take the Camera on the shelf.  Talk
    the one-eyed guy with the book, and leave the Insane Ward.
        Go back to your cell and feed Sam the pillow.  In return, he'll give you
    flash cubes.  Use these on your camera and go find Killer.  Shoot him with
    camera three times and Killer will start a riot.  You will be thrown back in
    your cell. Use the keys on the door.  Get the Quarter and bring it back to
    prison cell.  Give it to Leroy and go down the escape tunnel.
        Now that you're on the outside, use the Shock Therapy unit on the guard
    and hop in the truck.
        You will be dropped off outside the Slaughterhouse.  Grab the Board from
    the pile and use it on the Balls tied around your legs.  Jump on the Board
    Beavis will be sent flying.  Beavis will land a free man, and will grab the
    Chain Cutters and free Butt-head.  Enter the Slaughterhouse and watch the
    Beavis and Butt-head will end up in their living room with a bandaged Todd.
    Todd tells them to get the keys to his car, and off they go.
        Your first stop should be at Burger World, newly reopened.  Talk to Gina
    about the keys: they're in her locker, at school.  Chuck Gina's burger at the
    fan to get the Burger World guy to leave.  Go behind the counter, into the
    back, and grab the spatula.
        Head to the newly opened Farm and chat with the Farmer until you learn
    about the car in the barn, the door opener, and his teeth.  Now, head to the
    Veterans Hall and find Anderson.  Talk to him until you find out where he
    his door opener.  The Taxidermist's will open:  don't go there yet, though.
        Go to the park.  A squirrel will fall to the ground as you near the Tree,
    and a car will flatten it.  Try to get the squirrel and head to the
    Taxidermist's after failing.
        Over to the left is a box of glass eyes.  Grab one of them.  Talk to the
    woman about the Squirrel, and take the Felt Tip Pen (this must be done in
    order).  Pull on the Stuffed Rabbit under the counter to get the String.
    Leave the Taxidermist's and head for Beavis and Butt-head's house.
        Use the Gum with the String to create a fishing tool.  Use it on the
    in the House and you find a Quarter.  Head to the Coffee House and go in the
    Bathroom.  Use the Quarter on the Condom Dispenser and pick up the Condom
    the floor.
        Go to the Food Mart and use the Condom with the Air Pump between the Gas
    Pumps.  Bring your inflated Condom to the School and give it to the janitor
    front of the fountain.  He will make you a Condom Poodle.  Head to the
    Slaughterhouse next.
        Pick up Todd's license plate from the ground, and enter the building.
    Turn the Speed Dial, and turn on the machine.  Watch the fun!  Pick up the
    exit the Slaughterhouse and head to the Prison.
        Give the Condom Poodle to the Guard Dog and use the Chain Cutter.  Watch
    the fun (and the boys' expressions).  Pick up the Hammer left by the Dog and
    head to the Park.
        Use the Felt Tip Pen on the Free Parking Sign and watch Butt-head's
    artistic masterwork.  Use the Spatula on the freed Squirrel and then use the
    Hammer on the Spatula.  Now that you have a fresh kill, head off to the
        Give the Squirrel to the lady and wait a while.  She will produce a free-
    of-charge Stuffed Squirrel.  Pick him up and talk to her.  She will tell you
    that Anderson's stuffed bear was already picked up by Buzzcut.  Head back to
    school and give your Stuffed Squirrel to the Janitor.  He will run away and
    give you access to the Gym.  Have Beavis climb the rope.  Use the Towel on
    for some motivation.  Have Beavis cut the rope with the Ax.  The boys will
    fall to the Boiler Room, picking up the Rope.
        In the Boiler Room, open the File Cabinet and take the file. It's the
    Master List for the lockers.  Grab the painting supplies and leave the Boiler
    Room through the door.  Use the Master List on Gina's locker (the second one
    to the left of the Boiler Room door) and Butthead will automatically grab the
        Go to the Coffee House and talk to Buzzcut.  He is slightly miffed that
    you stole the tank, and the best thing to do would be to kick him in the
    crotch (Use the Hand on Buzzcut).  Go to the Veterans Hall.  Kick the bear in
    the nads (Hand on the bear's crotch).  Feel around in his butt (Hand on the
    bear's butt).  Repeat the two actions and you should have the Remote Control.
    Now go back to jail.
        Use the tunnel to go back to your cell.  Go to the Insane Wing and give
    the Glass Eye to the one-eyed guy.  Talk to him again and he'll give you the
    Rhyme Book.  Head back to your cell and give the book to Sam.  He'll come out
    from under the bed and realize the true meaning of life, and be brought out
    the the gas chamber.  Listen to the hissing and screams, pick up Sam's false
    teeth, and head for the Farm.
        Give the Teeth to the Farmer.  Use the Remote Control on the barn door
    enter the barn.
        Use the Paint on Todd's car, and swap the license plates by using the
    plate after removing the old one.  Use the keys on the car and get ready for
    more fun.  The Rocker Chicks come in, tie up Beavis and Butt-head, and go for
    a ride.  When it's all said and done, Beavis and Butthead will be tied up in
    the trunk.  Talk to Daria and she will let you out.  Use the Keys on Todd's
    car, and you've beaten the game!  Watch the ending "amination" and enjoy.
    Part Four: Item List
    ITEM               LOCATION       FUNCTION
    Bathroom Pass      Classroom      Get out of class
    Gum                Hall           Use with String to get Quarter
    Keys               Hall           Use Car
    Stick              Roof           Break Vent
    Flyer              Park           Get into Coffee House
    Squirrel           Park           Have stuffed
    Magnifying Glass   Home           Bug Justice
    Poetry Book        Coffee House   Use on Sam
    Condom             Coffee House   Make Poodle
    Soap               Cell           Use on Sam
    Carved Soap        Cell           Use on Beavis
    Prison Keys        Cell           Open Cell Door
    Pillow             Prison Yard    Use on Sam
    Towel              Prison Yard    Use on Beavis at Rope
    Shock Therapy Unit Insane Ward    Use on Guard
    Teddy Bear         Insane Ward    Use on Sam
    Toy Blocks         Insane Ward    Use on Sam
    Camera             Insane Ward    Use with Flash Cubes
    Flash Cubes        Cell           Use with Camera
    Camera/Cubes       ?              Use on Killer
    Quarter            Prison Yard    Use on Leroy
    Board              Slaughterhouse Use on Balls
    Spatula            Burger World   Use on Squirrel
    Glass Eye          Taxidermist    Use with one-eyed inmate
    Felt Tip Pen       Taxidermist    Use on Free Parking Sign
    String             Taxidermist    Use with Gum
    String/Gum         ?              Get Quarter from Grate
    Quarter2           Home           Buy Condom
    Inflated Condom    Food Mart      Give to Janitor
    Condom Poodle      Hall           Give to Guard Dog
    Ax                 Slaughterhouse Cut rope
    Cutters            Slaughterhouse Cut dog chain
    Raw Meat           Slaughterhouse Give to Guard Dog
    Hammer             Prison         Use on Spatula
    Stuffed Squirrel   Taxidermist    Give to Janitor
    Rope               Gym            Rocker Girls tie you up with it
    Master List        Boiler Room    Use on Gina's locker
    Paint              Boiler Room    Use on Todd's Car
    Garage Door Opener Veterans Hall  Use on barn
    Rhyme Book         Insane Ward    Give to Sam
    Teeth              Cell           Give to Farmer
    TODD plate         Slaughterhouse Use on car
    Part Five: The Mini-Games
    Air Guitar
    This one's the most fun.  If anyone has written songs on this, send 'em in
    inclusion in the FAQ.
    To find this one, go to the Coffee House on Open Mike Night and talk to
    Wilbur (the guy on stage).  He'll eventually leave and you can use the 
    Mike to play Air Guitar.
    You HAVE to play this to beat the game.  The stand-alone game, though, is
    timed and is on a high-score system.  The control is tough to get used to,
    though.  McVicker is an easy target, so you might want to focus on him.
    To find this game, use the Ledge on the roof of the school.
    Court Chaos.
    This one's self-explanatory... Just make sure to hit the squirrel to get
    Enter the Tennis Court in the park to find this game.
    Bug Justice
    Maybe we can compile a high-score list for later FAQs.  This one's fun but
    annoying.  It's tough to keep track of the bugs and even tougher to stay
    alive.  My high score is 467.  Yours?  Remember to at least keep one candy
    safe each round.
    Use the Magnifying Glass on any of the anthills in this game to play Bug 
    Anthill Locations:
    School Exterior
    Veteran's Hall
    Prison Exterior
    Does anybody know of any more?
    Part Six: After you've beaten the game...
    DID YOU...
    Get the Raw Meat for the Dog?
    Get the Blocks and Bear for Sam?
    Look at Gina's locker?
    Notice her locker number?
    Use the Eraser in class?
    Use the Chalk in class?
    Use the Globe in Class?
    Talk to everybody?
    Walk around as Cornholio?
    Kick Buzzcut in the nads more than once?
    Play Air Guitar at open mike night?
    Use the Glass on the anthills?
    Enter the Court?
    Look at the hole you make in the Gym?
    Have Beavis talk to the female guard?
    Figure out what Earl was doing in class?
    Use the Frog in class?
    Stick your head in the Spanish class?
    The air vent?
    Use both of the school bathrooms?
    Use the toilets in the coffee house?
    Break the bottles in the Park?
    Throw more food at the fan?
    Use the fryer at Burger World?
    Walk in the freezer?
    Use the headset at Burger World?
    Make a burger?
    Use Beavis' bedroom?
    Use the phone?
    Watch TV 3 times?
    Use the couch?
    The lamp?
    Use the gas pump at Food Mart?
    Use the Vending Machine?
    The Ice machine?
    Read the garbage can?
    Talk to the kid playing Kill' Em?
    Read the dirty magazines?
    Wash the tank?
    Use the basketball in prison?
    Use the weights?
    Play checkers in the insane ward?
    Watch the TV in the insane ward?
    Have Beavis choke the chicken at the farm?
    Look at all the animals in the taxidermist's?
    Try to use the car without the keys (both times)?
    Give the Poetry Book to Sam?
    Part Seven: Credits
    Absolutely everything was done by ChrisK2018 except...
    Draknor217: Poetry Book information
    Part Eight: FAQ Version Update
    Version 1.0 - The first FAQ!
    Version 1.1 - Added Poetry Book/Sam information
                  Added how to get to the mini-games
                  Added Anthill information 
    Part Nine: Me
    Send criticism, comments, etc. to chrisk2018@aol.com.

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