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    FAQ by msephton

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    CHORO Q RACING                                       The Original Choro Q FAQ
    FAQ 1.01, 04 Sep 96                                        by Matthew Sephton
      1.0  Introduction
      1.1  The Game
      1.2  The Menus
      1.3  Gameplay
      2.0  Playing Concepts
      2.1  The Joypad
      2.2  Driving
      2.3  Cars
      2.4  Tracks
      2.5  Parts
      3.0  Cheats
      3.1  Hidden Options
      3.2  Shortcuts
      4.0  What Do You Know?
      4.1  Contacting The Author
      4.2  Release
      4.3  E&OE
      4.4  Thanks
      5.0  Version history
    This FAQ aims to be the definitive source of information for the PlayStation
    game Choro Q Racing, henceforth CQR. It serves no other purpose. At this time
    no manual in any language has been seen by the author.
    1.1  THE GAME
    CQR is a driving game with a difference. It is based around super deformed
    versions of all your favourite cars. It features Championships, limited Time
    Trials, Free Runs, Two Player Slpit Screen and multitudes of options. The
    most novel feature is the ability to upgrade your car in any way you care to.
    It was developed by TamSoft for Takara Co., Japan using the HyperSolid
    graphics engine previously seen in such games as Toshinden 2.
    This month a magazine in the UK showed screen shots of CQR, but it was billed
    as 'Penny Racers' and is to be released in the UK. More news when it comes.
    1.3  THE MENUS
    See section 2.1 for joypad button funtions. Items are listed in the left to
    right and then top to bottom order.
        QUICK RACE
        TWO PLAYER
      Select a course from those available and do a practice race of three laps.
      This is the same as the above only now there are nine other drivers on the
      track with you. If you finish in the top three then you will receive a cup
      for that track and get some money in return.  Once you have done this on
      all your tracks you will get more. They appear on both this screen and the
      Time Trial one.
      This option is only available when you have come gained qualification cups
      on the first ten or so tracks. You can then race a tournament for bigger
      money stakes, 1500 per race, and gain extra options.
      This is the place you go to buy new parts for your car. There are numerous
      choices for each type of part. The lower down the list you get the better,
      and the more expensive, the parts are. There are exceptions with the likes
      of tyres where there are different tyres for different road surfaces.
           TYRES                         ACCELERATION
           ENGINES                       STEERING
           GEARBOXES                     AEROFOIL
           HORNS                         SPEEDOMETER
      Car bodies are 500G each, with a total of 24 to choose from. They range
      from classic cars such as the Fiat 500 to modern dar sports cars such as
      the Ferrari 308 GTS.
      This is only available after you have completed two or more championships.
      It contains special high performance versions of parts, as well as some
      really great extra parts.
           TYRES                         ACCELERATION
           ENGINES                       ?
           GEARBOXES                     ?
           HORNS                         BODIES
      You can sell unwanted or previously used car parts here. You get half price
      on whatever you are selling. Beware not to sell parts you have just bought,
      but not yet put on your car.
      For 50G you can paint your car in virtually any style of your choice. There
      are three paint designs per car, mostly just stripe variations, and to sets
      of colours for you to pick from.
      SAVE or EXIT
      You can save your game to your memory card here. The game takes up one
      block giving three save game slots.
           SAVE GAME SLOT 1
           SAVE GAME SLOT 2
           SAVE GAME SLOT 3
           QUIT TO MAIN MENU
      NOTE: When quitting back to the main menu, if you have visited any other
      menu screen since your last save the game will prompt you to see if you are
      sure.  OK is at the top, CANCEL (default) at the bottom.
    This is the sort of time trial option of the game. You can have a quick race
    against the other computer drivers.
           START RACE
           CHOOSE CAR
           QUIT TO MAIN MENU
    You can have a two-player split screen race from this option. Pick a car with
    each controller or load your profile from your save game. The other cars have
    predefined statistics and sets of parts available. When quitting you are
    given the option to cancel (default) or go ahead.
           START RACE
           QUIT TO MAIN MENU
    You can have stereo (default) or mono sound.
    1.3  GAMEPLAY
    The game can take a lot of getting used to when comparing it with other
    driving games such as MTGP2, RR(R) or WipeOut. To start with you have only a
    basic car which needs upgrading before it will handle even remotely well.
    Experimentation with driving lines is the only way to improve lap times.
    Learning how to control the car and prevent or take action when you start to
    skid is the key to ploughing through the field in a race. Along with buying
    the best parts for your car.
    As with any other game playing skills will improve over time. Perseverence is
    the key. Select a course and stick with it to learn its layout. When you
    upgrade a part (see 3.1) you will have to get used to it over a race or two.
    2.1  THE JOYPAD
    Here is a list of the default joypad buttons and their functions.
     BUTTON     RACING                MENUS
     Up                               Move cursor up
     Down                             Move cursor down
     Left       Turn left             Move cursor left
     Right      Turn right            Move cursor right
     Square     Brake                 Previous screen
     Triangle   Horn                  Car setup screen
     Circle     Toggle view           Accept
     Cross      Accelerate            Accept
     L1         Down a gear           Rotate car *
     R1         Up a gear             Rotate car *
     L2         Display map           Rotate car *
     R2         Down a gear           Rotate car *
     Start      Pause menu            
     Select     Display map            
    NOTE: * = Depending which screen you are on the direction of rotation varies.
    2.2  DRIVING
    It is essential that a good driving line is taken. Try to enter corners wide
    and get as close to the apex as you can without hitting it. Take time to
    learn the layout of each course.
    To turn tight corners more easily simply lay off the acceleration when
    turning. More severe corners will need you to press the brake whilst still
    accelerating, causing your machine to skid or slide. Remember to let go of
    the brake when you start to skid or you won't stop. It is quite often more
    beneficial to slow down around a corner than to go full speed around it.
    In some really good car setups you can, whilst accelerating, hold the brake
    down to maintain a constant speed in the lower gears.
    2.3  CARS
    When you start competition mode, you can pick one of eight cars. It seems to
    me that they start off with all the same internals, it is only the exterior -
    the "shell" that differs. So pick what car you like and biuld it up to suit.
    Eventually you may end up with the 'Devil' parts for your car.
    There are 41 different car shells in total in the whole game.
    2.4  TRACKS
    You start with three tracks and when you qualify in the top three positions
    in them you get some more, up to a maximum of ten. More are added when you
    win championships. The courses have different surfaces varying from the usual
    racing tarmac, through to soil and snow. Driving off the course will change
    your car's handling.
    There are a total of 15 different tracks in the whole game.
    2.5  PARTS
    The part aquisition process is a twopart process, in that you have to first
    buy the part and then actually put it on your car. See scetion (2.1).
    You can buy the parts in whatever order you like if you can afford them.
    However, it is best to buy them in the following order: Tyres, Acceleration,
    Gearbox, Engine and lastly any extras. This goes on the premise that you need
    tyres to handle the extra power given by the other three main additions. You
    also need good acceleration if you crash often. Top speed is given by gearbox
    and not engine as you might expect. Engines magnify the other properties of
    your car slightly. The best of some parts are 'Devil' parts, being priced at
    a figure starting with 666.
    Rear spoilers (aerofoils) are a puzzle to me. Whether it is my imagination I
    don't know but cars seem to handle differently with the different spoilers
    on. However, the car statistics bars on the screen where you put parts on
    your car do not alter when you put spoilers on! Hmm.
    Extras such as speedometers and horns are purely cosmetic, they make no
    difference whatsoever to your car's performance. I prefer the second speedo
    and horn+3. Some horns are funny/weird.
    3.0  CHEATS
    I am not aware of any cheats for CQR, but there are quite a few hidden
    options or secrets. Those that I know of are outlined below.
    The game starts out fairly basic then as you progress, making more money and
    completing races the game expands. You get more tracks and better parts are
    made available. This seems to be as you complete up to a maximum of three
    championships, not according to distance travelled.
    TRACK 4 - "Waterfalls"
    After going through the waterfall, stop after the chicane which follows. You
    will see a road doubling back on your left. Going down this will lead to a
    plateau with a sword in a stone. It's a beauty spot but is it of any use in
    the actual game?
    3.2  SHORTCUTS
    Here are a few legal shortcuts which can speed up your lap times.
    TRACK 3 - "Tunnel" Shortest Route
    About half way around the course there is a barrier telling you to go left.
    Ignore it and continue through the wall into an underground passage.
    TRACK 4 - "Waterfalls"
    About a quarter of the way around the track there is a waterfall that you
    jump *off*.  This has a rock on top of it, if you line yourself up just to
    the right of the rock, aiming slightly towards the right, you will jump just
    to the right of the opposite waterfall - into a storm drain.
    TRACK 7 - "Canyon"
    Right at the start there is an old train track.  If you go along this fast
    enough you can jump from section to section and cut off part of the track.
    4.0  WHAT DO YOU KNOW?
    If you have any additions which you think should be included in this FAQ then
    please send them to me as below. Already there are a number of questions
    that need answering.
     1 All the text in the game is in Japanese. Can anybody translate it word for
       word? This would be quite a big job.
     2 Are there actually any cheats for the game?
     3 Is there any way to improve the artificial intelligence of the computer
       players? The game becomes way to easy when you have good parts.
    The author of this FAQ, Matthew Sephton, can be contacted by e-mail or
    through his web page (which contains information about Björk, other music,
    Monkey (Magic), the Sony PlayStation and is the place to download some of my
    Windows 95 shareware).
      e-mail: matt@ewtoo.org
         www: http://www.ewtoo.org/~matt/
    4.2  RELEASE
    This FAQ is obtainable from various places on the Internet, but the latest
    version can always be downloaded from this URL:
    I have written FAQs for Hermie Hopperhead, Micro Machines V3, Motor Toon GP 2
    and WipeOut 2097/XL which are also available.
    4.3  E&OE
    All errors and omissions excluded. As far as I know the information in this
    document is accurate. Correct me if I'm wrong. Use at your own risk.
    4.4  THANKS
    Original FAQ by Matthew Sephton. Thanks to my brother Chris Sephton for all
    his help. Keith Comer for his Katakana translator program. Prof. Jim Breen
    for his Japanese dictionary and related programs.
    1.00, 28 Aug 1996  Original release.
    1.01, 04 Sep 1996  Sword in the stone added, slight modifications.

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