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"A Double Dragon game on PSX?"


As most of the established gamers will know, Double Dragon is a side scrolling beat 'em up which spawned on many systems including the NES, SNES and even the Coin-Op Arcades many years ago.

In 1995 it appeared on the Neo Geo (Arcade) in the form of a 2D 1 on 1 fighting game similar to Street Fighter and then in 1996 it was ported over to the PSX by Urban Plant. Its a VERY RARE game to get hold of now since there never was a reprint of it so if you have a copy, be happy!

Gameplay - 6/10

The gameplay is quite average. There are 12 characters (2 are hidden) in the game and each have around 4 moves each.

The control system is quite simple. The D-Pad is used to move the character and the 4 buttons are used for attacking, 2 for punching and 2 for kicking.

The controls are not as responsive as Street fighter but they do are good enough for you to enjoy the game.

I personally found the game to be too slow for my tastes and the computer A.I is very cheap and annoying. To add to that, the load times in the game are very long, around 15 seconds for each match so it breaks the fluidness of the game.

Graphics - 6/10

I know what you are thinking. Since the game was originally on the 2D powerhouse, the Neo Geo, how does it compare to its Neo Geo counterpart.

Well the port is quite good actually because, well the Neo Geo version didn't really push the hardware much technically.

The animations are nearly as good as the Neo Geo port with a few missing animations and breakable background objects, only noticeable if you have played the arcade version. Some of the effects are pixelated in the PSX version like Billy & Jimmy's transformations and some other moves.

The backgrounds are nicely animated, such as Eddie's & Rebecca's stage.

There is also a PSX exclusive mode called Mini 3D, although its a novelty its neither good nor bad. It's basically just a 3D version of Billy's stage where you can fight and move the camera around. The graphics are very basic and flat. A pointless mode if you ask me but I guess no harm done in Urban Plant adding it.

Sound - 5/10

The music is just your average fighting game music, nothing special.

The sound effects do the job and are the same as the Neo Geo version but just like the Neo Geo version, they are too soft and quiet so you don't ''feel'' the impact of the moves.

Story - 4/10

Kogo Shuko, who has apparently lived and died many times for centuries, is on the hunt for the mysterious Double Dragon amulet. Currently split into two pieces, the amulet is said to bring immeasurable power to the person who possesses it.

Uninspiring story...

Replay Value - 5/10

Without a friend, take off 3 points from the current replay value score. There really isn't much point in playing the game over and over without a friend because there are only 2 characters to unlock, nothing more.


If you are a Double Dragon fan and must get this game for your collection then by all means do so but don't expect it to be a classic like the previous side scrolling Double Dragon games.

As for the general beat'em up fan, I suggest you to not buy this game if you can get it, because its not worth the money you will probably have to pay for it.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 09/08/03

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