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A disgrace to the Fighting Genre of games 01/02/02 AlphaX
This game AIN'T so bad! 12/11/02 Donomark
One of the worst fighting games ever made 04/08/03 eaglesfan80
Even with 22 characters, this game gets old quick. 07/05/02 GL
A DBZ game that stays true to the series 07/13/02 J Factor
A very fun game for DBZ fans! 08/08/02 Katon
Not a bad game for just $20.00 04/28/03 king gimpy
A game that took 5-10 hours to make 05/03/03 Lacan ZZ
Even as A DBZ fan this game is bad.... 03/28/03 mease1123
My Grandma can make better DBZ games, what a joke this was 06/09/00 Minjin X
A game that's really not all that bad 10/30/03 napster
A great game if you're a fan of the series, but otherwise you may find it lacking... 07/05/02 OblivionMatrix
Cheesy fighting game ahoy! 03/16/09 PentiumMMX
Good not great but above average 04/17/03 Ryu Killer Dragon
A great idea for a game plagued by a few flaws 08/20/02 ServoMST3K
Love DBZ? Got friends who love DBZ? Then, by all means... 06/04/02 ShadalooSoldier
Playable at most. 05/07/13 SquallEX8
Has some flaws, but is still playable 06/13/04 SSnesVegita
Great re-release that makes you go SSJ! 04/18/03 Sunrie
This is a good game for fans of the Dragon Ball Z series but if your not familiar with bdz then you might not like the game as much. 09/05/02 supa saiyajin goku
A new 8 year old game re-released in the US, does it stand up to todays standards? 05/05/03 tazz255
Oh this one needs a Kamehameha wave bad! 07/05/02 Tenshi No Shi
It's no Hyper Dimension 08/13/04 TheGoodNamesAreTaken
Great fun for Dragon Ball Z fans and it's a Masenkoooo for DBZ fans!!!!!!!! 06/28/01 Tuxedo Tom
An average Dragonball fighting game that gets old easily! 12/16/02 YSF

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