Review by eaglesfan80

"One of the worst fighting games ever made"

Let me just start out by saying that I'm a huge fan of anything Dragonball, but this game is so terrible that I can find no redeeming qualities in it.
The game itself has several different modes to choose from. Arcade fighting, Two player, Build up, Build up Battle, and Tournament modes. The build up mode is the real reason I wanted to try this game. The premise is that you choose a fighter starting at level 1 and fight a bunch of other fighters ranging in level from 1 to 22 and gain levels as you defeat them. I was very disappointed with it because there really is no customization. All you gain from each fight is Levels of power. After your done with build up mode you fight a build up battle with your character. The novelty runs out quickly when you realize it's just as fun to battle in arcade mode without a built up character.
Graphically, this game could be on the Game Boy Advance. The character animations are terrible. The characters look like a Dragonball Z version of South Park. Special moves and the back round of the stages are bland at best.
Controlling your character is relatively easy because of the extremely limited move list. Punch, kick, and fly, that's the move list. Although there are some special moves for each character it's not worth learning them when you can just back an opponent into a corner and finish them with punches.
The sound is by far the worst aspect of the game. When a character is hit they let out a tiny scream that sound like a baby crying. Music is has no melody so your best bet is muting the game and putting on a cd.
Enemy AI is also a huge problem. Either you will dominate a fight completely or the computer will finish you off fast. There is no middle ground.
Fans of the series might enjoy the vast selection of characters ranging from the Sayian to Majin Buu saga, but will be very disappointed with the playability of the game. My recommendation is that you save the $20 and play Dragonball Z Budokai instead, you'll be a lot happier in the end even though Ultimate Battle 22 has a more diverse selection of fighters it is leaps and bound behind Budokai. Dragonball Z Ultimate Battle 22 is the most disappointing game I've ever played. The score I give it is 1/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Originally Posted: 04/08/03, Updated 04/08/03

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