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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ADK

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    	FEDA 2 - White Surge Platoon Walktrough By ADK :
    Version 1.0 : I need to add more stuff but the walktrough is complete.
    Final version : Added a review and usual stuffs of my faqs.
    Visit my homepage : http://www.dimensions-sega.fr.st
    E mail me at : advanced_knight@yahoo.fr
    Contents :
    1 Review
    2 The about section
    3 Classes in Feda 2
    4 Characters
    5 Walkthrough and missions
    6 Credits
    1 Review :
    I have long waited this game on saturn as it was clearly annonuced at the end
    of the remake of the first episode. Probably due to the death of the Saturn,
    the game has been ported to the Playstation. When i discover it 3 years ago, i
    couldn't play the game cause no one played a playstation at that time in my
    circle of friends. I asked for the game and console to someone and at least i
    continued the saga one month ago.
    Feda is a clone of shining force, make by Max, which is in fact a division of
    Climax, the original conceptor of the Shining Force saga. Developped for the
    SNES, the game was average with some interest point like the special attacks
    and the story and especially a ton of scenario to play (more than 70). The
    Saturn remake followed the same story and added 2 new characters and 2 new
    classes, some OAV and cutscene and a new special attack for each character. It
    ends when Bryan and Ayne killed Cobalt in Scuderia. According to the class you
    were, you had a different ending. Feda 2 starts just after the first war. From
    Scuderia, you must reach Arkadia and kill Clifford (the brother of Cobalt, you
    see briefly in the intro of the remake on Saturn) and Bart Balduke who escapes
    after Bryan and Ayne beat him. Unfortunately, you will be involved in some
    other plot like stopping the necromancers and you will discover that Clifford
    is allied with some strange guy who wants to form the Triforce. Last during the
    game you will see other characters probably created for Feda 3 but the story
    won't develop itself around them.
    Graphically the game is a mix od 2D for the characters and 3D for the decors.
    The battlescene have changed and are less good than the ones in Feda 1. Also
    they are annoying with your unit once you do a normal attack. You have 60% of
    chance to miss it and when you hit someone, it's variable with a light, a
    normal or a heavy hit. Last i liked the long FMV at the beginning of the game.
    The animation is very poor and slow. The battlescene are correct, yes, but the
    scrolling in all cutscene is dread during all the game. I can't understand why
    they do this. Between each battle, you are in the camp where actions and
    animations are identical to a digital comic. The programmers were probably too
    lazy to make RPG phase as in Feda 1 and it's a shame.
    The sound is honnest. There 20 musics and some of them are remixes of the music
    of Feda 1. I found them very cool even if the instruments used are not of high
    quality. Well it's a Playstation after all, not a symphonic orchestra.
    The control are terrible. It was the first time i use a playstation controller
    and i encounter the stupidity of the programmers. The cancel button and action
    button are in the reverse order of any other game and there is no way to change
    the controls. The loading are terrible and also when you lose you must watch
    the ending credits. It's faster to restart the playstation and to continue from
    the last saved game. During a battle you can save but you will always restart
    from the beginning of the scenario not from the point you saved.
    Finally, Feda 2 is interest for the story which is a bit complicated. The game
    itself is not a bomb and you will probably never miss it in your collection.
    It's shortest and less good than Feda 1 and i am sure that only fans will buy
    this game.
    Presentation : 18/20
    Graphics : 15/20
    Animation : 9/20
    Sound : 14/20
    Controls : 10/20
    Interest : 13/20
    Final Note : 79%
    												ADK, The Emblem Of Justice.
    2 The about section :
    ABOUT MY ENGLISH : I know it's an awful one, but it's the only one i have.
    Correct me if you wish that's the best you can do.
    ABOUT MY E MAIL ADRESS : Please write to me only for true questions. Most of
    the time, i know it by the poor questions i received, you write to me just
    because you have seen my name near the faq. You don't want to read my faq but
    you want a quick advice. Sorry to say this but i'm tired of these mails.
    ABOUT THIS FAQ : This faq is basically dedicated to my own site and to
    gamefaqs. If you wish to download it for your own site, ask for the permission
    but it's not all misters and misses webmasters. Think to update my faq, because
    when i correct my english or post an update with more informations it's on
    gamefaqs but never on YOUR sites.
    THE RESULT IS EASY TO IMAGINE : i receive questions about things that are in an
    update and some people continue to ask me when i will complete the faq of Skies
    Of Arkadia...
    Conclusion : if you download my faqs, be sure to download the updates as you do
    for an emulator. It will work better for everyone.
    3 Classes in Feda :
    Fedayeen (Goddess with wings)
    Valkyria (Maiden with spear)
    Griffis (Griffon)
    Blade Eagle (eagle holding a sword)
    Viper (Snake)
    Phantom (Ghost with scythe)
    Balrog (devil)
    Hell-hound (2 headed hound)
    Genocide(Skull swallowing sword).
    These classes are identical to the one of Feda Remake on Saturn.
    4 Characters :
    Harvey Winston : Hero and Sword Fighter :
    Harvey will have basically 3 forms. The first is terrible because harvey is
    really weak and does few damage. Sometimes, you will see a critical attack with
    a special sword move and that's the only good point of the first form.
    The second form is quite sympathetic because Harvey possesses group attack,
    it's my favourite.
    The third form is an elemental version of the second form and unfortunately,
    there is no group attack.
    The final form can be obtained in the very last battle and is efficient against
    the last boss only. For the other enemies it's Harvey a not so powerful hero.
    Tom Windrand : Knife Master.
    Tom is an expert with knife but is not powerful with it. I constantly uses his
    magic skills.
    First form is the fire,
    second, the snow and is the best of all,
    the third is the earth and the last is the thunder.
    Minerva Lilack + Shellfer : Trooper.
    Minerva alone is a powerful character when she becomes rank B. She has a very
    useful attack that stuns all ennemies and even the boss. Until this rank, use
    Shellfer to increase her power and moves as much as possible.
    Marcia Burnwood : Fighter.
    Her first form is very powerful but i prefer the second one which more violent.
    This second form has also a group attack when Marcia goes rank A and a powerful
    punch. The third form is pathetic, i suggest you forget it.
    Device : (Heavy) Sniper.
    Device is excellent with his first form. i hate the second and third one. The
    first form has the best attacks and range.
    M2 : Heavy Fighters.
    M2 is one of the most powerful character of the game. His first form is a
    disaster because his defense is close to 0. On the contrary he becomes perfect
    in his second form, to defend itself and kill an ennemy in one hit. Near the
    end of the game, his move range is a bit small however.
    Rice version 1, version 2, version 3 : Can heal HP (version 2) of a group or
    can heal the MP (version 1) of a group.
    Rice is a very bad character when he joins the group, but the version can use a
    group heal spell and it's excellent. Once you rise the rank of Rice, he will
    become very mobile and the most useful character in his version 2. I never use
    version 1 and 3 because you can't use HP healing.
    Ayne Magdugal (samuraï)
    Ayne is the best character, each of his hit are critical and he is also the
    most powerful fighters you can expect. Samuraï Showdown power ! (One of the 2
    heroes of Feda 1)
    Nicori (spear user)
    As Rice, Nicori is a bad character when he joins the group, but becomes very
    efficient in all situation in his second form when he becomes rank B. Forget
    the third form, it's effectively a good one, but the attack are less
    interessant than the second form.
    Shishia (sorceress)
    Shishia is excellent in her first form because she has large range attack and
    powerful spell. However she arrives late in the game and in a rank C it's too
    late to optimize her power. Too bad. Her second form is an alternative to Rice
    version 2 but i don't like it.
    Tosekage (ninja)
    Tosekage is an alternative to Ayne because each time he hits, he does a
    critical one. His special attacks are powerful and kill ennemies in one hit.
    You will understand why i said he is an alternative to Ayne near the end of the
    5 Walkthrough and missions :
    Section I :
    In this section you meet the new heroes. It's time to equip them by talking to
    Lowell. Then talk to Morris to obtain your mission. Save by talking to Emi. Now
    exit of the camp and talk to Titan 2 to go out.
    Mission 1 :
    You must kill all the monsters.
    3 Marksmen rank E
    1 Trooper (centaur guard rank D)
    4 Sword Fighters (rank E)
    The most important is to prevent the Marksmen for burning all the 3 houses. The
    mission ends if they die.
    Mission 2 :
    I wasn't able to play it... Maybe there is none.
    Mission 3 :
    You have detected a necromancer in the area. He uses a well to summon skeletons
    (what other things can a necromancer do after all...). The hero is alone in the
    wood. The idea is to lure the ennemies with all other party members while the
    hero will go directly to the necromancer to kill him.
    Note that if one of the party member die it's a game over. You must also
    remember that killing the 2 skeletons is useless (unless you wish some exp)
    cause the necromancer will summon them again. It's impossible to kill all the
    ennemies unit because the necromancer will summon also reinforcements. If you
    really wish to fight them all, concentrate your skills on the troopers rank E
    then D), Sword Fighters (all rank E) and last the Marksmen (rank E).
    Mission 4 :
    Tom refuses to listen to Richard's advice during the cutscene. They run
    directly to the ennemies boss : Bart, leader of the dragon unit (well it's
    "dragonute" in katakana to be exact).
    Your mission is to kill (ahahahahaha) Bart. You can fight well in this mission
    and kill all the monsters for exp.
    4 Snipers rank D
    2 Royal Guards rank C
    2 Sword Fighters rank D.
    Bart will then arrive and will use a thunder breath to kill all of the party
    member in one shot.
    You will all be captured and taken to a new camp. Bart wish to use you in
    battle simulation. This end the first section.
    Section II :
    Now it's time to equip yourself. There is a subtility for now. Minerva must
    separate of her faithful tiger. To do this, talk to Rice and choose to separate
    them in the appropriate menu (the one with the armor icon). Talk to M2 for the
    mission and to Emi to save.
    Exit and talk to Titan 2 to enter the simulation. During the briefing, you'll
    have the choice of which simulation you wish to do first.
    Mission 1 :
    I suggest you run straightforward into the battle as the map is really small.
    It's better to hit first.
    1 Trooper rank D
    6 Sword Fighters rank D
    Beware however some of the sword fighters will be stronger and will even use
    their special attack.
    Mission 2 :
    In this mission absolutely no one must die. If the hero die, it's a game over.
    If a party member die it's the end of the mission and you will use a different
    way than mine. If you succeed you will have 2 new characters Rice and M2. In
    order to win be sure to group your force around the hero. You must kill as
    quick as possible the 2 snipers. Beware of the 2 wizards they are not that
    powerful but if they hit the same guy they can kill it.
    2 Wizards rank E (2 fire casters)
    4 Sword fighters rank D
    2 Snipers rank D
    2 Troopers rank D
    Now talk to Alex to equip everyone and then to Jill to obtain your order. It's
    time to talk to Titan 2 to exit. At this point Minerva can use again her
    faithful tiger Shellfer.
    Mission 3
    3 ennemies group :
    Group 1 in front of you :
    2 Troopers rank E (ally)
    1 Trooper rank D (ennemy)
    2 Snipers rank E (ennemy)
    1 Sword Fighters Rank D (ally)
    1 Sniper rank D (ally)
    1 Fix rank D (ennemy)
    1 Wizard rank D (ennemy)
    Group 2 in the wood :
    1 Trooper rank E (ennemy)
    1 Trooper rank D (ally)
    1 Sniper rank E (ennemy)
    2 Wizards rank D (ennemy)
    1 Sword Fighter rank D (ally)
    Group guarding the building :
    1 Trooper rank D (ennemy)
    1 Fix rank D (ennemy)
    Group in the north :
    1 Trooper rank E (ennemy)
    1 Sniper rank E (ennemy)
    1 Trooper rank D (ally)
    Note that if some NPC allies die, you will lose bonus exp at the end of the
    mission. The goal is to reach the building with the minimum losses. Run into
    the ennmies in front of you, then split into to kill the 2 guys of the north
    and of the west. You will conclude with the 2 ennemies near the building.
    After you take control of the ship, you take off and then you watch a scene
    with King of Grunalaim (Zahort) and someone you know well if you have played
    Feda 1. They seem to disagree about the balance of power between Grunalaim and
    the Dragonute. The king is still confident while Clifford thinks the king is
    Mission 4 :
    Once again equip, talk to Jill and save the game. Talk to Titan 2 and exit for
    mission 4.
    Note that Minerva must separate from Shellfer to leave the camp.
    4 Sword Fighters rank D
    2 Snipers rank D
    2 Drycharts rank D
    In this mission the monsters respawn infinitely. Your mission is to send 3
    soldiers touching each 3 stones on the south of the map. Of course if you can
    kill some foes on the way...Tom will then activate the mana field and you will
    conclude this stupid mission. From this moment on you can choose a second class
    for each of your characters.
    Mission 5 :
    Ok now you must save king Grasco, a blue dragon man. If he dies end of the
    mission of course.
    4 Sword Fighters rank D
    2 Snipers rank D
    2 Drycharts rank D
    1 Fix rank D
    NPC : King Grasco and 2 Sword Fighters rank D.
    Help the king to reach the tapestry on the wall inside the dojo and you will
    end this scenario. Once again the monsters respawn infinitely.
    Mission 6 :
    You must defend the Firecloud (your ship) until Tom can repair it.
    2 Prijnas rank D
    2 Drycharts rank D
    2 Troopers rank E
    1 Trooper rank D
    2 Snipers rank D
    4 Sword Fighters rank D
    Now you take back king Grasco. This end the second section.
    Section III :
    Mission 1 :
    You must reach maliotte. Equip, Talk to Jill, save and exit of the camp.
    3 Troopers rank D (2 spear users and one axe user)
    2 Snipers rank D
    4 Sword Fighters rank D
    1 Fix rank D
    Mission 2 :
    You arrive by the sea and look for the comittee.
    3 Troopers rank D (3 spear users)
    2 Snipers rank D
    2 Sword Fighters rank D
    1 Fix rank D
    1 Drychart rank D
    There is also a group of NPC :
    3 Sword Fighters rank E
    2 Snipers rank E
    Clifford has enough of your progress. He killed some of his soldiers.
    Mission 3 :
    5 Troopers rank D (5 spear users)
    2 Snipers rank D
    3 Wizards rank D
    2 Marksmen rank E
    The marksmen can stun your characters.
    Mission 4 :
    Minerva must let Shellfer in the HQ before you leave the camp.
    3 Snipers rank D
    4 Wizards rank D (snow casters and thunder casters)
    2 Troopers rank D (5 spear users)
    3 Sword Fighters rank D
    4 Operators rank E
    The 4 operators must die before the time is out.
    You have reached the boss but he is protected by a force field. Once again you
    must kill the operator to succeed.
    Mission 5 :
    Don't forget to save your progress.
    Clifford (boss and probably brother of Cobalt)
    2 Operators
    6 Drycharts
    4 Wizards (2 snow casters and 2 thunder casters)
    2 Fixes
    Before he died Clifford warned you about Grunalaim.
    Mission 6 :
    You will meet Ayne from Feda 1 and you will hear the PSX version of the Feda
    theme. This version is closer to the Super Famicom version and less good than
    the saturn version.
    2 Sword Fighters rank D
    2 Fixes rank D
    2 Troopers rank D (2 spear users)
    2 Wizards rank D (1 snow caster and 1 thunder caster)
    2 Prijnas rank E
    NPC : Ayne rank B
    You must save Ayne. During this scenario you will hear a second version of the
    Feda theme closest to the saturn version but longer than the saturn version.
    Great job Yanoman, two remixes of this incredible theme.
    Section IV :
    Mission 1 :
    Ayne has joined the group. Now you face a building.
    6 Frogmen rank D that respawn infinitely.
    3 Nofishes rank D that explodes on you.
    You must reach the triangle area near the buildingbuilding.
    You meet Richard. At this point a third class is available for Harvey and Tom.
    Mission 2 :
    3 operators rank E
    6 Kickluckgods rank D.
    You have a limited number of turn to take control of each 3 towers. It's nopt
    necessary to kill the 3 operators to obtain the control of the tower. The next
    mission won't be the same as me if you don't take control of those tower.
    Mission 3 :
    With the help of the 3 canons you attack a shipyard.
    7 Troopers rank D
    2 Prijnas rank E
    2 kickluckgods rank D
    2 Fixes rank D
    Your goal is the bridge (red area north of the map) or simply kill them all.
    Mission 4 :
    4 Sword Fighters rank D
    2 Fixes rank D
    2 Wizards rank D (thunder caster)
    4 Kickluckgods rank D
    You must protect the resistance. Once all ennemies are down, you can talk with
    Nicori and recruit him.
    Mission 5 :
    As usual for mission 5 and 6, Minerva must abandon Shellfer.
    4 Necromancers rank D
    6 Drycharts rank E
    2 Kickluckgods rank D
    + 4 monsters will respawn randomly
    Once you killed everyone, Tom must touch the control panel to the north. Note
    that you have 0 MP for this mission unless you have some MP Healing items.
    Mission 6 :
    You discover a strange creature... Don't forget to save.
    2 Operators rank E
    4 Kickluckgods rank D
    4 Drycharts rank E
    2 Wizards rank D (2 fire casters)
    Elena (boss)
    Unfortunately after this battle, Elena escapes. Sge is persuaded that the demi
    human is the future of humanity.
    Section V :
    Mission 1 :
    3 Snipers rank D
    2 Operators rank E
    2 Sword Fighters rank D
    4 Troopers rank D
    2 Fixes rank D
    Nothing special kill them all. Note that i obtain a fourth costume for Tom.
    Mission 2 :
    5 troopers rank B
    3 Snipers rank D (one i hidden by a wall)
    4 sword Fighters rank D
    1 Fix rank D
    Curiously the ennemies don't defend themselves or at least only if you are near
    them. You are on your way to Cobaldic.
    Mission 3 :
    you are divided in 2 groups and Tom must'n die.
    2 Wizard rank D
    4 Snipers rank D
    3 Troopers rank C
    2 Prijnas rank E
    2 Fixes rank E
    Mission 4 :
    6 wizards rank D (2 fire casters, 2 thunder casters and 2 snow casters)
    4 Snipers rank D
    2 Troopers rank C
    Device is the most important character in this mission. He mustn't die because
    he will use the broken canon in the next cutscene. Be careful to Nicori as he
    is the only one able to reach the ennemy. Use Minerva coupled with Shellfer to
    throw her lance. Use of course the magic and Harvey's skills (third form) will
    be very useful. After the fight a ship is destroyed.
    Mission 5 :
    6 Troopers rank C
    4 Snipers rank C
    2 Prijnas rank E
    Now protect the Fireclouds to escape.
    Section VI :
    Mission 1 :
    4 Troopers rank C
    1 Operator rank E
    2 marksmen rank D
    You must kill the operator to earn OPM points.
    Mission 2 :
    I suppose you'll play it if you miss the operator or maybe if you have a higher
    class (Actually fantom class).
    Mission 3 :
    3 Thunder Wizards rank C
    2 Necromancers rank C
    2 Snow Wizards rank C
    1 Fire Wizard rank C
    Dark ShiShia rank C (boss)
    NPC to save :
    2 Snipers rank D
    2 Kickluckgods rank E
    1 Operator rank E
    Shishia escapes.
    Mission 4 :
    Now you chase Shishia ina  castle. They tried again to convince her she must
    stop her plans but it's useless.
    6 Skeletons rank D
    Dark Shishia rank C (boss)
    The skeletons won't be a problem. Ket Marcia and Nicori hit the boss. Marcia
    tries to stop Shishia. She succeeds. Shishia is herself again. She joins the
    Section VII :
    Mission 1 :
    4 Sword Fighters rank C
    4 Snipers rank C
    2 Fixes rank C
    2 Marksmen rank C
    You must reach the gate, and kill everyone of course. You will watch a long
    Mission 2 :
    3 Fire Wizards rank C
    3 Snow Wizards rank C
    3 Earth Wizards rank C
    Supreme Wizard rank B
    Now that they are dead you go back to the camp.
    Mission 3 :
    Capora rank B
    How to touch him ? Well in fact you don't have to. Go simply on the right part
    of the screen and stand under the door with a flag. That's all.
    After the scene you begin the real battle :
    Mission 4 :
    Capora rank B (boss)
    4 Snipers rank C
    3 Sword Fighters rank C
    4 Frogmens rank E
    Note that once in the second part of this scenario you can't escape.
    Now you are ready to face your ennemies and stop the white surge.
    Mission 5 :
    4 Marks men rank C
    4 Sword Fighters rank D
    2 Thunder Wizards rank C
    2 Fixes rank C
    Tallman rank A (boss)
    Kill them all quickly. After the battle Tallman will escape as, Elena.
    Mission 6 :
    8 Snipers rank C
    4 Sword Fighters rank C
    2 Fixes rank C
    Zahort 15 rank B (boss)
    Kill Zahort before he reaches the top of the platoon. After he lost the battle,
    he escapes. It's a very bad habit the bosses have in this game.
    Section VIII :
    Mission 1 :
    You must stop Stephane. Minerva must be in the team.
    4 Troopers rank B
    3 Sword Fighters rank D
    2 Snipers rank C
    2 Kickluckgods rank C
    2 Fixes rank C
    Stephane rank A (boss)
    Mission 2 :
    Everyone must go to the battlefield for this mission. You must stop the train.
    Note that you won't go back to your HQ.
    3 Nofishes rank D
    6 Henmas rank B
    3 Fireballs rank B
    A new character joins the force : It's Tosecage and he is rank A, cool.
    Mission 3 :
    Ayne must reach the control panel which is on the north east part of the map.
    3 Nofishes rank D
    6 Fireballs rank B
    3 Henma rank B
    Ayne died (or is he ?) then a giant robot appears. You decide to fight it to
    avenge Ayne.
    Mission 4 :
    Harvey has a new armor and a jet pack. You must killed Mikado.
    6 Fireballs rank A
    6 Henmar rank B
    Mikado rank S (boss)
    This battle will be very rude and the monsters will abuse of group attack. I
    suggest you kill all the robots and let Harvey fighting alone with Mikado. No
    it's not a joke, it's simply because Harvey can fly and attack the boss from
    the left or the right without being touched. Plus Harvey hit the boss very well
    compared to all other party members, for the very first time, the hero is
    better than the others.
    After the death of Mikado, Harvey will suffer pain and will explode. That's the
    end of the game.
    Everyone thought he dies alongside Ayne and then they appear again and say they
    are both alive. The game is surely to be continued but only (Cli)max
    entertainment and Yanoman knows how it will end with the triforce. They
    probably knows also if Bryan, will appear in a possible Feda 3. Too bad it was
    never scheduled. Last i think that the end can be different according to your
    rank. Anyway enjoy.
    6 Credits :
    Thanks to Kakugo for giving me the game.
    Thanks to Kyapiko who gives me a Playstation.
    Thanks to Yanoman and (Cli)Max for this game.
    This game is copyrighted 2003, ask for permission to use it on your site.

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