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"The King of Fighters KYO is the first, and probably last, KOF-related RPG from SNK"

From the creator of famous fighting games, namely Fatal Fury, Samurai Spirits and King of Fighters, SNK has finally released an RPG for the PSX console. The title of the game has been taken from the name of the comic itself called "The King of Fighters KYO". Disappointly though, it doesn't quite follow the comic storyline.

You assume the role of Kyo Kusanagi, champion of the King of Fighters tournament for 3 years in a roll. He possesses the power of the fury Kusanagi flame and is of Orochi blood. There are many other characters, but I'm short of time. Most of the characters you already know, namely Mai, Chris, Chizuru, Iori, Athena and all the other characters. Let's go into the story and gameplay.

It is 30 days (1 month) before the new King of Fighters '97 tournament starts. As the champion of the last few tournaments, you are automatically invited to join. Unfortunately you are alone and in need of 2 other partners. From here you will have to solve your own personal problems & also your friends'. You can choose anyone to be your partner but he must first be available. You make somebody available by helping him or her solve their problems. You can travel to a lot of places and battle with characters.Unfortunately, it just doesn't end there. Iori Yagami is your nemesis and you'll need to something about it. Actually, Iori keeps stalking and disturbing your characters randomly. He attacks them and lowers down their friendship level with you, making them harder to co-operate with you when you fight. Furthermore, the only way to resolve this problem is to press the reset button and reload. Then go to the scene of the crime and stop it from happening. Depressing, you see.

Navigating is a mess, too. It's not like Final Fantasy or Xenogears where you can freely walk around. Since the whole game is drawn (except the battles) you will have to move the arrow to the available preset places and press a button.

Next are the battles. You don't fight like you fight in King of Fighters but RPG-style. You can't block oncoming attacks is a bad thing. Then the battle system is also complicated. Each turn a character can do 3 actions in a roll like charge, R.E.D. Kick and finally a SDM. You can't see what the opponent has done so you'll have to use instincts. For example if he's low on power he will probably charge around the first time so attack first since attacks will be released first. It's confusing, eh? I'll not dwelve here for too long now.

The game also has a VS Mode. Like the name suggests, you battle with your friend RPG-style. Usual stuff applies.

Finally, the game crashes often. Yes, it's true. Don't be surprised that the game suddenly stops loading after you have won a battle or you wanted to go to somewhere. The solution is to reset and reload.

Well, the game is not for everybody and those who dislikes sloppy RPGs please stay away. For those who already played the game, you're better off playing the VS Mode with a friend. Others are recommended to STAY AWAY!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 11/01/99, Updated 11/01/99

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