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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Dammit9x

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    Tecmo's Deception - Invitation To Darkness spoiler-free walkthrough (PSX)
    August 13, 2007 v1.0
    dammit9x at hotmail dot com
    Copyright 2007
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    3) TRAPS
    5) ITEMS
    5.3) KEY ITEMS
    6) BONUSES
    7) MASKS
    9) ENDINGS
      The objective of each chapter is typically to eliminate the invaders, who 
    appear in one or more battles. As such, the walkthrough is mainly a list of each
    battle and the invaders in each battle. The procedure for defeating invaders is 
    always the same, and usually no discussion is necessary for individual battles. 
    When other objectives must be completed, they are described in the notes section
      This walkthrough is free of spoilers; thus names that might be spoilers are 
    replaced with ???
      Some invaders display stereotyped behaviors that are noted beside the 
    invader's name and described below:
    Instant escape
      When these invaders see you, they disappear immediately. It is possible (but 
    difficult and unnecessary) to kill or capture them with traps and monsters while
    remaining out of sight.
    Front door escape
      When these invaders see you, they head to the front doors and leave the 
    castle. These invaders move counterclockwise along the wall of the entrance 
    room, making it somewhat easy to catch them with traps.
    Cannot get capture credit
      If you capture them, you won't get capture credit. However, you can kill them 
    and get kill credit. Thus it is possible to get the genocide bonus but not the 
    capture bonuses.
        Chapter 1: THE MASTER
    1 invader:  Ardebaran  Builder
    2 invaders: Indorigo   Soldier
                Doneal     Merchant
    Key item:   Skull Key
    Body collecting: no
      Talk to the soldier and go through the doors.
      Follow the soldier to the dining room. This is optional and causes Ardebaran 
    to disappear and Doneal to appear. Doneal is the only invader in the game who is
    not hostile and doesn't try to escape.
      Go to the den and activate the traps in the order shown on the door. Go to the
    prison and get the Skull Key. Unlock the door in the entrance hall and go 
    upstairs. Go to the living room and battle Ardebaran. For this battle the traps 
    are unlimited.
      Go to the Demon Gate (strategy room) and get briefed. For the next battle you 
    can reuse the leftover traps in the living room or lay new ones. From now on you
    may lay traps in Power Rooms also. (For this chapter only, you get free access 
    to Volt Cages.)
      Go south back toward the elevator to trigger the Indorigo battle. You may also
    battle Doneal downstairs (if he is there).
      After Indorigo is defeated, going back to the Demon Gate ends the chapter.
        Chapter 2: THE TRIAL
    2 invaders: Jin        Soldier
                Scuba      Archer
    1 invader:  Dairos     Soldier
    2 invaders: Dan        Pirate
                Madamia    Pirate
    1 invader:  Saizo      Ninja
    1 invader:  Henry      Merchant
    Key item:   SavePoint
    Body collecting: yes
      The east door in the entrance room gets unlocked before the third battle.
        Chapter 3: SOULS ESSENCE
    3 invaders: Jack        Hunter
                Grand       FateMaker
                Lou         Gem Guard
    Body collecting: yes
        Chapter 4: AN UNHOLY OFFERING
    2 invaders: Kain        Soldier         instant escape
                Pat         Ninja
    1 invader:  Coolbou     Gem Guard
    Key item:   EvilJewel
    Body collecting: yes
      After the second battle, get the EvilJewel from the fireplace in the 
    downstairs living room.
        Chapter 5: MESSENGER
    2 invaders: Karbados    Hunter
                Haya        Ninja
    Body collecting: yes
      Go to the entrance and recieve the letter. Afterwards the battle begins.
        Chapter 6: OLD MAGICIAN
    3 invaders: nameless    Magic Doll
                nameless    Magic Doll
                nameless    Magic Doll
    2 invaders: nameless    White Ant
                nameless    White Ant
    1 invader:  nameless    Queen Ant
    1 invader:  Doks        Wizard
    Key item:   Mask
    Body collecting: no
      The door to the small upstairs room is now unlocked. After this mission, you 
    may start taking captured victims prisoner.
        Chapter 7: FIANA
    1 invader:  Gilbert     General
    Key item:   EvilCrown
    Body collecting: no
      Go to the entrance and talk. You may take Fiana to various rooms. The battle 
    is triggered by taking her to the upstairs power room. After the battle go back 
    to the upstairs power room.
        Chapter 8: THE RESURRECTION
    1 invader:  Wizbone     Wizard
    Body collecting: yes
      The dialog choice at the beginning doesn't matter. You must build a bedroom 
    somewhere downstairs to proceed. From now on you can build bedrooms.
      If you finish the battle within 2:00 of when it begins, go to the downstairs 
    power room to finish the chapter. This puts you on track for the "good" endings.
      If you take longer than 2:00, the battle starts over. When it's finished, go 
    to the demon gate. Choosing the first dialog option gets you the She-Death 
    monster. Either way you are on track for the "bad" endings.
        Chapter 9: A FRIEND
    1 invader:  Erious      Swordsman       cannot get capture credit
    Body collecting: yes
      The invader doesn't move from his initial position until he sees you.
        Chapter 10: FINAL SHOWDOWN
    3 invaders: Iria        Psychic
                Jessica     Psychic
                Sarah       Psychic         front door escape
    Body collecting: yes
        Chapter 11: SPIES
    3 invaders: Kelvin      Trap Pro
                Fubuki      Ninja
                Casta       Ninja           front door escape
    Body collecting: yes
        Chapter 12: GHOST
    2 invaders: ???         ???
                ???         ???
    Body collecting: yes
        Chapter 13: CAVALRY
    4 invaders: Takeshi     Cavalier
                Baccas      Cavalier
                Noirart     Cavalier
                Galic       Cavalier
    4 invaders: Regls       Cavalier
                Wassarf     Cavalier
                Longe       Cavalier
                Gaurl       Cavalier
    3 invaders: Londo       Cavalier
                Zone        Cavalier
                Gaplas      Cavalier
    Key item:   EvilSword
    Body collecting: yes
      Londo cannot be captured at all.
        Chapter 14: AGAINST ALL HOPE
    4 invaders: Zine        Digger
                Dogole      FateMaker
                Asher       Soldier
                Kyuler      Bomb Pro
    Body collecting: yes
        Chapter 15: THE AWAKENING
    1 invader:  Alkeny      Cleric          instant escape
    1 invader:  Alkeny      Cleric          cannot get capture credit
    Body collecting: yes
      It is possible to defeat the invader in the first battle without being seen, 
    but the result is the same.
        Chapter 16: NECKLACE
    2 invaders: Bonbon      Pirate
                Dacca       Merchant
    Key item:   Necklace
    Body collecting: yes
      After the battle, check the ceiling of the downstairs hall. Set any trap on 
    the second floor, on the tile directly above the item. Trigger the trap and get 
    the item on the first floor.
        Chapter 17: THE OPPRESSED
    1 invader:  Gaza        Ninja
    Key item:   Hourglass
    Body collecting: yes
      You may pick up the items dropped in the entrance room at your liesure. 
    Unlike moneybags, they won't disappear.
        Chapter 18: ULTIMATE SACRIFICE
    2 invaders: Geraldine   General
                Ihito       Wizard
    Body collecting: yes
        Chapter 19: CRISIS
    1 invader:  Shadow      General         instant escape
    2 invaders: Godus       General
                Guile       General
    1 invader:  Shadow	General
    Key item:   DevilCane
    Body collecting: yes
      Defeating the invader in the first battle without being seen obviates the 
    other two battles, though this is not really worth the trouble.
        Chapter 20: AMBITION
    4 invaders: Jim         Soldier
                Keen        Archer
                Kufu        Digger
                Neil        Archer
    4 invaders: Max         Cavalier
                Brown       FateMaker
                Zanzibal    Ninja
                Lood        Hunter
    Body collecting: yes
        Chapter 21: CONFUSION
    2 invaders: Als         Soldier
                Mimi        Royal Maid      front door escape
    Body collecting: yes
      Go to the downstairs jail to begin the battle. To avoid being caught in the 
    cage, you may clear it ahead of time in the trap-laying screen.
        Chapter 22: EVIL DECISION
    2 invaders: Erios       Swordsman
                Alkeny      Cleric
    1 invader:  Bangel      Sorcerer
    Body collecting: no
      You defeat only one of the first two invaders (your pick). Go to the 
    downstairs prison after the second battle.
        Chapter 23: ETERNAL DARKNESS
    1 invader:  Shelling    Swordsman
    Key item:   DemonHorn
    Body collecting: no
      Enter the small upstairs room and then the teleport. You have 2:00 from the 
    time you enter the portal to complete the mission.
      If you run out of time, reenter the portal and resume the battle, with another
    2:00 limit. Repeat as necessary. You may need to visit the strategy crystal in 
    the north part of the castle.
      Go to the demon gate after the battle.
        Chapter 24: UNCERTAINTY
    2 invaders: ???         ???
                ???         ???             instant escape
    Body collecting: no
      Go to the Demon Gate after the battle.
        Chapter 25: TWILIGHT OF THE GODS
    1 invader:  ???         ???             instant escape
    1 invader:  ???         ???
    1 invader:  ???         ???
    Body collecting: no
      The second battle ends after you do any damage to the invader.
      Go to the Demon Gate after the last battle.
        Chapter 26: THE FINALKEY
    1 invader:  ???         ???
    Body collecting: yes
      Go to the hallway and then the door on the right to begin. This battle only 
    occurs if you choose the "resurrect" dialog option, and affects the end of the 
      You may visit the strategy crystal as in chapter 23, but this time there is 
    no time limit.
        Chapter 27: APOCALYPSE
    2 invaders: ???         ???
                ???         ???
    1 invader:  ???         ???
      The first battle only occurs if you choose "lock in" at the dialog option. You
    only fight one of the invaders, who can only be defeated by the Banish trap.
      The second battle only occurs if you choose "resurrect" in this chapter and 
    chose "lock up" in chapter 26.
      When the character accumulates enough experience from defeating invaders, his 
    level rises and the stats Skill, Def., vsMgc, and Heal each go up 1-3 points 
    randomly. (The most important of these is Skill.) For levels 2-10, new abilities
    are learned as well.
      The amount of experience required for the level-up is deducted from the total;
    thus the actual required experience is greater than it appears. Defeating 
    invaders with capture or kill traps is the only way for the character to get 
    experience; when an invader is killed by a monster, all of the experience goes 
    to the monster.
    Level   Req. exp   New skill
     1          0
     2         30      Trap: DazingFog
     3         40      Trap: Bear Trap
     4         50      Trap: Bucket
     5         60      Trap: Magnet
     6         70      Trap: Stomp
     7         85      Monster: Foul
     8        100      Monster: Golem
     9        115      Monster: Graviton
    10        135      Monster: Red Dragon
    11        155
    12        175
    13        195
    14        215
    15        245
    16        275
    17        305
    18        335
    19        375
    20        415
    3) TRAPS
      Defeating invaders is the principal objective of the game, and traps are the 
    primary method of defeating invaders. Traps may be laid in the strategy session 
    before every battle, at the crystal in the demon gate, or at power rooms.
      A latent trap is indicated in the 3D environment by a red arrow pointing 
    toward the ceiling, floor, or wall, depending on where the trap comes from. 
    When an invader approaches the trap, the arrow spins and a beep sounds. The 
    closer the invader is, the faster the spinning and beeping. To activate a trap, 
    point the view of the character to the arrow, with no doors or walls in the way,
    and press circle. (The exception is the Banish trap.) If an invader is in range,
    he will either be caught or escape, depending on the trap's Success%, the 
    invader's defense, and the character's Skill rating. Only one trap or monster 
    animation may be in progress at a time.
      Traps may have three effects on invaders: Confused traps cause the target to 
    wander dazed for a number of seconds. Destroy traps cause damage to invaders, 
    and also daze them. Capture traps hold invaders for a certain amount of time. 
    Approaching the victim during this time initiates the capture sequence: if the 
    green bar is depleted before the victim breaks free from the trap, he will be 
    captured and his fate will be up to you. The time required to capture is reduced
    by damaging the invader before attempting the capture. The character is immobile
    and defenseless during capture attempts; however, the sequence can be broken off
    by pressing triangle.
      For the purposes of defending against them, there are two types of traps: Atc.
    and Mgc. The stats under the invader's Trait column pertain to Atc. and those 
    under Magic are for Mgc. traps. The four defense stats, Agil, Def., Evade% and 
    Wisdom range from 1 to 10 and presumably reduce the capture time, damage, chance
    of getting caught, and confusion time of traps and monsters.
    Rk (Rank)      overall effectiveness of the trap
    Sz (Size)      space required to lay the trap, where the area is 2 x Sz for wall
                   traps, or Sz x Sz for others
    MP             cost in MP to lay a trap; this is not refunded for canceled traps
    S% (Success%)  determines the chance that the trap will catch the invader and 
                   not be dodged; this is not an actual percentage
    HS (Hold sec.) number of seconds a capture trap holds an invader; this time is 
                   reduced for stronger invaders
    Pw (Power)     determines the damage that a destroy trap deals to the invader
    CS (Conf.sec.) number of seconds a confused trap dazes an invader
    Du (Duration)  number of times the trap can be engaged; when the duration 
                   reaches 0 or the trap succeeds, the trap disappears
    Rk   Name    Sz    MP  S%  HS Du  In-game description
    Atc. Floor
    C  Bear trap  3   200   2   3  2  Will pinch the legs of its victim.
    B  Vacuum     3   350   4   5  2  Sucks victims into the floor.
    A  Ice Trap   5   550   6   7  2  Yeilds an icy pinch to the legs of victims.
    Atc. Ceiling
    C  CopperCge  3   250   2   6  1  Falls from ceiling to trap all victims.
    B  Jail Cell  5   450   3  12  1  The weak can't escape from this cage.
    A  Volt cage  5   650   5  18  1  Zaps any victim that dares to escape.
    Mgc. Ceiling
    C  Crane      3   200   2   4  1  It's hooks grasp and lift victims.
    B  FastCrane  3   350   4   6  1  This crane spins a victim at high speed.
    A  Ice Crane  5   500   6   8  1  This crane freezes its victim solid.
    Mgc. Wall
    C  Magnet     3   250   3   5  2  Victims are pulled to the Underworld.
    B  Hand       5   450   5   8  2  A hand from beyond this world will grasp prey.
    A  Volt Hand  5   700   7  12  2  Shocks its victim with electricity.
    Mgc. Floor
    -  Banisher   7  1500  10  21  1  Magic users are sent to another world.
      The Banish trap is unusual in that it triggers automatically when an invader 
    comes within range. It works only on these invaders: Wizard, Gem Guard, Cleric, 
    Witch, Sorcerer and Trainer. Banish is acquired at the end of chapter 26.
    Rk   Name    Sz    MP  S%  Pw Du  In-game description
    Atc. Wall
    C  Spike      3   100   7  15  2  Comes out of a wall to spear its victim.
    B  PoisonRod  3   150   8  25  3  Poison tips transmit a venemous blow.
    A  FireSpike  5   300  10  40  3  Uses fiery blades to skewer its victim.
    Mgc. Floor
    C  Pit        3   200   6  20  1  Floor opens to drop a victim deep below.
    B  FloorLift  5   300   7  35  1  Floor rises up to crush victim on ceiling.
    A  PoisonPit  5   500   9  50  1  Drops prey into some slow acting poison.
    Atc. Ceiling
    C  TonWeight  3   200   4  25  1  Crush a victim with this heavy iron block.
    B  MetalBall  5   300   5  40  1  This ball bounces up and down forcefully.
    A  Fire Bomb  5   500   7  60  1  Flames leap from floor to engulf victim.
    Mgc. Ceiling/Floor
    C  Stomp      5   250   4  30  1  Giant foot stomps the victim into the ground.
    B  PoisonToe  5   400   5  50  1  Poisons the victim as it stomps on him.
    A  Fire Foot  5   550   6  80  1  Burns the victim with its blazing step.
    Rk   Name    Sz    MP  S%  CS Du  In-game description
    Atc. Ceiling/Floor
    C  Bucket     3    50   7  10  1  This falls to make one temporarily dizzy.
    B  Gold Tub   3   100   7  16  1  Falls on victim to confuse him.
    A  FloorSpin  5   250   8  32  1  This floor spins to disorient the victim.
    Mgc. Ceiling
    C  DazingFog  3    50   7  10  1  Victim is dazed by this magic fog.
    B  InsaneGas  5   100   7  16  1  Victim goes insane when he smells this gas.
    A  Mind Kill  5   250   8  32  1  Flash of Demon light makes one insane.
      After chapter 13 you may upgrade your traps in the Develop menu. After 
    upgrading you may still use the weaker ranks. Each upgrade costs a certain 
    amount of gold, shown below. It is possible to perform all the upgrades at once 
    if you have the money.
    Capture traps        Destroy traps        Confused traps
    Vacuum     1500      PoisonRod  1500      Gold Tub   1000
    Ice trap   3000      FireSpike  3500      FloorSpin  2000
    Jail Cell  4000      FloorLift  2000      InsaneGas  1500
    Volt Cage  5000      PoisonPit  4500      Mind Kill  2500
    FastCrane  3500      MetalBall  3500
    IceCrane   5500      Fire Bomb  5000
    Hand       4000      PoisonToe  3500
    Volt Hand  6500      Fire Foot  5500
      Monsters serve as a convenient, powerful, and reliable but costly supplement 
    to traps in your arsenal against invaders. Monsters are constructed from the 
    bodies of captured prisoners and require a number of block orbs to be summoned. 
    Available monsters are listed in and called from the monster menu in the 
      Once called, they attack nearby enemies, either dealing damage or confusing 
    them. (Unlike destroy traps, damage monsters do not daze their targets.) Monster
    attacks may be either Battle (single target) or Area (all nearby targets). As 
    with traps, monsters are classed as either Atc. or Mgc.
      Only one trap or monster may be active at once. Furthermore, monsters require 
    a certain amount of space around the character to be summoned. The largest 
    monster, the dragon, is so large that it can effectively be summoned only in the
    entrance room. Monsters will fail to acquire their targets when space is cramped
    or the invaders are too far away.
      Monsters gain experience whenever they perform a successful attack, and will 
    rank-up when enough is accumulated. If the monster kills an invader, the monster
    gets the experience instead of the character. This should be avoided, as the 
    supply of invaders is limited, and defeating them is the only way for the 
    character to gain experience points. Also beware that if the monster outranks 
    the killed invader, very little experience will be gained.
    Rank       overall effectiveness of the monster
    Orbs       number of power orbs required to summon the monster
    Power      determines the damage that a monster deals to the invader
    Conf.sec.  number of seconds a monster dazes an invader
    Spd.       determines the chance that the monster will hit the invader and not 
               be dodged
    Exp.       experience points required to reach the given rank; as with the 
               main character, a monster's exp. drops to 0 when leveling-up
    Rank   Name    Orbs  Power  Spd.   Exp.    In-game description
    Atc. Battle
    C    Zombie      2     20     20      0    Will bite and chew a human's flesh.
    B    Ghoul       3     35     20     15    Mighty zombie eats human flesh.
    A    Dead King   4     50     40     90    Zombie King has a truly cursed power.
    Atc. Battle
    C    Werewolf    3     35     60      0    Shreds its prey with his fangs.
    B    Gaze Wolf   4     55     70     20    King of werewolves.
    A    Herker      5     70     90    120    Gores prey with his fiery tusks.
    Mgc. Battle
    C    Lami        3     40     40      0    Takes power with his magic tail.
    B    QueenLami   4     60     55     25    She Steals a victim's life.
    A    NagaQueen   5     80     70    130    Sucks the life from her prey.
    Mgc. Battle
    C    She-Death   4     45     90      0    Fiana has returned as a Zombie.
    B    She-Devil   5     65     95     25    Zombie of Fiana chops her victims.
    A    Demoness    6     85    100    150    The final mutation of Fiana.
    Atc. Battle
    C    Golem       3     60     10      0    Tremendous strength, but slow.
    B    Big Golem   4     80     15     18    Possesses a destructive force.
    A    GigaGolem   5    100     20    100    He crushes anyone in his path.
    Mgc. Area
    C    Graviton    3     50     30      0    Alters gravity to crush prey.
    B    Megatron    4     65     40     25    He kills with raw power.
    A    Deathtron   5     80     50    140    Brings ruin to all he encounters.
    Atc. Area
    C    RedDragon   5     80     10      0    Blows fire to destroy victims.
    B    ArcDragon   6    110     20     40    King of all the dragons.
    A    GemDragon   7    140     40    200    The most powerful monster.
    Rank   Name   Orbs Conf.sec. Spd.  Exp.    In-game description
    Mgc. Battle
    C    Phantom     2     20     25      0    Confuses prey with lantern.
    B    DkPhantom   3     25     35     15    A Ghost from the Underworld.
    A    SoulEater   3     30     60     90    He feeds on human's souls.
    Mgc. Area
    C    Foul        3     20     50      0    Bad breath sickens victims.
    B    Shadower    3     30     65     25    His breath makes prey insane.
    A    Chaos       4     40    100    130    Blows the devastating Chaos wind.
      After chapter 6 you may begin imprisoning invaders and the develop menu 
    becomes available. To imprison an invader, defeat him with a capture trap, 
    choose the third option to keep the body, then drop it off at the upstairs or 
    downstairs prison. Up to three bodies can be toted at once, indicated by coffin 
    symbols, and the mission cannot end until all bodies are deposited.
      Each monster has the following body requirements:
    Zombie      1 Cleric, 1 Soldier, 1 Pirate
    Werewolf    1 Trap Pro, 1 Hunter, 2 Ninjas
    Lami        2 Psychics, 2 Witches, 1 Messenger
    Golem       1 General, 2 Cavaliers, 1 Fate Maker, 2 Merchants
    Graviton    2 Diggers, 1 Alien
    RedDragon   2 Generals, 3 Fate Makers, 2 Bomb Pros, 1 Sorcerer
    Phantom     1 Wizard, 1 Cleric, 1 Archer
    Foul        1 Magic Doll, 1 Pirate, 1 Ninja, 1 Carpenter
    She-Death   This monster is not made through the development menu. To get 
                She-Death, take longer than 2:00 in the chapter 8 battle, then 
                choose the first dialog option at the end of the chapter.
    5) ITEMS
      Items do not play a large role in this game. Useful items are sometimes 
    dropped by defeated invaders, and some basic items can be bought from merchants,
    but the only item which you will want to buy in large quantities is the block 
    orb. To trade with a merchant, get close and press the X button. You may have to
    avoid his attacks while doing this.
      The following items are used from the item menu, except for Block Orbs, which 
    are used by summoning monsters. The function of most of them is given by the 
    in-game description.
    Item name   Sell price   In-game description     Note
    Herb             70      Recovers 20 HP
    Nectar          420      Recovers 50 HP
    Restore         700      Recovers all HP
    MP Gain         210      Gain 500 MP
    Amulet         2800      Gain 5000 MP
    Antidote        210      Removes poison
    Sanity          280      Cures Insanity
    Cure            630      Cures all ailments
    DarkStone      3500      Recover HP              full heal; reusable; may break
    Skill Gem      1400      Skill raised +5         permanent +5 Skill
    Mantle         1960      Magic guard up          permanent +5 vsMgc
    Armor Gem      2100      Defense raised +5       permanent +5 Def.
    Speed Gem      1050      Agility raised
    Shoes          1750      Agility increased
    Block Orb     -----      Monster releaser        can't be sold; buy price is 300
      The following items are not used for anything other than selling. The letter, 
    however, can be read.
    Item name   Sell price   In-game description
    Old Book       5600      Mystical tome
    Tiara          6300      Priceless treasure
    Talisman       7700      An evil deterrent
    Earring        8400      Of evil legend
    Chalice       10500      From the ruins
    Mirror        10500      Royal relic
    Letter        16800      Fiana's letter
    5.3) KEY ITEMS
      The following items can neither be used or sold. They are required to advance 
    the story and will stay in your inventory until the end of the game.
    Item name   Sell price   In-game description     Note
    Skull Key     -----      Opens the Skull Way
    Contract      -----      Castle Deed
    SavePoint     -----      Creates a Save Point    actual purpose unknown
    EvilJewel     -----      Diabolic object
    EvilCrown     -----      Of Dark royalty
    Mask          -----      Control a monster
    EvilSword     -----      Ominous weapon
    Necklace      -----      Mystic jewels
    Hourglass     -----      Effect unknown
    DevilCane     -----      An unholy item
    6) BONUSES
      At the end of every chapter and body collecting session there is a bonus of MP
    based on your performance. The bonuses are detailed below:
    GENOCIDE BONUS          400  x # of invaders, if all killed
    CAPTURE BONUS           600  x # of invaders, if all captured
    DYING CAPTURE BONUS     1000 x # of invaders, if all captured at low health (*1)
    NO BONUS                0, if no invaders defeated or other combination
    Clear Time:
    CLEAR TIME BONUS        720 x # of invaders - 2 x minutes elapsed (*2)
    Trap Success rate:
    NO BONUS                0, if no traps used successfully
    PERCENT BONUS           1500 x trap success rate, if < 100% (*3)
    PERFECT BONUS           3000, if 100%
    Damage Point:
    DAMAGE Point BONUS      1000 - 10 x damage taken, if hurt (*4)
    NO DAMAGE BONUS         2500, if unhurt
    Unused traps:
    Trap repayment          Half value of unused traps (*5)
    *1  If some invaders are captured when they are very weak, but others are 
    captured strong, you still get the regular capture bonus. Consider the dying 
    capture bonus an upgraded capture bonus. Typically it is hard to get with more 
    than one invader.
    *2  In order to get a time bonus, you must average less than 6 hours per 
    *3  A trap is counted as a failure if the invader escapes the trap, or if it 
    misses completely. The failure is still counted even if a subsequent attempt 
    with the same trap succeeds. However, a capture trap that grabs the invader but 
    fails to capture counts as a success.
    *4  Damage taken is still counted against this bonus even if it is healed before
    completing the battle.
    *5  If an invader is killed by a destroy trap and the death ends the mission, 
    that trap is counted as unused, because the animation was incomplete when the 
    mission ended.
      In every battle you must decide how to dispatch the invaders: either kill them
    with destroy traps and monsters, or capture them with capture traps. By killing 
    all or capturing all the invaders in a mission you recieve the genocide or 
    capture bonus, respectively.
      The capture bonus is 1.5 times greater, but it is harder to achieve because 
    capture traps have lower success rates and capturing leaves you vulnerable to 
    other nearby invaders. Capturing gives you a choice between MP, gold, or (beyond
    chapter 6) taking the victim prisoner. Most invaders leave about twice as much 
    MP as gold; however, it should never be necessary to choose the MP over gold, 
    because a competently played level should yield far more in MP bonuses than was 
    spent laying traps. Thus there should be no real risk of runnning out of MP, 
    leaving you free to focus on financing expensive monsters, should you choose.
      A dead invader only leaves gold, in the form of a moneybag. Moneybags must be 
    picked up within 1 game hour; if killing the last invader ends the battle, you 
    will have to seek out the bag at the beginning of the next chapter or body 
    collecting session to get your money.
      If there are more than one or two invaders, it's better to go for the 
    genocide bonus unless you want to keep the bodies. This is because trying to 
    capture results in more failed traps, more time taken, and more damage taken, 
    thus reducing the benefit of the capture bonus.
      The following summarizes the benefits of each choice:
    Kill all
    + genocide bonus (400 each)
    + faster and easier
    - cannot keep bodies
    - inconvenient to get the last invader's gold
    Capture all
    + capture bonus (600 or 1000 each)
    + can keep bodies
    - failure-prone traps and greater risk of damage
    - more time-consuming
    Kill some, capture some
    + can keep bodies
    + use the most convenient method for each invader
    - no bonus
    7) MASKS
      After chapter 1, masks are available to use from the menu. When activated for 
    a nominal MP fee, masks may attract or repel invaders for a few seconds. This 
    can be done to lure invaders into nearby traps, to chase them into traps farther
    away, to clear out invaders that are blocking the path, to separate invaders to
    deal with them singly, or to herd them together to hit them with area-effect 
      In order for a mask to work, the invader must be close enough to hear it, and 
    must be either alert or wandering dazed. Masks won't work if the invader is 
    reeling from a hit (not moving) or in the process of dealing with a trap or 
    monster. Invaders may break attack animation to react if the mask is used early 
    enough. Even under the correct circumstances, masks often don't work. Simply 
    retry until the effect is achieved.
      The table below shows the effect of all the masks on all of the standard 
    invaders. A + or - signifies attraction or repulsion, and a . means that there 
    is no effect. A ? means that I have observed both attraction and repulsion in 
    different specimens of the same type. (I have assumed that the effect of the 
    mask depends only on the invader type.)
      A + in the Default column indicates that invaders of this type tend to run 
    toward the character without any encouragement. These are general cases; some 
    invaders encountered during the chapters display different default behavior from
    their generic counterparts.
    Mask       Help Cry   NiceLaugh  MeanLaugh  Death Cry      Howl      Default
    MP cost       30         30         50          30          50
    Wizard         .          .          +           -           -           .
    Gem Guard      +          -          +           -           -           .
    Cleric         +          .          +           -           -           .
    Psychic        -          +          -           -           -           +
    Swordsman      +          .          .           +           +           +
    Trap Pro       +          +          +           -           -           .
    MagicDoll      .          +          .           -           -           .
    Witch          +          +          +           -           -           .
    Messenger      .          +          .           .           ?           .
    General        .          .          .           .           +           .
    Cavalier       .          +          .           .           +           .
    Digger         .          +          .           .           -           .
    Hunter         .          .          +           +           +           +
    Fatemaker      .          +          .           .           +           .
    Soldier        +          .          +           +           ?           .
    Alien          +          +          +           -           -           .
    Archer         -          +          +           -           -           +
    Pirate         -          +          -           -           -           .
    Merchant       -          +          -           -           -           .
    Ninja          .          .          .           .           ?           +
    Bomb Pro       .          +          .           -           -           +
    Carpenter      +          +          +           ?           -           +
    Sorcerer       +          -          +           -           -           .
      After chapter 2, and after most chapters thereafter, you have the option of 
    body collecting. This is an opportunity to battle more invaders in order to gain
    experience, dropped items, and bodies to develop into monsters. When body 
    collecting, you may attempt to lure up to six invaders. Up to four may arrive. 
    (No more than four invaders may ever be present at once.)
      Some invaders are less likely to be lured than others, with the rarer types 
    being harder to lure. If you are having trouble getting a particular invader to 
    show up, try luring more than one of them, or change the order of invaders in 
    the list.
      In order for an invader to be available to lure, at least one specimen of that
    type must have been defeated before. This means that some invaders are not 
    available until late in the game, and a couple (Messenger, Alien) would never be
    available. However, luring certain combinations of two invaders incites a third 
    to arrive:
    Wizard    + Witch     = Sorcerer
    Wizard    + Messenger = Sorcerer
    Wizard    + General   = Messenger
    Wizard    + Soldier   = Cleric
    Gem Guard + Swordsman = Witch
    Gem Guard + Witch     = Psychic
    Cleric    + Messenger = Carpenter
    Psychic   + MagicDoll = Alien
    Trap Pro  + Ninja     = Bomb Pro
    MagicDoll + Digger    = Alien
    Soldier   + Archer    = Cavalier
    Archer    + Merchant  = Digger
    Pirate    + Merchant  = Carpenter
    Pirate    + Ninja     = Trap Pro
      Since the maximum number of invaders is four, you must lure the two component 
    invaders and no more than one other for the new invader to arrive. The order in 
    which they are lured is insignificant, but if two valid combinations are present
    among three invaders, you may not get the new invader that you wanted. All pairs
    of invaders were tested, so this is all of them.
    9) ENDINGS
      There are six endings. The one you see depends on the outcomes of three 
    branching points in the story, one in chapter 8 and two just before the end. 
    Although 2 x 2 x 2 = 8, there are only six endings because two are reused.
      The following table presents, without spoilers, the outcome of each path and 
    shows the duplicates. The names of the endings were made up by myself.
    |   Chapter 8    |   Chapter 26  |   Chapter 27  |     Ending     |
    | Wizbone battle | Dialog option | Dialog option |                |
    |                |               |  "Resurrect"  |   Bad ending   |<-----\
    |                |  "Resurrect"  +---------------+----------------+      |
    |                |               |   "Lock in"   |   Sad ending   |      |
    |     > 2:00     +---------------+---------------+----------------+      |
    |                |               |  "Resurrect"  |  Evil ending   |<--\  |
    |                |   "Lock up"   +---------------+----------------+   |  |
    |                |               |   "Lock in"   | Hopeful ending |   |  |
    +----------------+---------------+---------------+----------------+   |  |
    |                |               |  "Resurrect"  |   Bad ending   |<-----/
    |                |  "Resurrect"  +---------------+----------------+   |
    |                |               |   "Lock in"   |  Death ending  |   |
    |     < 2:00     +---------------+---------------+----------------+   |
    |                |               |  "Resurrect"  |  Evil ending   |<--/
    |                |   "Lock up"   +---------------+----------------+
    |                |               |   "Lock in"   |  Good ending   |
      This document is my own work. If you've played the game and used the FAQ, feel
    free to drop me a line and tell me what you think.
      Any questions, comments, corrections or complaints should be addressed to 
    the address below, with clear indication in the subject line that the email is 
    concerning this FAQ. 
    dammit9x at hotmail dot com

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