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    FAQ by SeGaFrEaK NL

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/28/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     Guide 1.0 (Final) for Welcome House
     Sega Saturn (JAP import) by I.Mecking, 2005.
    =Table of contents=
    1.Intro (Version history/Game info)
    [Version history]
    *v1.0: June 2005; First and last.
    [Game info]
    -Title: Welcome House
    -Release: 1997
    -Players: 1
    -Developer: Gust co ltd.
    -Publisher: Imagineer
    -Game #: T-15027G
    This F.A.Q was written for people who are stuck
    somewhere in the game or need some help with the 
    controls. Because the game is SLIGHTLY different
    than the PSX version I figured it would be nice 
    to have a Saturn specified guide as well.
    Moving around in Welcome House isn't very easy at first, because
    you can only walk in straight lines. You'll soon get used to it, 
    though. Here's the overview of the controls:
    D-PAD - Move around. Moving between items in inventory.
    A - Inspect objects/open doors. Sometimes you can inspect an
        object more than once.
    B - Cancel/Go back.
    C - Inventory. Press C again to use object. 
    Y - Used to jump in the moving floor tile room.
    START - See map of current floor. Press START again to
            enter the SAVE GAME option.
    Advanced movements:
    -Sitting down: Walk backwards 'into' chairs, beds etc.
    -Running: Hold 'A' BEFORE you start to walk in a direction. Hold.
    -Press DOWN to switch between USING an item and INSPECTING an item.
    Saving and loading isn't too difficult, but there's some things
    you might want to know.
    TO SAVE: During the game press START twice. You can now select
    YES or NO by using LEFT and RIGHT. Now press START again to SAVE or 
    press B to undo. 88 blocks of memory are needed. Unfortunately only 
    one game can be saved. So be careful not to overwrite your old game!
    TO LOAD: At the main menu screen press down and the
    cursor will change to LOAD. Press START again to load.
    Because this game is kinda short and you could figure most
    things out yourself anyway, I've chosen to only list all items 
    with their purpose and some hints for the harder rooms. This way 
    you still can play the game without too much being spoiled.
    *Item list
    Contain info; not much use if you don't read Japanese. But 
    some might contain a little more! Make sure you find all 
    <Book with bookmark>
    A book which is a great help to car mechanics.
    So you might as well give it to one.
    <Bottle of oil>         
    Needed for the recipe the cook will make for you
    later on in the game.
    This is what you get after the cook made your
    recipe. Would make great dog food.
    Needed for the recipe the cook will make for you
    later on in the game.
    White keys, blue keys, gold keys; Use them on doors. Duh.
    <Love letter>    
    Should be given to a woman, when you see one!
    Needed for the recipe the cook will make for you
    later on in the game.
    <Piece of Paper(Recipe)> 
    Given to the cook later on in the game.
    Three records can be found. Can be used with the jukebox 
    in the bar and serve no other purpose than fun.
    Used to saw through wooden barriers..
    Used to catch fish..and lobsters.
    Needed for the recipe the cook will make for you
    later on in the game.
    Needed for the recipe the cook will make for you
    later on in the game.       
    *Rooms hints
    <Main hall>     
    Not EVERY door is locked!
    <Bathroom 1>    
    Man who stand on toilet, high on pot. 
    Between your worn socks and rubbish.
    Just what's that on top of the fridge?
    Oh and don't forget the eggs..they're
    here somewhere..
    <Moving tiles room> 
    Place the white book on the barrel (sorry,
    way too hard to make a hint about)
    The best stuff is right behind the counter,
    isn't it?
    <'Behind the mirror' room>
    Help yourself!
    <TV room>       
    You must be tired, sit down and watch some tv.
    <Empty room?>   
    Stuck in this empty room? Make the walls move.
    <Cook's room>   
    can all be found in this room. Can you?
    Oh and there's a secret passageway as
    well..make a guess where it's hidden!
    <Music room>    
    Lets turn on some music..hey!
    <Bathroom 2>
    Remember bathroom 1? Now search
    a little lower..ugh!
    <Room with canopy bed>
    There's more books and more keys to be
    found! Pick up the phone last.
    <Piano room>
    This room ain't empty!
    <Room with crates>
    You need to jump across the crates
    and take the most masculine picture.
    Return the books!
    *General hints
    <Doors> When doors don't open by walking into them
    press the 'A' button a couple of times, sometimes this
    will unlock the door.
    <Books> Make sure you collect each book, you'll need
    them at the end of the game. Make sure you search every object 
    in each room so you don't miss any.
    For this version..
    Ivan Mecking @ Imecking@tiscali.nl/Webmaster@segacollection.com 
    Special thanks to: Henry LaPierre for the PSX Welcome House faq.
    Suggestions, questions, fanmail? See the address above.
    Other work: 
    *'Dezaemon 2' Saturn FAQ/Guide. 
    *'Lode Runner: The legend returns' Level editor guide.
    *'Saturn Game basic' FAQ/Guide(soon).

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