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    Walkthrough by HLaPierre

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    Here is the welcome house for the playstation walkthrough
       Henry LaPierre
                         Welcome House
                         A walkthrough
                        Henry  LaPierre
    first let me start by letting everyone know that I can 
    read very little Japanese. Because of this I may not refer
    to certain objects or rooms by their correct names, but 
    by what I would call them, most are very basic, living 
    room, dining room, red book, yellow key, and things like 
    that. You should have no trouble figuring out what object 
    or room I'm talking about. A map of each floor will follow 
    the walkthrough, be careful looking at it, as it may give 
    a lot away too quickly.
    A few quick notes about the controls:
    Map: hit the start button during the game to bring it up.
    Saving: hit the start button while the map is up, it will
         then ask if you'd like to save your game. Use the 
         directional pad to flip to yes. Choose yes
         with the start button, using any other button to
         choose yes will cancel the save.
    Jumping: the triangle button makes Keaton jump, if possible.
    Hopping: Keaton will hop up on low objects if you press
         towards them with the directional pad.
    Inspect something: to inspect something not in Keaton's 
         possession, press the square button, he will reach out
         towards the object.
    Inventory: to look at Keaton's inventory press the "O" 
         button, then scroll left or right to see the items.
    Use inventory: press "O" while over the item you want to
         use(while the blue selection is on the bar underneath)
    About inventory: to find out about, or inspect an item in
         your inventory closer, press up or down while the 
         item is displayed in your inventory screen (this will
         cause the blue "use" bar to scroll to a red "look" 
         selection instead) then press "O".
    To cancel a selection: press X.    
    Run: to make Keaton run, hold the square button, then hold 
         the directional pad in the direction you want him to
    Sitting: to make Keaton sit, walk backwards into the object 
         you wish to sit on.
    Entering doors: just push towards them.
    Here is the walkthrough
    After a full motion video intro of Keaton Paxman driving his 
    broken down car up to his Uncle Parkinson's estate, you find 
    yourself in control of Keaton, who upon entering the estate 
    has become trapped inside it.
    1.   You start in the main entryway.
    2.   Go through the door near the stairs, to the hallway.
    3.   Walking straight, go into the door at the end of the    
         hall(on left), this is Keaton's room.
    4.   Get the red key from the head of the bed, and the blue book 
         from the dresser. You can read the calendar to find out that 
         it's April fool's day.
    5.   Go back into the hall and go into the door next to Keaton's 
         room. This is the 1st floor bathroom.
    6.   Stand on the toilet and push(inspect) the wall twice.    
         It will tell you something about the second floor.
         (anyone know what this actually does?)
    7.   Go back to the main entryway.
    8.   Use the red key to open the door(the red one) across from the 
         hallway door. Enter. You will then be in the sitting room.
    9.   Get the white key off the table, and the red book from the dresser.
    10.  Go back to the main entryway.
    11.  Use the white key to open the door closest to the sitting 
         room door. Enter. You are now in the dining room.
    12.  Get the turnip from the fireplace, and the first record
         (Doris Day, Kay Se'ra Se'ra) from the table. If you walk near 
         the French windows, the floor in that area will drop and Keaton 
         will wobble on the edge for a second before regaining his balance. 
    13.  Go out the other door(not the one you came in) into the kitchen.
    14.  Open the oven and get the chicken, look on the cart in the 
         corner to get the yellow book. Open the refrigerator, and look 
         on the door to get the egg. Don't go through the hidden passage 
         in the fridge yet. Hop up on the opened oven door. Then hop to the 
         ledge, and walk across it, to the refrigerator. Look in the 
         breadbox on top of the fridge to get the yellow key.
    15.  Go out the door near the cart to enter the bar.
    16.  Get the bottle and the white book from behind the bar. There is 
         a jukebox in this room that will play the records that you find 
         in the game. Just use them in front of the jukebox. I'm doing the 
         swap trick to play this game on my American PSX and I've had some 
         problems getting a startup disc that will allow the songs to play 
         without skipping. So far Doom works the best, 99% of the time it 
         will let two of the records(Doris Day and Beethoven) play all the 
         way through. However, it will play the first few bars of the Doris 
         Day record(and then skip repeatedly) instead of the blues song 
         "In the mood." If anyone finds a disc that will play all three, 
         please let me know. 
    17.  Go through the white door closest to the neon bar sign to get 
         to the pool area.
    18.  Put the white book on top of the barrel next to the pool, you 
         will be given a dark book in return. Look in Napoleon's doghouse 
         for a laugh.
    19.  Go back to the kitchen.
    20.  Go through the hidden passage in the back of the open refrigerator. 
         You are now in the back hall.
    21.  Go down the back hall stairs and enter the door at the bottom. 
         You are now in the sliding tile room.
    22.  Get to the exit door on the other side of the room. Keaton must 
         jump from tile to tile. The tiles must be only one space apart for 
         Keaton to attempt a jump. The exit door leads to the basement lever 
    23.  Pull the lever in the basement lever room. This prevents the stairs 
         in the main entryway from turning into a slide when you try to 
         use them.
    24.  Go up the stairs in the lever room to the garage.
    25.  Slip in the oil spill in front of the stack of barrels, this will 
         knock them over so you can get to the door.
    26.  Get up and go through the door to the hallway.
    27.  Go back to the main entryway and go up the stairs.
    28.  Find the mirror in the 2nd floor hallway(it's on the right side, 
         map wise) and walk into it.
    29.  Go into the door that's on the other side of the mirror. This 
         leads to the mirror room.
    30.  Get the blue key from the copy of yourself, then leave this room. 
         You can leave by the door you came in, or if you inspect the other 
         door first, it will unlock by itself.
    31.  Go to the blue door in the 2nd floor hallway, near the stairs down.
    32.  Use the blue key to unlock it. Enter. You are now in the living room.
    33.  Get the second record off the table in the center of the room, then 
         sit in the chair across from the TV. The TV will come on and an 
         arrow will point to the door next to it.(this unlocks that door)
    34.  Go through the door next to the TV. You are now in the moving wall 
    35.  Inspect the door you came in 2 or 3 times to trigger the moving 
         walls. After a short time Keaton will be smashed paper thin and 
         fall through the thin door on the other side of the room. You are 
         now in the second half of the 2nd floor hallway.
    36.  Go into the pink door that's next to the turn in the hall
         (the only pink door that's unlocked). You are now in the 2nd floor 
    37.  Get the pink book off of the toilet. Inspect the book from your 
         inventory screen, you will find a pink key inside. Go back out 
         into the hall.
    38.  Open the brown door next to the bathroom with the yellow key. 
         Enter. You are now in the chef's bedroom.
    39.  Get the love letter from the table, get the saw off the bed. 
         Hop on the bed, then hop on the window ledge to look on the shelf 
         and get the strainer. Hop back onto the bed and inspect the 
         painting over it two or three times. The picture will fall and 
         reveal a secret doorway. 
    40.  Go through the hole in the wall. You are now in the music bedroom.
    41.  Get three items off the dresser, a recipe, a record, and a green 
         key. Leave the room through the hole where the picture was.
    42.  Go back to the hallway with the pink doors.
    43.  Use the pink key on the first pink door(next to the French window). 
         Enter. You are now in the pink bedroom.
    44.  Get the red book with the bookmark in it off of the nightstand next 
         to the bed. Turn the ships wheel on the wall near the French 
         windows to raise the bed and reveal a hidden compartment. Get the 
         reddish-orange key from the compartment. (you can open the French 
         windows by inspecting them twice, but it's unnecessary). Go next 
         to the phone in the corner(also near the French windows) Make sure 
         you do this last! Answer the phone when it rings, you will drop
         through the floor to the sitting room on the 1st floor.
    45.  Go to the 3rd floor.
    46.  Go to wooden barrier blocking the hallway. Use the saw on it. 
         Continue down the hall to the green door.
    47.  Use the green key on the green door. Enter. You are now in the 
         piano room.
    48.  Get the green book from the rear of the piano. Return to the 3rd 
         floor hall.
    49.  Use the reddish-orange key on the red door. Enter. You are now in 
         the crate room.
    50.  Jump across the crates to get to the picture in the rear of the 
         room, next to the French window. Take the picture. Leave the room.
    51.  Go back down to the 2nd floor.
    52.  Put the picture in the empty frame around the corner from the 
         stairs to the 3rd floor. This will unlock the door across from it.
    53.  Enter the door you just unlocked with the picture. You are now in 
         the library.
    54.  Put the books of corresponding color in their respective bookcases.
         (clockwise from the door would be, green, dark, pink, yellow, 
         blue, red). When the last book is put in, the library raises to 
         the 3rd floor. The dark colored bookcase will move aside at this 
         point, revealing a small passageway. Enter the passage. You are 
         now in the congratulations room.
    55.  Pull the lever. This causes the staircase to lower, allowing you 
         to go down. It also changes the theme music for the rest of the game.
    56.  Go down the stairs. This brings you back to the 2nd floor hallway.
    57.  Go to the living room(room with the TV). 
    58.  Hop up onto the chair across from the TV, then hop from that onto 
         the table next to the fish tank. Use the strainer to catch a pink 
         fish, use the strainer a second time to release the fish and catch 
         a lobster.(you want the lobster) Hop down and go out the door next 
         to the TV and through the wall room, to get back to the second 
         half of the 2nd floor hallway.
    59.  Enter the chef's bedroom, and go through the hole over the bed,
         to the music bedroom. There is a woman in it now,
         (the one from the painting, Allegro Adagio) give her the 
         love letter, she will give you a tomato. Exit this room by the 
         door(green) in it. You must inspect it a few times before it 
         unlocks, then leave. You are now in the 2nd floor hallway, 
         near the 3rd floor stairs.
    60.  Go to the kitchen. Give the chef(Escargot Aperitif) the recipe 
         page first, then the tomato, chicken, egg, turnip, bottle, 
         and lobster. He will then turn around and make you a casserole. 
         Take the casserole.
    61.  Leave the kitchen and go to the pool area. Give the casserole to 
         the dog(Napoleon) sitting in front of the diving board. He will 
         give you a creme colored, heart shaped key.
    62.  From the pool area go to the garage. (You can cut through the bar, 
         inspect the locked door in the bar a few times to open it, through 
         the main entryway, to the hallway and finally the garage) 
    63.  In the garage, give the mechanic(Jack Smith) the red book with the 
         bookmark in it. He will give you a small white key.
    64.  Go to the metal door near the mirror room on the second floor
         (right side after you come up the stairs)
    65.  Use the small white key to unlock the metal door. Enter. You are 
         now in the hallway to Uncle Parkinsons office.
    66.  Go around the corner in this hallway to the locked door.
    67.  Use the creme colored, heart shaped key to unlock this door. 
         Enter. You are now in Uncle Parkinsons' office.
    68.  Talk to Uncle Parkinsons, look at the camera setup and then 
         leave the room.
    A short full motion video of Keaton leaving plays as an ending, 
    followed by animated stills of the characters in the game. Lastly, 
    a screen hinting at a sequel stays on screen until you stop the disc.
    You: Keaton Paxman
    Uncle: Uncle Parkinsons
    Woman in music bedroom: Allegro Adagio
    Chef: Escargot Aperitif
    Mechanic: Jack Smith
    Your double from the mirror room: Antony Parkinsons
    Dog: Napoleon
    I hope this walkthrough helps you out, and that it makes sense :)
    If you have any questions, my E-mail address is
    Thanks for reading,
    Henry LaPierre
    Here are some maps. 
    I did them in Microsoft word 7.0 with graphics for the lines,
    but could only post the walkthrough as text only, so the lines 
    disappeared when I changed the format :( If you look at this 
    and your on screen map you will be able to see where everything
    is :)  A capitol D by itself represents a door. The reason for
    the word door appearing twice next to itself was that there was
    a wall line seperating them originally. Feel free to tear this 
    section off if you find it too confusing :)
        Backhall basement
       Sliding Blocks Room
                             D D
                             o o  Lever room
                             o o
                             r r       Stairs
    1st floor
        stairs                Pool area                          
          Back hall               rake
      key                         doghouse        barrel
     fridge     cart                                    
    l              d d                                 car
    e   kitchen    o o        bar         garage
    d              o o j
    g              r r ub                   
    e oven             ko                   stairs   barrel
            door             door                    door
            door             door                          b  dresser
     fireplace                       s                     e     
                   d d               t                     d     
       table       o o               a            shower
                   o o               i                      Keatons
     dining room   r r               r                        room
       dresser       pillar   pillar              toilet   
        table   d d    
                o o   main entryway    d d         door       door
                o o                    o o         door       door
    sitting     r r                    o o
      room                             r r     hallway
    2nd floor
    bedroom     d d                  stairway 
                o o     stairs        appears
                o o                    here
       bed      r r     
          table         frame            Door
    s  t   door  door    door
    h  o   door       R       G
    o  i                 desk                   mirror
    w  l  D                          D D
    e  e              B       D         clone
    r  t        Wall  
    bed               Y       P
                                            D D
    table D
             Small  D D   chairs                steel    H
              Door                   Stairs      door    a
                        table                            l
    Wheel             TV                     Uncle's     l
       phone               table             office
    walkway     Wall  Fish  tank
    3rd floor
             goes  DD
             here         lever
           door    p
         piano     c
         room      #  crate 
                   1   room
        window      pic#3  window
    Thanks for reading it,
    Henry LaPierre

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