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    FAQ by JEncarnacion

    Updated: 10/11/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    FAQ by: Jay Anthony M. Encarnacion
    Date Created:  October 11, 1998
    Copyright 1998 Jay Anthony M. Encarnacion
                                                          Mask Rider
    	Hello again people!  I've searched for a faq about this game on the
    net, but it seems that nobody yet wrote a faq for this game.  I guess
    I'll be the first one to write a faq for it.....  Here are some
    things that I've found out while playing the game.
    Thought:  The title of the game on the case is just "Mask Rider", but
    the title when you start the game is "The Masked Rider".  In Japan,
    the show is known as "Kamen Rider".  
    Background:  This game is based on a Japanese show, Kamen Rider. 
    This game is about the first of the many successful series.
    I.  Title Screen
        After watching the nice intro, just press start to see the menu.
    II.  Menus (Here are the ALMOST accurate translations of the menus, I
    translate them by their order.  The first one highlighted is the 1P
        1P Game - This starts a one player game against the computer.
        2P Game - This starts a two player game...against a human.
        Team Battle - This starts a mini gang fight.  When you choose
    this, the character select screen appears.  You will notice first
    that there are those round objects that are colored red, with one
    flashing.  Change them by using your the directional pad.  Press
    right to increase it, left to decrease it.  It tells how many
    fighters per team both teams will have.
        Survival Mode - Choose a character to fight the whole bunch.  The
    damage you acquired in a fight will be carried on to the next fight,
    but it will be decreased a bit.
        Fight The Army - You fight many enemies at once.  
        Practice Mode - You pick the character you want to learn about,
    then choose your opponent to train with.
        Card Collection - When you finish a 1 Player game, you will see
    that in the menu place, there will be a word saying Cards Collected. 
    Just go here.  There are 3 options here:
       A.  Pick A Card - when the cards start to move, press the O button
    to make it stop.  The one you stop on will be opened and a card will
    be shown and added to your collection.  You can flip the card by
    pressing right on the pad.  When you're through reading the card,
    press X.
        B.  View Collection - This lets you view the cards that you've
    collected.  There are 100 all in all.
        C.  Exit - lets you exit.
        Options - this lets you configure the game.  Here is the set up.
         Main (Press L1 or R2 to see the other option screens)
        A.  Difficulty - it's got five of them.  The left most is the
        B.  Number Of Rounds - It can be up to 5 rounds.
        C.  ???? - I still haven't found out what this thing is for.  It
    has an On or Off switch.  If someone finds out what this thing is,
    please e-mail me.
        D.  Default - Press this to set all things back to the original
        E.  Exit - exit.
        Other Screen (Press R1)
        A.  Save - Save the game to a memory card.
        B.  Load - Load a game from a memory card.
        C.  Auto Save - Turn this on or off.
        D.  Default - puts everything back to the original setting.
        E.  Exit - exit.
        Other Screen (Press R1 from the other screen)
        A.  Sound - Mono or Stereo
        B.  BGM - test the background music.
        C.  SE Type - 00: Punch and Explosion Effects
                              01-13: Voice 
                              14: Options Effects
                              15: Secret Effects
                              16: Laugh Effects
                              17: Shout Effects
                              18: Speech Effects
                              19: Enemy Base Effects
                              20: TV Commercial Effects
      And Another Screen (Press R1 again from the last screen)
      ???? - I still don't know this thing...it's got an on and off
    Note:  You can exit by pressing select anytime
      Story Mode - You first choose if you're the good guys (the left
    one) or the bad guys (the right one).  If you choose the left one,
    you automatically have Rider 1, then play Rider 2 along the way.  If
    you choose to be bad, you have an option of many monsters.
    Note:  When you play as a monster, if you've defeated the other
    monsters, you will be shown an animation where you are going to get
    operated on to further strenghten you.  The screen shows you on an
    operation table.  The first option improves your hands.  The second
    your feet.  And the third, the whole body.  It puts armor all over
    1.  Rider-1 - the hero of the story.  You're an experimented on human
    being having the ability to transform into a more powerful
    grasshopper like form.
    2.  Rider-2 - he comes along the way to help Rider-1 fight evil.
    3.  Kumo-Otoko - this is a spider monster.  Beware of the websling it
    shoots and the web that it uses to grab your feet!
    4.  SG-Kameleon - a chameleon monster.  It can reappear on the other
    side of the screen.
    5.  Hachi-Onna - a bee monster.  She uses an epee to fight you.  
    SPECIAL NOTE:  There are combos that makes your enemy's weapon fall
    off.  to pick up a weapon, simply walk over it.
    6.  Saboteguron - this is a plant like monster with a club.
    7.  Pirazaurusu - a rooster monster.
    8.  Garagaranda - a reptile monster.
    9.  Gantkoumoru - a bat monster.
    Secret Characters:  To get them, finish story mode first.  If you
    finish the game with Rider, you will get:
    10.  HL-Kameleon - A bigger version of the late Kameleon.  It could
    teleport, and it looks like it's made of worms!
      If you finish story mode with a bad guy, you'll get:
    11.  Rider-RX Shocker - A third Kamen Rider.  This one has a
    projectile attack from his hand.  
    			          Common Controls
    Triangle Button - High kick.
    Circle - Low kick.
    X - Punch.
    Square - Block.  You can block high if you press up while holding
    this.  Low block while pressing down and holding this.
    Select - Taunt.
    Up - Jump.
    L1 - sidestep.
    R1 - sidestep.
    Auto Guard - You can enable auto guard while you are in the character
    select screen.  Simply press triangle or square then look at the
    bottom to see if it is enabled or not.
                                                  While Fighting
    Fight Menu - press start to pause, you'll see 3 options.
    Cancel - returns you to the fight.
    Command - shows you the moves of your player and how to do them.
    Reset - puts you back to the main screen.
    	That's all for now, and enjoy^_^
    FAQ by: Jay Anthony M. Encarnacion
    Date Created:  October 11, 1998
    Copyright 1998 Jay Anthony M. Encarnacion

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