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Reviewed: 05/28/03 | Updated: 05/28/03

This game isn't just for show!!!...well kind of.

The Gundam series is one of the greatest animes in Japan, many call it the Star Trek/Star Wars of animation. Now that Cartoon Network has shown great hits like ''Gundam Wing, G. Gundam and Gundam 0083'', Gundam is beginning to leave its mark here in America. But before us Yankees knew about Minovsky Particles or about Allenby (sighs^_^). The game Char's Counterattack came to the PSX on the year 1998 in Japan, celebrating Gundam's 20th anniversary (which was just one month away). This game like all other Gundam games did great in Japan, But just because it does great in sales doesn't always mean it's a great game. I decided to see what was all the rage about (I'm also a huge Gundam fan so I really wanted to play this game). So I borrowed Char's Counterattack from a friend of mine, who bought it many years ago and began playing it in my old Playstation.

Story - 10
The story is about Amuro Ray's and Char Aznable's relationship and what lead to such hatred between the two. The game rarely goes into the storyline for CCA, it focuses more on the side story we never got to see in the movie and we get to see what the characters were thinking during the movie. The story is shown in really amazing anime cutscenes. Instead of reusing scenes from the CCA movie, the game uses new anime cutscenes with some CGI effects that gives the animation some flavor.

Gameplay - 5
I'm a huge Gundam fan, but I really couldn't believe how short, easy and boring the story mode was. Despite having a cool story, the battles were repetitive and boring. Even though the MS had many types of attacks, it was still boring fighting in a closed area in outer space for the entire game. The game shortness doesn't really qualify it as a full game, even after beating it with both character (hell, it's even possible to beat the game with both characters in one day!). Finally the game was way too easy, even for a 10 year old. This made going through the game such a breeze. Good thing the game isn't all bad, the versus mode is a life saver. One can play with a friend or by themselves and unlock new Mobile Suits. Also the controls for the game is pretty comfortable and can be mastered in a few minutes.

Graphics - 8
Before staring the game up, I was preparing my self to get use to the old PSX graphics. But to my surprise, the graphics for CCA was super for a PSX game. The Mobile Suit models are extremely accurate and somehow the game gets all the little detail of the MS. It's really amazing to see a 3D Sazabi facing off against a 3D Nu Gundam. The Game uses some CGI scenes for a few cutscenes, which I thought was cool.

Sound/Music - 6
The music for the game really didn't capture me, despite having the CCA ending song. As for the sound, the game had all the right sound FX for all the different MS. So hearing the sound of the RX-78's beam rifle firing was really satisfying.

Replay - 7
CCA has enough replay to satisfy the Gundam fans. One of the cool things about the game, is that one gets to play through the game with Char after beating it with Amuro. While playing through story mode, you can unlock movies to watch after beating the game. If that wasn't enough, playing through versus mode by one self or with a friend beats any old classic Gundam game and even the game's own short story mode.

Final Word - 7
I really had a hard time deciding a final score for this game. As a Gundam fan, I loved every minute of it, despite it's flaw. But as a gamer, I couldn't turn my back at all the flaws and realize that it's just another mediocre Gundam game.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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