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    FAQ by JTKauffman

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                    |      |        ___
                    |_     |       /   \
                      |    |      |     |
    D     J           |    |       \___/
              ______  |    |
             /      \ |    |    ________ 
            / S     Y\|   D|   R|    O |  M     E
           /    /\    |    |    |_     |
          |_   |_ |_       |_     |_   |_
            |    |  |        |      |    |
             \    \/    |    |__    |    |
              \        /|       |   |    |
               \______/ |_______|   |    |
                                    |    |
                                    |    |
    B  E  A  T  M  A  N  I  A  |\__/     |
     [A R C A D E &            |        /
       A P P E N D  D I S C S] |       /
          faq                   \_____/
    DJ Syndrome: Beatmania [Arcade & Append Discs] FAQ
    by J.T.Kauffman
    0.01: Intro
    0.02: Stage Flow
    0.03: Hidden Songs
    0.04: Hidden Modes
    0.05: Song List
    0.06: Outro
    0.01: Intro_________________________________________________
    'DJ Syndrome' is the main tagline of the marketing campaign for 
    Beatmania 4th Mix ~The Beat Goes On~. It's also now a series of guides 
    to Beatmania, Dance Dance Revolution and the rest of the BEMANI series 
    of rhythm games by Konami. While not comprehensive, it should begin to 
    answer some of the questions that you might have about the games. 
    Please note that this FAQ only covers the original Playstation version 
    of Beatmania (although a good deal of the info should work for the 
    arcade version as well). For a more comprehensive look at Beatmania and 
    the rest of the BEMANI series, including things like Soundtracks (audio 
    CDs), strategy guides, portable LCD games (like Beatmania Pocket), and 
    much much more, please check out my longer work titled DJ Syndrome: The 
    BEMANI Series FAQ. 
    All of the information contained in this FAQ is also available in the 
    longer, more comprehensive work titled "DJ Syndrome: The BEMANI Series 
    FAQ". This document is merely a scaled down version that only pertains 
    to the first Playstation release Beatmania (the later Append discs, 3rd 
    Mix, Gottamix, and 4th Mix, are _not_ covered).
    This is my final planned release for this FAQ. Please see my BEMANI 
    series FAQ (the Compendium at gamefaqs.com) for more up-to-date 
    BEMANI/Beatmania info. 
    _____Beatmania (Arcade & Append Discs):
    Title:   Beatmania
    System:  PSX
    Intro:   The Playstation game that started it all, the first Beatmania 
    release includes songs from the original Arcade release (1st Mix, if you 
    will) and the 2nd Mix Arcade release, as well as original Playstation 
    tracks. The first disc, entitled 'Arcade' are the tracks from the 
    arcade, and the second disc, entitled 'Append' (the first of many as it 
    turns out...) has nine non-arcade  and 3rd Mix tracks, including a remix 
    of the Metal Gear Solid Main Theme. The Append Disc serves as a sort of 
    add-on disc, as you must first insert the original Arcade Disc. This 2-
    disc set recently went Platinum (one million copies sold).
    0.02: Stage Flow___________________________________________
    Arcade Disc:
    Stage 1:-----Stage 2:-----Stage 3:
    practice     hip~hop      reggae
    Stage 1:-------Stage 2:-------Stage 3:-------Stage 4:
    hip~hop        break-bts      house*         soul
    reggae         ballade        minimal techno rave
    ambient         (jazz soul)    mix*          house spiritual mix
    reggae funky   techno         dj battle      ska
     mix           hip~hop                       drum'n bass mix*
                    street mix                   hard tekno*
                   japanese                      rave (2nd mix)*
    Expert Classic:
    Stage 1:-----Stage 2:-----Stage 3:-----Stage 4:-----Stage 5:
    break-bts    techno       soul         house        rave
                                                        *rave 2nd
    Expert Vocal:
    Stage 1:-----Stage 2:-----Stage 3:-----Stage 4:-----Stage 5:
    japanese     reggae       house        ska          ballade
     hiphop       funky mix
    Expert Techno:
    Stage 1:-----Stage 2:-----Stage 3:-----Stage 4:-----Stage 5:
    techno       minimal      konamix      ambient      drum'n bass
                  techno      *hard tekno
    Append (Yebisu Mix) disc:
    Stage 1:-------Stage 2:-------Stage 3:-------Stage 4:
    funk           funk           funk           funk           
    styl garage    styl garage    styl garage    styl garage 
    bossa groove   bossa groove   bossa groove   bossa groove   
                   asian trad'l   asian trad'l   asian trad'l   
                   spd garage     spd garage     spd garage     
                                  funky jazz     funky jazz 
                                   groove         groove
                                  hard house     hard house
                                                 bigbeat mix
                                                 bossa groove (french)
    *hidden song
    0.03: Hidden Songs_________________________________________
    Requirements to get the hidden songs:
    Arcade Disc:
    In order to get:   score at least: in this (or one of these) genre(s): 
                                       Stage 1:
    japanese hip-hop   60,000          any genre
    konamix            90,000          any genre
                                       Stage 2:
    house              40,000          ballade
    house              45,000          break-bts
    house              50,000          techno
    house              60,000          hip-hop street mix, konamix
    house              85,000          japanese hip-hop
    minimal techno     70,000          ballade, break-bts
    minimal techno     80,000          konamix, techno
    minimal techno     90,000          hip-hop street mix, japanese hip-hop
                                       Stage 3:
    drum'n bass mix    50,000          dj battle
    drum'n bass mix    65,000          house
    drum'n bass mix    70,000          minimal techno mix
    hard tekno         90,000          dj battle, minimal techno mix 
    hard tekno         85,000          house
    rave (2nd mix)     90,000          dj battle
    rave (2nd mix)     100,000         house, minimal techno mix
    Append (Yebisu Mix) Disc:
    This disc works a little differently from the others. As far as I can 
    tell you merely have to play certain songs to get the full set, not 
    score a certain number of points. The following combination will open up 
    all the songs:
    1st Stage-----2nd Stage-----3rd Stage-----4th Stage
    funk          asian trad.   bossa groove  rest...
    That should leave you with all of the rest of the songs (Styl Garage, 
    Spd Garage, Funky Jazz Groove, Hard House, Bigbeat Mix, and Bossa Groove 
    French Version) to choose from in the fourth stage. I'm not positive 
    that this will work every time (at this point it still needs checked a 
    bit) but it's the one that I got to work...
    0.04: Hidden Modes_________________________________________
    I found these while looking around on the web one day - I haven't had a 
    chance to try them out, so I can't confirm that they work, or give you 
    any help with them... Anyway, here they are, copied and pasted directly 
    from gamewinners.com - knock yourself out...
    Hidden Mode 1:
     Hold L + R (the two back keys on the Beat Mania controller) and press 
    Start when the menu with the "Press Start Button" selection appears. 
    Release those buttons and press Left + X (the two white keys on the left 
    and right side). A sound will confirm correct code entry. The "Hidden 
    Mode 1" option will now be available. 
    Double play mode:
     Hold Left + Square + X (the three white keys) and press Start when the 
    menu with the "Press Start Button" selection appears. Release those 
    buttons and press L + R (the two black keys). A sound will confirm 
    correct code entry. An option for double play mode will now be 
     - from gamewinners.com
    0.05: Song List____________________________________________
    [note: if multiple BPMs are listed, then it starts at the first number, 
    then changes to the next number, then the next, etc. The first number in 
    the Notes category is the number in notes in 1P mode, and the second 
    number is for 2P mode. If there is a dash instead of a number, then the 
    song is not available in that mode.]
    _____Arcade Disc:
    Song Title         Artist         Genre           Diff.  BPM    Notes
    u gotta groove     dj nagureo     hip-hop         *  100/94/96  80/99
    jam jam reggae     jam master'73  reggae          *      90     62/78
    Beginning of life  quadra         ambient         **     110    80/115
    jam jam reggae     crunky boy     reggae funky    **     90     157/178
     (Funky jam Cookie mix)	           mix
    2 gorgeous 4 U     prophet-31     break~bts (1P)  **     150    79/-
    greed eater        dust fathers   break~bts (2P)  **     112    -/74
    Do you love me?    reo-magumo     ballade         **     100    149/244
    OVERDOZER(romo mix)mirak          techno (1P)     ***    132    164/-
    OVERDOZER          mirak          techno (2P)     ***    132    -/224
     (ambient mix)	
    u gotta groove     dj mazinger    hip~hop street  ***    94     143/359
     (Triple Mazin Dub)	           mix
    tokai              dj mazinger    japanese hip~hop****   97     139/206
                        (performed by co-key)
    Salamander Beat    nite system    konamix         ****   134    171/177
     Crush mix
    LOVE SO GROOVY     lovemints      soul (1P)       ****   141    169/-
    LOVE SO GROOVY     lovemints      soul (2P)       ****   141    -/227
     (12inch version)
    e-motion           e.o.s          rave            **** 145/140  96/125
    LOVE SO GROOVY     nite system    house spiritual ****   131    249/430
     (Nite's After Love mix)           mix
    20.november        dj nagureo     house (1P)      *****  130    301/-
     (single mix)
    20.november        dj nagureo     house (2P)      *****  130    -/352
     (radio edit)
    OVERDOZER          quadra         minimal techno  *****  138    340/656
     (Driving Dub mix)                 mix
    SKA a go go        the bald heads ska        ****** 160/144/160 359/514
    Deep Clear Eyes    quadra         drum'n bass mix ****** 155    276/307
    Acid Bomb          dj fx          hardtekno       ****** 140    334/569
    e-motion (2nd MIX) e.o.s          rave            ???  145/140  148/241
    dj battle          *              dj battle       ???    93     changes
    _____Append Disc (Yebisu Mix):
    Song Title         Artist         Genre           Diff.  BPM    Notes
    Cat Song           UPA&NORA       funk            *      127    154/258
     - Theme of UPA	
    Body               tomoki hirata  styl garage     *      134    87/162
    PAPAYAPA BOSSA     staccato two-J bossa groove    **     143    143/310
                        -remixed by r24bm
    Changing the ASIA  cheap forest   asian           **     95     140/181
    Ain't it Good      tomoki hirata  spd garage      ***    134    119/191
                        -remixed by r24bm
    Stop Violence!     Herbie Hammock funky jazz      ****   113    123/191
                        & His Band     groove
    I.C.B.             tomoki hirata  hard house      ****   140    197/367
                        -remixed by r24bm
    METAL GEAR SOLID   ESPACIO        bigbeat mix     *****  140    175/176
     ~Main Theme        BROTHERS
    La Bossanova       staccato two-F bossa groove    *****  143    213/341
     de Fabienne                       french version
    0.06: Outro________________________________________________
    v.1.00 25nov99: final release
          added the remainder of the missing infomation.
    v.0.87 06sept99: still technically pre-release
          Cut and pasted info on BM from my BEMANI Series FAQ to create 
          this document, which deals only with the first PSX BM. 
    _____Trademark/Copyright Info:
    Beatmania, BEMANI, Dance Dance Revolution, Guitar Freaks, Pop'n'Music, 
    Drummania, Dance!Dance!Dance!, GooGooSoundy, and all versions/mixes are 
    copyright/trademarked by Konami Computer Entertainment Japan. All other 
    copyrights are properties of their respective owners. 
    This document is copyright J.T.Kauffman 1999 and cannot be reproduced 
    for profit in any form. It can be freely distributed over the internet 
    as long as it is unaltered and is only distributed on free (i.e. non-
    subscription) sites. If you do choose to post this document on your 
    site, please email me to let me know.
    Beatmania Konami Official Guide
    Beatmania Press Mix
    Beatmania Consumer all Guide
    since 06sept99
    Shibata, Japan

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