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    FAQ by nyorozo

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                                iS internal section FAQ for Playstation (import)
                                                    ver 1 
    					    made by Square		
                                                faq by nyorozo
    	     internal section is a ~different~ type of game. One of the coolest things about it
                 is that you put in your own music cd to hear, or uses one of the music tracks they               
                 have. It has elements of a shooter liek shooting the guys htat fly by, but I'd
    	     say that its a new type of game. You speed through what seems to be a 'cylinder'.
    	     The backround is really cool. All sorts of 3D things are floating around. Most add
    	     to the effect of going 'down' or 'through' the 'cylinder'. Within the 'cylinder'
    	     are designs and things that change color to the music that you chose, or you could
    	     of used your own. Some of the enemies Pulsate and change color to the music to.
    	     Overall this is a cool game.
    	     The L2 and R2 buttons are used to change your weapon (and shape). The x button 
    	     shoots the weapon you chose. The circle button uses you 'erasers'. They are 
    	     bombs, basically they destroy all the enemies on the screen. Some enemies take a few
    	     hits so it wont kill them.
    	-Game Play-
    	     You are going through what seems to be a 'cylinder'. You can spiral through it in                
                 the first mode, and not die. Each level has 4 phases A,B,C, and D. After phase D
    	     you enter 'the terminal' which just means you beat the level. There are 5 modes 
     	     of play, one being a practice type mode where you cant die. Also this game uses
    	     the Dual Shock function in th eDual Shock controllers but dosent use the analog                  
    	     There are 12 different weapons in the game. They are named after animals which is
    	     just a bit 'diffenent'. The really cool thing about the weapons is that changing
    	     weapons changes your shape. Here is the weapons list and what they do.
    		Horse - It shoots a large cylinder of 'stuff' upward and kills a ton of guys.
    		Sheep - It is a rapid fire laser ball.
    	       Monkey - It shoots 2 lasers that circle the 'clyinder'. Kills lots of guys that                           
                            are in the curved formation.
    		 Bird - It shoots out boomerang shaped lasers that chase the enemies down. Really                          
                            useful but not the fastest weapon, bot goof for getting points. Can also                         
                            be used as armor when no enemies are near.
     	 	  Dog - It shoots laser beams that circle the 'cylinder'.
    		 Boar - It sets a ball of energy down that sits there for a second then shoots                         
                            down the 'cylinder' super fast. Can set up to 3 at a time. Also is good                         
                            to set down for guys comming from behind to hit. 
    		  Rat - It is just like sheep but is slightly faster, a little weaker, and a                             
                            different color.
    		   Ox - It is a pretty useless weapon. It shoots a 'disk/puck' like thing that
    		  	goes straight down the 'clyinder', it wont stop after hitting one guy.
    		Tiger - This is a cool weapon, it shoots a ball of electricity down the                                  
                            'cylinder'. But the really cool thing is that it 'grabs' at the near by
    			enemies with electricity and hurts them.
      	       Rabbit - This weapon is only useful for 'boss type guys' and a select few of guys                         
                            that go through the middle of the 'cylinder'. It shoots out a ball that                          
                            bounces through the 'cylinder'.
    	       Dragon - This is good for weak guys that get right in your face. This shoots a                         
                            short ranged fire that kills weak guy fast.
    		Snake - This is a cool weapon, it shoots a snake like laser that follows along                         
                            the 'cylinder' in front of you as you go. It will move into guys and hit
    			a few guys before going away. The bad thing is only one can be used at a                         
    	     Some people don't care about the packaging but this game has different packaging 	     
                 than other games. The thing you see through the case is a cardboard envelope and 
    	     has a few papers and a long foldout instruction manual.	 		
    	-Personal Notes-
    	     This is a very good game. Square did a good job, as always any new information or                
                 question/comments would be appreciated. For places to get this game cheap just                   
                 e-mail me. Thanks for looking at this.
                                            -Where to reach me-
     			some times gets deleted-	nyorozo@fcmail.com
    			trustworthy and chcked often-	curtaineater@yahoo.com

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