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    Pocket Muu Muu
    Guide Version - 1.1
    By Tom Diehl
    tenchild@rcn.com <mailto:tenchild@rcn.com>
    Last update - 3/10/00
    - This document Copyright 2000 Tom Diehl, reproduction is ok as long as credit 
    is given where it is due.  -   My first FAQ !
    3/3 - 1.0  
    First posting
    3/10 - 1.1  
    Made correction about Baron Aloha. (thanks to petethatcher@hotmail.com)
    Added Mini-Games
    PG - 1, 45, 43, 66, 6, 38, 54, 67, 59, 32
    PT - 11, 3, 14, 5, 19, 21, 6 
    This guide is just from what I understand and can translate from the game.  
    I can translate some of the Japanese which I will put in ( ) next to the name 
    I gave the game.  The kanji gives me major headaches and my dictionary doesn't 
    have every word.  I'm just trying to help out the fellow gamer here by 
    the menus and giving info on the mini games.  Maybe this will help you decide 
    whether or not you want to buy the game.  I'm going put in as much about the 
    games as I can.  This is my first FAQ/Guide.  Any helpful information will be 
    greatly appreciated.  Please don't e-mail me about mini-games that are not up 
    here yet though.  I wish to find them out on my own.  I will update soon!
    1.	Title Screen info
    2.	Point of the Game
    3.	Menu Translations \ Island Help
    4.	Mini Games Listing
    - 1 -     TITLE SCREEN INFO 
    Of course the name of the game:  POCKET MUU MUU
    Starting from top to bottom
         1.  Start New Game
         2.  Continue
         3.  Load game
         4.  Options Menu
                 1.  Date - Year/Month/Day - It's Y2K compatible!!!
                 2.  Time
                 3.  Stereo   or   Mono
                 4.  BGM  -  Background Music Volume
                 5.  SE - Sound Effects Volume
                 6.  Vibration  -  On   or  Off	
         5.  Exit
    - 2 -  POINT OF THE GAME
    The game, from what I understand, is to go about and make money to buy the 
    pocketstation games for your pocketstation and to buy additions to your soon to 
    be "Fun Land" (just what I am calling it).  You can buy things like fans, 
    sundials, platforms, a castle and a lot more.  To make money you need to play 
    the pocketstation games. It's easier to get money in certain games and some are 
    just more fun to play.  I can try to translate with the books I have (which you 
    will see me do with some of the game names) but that's about it.  
    I'm going to create my own names for some of the islands since my books do not 
    give me a translation for the words.  The island with the little brown hut with 
    a green roof will be referred to as Goods Island (from what I made of the Kanji 
    I came up with Present Goods Island), the island with the roller coaster on it 
    will be called Fun island, and the island with the big screen and has the word 
    GAME spelled out across the top of the screen will be Game Island.
    1.	GOODS ISLAND - Green Roof
     Right when you enter you are hit with a menu.  Descriptions of what the menus 
    include are below.  The menu choices are:
         A.	Pocket Notebook
         B.	Save
         C.	Restart Game
         D.	Memory Card Manager
         E.	Exit
            1.  Pocket Notebook - Any games you have bought or found are stored 
    here.  Once this                 option is chosen your games are then listed and 
    there are four icons at the bottom of             the screen.
               a. Notepad - brings up the description of the game and five different 
    icons at the                  bottom of the screen.
                     1. Open Book - View the "How to Play".                                   
                        Pushing up and down allows you to scroll through the 
                     2. Light bulb - Tells you what you did to get the stars for 
    this particular                         game.
                     3. Pocketstation - Download this game to your pocketstation!  
    Choose this then                      chose the top choice.  Look at these 
    symbols good you will see them often.                       Top one is Hai (yes) 
    the bottom is iie (no).
                     4. Play - Choose this to play the current game selected.
                     5. Frame - Choose picture to play your pocketstation game in.  
    I think you have                     to find or buy these. (haven't gotten one 
                     6. Game Box (not a menu choice) - in the yellow box you will 
    have a setup like                      this:
                                                         <    GAME NO.   >
                                                      Game Name
                              Picture of game                Stars Acquired
                                                             High Score
                                                             Type of game?
                                                             Cost or Found
                b. PG - Lists all your currently acquired pocketstation games.
                c. PT - Lists all your currently acquired pocketstation tools.
                d. Blue Ribbon - Lists any PG or PT you have not played yet.
           2. Save - Save your game.
           3. Restart game
           4. Memory Card Manager - Allows for you to delete or copy memory card 
    files.  This is how           you take Pocket Muu Muu games off the 
           5. Exit
    2. GAME ISLAND - Island with big screen that has the word game written across 
                      Soon as you land here you get to run around and visit the 
    numerous stores and such.  Here's a quick little map for you to go by.
                                                     |               |
                                                     |     BELL      |  
    -------------------------------------------------                 -|
    |     Lottery                  Game Booth                          |
    |                                                     fountain     |
    |                                                                  |
    |                                         Game Store               |
    |                                                                  |
    |    Baron                                               Capitao   |
    |   Aloha's hut                           Island           Suzuki ->
    |                     X              construction                  |
    |                you start here          booth                     |
    1. Lottery - Open 9AM ~ 10PM
    Pay 500 Mu and pick one of the three prize tickets and get a random prize, or 
    nothing at all.  Or you can pay 1000 Mu and play the lottery.  If you choose the 
    right numbers you can win 100,000 Mu.  Number chosen for the previous day is 
    shown to the left of choice.
    2. Baron Aloha's Hut - Open 24 hour's
    He charges 500 Mu per clue as to how to get the star in the mini games.  When 
    you do a certain thing right in the mini games you get a star.  Three starts per 
    (Thanks goes to petethacker@hotmail.com for correcting me on this)
    3. Game Booth - Open 9AM ~ 10PM 
    You can buy pocketstation games here.  They seem to be a bit more expensive than 
    the Game Store I think.
    4. Game Store - Open 24 hour's 
    You can buy pocketstation games here as well.  
    5. Island Construction Booth - Open 10AM ~ 9PM
    Here is where you buy things for your "Fun Land".  You can buy things like fans, 
    platforms, a sundial, and much more.  I will try to translate the list of what 
    is on the menu once I get a bigger dictionary.  
    6. Capitao Suzuki - Open 24 hour's
    Come to this thing when you want to transfer the Mu you have gained by playing 
    your actual pocketstation into the game for spending.
    - 4 -     MINI GAMES LIST (as of last play time 3/2)
                          PT -  POCKETSTATION TOOLS
              These are things that you can't play but use.  Like clocks, dice 
    rollers, calculators, Etc.
    PT - 1 - Calculator
    Memory - 2 blocks
    Cost - 4800 Mu
    Your basic, four function, calculator.  Add, subtract, multiply, and divide.
    PT - 2 - Random Number Picker
    Memory - 2 blocks
    Found - Muu sleeping on floating island above waterfall. (This is on "Fun 
    You pick two numbers and it will randomly pick a number between those two 
    PT - 3 - Useful counter
    Memory - 2 blocks 
    Cost - 6400 Mu
    It's a counter.  Push the large button to come to a screen that allows you to 
    select 3 different counters.  They all look and do the same thing.  Push the 
    large button to enter and then push the large button on the top choice to add 1 
    to the counter.  The second choice resets the counter and the bottom takes you 
    PT - 5 - Flower Fortune Teller
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Cost - 4300 Mu
    Push the large button and you will see the flower on the screen.  A hand will 
    pick a petal when you push the large button.  It will says things as you pick 
    the petals at the top of the screen.  After all the petals are picked a message 
    will show.  I think it's about you future family.
    PT - 7 - BIO Rhythm   (BIO rizumu)
    Memory - 2 Blocks
    Cost - 5300 Mu
    Tells you your Bio Rhythm on certain aspects.  Once entering your birthday you 
    are taken to a wave monitor.  Left and right will change the current date as 
    shown in the box at the bottom of the screen.  Up and down change what kind of 
    rhythm you are looking at.  The heart is love, the little guy is your health, 
    and I am not sure what the last thing is.  It looks kind of like a pencil.    
    PT - 9 - Heart   (Rabu Rabu Ku?su)
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Found - In a box on "Fun Island"
    Not sure what this is for.  Maybe it is a love tester?  When the heart turns 
    black, push the large button.  Then as soon as it reverts to white push the left 
    button to stop the bar.  If not done right the heart will break. 
    PT - 11 - Horoscope Teller
    Memory - 2 blocks
    Cost - 3200 Mu
    Right when you start it up it shows present date.  Push the large button and it 
    will take you to astronomy symbols and dates.  There below the astrology symbols 
    you will see 3 other little symbols with little blocks in front of them.  Heart 
    is for love, stick person is for health, circle I'm not sure of.  Maybe luck?  
    While the symbols are on the screen push the large button and a full screen 
    circle or triangle.  I haven't a clue what that means.  
    PT - 12 - Stop Watch
    Memory - 2 blocks
    Cost - 4800 Mu
    Typical run of the mill stop watch.  Push the large button to start it and end 
    it.  Pushing left button will reset it.
    PT - 13 - Alarm Watch
    Memory - 2 blocks
    Cost - 5200 Mu
    Make your pocketstation an alarm clock that plays music.  Five different tunes.  
    Menu reads top to bottom:
    PT - 14 - Kitchen Timer
    Memory - 2 blocks
    Cost - 3800 Mu
    A timer that you can set for either 3, 4 or 5 minutes.  After setting it you 
    will see a pan filled with water and the time in the top left corner.
    PT - 17 - Birth of Seed   (Tan no tane)
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Found - Box on "Fun Island"
    First off pick a seed by pushing left or right button.  Push the large button to 
    ok it then push it once again when you come to the ground scene.  A menu will 
    pop up. 
    Menu options:
    Return - go back to watching the seed grow
    Harvest - pick the plant out of the ground to see what you've grown
    Sunlight - Give your plant light
    Weed - weed the area
    Water - water your seed
    PT - 19 - Ball ?  (Marimo)
    Memory - 2 blocks
    Cost - 4200 Mu
    Not sure what you do with this.  Push the arrow buttons a bunch of times to 
    shake the container.  The ball grows bigger as you push the buttons.
    PT - 20 - Season Clock
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Cost - 3200 Mu
    A clock that has a little scene going on in the screen depending on the season.  
    An example being for winter you will see it snowing on the screen and a snowman 
    being made.  Time shows in the top right corner.
    PT - 21 - Dolphin Raising
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Cost - 6200 Mu
    Raise your very own virtual dolphin!  As you see him swim by push the large 
    button.  The menu reads, feed and pet.  If you let him be and watch him he will 
    do little tricks too!  
    PT - 24 - Simple Telephone Directory (Kantan Denwa)
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Cost - 6300 Mu
    A little telephone number organizer.  When you first push the large button to 
    start, the menu with all the names you currently have in the directory show up.  
    To see the number push the right button once you selected the name.  Pushing 
    large button will bring you to a menu.  English alphabet included!!
    Menu listings from top to bottom are:
    New - create a new name and number
    Edit - change something about the current number or name
    Delete - get rid of a number
    Exit - go back to listings
    PT - 25 - World Watch   (Seikai Tokei)
    Memory - 2 blocks
    Found - In a box on "Fun Island"
    Tells you the time in places all over the world.
    PT - 26 - Dice   (saikono)
    Memory - 2 blocks
    Cost - 3000 Mu
    It's a dice roller.  Can roll up to 12 die with six sides.
    PT - 27 - 10 Second Continuous Strike   (10 Byo Ren Da)
    Memory - 2 blocks
    Cost - 2000 Mu
    Hit the large button as many times as you can within 10 seconds.
    PT - 29 - Bomb Cycle   (bakudan  kai)
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Found - Box on "Fun Island"
    Not to sure about this game.  I believe you are supposed to set a number of 
    times in which the button can be pressed and then start the game.  After 
    starting the game you and an opponent take turns pushing the arrow keys no more 
    than three times then pass it on to the opponent.  Object is to make your 
    opponent blow up the bomb.
                            PG - POCKETSTATION GAMES
    The games you can play to make more Mu to buy more games!!!!
    PG - 1 - Black Jack
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Cost - 5200 Mu
    Your typical game of black jack.  Get as close to 21 as you can without going 
    over.  Everything is in english so this game is easy to understand.
    PG - 3 - Fill In Game
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Cost - 4200 Mu
    Fill in the white part of the picture with the black part.  Up and down flips 
    the image around while left and right flip side to side.  Can get difficult at 
    times.  You also have a time limit so you must be quick.
    PG - 4 - Drop Zone
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Cost - 6800 Mu
    Guide your ship down the cave without touching the walls.  At the end of each 
    stage you choose a door for a chance to gain an extra 100 points.
    PG - 6 - Demolition Game    (Biru kowareru shi)
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Cost - 3800 Mu
    The object of this game is to destory the building piece by piece while hitting 
    each piece with just the right amount of power.  Once started you will see a bar 
    on the right side of the screen going up and down.  Push the large button as the 
    top of the moving bar is next to the smaller bar off to the right to destory the 
    piece of the building.  Hitting the part too hard 3 times will cause you to 
    PG - 10 - Miniature Golf    (Patsuto Golf)
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Cost - 6200 Mu
    Ten holes of Mini Putt!!  Left and right move the arrows direction to hit the 
    ball.  Down zooms out, up zooms in.  Push the big button when ready to hit the 
    ball and a power bar shows up.  Higher the bar is when you push the large button 
    the farther your ball will go.
    PG - 12 - Cowboy Shoot Game  (haya uchi somaso)
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Cost - 4800 Mu
    The windows are set up like the pocketstation buttons.  Pushing the button will 
    fire in the corresponding spot.  The quicker you shoot the less points taken 
    away from you.  You start with 500 points.
    PG - 16 - Timer Game    (tai mu gai)
    Memory - 3 blocks 
    Cost - 4800 Mu
    Five rounds with numerous ways to play.  The ways are:
    1. Push large button so many times within the allotted time.
    2. Push large button as soon as the timer starts.
    3. Push large button as close to the time stated as you can.
    PG - 19 - Calculate Number Game    (san su game)
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Cost - 3800 Mu
    Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide the numbers to gain points.  Points 
    determined by speed and correctness.  
    PG - 20 - Search for Symbol Origin Game    (Gan saku kigo)
    Memory - 4 blocks
    Cost - 3800 Mu
    You really need to know how to read hiragana and katakana for this one.  The 
    element from the periodic table is displayed and you have to pick the correct 
    symbol for it.  Element names are in Japanese.
    PG - 22 - Fishing Game    (tsutsuto tsutsuto baso baso)
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Cost - 7200 Mu
    Push the down button to put the hook in the water. When a fish swims above it 
    push up to hook and pull the fish out of the water.  Then push the large button 
    to throw the fish into the boat and repeat until you run out of time.  You can 
    gain more time by catching the medium sized fish which only appears every 30 
    seconds or so.  Catching anything besides the small and medium fish will waste 
    time and you won't gain any points.
    PG - 23 - Space Shuttle Game
    Memory - 4 blocks
    Cost - 7800 Mu
    I really am lost when it comes to this game.  Anyone out there know what to do?  
    I've played it quite a few times and haven't found anything.  To launch the ship 
    push the large button rapidly.  You will then be in space.  From here I don't 
    know what you do.
    PG - 24 - Racing Game
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Found - In bell on Games Island
    Hold large button down to accelerate.  Drive as far as you can while avoiding 
    other cars, oil and the curb.  Money determined by cars passed.
    PG - 25 - Block Out
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Cost - 4300 Mu
    The classic game of block out.   Five stages to complete.  I've gotten over 
    10,000 Mu from playing it through once!!  
    Points given for destroying certain objects:
    Heart - 20 points
    "O" - 40 points
    Bomb - 80 points
    Dog - 100 points
    Crawling man - 150 points
    Alien - 200 points
    Car (window) - 250 points
    Car (no window) - 300 points
    PG - 30 - Astro Fighter
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Cost - 3800 Mu
    Big button fires laser.  Shoot the enemy ships before they crash into you.  At 
    the end of each stage a large ship appears.  Shoots all 6 ends of it as fast as 
    you can to get bonus points.
    PG - 31 - Bomb and Tank Game
    Memory - 4 blocks
    Cost - 4200 Mu
    As the game begins watch where the mines are.  Move your tank to the top of the 
    screen without running over a mine.  The "!" in the top right warns you that 
    there is a bomb nearby.  At any time if you push the big button a kid will throw 
    a bomb and clear away any mines within one step of you.
    PG - 33 - Muu Muu Fighter    (dosukoi muu muu)
    Memory - 4 blocks
    Found - Box on "Fun Island"
    Push the big button as fast as you can to knock opponent off the ledge.  Good 
    way to make a quick 1100 Mu.
    PG - 38 - Drive2000
    Memory - 4 blocks
    Cost - 5800 Mu
    Upgrade from the other racing game.  This one is a view from behind the car and 
    not overhead.  Hold the large button to move faster and the direction buttons 
    move you left and right.  
    PG - 43 - Construction Game     (kumitate  ?)
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Found - A muu will appear after a while into the game behind the island 
    construction booth.  He will give it to you.  
    Push large button to start.  You start with 60 seconds.  The direction buttons 
    move the part connected to the bird thing.  Once you have the beak the correct 
    way push the big button, then do the eyes, then do the legs.  If you dont know 
    what the bird looks like, look at the back of your instruction booklet.  The 
    more you build the more time and points you get.
    PG - 45 - Bingo
    Memory - 2 blocks
    Cost - 980 Mu
    You start off with a board and need to make a line or four corners.  Numbers 
    chosen by a lineup rotating at the bottom of the screen.  Points determined by 
    how quickly you win!
    PG - 47 - Ring Throw
    Memory - 4 blocks
    Found - Won at lottery.
    Toss the ring by pushing the large button.  The more power you put into it the 
    farther it goes.  Left and right moves you.  Try to get the rings around the 
    items on the floor.
    PG - 50 - Rearguard 3rd Class Soldier  (shingari santo hei)
    Memory - 4 blocks
    Cost - 6200 Mu
    One of the more fun games.  Push the large button to fire, hold it in till you 
    are read for your shot to explode.  Just don't let the enemy get behind the 
    wall.  Points determined by how many kills you make.
    PG - 54 - Dodge Ball
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Cost - 4200 Mu 
    Move left and right to avoid incoming objects.  Pushing large button will 
    holdout a shield in case you don't see yourself moving in time.  You are allowed 
    3 shields.  Points determined by how many balls you dodge.  Amount of lives in 
    top left corner, score in the top right.
    PG - 59 - Fly-Swat Game
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Cost - 7200 Mu
    You have a flyswatter.  Move it around with the arrow buttons and hit the large 
    button to swat and kill the flies.  Thirty stages in all, every 5 stages you 
    have to kill a really big fly.  Similar to the mario paint flyswatter game.
    PG - 60 - Long Graceful Jump (abare fuku tobu bi)
    Memory - 4 blocks
    Cost - 4000 Mu
    Tap large button to gain speed.  Once you see the edge of the sand pit push the 
    up or the left button and hold in until you see the little black circle in the 
    angel you wish to jump then release the button to jump.  Points determined by 
    farthest jump.
    PG - 61 - 100 Meter Run    (100M hashiru)
    Memory - 3 blocks
    Found - Box on "Fun Island"
    Repeatedly tap the large button to out run opponent.  Points are determined by 
    the difference between you and opponents time.  Warning:  You hand will be 
    killing you after playing this one a few times.
    PG - 66 - Swing Game
    Memory - 4 blocks
    Found - Box on "Fun Island"
    After starting you see a guy swinging.  Push left and right to make him swing 
    faster.  Then push the large button while he is swinging forward to make him 
    jump.  Points are determined by the farthest of 3 jumps.
    PG - 67 - Weather Forcast Battle   (tataku tenki yoho)
    Memory - 4 blocks
    Cost - 6400 Mu
    Your machine is on the ground.  Move left and right with the arrow buttons.  
    Fire with the large button.  Object is to destory all the clouds without being 
    destroyed by the weather conditions.  You are against rain, snow, spears?, and 
    hail.  Every 5-10 stages you are rewarded with a little Mu scene.
    PG - 68 - Boating Game    (koge koge kimi)
    Memory - 4 blocks
    Found - Box on "Fun Island"
    Large button rows the right paddle.  Left button rows the left paddle.  Hold in 
    at the same time to row forward.  Points determined by your time.
    - 5 -    Comments
    This is a great game!  But you need to have a lot of patience to play through it 
    without cheating.  There is a gameshark code that unlocks all the games, but 
    what would be the fun in that?  I have played through this far with no help at 
    all just my reference books so I can translate.  Get this game if you have a 
    pocketstation.  It's always fun to have all the games.  Just hope I've helped 
    you with the game in some way!

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