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    FAQ by Jillian

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 08/16/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

           ,_                ,
          /^\\              //\           ____   ____  _      _       ___   ____      
         |   \\            //  \         /    T /    T| T    | T     /   \ |    \     
         |    ||    ,==.  //   |        Y   __jY  o  || |    | |    Y     Y|  o  )    
          \   ||.=~////"=,||   /        |  T  ||     || l___ | l___ |  O  ||   _/
          /(\ /////////\\\\\  /)        |  l_ ||  _  ||     T|     T|     ||  |
         (/(((///`~\\\\\)))\\///\|      |     |  |   ||     ||     |l     !|  |       
        (//)))/_.-"")))\\((//((())      l___,_jl__j__jl_____jl_____j \___/ l__j
        )))())'   (((   (   './//)))       
      (////~/       ))       (((/(/        
      /)///`        (         ))\((        
     `//(/_ '._             _.' _\\\       
     ((((/^\   '.         .'   /^\)))      
     (\)\\__\    '       '    /__/((       
       )))\       '     '       /)))        ____    ____    __    ___  ____  
      )//)/|       '   '       |(((        |    \  /    T  /  ]  /  _]|    \ 
     //))))/\      :   :      / ))         |  D  )Y  o  | /  /  /  [_ |  D  )
     (((((\\|      :   :      | (|         |    / |     |/  /  Y    _]|    /
      \\)\\\|      :   :      |            |    \ |  _  /   \_ |   [_ |    \
       )))))|   _.--'''--._   |            |  .  Y|  |  \     ||     T|  .  Y
       /(/// \.'   _____   './             l__j\_jl__j__j\____jl_____jl__j\_j
       (JGS( /  .-':   :'-.  \ 
        )))  \.'  .     .  './
       ((     |  .       .  |
        )     |/  '.   .'  \|
              //(         )\\
              \\/         \//
               `\   '''   /`
                        Version 1.3 August 16, 2000
       Items marked with a (*) in the Table of Contents have been updated.
                         Compiled by: Jillian
                    E-mail: StrawberryFlame@aol.com
    This document copyright Jill Fazio, 2000
    This FAQ is for private and personal use only. It is not to be used or 
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    encompasses paper-based and electronic reproduction, whether as part of a 
    magazine, book, website, CD / DVD format or any other medium. I also 
    acknowledge any trademarks and copyrights that are not specifically mentioned 
    in the text.
    That said, I make no claims on the material contained within.  It has been 
    collected painstakingly by me and rewritten and organized, but it wasn't me 
    spending hours figuring out the nuances of this underrated game. Therefore the 
    document is mine, but the information is from a variety of sources.  All 
    strategy information was gathered from the Gallop Racer message board located at 
    tecmoinc.com. The List to unlock tracks and hidden horses is courtesy 
    tecmoinc.com.  Game Shark Codes are courtesy of Dave at Cheat Code Central.com 
    I feel I need to mention the usernames of a few sages of the game: Leo, High 
    Roller, Top Jock, pike, Crillo Pony, pjones3105 and rockysur, just to name a 
    few.  These are the folks that wrote this FAQ, my talent is only in organizing 
    and editing. If it weren't for these folks, I would still be staring at the 
    Create Horse screen, growling...
    Gallop Racer is (c) 1999 Tecmo Inc.
    All of the information gathered here has been digested and arranged so that 
    you, the reader can find what you need. Most browsers and word processors will 
    enable you to search for key words in any document through the Edit menu. If 
    you would like to comment or add to this document, please write me at the 
    email above. If you are a contributor to the boards at tecmoinc.com, and you 
    find your words here and would like them removed, simply let me know. 
         The Dream Cup
         Favorite Horses
         The Elusive White Horse
    Why does my horse always lose?
    It might be that you aren't running him at his best position. There are four 
    arrows in the bottom left hand corner of your screen while you are racing.  
    They are also on the horse's stat sheet. Your horse will have one or all of 
    them highlighted in red. This is your horse's running style or personality. 
    (>)( ) ( ) ( )If the horse has the left arrow-he likes to run at the back of 
    the pack. 
    ( )(>) ( ) ( )The second from the left-your horse likes to run in the middle 
    of the pack. 
    ( )( ) (>) ( )third arrow from the left-your horse likes to stay 
    just off the lead.
    ( )( ) ( ) (>)the last arrow on the right-means your horse likes to be the 
    (>)(>) (>) (>)If they are all highlighted your horse can be comfortable in any 
    The four arrows highlighted are supposed to mean that the horse can be placed 
    anywhere in the pack and still race "in the blue". Many of us have found that 
    they are really pressers though, meaning they like to be just off the pace, 
    around about 3rd or 4th throughout the race.
    When do I whip the horse?
    If the pace is fast, wait until 2.0 furlongs to go before starting your 
    sprint. Mid-Pace 2.2 furlongs and slow pace 2.5 furlongs. Another tip, When 
    you know the pace is going to be fast, get the horse to settle and once it 
    does, press down once (decrease the speed a fraction) but still stay "in the 
    blue". You will find that you will have a bit of stamina extra at the end of 
    the race. You will get unbelievable times and win easily even when the odds 
    are against you. 
    It has also been suggested to only whip your horse five times in a race. 
    Depending on where you are sitting in the field and the pace of the race, give 
    one quick whip (usually with 2 fl to go), which is the burst that will put the 
    horse to top speed.
    After another .7 fl, give another three quick whips (really travelling now)
    With .7 fl to go, give one more. Over-whipping may decrease the top speed far 
    too quickly. Try this method and see if it works for you.
    Do I stay on the rail?  I always seem to get boxed in.
    The only thing some folks worry about when racing is the triangle, and getting 
    the horse a clear run. Just make sure it doesn't bump or run up other horses 
    behinds. When a horse is running over one of its preferred distances, ease it 
    up after 1.8 furlongs and tap the up direction button when there is 3 furlongs 
    to go. Then start to whip when there is 1.8 furlongs to go.
    A clear run is essential, and some might prefer to swing wide to get around 
    the pack if you can't sneak through inside. Once clear, however, you will make 
    up time by moving inside. (Of course there is nothing wrong with bumping other 
    horses out of the way in the stretch, or even tapping another horse into the 
    rail to get that extra edge. Just keep an eye on your horse's triangle color. 
    You are penalized biggest for going wide on tracks that have tight turns like 
    Louisville, Chicago and others. Don't be afraid to bump to get through! Switch 
    to overhead cam view if you have trouble finding your opening.
    Also, try using both the Up button and the whip at the same time in the 
    stretch (like in real life) always coaxing up as some horses prefer lighter 
    urging than others.
    I tried to enter a race in January, and it says that my horse has too much 
    weight.  What do I do?
    The weight thing is a bit annoying at the start of the year. The weight is the 
    amount of extra weight the horses are carrying in the race, anything over 136 
    lbs. is usually too much.  Your horse will tire more quickly with excess 
    weights, so use your discretion.  You may want to move on to another race 
    In my horse's stat sheet, it mentions "spurt"  what is that?
    The spurt means how fast or slow a horse will reach its top speed. Example, a 
    horse with "fast" spurt means that it will reach its top speed quickly going 
    into the final stages of the race. It will take a lot of stamina and not hold 
    its top speed for long. Horses that like to race at the back of the field 
    usually have this attribute. 
    A horse with "slow" spurt means that it will take longer to reach its top 
    speed but will maintain it for longer. Usually given to a horse that races 
    near the front or just off the pace. 
    World Mile Champ- Super Mile Cup, Paris Mile Cup and World Mile Cup 
    World Turf Champ- Diamond Cup, Chicago Cup, Paris Cup and World Turf Cup in 
    the same year. 
    World Dirt Champ- Universal Cup, Los Angeles derby, World Classic Cup same 
    Star of Europe- (3 year olds) Cambridge Derby, Britain Derby, Paris Cup same 
    Queen of Europe (3-year-old fillies) Cambridge Oaks, Britain Oaks and Paris 
    Oaks in same year.
    Wonder Horse- 17 wins in 17 starts or a close percentage to undefeated-(i.e. 
    20 out of 23)
    Gallop Racer- both Paris Cup and Universal Cup in career, not necessarily in 
    the same year. 
    Grand Champ- in same year- King Cup Spring, Summer GP, King Cup Autumn, 
    Continental Cup, and Winter GP.
    Champ of Dirt- Any four of February Stakes, Kyoto Cup, Caesar Cup, Osaka Mile 
    Cup and Tokyo Cup. 
    Star of USA- Louisville Derby, Baltimore Derby, New York Derby, and World 
    Classic Cup. 
    Junior of USA- Azalea Cup, Golden Derby, and Prince Cup
    Heroine of USA- Cherry Cup, Golden Oaks and Princess Cup. 
    Best Miler- 4 or more winnings of any GI races at a mile turf course. Excludes 
    races for 2 year olds.
    Best Sprinter- four or more winnings of any GI race at 6f-7f turf courses. 
    Excludes races for 2year olds.
    Entertainer- Any one of these will win it:
    3 consecutive 3rd place finishes in the Winter GP in 3 years.
    5 consecutive 2nd or 3rd place finishes in any G1 race.
    3rd place in the Azalea Golden Derby and Price cup in the same year.
    One in a Million- world turf cup, world classic dirt, and world mile in 
    separate years.
    Champ of Sprint-royal cup, spring mile cup, mile champ cup, and sprinters cup 
    same season
    All Rounder- one each winning GI races at these three distances. 6f-8f, 10f-
    11f, and 12f or longer.
    Best Stayer- both a win in the Prince Cup and 2 wins in the King Cup Spring.
    To win Star of USA you must win the Louisville Derby, Baltimore Derby, New 
    York Derby, and World Classic Cup in the same year. These races are locked and 
    can be unlocked by winning the Sunrise Stakes, a GII 2-year-old dirt race run 
    in the last week in December. After winning the Sunrise, the Louisville Derby 
    will appear on the schedule in the 2nd or 3rd week of May.  The Sunrise will not 
    show up until you have won one open race with your two-year-old.
     If you win both the Paris Cup and the Universal Cup in the horse's career, 
    you win the Gallop Racer title.
    One-in-a-Million-- you have to win all 3 "World Cup" races ( World Turf cup, 
    World Classic cup and World Mile cup)in the first week of November with the 
    same horse to win that title. The best way to try and win this is to have a 
    horse that runs 8-12 furlongs, with turf rating of at least 121 and 113 dirt 
    if it's a male. It can be a little less if it's a female horse. You should win 
    the World Turf or the World Dirt as a 3-year-old. At four years of age, go for 
    the other. Then when you're five years old win the World Mile because that's 
    the easiest out of the three.
    If you win the Cambridge Derby, the Britain Derby, and the Paris Cup, you earn 
    the title of Star of Europe. It is possible, with an exceptional horse, to win 
    those three races, along with the Diamond Cup, Chicago Cup, and World Turf 
    Cup, and collect both Star of Europe and World Turf Champ in the same year!
    It has been suggested that there may be a problem attaining the Star of Europe 
    title even after winning the 3 required races- Cambridge derby, Britain derby 
    and Paris cup.  If this happened to you, try winning the Diamond Cup as well.
    All-Rounder is won when you win one each of a GI race in the 6-8 furlong, 10-
    11 furlong, and 12-16 furlong. The races must be for 3yo+. 
    Champ of Sprint-
    Royal Cup, Spring mile cup, mile champ cup, and sprinters cup in the same 
    To win World Dirt Champ-
    Kyoto Cup (about 5000 a win, February week 1) or Feb Stakes (9400 a win, Feb 
    Week 1)
    Universal Cup (40,000 a win, In April)
    LA Cup (20,000 a win, August week 1)
    World Classic (30,000 a win, November week 4)
    Tokyo Cup (10,000 a win, December week 4)
    There are five blocks, or mantles for trophies under your jockey stat sheet.  
    Here are the trophies:
    Leading Jockey
    World Jockey Series
    Dream Cup
    GI USA
    GI World
    You win the Top Jock trophy by finishing the year number 1 on the jockey 
    standing. You will probably need at least a minimum of 4-5 horses and probably 
    winning at a 70% clip with those horses. A good number to aim at would be 30 
    You have to win every G1 race over your career in the US to get the GI USA 
    trophy, and for the GI World, you have to win every invitational race 
    overseas. This includes the GII dirt races. Have a look at the next section of 
    this FAQ, there is a list of all the International races that can be unlocked. 
    The one that most people forget about it the Tokyo Derby, which doesn't come up 
    unless you win the Unicorn (GIII race on dirt for 3yo).
    How do I get into World Jockey Competition? 
    To qualify, you need to be in the top 4 of the jockey table at the end of Nov. 
    The best way to do this is to have maybe 3-4 horses racing at one time.
    I just won the Tokyo Derby, which gave me a victory in all GR I and II races. 
    However, it did not give me the last jockey title. Any suggestions?
    Are you sure you got the Osaka Derby? Not the Osaka Mile but the Osaka Derby, 
    a ten-furlong dirt race that I only saw after I had won everything else. I'm 
    not sure offhand when it is. 
    Ok first off, wait till the horses are 2 year olds. There is a grade II race 
    in the last week of December. You have to win at least one open race to be 
    able to qualify for the Grade II race. If you win this race the next year 3 
    races appear (Louisville, Baltimore, and New York). Their version of the real 
    triple crown racing. These must be won one at a time to qualify for the next. 
    The difficult part of winning all three is the last two races the horse will 
    have to run on yellow. Then in September, there is a grade III called the 
    Unicorn. Win that and the next month the Tokyo Derby and the Japan Derby will 
    open. Win that and the following month there will be a secret GI race. Winning 
    the Grade II's will open GI's.
    Qualifications for the World Turf Classic.
    You must win 6 "World" races at ten furlongs or longer. It is cumulative 
    throughout the horse's career. Once you have won six worlds G1's, You are 
    automatically invited as long as the horse is still racing. It does include 
    races such as Paris, Chicago, World Turf, Diamond etc. It does not include 
    most US G1 races. One good rule of thumb is if it pays 20K or more then it is 
    considered a "World G1".
    List of World GR 1 Races
    3yo Fillies Only
    Cambridge Oaks (20,000 a win, May week 2)
    Britain Oaks (20,000 a win, June week 3)
    Paris Oaks (20,000 a win, In September)
    3yo's Males and Fillies
    Cambridge Derby (18,000 a win, May week 3)
    Britain Derby (25,000 a win, June week 4)
    * Your horse needs to have won about 15,000 or more to gain entry to the 
    Cambridge and Britain races.
    All Horses 3yo and over
    Diamond Cup (20,000 a win, July week 4)
    Super Sprint Cup (20,000 a win, August week 1)
    Super Mile Cup (20,000 a win, August week 2)
    Chicago Cup (22,500 a win, August week 4)
    Paris Mile Cup (20,000 a win, In August or September)
    Paris Cup (40,000 a win, October week 4)
    World Mile Cup (20,000 a win, November week 4)
    World Turf Cup (25,000 a win, November week 4)
    3yo's only
    Louisville Derby (25,000 a win, May week 1 or 2)
    Baltimore Derby (20,000 a win, June week 1)
    New York Derby (20,000 a win, June week 4)
    Tokyo Derby (6,000 a win, Not sure October or November)
    Osaka Derby (6,000 a win, Not sure October or November)
    * Horses must win the g2 Sunrise as a 2yo in December week 4 to gain entry to 
    the 20,000 or 25,000 derbies.
    * Horses must win the g3 Unicorn in September to gain entry to Tokyo and Osaka 
    All horses 3yo and over
    Kyoto Cup (about 5,000 a win, February week 1)
    Universal Cup (40,000 a win, In April)
    Caesar Cup (7100 a win, In June)
    LA Cup (20,000 a win, August week 1)
    Osaka Mile Cup (6,000 a win, In October)
    World Classic (30,000 a win, November week 4)
    Tokyo Cup (10,000 a win, December week 4)
    Here are the races posted by Tecmo on their site.  Winning these races will 
    unlock others.
    Race Track-------Distance--------Qualified Race(s) 
    Louisville-------D10F T8F T12F--Louisville DB 
                                      World Classic 
                                        World Mile Cup
                                          World Turf Cup
    Baltimore--------D9.5F-----------Baltimore Derby
    New York---------D12F------------New York Derby 
    Cambridge--------T8F-------------Cambridge Derby Cambridge Oaks
    Birmingham-------T12F------------Britain Derby Britain Oaks
    Normandy---------T8F T6.5F ------Super Mile Cup 
                                      Super Sprint C 
    Paris------------T8F T12F -------Paris Mile Cup
                                      Paris Mile
                                       Paris Cup
    London-----------T12F------------Diamond Cup
    Chicago----------T10F------------Chicago Cup
    Dubai------------D10F------------Universal Cup 
    Los Angeles------D10F------------Los Angeles Cup
    Kyoto------------D10.5F D8F------Kyoto Cup
                                      Sunrise S
    Tokyo------------D10F D6F--------Ceasar Cup 
                                      Tokyo Cup 
                                       Tokyo Derby 
                                         Tokyo Sprint S  
    Osaka------------D10F D6F--------Osaka Mile Cup 
                                      Osaka Derby
    Seattle----------D12F------------Seattle S 
    Sapporo----------D11.5F----------Breeders Gold S 
    Hiroshima--------D12.5F----------Hiroshima S 
    Vancouver--------D10F------------Vancouver S 
    The Universal Cup is in April, but what do you have to do to unlock it and run 
    in it?
    There are conflicting stories on this one.  It has been said that you must win 
    the Tokyo Cup in the 4th week of December to unlock it.  It has also been 
    rumored to be the February Stakes that you must win to unlock it for that 
    year. Let me know what you find out.
    If you have unlocked the horse once, then it is unlocked for life. Check in 
    practice mode for a list of horses that you have unlocked.
    As far as buying it, its luck of the draw. There is no specific time when a 
    horse will be available to buy. 
    A tip here is to save your game in the 4th week of June. Then go to the 1st 
    week of July and check the horse shop. If the horse you want isn't there, re-
    load the game in 4th week of June and repeat the process. You will find that 
    the horses in the horse shop will be different. 
    Obviously, only unlocked horses will appear in the horse shop. This method 
    takes patience, but it is worth the wait.
    Here are some opinions of favorite horses and how to get them:
    Deep Delight-
    Try to win grade 1's over 8, 12 and 16 furlongs with the same horse. Try to 
    win the Summer GP, King Cup Autumn, The Continental Cup, The Winter GP then 
    the Mile Champ or Spring Mile Cup. These races do not have to be won in any 
    sequence or order, or in the same year, they just have to be won by the same 
    horse. After winning the Spring Mile Cup (June week 4) and winning the all 
    rounder title, Deep Delight often appears in the Horse shop as a 2yo. I hope 
    this helps.
    Deep Delight comes out after you win these G1:
    Race between 6-8 fl
    Race between 10-11 fl
    Race between 12-16 fl
    But it doesn't have to be in the one year (no particular order). They have to be 
    G1 races against 3yo+ horses. Deep Delight will come out in the third race. 
    After you beat him, you will gain the "All Rounder" title and a chance to buy 
    him in the horse shop.
    As for Polish Beat, he comes out in the World Classic Cup (dirt) when you are 
    going for the title of World Dirt Champ. That means he only comes out if you 
    have won the Feb Stakes, Universal Cup and LA Cup. 
    If you can win the Paris cup twice with the same horse you go to the dream cup 
    against a horse called Jayho who is 122. That to my best of knowledge is the 
    highest horse on the game without breeding.
    Some have only gotten Formal Opera to appear after winning the Universal Cup 
    twice with the same horse. He is said to be awesome!
    Deep Delight is well worth the money, not only for his potential as a money-
    earner, but also because he is a key sire. He is the only horse in the game 
    versatile enough to be able to race from 6-16 furlongs, and he passes this on 
    very well.
    As far as dirt horses in the game, Polish Beat is one of the best, along with 
    Garden Court, but I think the best one you can buy is Formal Opera.
    The tables below show you what horses will be available after you win the 
    "appearance race". One of the horses will be in that race and you have to beat 
    that horse. Once you do, the horse (or horses) will be available to buy. 
    (Unlocked, but not necessarily in the Horse Shop)
    To see which horses are unlocked, go into practice mode and enter a dummy 
    race (any will do)
    You will then see what horses you can buy, that is, you have a chance to buy.  
    Keep watching the Horse Shop.
    Listing of Secret Horses 
    If you qualify, then ONE of the secret horses will appear.  You must win 
    that “appearance race” to get the horse.
    Pretty Mood 
    Sacred Power 
    Modern Salmon---If your horse is unbeaten 
                     with the victory of Azalea Cup---Golden Derby 
    Loving March 
    Goodbye Gem 
    Tender Glow-----If you horse wins both Azalea Cup 
                    and Golden Derby-------------------Prince Cup
    Rude Mood 
    Light Agenda 
    Diamond Page----If your horse wins either the 
                     Azalea Cup or Golden Derby---------Prince Cup
    Shady Soul 
    Gray Angel 
    Ausum Autum -----If you horse wins both the 
                     Cherry Cup and Golden Oaks----------Princess Cup
    Country Bowl 
    Vintage Fame 
    Real Mood-------If your horse wins both the
                    Prince Cup and King Cup Spring--------King Cup Spring
    Tender Creek 
    Captain City----If your horse wins any 3 G1 mile turf races,
                    but not including races for only 
                   2 or 3 year old horses----------------Spring Mile Cup 
                                                       or Mile Champ Cup 
    Double Earth----If your horse wins any 3 G1 turf races
                    at a distance of 6F or 7F-------------Royal Cup 
                                                       or Sprinters Cup
    Ebony Colony----If your horse wins any 3 races out of:
                    February S; Kyoto Cup; Caesar Cup; 
                   or Osaka Mile Cup in the same season------Tokyo Cup
    Common Moon 
    Petite Storm 
    Tender Blond---If your horse wins both the 
                   King Cup Spring and Summer GP 
                   in the same season-------------------King Cup Autumn
    Private Crop ---If your horse wins all of: 
                  Kings Cup Spring; Summer GP 
                  and King Cup Autumn
                  in the same season -------------------Continental Cup
    Suave Appeal 
    Neat Appeal  -----If your horse wins all of:
                      Kings Cup Spring; Summer GP; 
                      King Cup Autumn and Continental Cup 
                      in the same season---------------------Winter GP
    Regal Soul -------If your horse is unbeaten
                      with the victory of Colt Cup --------Young Mile Cup
    Lost Ocean-------If your horse wins Winter GP 
                             twice ----------------------------Winter GP 
    Deep Delight ----If your horse wins any 3 GI turf races
                    of 6F to 8F, 10F to 11F and 12F to 16F, 
                    but not including any races for only 
                    2 or 3 year old horses, 
                    or races for fillies and mares. 
            Won at the final race to conquer the title of All Arounder.
    Stable Style 
    Savage Blond 
    Stormy Arrow 
    Rude Mars  -------If your horse wins 
                      King Cup Spring twice ----------King Cup Spring
    Late Courage 
    Desert Shark  -------If your horse wins Cherry Cup;
                         Golden Oaks; or Princess Cup 
                         plus a winning of any G1 turf 
                         races at 10F or longer distance, 
                         but not including any race for 
                         only 2 or 3 year old horses 
                        or races for fillies or mares.--------Winter GP
    Absurd Song 
    Brave Arrow  -----------If your horse wins either 
                           Cherry Cup or Golden Oaks --------------Princess Cup
    Ultimate Fan 
    Key of Truth------------Win Diamond Cup, Chicago Cup,
                            and Paris Cup in the same season.------World Turf Cup
    Formal Road
    Formal Opera
    Indian Bull-------------Win Louisville Derby, Baltimore Derby,
                            and New York Derby 
                            in the same season. --------------World Classic Dirt
    Naïve Sun
    Sharp Hunter-----------Win both Britain Derby and Diamond Cup
                           in the same season. ----------------------Paris Cup
    Deep Chatter 
    Hiding Mind
    Dry Water---------------Win Louisville Derby and Baltimore Derby 
                             in the same season. -----------------New York Derby
    Common Earth
    Garden Court-------------Win Universal Cup and Los Angeles Cup
                             in the  same season.---------------World Classic Cup
    Proud Diver 
    Pale Reef---------------Win Cambridge Oaks and Britain Oaks
                            in the same season.---------------------Paris Oaks
    --The Dream Cup-
    Race Name----Track---Distance--Track Type---Horse--Qualification
    Dream Turf----?---------12F------T---------Jayho----6 GI World wins at 10F or 
    Dream Dirt ---Dubai-----10F -----T -----Bright Opal--6 or more GI dirt races 
    Dream Mile-Cambridge-----8F------T-----WhirlWind --6 or more GI turf (1World) 
    Mile or less
    Dream Classic ---D.C.---12F------T ----X Factor ---Colts/horses only 10F or 
    longer (1World) 6 Wins
    Dream Goal--San Fransico-10F----T-----Kamms Crown----Fillies/mares only Mile or 
    Longer (1World) 6 Wins
    For the dream classic you only need one "world" GI win out of your six GI wins 
    at 10f or longer.
    For the dream turf you need SIX "World" GI wins at 10F or longer.
    As far as Dream Cup, some say it does matter if you have raced in December. If 
    they have a horse I think has qualified for Dream Cup, they will always pass 
    on the Winter GP, because the horse will be tired.  Others say that if the 
    horse is invited to the Dream Cup, their energy is replenished.  You decide.
    I thought that if you beat the horse in the Dream cup you win that horse? Did 
    I misunderstand? Because I did not get the horse, nor did it unlock in 
    practice mode. 
    Check for the horse under Create Horse. You can't race with Dream Cup horses, 
    only breed them. They also don't show up in practice mode.
    If you are racing 2 horses and they both qualify for the Dream Cup (e.g. dirt 
    and turf); you will get one horse in each dream cup race back to back.
    The best breeders won't accept anything below the parents rating. Even if it 
    means staying there for hours on end, reloading and trying again.
     You have to be really patient. If you find that you are not getting good 
    results, quit the game completely. A fresh load from the beginning of the game 
    will give you different results.
    Is there a particular way to push the buttons to get better stats or should I 
    just let the two horses run their distance on the breeding screen and combine 
    to get whatever stats come up?
    It has been said that there is a "sweet spot" every time you breed. Some find 
    that every time they hit the button in the same spot from a reload, they get 
    similar costs. Some disagree.
    There are those that say it is different each time you do a "fresh" reload, 
    i.e. from quitting completely.
    Don't worry about the horse's stats declining, when a horse is retired they 
    retire at their peak. A good strategy is to try and produce females and buy 
    your males or win them, it is much better to breed your own females and breed 
    them with the males in the game. Of course, if the stats are really good, don't 
    toss him.  Try buying a dirt horse, a horse that can run in the domestics, a 
    horse who can run in the International's and maybe a sprinter keep your stable 
    Is there an optimal month for breeding?
    Most gamers seem to agree that June is the best month to breed.  However, some 
    have never had any success breeding in any other month besides January. That 
    way the horse has a full year to grow as a 2-year-old. Here's the catch-there 
    are no two-year-old races until July.  The downside to letting your horse grow 
    without racing is that his first race his triangle will be in the red.  It has 
    also been said that when your horse is supposed to peak, you will actually 
    find that it decreases. That stops the horse from winning the big races when 
    it's supposed to. It's basically a case of "peaking too early" See what works 
    for you.
    Its actually better to race the horse for as long as possible before breeding, 
    because the better the results of your horse (e.g. more titles) the better 
    your breeding will be.
    Practice mode will show the maximum turf and dirt rankings that each horse 
    will have, including your current original horses. This is handy when you are 
    Just before you go to breed, save your game, then restart and go back in and 
    go to create horse. Once the horse has been created, take a look at some of 
    the stats, check out how much the horses monthly costs are, especially.  If 
    it's a male, a cost range of 2500 and above is acceptable, anything over 3000 
    or 3200 is exceptional, meaning it should peak out at about 126 +. A female 
    with a cost of about 2200 should peak out at about 120. This is a good 
    starting point. But don't be unrealistic, if you are breeding two 
    horses with costs of say, 1590 and 1660 per months, you can hope for one maybe 
    around 2100 at best for that cross, and that's if you do it repeatedly. Always 
    try to get the horse to peak out at 4 or later, it is a waste of a horse if it 
    peaks out before it even turns four. Try creating a horse that can run at least 
    8 starts, and always make sure that the generation you're creating is better 
    then it's predecessors. The more stars your horse has (under guts, temperament, 
    incline, break and conditions), the higher he will develop
    When you have decided to keep or dump them, either name them and then SAVE the 
    game on SLOT 2, or simply go back to the system screen and hit LOAD and reload 
    your saved game from SLOT 1.
    Even when you have gotten a pretty good one and saved it on SLOT 2, you may 
    want to continue to re-breed your sire and broodmare for a while to see if you 
    can get anything better.
    How can I tell what statistics my original horse will have when he grows?
    Save your game and visit "practice mode"
    Enter a dummy race and select your horse using the "square" button on your 
    game pad. Your horse should be listed under original. It will tell you there 
    its maximums.
    Or you can save and retire the horse and when asked whether you want to breed 
    - select 'yes'. Then visit your breeding barn, and the horses max rating will 
    be there.
    The modes (easy, normal, and hard) seem to have no effect on breeding results. 
    The different modes only give you a difference in money when starting out, 
    after you are able to purchase a good horse then it has no more effect on the 
    game because as you win, you will bring in a certain amount of money to get 
    better horses.
    --Favorite Horses--
    Some opinions on the best horses in Gallop Racer-
    Naive Sun and Ultimate Fan are the two great horses in the CD. Round 
    Cosmos, Pale Reef and Proud Diver are the best mares in the CD.
     Round Cosmos is one the best females for breeding. Try to win as many titles 
    as you can with her.
    Also, try to aim for the purchase of Deep Delight. He is a special horse... he 
    races from 6-16 fl and has 10 starts a year, which he passes down very well.
    Rigid Mind is a must for starters or start-overs. Dear Singer, Urban Rose, Ant 
    Bee, Shady Carol, Winged Light, and Grave Dialer are other great nags.
    The 3 horses that started it off for me were Frugal Lark, Honest Bird and Fast 
    Navy. These horses will win most G1 races in the US. Conquer the US races 
    first, because you will unlock the "US Special" horses. (See tips and tricks 
    to unlock these horses)
    After you get these 3 Horses, everything else will fall into place. You will 
    no longer worry about jockey points or the leader board. It's now all about 
    Some lesser light horses that will win races include
    Ant Bee- good short distance horse ($40,000)
    Crazy Expert- long racing life and good over distance; GII specialist. Won 
    "Entertainer" with this horse.
    Polish Beat is a dirt horse and comes out when you win the World Classic Cup 
    Naive Sun seems to produce amazing foals. 
    One breeder writes:
    Deep Delight snared me 8 titles (should have been 9, but poor management on my 
    half). He will unlock some super horses. And he breeds superbly.
    My data suggests that Ultimate Fan, Naive Sun (turf) Polish Beat and Vast 
    Delight (dirt) are pretty good. I like these dirt horses because they are 
    reasonable on turf as well.
    Another top breeder:
    The best I have ever had is one called Ultimate Fan. I bought him for about 
    310,000 and he won about 425,000 for me. He is always improving to the 120 
    mark on turf and 103 mark on dirt until he is 6 years old! Some other good 
    ones are Kinky Weapon, Deep Delight, Shady Sun, Sharp Hunter, Round Cosmos, 
    Key Of Truth, Bright Earth, Dry Water. Honest Bird is a very good horse that 
    is an USA regular.
    The only fillies in the game I have purchased that bred well were Round Cosmos 
    and Cruel Angel.
    --The Elusive White Horse--
    Myth or madness?  Gamers have said that the completely white horse does exist, 
    but is extremely rare.  Others say this is--horsefeathers.  You find out.  
    Here are some rumored ways to attain this rare gem:
    Take two different shades of grey horses and breed them together.
    One gamer claims to have bred a deep dark brown with 1 white sock and 2 white 
    legs and  a liver chestnut with 4 white legs together and I got a white horse 
    with a black mane and tail and legs. 
    One gamer writes:
    No, this is really WHITE.
    If you ever see one you will know what I mean, it jumps out at you. I used to 
    think the silvery gray color ( the color of Baze Meadow , for example) was the 
    prettiest in the game until I bred a white horse. I think I figured out how to 
    pass the color on, too.
    Breeding to another gray horse works sometimes, but if that doesn't, breeding 
    to a horse with a lot of white markings quite often does, especially ones with 
    stockings like Jayho. 
    Another sighting-
    I bred a front runner for the dirt out of Best Bridge and Bright Opal. The 
    horse was pure white by the way.
    The way to find out how many years you've done is when you save or load, it 
    will have the year, month and week in the top left corner of your screen. 
    For example, if it says 075/11/4, this means that you are in your 75th season 
    in the 4th week of November.
    A tip: when you want to buy a specific horse, save the game in week 4 of a 
    specific month.
    Go to the next month and look in the Horse Shop. If the horse you want isn't 
    there and you know you can buy it (i.e. it is listed in the practice mode), 
    re-load the game in Week 4. Go to the next month again and visit the Horse 
    Shop. The horses available will be different.... This can be time consuming if 
    you are looking for ONE horse, but it's better than buying hacks.
    When you are trying to find your feet in the game, it's a good idea to buy 
    horses that peak at 3yo. They might not make a profit in the long run, but 
    they will get you high on the leader board and most likely be mentioned at the 
    end of the year. There is money to be made here.
    Win WJSC- $10,000
    Win best Jockey- $10,000
    Horse of the year- $10,000
    Any horse mentioned at end of year (e.g. best 2yo colt) $3,000
    How do you sell horses on gallop racer? 
    1.You go to Data
    2.You go to Horse Data
    3.You go to Retire
    4.It will say are you sure? answer yes
    5.Then it will say do you want to breed say no (then the horse gets sold).
    Another tip is (depending on money situation) to only race one horse a year. 
    Use this to free up the calendar and get the titles. The more titles you have 
    per horse, the better your breeding.  Of course, the choice is yours.
    Try not to pigeon hole your horses on distance, because you can win almost any 
    race with a champion; you just have to alter your riding style when its not 
    suited. It's easier for a distance horse to win a sprint race than vice-versa, 
    however. Breeding for stamina is way more important, speed is just the icing 
    on the cake.
    It will ask you if you want blinkers. You decide.
    It does make a difference to your running style if you have a horse that runs 
    from the back (last arrow).
    If you use blinkers with these horses, it enables you to run this type of 
    horse at or near the front in slow paced races. You have to be in a position 
    where your horse cannot see the other horses.
    How many horses fit in your hall of fame? 
    You can only fit 10 horses in the hall of fame. When you want to put any in 
    after this, you will be asked if you want to delete one.
    The credits roll when you win the Dubai cup. 
    Game Shark is copyright InterAct.  All rights reserved.  The following codes 
    are to be used at your own risk.  These codes courtesy of Dave at Cheat Code 
    Central. ( cheatcc.com )
    Infinite Stamina 1st  Position 800EAD76 00FF 
    Infinite Stamina 2nd  Position 800EADB6 00FF 
    Infinite Stamina 3rd  Position 800EADF6 00FF 
    Infinite Stamina 4th  Position 800EAE36 00FF 
    Infinite Stamina 5th  Position 800EAE76 00FF 
    Infinite Stamina 6th  Position 800EAEB6 00FF 
    Infinite Stamina 7th  Position 800EAEF6 00FF 
    Infinite Stamina 8th  Position 800EAF36 00FF 
    Infinite Stamina 9th  Position 800EAF76 00FF 
    Infinite Stamina 10th Position 800EAFB6 00FF 
    Infinite Stamina 11th Position 800EAFF6 00FF 
    Infinite Stamina 12th Position 800EB036 00FF
    Infinite Stamina All Positions D00B5AE2 ACC4
                                   800B5AE2 2400
    Infinite Jockey Points         D0134EB2 AC43
                                   80134EB2 2400 

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