PlayStation DexDrive Save (Japan)

Save Game File05/02/09xilonard131K
9 pilots are at level 99 and dancouga is fully upgraded(or ready to be) .stage 68.
Save Game File06/09/03Fallen Wings131K
NeoGranzon is already in your team although you are at the beginning of the game.
Save Game File08/21/06Fallen Wings131K
Save at Scenario 37. All Characters Level 40, convinced Haman and Todd.
Save Game File06/23/02Goharoth131K
Saves of the latest mission of Real Robot route, Guest=Posaydal road. I have the Wing Zero Custom, the Char's Zack, the Sizzler Black and the Camouflage Bilvine.
Save Game File06/24/02Goharoth131K
Saves of the latest mission of the Super Robot route, DC road. I have the Master Gundam, the Nobel Gundam, the S2 Engine for the EVA-01 and Asphy (she's a pilot!).
Save Game File12/30/08NTQA131K
stage 79 ended. next stage will be the final stage. Grazon has been on my team. Dancuoga's ultimate attack has been upgraded full

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