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    Units Guide by Dagwon

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/18/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    by Dagwon <acoi95@bdg.centrin.net.id>
    Note that this guide is by fans for fans only. For those who like to comment, 
    add, or discuss the guide contents, please notify me via email. And please, 
    do not rip off anything from this guide without my auhtorizations.
    I. Intro
    II. Units
        1. Getta Team
        2. World Federation
        3. Warships
        4. Other Units
    III. Misc. Stuff
    IV. Closing Lines and Credits    
    At last, an exclusive game from the classic anime series Getter Robo. This 
    one includes all units from the Getta Robo universe, like :
    - Getta Robo 
    - Getta Robo G 
    - Getta Robo Zan
    - Getta Robo Gou
    - Shin Getta Robo
    - Black Getta
    - Shin Getta Dragon
    Unlike the slow-loading-yet-voiceless Real Robot Battle Line, Getta Robo 
    Daikessen! has speed-up loading time, full voice acting and the gattai 
    And the opening anime is the best, with full casts and units from the Getta 
    Anyway, this guide is the list of units that available in Daikessen!, 
    including the Federation units and warships.
    Now here's the list of units that you can get in Daikessen!, along with 
    their weapons.
    I. Getta Team
    The Getta Team here in Daikessen! has many Getta Robo genetarions, not 
    only that we know in Super Robot Taisen games and the original Getta Robo 
    anime series. But it also includes other units from the Change!! Getta Robo 
    OVA and the manga version of Getta Robo Daikessen!, which this game based 
    With no further chit chat, let's move on, or as in the Getta universe .... 
    Switch On!
    1. Getta Robo
    The first Getta Robo ever appeared and its appearance also as the first
    season of the Getta Robo anime series. It was build by Prof. Saotome and
    consists of three jets, known as the Gett Machines. Those machines are red
    Eagle unit, white Jaguar unit and the yellow Bear unit.
    The pilots are Nagare Ryouma (Eagle), Shin Hayato (Jaguar), and Tomoe 
    Musashi (Bear).
    - Getta 1; the first combination. Consist of Eagle, Jaguar and Bear units.
      Most ballanced Getta and specializes in air combat. 
      The weapons are : - Getta Cutter
                        - Getta Tomahawk
                        - Tomahawk Boomerang
                        - Getta Machinegun
                        - Getta Beam
      Note : To get the Getta Machinegun, choose the second choice at the end
      of episode 6, which is to protect the Saotome Research Institute. Then
      at the end of episode 14, Prof. Saotome will add weapons for Getta Robo
      and Getta Robo G.
    - Getta 2; the second combination. Consist of Jaguar, Bear and Eagle units.
      Speed type Getta and specializes in ground combat. 
      The weapons are : - Drill Arm
                        - Getta Arm
                        - Jet Drill
                        - Drill Storm
                        - Getta Vision
    - Getta 3; the third combination. Consist of Bear, Eagle and Jaguar units.
      Power type Getta and specializes in sea combat. 
      The weapons are : - Getta Smash
                        - Getta Crash
                        - Getta Missile
                        - Daisetsuzan Oroshi    
    Availability in the Daikessen! game : 
    End of episode 1, with the Gett Machines Eagle and Jaguar first, along with 
    Shin Hayato and the Bear unit with Musashi at the next episode.
    To ride the Getta Robo, perform gattai test level D.
    2. Getta Robo G
    The second Getta and yet, the coolest Getta around. Getta G's appaerance,
    as all of you Getta fans knew, was in the second season of the Getta Robo
    anime series (known as Getta Robo G), which translated in the US as 
    Starvengers. The components are Gett Machines Dragon, Liger, and Poseidon.
    The pilots are Nagare Ryouma, Shin Hayato, and Kuruma Benkei.
    - Getta Dragon; Dragon + Liger + Poseidon.
      Weapons : - Double Tomahawk
                - Spin Cutter
                - Double Tomahawk Boomerang
                - Getta Beam Launcher
                - Getta Beam
                - Shine Spark 
      Note : To get the Getta Beam Launcher, see Getta Robo, sub section 
      Getter 1.
      To recieve Shine Spark, your required pilot must be on lvl. 12.
    - Getta Liger; Liger + Poseidon + Dragon.
      Weapons : - Drill Arm
                - Chain Attack
                - Liger Missile
                - Mach Special
    - Getta Poseidon; Poseidon + Dragon + Liger.
      Weapons : - Burst Attack
                - Finger Net
                - Strong Missile
                - Getter Cyclone
      To receive Strong Missile, your required pilot must be on lvl. 7. 
    Availability :
    End of episode 3, with Benkei joins along.
    To ride Getta G, perform gattai test level C.
    3. Getta Robo Zan.
    The one and only female Getta Team around. Consist of units Rekka, Shiten,
    and Kongou. The appearance of Getta Zan are only in Daikessen!
    The pilots are Akane, Tsubaki and Kaede; for note that the three Getta Zan
    girls are all kunoichi (female ninja) and they seem to know Prof. Tachibana.
    - Getta Rekka; Rekka + Shiten + Kongou.
      Weapons : - En Ka Tou
                - Hana Ranbu
                - Nitou Hana Ranbu
                - Awase Kaza Guruma
                - Zan Ma Kou
    - Getta Shiten; Shiten + Kongou + Rekka.
      Weapons : - Sengoku Bai
                - Shippuu Bai
                - Ja Sen Kou
                - Getta Kage Bunshin
    - Getta Kongou; Kongou + Rekka + Shiten.
      Weapons : - Totsugeki
                - Ha Gan Shou
                - Ooba Shuriken
                - Shura Bakurai
    For Getta Rekka's Nitou Hana Ranbu and Getta Kongou's Ha Gan Shou, your 
    required pilot level must be at lvl. 15. As for Getta Shiten's Shippuu Bai,
    you will recieve it on lvl. 12.
    Availability :
    Episode 5.
    4. Getta Robo Gou 
    The all-new Getta, which appears after the Getta Robo and Getta Robo G 
    anime series. Consist of Gett Machine 1, Gett Machine 2, and Gett Machine 3.
    The pilots are Ichimonji Gou, Tachibana Shou, and Daifou Kai.
    - Getta Gou; Gett Machine 1 + Gett Machine 2 + Gett Machine 3.
      Most balanced and specializes in ground combat. Symbolic color is blue.
      Weapons : - Knuckle Bomber
                - Leg Blade
                - Handy Missile Cannon
                - Magforce Thunder
      Getta Gou can be upgraded into Super Getta Gou, with the addition of 
      G Armor Riser. In this form, Super Getta Gou will recieve a new weapon,
      the Sword Tomahawk.
      Note : To get Super Getta Gou, choose the first option at the end of
      episode 6, which is stay at the Tachibana Research Institute. Then at
      the end of episode 14, Prof. Saotome will tell you that Prof. Tachibana
      has delivered the G Armor Riser, which is an alloy upgrade for Getta Gou. 
    - Getta Shou; Gett Machines 2 + Gett Machine 3 + Gett Machine 1.
      Speed type and specializes in air combat. Symbolic color is red.
      Weapons : - String Attack
                - Breast Bomber
                - Tornado Attack
    - Getta Kai; Gett Machines 3 + Gett Machine 1 + Gett Machine 2.
      Power type and specializes in sea combat. It can go undergournd too and 
      its symbolic color is black.
      Weapons : - Harpoon Cannon
                - Breast Beam
                - Impact Cannon
                - Spin Tornado Attack
      To recieve Impact Cannon, your required pilot must be on lvl. 8
    Availability :
    Episode 6.
    To ride Getta Gou and Getta Zan, perform gattai test level B
    5. Shin Getta Robo
    The devilish, yet the most powerful Getta the world ever know. Well, you 
    must be knew that Shin Getta's first appearance is in Dai-4-Ji Super Robot 
    Taisen and the Getta manga. Most of all, Shin Getta has made its way into 
    the anime scene as a 7 volume OVA series, entitle Change!! Getta Robo 
    ~Sekai Saishuu No Hi~. 
    Shin Getta components are Shin Eagle, Shin Jaguar, and Shin Bear.
    The pilots are ..... well, you know them already!
    - Shin Getta 1; Shin Eagle + Shin Jaguar + Shin Bear.
      Weapons : - Shin Getta Tomahawk
                - Split Beam
                - Shin Getta Beam
                - Stoner Sunshine
       To recieve Stoner Sunshine, your pilot must be on lvl. 15
    - Shin Getta 2; Shin Jaguar + Shin Bear + Shin Eagle.
      Weapons : - Shin Getta Drill
                - Shin Scissor Arm
                - Shin Drill Shaker
                - Drill Hurricane
                - Shin Getta Vision
    - Shin Getta 3; Shin Bear + Shin Eagle + Shin Jaguar.
      Weapons : - Shin Getta Blow
                - Shin Getta Crash
                - Missile Storm
                - Shin Daisetsuzan Oroshi
    Availability :
    End of episode 9.
    To ride Shin Getta, perform gattai test level A.
    6. Black Getta
    The appearance of this particular Getta was in the Getta manga, if you not 
    know. This Getter is not new, but has some used parts from the other Getta.
    But there's one problem ..... it can be rode by one pilot only!
    Weapons : - Getta Tomahawk
              - Drill Lock Buster
              - Arm Gun
              - Ankoku Ranbu
              - Getta Beam
    Availability :
    Episode 14.
    7. Shin Getta Dragon
    The ultimate Getta!! It may looks like Getta G with some makeup, but you
    have to check the pose and the demonic attitude of this Getta. Its attacks 
    is a mixture of Getta Dragon, Getta Liger, and Getta Poseidon.
    Weapons : - Shin Drill Arm
              - Shin Tomahawk Boomerang
              - Shin Strong Missile
              - Shin Beam Launcher
              - Shin Shine Spark 
    Availability :
    Episode 21.
    To ride Shin Dragon, perform gattai test level S.
    II. World Federation 
    In Daikessen!, beside the Getta Team, the World Federation has their own 
    super robots from all around the world. The Federation super robots here
    are selected to protect the world from invasion.
    For those who don't know anything about them, I'll try to list them here.
    1. Texas Mac
    The cowboy super robot are back, along with its wacky sybiling pilots Jack
    and Mary King. Has a good range weapon, so its best use for sniping. Texas
    Mac's origin is from the US.
    Weapons : - Texas Blade
              - Texas Rifle
              - Texas Magnum 444
              - Hat Machine Attack
    2. Stealper
    The black sleek robot, which can turn into a stealth fighter. For each mode,
    there are two pilots assigned for this unit. They are Schwartz (robo mode)
    and John Lambert (fighter mode). Same origin as Texas Mack.
    Robo mode weapons : - Hand Cutter
                        - Boomerang Wing
                        - ST Blaster
                        - Blast Succession
    Fighter mode weapons : - Strike Armed
                           - Kakusan Missile
    3. Gustav
    Germany's own super robot. It can split into a chopper and a tank and Haim
    Shatner is the pilot of Gustav.
    Weapons : - Heat Rod
              - Kakusan Jirai
              - Oogata Sekisha Hou
              - Remote Combination
    4. Robostone
    A big robot with steam roller wheels as the legs. Piloted by brothers Bob
    and Sam Bosner. Best use for close range attacks, since it has minimum long
    range weapons.
    Weapons : - Heavy Press
              - San Dan Missile
              - Double Cannon
              - Super Heavy Press
    5. Kingdom 007
    England's black small super robot. Its final attack is summoning three sub
    marines, launching missiles at its designated target, but its long range 
    weapon can be used only at sea. The assigned pilot for this unit is Linda 
    Weapons : - Stun Sabre (ground and sea)
              - Stun Sabre (aerial)
              - Chibi Gyorai
              - Sensuikan Engou
    For Texas Mac's Hat Machine Attack, Stealper's Blast Succession, Robostone's
    Super Heavy Press and Gustav's Remote Combination, all pilots must be on lvl.
    15, except for Kingodm 007's Sensuikan Engou, which is lvl. 10.
    You can get them to join you on episode 8.
    III. Warships
    In Daikessen! there are warships available and they're able to repair some 
    HP damage.
    1. Kujira 20051D
    The first warship you'll recieve in Daikessen! which is in a form of a blue
    whale with wings (the name 'kujira' is the Japanese word for whale). Its
    hangar can hold three units.
    Weapons : - Salt Gun
              - Over Boost
    You'll get the Kujira on episode 5, along with Getta Zan
    2. Texas Idoukan
    The second warship in Daikessen! It was built by the World Federation Troops
    to repel against the invasion of Hyakki Teikoku (Hundred Demons Empire) and 
    Professor Landou's Metal Beast forces. Its movement is quite slow on the 
    ground, but it can go fast while in the sea. The hangar can hold five units, 
    Weapons : - Taichuu Laser
              - Dover Hou
    You'll get the Texas on episode 8, along with the Federation super robots.
    3. Getta Emperor
    The third warship in Daikessen! and the last unit which is made with the
    Getta Energy. Built by Prof. Saotome, as he stated that Getta Robo was built
    for space cultivation. It has quite fast movement and can go for far range.
    The important stuff is the hangar can hold five units and its energy can be
    Weapons : - Emperor Beam
    You'll get this on episode 20, as the replacement for the former Kujira.
    IV. Other units
    This section talks about some other units in Daikessen!, besides those rode
    by the Getta Team and the World Federation.
    1. Lady Command
    Getta Team's very own support craft. The appearance of this cute white craft
    was in Getta Robo G and the pilot is none other than Saotome Michiru. For
    note that the Lady Command is the replacement of Michiru's Command Machine,
    which was destroyed in the Getta Robo anime series. It can replenish energy
    for some units, but not for those which contains Getta Energy like the Getta
    Robo generations.
    Weapons : - Choun Vulcan
    2. BT-23
    This is the first unit that your chosen pilot (Akira or Kei) will use in the
    beginning of the Daikessen! game. The appearance of this unit was in the
    manga and in Change!! Getta Robo OVA as a military unit. It can replenish
    some HP damage.
    Weapons : - Drill Attack
              - Vulcan
    Misc. Stuff
    This section talks about some other things outside the guide, but still
    related to the Getta Robo Daikessen! Some of them are hints for the game.
    On episode 9, the units that available are Getta Robo, Getta Robo G, Getta 
    Robo Zan, Getta Robo Gou, Kujira, Texas Mac and Stealper. You probably need
    more units to help you, right?
    So, here's the requirements of pilots for this mission.
    - Ryouma, Hayato and Benkei in Getta G
    - Akira/Kei, Linda, Musashi in Getta Robo (Put Linda on the Jaguar unit)
    - Akane, Tsubaki, Kaede in Getta Zan
    - Gou, Shou, Kai in Getta Gou
    - Jack, Mary in Texas Mac
    - Schwartz, Lambert in Stealper
    - Michiru in Lady Command, for replenishing Kujira's energy.
    - Shatner in BT-23, for repairing some damage.
    On episode 14, you need to protect the Saotome Research Insitute from the
    invasion of the Konchuu Gundan (Mutant Insect Soldiers) only with the Kujira 
    and Black Getta. Choose your pilot carefully, especially those whose has 
    highest rate in hand to hand combat (close range attacks) like Ryouma or Gou
    who has the ressurection skill.
    I just got rumors about Black Getta, that it can go berserk if it gets 
    destroyed like Eva 01. If this is true, please watch your back.
    At the end of that episode, there are three option of countries that you'll
    headed to repel Landou's troops that spread through out those countries. The
    options are :
    1. Germany (headed by Batt Shogun/General Batt)
    2. Rusia (headed by Shitei Maou Gore/King Gore)
    3. England (headed by Burai Taitei/Emperor Burai)
    My recommendations are head to Germany first, then to England. Then Rusia
    automaticaly will be your last destination, with hopes that your pilots' 
    levels are raised by battles in Germany and England.
    If you like to transfer some Federation pilots into the old Getta units,
    here's also my recommendated options.
    - Shatner for Getta 1, especially if you have the Getta Machinegun
    - Bob Bosner for Getta 2
    - Sam Bosner for Getta 3
    - Linda for Black Getta (optional)
    If you finished the game totally with either Akira or Kei, you'll see the
    ending anime movie. There are scene of all Getta units, including Black 
    Getta and Shin Dragon, lined in the hangar. The pilots are in front of them,
    with both Akira and Kei standing together in the corner.
    This makes me wonder if both complete data of Akira and Kei can be combined.
    If there's anyone who like to give their opinion on this, please do send
    them via email.
    Closing Lines And Credits
    This section ends this guide with some closing lines and credits that 
    inspires the making of this guide.
    For my personal opinion, I say that Getta Robo Daikessen! is a good game,
    indeed. Beside its gameplay and graphics, the difficulty is quite chalenging
    and of course, the gattai tests which made Getta fans (including myself)
    felt like they're one of the Getta Team. So .... CHEEENJI! GETTAAAAAA!
    The credits goes to :
    - Nagai Go, as the father of the Getta Robo and more super robot anime of
      the 70's. Along for his colaboration with Ishikawa Ken for Change!! Getta
      Robo OVA.
    - Techno Soft for making Getta Robo Daikessen! game.
    - Happy Aniversary to Emotion for their 15th anniversary.
    - Handy Tanudjaja (windwalker@angelfire.com) for his first ever guide for
      Getta Robo Daikessen!
    - Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg) for the second Daikessen! guide
    - The people at Animanga ML (animanga@onelist.com) that talks about Getta
      Robo Daikessen!
    - And you, the reader of this guide.....you know who you are.

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