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    FAQ/Walkthrough by SCChan

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    Tokimeki Memorial 2 FAQ
    Version 1.01 by Steven C Chan
    Please email me if you wish to use this FAQ on your web page. Using it 
    without citing the source is an act of plagiarism. If anybody uses this 
    article for commercial purposes online, I will complain to their web 
    master. Any attempt to use this article for commercial purposes is also 
    prohibited. This article is written by fans for fans. 
    This FAQ is based on a numerous Tokimeki Memorial 2 Guide Books 
    (sources cited near the end) plus personal experiences of the game.
    This FAQ is complete (except wood carving section). Please send 
    comments to scchan@istar.ca or scchan@essc.psu.edu
    Last update 11/6/2001: Updated email address of author. 
    1. Introduction
    1.1 What is Tokimeki Memorial 2?
    1.2 Where can I get the game?
    2. Basic Commands and Controls
    2.1 Character Stats
    2.2 School Week Commands
    2.3 Weekend Commands
    2.4 School Clubs
    3. Dating Strategy & Requirements to complete her
    3.1 Hikari
    3.2 Kasumi
    3.3 Kotoko
    3.4 Miyuki
    3.5 Akane
    3.6 Kaedeko
    3.7 Kaori
    3.8 Maho
    3.9 Miho
    3.10 Mei
    3.11 Homura
    3.12 Maeka
    3.13 Sumire
    4. Mini Games and "Combat"
    4.1 Gold Fish Game
    4.2 Wood Carving (Cancelled)
    4.3 100 meters Dash
    4.4 Beat-the-Post
    4.5 Space Ring Fighter
    4.6 Melting Point
    4.7 Combat
    5. Ending
    6. Info Source
    1. Introduction
    1.1 What is TM2?
    Tokimeki Memorial 2 is a Playstation game released by KCET Tokyo during 
    the 4th Quarter of 1999. It is the continuation of "Hall of Fame" game 
    Tokimeki Memorial -- the original girl dating simulation. The game is a 
    combination of Role Playing (character development) and Dating (or 
    "girl chasing). For those who are familiar with TM1, TM 2's interface 
    should not be new, and it will take place in a different high school 
    (Hibikino High School). For people who are new to the series, the game 
    should provide hours of fun. 
    Knowledge of Japanese is recommended for this game. It will help you 
    pick the choices during dating events. 
    1.2 Where can I get the game?
    For import gamers in United States and Canada, this game can be easily 
    ordered online. For people who are new to online buying import games, I 
    recommend NCS (www.ncsx.com) and Tronix (www.tronixweb.com), because of 
    their high reliability.  This FAQ is in no way related to NCS or Tronix
    For people who are wary of buying online, some local game stores might 
    carry import games too. These types of stores should easily be found in 
    cities with large Japanese and Chinese communities like New York, 
    Toronto, San Francisco and LA. Chinatowns would be first place to look 
    around for these stores.  
    If you by any chance have a chance to visit Japan, Taiwan and Hong 
    Kong, TM2 (and other import games) should be easily found in local 
    store. In Hong Kong (which I lived for 18 years), Golden Shopping 
    Center is the best place to find "import games" (HK people don't regard 
    Japanese games as import games). I will not list places where can you 
    buy "HK games" (pirates) here since it is against the law to do so. In 
    Tokyo (which I went for 3 times before), Akihabara electronic district 
    is the best place to find games. Both Golden Shopping Center (subway 
    Tune Wan line to Sham Shui Po station) and Akihabara (commuter rail 
    Yamamote line to Akihabara station) are easily accessible by local 
    public transportation. 
    2. Basic Commands and Controls
    2.1 Character Stats
    There are 2 types of stats: hidden and non-hidden. Let first discuss 
    non-hidden stats, they are the numbers shown in the lower part of the 
    screen of your TV. Its corresponding location of the stat (on the 
    screen) is shown below:
    A  B  C
    D  E  F
    G  H  I
    A. Health -- Your Health. Effects chance of sickness and injury
    B. Literature -- Your writing skill. Effects exam.
    C. Science -- Your Science Skill. Effects exam.
    D. Arts -- Your Art skill. Effects exam.
    E. Sports -- Your sports skill. Effect sport events.
    F. Misc. Studies -- Your common sense and knowledge on "misc." stuff. 
    Effects Exam.
    G. Charisma -- How good you look. Effects dates.
    H. Toughness -- Affect multiple events. (See Below)
    I. Stress -- How stress you are. Effects sickness and injury.
    The toughness stat affects you in everything -- from chances to perform 
    a command successfully to sport matches and combat. If your health gets 
    too low, you get injured which effects your ability to perform sport 
    commands; if your stress gets too high, you get "burned out" which 
    effects your ability to perform academic commands and exams. 
    There are 3 main hidden stats: Tokimeki level, Friendliness level and 
    Club experience. The first 2 refer to your relationship with girls (the 
    most important stat in the game), while the last one affects you 
    "clubbing" (See below for more about clubs). 
    Tokimeki level is the internal affection of the girl has on you, a girl 
    without a red face does not mean its Tokimeki level is low. But usually 
    girls with high Tokimeki level on you means red face when you meet 
    them. This is the most important stat in order to finish any girl. 
    Dates, sport events, culture festivals and exams increase this stat. 
    Friendliness level is the overall altitude the girl has on you (the one 
    determines whether she has a red face when she meet you). It is also 
    the stat that Takumi shows you when you call him. These stat effect 
    chances of the girl ask date with you. Note, it is possible to have a 
    lot of girls with high friendliness level, but their Tokimeki level is 
    not high enough in order to finish with her. You can improve this stat 
    in the same way as Tokimeki level (but with variable magnitude). 
    Club experience is the experience you get from your club, a description 
    of the stat can be found in the club section. Here we will describe how 
    it is calculated. 
    1)	Every weekend participation of the club -- 2 pts 
    2)	Every weekday participation of the club -- 1 pt 
    3)	Summer Camp (per day) -- 2 pts 
    2.2 School Week Commands
    Here are the description of the yellow icons (commands), you can pick.  
    Its corresponding location of the command (on the screen) is shown 
    A    B    C
    D    E    F
    G    H    I
    J    K    L
    M    N    O
    A. Literature -- Improve Literature Stat
    B. Science -- Improve Science stat
    C. Art -- Improve Art Stat
    D. Sports -- Improve Sports Stat
    E. Culture Fest Preparation -- Only for 3rd year Fall
    F. Club -- Participate in club activities (effect varies with club)
    G. Play -- Improve Misc. and Charisma
    H. Make-up -- Improve Charisma and Misc.
    I. Rest -- Regain Health, decrease Stress
    J. Telephone * -- Call other girls (and boys) you know
    K. Date * -- Go out of a pre-scheduled date with another girl
    L. Magazine -- Check out Hibikino Watcher for the latest events in town
    N. System -- Options. Control your wallpaper, sound effect etc
    O. Calendar -- Check out your school calendar for future school events 
    and dates
    P. Save & Load -- self explanatory
    * -- weekend command
    2.3 Weekend Commands
    During weekends, you get the extra telephone and date command. You use 
    the telephone either to schedule a date (if the girl accepts it) or 
    call Takumi to find out the latest date spots and your relationship 
    with other girls. 
    The date command is for going out for a scheduled date with another 
    girl. Details of dating locations are listed later in "Dating 
    strategy". Note there are certain weekends (3rd weekend of each month) 
    that you are required to participate sport practice if you belongs to a 
    sport club. So do not date girls on that weekend, girls who belongs to 
    a sports also always decline a date on that day. 
    2.4 School Clubs
    As mention in "Weekend Commands", you get to join the clubs your high 
    school. Once you joined a club during weekend, you can also participate 
    club events during the school week. 
    The clubs you can join are: - 
    1.	Drama Club
    2.	Science/Computer Club 
    3.	Tea Club
    4.	Music Club
    5.	Student Union
    6.	Baseball Club 
    7.	Volleyball Club
    8.	Track and Field Club
    9.	Kendo Club
    10.Tennis Club 
    Since the choosing is club is very straightforward. I will not list how 
    to pick the right icon when you are choosing which club to join.  
    Participating in clubs will act like your normal school command help to 
    develop your character's stats. The stats you get from clubs are 
    usually less than class (i.e. you get less Art stats from Drama and 
    Music Club than choosing to take the Art class). Instead you will get 
    club experience -- a very important parameter in becoming "club 
    masters" (described later), friendlier matches and Culture Festivals. 
    For sports club, missing 2 mandatory practice (the 3rd weekend of every 
    month) means ejection from the club. All clubs hold a summer camp 
    during August of every year, and it is mandatory. 
    For sports club, sometimes you will get friendly matches in some of the 
    mandatory practice dates. The outcome of the match will depends on your 
    club experience and your Sports, Health and Toughness stat. Here is a 
    formula for the adjusted club experience stat: - 
    Adj. Club exp = Club exp + Health/16 + Sports/32 + Toughness/32 
    In order to win the match, your adjusted club exp stat must be larger 
    than your opponents adjusted club exp. Winning friendlier matches will 
    improve your relationship to all girls. If you win sufficient amount of 
    these friendlier matches, you can then participate in inter-high school 
    championships during late July and early August of 2001. You will get a 
    bonus with your relationship with girls if you get to participate in 
    these national inter-high school events. You will even get further 
    bonus if you win the national championship. My experience said that if 
    you are good enough to win all of the friendlier match, you should able 
    to win the national championship. The adjusted club exp for friendlier 
    matches are listed here (sorry, the guide books does not have the 
    required adjusted club exp for inter-high school matches) :- 
    1st Friendlier Match (Jun, 1999)    40
    2nd Friendlier Match (Sep, 1999)    80
    3rd Friendlier Match (Dec, 1999)    120
    4th Friendlier Match (Mar, 2000)    160
    5th Friendlier Match (Jun, 2000)    190
    6th Friendlier Match (Sep, 2000)    225
    7th Friendlier Match (Dec, 2000)    260
    8th Friendlier Match (Mar, 2001)    295
    9th Friendlier Match (Jun, 2001)    300
    10th Friendlier Match (Sep, 2001)   330
    11th Friendlier Match (Dec, 2001)   360
    For non-sport clubs, there are no mandatory practice, but you will get 
    Culture Festival which took place at early Nov every year (with the 
    exception of last year). You will need to accumulate enough club 
    experience for the month before the Culture Festival in order to 
    impress other girls. If you don't have enough, you will actually get a 
    penalty on girl's impression. Here is the required club experience: - 
    If you are a sport club member, you will also get an extra date (only 
    for girls who are in sports club) during the culture festival. Each 
    girl has a different preference on the club they want to go. 
    Participate in clubs will have you develop your relationship with the 
    girl who are also member of that club. You will also get special events 
    for that girl too. Note, Akane and Takumi do not belong to any club. 
    Here is a list that shows which girl (or boy) belongs to which club: - 
    Baseball --- Kaedeko (until 2nd year) 
    Track and Field --- Hikari
    Tea --- Kotoko 
    Science/Computer --- Mei (begins 2nd year) 
    Music --- Kasumi (begins 3rd year) 
    Volleyball --- Kaori (begins 3rd year assuming she does not withdraw 
    from school) 
    Kendo --- Junichiro 
    Tennis --- Miyuki 
    Drama --- Maho/Miho 
    Student Union --- Homura 
    You will become a "Club master" if you win the inter-high school 
    championship (sports club) or accumulate enough club exp (other clubs), 
    this will affect your ending career. Becoming club master in a non-
    sports club will give you bonus with your relationship with other 
    3. Dating Strategy
    Here we will list the methods of meeting each girl, and the strategy of 
    completing her. 
    3.1 Hikari
    Who is she? -- She is your childhood neighbor. You grew up with her, 
    and go to same grade school. 
    How to meet her? -- You meet her at the very beginning of the game. 
    Favorite Date Spots -- Central Park, Stadium (Baseball and Soccer), 
    Indoor Pool, Beach, Fancy Shop, Bowling 
    Strategy: She is probably the easiest character to finish. You have 
    good relationship at the beginning of the game, and she is one of the 
    easiest girls to date. A lot of her events are associated with 
    childhood events, so make sure you complete them. Since she is a sporty 
    girl, good sports stats are important but not necessary. Doing well in 
    exams and sport matches has large effect on her relationship with you. 
    Childhood Events:
    Bakatte iu hito ga baka (The one who calls other people baka is the one 
    who is baka)-- You play sand with Hikari, and she ruined it. You called 
    her "baka" (stupid) and Hikari is upset. (Day 1 and 3) 
    Hagure Hikari -- You play with Hikari in the park, but you run too fast 
    and lost Hikari. You meet her again in the small park, and Hikari is 
    crying. (Day 1 to 4) 
    Jerashi -- When you are playing with Hikari, you talked to Kasumi. 
    Hikari is upset. (Day 2 and 4) 
    Glass ring -- Mandatory Event. You go to the temple with Hikari, and 
    you bought her a glass ring. 
    High School Events:
    I am scared -- Requirement: You joined the Track and Field club. During 
    summer camp, you go out with Hikari after dark, and Hikari is scared. 
    You are peeping!? -- Requirement: You joined the Track and Field club. 
    During summer camp, Hikari catches you for peeping girls bathroom. 
    Atsui da! Yumi da! Taiyo da! -- Requirement: You date Hikari in the 
    beach (any year). Hikari shows her love of the summer. 
    Futari nori -- Requirements: Hikari's affection to you is very high 
    (time limit 3/15/2001 -- 4/15/2001), date her in Central Park. You ride 
    bicycle with Hikari during Sakura spring season. 
    Amaimono tabeyou! -- Requirements: Hikari's affection to you is very 
    high, after date event (no time limit). You go to coffee shop with 
    Hikari (after date), and you share dessert with her. 
    Hagure Hikari -- Requirements: Childhood event "Hagure Hikari" 
    happened, Hikari's affection is high (time limit 2000 fall or 2001 
    fall), date at shopping mall. You lost Hikari in the shopping mall. 
    After finding her, you hold hands with her. 
    Lost Girl -- Requirements: Kasumi's childhood and high school event 
    "Kasumi no omawarisan" happened, date at zoo, no time limit. This time 
    you lost Hikari in the zoo. 
    Obentou tabeyou! -- Requirement: Hikari's affection is high, time: 
    Sports Festival 2001. You share lunch with her during break time of the 
    Sports Festival. 
    The Way to Inter-High -- Requirements: You joined the Track and Field 
    Club. Hikari's sports experience is high. Hikari's affection is high. 
    Your club experience is high. Time: Jul 19 2001. Both you and Hikari 
    are eligible to go to Inter-High Sports Meet. This is hard event to 
    come by, because it is hard to determine and control Hikari's club 
    experience. Sometimes if you use the club command (during weekdays), 
    you will practice with Hikari, and this have positive effect to her 
    club experience. 
    Jerashi -- Requirements: Hikari's affection is high. Kasumi's affection 
    is above average. Childhood event "Jerashi" happened. No time 
    limitation. Kasumi offers to give a ride for you and Hikari, and Hikari 
    does not like it. 
    Culture Festival (Gift Shop) - Prelude -- Requirement: Hikari's 
    affection is high. You choose "Gift shop" for the 2001 Culture Fest. 
    Time: Day before Culture Festival in 2001. You and Takumi went to 
    Hikari's home to see what you can sell in the shop. Takumi found the 
    glass ring that you gave to Hikari during childhood.... 
    Culture Festival (Gift Shop) -- Requirements: Same as the Prelude. 
    Time: 2001 Culture Festival. You remembered the real meaning of the 
    ring, and you rushed to the shop to see whether the ring got sold or 
    not. And then.... 
    Futari no Christmas -- Requirements: Your relationship with Hikari is 
    high enough that you can complete the game with her. Time: Christmas 
    Day 2001. You go to ski with Hikari during Christmas Day, but Mother 
    Nature is not co-operating with you with a blizzard.... 
    3.2 Kasumi
    Who is she? -- She is like Hikari -- your childhood neighbor. She is 
    about 6 years older than you. 
    How to meet her? -- You will meet her during the fall of 2000. 
    Favorite Date Spots -- Mountains, Beach, Fancy Shop 
    Strategy -- She is very hard to finish. She is very demanding on your 
    stats, and she is very hard to date (save-reload trick really helps). 
    The best way to tackle with her is to concentrate on your stats before 
    you meet her, and tries to do intensive dating after you meet her (i.e. 
    twice a month). Also it is important to join the Music Club since she 
    is the advisor of the club. 
    Childhood events:
    Shouganai na... -- Mandatory Event. When you are going home with Hikari 
    after class, you fell on the street. Kasumi then appears in front of 
    Omawarisan -- Day 1,2,4. During evening, you and Hikari are lost in the 
    woods (upper right hand corner of the map), Kasumi comes out to find 
    Your childhood dream -- Day 2,4. You talked to Kasumi in the streets, 
    and she asked you what do you want to become when you grow up. 
    High School Events:
    The Legend of the Bell -- Mandatory Event. 2000 Fall. You are talking 
    with Jun and Takumi about the bell in your school, and Kasumi 
    Last Day... -- Mandatory Event (unless you schedule a date on that 
    day). Time : 8th Oct , 2000. Kasumi finished her training in your 
    school. Hikari and you bid farewell with her in the train station. 
    Officially Employed -- Mandatory Event, 5th April 2001. Kasumi is 
    officially employed as a teacher in your school. 
    Shouganai na... -- Requirements : Childhood event "Shouganai na..." 
    happened. Kasumi's affection is above average. No time limit (after she 
    becomes teacher in your school. Kasumi is pretty careless with her 
    driving (guess she learns to drive in Boston and New York ;-) ), isn't 
    Watashi no Kareshi -- Requirements: Kasumi's affection is above 
    average, date her in a spot near the train station (shopping mall, 
    bowling, theatre, etc), player has met Maeka. No time limit. Maeka 
    caught you are dating with Kasumi. Maeka is surprised with the age of 
    the "boyfriend" (you) of Kasumi. 
    Kasumi no omawarisan -- Requirement: Childhood event "Omawarisan" 
    happened. Kasumi's affection is above average. No time limit. Kasumi 
    drove you home, and she talked about your childhood story with Hikari. 
    This event is required for Hikari's "Omawarisan". 
    Kyaa!!! Kawaii! -- Requirements: Kasumi affection is high. You date her 
    in the fancy shop. Time limit: Summer (June -- Sept) 2001. Apparently, 
    Kasumi has a girly side of her.... 
    "Reckless" Driving -- Requirements: Kasumi affection is high. You go 
    home with Kasumi after class. No time limit. Another evidence for 
    Kasumi learns to drive in Boston and New York :-). 
    The Sleepy Kasumi... -- Requirements: You joined the Music Club. 
    Kasumi's affection is above average to high. Time: Summer camp 2001. 
    Kasumi is definitely no fan of waking up early... 
    Hmm... Saboru da... -- Requirements: Kasumi's affection is above 
    average. Time: Within a month of 2001 Culture Festival. You choose the 
    "Play" command during Culture Fest preparation, and your homeroom 
    teacher (Kasumi) caught you doing so. 
    Kasumi's career orientation -- Requirements: Kasumi's affection is 
    high. Time: Career Orientation day (early Sept 2001). Kasumi and you 
    discussed about your future career and college entrance plans. 
    The Replacement Princess -- Requirements: Kasumi's affection is high. 
    You choose "Drama" for the culture fest of 2001. Time: Culture Fest 
    2001. The girl who is supposed to be Cinderella is sick, so someone has 
    to replace her.... (There are 2 version of this, one with Kasumi and 
    one with Takumi (Jun got sick after that...)). 
    Watashi nani yatte iru darou? -- Requirements: "Kasumi's career 
    orientation" and "Your Childhood Dream" has happened". Time: Dec 1 to 
    23 2001. You date Kasumi in the beach, and she discusses about her own 
    career choices... 
    Futari dake no Christmas -- Requirements: You can complete Kasumi. 
    Time: Christmas Day 2001. Having Christmas dinner with your homeroom 
    dinner is pretty romantic, eh? 
    3.3 Kotoko
    Who is she? -- She is Hikari's close friend. 
    How to meet her? -- You meet her automatically on the first week of 
    Favorite Date Spots -- Central Park, Botanic gardens. 
    Strategy -- Initially, she will hard to date (hint: use save and reload 
    trick). You should also join the Tea Club, which she is also a member 
    of. Finishing her requires lots of patience since the relationship her 
    grows fairly slow. You should concentrate on building up your academic 
    stats. Also avoid dating her in "Western" places since she is very 
    traditional, she also hates winter related stuff (no skiing and skating 
    -- one of her events are related to skiing though...). 
    Childhood Events:
    None. Kotoko does not appear in the childhood part of the story. 
    High School Events:
    Karee dame su! -- Requirement: You joined the Tea Club. Her status to 
    you is at least "Friendly". Time: During summer camp (August). Kotoko 
    obviously is no big fan of curry. 
    Samui no kirai! -- Requirement: Kotoko is "Friendly" to you. Time: 1st 
    Dec 1999. Apart from curry, Kotoko is neither a big fan of winter. 
    Stay warm in winter with kotatsu -- Requirement: Her status with you is 
    "normal" (she does not hate you), and you joined the Tea Club. Time: 
    Every winter (Dec to Feb), you used the Tea Club command. Kotoko 
    brought in a kotatsu (some sort of heated table) to the Tea Club to 
    deal with winter. 
    Snowman (!?) -- Requirements: None. You date Kotoko to go out for 
    skiing. Time: Winter. Kotoko is obviously not very good in winter 
    Kotoko is angry (part 1) -- Requirements: During the double date event 
    in Dec 24 1999 (for Kotoko and Hikari), you only play with Kotoko. 
    Time: Dec 24 1999. Kotoko is angry because you ignored Hikari during 
    the double date. 
    Kotoko is angry (part 2) -- Requirements: You date Kotoko and Hikari on 
    the same day (requires luck since you are not allowed to date two 
    person in the same week; you data Kotoko and Hikari by calling her, and 
    the other one asks you out too on the same week). Time: None. Kotoko is 
    angry again for you to ignore Hikari. 
    Kotoko is angry (part 3) -- Requirements: Your affection with Kotoko is 
    very high; you date Hikari between April 5th 2001 and June 1st 2001. 
    Time: See Requirements. When you are about to go to Hikari, your high 
    school principle called, and then... 
    Calm and Cool --Requirement: Your affection is Kotoko is high. You date 
    Kotoko at the Amusement park and go to play Roller Coaster (Jeeto 
    Koosutaa). Time: 2001 Summer (June to Sept). Kotoko might be scared, 
    but she will always be calm and cool. 
    Love and Friendship -- Requirement: Kotoko's affection is very high. 
    Time Between Dec 2001 and March 15 2002. You date Kotoko in the zoo, 
    and she raised an interesting question. 
    Curry and Coffee -- Requirements: You choose to do "Coffee shop" for 
    Culture Fest for 2001. Kotoko affection is very high. Time: 2001 Nov 2. 
    You used to "Prepare for culture fest" command. Kotoko originally want 
    to sever Japanese tea, but suddenly it became Indian cuisine.... 
    Smells too "good" -- Requirements: Same as "Curry and Coffee". Time: 
    Nov 3 2001. Indian food is obviously too much for Kotoko. 
    My Real stuff -- Requirements: Kotoko's affection is high. You ranked 
    1st in exam for 2001 Dec and 2001 July exams. Time: Dec 17 2001. Kotoko 
    suddenly becomes a "work alcoholic" in her class work... 
    Futari no Christmas: Requirements: Kotoko's affection is high enough 
    that you can complete the game with she. Time: Dec 24 2001. Special tea 
    party with Kotoko during X'mas eve. 
    "Secret" meeting: Requirements: You can finish with Kotoko; Hikari's 
    affection is very high. Time: 2002 Feb 20. Your "CIA agents" spied 
    Hikari talking with Kotoko on some special military project :-) . 
    Seeing this event means you are heading for Kotoko Ending 2. 
    Kotoko has 2 ending. It depends on Hikari's affection to you. 
    3.4 Miyuki
    Who is she? -- A student in your high school who is always seems to be 
    "cursed" with bad luck 
    How to meet her? -- 1) Join Tennis club and have enough club experience 
    2) Charisma above 80 and you use the charisma command 3) Misc. studies 
    above 50 and you use the misc. studies command 
    Favorite Date Spots -- Fancy shop, game center and karaoke 
    Strategy -- She is another easy character to finish. Her affection is 
    very easy to rise. There are some events of her require some luck. 
    Since Miyuki is not very concern with your grades, you should 
    concentrate on your charisma, misc. study and sports. Note it is 
    sometimes hard to do well in Tennis club because your sports stats 
    raises slowly (relatively). 
    Childhood Events:
    Good Luck -- Day 1 or Day 3. Sometimes you will find Miyuki standing in 
    the temple. When she is there, check out the small house next to the 
    Half for each person -- Day 2 to Day 4. In candy shop (near your home), 
    you will Miyuki buying chocolates, but a naughty day stole it from her 
    High School Events:
    Trouble with phone 1,2,3 -- Requirements and Time limit: None. You call 
    Miyuki to date her, but her cat is interfering the call. (16 % of 
    occurring in any call). 
    Getting wet ... -- You joined the Tennis club, Miyuki relationship is 
    good or above. Event occurs during summer camp. The bad luck girl ruins 
    the water tap in the summer camp. 
    Morning comic box 1,2 -- Miyuki's relationship is good or above. 10 % 
    occurring any day (during school period). Miyuki is getting a little 
    bit too close to truck. 
    The present from God -- Miyuki's relationship is good or above. You 
    date Miyuki, and have a 10% chance occurring. No time limit. Bad luck 
    caught up with Miyuki again. 
    Aliens! -- Time: Sept 20 2000, during fall trip. You choose to Hokkaido 
    for fall trip. Miyuki asks you to go out with her. Miyuki must have 
    been watching too much Sci-Fi movie lately. 
    Chobitto naabasu -- Time: Sept 20 2000, during fall trip. You see the 
    "Aliens!" event. You did not flee by yourself during bear attack. 
    Miyuki is very happy that you "saved" her. 
    Accident on snow mountain -- Time: Feb and March. Miyuki's relationship 
    with you is high. You date Miyuki to go out to ski. You and the bad 
    luck girl are caught in a blizzard. 
    Within the omamori -- Time: Jan 1st 2001. You go to the Temple with 
    Terror with cable car -- Time: Spring 2001. Miyuki relationship is 
    high. You go to amusement park with Miyuki and go to cable car. 
    Electric failure descent on the cable car when Miyuki is on the cable 
    Half for each person -- Time 22 Jul 2001. Miyuki relationship is high. 
    You need to observe the "Half for Each Person event" during childhood 
    too. You share ice cream with Miyuki. 
    Hizamakura -- 2 Nov 2001. Miyuki relationship is high. You choose to do 
    "Planetarium" for culture fest. Bad luck descents onto the preparation 
    of culture festival 
    Futari deke no X'mas -- 24 Dec 2001. You can finish with Miyuki. 
    Christmas tree is getting a little to close... 
    3.5 Akane
    Who is she? -- A classmate of yours who is working part-time. She is 
    also the sister of the gang leader in town. 
    How to meet her? -- Literature and Science > 50. Perform either 
    literature or science command (random). 
    Favorite Date Spots -- Tower, Karaoke 
    Strategy -- The biggest problem with her is not how to develop a good 
    relationship with her (which is easy) or your stats; it is how to deal 
    with his brother is the main concern. Her brother does not like she 
    dating boys, and he will send his "minions" and finally himself to 
    fight with you. Good stats and health is very important in those "FF-
    like" combat. There are no specific club join you could join to help 
    the build your relationship with Akane. Since winning sport matches 
    will help you build a relationship with her, and sport clubs can help 
    you to develop good sports stat (important in combat), joining a sport 
    club is recommended. 
    Childhood Events:
    Hajimetenootsukai -- Help Akane to bring grocery home around the 
    shopping area. Day 1 to 4 late afternoon or evening. 
    Naisho X 2 -- Homura is chasing Akane around in town, you can help her 
    in the library, Location: Library Time: Day 1 or 3 
    Mamagoto -- You play with Akane (acting as her husband) in the small 
    park near your home. Day 2 or 4 
    High School Events:
    Akane-at-work: Requirements: You see the "Hajimetenootsukai" event, 
    relationship with Akane is friendlier or above. No time limit. You date 
    Akane, and she is late because of her part-time job. You help her to 
    carry her grocery again. (Random) 
    Fall Trip Crisis (?) -- Requirements: Akane ask to go out with her 
    during the trip. Time: Sept 20 2000 (during Fall Trip). When Akane asks 
    you to go out with her tomorrow, the principle is checking light-out in 
    The Challenge (Part I to Part IV) -- Requirements: Your relationship of 
    Akane is good or above. Time: After Fall Trip, during weekday (happen 
    only once a month). Akane's brother has apparently found out your 
    relationship with her sister, and that pissed him off. Therefore.... 
    Here are some hints about combat: Good health is the most important 
    during combat because it effects your HP and speed. Sport stat governs 
    you attack power, and you academic stats determines the spell you can 
    use and your MP. The use of healing spell is determined by your 
    charisma stat. 50 -- heal 1 (700 - 800 hp recovery) 80 - heal 2 (1200 - 
    1500 hp recovery) 110 - heal 3 (> 2000 recovery). 
    Want to eat, but ... -- Requirements: Akane's relationship is very 
    high, you date her in the temple: Time: 22 Jul 2001. Akane does not 
    bring enough money to have food during the temple festival, so you buy 
    her food. 
    The Victory of Love (The Challenge Part V) -- Akane's relationship is 
    very high, you fought with "Big 4" under Akane's brother's gang. Time: 
    5 Sept 2001. Your relationship with Akane goes so well that her brother 
    decides to play "hardball" with you... This is most difficult combat 
    you will get in this game (second hardest is with Junichiro). He is 
    very endurable (50000 hp) and he can do "transformation" which makes 
    his tougher. Patience (and high health) is important in beating him. 
    Dotsuki -- Requirements: You beat Akane's brother during "The Victory 
    of Love". Time: Sept 2001. You go home with Akane, but his brother is 
    waiting in "ambush". But his brother is no match with Akane's super 
    right hand punch. (Random event) 
    Preparing for Coffee Shop -- Requirements: You choose to do "Coffee 
    shop" for culture fest. Your relationship with Akane is very high. 
    Time: 2 Nov 2001. Akane has a show-off of her cooking skills. 
    At the Coffee Shop -- Requirements: You choose Coffee shop for culture 
    fest. You beat Akane's brother during The Victory of Love. Time 3 Nov 
    2001. The coffee shop has apparently attracted a band of questionable 
    crowd, and Akane's brother comes to "investigate"... 
    Futari dake no Christmas -- Requirements: You can finish with Akane. 
    Time: 24 Dec 2001. You and Akane are going to Mei's X'mas party. Before 
    that you bought a present with her. 
    New Year lunch (?) -- Requirements: You see the childhood event 
    "Mamagoto". Date: 1 Jan 2002. Akane asks her brother to "bring" you to 
    their home to celebrate New Year. During lunch, you place your 
    chopstick near Akane's brother's favorite food. Obviously, pissing him 
    off usually means.... 
    Akane has 4 endings. It is important for you to beat her brother during 
    the fight in 2001 Sept. Also you can get a special ending if you 
    discover the real identity is Part-Time Boss (during the 4 Challenges) 
    (please refer to Maeka's section). 
    3.6 Kaedeko
    Who is she? -- She is the manager of your high school baseball team. 
    She will be transferred from your school after in fall of your second 
    How to meet her? -- Have toughness above 30 or join the baseball club 
    and collect enough club experience point. 
    Favorite Date Spots -- Zoo, baseball game, soccer game 
    Strategy -- 3 simple words -- Join Baseball Club. Joining the baseball 
    club (and do well in games) is the most effective way in improving your 
    relationship with her. This doesn't mean you cannot complete her if you 
    don't join the baseball club, but you will also miss some very 
    important events with her. 
    Childhood Events:
    There are no childhood events of Kaedeko. 
    High School Events:
    Hajimematsete (Nice to meet you) -- From beginning of game up to August 
    2000, perform baseball club command (with sufficient with club 
    experience. Kaedeko has all the balls and bats dropped all over the 
    storage room for your baseball club.... 
    Gomenasai (I am sorry) -- From beginning of game up to August 2000, 
    have "Toughness" above 30. Human-human inelastic collision is not the 
    best way to meet girls, eh? (Newton's Law note: Collision must conserve 
    Hazukashi mon! (This is embarrassing) -- During summer, you date 
    Kaedeko in the beach; Kaedeko's relationship is above average. Another 
    evidence that the American ideal women body shape is effecting Japan... 
    Buried inside leaves -- During fall (1999 Oct and Nov), you date 
    Kaedeko in the park. Kaedeko's relationship is friendlier or above, 
    weather is not bad (no rain). Nothing is better then releasing yourself 
    and fall onto a bed of leaves. 
    Present (part 1) -- 1999 Dec to 2000 Feb. Kaedeko relationship with you 
    is high. A small hand knitted bag from her... But for the wrong hand 
    (left hand)... 
    Present (part 2) -- 1999 Dec to 2000 Feb. Present 1 had happened. This 
    time she knitted one for your right hand (sorry, left handed folks...) 
    Transfer... -- 8/26/2000 during firework night. Kaedeko's relationship 
    with you is very high. It is always hard to say "Good Bye"... 
    Reunion in Hokkaido -- 9/19/2000. You choose to Hokkaido for fall trip. 
    Kaedeko's relationship with you is very high. Luck + the small clever 
    bast*** Takumi = one emotional reunion. 
    The Long Distance Call -- Between 10/1/2000 and 7/31/2001. "Reunion in 
    Hokkaido" did not occur, Kaedeko relationship is very high. She did not 
    forget you even you move. 
    Play Ball! (vs. ??? High School) -- 4/15/2001. You are in the baseball 
    club; Kaedeko relationship with you is high. Kaedeko's new high school 
    is coming in for a practice match... 
    Play Ball! (Inter-High School championship) -- 2001/8/11. You have 
    enough club exp (with baseball club) to make to the finals Inter-High 
    championship. Kaedeko relationship with you is very high. The "World 
    Series" for high schools in Japan has come, guess who is your opponent? 
    Masquerade -- 11/3/2001. Kaedeko relationship with you is very high. 
    You choose to have Masquerade for your culture festival. Kaedeko's 
    patience + the bast*** Junichro = an emotional meeting... 
    Futari dake no X'mas -- 12/24/2001. You can complete with Kaedeko, you 
    have enough Charisma (need 120) to be admitted to the X'mas party. 
    Train stations are emotional spots to split... 
    3.7 Kaori
    Who is she? -- She is a quiet girl in your high school. But 
    surprisingly, she is very good in sports and does pretty well in exams.
    How to meet her? -- 1) Join volleyball club. After accumulating enough 
    club experience, she will appear randomly when you perform club command 
    during the weekday. 2) Have sports stat above 70. She will appear 
    randomly after that if you perform sports command.
    Favorite Date Spots -- Central Park, Indoor Pool and Aquarium.
    Strategy -- The main goal is to have a good relationship with her by 
    the end of 2nd year, otherwise she will withdraw from school. Sometimes 
    she is hard to date, but you can always use the reload trick 
    (heheh...). Doing well in sports (especially by joining volleyball 
    club) helps a lot. After you enter 2nd year and she does not withdraw 
    from school, the rest should be easy.
    Childhood Events:
    Kaori does not appear during the childhood.
    High School Events:
    Peeping into the sports arena... -- No time or relationship limit. 
    After meeting her, sometimes you will find her peeping people 
    practicing sports when you are performing sports command or club 
    command (sports clubs only).
    Missing your date -- On disc 2, your first date with her. She missed 
    your date, and say sorry later by phone.
    Fled ... --No time limit. Your relationship with her is under normal. 
    You date her at the riverside park, and you ask her some personal 
    questions. Apparently, she does not like that.....
    Her real "stuff" -- 7/1/1999 to 9/12/1999, must be during class. Your 
    relationship with her is higher than normal. You perform sports 
    command, and see Kaori swimming. You are surprised who good she is... 
    To see this event requires a lot of luck.
    Fish and Kaori -- During fall of 1999. You date Kaori in the aquarium. 
    Her relationship with her is normal. Kaori shows her love in fishes...
    Injury during skiing -- During winter of 1999/2000 year. Kaori's 
    relationship with you is higher than normal. You go skiing with Kaori, 
    and she hurt her foot.
    Sayonara -- After "Injury during skiing", between1/9/2000 and 
    2/27/2000. Kaori said she wants to stop socializing with you after the 
    The One I believe -- The day after "Sayonara". You convince Kaori not 
    to behave like that, and you and she becomes friends again.
    Together with Starlight -- 9/24/2000 (during fall trip). Her 
    relationship with you (internally) is very high. You choose to go to 
    Okinawa for fall trip. You go out for Kaori during the day. You chatted 
    with Kaori during the night under the stars.
    The Decision under Sakura -- 4/8/2001 (weekend in fall break). Her 
    relationship with you (internally) is very high. Kaori asked you out to 
    the Central Park to see Sakura, and she told you about her past.
    Welcome to the Volleyball Club -- 4/9/2001. You are in the Volleyball 
    club, and perform that command on the week just after "The Decision 
    under Sakura". Kaori decided to join the volleyball club (her favorite 
    Let's Play Beach Volley -- During summer of 2001 (when the beach is 
    open). Playing volleyball is not limited within the premises of your 
    school's arena....
    Cat and Yae -- 8/15/2001. Your relationship with Kaori is very high. 
    You belong to the volleyball club. Apart from fish, Yae (Kaori) also 
    likes cats...
    Mikan no kanzume -- No time limit (Disc 5 only). You get sick (low 
    endurance + high stress). Kaori comes to visit you when you got sick. 
    She also cooked some food for you....
    Coffee shop waitress -- 11/3/2001. Your relationship with her is very 
    high. You choose to do coffee shop for culture festival. Due to the 
    lack of labor, Miss Yae is summoned to be the temporary waitress. 
    (Didn't she looks good in that outfit?)
    Futari dake no X'mas -- 12/24/2001. You can finish with Kaori. She and 
    you went to X'mas party together, and she forgets to bring her coat... 
    Isn't coat sharing romantic?
    3.8 Maho
    Who is she? -- She is a quiet and polite girl in your school. She 
    belongs to drama club.
    How to meet her? -- 1) Have your Arts or Literature stat to increase 
    above 55 or 50 respectively, and perform arts or literature command. 2) 
    Join Drama Club, and have enough club experience. 3) Or she will 
    automatically appear during summer camp if you are member of Drama Club
    Favorite Date Spots -- Shopping, Central Park, Museum, Botanical 
    Strategy -- She is fairly easy to date, and her relationship with you 
    is fairly easily to develop. Sometimes you will notice her behavior is 
    very different, this is because of Miho had replaced her for the date. 
    See Miho part below.
    Childhood Events:
    Prayers -- Day 1 and 2. Snow White is praying her prince to show up.
    Gardening (?) in the Riverside Park -- Day 3 and 4. Maho and you are 
    helping (?) to promote Green Earth in the Riverside Park.
    High School Events:
    Fortune Telling (part 1 and 2) -- No time limit. Maho relationship is 
    good or above. You saw Maho is doing fortune telling with her 
    classmates, and you asked her to do it for you too.
    Kero-chan ! -- No time limit. You date Maho in Fancy Shop. Ke**Ke**pi 
    is popular among girls, isn't it?
    Sleep... Good Morning... -- During Drama Club summer camp. Maho 
    relationship with you is good or above. A good night sleep and wake up 
    early is always good. Seeing a cute girl in the morning will super 
    charge you more than coffee.
    Fortune Telling (Part 3) -- You saw Fortune Telling (1 and 2). Parents 
    told kids never to find excuses to do stuff, Maho really knows how to 
    uses excuses to have someone go home with her ....
    Santa Claus -- In December. Maho relationship with you is very high. 
    You date her at the shopping mall. It is X'mas; did your parents tell 
    you that there will be old man climbing down your chimney to give you 
    Prayers (part 2) -- You saw event "Prayers" during childhood. Maho's 
    relationship with you is very high. You go to Temple with her during 
    New Year (2001,2002). What is Maho's New Year Wish? Himitsu (Secret) !
    Fortune Telling (Part 4) -- You saw Fortune Telling Part 3. Her 
    relationship with you is very good. This time there is an excuse for 
    Accident in the Museum -- When the museum is showing sculpture. Her 
    relationship with you is very good. Elves and fairies won't come out to 
    help you if you have damaged public properties in a museum....
    Gardening (part 2) -- No time limit. Her relationship with you is very 
    good. You date her at the Riverside Park. The plant you and she planted 
    7 years ago grew up just like you.
    The Oracle (?) -- 11/3/2001. You choose to do fortune telling for 
    culture festival. The Ancient Greek Oracle now appears in Hibikino High 
    Futari dake no X'mas -- 12/24/2001. You can finish with Maho. Dinner in 
    the Hibikino Tower is probably the most romantic way to spend your 
    X'mas eve.
    3.9 Miho
    Who is she? -- She is Maho's twin sister. She goes to Kirameki High 
    School (the HS in TM1)
    How to meet her? -- Same time as Maho. She interchanges with Maho 
    during dates.
    Favorite Date Spots -- Shopping, Karaoke.
    Strategy -- Luck is important with her since her appearance is mainly 
    random. Her chance in appearing in a date depends on the date spot and 
    the relationship with you (as compared with your relationship with 
    Maho). The main difficulty is to determine whether it is Miho (not 
    Maho) has come to your date during the early part of the game when Miho 
    dressed the same way as Maho. Miho tends to speak more "aggressively" 
    (i.e. louder, more direct), while Maho tends to be more polite and "day 
    dreamy" (elves, fortune telling). Miho also had a bigger breast... 
    Since Miho has a different personality, your "correct" answers during 
    date are also different.
    Childhood Events :
    Miho did not appear during childhood.
    High School Events :
    The Queen in the Beach -- During summer (when beach is open), her 
    relationship with you is very good. It is "Bay watch time" in 
    Hibikino's beach...
    Fortune Telling ... -- You choose to do fortune telling during 2001 
    Culture Festival. Your relationship with her is very good. I think male 
    students are coming to the "Oracle" to see Miho's sexy body rather than 
    have their future told...
    Futari dake no X'mas -- 12/24/2001. You can finish with Miho. Same as 
    Maho's one... You go to the same place, but your conversations are 
    Chocolate -- 2/14/2002. Miho and Maho's relationship is very good. The 
    little secret between Miho and Maho nearly got exposed during 
    Valentine's Day ...
    Teleport (?) -- No time limit. Both Miho and Maho's relationship is 
    good or above. You date Maho in the indoor swimming pool. Isn't Maho 
    supposed to be down there? Who the he** is this girl!? Hmmm..... Ouch!?
    Birthday -- 2/24/2002. Both Miho and Maho's relationship with you is 
    very high. Jun and Takumi does not have a very high relationship with 
    Maho. The little secret is finally exposed... (This is required event 
    to finish Miho; I have seen in Japanese BBS that if Takumi and Jun 
    "declared" love with Maho can make this event disappear...)
    3.10 Mei
    Who is she? -- Sister of infamous Ijuin Rei. During your second year, 
    she will become your classmate.
    How to meet her? -- She will automatically appear in the beginning of 
    the 2nd year (under the gun point :-) ). 
    Favorite Date Spots -- Junk Shop, Botanic Gardens, Amusement Park and 
    Game Center
    Strategy -- Mei is not really hard to finish. Joining the Science Club 
    is going to be important. Mei looks at your grades highly, so train 
    yourself well in academic stuff. 
    Childhood Events :
    Mei is hiding -- Day 4. You met Mei at the Riverside Park during late 
    afternoon, and you played with her. The butler of the Ijuin family soon 
    came to find her...
    High School Events :
    "Coup Detat" in the Science Club! -- Apr 2001 (Beginning of second 
    year). You belong to the Science Club. This is C*N special new report! 
    Mei Ijuin and her troops are now raiding the Hibikino HS Science Club 
    with brand new computers.
    Junk Shop -- Your first date with Mei at the shopping mall. Mei 
    discovered a new "place" to have do shopping.
    Focused... -- 23 Jul 2000. You date Mei at the Temple. This is Mei's 
    first Gold Fish game.
    Guardian -- Mei's relationship with you is normal or below. Mei's 
    servant is following his master around during her date.
    Special Dinner (part 1) -- 16 Aug 2000 or 15 Aug 2001. You belong to 
    the Science Club. Mei's relationship with you is good or above. Mei's 
    Quote of the Day," You need energy to do research. Energy = Food."
    Mei's confusion --Mei's relationship with you is good above. You know 
    who is Homura. Mei used herself as a experiment subject of her new 
    IFA (The Ijuin Family Army) -- During winter of 2000 and 2001. Mei's 
    relationship with you is normal or below. You date Mei at skating ring. 
    We, the IFA, will protect Lady Mei at all cost.
    First Food -- Only winter, after class. Mei's relationship with you is 
    good or above. It always taste good if it your first time.
    Let's walk home -- No time limit. Mei's relationship with you is very 
    high. You seen "First Food". Time to have a change... No more Mer????? 
    or helicopters.
    I hate onions -- After Sept 2000, and you see "First Food". Personally, 
    I like onions. Apparently, Mei does not...
    Flower decoration -- Summer 2001. Mei's relationship is very high. You 
    date Mei at the Botanical Garden. Although it is against the law to 
    pick flowers from a park. But doesn't Mei look cute?
    Special Dinner (part 2) -- 8/15/2001. You see Special Dinner (part 1). 
    Mei's relationship is very high. You belong to the computer club. 
    Anyway, Mei is not the only anime girl that cooks awfully.... 
    Fall Trip (Day trip) -- 9/23/2001. Mei's relationship is very high. You 
    do not have a date on that day. Hey you! Mei and her charter flight are 
    waiting for you.
    You are my only "slave" -- 10/8/2001 to 11/2/2001. Mei's relationship 
    with you is very high. A red faced Mei... Is she cute?
    I am borrowing this place for a day -- 11/1/2001. Mei's relationship 
    with you is very high. You date Mei at the Amusement Park (Ochiiru). 
    Waiting in line is a part of life. 
    Mei's Memory -- Winter of 2001/2. You see "Mei is hiding". Mei's 
    relationship with you is very high. You date Mei at the riverside park. 
    "Mei has been waiting. Please come back to play with me!"
    Futari dake no X'mas -- X'mas eve of 2001. You can finish with Mei. If 
    you gives Mei a "Hibikino HS school uniform"...
    Donations --1/1/2002. Mei's relationship with you is very high. You go 
    to Temple with Mei. What are Mei's prayers?
    Senpai -- After X'mas eve of 2001. You give Mei a "Hibikino HS school 
    uniform". To drop your ego in one day is not easy to do...
    Valentine's Day -- 2/24/2001. Your relationship with Mei is very high. 
    Another example about the conflict between Mei's ego and her affection 
    to you...
    3.11 Homura
    Who is she? -- The "President" of your school's student union. She does 
    not get along with Mei very well too... 
    How to meet her? -- 1. Health more than 100 and perform rest command. 
    2. Stress above 25 
    Favorite Date Spots -- Game center, beach, mountains (fishing) and 
    amusement park 
    Strategy -- She is pretty easy to finish. Joining the student union 
    will help, but it is not necessary; you will also miss some events if 
    you don't... 
    Childhood Events : 
    Superman Dragonfighter -- Day 2 and 4 outside of the kiosk near the 
    small park. Homura must have learnt her "Dragon Kick" special attack 
    since she is pretty young...
    Robo #29 -- Day 2 and 3, evening in riverside park. Homura be the good 
    guy, you be the bad guy... And don't forget about the dog.
    High School Events :
    Dragon Tiger Super Multi Attack (to a drum) -- Homura's relationship is 
    average or above. You date her at the temple at 7/25/1999. You either 
    put too much Energizer into Homura's arm or feed her too much 
    Homura at the Summer Camp (part 1 to 3) -- You belongs to the Student 
    Union. Event occurs during Summer Camp in August. She might have the 
    tools to flee, but you also got tools to catch her.
    It is time for sweet potatoes -- Between 10/15/1999 to 11/25/1999 or 
    10/15/2000 to 11/25/2000. Homura's relationship with you is good or 
    above. This event is random. Corruption in School!!! The President of 
    Student Union and Principle is alleged to tell students to clean 
    leaves, so they can roast their sweet potatoes!!!
    Let's Fish! -- 1999 Fall or 2001 Fall. Her relationship with you is 
    good or above. You date her at the mountain. It looks like there will 
    be a delicious fish for dinner tonight.
    The Principle -- Her relationship with you is good or above. Random 
    event. Do not ever copy Homura's example -- to call your school's 
    principle with suffix "chan" in Japan.
    I like Penguins -- After 1/7/2001 (opening of Penguin Show). You date 
    her at the Penguin Show. The tomboy not only love dogs, she also love 
    Presidents Kick (?) -- Anytime. You call Homura in a way that she does 
    not like. A special way to get body punishment -- call your school's 
    student union president in a way that he/she does not like.
    Junk food eating -- 6/25/2001 -- 7/1/2001. Her relationship with you is 
    higher than average. Eating is always better studying, eh?
    Pet Dog -- You see the event "Robo #29". Bring dogs to school is 
    obviously against the rules....
    Homura on Patrol -- 10/8/2001 - 11/2/2001. You belong to the student 
    union. You perform the Culture Fest preparation command. It is her 
    responsibility, but she does not like doing it...
    Babysitting -- 11/3/2001. You choose "Game Corner" for Culture Fest. 
    Homura's relationship with you is very high. The tomboy shows not only 
    patience but also her love to young children.
    Superman Dragonfighter -- You see "Superman Dragonfighter" during 
    childhood. 2001 Winter to 2002 Winter. Years passed, but her kick still 
    I have not heard of that... -- 12/24/2001. You can finish with Homura. 
    Homura finally looks a girl (for one night only).
    3.12 Maeka
    Who is she? -- Your home delivery girl. She is Kasumi's classmate. 
    How to meet her? -- Buy stuff from mail order from the BEGINNING. You 
    will find the number on the Hibikino Watcher (in the game, not the 
    actual book). You can click on the ad on the left hand side to call the 
    Favorite Date Spots -- You cannot date her. 
    Strategy -- Buy everything from the mail order company. New stuff comes 
    out every 3 months. If you forgot to do so, it is time to reload... Her 
    events are usually related to your other dates. You cannot finish her 
    if there another girl you can finish with (same as Sumire). 
    Childhood Events : 
    Maeka comes to rescue -- Last Day (Day 5) evening. You click on the 
    "hole" on fences near the river and falls into the river. This event 
    explains why she can become a lifeguard in the pool...
    High School Events :
    All Maeka events are RANDOM. Reloading is required. Not all events can 
    happen too (i.e. some events will require you can finish with another 
    Festival Vendor -- You date a girl at the Temple in 1999. 
    Kyaachiseerusu -- I never saw this event. 1999 Fall. You date a girl, 
    which you wait for her in front of the train station.
    Santa Claus -- 12/1/1999 - 12/25/1999. You date a girl in the shopping 
    Tissue distributing -- 3/1/2000 - 5/31/2000. In front of train station.
    Beach -- Summer 2000. Date at beach.
    Party servant -- Ijuin X'mas party 2000.
    First Food -- 2001 Spring. After a date with another girl.
    Waitress -- 2001 Spring. After a date with another girl.
    Pool lifeguard -- Year 3. Date at the indoor pool.
    Pizza home delivery -- 10/8/2001 - 11/2/2001. Before culture fest .
    3.13 Sumire
    Who is she? -- The daughter of an owner of circus. She is very 
    acrobatic, and she performs in the circus. 
    How to meet her? -- Perform sport command during 11 Feb 2000 
    Favorite Date Spots -- None. You cannot date Sumire. 
    Strategy -- The main point of finishing Sumire is go through all her 
    events (i.e. met her when the circus come). It is very important for 
    you not able to finish another character. 
    Childhood Events :
    High School Events :
    Naughtier Creature -- Requirements : None. Time : You perform sport 
    command during 11 Feb 2000. A monkey-like creature stole your keys when 
    you are jogging. And a girl (the master of the creature) comes out to 
    help you.... 
    Date at the Amusement Park -- Requirements : You have met Sumire. Time 
    : Date another girl at the circus during Feb and Mar 2000 when circus 
    is in town, and choose to stay in the circus after date, you need to 
    get good reflection from the girl you date. After pissing off your 
    date, you go to meet Sumire. She wants to go to the Amusement Park. 
    Date at the School : Requirements : You have met Sumire, and you have 
    dated her at the Amusement Park. Time : Date another girl at the circus 
    between Feb and Mar 2001. This time Sumire wants to go to your school, 
    and she sings a very nice song for you. 
    The circus is not coming ... -- Requirements : You have seen all the 
    previous Sumire events. Time : Perform Sports command at 16 Feb 2002. 
    You go to find Sumire at the circus, but the circus has not come 
    yet.... You have to see this event in order to finish with Sumire. 
    4. Mini Games and "Combat" 
    4.1 Gold Fish Game
    How to get it -- During Summer Festival (Temple)
    The goal of this game is to get as much fish and turtles as possible 
    before you net broke. Your net has finite amount of hit points. It 
    loses hit points when 1) put it into water 2) make contact with a fish 
    or turtle (even you are unable to "fish" the fish or turtle up). 
    You decrease your loss of hit points if you do not use the center of 
    net to catch. Catching a turtle at the center of the net is instant 
    "death". Also catching targets that are deep and big will cost you more 
    hit points. It is quantity that counts (the size of the fish does not 
    matter). The relative value (to the girl) of a turtle and fish (any 
    size and shape) is different. Your goal is to get at least 5 fishes.
    If you catch 5 fish + 1 turtle for the first 2 year, the owner will 
    give you a "special" -- to fish a lobster. The girl who is with you 
    will be really impressed if you catch it. Catching the lobster requires 
    a lot of skill. I have not tried it yet; if some one did it before, 
    please email me. I will post it here, so fans can share your 
    4.2 Wood Carving
    How to get it -- During Summer Festival (Temple).
    4.3 100 meters Dash
    How to get it -- During Sports Day
    Two ROT (rule of thumb). 
    1) Do not start before the gun goes off.
    2) Do not use "auto shoot" (some pads and joysticks allow you to hold 
    the button, and treat it as you are pressing many times. 
    You speed is determined how fast you press your buttons, and your sport 
    4.4 Beat-the-Post
    How to get it -- During Sports Day.
    Objective -- Opponents flag's HP becomes 0.
    Strategy -- It depends. You do need at least 3 (unless all enemies are 
    defending) to hold your own flag. Always combine direct assault with 
    "backdoor" attacking. The Beat-the-Post in the Omake is more difficult, 
    but enemy's formations are fixed.
    4.5 Space Ring Fighter
    How to get it -- Go to the Computer Club's counter during Culture Fest.
    Objective -- Just like other shooter. Destroy enemy's boss without 
    being destroyed yourself.
    Strategy -- I find it helpful to use the "sword" (destroys all enemies) 
    during the part that your are surrounded by enemy. Missiles are useful, 
    but should not be used excessively; missiles are also ineffective 
    against final boss. You must break the shield of the final boss before 
    you can shoot the "heart" of the boss; swords can break the shield in 
    one blow, and laser beam will take a while.
    4.6 Melting Point
    How to get it -- You need to become the Computer Club master. This 
    means : 1 You join the Science/Computer club at the BEGINNING, and 
    remain with the club through out high school 2. You need a lot of club 
    experience; it would take at least going to the club (during weekday) 
    every month.
    Strategy -- Same as Space Ring Fighter. I find Melting Point actually a 
    lot easier (since you don't get blown up by one shot).
    4.7 Combat
    Stats :
    Opponents HP Super Attack Difficulty
    Street Bullies 2000-4000 (per bully) None Easy 
    The Muscle Boss 8000+Game DaysX10 Super Sumo Palm Easy 
    The Fireball Boss 11000+Game DaysX10 Roller Charge Easy 
    The Falling Tree Boss 14000+Game DaysX10 Buddha-Cut-You-Into-Half 
    The Part Time Boss 99999 None Indestructible; You always win 
    Akane's Brother 50000 Dragon Charge and Red Phoenix Hard 
    Bear 10500 Salomon Boomerang Medium
    Dear 10000 Dear Stampede Medium
    Snake 11000 Yummy Lunch (?) Medium
    Takumi 20000 Principle Summoning (?) Medium
    Junichiro 30000 Buddha-Cut-You-Into-Half Hard
    Your Super Attacks :
    Hero (I mean you!) -- Depends on club : Roller Charge (Baseball Club), 
    Buddha-Cut-You-Into-Half (Kendo Club), Tea Please (Tea Club), Super 
    Tennis Racket Throwing (?) (Tennis Club), Do you confess (Drama Club), 
    Super 1 in 3 Attack (Volleyball Club), Super Electric Ball 
    (Computer/Science Club), Round-the-Globe Dash (Track and Field Club), 
    Enjoy My Recital (Music Club), I am going Berserk (Student Union), 
    Sneak Attack (Go Home Club (you belong to no club))
    Hikari -- I will protect you!
    Kasumi -- You better regret.
    Mei -- Sakujijun protect me!
    Kaedeko -- Super Head Butt (?) (after tripping over a rock)
    Kaori -- Why are you doing this?
    Takumi -- My small universe, Bomb attack (?)
    Maho, Miho -- What is your horoscope?
    Homura -- President's Kick
    Miyuki -- The Curse of Bad Luck
    Kotoko -- Want some tea?
    Fighting tips :
    1. If you know you are dating girls in the same region (i.e. same date 
    waiting spot) more than once, you are going to run into bullies. If you 
    continue to date at the region, you will run into the 4 "Kings" under 
    Akane's brother.
    2. Animals usually have very strong defense. It will take some time to 
    defeat them despite their relatively low HP. If your HP gets under 
    1000, they will launch their super attack, and the combat will end 
    automatically. You will get a stronger impression if you defeat the 
    animal yourself rather than allowing the hunter, monk, or squirrel (?) 
    to defeat the animal.
    3. Takumi special attack really hurts. Defeating him quickly since his 
    non-special attacks are weak.
    4. Always defend if your enemy is using a special attack. Special 
    attacks from Takumi, Junichiro and Akane's brother really hurt.
    5. Defeating Akane's brother requires some patience since he has lot of 
    HP. If his HP drops under 20000, he will transform. After 
    transformation, his defense will go up, and his attacks are all super 
    attacks; luckily, his speed goes down significantly, and this will give 
    you chance to attack and cast cure spells. Your super attacks do not 
    work after he transforms, but your partner's one do. If you are 
    fighting with him without another girl (i.e. when you are trying to 
    finish Akane), if you try to attack him (after transformation) more 
    than twice with your super attack, you will discover a new super attack 
    which transform him back to his normal shape. Some girls' special 
    attack will also transform him back too.
    6. I never fought with Junichro before. According to guidebooks, his 
    special really hurts (2000+ if you are not defending).
    7. Heal spells are critical in long fights (i.e. with Junichro or 
    Akane's brother).
    8. The Part Time Boss can never be defeated. She will just flee after 
    5. Ending
    Some girls and multiple ending, but no matter what girl it is you are 
    after (except Maeka) has an event on the last X'mas eve. If the X'mas 
    event does not occur, it does not mean you cannot finish with that 
    girl. If it does happen, you WILL be finishing with that girl (unless 
    Junichiro or Takumi is after her, and you lose or forfeit the "Duel" 
    with them). It is known that if Takumi or Junichiro is after Miho, it 
    will mess up your ending with Maho. 
    Multiple Ending Info
    1. The following character has only ONE ending : Miyuko, Homura, Kaori, 
    Kasumi, Sumire, Maho
    2. Maeka's ending starts after the "Game Over" ending is over. So be 
    3. Hikari has 2 endings. The ending depends whether you are going after 
    the same career or education or not.
    4. Kotoko has 2 endings. The ending depends on your relationship with 
    5. Akane has 3 endings. The ending depends whether you beat her brother 
    (and him "minions") during combat, and whether or not you had met her 
    during childhood..
    6. Miho has 2 endings. It depends on whether you had met her during 
    7. Kaedeko has 2 endings. It depends on whether you met her in Hokkaido 
    or not.
    8. Mei has 2 endings. It depends on childhood event (only one) and the 
    following up event during high school happened or not.
    6. Info Source
    This FAQ is basically a summary and translation of the TM2 guidebooks.
    The two books are :
    Konami Official Guide -- Tokimeki Memorial 2 Full Pictorial Guide (ISDN 
    # 4-88317-781-5)
    Konami Official Guide -- Tokimeki Memorial 2 Official Guide Book 
    (Complete) (ISDN # 4-575-16203-5)

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