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    Dialogue Translation FAQ by tonberryking

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    Tokimeki Memorial 2 Dialogue Translation FAQ
    Made 11/3/2004
    By Magusdarkuser@hotmail.com   Tonberryking
    Update Info: http://kojioe.wordpress.com/
    FAQ Version 0.05
    Please email me if you wish to use this FAQ on your web page, have questions,
    spot any errors, or want to give feedback. Using this without citing the source
    is an
    act of plagiarism. If anybody uses this article for commercial purposes online,
    I will complain to their web master. Any attempt to use this article for
    commercial purposes is also prohibited. This article is written by fans for
    I do not profess to be fluent in Japanese.  I do not guarantee a 100% accurate
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned
    by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    03/18/07 - Finished all the girls's mini bios in the manual.
    02/16/07 - Still alive. Added section about Kasumi Asou. Added blog url to use
    as a check up            for any updates. Going to work on this more, maybe. ;;;
    12/15/05 - A year after I made this faq, I decided to update. Decided to make
              the "Ultimate" FAQ which will feature (I hope) everything to the game.
    Still, I
              can't make any promises, but winter break IS coming up. Anyway, added
    a few things
              like dialgue to disc 2's start. I still am going to use Koji Oe as the
              main's name,also keeping suffixes and using the first name for the
    dialogue boxes.
    11/11/04 - Added some events. Changed some things.
     Just a small introduction before the Table of Contents. The Faq can be some
    what huge, and
    if not now, it will be. Anyway, here's the run down on what each section has.
    Check the girls
    section for details on how to get that girl. The sections listed with the disc
    number are
    strictly events that you will see each play thru without having to do anything
    on the
    player's part. Girl related events are events related to each girl. It will
    feature answers
    to questions on dates, events on dates, and regular conversations with that
    Miscellaneous will have events I couldn't put anywhere else.
    This file has Japanese script so configure your computer accordingly to view it.
    +                   +
    + Table of Contents +
    +                   +
    1. Prologue
    2. The Girls
     -A-Hinomoto Hikari (陽ノ下 光)
     -B-Minazuki Kotoko (水無月 琴子)
     -c-Kotobuki Miyuki (寿 美幸)
     -D-Ichimonji Akane (一文字 茜)
     -E-Shirayuki Miho (白雪 美帆)
     -F-Akai Homura (赤井 ほむら)
     -G-Yae Kaori (八重 花桜梨)
     -H-Sakura Kaedeko (佐倉 楓子)
     -I-Ijuin Mei (伊集院 メイ)
     -J-Asou Kasumi (麻生 華澄)
    3. Getting Started
    4. Disc 1 ~Childhood~
    5. :Disc 2 Events:
     -B-Meeting Takumi and Jun
     -C-Meeting Hikari and Kotoko
    6. Girl Related Events
       -A-Hinomoto Hikari
       -B-Minazuki Kotoko
    7. Miscellaneous
    8. Secrets
    +                +
    + 1. Prologue    +
    +                +
    Do you remember that time?
    Do you remember the feelings at that time?
    We, as lovers, were given blessings from that bell of legend.
    Now, that is very far in the past...
    If I close my eyes, I can hear it...
    Also, I will never forget the feelings...
    Your feelings...
    The bell of legend is ringing...
    +             +
    +2. The Girls +
    +             +
    A. Hinomoto Hikari (陽ノ下 光)
    Birthday: 6/25
    Constellation: Cancer
    Blood Type: Type A
    Height: 157cm
    Weight: 44Kg
    Hobbies: Collecting glass accessories, cycling
    Likes: Glass accessories, summer, the sea, the sun
    Dislikes: The dark, earthquakes, thunder, horror movies
    The main character's childhood friend, and Hikari was his best closest friend.
    Since the main character's changing residence Hikari doesn't agree with it, but
    at Hibikino high school the two meet once again. In the past, Hikari was a cry
    baby, but now....? She belongs to the track and field club, and an always
    energetic girl who greatly loves such things as moving her body.
    B. Minazuki Kotoko (水無月 琴子)
    Birthday: 12/2
    Constellation: Sagittarius
    Blood Type: Type AB
    Height: 166cm
    Weight: 47Kg
    Hobbies: Drinking green tea while reading, Haiku, Comic Haiku
    Likes: Japanese tea confectionery, humble simplicity, elegance
    Dislikes: Spicy foods, coffee, Western civilization, meaningless European
    Hikari's number one best friend. Kotoko is thoughtful and wants to see a
    peaceful relationship between Hikari and the main character, and because of this
    she scolds the main character about things often... She hates things being
    influenced some what by foreign countries. Kotoko loves Japanese culture and is
    a tea ceremony club member.
    C. Kotobuki Miyuki (寿 美幸)
    Birthday: 1/1
    Constellation: Capricorn
    Blood Type: Type O
    Height: 155cm
    Weight: 43Kg
    Hobbies: Going to idol group concerts, shrine visits, asking for God's
    assistence, karaoke
    Likes: All kinds of goods, small animals
    Dislikes: Misfortunate circumstances, the lottery, things that become symbols of
    Contrary to Miyuki's name, she is actually a misfortunate girl. Despite the
    circumstances, she isn't discouraged and is doing her best to be optimistic. For
    the time being, Miyuki belongs to the tennis club, but... She is busy in playing
    it seems. Miyuki likes all sorts of character goods very much , and often wears
    them on her body.
    D. Ichimonji Akane (一文字 茜)
    Birthday: 9/10
    Constellation: Virgo
    Blood Type: Type O
    Height: 159cm
    Weight: 46Kg
    Hobbies: Making candy, karaoke, window shopping
    Likes: Her older brother, school
    Dislikes: Her older brother, perverted people
    Akane has replaced her parents who have not returned from a trip, and as a
    powerful girl she manages the household. Due to circumstances Akane doesn't
    belong to any clubs activities, but she does work in order to make a living.
    There is her older brother, but not often it seems he doesn't pass as one. Her
    strong points are housework and cooking.
    E. Shirayuki Miho (白雪 美帆)
    Birthday: 2/24
    Constellation: Pisces
    Blood Type: Type B
    Height: 156cm
    Weight: 41Kg
    Hobbies: Antique doll collecting, reading (picture book collecting), fortune
    Likes: Cute things, Kerokerodebeso-chan goods
    Dislikes: Loud things, showy things
    Miho has a habit of escaping reality, and she talks with a fairy as if one is
    there. Miho's specializes in fortune telling, and she is famed for being very
    accurate with them. Miho belongs to the Theatrical Club while studying drama
    scenarios. Kerokerodebeso-chan character goods is her most favorite.
    F. Akai Homura (赤井 ほむら)
    Birthday: 7/18
    Constellation: Cancer
    Blood Type: Type B
    Height: 149cm
    Weight: 39Kg
    Hobbies: Eating, sleeping, and playing
    Likes: Food, sleeping, TV, anime and video games
    Dislikes: Studying, group conduct, remaining static
    As punishment for being late for the school entrance ceremony, Homura became the
    student council head. An adventurous female high school student. Eating,
    sleeping and playing are her beliefs. The President Kick is her special
    G. Yae Kaori (八重 花桜梨)
    Birthday: 5/20
    Constellation: Taurus
    Blood Type: Type A
    Height: 169cm
    Weight: 50Kg
    Hobbies: Amused by nature
    Likes: Tropical fish, cats, nature
    Dislikes: Dogs, insults, malicious gossip, lies, hypocrisy
    Originally, Kaori was a cheerful person, but for some reason now she avoids
    relationships with people. Also, she says very little, and doesn't trust others.
    Kaori doesn't seem to attend any club activities.
    H. Sakura Kaedeko (佐倉 楓子)
    Birthday: 11/14
    Constellation: Scorpio
    Blood Type: Type O
    Height: 154cm
    Weight: 46Kg
    Hobbies: Post card collecting
    Likes: Baseball, reptiles
    Dislikes: Weight scales, caterpillars
    Kaedeko might be a little clumsy, but she is always positive and does she utmost
    best as the baseball team manager. However, regarding love she is rather shy.
    Being chubby has a cute impression however, does Kaedeko herself worry about it?
    I. Ijuin Mei (伊集院 メイ)
    Birthday: 10/28
    Constellation: Scorpio
    Blood Type: Type AB
    Height: 149cm
    Weight: 38Kg
    Hobbies: Collecting brand name goods, looking down on the common people
    Likes: Her greatness, Mangosteen
    Dislikes: Crowds, patience, spring green onion
    An arrogant young lady of the selfish Large Financial House Ijuin. Unaffected by
    society, Mei possesses extraordinary knowledge about computer relations. One of
    the Main Character's juniors, but Mei doesn't call him senior...?
    J. Asou Kasumi (麻生 華澄)
    Birthday: 10/9
    Constellation: Libra
    Blood Type: Type A
    Height: 164cm
    Weight: 48Kg
    Hobbies: Playing the piano
    Likes: Driving, taking baths
    Dislikes: Getting up early, meddling with machines
    The main character's childhood friend and big sister figure. Bright, and very
    helpful. Kasumi befriended Hikari-chan, together they were like siblings.
    Forgiving, elegant, and clear minded. Great at sports, and furthermore, her
    personality too is cheerful lacking fault. Currently, a college student with
    hopes to be a teacher.
    ++++++ 3. Getting Started ++++++++++++++
    Put in the first disc of the game and load it up. Watch the nice opening if you
    On the title screen press start, and choose the top option. {Start game}. After
    you'll get to another screen. Choose the top block on the left. Say yes.
    On this screen you will be asked to enter your name.
    Since in Japan last names are in front
    of first names. So keep this in mind. Starting from the left each block is
    katakana, symbols (ABCs are included in this), kanji, this block deletes
    something you
    put in, and the final one is what you press when you're done. For the sake of
    this FAQ
    I will use the hero name that I use which is Oe Koji.
    On the next screen you will choose your birthday. So choose the number of your
    and day. After this you'll choose a bloodtype. (I'm not sure if bloodtype
    effects the
    game in any way.)
    After this is done click Yes. {Hai}
    As a note, I have used there first names instead of using the last names to show
    who is
    +++++++++ 4. Disc 1  +++++++++++++++++++++++++++
    Hikari: Koji-chan, let's go home together.
    Koji: Sure, let's go.
    Koji: Ow...That hurts.
    Hikari: Are...Are you okay?
    Kasumi: Are you all right?
    Kasumi: <sigh> I guess it can't be helped.
    Koji: Kasumi-neechan...
    Kasumi: Look, the pain, the pain is flying away.
    Koji: Ah...
    Kasumi: There it's better. Now, make sure to be careful.
    Koji: Thank you, Kasumi-neechan.
    Kasumi: And Hikari-chan, are you all right?
    Hikari: Yeah...
    Kasumi: All right then, follow this road and hurry home.
    ???: Kasumi, what are you doing? Huh? Your kid?
    Kasumi: Not quite. He lives around here.
    ???: What, how boring.
    Kasumi: What are you talking about, silly. Well, let's go.
                             ~First Day~
    Hikari: Koji-chan, let's play!
    {Yeah, let's play.}
    {I'm going to play alone.}
    Choose the first option.
    Hikari: Hehe. Well, let's go.
    Koji: Yep.
    After this a dialogue box will come up asking you is you wish to learn the
    Click the bottom option because I will explain them here.
    D-PAD - Allows you to move.
    Triangle - Let's you read over the controls again.
    Square - Hold your character in place.
    X - Allows your guy to run, but if you run too fast you will trip.
    Circle - What you press to initiate a command.
    L1 - Makes the date bar go away. Press it again for it to appear.
    L2, R1, R2 AND Select - Do nothing.
    Start - Pauses game.
    Back to the game.
    Now, what you want to do is to lose Hikari.
    Do this but running while cutting corners to get rid of Her. When you do lose
    the hero will say.
    Koji: Huh? Hikari-chan, where is she? I lost her.
    Then go to the playground and you'll see her waiting by it. Walk up to her, and
    Hikari: Ah, I found you!
    Hikari: Wait~! Wa...ah!
    Hikari: <Cries>
    Koji: Ah, Hikari-chan!
    Hikari: <Cries>
    Koji: That's not good. You should of kept up with me.
    Hikari: ::sniff:: But, I'm not fast enough.
    Koji: ... ... ... Hey, please don't cry.
    Koji: I know! Next time I'll keep up with you, ok?
    Hikari: Yeah...Ok! ...hehe.
    Now, go into the playground.
    Hikari: What do you want to play?
    Koji: Let's go play in the sandbox.
    Koji: Ah, Hikari-chan! Don't make a hole there.
    Hikari: Look I'm making a short cut.
    Koji: I said don't do that.
    Hikari: Don't worry about it...
    Koji: Don't do that-!
    Hikari: It's okay! ...Ah!
    Hikari: ...
    Koji: I told you-! I knew that would happen-!
    Hikari: That's not true! I wasn't paying attention.
    Koji: It's immpossible to give it a short cut. You're an idiot Hikari-chan~!
    Hikari: I'm not an idiot! The ones who say idiot are the ones who are idiots!
    Koji: Ah...sorry.
    Hikari: That's not true~. Idiot~! Waaah...
    Koji: I said I was sorry... I know, let's play one more!
    Hikari: Eh?
    Koji: A more bigger castle! A big one so it won't collapse! ...Right?
    Hikari: Eh...O, Ok!
    What you want to do now is go to the forest at the top of the screen and wait
    till night
    falls and you'll see an event.
    Hikari: Hey, it's getting dark. Let's go home.
    Koji: Yeah, but where are we?
    Hikari: Could...could it be we're lost? I'm not going to go back home?
    Koji: I think that it might be thing way, but the road is too thin...
    Hikari: You said it'd be absolutely ok, but it's not. Liar! I want to go home!
    Koji: I didn't say that...
    Kasumi: ...K~un! Hikari-chan~!
    Koji: Ah, Kasumi-neechan!
    Kasumi: Thank goodness, you were late and I got worried. Hikari-chan it's going
    to be
    all right.
    Hikari: But...but...
    Kasumi: What kind of boy are you? You have to give Hikari-chan your protection.
    Koji: Yeah...
    Kasumi: You shouldn't let Hikari-chan cry. You promise to never let her cry
    Koji: Yeah, I promise.
    Kasumi: All right. Well, let's hurry home.
    Kasumi: Hurry inside now.
    Koji: Ok.
    Kasumi: Bye. Bye.
    Koji: Bye bye!
                           ~Second Day~
    Hikari: Koji-chan, let's play~!
    {Yeah, let's play.}
    {I'm going to play alone.}
    Pick the first option again.
    Hikari: Hehe,  well, let's go.
    Koji: Yep.
    Walk up to the playground area and talk to Kasumi as she passes by.
    Koji: Ah, Kasumi-neechan!
    Kasumi: Ah, Koji-kun. Are you out playing?
    Koji: Yep! Ah, I know! Neechan, you can play too!
    Hikari: No way. Only the two of us can play.
    Koji: But, having the three us would be fun. ...Right?
    Kasumi: Hmm, that's true...
    Hikari: Buu~!
    Kasumi: Hehe, Hikari-chan is against it. Once again,
    I have to get home and change. So...
    Koji: Just for alittle bit. Please~. Pretty please?
    Hikari: Whatever! I'm going home.
    Koji: Huh?
    Kasumi: Aaah, Hikari-chan got angry. How distressing.
    Koji: Eh, what?
    Koji: You should think alittle about Hikari-chan's feelings.
    Then that wouldn't happen.
    Koji: Hmm...
    Koji: (I don't get it.)
    If you talk to Kasumi while she is walking away.
    Koji: Let's play together.
    Kasumi: I'm sorry. I have to go home and study.
    After this event you should see a girl with brown hair enter the playground.
    Talk to her.
    Girl: Hey. Hey. You. You. Wanna play together?
    Koji: Sure, it's ok. What are we going to play?
    Girl: Let's see...Let's play house!
    Koji: That's embarrassing.
    Girl: Don't be embarrassed-! I want to play house!
    Girl: Here! Eat up, darling.
    Koji: Ok. <munch> <munch>
    Girl: Eat up good. A man has to keep up his strength.
    Koji: Honey, such a thing you do not say?
    Girl: You say, "Always, It's fine." I reply, "Do you want more?"
    Koji: More.
    Girl: Yep, yep. That's it. That's it.
    Koji: So, what do we do from here?
    Girl: "I'm taking a bath." Is what I say.
    Girl: Ah, I have to go home now.
    Koji: I see.
    Girl: Seeya, Bye bye. Let's play again some time.
    Koji: Yeah, bye bye.
    Make your way to the shrine in the middle of town after this.
    Talk to the pink haired girl there.
    Koji: (Huh, it's a girl?  What is she doing?)
    Girl: Please God. Please, let me meet my great prince.
    Koji: What are you doing?
    Girl: Eh, who's there?
    Koji: Great prince?
    Girl: ...Did you hear that?
    Koji: Yeah.
    Girl: Ah, how embarrassing!
    Now go to the building just below the park. You'll see a purple haired girl.
    You must fist talk to the building to get the scene.
    Girl: Obachan, I've have a Space Idol Love Love Star chocolate please!
    Dog: Bark bark!
    Girl: Wah! My Love Love Star chocolate!
    Koji: ...You can have some of my chocolate.
    Girl: Really?
    Koji: Yep, here you go.
    Girl: Hehe, thanks. Even though Love Love Star chocolate was what I wanted, this
    is very
    good too!
    Girl: Ah, well, I have to go home. Bye. Thanks.
    Koji: Bye bye.
    Run to the furthest store street near the top right of the map. You should see
    the girl with
    the brown hair carrying something. She's the same girl you played in the park
    Koji: That looks pretty heavy. Give it to me.
    Girl: Ah, thanks.
    Girl: Heh, you have strength just like my big brother.
    Girl: Thanks a lot.  Well, my house is near by so I'm fine now.
    Koji: Ok, take care then.
    Girl: Thanks again. Later. Bye bye.
    By now it should be getting late. Kasumi will come get you wherever you are.
    Kasumi: Koji-kun.
    Koji: Ah, big sister Kasumi.
    Kasumi: It's getting late. Your mom is starting to worry. So let's go home.
    Kasumi: Hurry inside now.
    Koji: Ok.
    Kasumi: Bye. Bye.
    Koji: Bye bye!
    Also just for general information you can skip days by clicking on your house
    selecting the first option.
                        ~Third Day~
    Hikari: Koji-chan let's play~!
    Tell Hikari no this time.
    Hikari: Buu~! Fine, be that way.
    Koji: ...
    On the main road near the bridge. You will see a girl and boy running around.
    Follow them into the library.
    Koji: What should I read?
    {First Option}
    {Second Option}
    {Third Option}
    It doesn't matter which one you pick. The event is the same either way.
    Oe: Allright, this is... ah!
    Koji: Yeah...
    Koji: I don't know.
    Boy: Tch, where did she go to...
    Koji: Yeah. But, what is it?
    Girl: It's a secret. A secret. Seeya.
    After that go to the park on the lower left hand corner.
    Talk to the pink haired girl.
    Koji: What are you doing?
    Koji: Ok.
    Koji: Three people?
    Koji: Ok, it's a promise.
    Girl: Ok. Bye.
    Koji: Bye bye.
    Go to the shito shrine and examine the shrine on the right.
    The girl with the purple hair will run into you.
    Girl: Ah, I'm sorry~!
    Girl: Thanks. Bye.
    Go back to the park where you talked to pink haired girl and you'll see a boy
    running around.
    Talk to him.
    Boy: Ah! Good timing. I have some free time. Let's play!
    Koji: Sure, ok. What are we going to play?
    Koji: Eh, no way~! I want to be dragon.
    Boy: Yeah, yeah I know. Allright, let's go!
    Boy: Hmm, I guess it can't be helped.
    Boy: Hm? Yo, Robo! Over this way!
    Robo: Bark, bark.
    Koji: How nice.
    Boy: Seeya. Let's play again.
    Robo: Bark. Bark.
    Koji: Sure!
    Just kill some time and after awhile you and Hikari will meet to go to a
    Koji: Yeah.
    Hikari: Hurry let's go.
    Koji: Yeah, I'm coming.
    Koji: Hold onto my hand Hikari-chan. Now, where should we go? ...huh, Hikari-chan?
    Hikari: Hey. Hey. Look, this is very pretty.
    Koji: What do you see?
    Hikari: This is cute~!
    Koji: It is. ... Allright, I'll buy it and give it to you!
    Hikari: Eh? But...
    Koji: ...
    Hikari: ... I'm sorry.
    Koji: No, you don't have to apologize. But, this is what you want?
                          ~Fourth Day~
    Same thing tell Hikari no again.
    This time just wait around. Eventually you should see a blonde haired girl come
    across the brige. Follow here until she is down near the river area.
    Girl: Hey, big brother what is it?
    Koji: Eh? Who? Me?
    Girl: Yep.
    Koji: Yeah. ...Want to play together?
    Girl: Eh? Really? Is it ok?
    Koji: Sure, it's okay!
    Koji: Really?
    Girl: It's fine!
    ???: ...Misstress~! Mistress Mei~! Where have you gone off to?
    Girl: No! I want to play with Big Brother longer!
    Girl: Next time? Really?
    Koji: Sure!
    Girl: You promise?
    Koji: Yes, I promise.
    Koji: Well, seeya!
    Girl: Yep, Bye Big Brother!
                        ~Fifth Day~
    Koji: Huh? Hikari-chan and older sister Kasumi. What is it?
    Koji: Huh? Really?!
    Hikari: Koji-kun, hurry let's go.
    Koji: ok!
    Koji: Hurry to the entrence.
    Kasumi: Yes, yes. Now you two just wait.
    Kasumi: So, what do you want to go on?
    Two options.
    {Ferris Wheel}
    {Merry Go Round}
    Pick the first option.
    Hikari: Yep, let's go Koji-kun.
    Hikari: I'm fine.
    Kasumi: Koji-kun are you alright?
    Koji: Fine, fine!
    Hikari: That was cool. Did you see my house?
    Koji: Yep! I saw your house Hikari-chan.
    Kasumi: Hehehe, that's a relief, Hikari-chan.
    Hikari: Yep!
    Second option is picked automatically.
    Hikari: Sure, let's go.
    Kasumi: Yes, yes. Now you two just wait.
    Hikari: Yep!
    Koji: Yeah!
    Kasumi: Was it fun?
    Hikari: Yep, it was very fun!
    Koji: Same here!
    Kasumi: Yes, I figured.
    Kasumi: Well, we should be getting back now.
    Hikari: Eh, we're going home already? I want to play some more.
    Koji: I want to play some more too~.
    Kasumi: I know, to end this let's all take a picture.
    Koji: Meh...
    Hikari: Picture?
    Kasumi: Yes.
    Kasumi: You two allright?
    Koji: Yeah!
    Hikari: Yep!
    Koji's mom: ...
    Koji's mom: ...
    Koji's mom: ...
                        ~Last Day~
    Kasumi: Well then, stay good.
    Koji: Yes...
    Hikari: ...
    Koji: ...Hikari-chan...bye bye.
    Enjoy the cool opening and the game will begin.
    ~End of Childhood Story~
    ::::::Opening Theme Translation::::::
    Courage of God
     A radio sat on a window edge in this glittering morning,
         flowing a love song (My feelings for today)
         you gave my hairstyle a praise
         I didn't change it a while ago
    we should be side by side since long ago
         why can I hear my heart beating?
    Every day looks unsure
         we can't be just friends
         on a lovely date together someday
         God, could you gave me the courage?
    ~Disc 2 Start~
    Koji: So 7 years have passed...I've finally returned.
    Koji: Hibikino Town...
    Koji: Well, starting tomorrow I'll be a high school student. I can't wait!
    Koji: Hibikino high school...it hasn't changed at all since then.
    Koji: Hm, what class am I in? What's this?
    Koji: Hinomoto Hikari? Could that be...?
    Koji: Uwa!
    Koji: Ow, that hurt... what was...
    Koji: Ah, are you ok?
    ???: Ow...I'm sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going...Ah!
    Koji: Hm?
    ???: Koji-chan.
    Koji: Is that you...Hikari?
    Hikari: Yep!
    Koji: It's been since we were elementary school kids.
    Koji: I'm sorry...
    Hikari: No, don't worry about it. You remembered me so I'll forgive you.
    Hikari: Ah, school is going to start.
    Koji: Yeah, let's go.
    Hinomoto: Sure
    Bakuretsuzan: Today is your first day students! Congradulations on getting this
    Bakuretsuzan: I am the principal of this highschool, I am BAKU RETSU ZAN!
    Bakuretsuzan: That is all!
    Hikari: Koji-kun
    Koji: Ah, Hikari.
    Hikari: Hehe, it's a relief we're in the same class.
    Koji: Just moving back and all. It is good to have you in the same class as me.
    Hikari: There is a lot you don't know about. I'll have to tell you about them.
    Hikari: Ah, it's the teacher. Seeya later.
    Koji: (Well, time to get on my way home.)
    Hikari: Koji-kun. Let's walk home together.
    Koji: Ok, sure let's go.
    Hikari: ...
    Koji: What is it?
    Hikari: You haven't changed at all.
    Koji: Really, you think so?
    Hikari: Yep!
    Koji: Hikari, have you changed?
    Hikari: Aah-, I cried because of you!
    Koji: Tch!
    Hikari: Hehehe!
    Koji: Hahahaha!
    :::::-B-Meeting Takumi and Jun:::::::
    Koji: (Well, I should get ready to go home.)
    ???: Hey!
    Koji: Ah...hi. You're...Sakaki-kun, right?
    Takumi: Yeah, that's right. I'm glad you remembered.
    Koji: Ha...
    Takumi: Hey, you know Hinomoto-san, are you in a relationship with her?
    Koji: Eh?
    Takumi: Are you her boyfriend?
    Koji: That's not it...at all. We're just friends...
    Takumi: Oh. Oh...You'll have to tell me about it in detail. Well, since we're here
    let's talk about it.
    ???: Takumi! What are you waiting around for?
    Takumi: Ah, Jun! I'm over here.
    ???: Geez...
    Takumi: This is Hokari Juniichirou. We just call him Jun.
    Jun: Hokari Juniichirou, nice to meet you.
    Koji: Ah, yeah, same. (Hokari Juniichirou...)
    Takumi: Well, we can talk about things in full detail one our way home. Before
    we get to the
    Jun: I have no interest in talking about such things.
    Takumi: Don't say that, Jun. From here on we're high school students.
            Also now, we can meet, spend time and have relationship with a girl.
    Jun: A...A relationship!?
    Takumi: See, I know your interested.
    Jun: Wa, I'm leaving!
    Takumi: Ah... Ah, oh well. Anyway, let's go to that cafe.
    Koji: Ah...
    Koji: (What we talked about was Hikari and many other things...)
    Takumi: Now, that I think about it, do you know the story of the Legendary Bell
    of Hibikino high school?
            Are you familiar with it?
    Koji: Legendary Bell?
    Takumi: The bell tower in the middle of the garden.
    Koji: Ah, that. What about it?
    Takumi: It says that, if the couple dressed in there school uniform confess
    there love by it.
            They will live in eternal happiness together forever.
    Koji: Heh, that's romantic.
    Takumi: Ah, well, this is as far as I go. Ah, that's right. If you ever need
    some information
            about a girl just call me.
    Koji: Ok.
    Koji: (Sakaki Takumi and Hokari Juniichirou...hmm.)
    :::::-C-Meeting Hikari and Kotoko:::::
    Koji: Time to go home.
    ???: Hmm, what an ordinary boy.
    Koji: (Why is that girl staring at me like that?)
    ???: Ah, Hikari. Over this way.
    Hikari: Sorry, Kotoko. Oh, Koji-kun. Are you on your way home?
    Koji: Yeah, that's right. Anyway, Hikari, who is this person?
    ???: Ha~. He is quite the eccentric one, right Hikari?
    Hikari: Ko, Kotoko, what are you saying, geez!
    ???: Yes. Yes.
    Koji: (??)
    Koji: Um...
    Hikari: Ah, sorry. This is Minazuki Kotoko. My close friend.
    Kotoko: I am Minazuki Kotoko. Well, as for this girl...
    Hikari: Ko, Kotoko!
    Kotoko: Yes. Yes. Well, pleased to meet you.
    Koji: Ah, yeah, nice to meet you.
    Hikari: Well, let's all walk home together.
    Oe: Ok.
    Oe: (Minazuki-san? Hmm...Hikari's "close friend". She's the total opposite of
    6. Girl Related Events
    B. Kotoko Minazuki
     ::When joining the Tea Ceremony Club::
    Kotoko: Oh. You are in the Tea Ceremony Club? Hmmm, you are quite an unusual
      ::Going on a date to the Botanic gardens::
    Koji: (Well then, I'm going to wait for Minazuki-san at the gathering spot in
    front of the
          large bridge.)
    Koji: (I arrived just alittle early.)
    Kotoko: Oh, you are here. Did I keep you waiting, I wonder?
    Koji: No, I now just arrived.
    Kotoko: I see, I am glad. Well then, shall we go?
    Koji: Yes, lets.
    Koji: (Minazuki-san, really is polite.)
    +            +
    + 8. Secrets +
    +            +
    1. About the Bad Ending
    When you do not receive a confession, you get the bad ending. The bad ending
    follows two
    certain patterns. The protagonist and his male friends also do not receive
    confessions and
    just the protagonist only doesn't receive a confession. Since the bad ending is
    you don't want to see, the bad ending has a theme song for personal use. Just
    once try and
    see the bad ending.
    *Bad Ending requirements*
    -Protagonist, Jun and Takumi all do not receive a confession.
    -Only the protagonist does not receive a confession while Jun and Takumi do.
    Information and Thanks
    Thanks to SCChan and DokiWaku for providing FAQs and information about the
    Thanks to Konami and there team for making such an awesome game.
    Copyright 2004 Tonberryking

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