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    Childhood System FAQ by DokiWaku

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/09/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Tokimeki Memorial 2 Childhood System FAQ ver 1.0  1/9/99
    By DokiWaku@aol.com  Wedoca Prods.
    Find this FAQ at either
    http://members.xoom.com/TokiMemo2/home.htm    or
    So you pop in Tokimeki Memorial 2, enter your name and birthday, 
    bloodtype....and then, instead of begging the high school  simulation, the game 
    starts with a week of you as a second grader. You have an isometric view of your 
    hometown, and lots of places to explore. There's quite a few special events you 
    don't want to miss, since they effect your endings with the different girls, so 
    I've documented all known events during childhood here in this FAQ.
      When Childhood System starts, Hikari comes to your house and asks if you would 
    like to go play with her. This happens each morning in the Childhood System. The 
    first choice is Yes, and you play together around town. The second choice is no, 
    and you explore the town on your own, and have the abillity to see the other 
    events. Below is the best route to take to get every scene.
    First Day
    Hikari comes to your house and asks if you want to go play. Pick first choice 
    "yes" Run to the small playground and look at the Slide. You and Hikari play in 
    the sandbox. Next, run away from Hikari until she stops and doesnt follow you 
    anymore. It helps to cut lots of corners. When she is off screen, your character 
    will realize she is missing, and suggests looking for her. Go back toward the 
    small playground, and you will find Hikari near the Billboard crying. The last 
    event for Hikari this day requires it to be dark out. Run to the mountain trail 
    near the top left of the map. Just keep moving around to make time pass. Once it 
    is dark, you will both get lost in the woods and Kasumi will come to find you 
    and bring you home.
    Second Day
    Tell Hikari, "yes" again and run toward the small park and billboard again. on 
    this road Kasumi will walk towards you. After talking for a few moments, Hikari 
    will get jealous and leave. Run to the small playground. Talk to Akane and you 
    will play house with her. Afterwards, Make your way to the Shinto Shrine located 
    in the center of town. Talk to Miho, who is praying for her prince to come. She 
    runs of embarrassed. Now go to the Cheap Sweets store, located on the road to 
    the small park. Miyuki will be in front of it. You need to look at the building 
    first (you buy some chocolate) then talk to Miyuki. A dog knocks Miyuki down, 
    and she drops her candy. You share yours with her. Finnaly, run to the furthest 
    store street near the top right of the map. Akane will buy groceries from a 
    store and begin to slowly walk home. Talk to her to help her carry them home. 
    This event causes night to fall and ends the day.
    Third Day
    Today, tell hikari, "NO" the second option. On the main road that runs through 
    the center of the map, you will eventually notice Homura and Akane running 
    around fast. Talk to both of them and follow them closely. They will run into 
    the Library. Quickly examine the building to enter behind them. Once you leave 
    the Library,head to the Riverbed Park near the bottom left corner of the map. 
    Talk to Miho to play in the birt with her. Head to the Shino Shrine next. When 
    Miyuki is near, examine the smaller shrine to the right of the main one. Miyuki 
    will bump into you. Go back to the Riverbed Park and talk to Homura, who should 
    be there now, running in circles. Homura will introduce you to her dog "Robo". 
    This event causes night to fall. Hikari automatically shows up and you go to the 
    festival together. She wants the ring, but you don't have enough money. You 
    promise to get it for her later.
    Fourth Day
    Again, tell Hikari "NO" the second option. You have a little time to kill before 
    the girls events on this day, so take the time to examine each builing. 
    answering the questions raises your stats, depending on your responses. For the 
    most part, when the question has 2 possible answers the first one is better, 
    while three responses, the third is the best. This is just a simple rule...and 
    it helps your stats a very small degree. Eventually, Mei will cross the bridge 
    near the bottom of the map and explore a little. She'll look at the dog outside 
    a house, then she'll look at some butterflies on the corner. When she heads to 
    the Riverbed Park on the bottom left corner of the map, follow her. Talk to her 
    to get the event, which also causes night to fall. Quickly run to the right, 
    under the bridge, to the other side of the map. Keep examining the fence along 
    the water along this side until it breaks, and you fall in the river. The secret 
    character Maika will pass by while on her paper route, and save you. Afterwards 
    either return home, or wander until Kasumi hunts you down.
    Fifth Day
    The fifth day is automatic. You go with Kasumi and Hikari to the Amusement Park. 
    Afterwards you tell you mom how much fun you had. She seems to be upset since 
    she doesnt reply, and you find out that you are moving away the next day.
    Childhood System ends and Tokimeki Memorial 2 Senior High School simulation 
    starts. There aren't any FAQs for this part of the game yet, but there are some 
    good web pages that offer thourough help. Since the game system follows that of 
    the first Tokimeki Memorial, pages and FAQs for the first game are helpful as 
    well. Good luck!!!   (^_^)
    DokiWaku 2000

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