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    Ending Translations by hooi

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                              Tokimeki Memorial 2 
                        Ending Translations Version 1.01
                                 Chia-Hooi Lim
    Sony Playstation's Tokimeki Memorial 2 is released on November 25, 1999 
    by Konami Entertainment Tokyo. This file contains the ending translations 
    of Tokimeki Memorial 2 Characters.
    I am not a professional translator, and I am doing these translations for 
    the fun of it. I first apologize for any mistakes that I make in the 
    translation. I hope you will enjoy them and please feel free to give me 
    your comments on them. The purpose of my translations is to give you the 
    most out of the endings without losing the feel of it. Of course, to get 
    the best out of the translations, you have to own the game itself. 
    Please support the gaming industries by buying only the original 
    version of the game. Please feel free to send me your comments at 
    hooi@iastate.edu :D
    Spoiler Alert: This document contains spoilers for the game, Tokimeki 
    Memorial 2.
      U P D A T E S
    Mar 18, 2002 (Ver.1.01):
       Finally know the exact way to get Mei-chan's 2nd ending and Akane-chan's 
       3rd ending. It would appear that there is a bug in TM2 for Akane-chan's 
       ending, and that's why Ending 1 and Ending 2 in ONLY the Omake mode is 
       the same. In additional to that, there is also a bug in the way to get 
       Akane-chan's last Ending. I will explain about it in the translation.
       I also add the missing Akane-chan's last ending translations. 
       I also reformat the update Section, so that it will take much less 
       file space. I want to keep the file at 55 kb. This time I am 
       really done.
    Aug 22, 2001 (Ver.1.00): 
       Akane-chan's the other ending are up. No matter how many I go through 
       Ending 1 and 2, I cannot find any differences between the two endings. 
       So, I just add Ending 3. So, now, I happily announced that the ending 
       translations is complete!! The future updates that you probably will see 
       errors and grammar corrections. Sayonara!!
    Aug 21, 2001 (Ver.0.20):
       Mei-chan's second ending is added to her translation. Thanks to pugster 
       in the gamefaqs.com MessageBoard (pug_s@hotmail.com) that I got 
       Akane-chan's third ending and Mei-chan's second ending. I still don't 
       understand, why I did not get those endings. I did exactly what he did...
    Aug 20, 2001 (Ver.0.19): 
       I noticed a lot of grammar errors in my translations and I corrected 
       most of them in Hikari-chan's, Kasumi-san's, Miho-san's and Kaori-chan's 
    Aug 20, 2001 (Ver.0.18):  
       I just add an explanation on how to get both Hikari-chan's endings at the 
       bottom of Hikari-chan's ending translation. I also add a suggestion on how 
       to get Takumi-kun ending. Those two are the most frequent questions 
       that I get in e-mails.
    Mar 10, 2001 (Ver.0.17): 
       I thought, I add Takumi-kun's ending as well, as a bonus. The reason why 
       I still haven't do other Akane-chan's endings is that I could not seem 
       to get the third ending. I try getting endings with and without meeting 
       Akane-chan during childhood, but I still could not get it. I want to get 
       the third ending, so I know the structure of the translation. It looks like 
       I am not going to make it. I still have work to do and my Sister Princess 
       CDs are coming soon. So, in the worst case scenario, you have to
       bare with Akane-chan having two endings.
    Mar  6, 2001 (Ver.0.16):
       Man, it's tough to get the second Kotoko-chan's ending. Hikari-chan keep 
       falling in love with me, until I got fed up and decided to let Hikari-chan 
       bomb me. Instead I got Akane-chan bomb together with Hikari-chan making 
       everybody except Kotoko-san in angry mode, which makes it easy to win 
       Kotoko-san. Kotoko-san was just above normal level, but I got 6 months 
       to get her to the confession level. I got her to that level in less than 
       3 months. It is due to the fact that if a girl is in angry mode, they don't 
       care about you, and therefore, do not set as much bomb, as ignoring a girl 
       who is in love with you. Just feel like ranting and hope you can learn 
       something from this. :D
    Mar  6, 2001 (Ver.0.15): 
       Add Kotoko-san's second ending. The one where Hikari-chan is NOT in love 
       with you. Next will be Akane-chan's second ending.
    Mar  2, 2001 (Ver.0.14): 
       I apologized for the the late posting of Akane-chan's ending. I was 
       stucked at one spot. It's hard to say it in a right way in English. So, 
       anyway, the first Akane-chan's Ending is posted. It is the ending where 
       you lost to her brother. The next Akane-chan's ending should be done soon.
    Jan  5, 2001 (Ver.0.13): 
       Added Table of Contents. The number on right hand side, is the number of 
       endings translated for each character.
    Jan  5, 2001 (Ver.0.12): 
       Add Kotoko-san's ending translation. There should be another ending for 
       Kotoko-san. I haven't got that ending yet, so I will only translate it 
       after I got it. I pretty busy lately. I need more time to do it. 
       Hopefully, I will finish translating Akane-chan's endings in a week or
       two. FYI, I only got two out of three of Akane-chan's endings. So, bear 
       with me. After finishing translating the endings, I was planning on 
       translating the special events for each girls. Not sure yet. IF I ever 
       decided to do that kind of translations, I will be accepting special 
       requests from people on which special events, they want me to translate 
       first. NOT NOW THOUGH!!
    Jan  4, 2001 (Ver.0.11): 
       Add Homura-san's ending translation. 
    Dec 14, 2000 (Ver.0.10):
       Improve Miyuki-chan's ending translation. 
    Nov 24, 2000 (Ver.0. 9):  
       Add Miyuki-chan's ending translation. 
    Nov 23, 2000 (Ver.0. 8): 
       Add Mei-chan's ending translation. I believe Mei-chan got two endings. 
       When I got time to play the game again, I will try to get her second 
    Nov 23, 2000 (Ver.0. 7): 
       Add Kaedeko-chan's ending translation.
    Nov  8, 2000 (Ver.0. 6): 
       Improve a bit more of Kasumi-san's translation.
    Nov  4, 2000 (Ver.0. 5): 
       Add the last SECRET character's ending.
    Nov  1, 2000 (Ver.0. 4):
       Improve Kasumi-san's ending translation.
    Oct 31, 2000 (Ver.0. 3): 
       Correct some grammars in both Hikari-chan's and Kasumi-san's Endings.
    Oct 30, 2000: (Ver.0. 2):
       Add Hikari-chan's and Kasumi-san's endings.
    Oct 29, 2000: (Ver.0. 1) 
       All four translation that I have done so far is put here in April. I 
       will start translating the endings again. Though, I cannot say how 
       soon, I will be able to finish it. I am working on Sentimental 
       Graffiti 2 Ending Translations now.
      L E G E N D
       ( )  - Action
        *   - Notes to understand the translation  
     --> [] - Translator's comments 
     "Fufu" - This means that she is giggling.
      T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
     + Main Characters' Endings
            - Hikari-chan's Ending  (2/2)
            - Kasumi-san's Ending   (1/1)
            - Miho-chan's Ending    (2/2)
            - Kaori-chan's Ending   (1/1)
            - Akane-chan's Ending   (3/3)
            - Kotoko-san's Ending   (2/2)
            - Miyuki-chan's Ending  (1/1)
            - Kaedeko-chan's Ending (2/2)
            - Mei-chan's Ending     (2/2)
            - Homura-san's Ending   (1/1)
     + Hidden Characters' Endings
            - Maho-chan's Ending    (1/1)
            - Sumire-chan's Ending  (1/1)
            - Maeka-san's Ending    (1/1)
     + Special Character's Ending
            - Takumi-kun's Ending   (1/1)
      M A I N   C H A R A C T E R S
      H I K A R I - C H A N ' S   E N D I N G   
    You   : Hikari.
    Hikari: Please forgive me for calling you out here suddenly...
    You   : Ah, sure... So... what's up?
    Hikari: ...
    You   : Hikari?
    Hikari: ... I don't like it. I don't like it that you are leaving.
    You   : Eh!? Why suddenly...
    Hikari: I don't like it ... anymore... that we are going to be parted.
    [Divergence]  **
      [Ending 1: Same Future Choice with Hikari-chan.]
        You   : I am not going any where. We are going to the same place 
        Hikari: It's not that! The road we choose for our future are the same,
                but when we graduated from here, we will be separated... 
                That's how I feel now. It's just like when we are young 
                and you moved away...
       (Flashback to the past.)
      [Ending 2: Different Future Choice with Hikari-chan.]
        You   : Hikari...
    [End of Divergence]
     Hikari: That time... when you moved away... I cried a lot. Every single
            day... I cried continuously. But then, I realized that I should
            stop crying because when we meet again one day, if I am still
            a cry baby, I will be hated. So, when I thought about it, I 
            do my best (not be to be a cry baby)... That's why... on that 
            school entrance day, when I meet you again, I did not cry in 
            front of you, as I promised myself. But, today, with the graduation 
            just around the corner, I...
    You   : Hikari...
    Hikari: I kept remembering about that time, that time when you moved 
            away... I find it hard to breath, and drown with sadness. When I 
            think  that you  will disappear in front of me, the tears... come 
            out... I don't want it, to be like this, to be like this... because
            I LOVE YOU!
    You   : Hikari... I also... I also love you, Hikari.
    Hikari: Ah...
    You   : I also don't want to part with Hikari again. Not... for a second
    Hikari: I understand... I understand... Please don't go anywhere else
            again... Please be by my side forever... please...
    (Bell Ring)
    Player: Ah, the legendary bell is ringing... It should not be ringing...*
    Hikari: The legend of the bell...
    You   : I will be by your side... forever, Hikari.
    Hikari: Okay.
    You   : Ah, Hikari. Do you have that ring now? The one I gave you long 
            time ago.
    Hikari: Ah, yes.
    You   : Give me your left hand.
    Hikari: Ah, yes.
    (Wear ring on her hand.)
    You   : Just as I thought, it's a bit small.
    Hikari: Ehehe, but, I am very happy! ... Player-kun.
    You   : ?
    Hikari: Forever, we will be together forever!
    *  The bell is supposed to be broken in the first place.
    ** After a couple of requests asking me how to get Hikari-chan's
       2nd Ending, I finally realized that it is not that clear to
       people. Remember that Hikari-chan will always try to have the 
       same future choice as you, so you have to fulfil a requirement
       for a future choice, while she does not. The easiest way to
       do this is to make sure that she did not qualify for the
       InterHigh during the third year and you must qualify. Entering
       InterHigh qualify you as a Club Master. So, train hard during 
       the first year and don't train as hard during the later two year,
       as whether she qualified for Interhigh depends a lot on her 
       Friendship Parameter.
      K A S U M I - S A N ' S   E N D I N G   
    You   : (Ah, Kasumi-san has already came.)
    You   : Oooi, Kasumi-san.
    Kasumi: Please forgive me for calling you out here. You were with your 
            friends, right?
    You   : I don't really mind. Well, what do you want to say to me?
    Kasumi: Yes, I will tell you one by one. ... First, congratulation on
            your graduation.
    You   : Ah, thanks.
    Kasumi: How is it? Are you satisfy with the three year in highschool?
    You   : Y, yes... But, I am still not too sure about it currently.
    Kasumi: I see, you are very straight-forward. So, did you have trouble
            choosing the road for your future?
    You   : T, that is...
    Kasumi: You also not sure about it, right?
    You   : Excuse me... What are you trying to say, Kasumi-san?
    Kasumi: Ah, sorry. I don't know why, I just say some nonsense.
            -->[Nervous, huh?]
    You   : Don't worry about it. ... Well?
    Kasumi: Right, I just thought, I am jealous that you are so confused,
            and not feeling the weight of reality.
    You   : Eh? What do you mean by that?
    Kasumi: Because no matter how confuse and worry you are, 
            the choices and decisions you haven't made determines
            which directions you go.
    You   : You, as well, Kasumi-san...
    Kasumi: Yes, I know it. I also the same. But, it's just that, my choices
            are much narrower than yours.
    You   : That's not true...
    Kasumi: Thanks. But, that is the truth. That... It's no use worrying 
            about it now.
    Kasumi: S, sorry. This is not the things I want to talk about. It has
            been a year and half since our reunion, I have changed a lot.
            I still have a lot of worries and still haven't really decided 
            what I want to do in the future, but... 
    Kasumi: But, I manage to forgive myself for it. It is better to do
            what I really want, instead of sticking to what I decided in 
            the past. I have gotten grip onto my life, and it feels as though
            that my feelings are pouring out of me... Everything is possible 
            because of you.
    You   : That's not true, I did not do anything...
    Kasumi: No. When I looked you and spent time with you, I changed... 
    You   : I do not understand this very well, but you are welcome.
    Kasumi: Ufufu... Now, is the main topic... But, this might caused you
            some trouble.
    You   : Eh?
    Kasumi: ... You will meet a lot of people from now on, and have a lot
            of different kind of experiences. You will live your own life. So,
            what I am going to say now, there is a chance that it will snatch
            away your possibilities.
    You   : ... I don't mind. I will listen to it, Kasumi-san.
    Kasumi: Yes, thank you. After you listen to what I say, feel free to
            have whatever reaction. In addition to that...
    You   : In addition to that?
    Kasumi: In addition to that, I already told you that I have changed.
            For myself, I will choose my own path in life.
    You   : Okay.
    Kasumi: So, I will say it now... I love you. Not as a little brother or
            as a childhood friend, but as the opposite(male) that I needed in
            my life.
    You   : Kasumi-san... Is it for real? Don't you feel that this is bad
            for your position (as a teacher)?
    Kasumi: I am fine with it. I am for real. No matter what happen, this
            is what I have decided for myself.
    You   : Kasumi-san...
    Kasumi: Just as I thought, it's no use. ... Sorry. See you, I...
    You   : Wait, Kasumi-san! I also love you, Kasumi-san.
    Kasumi: Eh...
    You   : ... I thought this is impossible. Because, Kasumi-san, 
    Kasumi: I, I...
    (Bell Ring)
    You   : Ah, the bell... It is not supposed to be ringing because it
            is supposed to be broken... It's a miracle.
    Kasumi: No, it's not a miracle. I bet, there is a reason for it. But,
            believing is the power, you know.
    You   : You are talking like a teacher again.
    Kasumi: Ufufu, that's true. But, until you leave here, I am the teacher,
            you are the student.
    You   : Cheh!* Why did you have to say such a thing at a time like now.
    Kasumi: But, are you sure, you are not going to regret this? It's 
            possible that you might meet girls that are much cuter and 
            much younger.
    You   : Ah, you are right! What should I do now?
    Kasumi: Ah, are you going to be unfaithful already?
    You   : I, I was just kidding, Kasumi-san.
    Kasumi: Ufufu, just kidding, just kidding. In addition that,
            I am still young, you know. Well, from now on... 
    You   : From now on?
    Kasumi: We will explore the adult world together... No, that's not right. 
            We should just spend time together happily... only that would be 
            enough for me. 
    You   : That's right, forever...
    Kasumi: Forever.
    * "Cheh" is the word used when you are unsatisfied with something.
      M I H O - C H A N ' S   E N D I N G   
    Note: Yousei==fairy 
    You   : Shirayuki-san.	
    Miho  : (Player)-san.
    You   : Well, that...
    Miho  : Sorry. The thing that I want to tell you no matter what is...
    You   : Wh, what could it be?
    Miho  : I... ... I, I am a weird girl, right?
    You   : Huh?
    Miho  : Because, whenever I am in trouble, I will start talking to 
    You   : W, well, that is...
    Miho  : I know it, Yousei-san does not really exist...
    You   : Shirayuki-san...
    Miho  : But, I really want to believe it. I believe it since I was young.
            If I ever start to doubt myself, I will realized that I am not
            the girl that I know... It will be as though I lose all my 
            memories. * My childhood memories (with you)**... The three years 
            that I spend with you... 
    You   : ...
    Miho  : That's why, I still believe them until now. The things that I believe
            since long ago. Yousei-san, Santa Claus, and of course... the prince
            on white horse that will come and pick me up. When I first met you, 
            I come to believe that you are my prince on white horse. Then, I
            realized it. I, I... love you! Will you make me your princess?
    You   : Shirayuki-san. I will take you as my princess.
    Miho  : !!
    You   : I also... love you.
    Miho  : I, I am very happy...
    (bell rings)
    You   : The legendary bell...
    Miho  : ... I believe it will ring. No, I want it to ring. But, for it
            to really ring...
    You   : It is because Shirayuki-san believe it. The legend of the bell.
    Miho  : Yes...
    You   : Well, let's go.
    Miho  : Yes, my prince... Ah... So... I knew it, it is really your doing.
    You   : Huh, what's up, Shirayuki-san?
    Miho  : It looks like that the bell really was rang to give blessings 
            to us. 
    You   : Huh, who rang it?
    Miho  : Isn't the answer obvious? Isn't that right, Yousei-san?
    * Basically, what she is trying to say is that if she ever doubt who she 
    believes she is now, the way she lives until now will become a lie. 
    ** Ending 1 don't have "with you", Ending 2 have "with you".
      K A O R I - C H A N ' S   E N D I N G   
    Kaori : The wind, it feels great.
    You   : I agree... .
    Kaori : Well... You see, I am not good in conversation, so I am not confident
            that I will be able to tell you what I want to tell you correctly...
    You   :	Yae-san, please take your time. I don't mind getting late to the
            graduation ceremony.
    Kaori :	You can't do that for me... But, thanks. You always have been like 
            this, thinking about my feelings.
    You   : Is, is that so... Sorry, it must be hard on you.
    Kaori : No, not at all. I, am happy about it... You kindly approached me,
            even though I am a weird girl, who cannot made any friends.
    You   : Yae-san...
    Kaori : Really, thank you very much. I could talk now like this, it is
            all because of you...
    You   : ... I'm glad.
    Kaori : ... Actually, last year, I was thinking of quitting school.
    You   : Eh?
    Kaori : ... Because coming from my previous school, nothing has changed 
            at all. Still cannot make friends, and still cannot play 
    You   : That is because...
    Kaori : It's okay, I know. Everything is because of my own fault. I 
            don't trust anybody, so nobody trust me. ... That is for sure,
            isn't it? But, I did not found out about it, by myself. You are the 
            one who make me realized that. You, always care about me, always 
            invite me to many places. ... It was fun. That's why, all the 
            memories of this school, no, all the fond memories of my 
            highschool life, are the memories that I shared with you.
    You   : Yae-san, I also feel the same.
    Kaori : ... You are really kind. But, you spent time with me because you 
            pitied me being alone. Among your many friends, I am the only weird 
    You   : Yae-san!
    Kaori : But! But... I, I, only have you! Somehow, I fell in... I know, it
            is going to be a burden for you, and you are going laugh at it...,
            But, but... I love you. Now, and forever... .
    You   : Yae-san... 
    Kaori : Sorry for saying that selfishly... But, I don't want to be like	
            like my old self anymore. That's why, today, I have to... .
    You   : Yae-san, you have misunderstood me. I also love you, Yae-san.
            Since long ago... .
    Kaori : Eh... That can't be true...
    You   : You don't believe me?
    Kaori : I do believe you... Because, those are your words... Thanks, I, 
            am very happy...
    (bell rings)
    Kaori : The legendary bell... We can still hear it ring, even though it
            never rang before.
    You   : I wonder if it is because everybody believe in the legend. What do 
            you think? 
    Kaori : Yes, I bet that is the reason...
    You   : I guess so... ... Ah! The graduation ceremony has begun!
    Kaori : Ah! So, sorry! Well, let's hurry...
    You   : ... let us be late, Yae-san?
    Kaori : Eh? 
    You   : Let them be angry at us, I want to stay here for a bit longer.
    Kaori : ... Yes. ... let's do that.
    You   : It is better to create nice memory than having memory of
            the graduation ceremony, right?
    Kaori : Right... The last memory of our high school life...
    You   : With Yae-san and me...
    Kaori : For just the two of us...
      A K A N E - C H A N ' S   E N D I N G   
     Baito    ==> Baito Banchou (Part-time Banchou)
     Sou      ==> Sou Banchou
     Kin      ==> Kinniku Banchou
     Ko       ==> Kogarashi Banchou
     Hi       ==> Hi no Tama Banchou
     Kisama   == Rude way of "you". 
     Kisamara == Rude way of "you" in plural form. 
      Ending 1: Lose to Banchou 
      Ending 2: Defeat Banchou and do not fulfil the requirement of ENDING 3.
      Ending 3: Do not meet with Akane-chan during childhood, defeat Banchou
                and DO NOT choose Akane-chan's Kissaten for the Bunkasai Event.
    NOTE 1: Ending 1 and Ending 2 are the same in the Omake Section.)
    NOTE 2: In Ending 3, even though you did not meet Akane-chan during 
            childhood, she still say that you are that childhood friend.
            Opposite to what is in Ending 2. It's a bug! It's a bug!
      [Ending 1]
      [Ending 2 & 3]
        Sou   : Ki, kisama, what are you doing here-!
                Nu, Nuuu-, Akane-!!
                I, I won't accept only this-!!
        Kin   : Sou Banchou~!
        Ko    : Please restrain yourself!
        Hi    : If you really think what is best for Big Sister!
        Sou   : Ki, kisamara, do you think I will let this go, just because you
                are doing this... Uh, l, let go of me, let go of me-!
        Hi    : Well, let's take him outside!
        Ko    : Right... Here, here, Banchou, this way...
    [End Divergence]
    Baito : This is all we can do for you now. You only need to say the 
            words now, big sister... It's going to be okay, 
            do your best, Akane-chan.
    Player: ... Akane-chan.
    Akane : ... Well,
            ... Now is the busiest time during the graduation... that...
            Please forgive me for calling you out here.
    Player: You don't have to worry about that kind of things... More
            importantly, why did you call me here?
    Akane : I, always, give you a lot of troubles... This three years,
            please forgive me...
    Player: Why did you apologize? I had a lot of fun because 
            of you, Akane-chan. I should be the one thanking you.
    Akane : ... I... I... don't want to graduate.
    Player: Why?
    Akane : You know how my family is like, right? ... I got to work 
            part-time, and don't have the freedom to play like other
      [Ending 1]
      [Ending 2 & 3]
            ... and my brother is like that.
    [End Divergence]
            I... I... 
    Player: ... Akane-chan.
    Akane : ... But, you always come to invite me to go somewhere, without
            hesitation, you always spend time together with me... Because of 
            you, this three years was really fun. So, I hate it when we 
            are going to be separated today!
    Player: That's not true... After graduation, we can still meet as usual.
    Akane : No, that's not what I meant. Even we go to the same school...
            or being classmate... or being workmate...
    Player: That's not what I meant. I...
    Akane : Don't say it! It's okay, because you are kind... But, please
            listen. I decided to give up once, thinking that there is
            nothing I can do about it... But, that won't work...
      [Ending 1 & 2]
      [Ending 3]
        Akane : After all, I realized that you are that boy from that 
                time who I cannot forget.
    [End Divergence]
    Akane : ... I really have been troubled. I could not even sleep 
            yesterday... So, I made up my mind. To find where we stand,
            I want you, I want you to know my true feelings!
    Player: Eh?!
    Akane : I... I love you! I want to be with you forever!
    Player: Ah... Akane-chan, actually, I also...
    Akane : Eh?
    Player: I also love you too, Akane-chan.
    Akane : ... You are lying, right? Because I... I... 
    Player: There are no reason otherwise. It is because it is you. I love
            the Akane-chan, who always go forward no matter what and always 
    Akane : Thanks... I am very happy...
      [Ending 1]
        Player: Come to think about it, who is that strange person with 
                sunglasses, the person who called you "Big Sister".
        Akane : Ah, that, you don't have to worry about it...
        Player: Even though you said that...
        Akane : I will tell you about it one day. It is because it is going to
                be a very long story and also because we are going to have 
                a lot of time from now on.
        Player: ... I see.
        Akane : That's why, for now, it's a secret, it's a secret!
      [Ending 2 & 3]
        (Bells ring)
        Player: Ah, the broken bell is ringing... Even the god is rooting
                for us.
        Akane : Yeah... I am really happy...
        Player: ?
        Akane : I LOVE YOU!
        (Sound of broken bones)
        Player: (GUHAA!) -->[Scream of pain.]
    [End Divergence]
    * I compared the text between Ending 1 and Ending 2 and I find out that
      they are exactly the same.
      K O T O K O - S A N ' S   E N D I N G   
    [Tea Ceremony Club Room]
    Player: The Tea Ceremony Club Room, huh. I will be parting with it
            soon. I feel a bit lonely.
    Kotoko: ... (Sigh...)
    Player: Huh? Kotoko-san, why do you suddenly stand up?
    Kotoko: You know, I... When I am in this room, I saw a bit of 
            myself in here.
    Player: Yourself?
    Kotoko: No matter how trouble or confused I am, after I came back
            to this room and take a deep breath, I felt more peaceful.
            But... I will be separated from this room today. From now
            on, I have to start relying on myself, or else...
    Player: How to say it... It doesn't sound like Kotoko-san talking
            at all.
    Kotoko: Hey, do you remember the time when we first met?
    Player: Yes, you are introduced as Hikari's best friend and look
            at me as though I am your enemy. I was a bit troubled.
    Kotoko: ... I am stupid.
    Player: Eh?
    Kotoko: I should only be rooting for Hikari... But why, why, I...
    Player: Kotoko-san.
    Kotoko: Sorry. But, just let me say this. I love you.
      [Ending 1: Hikari-chan is NOT in love with you.]
        Player: I also... I also love you, Kotoko-san.
        Kotoko: Eh, you're lying... You love this kind of, you love 
                this kind of me?
        Player: Yes, I love it.
        Kotoko: I... am very happy... 
        (Bell rings)
        Player: The legendary bell is ringing... even though it is not
                supposed to be ringing...
        Kotoko: Is it okay for it to ring... for a person like 
        Player: There is no exception. It rings for any girl of this
                school who has the rights to be happy.
        Kotoko: Ufufu... Are you trying to look cool? It's not like
        Player: Is, is that so?
        Kotoko: Right, but, I... love that kind of you very much!
      [Ending 2: Hikari-chan is also in love with you.]
        Player: Kotoko-san, I...
        Kotoko: Stop it! Hikari is... Hikari is waiting for you. So, 
                please! Go to Hikari! She is waiting under the bell! 
                ... Good bye!
          [Choice 1: I have to chased after Kotoko-san!]
            Player: Wait! Wait, Kotoko-san!
            Kotoko: Idiot! Why... you should go to Hikari!
            Player: If it is not... If it is not Kotoko-san, it wouldn't
            Kotoko: !!
            Player: I love you, Kotoko-san.
            Kotoko: You can't be saying that... Do you understand the 
                    situation!? Hikari loves you!
            Player: But... I love Kotoko-san. I cannot lie to myself
                    about this kind of thing...
            Kotoko: (Slap You) Idiot!
            Kotoko: ...
            Player: ...
            Kotoko: You are an idiot... Idiot!! (Hug you)
            Player: I am stupid, but... because I love you, Kotoko-san
            Kotoko: Being idiot is fine... I... love that kind of you.
          [Choice 2: Go to Hikari.]
            Player: (Ah, Hikari is waiting.)
            Player: Hikari...
            Hikari: What happened with Kotoko?
            Player: I was with her just now. She asked me to meet you 
                    and run away.
            Hikari: ...
            Player: Hikari... I, from very long time ago, lov...
            Hikari: Kotoko... cried, didn't she?
            Player: Ah, yes...
            Hikari: Kotoko loves you.
            Player: ...
            Hikari: Kotoko is holding back her feelings for me... 
                    for me.
            Player: Hikari...
            Hikari: Please forgive me! No matter what, I cannot betray
            Player: ...
            Hikari: Please understand! So... Good bye!
            Player: (...I am the worst!)
        [End Choice]
    [End of Divergence]
      M I Y U K I - C H A N ' S   E N D I N G   
    [School Gate]
    Miyuki: Ooooi! Waaaait! Pleeeaaassseee!
    You   : (Huh? Kotobuki-san. Ah, come to think about it, I did not see her 
            around today. What has happened?) 
    Miyuki: Hah, hah, sei, sei. *
    You   : Are you alright?
    Miyuki: ... I am fine, I am fine. ... By the way, the graduation ceremony 
            is over, right?
    You   : Y, yes. Unfortunately, you didn't make it.
    Miyuki: ... I see. ... But, I am glad I make it.
    You   : Eh?
    Miyuki: ... Let's go to the central garden.
    You   : Eh, central garden? I think it would be better that you go to the 
            student clinic... 
    Miyuki: I am fine, so please. Let's go to the central garden.
    You   : S, sure.
    You   : (What's up with Kotobuki-san? She is in such a bad shape, but I can 
            feel that she is more steady than usual.)
    [Central Garden]
    Miyuki: ... Here would be fine.
    You   : Kotobuki-san?
    Miyuki: ... UWAAAAAAAHHHHH!
    You   : Wh, what's wrong, Kotobuki-san? Are you alright? What had happened?
    Miyuki: A lot of different things! Just like rally in tennis, I got 
            ping-ponged by truck. When I thought it was over, I got onto
            the carrier of the truck. When it stopped, I flew and dropped 
            into the river. Then, I got fished by a stranger. There is more
            than that... Anyway, it is the worst day that I had ever faced
            in my entire life!
    You   : Kotobuki-san...
    Miyuki: ...But, but! I did my best! Thinking that this is a test given
            by the god to see if I am qualified to be happy, the god must have
            seen the way I hold on without being discouraged.
    You   : Kotobuki-san, then...
    Miyuki: ... Then, I make it. I am late for the graduation ceremony, but
            I managed to meet you!
    You   : !?
    Miyuki: I don't have anything else to be afraid of, so I will say what
            my heart desires... I, Miyuki, love you!
    You   : Kotobuki-san.
    Miyuki: Don't say anything, I know the answer. There is nobody who want 
            to be with someone who always have something weird happening to 
            her and whose luck is always bad. But, I have to say it... 
            Because I have to for the whole of my life, so...
    You   : I also love you, Kotobuki-san.
    Miyuki: Eh? Wh, what did you just said?
    You   : I said, I also love you, Kotobuki-san.
    Miyuki: Because... But, if... if you are with me...
    You   : I am happy as long I am with you, Kotobuki-san.
    Miyuki: I am glad... I.... I am very lucky!
    (Bell rings)
    Miyuki: Ah, the legendary bell... It should not be ringing...
    You   : Your luck, which is bad until now will be good from now
            on, I guess?
    Miyuki: Ehehee. If that is true, it would be great.
    You   : A miracle has happened, so it will be fine.
    Miyuki: Yes, that's true. Well, let's go some place and have fun...
    (A bell falls down.)
    You   : Kotobuki-san, look out!
    Miyuki: Hanya? -->[I assume, it means "Huh?", just some Miyuki-chan's 
                       created words.]
    Miyuki: Hanyaaa! The bell has fallen down!!
    You   : I was taken by surprise...
    Miyuki: What, what, what, what should I do! The bell is broken, so 
            the legend is no longer valid? 
    You   : It rings, that's all it matters.
    Miyuki: Is that... so?
    You   : That is so.
    Miyuki: I see, that's true! Thanks, Player. I, am very happy now!
    * Out of breath.
      K A E D E K O - C H A N ' S   E N D I N G   
    [School Gate]
    Kaedeko: Player-san.
    You    : Sakura-san.
    Kaedeko: Ehee, congratulation on your graduation.
    You    : Th, thanks. You, as well. Congratulation on your 
             graduation. Huh, what happen to your graduation 
    Kaedeko: When it is over, I rushed here. There is something...
             I have to tell you no matter what...
    You    : ?
    Kaedeko: W, well... T, that... Let's see...
    You    : Sakura-san?
    Kaedeko: P, please forgive me! I don't know what I am doing.
             Th, that's right!
    You    : What's wrong?
    Kaedeko: R, right! I cannot say it here, let's go to the 
             central garden...
    You    : Sure.
    [Central Garden]
    You    : Is this place fine with you?
    Kaedeko: Yes... W, well, I... That... Yes, right! I want to
             apologized about what happened at the fireworks 
             festival. I cried without saying anything... That 
             time... When I think that this is the last time I am
             going to meet you, I cannot stop my tears from coming
      [Ending 1: You go to Hokkaidou for the school trip.]
        Kaedeko: That's why when I met you at Hokkaidou, I was very 
                 happy. Even though, it is only for a short period
                 of time, I saw you... and I heard your voice...
      [Ending 2: You did not go to Hokkaidou for the school trip.]
        Kaedeko: That's why I have to hear your voice no matter what.
                 That's why I phoned you... When I heard your voice,
                 I was very happy.
    [End of Divergence]
    Kaedeko: But, after saying "good bye", I always became very 
             sad... I realized that our distance is far apart...
             Very, very far apart...
    You    : Sakura-san...
    Kaedeko: When we graduated... I felt that... we really will not
             meet each other again... That's why... the things that
             I have been wanting to tell you, I am going to say it
             now... I, I, love you! From very, very long time ago! 
    You    : Actually, I also...
    Kaedeko: Ah...
    You    : love you, Sakura-san.
    Kaedeko: Thank you. Ehehe, I am weird. I am very happy, and yet
             I am crying.
    (Bell Rings)
    You    : Ah, the legendary bell. It should not be ringing...
    Kaedeko: I am very happy. Ah, but, is it okay for me to be
             Hibikino student?
    You    : I think it's fine. If not, it will not match the 
             legend itself.
    Kaedeko: Right!
      M E I - S A N ' S   E N D I N G   
    + ENDING 1:
      - You didn't meet Mei-chan in the past or didn't get the riverside event.
      - You didn't get Ijuin Family MIB's event during winter the second year.
    + ENDING 2:
      - You did meet Mei-chan in the past AND get the riverside event.
      - You get Ijuin Family MIB's event during winter the second year.
      Kisama == Rude way of "you". 
      Senpai == senior
    You   : (I really have graduated. I am going to part with this classroom 
            today, huh)
    You   : Huh!?
    Mei   : ...
    You   : Ah, Ijuuin-san. What's up?
    Mei   : (Player's Last Name)... senpai. C, congratulation on your graduation.
    You   : Eh? T, thanks.
    Mei   : ... You look happy...
    You   : Eh?
    Mei   : What... what am I going to do now...
    You   : Eh?
    Mei   : Kisama, nothing is bothering you. You selfishly graduated from this 
            school... without caring about the people that you are leaving 
    You   : Leaving behind...?
    Mei   : ...
    You   : (Huh?)
    Mei   : Why didn't you get retained in this school for another year?
    You   : Eh?
    Mei   : If you did that, we can be together for another year... Kisama, you
            better disappear in front of me!!
    (Mei Run away, and you chased after her.)
    You   : Wait, wait a second!
    [Central Garden]
    You   : Hah, hah...* Ijuuin-san... 
    Mei   : Wh, what do you want! Why did you chase after me!
    You   : Because... you look strange.
    Mei   : Ki, kisama, why are you so thick-headed!
    You   : Eh?
      [Ending 1]
      [Ending 2]
        Mei   : You haven't improved a bit since when we are young! 
                You don't keep your promises!
                You don't understand girl's feeling!
        You   : ... G, girl's feeling??
    [End of Divergence]
    Mei   : Listen up! I will say this one time only. Kisama... n, not kisama,
            senpai... I love... you.
    You   : !!
    Mei   : I cannot endured the fact that we are not going to meet each other 
            again any more... But, at least this feeling is...
    You   : I also... I also love you, Ijuuin-san.
    Mei   : R, really!? You like me who is so selfish!?
    You   : Yes, that's right. I love you including the part of you who is 
    Mei   : ... I am happy.
    (Bells ring)
    You   : The legendary bell, huh...
    Mei   : Until now, I don't believe in miracles. But...
    You   : You believe it now?
    Mei   : I believe it now...
    You   : ... That's right! Do you want my uniform's button?
    Mei   : What do I do with the button?
    You   : Ah, how to say it, it is common that that the girl gets the second 
            button of the uniform of the senpai that she likes.
    Mei   : It's not necessary.
    You   : Huh!?
    Mei   : Of course, the second button belongs to me. Kisama's everything
            belongs to me!
    You   : Eh??
    Mei   : Well, let's go. You have to start the perfect training to become 
            my master (husband). 
    You   : Eh, eeeeehhhh!!
    Mei   : Haaahahaha! I am the happiest person in the world!
    * Out of breath
      H O M U R A - S A N ' S   E N D I N G   
    Homura: Today, we, as graduating senior, are leaving Hibikino High
            into the society. We are touched to have everybody here to
            watch over our graduation and share our happiness being
            able to graduate...
    Player: (Really sound like a graduating speech.)
    Homura: Let's put aside this standard speech. I, find this three years
            very interesting.
    Player: (!?)
    Homura: Nyahahaha! I cannot remember everything though. Sports' Day is
            fun, Cultural Fair is fun, everything, except the time I spend
            at my classroom desk and the time I am studying, are fun.
    Homura: Hmmmm... It's really fun. Ahhhh, well, there is nothing I
            can do about it. No, I cannot say that! Damn! I don't know
            how to say it!
    Player: (...)
    Homura: Ahhh, that, what is it... The thing that I want to say is, 
            you know... Sports' Day and Cultural Fair are fun because
            you are there. Of course, the school study trip too.
    Player: (Eh?)
    Homura: Damnnnn, it's hot. When I think of you, this part of me feels
    Homura: ... What I am trying to say is that... what I am trying to 
            say is...
    Homura: Player. I want to play with you forever. Hey, play with me
    Player: (Akai-san...)
    Player: Akai-san.
    Homura: Ah...
    Player: Let's see, that... Let's play together from now on too, 
    Homura: Eh....
    Player: Because... I... love you, Akai-san.
    Homura: My graduating speech is ended here! Representing the graduating
            seniors, Student Organization President, Akai Homura!
    (Homura bow and people clap hands)
    (bell rings)
    Player: Even the bell, that are not supposed to ring, rings...
    Homura: Eh, what do you mean by that?
    Player: Akai-san, you don't know? You know, the one with the
            legend that if you become a couple under ringing bell, 
            you will be happy forever.
    Homura: Hmmmmmm.
    Player: What do you mean by that?
    Homura: I don't really care about the legend. Because we do 
            not need that kind of things to have fun forever! Isn't
            that right?
    Player: That's right!
    Homura: Okay, let go somewhere to eat to celebrate our graduation!
    Player: Sure!
      H I D D E N   C H A R A C T E R S
      M A H O - C H A N ' S   E N D I N G     
    You   : Ah, Shirayuki-san...
    Maho  : You came... Sorry for calling you out here. You must have been
            surprised, right?
    You   : Yes, a bit. So, what's up?
    Maho  : Well, you see, there is something that I want to tell you about 
            before graduation. You know, about me... pretending to be my sister. 
            That is, how I can say it... It was interesting at the beginning 
            when I was pretending to be my sister.
    You   : ...
    Maho  : To me, it feels like it a fashionable thing to do. But... that
            slowly changes. I became... jealous of my sister...
    You   : Eh?
    Maho  : Because... she is close (to you).
    You   : ???
    Maho  : If it is really possible, I really want to become my sister. I
            was jealous of Hibikino High. I even thought about transferring
            there. But, if you ever found out that I was pretending to be
            my sister, I afraid that you might started to hate me.
    You   : That's not true at all...
    Maho  : Yes... Yes... That won't happen, right? That time, I was really 
            very happy. In addition to that, I started to feel glad that 
            I go to Kirameki High. -->[She is referring to Seaside Event]
    You   : Why?
    Maho  : Well, you see, if I go to Hibikino High in the first place,
            I might not have met you.
    You   : Shi, shirayuki-san... Are you trying to tell me that...
    Maho  : Wait... Do you know about Kirameki High Legend?
    You   : Y, yes. On the day of graduation, if the girl confess her love
            and got accepted under the big tree outside the schoolyard,
            the couple will be happy forever...
    Maho  : ... I love you.
    You   : ...
    Maho  : Ahaha... I guess, it won't work this way. I'm such a cunning girl,
            after all...
    You   : Shirayuki-san. No, Maho-chan. I love you too, Maho-chan.
    Maho  : Eh... Really?!
    You   : Yes, really.
    Maho  : Aha, I guess, I really a cunning girl.
    You   : That's true.
    Maho  : Hey, you supposed to disagree.
    You   : So, sorry...
    Maho  : Ufufu(giggle), it's okay. Well, I have to reclaim all my
            share until now.
    You   : All my share until now? Reclaim?
    Maho  : Yes, all the things about me that I cannot tell you when
            I was pretending to be my sister! From now on, I will take
            my time in telling you everything.
    You   : Sure!
      S U M I R E - C H A N ' S   E N D I N G   
    You   : (Aaaa, the graduation ceremony is also over, I guess it really time
            for me to part with this school...)
    ???   : Kikikiii!
    You   : Deiji-! Where is Sumire-chan? Did she come?
    Deiji : Kikikiikiiki-.
    You   : You said, you come to pick me up?
    Deiji : Ki-ki!
    You   : I understand, let's go!
    (Go to the ground where the circus used to perform and saw Sumire-chan and
    her father)
    Sumire: (player)-san
    You   : Sumire-chan. You did not come this year*... so I got worried.
    Sumire: ... Sorry. Other people has quit, only us remains...
    You   : Is that so... I guess, you are going to quit circus...
    Sumire: That's not true! We are not going to quit doing circus!
    You   : Huh?
    Sumire: We are still doing circus now. And... we will continue to do circus
    You   : Sumire-chan.
    Sumire: You are the one who teach me this. Circus is the thing that gives
            people dreams and hopes. You see... Though, we don't have big
            tent and stage anymore... But, people can still see our performance.
            That's why... I believe, people can still get their dreams and hopes.
    You   : ...
    Sumire: We will continue to travel. At different towns, at different 
            locations... Circus can still be performed. ... I don't know when
            I will come to Hibikino again. That's why, I want to meet you
            no matter what, to say my goodbye...
    You   : ...
    Sumire: I... I... love you. When you told me that... you like my 
            in-middle-of-air prank, I fell in love with you.
    You   : Sumire-chan...
    Sumire: ... Sorry. Saying this kind of thing, really give you a lot of
            trouble, isn't it? Well, let's part then...
    You   : Wai, wait! I also... I also love you, Sumire-chan.
    Sumire: Eh?
    You   : Not only your in-middle-of-air prank. I also love Sumire-chan,
            who always do her best.
    Sumire: Thanks...
    (bell rings)
    You   : Ah, this bell's ring... Could it be...
    Sumire: The legendary bell...
    You   : Sumire-chan... Can I... Can I come along with you?
    Sumire: Huh?
    You   : I don't know much... But, I also wants to help to give people 
            dreams and hopes
    Sumire: I'm glad... but...
    Deiji : Ukiiki-!
    (Deiji jumps onto Sumire-chan's shoulder)
    Sumire: Ah, Deiji-!
    Deiji : Ki-ki, ki-!
    You   : Deiji- said he is okay with it.
    Sumire: Deiji-. Will you come with us?
    You   : Of course!
    Sumire: Good, let's go then! Everybody!
    * What the player meant is that the circus was not held that year.
    Comments: How the hell did the player understand what Deiji- said?!
      M A E K A - S A N ' S   E N D I N G   
    Maeka : Yo, young man!
    You   : Maeka-san...
    Maeka : What's with that dark look on your face? I bet nobody have confessed
            to you, right?
    You   : U... (Sound of the struggles to hold back tears)
    Maeka : Bull eyes, huh~? How sad~?
    You   : Uu... (Sound of the struggles to hold back tears)
    Maeka : Ahhh. Ahhh. Okay, okay. Don't be like that. After all, big sister 
            has deliberately come to cheer you up.
    You   : Eh?
    Maeka : I will go out with you, young man!
    (long pause)
    You   : ... Huh?
    Maeka : What, you are not satisfied, huh!
    You   : No, no, not at all. But, why?
    Maeka : Isn't it obvious, I love you.
    (another long pause)
    You   : ... It got to be a lie~.
    Maeka : Young generation seems to be very distrustful. I hate lies and 
            utsubo. -->[utsubo=="ugly eel"]
    You   : Are you serious?
    Maeka : I am serious, really serious!
    You   : Ye, ye, yess...
    Maeka : Wait a moment, young man! It's too early to be happy. Listen to
    (Maeka-san snap her finger)
    You   : This sound of the bell... Could it be...
    Maeka : That's right, it's the legendary bell. How is it, you are happy, 
            right? With this, our love will be forever.
    You   : I, I am happy, but... How did you make it ring, Maeka-san?
    Maeka : Well, it's because I am the one who broke the bell.
    You   : Eeeeeh! Is, is that so?
    Maeka : Huh? I never said it before? Noooo, I guess, this what they 
            called "influenced by the young". Well, forget about that, Just 
            now, I went "cha cha" and fix it. 
    You   : Huh...
    Maeka : Let's see, love confession is also over... Make preparation, 
    Player: Eh? "Make preparation"... for what?
    Maeka : Travel.
    Player: "Travel"... Where to?
    Maeka : I wonder?
    Player: What do you mean by that?
    Maeka : It will be fine, it will be fine. No matter where we go
            there will be jobs. I want Darling to know the world much
            better, and become a big man. Don't you agree?
    Player: Huh, (sigh)...
    Maeka : Then, let's depart!
      S P E C I A L   C H A R A C T E R 
      T A K U M I - K U N' S   E N D I N G   
    Player: Today is graduation day... Today is the last day, I will
            wear this uniform.
    [On the way to the school]
    Player: Today is also the last day I walk up this slope as 
            a high school student.
    Player: Today is graduation day... Huh? There is a letter in
            my desk...
    Letter: "I have something important to tell you. I will be 
            waiting at the central garden."
    Player: I wonder who is the sender... Anyway, I should be going.
    [Central Garden]
    Takumi: Please forgive me for calling you out here so suddenly...
    Player: Ta, takumi! What's with that outfit!
    Takumi: ... Is it weird?
    Player: "W, weird", you are guy, right?
    Takumi: That's not right...
    Player: Eh!?
    Takumi: I... No, I am a girl... after all.
            --->[The second "I" is the "I" in polite form (Watashi),
                 which is more commonly used for girl. The first "I"
                 is more commonly used for guys (Ore).]
    Player: (Wh, wh, wh, wh, wh, wh, wh, whaaaaaaaaattttt~~~~~~!!!)
    Takumi: Sorry for lying to you until now. But, when... I started to
            think that I might not be able to see you again...
    Player: Ta, takumi?
    Takumi: When I first met you, I resent myself for looking like
            a guy. "Why! How come!"
    Player: How come?
    Takumi: It's because my dead father raised me as a guy, so in my
            mind, "I am guy" or "I cannot fall in love with a 
            guy!"... But, during the school entrance ceremony, I fall
            in love with you... when I lay my eyes on you who is also
            in same class as I am.
    Player: (Ga, ga~~~n!!!)
    Takumi: So, when I saw you being so friendly with Hikari-chan, I got
            irritated. However, I don't want you to hate me, so I
            try to get close to you...
    Player: (Ga, ga, ga, ga~~~~~~~~~n!!!)
    Takumi: When you called me frequently asking about girls, I got
            mixed feelings, "I am so happy to hear your voice" and
            "I am not the one you are asking about.".
    Takumi: So, I bothered you about the girl that you are interested
            in and during your dates no matter what...
    Player: Ta, Takumi... (Eh?)
    Takumi: Please forgive me. But, before graduation, I want to tell
            you this.
    Takumi: I still love you until now. And continue from now on, 
            forever... Sorry! Good bye!!
    Player: Takumi, wait!! I also, I also... (Wait a second, ME!!)
    Takumi: Eh...
    Player: I also love you, Takumi. (Th, that's not true~~!! 
            Think carefully and correct yourself, ME~~~!!!)
    Takumi: Eh... It can't be happening... I always thought... it's
    Player: I knew that you are a girl from the beginning. So, I have
            been in love with you since... (You are lying, ME~~~!!!)
    Takumi: I, I am so happy....
    Player: (Wa, wait~!)
    [Wake up from the dream]
    Player: Waaaaahh!!
    Player: ...
            ... A dream. But, it felt really real...
    [Next day, home]
    Player: Today is graduation day... Today is the last day, I will
            wear this uniform.
    [On the way to the school]
    Player: Today is also the last day I walk up this slope as 
            a high school student.
    Takumi: Yo, good morning.
    Player: ... Ta, Takumi.
            ... Good, good morning.
    Takumi: What's wrong? Your face is red. Do you have a fever?
    Player: N, no, nothing at all.
    Takumi: Keh, don't tell me you caught a cold!?
            ... See you~!
    Player: (... I am glad. The dream is not a premonition...)
    [Here continue to the actual ending.]
    *  I am not sure exactly the exact way to get Takumi-kun's ending. I do 
       believe the best way to get the ending is to get that Takumi-kun 
       wearing dress during Bunkasai in the third year. To increase the 
       chances, try to meet him a lot after school.
      R E F E R E N C E S
    * Thanks to pugster (pug_s@hotmail.com) for sending me the Dexdrive file
      with Akane-chan's third ending and Mei-chan's second ending, when
      I did not manage to get those endings.
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