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    DDR Series Character Guide by Crono

    Version: 0.7 | Updated: 01/20/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Dance Dance Revolution Series:
    Character Guide
    Playstation, Dreamcast, & Arcade FAQ
    January 20th 2001, Revision 0.7
    Written By :  Crono
    E-mail     :  crono@animeondvd.com
    Real Name  :  Justin Strauss
    Home Page  :  www.tows.org
    This document is the intellectual property of the author. It is intended to 
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    difficult at various times. Please do not copy or distribute this file in any 
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    clear, this document is legally copyrighted through two or more means. This is 
    including a publishing firm clause, as well as various websites' legal setups 
    (such as the one found on GameFAQs). If you have any new tips or info you want 
    us to hear, just drop an e-mail. And, just in case this comes up, neither Game 
    Cave nor anyone else may distribute this to those who purchase this title or who 
    are somehow bringing profit to said party.
    Dance Dance Revolution is a trademark of Konami Computer Entertainment, Inc.  
    Copyright 1998-2001 by Konami Computer Entertainment, Inc.  Copyright Konami 
    Computer Entertainment Tokyo, Inc.  All related names fall under the same 
    applicable laws.  All rights reserved.
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    Table of Contents:
    0.0 Revision History
    0.5 FAQ Description
    1.0 Generation One
    2.0 Generation Two
    3.0 Generation Three
    4.0 Generation Four
    5.0 Game Title Character Select
    6.0 Contributions and Thank-You's
    0.0 Revision History
    V0.6 - 09/15/99 - Pre-Release. Architecture is layed out, not uploaded yet.
                    - Complete sections for all 16 characters, up to 2nd Mix.
                    - Character models, full 24+ are listed alphabetically.
                    - Official names for characters added from Konami.
    V0.7 - 01/20/01 - Initial Upload! FAQ formatted to my newest basic layout.
                    - Complete sections for all 32 characters, up to 4th Mix.
                    - Character models, full 50+ are listed alphabetically.
                    - Character availability charts for each game title.
    V1.0 - 02/??/01 - Coming Soon! See what's expected in future versions:
    Coming Soon:
        -Character charts for OhaSta DDR and Best Hits.
        -Character descriptions for the generation sections.
        -whatever might be left out.
    1.0 FAQ Description
        Although the original Dance Dance Revolution arcade game did not rely much 
    on unique or creative character designs, the newest titles have grown to include 
    quite a distinct bunch of personalities. And, with each new version we receive, 
    the characters are shuffled back and forth (within home and arcade releases of 
    any particular title). As of this moment, there are a total of thirty-two unique 
    character personalities in the game. When including variant costumes on these, 
    there are over fifty character models to choose from. The purpose of this FAQ is 
    to either introduce or explain the characters to players of the game (veterans 
    or newbies) and keep an orderly roster list of them all (and besides, before 3rd 
    Mix was out, the game never even told you the names of these characters).
        The "generation one" includes the characters from the first DDR game. 
    Generation two includes those characters who were new to DDR 2nd Mix. Generation 
    four, then, obviously includes the characters who were new to DDR 4th Mix. And 
    so on. The current trend is for each new game to include four new teams (each 
    with a male and female character) for a total of eight new characters per 
    generation. For each home console DDR title that is released, the game has 
    always been sure to include every character from the previous games along with 
    the new generation. And, characters from previous versions tend to carry over 
    and be used in the later titles (even in the arcade).
        The generations will be listed only as the "newcomers" for each title. They 
    will be numbered one to eight, according to their naturally selectable order. As 
    for the selectable character list, for each specific arcade or home console 
    title, those will be listed in the final section. In this "game title character 
    select" section, the entire list of selectable character "models" will be listed 
    for each DDR game (which, in most cases, involves a secondary or third model of 
    a few key characters). The "master model list" at the end sorts every character 
    model to appear in any DDR game, alphabetically.
    1.0 Generation One
          01. "Afro"
          02. "Lady"
          03. "Consento:01"
          04. "Oshare-Zukin"
          05. "Disc-A"
          06. "Disc-B"
          07. "Space-Man"
          08. "Tamako"
    2.0 Generation Two
          01. "Dread"
          02. "Janet"
          03. "Consento:02"
          04. "Kaeru-Zukin"
          05. "Afro"
          06. "Lady"
          07. "Mameo"
          08. "Cow-Ko"
    3.0 Generation Three
      Soul Express
          01. "Boldo"
          02. "Tracy"
          03. "Consento:03"
          04. "Devil-Zukin"
      Future Patrol
          05. "Astro"
          06. "Charmy"
          07. "Rage"
          08. "Emi"
    4.0 Generation Four
      Euro Dance
          01. "Johnny"
          02. "Jenny"
          03. "Robo 2000"
          04. "Maid-Zukin"
          05. "Izam"
          06. "Ni-Na"
      Best Player
          07. "Akira"
          08. "Yuni"
    5.0 Game Title Character Select
      -Dance Dance Revolution (Playstation)
        -12 Models
          Afro  (01)         Lady  (01)
          Consento:01        Oshare-Zukin
          Disc-A             Disc-B
          Afro  (02)         Lady  (02)
          Space-Man          Tamako
          Disc-C             Disc-D
      -Dance Dance Revolution 2nd ReMIX (Playstation)
        -24 Models
          Dread (01)         Janet (01)
          Consento:02        Kaeru-Zukin
          Afro  (03)         Lady  (03)
          Dread (02)         Janet (02)
          Mameo              Cow-Ko
          Afro  (04)         Lady  (04)
          Afro  (01)         Lady  (01)
          Consento:01        Oshare-Zukin
          Disc-A             Disc-B
          Afro  (02)         Lady  (02)
          Space-Man          Tamako
          Disc-C             Disc-D
      -Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix (Dreamcast)
        -24 Models
          Dread (01)         Janet (01)
          Janet (02)         Dread (02)
          Consento:02        Consento:01
          Afro  (03)         Afro  (04)
          Lady  (04)         Lady  (03)
          Oshare-Zukin       Kaeru-Zukin
          Mameo              Space-Man
          Cow-Ko             Tamako
          Disc-A             Disc-B
          Afro  (01)         Afro  (02)
          Lady  (02)         Lady  (01)
          Disc-C             Disc-D
      -Dance Dance Revolution 3rd Mix (Arcade)
        -08 Models
          Boldo              Tracy
          Consento:03        Devil-Zukin
          Astro              Charmy
          Rage               Emi
      -Dance Dance Revolution 3rd ReMIX (Playstation)
        -32 Models
          Boldo              Tracy
          Consento:03        Devil-Zukin
          Astro              Charmy
          Rage               Emi
          Afro  (03)         Lady  (03)
          Consento:01        Oshare-Zukin
          Disc-A             Disc-B
          Dread (01)         Janet (01)
          Afro  (01)         Lady  (01)
          Consento:02        Kaeru-Zukin
          Space-Man          Tamako
          Mameo              Cow-Ko
          Tracy              Tracy
          Devil-Zukin        Devil-Zukin
          Charmy             Charmy
          Emi                Emi
      -Dance Dance Revolution 4th Mix (Arcade)
        -16 Models
          Boldo              Tracy
          Astro              Charmy
          Rage               Emi
          Johnny             Jenny
          Robo 2000          Maid-Zukin
          Consento:03/B      Devil-Zukin
          Izam               Ni-Na
          Akira              Yuni
      *Master Model List, Alphabetical (All Arcade/Home Version)
        -50 Models
            Afro (02)
            Afro (03)
            Afro (04)
            Charmy (02)
            Charmy (03)
            Devil-Zukin (02)
            Devil-Zukin (03)
            Dread (02)
            Emi (02)
            Emi (03)
            Janet (02)
            Jenny (02)
            Lady (02)
            Lady (03)
            Lady (04)
            Robo 2000
            Tracy (02)
            Tracy (03)
    6.0 Contributions and Thank-You's
        GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) for hosting this FAQ, along with more great 
    gaming info than most any site out there. Keep up the good work, man. Without 
    GameFAQs... where would we all go for detailed game help? Sure, lotsa places 
    have great code archives, and some TRY to keep all the best FAQs. But who 
    succeeds? Only one, my friend ^_^ Jeff "CJayC" Veasey does an astounding, daily 
    job of organizing these entries (and he writes his own wonderful FAQs). I must 
    also give a hearty thanks to Al Amaloo, the maintainer of Videogame Strategies 
    (vgstrategies.about.com). He has completed perhaps the best and most extensive 
    archive of codes and tricks (www.gamewinners.com) and written extensive guides 
    for games that would go otherwise un-covered. And what makes these two men (Jeff 
    Veasey and Al Amaloo) so special... is that they provide an invaluable service 
    to the gaming community out of the goodness of their heart. They work hard, 
    every day, without the help of any major affiliate. Bravo to both of you!
        The wonderful patrons of my own message board, the OtherWorlds Shrine 
    (www.tows.org) which is sometimes the only refuge for the true gamer. Along with 
    my friend SineSwiper, we keep the shrine alive as a place for gamers to 
    respectfully speak and get together while online. The friends that I have made 
    there have meant the world to me, despite how my "real life" sometimes drags me 
    offline for days at a time. Either way, here's to ya'll... and I won't mention 
    any names (as there are too many of you to possibly remember them all now. And 
    you'll kill me if I miss any, hehe). The place has been around for years, and I 
    guarantee that it will always exist as long as there is an Internet.
        The select few of my OFF-line friends who love gaming almost as much as 
    myself, and keep me inspired to keep on playing. Tacchi, you're as obsessed over 
    games as me. We've been gaming for well near two decades. We're getting old, 
    dude. And Crystal, well you can kick most of our sorry arses ^_^ Steffannee... 
    you introduced me to Will in Rival Schools! Scott, you've been a pal through it 
    all, despite how you suck at games ^_^ Kathryn, your love and understanding will 
    always be cherished (yes, call me sappy). And Alex, you've been there since we 
    were infants, when the NES was only a dream in the semi-near future. Chris, 
    you're one of my dearest friends (as well as one of the most eerily unique). 
    Your love for the Butterfly song and the goofy dance you do... will always bring 
    a smile to my face.
        And of course, thanks go out to Lynn and Donna! You two are a few of the 
    only people who love Pop 'n Music (and Bust a Move of course) as much as I do. 
    Every time we meet is a cherished moment. And, speaking of music games, I owe a 
    world of thanks to Malcolm. His friendship has meant a ton to me, and he's one 
    of those few folks who plays and works hard at ALL the music game series just 
    like I do (Beatmania, Dance Dance Revolution, Pop 'n Music, Bust a Move, and the 
    countless other Bemani titles as well). And to the fans of music games, 
    worldwide, i offer the greatest thanks of all. Our demand is what keeps this 
    amazing genre of games coming back to us every month.
        Konami, Sony, Sega, and all the great companies and people who made the game 
    possible. Without them, we'd never have been introduced to this wonderous world, 
    beautiful characters, and a style of gaming that changed our lives. These Bemani 
    games, like Dance Dance Revolution, are perhaps my favorite genre out there 
    right now. It gives those folks with a "rhythmical sense" a way to convey that 
    sense through gaming. And besides, it beats having another cookie-cutter RPG or 
    fighter to deal with.
    ~End of File~

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