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    Disc 1 Story Translation by borgor

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 04/11/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Disc 1 translation guide by borgor and Inverse1983
    silmeria_silverbell at yahoo.com (borgor)
    mhconrad at hotmail.com (Inverse1983)
    04/11/07 Version 1.00
    Table of Contents
    Version history
    Menu Translation
       Introduction : Save Sandra!
       First Mission : Escort the Princess to the Burnstein Kingdom
       Second Mission : Investigate the Crystal Mines
       Third Mission : Escort the Princess back to the Castle
       Fourth Mission : Form an alliance with the Ranzack kingdom
       Fifth Mission : Investigate north of Klein village
       Sixth Mision : Escort Aileen to the magic academy
       Seventh Mission : Investigate lake Olivier
       Eigth Mission : Investigate the magic academy
    Spells and skills list
    Vacation events list
    Vacation events translation
    Legal information
    Thanks to :
    Career soft for this excellent game.
    GameFAQs for hosting this file.
    Allesthar for the menu translation. And also for coming up with the silly
    idea of translating that game I guess.
    This was written by Inverse and myself. I did the translating, while Inverse
    edited it, fixing errors and arranging stuff that just "didn't translate".
    Future versions will be done by the same members hopefully but due to the
    sheer size of Growlanser' script, any additionnal help would be VERY MUCH
    welcome. Especially on the translation aspect but any help would be
    appreciated. So this is basically a message to all of you Growlanser fans
    (yes the whole ten of you) : "Please, help us. There's no reward for you in
    this but surely, God will love you for doing so". Juste leave a message on
    the board if you want to help or mail us. Thanks.
    Version history
    v 1.00 (04/11/2007) : 100% finally. There'll be more updates though, once
    the script will be edited and also once Rhayn will finally muster enough
    willpower to reach the post office and send the guidebook. That may take
    quite a while though.
    v 0.90 (04/06/2007) : 90% of the script here, not edited/barely spellchecked.
    Same reasons as the previous update.
    v 0.80 (04/04/2007) : 80% of the script here but not yet edited as Inverse
    has been busy. Still I'll start working on disc 2 soon so I want to upload
    the first disc completely before.
    v 0.60 (02/27/2007) : 60% of the script translated and edited. Nothing else
    to say this time. Next versions should be up in not too long at least :D
    v 0.55 (02/15/2007) : Minor update. Added the third vacation events, some
    missing skills and the menu translation section so that people stop whining
    about Tippi's voice in battle.
    v 0.50 (01/23/2007) : 50% of the script translated and edited. I thought
    this would be up sooner but exams got in the way. Added the small
    character section.
    v 0.40 (12/07/2006) : 40% of the script translated and edited. Vacation
    events translation section added. Usual typo fixing. It's been while since
    last update but hopefully next one will be much quicker.
    v 0.30 (08/03/2006) : 30% of the script translated and edited. A few typos
    fixed. Oh and this time I really added the vacation events since I forgot
    them in the last version. Also note that Growlanser V is released today! :)
    v 0.25 (05/10/2006) : 25% of the script translated and edited. Vacation
    events list section added. Also, as usual, a few typos were fixed too.
    v 0.15 (04/24/2006) : 15% of the script translated and edited. Spells and
    skills section added. Also a few typos were fixed too.
    v 0.10 (04/20/2006) : 10% of the script translated and edited.
    Since Growlanser isn't a game that have been extensively covered yet, this
    translation will contain various gameplay-related hints and we'll detail the
    non-obvious stuff such as how to get optionnal events, characters, etc...
    Most of the time those indications will be indicated between brackets. If
    there's anything in particular you want to be explained about the game that
    we seem to have forgotten, do feel free to ask about it. In the end, the
    purpose of this document is to make the game the most enjoyable possible
    for people who don't speak japanese.
    About the layout, most of the time locations will be indicated by a header
    and actions that need to be taken to trigger a dialogue, will be indicated
    between brackets. So things will looks like that :
    ======= Location name =======
    (do said action to trigger the following dialogue)
    Character's name : blah blah blah....
    Choices during dialogues are given a number and to separate the main script
    from the different dialogues you get according to how you answer questions,
    we usually skip two lines before getting back to the main script, or use a
    small divider looking like this --- Well I'm pretty sure this will be obvious
    when reading anyway.
    One final word, we left all suffixes in Japanese for now. They might
    disappear later once we agreed on how to translate them. Most people playing
    this game are probably familiar with them anyway, but in the case we decide
    to leave them for good, we'll make a little note explaining each of them.
    Same goes for "oniichan" which is how Ruise refer to Carmaine, the main
    character (it means big brother in a affectionnate way).
    Menu Translation
    ~Game Menu~
    - New Game
    - Load Game
    - Config
    - Appendix
    - Config Menu Translation:
    、 Sound				Stereo (Stereo / Mono)	
    > Choose the BGM setting between Stereo or Mono
    、 BGM				I-------------I		
    > Volume for BGM. If you set Off no BGM will be heard
    、 Sound Effects			I-------------I		
    > Choose the volume of the sound effects
    、 Voice Menu			I-------------I		
    > Volume for Tippi's voice. If you set Off no voice will be heard
    (note : iirc this will cut battle cries too unfortunately)
    、 Voice Message			I-------------I		
    > Volume for voices. If you set Off no voice will be heard
    、 Message Speed			Fast (Fast / Slow)	
    > Select the speed for the dialogues in game
    、 Help command			On (On / Off)		
    > Enable or disable pop up help
    、 Range circle in battle	On (On / Off)		
    > In battle, set if you want to use the range of the spell before charing it.
    、 Tippy's possibilities	Normal Tippi			
    > In order to change the curser's shape you need to obtain different Tippi.
    ======= At night on a cliff ========
    Woman :	This is....the ring which is so important to you....  I've always
    found it so beautiful. It's almost as if a mysterious light shines from it.
    Man : I'd like you to have it.
    Woman : Ehh...so you mean...
    Man : I'm nothing but a mercenary, a man who fights just for money. But
    if....if you don't mind, I'd...like for us to get married.
    Woman : I'm happy...so happy. I have been waiting for those words for so long.
    Man : ...Sheila....
    ======= Carmaine's room ========
    Ruise :...Say...Wake up...oniichan, wake up!! Mother is calling you!
    Come on, oniichan!
    ? : ...Ruise-chan, let me handle this...
    Ruise  : ...eh, Tippi...?
    ? : This is how it's done...Here goes!
    Ruise : ...ah..!
    ? : Tippi-chaaan Kiiiickk!
    Fairy : You're finally up. Stop looking stupid and get in gear!
    Ruise : Teeheehee, he still doesn't know anything and you speak to him like
    that. But I think oniichan is pretty cute that way. Are you surprised
    oniichan? We'll give you the full details downstairs so come down quickly.
    It's been so long since mother came back!
    Fairy : And that's how it is so come down quick!
    Ruise : This way, Oniichan!
    (in the central room)
    Sandra : Good morning. Did anything happen while I was away?
    Ruise : Same as always, right oniichan?
    Sandra : I see. I'm relieved to hear that.
    Fairy : More importantly master, isn't it time to introduce me?
    Sandra : You haven't been introduced yet? Her name is Tippi. She's a being 
    born of magic, a homunculus.
    Tippi : I'm Tippi! Nice to meetcha! And what's your name?
    (pick a name)
    Tippi : What a hard name to pronounce...guess I'd stick to just saying "you".
    1) Ignore Tippi
    2) What an interesting little thing
    3) What a bad mouthed little thing
    Tippi : What's with this guy? I don't like you!
    Tippi : Why do I detect sarcasm here?
    Tippi : Arrgh! This guy wants a piece of me!
    Ruise : (nervous laughter) Isn't Tippi cute, oniichan? She looks just like
    a fairy!
    1) I don't care
    2) I think she's cute
    3) I don't think she's cute
    Tippi : (grumbles) Making such a "I don't give a damn" face...
    Tippi : Ain't I? Ain't I? Thanks so much Master!
    Tippi : Whaaat?! You want me to kick you again?
    Sandra : Since I'm the court sorceress, you can imagine there are some reasons
    behind my visit today. The first reason I'm here is for Ruise's magic practice.
    Tippy : What's that "magic practice"?
    Ruise : It's the first part of the curriculum for the magic academy I'm
    attending, where we get experience helping famous sorcerers with their magic
    research. I'm lucky, since Mother's the court sorceress.
    Sandra : Don't delude yourself. It's precisely because you're my child that 
    I won't go easy on you.
    Ruise : ...understood...
    Sandra : And there's one other reason I've returned, the main reason, in fact.
    It's been 17 years since I found you abandoned. I'd like to talk to you about
    why you've never been allowed outside of the royal capital all this time.
    It all relates to a prophecy made about your future. You will become either
    the cause of the destruction of the world, or the light which will save it.
    Tippi : Whoa, extreme...
    Sandra : Indeed. People always have good and evil in their hearts and this is
    what decides their future. But it is rare that one's own future should have
    such a strong influence. That's why I've done all I could to keep you out of
    contact with the outside world while you were growing up, until you had
    developed a strong heart.
    Ruise :	But you think he'll be fine now?
    Sandra : I've done all I could to show you the proper way to live. From here
    on, you'll be the one to choose your own path. Starting today, you'll go on
    a journey outside of the capital. You'll meet many people, have a variety of
    experiences, and learn all sorts of things. And from that, you'll decide
    what road you'll walk down, on your own. But first, you need to get ready for
    your journey.
    (received 75 Elm!)
    Sandra : Return after you've finished shopping. We'll continue this
    conversation then.
    (Starting now is the character making part. Depending on what you do, your
    initial stats, the rate at which they'll grow after each level up, the
    weapon type you can equip and which spells and skills you'll be able to 
    learn will be determined by your behaviour during that part of the game.
    This guide won't cover all choices because there are far too many but will
    stick to one of the strongest builds you can get. But if you don't feel like
    following this, feel free to experiment by yourself. Also, run while moving.
    It gives you points)
    (north west district - outside home)
    Tippi : Uwah...there are tons of shining things...what are those
    shiny floaty things?
    (talking to the counter left of the item shop)
    Old dude : Welcome to the shop in the gap! Are you surprised? We use all the
    room that is available! Even though it's pretty cramped we carry goods other
    shops don't!
    (buy and equip a bandana here)
    Old dude : From now on please continue to visit the shop in the gap!
    (talking to guy with the yellow cape on the same screen)
    Citizen : ...crap.  I heard a shop moved into the area, but where in the world
    could it be? Do you know where it is?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Citizen : For real!? Can you show me where?
    Lead him there?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Citizen : Thanks! Please take me right there.
    (lead him to the shop where you bought the bandana but do not run!)
    Citizen : This!? This is the place! Thanks! You've saved me!
    (now go south from here to the south west district)
    (talking to blue haired girl)
    LLM magic lecturer : I'm a teacher for that Magic Study Hall over there.
    Right now I'm giving this old man a private lesson. Since you're here,
    would you like to give our test a try?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    LLM : First, an easy question. Do you know the name of the royal capital
    we're in?
    1) Rolesia
    2) Rolandia
    3) Rosaria
    LLM : Correct. Yes, the royal capital's name is Rosaria, while the country's
    name is Rolandia. Next question. What kind of job does your mother,
    Lady Sandra, have?
    1) Fortune Teller
    2) Alchemist
    3) Court Sorceress
    LLM : Correct. So, what button do you press to talk to people?
    1) O
    2) triangle
    3) square
    4) X
    LLM : Correct. How do you display help screens for commands?
    1) O
    2) triangle
    3) square
    4) X
    LLM : Correct. What do you do to walk faster?
    1) O
    2) triangle
    3) square
    4) X
    LLM : Correct. Alright, now for a slightly harder question. What are the 
    golden lights which float about in the atmosphere?
    1) Light Crystals
    2) Growsian
    3) Growshu
    4) Growsa
    LLM : Correct. Do you know what Growshu is?
    1) Magical Energy
    2) Light Spirits
    3) Human Souls
    LLM : Correct. We call some equipment "magic conduction lines" but what are
    they used for?
    1) The equipment measures the volume of Growshu.
    2) The equipment collects Growshu
    3) The equipment emits Growshu
    4) The equipment destroys Growshu
    LLM : Correct. That's the end of the quiz.
    (if you scored perfectly)
    LLM : Your score is impressive. It's been a while since someone's done this
    (now go and talk to the sewer entrance below her)
    Tippy :	Eh...We came out in this place...Interesting.
    (now go right and enter the front gate at the end of the alley. You'll end 
    up in an area with trees. Search around by pressing O)
    In one place, there are marks where the dirt has been recently disturbed.
    Try digging there?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Digging, you find a sturdy treasure chest, labeled "My Secret". On the box 
    are some numbered buttons. It seems that somehow these buttons are the switch
    to open the chest.
    (now pick either 3 or 9 the game randomly chooses one of those as the 
    (when you get it right)
    The lid opens!  That must have been the key!  Inside the chest
    is a single book. "Dandy Book" acquired!
    (now go all the way back to the quiz woman and then go the screen to the right.
    You'll be in the south shopping alley.
    Go talk to the woman in front of the inn)
    Shop clerk : I'm sorry, young man. We're still making preparations. But my,
    you've got a cute little thing with you. Could you be the son of Lady Sandra?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Shopkeeper : My, just as I suspected. Otherwise you wouldn't be followed
    around by a cute little thing like that.
    (walk away)
    Shopkeeper : Ah...This is no good...I wish there was someone who could watch
    the shop for just a little bit...
    (talk to her again)
    Shopkeeper : Huh...What should I do....
    Tippi : What's wrong, madam?
    Shopkeeper : I'm supposed to wait up for my husband outside the city, but I
    can't leave the shop for a while. I'm certain my husband's going to be left
    waiting. I wish I could just go out and meet him, but there are things to be
    done...Ah, I know! If you don't mind, could you watch over the store for a
    little bit? Since you're Lady Sandra's son, I know I can trust you to handle
    1) Offer to help
    2) Decline to help
    Shopkeeper : Thanks! Alright, I'll be back in a bit. Until then, make sure
    no one enters, because things are a mess.
    Tippi :	Since you're sitting in for the shopkeeper, you'd better not let her
    down, right? This may be your free time, but you should wait here until
    she returns. Well, I'll be here to watch over you too, so be grateful!
    (now do not move no matter what)
    (after a while)
    Tippi :	Yaaawwwnnn. This is sooo boring.....I know! Why don't we have a
    little chat!
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Tippi :	Well, then, what are you looking forward to on this upcoming journey?
    1) Meeting people
    2) Fighting strong enemies
    3) Discovering the unknown
    4) Developing my potential
    5) Traveling around the world
    Tippi:	Eh...Is that so....now then....what kind of special training will
    you do to prepare for your travels?
    1) Magic Practice
    2) Refine my social skills
    3) Melee Practice
    4) Strength Training
    5) Nothing in Particular
    Tippi : I see...What's your preferred way of fighting?
    1) Up front, fair and square
    2) Attack from the shadows
    3) With lots of magic
    4) No preference
    Tippi : I see...Finally, what's your type of woman?
    1) An energetic and noisy girl (give points with Tippi)
    2) A sweet and reserved girl (give points with Ruise)
    3) A girl who is a bit clumsy (give points with Misha)
    4) A reserved, mature older woman (give points with Karen)
    5) An awe-inspiring, dignified woman (give points with Julia)
    6) I'm not interested in women
    (5 - but that's only because I like Julia personally :))
    Tippi :	What!? You really think you'll get away with picking someone other
    than Ruise-chan or me? Now I think I can take a little break. I'm doing
    skinship at the same time you're shopping, I'm just awesome!
    (wait a little bit more)
    Suspicious Man 1 : W..wait up, idiot! If you're peeping like that, it'll
    look suspicious!
    Suspicious Man 2 : Oh!? I..I see!!
    SM 1 : Geez...you should thank me, newbie. All we have to do is figure out
    whether the girl's staying at the inn. There's no need to act rashly like
    in our usual jobs. Now, let's go calmly...calmly.
    SM 2 : R..right!  It's not like we're going to steal anything,
    or something...
    SM 1 : Idiot!  You're speaking too loud! Keep your voice down.
    Well, whatever, I'll show you how it's done. Just follow me!
    SM 1 : I've got something I'd like to ask, if that's alright with you?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    SM 1 : Now, don't be like that. I've just got a little question.
    I'd only like to know whether a girl called Karen is staying here.
    Can I look at the records for a bit?
    1)  Yes
    2)  No
    SM 1 : Ok, lad. I see you're pretty tight-lipped. So, how much do you want?
    1) Clearly rebuke him.
    2) 100 Elm
    3) 1000 Elm
    SM 1 : You bastard! If you're not going to cooperate, we'll just have to
    take it from you! Hey! Rough this guy up for me!
    SM 2 : Leave it to me!
    Tippi (pissed) : Now, just hold on a sec here!
    SM 2 : W..what's that?
    SM 2 : Waugh.
    SM 1 : W..what happened?  No two ways about it. We'll just have to retreat
    for today! We won't forget this!
    Tippi :	You, feel free to thank me.
    (wait again without moving as usual)
    Shop Clerk : Thanks, Lady Sandra's son. Now I can finish my preparations to
    open the inn in peace. You can leave it to me now.
    Thank you very much.
    (now go right and then up)
    (talk to the blond girl looking annoyed at the bottom of the stairs)
    Citizen : Lucky! You've come at just the right time! Will you do something
    for me?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Citizen : Umm, you see, at the top of these stairs is a weapon shop I'd like
    to visit, but...I hurt my leg, so it's hard to go up the stairs. If you
    don't mind, could you help me up the stairs?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Citizen : Heehee... Thanks. But don't do anything weird please.
    (just keep pushing up to walk up closely behind her)
    (once at the top of the stairs)
    Citizen : Thanks! Now I can go shopping!
    (now go talk to the two guys arguing in front of the item shop on the
    same screen)
    Citizen 1 : Man, I'm through with you!
    Citizen 2 : Likewise, I'm sick of seeing you!
    Tippi : Say, what are you fighting about?
    C1 : The girl in the shop over there is my type. So, I was thinking about
    confessing my feelings, when THIS guy show up and said "I was thinking about
    making her my girlfriend first".
    C2 : But it's true! After all, I was the one who pointed her out to you,
    saying how cute she was!
    Will you mediate the dispute?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    What ruling do you choose?
    1) The one who saw the girl first has the right to her
    2) Both sides should ask
    3) Randomly decide by fortune-telling
    4) Guy on the left has the right to her
    5) Guy on the right has the right to her
    C2 : What's the reasoning backing your conclusion?
    1) No deep reasoning
    2) Because it's better to wait before fighting
    3) Because this method is the fairest way to decide
    4) Because my judgment is impartial
    Tippi :	That's right! You shouldn't decide things when you're all heated
    up like that. Any time two people love the same girl, shouldn't they
    consider the feelings of the girl in question?
    C2 : Yeah, you're probably right. We need to ask the girl about her 
    C1 : Well, then let's both go confess.
    (they both get ditched, and go east)
    Tippi : (sweatdrop).... Well, at least it was an honorable defeat...
    (follow them and talk to them again)
    C2 : Damn, I got totally dumped. It would have been better not to have
    confessed at all.
    1) Look for new encounters
    2) You shouldn't give up just because you got turned down once
    C1 : I see! It's all your fault! If only you hadn't advised us to confess!
    Thanks to that, we've been embracing depression! You ought to do something
    to make up for it!
    C2 : Yeah! Yeah! You and your know it all act!. Do you actually have any
    experience with love?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    C1 : Whaaat! You were giving advice like you knew everything and you're
    saying that you've never been in love? Don't mess with us!
    C2 : We see right through you! You like meddling in other people business and
    were amused when we both got dumped!
    C1 : You're acting nice but you're really cruel! I'm sick of looking at your
    face! Get out of my sight!
    (talk to them again)
    C2 : Shut up! What the hell do you want to talk about!
    1) It's because of that agressive mood of yours that you've been ditched
    2) Make them face reality
    3) Ponder about your own behaviour for a while
    C2 : So-sorry. We went a little overboard...we've been doing nothing but
    complaining...But...no it's alright. After all we've been acting like this
    all our life.
    C1 : Sorry for lashing out at you. But leave us alone for now. Trying to
    confort us will only make us feel more miserable. (later) aah...love can
    be so harsh...
    C2 : That's right. We might as well forget about that and go on a journey.
    C1 : Sounds good. Right past that gate, the large free world awaits us....
    Hm? H-hey! Isn't that soldier girl cool!?
    C2 : You're in the way so I can't see her well...wait I'll get a better 
    C1 : I'm glad to have lived after the end of that past love!
    C2 : That's true! "A life without love is wasted." That's what
    our teacher used to say! Ah, it's so good to be alive!
    (leave those morons and get back on the previous screen and climb the
    stairs. Talk to the kids)
    (talk to big kid)
    Big kid : There's nothing fun to play....
    (talk to the little kids)
    Child 2 : Yeah, we're bored...Say, Big Guy! Why don't you play with us!
    Tippi : Whaddaya mean by "play"?
    Big kid : How about this? There are three little kids. So, we'll let them
    run round and round, and then have you try to guess their names.
    Yeah, that's the thing to do! Alright, everyone, let's do it!
    (three kids go up to form a triangle)
    Big Kid : Now, everyone introduce yourselves!
    Top Kid : Umm....my name is Piro.
    Big Kid : Alright, no more proper introductions!  This is taking too long.
    We'll just call you number 1.
    Top Kid: U..ummm...
    Bottom Kid: Say, does that mean I'm number 2?
    Left Kid : Ummm.....what comes after 2?
    Big Kid : 3, you....
    Left Kid : Right, right. It was on the tip of my tongue, really.
    So, I'm number 3.
    Big Kid : And that ends the introductions! Want to hear the numbers again?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Big Kid : Annnddd....Go!
    (keep track of one of them and don't lose him. The final order is decided
    randomly so it won't be indicated here)
    Big Kid : Ok, Big Guy, ready?  Starting from the left, what's the order?
    (if you get the order right)
    Big Kid : A..awesome! You got them all right! Hmmm, now that I think about 
    it though, since I was just watching I wasn't playing at all, was I? Is there 
    any way all of us can play?
    (now the blond girl you helped up the stairs should be done with her shopping.
    If not just wait near her a little and she'll be done eventually. Talk to her
    Citizen : It was great that I could do my shopping, but...I'm having trouble
    Help here again?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Citizen : Heehee....  You're so kind. Well, I'll leave the luggage to you.
    Can you wait while I return home? My house is at the bottom of the stairs,
    in a building just a little to the east. It's the second door on the front,
    I'm sure you'll figure it out quickly. Anyhow, here they are!
    (Received "Gladius" and "Clothes")
    Listen to the directions to the house again?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Citizen : I'll be able to make it down the stairs on my own, don't worry.
    Get going now, luggage man, I leave it to you!
    (walk down to the blue door, and wait for her to get there)
    Citizen : Whew...Finally made it.
    (talk to her)
    Citizen : Thanks for bringing my luggage! Thanks to you I was able to do
    all my shopping today!
    Return her luggage?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    (Lost "Gladius and "Clothes")
    Citizen : Uhuh, thanks! Oh yes, a token of appreciation!
    (Got "Healing Herb")
    (now go to the shop she was at and talk to the shopkeeper)
    Shopkeeper : Welcome. This store carries a variety of equipment.
    1) Battered Copper Sword	15 Elm		+2 AT
    2) Gladius			80 Elm
    3) Clothes			30 Elm		+2 DF
    (buy and equip the Copper Sword along with the Clothes)
    (now go talk to the kids again)
    (talk to big kid again)
    Big Kid : I'm bored after all...  I know, Big Guy! Why don't you play hide
    and seek with us?  You can be "it!"
    Other Kid : Right on! Alright, let's go hide right away!
    Tippi :	My, my, you've gotten totally wrapped up in playing with these kids.
    Well, while we could always ignore them, why don't we go find them?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    (now go find them. One is behind the gatekeeper at the castle gate, one
    other is in the same screen behind the shadow of a house so you won't see
    him. Just move around and keep mashing O. Which house he'll be is decided
    randomly  by the game. Third one is one the screen farthest to the west 
    either behind the shadow of the tree or the shadow of a house's roof.
    Last one is trickier. Once you're done with the three first, go back to the
    screen  where you helped the girl with her shopping(Do not cross the south
    shopping alley to go there). Now once you're there go down and you'll be
    at the inn. You'll see a couple walking glued one to the other in the
    middle of that street. They'll be headed west. Put yourself right behind
    them just between the two of them. The last kid will notice them but he
    can't see you if you're right behind them. Now keep pushing X + the left
    direction on the controller and as soon as the couple reach the kid they'll
    split. Now you have to quickly push O to speak to the kid as soon as your
    character is near to him. Don't be late or he'll run away. You have to
    succeed on your first try to get full points for this)
    (First kid found)
    Tippi :	First person, found!
    Kid : Man!  So I was the first to be found. How embarrassing...Oh well.
    I'll return on ahead and wait for everyone.....
    (Second kid found)
    Tippi : You did it!  Two down!
    Kid : Ugh. You found me...Well, I'll head on back.
    (Third kid found)
    Tippi : Alright! Just one left to go!
    Kid : Geez...to think you'd find me here....
    (Big kid sees the couple)
    BK : Hey, you two! You're in the way! I can't see! ....tch! They're not even
    (Big kid caught)
    Tippi : Eheh! We've got all four of them!
    BK : And I was thinking about running away...I can't believe that you'd 
    think about hiding behind people. But I did have fun! Thanks Big guy!
    (whew finally done! now go back to Sandra)
    (talk to Sandra)
    Sandra : All finished with your shopping?
    1) Not yet
    2) I'm done
    Tippi :	Say, Master. While we went shopping, I got to see what kinda guy he
    Sandra : Time is short, so just give me the highlights.
    (What follows is Tippi's evaluation based on what you did in town so far.
    It will vary depending on actions, conversation choices, also do note that
    there are a bit of randomness in the stat growth, that chart with the blue
    line.  If the stat you want is not maxed out feel free to start over and do
    the same thing. The result will be a bit different. Spells and skills list
    and initial stats remain the same though.)
    Tippi :	First, let's take a look at his decision-making ability. He seems
    very competent at analyzing the current situation and takes the appropriate
    response. I'm glad to see he's so collected. Also...he's very energetic. Well
    even without me saying it, this is easy to figure out. Next about his is
    insigtfulness...He's pretty sharp! He's also very good at solving
    riddles. Next is cautiousness and...he's pretty amazing! I was really
    surprised. His sense of smell and hearing must be on the same level as a dog.
    Well you could say his senses are really developed. Also...I guess you could
    call him a model student too! His knowledge is pretty impressive. Course,
    since his brain's so much bigger than mine, it's only natural he'd seem
    smarter. As for politeness, he made sure to speak very properly. But since
    it's something that even little children can do, there may be no need to praise
    him on that. Also every time he made a promise, he made sure to follow through
    and keep it. Very good, very good. Also...he was a very honest person, and left
    good impressions with people.  Definitely another praiseworthy point. Next is
    kindness...gentle, polite, with perfect manners and cool looking!
    Hehe...I'd say he's my type of guy! So to sum it up here are my conclusions :
    Starting Spells and Skills List
    Magic Arrow
    Critical 1
    Paralysis Attack 1
    Combo Attack 1
    Item Usage Time-Reduction
    Swiftness 1
    HP Up 1
    MP Up 1
    Tippi : So? Do you have any complaints with my evaluation?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    (choose yes to start over from the beginning)
    Tippi :	Yes, yes! My precise evaluation is exactly right, isn't it.
    Sandra : Well then, let's continue our talk from before.
    Tippi :	First off, where are you going and why?
    Sandra:	Do you have any place in particular you'd like to visit?
    1) Neighboring Country
    2) Magic Academy
    3) No place in particular
    4) The place I saw in a dream
    Sandra : You just can't go there all of a sudden. There are a lot of
    formalities to be able to enter another country.
    Tippi :	By the way, back when we woke you up earlier you looked a bit
    unsettled. Did you have a nightmare?
    Sandra : The Magic Academy you say...
    Ruise : In that case I can take you there!
    Sandra : Did you forget you have your practice?
    Ruise : ...hmm...then how about going after my training, oniichan ?
    I'll lead you there then!
    Tippi :	By the way, back when we woke you up earlier you looked a bit
    unsettled. Did you have a nightmare?
    Tippi :	By the way, back when we woke you up earlier you looked a bit
    unsettled. Did you have a nightmare?
    Tippi :	By the way, back when we woke you up earlier you looked a bit
    unsettled. Did you have a nightmare?
    Ruise : Mother....
    Sandra : I know....You've always seemed to have strange dreams of times 
    past. You know nothing of the outside world, yet you see visions of places
    in neighboring countries. This time, what did you see?
    Tell about your dream?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Tippi : Hold it! Why won't you tell us!
    Tell about your dream?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Tippi : Tippi-chaan kiiick!
    (the screen flashes and it says Tippi-chan kick critical hit!
    Because of that kick you were forced to talk!)
    (or if you picked yes earlier)
    Sandra : ....From the brief description of a tower-like rock, it sounds
    like the old ruins. If so, you might try to go to the northwest of the capital,
    near the coast. Since it's not too far away, it's probably a good place to
    start. Why don't you take a look there first.
    Ruise :	Sounds nice....Say, can I come with you?
    Sandra : You have magic practice to complete, don't you?
    Ruise :	But...will oniichan be OK by himself?
    Tippi :	Isn't that why I'm here? Well, that's how it is. We'll be partners 
    from now on!
    How do you respond?
    1) Glad to have you along
    2) One more thing to worry about...
    Tippi :	Now that it's settled, let's get rolling!
    Tippi : What's with that disagreeable face! If you're in a pinch don't count
    on me to save you!
    (as you try to leave)
    Sandra : Wait a moment.  I'd like you to have these.
    (Got 2 "Numbing Spheres")
    Tippi:	What are these?
    Sandra : If you use one of these, you can paralyze an enemy for a short
    period of time. So, if you get into a tight situation, go ahead and use them.
    Ruise :	Take care, oniichan.
    Sandra : If you get into trouble, you can return at any time.
    ======= Royal capital ========
    (north west district)
    Gatekeeper : Unauthorized people can't go beyond this gate.
    Not even Lady Sandra's son.
    Guy with cape : Hmmm....isn't there another interesting shop around?
    Guy in blue : Rolandia is so peaceful...I hope Burnstein and Ranzack won't
    change that.
    Shopkeeper: Welcome. This shop carries a variety of goods. Would you like to
    buy something? Or perhaps you'd like to sell something?
    (south west district)
    Blond girl : I did really well at today's test. The problem will be the
    practical exam though. It's going to be pretty soon....
    Blond guy : Haha...I totally messed up today's test. Now I really have to do
    well on the practical test...
    (west entrance)
    Gatekeeper : Where is the cape you ask?  Just go straight down this road.
    The road's well-maintained, so it's impossible to get lost.
    ======= On the road to the cape ========
    (upon seeing the first enemy)
    Tippi : Look! There's a gel! Say, are you new at fighting? Leave it to me,
    I can teach you all the basic rules of fighting. Interested?
    1) Teach me how to fight
    2) I don't need it
    Tippi : Eh aren't you confident. Well let me see your fighting prowess then.
    signpost :
    west : Vacant land
    east : Capital city, Rosaria
    (logging area)
    Rolandia soldier : We're extending the road here right now. No unauthorized
    personnel allowed past here!
    Left worker : Whew...so tired. Hm? Why am I taking a break? Cutting trees is
    hard you know. So we're working in shifts.
    Right worker : Hm? Me? As you can see I'm extending the road. My comrades 
    are working further inside the forest right now.
    ======= West cape ========
    (checking the grave)
    Tippi : ...it's a grave. It says "Sheila rests here". It's been here since
    three years before you were born.
    (go further up)
    Tippi : Eh, so it's that place. What a nice view. Ah look! A winged person...
    What could that be...
    Voice : He's a Featherian. They don't come down on the surface often so it's
    not surprising you don't know of them.
    Tippi : Eh?
    Young man : Every time I see them, I marvel at how beautiful their wings are.
    Wouldn't you agree?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Tippi : I think so too.
    Young man : Is that so? It's dark so maybe you didn't see well.
    Young man : One day, I'd like to actually visit the floating island where 
    the Featherians dwell. But for that to happen, I have a lot more research to 
    Tippi : You're a scholar? Well you do look different from ordinary people.
    Young man : Ah, that's right. You're not an ordinary fairy either, aren't you?
    Are you a Homunculus?
    Tippi : Wow, incredible! You guessed it correctly! I'm Tippi! Nice to meetcha!
    Ariost : I'm Ariost. I'm doing research about flying at the Magic Academy.
    Tippi : Magic Academy? Do you mean the place Ruise-chan goes to?
    Ariost : Ruise? Do you guys know her?
    Tippi : Ruise-chan is his little sister. But how come you know about her?
    Ariost : She's quite famous you know. Because she's a Growsian.
    Tippi : ...gu-ro-shi-an?
    Ariost : What, don't you know what that means?
    (picture showing Ruise in front of an eclipse)
    Ariost : People born during a lunar or solar eclipse receive a particular magic
    power called Growshu. They're called Growsians. She was born during a complete
    solar eclipse, which makes her an even more powerful Growsian.
    Tippi : Ehhh..Did you know that?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Tippi : So I was the only one who didn't know? Geez, I wish Master had
    taught me things like that!
    Tippi : Hey you! Isn't she your sister? You'd better remember that now!
    Ariost : Likewise, do you know about Growshu?
    Tippi : ....eheheh...if you don't mind could explain that as well?
    Ariost : You probably have seen it already. Those lights floating in the
    atmosphere, that's Growshu.
    Tippi : Ah, those shiny floaty thingies? So that's Growshu...
    Ariost : Growshu enters this world through dimensional rifts and serves
    as magical energy. So in short, it's abundant in places with frequent
    dimensional rifts. It's pretty common in the north while it's a lot less
    frequent in the south.
    Tippi : Just as expected of a scholar of the Magic Academy! Thanks for 
    Ariost : You're welcome. Well then, I'm heading back now. I'll be in the
    capital inn, so feel free to drop by. Give my regards to Ruise-kun.
    Tippi : See you later! Well shouldn't we go back too?
    (upon leaving)
    Mysterious voice : Darling...you came...
    Tippi : Eh?
    Mysterious voice : I've always been waiting for you...for you to come here...
    (attempting to leave without speaking to Sheila)
    Tippi : Hold it! Where do you think you're going, leaving me behind like that!
    (talking to Sheila)
    1) Listen attentively
    2) Tell me your name
    3) Stay silent
    4) Escape
    5) You've mistaken me for someone else
    Mysterious woman : ...alright. I always believed that you would come back
    one day....it's been 20 years now already....
    Mysterious woman : Have you forgotten...me? I see....it's been 20 years
    after all...
    Mysterious woman : ...it's been 20 years...I waited all this time....
    Mysterious woman : Please don't run...I've waited 20 years for this day so
    please don't run...
    Mysterious woman : Have you forgotten...me? I see....it's been 20 years
    after all...
    Tipi : ....
    Mysterious woman : Take this. This is yours. (received Sheila's ring)
    Tippi : What a beautiful ring.
    Sheila : I entrust this ring to you. Also if you meet the child please tell
    him that Sheila...his mother always loves him, even now...
    Tippi : That child you say, but....
    Mysterious woman : I love you darling. Please take care of the child.
    Tippi : Hold on!
    (Sheila disappears)
    Tippi : What was that just now...? Eh? The person that appeared in your 
    (upon leaving again)
    Tippi : What a mysterious place. Well let's hurry and go home!
    ======= On the road back home ========
    Merchant : If you're going to the capital, you'd better forget about it. Some
    thieves are loitering on the road a bit further. That's why I set us camp here.
    By the way I'm a merchant. Since we've met here...I might as well let you buy
    some stuff. Well then, welcome to my shop. All I have are recovery herbs.
    (on the next screen right after the merchant)
    Tippi : Hey! The moon's come out! How beautiful...huh? Hey, look over there!
    Thief : Hehe. Aren't you cute...
    Woman : What is it, you..people...
    Thief : How about coming with us for a bit?
    Woman : No....why...
    Thief : Shut up! Follow us quietly! If you don't you're gonna get hurt!
    Woman : H-help!
    Tippi : Those guys, they're picking on a defenseless woman! Let's go help!
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Tippi : Alright! Let's go get them!
    Thief : Hm? Voices...h,hey! That kid saw us!
    Thief : Tch! At a time like this...you guys go and kill that kid!
    Thief : Leave it to us!
    Thief : Yeah!
    Tippi : What are you saying! Alright, in that case.....Hey, you blockheads!
    I won't allow you to lay a finger on this woman!
    Thief : What was that, brat!?
    Tippi : I'm gonna beat all of you by myself!
    Thief : Don't make fun of us!
    Thief : Hey! Let's kill that conceited brat!
    Thief : Leave it to me!
    Tippi : Well, I'll let you handle the rest now.
    Carmaine : ....(looking rather tired)
    Event battle 01 : Save Karen from the bandits
    Winning condition : Kill thief #1
    Losing condition : Karen taken out of screen
    Ennemies : Thief 1 (lvl.2)
               Thief 2 (lvl.1)
               Thief 3 (lvl.1)
    (thief gets near Karen)
    Woman : Kyah! Release me!
    Thief : Come this way quietly!
    Woman : Aah!
    Tippi : Hey, what are you doing!? He's taking her away!
    (thieves get near you)
    Thief : Hold it! No way you're going there!
    Thief : We're not going to let you get in our way!
    Tippi : ...what should we do....
    (upon attacking a thief)
    Tippi : I won't forgive evil-doers!
    Thief : What? Where's that voice coming from?
    Tippi : Are you blind! I'm right here!
    Thief : W-what? A fairy together with a human? But hey, what can fairies do
    Tippi : I'm sooo mad! This guy's definitely going to get it!
    (thief 1 defeated)
    Thief : Guwah! Forgive me...Oswald-aniki....
    Tippi : We did it! Hey, are you all right?
    Woman : Y-yes. You saved me.
    Oswald : Hm? Why is the girl still here?
    Thief : Oswald-aniki!
    Oswald : What are you dawdling around for? After all the work I did to 
    mislead that bastard!
    Thief : S-sorry!
    Oswald : If it comes to this, I'll just have to deal with this personally!
    Tippi : Looks like this guy is the boss.
    Woman : U-umm...what should I do...
    Tippi : What should we have her do?
    1) Stay right there
    2) Head toward the royal capital
    3) Follow me
    Tippi : Stick to him and don't get away!
    Woman : Yes!
    (if you're too far away from Oswald with Karen)
    Oswald : Hey! You two get the girl! Forget about that brat!
    (a few secs later)
    Xenos : So that's where you are! What sort of problem do you have with me...
    Oswald : Tch! He's back already...
    Woman : Xenos-niisan!
    Xenos : Karen!? What are you...
    Tippi : You're her brother? Your little sister was being abducted by this
    Xenos : What! How dare you! Hand her over!
    Tippi : Hold on! Don't you think we should cooperate?
    Xenos : ...understood. What do you want me to do?
    1) Protect Karen
    2) Fight as you wish
    3) Attack designated target
    (pick a target)
    Xenos : This guy right?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Xenos : Alright!
    (a few secs later)
    Oswald : Listen guys, that Xenos guy is a real pain! Be careful!
    Thief : I've noticed that already!
    Oswald : And our job is this guy's sister! We can't afford to fail!
    Thief : I know!
    (upon attacking Oswald)
    Tippi : Why are you after her?
    Oswald : What? You've got a pretty girly-sounding voice don't you?
    Tippi : Girly-sounding this! I am a girl!
    Oswald : F-fairy? This is the first time I've seen a fairy alongside a 
    human. Alright, let's get it too!
    Tippi : That guy pisses me off!!!
    Tippi : What's with him? For a guy who looks like a common bandit, he's 
    pretty good!
    Oswald : What's with this common bandit nonsense! Don't look down on me, the
    great Oswald!
    (Oswald get near Karen)
    Karen : R-release me!
    Xenos : Karen!
    Tippi : Hey, what are you doing! He's taking her away!
    (Oswald's men defeated)
    Oswald : What? You've defeated all my guys?
    Xenos : Prepare yourself.
    (you pick Oswald as Xenos target)
    Xenos : Got it! You'd better be ready you bastard!
    (Oswald defeated)
    Oswald : Shit! To think something like this would happen....time to retreat!
    Xenos : Wait up!
    Event battle 01 : Clear
    Xenos : He's only good at running away!
    Karen : Nii-san....
    Xenos : Are you all right Karen? You're not hurt?
    Karen : I'm fine. Thanks to that person who saved me.
    Zenos : I see. Thanks.
    (nice CG of Xenos and Karen)
    Zenos : I'm Xenos. Thanks to you my little sister is safe. Allow me to express
    my gratitude.
    Tippi : It was just the natural thing to do right? More importantly, why 
    were those guys targeting you?
    Karen : I have no idea...
    Xenos : Neither do I...but maybe they tried to get something from me by taking
    her in custody....what could they be thinking, trying to kidnap her like that?
    Karen : ...
    Xenos : Speaking of which you're pretty skilled to be able to stand up to
    those guys like you did. I guess you're going to take part in the tournament?
    Tippi : Tournament?
    Zenos : Don't you know? Once per year the coliseum holds a tournament. 
    Heroes from all over the country along with elite knights come to take part.
    I'm going to take part this year. It'd be my pleasure to see you there.
    Although, of course, I'll be the champion!
    Karen : Sheesh, nii-san, you...
    Xenos : Well anyway, thanks for your help today.
    Karen : Truly, thank you very much.
    Tippi : You two, be careful! Those siblings get along well. Are you and
    Ruise-chan like this?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    (no reaction from Tippi no matter what you pick)
    Tippi : Well then, let's head home too!
    (collapsing on the way)
    Tippi : What's wrong? If you want to sleep, wait till we get home....hey? 
    Hold on? What's wrong, hey? This is bad! I've got to go find someone!
    ======= Sandra's Laboratory ========
    ...cast it out....
    ...cast it out....
    (stonger and stronger)
    ...cast it out....
    ...cast it out....
    Carmaine (looking possessed) : ....(looks at dead soldier)
    (enter the lab)
    Masked man : Hey I got it! This is Sandra's magic tome.
    Masked man : Good, now let's get out of here.
    Masked man : Kh!
    Carmaine : I cannot let you scum get this magic tome. Hand it over.
    Masked man : Eeh, you'll end up like the soldiers outside!
    Carmaine : Hmph, how brave of you...
    Masked man : You little brat! (attacks) Guwah! (dies)
    Masked man : W-what?
    Carmaine : If you don't want to end up like him, hand over the magic tome
    Masked man : Tch! (breaks the window and runs away)
    Carmaine : You won't escape! Uuhh, this is.....(collapses)
    ======= Cliff near a waterfall ========
    Swordsman : Hm?
    Masked knight : You. The man right there.
    Swordsman : Who are you? I have no business with you. Let me pass.
    Masked knight : That can't happen. You will die here.
    Swordsman : Kuh! They're strong....
    Masked knight : Ha!
    Swordsman : Deyaa!
    Masked knight : I got you!
    Swordsman : S-shit! ...my eyes...
    Masked knight : Die!
    Swordsman : Guuh! ...uhhh...(falls)
    Masked knight : ...(takes off his helmet revealing Carmaine's face and 
    With both his arms and eyes injured, there's no way he'll survive that fall.
    ======= Sandra's house ========
    (Carmaine's room)
    Ruise : Ah, he's coming to! Are you all right? Oniichan?
    Tippi : Thank goodness, Ruise-chan.
    Ruise : Yeah! I'm going to let Mother and the others know!
    Tippi : Are you really alright? Everyone's been worried. Go downstairs and
    show them you're fine.
    (trying to leave the house)
    Tippi : Hold it! Just where do you think you're going?
    Sandra : Are you all right? And why were you in my laboratory?
    Rolandia soldier : You were found lying unconscious in Lady Sandra's 
    laboratory inside the castle.
    Tippi : I'm going to sum it up once more. After we rescued the girl from
    the bandits, you suddenly collapsed outside the western gate. I went to get
    some help but when I got back you were nowhere to be found.
    Sandra : Tippi. Why didn't you use your ability to telepathically 
    communicate with me, your creator?
    Tippi : A...I forgot...I'm sorry Master! I was so confused...
    Sandra : ...that can't be helped. Anyway, you collapsed at the western gate.
    Then you were found in my laboratory...Do you remember how you got between
    the two places?
    1) I don't remember
    2) When I came to, I was inside the lab.
    Sandra : I see.
    Sandra:	So you have no memory of getting between the two places.
    R.soldier : Inside the lab, there was another dead person. You most probably
    defeated him. You did have blood on your blade after all.
    Ruise : And you know what, Oniichan...Mother's research book was stolen...
    R.soldier : Since the laboratory book disappeared and you were unconscious
    we believe there was more than one intruder. Anything you can tell us would
    help. If you remember anything let us know.
    1) Don't say anything
    2) Say that the other burglar fled by the window
    Tippi : What a helpless guy...
    R.soldier: Hmm, it's probable that they were able to escape through the 
    window but....
    R.soldier : So that's indeed how it happened.
    R.soldier : But who would want to rob Lady Sandra's laboratory, and why...
    Tippi : Say master, that research book, what sorts of things does it contain?
    Sandra : Information on magical power components of magical crystals.
    Tippi : Hmmm, I don't understand at all.
    Sandra : Magic crystals are ordinary crystals infused with magic power. That
    book described how to prepare and harvest the magical crystals, which need 
    to be saturated with Growshu.
    Tippi : Growshu you say...
    Ruise : The special magic power a Growsian possesses. Since ordinary humans
    can't use Growshu, those who can must attend the Magic Academy when they 
    grow old enough. Mother did that brilliantly.
    Sandra : Though many people may have forgotten, humanity did not originally
    hail from this world. We came to this world because our home world was on 
    the verge of destruction. 500 years ago, magic wrought from the ingenuity of
    mankind brought us to this world. But those who had been able to
    cast powerful magic found themselves completely lacking in magic power in 
    this world.
    Tippi : Eh, why is that?
    Sandra : Because there was no Growshu in this world. In our original world,
    Growshu filled about the skies in abundance. People used that Growshu to 
    cast spells, but found themselves unable to use magic in this Growshu-less
    world just by using their own focus. Nowadays, the only ones who can use 
    magic are Growsians, like Ruise.
    Tippi : So why is that Growsians can use magic when ordinary humans can't?
    Sandra : For you to understand that, I must first explain how Growsians are 
    Tippy : Eheheh. Please do.
    Sandra : There are space-time distortions in our world, where the two worlds
    closely overlap. However, since these space-time distortions are unstable,
    occasionally shadows of the original world appear. So, people born during
    the times when we can see lunar and solar eclipses unconsciously remember
    those space-time distorsions and can create a channel within them linking
    them to the original world. Growsians like Ruise are able to, by using that
    channel, use Growshu from our former world. That's why Growsians can, by simply
    using their own focus like us, cast powerful magic.
    Tippi : Ehh, Ruise-chan you're incredible.
    Ruise : That's not true. Actually I don't really know how I'm able to do it
    Sandra : In any case, if we manage to find a way to produce Growshu
    artificially, anyone will be able to use powerful magic like in ancient times.
    Maybe that's the goal of those who stole my research book.
    R.soldier : If it were used with evil intent, this could be bad. We have
    to recover the research book as soon as possible!(leaves)
    Ruise : Mother, what will you do now?
    Sandra : Hmm, that's right. For now since I still remember the experiments,
    I will do them a second time. Sorry Ruise but I won't be able to help you with
    your magic training for now.
    Ruise : That can't be helped, mother.
    Sandra : Also there is something else I would like you to do. I want you to
    give these to someone. (receive magic eyes)
    Tippi : What are those? They look like glasses but....
    Sandra : They're magic eyes.
    Tippi : Eyes?!
    Sandra : They can give back eyesight to some extent. A man in Deris village
    asked me for those, but in the current situation I don't have the time to
    bring them myself.
    Tippi : So all we've got to do is to give him those, right Master?
    Sandra : Yes. East from here over a river there is a little village. You
    will meet him in that village. He's a swordsman called Wallace. You'll know him
    when you see him.
    Ruise : We'll know him when we'll see him...does he have such a big wound?
    Sandra : In the meanwhile, I'll be in my laboratory in the castle. If 
    anything should happen come back to the castle.
    Ruise : First we'll have to give those magic eyes to Wallace-san in Deris
    village. Afterwards what will you do?
    Tippi : Say, you've seen the burglars haven't you? So it'll be easier for
    you to find the culprit than for the others soldiers right?
    Ruise : So that means that oniichan will go arrest the burglars?
    1) I won't
    2) I will
    3) I don't care
    Ruise : That's right, you've seen enough frightening things already 
    oniichan. Anyway, let's go complete the errand for Wallace-san!
    Ruise : I knew it! I was sure Oniichan would say that! Then, let's go!
    Ruise : I see.
    Tippi : Geez, you...your own mother is in trouble, and that's your attitude?
    Ruise : Anyway, let's go complete the errand for Wallace-san!
    Tippi : Let's go you say but..., Ruise-chan?
    Ruise : Isn't it obvious? I'm coming too.
    Tippi : But, umm...
    Ruise : Mother is busy and can't give me my magical practice. So for now
    I'll tag along! (Ruise joins the party) Good, let's go!
    Tippi : Can't be helped I guess....hey, you'd better take good care of her!
    ======= Royal capital ========
    (north west district)
    Gatekeeper : You're the one that defeated the burglar right? Thank you, you 
    have our gratitude. But don't mention this to outsiders please. We don't want
    the townspeople to worry.
    (note : there are new goods at the Hole-in-the-Wall shop)
    (north east district)
    Kid : It's true! There is really a thief that came out of the castle!
    Big kid : Stop making up stuff! How could a thief get into the castle in the
    first place!
    Kid : It's true! Some guy wearing a mask came out of the castle!
    1) Stop the argument
    2) Ask about the thief
    3) Let Ruise handle it
    4) Let Tippi handle it
    Big kid : But he's been spouting lies about thieves coming out of the 
    Kid : I'm not lying!
    Kid : I know that it was a man but since his face was hidden I don't what he
    looks like.
    Ruise : ...(sigh), can't be helped then...
    Tippi : You're asking me? ...somehow, I have a bad feeling about this...
    Hi there kiddies, could you listen to me for a second?
    Big kid : What's that? A living shuttlecock?
    Kid : What fun!
    Tippi : Geez, that's why I had a bad feeling about this!
    Ruise : U-umm say about what you were discussing earlier...
    Ruise : Say, in which direction was that thief heading?
    Kid : He went through the eastern gate!
    Tippi : Isn't Wallace's village east too? That's just perfect!
    Couple : We're on a date so don't bother us!
    Blonde woman : My! What a cute fairy you have there.
    (east entrance)
    Soldier : You asking me if I have seen anyone suspicious? Hmm....there's a 
    lot of people passing through this gate...ah speaking of which I remember 
    someone leaving in a hurry.
    Soldier (down) : I heard there've been intruders sneaking inside the castle
    last night. Geez, what are the guards doing?
    ======= On the road to Deris village ========
    (under the bridge)
    Young man : ...For what purpose did I work so hard....for what purpose....
    did I wield that sword! (throws sword)
    Young man : (sigh)
    (upon picking up the sword)
    Tippi : What's this? What an old looking sword...
    (the game then tells you that though it looks like it's been used a lot it's 
    in good shape and that the owner probably took good care of it)
    Tippi : The person who lost it must be pretty upset...
    Ruise : Could it be that person crossing the bridge up there? Let's bring it
    to him!
    (or if you ignore it)
    Ruise : Heh? What's this? Oniichan, look at this.
    Tippi : The person who lost it must be pretty upset...
    Ruise : Could it be that person crossing the bridge up there? Let's bring it
    to him!
    (next screen - talking to the young man)
    Tippi : Excuse me!
    Young man : Hm? What do you want?
    Tippi : Didn't you lose this? (give back sword)
    Young man : Why this....
    Ruise : So it's indeed your sword, right?
    Young man : ...(looks annoyed)
    Tippi : Heh? What's wrong?
    Young man : This...I threw it away...
    Ruise : Why? Something you used with such care....
    Young man : That is none of your business! Give it back!
    (takes the sword and runs)
    Tippi : What's with him? He pisses me off!
    Ruise : I'm sure he must have his reasons.
    (or if you ignore him and try to get in Deris village without talking to 
    Tippi : Tippi-chan's kick!
    Tippi : You! What do you mean by passing by and ignoring him!
    Ruise : I'm going to give it to him!
    Ruise : U-umm...
    Young man : Hm? What do you want?
    Tippi : Didn't you lose this? (give back sword)
    Young man : Why this....
    Ruise : So it's indeed your sword, right?
    Young man : ...(looks annoyed)
    Tippi : Heh? What's wrong?
    Young man : This...I threw it away...
    Ruise : Why? Something you used with such care....
    Young man : That is none of your business! Give it back!
    (takes the sword and runs)
    Tippi : What's with him? He pisses me off!
    Ruise : I'm sure he must have his reasons.
    ======= Deris village ========
    (upon entering)
    Tippi : So this is the village where Wallace-san is?
    Ruise : It looks like it. The meeting place was the inn, right?
    (inside the inn)
    Innkeeper : Welcome. Will you be staying?
    Ruise : Hum, we're supposed to meet with Wallace-san here...
    Innkeeper : So it's you guys... That person will come this evening.
    Tippi : Seems like we're too early. Let's go kill some time somewhere.
    Ruise : In that case can I go wandering outside? I'll come back at the
    appointed time.
    Tippi : Agreed!
    Ruise : Then I'll go take a look at the neighborhood!
    Tippi : Then let's go too!
    (near item shop)
    Blonde woman : Hm? ....? Aah, you scared me. Lately a suspicious group seems 
    to have settled in a mountain hut to the northeast. I thought you were one
    of their comrades.
    (talking to Ruise)
    Tippi : Oh, Ruise-chan are you shopping?
    Ruise : Nope, I'm just looking.
    Tippi : OK, later then.
    Ruise : Yeah.
    (upon seeing Julian)
    Tippi : Ah, that guy's here.
    (upon talking to him)
    Young man : ...what, oh it's you people.
    Tippi : No not "people", I'm Tippi! Hey you, by the way...
    Julian : Not "hey you". I'm Julian.
    Tippi : (grumbles) Julian then. What are you looking at?
    Julian : ...
    Villager : What's wrong? Put more strength into it!
    Kid : Yaah!
    Julian : ....
    Tippi : That father and child...is something the matter with them?
    Julian : ...
    Tippi : Say something damnit!
    Julian : Shut up! Leave me alone!
    What will you do?
    1) Leave him alone
    2) Cheer him up
    3) Scold him for his way of addressing people
    4) Ask him a second time
    Julian : ...
    Julian : Sorry for shouting at you. But, leave me alone for now.
    Julian : Sorry for shouting at you. But, leave me alone for now.
    Julian : I hate nosy guys. Get lost.
    Guy near the exit : If you're heading towards the Magic Academy, forget
    about it for now. A sudden gust of wind took down the bridge.
    Tippi : Eeh?! Wind took down a bridge?
    Guy : Yeah well, I wouldn't believe it either if I didn't see it with my
    own eyes. The wind that day, it seemed unnatural. Anyway, it will be mended
    (returning inside the inn)
    Innkeeper : Wallace-san still hasn't come back. He should be coming any time
    now, though.... Bah, how about hanging around outside a little more?
    (talking to Ruise)
    Ruise : Oniichan, Tippi, welcome back.
    Tippi : Did you see Wallace-san?
    Ruise : Not yet but...ah! (Wallace enters)
    (talking to Wallace)
    Tippi : Umm...are you Wallace-san?
    Wallace : Yes, that's right. You are?
    Ruise : We've been sent by mothe...errr by Sandra.
    Wallace : I see. You're Lady Sandra's children.
    (using the item Magic Eyes in your inventory in front of him)
    Wallace : Thanks. Hum, this is better.
    (or if you didn't and just keep talking to Wallace again)
    Wallace : Speaking of which, I've requested an item from Lady Sandra...
    (talking to Wallace a third time)
    Wallace : If you have that item I've requested from Lady Sandra....
    Tippi : What are you doing! Hurry up and give it to him already!
    (talking to Wallace a fourth time)
    Tippi : Tippi-chan kick! Light version!
    (get kicked)
    Tippi : We're in front of someone so I went easy on you.
    Next time will be for real.
    (talking to Wallace a fifth time)
    Tippi : Tippi-chan heavyyy kiccckkk!
    (get kicked hard)
    Ruise : Umm, this is from mother! We've brought you these magic eyes!
    (Ruise give Magic Eyes)
    Wallace : Thanks.  Hum, this is better.
    Ruise : Can you really see now?
    Wallace : I can't see as well as before. But I can roughly see people's 
    Tippi : Then you can't really see.
    Wallace : That's not true. Until now, I couldn't see a thing.
    This makes a vast difference. I can now live the way I used to.
    Tippi : Well then, we've completed our delivery. Now let's take care of the
    guys who stole the research book.
    Wallace : Hm? What happened? If you don't mind, could you tell me?
    Ruise : Actually...(screen goes black)...and that's how it is.
    Wallace : I see. That reminds me, I've heard a lumberjack saying he saw some
    suspicious people entering the mountain hut in the woods to the east.
    Tippi : That must be them! Let's go quickly before they run away!
    Wallace : Ah, wait. If you don't mind I'm going too.
    Ruise : Eh? But it might be dangerous...
    Wallace : I want to try these eyes and this artificial arm quickly. Besides,
    it'd be bad if something were to happen to Lady Sandra's children.
    (Wallace joins the party) Since I'm not yet used to this arm, I can't fight
    like normal. My skills might even have sunk below the level of yours, but
    the more helpers, the better.
    (merchant outside the inn)
    Merchant : Hi there, welcome. I have all sorts of equipement.
    Well then, what do you want?
    1) Buy
    2) Sell
    (do your shopping cause Wallace doesn't even have a weapon)
    Merchant : Come again. I'll be waiting.
    (upon seeing Julian again)
    Tippi : Ah, he's here.
    Wallace : Is something wrong with that person?
    Tippi : It seems like that man is brooding over something.
    Wallace : ....that man....?
    Ruise : He seems to be looking at that father and his child.
    Wallace : You seem to be troubled. If I'm worthy, would you mind
    speaking to me?
    Julian : ...who are you?
    Wallace : Ah, sorry about that. My name is Wallace.
    Julian : Wallace? Could it be, the one that was called the wandering 
    warrior? That Wallace?
    Wallace : Ah, I used to be called that...but that was in the past. Now I'm
    traveling along with them as an adventurer.
    Julian : I heard a lot about your great deeds when I was a kid. But why are
    you in this village? And those wounds are...?
    Walalce : It happened two years ago. While traveling I was attacked by a 
    group of thugs and lost my arm and eyes. Those are replacements made by
    their mother.
    Julian : And what are you intending to do in such a state?
    Wallace : Get back what I've had stolen. And having a weakened body might
    be exactly what I need for this.
    Julian : ...I don't understand. Why would you cling to the warrior path
    so much?
    Wallace : Because...I'm man of conviction. If you were to find
    your own beliefs, you would see the answer to what troubles you now.
    Julian : Are you saying I have no convictions?
    Wallace : Think about it once over carefully. (coming back to your group)
    Sorry for the wait.
    Tippi : As expected, the words of an experienced man have a totally 
    different weight.
    Ruise : Will he be alright?
    Wallace : He has to find the answer he's seeking by himself. No one can do 
    this for him. Come, let's go crush the thieves.
    ======= Road east of Deris village ========
    Wallace : North of here is the mountain hut. The south path leads to the
    Magic Academy.
    ======= In front of the mountain hut ========
    Wallace : Over there lies the mountain hut where the suspicious people
    were seen.
    Tippi : Then let's hurry up and get back the research book!
    (if you take a few steps north)
    Wallace : Hold on! Someone's coming!
    Masked man : Hm? Pursuers?
    Wallace : You're the ones who stole Lady Sandra's research book? Give it 
    back quietly now.
    Masked man : Do you think we're gonna give back something we've just stolen?
    (talking to his guys) Regroup! (they regroup then disperse) Initiate the
    Tippi : Eh?? Which one's carrying master's research book?
    Ruise : I-I don't know!
    Wallace : In that case we can't let any one of them escape!
    Event battle 02 : Get back the book from the thieves
    Winning condition : Kill all enemies
    Losing condition : One enemy escapes to the south
    enemies : 3 thieves (lvl.4)
               Masked man (lvl.6)
    (Masked man near Carmaine)
    Masked man : You're that one from earlier?! Eeh, what a persistent guy!
    Tippi : You thieving scum, what the heck are you talking about!
    Give back master's research book!
    Masked man : I won't forgive you for getting in our way!
    Tippi : Arrrgggghhh!
    (Wallace attacks a thief)
    Wallace : You won't escape!
    (thieves are half across the map)
    Tippi : If you're careless, we won't be able to get back the book!
    (two enemies remaining - enemy reinforcements appear)
    Masked man 2 : What's this?
    Masked man 1 : Pursuers! Help us get out of here!
    Masked man 2 : Immediately!
    (a few secs after the second masked knight comes out)
    Julian : What a sloppy way of fighting.
    Tippi : Julian? Why are you here?
    Julian : It doesn't matter why! Right now you're fighting these guys? I will
    give you assistance! What do you want me to do?
    1) Attack selected target
    2) Fight as you will
    3) Guard this place
    Julian : That guy right?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Julian : Understood!
    (Julian on his first attack)
    Julian : No need to give my name to a bunch of thieves. Haah!
    (getting attacked by Masked man 2)
    Masked man 2 : Nuisances! Die!
    (all enemies defeated)
    Event battle 02 Clear
    Tippi : Seems like there no more enemies.
    Julian : Those guys were pushovers.
    Ruise : Thanks to Julian's help, we'be been saved oniichan.
    Wallace : Did you cast away your doubts?
    Julian :  I forgot to ask you something before. Those convictions that drive
    you to fight, what are they?
    Wallace : ...Hum.  If that will help you understand then I will tell you.
    Ten-odd years ago, I was part of a mercenary group. But after an accident
    that group was annihilated. Since that time, I've been looking for the
    whereabouts of my former captain.
    Julian : He was an important person for you?
    Wallace : I owe him my life. A long time ago the captain saved me.
    Thus I decided I would serve him.
    Tippi : But it's been ten years you've been looking for him right?
    To be honest I don't think you'll ever find him...
    Ruise : Tippi!
    Tippi : But....
    Julian : That accident, what could it be...
    Wallace : We were were guarding a crystal mine in the Burnstein kingdom.
    At that time, a demon had appeared there. Most of group died trying to
    protect the place. The only one that took on the demon was the captain
    and we never heard of him since then.
    Julian : ...I see.
    Wallace : After all this time I still haven't found him. I wonder if he's
    still alive...But until I can bring this to an end by myself I will continue
    this journey. I've decided this myself.
    Ruise : Wallace-san...
    Wallace : But before returning to my usual lifestyle, I must restore this
    diminished body to its former potential.
    Julian : ...I too...is that alright if I come along? By observing your
    way of living, I think I'll be able to find my own convictions.
    Wallace : This is something you should ask him instead of me.
    What will you answer?
    1) Do as you like
    2) Come along
    3) Refuse
    Tippi : What a cold way of talking...
    Ruise : Onnichan is just embarassed. Do as you like means you can come
    along right?
    Julian : Thank you.
    Ruise : That's right, come with us.
    Julian : Alright, thanks.
    Julian : I see. Sorry for asking something so futile.
    Tippi : Wait up, you! Are you going to ignore someone's request like this?
    Ruise : Don't take it badly. Oniichan's mood is hard to read.
    Julian : No, I probably was too naive. But do you mind if I come along
    with you at least until the village?
    Tippi : If it's just until the village then it's no problem.
    Wallace : Then let's go back to the village. Or would you like to rest 
    inside first?
    Tippi : Rest you say?
    Wallace : In that mountain hut. Since there's nothing there we can probably 
    use it to regain our strength.
    (upon examining the hut)
    Ruise : Do you want to rest here oniichan?
    1) Rest
    2) Don't rest
    Tippi : That's right, let's rest for a bit!
    Tippi : I'm in tip top shape now! Well, let's go back!
    ======= Deris village ========
    (after a few steps inside the village)
    Wallace : Well Julian? Have you begun to see your answers?
    Julian : ...no. Not yet.
    Wallace : I see. Well, we're not in a hurry anyway.
    (a bunch of people burst into the village)
    Villager : Kyaaah!
    Ruise : What? What's happening?
    Oswald : It's useless trying to run away! We're bound to find you anyway!
    Eliotte's father : Kuh! What a persitent bunch! Eliotte! Hurry up and 
    Eliotte's mother : We'll take care of things here somehow! Now, hurry up
    and escape!
    Eliotte's : But, father, mother!
    Father : We'll be fine, just go already!
    Oswald : Thinking about running away? If you leave this tiny village,
    we will burn it to the ground!
    Julian : They're after this family?!
    Tippi : Say, this guy, isn't he the one who attacked Karen-san at the 
    western gate in the capital? Hey you! Still being nasty with people?!
    Oswald : That voice...ah you! How dare you show up here! Hey guys!
    Now's the opportunity to get rid of them!
    Thief : Yeah!
    Tippi : Hehe! Time to teach these guys another lesson!
    Ruise : ...humm...it seems like we won't be able to talk our way out of 
    Wallace : Then combat is unavoidable.
    Julian : Bah, that's just how it is.
    Event battle 03 : Protect Eliotte and the villagers
    Winning condition : Kill all enemies
    Losing condition : Eliotte or his parents die, too many villagers die
    enemies : 3 thieves (lvl.3)
               Oswald (lvl.5)
    (Eliotte gets attacked)
    Eliotte : Uwah! Stay away please!
    (Eliotte near Carmaine)
    Tippi : Are you alright? We're going to save you now!
    Eliotte : I'm fine. But more importantly please take care of mother and 
    Tippi : Leave it to us!
    (kill one thief)
    Oswald : You guys, you're always bothering us! What's the matter with you?
    Tippi : You're the one always causing trouble in the first place, aren't 
    Oswald : You idiot! This is my job!
    Eliott : Job? Who hired you to do this?
    Oswald  : I won't tell you! Now, to keep you from getting in our way we'll
    give you something else to take care of! Hey guys! Kill everyone in this
    Thief : Hehehe! Got it!
    Julian : How low of them!
    (other thieves appear)
    Villager : Uwah, don't come here!
    Tippi : Ah, his underlings are...!
    Rusie : The villagers are in danger!
    Wallace : Looks like they prepared meticulously.
    Julian : They're trying to overwhelm us with numbers. Hey, I'll follow along 
    with your plan.
    What do you want me to do?
    1) Attack selected target
    2) Fight as you wish
    3) Protect Eliotte
    4) Guard the place where you're standing
    (1) (select a target)
    Julian  : Understood.
    (other thieves appear)
    Villager : Whoa, don't come here!
    Julian : There are still more of them....
    Eliotte : So many pursuers...I can't take it anymore...
    1) Cheer him up
    2) Tell him to relax
    3) Tell him to give up
    4) Ignore him
    Tippi : That's right! Don't give up until the end!
    Eliotte : B-but...
    Tippi : Whatever, just trust us!
    Eliotte : Y-yes!
    Eliotte : I-I understand...I'll trust you!
    Tippi : Hold on! What does that mean! Hey kid! Don't give up until the very 
    Eliotte : Y-yes!
    Tippi : Couldn't you just say something? Hey kid! Don't give up until the 
    very end!
    (Carmaine vs Oswald)
    Oswald : I'll make you pay for the shame of the last time!
    Tippi : Then you're not ashamed to attack a young girl?
    Oswald : Shut up!
    (Oswald defeated and all other thieves dead)
    Oswald : ..guh...not only once but twice...I'll remember this!
    Julian : Crap. He escaped...
    Tippi : We did it!
    Ruise : ...that was so scary...
    Event battle 03 Clear
    Julian : Are you alright?
    Eliotte : Yes. Thanks to you we're saved.
    Father : Hum, we have something to request from you.
    Ruise : Yes?
    Father : Could you take this child along with you to the capital, Rosaria?
    Mother : Forgive our shamelessness for asking something of those who just 
    saved us but we have no one else to ask.
    Tippi : If it's only to the capital, we were returning there anyway.
    Father : Ooh, is that so. Just accompanying him to the capital is fine.
    We're counting on you.
    Ruise : It's no bother to us, but what will you do?
    Father : We've got to hurry and go somewhere...
    Mother : Please take care of this child.
    Eliotte : Mother...
    Mother : Don't lose that letter alright?
    Father : The time we spent together is one of our most precious memories.
    Take care!
    Eliotte : Father, you too...
    Mother : I love you, Eliotte.
    Eliotte : ...
    Wallace : Everyone, are you alright?
    Villager : Yes, we're fine.
    Villager : Thank you! The village is unharmed thanks to you. This is hardly 
    proper as a reward but please accept it. (150 elm)
    Villager : Really, thank you very much.
    Villager : Since you must be tired, please rest here for the night.
    Village : Alright, let's prepare the feast!
    Ruise : Heehee. Everyone is rejoicing. Doesn't it somehow make you happy as
    1) Yes it does
    2) No it doesn't
    Julian : Indeed, it sure does.
    Tippi : Geez! Can't you be honest for once!
    Villager : Please come this way.
    Tippi : Heehee!  Seeing the villagers rejoicing is so fun, even more
    than the celebration to thank us!
    Who are you going to talk to? (you'll be able to pick three of them only)
    1) Ruise
    2) Wallace
    3) Eliotte
    4) Julian
    5) Tippi
    Ruise : Hm, What?
    Tippi : Are you having fun?
    Ruise : Yes! You know, I've never been able to be in a crowd and talk
    to people like that, so it's fun.
    Tippi : Eh? Why is that? There must be tons of people at the academy
    too right?
    Ruise : Yes, but...you know since I'm a Growsian...people don't
    act very natural around me...
    Tippi : I see. I guess Growsians also have problems of their own...
    Wallace : What is it?
    Tippi : Oh? I understand that we can't drink sake since we're just kids but
    why isn't Wallace-san having any?
    Wallace : ...ah, it's a long story...I'll tell it to you some day...
    Tippi : Umm, Eliotte, that's right?
    Eliotte : Yes. Really I'm thankful for what you've done.
    I will not forget that I owe you my life today.
    Tippi : For being a kid you sure have a sense of responsibility...
    You should speak a little more casually like all kids do.
    Eliotte : Casually you say...but my parents always taught me to speak that 
    way...Is my way of speaking that strange?
    Tippi : It's not weird, but you just sound like an adult you know.
    How old are you?
    Eliotte : Eh? 14 years old.
    Tippi : You're the same age as Ruise-chan!
    Ruise : Eh? What's up? Did you call me?
    Tippi : See? That's normal!
    Ruise : ?
    Eliotte : Ah, please forgive me. I've never talked to people my age.
    Actually I never left home until now. My world was composed of my parents 
    and their servants. And also guests that would come over occasionally.
    Tippi : Just what sort of upbringing did you receive?
    Eliotte : As I told you, I stayed in the residence.
    The inside of that residence is what was my whole world until now...
    That's why it's unbelievable for me to be in the middle of such a crowd like
    now. But it feels good doesn't it?
    Tippi : Hey, hey, Julian!
    Julian : What is it, ladybug?
    Tippi : Grr! While I may look like this, know that I am an Homunculus made 
    by the great Sandra herself, the court magician of the Rolandia Kingdom!
    My pedigree is flawless!
    Julian : Oh, so Lady Sandra created you...your way of speaking sure doesn't
    reflect that.
    Tippi : Leave me alone!
    Julian : Leave me alone too. I am busy with my thoughts.
    Tippi : Are you thinking about that again?
    Julian : I have yet to find them...my answers...
    Tippi : Eh, you want to talk with me? When there's so much people around?
    You sure are a weirdo...ah, could it be...you've fallen in love with me?
    1) Stop spouting nonsense
    2) I was joking
    3) I've fallen in love
    4) Play dumb
    5) Stay silent
    Tippi : What? You're the one spouting nonsense here!
    Tippi : Ah, idiot! Who's joking all of a sudden like that!
    Tippi : Well of course you have.
    Seems like you appreciate my charm after all.
    Tippi : Grr, don't go ignoring me now!
    Tippi : Such a disagreable guy! When someone's playing the fool you should 
    play the straight man! That's the basics of communication you know!
    Ruise : Hahaha!
    (inside your room in the inn)
    Tippi : Ah, that was fun. But tomorrow we should hurry and get back to 
    Master. Should we go sleep now?
    Julian : Are you still awake?
    (opens the door and talks to him)
    Julian : I'd like to talk with you a little.
    (enter the room)
    Julian : It's a boring story but please listen quietly.
    Julian : Since my childhood, I was trained to become an Imperial Knight.
    Tippi : Imperial Knight? What's that?
    Julian : You don't know? Usually everyone knows about them.
    Tippi : Well I was just born not too long ago so...
    Julian : I see. Then I will explain what the knights are. Imperial Knights 
    are the most elite knight division of the Burnstein Kingdom. It is said that to
    become one, one must have the skill to defeat a hundred soldiers by oneself. 
    For that reason, the Imperial Knights are famous as the strongest in the 
    Tippi : Eeh, there mustn't be that many people that are that strong 
    Julian : That's right. Right now the members of the Imperial Knights are Prince
    Richard, Lord Ernest Lyell and Lord Oscar Reaves.
    Tippi : Only those three?
    Julain : To become an Imperial Knight, sword skills aren't enough. Studies,
    personality, every possible aspect is examined. That's why it's not rare
    that there are so few people that are in the Imperial Knights. This is the
    most honored rank a warrior can attain in the whole continent.
    Tippi : Whoa...the Imperial Knights are awesome...
    Julian : My family is a noble family of the Burnstein Kingdom. On top of
    that, generation after generation many of its members became Imperial
    Knights...Years ago, my father served as a knight too.
    Tippi : Whoa...
    Julian : That's why my father's expectations of me are so high. So in response
    to this I learned fencing. I trained very hard so that one day he would be
    proud of me. I didn't train to become strong, it was to live up to my father's
    expectations. But several years ago, the true son of the family was born...
    Tippi : Eh? The true son...then you're...
    Julian : That's right. I'm not their true son. And thus with the birth of the
    true son of the family, my father completely transferred his expectations onto
    that child. Since then, he completely ignores me...sigh... and so that's why I
    started to doubt and wanted to throw away my sword.
    Tippi : Julian....
    Julian : So that's why I want to ask you. For what purpose do you wield a
    1) To become stronger
    2) To defeat my enemies
    3) To become famous
    4) I haven't thought about it
    5) To protect the powerless
    Julian : I see. It's for yourself. A simple yet logical answer.
    Julian : Well it's indeed the most logical answer.
    Julian : I see. It's for yourself. I too would have probably answered that 
    way before.
    Julian : ...so this never bothered you.
    Julian : Then let me ask you something else. What do you think I should do 
    1) You should decide this for yourself.
    2) Remind him about that kid you just saved
    3) Rebuke him coldly
    4) Give up on wielding a sword
    Julian : And it's precisely because I don't know that I'm asking you!
    Tippi : Why do you think we'll find an answer immediately? Or do you enjoy
    shouting at people so much?
    Julian : This is...
    Tippi : You'll find an answer that will satisfy you later. For now you should
    just be glad to be alive and well.
    Julian : That's true. I will think about it for a while longer. Sorry about
    bothering you with my worries.
    Tippi : ...and there he went. Well, let's go sleep.
    Tippi : That's right! When we saved that family and the villagers, didn't we
    make everyone happy? Isn't that kind of thing enough?
    Julian : Helping others...
    Tippi : When you saw how they were rejoicing, didn't you feel happy too?
    Julian : You're right. You can indeed wield a sword for the sake of others...
    Thank you, I feel like I've found the answer I was looking for.
    Tippi : Do you feel a bit better?
    Julian : Yes. It was a good idea to speak about this with you. Thank you. I
    think I'll finally be able to sleep well. It's been a long time since I have.
    Tippi : Haha, he became so energetic all of sudden! I wonder if he isn't too
    excited to sleep now? Well then let's go sleep too.
    Julian : I was stupid to talk to you about this. Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Tippi : Couldn't you answer him in a kinder way? He trusted you and opened up
    to you. Bah, never mind. More importantly let's go sleep now.
    Julian : ...wha..
    Tippi : Yeah, that's right. If you couldn't find an answer so badly why
    don't you just give up on it?
    Julian : ...you may be right...Sorry about bothering you with my worries.
    Tippi : ...and there he went. Well, let's go sleep.
    (or if you answered "To protect the powerless" in his first question...and
    you should really if you want him to become a playable character later)
    Julian : I see....so that's why...
    Tippi : What's wrong Julian?
    Julian : Thank you! This is it! The answer I was looking for!
    Tippi : Well, good for you then.
    Julian : Yes. This is thanks to you. This night I think I'll finally be able
    to sleep well.  It's been a long time since I have. I wish you a good night.
    Tippi : Haha, he became so energetic all of sudden! I wonder if he isn't too
    excited to sleep now? Well then, let's go sleep too.
    (upon waking up after the dream)
    Tippi : Whoa, what's the matter, waking up like that? What's wrong? Did you
    have a nightmare? Did you see something in your dream again?
    What kind of dream was it? Tell me.
    (push circle to tell her)
    Tippi : Eh? Some suspicious guys heading towards Master? What an awful
    dream. I'm gonna use telepathy to check on things. Master was on the balcony
    you said, right? Hey, you were right! She's really on the balcony! Master,
    can you hear me? Look outside! Do you see some suspicious men? It might be
    dangerous so please run away! Yeah, we'll be coming right away!
    But hey, how come you saw in your dreams that Master was in a pinch? Ah,
    let's save the explanations for later! I'm going to warn the others!
    (or ignoring her by moving around)
    Tippi : Hold it! Answer me now!
    (upon exiting your room)
    Ruise : I've heard from Tippi! You saw mother being targeted in a dream!
    ....aah, mother.....
    Wallace : I didn't know you had that kind of power....
    Julian : ...though I want to believe you I can't help having doubts about that
    too. Anyway, let's head towards the capital immediately.
    Ruise : ...mother...
    Julian : But time is the main concern here.  Can we make it even if we hurry?
    Even though this village is the closest to the capital? How much distance is
    there between the two? Could we get here in time?
    Ruise : ...mother...
    Tippi : But we can't be giving up here like that?!
    Wallace : No point in arguing here. Let's depart immediately.
    Ruise : ...mother!! (screen flashes as Ruise casts a spell)
    ======= Sandra's laboratory ========
    Julian : This...where are we?
    Wallace : ...what just happened?
    Tippi : Ah, we're in front of Master's laboratory! So this means...
    Ruise : I did it...I managed to use....a teleport spell...
    Julian : This is...the high-ranking spell Teleport? And it was able to bring
    that many people and cover that much distance...
    Wallace : There is no time to be surprised. Let's go rescue Lady Sandra
    Tippi : Yeah, let's hurry!
    (on the last floor of the laboratory)
    Sandra : Impossible...my spells nearly don't affect them at all....
    Masked knight 1 : Cease this useless struggling and let go of yourself.
    We'll make this as painless as possible and kill you in one blow.
    Sandra : ...at this rate....
    Masked knight 2 : Uwah!?
    Masked knight 1 : What's with this spiritual force?
    Ruise : Mother?!
    Tippi : Master!
    Wallace : Lady Sandra! We've come to rescue you!
    Sandra : Everyone...
    Masked knight 2 : Who are you bastards...
    Julian : There's no need to tell our names to the likes of you.
    Masked knight 1 : Stay out of our way!
    Event battle 04 : Protect Sandra. Battle against the Masked Knight.
    Winning condition : Kill all enemies
    Losing condition : Sandra dies
    Enemies : 4 gremlins (lvl.5)
              2 Masked knights (lvl.7)
    (beginning of the battle)
    Julian : Hey. These aren't opponents that you can defeat with your skills.
    I will fight up front! I'm counting on you for support!
    1) Fight as you want
    2) Attack selected target
    Julian : Then I'll do as I want.
    (2) (after selecting a target)
    Julian : Understood.
    (a few secs later)
    Sandra :  Tell me what kind of spells you want me to use to help you
    in your fight. Choose the type of spells you think will be the most useful.
    1) Offensive magic
    2) Protective magic
    3) Healing magic
    4) Minimal healing magic
    (no matter what you pick)
    Sandra : I understand. I'll be doing that.
    (if Wallace attacks a masked knight)
    Wallace : Hm? ...this sensation....could it be....the guy who took my arm
    and eyes? But he's far too weak to be the same guy....is it someone else?
    (Julian vs masked knight)
    Julian : Against the likes of you, I alone am more than enough!
    (one masked knight defeated)
    Masked knight : Uwah!
    Tippi : Whoa, he just melted!
    Sandra : !? The way he disappeared...a Flesh Golem?
    (If Carmaine gets close to Sandra first)
    Tippi : Master, please hold on just a little longer!
    (or if it's Wallace)
    Wallace : Lady Sandra, please wait just a little longer!
    (second masked knight defeated)
    Masked knight : Uwaah....
    Tippi : We did it!
    Event battle 04 Clear
    (talking to Sandra after the battle)
    Ruise : Mother are you alright? Ah, you're bleeding!
    Sandra : It happened while I was escaping towards the roof.
    But it's just a scratch. Everyone, you just saved me. Thank you.
    Wallace : I'm glad to hear you're safe, Lady Sandra.
    Sandra : But more importantly, how did you get here?
    Tippi : You know what Master? Ruise-chan brought everyone here with Teleport!
    Ruise : I, I don't really remember how I did it. I was still half asleep...
    Sandra : I see. To bring that many people so far...
    Your Growsian powers are finally awakening.
    Julian : I see, so she's a Growsian. This explains how she could do that.
    Wallace : Lady Sandra, Growsians are?
    Sandra : Those born during solar and lunar eclipses possess a special
    magical power. They're the ones known as Growsians. They are four categories
    of eclipses. Ranging from the weakest to the strongest: lunar, solar,
    complete lunar and complete solar eclipses. Ruise was born during a complete
    solar eclipse so she possesses very potent magical power.
    Ruise: But I still have to study a lot.
    Wallace : So Growsians possess great strength...
    Sandra : Well, for now let's return inside.
    ======= Sandra's house ========
    Tippi : Last evening sure was hectic.
    Ruise : Here mother. We got back your research book. (give back book)
    Sandra : Then it means... I see. So you went and got it back.
    Tippi : Wallace-san and Julian helped us out.
    Wallace : By the way, Lady Sandra. Do you see any reason why someone would
    want to take your life?
    Sandra : I can't think of any, but it may have something to do with the 
    theft of this research book. Also, those people back there weren't humans.
    Tippi : That's right. Normal people don't just melt like that.
    Sandra : They're probably Flesh Golems.
    Ruise : Golems made of corpses...So gross...
    Sandra : The ones who made them are studying magic too, so it's possible
    they're interested in other people's research work. They may have wanted to
    get their hands on that.
    Julian : But then they wouldn't go as far as to take your life. That would
    be disadvantageous to them so...
    Sandra : In any case, you saved me. Let me thank you again.
    Julian : Hey. Do you have a second?
    (if you speak to someone other than Julian)
    someone : Julian is waiting.
    (speaking to Julian and if you choose the good answer in the inn)
    Julian : It's just as you said. ...to protect people. From now on I'll wield
    my sword for that purpose. I won't hesitate any more. Well, I'll be heading
    back home too. Thanks for everything. Until our next meeting!
    Ruise : Goodbye, Julian-san.
    Wallace : Until next time.
    Tippi : See ya! (Julian leaves)
    (speaking to Ruise or Sandra)
    Ruise : Since we brought back the research book I'll get back to work
    on my magic training starting tomorrow.
    Sandra : About that. There's something I'd like to tell you.
    Ruise : Eh?
    Sandra : Recently you've grown quite a bit over a short amount of time.
    Rather than doing theoretical training, I think it'd be good for you
    to put what you've learned into practice. From now on go with everyone and
    put your magic to good use.
    Ruise : Then it's okay if we go together?
    Tippi : That's great Ruise-chan!
    Ruise : Yes!
    Sandra : Also, I...uhh...(Sandra collapses)
    Wallace : Lady Sandra!...what a terrible temperature...
    Ruise : And her wound looks strange...could it be...poison?!
    Tippi : Then it's because of those guys earlier?!
    Ruise : I'm going to go look for medicine! (rushes off)
    (speaking to Wallace)
    Wallace : We should get her in her bed...
    (opening the door to Sandra's room)
    Wallace : Sandra's room is there. She needs to be put in her bed.
    (going into Sandra's room)
    Doctor : Ooh, lady Sandra! Quickly, take this antidote! (gives some 
    Sandra : ...uuuh...
    (talking to the doctor)
    Tippi : It seems like she's relaxing a bit. Will she be alright?
    Doctor : ...impossible...the antidote doesn't seem to have any effect...
    Tippi : Is this stuff really effective?
    Ruise : This antidote is the best you can find. Usually it can quickly cure
    most poisons...
    Doctor : Unfortunately it doesn't seem effective. The poison is still active.
    Wallace : Then, at this rate...
    Doctor : At best,...she lives for another month...
    Tippi : What can we do!
    Ruise : The antidote isn't something the people from this time can create...
    then, if we could find some that have better knowledge than humans...
    1) God
    2) Featherians
    3) Those don't exist
    4) I don't know
    Ruise : No! Those I'm thinking about are the Featherians...
    Tippi : Featherians?
    Tippi : Featherians?
    Tippi : They don't exist? Then Master will....
    Ruise : It's all right Tippi. I was speaking of the Featherians...
    Tippi : Featherians?
    Tippi : Nothing comes to mind, eh...
    Ruise  : The answer is the Featherians...
    Tippi : Featherians?
    Ruise : Yes, they most likely know a cure for this.
    Wallace : There doesn't seem to be any other solution. I will help you.
    Ruise : Thank you Wallace-san.
    Doctor : Leave Lady Sandra to my care. And please, take care.
    Tippi : Please watch over Master!
                                 Save Sandra!
    (after exiting home)
    Wallace : Well, how are going to meet the Featherians?
    Tippi : The Featherians, they're the ones living at the top of that ultra
    high rock right? I can't fly that high.
    Ruise : I, I don't know either...Oniichan, please, I'm counting on you!
    (dude passing by) : ...come and take a look. In the south shopping alley,
    the Crest weapon shop just opened! Everyone come and take a look.
    (castle gatekeeper) : Lady Sandra has been attacked? But I swear I haven't
    seen anyone suspicious entering!
    (east gate guard 1) : Going outside? please be careful!
    (east gate guard 2) : Now Lady Sandra has been attacked? That gatekeeper
    is really careless!
    ======= On the way to Deris village ========
    (right after the bridge)
    Tippi : Hum? That kid...
    Eliotte : How mean of you! You promised you would take me to the capital and
    you left on your own!
    Wallace : Ah, that's right.
    Eliotte : Last evening was terrible! Some weird people barged into my room
    again! I've spent the night hidding in the forest, and it was very scary!
    Ruise : I'm sorry. Actually my mother has been attacked.
    Eliott : Eh? Your mother was...? Then, I see, you had no choice. And since
    you've returned...could you take me to the capital city of Rolandia?
    Wallace : Of course, we promised it to you. (Eliotte becomes a NPC)
    ======= Royal capital Rosaria ========
    (upon entering town)
    Eliotte : So this is the capital. Well now, where is the inn?
    Ruise : Eh? The inn?
    Eliotte : Since I've spent the last night in the woods, I'm pretty sleepy.
    (on the next screen)
    Shop clerk : Then, I'll be counting on you to replenish the stock.
    Part time worker : Leave it to me! I'll be back before you know it! (leaves)
    Shop clerk (pissed) : The Magic Academy isn't that way....
    (after a few more steps towards the inn)
    Voice : Sorryyy...(part timer running in the other way)
    Shop clerk : I wonder if he'll be okay....
    (entering the inn)
    Eliotte : Ah, we've finally arrived! Everyone, thank you very much.
    Ruise : You're welcome.
    Inn clerk : Welcome.
    Eliotte : Do you have any available rooms?
    Inn clerk : Well, since Ariost-san just left...Yes, we've got just one
    available room.
    Eliotte : Then I'll be taking it.
    Inn clerk : Alright.
    Tippi : I think I've heard the name Ariost somewhere....
    Ruise : Could it be that Ariost-san....
    Tippi : Ruise-chan do you know him?
    Ruise : Yes. At the Magic Academy, there is a person doing research on
    flying devices. If I remember correctly, his name is Ariost.
    Tippi : That's it! You know, the guy who told us about the Featherians!
    Ruise : Then it's the same person!
    (leaving the inn)
    Ruise : She said that Ariost-san left and went back to the Academy...
    Tippi : Then let's go to the Magic Academy!
    Wallace : Then it's decided. Past Deris village lies Bronyu village.
    The Magic Academy is east from there.
    ======= Derris village ========
    (guy at the east gate) : It seems that the bridge is finally repaired.
    You can go to the Magic Academy now.
    ======= On the way to Bronyu village ========
    (later while crossing said bridge and seeing the running monster)
    Wallace : What weird behaviour....
    (after crossing)
    Tippi : What's that thing?
    Ruise : Gross....
    Minor Battle
    Enemies :
    2 Imps (lvl.6)
    2 gels (lvl.3)
    Huge gel (lvl.11)
    (if you defeat the huge gel.  Note that it might run away if you don't deal
    damage fast enough)
    Tippi : Geez...we've finally gotten rid of that thing.
    Ruise : That was scary...
    Wallace : It's also the first time I've seen one that big. It was unexpectedly
    strong. It might be best if we get back to Deris and rest a bit before going
    any further.
    ======= On the way to Bronyu village ========
    (upon exiting the cave on the east side)
    Tippi : Hm?
    Ruise : What's wrong Tippi?
    Tippi : Didn't you hear something just now?
    Ruise : Huh, no I didn't hear anything.
    (ground begins to shake)
    Tippi : See!
    Ruise : Kyaaah!
    (boulders crumble over them but get mysteriously blocked mid-way in the air)
    Tippi : No, we're going to be crushed!
    Ruise : Eh? They're not falling?
    Tippi : That's not it! They're being stopped in mid-air!
    Ruise : We're saved....
    Tippi : But it's rather weird isn't it? How come they didn't fall on us? 
    Could it be...Ruise-chan's powers?
    Ruise : I-I haven't done a thing...
    Tippi : Hey, what do you think?
    1) It's because of Ruise's growsian powers
    2) It's something different from Ruise's powers
    3) No idea
    Tippi : Yup that right. I can't think of any other powers that would manifest
    themselves that way.
    Ruise : But I said it's not me...
    Tippi : Another power, but what could it be?
    Tippi : Hmmm, there are lots of mysterious things I guess...
    Wallace : In any case, we're safe. We should just be relieved about that.
    Tippi : Haah, but I want to know....
    Ruise : But there's no point in thinking about it here. The boulders might
    collapse again.
    Tipi : Uh...Hey you! How long are going to stand around daydreaming! Hurry
    up and get going!
    ======= Bronyu village ========
    (upon entering the village)
    Wallace : Hm? Is there someone else among us?
    ??? : Hahaha, well it seems like you've noticed me!
    (merchant appears)
    Merchant : I've was somehow able to cross the cave by following you. Thanks
    a  bunch! Ah, I forgot! Where's the inn?
    (walking away a bit)
    I'll be staying at the inn so feel free to drop by and visit me! I've got
    nice goods! ....and it's not like there are any other shops here anyway.
    Tippi : (sweatdrop)
    (feel free to explore the place a bit but don't spend money here yet, you'll
    soon be in a place with plenty of shops. Also don't forget to have Ruise 
    learn Teleport. It's the first spell on her list. Now upon exiting Bronyu
    village you'll see that the north path is blocked by a landslide. The east
    path leads to the academy but we'll go south first to see an optional event.
    So just go south to follow along with the script)
    ======= Granshill town ========
    (man at the entrance)
    Citizen : Hm,? Did you come here to shop? Everything one might want is here
    in Granshill. ...but you guys are maybe a little bit too young to afford it.
    Come back later once you have more money. You'll enjoy this place more then.
    (checking house at the top of the stairs on the same screen)
    Xenos : Who is it?
    Tippi : My, it's Xenos-san.
    Xenos : Hey, it's been a while. So, you came to register yourself in the
    tournament after all?
    Ruise : Tournament?
    Xenos : What, you don't know about it? The winner of the tournament, aside
    from the prize, will be selected to become a high-ranking officer, or so I
    heard. This is what I'm aiming for. Since the application office is in this
    town, why don't you register? Well of course, I'll be taking first place.
    Tippi : What's the prize for the winner?
    Xenos : I don't remember about the expert group, but the winner of the
    freshman group gets to go to Comsprings, the hot springs town of the Burstein
    kingdom. Bah anyway my aim is to become a knight working for the kingdom so
    I don't really care about that.
    Tippi : Eh, hot springs did you say...by the way is Karen-san well?
    Xenos : Yeah. She's not here right now though.
    Tippi : Why?
    Xenos : She went collecting herbs to prepare medicines in the forest south 
    of here. Bah, since you came here, you might as well relax and take a load off.
    See ya later.
    (Now feel free to explore around. This is the best place so far to shop but 
    you might not have enough money right now. Do remember to come back and get the 
    best possible stuff for at least Ruise and Carmaine later on though. Also while
    heading towards the forest south of town buy some flowers from the singing 
    girl in the street. You'll need them later for optional stuff. They're cheap so 
    buy a bunch of them.)
    ======= South of Granshill town ========
    (right when you exit town)
    Karen : Kyaaah!
    Tippi : That voice, it's...!?
    (getting closer to her)
    Karen : uuh...uh...
    Oswald : Hehehe! Sorry about that, girlie!
    Tippi : Aah, it's you!
    Oswald : Tch! You guys? Eeh, we're not getting caught here! Let's retreat!
    Thief : Yes!
    Tippi : You're not going anywhere!
    (heading south to follow them)
    Tippi : They destroyed the bridge?!
    Wallace : Those guys are really thorough.
    Tippi : ...so they managed to get away...
    Ruise : Everyone, come quickly! She's badly wounded!
    Xenos : What was that noise just now?
    Tippi : Ah, Xenos-san! It's Karen-san!
    Xenos : What?! K-Karen! Hold on Karen!
    ======= Xenos's home in Granshill ========
    Xenos : ...Karen...
    Tippi : So what did the doctor say?
    Xenos : It seems that the blade which caused the wound was covered with poison.
    The poison itself isn't that rare so he could already treat her with an 
    antidote but...
    Ruise : As soon as possible she should undergo an operation. In such a
    dangerous situation as this....
    Tippi : Poor Karen-san...
    (getting closer to Xenos)
    Xenos : You have my gratitude. If it weren't for you, Karen might be dead
    right now.
    Ruise : We didn't do much really...
    Wallace : ...indeed. If we got there earlier, we could have prevented such a
    thing from happening.
    Xenos : ...
    Wallace : But who are those men? Why are they targeting her?
    Tippi : The criminal was that guy who earlier attacked Karen-san west of the
    capital. Say don't you know anything?
    Xenos : It's true that recently those guys have been after Karen. But I
    have no idea why....
    Ruise : Xenos-san...
    Xenos : Ah, I'm fine. If you have time, won't you come and visit her every
    once in a while?
    Tippi : Yes! We'll come again!
    Xenos : ...thanks.
    (you're now free to move. Go near Karen's bed and speak to her. Ruise wishes 
    for her to get well and you'll have the option to give Karen some of the
    flowers  you bought earlier. Pick first choice to say yes)
    (upon exiting the house)
    Wallace : ...
    Tippi : What's wrong Wallace-san?
    Wallace : ...Xenos might be the one who needs visitors the most here...
    Ruise : With what happened to his little sister, it's natural Xenos-san is
    feeling down. We should visit him later right?
    (Now let's go to the magical academy. It's east of Bronyu village)
    ======= Magic Academy ========
    (upon entering the campus you'll get a CG of the academy)
    Ruise : This is the magic academy I'm attending. Oniichan do you want to 
    hear about this place in detail?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Ruise : This academy has been created through the collaboration of both the
    Rolandia kingdom and the Burnstein kingdom.
    Tippi : Ehh..why have the two kingdoms collaborated for something like this?
    Ruise : I've been told that it's in order not to have a single kingdom
    getting a monopoly on the knowledge of this place. Magic is pretty useful
    and convenient, but it can also be quite dangerous. So the purpose of the
    academy is to concentrate things here and keep them under control.
    Wallace : I see.
    Ruise : New magic spells and technologies that are discovered here through
    research are made available to both countries. And basically only the things
    that are approved are allowed to be made public.
    Wallace : It sounds more like a research center than a school.
    Ruise : Heehee, that's right. Well, let's go inside now.
    Ruise : Then let's go inside.
    (visit the campus you'll eventually learn that Ariost is not in his lab.
    Get  in the main building and hop into the lift)
    ======= Magic academy 4th floor ========
    Ruise : Where could Ariost-san be?
    (a girl bumps into Carmaine)
    Tippi : Eh?
    Ruise : Misha!
    Misha : It huuuurts!
    Ruise : Are you all right Misha?
    Misha : What's the big idea, standing here like a....
    Carmaine : ...?
    Misha : Err, well, please forgive me! (runs away)
    Ruise : Wait up, Misha! Sorry about that, please wait for a second.
    (talking to Wallace)
    Wallace :  That girl sure is lively...
    (following Ruise)
    Misha (panting) : Who could he be? He doesn't seem to be someone from the
    academy...aaah, he looks so cool...
    Ruise : ...Misha?
    Misha : Just thinking about what happened makes my heart race...could it
    be...love? Gosh, I'm so embarrassed!
    Ruise : Misha!
    Misha : But but! With this apple blossom...  So that means it's for sure!
    This is fate! Kyaaah!
    Ruise : ...errr did you hear me, Misha?
    Misha : Heh! In that case I should have at least asked for his name!
    Ruise : Misha!!
    Misha : Uwah! Ah, you surprised me! It's you Ruise-chan, what's up?
    Ruise : That's my line! I've been calling your name for a while and you just
    stood there!
    Misha : ...ah sorry about that, I hadn't noticed...but more importantly
    listen to me. Just earlier I met that incredibly good-looking guy!
    Ruise : Eh?
    Misha : We bumped into each other right at a corner. I guess this is what
    they call a fate meeting! Aah, I want to see him at least once more...
    Ruise : Err, well..
    (getting closer to them)
    Tippi : Hey, how long are you gonna make us wait!
    Misha : !
    Ruise : Ah sorry I'll be right here!
    Misha : Ruise-chan!!
    Ruise : Uwah?! Don't shout all of a sudden like that!
    Misha : Who cares about that?! Who is he?  Tell me!  Tell me!  Tell me!
    Ruise : Sheesh, and I was going to introduce you anyway, come over here!
    Misha : I'm so lucky to know you Ruise-chan!
    Ruise : So here is Wallace-san and Tippi. And this person here is my
    oniichan. She's a friend of mine and...
    Misha : I'm Misha! Can I call you Oniisama?
    Tippi (whispering) : ...Ruise-chan. Is this girl always like this?
    Ruise : Hmm, I can't really say she isn't but...usually she's pretty
    Tippi : Bah, whatever...
    Misha : By the way, weren't you supposed to train with your mother,
    Ruise : Eeh, it's just that I have a few other things to do right now...
    Misha : Like what?
    Tippi : Say, do you know Ariost-san?
    Misha : Ariost-sempai? I bumped into him in front of his laboratory earlier
    Wallace : Bumped?
    Misha : Haha...hahaha
    Ruise : Then Ariost-san is in his laboratory right now?
    Misha : Nah. For some reason he was hurrying towards the Featherian ruins...
    Ruise : The ones to the south?
    Misha : That's right. The ruins to the south. Saying stuff like "I should be
    able to complete it there" and the like...
    Tippi : Then let's hurry and go into those ruins too.
    Misha : Ruise and you guys are going there too?
    Ruise : Yes. Bye bye, Misha.
    Misha : Bye. I want to go with you too but I'm really busy right now.
    Take care.
    ======= Magic Academy 7th floor ========
    (speaking to the man to the right)
    Vice Chancellor's secretary : Welcome. What is your business here?
    Ruise : Ah, nothing...I'm just having oniichan and the others visiting the
    VCS : Ah, I see. The truth is, the vice chancellor is away right now. He 
    left to go to his laboratory.
    Tippi : Laboratory?
    VCS : Yes. Vice Chancellor Bradley is a specialist of incantations.
    Wallace : Incantations...in other words you mean curses?
    VCS : Well there are those things too. But he says he cares about his
    reputation so he doesn't study evil stuff. He says his studies are to help
    save innocent people that are victims of curses.
    (speaking to the woman to the left)
    Ruise : Excuse us.
    Chancellor's secretary : Yes, what is it?
    Tippi : What's happening to you? You're breathing faster all of a sudden!
    1) That's not true
    2) Confusedly deny
    3) Shut up
    4) Whole-heartedly agree
    Tippi : Meh, I'm sure you got a little excited here!
    Tipi : Ah well, you really are a boy after all....
    Tippi : Hehe! I'm not making a sound!
    Tippi : Geh...well if you acknowledge it so easily....
    Wallace : What's wrong? What are you mumbling about?
    Tippi : Well, that lady at the reception desk is so beautiful, so we...
    Wallace : Hoho, she's that beautiful...Crap! My eyes can't see....
    Tippi : She really is! And those red earrings, they're so sexy!
    Wallace : ...I wish you'd tell me more...
    Tippi : Well the earrings are teardrop-shaped rubies, also the color of her
    lipstick is...
    CS (pissed) : I'm sorry but if you have no business here I will have to ask
    you to leave.
    Ruise : E-errr..is the chancellor here?
    CS : The chancellor is on the rooftop right now.
    Ruise : Rooftop, you say...
    CS : Yes. To observe the dimensional rifts.
    ======= Magic Academy Rooftop ========
    (speaking to the two guys)
    Ruise : Chancellor!
    Maxwell : Oh Ruise-kun. What is it?
    Ruise : Actually I was searching for you, Chancellor.
    Maxwell : Me? Then let us go in my office to hear what you have to say. I'll
    go on ahead.
    Tippi : What's this?
    Scholar : This equipment measures the frequency of the dimensional rifts. It
    displays the data collected by the sensor located at the top of the elevator.
    Tippi : Dimensional rifts?
    Scholar : Our world has been forcibly split into two dimensions that are
    overlapping each other. So each world is greatly influenced by the other.
    Separating these two worlds is a matter of life and death for us. That's
    why we can't neglect this kind of observation duty.
    Tippi : What would happen if the two dimensions fused?
    Scholar : We would most probably be back on our previous world. But our
    previous world, due to the extinction of the sun, is a dead world.
    Tippi : We would go back to a dead world?!
    Scholar : That's right. In order to avoid that situation, we must always
    remain vigilant.
    Tippi : Whoaah, this is so important! Hang in there, old man!
    ======= Magic Academy 7th floor ========
    (speaking to the woman to the left)
    Ruise : Excuse us.
    Chancellor's secretary : Yes, what is it?
    Ruise : Can we visit the chancellor?
    CS : Yes. Right now he doesn't have anything scheduled so you can meet with
    Ruise : We would like to get permission from him to enter the southern ruins.
    CS : Understood. Please go inside.
    (entering the room)
    Ruise : Excuse us.
    (getting further in)
    Maxwell : Ooh, so you came. So what is it that you need me for?
    Ruise : Actually we would like to be authorized to enter the southern ruins.
    Maxwell : The southern ruins? Haven't you been there before? If I recall
    correctly I already allowed someone to go in recently. You know him. It's
    Tippi : That's it! So he's really there! In fact we were looking for him.
    Maxwell : Hm? Th-this is....(grabs Tippi)
    Tippi : Khyah!
    Maxwell : ...oh, ohh...
    Tippi : What are you doing! Release me! Idiot! Dirty old man!
    Maxwell : Hoo, this is such a fine homunculus. This is indeed...
    Ruise : Yes. It's mother's creation.
    Maxwell : So it's indeed Sandra-dono...As one would expect of her.
    Tippi : Forget it and leave me alone already!!
    Maxwell : I still remember her when she was a student here....
    Tippi : Ti...ppi...chan...kick!!
    Maxwell : Augh!
    Tippi : Hurry up and give us the entry permit now!
    Wallace : Idiot! Apologize right now!
    Maxwell : Ah, it's alright. I like energetic kids. Here's the permit.
    (got permit)
    Ruise : I'm very sorry about that, chancellor.
    Maxwell : It's quite alright. Hurry up and go find Ariost-kun.
    Ruise : Yes. Excuse us.
    ======= Magic academy - entrance ========
    Tippi : Geez, what a horrible experience!
    Wallace : What sort of person is the chancellor?
    Ruise : Chancellor Maxwell? He's not a bad person, it's just he is sort of a
    research fanatic...
    Wallace : I see. And? What sort of research does he conduct?
    Ruise : He's involved in a lot of research projects but the main one would be
    "Growshu and its difference from ordinary magical power" or something like
    Tippi : Hmm, Growshu you say...then he may try to use Ruise-chan as a guinea
    pig. You'd better be careful.
    Ruise : Eh?!
    Tippi : While he had me captured earlier he did all sorts of things...
    Ruise : ...uuhh...
    Tippi : And even that sort of thing. Ah that was such a tragedy...
    Ruise : Uuhhh...
    Wallace : Hey. You're making Ruise cry.
    Tippi : Ah, sorry Ruise-chan. It's all right, nothing like that happened.
    Ruise : U...ok.
    Tippi : But sheesh, you're really a crybaby, aren't you?
    Ruise : ...uuhh...
    (Now go to the ruins. They're right between Granshill and the academy.
    Having the Magic Arrow and Thunder spells will be handy inside)
    ======= Featherian ruins ========
    (upon getting close to the entrance)
    Tippi : Ah, there's someone here.
    (talking to the guy)
    Gate keeper : You'll need permission from the magic academy chancellor to
    enter here. Unauthorized people can't go in.
    (go in your inventory and use the permit item you got earlier in front of
    Gate keeper : You've got an entry permit. All right, take care inside.
    Tippi : Heh, so these are the Feathearians ruins. Ruise-chan, tell us about
    this place.
    Ruise : Sorry. It's the first time I've been inside too.
    Wallace : Well, that's too bad then.
    Ruise : I'm really sorry. But we learned a bit about this place in class so
    if something shows up I should be able to explain it to you.
    Tippi : Alright, I'm looking forward to it then! Well, let's go look for
    Ariost-san now!
    (proceed in that short dungeon until you reach a save point. The room ahead
    is an event battle)
    (next room)
    Wallace : Hm? I sense murderous intent...
    Ariost : Guh! And I managed to make it this far...at this rate I won't live
    much longer...
    (get closer to him)
    Ruise : Ariost-san!
    Ariost : Ha! Ruise-kun?
    Tippi : Ah, Ariost-san is in danger!
    Wallace : Now that we came here, we can't afford to have him die.
    Let's rescue him!
    Tippi : Ariost-san! We're going to rescue you now, so hang in there until we
    reach you!
    Ariost : Thanks!
    Event battle 05 : Save Ariost from the monsters.
    Winning condition : Kill all enemies
    Losing condition : Ariost dies
    enemies : 3 Will o' the Wisp (lvl.10)
              3 Iron golems (lvl.10)
    (after Ariost's first turn)
    Ariost : What should I do? Tell me as much as possible what I can do to act 
    along with your strategy...
    1) Stay here and defend yourself
    2) Fight as you wish
    3) Go towards Carmaine
    4) Go towards Ruise
    5) Go towards Wallace
    Ariost : Understood! I'll do my best!
    (a bit later in the battle)
    Ariost : Just a piece of advice. Do you see the different colored tiles on
    the floor of this room?
    Ruise : Those flashing parts of the floor?
    Wallace : What about those?
    Ariost : You must not step on those. At fixed intervals the energy of this
    tower is going through there causing electric discharges.
    Tippi : Electric discharges?
    Arisot : If you step carelessly on those, you'll get hurt.
    Ruise : U-understood!
    (later on Ariost will ask if you want to change his instructions and the
    same choices will be proposed for him. Also your characters spout
    encouragements when getting near him)
    (once all enemies are defeated)
    Tippi : We did it!
    Event battle 05 Clear
    Ruise : Are you all right Ariost-san?
    Ariost : Whew, you just saved me. Thanks.
    Wallace : That's good to hear. But why would you come to this tower alone?
    Ariost : That's because of something inside that room there.
    Ruise : And?
    Ariost : I haven't found it yet. Follow me.
    (in the next room)
    Ruise : What an incredible number of books!
    Tippi : What could they be about? Say Ruise-chan try to read one.
    Ruise : Alright.
    (after a few seconds)
    Ruise : ...uh...
    Tippi : ?
    Ruise : Well, hum...
    Tippi : What's wrong Ruise-chan?
    Ruise : ...uuhhh....
    Tippi : What are you crying about? Those books can't be that scary?
    Ruise : ...I can't read them...
    Ariost : Hahaha, it's because they're written in their alphabet. It's near
    impossible to decipher those books. Also there wouldn't be much profit in it
    for anyone because their books are mostly about passing down their philosophy
    and ethics.
    Tippi : Ethics...?
    Ariost : Like one shouldn't tell lies or one shouldn't trouble others. Rules
    necessary to live right, you could say.
    Wallace : Ah, I see now. Since this is a place where knowledge remains
    dormant, it bugged me that permission to enter was so easily given.
    Ariost : But the thing I'm looking for isn't these books. This way.
    (follow him)
    Tippi : Wha...what an incredible amount of trash.
    Ariost : ...not this...not this either...it should be here though...
    Ruise : What are you looking for?
    Ariost : Ah, you do know I'm conducting research on how to fly, right?
    Ruise : Yes, I've heard you were looking to create devices to fly through
    the sky somehow...
    Ariost : In the past days, when humans were ruled by Growsians, they had the
    means to fly through the skies. Though it seemed it was a technology that was
    originally created by the Featherians. But both sides lost this technology
    as you can guess.
    Ruise : But if that knowledge was passed along orally there shouldn't be any
    written records of it...
    Ariost : That's right. If they had left any records of that technology, my
    research would be so much easier.
    Wallace : So you've been developing an original method to fly through the
    Ariost : Indeed. I started by creating a device that could make you hover
    over a disc-shaped area. However, it wasn't all that practical.
    Tippi : Why?
    Ariost : Just floating won't allow you to raise from the surface. You'll be
    powerless against the wind strength. You'll understand easily if you try,
    but the more you gain altitude, the stronger the wind gets. Against such
    strength it'd be impossible to reach your desired location.
    Tippi : So it's useless then?
    Ariost : It may be fine to move over the ground but the place I want to
    reach is very high up in the skies. At this altitude, I don't know how I'll
    be able to move with the strength of the wind.
    Ruise : Ah, I see...
    Ariost : In order to move freely no matter how high I want to go, I need
    some kind of propulsion. That is what I'm looking for here...here it is!
    Tippi : You did it!
    Ruise : Is that what you were looking for?
    Ariost : Yes. If I add this propeller to my flying device I'll be able to
    move at my will despite the wind.
    Wallace : I'm glad to hear that. It will help us reach our objective as well.
    Ariost : Objective?
    Ruise : Actually my mother has been wounded with an unknown poison and we
    were thinking about asking the Featherians for an antidote. And...if...
    we don't hurry...mother will....
    Tippi : Here she goes again! This girl bursts into tears all the time!
    Ruise : ...but...
    Tippi : This is precisely why we have to hang in there to save her! Right!
    Ariost : It's true that their technology is far more advanced than ours so
    they may know of a remedy. All right. I'll let you use my flying device as
    well as a way to show my gratitude for saving me earlier.
    Tippi : Isn't that good news, Ruise-chan?
    Ruise : Yeah!
    Ariost : Let's return to my laboratory at once. That is where my device is
    stored. (He joins as a NPC)
    ======= Featherian ruins ========
    (once you've just exited the ruins)
    Ariost : Let's go to my laboratory at once and work on incorporating this
    into my device.
    (there's nothing else to do anyway at this point. His lab is the building
    you'll find after going right just before the main building of the academy)
    ======= Magic Academy - Ariost's laboratory ========
    Ariost : Now just wait for a little while. I'm going to add the propeller
    to my flying device. (He then starts to do his thing)
    Tippi : Ehh...so with this you'll be able to fly in the sky? ...well I can
    already fly by myself anyway.
    Ariost : The crystal's energy serves as the power source. Within this, six
    hovering devices are contained. With the force field thus created it will be
    possible to rise from the surface. But if you can't control the energy output,
    it'll be impossible to move freely once you gain altitude. That's because of
    the wind as we discussed earlier.
    Wallace : This is why the propeller is needed.
    Ariost : Yes. Without it, it would be impossible to control the course of the
    flight. But since the device can already hover by itself, it doesn't need
    much energy to control the course of the flight. That's why such a tiny
    propeller should be enough.
    Tippi : Say, enough already with the technical stuff. Isn't it ready now?
    Ariost : Just one more second...got to connect this....good, it's complete!
    Ruise : Congratulations Ariost-san!
    Tippi : Now we'll be able to save Master, right?
    Ruise : Yeah!
    Ariost : Alright, first we need to initiate this...
    Ruise : This is exciting!
    Tippi : It sure is!
    (Ariost starts his device and the room gets dark)
    Wallace : H-Hey, is this normal?
    Ruise : Kyah! Oniichan!
    Ariost : Ah, I messed up! Sorry about that. I inverted something in the
    Wallace : (sweatdrop)
    Ariost : Look, now everything's alright.
    Tippi : Alright you say...
    Ariost : It's all right I tell you. No need to worry. Nothing to see here!
    Ruise : ...uuuhhh...
    Ariost : Well in any case let's head towards the west cape. ...ah, but would
    it be alright if we stop at a village on the way?
    Wallace : A village? Which one?
    Ariost : Bronyu village. The village where I was born. It's just west of here
    and it's on our way. I'd like to stop there for a little bit.
    (now go to Bronyu village or just teleport there with Ruise's magic. If you
    still haven't learned Teleport do it NOW! You'll need it to progress in the
    ======= Bronyu village ========
    (upon entering)
    Ariost : This is the village where I was born. Excuse me for a bit. (he goes
    off in the north-west direction towards the grave. Follow him.)
    (in front of the grave)
    Ariost : ...I'll be going now, Father.
    Ruise : Ariost-san?
    Ariost : This place here is where my father rests.
    Tippi : Ariost-san's father? Then where is your mother?
    Ariost : I'm on my way to meet her right now.
    Wallace : Right now you say...could his mean....
    Ariost : Indeed. My mother isn't human, she's a Featherian.
    Tippi : You're kidding me?!
    Ariost : I can't blame you for being surprised. Featherians almost never
    interact with us humans.
    Ruise : This is the first time I've heard about this...
    Ariost : That's right. This...you're the first ones I've told about this.
    Well, let's go now.
    (let's head to the west cape now. It's the first place you visited in the game
    and that's where Sheila's grave is. Teleport to Rolandia and then head west)
    ======= West cape ========
    Ariost : Finally, the time to go there has come.
    Tippi : Is this really going to work?
    Ariost : This will definitely work fine. But as you can see, the flying device
    is made for one person only. By using this support belt I can bring another
    person, however...
    Wallace : So everyone won't be able to go.
    Ruise : Ariost-san has to go so that means we can only pick one more person...
    Ariost : First Ruise and I will go to the Featherian town. We will remember the
    place. Then by using Teleport Ruise will be able to bring everyone else.
    Then let's go now.
    Ruise : B-but..earlier...
    Ariost : I tell you it's fine now. I noticed why it didn't work earlier. So
    there's no problem now.
    Tippi : Don't you want to get the antidote?
    Ruise : ...but...uuhh...what should I do oniichan?
    1) Tell her it's for Sandra's sake
    2) Since it's you Ruise I'm sure it will go fine
    3) Tell her you'll be sure to gather her remains afterwards
    Ruise : That's right...alright. I'll do my best.
    Ruise : Will it really be fine?
    Tippi : Hey, it's for master's sake right?
    Ruise : ...yes, that's right...alright. I'll do my best.
    Ruise : Waaah!
    Tippi : Tippi-chan kick!! (get kicked) What the heck are you saying! Trying
    to invite bad luck like that!
    Ariost : Err, it's really going to be alright you know. So Ruise-kun could
    you stop crying?
    Ruise : ...uuh...
    Tippi : Ariost-san, take care of Ruise-chan will ya?
    Ariost : Yes, leave her to me.
    (help attach the device to Ariost's back)
    Tippi : Well then, we'll be at home, waiting for you. Have a good trip!
    (they take off)
    Ruise (in the distance) : Aahhh, I knew this was going to be scary.....
    Wallace : Looks like it went fine this time....
    Tippi : Well then, let's go home!
    ======= Rosaria - Sandra's house ========
    Tippi : We're back! Now all we've got to do, is to wait for Ruise-chan to
    come back, right?
    Wallace : Yes. But more importantly, how is Lady Sandra's condition?
    (going near Sandra's bed)
    Tippi : Master.., she's sleeping.
    Wallace : Ruise will be bringing back an antidote. The Featherians'
    technology is more advanced that the humans' right? Then, we can relax.
    Tippi : In any case, let's not make too much noise here.
    Wallace : Yes, let's go outside.
    (going near the entrance of the house)
    Ruise : O-oniichan!
    Tippi : My, that was quick. Do you have the antidote?
    Ruise : ...well..that's...I mean...uhhh...
    Tippi : Calm down! What happened?
    Ruise : ..uuhh..there..it was terrible....and then...Ariost-san was...
    Wallace : ? Did something happen to Ariost?
    Ruise : A-anyway, let's go there together! Since I remember the place, I can
    go there using Teleport.
    Tippi : Then let's go quickly!
    (after teleporting to the westernmost spot on the map)
    Tippi : This is the land of the Featherians....
    Ruise : This way!
    (follow her until you reach Ariost)
    Tippi : Ariost-san!
    Ariost : Ah, it's you guys...
    Queen Stella : ...more humans have come...
    Tippi : Grr! What's with that...
    Stella : What business could you have here?
    Ruise : I told you already...we came here to look or a remedy for my
    mother...because no such remedy exists in our world....and since you
    possess greater technological knowledge, I thought you'd be able to help...
    Stella : How did she get poisoned? Are you going to tell me that it happened
    Ruise : It was...
    Stella : You humans are so selfish. You think nothing of disturbing other
    people's peace. If we were to give you the medicine you're asking for now,
    it would only make you return later with other demands and eventually lead to
    conflict. We will not be foolish enough to accede to your request.
    Tippi : That's not true!
    Stella : Also, this man's device is created out of the greed of his
    heart...this too will be abused because of mankind's evil intents.
    Ariost : Abused you say, no....
    Stella : Are you objecting? You've been acting by following only your own
    desires without thinking what could be the consequences of your actions for
    others around you. Have you not realized how many wars have been caused by
    this kind of behaviour? And yet, we Featherians have never harmed you until
    now. Because of this regrettable situation we've been forced to abandon the
    ground to live in this place.
    Ariost : ...
    Stella : Do you understand now? Foolish human...
    Tippi : But can't you at least help us save Master from the poison? She just
    needs to drink the antidote once and it'll be over right?
    Stella : ... Then let us proceed like this. If you can bring proof that you
    humans possess some quality that we Featherians lack, we'll agree to let you
    have the antidote you're asking for.
    Wallace : What...?
    Stella : If that's fine with you, leave now and return to the surface before
    we change our minds. (she leaves)
    Tippi : Aargh! What's with her attitude! That woman pisses me off!
    Wallace : Well, we don't have any other choice but to accept. But what could
    serve as a proof?
    Ruise : What can we do? How are going to save Mother? If we can't find
    anything then...
    Tippi : Geez, this girl always thinks so negatively!
    Ruise : (sob) b-but..how are we going to prove them....
    Wallace : First we should try to learn as much as we can about the
    Featherians, then we'll get a better idea on how our ways of thinking differ.
    (talking to Ariost)
    Ariost : ...
    1) Tell him you're worried about him.
    2) Comfort him saying he shouldn't take matters too much to heart
    3) Ask if he managed to meet with his mother
    Ariost : Ah, thanks...but mother she's...
    Ariost : Yes...still I can't help it.
    Ariost : No...I didn't...and it doesn't look like I'll ever be able to...
    Ruise : ...
    Ariost : I was conducting my research for the purpose of meeting her...to
    say that those actions themselves were wrong...
    Wallace : ...this may sound cold but remaining here like this won't make the
    situation change for the better. How about getting back so we can start
    thinking about what we should do from now on?
    Ruise : ..once we're back we can start by looking over some books. This
    might gave us some ideas.
    Ariost : Yes, that's right. It's usually a good idea.
    Tippi : So we're going to a place full of books....so boring....
    (Ariost then joins as a NPC. Feel free to explore a little but basically
    all the Featherians will be very hostile and tell you to go home.
    Afterwards head back to the magic academy.)
    ======= Magic academy 4th floor ========
    (upon entering the room)
    Tippi : Obviously this is the best spot to find lots of books.
    Ruise : So we're going to look for info about the Featherians here right?
    Ariost : I'm sorry but I will leave it to you to search these books.
    Wallace : ? What are you going to do?
    Ariost : I will search about things related to my parents. If Featherians
    really despise humans, there'd be no reason I would have been born after all.
    Walalce : Indeed. Besides we'll get more results if we split up.
    Ruise : I understand. Then leave it to us to take care of things here.
    Ariost : Thanks. If you find anything come to my laboratory. (he leaves the
    Tippi : Well then, let's do our part now.
    (well now you're supposed to look around the shelves, each time Ruise will
    tell you the books are no use. After a few tries Ruise will mention the floor
    upstairs also has books but access is restricted and you need to get
    permission from the chancellor. So you'll need to go see him. But before that
    there's obviously something weird about that pile of books in a corner of the
    room you're in so go take a look^^)
    (searching the pile of books on the ground)
    Tippi : What's this?
    Ruise : What a mess, these books are all strewn about.
    Tippi : Huh? I hear something coming from inside?
    1) Tidy the books
    2) Forget about it
    3) Set the books on fire
    (1) (unless you pick 1 you won't trigger that event)
    Ruise : If we leave them like this, these books will get trashed.
    Tippi : Guess we have no other choice....(removing the books)
    Ruise : Mi-Misha? Misha, you're really....
    Misha (waking up) : uuh, what...(she opens her eyes) Argh.
    Misha : Oniisama!!
    Tippi : What's wrong with this girl? She sure has weird sleeping habits....
    Ruise : ....well...say Misha, what were you doing?
    Misha : erm well...I was trying to get a book up there when they all
    collapsed and I got buried under.
    Ruise : ...
    Misha : Once I was under them I tried to call out but no one noticed. Then, 
    I wanted to do something about it but it was so heavy I couldn't move and I
    got really tired.
    Wallace : So then you fell asleep....
    Misha : ...ahahah, that's pretty funny right?
    Tippi : The only thing funny here is your brain!
    Misha : ...how mean...
    Tippi : Hey, Ruise-chan tell her something too!
    Ruise : Ah right. Say, Misha, sleeping on the floor could make you catch a
    cold so you shouldn't really.
    Tippi (going crazy) : Aaaaaaarrrgghhh!
    Wallace : Stop that already. Hearing you talk is giving me a headache.
    Misha : By the way, what are you doing here?
    Ruise : We're trying to look for info about the Featherians.
    Misha : Heh, so that's how it is. Aah!! I've got something to do too! Thanks 
    for rescuing me! Bye! (to herself : "aah, he will be so mad about this...")
    Tippi : I really don't understand that girl...
    Tippi : Yeah, right. This kind of thing doesn't make you want to get 
    Tippi : Yeah! This mess is such a bother let's burn it right away! ...yeah,
    right, what the heck are you saying!
    Ruise : I didn't know you were that kind of person oniichan....
    ======= Magic academy 7th floor ========
    (talking to the chancellor's secretary)
    CS : What could be your business here?
    Ruise : We would like to request permission to enter the restricted library.
    CS : Certainly. Please go inside.
    (entering the room)
    Ruise : Excuse the intrusion!
    (talking to Maxwell)
    Maxwell : My, what could bring you here?
    Ruise : We're looking for info about the Featherian culture but...
    Maxwell : I see. So you'd like to borrow something from the restricted library.
    ...here, take this. (you receive another permit-like thing. This time to
    look for info about Featherians in the 5th floor library). Now go and study
    Ruise : Thank you very much.
    ======= Magic academy 5th floor ========
    (use the permit you just got in front of the guy at the desk)
    Librarian : Please wait a moment.
    Librarian : Sorry for keeping you waiting.
    (talk to him)
    Librarian : The book you're looking for is this way.
    Ruise : This is it!
    (the book basically tells you stuff you already know, the Featherians are a
    race of winged people. They have better intellectual capacity than humans, and
    take a very rational approach to all things. With their technology still on the
    same level as the one humans had during the golden era of the Growsians, the
    author wonders what their rational mind could still desire? Could they still
    lack something? The author then says that studying their lifestyle is his
    life's work and he still has many things to discover thus this book only
    contains very little information about the Featherians.)
    Tippi : This is the end? There's nothing we can do with just this!
    Wallace : But if we were to meet the author of that book we could get a
    better lead.
    Ruise : Let's see...the author is name Danny Greys. He lives in Comsprings.
    Tippi : Then let's go meet him!
    Wallace : Hold on! Comsprings, isn't that famous hot springs town in the
    Burnstein kingdom?
    Tippi : So what? Isn't that the neighbouring country?
    Ruise : You know Tippi, you can't enter a foreign country if you haven't the
    proper permission.
    Tippi : What a hassle...!
    Wallace : Still we just found a lead. We should think of a way to get there.
    ======= Magic academy Ariost's laboratory ========
    Ariost : Ah, it's you guys.
    Ruise : Ariost-san! Are you going somewhere?
    Ariost : Ah, yes just for a bit. The chancellor called for me.
    Ah, that's right. I've got something to tell you as well.
    Well, first let's go see the chancellor.
    (he joins as a NPC)
    ======= Magic academy 7th floor ========
    (speaking to the blond secretary)
    Ariost : The chancellor, Maxwell summoned me.
    CS : Certainly. Please go inside.
    Ariost : Excuse me.
    Maxwell : Ah, here you are Ariost-kun. Actually I've got something to tell
    you about your research work.
    Ariost : I see.
    Maxwell : I heard that you completed the device you were working on?
    Ariost : Yes, and it's a success.
    Maxwell : For this, I congratulate you. But the faculty meeting that
    carefully examined your work reached the conclusion that your research
    could eventually lead to accidents that could cause a war and thus judged
    your work as dangerous.
    Ariost : I see....
    Maxwell : So according to this decision, the management of this faculty
    decided to keep the results of your research confidential. But don't be too
    disappointed. After all you are the proof that people can now fly in the skies.
    Here, take this money. This is the reward for your hard work and it will allow
    you to go on with your research.
    Ariost : Yes sir. I will leave my flying device in my laboratory and hand my
    notes concerning my theories about flying to the research personnel.
    Maxwell : Don't feel too down, and I wish you luck for your next research
    Ariost : Now, if you'll excuse me.
    (upon leaving the room)
    Wallace : Somehow, he told you the same thing that the Featherians did.
    Ariost : Bah, that can't be helped. And actually, pretty much everything
    that is developed in this academy ends up this way.
    Tippi : If that's the case why do you keep on with your research?
    Ariost : That's because of the "proof".
    Tippi : Proof?
    Ariost : I'll tell you the details at my place.
    Ruise : In your home?
    Ariost : Yes. The home where, I, my father...and my mother lived for so many
    Wallace : I see. That's right you told us your mother is a...
    Ariost : Sh! This...not here...alright?
    Wallace : S-sorry about that.
    Ariost : How did my parents meet...do you want to know? I'd like us to go
    together to the village so I could tell you about that.
    (Now you have to go to Bronyu village. However there's a short event with
    Misha if you exit and re-enter the academy)
    (going inside the academy again)
    Misha : Oniisamaaaaa! (running towards you)
    Misha : You're really working hard aren't you. If something comes up feel
    free to ask for me. Well then, excuse me. (she leaves)
    Tippi : What was that? That girl, she's....
    (this event supposedly means Misha can become a party member but she is
    nowhere to be found in the academy for now so you can't ask her to join yet.)
    ======= Bronyu village ========
    (entering the village)
    Ariost : Hey everyone, I'm back!
    Villager 1 : Oh, it's Ariost-san!
    Villager 2 : Our village hero has returned!
    Ariost : Haha, please don't call me that. Here take this. Some bonus money
    from the academy.
    Villager 1 : Thanks for always supporting us. With this, the village will be
    better off.
    Ariost : No need to thank me. After all I'm not working here like you all 
    Villager : What are you saying? Ariost-san, you've got brains so it's only
    natural that you're working there. Leave the work here to us.
    Ariost : Thanks.
    Villager 1 : Nah, it's the normal thing to do.
    Ariost : I'll be going into my house now. Come in later. It's been a while
    since I came back so it must be a bit dirty. (he leaves)
    Villager 2 : Y'all are friends of Ariost-san?
    Ruise : Yes. He's my senior at the academy.
    Villager 1 : So, what do you think of him?
    Ruise : He's an incredible person. I didn't think that there were anyone
    conducting his own research at such a young age.
    Villager 2 : Ain't that right? I reckon he's an inspiration for us all. His
    father was a great person but he's incredible as well.
    Tippi : Did Ariost's father conduct magical research too?
    Villager 1 : Nah, he didn't. It's thanks to his father that we are all able
    to live the way we do now.
    Wallace : What do you mean?
    Villager 1 : Both of us were orphans with no relatives. We escaped starvation
    by stealing and various petty crimes like that. But there was a person that
    agreed to take care of us and let us live in this village. That was his father.
    And he also taught us how to do farm work.
    Villager 2 : Yeah, and how to make money by selling our products in town.
    Y'all could say he taught us how to live by ourselves without dependin' on
    other folks. He made us realize that as long as ya put enough effort into it,
    there ain't nothing ya can't do. Since Ariost-san is really smart I figured
    for sure he would leave this village someday. But because of us folks livin'
    here he didn't leave even to go on with his research work.
    Village 1 : With such abilities and achievements, there's no one else who'd
    want to stay in a village like this. But still he remained here and kept
    studying. That is really something. And he even regularly comes back with
    money from the academy that he gives to the village like he did today.
    Wallace : And living like this he became a genius, huh?
    Villager 2 : From here on y'all keep taking good care of him, y'hear?
    (now go to Ariost's house, it's the one next to the inn)
    Ariost : Ah, you're here. Make yourselves at home.
    (speaking to him)
    Tippi : This is a bit sudden but could you explain what you meant by proof
    Ariost : Ah yes, but before this let me tell you something else. You know,
    the story of my parents....
    Tippi : We heard. Your father was an awesome person wasn't he?
    Ariost : Haha, is that what the villagers told you?
    Ruise : Yes, they told us a bit about him.
    Wallace : Anyways, let's get back to what you were saying earlier. About
    your mother being a Featherian...
    Tippi : Huumm, thinking about that... if they hate humans so much it's weird
    that one of them would marry a human, right? Alright, please tell us!
    Arisot : This village, my grandfather was the one who founded it. He built
    this place from scratch.
    Ruise : Your grandfather did?
    Ariost : When my grandfather was young he took care of orphans. That's why
    he built this place. He made the orphans cultivate the soil and with the
    money gained from the harvest, they could earn a living. This is how this
    place started. At first the orphans would neglect the farm work, but over
    time they began to spontaneously enjoy it. My father too, he was one of those
    Wallace : So you and your grandfather aren't related by blood.
    Ariost : He was a grandfather to us all. You could say he is like a father for
    everyone in this village. Ah, shall I keep on with my story? The orphans who
    became adults took various directions in life. They would go and become farmers
    elsewhere. And those that became successful became the hope and inspiration
    for the orphans living here. On the other hand, my father remained in this
    village and started to take care of orphans himself like my grandfather did.
    Tippi : ...incredible...
    Ruise : That's why everyone is so proud of Ariost-san's achievements.
    Ariost : Haha, it's still a bit embarrassing though. But even if I've been
    recklessly pursuing my research at the academy, I didn't do it for the sake
    of others.
    Tippi : Eh?
    Ariost : Everything I did up to now, it's because of what I heard from my
    father about my mother. My mother is a Featherian. She lives in a city up in
    the skies or so he told me. I...because of my desire to meet her and only
    because of that I keep working on my research...
    Ruise : Ariost-san....
    1) Don't say anything
    2) Tell him not to worry about it
    3) Cheer him up saying that all researchers work partly for themselves 
    anyway (btw this is the best answer, I'm not kidding you^^)
    Wallace : But look at it this way : Are there any people out there that
    never do anything for themselves?
    Ariost : Thanks for saying that.
    Tippi : That's right! Don't get too worked up about it alright!
    Ariost : But both the chancellor and the Featherians told me so. That my
    research could become the cause of war...I never thought about any of this,
    I was only obsessed about the idea of flying....
    Ariost : Is that true?
    Wallace : That's right. No matter which one we're talking about, researchers
    who thrive to complete their work do so partially for self-fulfillment. It's
    quite normal to have these kinds of feelings.
    Ariost : Thanks for saying that.
    Wallace : If you keep lamenting over the past, you won't be able to move on 
    with your life. The most important thing is what you intend to do now. What
    are you able to do?
    Ruise : That's true, isn't it?
    Tippi : But before that let's hear the end of his story. Why did a
    Featherian marry a human when they're supposed to hate them?
    Ariost : Yes...one day my father happened to rescue a collapsed girl in the
    forest nearby. That wounded girl had wings in her back...this is how he met
    my mother. While waiting for her wings to recover, my father took care of her.
    At first she considered him a vulgar human and seemed to hate him but...
    according to what my father said, once her wings finished healing she didn't
    go back to the skies as she said she would. During her stay, she and my
    father progressively came to understand each other and fell in love.
    Wallace : I see. So at first your mother hadn't a favourable impression of
    humans right? So this means that at one point that girl was charmed by your
    father. If we could understand how, it'd be the key to convincing the
    Ariost : Yes if we knew that, we could perhaps make the other Featherians
    understand just like my mother....
    Tippi : So there is a possibility!
    Ariost : By the way, could you tell me what you learned about that matter at
    the academy?
    Tippi : We found someone who is studying the Featherians.
    Ruise : This person's name is Danny Greys and he lives in Comsprings.
    Wallace : If we can meet him we could probably get a better understanding of
    what we should do.
    Ariost : Comsprings. It's the hot springs town of the neighbouring country.
    But this is difficult....though it's said that the relations with the
    Burnstein kingdom are cordial, you can't enter it easily.
    Ruise : Ariost-san, do you have any good ideas about how to do this?
    Ariost : I guess it could be possible to enter the kingdom of Burnstein if it
    was as a delegate or an envoy of sort but...hey wait. I seem to recall hearing
    that there was a vacation trip for Comsprings to be gained somewhere...
    Tippi : In any case, if we manage to get into Comsprings and hear more details
    about the Featherians, then we've got a good chance to find a way to convince
    the Featherians right?
    Ariost : That's right.
    Tippi : Hey, hold it Ariost-san! I still got a question that you
    haven't anwered!
    Ariost (playing dumb) : What could that be?
    Tippi : Geez, it's about that proof thing, the p-r-o-o-f!
    Ariost : Haha, you haven't forgotten about that, have you?
    Tippi : Of course!
    Ariost : It's something my father used to say : "Live by following your own
    beliefs to the utmost without ever giving up" All I can do for now is work
    as a magic researcher. Looking into things that are unknown and discovering
    new things. Even if what we find now isn't spread outside of the academy and
    doesn't become well known, I have faith that our work now will be of use to
    the people that will succeed us in the future. I keep on living believing in
    that. This is the proof of my existence as a human, as a being in this world.
    Walalce : Well, Tippi, did you understand? ...or should I say did you manage
    to get the basic idea?
    Tippi : Errr...o-of course I understood!
    (now head to Granshill. You can visit Xenos' house but he isn't home. Then 
    buy the best stuff for both Carmaine and Ruise. Having learned a bunch of
    spells like magic arrow, thunder, attack, protect and cure will be useful too.
    Once you're ready to move on, go to the reception desk for the tournament.
    It's inside that building in the screen right before reaching the coliseum)
    ======= Granshill ========
    (talking to the guy at the registration booth)
    Man : This is the tournament registration desk. Young man, do you want to
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Man : That's the spirit!
    Ruise : sigh...oniichan, you....
    Man : Write your name here...eh? You're a new face here? Well, let's put you
    into the beginner group then. That way you can participate in pairs, so how
    about having this young girl enter with you?
    Ruise : Eh?!
    Man : The champion of the beginner group wins a vacation ticket to the hot
    springs town of Comsprings in the Burnstein kingdom! It's the favorite 
    summer resort of the royalty and nobility! During winter, you can get warmed
    and reinvigorated in the springs! This is a town everyone wants to go at
    least once in his life! This is a rare opportunity so give it your best and
    aim for first place!
    Ruise : ...I-impossible, I'm no good at this kind of thing...
    Tippi : Whoa a trip to the hot springs! Do your best Ruise-chan!
    Ruise : ...oh no....
    Wallace : Hey, isn't the first prize a trip to Comsprings? We can't miss
    such an opportunity. Register those two in the beginner group.
    Man : Together with his little sister, Ruise-san right? Done, you're
    registered. It's going to start soon, so you'd better head towards the
    coliseum now.
    (upon leaving)
    Ruise : Wallace-san, did you participate in this too?
    Wallace : A long time ago. When I still had my eyes and right arm.
    Tippi : And? How did you fare?
    Wallace : I was the champion of the expert group three times....
    Tippi : Eh?! Incredible! Did someone come to recruit you then?
    Wallace : Both the Burnstein and Ranzack kingdoms offered me positions as an
    officer but I declined. After all I was a mercenary.
    Tippi : That's such a waste....
    Wallace : But I never had any regrets.
    (now head to the coliseum. it's east of here)
    (on the steps leading there)
    Tippi : Uwah! It's huge!
    Wallace : Well it has to be able to fit most of the warriors of this continent.
    (getting close to the booth on the right side of the entrance)
    Old man : Come on people, bet on your favorite contestant! The most popular
    right now is Bazrock, last year's champion of the expert group. Next is
    Julian, last year's champion of the beginner group! This year the most
    promising contestant of the beginner group is Xenos, the Granshill native!
    But nobody can predict what happens in the beginner group! It's full of
    "dark horses"! Come on, trust your judgment, and bet all you have!
    Ruise : What are they doing here?
    Wallace : "Outdoor betting"
    Tippi : Outdoor betting?
    Wallace : It's not such a bad thing if you don't know about that.
    (if you talk to the bald guy in front of that booth you can either advise
    him to bet on you or on Xenos. Now head inside. Right alley leads to the
    expert group. Left one is for your group, the beginner group. Enter the
    room and talk to the woman on the left. The one on the right will let you
    rest after a fight for a small fee.)
    Woman : You're a contestant right? Please take the stairs on the side to
    head to the waiting room. The waiting room for your group is the one on the
    left side.
    Wallace : Since I can't participate, I will be sitting with the audience.
    You two, do your best.
    (now go down. The waiting room is on the left and all you need to do is to 
    talk to the guard inside to take part in the next fight. However if you go
    take a look at the waiting room on the right side, you'll meet with Xenos.)
    Xenos : Oh, it's you guys.
    Ruise : Ah, um, please go easy on us....
    Xenos : Sorry but I'm not going to do that. We will fight fair and square
    without holding back.
    Tippi : We're not going to lose either!
    Xenos : That's the spirit! Let's both do our best so we won't have any
    (entering your waiting room)
    Tournament official : I hereby declare this year's the grand fighting 
    competition open! As our guest of honor we welcome, the prince of the
    Burnstein kingdom, and also the Imperial Knight Master, His Highness Richard.
    Tournament off (talking to Richard) : Now, your Highness. Please say a word
    to the warriors.
    Richard : As the citizens of our kingdom already know, I serve as the Knight
    Master of my country. As such I have a strong interest in fencing. Everyone,
    fight to your utmost in order not to have any regrets.
    Warriors : Yaaaaah!
    TO : Next, the champion of the beginner group from last year will let us
    hear the oath of the competition.
    Julian : Our oath! We swear to fight fair and square and to rely upon our
    own strength only!
    Warriors : Yaaaaah!
    (feel free to save your game once you're in the waiting room, once you're
    ready speak to the soldier guarding the exit on the right)
    Soldier : Eh? Are your participating in the tournament too?
    Tippi : That's right! Despite our looks, we're pretty strong you know!
    Soldier : Hahaha. But to be able to compete, people in the beginner group
    have to complete an aptitude test beforehand.  Since the fights in the
    tournament can be quite dangerous we don't want to have a rookie team badly
    injured you know?
    Tippi : That aptitude test, what is it exactly?
    Soldier : It's being conducted right now in the arena, if you're ready how
    about going for it now?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Soldier : Are you all ready?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Soldier : Give it your best!
    (Entering the arena and speaking to the soldier inside.)
    Soldier : Alright, let's begin the aptitude test.
    Ruise : What will we have to do for this test?
    Soldier : You will be fighting that Iron Golem over there for a limited
    time. During that time, we will accept you as a candidate if you can deal
    enough damage to it.
    Tippi : Limited time eh....then we have to fight using our full strength.
    Soldier : Exactly. The damage limit to be qualified is 200. But if any of
    you is defeated during the test, then it's over no matter how much damage
    you've done. So be careful.
    Announcer : It's time. Let the contestants enter the arena.
    Soldier : Let's go. (walking inside) Ah, I forgot. This Iron golem will not
    move so it's a good idea to stay out of his reach. Well then, do your best.
    Announcer : Let the aptitude test begin!
    Aptitude test
    Winning condition : Deal at least 200 damage
    Losing condition : Either Carmaine or Ruise dies
    Enemies : Iron golem (lvl.16)
    (pathetic battle. Just whack at him to be qualified, you can go the overkill
    way and totally trash it if both of your characters have the thunder spell.)
    (if you do trash it)
    Announcer : Here's another team that defeated the Iron golem! This is the 
    second team to do so along with the Xenos team! This year's beginner group
    seems to be competing at a pretty high level!
    Ruise : We did it Oniichan!
    Tippi : Yup! For now let's return and rest in the waiting room.
    (now go get back your MP by resting and then come back to your waiting room
    and speak to the guard)
    (if you go back and speak to Xenos)
    Xenos : Our battle together won't come before the finals.
    (soldier in your waiting room)
    Soldier : Ah, it's your turn to go right now. Do you best so you won't have
    anything to regret. Are you ready?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Soldier : Give it your best shot!
    (talking to the soldier in the arena)
    Soldier : The preliminary contest opponents will simply be a group of
    monsters. Whichever group can defeat the most will be able to qualify for
    the main contest. You guys go that way. Wait here until the battle begins.
    Announcer : Then, the preliminary contest for the group A will begin!
    Preliminary contest
    Winning condition : Kill the most monsters
    Losing condition : Carmaine and Ruise die
    Enemies : 5 gels (lvl.10)
    (Somewhat funny. Have a spell or two ready at all time and whenever someone 
    hurts a monster finish him with your spell. Pretty easy to win, the real
    challenge is to defeat all the gels but if Ruise has Fireball she can toast
    all of them in one hit^^)
    Announcer : The preliminary contest for group A is over! It was a splendid
    battle, and now the team that is qualified to proceed to the main contest
    is...those siblings that come from the royal capital, Rosaria! As siblings
    they displayed wonderful teamwork! Let us hope that they will show us another
    magnificent battle during the main contest!
    Tippi : Hehe, that was child's play!
    Ruise : Let's do our best in the next battle too oniichan.
    Announcer : Now the preliminary battle for group B will be held shortly.
    Everyone, please wait for a while.
    (once you're back in the waiting room)
    Soldier : Congratulations on winning the preliminary contest! The other
    group will be having it now, so go rest while waiting for the main contest.
    (if you talk to Xenos he just congratulates you on winning the preliminary
    contest and repeats what he said last time. Rest and come back to speak to
    the guard in the waiting room)
    Soldier : Ah, it's your turn to go right now. Do you best so you won't have
    anything to regret. Are you ready?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Soldier : Give it your best shot!
    (main contest - first bout)
    (speaking to the soldiers in the arena)
    Soldiers : The first fight of the main contest is a 4-way battle royale. So
    in short, the last team standing will be qualified to fight the second bout.
    Do your best. You guys go that way. Wait here until the fight begins.
    Announcer : Contestants for the first bout of the D-group are now ready.
    Let the battle begins!
    Main contest - first bout
    Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
    Losing condition : Carmaine and Ruise die
    Enemies : 3 pairs of fighters (lvl.10,11&12)
    (Quite easy too. As usual the only challenge is to kill everyone yourself^^)
    Thief : Hey, who should we attack? Since it's a battle royale we don't need
    to fight up front so just waiting till the end is okay right?
    Partner : Isn't it obvious? We'll first go smash the weaklings!
    Thief : Hehehe...that's right. Then first let's go beat those kids.
    Partner : Yup, let's go!
    (as the fight unfolds there can be different dialogues according to what's
    happening, the last team standing will probably the one with the archer,
    both of them are strong against magic though so don't bother too much with
    spells on them.)
    (once everyone's dead)
    Announcer : It's over! The winner of the first bout for the D group
    is....the siblings from Rosaria! Once again they show us awesome teamwork!
    Their next battle sure looks promising!
    Tippi : Yup, that's the spirit! Keep it up for the second bout!
    Announcer : Now the first bout of the main contest for group E will be held
    shortly. Everyone, please wait for a while.
    (as usual rest and return to your waiting room. If you speak to Wallace he 
    just praises you and tell you to keep going and Xenos basically says the same
    thing "You won again? You're pretty good".)
    (speaking to the soldier in the arena)
    soldier : For the second bout it will be a team vs. team battle. So just 
    beating the two people of the opposite team will do. But your opponents will
    be  thougher than all the others you've faced so far. Don't let your guard down.
    Well, you guys go that way.
    Announcer : Now, both teams are ready. The contestants are the toughest of 
    the participants that have entered. This will be an interesting battle!
    Second bout of the main contest, group F, battle...start!
    Main contest - second bout
    Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
    Losing condition : Carmaine and Ruise die
    Enemies : Archer (lvl.13)
              Heavy soldier (lvl.12)
    (Pathetic battle. Simply pummel them with spells while they move towards you.
    They'll be dead before they can attack even once -_-)
    Announcer : The fight's over! To our surprise the winners are the siblings
    from Rosaria! They've earned their entry in the semi-finals!
    (Nothing else to do except resting and coming back for the next fight.
    Wallace and Xenos keep spouting the same lines)
    (soldier in the arena)
    Soldier : Finally it's the semi-finals. Come, this way.
    Announcer : Now, both teams are ready. In the blue corner are two fighters
    from Medis village. The swordsman is Nick and it's his first time in Granshill. 
    In the red corner are the siblings from Rosaria. As siblings they displayed
    incredible coordination that let them get this far in the competition. Only
    one of these teams will make it to the finals! Now, what kind of battle will
    they put on? Semi-finals, group A, battle...start!
    Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
    Losing condition : Carmaine and Ruise die
    Enemies : Nick (lvl.16)
              Partner (lvl.12)
    (basically the same battle as the previous one, but they're faster and 
    Announcer : The fight's over! To our surprise the winners are the siblings
    from Rosaria! They earned their entry in the semi-finals! That was incredible,
    they've defeated Nick and will now participate in the finals!
    (speaking to Wallace and Xenos)
    Wallace : At last it's the finals. Do your best, remember this is in order
    to go to Comsprings.
    Xenos : Finally time for the finals. If I win this battle, I will be your
    next opponent. From now on, let's stop being friends. if you hesitate in a
    fight, you'll lose.
    (entering the arena)
    The finals will now begin! Contestants enter!
    Xenos : ...
    Ruise : Ah, it's Xenos-san!
    Tippi : Yup, so he really made it. ...but don't you think his
    expression is strange?
    Xenos : Don't worry about that. Come at me with your full strength!
    Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
    Losing condition : Carmaine and Ruise die
    Enemies : Xenos (lvl.18)
              Partner (lvl.14)
    (his partner can heal so get rid of him first. Rust on Xenos and Protect on
    Carmaine will make this fight much easier. Of course don't let Ruise get
    into the fray since Xenos can nearly kill her in two hits. As usual pummel
    them with spells while they come towards you since they're really slow.
    Also note that Xenos can counter.
    (partner eliminated)
    Xenos : Tch! ..as expected they're strong...but I can't afford to lose now!
    (Xenos defeated)
    Xenos : Guh! As I thought in this state...it's impossible...
    Announcer : This is it! The battle's over!
    Tippi : We did it! We're the champions!
    Ruise : We did it, oniichan!
    Announcer : The champions will receive a entry ticket for the town of
    Comsprings in the Burnstein kingdom from his Highness Richard!
    (speaking to Richard)
    Richard : Congratulations. I thought you'd be the champions of this 
    Tippi : Eh?
    Richard : Go to the hot springs to wash away the fatigue of the battle. 
    Comsprings is a nice place. (received ticket) The town is just east of the
    magic academy. You will need to ask the chancellor for permission to go
    through the checkpoint. Feel free to ask him anytime.
    (on your way back)
    Ruise : Say...oniichan.
    Tippi : My, what's wrong Ruise-chan. You look so serious all of a sudden...
    Ruise : Just now, that person, the prince of the Burnstein kingdom....don't
    you remember seeing him somewhere else?
    1) I've got that feeling too
    2) I don't remember
    3) I don't remember men's faces
    4) I do remember
    Ruise : It's true isn't it! Then could it be...
    (a) Ariost
    (b) Eliotte
    (c) Julian
    Ruise : Eh?
    Tippi : Are you stupid or something? Just what part of him looks like
    Ruise : The one I was thinking about was Eliotte-kun!
    Ruise : You think so too, don't you? So it's really true then...
    Ruise : Eh?
    Tippi : Are you stupid or what? Why did you say Julian?
    Ruise : The one I was thinking about was Eliotte-kun!
    Tippi : Hey you...could it be you're so damn lazy you don't even think?
    Ruise : The one I was thinking about was Eliotte-kun!
    Tippi : ...this is so like you.....
    Ruise : The one I was thinking about was Eliotte-kun!
    Ruise : You do? Then it's really...
    (a) Ariost
    (b) Eliotte
    (c) Julian
    Ruise : Eh?
    Tippi : Are you stupid or something? Just what part of him looks like
    Ruise : The one I was thinking about was Eliotte-kun!
    Ruise : You think so too, don't you? So it's really true then...
    Ruise : Eh?
    Tippi : Are you stupid or what? Why did you say Julian?
    Ruise : The one I was thinking about was Eliotte-kun!
    Tippi : But how could that be? That would mean that Eliotte and the prince
    are the same person?
    Ruise : Hmmm, perhaps he didn't want us to know...?
    (further on the way back)
    Soldier : Ah, I forgot to tell you something. There will be an exhibition
    match at the end so come back once you're ready.
    Tippi : Eguzibision...what?
    Soldier : It's a fight between the champion of the expert group and the
    champions of the beginner group.
    Ruise : Eeh? But the champion of the expert group must be incredibly
    Soldier : Yeah well, you probably won't win...but it's alright. It's an
    exhibition match after all. This is more like entertainment, an opportunity
    to let the audience see just how strong the champion of the expert group is.
    But it can be a good chance for you as well to compare your strength to a
    strong person like the champion.
    (talking to Wallace)
    Wallace : You did it! It was a magnificent battle! Now you'll only have to
    take part in the exhibition match. By the way, Xenos was acting sort of
    weird today, wasn't he...?
    (soldier in the waiting room)
    Soldier : The exhibition match is about to begin. The outcome isn't 
    important, the main point of it is to show the strength of the expert
    group champion. So don't feel bad about losing.
    Tippi : That's right. We already have the permission to go to Comsprings
    Ruise : Yes. Even if we lose it doesn't matter.
    Soldier : Hahaha. Well it's quite obvious that you'll lose so even if you're
    going with that kind of spirit it doesn't matter. Well then, get going now!
    (entering the arena)
    Announcer : Here comes the champion team of the beginner group! And now the
    champion of the expert group!
    Tippi : Eh? This person...
    Julian : It's been a while.
    Ruise : Julian-san! You're the champion then? Congratulations!
    Julian : Ah, thank you. Congratulations on your victory as well.
    Tippi : Hey, hey, go easy on us ok?
    Julian : That won't be possible. Even as an exhibition match, we must not
    hold back.
    Ruise : Oh no....
    Announcer : Then, the exhibition match will now begin! Contestants, are you
    ready? Battle, start!
    Exhibition match
    Winning condition : Defeat Julian
    Losing condition : Carmaine and Ruise die
    Ennemies : Julian (lvl.32)
    (As you'll find out quickly you're supposed to lose this battle. Well it's
    quite possible to win but you gain next to nothing for doing so. Julian
    don't take damage from physical attacks and can counter so rely on magic to
    deal damage. Having Weakness will help of course but the spell often fails on
    him. Same goes for Rust so don't waste too much MP trying to make it work on
    him. If you did the character creation part correctly Carmaine is much better
    at magic than Ruise. So he should be casting thunder repeatedly at Julian.
    Use Ruise's MP to heal and to support with status spells. Make her cast
    Thunder when there's nothing else to do. Since Julian targets Carmaine at first
    you should defend his blow and then charge up a thunder spell. You'll have
    exactly the time to cast one spell between each of his attacks so once the
    spell is ready go back to defending, wait for his blow and then charge up
    another spell. Keep at it and he should go down if you're either above level
    15 or if weakness worked on him. Otherwise you will run out of MP before.
    Julian can use the second blow attack skill and can also stun your
    characters if he got lucky. If he does so you're probably screwed so just
    let him beat you to end the battle. Same thing if he starts to keep healing
    since you won't have enough MP left to finish him then.)
    (upon attacking you)
    Julian : This is the first time we've crossed swords, isn't it? Here I come!
    (upon attacking him)
    Julian : Let me see just how strong you are!
    Tippi : You're going to remember this! Goooo!
    (Ruise defeated)
    Ruise : Gyaah! As I thought...it was impossible...
    Tippi : He's really strong...
    (Carmaine defeated)
    Carmaine : !!
    Tippi : Ah, he lost..!
    Announcer : That's enough! Victor : Julian!
    Julian : Are you alright?
    Ruise : Yes, somehow.
    Julian : I didn't remember that you were just beginners in this competition.
    Forgive me.
    1) Tell him not to worry about that
    2) This was a good experience
    3) You went way overboard!
    Tippi : That's right. After all it's the rules of a battle.
    Julian : Anyway, I apologize.
    Tippi : Yup, we don't often have the chance to fight someone strong like you.
    Ruise : And thanks to that, we've come to understand the limits of our own
    Julian : As always you're so positive....
    Tippi : Hmm, I wish you'd have been a bit gentler with us...
    Julian : ...since it was you guys, I thought you'd be okay but...anyway, I
    Announcer : With this, the tournament for this year is now over! Look
    forward to the next competition! Until next time!
    (talking to Julian)
    Julian : It's been a while since we last met. How about talking a bit once
    we're outside? I'll be waiting at the coliseum entrance.
    (talking to Wallace on your way out)
    Wallace : Oh, that's right, Julian told me that he'll be waiting outside
    (upon meeting Julian outside)
    Julian : Hey.
    Wallace : Congratulations Julian. Though my eyes don't work that well, I
    still enjoyed your fights plenty. I didn't see any doubt in the way you were
    wielding your sword.
    Julian : Thanks. I owe it to you guys.
    Ruise : How about we go to the city instead of talking here?
    Tippi : You bet!
    (Julian joins as a NPC. Just go back to town for the following event)
    Wallace : Feel free to continue with what you were saying. I'm going on
    ahead. I'll be waiting at the town entrance. (he leaves)
    Julian : He really pays attention to the feelings of people around him,
    doesn't he? Thank him on my behalf later.
    Tippi : By the way Julian, is it true that you've cast your doubts aside?
    Julian : Yes. Before I was practicing fencing in order to get praised by my
    father but not now. Becoming an Imperial knight will make me famous, but
    more importantly it will allow me to protect the future of my country and
    its citizens.
    1) Tell him to persevere in his efforts
    2) With your skills it's as good as done already
    3) Don't say anything
    Ruise : That's right. Even thought there might many hardships...
    Julian : Yes. This is what I intend to do, now, more than ever.
    Tippi : Yup. After all you're the tournament champion aren't you?
    Julian : It's not that simple. To become a Imperial knight you must achieve
    excellence in many areas. Just polishing fencing skills isn't enough.
    Julian : ...I'm serious you know, this isn't a joke...
    Ruise : Do your best, Julian-san!
    Tippi : I'll be rooting for you too!
    Julian : Thanks. by the way, first prize was a trip to Comsprings wasn't it?
    Tippi : That's right! Ah, could it be...you want to tag along?
    Julian : Ah no, that wasn't what I had in mind. Besides, I'm a citizen of
    the Burnstein kingdom so I can go whenever I want.
    Tippi : Bleah! And I hoped you'd be a little bit jealous at least....
    Julian : Haha, well in any case have fun. I will be going now. I hope we'll
    meet again.
    Tippi : Yeah, same here.
    Ruise : Ah, could you please wait a second?
    Julian : What is it?
    (talking to Ruise)
    Ruise : Say, oniichan could you buy something for me please?
    Tippi : And here I was wondering what you had in mind and it turns out to be
    Ruise : Hey, you're misunderstanding me. There's a meaning to this.
    Tippi : Yeah? Well, what is it that you want?
    Ruise : This! A "Promise pendant"!
    Julian : Promise pendant?
    Ruise : You have to make a pledge when you put it on. Then once you've
    fulfilled your pledge, it will grant you a wish! It's become really popular
    among the girls at the academy lately!
    Julian : Sounds interesting. (to the clerk) Excuse me, I'll be taking
    one...no two of these.
    Tippi : Hold on, Julian!
    Julian : I got money as a prize from the tournament. Think of it as a reward
    for your victory. (Ruise got a promise pendant)
    Ruise : Thank you, Julian-san! Say, what will be you be swearing?
    Julian : I swear on this pendant that I will become a knight.
    Ruise : And, what is your wish?
    Julian : To be able to meet with everyone again...that's my wish.
    Tippi : What an underwhelming wish...
    Julian : What will you be swearing?
    Ruise : Hmmmmm....ah I know! I swear to move oniichan's heart!
    Tippi (sweatdrop) : ....hey, you know...nah never mind...
    Ruise : That's because...I've never seen oniichan cry you know? And he's
    always calling me a crybaby....
    Julian : Hahaha....well isn't that nice? And, what's your wish?
    Ruise : Hmm, well "that everyone will be able to become happy" or something
    like that?
    Julian : Well this time it's a pretty big wish...
    Ruise : Ah, do you think it's weird?
    Tippi : Hey you. Hurry up and cry now. That way everyone will bask in
    1) Cry
    2) Laugh
    3) Appear worried
    4) Swear to never cry!
    Ruise : Ah, stop! If it's not because of me then it's meaningless!
    Tippi : Crap!
    Tippi : What're you laughing about!
    Tippi : Ah, forget what I just said. But in any case, I'll be siding with
    Ruise-chan on this, alright?
    Tippi : You're so mean, you know that?!
    Ruise : I will definitely move oniichan's heart! You'll see!
    Julian : I guess this has turned out to be something quite big. She's serious
    about this, so pay attention. Well, it's really time for me to go back.
    I will be giving it my all so that next time we meet, I'll be a knight.
    Tippi : Yeah, if you become a knight, that pendant will bring you strength!
    Ruise : Good luck, Julian-san!
    Julian : You too, take care.
    Ruise : Well we should be going too, oniichan. Wallace-san is waiting for us.
    (talking to Wallace on the next screen)
    Tippi : Sorry for the wait!
    Wallace : Yo, are you done talking?
    Ruise : Yup!
    Wallace : Well, let's get ready to go to Comsprings and hear more about the
    (now you'll need to go to the academy and visit the chancellor once more.
    You can visit Xenos' house since you're in Granshill but you'll notice
    nobody's home, not even Karen)
    ======= Magic academy ========
    (once you take a few steps in you'll encounter Misha who says exactly the
    same thing as before. The only difference is that this time it will be
    possible to recruit her^^)
    ======= Magic academy 7th floor ========
    (talking to the chancellor's secretary)
    CS : What could be your business here?
    Ruise : Since we won in the tournament we would like to get permission to
    enter Comsprings.
    CS : Certainly. Please go inside.
    (entering the room)
    Ruise : Excuse the intrusion!
    (talking to Maxwell)
    Maxwell : Oh you're here. I didn't think you'd be the ones to win the
    tournament. Here's the entry permit. (received the third permit already)
    Ruise : Well then, we'll be going.
    (upon leaving the room)
    Maxwell : Ah, that's right. I forgot to tell you something. Once you're back
    return that entry permit to me. You won't need it any more to enter Comsprings.
    Tippi : How stingy...
    Ruise : It's alright Tippi. After all, it's not that much trouble.
    Maxwell : Well then, don't forget about it.
    ======= Magic academy 1st floor ========
    (in the entry hall)
    Voice : Wait!!
    Ruise : Misha!
    Misha : You're going to the hot springs?
    Ruise : How did you know?
    Misha : I heard that you won the tournament!
    Tippi : Heh, seems the news is spreading quickly.
    Misha : That's because it has to do with oniisama!
    Tippi : Ha...haha....
    Misha : Well, is it okay for me to come along?
    Tippi : What?
    Misha : I heard you can bring up to five people.
    Tippi : You're kidding?! Hey, let me see the ticket! Ah, that's true.
    Up to five people.
    Misha : I head it from grandpa.
    Tippi : Who is this grandpa guy?
    Ruise : Ah, she's referring to the chancellor, Maxwell. He's known Misha
    since she was little.
    Misha : Say, it's OK, isn't it? Bring me along!
    Ruise : What should we do, oniichan?
    1) Let Misha do as she pleases
    2) Turn her down
    3) It'd be my pleasure to go with you
    Misha : Yes! Oniisama, I love you!
    Misha : Don't say that!
    Ruise : Oniichan, I'm asking you as well. Let her go with us. If I'm the
    only girl going, it's a bit...
    Tippi : That's right, the springs are gender-separated? Then it'll be more 
    fun for Ruise-chan if she's there...
    Wallace : For your little sister's sake let her come along. Besides, it will
    make the trip more lively.
    Tippi : See? Everyone agrees. You can't say no alone!
    Misha : Thanks everyone!
    Misha : Yes! Oniisama, I love you!
    Ruise : I'm so glad, Misha!
    Misha : Yup! (she joins party)
    (now head to Comsprings. Head east after exiting the magic academy)
    (on the way to Comsprings)
    Ruise : Ah...say oniichan we can bring 5 people, right?
    Misha : That's right.
    Ruise : Then how about asking Ariost-san to come along?
    Tippi : Ariost-san, eh...
    Ruise : He'll surely be able to help when we talk about the Featherians...
    Wallace : Indeed. Let's go back and ask him.
    (now you'll have to return to Bronyu village and ask Ariost)
    ======= Bronyu village ========
    (entering Ariost's house)
    Ruise : Excuse the intrusion.
    Ariost : Hey. Welcome. What brings you here?
    Ruise : Ariost-san, are you free right now?
    Ariost : Yes.
    Tippi : Then let's go to Comsprings!
    Ariost : How do you plan on getting there. That's Burnstein territory.
    Wallace : Don't worry about that. They won the tournament.
    Ariost : You're the champions? That's a surprise...
    Ruise : First prize was a trip to Comsprings! Won't you go with us?
    Ariost : Thanks! I'm really grateful! (he joins the party too)
    (Now return towards the east of the magic academy and keep going. You'll meet
    a couple of soldiers blocking the path. Show them the permit you just got)
    (upon seeing the permit)
    Soldier : Hmm, this looks like a valid entry permit for Comsprings...oh I
    see, so you're this year's tournament champions. Hmm, you're built quite a bit
    smaller than I thought the champions would be though. Please go and enjoy the
    hot springs.
    ======= Comsprings ========
    (going towards the east part of the town)
    Shop clerk : A trip to Comsprings is all about the hot springs! Young man,
    how about giving it a try? It will soothe both your body and mind!
    (Though you can ignore it and keep on going, this event will let you see the
    guys of your team half-naked thus providing very much needed canon material
    for your naughty yaoi fanart and stuff. So it's a must see obviously and
    anyway it won't be available anymore once you progress further in the story)
    (entering the shop next to the clerk and speak to the woman at the counter)
    Shop clerk : Welcome. Will you be staying this night?
    1) Show the prize ticket
    2) Don't say anything and simply rest for the night (you'll simply sleep
    like in a regular inn)
    SC : Ah, you're the champions from the tournament, aren't you? Your rooms
    are already prepared, do you want to rest now?
    1) Go to sleep already (same as above)
    2) I want to go to the springs
    3) Never mind (talking stops and you can restart it later)
    SC : Then please go and enjoy your bath.
    Ruise : Well oniichan, see you later.
    Misha : Aah, oniisama. We'll be parted for a little while.
    Tippi : Later!
    Wallace : Well, let's go into our bath too.
    Ariost : Yes, let's go. I've heard a lot about those springs and their
    efficiency in washing away fatigue.
    (while bathing)
    Wallace (sighing) : ....this feels so good.
    Ariost : ...you can say that again....
    Wallace : But on to more important matters. How do you think we'll get
    the Featherians to understand?
    Ariost : Hm, that's right...honestly speaking I wonder what could...
    Ruise : Stop that already Tippi. You mustn't dive in like that....
    Tippi : Geez, is that how you're going to be then...take that!
    Ruise : Kyyaah! Stop it!
    Misha : Looks fun. I'm joining in! Take this!
    Ruise : Really, stop! Please stop it! (starts crying)
    Ariost : .... On that side there's the girls' bath right?
    Wallace : That's right. Since I can't see though, this has nothing to do
    with me.
    1) Go and peep in the girls' side
    2) Quietly stay in your bath
    Ariost : Hey, where are you going? Could it be that you intend to peep in
    the girl's bath? Have you no shame?
    Wallace : These kinds of things are pretty harmless I'd say. If you're not
    afraid of what'll happen if you're caught, then go.
    Ariost : Wallace-san?
    Wallace : Bah, do think about it before deciding though.
    a) I can't ignore my little sister when she's crying!
    b) This is truly a man's dream!
    c) Real men don't peep!
    Ariost : I see. Indeed, it's a normal behaviour as an older brother I guess.
    But I can't let you go alone or you might overreact. I'm going too.
    Especially since Misha-kun is also there...
    Wallace : Stop talking and get moving now!
    Ariost : ...there's no helping it I guess. I'll go with you. But let me make
    this clear : though I'm going I don't have anything shameful in mind.
    I'm simply going to keep you from doing anything too rash.
    Wallace : Stop talking and get moving now!
    ======= Mysterious tunnel ========
    Ariost : ...it's totally dark in there...but just a little further and we'll
    reach the girl's bath...
    1) Tell him he sure sounds happy
    2) Ask him if something's wrong
    Ariost : How rude! I'm simply here as your supervisor! How dare you make
    such scandalous accusations!
    a) Point out to him that he's walking one step ahead of you
    b) Don't reply
    Ariost : Ah..th-that's..well..it's a precaution to prevent you from doing
    anything weird!
    Ariost : Good, let's keep going...
    Ariost : n-no...it's nothing...
    Ariost : But to think that there'd be such a narrow tunnel to get to the
    girls'side...I guess everyone has the same thing in mind...
    Ruise : Misha, you have such a nice bust!
    Misha : That's not true! Look, Ruise-chan, even you have...eh...hahaha...
    just forget what I said!
    Ruise : Uuuh.....why is it only me that...
    Ariost : Hmm...so Misha has...hmm I see...hey, why are you stopping? We need
    to go on further! ...just a bit more...just a tiny little bit more and....
    Tippi : Well how about going back now?
    Ruise : Alright, let's go.
    Misha : Oniisama and the others must be waiting for us.
    Ariost : Noooo....
    Ariost : Let's go back.
    Ariost : Y-yes. It's the best thing to do right?
    Wallace : ...Ariost. How come you sound so disappointed?
    Ariost : T-that's not it! You're just imagining things! I-I'm not like that
    Misha : Well then let's go back.
    Ruise : Okay.
    Tippi : What, leaving already? How boring...we could have stayed a bit
    Ariost : Y-yes. It's the best thing to do right?
    Wallace : ...Ariost. How come you sound so disappointed?
    Ariost : T-that's not it! You're just imagining things! I-I'm not like that
    Misha : Well then let's go back.
    Ruise : Okay.
    Tippi : What, leaving already? How boring...we could have stayed a bit
    (once back in the inn if you tried to peep)
    Misha : Oh? What's wrong Ariost-sempai? Somehow you look tired?
    Ariost : Aah, well...the water was a bit too hot I guess...
    Misha : Ehh, Ariost-sempai, you must have stayed in the bath too long.
    Tippi : Ahaha. I'd say he's disappointed because he didn't get to peep in
    the girls' bath!
    Ruise : Geez, Tippi. Ariost-san wouldn't do something like that to begin with!
    Ariost (red-faced) : ...
    (Now exit the inn and go right. You'll reach a screen with a red house and
    some stairs leading south. Knock on the red house door for another one of
    those necessary optional events.)
    (After knocking)
    Tippi : Excuse us! Is anybody there?
    Man with a red knight uniform : What is it?
    Ruise : Ahem, is Danny Greys here?
    Man : No. I am Ernest Lyell.
    Ruise : Ah, I'm so sorry.
    Man with a blue knight uniform : What is it Ernest? A summons?
    Ernest Lyell : It's nothing. Seems like they got the wrong house.
    Man : I see. Well, never mind. It's good timing. I'll be going.
    Ernest Lyell : Yes, see you later.
    Ruise : I'm sorry, it looks like we interrupted you....
    Man : No, I was about to leave so it doesn't matter.
    I'll be coming again Ernest.
    Ernest Lyell : You're welcome anytime.
    Ernest Lyell : Well then, Danny Greys you said? In that case, it's that
    house downstairs.
    Ruise : We're really sorry Lyell-san.
    Ernest Lyell : It's no problem.
    (now get to the house Lyell pointed out)
    (After knocking)
    Tippi : Excuse us! Is anyone there?
    Man : What is it?
    Ruise : Ahem, is Danny Greys here?
    Man : Yes that would be me. What business do you have here?
    Ruise : Actually we learned that you've been investigating the Featherians
    and we were thinking about asking you a few questions about that....
    Man : Hoho, so you're interested in my research work? What an admirable
    inclination for young people like yourselves. Come, we'll talk inside.
    (going inside)
    Tippi : Sorry for the intrusion~!
    (talking to him)
    Danny Greys : Well then, what do you want to know?
    Ariost : The main thing we want to hear about is their ideology, their way
    of thinking.
    Danny Greys : Their ideology huh....this is the hardest part to understand.
    Ruise : We've read your book. You wrote that they're a very rational tribe.
    Danny Greys : Ah, this is what I had noticed back then when I wrote that
    book. However I understand them a bit more now.
    Tippi : Great!
    Ariost : Then, if it doesn't bother you, could you tell us more about it?
    Danny Greys : Alright. But first I must explain the dreadful things we
    humans did to them.
    Wallace : Dreadful things?
    Danny Greys : Yes. Do you think they've always lived on that floating
    island? Of course not. Long ago, they lived on the surface. We humans
    were the ones who left them with no other place to live.
    Ariost : The humans....did such a terrible thing...
    Danny Greys : The people have now forgotten this but we humans, along with
    the Featherians, both originated from another world. But as our home world
    was facing destruction, humans and Featherians joined strengths and moved to
    this world.
    Ruise : They joined strengths?
    Danny Greys : Exactly. The Featherians with their superior technology.
    The humans with their powerful magical powers. By using those two powers,
    we were able to connect to a different dimension and come to this world.
    Ariost : How come they stopped cooperating afterwards?
    Danny Greys : As you know, there's almost no Growshu on this world. Humans who
    had always depended upon their magic until then, were suddenly deprived of it. 
    They had to turn to the Featherians and their technology for help. However,
    with the emergence of Growsians, mankind regained their magical powers and they
    turned them into a weapon to revolt against the Featherians. Thus began the
    struggle for domination between humans and Featherians. Even though it was only
    a fraction of mankind who revolted, in the eyes of the Featherians the humans
    had repaid kindness with bloodshed.
    Tippi : If they did such a thing, it's no wonder they hate humans!
    Danny Greys : Although there may be more to it, I think it's indeed the
    decisive factor. As I wrote in my book before, they are a really logical tribe.
    And they give a large importance to the will of the whole. For instance if the
    majority is heading west, those who wanted to go east stay silent and head west
    too. Nobody would violate the law and stand out alone. In front of the group's
    will, individual wills have no importance. To be that extreme in that regard,
    you could say their characters are very dry.
    Wallace : Indeed, it really gives that feeling.
    Danny Greys : It's easy to understand that people with that way of thinking
    always looked down on humans who were living life based on their own
    personal convenience. Besides, since their whole people acted as one, their
    objectives was always well defined and they could carry things through to
    the end when researching a technology for instance. Perhaps this is why they
    have such advanced knowledge and technology now. Look at the things they
    developed. Not one of them is useless.
    Misha : Living without frivolity, that sounds so boring though.
    Danny Greys : No, that can't be said. For example, they love singing.
    But you can't say songs are necessary in order to live right? Well this might
    be as they say it themselves "for the sake of a rich mind".
    Ariost : I see. Well then, are there any aspects in which humans surpass them?
    Danny Greys : This is a difficult question. Compared to them, humans give much
    more importance to the individual ego. But when you think about it, this might
    be the humans' strong point.
    Misha : Our ego...is our strong point? How?
    Danny Greys : Their most important principle is to act according to logic.
    Let's take an example and consider a wounded person that has only one week left
    to live. The cure for the wound exists but you need ten days to go fetch it and
    come back. What would you do?
    1) Give up
    2) Don't give up and go fetch the cure
    3) Look for another way
    Ruise : Is that so Oniichan? You're going to give up on mother?
    Tippi (slighty pissed) : That's true. And the reason we came all the way here
    is because we're giving up, right?
    Wallace : Exactly. If you give up you'll never accomplish anything.
    Ariost : That's true. I would think about finding another way.
    Danny Greys : And that's how it is. Even though they know it's hopeless,
    humans can stand up and face adversity. It's a bit different from ego but
    it's about trusting oneself and doing everything one can.
    Misha : So in short Featherians don't make hopeless efforts.
    Danny Greys : I do not know which way is the best but I think that, in order
    to live without regrets, the human's way to struggle until the end is good.
    Ariost : That was most interesting. Thank you very much.
    Danny Greys : You're welcome. I enjoyed speaking with people who
    have an interest in the Featherians like I do. If you wish to, come again.
    Ruise : Thank you very much!
    (after leaving his house)
    Wallace : This was quite enlightening.
    Ruise : But how are we going to give them their proof?
    Ariost : ...this is difficult indeed.
    (now let's head back to the academy. You'll get the next event soon after
    ======= Academy campus ========
    Misha : Aah, that was fun! Where will we be going next?
    Ruise : Ermm, Misha...you know....
    Ariost : Hold on!
    Tippi : What is it Ariost-san?
    Ariost : Keep quiet for a second....
    Ariost : .....this...
    Wallace : Singing...?
    Tippi : Huh? Do you  hear something?
    Ariost : ...there is no mistaking it! (he runs towards the academy)
    Tippi : Ariost-san! Say Wallace-san, what did you hear?
    Wallace : Someone's singing. Can't you hear it?
    Misha : Wallace-san sure has good hearing.
    Ruise : In any case let's go look into this.
    (head a little north and you'll meet up with Ariost)
    Bard (singing poorly): ...the humming of the birds.....the murmur of the
    breeze....the gentle light of the moon.....
    Ariost : Excuse me! That song...
    Bard : Wh-what is it? Please don't interrupt when I'm singing.
    Ariost : Where did you learn that song?
    Bard : That song? I heard it when I was camping north of here, in Rashell, a
    health resort. It was was such a beautiful song so I remembered it right away.
    Ariost : Rashell you said? Thank you very much!
    Ruise : What happened? You left so suddenly...
    Wallace : What's the matter with that song?
    Ariost : I have but a faint memory of it but I remember hearing that song when
    I was a child. My mother was singing it.
    Tippi : Then it's a Featherian song?
    Arisot : Yes.
    (well now as you guessed it's time to head to Rashell. Before that though go
    talk to Maxwell's secretary to give back the entry permit for Comsprings. 
    You can just teleport there anyway so you don't need it. To get to Rashell
    just go north of Bronyu, the path who was previously blocked is now cleared.
    You'll reach several crossroads on the way. The first path to the east lead
    to the Growsian ruins. On the second crossroad the west path lead to Medis 
    village Keep going straight to reach Rashell)
    (if you go to the ruins first)
    Ariost : Those are the Growsian ruins.
    Wallace : ...hm, it's weak but I can hear singing. The voice sounds sad and
    (if you go to Medis first)
    Wallace : Hm? Aren't we missing a person?
    Ruise : Huh? ...Misha's not here... She was a here a second ago though....
    Tippi : Bah, she's probably goofing off somewhere. She's definitely
    somewhere in the village so she'll come back eventually.
    (leaving Medis)
    Misha : Ah! Wait!! Wait!!
    Tippi : Where the heck have you been!?
    Misha : That's a secret!
    (getting into Rashell at last)
    ======= Rashell ========
    Misha : If I'm not mistaken....there is a flower garden on the other side....
    Tippi : Hey! You, Misha! Where are you going!?
    Ruise : Geez, that Misha...
    Tippi : Ruise-chan, do you know where she went to?
    Ruise : I heard there is a beautiful flower garden here. She's probably there.
    Wallace : Well, we can go look for her later.
    (There two things to do in Rashell. Talk to Misha in the flower garden and to
    Karen in the health resort. You can do them in any order but it makes more
    sense to go to the health resort first so let's head there. Take the path
    leading east after entering the town to reach it. Spot Karen inside and talk
    to her)
    Karen : Ah, you're...
    Tippi : Karen-san! So you were here!
    Karen : It's been a while.
    Woman next to her : Who are those people Karen-san?
    Karen : They're acquaintances of mine.
    Ruise : You're the one who's been looking after Karen-san? Thank you very much!
    Aileen : Oh you're welcome. This is my job anyway. Well then Karen-san, don't
    push yourself too much now if you want to get better soon.
    (she leaves the room)
    Karen : She's a nice woman. And also a Growsian.
    Tippi : Eh? Then she's just like Ruise-chan.
    Karen : Ruise-chan, you're a Growsian too?
    Ruise : y-yes...
    Karen : Then in light of your Growsian status, let me give you my regards
    again. I've only heard of it until now so I thought they'd be more
    peculiar-looking people. But Aileen-san and Ruise-chan don't look different
    from normal people.
    Ariost : Why of course. Aside from the fact they hold superior magical
    powers compared to others, they're not different in any other way.
    Karen : I see. But more importantly, why did you all come here? Don't tell
    me you've been looking for me?
    Wallace : Actually we've been told that a mysterious singing can be heard in
    the vicinity.
    Tippi : Karen-san do you know about it?
    Karen : Yes, I've heard it too. It seems to be brought by the wind from the
    south. It's very beautiful singing.
    Ruise : It's coming from the south then.
    (now exit her room and go visit the one just on the right. There is a little
    girl inside. Get close to her and select the flowers in your inventory to
    give some to her. Pick the first choice to make her accept. This is part of
    an optional event. You'll have to come back and give her flowers again later.
    Afterwards exit the resort and head south, Ariost will start sighing)
    Ariost : ...hmm. Ruise-kun, I'd like to ask a favor from you if you don't mind?
    Ruise : Eh? Ah, yes...
    Ariost : The song that can be heard from the forest south of here is
    mother's...I'd like to go to Featherland right away if you don't mind.
    Ruise : hmm...well...is that okay oniichan?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Tippi : Of course!
    Tippi : WHY! Aren't you trying to get a cure for master too? Go already!
    Ruise : Sorry oniichan. I can't refuse that to Ariost-san!
    Wallace : Feelings for one's mother are something universal. Let's all go
    Ruise : Then let me know when you're ready to go oniichan.
    (well no preparations are needed except for the fact that Tippi won't let
    you go unless you get back Misha. So head to the town's entrance and go
    north from here, you'll reach a flower garden with Misha inside. Talk to her)
    Tippi : Hey, Misha!!
    Misha : Eh? Ah, oniisama. Are you done talking already?
    Tippi : Geez, what were you doing here?
    Misha : I was thinking about giving this to oniisama!
    Ruise : Ah, what a beautiful wreath!
    Misha : Oniisama, please accept it!
    1) Accept gladly
    2) Respond coldly
    3) Compliment her on arranging the flowers beautifully
    Misha : Then by all means take it!
    (received flower wreath!)
    Misha : I'll put it on your head oniisama!
    (Tippi kicks her)
    Tippi : Graaar! There's no time to fool around! Hurry up and let's get going
    Misha : Tippi-chan is so boring....
    Misha : ...and I went through all that effort to make it...
    Tippi : Hey you, even if you don't want it, can't you praise her a little!
    Even if it's just a poorly made flower wreath.
    Misha : Argh...Tippi-chan...you're so cruel...
    Misha : Hehehe...is that so?
    Tippi : Hey you, aren't you at least a little bit embarrassed after saying
    stuff like this...?
    Ruise : But Misha, you sure know this place well.
    Misha : Hehehe, I came here with grandpa before. That how I learned there
    was a flower garden here. I'd been living in Medis village. Then I remembered
    this place when we got here...
    Tippi : You seem to have a special spot in your memory for this place...
    Misha : That's right. It happened during my childhood. I was sad because my
    parents passed away and grandpa would come and bring me flowers.
    Ruise : Eh, so that's what happened.
    Misha : At that time, I really felt humanity's warmth and kindness.
    That's why the place I like best in my hometown is the flower garden.
    Tippi : But you know, that Chancellor giving flowers? I just can't picture
    him doing that at all...
    Misha : The flowers he gave me at that time were wheel lilies. Tons of them
    bloom here. By the way oniisama! Do you know what wheel lilies symbolize in
    the language of flowers?
    Tippi : Wheel lilies...do you know that?
    1) I'm waiting for you
    2) Love of the rainbow colors
    3) Eternity
    4) Talented person
    Misha : Too bad! The correct answer was : Talented person.
    Tippi : Eh, so that's the meaning...well of course in your case
    "incompetent" would suit you much better.
    Misha : That's mean! Oniisama! Tippi-chan is bullying me!
    Misha : Too bad! The correct answer was : Talented person.
    Tippi : Eh, so that's the meaning...well of course in your case
    "incompetent" would suit you much better.
    Misha : That's mean! Oniisama! Tippi-chan is bullying me!
    Misha : Too bad! The correct answer was : Talented person.
    Tippi : Eh, so that's the meaning...well of course in your case
    "incompetent" would suit you much better.
    Misha : That's mean! Oniisama! Tippi-chan is bullying me!
    Misha : Whoa, that's great! How did you know?
    Tippi : Eh, so that's the meaning...well of course in your case
    "incompetent" would suit you much better.
    Misha : That's mean! Oniisama! Tippi-chan is bullying me!
    1) Hey, Misha isn't THAT bad
    2) Tell her not to pay attention
    3) Nod in agreement to Tippi's comment
    Misha : Yeah yeah, I'm not that bad!
    Tippi : He did say "THAT" right?
    Misha : Tippi-chan....so cruel....
    Misha : Yes, if you're the one saying that oniisama, then I don't mind!
    Tippi : What a self-centered guy...
    Misha : Uuhh...even oniisama....
    Misha : Speaking of which, it's been years since I went back home. I've been
    wanting to see that flower garden again...it's nearly time for the flowers
    to bloom too. Oniisama, if you have time let's come back here together later!
    I'll show you around!
    Tippi : Well first, try not to go off on your own next time right?
    Misha : Hm? Did I do something like that?
    Tippi : Geez, get a grip already.
    (Misha joins back)
    Wallace : Well then, let's depart.
    ======= Featherland ========
    Featherian 1 : What, it's you guys again. We don't have time to be dealing with
    you now. Hurry up and leave. If you didn't come here, this wouldn't have....
    Ariost : What?
    (a third Featherian interrupts them)
    Featherian 3 : The assembly has made its decision. Forget about those guys!
    Featherian 1 : Alright. (they all leave)
    Tippi : What could this be about?
    Ariost : I'd like to know too. Let's go see!
    (take a few more steps towards the left)
    Featherian 3 : Then I will announce the decision of the assembly. Since the
    level of damage is expected to be high, a rescue party won't be sent!
    Featherian 2 : I thought as much...
    Featherian 1 : There's no helping it I guess...
    Featherian 2 : Yeah...
    Featherian 1 : Well, let's return to our post.
    (spotting your group)
    Featherian 1 : What's with you people! Getting all the way in here like that!
    Ariost : What was that conversation about?
    Featherian 1 : Why state the obvious? Aren't you their comrades?
    Wallace : Their comrades? Us?
    Featherian 2 : Don't play dumb! A human magic user abducted our Queen!
    Ruise : The Queen has been abducted?!
    Featherian 1 : That's right.
    Tippi : Then what will you do?
    Fetherian : Then, you said?
    Tippi : Aren't you going to rescue her?
    Featherian 2 : Why?
    Tippi : "Why?" you ask...!
    Featherian 1: If we were to go down and rescue her, humans could use that
    opportunity to start another war. Then the number of casualties would become
    far greater. The Queen might a special person, but if rescuing her would cost
    many lives, then we won't do it.
    Wallace: Is that the logical course of action for you?
    Featherian 2 : That's right. It's true that the Queen has been doing her job
    efficiently. Replacing her won't be easy.
    Ruise : Then why don't you go save her?
    Featherian 2 : Haven't we told you already?! Even if it's not the exact same
    person, we can always replace the Queen. If we went to save her, lots of
    people would get involved with this. A single casualty is bad enough.
    More importantly, hurry up and leave now!
    Ariost : Please wait! I'd would like to ask one last question please!
    Featherian 2 : What is it?
    Ariost : Where is my mother?
    Featherian 1 : Your mother?
    Ariost : Yes. Half of the blood that flows in my veins is the same as yours.
    If this is the last time I can be here, I'd like to meet my mother.
    Featherian 2 : I see. So you're Gina's son.
    Ariost : Please tell me! Mother is...
    Featherian 1 : She violated our law and had a relationship with a human.
    Since she's still not willing to admit her fault she's been put into a
    meditation room for the past 20 years.
    Ariost : Then she's alive? Please! Let me meet her!
    Featherian 2 : We can't do that!
    Ariost : That can't be!
    Featherian 1 : Geez, such an obstinate person. Leave already!
    (Well for now let's return to Rashell and buy the best equipment for your guys.
    It's probably too expensive though, so at least get a good weapon for Wallace
    and Carmaine. Head towards the inn, Tippi will tell you the mysterious voice
    coming from the forest south of the resort is probably the Featherian queen's
    voice. The little girl with the annoyed icon tell you that there was singing
    for roughly 2-3 days but it recently stopped. Time to head to those ruins you
    saw on the way to Rashell. Head south of town and take the first path leading
    east to reach them.)
    ======= Growsian ruins ========
    Ariost : Those are the Growsian ruins.
    Wallace : ...hm, it's weak but I can hear singing. The voice sounds sad and
    Ariost : So it's indeed here. Good. Let's go inside.
    Ruise : But how are we going to do that? Besides it must be dangerous inside,
    shouldn't we investigate first?
    Misha : That's true. And isn't it the Chancellor who has the key? So how are
    we going to enter?
    Ariost : That's if you're talking about that gate right here. I've heard
    that to conduct an inspection inside, the academy had forcibly created a hole
    in the facade. That opening won't reveal itself except to Growsians.
    Ruise-kun since you're a Growsian you'll be able to find it.
    Misha : Then we're counting on you Ruise-chan!
    Ruise : Eeh? Hm, but where is it?
    Ariost : Well we'll have to look for it.
    (inspecting the door will just tell you that you can't enter without the key.
    Go to the left of the wall and keep pushing O. You'll find the entrance
    soon enough)
    (once you find it)
    Tippi : Uwah! that surprised me!
    Ariost : We did it! This is the entrance!
    Misha : Ruise-chan, you're incredible!
    Ruise : I didn't do anything though....
    Ariost : I heard that this building was three stories high but I don't
    know any other details about it. Let's proceed with caution.
    (Explore around, those lights on the ground are actually switches. Get on
    the second floor and prepare for a battle. You'll see 4 switches on the ground. 
    One is for letting you go back downstairs, another one is a chest, the third
    one will let you go upstairs and the last one will prompt you to a boss fight.
    The one triggering the boss fight was the one most to the left in my case but
    the order is decided randomly each time you load the game. If the boss appears
    don't bother attacking it. Hit those small spheres around it. Once the last
    sphere is destroyed the boss will drop dead immediatly. Careful though, if the
    boss does a critical hit on Ruise she's dead instantly so have her defend.
    Once you're on the last floor be sure to pick up all the chests first, they're
    those floating cubes. You can read some messages afterwards, they're hints for
    the next fight. Once you're done take a look at that strange door across the
    (upon examining)
    Text : You see five colored buttons, red, blue, yellow, green and white.
    Tippi : Doesn't seem to open, huh?
    Ariost : These seem to be keys for composing a code. There are 5 buttons
    correct? Decide of the 4 you'll press and in which order. Leave one out.
    If you press the four buttons in the correct order the door will open.
    Misha : Impressive, Ariost-sempai!
    Ruise : When it comes to this sort of mechanism, the academy people are the
    best in the world!
    Wallace : Then let's try right away.
    (pick first choice to try to press the switches, this will trigger an alarm)
    Tippi : Eh!? What's that?!
    Computer : Attempt to release the lock detected. If not successful during the
    allowed amount of time, this will be considered an intrusion and this floor
    will self destruct. Magic timer has been set.
    Wallace : Hey, hurry up and release the lock!
    Ariost : It's impossible to do it that fast!
    Ruise : Then we'll get caught up in the explosion?
    Tippi : Hey no way! I don't wanna die!
    Ariost : Actually... I brought this with me...
    Tippi : What, what is it?
    Ariost : A device that can suspend the magic timer....
    Wallace : Oh! If we use this we can stop the timer then?
    Ariost : ...I didn't really plan on using it though...
    Ruise : Why?
    Ariost : Well, it's still incomplete you see.
    Ariost : It's true that if I use it to search for the spell used by the
    creator of the timer it will buy us some time. But it releases shockwaves
    during the middle of the search and I really don't enjoy that feeling...
    (monsters appears)
    Computer : Guardians have been deployed. Starting the countdown now.
    Ariost : Sigh...guess we don't have much of a choice do we?
    Ariost : Don't come near me while I start up my device! That way you won't
    be exposed to the shockwaves!
    Event battle 06 : Open the door before the end of the countdown.
    Winning condition : Input the correct code before the end of the countdown
    and kill all enemies
    Losing condition : Fail to meet the winning conditions :)
    Enemies : 3 ??? (lvl.13)
              1 Iron Golem (Lv15)
              1 Specter (Lv12)
              1 Gargoyle (Lv13)
    note : As long as the stones (marked as ???) are active enemies will keep
    appearing. Let them be and destroy the enemies until you have no time left
    if you want to level up
    When the battle starts Ariost will ask if you want him to initiate his
    device. First choice is yes, second is no. Don't select yes if you're close
    to him or everyone will be damaged by the electric shock and receive roughly
    15 points of damage. Also if you're close to the door the game will
    periodically prompt you to input the code. The choices are :
    1) Red
    2) Blue
    3) Yellow
    4) Green
    5) White
    If you make a mistake it will automatically stop so if you can proceed to a
    second choice it'll mean your first pick was correct. Anyway the correct
    order is : blue, green, yellow and red. Note that if you defeat all enemies
    but didn't open the door, the battle will end but the timer goes on and if you
    don't pick the correct choices it's still game over. If you pick the correct
    choices immediately, the timer will disappear but you must still deal with the
    stupid guardians.
    (after defeating all enemies)
    Tippi : Whew, now we should be okay right?
    Wallace : That was a rather hazardous battle.
    Event battle 06 Clear
    (once the battle is over and the door is opened go see the Featherian queen
    lying on the ground)
    Queen Stella :  ...hm..?
    Ariost : Are you alright your Highness?
    Stella : You people are...I see...so you're indeed their comrades.
    Ruise : You're wrong! We came to save you!
    Stella : Rescue?
    Tippi : That's right! Since the other Featherians were saying they wouldn't
    come anyway.
    Stella : Of course they wouldn't. Our people won't put the lives of many
    into peril to save a single person.
    Wallace : I can understand this when it's coming from you who have been
    abducted, but how could the ones who should rescue you say the same thing?
    Stella : Humans might not be able to understand but this how we learned to
    live. And we will keep on living this way...
    "how do you react to her words?"
    1) That's just called giving up
    2) What a weak way of living
    3) I don't disagree
    4) Don't think anything
    Stella : Giving up you say?
    Ariost : That's right. Your way of thinking simply promotes resigning
    oneself. We humans never give up until the end.
    Stella : Weak? Are you calling us weak?
    Wallace : Yes, exactly. In the end, that's only an excuse from people who
    haven't the courage to face adversity.
    Stella : Oh. So there are humans who can understand our way of thinking.
    Ruise : If considered as a philosophy I don't disagree either but...
    Wallace : I don't disagree either but I certainly can't admire it. In the end,
    that's only an excuse from people who haven't the courage to face adversity.
    Stella : So, haven't you anything to reply?
    Ariost : ...that's definitely wrong. My father taught me to never stop pursuing
    your dreams. When you give up, then you've lost everything. My mother....she
    managed to understand that so....
    Stella : Your mother? Could it be that she...
    Ariost : She's a Featherian. And she had a child with a human. Her name is
    Stella : ...
    Ariost : It's foolish to give up before even struggling. From the moment we 
    are born in this world we must always face adversity. That's what my father
    used to say.
    Stella : ...hmm...
    Tippi : In any case, let's get you out of here!
    Stella : For this I must thank you. However my wings were injured when I
    was abducted and I cannot fly.
    Ruise : It's alright. We will escort you back.
    (Stella joins as a NPC, she's weak do not get her into fights)
    (now go back to Featherland, you can use Ruise's teleport to exit the
    dungeon first then use it again outside to reach Featherland)
    ======= Outside the ruins ========
    Stella : I didn't think I'd be able to enjoy the sunlight like this again...
    Wallace : By the way, can I ask you something?
    Stella : Yes?
    Wallace : Who in the world could have abducted and imprisoned you here?
    Stella : There were many of them so I don't remember exactly but...
    Tippi : Can't you remember at least one of them?
    Stella : I remember that their leader was a man wearing an eyepatch...
    Ariost : A man with an eyepatch...
    Stella : They wanted me to tell them about some of our technological knowledge
    but I didn't say anything so they brought me here.
    Ruise : How horrible...
    Stella : Since humans want to use our knowledge to produce weapons and start
    conflicts I was ready to forfeit my life rather than talk...
    Tippi : Well, let's get out of here before those guys find out about this!
    ======= Back in Featherland ========
    Featherian : Your Highness! We're so glad to see you safe!
    Stella : I apologize for making you worried. These people rescued me.
    Featherian : I will let everyone know!
    Featherian 2 : Welcome back your Highness!
    Stella : I'm very sorry about this.
    Featherian 3 : As long as you're safe, that's what's most important!
    Wallace : What the hell are you saying!! If we didn't go rescue her, your
    queen might have died by now!
    Tippi : Yeah!! You're being a bunch of hypocrites!
    Featherian : th, that's...
    Wallace : Or were you taking it easy knowing that we would go rescue her in
    your place?
    Featherian : That's wrong!
    Featherian 3 : And you humans were the ones who abducted her in the first
    Misha : And so that's why you thought it was okay to leave her alone?
    Featherian : ...
    Stella : Enough. There will always be pointless arguing between people with
    different values. In any case I thank you. ..."giving up before even
    struggling is foolish" you said. Your words are worthy to be reflected upon
    if only a little.
    Featherian : Your Highness...
    Stella : Now, give them that thing we were discussing earlier.
    Featherian : Yes!
    (received Featherian panacea!!)
    Stella : This is to repay you for your favor. I trust you have no complaints?
    Tippi : Finally!! Now we can save Master!
    Ruise : Yes!
    Misha : I'm glad for you Ruise-chan.
    Ariost : Err...please, let me see my mother.
    Stella : We can't allow that. We've been waiting for her to realize her error.
    Allowing you to meet her now would achieve the opposite effect.
    Ariost : That can't be!
    Stella : If you can truly show us the proof that we mentioned earlier, then
    not only we will allow you to meet her but we will set her free.
    Wallace : Seems like you still don't trust us.
    Ariost : ...I understand. I swear I will convince you no matter what!
    ======= In Sandra's room ========
    Tippi : We're back!
    Doctor : Ooh! Have you the remedy?
    Tippi : We got it just a second ago!
    (you'll need to open up your inventory and select the remedy, it's the last 
    item on the list unless you did some shopping on the way back from Featherland)
    Sandra : ..uuhh...
    Ruise : Mom...it's the remedy...drink it...
    Sandra : ...
    Tippi : She will be fine now right?
    Doctor : We won't know right away. For now the best thing to do is to go get
    some rest. I will watch over her. Please enjoy a good night's sleep.
    Ruise : We're counting on you doctor.
    (go back to the entry hall)
    Wallace : We've done all we can. The rest will be for the heavens to decide.
    Ariost : Indeed. I'm going back home and I will look into my parents' history
    more. If I can find how exactly my mother managed to understand my father,
    then I will have a good lead as to how to convince the Featherians.
    Ruise : Ariost-san, thank you.
    Arisot : There's no need to thank me. Actually I'm the one who is grateful.
    I'll be going back to the village. If something happens feel free to drop by.
    Tippi : Take care Ariost-san!
    Misha : Goodbye!
    (Remove Ariost's equipment?)
    1) Yes
    2) No
    (he leaves)
    Wallace : Well, let's go get some rest. A lot has happened and we're all tired.
    Misha : Ruise-chan~ Let's sleep together!
    Ruise : Yes, let's! Wallace-san, oniichan, good night!
    Misha : Good night~!
    (Wallace mentions that he still has something he wants to think about before
    going to sleep. Leave him and go into your room. Go near the bed and select
    the first choice to sleep)
    ======= Within a cavern ========
    Demon : What does that mean? The court magician of the Rolandia kingdom is
    still alive.
    Masked knight : We are deeply sorry.
    Demon : Then again, you are not the only ones to blame for this.
    Masked knight : Eh?
    Demon : We will have to move on with our plan a little bit faster.
    Masked knights : Then we will make the necessary preparations now.
    Demon : Do so.
    (they leave in a hurry)
    Demon : And there's also that little girl...she's being such a nuisance....
    ======= Back in Carmaine's room ========
    Tippi : You're finally awake! Why were you making such an horrible face
    during your sleep?
    Carmaine : ...
    Tippi : Huh? You had a weird dream again? Those masked men that attacked
    Master were taking orders from a monster? What kind of monster?
    Tippi : He looked similar to the armor of the masked men? And really huge?
    We should tell master about that dream.
    Ask Tippi about Sandra's condition?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Tippi : Master is all better now!
    Tippi : Come on, let's go!
    (going into the hall)
    Misha : Ah! Oniisama!
    Wallace : Hey. Morning.
    Ruise : Good morning oniichan. Your overslept again didn't you?
    Sandra : Good morning. I'll let you know about what we were talking until
    you get here. Did you sleep well?
    Tippi : Hah, about that Master. He had another weird dream.
    Sandra : Another dream? Tell me about it.
    Tippi : There were those masked men that attacked you in it. They were
    taking orders from a monster unlike anything we've seen.
    Sandra : ...
    Tippi : Pretty weird dream right? The monster gave some order to the masked
    men and they left.
    Wallace : So this means there's a connection between that monster and the
    masked men who wounded Lady Sandra?
    Tippi : Well, if we believe the content of that dream, it would appear that
    Wallace : What did that monster look like?
    Tippi : He was somehow similar to the armor the masked men are wearing, and
    really huge too.
    Sandra : ...
    Wallace : Hold on. I did told you that story about how I joined a mercenary
    group and we were guarding a crystal mine a long time ago right?
    Ruise : If I'm not mistaken you told us that it was because a demon appeared
    Wallace : Exactly. I remember what that demon looked like.
    Sandra : Was it similar to the one in his dream?
    Wallace : Indeed. And my captain went missing after he pursued that demon.
    While I was looking for him, those masked men blocked my path and that's how
    I lost both my arm and my eyes.
    Tippi : Masked men? The masked men that attacked master?
    Wallace : I felt like they gave off a similar feeling during our fight
    against them. As you know, I can't see properly but can only distinguish their 
    general appearance. Otherwise I would have known right away. After hearing
    about this, I'd say they belong to the same group.
    Will you talk about the dream where you saw Wallace being attacked?
    1) Yes
    2) No (nothing happens if you pick that)
    Tippi : What? You saw a dream about when Wallace-san got injured by those
    masked men?
    Walalce : Really? Then tell me. What were my opponents like?
    Carmaine : ...
    Wallace : As I thought, they're really the same as the ones who attacked
    lady Sandra...
    Ruise : Oniichan...when did you see that?
    Carmaine : ...
    Tippi : Before meeting Wallace-san? So at that time you didn't know about
    the guys who attacked Master right?
    Misha : Then if you can see that, those are definitely not dreams.
    Oniisama you've got an awesome ability!
    Ruise : ...mother....
    Sandra : I think I know a little bit about that monster you saw in your dream.
    Wallace : What?! Lady Sandra, please tell us what you know!
    Sandra : It's only information handed down from folktales though...
    Sandra : A long time ago, when the Growsians where ruling over mankind, a
    monster named Gevel appeared and attacked people.
    Misha : And what happened to that monster?
    Sandra : According to the tales, a large number of Growsians fought with Gevel.
    I don't know the exact details but it appears that afterwards both Gevel and
    the Growsians disappeared. If the monster you saw in your dream happened to be 
    Gevel then...
    Wallace : Damnit! I so want to investigate this but in my state...
    Misha : Besides the only one who knows what that monster looks like is
    oniisama since he had that dream...
    Ruise : And to investigate...we would have to go to the crystal mine.
    Isn't it in the Burnstein kingdom?
    Wallace : Guess there isn't much we can do...
    Sandra : ...
    Sandra : There may be a way.
    Tippi : Eh? What, what is it?
    Sandra : You won the tournament didn't you?
    Tippi : Yup! And then we got into Comsprings!
    Sandra : With that kind of strength you can become an officer for the kingdom.
    Then you might have an occasion to enter the Burnstein kingdom for official
    Misha : Whoa, that'd be awesome!
    Sandra : Of course since you'll be carrying out missions for the kingdom you
    won't be able to travel as you please. But despite that, there's still a
    good chance to get some results this way.
    Ruise : That's great oniichan.
    Sandra : As much as possible I'll try to negotiate with the king in order to
    give you missions when you'll be able to have time to investigate things on
    your own.
    Tippi : That way we even get to take care of Wallace-san's goals at the same
    Wallace : Yeah.
    Sandra : I have something to tell you alone.
    (follow her in her room)
    Sandra : Since you were a child you've always had mysterious dreams like those.
    What meaning do they hold? In which circumstances were you born? The journey
    you're about to start will allow you to learn about who you truly are. What
    will happen during it...nobody can predict that. That's why I want you to
    remember at least this. You and Ruise are my real children. I've always
    considered you her real older brother. Nothing will ever change that.
    Sandra : Come, let's get back to the others.
    (follow her and talk to her again in the hall)
    Sandra : Let's go.
    (Sandra joined as a NPC)
    ======= Rolandia's castle gate ========
    (speaking to the gatekeeper)
    GK : Lady Sandra!
    Sandra : I'm bringing these people in to have an audience with the king.
    GK : Go right ahead!
    GK : Open the gate!
    ======= Rolandia's castle ========
    (keep going forward to reach the throne room, Misha will stop you before
    entering it)
    Misha : Ah...
    Misha : I'll wait here!
    Ruise : ?
    Misha : Well, you and oniisama are the ones who are becoming agents.
    Besides next to Wallace-san I don't look so...well you know.
    Ruise : Misha...you shouldn't worry about that...
    Misha : And if I did something weird during such an important meeting it
    would cause trouble for oniisama as well. So I'll wait here. Get going!
                                 First Mission
                 Escort the Princess to the Burnstein Kingdom
    ======= Throne's room ========
    Sandra : The court magician has arrived, your Highness.
    King Arcadius : Ooh, Sandra. Are you feeling better?
    Sandra : Yes. Thanks to these children, I've completely recovered.
    I  apologize for all the trouble I've been causing you, your Highness.
    Arcadius : Hmm, as long as you've recovered I'm glad. Speaking of which, are
    these people the children you mentioned?
    Sandra : Yes. These are my two children. My son has been having curious
    dreams lately.
    Arcadius : Hm, curious dreams you say?
    Sandra : In those dreams he sees distant places he has never set foot in,
    and beings that he never met but do actually exist. Thanks to those dreams
    of his, my life was saved.
    Arcadius : Dreams that foresee reality...those are curious indeed.
    Sandra : And now I'll be getting to the heart of the problem. In a recent
    dream, this child saw a monster similar to Gevel, the one featured in the
    legends of the past.
    Arcadius : Gevel?! The one who ravaged the land and could only be defeated
    by the power of the Growsians?
    Sandra : Precisely. And that's why I would like to request something from your
    Highness. Please let them become agents of the kingdom so that they'll be
    able to enter other countries and investigate Gevel's whereabouts.
    Arcadius : Hmmm...
    (Sandra steps aside and Carmaine advances and bows to the king)
    Sandra : This child is the winner of this year's tournament. I believe his
    strength will allow him to become a fine officer.
    (Ruise bows next)
    Sandra : And as you probably know, my daughter Ruise is a Growsian.
    Arcadius : Hmmm...
    (Wallace bows next)
    Sandra : This man here is the one called Wallace. He has previously been the
    champion of that same tournament. He's been providing my children with his
    Arcadius : I see. Then in that case, I will grant your request.
    Sandra : Thank you very much your Highness.
    Arcadius : You're welcome. Winners of the tournament regularly become agents
    anyway. This is only just speeding the process up a bit. Then I will give
    you your first job.
    Wallace : Yes your Highness, feel free to ask us anything.
    Arcadius : Well then, the prince of the Burnstein kingdom will soon be crowned
    king. My daughter has been invited to the coronation ceremony. This is where
    you come in...
    (The princess steps in)
    Arcadius : I would like you to become her bodyguards on the journey to the
    Burnstein kingdom.
    Tippi : Whoa, such an important mission right at the start!
    Princess Laetitia : Pleased to meet you.
    Ruise : Ah, we're honored to meet you too!
    Arcadius : Your destination is a bit ahead of a fort in the south of the
    country. There you will meet with the Imperial Knights of the Burnstein 
    kingdom. They'll be the ones to escort her from there.
    Wallace : The Imperial Knights of the Burnstein kingdom...aren't they that
    renowned knight division that serves directly under the king?
    Arcadius: Indeed. Those people can be trusted. Your mission will be to guard
    the princess until you meet with them. Of course once the coronation ceremony
    is over you will have to escort her on the way back from the very same place.
    Sandra : The fort is south of the town where the tournament was held. Once you
    complete your mission do not forget to come back to give your report.
    Laetitia : I'm counting on you. Come, let us depart right away.
    (Laetitia joined as a NPC!)
    (outside of the throne's room)
    Misha : Ah! How did it go?
    Tippi : We already got a mission!
    Laetitia : Glad to meet you. Let's get going.
    Misha : Eh, eh?! Pr-princess Laetitia? For real? W,wh, what should I do! If I
    mess up they'll arrest me and I'll go directly to jail! Then I'll never see
    the others again...!
    Ruise : Geez, Misha...get a grip already!
    Tippi : Acting like that is already super impolite anyway!
    Misha : Ah, ahaha, I'm sorry!
    Tippi : Don't say that to me! You should apologize to the princess!
    Laetitia : Heehee, it's fine. Glad to meet you.
    Misha : Y-yes! Honored to meet you too!
    (Now you're supposed to go to Granshill. But first go pay a visit to Karen in
    Rashell, she's getting better and moving around. Speak to the little girl in
    her bed, she will tell you that some items called GL chips are sold in the
    Ranzack kingdom. Keep that in mind, those GL chips are a part of the bonus
    section on the game's screen title. Give her another set of flowers. Speak to
    the other people in the health resort. One will tell you his life story.
    His name is Alt. People with a name usually serve a purpose so let's remember
    him. Another noteworthy person here is the old man near the entrance talking to
    a nurse. For now he has amnesia and can't remember a thing though. Not even his
    name. That's too bad. A nurse wonder how long he has been here already since
    his hair which were dark turned to gray during his stay although he was rather
    young when he entered. Now let's get back to the story and head for Granshill.
    Once there head for the south part of the town where Karen was attacked before.
    The bridge has been fixed so you can cross now. On the way you'll battle more
    Lizard men. If you have someone with the Steal skill you might get a pretty
    neat piece of armor from fighting them btw. After walking for a little while
    you'll reach Fort Rajin. Someone is waiting for you inside so go in)
    ======= Fort Rajin ========
    Tippi : What a huge fort!
    Wallace : East is the Burnstein kingdom. South, the Ranzack kingdom. In other
    words we're here at the border between three countries. And this is a large
    roadway that can allow a great numbers of soldiers to go through. So it's an
    important military position.
    Ruise : Is this the only place like this?
    Wallace : If you consider defending against an invasion from the Burnstein
    kingdom, then the Nostridge plains, all the way to the north, are also an
    important position. They can't get through in the area around the magic academy
    because of the mountain range.
    Misha : Eh, Wallace-san you're quite the knowledgeable person!
    Wallace : Well I've been spending several years traveling after all.
    Tippi (to the gate keeper) : Excuse me!
    Guard : Who's there?
    Laetitia : It's me. Open the gate.
    Guard : Princess Laetitia! We've been awaiting you.
    (go inside, there's a few soldiers mentioning the ruins in the forest south of
    here that contain some tracking device used by the Growsians a long time ago.
    Well, go to the guard standing in front of the entrance and speak to him. He
    will take you inside)
    Guard : General! Princess Laetitia has arrived.
    General Bronson : Good.
    Guard : Then I'll take my leave.
    Bronson : I'm relieved to see you've arrived safely to such a remote place
    Laetitia : There was no need to worry. These people guarded me on the
    way here.
    Bronson : I see.
    Laetitia : Where is the meeting place supposed to be?
    Bronson : It's in the plain just east of here.
    Laetitia : Then we will depart now.
    Bronson : Understood. Take care.
    ======= Plain east of Rajin fort ========
    Laetitia : Seems like we got here a bit early. Let's have a little chat while
    we wait shall we?
    Ruise : Alright. If you don't mind talking with us.
    Laetitia : There's no need to be so humble. I've been spending all of my life
    in the castle and I haven't had many chances to speak to girls my own age.
    Please, let's be friends.
    Misha : Ah! We're going to be Princess Laetitia's friends! What should we do
    Ruise : err...why are you even asking....
    Tippi : Can't you just act normal? I've never seen friends who were so stiff.
    Laetitia : That's right. It's just as Tippi-chan said.
    Misha : Ah, yes...
    (Wallace grabs Carmaine and drags him away)
    Wallace : This is a talk between fellow girls. Let's not butt in.
    Laetitia : Actually, I'm feeling a bit excited about this.
    Misha : Excited?
    Laetitia : Yes.  Since I've never been outside of the castle, I've kept
    wondering what the outside world looked like.
    Tippi : And? How does it seem to you?
    Laetitia : The stillness of the forest...its colors...the faint melody of the
    Wallace : !! Hold on!
    Ruise : Huh?!
    Wallace : Seems like we got some unwanted guests.
    Misha : Aren't they the people we're supposed to meet?
    Wallace : In that case they wouldn't have such a fierce killing intent.
    Wallace : It's useless to hide, COME OUT!!
    Oswald : Tch! Getting spotted when we were that close...
    Tippi : Geez, it's you again....
    Tippi : So? First Karen-san and now you're going after Princess Laetitia?
    Oswald : If you don't want that princess of yours to be hurt, have all of you
    guards get out of here now! You'd better forget about that arrogance of yours
    today...if you mess up on this, that's the death penalty for you!
    Wallace : As if that would stop us...what a petty-minded guy.
    Oswald : Have it your way! Let's go guys!
    Thieves : Hey!
    Event battle 07 : Guard the Princess from Oswald.
    Winning condition : Defeat Oswald
    Losing condition : Party defeated or Laetitia die
    Enemies : Oswald (Lv20)
              5 Thieves (Lv16)
    At the beginning of the battle Laetitia will ask what to do
    1) Simply stay here
    2) Stay here and protect yourself
    3) Head west
    4) Do what you want
    Going west is probably the best thing to do here so she won't get in your way.
    Defeating Oswald ends the battle immediately so try to get all the thieves
    first for experience and money.
    (Wallace vs Oswald talk)
    Oswald : You're in the way! Scram!
    Wallace : I should be the one saying that.
    (as Oswald is defeated the boss of the thieves appears to the east)
    Oswald : N-not again....
    Boss : You're so useless...
    Oswald : B-boss...
    Boss : Stand back. I'll kill them myself.
    (right then a knight in a red uniform appears with two soldiers)
    Knight : What is going on here?
    Burnstein soldier : Lord Lyell! Look!
    Lyell : How distasteful...
    Lyell : Fuh. We'll make you regret trying something like this in front of us.
    Boss : Who the hell are you? Shall I kill you first!?
    Lyell : Ignorance is such a terrible thing indeed...
    Boss : Seems like you really have a death wish!? Uwaah!
    (he gets killed by Lyell in one hit)
    Oswald : B-boss!?
    Oswald : He defeated the boss in one blow....that guy is a demon! R-retreat!
    Event battle 07 Clear
    Ernest Lyell : Are you unhurt Princess Laetitia? I apologize for being late.
    I am Ernest Lyell, a member of the Imperial Knights.
    Laetitia : Don't apologize. I'm grateful to you for rescuing us.
    (move closer to him)
    Ernest Lyell : You did well too. Leave the rest to us now. We will escort her
    within the Burnstein kingdom. Once the coronation ceremony is over we will
    contact you. When that time comes, we'll meet here again.
    Laetitia : I'll be going then.
    Misha : Have a nice trip!
    Ruise : Take care!
    Tippi : Bye-bye~!
    Wallace : Our mission is complete. Let's go back and give our report.
    ======= Throne's room of Rolandia castle ========
    Wallace : We've completed our assignment.
    Arcadius : Ooh, so you've escorted her already.
    Ruise : Yes. We reached the rendezvous point safely. She's being escorted
    within the Burnstein kingdom by the Imperial Knights now.
    Arcadius : I see. Good job. I will grant you a holiday.
    Tippi : Holiday?
    Arcadius : That's right. Other soldiers have a fixed period to rest but because
    of the unique nature of your missions that's not possible for you. So once your
    missions are completed you will be granted holidays. During those you'll be
    able to deepen the relationships between you and your companions. As the bonds
    among you get stronger, you'll be able to carry out more difficult missions.
    Ask this person about further details concerning your holidays. Once you're
    back, I'll give you your next mission.
    Official : The length of your vacation will be decided by how well you fulfill
    your missions. Also we will ask you to communicate your destination prior to
    going on your holidays. Otherwise if something were to happen we couldn't reach
    you. Do you understand?
    1) Yes
    2) No (he simply repeats over and over)
    Official : Considering your achievements we will grant you two days of rest
    this time. Well then, please select where you want to go :
    1) Capital city Rosaria
    2) Health resort Rashell
    3) Magic academy
    4) Hot spring town Comsprings
    (the content of the vacation won't be included within the main body of the
    translation. See the specific sections concerning vacation events at the
    bottom of the file.)
                                 Second Mission
                         Investigate the Crystal Mines
    ======= Rolandia castle - Throne room ========
    (after getting back from vacation)
    Official : Your vacation is now over. You will be given your next mission.
    Arcadius : Here is your next mission. I would like for you to confirm if that
    monster you saw in your dreams is Gevel, the one told about in the legends.
    And if possible to ascertain its whereabouts. I don't think this will be an
    easy mission to fulfill but I want you to consider it your ultimate assignment.
    Wallace : I fear it will be. 20 years ago, as a mere member of a mercenary
    group, a monster appeared while we were guarding a crystal mine and I lost my
    captain and all the members of my group.
    Arcadius : Ah, I remember that incident.
    Wallace : The monster that appeared at that time may have been Gevel.
    Arcadius : What? Are you saying that it was Gevel that caused the crystal mine
    accident. Do you have any proof?
    Ruise : Actually, my brother saw the masked persons that attacked Mother
    receiving their orders from a monster in a dream.
    Tippi : And those masked guys may have been the same ones that gave those
    injuries to Wallace!
    Arcadius : Really? When did you receive those injuries?
    Wallace : Two years ago. It happened while I was in the Burnstein kingdom,
    nearby a small village called Clain.
    Arcadius : Clain you say....that's quite the faraway place. In that case the
    crystal mine should come first.  As the winners of the tournament you've been
    to Comsprings have you not?
    Tippi : Yes, we've gone to the hot springs there.
    Arcadius : Not far from that town lies the crystal mines. Investigating them
    first will be quicker. If I'm not mistaken the crystal mines are under the
    jurisdiction of the magic academy.
    Ruise : Exactly. Permission to enter must be given by the chancellor of the
    Arcadius : Take this letter. It authenticates you as official inspectors to
    enter the crystal mines and there is an authorization to travel up to the
    mines too.
    (received both documents!)
    Tippi : Thanks, we'll do our best!
    ======= Magic academy 7th floor ========
    (talking to the chancellor's secretary)
    CS : What could be your business here?
    (menu auto-opens, select your inspectors authentication, it's the first of the
    two documents you got)
    CS : Certainly. Please go inside.
    (entering the room)
    Ruise : Excuse the intrusion!
    (talking to Maxwell)
    Maxwell : Oh? What do you need me for?
    Ruise : We would like to be authorized to enter the crystal mines.
    Maxwell : Do you have an official document stating your reason to enter another
    (menu auto-opens, select your inspectors authentication again)
    Maxwell : Hmmm....I see, understood. I'll deliver you a permit right away.
    Ruise : Thank you very much.
    Maxwell : Well, since the occasion presents itself, I have a request to ask of
    Wallace : In exchange for the permit you mean?
    Maxwell : Now, now, you're making it sound like I'm taking advantage of you.
    This is simply about enforcing the "law on regulation of magical technology".
    Misha : Errr..."magical technology regulations"....I think I remember we had
    some classes about that....
    Ruise : Nicknamed "the MaGi law" and either called "sorcery antitrust law"
    or "sorcery protection" it was designed by both the Rolandia and Burnstein
    kingdoms as an international law. Moreover, if the application of the law
    requires the mobilization of troops from either the Rolandia or Burnstein
    kingdom, neither country can refuse....if I'm not mistaken?
    Maxwell : Exactly! I would expect nothing less from a dedicated student like 
    Wallace : In short, you're saying that we can't refuse to assist you on this
    Maxwell : Of course, it doesn't have to be you specifically. As long as it's an
    officially approved investigation group it's fine. But since you're going to
    investigate anyway, I thought you could help me on a certain matter at the
    same time.
    Tippi : On a certain matter you say...what would we have to do?
    Maxwell : Well, actually there have been some troubles occurring at the crystal
    mines lately. It seems that there's a group that takes the crystals freshly
    extracted from the mines and steals them to sell later on the black market.
    Misha : Black market....
    Maxwell : As you may know already, magic crystals are used as a very effective
    replacement for human psychic powers when using magic. They're also necessary
    in the manufacturing of various magical tools. If they were to fall into the
    wrong hands who knows what would happen.....That's why the crystals mines must
    be firmly defended to prevent those actions.
    Wallace : I see.
    Maxwell : First I would like for you to confirm whether in fact crystals are
    being stolen to be sold on the black market. And if it appears to be necessary,
    make an official request to send troops and catch the culprits. So, how about
    it? Will you accept this side job?
    1) Accept obediently
    2) Accept reluctantly
    3) Refuse
    Tippi : Heh, this will be a piece of cake! Leave it to us!
    Maxwell : Sorry about that....well in that case I'll give this to you as a
    (received mage staff!)
    Maxwell : Well then, do your best!
    Tippi : Hmm, somehow it feels like being bribed.....
    Ruise : What are you saying oniichan!?
    Tippi : Geez, that's soooo petty of you....if you're a man then just say "Leave
    it to me!" and be a bit more generous!
    Maxwell : I see, so you're going to do it!
    Ruise : Please leave it to us!
    Maxwell : Hohoho! I'll be counting on you then. Here is the entry permit.
    (got the permit to enter the mines)
    (btw the mage staff is nothing special so don't let it change your decision
    about how to answer. Now then let's go to the mines. They're south of
    Comsprings. You can get to Comsprings either with the teleport spell or by
    showing your inspectors identification. Once in Comsprings head
    south and you'll have to show your papers yet again to exit the town. Then 
    follow the path take a right at the crossroads to reach the mining town Valmie
    or go left if you want to explore a bit, you'll reach Blame mountain but you
    can't enter it for now.)
    ======= Mining town - Valmie ========
    (upon entering town)
    Wallace : How nostalgic.....
    Tippi : Ah! Wallace-san, you were guarding this place before right?
    Wallace : Yes, but it's been 20 years already. One day while the captain and I
    were off duty and relaxing in the town we heard loud noises coming from the
    mines. We hurried there to find that a monster had killed all our comrades.
    The captain rushed to take out the monster and I never saw him again after
    that day.
    (explore the town a little, you'll find someone being loud about seeing ghosts
    in the mines. He insists those are the ghosts of the people killed while
    guarding the place 20 years ago. In the inn there's another person
    "with a name" so remember him. Someone else will tell you that all the crystals
    from the mine go to the Academy and get all worked up when you ask him
    about the black market thing. If you try going west a soldier will stop you
    saying unauthorized people can't go any further. Show him your permit to go 
    through. In the mines there is a path leading up to where the workers are and
    one leading down to a condemned tunnel. This is our goal.)
    ======= Crystal mines - Condemned tunnel ========
    (trying to enter the guarded tunnel, permits are useless on guards btw)
    Soldier 1 : This place has been condemned for 20 years. We're guarding it so
    there's no need to worry.
    Soldier 2 : If you're investigating then do it upstairs. Now, scram!
    Tippi : What's with the attitude!!
    (your group members will isolate themselves a little to talk. Follow them)
    Wallace : This is suspicious. Being driven away this forcefully....
    Misha : This is definitely suspicious!
    Ruise : If only we could find a way to get by without them seeing us....
    Tippi : Like sneaking in during the night?
    Wallace : That will only make us look like the suspicious ones when we try
    to leave. We should look for another way.
    (now you'll need to go speak to the guards and then to your party two more
    times to get more hints)
    (speaking to guards - 2)
    Soldier : If you're investigating then do it upstairs. Now, scram!
    (speaking to your party - 2)
    Tippi : Grrrrr! Being rejected that way only makes me more curious about what's
    Wallace : But as soon as they see us, we get driven away.
    Ruise : We need to find a way to enter unnoticed.
    Tippi : Yeah, entering normally seems impossible.
    (speaking to guards - 3)
    Soldier : If you're investigating then do it upstairs. Now, scram!
    (speaking to your party - 3)
    Tippi : If we were invisible, they may not notice us....
    Misha : Speaking of which, there's a person researching invisibility at the
    (speaking to guards - 4)
    Soldier 1 : You guys again?!
    Soldier 2 : We said scram!
    (speaking to your party - 4)
    Ruise : If they didn't see us then we could enter.
    Misha : If I remember correctly there's a person researching an invisibility
    medicine at the academy....
    (insisting further will prompt the same replies. Now, go take a look at the
    volcano south of Valmie, the guy guarding the entrance is gone, attempt to
    enter to trigger the following event. If you wonder why you have to go there
    without being prompted by someone of the academy it's because the dialogue
    with the person asking for the grass to complete his potion can be triggered
    only once and as soon as you meet him. I accidentally spoke to him before
    and can't get the dialogue anymore now. It's very short though. He simply
    tell you about how the grass he needs can only be found in Blame mountain)
    ======= Blame mountain ========
    Wallace : Inside Blame mountain lies a volcano that emits toxic gases. The
    gases are emitted at periodic intervals, they aren't dangerous for a while
    but if you're still inside when the next emission occurs then you'll fall
    victim to them.
    Tippi : Uwaaah~ that doesn't sound nice at all...
    Ruise : But how do you know when to go in?
    Wallace : I don't know that much.
    Misha (suddenly becoming weird) : ...soon. Soon, the volcano will stop
    gushing out gases....
    Tippi : Huh?!
    Misha : If you're intending to get some Kuriano grass, then making preparations
    to go now would be a good idea.
    Ruise : Hold it, Misha!?
    Misha : ....
    Ruise : Misha!!
    Misha : ....what? What's wrong Ruise-chan?
    Ruise : What's wrong you say.....but...you...?
    Misha : You look all flustered! What happened?
    Tippi : ...you don't remember anything, do you?
    Misha : ...yes?
    (screen gets darker)
    Wallace : Hey. No more gases are being emitted. It seems like she was right.
    Misha : ...yes?
    (once you enter the volcano)
    Tippi : What's wrong Ruise-chan?
    Ruise : Hmm, oniichan...it seems I can't use teleport inside the volcano....
    Misha : Whaaat?
    Wallace : Could it be that there is an element contained within those gases
    that prevents the usage of magic?
    Ruise : I can use the other spells but only teleport seems to be blocked....
    I can't concentrate to cast it at all!
    Wallace : Hey. Then it means our lives will depend solely on Carmaine's
    Misha : Oniisama, I'm counting on you!
    Tippi : That girl has really no sense of tension......
    (Dungeon time! You'll only have limited time to explore but it's rather small.
    If you keep going straight you'll find the grass but once you pick it you won't
    be able to visit the rest of the dungeon anymore so save it for last and
    explore around before. You should have enough time even if you equipment is
    blah. About equipement check the Hole-in-the-wall shop near your house in
    Rosaria. They got new stuff in their line-up which are quite good)
    (once you get in the last room)
    Tippi : Uwaah! There's tons of monsters!
    Ruise : Look! That thing growing over there...isn't it the Kuriano grass?
    Wallace : Obviously we can't get close to it unless we kill those monsters.
    We're running out of time. Someone should grab the grass and escape with it.
    Event battle 08 : Get the Kuriano grass
    Winning condition : Defeat all monsters or get the grass and escape south
    Losing condition : Party defeated, ran out of time
    Enemies : 3 Specters (Lv14)
              3 Gargoyles (Lv15)
              3 Plants (Lv15)
    (if you're slow more gargoyles and specters will come out so go all out.
    Fireball will come in handy here as it can wipe all the specters in one shot
    and will be useful to kill the plants that will show up later)
    (once you grab the grass or have killed all enemies, more will come)
    Tippi : Raaaah, what's with those? They're pissing me off!
    (after killing all plants and all enemies that might have come in the
    Tippi : Seems like we're done finally.
    Wallace : There's no time! Let's get the grass and escape!
    Event battle 08 Clear
    (grabbing the grass)
    Tippi : It's this thing right?
    (got Kuriano grass!)
    Wallace : We don't know when the next emission of gases will be! Let's avoid
    unnecessary fights and escape!
    (on your way to the exit, the ground will shake)
    Wallace : What is that sound?
    Tippi : Isn't it getting warmer!?
    Ruise : Ah! Look! Lava is gushing out!
    Misha : Kyaaah!
    (lava will rush towards your group but will be pushed off by some invisible
    sphere much like the crashing boulders in that cave at the beginning of the
    Tippi : Did the lava...stop?!
    Wallace : What are you doing! Escape now!!
    (once outside)
    Misha : Whew, we're finally outside...
    (more shaking)
    Wallace : This rumbling.....it's....
    (boulders fall sealing the entrance to the volcano and nearly crushing your
    party members)
    Wallace : You're alright!?
    Misha : S-still alive at least!
    Ruise : I'm not injured either.
    Tippi : Seems like everyone's safe.
    Wallace : To think that there would be such a sudden eruption....
    and there's also the fact that the lava stopped earlier....
    this makes for quite a lot of inexplicable occurrences....
    (Now go to the academy get on the elevator and select the 6th floor. Talk to
    the man in the left room)
    ======= Magic academy 6th floor ========
    (talking to the assistant)
    Tippi : Say, isn't that the grass you're looking for?
    (Tippi shows him the grass)
    Assistant : Oh, that's it! Please, let me have it! In exchange I will give
    some of my potion!
    Ruise : We did it oniichan!
    Give him the grass?
    1) Yes
    2) No (selecting this stop the event without any dialogues)
    Assistant : Hmm, crush some Kuriano leaves...and if I mix it with this
    potion then....
    Assistant : It's complete!
    Tippi : Then please share some!
    Assistant : Wait! We have to try it out first!
    Wallace : How do you intend to do that?
    Assistant : Come on Coco!
    (the chicken lying on the ground gets on the desk)
    Tippi : Oh, a chicken....
    Assistant : I'm going to feed this chicken a drop of this potion and check
    if it becomes invisible....
    (chicken disappears but still leaves footprints on the desk before
    reappearing a bit later)
    Ruise : Aah, it disappeared!
    Assistant : Good, the test is a success! As promised here is your share.
    (got the invisibility potion!)
    Assistant : Let me warn you though! It's still not quite perfect yet and
    won't work for a long time. Don't use it recklessly!
    (now let's get back to the mines near that tunnel with the annoying guards.
    Use the potion but not in front of them of course, stand back a little and
    use it, once invisible run and go right between the two guards)
    ======= Crystal mines - Condemned tunnel ========
    (after using the potion in the correct place)
    Tippi : We really disappeared!
    Wallace : Let's take this opportunity and get inside now.
    (once you get past the guards)
    Tippi : We did it! They didn't notice a thing!
    Ruise : Quiet!
    Soldier 2 : Hey, did you say something?
    Soldier 1 : Nah, nothing.
    Soldier 2 : Guess it's just my imagination.....
    (once inside the tunnel the effect will wear off)
    Tippi : Ah, it wore off....
    Wallace : Well then, supposedly the ghosts we heard about appeared here but...
    Ruise : ....hmm, can't we just forget about this?
    Misha : What's wrong Ruise-chan? Could it be that you're afraid of ghosts?
    Ruise : Of course I'm afraid! They're dead people aren't they? And they just
    pop out of nowhere like that....uuuhhh....
    Wallace : Don't be silly. There's no such things as ghosts. You agree, right?
    1) They don't exist
    2) I've seen one
    3) Stay quiet
    Wallace : Right.
    Tippi : What are you saying! We've seen one haven't we!?
    Ruise : Eeeeeh!? Is that true oniichan!?
    Misha : Oniisama, you're awesome!
    Tippi : That's right. We had one right in front of our eyes once.
    Ruise : Eeeh? Oh nooo...for real oniichan!?
    Tippi : Yup!
    Misha : Oniisama, you're awesome!
    Wallace : Geez, so you're afraid too?
    Tippi : Well...you know....
    Wallace : Well, setting aside whether they exist or not, there have been thefts
    in the mines and ghosts causing an uproar....it's far too suspicious....
    Tippi : In any case, if we keep looking we'll find out what's going on here!
    Misha : More importantly I'm worried about the ceiling crumbing and falling
    down! Since, you know, it fell once already....
    Ruise : Ah, that's right, there is that too....Tippi, please.
    Tippi (inspecting around) : Hmmm....it seems pretty sturdy. I don't think we
    have to worry at all.
    Wallace : Unlike other mines, this whole mountain is a crystal in itself. It
    won't crumble that easily.
    (a bit further)
    Misha : The crystals here seem to have been crushed by something....
    Wallace : Isn't it the work of the miners?
    Tippi : But it looks like someone rearranged that place in a clean fashion...
    Wallace : This is getting more and more suspicious...
    (get into the next room)
    Thief 1 : Hurry up and pack all of it! We have to leave before anyone notices!
    Thief 2 : Yeah, seems like there's some guys inquiring about us lately.
    Thief : Yeah, perhaps we should stop this for now. Boss Glen doesn't look like
    he's going to buy much more anyway.
    Wallace : So that's indeed what was going on.
    Thieves : Who goes there!
    Tippi : Your crimes have been exposed now!
    Thief : Intruders!? What the heck are the guards doing!?
    Wallace : Resign yourselves!
    Thief : Tsk, like we're going to let ourselves get caught after getting
    this far!
    Tippi : Think you can escape from us!?
    Event battle 09 : Stop the thieves
    Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
    Losing condition : Party defeated, too many thieves escape
    Enemies : 2 Thieves (Lv20)
              3 Thieves (Lv18)
              2 Swordsmen (Lv19)
    (Timing is important here, note that enemies will soon appear right where
    you entered the room  so don't keep your casters here. Concentrate your
    attacks on the thieves but careful the soldiers will run too once all the
    thieves are dead, so try to paralyse or use your characters to stop a thief
    from escaping while killing the soldiers. The game don't tell you outright
    if the mission is "complete" or "clear" but obviously to get the "complete"
    and thus more days of vacation don't let anyone escape)
    (guards coming back)
    Soldier 1 : Hey, you're slow! What's taking so long?
    Tippi : Reinforcements?
    Soldier 2 : Ah, you guys! How the hell did you get in here!?
    Thief : More importantly, help us get out of here!
    Soldiers : Alright!
    (all thieves dead)
    Soldier 1 : No need to stay here any longer...let's get away!!
    (all enemies dead - nobody escaped)
    Tippi : Whew, it's over! There's no one left, is there?
    Event battle 09 Clear
    Misha : Look, look! There are tons of crystals fragments over there!
    Tippi : Let's go take a look.
    (examining the spot north of the room)
    Ruise : The crystals here are shattered...did this place collapse before too?
    Tippi : Hmmm....I don't think it would crumble that easily though....
    Misha : Those guys seem like they were carrying those crystals out. Kinda like
    what we have seen earlier on our way here....
    Tippi : Seems like there is a path leading further inside. If we put enough
    strength into it, we should be able to break through those.
    Wallace : Step aside for a second.
    (mash the O button like mad!)
    Wallace : Uryaaah!
    (the whole crystal wall crumbles)
    Misha : Uah! Wallace-san, you're great!
    Ruise : It looks like the path keeps going further inside.
    Wallace : Let's go take a look.
    Ruise : Eeeh!? We have to go there?
    Tippi : Isn't it obvious? What do you think we came here for?
    Ruise : B-but...if it crumbles again.....
    Tippi : Come on, we're going!
    Ruise : ...uuuh....this is so scary....
    (inside the "hidden" room)
    Wallace : If you think about the global structure of the crystal mines,
    this area should be at the core of it.
    Tippi : Impressive! Is that knowledge from the time you were guarding this
    place aeons ago?
    Wallace : I can't help but think of my age when you put it like that...
    (go further inside towards the humanoid shape in the wall, you'll get a CG
    and the following event)
    Tippi : What's that? Seems like an human shape has been indented in the crystal?
    Misha : But to be that big, it has to be a giant.
    Ruise : ....isn't this the monster you saw in your dream oniichan!?
    Wallace : Without a doubt. 20 years ago, it broke free from here. And
    slaughtered all the miners and my comrades.
    Misha : Why was it here? Could it be that this is its natural habitat?
    Wallace : Right now, we can't answer those questions. But it's clear that it
    left this place in the past.
    Ruise : Could it be...that there are other mines like these ones elsewhere?
    And...and that there are similar monsters inside?
    Wallace : I don't know either. But if that's the case, if other mines are found
    it would be dangerous to excavate them carelessly....
    Tippi : Then we have to hurry and report this!
    Wallace : Yes, in any case, we have to report this to the king.
    (you can go back now. In town people are somewhat shocked to learn that the
    so-called ghosts were in fact thieves but that's all. Though Wallace said to
    go report to the king, let's take the time to go visit that dear old Maxwell)
    ======= Magic academy 7th floor ========
    (talking to the chancellor's secretary)
    CS : What could be your business here?
    Tippi : We just completed the job he requested from us. We came to give a
    report about it.
    CS : Certainly. Please go inside.
    Tippi : She's such a beautiful woman....if only she could be a bit more
    (entering the room)
    Ruise : Excuse the intrusion!
    (talking to Maxwell)
    Maxwell : Oh! What could it be this time?
    Wallace : We killed the culprits responsible for stealing the crystals.
    Maxwell : What!? And who where the culprits?
    Wallace : The guards watching over the old tunnel entrance were part of the
    thieves group. They were preventing anyone from going inside and keeping a
    lookout for them.
    Maxwell : I see....hm, well done. Go report your findings to Rolandia too now.
    Oh and it might not be much but please accept this.
    (you get 1000 elm!)
    Misha : Grandpa, you're so kind!
    Ruise : Ah...is that alright?
    Maxwell : If I had made an official request to dispatch an investigation group
    it would have been much more expensive. Thanks to you I don't have to do that,
    so it's only natural I would reward you.
    Tippi : Oh, you do have a nice side to you, old man!
    Maxwell : Hohoho! Thinking better of me already?
    (well now that's done, time to end the work and go get you vacation!)
    ======= Rolandia castle - Throne room ========
    Arcadius : Oh, you're back. Well then, let's hear your report.
    Wallace : We went inside the condemned tunnel within the crystal mines and
    found the place where the monster was lying before it went out.
    Arcadius : What!?
    Ruise : Also if we consider that the inside of crystal mines could be its
    natural habitat, we can't rule out the possibility of similar monsters living
    inside any other crystal mines we may find.
    Arcadius : Hmm...in other words, if we discover other crystal mines,
    we can't start excavating recklessly....
    Wallace : This is simply speculation based on our findings. In order to confirm
    whether it is true or not, shouldn't a group of investigators be dispatched?
    Arcadius : I understand. Sandra, start investigating this matter immediately.
    Sandra : Understood. Concerning the investigation group, I will get in
    touch with the academy's chancellor.
    Arcadius : I'm counting on you Sandra. You too, you've done a good job.
    Your next mission will be to go and escort back the princess but there's
    still time before that. So in the meanwhile I will grant you some vacation.
    Official : Considering your achievements we will grant you three days of rest
    this time. Well then, please select where you want to go :
    1) Capital city Rosaria
    2) Health resort Rashell
    3) Magic academy
    4) Hot spring town Comsprings
                                 Third Mission
                    Escort the Princess back to the Castle
    ======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========
    (after getting back from vacation)
    Official : Your vacations are now over. You will be given your next mission.
    Arcadius : Here is your next mission. As was mentioned earlier, you
    are to serve as the princess' guards. The coronation ceremony in the
    Burnstein kingdom will be over soon.
    I'll leave it to you to ensure her safety on the way back home.
    Tippi : Then we'll be escorting her again I guess.
    Arcadius : Travel to the fort. There'll be someone there to give you the latest
    Wallace : Certainly, your Highness. Before we depart may I inquire about the
    crystal mine matter?
    Sandra : I'll be the one to explain about that. After hearing your report, I
    immediately contacted the academy's chancellor to have an investigation party
    assembled. In order to ascertain the gravity of the situation, both the
    chancellor and the vice-chancellor joined the investigation party. However,
    as soon as the investigators took a step within the tunnel, it suddenly
    collapsed and proceeding any further was impossible.
    Wallace : What!?
    Ruise : Are the investigators safe?
    Misha : Is Grampa okay?
    Sandra : Fortunately, only a few people were slightly wounded and there weren't
    any casualties.
    Ruise : Whew....
    Wallace : Kh!...and here we finally found proof......!
    Arcadius : Indeed it is regrettable. But we will search for other clues.
    We will let you take part in that afterwards.
    Wallace : Thank you very much.
    Tippi : Right now let's go meet up with the Princess!
    Ruise : Yes, let's go.
    Arcadius : Indeed, I'm counting on you.
    ======= Raijin fort ========
    (talking to the  gatekeeper)
    GK : You're the princess' guards? Alright, go on inside. Open the gate!
    (talking to the general in his room)
    Bronson : How are you doing? Are you getting used to your job already?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Bronson : I see. You're quick to grasp things, aren't you?
    Bronson : Well, don't be too impatient.
    Bronson : Unlike us, your job involves traveling often and meeting all
    sorts of people. You will have to take decisions using your own
    judgment if the situation calls for it. This is a difficult thing.
    Hang in there.
    (a soldier barges in the room completely out of breath)
    Soldier : E-emergency!!
    Bronson : What is it?
    Soldier : It's...we're at war!
    Bronson : What?
    Soldier : Like I said, we're at war! The Burnstein kingdom issued a
    proclamation of war!
    Bronson : What is their motive!
    Soldier : I-I'm not sure! In the middle of the ceremony, Lord Greg suddenly
    assaulted King Richard and he.....here, the details are in this letter...
    (he hands the letter)
    Bronson : Kh...unbelievable!
    Soldier : The officials of our country attending the ceremony have been taken
    prisoner. Princess Laetitia is among them too...
    Tippi : This is bad!
    Wallace : Now this is completely outside the scope of our mission.
    Bronson : Send off the spies at once! Tell them to ascertain the place where
    the prisoners will be kept!
    Soldier : Yes sir!
    Bronson : We must go strengthen our defenses. Sorry to trouble you but could
    you bring this letter to the king? Also ask for troops to be sent here
    immediately. There's no way we can stop the Burnstein army with the number
    of soldiers posted here.
    (you got letter requesting for reinforcements!)
    ======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========
    Arcadius : What's wrong? I do not see Princess Laetitia with you.
    Tippi : This isn't about that at all!
    (menu auto-opens, select the letter you got from the General)
    Arcadius : Let me see...
    Arcadius : Wh-what! War!?
    Wallace : If what is written is this letter is the truth, then this is
    indeed the case.
    Arcadius : That such a thing would happen....Lord Greg....I can't believe
    Wallace : Your Highness, there is no time to waste. Troops must immediately
    be sent to places that are likely to be targeted by the Burnstein army.
    Speed is the most important factor to repel a surprise attack.
    Arcadius : A-ah...yes, you're right. Still some time will be necessary to
    gather the troops and have them ready for war. In any case, the troops
    available immediately will be sent. Go report this to the fort. But your
    real mission will start afterwards. I want you to rescue the hostages.
    Misha : Rescue the hostages? But...how are we going to do that? We don't
    even know where they're being held captive....
    Arcadius : You can ask General Bronson for the location. The man is quite
    capable. I'm sure he will be able to ascertain their whereabouts.
    Tippi : Even if we know the location, it will still be within the Burnstein
    kingdom right? How are we going to cross the border?
    Arcadius : I will leave it to you to find a way. Now that we're in this
    situation, fighting can't be avoided anymore. Furthermore, if the Burnstein
    army manages to make its move before the reinforcements arrive, I want you
    to hinder their progression by any means possible.
    Sandra : The difficult part will be to find a way to get inside the Burnstein
    kingdom. Afterwards you can always use Ruise's teleport to come back.
    Misha : Ah, that's right!
    Tippi : In short we're the best suited for this job.
    Ruise : Deliver the report, rescue the hostages. Then slow down the Burnstein
    army until the reinforcements arrive....
    Arcadius : Yes, that's it. Of course, the part I want you to concentrate
    your efforts on is the rescue operation....I'm counting on you.
    ======= Raijin fort ========
    (talking to the  gatekeeper)
    GK : You're bringing a message from King Arcadius? Alright get inside.
    Open the gate!
    (talking to the general in his room)
    Bronson : So what's the situation regarding the reinforcements?
    Ruise : They're gathering the soldiers now, but it will take time to round
    up those ready for battle.
    Bronson : Hum...I guess it can't be helped.
    Tippi : Still, in the meantime the Burnstein army must be stopped somehow.
    We've been given the mission to rescue the hostages but....
    Bronson : The first reports from the spies mentioned that the hostages will
    be among convoys that will depart soon but...we don't know the time and
    date of the convoy where the princess will be....
    Wallace : We won't be able to tell it apart from the others then....
    Bronson : However we have another urgent matter on our hands right now.
    Wallace : Which is?
    Bronson : Actually a little further from the plains east from here lies a
    ravine. But the Burnstein army is now building a suspension bridge over
    that ravine.
    Misha : A suspension bridge?
    Bronson : From the Burnstein kingdom side, to get to this side of the ravine
    they have to send soldiers through the forest south of here, and not many
    soldiers can go through that forest at once. But by building that bridge
    they'll be able to have their army go through the ravine, which is the
    shortest possible path. If they manage to complete that bridge and use it,
    they'll be able to reach this fort one week sooner than by going through
    the forest.
    Wallace : And thus they'll be able to surround this place and lay a siege
    before the reinforcements can reach it...they're truly intending to invade...
    Bronson : We have to prepare our defenses in case they're coming from the
    ravine. We can't afford to do anything more than that now. I'm sorry but
    I can't give you assistance on your mission.
    ======= Ravine between Rolandia and Burnstein ========
    (if you reported to Bronson before coming here)
    Wallace : This is the ravine he mentioned? My eyes can't see well.
    Describe the situation.
    (or if you skip reporting to the general and reached the ravine straight away)
    Ruise : Ah, this is...
    Misha : Yeah, they're soldiers from the Burnstein kingdom. Seems like they're
    building a bridge. But I wonder why?
    Wallace : They're building a bridge you said! Tch! To avoid going through the
    southern forest they intend to build a bridge which will allow them to take the
    shortest possible route! This is bad. At this rate they can start their attack
    really soon....My eyes can't see well. Describe the situation.
    (then the dialogues will be the same whether or not you reported to Bronson)
    Ruise : Hmm, well....the bridge isn't completed yet and there are still several
    ropes and planks that are being brought to build it.
    Tippi : Also there are two soldiers building the bridge and four soldiers
    guarding it.
    Wallace : ...6 persons.
    Do you have a proposal to make regarding the situation?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Tippi : A suggestion? What is it?
    a) With so few people, there's plenty of time before the bridge is complete
    b) With so few people, we can defeat them by ourselves
    c) It's nothing
    Tippi : That might be true but I wonder if they still won't be quicker than the
    Wallace : In that case I have a proposal to make.
    Tippi : Eeeh!? You mean fighting them by ourselves? Are you serious?
    Wallace : No, he's right. I concur with this idea.
    Tippi : Taking back what you want to say, that's so not manly!
    Wallace : In that case I have a proposal to make.
    Tippi : Is that so? Fine then.
    Wallace : In that case I have a proposal to make.
    Wallace : Right now there are only six soldiers. If we strike immediately we
    can make that bridge fall.
    Misha : But that means we'll be fighting with the army by ourselves?
    Wallace : In this situation they don't have any particular advantage over us.
    Our objective is simply to prevent them from crossing here. Isn't destroying
    this bridge before it's completed the easiest way to do so?
    Tippi : It's true that right now simply cutting the ropes would be enough to
    make the bridge fall but...is it alright to do such a thing?
    Wallace : If they manage to secure this bridge, then they will obviously use
    it to bring more troops. There's no other way if we want to repel them.
    Ruise : If their bridge is destroyed then it will have been faster for them
    if they went through the forest directly rather than building a second one.
    Tippi : And that way we will have stalled them for a good while.
    Misha : Sounds good. Let's get them!
    Guard 1 : Huh! Who the heck are you?
    Guard 2 : Rolandia soldiers? Are they trying to destroy the bridge?
    Wallace :  Destroying the bridge comes before defeating the enemy!
    The first one to reach the bridge will cut the ropes!
    Ruise : Un-understood!
    Guard 1 : Like we'll let you!
    Event battle 10 : Destroy the bridge
    Winning condition : Defeat all enemies or destroy the bridge
    Losing condition : Party defeated
    Enemies : 3 Soldiers (Lv18)
              1 Mage (Lv18)
              2 Workers (Lv15)
    (if the bridge is completed)
              1 Burnstein captain (Lv23)
              2 Heavy soldiers (Lv20)
              4 Soldiers (Lv17)
              2 Workers (Lv15)
    (the easiest way to win if of course to cut the bridge as soon as possible.
    Enemies on the bridge will die if it drops while they're still on it but
    won't count as killed so no exp or money from them. If you're really want to
    get the most exp and money out of this battle, feel free to kill everyone but
    beware of the heavy soldiers who hit hard and the captain that can use
    decent spells and is resistant against magic. A good strategy is to let
    Wallace defend on the bridge as a shield while having the others
    characters all cast offensive area spells. Enemies will pop on the map as
    soon as the remaining number of enemies drops below four so be sure to
    kill the last four enemies with the same attack. Oh and if you try to cut
    the rope while having your own characters on the bridge Tippi will call
    you stupid ^_^; )
    (beginning of battle)
    Guard 1 : Tch! I can't believe guys from Rolandia noticed our movements.
    Guard 3 : Let's make sure the bridge gets done so that our reinforcements on
    the other side can come here.
    Guard 1  Yeah. Guys, stop them from moving any closer!
    Guard 4 : Workers, concentrate on finishing the bridge!
    Worker : Yes sir!
    (if you move a bit towards east)
    Burnstein captain : Hm? There are Rolandia troops on the other side?
    Did they come to destroy the bridge? Like we'll let them have their way!
    Complete the bridge from our side!
    (a few secs later)
    Burnstein captain : Hang in there! We will be here in a minute!
    (if the bridge is completed)
    Worker : Alright, it's completed! All troops on the other side, advance!
    Tippi : Hey! Hurry up and make the bridge fall. They're coming!
    (if near a side of the bridge a yes/no choice will appear, pick yes to cut
    the rope)
    Tippi : Alright, let's cut that rope!
    Enemy on the bridge : S-stop it!!
    Tippi : We did it!! The bridge has fallen!
    Event battle 10 Clear
    Tippi : There's no more enemies, right?
    (bgm change, a familiar figure appears)
    Julian : Hm! What happened here!?
    Burnstein captain (if alive) : Ah, general! It's those troops from the Rolandia
    kingdom, they've destroyed the bridge!
    Julian : What!? Ah! You're....!?
    Tippi : Julian.....
    Wallace : What? Where? Where is he?
    Ruise : On the other side of the ravine....among the Burnstein troops...
    he looks like...the commanding officer.....
    (you get that nice CG of Julian standing on the other side of the ravine,
    his knight uniform billowing in the wind)
    Julian : It's been a while. Seems like this pendant really grants wishes after
    all. But I didn't imagine that our reunion would be such a sad thing.
    Ruise : Then you mean...you became an Imperial Knight?
    Jurian : I did. And this is why I'm now standing here as your enemy.
    Tippi : Say, Julian has war really begun? Why did it start in the first place?
    Julian : That's because one of the members of the Rolandian nobility
    deliberately assaulted our king during the coronation ceremony! Now that
    such a thing has happened, I guess you understand this is the end of our
    cordial relationship...
    Ruise : Then, Lord Greg....he really stabbed the king.....that can't be....
    Julian : In any case, your people are the ones who struck us first.
    Therefore we are retaliating.
    Wallace : Yesterday's friend...is today's enemy...as the saying goes, huh.
    Julian : However because of that ravine I cannot fight you now.
    You've escaped death today. Next time we meet you won't be so lucky!
    Ruise : Julian-san.....
    Wallace : Now that things have taken this turn it's useless standing there
    crying over it. Let's go back to the fort now.
    ======= Raijin fort ========
    (talking to the  gatekeeper)
    GK : You're bringing a message from King Arcadius? Alright, get inside.
    Open the gate!
    (talking to the general in his room)
    (if you reported to Bronson before destroying the bridge)
    Bronson : Hm, what is it? Has the enemy crossed the ravine already?
    Tippi : No need to panic! Cause the enemy won't be showing up here for a while.
    Bronson : Wh-what?
    (or if you haven't reported earlier but headed to the ravine immediately)
    Bronson : So what's the situation with the reinforcements?
    Ruise : They're gathering the soldiers now, but it will take time to round
    up those ready for battle.
    Bronson : Hum...I guess it can't be helped.
    Tippi : But in the meanwhile the Burnstein army must be stopped somehow.
    We've been given the mission to rescue the hostages but....
    Wallace : We've been told that you will assist us with that.
    Bronson : I see. In that case I have an urgent request to ask of you.
    Tippi : What is it?
    Bronson : Actually a little further from the plains east from here lies a
    ravine. But the Burnstein army is now building a suspension bridge over
    that ravine.
    Wallace : Hold it. That suspension bridge is no more.
    Bronson : Wh-what?
    (from here again the dialogues will be the same whether or not you reported
    to Bronson)
    Ruise : Hmmm, in fact we just defeated the soldiers building the bridge and
    dropped it down the ravine.
    Misha : Awesome, ain't we?
    Bronson : Ooh, I see...I was wondering how strange it was that we didn't see
    any soldiers yet, since I thought it'd be completed soon.
    But yes, you guys are truly amazing indeed.
    Soldier : Excuse me!
    Bronson : What is it?
    Soldier : We've gotten a report from our spies that are currently within
    Burnstein territory. It's about the convoy that is bringing the princess to
    the place where she is to be confined. Its destination is...Garaus prison.
    Tippi : Now we know the place she's going to!
    Bronson : The impregnable prison Garaus....of all the places it had to be
    Wallace : Our mission is to rescue the hostages. Now that we know where she
    will be detained we will be going there. Our best chance of success would be
    to target the convoy bringing her. Once she's in that prison, rescuing her
    will be much more difficult if not impossible.
    Bronson : Indeed...the best chance for a rescue operation would be before
    they enter Garaus. Because of the geographical features around that prison,
    invading it with troops isn't easy and for someone slipping inside to rescue
    a prisoner it's even more ridiculous.
    Tippi : Where is that Garaus prison place?
    Bronson : It's located a little further after the ravine where you destroyed
    the bridge.
    Misha : Huh? Then we eliminated the path we needed ourselves?
    Tippi : Who was the one who said it was a good idea to destroy that bridge!
    Bronson : No, that decision wasn't wrong. If you didn't destroy that bridge
    and we were engaged in battle instead the enemy would keep coming and the
    surroundings of the bridge would be crawling with soldiers.
    Wallace : In any case we should hurry. If we waste too much time here, chances
    are we won't make it in time. The only thing that matters is to cross to the
    other side. We can come back easily by using Ruise's teleport.
    Bronson : ....I got it. Then I have a proposition. Hey, you there!
    Soldier : Yes, did you call me, sir?
    Bronson : Take them to the ravine. Have some ropes ready. We will use that
    plan we discussed.
    Soldier : Ah, I see. Right away, sir!
    Tippi : "That plan"?
    Bronson : Don't worry, you'll understand it at once. Go to the ravine where
    you destroyed the bridge. We'll make you reach the other side right away.
    ======= Ravine between Rolandia and Burnstein ========
    (as soon as you get there)
    Soldier : This way!
    (follow him)
    Tippi : What is this?
    Soldier : Oh, you're here. We'll use that rope to get you across.
    Ruise : Eeeh!? This!?
    Misha : ....I-I think I might fall midway though.....
    Soldier : It's fine! Your body will be tied to the main rope using those ones.
    Soldier : Look, the other side isn't as high up as here right? It might be a
    little scary but all you have to do is let go of yourself and you'll be on the
    other side in a flash.
    Wallace : I see.
    Soldier : The only thing you have to pay attention to is to cut the rope
    binding you once you've landed. In other words, once you're on the other side,
    you can't come back using this. It's only a one-way ticket.
    Tippi : That's okay! Ruise-chan can use teleport to bring us back.
    Ruise : In that case we should make sure to replenish magic power before going.
    Since I don't know where the landmark to use for the spell on the other side
    will be.
    Tippi : I see...Ruise-chan's teleport uses towns as landmarks huh....
    Soldier : Then, come back and talk to me again once you're ready.
    (talking to him again)
    Soldier : Are you ready?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Soldier : Then form a line and come over here.
    Soldier : Go replenish both physical and magical power. Get some healing items
    too. Oh and don't forget to save!
    (assuming you pick "yes")
    Wallace : I will go first. In case some enemies are on the other side,
    I'll be able to ensure the safety of the rest of you.
    Soldier : Good.
    (Wallace slides down the rope)
    Soldier : Alright, next!
    Tippi : Then, the next one will be Ruise-chan? If something happens Wallace is
    on the other side and you can come back together.
    Ruise : ....it's scary.....
    Soldier : Alright, go!
    (the soldier pushes her and she screams all the way down -_-)
    Soldier : Good, the next one is you missy.
    Misha : Uuuh...it's scary...but somewhat fun too....
    Soldier : Ready?
    Misha : Hold on!! I need to take a deep breath first...
    (she does so)
    Misha : Aaah, but, but, if it stops midway I'll be suspended midair and, and
    even worse, what if the rope breaks! I'll fall down in the ravine and there's
    no way I can survive something like that....
    Tippi : Hurry up and get going already!
    Misha : Ah, but, but, you know....
    Tippi : Tippi-chan kick!!!
    (she forcefully slides down screaming "that's mean" and you'll hear a loud
    sound when she lands)
    Soldier : You're the last one.
    (examine the rope to have Carmaine tie himself to it)
    Soldier : The topography around the prison is peculiar. Use it to your
    advantage and I'm sure you can successfully rescue princess Laetitia.
    We're counting on you!
    Tippi : Alright, let's go!
    (Carmaine slides down. On the other side talk to anyone to trigger the
    following dialogue)
    Tippi : Is everyone alright?
    Misha : ...uuh...I hurt my head....
    Wallace : Next time we'll be heading back to the Rolandia Kingdom will be
    once we've rescued princess Laetitia. We'll use Ruise's teleport, so be
    careful not to use up all her magical power.
    ======= Cave east of the ravine ========
    (seeing the huge gel)
    Tippi : What's that thing?
    Misha : It looks all flabby.... gross....
    Minor Battle
    Enemies :
    1 Hyde (Lv18)
    3 Mutant gels (Lv19)
    Queen gel (Lv24)
    (mutant gels absorb elemental spells so don't use that. Stick to good old magic
    arrow. The Queen gel is immune to it though. Beware of the petrify statuts gels
    can inflict with their physical attack too. The Queen gel will flee if you're
    (once battle is over)
    Tippi : Whew, it's over....
    (once you exit the cave, travel north to reach the prison. Like Fort Rajin,
    the prison will be available as a teleport location)
    (upon reaching the prison)
    Misha : Uwah! It looks like a fortress rather than a prison!
    Wallace : It's Garaus Prison. "Garaus" means the end, the conclusion or
    simply death. Nobody ever left this place while alive. I've heard those
    fortifications were added when it was used as a stronghold. Once you enter
    this place, escaping is impossible.
    Tippi : Then, infiltrating this place to rescue someone inside isn't
    possible either, right?
    Ruise : But since we know the convoy will be going here we can easily set
    up an ambush!
    Wallace : That's true. Let's explore the surroundings and look for a place
    suitable for an attack.
    (the first screen east from the prison will be devoid of enemies. Run around
    and you'll get the following event)
    Wallace : Seems like this place works well for an ambush.
    Ruise : That bridge is quite simply built too, it looks easy to break.
    Misha : Then that means...we'll use that plan we discussed earlier?
    Wallace : Yes. I don't think they would make a high-ranking hostage walk so
    she'll probably be in a carriage. Once the carriage is here, we will initiate
    the battle. First we'll have to cut down the bridges on each side so that more
    guards can't join in the battle. Then we'll defeat those remaining around the
    carriage and the princess will be saved.
    Tippi : Then shouldn't we find a place to hide so they won't see us?
    Wallace : Yes. My eyes can't see well so look for a place yourself.
    (now pick a place to hide and wait there. Your party members will react
    depending on which place you picked. Obviously only one fits, behind the weird
    rock formation that is near the road)
    (once you picked up the right place)
    Tippi : If we're here they won't see us!
    Wallace : Yes, we're in the shadows of those rocks, that's a good place.
    Then let's sleep to save up our strength while we wait for the enemy.
    Tippi : I like this idea!
    Wallace : Still, to think that I'd come here again....
    Ruise : Wallace-san, did something happen to you here?
    Wallace : If you head north-east from here, you'll reach a small village
    named Klein. It's when I left this village that I lost both my eyes and my
    right arm.
    Tippi : Eeeh! Really!?
    Wallace : Yes. But right now, our priority is to rescue the princess. We should
    hurry up and sleep so we don't waste our energy.
    Ruise : Then let's pair off and take shifts.
    Misha : Ruise-chan, you're so smart!
    Ruise : Geez, Misha don't make fun of me!
    Wallace : If you don't mind I'll be sleeping first. As the carriage probably
    won't be here for a while, I want to be on the lookout later. Decide who you
    want to have your shift with you.
    1) Ruise
    2) Misha
    Ruise : Alright oniichan.
    Wallace : I'll be counting on you then. If anything happens be sure to wake
    me up.
    Misha : Good night oniisama!
    Misha : Okay! Let's do a good job together oniisama!
    Wallace : I'll be counting on you then. If anything happens be sure to wake
    me up.
    Ruise : Good luck!
    Tippi : Sleep well you two.
    (later while both Wallace and Misha sleep)
    Tippi : Being on the lookout is such a bore.
    Ruise : Then let's chat a little.
    Tippi : Well, if it's just a bit I guess it's okay?
    Ruise:  Err...say, oniichan?
    Ruise : Do you regret becoming an agent for the kingdom?
    1) No
    2) A little bit
    3) Yes
    4) Why are you asking this? (no specific dialogue for that choice)
    Ruise : I see. I guess that's normal....
    Ruise : Really? I'm a bit surprised...
    Ruise : Really? I'm a bit surprised...
    Tippi : Why did you ask that?
    Ruise:  Because, now that the war started, we have to fight the people of
    the Burnstein kingdom. And until recently we were getting along so well....
    Tippi : That's true....
    Ruise : This inability to get along....it reminded me of the situation between
    the Featherians and the Growsians...and what it led to...
    Tippi : Yes...that's really something we want to avoid....
    Ruise : Yes....
    Tippi : Anyway  let's get back to keeping our watch.
    Ruise : But isn't it time to switch shifts now?
    Tippi : Ah, that's right. Wake up you two. Time to change shifts!
    Wallace : Whew, I slept quite well. Then it's our turn to keep watch now.
    Misha : Go ahead and get a good rest.
    (or if you picked Misha)
    Tippi : Being on the lookout is such a bore.
    Misha : Say oniisama! Let's talk just for a little bit!
    Tippi : Well, if it's just a bit I guess it's okay.
    Misha : Actually there's something I want to ask you oniisama!
    Let her ask you?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Misha : What is your favorite kind of food?
    a) Light and easy to eat food
    b) Gourmet food
    c) Incredibly spicy food
    d) Really sweet food
    e) Horribly bitter food
    f) There's nothing I hate or like in particular
    Misha : I see...like salad or fish for instance...
    Misha : Gourmet...? Things like a cream stew for instance?
    Misha : In-incredibly spicy!? I can't eat spicy food!
    Misha : .....
    Misha : Oniisama loves sweets...that's so...err...surprising....
    Misha : Ah, but I love cakes myself!
    Misha : Ho-horribly bitter? What's that? I'd like to try something like that...
    but somehow I don't feel like I want to see what it looks like.
    Misha : Whoa! The girl that marries you won't have to worry about her cooking
    Tippi : And? Why did you ask that? Don't tell me you're going to cook
    something for that guy.
    Misha : Hmm, that's right....aaah!
    Tippi : What's with you, screaming like that?
    Misha : Wh-what should I do....I-I can't cook at all...I'm so sorry oniisama!
    Tippi : Geez, I sorta figured it would be something like that.
    Misha : Uuuh....
    Tippi : Anyway  let's get back to keeping our watch.
    Misha : But isn't it time to switch shifts now?
    Tippi : Ah, that's right. Wake up you two. Time to change shifts!
    Wallace : Whew, I slept quite well. Then it's our turn to keep watch now.
    Ruise : Sleep well.
    (following dialogues are the same no matter who you chose earlier)
    Wallace : Hey, wake up.
    Tippi : Time to change shifts again?
    Wallace : I hear sounds....a large number of troops...and the sound of a
    horse drawn carriage....seems like the convoy is getting here.....
    Ruise : It's nearly time.
    Misha : Uwah~ I'm so nervous...
    Wallace : Listen. I'm leaving it to you to decide the timing. When you think
    it's the time to strike, step outside and get on the road.
    Tippi : Leave it to us! Anyway if we mess up the timing we'll lose right away!
    (now then the game will explain that you're entering watch mode. Look at your
    radar. Different colors will be used to represent Julian, who you don't want
    to fight, and the carriage which mustn't get away from the battlefield. Simply
    go left or right from the position where youstanding and you'll enter battle
    (upon Julian's arrival, bgm change as usual)
    Julian : ....
    Ruise : Ah, it's Julian-san....
    Wallace : What, Julian's there? Hey. He's a Knight. It'd be best if we can
    avoid having him enter the battle. Anyway, I leave the timing to you.
    (upon arrival of the carriage)
    Tippi : Ah, a carriage....
    Wallace : The princess is most likely inside. I'll let you pick the timing for
    the attack.
    (if you wait too long)
    Misha : The carriage's gone already!
    Wallace : Kh! The timing was too slow....(game over! ^_^;; )
    (once you step out)
    Tippi : Let's go!!
    Event battle 11 : Rescue the princess
    Winning condition : Stop the carriage from escaping and defeat all enemies
    Losing condition : Party defeated, carriage gets away, princess is taken 
    Enemies : at least 4 Soldiers (Lv15)
              likely 1 or more Heavy soldiers (Lv19)
              perhaps some Clerics (Lv14)
    (once the carriage stops)
              Burnstein captain (Lv22)
    (the easiest way to win if of course to cut the west bridge while Julian still
    hasn't entered the battle. If he does he will make your life miserable. To give
    you plenty of time to cut the bridge, let the carriage goes at least halfway
    through the field before engaging the enemy. All enemies are rather easy except
    for those heavy soldiers but you won't face many of them. The captain will try
    to get the princess out of the battlefield so be sure to intercept him or
    pummel him with spells. Once he's dead the princess will come back without
    being targeted by the remaining soldiers.)
    (before battle)
    Julian : Who goes there!
    Julian : It's you people! You're here to snatch the prisoner?
    Julian : Have the carriage increase its pace! All troops intercept them!
    Soldier in carriage : Yes sir!
    Tippi : The princess is in that carriage right?
    Wallace : We must defeat all the enemies present here. Then we'll rescue the
    Julian (glaring) : Hoh....
    (beginning of battle)
    Wallace : First of all, take down the bridges! Otherwise enemies will keep
    Ruise : Then shall we split into two groups?
    Wallace : I leave that to Carmaine. But if possible the western bridge should
    be dealt with quickly. Avoid the enemies and head for the bridge!
    (when near west bridge)
    Tippi : We must destroy the bridge, right?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Tippi : We did it! the bridge has fallen!
    Julian : Kh! I won't be able to help my troops now!
    Julian : Aiming on blocking the carriage by cutting off the bridges!?
    Julian : Hey! The carriage can't turn in such a narrow place. Abandon it and
    escape from the battle!
    Soldier : Yes sir!
    Laetitia : Ah, that hurts! What are you doing, you brute!
    Soldier : Hurry up and get going!
    Tippi : Ah! The princess is here!
    Wallace:  Now all that's left is to cut off the other bridge. Avoid the enemies
    and head for the bridge!
    (killing the soldier that drags the princes around)
    Tippi : Now  we won't have to worry about the princess getting away from here.
    All that's left is to clear the enemies!
    (same line and choice when you drop the second bridge, then proceed to kill
    the remaining enemies)
    Event battle 11 Clear
    Julian : Kh! A mere 4 people accomplished that much....I must admit this was
    an impressive display of skill...
    (now, for those of you dead set on having Julian in battle let's go over 
    this battle again ^_^)
    Event battle 11 - Julian's fans version : Rescue the princess
    Winning condition : Stop the carriage from escaping and defeat all enemies
    Losing condition : Party defeated, carriage gets away, princess is killed
    Enemies : Julian (Lv42)
              Soldiers (Lv15)
              Heavy soldiers (Lv19)
              Clerics (Lv14)
    (once the carriage stops)
              Burnstein captain (Lv22)
    (So you want to play with Julian. It's definitely possible without mindless
    powerleveling. You'll obviously need the protect spell. Debuff spells are a
    plus too but it's hard to make them stick on Julian. You'll also need the
    Thunder spell for both Carmaine and Ruise. First engage the enemy as soon as
    the carriage enters the battlefield. That's because you will need to cut the
    east bridge first this time. Julian will be on the west side and moving around
    to cut bridges while having him on your back isn't a good idea. Have Wallace
    clear out the soldiers on Carmaine's path to the east bridge. Ruise and Misha
    can handle soldiers coming their way with large area spells such as Tornado or 
    Blizzard. With Wallace and Carmaine on the east bridge Julian will head for
    the girls. They both move at the same speed as Julian so have them run east
    once they've killed all the soldiers. If there are some remaining have Wallace
    take care of it. Once they've reached Wallace let him act as their meat shield
    and take Julian's hits. Carmaine in the meanwhile should be moving to drop the
    second bridge. He moves faster than the carriage of course so that's not a
    problem. The soldiers coming his way from the west are though. If you can't get
    to the bridge without having to engage them make sure to put him in front of
    the horses path. That will stop the carriage for a while. Have the casters
    assist him in killing the soldiers. He should be able to reach the bridge
    easily after a while. Once that's taken care of, have Carmaine deal with the
    soldier dragging the princess around. Soon enough only Julian will be left. You
    may want to cast Rust on him to ease Wallace's job as a shield but don't bother
    if it doesn't stick on him. Once Carmaine is available, have him take Wallace's
    role as a shield. If Wallace has his large flying blade as a weapon you can use
    that to attack Julian from a distance. Otherwise don't bother as physical
    attacks won't do much damage if any and Julian can counter. Now then defeating
    Julian works the same way as the tournament battle. Thunder then defend until
    his strike then Thunder etc... Don't bother with Misha's thunder as her magic
    power is too low to deal much  damage. Instead she will heal. Ruise'll cast
    Thunder and eventually Protect/Fear/Rust if need be. Don't waste all of her MP!
    Carmaine's full mp should be enough to take down Julian. Don't forget that if
    he does a critical strike coupled with a second strike he can take out 200 HP
    of your characters is they're not defending. He won't try to heal himself
    before he has 20 HP left so a couple of physical hits to delay his spell
    coupled with a last Thunder spell of yours and he's defeated. Note that
    defeating him in this battle lower your points with so if you're intending to
    get him in your party later on refrain from having him enter this battle.
    In top of that he gives no exp or money.)
    (before battle)
    Julian : Who goes there!
    Julian : It's you people! You're here to snatch the prisoner?
    Julian : Have the carriage increase its pace! All troops intercept them!
    Soldier in carriage : Yes sir!
    Tippi : The princess is in that carriage right?
    Wallace : We must defeat all the enemies present here. Then we'll rescue the
    Julian (glaring) : Hoh....
    (beginning of battle)
    Wallace : First of all, take down the bridges! Otherwise enemies will keep
    Ruise : Then shall we split into two groups?
    Wallace : I leave that to Carmaine. But if possible the western bridge 
    should be
    dealt with quickly. Avoid the enemies and head for the bridge!
    (if you destroy the bridge on the right first)
    Julian : They destroyed the bridge on our back....
    Julian : Do not change directions! Carriage, keep up the pace!
    Soldier in the carriage : Yes sir!
    (then upon destroying the second bridge)
    Julian : At this rate the carriage will be surrounded! Leave it!
    Soldier : Yes sir!
    Laetitia : Ah, that hurts! What are you doing, you brute!
    Soldier : Hurry up and get going!
    Tippi : Ah! The princess is here!
    (killing the soldier that drags the princes around)
    Tippi : Now  we won't have to worry about the princess getting away from 
    here. All that's left is to clear the enemies!
    (Julian defeated)
    Julian : Kh, impossible...to have improved so much in so little time...to be
    able to defeat me despite my being an Imperial Knight is impressive...
    But that won't happen next time Carmaine!
    Event battle 11 Clear
    Tippi : Whew, there's no enemies left at last....
    (go talk to the wandering princess)
    Laetita : I'm safe, thanks to you.
    Wallace : There's no need to thank us. This was our mission.
    Laetita : But...how are we going to leave this place now?
    Tippi : That's not a problem 'cause we've got a Growsian in our ranks you see!
    Misha : Then let's go back!
    Ruise : Yes!
    (Laetitia joined as a NPC)
    Laetitia : If it's not a bother, could we go to the Rajin fort first?
    General Bronson must be worried....
    Wallace : Yes, let's do that.
    ======= Raijin fort ========
    (talking to the  gatekeeper)
    GK : Ah! Princess Laetitia, you're safe!
    Laetitia : It's thanks to them.
    GK : Good job! If you want you can rest up within the fort. Open the gate!
    (talking to the general in his room)
    Bronson : Princess! I'm so glad that you're safe.
    Laetitia : Thanks. I must admit, I gave up hope at one point too.
    Bronson : But you guys really did an impressive job! You're heroes now!
    Misha : Hahaha~ oh, that's too much!
    Ruise : Geez, watch your behavior!
    Bronson : It's true that your manner leaves something to be desired but you
    should be proud of what you accomplished today.
    Laetitia : I'll be sure to speak well of you to my father too.
    Bronson : I guess you must be tired now. Use this opportunity to rest,
    you've earned it.
    (automatic rest)
    Bronson : Did you sleep well?
    Laetitia : Yes. For the first time in a while.
    Bronson : Then see your mission to completion now. Escort the princess
    safely to the castle.
    ======= Rosaria ========
    (upon entering town)
    Laetitia : I'm finally back. For a moment I was thinking I'd never see this
    town again.
    Tippi : You shouldn't be so pessimistic!
    Wallace: Indeed. It's truly over only if you give up.
    Laetitia : Yes, you're right. By the way, I'd like to ask a question...
    Carmaine : ?
    Laetitia : When you put yourself in danger to rescue me was it because
    my father ordered you to?
    1) Because the king ordered us
    2) Helping the royal family is the duty of the kingdom's residents
    3) Rescuing one's own friend is the natural thing to do
    Laetitia : ...I see....I guess that's normal....
    Tippi : Yep, yep! His highness the king and his daughter, the princess,
    belong to the Rolandia kingdom.
    Laetita : ...is that so?
    Laetitia : Friend...
    Ruise : Didn't you say so yourself, that you wanted to be friends with us?
    Misha : Even if we weren't ordered to, we surely would have come to rescue you!
    Laetitia : Thank you....I'm so grateful.
    Wallace : Come now, the king is waiting.
    Laetitia : Yes.
    (as soon as you get to the next screen)
    Tippi : Hold on! Look over there!
    Ruise : Ah, Eliotte-kun?
    Laetitia : ...that boy, he's....
    Oswald : This time you won't escape!
    Eliotte : Why are you targeting me? I do not have any money!
    Oswald : This has nothing to do with money! Killing you is a request
    we've been asked to fulfill, that's all.
    Masked man : ...stop talking already! Why do you think you were hired?
    Oswald : S-sorry....
    Eliotte : I-it's now or never.....
    Oswald : Damn brat! Wait till I get you!
    Tippi : We should be the ones saying that!
    Wallace : Seems like criminals are quite busy lately.
    Oswald : Aaaargh! Bastards, why are you here?
    Laetitia : You're disgracing the royal capital! Cease that unsightly behavior
    at once!
    Masked man : ...? ...the princess Laetitia? Then those guys with her,
    Oswald : Shut up! I'll stop once we've killed you all!
    Event battle 12 : Protect Eliotte and Laetitia
    Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
    Losing condition : Party defeated, Eliotte or Laetitia die
    Enemies : Masked man (Lv26)
              Oswald (Lv22)
              3 Thieves (Lv17)
              2 Thieves (Lv16)
    (Rather easy battle, none of the enemies are hard aside from the
    oh-so-mysterious masked man. Do pay attention to the two thieves all the way
    north as they will only target the town's npcs. Npc's deaths mean less vacation
    days and besides they'll remain dead forever. So until the end of the game
    you'll have people whining in town about how useless you are. Save yourself
    from that and kill those thieves first. The spell Grow Protect will be very
    useful here. After a while the masked man will go after Laetitia head so have
    someone stop him since he can kill her in one blow.)
    (beginning of battle)
    Eliotte : What should I do?
    1) Stay here and defend yourself
    2) Attack selected enemy
    3) Come this way
    4) Stay close to a party member
    (additional choices for 3 and 4)
    a) Go south using the left stairway
    b) Go south using the right stairway
    c) Go north
    a) Carmaine
    b) Ruise
    c) Wallace
    d) Misha
    (pick any choice)
    Eliotte : Understood!
    (after inputting your battle commands)
    Misha : Princess, stand back! We'll take care of this!
    Laetitia : Yes.
    (after a little while, right before the masked man target Laetitia)
    Masked man : It really is the princess...they managed to bring her back....
    in that case....
    (if masked man gets near Laetitia)
    Masked man : I didn't think you'd come back safely.
    Laetitia : Eh?
    Masked man : Bah, in the end the only change will be the place of your demise.
    Prepare yourself.
    (masked man attacking one of your party members)
    Masked man : Here I come, you cowards.....
    (Oswald defeated)
    Oswald : Guh...why can't I win....bah, I'm not going to throw my life away 
    like this! Retreat! We're cancelling this job!
    Masked man : What a useless guy....
    (Masked man defeated)
    Masked man : Guh! I guess....it really wasn't a fluke then...
    Tippi : Ah, he's running away!
    (end of battle)
    Tippi : We've cleared them all out, right?
    Eliotte : Whew...I'm saved....
    Event battle 12 Clear
    Ruise : Are you alright?
    Eliotte : Yes. I owe it to you, thanks.
    Tippi : Why are you being so relaxed! We've got to catch that masked bastard!
    Wallace : I'll stay here with Misha and protect the princess. You and Ruise
    go after him!
    Ruise : O...okay....
    Tippi : Let's get going!
    (talking to Xenos)
    Xenos : Oh, it's you guys! It's been a while!
    Ruise : Xenos-san! Yes it's been a long time.
    (if you put some flowers near Karen bed earlier)
    Xenos : It seems you visited Karen while she was recovering. You have my
    Ruise : Ah, you don't need to thank us, it's only natural.
    Xenos : By the way, what happened. You look a bit strange?
    Tippi : Ah, that's right! Xenos-san, didn't you see a suspicious man running
    around here?
    Xenos : A suspicious man?
    Ruise : He was wearing a mask hiding all of his face...
    Xenos : A mask...nope I haven't seen anything like that. What's the matter with
    that guy?
    Tippi : He attacked a friend of ours! We came here to pursue him but....
    Xenos : Has he a bounty on his head with any luck?
    Ruise : I don't know but...a bounty might be put up for him soon....
    Xenos : Good. I need money for Karen's treatment. I'll go catch him at once!
    See you around!
    (he runs away awfully fast)
    Ruise : He looks busy....
    Tippi : But that guy sure is quick! I guess he already left the city....
    Ruise : Anyway let's go back now.
    (going back to your party members)
    Tippi : It's useless. Seems like he ran away already.
    Wallace : Can't help it. Anyway everyone's safe here, that should be good
    Laetitia : ...
    Misha : What's wrong?
    Eliotte : Is there...something?
    Laetitia : Why are you here? When did you get here in the first place?
    Eliotte : Why? I'm here because my parents wanted me to deliver a letter to the
    Rolandia castle...but, hum...I lost that letter.
    Laetitia : Tell me who you truly are! Answer honestly!
    Wallace : Princess!? What's the matter? You've behaved strangely since you saw
    Tippi : Did something happen with Eliotte?
    Laetitia : He looks like him...
    Tippi : Huh?
    Laetitia : He looks exactly like Burnstein's prince..no the new king of
    Burnstein, His Highness Richard.
    1) That's only a coincidence
    2) They're twins
    3) They are one and the same
    4) Richard's an imposter, Eliotte is the true king
    5) Eliotte's an imposter, Richard is the true king
    6) The don't look alike at all
    Tippi : A coincidence huh....
    Laetitia : Even so, they look too identical...
    Tippi : I see...if they're twins it's no wonder they look the same right?
    Laetitia : But I never heard that Richard had any siblings...
    Tippi : Then why do they look alike?
    Laetitia : That's why this is troubling me....
    Laetitia : But Richard was attending the coronation ceremony in the 
    Burnstein kingdom...a person can't be in two places at the same time....
    Ruise : But why would he let an imposter get crowned instead of him then?
    Laetitia : Yes, I share that opinion.
    Tippi : I get it! He's a fake that was hired to cover the king!
    Misha : And now that he's no longer useful they're trying to get rid of him?
    How cruel...
    Ruise : Are you sure....
    Tippi : What do you think Ruise-chan?
    Ruise  : During the tournament I was sure Eliotte was the king actually....
    Wallace : Anyway, we can't deny that he looks very much like the new king of
    the Burnstein kingdom, Richard. Also if he's here in the first place it's
    because he had business in the castle. And now his life has been targeted.
    Tippi : About that, did you do anything to have your life threatened like this?
    Eliotte : No...I do not know anything that could explain those actions...
    Laetitia : Ah! That bracelet...
    Eliotte : Hm?
    Laetitia : There's no mistaking it. His Highness Richard had the exact same!
    Tippi : Rah, geez! What does all of this mean!
    Wallace : This incident is certainly intriguing. If we're going to continue
    this discussion, how about doing it inside the castle?
    ======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========
    Arcadius : Oooh! I'm so glad to see you're back safe and sound! You too, I
    congratulate you for the feat you accomplished by rescuing my daughter.
    Wallace : Thanks for your praise your Highness.
    Laetitia : Father, I'm sorry to have made you worry.
    Arcadius : Ah, that's fine. I've got something more important to ask of you.
    Laetitia : Yes.
    Arcadius : Did Lord Greg really stab King Richard?
    Laetitia : Unfortunately it's the truth.
    Arcadius : Hmmm....
    Laetitia : But thinking back about that incident, something seemed strange.
    Arcadius : Strange?
    Laetitia : At that time even though that person had the same appearance as
    Lord Greg, his behavior and manners were those of a different person....
    Arcadius : Oh by the way, who is that person here?
    Eliotte : Err...
    Tippi : His name is Eliotte. Earlier we saved him while he was attacked in a
    nearby village but...
    Ruise : He is the spitting image of Burnstein's new king, Richard. We were
    wondering if this might have a connection with the current state of affairs.
    Laetitia : Lastly, he's wearing the exact same bracelet that King Richard
    Wallace : Because we thought there might be a connection between Eliotte and
    King Richard we brought him here.
    Arcadius : Hum. Let me hear more about this.
    Eliotte : Yes. I came to the royal capital by order of my father. I was
    supposed to deliver a letter to your Majesty but because I seem to have
    lost it I didn't come to the castle.
    Tippi : You lost such an important letter?
    Eliotte : Well, I wonder if those bandits didn't take it while they attacked
    the inn I was staying at.
    Wallace : Don't you remember what was written in it?
    Eliotte : This letter wasn't addressed to me. I wouldn't read it unless I was
    given permission....
    Tippi : Then do you have any idea what could have been in that letter or
    why you had to deliver it yourself?
    Eliotte : I'm not sure if it is relevant but...the people who raised me aren't
    my real family. They told me so while traveling here. I've been entrusted to
    their care by someone.
    Ruise : Someone?
    Eliotte : Here again, I'm not sure this is relevant information but...the
    people who brought me up often mentioned the name of "Lord Venzel".
    Sandra : Venzel? Did they really say Venzel?
    Eliotte : Yes. They said that name many times so I'm sure I'm not mistaken.
    Do you happen to know that person?
    Sandra : He is the court magician of the Burnstein kingdom.
    I was one of his apprentices.
    Ruise : Mother's teacher....
    Sandra : I feel like things have become clearer. Let's recap this discussion
    so far. First Venzel entrusted you to the care of your current parents.
    Then you're the spitting image of King Richard and you also wear the exact
    same bracelet as he does. Finally right when King Richard get crowned you
    start being targeted and then the war starts.
    Arcadius : Hmm, I can't help but to see a connection between those facts.
    Venzel holds the answers though.
    Sandra : However you Highness, I head rumors that Master Venzel has disappeared
    Arcadius : What? Isn't he at the Burnstein court anymore?
    Sandra : Unfortunately those are only rumors. We can't give them too much
    Arcadius : ....I see. Until more light is shed on that matter, we will have
    him stay in the castle.
    (Laetitia and Eliotte leave)
    Arcadius : In any case, you've brilliantly fulfilled your mission. The rescue
    of the remaining hostages has been assigned to other agents. Also, one more
    thing. You valiantly repelled the invasion attempt of the Burnstein troops.
    This is what I heard in a report I got from Rajin fort. As a reward for your
    outstanding deeds I will confer upon you the title of knight.
    Tippi : Uwaaah!
    Ruise : Congratulations oniichan!
    Misha : Awesome!
    Wallace : Well done.
    Arcadius : And, although it's a rather modest one, I will give you a parcel of
    land. It's located a short way west from the capital. You can ask more details
    about it to the one managing the area.
    Tippi : *giggle* That sounds fun!
    Arcadius : However now is not the time to celebrate. The war with the Burnstein
    kingdom has just begun. The first place to turn into a battlefield will
    probably be the forest near our southern border. But that border there is also
    a common border with the Ranzack kingdom. If the Ranzack kingdom were to take
    part in this war, our troops would be attacked from two directions. If only we
    could avoid that....
    Wallace : A two-front war...indeed this would be bad.
    Ruise : Is that especially bad?
    Wallace : Listen. Currently the Rolandia kingdom and the Burnstein kingdom are
    at war with each other. The troops from all the country will be mobilized to
    fight the Burnstein troops. If the Ranzack kingdom were to take part in the war
    we would have to split our troops to stop them. If we do so we won't have
    enough soldiers to stop the Burnstein army. War isn't so much about strength
    as it is about the amount of resources you invest in it.
    This is absolutely critical.
    Tippi : In short a strength of 10 doesn't cost as much as two combined
    strengths of 5 huh?
    Wallace : Right now the Ranzack kingdom hasn't joined the war yet, but if they
    do, that's the situation we'll be in.
    Tippi : Hmm~ this is really a difficult situation...hey you, what do you think
    about that?
    1) Let's defeat the Ranzack kingdom first
    2) We should defeat the Burnstein kingdom quickly
    3) Form an alliance with the Ranzack kingdom
    4) Ignore the Ranzack kingdom
    5) Surrender
    Wallace : Hey! The Ranzack kingdom hasn't even showed any signs of taking part
    in the war have they? Right now we're discussing about how to avoid a two-front
    war, not how to create one.
    Ruise : Hmmm, in short we want to create a situation where we'll be sure the
    Ranzack kingdom won't attack us right?
    Tippi : And how do you intend to do that? Send a "Please don't attack us"
    Ruise : Hmmmm...
    Wallace : No, that just might be a good idea. How about it your Highness?
    Arcadius : In other words, forming an alliance with the Ranzack kingdom you
    Wallace : Yes. If we have the assurance that the Ranzack troops won't be
    targeting us then we could fight the Burnstein army with our full strength.
    Arcadius : Unfortunately, our country does not have the military power to
    do so.
    Ruise : Hmmm, in short we want to create a situation where we'll be sure the
    Ranzack kingdom won't attack us right?
    Tippi : And how do you intend to do that? Send a "Please don't attack us"
    Ruise : Hmmmm...
    Wallace : No, that just might be a good idea. How about it your Highness?
    Arcadius : In other words, forming an alliance with the Ranzack kingdom you
    Wallace : Yes. If we have the assurance that the Ranzack troops won't be
    targeting us then we could fight the Burnstein army with our full strength.
    Ruise : Ah, I see. If we do that we'll be pretty sure they won't come to
    attack us.
    Wallace : Indeed, preventing the war before it can happen is always good.
    How about it your Highness?
    Wallace : Well, as long as they're not joining the war this may be a good
    option but what if they attack us? Now is the right time to think about that
    Ruise : Hmmm, in short we want to create a situation where we'll be sure the
    Ranzack kingdom won't attack us right?
    Tippi : And how do you intend to do that? Send a "Please don't attack us"
    Ruise : Hmmmm...
    Wallace : No, that just might be a good idea. How about it your Highness?
    Arcadius : In other words, forming an alliance with the Ranzack kingdom you
    Wallace : Yes. If we have the assurance that the Ranzack troops won't be
    targeting us then we could fight the Burnstein army with our full strength.
    Wallace : Hey, it won't hurt to be a bit braver than that.
    Tippi : Yeah! What's the meaning of giving up before things even get 
    Ruise : Hmmm, in short we want to create a situation where we'll be sure the
    Ranzack kingdom won't attack us right?
    Tippi : And how do you intend to do that? Send a "Please don't attack us"
    Ruise : Hmmmm...
    Wallace : No, that just might be a good idea. How about it your Highness?
    Arcadius : In other words, forming an alliance with the Ranzack kingdom you
    Wallace : Yes. If we have the assurance that the Ranzack troops won't be
    targeting us then we could fight the Burnstein army with our full strength.
    Arcadius : Agreed. Then during your vacations I will have a letter for the
    king of Ranzack written. Once your vacations are over, you will travel to the
    Ranzack castle to deliver it. Now rest, you did well.
    Official : Considering your achievements we will grant you three days of rest
    this time. Well then, please select where you want to go :
    1) Capital city Rosaria
    2) Health resort Rashell
    3) Magic academy
    4) Hot spring town Comsprings
                                 Fourth Mission
                    Form an alliance with the Ranzack kingdom
    ======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========
    (after getting back from vacation)
    Official : Your vacations are now over. You will be given your next mission.
    Arcadius : How are you feeling? Did you rest well?
    Arcadius : Well then, as you were told earlier here is your next mission.
    This is a letter proposing an alliance to the Ranzack kingdom. However,
    since the Burnstein Kingdom probably expected us to take such actions,
    we can expect them to interfere. Thus that's why I want you to travel
    secretly to the Ranzack kingdom and hand the king this non-aggression pact.
    Wallace : In short we must avoid drawing attention from the Burnstein kingdom.
    Arcadius : Yes. In the event troops from Burnstein uncover your identity
    and try to capture you, you're allowed to escape and come back. Here are
    papers authorizing you to cross the border as traders. With these you can
    reach the border town of the Ranzack kingdom, Galaschirz, without trouble.
    Tippi : Eeeh!? Aren't we supposed to go to the royal capital?
    Ruise : Then how should we proceed afterwards?
    Sandra : Unfortunately you will have to devise a way to reach the royal capital
    on your own. Still, once you've entered the Ranzack Kingdom, moving freely
    shouldn't be that much of a problem. Besides,as soon as you reach a town,
    Ruise's teleport spell allows you to go there again as many times as you wish.
    Wallace : To summarize, once we reach the first town, we are to make our own
    decisions based on the current situation. Our missions are getting more complex
    now that you've become a knight, right Carmaine?
    Arcadius : This mission will shape the destiny of our country. I am counting on
    (got your authorization to go through the border as traders!)
    (Alright, there are a number of things you can do before going on with your
    next mission. First, and this is very important, go talk to Eliotte. He is
    currently in the castle in one of the rooms on the left side.)
    Eliotte : Ah, I heard all about it!
    Tippi : Huh?
    Eliotte : You've been knighted, haven't you? Congratulations!
    1) Thanks (recommended choice)
    2) Well, yes, I have....
    3) Heh, it's only natural!
    Eliotte : Aah, that is such an honorable title...I'll be working hard too!
    Tippi : Working hard? On what?
    Eliotte : Ah..um...well, errr, anyway, I'll be working hard nonetheless!
    Eliotte : Oh? You don't seem to be pleased about it?
    Tippi : He's just embarrassed!
    Eliotte : Whoa, you're really confident!
    Ruise : Geez, oniichan you're so silly...
    Walace : I know you're happy but don't get too caught up in the excitement.
    Tippi : Hehehe....Wallace-san, you're sounding like a father!
    Wallace : ...hm...hum...
    (now that's done you can go see the land that has been given to you or head to
    Rashell to check on Karen as usual. Talking to her will prompt a choice asking 
    whether you want her to join your party or not. There is no reason to not take
    her in. She's lvl.21 which should be your own level right now and she's a
    character entirely dedicated to healing which is always useful. Once she's in
    the party go take a look at the flea market in Granshill. This event is only
    available now, once you start your mision it will be too late. You can go to
    your land anytime, you'll meet with the administrator there.)
    ======= Granshill ========
    (going in front of the coliseum)
    Tippi : Whoa~ there's so many people!
    Ruise : Seems like there's some kind of sale.
    Tippi : Say, can we go have fun and take a look around for a short while?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Tippi : Yay~! Let's go everyone!
    (your group splits up)
    Tippi : Alright we're going too!
    Wallace : We have a job to do, there is no time to play around.
    Tippi : Pft!
    (only thing you have to do here is talk to your party members. The girls
    will mention looking for things to buy and you will have the opportunity
    to buy something as a present for one of them.)
    (talking to Wallace)
    Wallace : Sigh. These kinds of things tire me out. I'll be resting for a
    bit here.
    Tippi : You're such a party pooper!
    Wallace : There's nothing I want to buy, that's all. Anyway, I'll be resting
    (talking to Misha)
    Misha : Ah, oniisama!
    Misha : Err...do you know if they sell some exotic flowers in places like
    Tippi : Exotic flowers? Hmm, I don't know about that.
    Misha : I see...
    Tippi : Why'd you ask that so suddenly?
    Misha : I want to collect exotic flowers to make a flower garden so I'm
    looking for places to find some but...
    Misha : If you find some please be sure to let me know! Later!
    (talking to Misha again)
    Misha : Ah, oniisama. Oniisama, is there anything you want to buy here?
    1) Nothing
    2) Tons of things
    3) I want something money can't buy
    Misha : Eeeh? I thought that in a place like this you'd find lots of things
    you wanted to buy though...
    Tippi : Only a crazy spender like you would think that....
    Misha : Really? I thought I was pretty normal...
    Misha : You too!?
    Tippi : Geez, you two are so...
    Misha : Th-then, could it be that...kyaaaa oniisama! <3  If you want my heart
    so much it's alright to say it out loud! For the wedding we'll go to the church
    right? It fits our image perfectly! Then, after receiving the blessings from
    everyone, we'll exchange each other rings and then, then, finally, the kiss!
    Aah, we'll stare into each other eyes, then I'll slowly close mine and then,
    oniisama, you'll...
    Tippi : ...hey you...is it really okay not to stop her?
    (talking to Karen)
    Karen : It's been such a long time since I've been to a fair like this. It's so
    lively. I'm really having fun.
    1) Didn't you ever come here with Xenos?
    2) I like lively places too
    3) Yes, this kind of thing is fun from time to time
    Karen : My brother doesn't like noisy places too much...the last time we came
    here was when we were kids.
    Karen : Yes, one can't help but feel happy seeing people rejoice, right?
    Karen : Hahaha, yes, if it were too often it'd be tiring I guess.
    Tippi : By the way did you find something to buy Karen-san?
    Karen : No, not yet. I was looking around to find things pertaining to
    medicinal herbs or their usage but I haven't had any luck so far...
    Tippi : Hmm, good luck!
    Karen : Thank you. Well, I'll keep looking then.
    (talking to Ruise)
    Ruise : Ah, oniichan. Say, do you think accessories fit me?
    1) Everything suits you Ruise
    2) You're still too young for that
    3) I have no idea
    Ruise : R-really...?
    Ruise : Really....?
    Ruise : I guess I should have figured so....
    Tippi : What's with that question all of a sudden?
    Ruise : Well Misha bought a few things she found in a cute accessory shop.
    I went with her to take a look at the goods but...I don't think accessories
    suit me at all so I left quickly...
    Tippi : That's such a shame...Ruise-chan you're so good-looking I'm sure it
    would have suited you!
    Ruise : Thank you Tippi.
    (talking to Ruise again)
    Ruise : Ah, oniichan. Flea markets have a unique atmosphere don't they? I think
    they're fun.
    1) Is it your first time visiting one?
    2) Agree with her
    3) It depends where they're held
    Ruise : Yes. There are events somewhat similar to this at the academy's
    festival but...
    Tippi : Then be sure to enjoy your time here!
    Ruise : Yes, I will.
    Ruise : I'm a bit uneasy with crowds but if it's an event like this then I
    don't mind coming anytime.
    Ruise : That's right, this town is always so lively.
    Tippi : I love this kind of atmosphere too!
    Ruise : I...am a bit uneasy with crowds...but if it an event like this then
    I don't mind coming anytime.
    (now you can go visit shops : three of them will let you buy items you can
    give as presents. But you can only get one so choose carefully. First option
    is to take a look at other shops, second is to buy right away)
    (if you give a present to Ruise)
    Ruise : Eh? Is that for me oniichan?
    1) Ask if she likes it
    2) Ask if she doesn't like it
    Ruise : Yes...I'm so happy....
    Tippi : Then why do you look like you're about to cry?
    Ruise : It's a present from oniichan so...I'm just so happy...
    Ruise : No, not at all...it's a present from oniichan so....I'm just so
    Tippi : Geez, there's no need to cry over something like this.
    Ruise : Yes. Oniichan, thank you. I'll treasure it.
    (if you give a present to Karen)
    Karen : Eh? This is for me? I'm so glad...I was looking for something like
    Tippi : With this you'll be even more knowledgeable about medicinal herbs...
    Karen : Yes. With this, I hope I'll be able to be more helpful to those
    around me. That's why I put all my heart into studying.
    1) I'll be counting on you if I get hurt
    2) Ask her if there's really any need for her to study anymore
    Karen : Yes, I'll be looking forward to it....ah, forgive me.
    I didn't mean I wanted to see you get hurt of course.
    Karen : Of course. There are still many herbs whose properties I don't know.
    Tippi : Hmmm, is that so...
    Karen : I'll carry this book with me at all times. Thank you very much.
    (if you give a present to Misha)
    Misha : Eh? This is for me? Really? I-I-I-I I'm so grateful! So far I've only
    seen cockscombs in a book, so I'm really happy! Once these grow I'll finally
    get to see them for real! Oniisama, do you know what the meaning of cockscombs
    is in the flower language?
    1) Pretty
    2) High class beauty
    3) Good mood
    4) Good fortune
    Misha : Exactly!
    Misha : The answer was "pretty"
    Misha : The answer was "pretty"
    Misha : The answer was "pretty"
    Tippi : Hmmm, pretty huh...I wonder what kind of flower will bloom from those.
    Misha : I'll show them to you once they've bloomed. But...it might not be
    before next year...
    Tippi : That's...that's quite a long time...
    ======= Lord Carmaine territory ========
    (upon getting there)
    Tippi : This is the place? But there's nothing here.
    (talk to the guy in the middle of the area)
    Administrator : I've been waiting for you my lord. This place is your land
    to build. Please give me any instructions you'd like.
    Tippi : Any instructions? Anything we say is fine?
    Admin : The procedures are very simple. First, choose the type of establishment
    you want to have built. Then please allocate the necessary funds to the
    building of said establishment. Afterwards I will make the necessary
    arrangements for the construction to be carried on. The profits made by those
    establishments will be used for maintenance purposes. Once an establishment 
    is built and starts to flourish, you will be given the possibility to expand
    it even further.
    Do you want me to repeat this explanation?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Admin : Lastly, please give this place a name.
    (following dialogues depend on who is in your party at that time)
    Misha : Say oniisama! Why not decide the name with everyone?
    Ruise : Ah, hold on Misha!
    Karen : Yes, that's a good idea I think....
    Ruise : E-even Karen-san....
    Tippi : Hehehe! that sounds fun!
    Wallace  Anyway this is Carmaine's place. Let him choose how he wants to
    1) I'll definitely pick one of your propositions
    2) I'll hear what you have to say at least
    3) Quiet. I'll decide myself
    (1 or 2)
    Tippi : Then you go first Misha!
    Misha : It's a flower name but how about Caladium? The name means great joy.
    Or we could call it "Hyacinth", it means "a cheerful future" isn't that nice?
    Tippi : Hum, I see...then Karen-san, what's your idea?
    Karen : Well...since this place will become a growing town how about
    Tippi : Humm...growing town huh....next! Ruise-chan!
    Ruise : Err...something like "Fun Fun land" or "Happy town"....
    Tippi ...this isn't a theme park you know.....
    Ruise : ...uuh....
    Tippi : Then, next is Wallace-san!
    Wallace : Hm? Me? Can't we just give it your name "Carmaine"?
    Tippi : B-O-R-I-N-G~!
    Misha : Then what do you propose Tippi-chan?
    Tippi : Isn't it obvious!
    Tippi (tears of joy coming out) : THE TIPPI-CHAN KINGDOM!
    Wallace : So what will it be?
    1) Caladium (Misha)
    2) Hyacinth (Misha)
    3) Growland (Karen)
    4) Fun Fun land (Ruise)
    5) Happy town (Ruise)
    6) Carmaine (Wallace)
    7) Tippi-chan kingdom (Tippi)
    8) Decide by myself (only if you picked answer 2) before)
    (1 or 2)
    Misha : Teeheehee! I'm so glad!
    Karen : I'm honored you chose my idea.
    (4 or 5)
    Ruise : I-is it really okay...?
    Wallace : If you're sure not to regret it later then fine....
    Tippi : Th-that was a joke you know....but I'm sorta glad....
    Tippi : Pft. How boring!
    (pick a name)
    Tippi : Pft. How boring!
    (pick a name)
    Admin : What are your instructions my lord?
    1) Build an establishment
    2) Expand an existing establishment
    3) Cancel
    Admin : Which establishment do you wish to build?
    a) Theater
    b) Exhibition hall
    c) Restaurant
    d) Park
    e) Cancel
    (same choices as 1)
    Admin : Then please call me whenever you need something.
    (Alright, some quick explanation here instead of translating everything.
    Select any type of building you want with the first option. Then the
    administrator will tell you the money you need to build it, it's usually
    very cheap, and present you with two choices : don't build and build
    (bottom choice). You can build everything at once, actually it's better
    if you do so. The only thing you can't build is the park because at first
    you whole town is a park. Instead you can chose the second option to expand
    the park. Expanding it will actually result in creating a pond in it where
    your characters can enjoy sailing rowboats. Even after building the other
    types of establishments you can't expand them yet, as you will need to find
    people to work there first. The restaurant need a chef, the theater needs
    people to put on plays, etc...All those people are the NPCs with names you
    can sometimes meet in town inns be sure to talk to them and mention your city
    at that time. Well I hope the whole town thing so far is clear, let's get
    back to the plot now. Head to fort Raijin, then enter the forest to the
    south-east and keep going to reach the Ranzack border)
    ======= Rolandia-Ranzack border ========
    (speaking to the guards - depending on who has the highest friendship level
    this event may be quite different, here is the Wallace version)
    Guard : Halt! From here on is Ranzack territory! Unauthorized people may not
    (open your menu, show them your latest permit)
    Guard : You seem to have an authorization. ...traders huh? What kind of goods
    do you deal in?
    Wallace : Hmm, we're weapons dealers.
    Guards : Weapons dealers!? Are you sure you aren't part of the Rolandia army
    Wallace : Hurry up and let us through already! Now that things have turned
    sour between the Rolandia and Burnstein kingdoms, we've replenished our stock
    and intend to turn a profit by selling higher.
    Guard : ...you still look suspicious to me....
    Misha : Really? Do I look like some sort of spy? Say, Ruise-chan do I really
    look like one? I'm sad....
    Tippi : Hey you! Aren't you pushing it a little!? I don't know about that
    old dude but how exactly do those girls look like they belong to the military?
    Guard : I get it already, sorry about that! Don't be too greedy though or
    you'll be digging your own grave.
    (once you take a few steps south)
    Guard : Ah I forgot to tell you guys something. Burnstein troops are currently
    in town. Be sure to not cause trouble.
    Tippi : Alriiight~!
    (You can now go through. However there is an important item to grab here.
    It's located behind the guard house on the left. Search around by pushing O
    and you'll find it. It's one of those Tippi cursors necessary if you want to
    get her ending.)
    (on the next screen)
    Tippi :  Whew! Things nearly went wrong just then.
    Wallace : It went well thanks to you and Misha. That was pretty clever of
    Ruise : Oniichan, you didn't try to act like a merchant at all. You always just
    act like yourself...
    1) Apologize
    2) Tell her she wasn't any better
    3) Look all sad and depressed
    Tippi : Well as long as you understand it's fine...
    Tippi : What's with that conceited attitude!
    Tippi : Ah, he looks like he's reflecting upon his mistakes so we might as
    well forgive him this time.
    Wallace : Speaking of which Tippi, didn't you call me "old dude" earlier?
    Tippi : A..ah? Did I? I don't remember? See, I was getting a bit desperate
    and all so my mind got blank...
    Wallace : Fuh. Fine, I'll forgive you.
    (if it's Karen who has the highest friendship level things will go much
    better like this)
    Guard : Halt! From here on is Ranzack territory! Unauthorized people may not
    (open your menu, show them your latest permit)
    Guard : You seem to have an authorization. ...traders huh? What kind of
    goods do you deal in?
    Karen : We're traveling merchants selling medicinal herbs. We came here
    hoping to sell some herb species that do not grow in this area....
    Guard : Selling medicinal herbs huh? I'm perfectly healthy so the only ones
    I use are for ointments.
    Karen : If you need some we have a few to spare.
    Guard : No, I don't need any in particular now. Please take care during your
    (once you take a few steps south)
    Guard : Ah I forgot to tell you guys something. Burnstein troops are
    currently in town. Be sure to not cause trouble.
    Tippi : Alriiight~!
    (on the next screen)
    Tippi :  Seems like we got through smoothly.
    ======= Galaschirz ========
    (getting there)
    Tippi : We've finally arrived. Our travel authorization won't get us any
    further right?
    Ruise : That's what we've been told. In any case I'll remember this place so
    we can Teleport back here.
    Karen : What will we be doing from here on?
    Wallace : Ah, about that, the border guards said something that stuck in my
    Tippi : What's that? Hey you, do you remember something like that?
    1) It's about not causing trouble
    2) It's about the Burnstein troops in town
    3) I don't remember anything
    Karen : Yes it's true they told us that but...
    Wallace : But that's not what I was referring to...
    Ruise : Errr...I think they told us something about Burnstein troops being
    in town.
    Tippi : Ah! I remember now. That's right, he did say that!
    Wallace : Yes. Why are there Burnstein troops in a town of the Ranzack
    Misha : Hmmmm...what was it already?
    Ruise : Errr...I think they told us something about Burnstein troops being
    in town.
    Tippi : Ah! I remember now. That's right, he did say that!
    Wallace : They may have come here for the same purpose as us. They probably
    don't want to increase their number of enemies either.
    Karen : Does that mean we're too late then?
    Wallace : We can't say that yet but...since we came this far, let's
    investigate the situation a little to begin with.
    (investigate will mean talking to people in town. Actually only two are
    relevant. The little kid south of town who is voiced, and that grampa in
    his house, right by the pond north of town.)
    Little Girl : I heard it! The reason why there is Burnstein soldiers in
    town! It's because an official of the Burnstein kingdom came here! His name
    Old man : Oh, isn't that an unfamiliar face? Hoho, did you came here to take
    a chance to see General Weber?
    Wallace : General Weber?
    Old man : Don't you know him? He's our country's general! He's a man of few
    words but he's known to be warm-hearted and is very popular.
    (after talking to those two people)
    Wallace : Humm...sorry about this but can't we go to the inn? I have
    something to tell you.
    Ruise : About what?
    Wallace : I can't say that here. Let's go to the inn now.
    (in the inn)
    Wallace : Let's have a quick talk.
    (follow him)
    Karen : Yes, what could it be?
    Wallace : Earlier the townspeople mentioned someone called Weber didn't they?
    Ruise : Yes, they said he was a general if I'm not mistaken. What about him?
    Wallace : Weber was one of my comrades in the mercenary unit...
    Tippi : A mercenary comrade?
    Wallace : Yes. In our group aside from me there was two other vice-captains.
    One of them was Weber. After the captain disappeared, Weber decided to agree
    to work exclusively for the Ranzack Kingdom and joined the military. He did
    that for the sake of the remaining members of our group who would have
    difficulties finding a job otherwise.
    Ruise : Then if you speak to that general, it should be easy to create an
    alliance since you're former friends right?
    Wallace : Yes, this is probably true.
    Misha : By the way, who was the other vice-captain? Where is he now?
    Wallace : His name is Gamelan. Even for a mercenary he was a strange guy.
    His favorite trick was to use magic to control a person's behavior.
    Tippi : Gamelan....I feel like I've heard that name somewhere before...
    Misha : We heard something similar in town. One person told us an official
    from the Burnstein Kingdom came here and his name was Gam-something.
    Tippi : Maybe that's him!
    Wallace : It definitely is. Gamelan disappeared at the same time as the captain
    did, but it turned out he simply left the unit and became an officer of the
    Burnstein military. And he came here for the same purpose as us. To forge an
    alliance with the Ranzack Kingdom. He's probably requesting it from Weber as an
    old friend.
    Ruise : If that's the case then...how can we possibly complete our mission....
    (gloomy moment ensues)
    Tippi : We have to investigate some more.
    Ruise : It might be a good idea if we split up and try to get more info
    Karen : Yes.
    Wallace : Yes, that sounds good. But I'll be staying here. Sorry about that but
    if Gamelan or Weber see me, they'll probably guess what we're trying to do.
    Tippi : I guess that can't be helped. Well then, let's split up. If we learn
    anything more let's meet again here afterwards!
    Misha (leaving) : I wonder if I'll do any good....
    Karen (leaving) : What should I do....
    Ruise (leaving) : I'm going.
    Tippi : Alright, let's go too.
    (To investigate you'll need to first talk to Xenos for "some reason". He's at
    the south east exit of the town. Then go visit the north-east exit. You'll be
    driven away by a guard. Go back a second time to trigger an event where Tippi
    suggests distracting the guard to get through. Go ask one of your party members
    to help you on that and you'll be able to proceed)
    (talking to Xenos)
    Xenos : Oh it's you guys! What are you doing here?
    Tippi : Hey, Xenos, glad to see you. But hey, what are you doing here yourself?
    Xenos : Me? I heard that the Ranzack Kingdom was hiring mercenaries.
    Tippi : Mercenaries!?
    Xenos : That's because the Rolandia and Burnstein kingdoms just started a war.
    They probably just want to be on the safe side if the war expands and reaches
    Tippi : Then you're going to be a mercenary for the Ranzack kingdom?
    Xenos : Nah, not yet. First I want to see what they can offer and
    then I'll make my decision.
    Tippi : I see. Well then, good luck!
    Xenos : Thanks, you too!
    (trying to go north east)
    Guard : Trespassing here is forbidden! Hurry up and leave!
    (trying to go north east - second time)
    Tippi : He's still here. We need to do something about this guard if we want
    to investigate over there.
    (asking Karen for help)
    Karen : Ah it's you. Have you found a clue?
    Tippi : Actually we would like to investigate the outskirts but there's a
    guard that's preventing us from going there. If we could somehow distract him
    for a while then it'd be fine but...
    Karen : If it's okay with you I'm willing to help
    1) Ask her to help
    2) Don't
    Karen : Alright, let's go.
    Karen : If you change your mind, feel free to ask me anytime.
    (asking Ruise for help)
    Ruise : Hey oniichan. What's the matter?
    Tippi : Actually we would like to investigate the outskirts but there's a
    guard that's preventing us from going there. If we could somehow distract him
    for a while then it'd be fine but...
    Ruise : If you think I'm up to it, I'm willing to help
    1) Ask her to help
    2) Don't
    Ruise : Okay!
    Ruise : If something comes up, please call for me.
    (asking Misha for help)
    Misha : Ah, oniisama!
    Tippi : Actually we would like to investigate the outskirts but there's a
    guard that's preventing us from going there. If we could somehow distract him
    for a while then it'd be fine but...
    Misha : Oh, I'll help! I'll do it!
    Tippi : Hey, shall we ask Misha?
    1) Ask her to help
    2) Don't
    Misha : I'm glad to be able to help you!
    Misha : Feel free to ask again!
    (take the character you want to the screen with the guard to proceed)
    (Distracting the guard - Karen's version)
    Tippi : Then, Karen-san, we'll leave it to you.
    Karen : Yes, I'll do my best.
    (she goes near the guard)
    Karen : Hello, thanks for being such a diligent worker.
    Guard : A-ah, thank you...
    Karen : ...ah...
    Guard : What's wrong?
    Karen : I'm sorry...I have a weak constitution you see and...
    Guard : Hey, hang on!
    Karen : I'm sorry but would it be possible to lend me your shoulder until we
    reach the inn?
    Guard : Ah, alright, just don't pass out on me.
    Tippi : ...the sex appeal of a woman is a scary thing indeed...
    Tippi : Alright, let's go now!
    (Distracting the guard - Ruise's version)
    Tippi : Alright Ruise-chan, we'll leave it to you.
    Ruise : Y-yeah...
    (she goes near the guard)
    Ruise : Hum, err...excuse me!
    Guard : What is it?
    Ruise : There are some people fighting over there! If someone doesn't stop
    them, then they'll...
    Guard : I got it, I got it. Show me the way!
    Ruise : Yes, this way please...
    Tippi : She did it. Let's go now!
    (Distracting the guard - Misha's version)
    Tippi : Then we're counting on you Misha.
    Misha : Leave it to me!
    (she goes near the guard)
    Misha : Hmmmm...
    Guard : ....
    Misha : Hmmmmm....
    Gaurd : ...what?
    Misha : Ah, I was wondering if there is there a second hand goods store near
    Guard : A shop? Can't you see there's no such thing here.
    Go into town for that.
    Misha : Huh? Isn't it this way to get into town? That's what I was told by
    someone earlier though...
    Guard : How did you manage to get lost here? Anyway just go back using the same
    road you used to come here.
    Misha : According to what I've been told it should be near here though...then
    maybe it's over there?
    Guard : Idiot, it's not that way!
    Misha : But I'm sure that's the way I came from...
    Guard : Geez, I got it already! I'll guide you to the town!
    Misha : Thanks!
    Tippi : W-well done! I'm not sure if she was acting or really lost
    though...Anyway let's go now!
    (on the next screen try to go near the alley and...)
    Tippi : So there are soldiers guarding this area too? What could be in that
    mansion? I'll go take a look quickly. If I go through the chimney I should be
    able to enter without getting noticed.
    Tippi : Kyaah!
    Tippi : The wind is so strong I can't fly there....seems like I can't go there
    unless I'm with you. Bring me to the roof! Then I'll be able to go down through
    the chimney and find out what's inside.
    (if you get caught)
    Gaurd : Hey! This isn't a playground here! Go away!
    Tippi : This time we can't get spotted okay?
    (caught again)
    Guard : Hey! You again! Kids don't belong here!
    Tippi : This time we definitely can't get spotted okay?
    (fail too much and the wind will die down allowing Tippi to go by herself.
    She will comment about how much you suck though.)
    (getting to the mansion)
    Tippi : If we climb here we can make it to the roof.
    (on the roof)
    Tippi : We did it! I'll go sneak inside then. Wait outside until I come back!
    (once you are outside the mansion's garden, the scene switches to the inside
    of the mansion)
    Gamelan : Still, time really hasn't spared the both of us. Back then we were
    General Weber : You surely didn't come here to reminisce about the past.
    State your business quickly.
    Gamelan : That stiffness of yours hasn't changed a bit though.
    Weber : That's not something for you to be concerned with.
    Gamelan : Hmph. We, the Burnstein kingdom will soon cross the forest border
    and attack the Rolandia kingdom. Meanwhile you and the Ranzack army will start
    to move around them and strike from behind...
    Weber : We already discussed this plan.
    Gamelan : Then let me hear your answer. Will you assist us and carry out this
    pincer attack? Or will you not?
    Weber : I have already given the orders to my troops. As long as the Burnstein
    Kingdom stays true to its word and doesn't attack us...
    Gamelan : We won't. We're old friends aren't we? Trust me....
    Weber : We may have been comrades in the past but you threw away your
    responsibility as a vice-captain and left to live for your own sake. You can't
    imagine how many hardships I had to endure to keep the remaining members of our
    group alive.
    Gamelan : Don't say that. If I had stayed with you, who knows if you wouldn't
    have faced more hardships? We're like oil and water, the two of us. Besides
    aren't you forgetting someone who is as guilty as I am in this?
    Weber : ...Wallace. Let's get back on topic.
    Gamelan : ...fine. Here, let's both sign this contract stating the terms of
    our alliance. Then we'll both go report to our kings, shall we?
    Weber : Agreed.
    Tippi : Whoa~ this is bad...
    (back to Carmaine)
    Tippi : ...and this is what they said! Let's hurry back to the inn and let
    everyone know!
    (getting in the inn)
    Wallace : Oh, you're back.
    (talking to your party)
    Karen : I'm sorry. I couldn't find anything worthwhile.
    Misha : I haven't got anything either...
    Ruise : Oniichan how did things go on your side?
    Tippi : They went pretty badly!
    Wallace : Tell us all the details.
    Tippi : Actually...
    (screen goes black as she explains)
    Ruise : ...oh no....
    Wallace : Gamelan and Weber...
    Tippi : We have to hurry and stop them somehow!
    Wallace : Based on their talk we can tell they intend to strike after crossing
    through the Illusion Forest. If they coordinate their movements from within the
    forest then there is a possibility for them to strike the Rolandia troops in
    their backs while they're fighting the Burnstein troops.
    Misha : What should we do? At this rate not only won't we be able to form an
    alliance with the Ranzack but Rolandia might even lose the war!
    Wallace : Hmm, is there no way for us to stop them....
    ======= Fort Raijin ========
    (talking to General Bronson)
    Bronson : What's wrong? You look a bit strange.
    Tippi : This is not the time to be so relaxed! The enemy is about to strike!
    Bronson : Fighting the enemy is nothing to be afraid of in war. We are ready
    for it.
    Wallace : However you're only ready to face the Burnstein troops, aren't you?
    Would you remain this composed if Ranzack troops were joining the attack?
    Bronson : What!? Are you telling me the Ranzack Kingdom has joined the war
    Wallace : Yes. Moreover the situation is extremely bad right now.
    Bronson : Give me more details.
    Wallace : They devised a mutual operation aiming at trapping our troops in a
    pincer attack to crush us. First the Burnstein troops will attack us.
    Naturally, the battle will take place in the plains east from here. However
    south of those plains lies the Illusion Forest. While we're fighting the
    Burnstein army, Ranzack troops will go through the forest, get around our
    army and strike us from behind.
    Tippi : Can't we split the soldiers into two groups? One to take care of
    the Burnstein troops while the others face the Ranzack troops?
    Ruise : I don't know much about war but can we really stop the enemy with
    only half of our strength?
    Bronson : Hmm...the little missy is right. Unless a very large number of
    soldiers come here as reinforcements we can't do such a thing.
    Misha : Then how about pulling back our own troops instead of letting them
    be surrounded by the Ranzack troops? That way they could fight all together
    on a single frontline!
    Wallace : Pulling back the troops would mean having the battlefield within
    the borders of the kingdom. In the event they manage to break through the
    battle front, then they'll be able to easily get into the kingdom and the
    damages would escalate quickly.
    Bronson : Indeed.
    Tippi : Then, what can we do! Hey you, don't just stand there! Say something
    1) Engage the enemy here
    2) Have the troops fight defensively exclusively
    3) Make the Burnstein and the Ranzack troops fight each other (no specific
    response but still the good answer)
    Bronson : If we did that things would end up the same as if we got caught in
    a pincer attack
    Tippi : No good huh...
    Wallace : The best way to deal with this situation would be to have the
    Burnstein and the Ranzack troops fight each other to split their forces....
    Bronson : Even with this fort as a stronghold, if the troops from the
    Burnstein and Ranzack kingdoms merge, we don't have the necessary strength to
    hold them back for long. Besides if this fort is surrounded, we won't be able
    to protect the kingdom's cities against the enemy troops.
    Tippi : No good huh...
    Wallace : The best way to deal with this situation would be to have the
    Burnstein and the Ranzack troops fight each other to split their forces....
    Bronson : Indeed, if both armies were to break into a fight with each other,
    we would then have the advantage. But how could we achieve that?
    Tippi : They said that the Ranzack army would get around our troops by going
    through the Illusion Forest but...
    Bronson : The forest? Ah, yes...this forest...
    Tippi : Hm? What is it?
    Bronson : Actually within that forest lies ruins from the Growsian
    civilization. Right now the magical crystal used to furnish power to those
    ruins is broken, but if we could activate the device within those ruins, then
    we might use the Illusion Forest to our advantage.
    Ruise : Hmm, so there are these kinds of ruins there...
    Bronson : But the problem is that as long as this device is active only
    Growsians can go through this forest without getting lost.
    Misha : Then that's not a problem since Ruise-chan is a Growsian!
    Bronson : In that case, I'd like to request it from you. Try to get hold of
    a magic crystal somehow and go there to activate the device. I will have the
    ruins' entrance unlocked in the meanwhile.
    Tippi : Alright, let's contact master right away!
    Tippi (entering telepathy mode) : ...
    Tippi : Ah, master! Can you hear me? Ah no, not yet but...more importantly!
    We have an emergency here! Burnstein and Ranzack have formed an alliance
    already and are getting ready to strike! To prevent that we'd need a magic
    crystal! What!? You have one? Okay! Then we'll be coming to fetch it right
    Ruise : What did Mother say?
    Tippi : She has a magic crystal in her laboratory and told us to go fetch it!
    Misha : That's Ruise-chan's mom for you!
    Wallace : In any case, it seems like we can get hold of one.
    Bronson : I'm counting on you. When you get back the ruins will be unlocked.
    ======= Sandra's laboratory ========
    (talking to Sandra)
    Sandra : This is the last magic crystal I have.
    (got a magic crystal!)
    Sandra : Things took a rather dramatic turn, didn't they...but if there
    is anyone that can prevent this impending tragedy it has to be you.
    We're depending on you.
    (talking to her again)
    Sandra : Wallace-san, please take care of my children.
    Wallace : Yes, leave it to me madam.
    ======= Growsian underground ruins ========
    (talking to the guard)
    Guard : The Ranzack army has already entered the forest! Time is running
    short! We're relying on you!
    (entering the ruins)
    Guard :  I'll get back to the troops at once. I'm not a Growsian so I
    can'tget through this forest unless it's in its normal state.
    (once inside)
    Karen : So these are ruins from the Growsian civilization....
    Tippi : Where could the device be?
    Wallace : It's an important device so it's probably in the safest place
    within the ruins.
    (take a few steps forward)
    Tippi : What's that? There are some tiles bearing various colors here?
    (step on them. Correct order is : white, red, blue, green and yellow)
    Tippi : Great! All the panels are open!
    Ruise : We can proceed within now!
    (one floor below)
    Tippi : What is that exactly? Looks like a transparent plank?
    (take a left here and keep going while stepping on all the colored tiles
    you'll find. You'll eventually end up in a large room where you can go in
    all four directions. Go up, the tiles there will open two panels to rooms
    with treasures and also let you navigate between floors more easily. Then
    go south. The switch there will light the bottom floor of the dungeon and
    activate the guardians. If you go left now you'll notice a room with three
    pedestals. Keep it in mind you'll need to get to each of those pedestals
    later. Go ahead and visit the opened treasure rooms. you'll find a Ribbon
    (accessory that prevents poison) and a Hydrogen, a long-ranged weapon for
    Ariost. Afterwards get back to the stairs where the transparent panel was
    and go downstairs.)
    (red switch on the stairs going down)
    Notice : central device : currently operating
    (a few steps later)
    Guardian : Bio-organism patterns detected. Starting analysis. Patterns do
    not match any recorded entry. Presence of intruders confirmed. Termination
    of intruders will now begin.
    Tippi : I didn't really understand but that sounded bad!
    (battle against lvl.25 guardian. It's weak to Thunder so a couple of thunder
    spells will destroy it quickly. Carmaine's thunder spell alone can deal around
    90 damage to it.)
    (if Guardian casts a spell)
    Tippi : That ball thing can cast spells!?
    Wallace : Quite troublesome....
    (once destroyed)
    Guardian : Damage level...over 95%...self-repair...impossible...
    Tippi : Yeah, we broke it!
    Misha : That was scary....
    (check the purple sphere it left behind is a regeneration control key.
    Those need to be placed on those altars you saw before. For now go right.
    You'll walk past a locked door and in the next room there'll be a white tile.
    Step on it to open said door. get inside and you'll see another guardian)
    Guardian : Bio-organism patterns detected. Starting analysis. Patterns do
    not match any recorded entry. Presence of intruders confirmed. Termination
    of intruders will now begin.
    Ruise : There's another one!
    (once destroyed)
    Guardian : Damage level...over 95%...self-repair...impossible...
    Tippi : Yeah, we broke it!
    Misha : That was scary....
    (You'll get another key. Now, as this dungeon is symmetric, go back to the
    stairs and go left this time. Same deal here. Step on the tile and then fight
    another ball to receive the third key. You can go put them on the altars now.
    Examining the altar will just tell you it's written Master Guardian's
    regeneration control key. You'll have to manually open your inventory and
    select the key to use it. Once all three keys are inserted you'll hear a
    sound. You're now ready to go fight the guardian. It's located in the room
    past the save point)
    (getting within the last room)
    Master Guardian : Intruders detected. Termination of intruders will now begin.
    Ruise : There are still more of those things!
    Tippi : Th-this one is rather big....
    Misha : Besides there are five of them!?
    Wallace : This not the time for small talk! Here they come!
    Event battle 13 : Defeat the master guardian
    Winning condition : Defeat all enemies before timer reaches zero
    Losing condition : Party defeated, time's up
    Enemies : Master Guardian (Lv28)
              2 Guardians (Lv25)
              2 Guardians (Lv23)
    (Not too hard but still an annoying battle. Be sure not to put all your
    characters close to each other as the Lv25 guardians will spam Fireball all the
    time. The Master Guardian can also use Thunder rather proficiently. You'll need
    to take it down first otherwise he will keep regenerating the small guardians
    each time you destroy one. Once the Master Guardian is destroyed the fight can
    be ended quickly with a few more Thunder spells)
    (after attacking once, the timer will appear)
    Master Guardian : Hostile nature of the intruders evident. Beginning
    preparations to shut down the system for safety purposes.
    Tippi : Shut down it said...
    Misha : I don't know what that means but I'm sure it isn't good....
    (after defeating one of the guardians)
    Guardian : Damage level...over 95%...
    Master guardian : Initiating guardian repair mode. Starting repairs.
    (it basically automatically casts healing on the guardian)
    Master Guardian : Repairs complete. Resuming intruder elimination.
    Wallace : Damn.... There'll be no end to this.
    (after a while if you didn't deactivate the regeneration effect)
    Tippi : Hey! Look at that big one in the middle! Anytime you deal damage
    to it, it seems to heal up right away!
    Ruise : What should we do...at this rate we'll never beat them....
    Wallace : Carmaine! If we keep on with this reckless fight we won't be able
    to win. How about pulling back for now?
    (after beating Master Guardian)
    Master Guardian : Damage level exceeding maximal tolerance...hindrances
    preventing the usage of the full defense system...self-sustaining system
    Wallace : All that's left is the small fry. Let's finish them at once!
    (defeating a guardian once Master Guardian is destroyed)
    Guardian : Damage level...over 95%...self-repair...impossible...
    (all guardians destroyed)
    Tippi : We did it! Is everyone alright?
    Ruise : Yes.
    Karen : Y-yes.
    Wallace : Yeah, somehow.
    Event battle 13 Clear
    Tippi : Is this the control device?
    Wallace : Good. Let's power it up and get it running again quickly!
    (open up your menu again, select the magic crystal and use it near the altar)
    text in blue : Displaying surrounding topography on the screen
    text in red : Spotted intruders entering the guarded territory
    text in blue : Displaying intruders
    Ruise : Are those dots above symbolizing the Rolandia and Burnstein troops?
    text in blue : Starting up defense system
    (you'll see a dot's movement becoming erratic and then losing its way)
    Tippi : Ah, the Ranzack troops took the path on the right! At this rate
    they'll end up behind the Burnstein troops!
    Wallace : Good. So far things have gone successfully. Now to make the
    Burnstein and Ranzack troops fight each other...
    Tippi : How are we going to do that?
    Wallace : We will leave this place quickly and get to the Burnstein troops
    right before the Ranzack troops reach them. Then we will start attacking them.
    When they turn back to counterattack we will retreat towards the Ranzack
    troops. Once the Burnstein troops catch up with us and start attacking the
    Ranzack troops, nobody will be able to stop the battle.
    Ruise : Then, let's leave right away!
    (after taking a few steps south, the screen will shake and the game'll tell
    you that you heard a loud noise coming from the ruins' entrance)
    (exit the ruins now. near the save point you'll notice you can now access
    the item on the left and the altar on the right. Be sure to check the altar
    and select yes! It will refill HP/MP to your party and you'll definitely need
    it since there'll be more battles soon.)
    (after leaving the ruins)
    Tippi : Somehow the forest looks strange now.
    Wallace : Isn't it because we activated the device?
    Ruise : As long as you remain near me it should be fine. Don't get too far
    from me.
    Tippi : Alright, let's go to the battlefield now!
    Voice : That won't be possible.
    Wallace : Who's there!?
    Man with an eyepatch : I won't let you leave this place.
    Ruise : Ranzack soldiers...!?
    Man with an eyepatch : ...die!
    Event battle 14 : Battle against Grengar
    Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
    Losing condition : Party defeated
    Enemies : Grengar (Lv26)
              2 Ranzack soldiers (Lv21)
    (Super easy battle. Simply stay where you are and charge up a couple of spells.
    Only Grengar will survive them. Finish him off with Carmaine and Wallace.)
    (after Wallace takes a few steps)
    Wallace : Those guys aren't Ranzack soldiers!
    Tippi : Huh? But, those uniforms....
    Wallace : A disguise.
    Ruise : Besides, that person...
    Tippi : Ah! You're right he's the thieves' boss!
    Ruise : You think so too, right!? But that person was killed by an Imperial
    Man with eyepatch : Hoho. So you know about my little brother.
    Tippi : Your little brother!?
    Man with eyepatch : I'm not in the mood for chatting! Get them guys!
    (after defeating him)
    Man with eyepatch : Guh...
    Wallace : What's your motive for attacking us!
    Man with eyepatch : My motive? ..pft. I can't let you people try and stop
    the war.
    Tippi : ...what?
    Man with eyepatch : Well then, enough talking. I don't have time to keep you
    guys company forever like this. Until next time!
    Ruise : It's useless! Someone like you who's not a Growsian can't leave this
    forest right now!
    Man with eyepatch : Fuh! Not when I have something like this.
    Ruise : A Growshu crystal!?
    Man with eyepatch : It's a piece of a magic crystal. As long as I have this,
    I won't get lost. My name is Grengar. We will meet again.
    Event battle 14 Clear
    Wallace : That guy seems like he'll be a serious opponent.
    Ruise : Moreover...why did he had a Growshu crystal...
    Tippi : You don't think he's related to those guys who raided Master's
    Wallace : We'll think about that later!  For now we have to hurry and reach
    the battle field!
    (now you'll have to leave the forest. If you take the west exit, Tippi will
    remind you it's the Rolandia army side and prevent you from leaving. Go too
    far east and you'll reach the Ranzack troops. You have to go in between.)
    (once you get the right exit)
    Wallace : What's the situation?
    Tippi : It looks like the Rolandia and Burstein troops are of equal strength.
    Also it seems that the Ranzack troops haven't arrived yet.
    Ruise : We made it in time!
    Wallace : Then let's attack a group at the rear of the Burnstein army.
    Then when the Ranzack troops get here...
    Ruise : We'll escape while running towards them right?
    Wallace : Yes.
    Karen : Then we'll let the Ranzack and the Burnstein troops fight each
    other, right?
    Wallace : Yes. We don't need to defeat the enemies ourselves. Once the two
    armies start to fight each other, it's best to retreat here.
    Tippi : Good luck everyone!
    Event battle 15 : Battle between Burnstein and Ranzack armies
    Winning condition : Enemies must fight the other country's troops. Then either
    escape or all enemies must die afterwards.
    Losing condition : Party member defeated, Ranzack troops arrive before you
    attack the Burnstein troops or Julian spots you before both armies can
    slaughter each other
    Enemies : Burnstein captain (Lv29)
              4 Burnstein soldiers (Lv22)
              2 Burnstein heavy soldiers (Lv24)
              2 Burnstein mages (Lv19)
              Burnstein cleric (Lv20)
              Ranzack captain (Lv22)
              3 Ranzack soldiers (Lv19)
    (even later)
              Julian (Lv44)
    (Another "Julian battle" As usual timing is key here. But it's not as tough as
    the rescue mission. The easiest way to win this battle is simply to cast a
    spell on the Burnstein troops. You don't need to move from your starting
    position. Wallace will be your shield if the enemies get to you. When the
    Ranzack troops get here, cast another spell on them. They will then go towards
    you too but encounter the Burnstein troops first and start fighting each other.
    Once that happens you've won! Simply retreat in the forest to end it. To get
    the most exp and money it's best to kill everyone of course but still enemies
    must fight each other or it'll be game over. Simply cast area of effect spells
    on the bottom group of soldiers. The top group will be the one to encounter the
    Ranzack troops. Eliminate the survivors by casting a few more spells. If you
    want to defeat Julian, use the same strategy as usual. He won't be too much of
    a threat now, since you have another member to do all the healing you need.
    Misha can do the buffing/debuffing while Carmaine and Ruise use offensive
    spells. Wallace can take out the remaining enemies if they are still some alive
    when Julian engages you. Of course defeating him here lowers the chances of him
    joining later one so it's not recommended.)
    (beginning of battle)
    Ruise : Since no one knows us, they won't suspect our true identity.
    Wallace : Yes. However we won't be able to deceive them if they catch us.
    (taking a few steps or waiting a little)
    Burnstein soldier : Hm? Who are those guys? The Ranzack army's scouts?
    Weren't they supposed to get around the Rolandia troops and strike them from
    Burnstein captain : The Ranzack troops might have run into trouble and those
    guys have been sent here to report to us.
    (attacking the Burnstein troops)
    Burnstein captain : What? Why are the Ranzack troops attacking us!?
    Wallace : Why, sorry about that guys. Don't you know that promises aren't
    always kept?
    Burnstein captain : Damn you! To all troops! Begin counter attack!
    (after a while the Ranzack troops enter the map)
    Tippi : Ah, the Ranzack troops are here!
    Wallace : Alright, pull back and let the two armies fight each other!
    Ranzack captain : Hm? Aren't those guys Burnstein soldiers? What's going on?
    (attacking the Ranzack troops)
    Ranzack captain : What? The Burnstein guys are attacking us!? Kh! You
    (Burnstein soldier attacking a Ranzack one or vice-versa)
    Burnstein captain : How dare you betray us!
    Ranzack captain : That's my line!
    Tippi : Seems like our plan is a success! All that's left is to find a way
    to escape safely.
    (after a minute or so, a familiar figure appears)
    Julian : What are you doing! Don't break up the ranks!
    Tippi : Julian....
    Burnstein captain : Ah, general! Actually, the Ranzack troops started
    attacking us...!
    Julian : What? Damn them, how could they betray us!
    (Julian spots you - line may be different depending on who he sees first)
    Julian : You're...!?
    Julian : I see. You're the one who caused this chaos.
    Julian : To all troops : Stops fighting at once! This is a trap from the
    Rolandia army! They intend to break the alliance between the Burnstein and
    the Ranzack kingdoms!
    (if both armies haven't fought each other yet)
    Burnstein captain : Tsk! So that's what was going on!
    Julian : We will now merge with the Ranzack troops and engage the Rolandia
    Tipppi : Nooo~ (game over)
    (or if both armies have fought each other)
    How do you respond?
    1) Praise Julian for his quick wits
    2) Tell him you're surprised he saw through your scheme
    3) Advise him to surrender
    4) Stay silent
    Julian : Are you mocking me!
    Julian : Don't spout transparent lies!
    Julian : I'm an Imperial Knight. I won't lose to someone like you!
    Julian : Fine. The mere fact that we're enemies is reason enough!
    Julian : Ranzack troops: do not be deceived! This is a Rolandian trap!
    Ranzack captain : Shut up! You're the one who attacked us first! It's too
    late to complain now!
    Julian : Kh, they won't listen....
    Julian : With this the alliance will be broken. No matter the reason, we won't
    be able to deny the fact that both armies crossed swords....now that it has
    come to this I have no choice but to capture you to prevent the worst situation
    Wallace : Sorry but we don't plan on getting captured.
    Julian : I won't let you escape. If we do not prove that this incident was
    caused by Rolandia troops, the Ranzack Kingdom might consider allying itself
    with Rolandia.
    Julian : To all troops : do not let them escape!
    Burnstein captain : Yes sir! (note that all Burnstein troops will charge
    you now)
    (Ruise escapes)
    Ruise : Be careful oniichan...
    (Karen escapes)
    Karen : I'll be waiting for you over there....
    (Misha escapes)
    Misha : Oniisama! Promise me you'll escape quickly!
    (Wallace escapes)
    Wallace : I'll leave it to you...
    (Carmaine escapes last)
    Tippi : Has everyone escaped? Let's go back to the castle now!
    (if Julian is defeated - not recommended)
    Julian : Kuh! to think you've improved so much...to be honest, I can hardly
    believe it....however, the next time we meet things won't be the same!
    (if you defeat all enemies)
    Tippi : Incredible~! We wiped them out by ourselves?
    Wallace : Actually it was only the Ranzack scouts and the last squad at the
    rear of the Burnstein troops. The main forces of both armies will now come
    here. We have to escape immediately.
    Event battle 15 Clear
    (if you didn't defeat all enemies earlier)
    Wallace : The main forces of both armies will now come here. We have to
    escape immediately.
    (now get back to Rolandia castle. If you stop by Raijin fort nothing happens.
    General Bronson will comment on how the pincer attack has been avoided and
    thank you but that's all. Ah and totally irrelevant but if you go to the magic
    academy you'll notice that vice-chancellor Bradley is finally available. You
    don't have anything to tell him though.)
    ======= Rolandia castle - Throne room ========
    Arcadius : Oh, you're back.
    Wallace : Using the device within the ruins we made the Burnstein and Ranzack
    troops break into battle.
    Tippi : Now the alliance between the Burnstein and Ranzack kingdoms is
    definitely broken.
    Arcadius : Well done. Under normal circumstances I would grant you some
    holidays for this kind of accomplishment but considering the actual situation
    I've got another mission for you to fulfill.
    Ruise : What would that be?
    Arcadius : As I requested from you before, I'd like to form an alliance with
    the Ranzack Kingdom. Now that they're engaged in battle with Burnstein forming
    an alliance should be easier.
    Tippi : Ah, that's right.
    Arcadius : There's no need to be concerned over being noticed by the Burnstein
    army anymore. Now you can enter the Ranzack territory as official
    representatives of our country.
    (received a letter for the Ranzack king)
    Arcadius : This is a travel permit that will allow you to reach the Ranzack
    (got yet another permit!)
    Arcadius : I'm counting on you.
    ======= Galaschirz ========
    (upon getting near the guards at the entrance)
    Guard 1 : Stop!
    Tippi : Wh, what's the matter?
    Guard 1 : State your identity and the reason you came here!
    Wallace : We're officials from the Rolandia Kingdom. We've came to
    deliver a letter from King Arcadius to the king of the Ranzack kingdom.
    Guard 2 : You're from the Rolandia Kingdom!?
    Tippi : Yes, why do you ask?
    Guard 2 : It's you!? How dare you kill our soldiers!
    Ruise : What?
    Guard 1 : Don't try to play dumb! Many soldiers in this town have been
    killed successively! You're the ones behind those crimes!
    Tippi : No we aren't! We really came to bring a letter to the king like we
    told you already!
    Guard 2 : Then show us some proof!
    (get near them, open the menu and select your travel permit, the last item
    you got)
    Guard 2 : Hmm...wait one moment.
    Guard 2 : Hey! Go call the captain!
    Guard 3 : Understood!
    Tippi : Geez, aren't they skeptical!
    Wallace : This is wartime. That's to be expected.
    (if you talk again to the guards they will keep telling you to wait, but no
    matter how long you wait nothing will ever happen so attempt to leave instead
    and you'll trigger the next event)
    Guard 1 : Guh! Bastard! Who the heck are you!
    Grengar : Who am I? Once you meet your dead comrades I'm sure they'll be
    able to answer you.
    Guard 2 : You scum! You're the one who killed our soldiers!
    Ruise : Th, that man, he's....
    Wallace : ...this is bad! He's intending to make it look like we're the ones
    behind the soldiers' murders!
    Tippi : Th, that would be rather annoying!
    Wallace : Protect the Ranzack guards!
    Event battle 16 : Help the Ranzack guards
    Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
    Losing condition : Party defeated, both Ranzack guards killed
    Enemies : Grengar (Lv26)
              2 Thieves (Lv21)
              Thief (Lv20)
    (As ong as you have the Healing spell you should be fine. Grengar can
    kill a guard in roughly two hits so have one Healing spell ready at all 
    times. Thieves are weak but have annoying status attack skills. A few Thunder
    spells will eliminate them quickly.)
    (after a few secs)
    Wallace : Hey! Leave these guys to us! Fall back and get into town!
    Guard 1 : I refuse! I will avenge our fallen comrades!
    Wallace : Tsk!
    (Grengar defeated)
    Grengar : Well, aren't you skilled...but I can't allow myself to be killed yet!
    (he escapes)
    Tippi : Ah!
    Ruise : He ran away...
    (if both guards die)
    Tippi : Aaah! The Ranzack soldiers are...
    (Grengar and the thieves will flee)
    Ranzack captain : Bastards! How dare you kill my troops!
    Tippi : You, you're wrong, actually it's...
    Ranzack captain : Excuses are useless! (game over)
    Event battle 16 Clear
    Ranzack captain : What's with all the commotion here? What happened?
    Guard 1 : Captain! The culprit behind the soldiers' murders appeared
    here and...
    Ranzack captain : What? What happened to him?
    Guard 1 : We fought him together with those people but unfortunately he
    managed to escape just a second ago....
    Ranzack captain : I see....
    Ranzack captain : Let me thank you on the behalf of my men.
    Ruise : Ah, no, it was nothing...
    Wallace : It would seem those people intended to damage relations between
    the Ranzack and Rolandia kingdoms.
    Ranzack captain : Hmm...by the way, you said you were sent by King Arcadius?
    Tippi : Yup! We've got a letter from him here!
    Ranzack captain : Then go ahead.
    Ruise : That ended well, didn't it?
    Tippi : Yes, for a moment there I wondered how things would turn out.
    (go through the town and take the east exit. There'll be a guard blocking
    the way though)
    Guard : To get through here you'll need a travel authorization. Those
    without one can't go any further.
    (menu auto-open, select your latest permit as usual)
    Tippi : There's no problem now, is there?
    Guard : This...so it's true that war with the Burnstein Kingdom has
    started...alright, go on. However refrain from doing anything that could
    make you look suspicious.
    (now keep going south-east to reach the Ranzack capital. On the way you'll meet
    a bunch of thieves. You can fight them if you wish but you don't gain much by
    doing so since they're weak. It may raises a few characters friendship level
    though but I'm not even sure. However if you don't harm them, the game will
    reward you later. So it's up to you. Once you get in the capital pay attention
    to the first windows you'll see. they should be purple. Examine them it's
    actually a shop selling the notorious GL chips. Buy as much as you can, it's
    really cheap and use them in battle to heal a character for roughly 20-30HP.
    Each time you'll get a piece of artwork. Those artworks can be viewed in the
    omake section of the title screen. Also the little girl in Rashell want one so
    buy a stack and visit her. You have to keep giving her some until she get
    Ernest Lyell card. Once she gets it you're done. You'll have to visit her again
    later when she'll be back home. Her father will give make Carmaine able to
    equip bows if he can't or if he already can you'll get a reward)
    ======= Ranzack castle ========
    (upon getting near the gatekeepers)
    GK : Halt! Commoners aren't allowed to enter the castle!
    (get near him and show him the letter for the Ranzack King)
    GK : A letter...?
    Wallace : We're emissaries from the Rolandia Kingdom. We're bearing a letter
    from King Arcadius and we've been given the task of traveling here to deliver
    (letter proposing an alliance given to the gatekeeper)
    GK : Then please wait here for now.
    (screen goes black as time pass by)
    GK : His majesty the king has agreed to meet with you. Go ahead and enter.
    ======= Ranzack castle - Thorne room ========
    Ranzack king : Are you the emissaries from the Rolandia Kingdom?
    Wallace : Yes, your Highness.
    Ranzack king : You did well on traveling so far. Deliver this letter to King
    Arcadius. It bears Ranzack's agreement to the non-aggression pact with the
    Rolandia Kingdom.
    (got letter for King Arcadius!)
    Wallace : Certainly.
    (upon leaving the throne's room)
    Wallace : At any rate, it seems our relations with the Ranzack Kingdom will
    remain cordial.
    Tippi : Yup!
    General Weber : ...hm?
    General Weber : Wallace...? Is that you?
    Wallace : That voice...Weber?
    Weber : It's really you, Wallace! What are you doing here?
    And, those wounds....?
    Wallace : It's a long story but to sum it up I lost both my eyes and right arm
    while looking for our captain. These artificial eyes and arm were created by
    those guys' mother. To repay her kindness and as a rehabilitation, I'm
    currently traveling with them.
    Weber : I see...we haven't seen each other these past ten years but I would
    never have guessed something like that had happened.
    Wallace : Sorry Weber...I was selfish saying I wanted to look for our
    captain and leaving you and our men alone. In the end, I still haven't found
    him and ended up in this state....
    Weber : Don't worry about it. You've had your share of suffering too.
    Anyway, I'm glad that we could see each other again.
    Wallace : Speaking of which where is Gamelan? I haven't seen him once in all
    this time.
    Weber : ...I haven't seen him either. Not once since you left 20 years ago
    Wallace : I see. We've still got work to do so we'll be heading back to
    Rolandia now.
    Weber : Yes, until next time.
    (he leaves)
    Tippi : ...that man is lying...
    Ruise : Lying?
    Tippi : He said he hadn't meet him in 20 years but I saw them together just
    a little while ago.
    Wallace : He can't talk about his country's alliance with Burnstein to
    people working for the Rolandia kingdom now can he? He had no choice.
    (let's get back to Rosaria and head for the castle now. Before going to the 
    king stop by and talk to Eliotte. He has another question for Carmaine)
    ======= Rolandia castle ========
    (speaking to Eliotte)
    Eliotte : Ah, hello! I'm glad to see you. Actually I have something to ask you.
    Carmaine : ?
    Eliotte : Did you ever wish you had a big brother or a little brother?
    1) I wish I had a big brother (the "good" answer)
    2) I wish I had a little brother
    3) No
    4) I've got Ruise so I don't want anyone else...
    5) I wish I had a big sister
    Eliotte : I thought so! When one thinks about a dependable brother, it has
    to be an older brother right! Thank you very much!
    Eliotte : A little brother...? I see...so then this means...hm, hmm...
    Eliotte : Is that so...you don't want one....
    Tippi : And just what do you mean by that? You're glad she's here?
    Or are you saying you don't want another burden?
    Carmaine (looking annoyed) : ....
    Tippi : Answer already!
    Ruise : It-it's alright Tippi. Stop it.
    Eliotte : You're getting along well aren't you? It makes me a little envious...
    Eliotte : A big sister? I was talking about a brother you know!
    Tippi : Yeah but I'm sure this guy is thinking "I have no interest in men!"
    or something like that right?
    Eliotte : I, I see....
    (he will then run away)
    Tippi : What was that all about?
    ======= Rolandia castle - Throne room ========
    Arcadius : Oh, you're back. Do you have the answer from the Ranzack king?
    (menu auto-opens, select the last item you got)
    (gave the letter from the Ranzack king!)
    Arcadius : It appears he's agreed to the terms of the alliance. This too is
    thanks to the exemplary conduct you displayed on your mission. If you hadn't
    used the device from the ruins in the Illusion Forest to disrupt the Ranzack
    troops and make them fight against the Burnstein we probably wouldn't have
    been able to forge this alliance. Moreover, while the Burnstein and Ranzack
    troops were fighting, we managed to tighten our defenses. Now, you can relax
    and enjoy your vacation peacefully.
    Official : Considering your achievements we will grant you three days of rest
    this time. Well then, please select where you want to go :
    1) Capital city Rosaria
    2) Health resort Rashell
    3) Magic academy
    4) Hot spring town Comsprings
    5) My City (insert you city name here - only available if you created it)
                                 Fifth Mission
                      Investigate north of Klein village
    ======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========
    (after getting back from vacation)
    Official : Your vacations are now over. You will be given your next mission.
    Arcadius : Well for you next mission, there's no urgent business like before.
    How about pursuing your investigation on that bizarre creature? If it turns out
    that they're indeed a relation to Gevel then we will have to take action soon
    for the sake of mankind as a whole. That's why I want you to ascertain the
    true nature of those incidents.
    Tippi : Ah, right, from the start our true mission was to investigate  about
    the true nature of that monster.
    Wallace : The mere thought of it makes my arm and eyes aches again....
    (talking to Sandra)
    Sandra : Yes, what could it be?
    1) Ask her for advice about your investigation
    2) Nothing
    Ruise : We're supposed to investigate the monster oniichan saw in his dreams
    Tippi : Where should we search exactly?
    Sandra : Well...if the people that assaulted Wallace really share a connection
    with Gevel how about investigating the place where they attacked him?
    Wallace : The place I lost my arm and eyes huh...
    Ruise : If I remember correctly you said it's somewhere near the Garaus
    prison right?
    Wallace : Yes. North east of there lies a small village.
    Tippi : Then how about investigating this village?
    Sandra : Good luck.
    Tippi : Hmm, nothing in particular.
    Sandra : I see.
    (well for once there isn't so much to do this time around except focusing
    on the mission. Teleport to the Garaus prison ad go north east. After going
    through a tunnel there'll be a crossroads. Go north to reach Klein village)
    ======= Klein village ========
    (upon entering)
    Wallace : Hmm, right. There's something I just remembered.
    The village chief here is a Growsian, just like Ruise.
    Ruise : Someone like me...?
    Wallace : Well that's if he's still alive of course.
    (upon getting in the village square)
    Gremlin : *growls*
    Misha : Ah! Monsters!?
    Tippi : We have to save that guy!
    Monster tamer : Hold it! Don't get them wrong!
    It's not like they're going to attack me!
    Tippi : Huh?
    Monster tamer : Watch carefully.
    Monster tamer : Hey!
    (gremlins do back flips)
    Monster tamer : Yo!
    (they fly in circles)
    Monster tamer : There!
    (more back flips and then they strike a pose)
    Ruise : How strange...why are they so tame?
    Monster tamer : Well, they aren't exactly tame.
    The trick is that flour's smell.
    Wallace : Hmm, it's faint but I do smell a peculiar odor.
    Ruise : I can't smell anything....
    Monster tamer : It may not smell anything for a human but monsters senses
    are much more developed. There are several types of this floor. By mixing
    them it's possible to make monsters obey some of your commands when they smell
    that flour.
    Tippi : Hmm, sounds interesting!
    Master tamer : There are many ways to use this flour resulting in a variety
    of effects. For instance you can disperse some in the wind to manipulate
    monsters even far from you. Of course to control them from a distance like
    this require that the tamer must have had a lot of practice before.
    Ruise : Practicing...
    Monster tamer : Forecasting the wind changes, learning about the different
    traits of each monster, being able to blend effectively the different kinds
    of flours to get the desired effect...all those things take a lot of training.
    With my skills I can only do so much for now, but among monster tamers
    there are around several tens of them that master their art.
    Wallace : Seems like a hard training. Good luck.
    (Villagers will advise you not to go to the waterfall as the place is supposed
    to be dangerous. The chief’ son want to investigate but hasn't returned. You'll
    have to ask the village's chief permission to get there. By the way, notice the
    little wooden construction at the north east exit of the village?
    Climb it there's the second Tippi's icon there.)
    (upon knocking on a house north of the village)
    Wallace : This is the village chief Zemeckis house.
    Being here bring back memories...I owe him a lot.
    (talking to Zemeckis)
    Tippi : Hi there, grandpa!
    Zemeckis : Well, well, it isn't often we have visitors here. Even rarer are
    those accompanied by such a cute fairy...I had a long life indeed.
    Tippi : Teeheehee.
    Wallace : Greetings. It's been a long time.
    Zemeckis : Oh? You are...
    Wallace : You may not remember me but I was someone you rescued two years ago.
    Zemeckis : Ooh! I remember now! You were the one that was carried by the
    current at the bottom of the waterfall.
    Wallace : Indeed. Sorry for the trouble I gave you.
    I was attacked while traveling and ended up this way.
    Zemeckis : I see...but I'm glad to see you alive and well now.
    Walalce : Yes I am. And I'd wish to go back there once more.
    Zemeckis : What are you saying! Since the day you fell, no one that
    tried to go there ever came back.
    Ruise : Please tell us more about this.
    Zemeckis : You...could it be that you are a Growshu user too?
    Tippi : Ruise-chan is a Growsian born from a total solar eclipse!
    Zemeckis : As I thought...then I will tell you more. At first this land here
    was the territory of the court magician, the lord Venzel. But soon after sir
    Wallace accident at the waterfall, lord Venzel disappeared from the court
    and this land became the property of the royal family. The incidents started
    at that time. Anyone who would go near the waterfall would never come back...
    no actually there was one single person that ever came back from that place...
    Wallace : Who is that person?
    Zemeckis : Who indeed? Well, I won't hide it, that person is me.
    Tippi : Huh!? You, grandpa?
    Zemeckis : In all that time I didn't understand why I came back unharmed.
    But now, after looking at that little miss, I finally noticed. It's probably
    because I hold Growshu within me. That's why I felt I could tell you this
    Ruise : Sir...
    Zemeckis : That's why I grant you permission to go there. However, if you
    find yourself in a dangerous situation come back immediatly.
    Tippi : Thanks grandpa!
    Zemeckis : There is something else I have to tell you.
    Ruise : What could that be?
    Zemeckis : Do you know something about the disappearance of Growsians
    that have been happening lately around here?
    Ruise : What?
    Wallace : Growsians are disappearing?
    Zemeckis : That's not all. Some have been discovered to be strangely
    murdered too. But, I see...you don't know about it. I guess I only made
    you feel worried then.
    Ruise : Ah...no, not at all. Please tell us more about those incidents.
    Zemeckis : Alright. Well it appears that many Growsians, one after the next,
    went missing in all the country. Most of the time, they disappear without
    leaving a trace, but a few times their corpses have been found. I'm sure
    that even the Growsians that weren't renowned are being targeted too...
    Ruise : ...uuh...
    Tippi : When did it start?
    Zemeckis : Hmm, I think it started around the same time as king Richard
    coronation ceremony. Be careful too little missy.
    Ruise : Yes. I'll be careful.
    (Now that you have permission go north east. You'll reach the waterfall soon)
    (talking to the guy guarding the way)
    Villager : Ahead from here, there's....
    Tippi : The village chief gave us permission to go!
    Villager : What!? Really?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Villager : I'm not going to be held responsible if something happens to you....
    Villager : Why of course you don't. Don't surprise me like that.
    (Tippi kicks Carmaine)
    Tippi : Moron! Have you ALREADY forgotten we just got permission from the
    village chief?
    Villager : He really gave you permission? Well go ahead then...I won't be held
    responsible if something happens to you though.
    (on the way there to the waterfall)
    Tippi : What's wrong Wallace-san?
    Wallace : ...judging from the distance we walked, it should be around here...
    Ruise : Around here..you mean...
    1) It's the same place I saw in my dream
    2) The place where Wallace as attacked
    3) Huh!?
    Tippi : Really!?
    Wallace : Two years ago I was attacked by a couple of people and lost my eyes
    and right arm. That happened here. Since the dream you saw took place here
    then it means that this dream depicted reality.
    Tippi : Then that dream you had about the guys that attacked Master, it'd mean
    that...they're the same guys?
    Wallace : ...probably.
    Wallace : Yes, precisely. Don't tell me the place you saw in your dream was
    here? If that's the case rather than dreams what you're seeing is the reality.
    Tippi : Then that dream you had about the guys that attacked Master, it'd mean
    that...they're the same guys?
    Wallace : ...probably.
    Wallace : Two years ago I was attacked by a couple of people and lost my eyes
    and right arm. That happened here.
    ======= Waterfall ========
    Tippi : We're there!
    Karen : In any case, so far we made it safely.
    Wallace : But I can't help to feel that something will occur shortly...
    Ruise : Ah! Someone is coming out...
    Tippi : Ah, it's him!?
    Ruise : One of the people that attacked Mother...
    Wallace : So they're really hiding in there!
    Masked knight : ....you scum...did you came here looking for your death?
    Masked knight : Yungs! Go and eat those guys! I'll get to the entrance and
    activate the magic lock!
    Ruise : Magic lock!? If there's such a thing we won't be able to get inside...
    Misha : We must stop him!
    Tippi : Let's hurry!
    Event battle 17 : Battle against masked knight!
    Winning condition : Defeat all ennemies
    Losing condition : Party defeated, masked knight get to the waterfall
    Enemies : Masked knight (Lv28)
              Yung alpha (Lv24)
              Yung beta (Lv24)
    (Here again, timing is very important. The knight will ignore you and rush to
    the waterfall. The Yungs will get in your way and slow you down if you're going
    after him. To top it off the knight is resistant to all magic. The easiest way
    to deal with this situation is giving a strong long-range weapon for Wallace
    and Carmaine. If you don't have those have Wallace go after the knight.
    Everyone else will cast Thunder. If you have the spell chanting time reduction
    skill you can cast it and target both Yung alpha and the knight. That will kill
    Yung alpha allowing Wallace to go after the knight. Afterwards switch to
    fireball and/or Blizzard to damage him further and get rid of Yung beta.
    Carmaine should only cast one or two spells in this battle and then go after
    the knight. Have Karen cast attack on your fighters and debuff the masked
    knight if possible.)
    (Yung alpha attack)
    Yung : Die, die!
    (Masked knight get to the waterfall)
    Masked knight : All that's left is to activate the lock.
    wallace : This is bad! We have to hurry!
    (Masked knight activate the lock)
    Masked knight : In the name of Gevel, those that do not know your words
    will be rejected! Magic lock!
    (cave entrance get sealed)
    Masked knight : Pfuh! Now you won't be able to get inside!
    Tippi : Ah! And here we could finally find a proof...! (game over)
    (Masked knight die)
    Masked knight : Gu...aaah...
    Tippi : Ah, he melted too....
    Event battle 17 Clear
    Tippi : The monster that annihilated the mercenary group of Wallace-san were
    those guys?
    Wallace : ..not at all. They do look similar but the one the captain was
    fighting was much bigger. It was also of the same strength as our captain.
    There's no comparison with those things we fought.
    Ruise : Then those were its minions probably.
    Tippi : "Yung" I think that how he called them.
    Wallace : Besides, that guy too was quite weak. The guys I fought with two
    years ago were quite a bit stronger...
    Tippi : They were stronger than you Wallace-san?
    Wallace : To be honest, right now I don't even have half the strength as I used
    to have two years ago.
    Karen : My, you were that strong?
    (get inside the cave. There is a bunch of Yung you can't avoid in the first
    screens. Get rid of them then heal up. Once ready go in the third room)
    (upon entering the second room)
    Tippi : Those are "Yung" right? Why are those things in that cave?
    Misha : If we go further then we will find out!
    Ruise : Yes, you're right.
    (taking a few steps within the third room)
    Villager 1 : Help!
    Villager 2 : Please get us out of here!
    Tippi : Ah!
    Masked knight : What are you doing here....
    Wallace : That's our line! What is going on here!
    Masked knight : Pfuh! I won't bother explaining to people that are going
    to die! We'll use you as food for the Yungs!
    Event battle 18 : Rescue the villagers!
    Winning condition : Defeat all ennemies
    Losing condition : Party defeated
    Enemies : Masked knight (Lv30)
              Yung alpha (Lv24)
              Yung beta (Lv24)
              Yung alpha (Lv22)
              Yung beta (Lv22)
    (First pay attention to the fact that there's a third villager in the middle
    of the Yungs. He'll be the first to die if you're not careful. Don't worry too
    much about the other villagers as the masked knight won't harm them himself.
    He will cast spells on your party and do take note that he's awfully good at
    magic. As good as Carmaine in fact. Be sure to face him with at least three
    people. He strikes hard and his attacks have a paralyzing effect)
    (Yung strike the lone villager)
    Yung : Die!
    (after killing a couple of Yung)
    Masked knight : For a bunch of humans you're aren't half-bad.
    In that case, how about this!
    Villager 1 : Wh-what...
    (he opens the jail)
    Villager 2 : You're kidding me!
    Masked knight : Now! Eat those guys!
    Yung : Humans, food!
    Misha : No, they're going to eat those people!
    Karen : Oh no!
    (Masked knight defeated)
    Masked knight : When did humans became that strong....but our goal here has
    been accomplished...you're already...too late...
    Tippi : Is this the last one..?
    Misha : It seems so.
    Event battle 18 Clear
    (talking to the lone villager)
    Tippi : Are you alright? Hang in there!
    Villager : I'm...no going to last long...please give this to me father...
    the village chief...
    (got memento knife)
    (he dies)
    (talking to the other villagers)
    Villager 1 : Is he okay?
    Ruise : Unfortunately he's already...
    Tippi : When we got to him, it was already too late.
    Villager 1 : I see...
    Wallace : Come on, get out of here now. We have to let the village chief
    know what happened here.
    Villager 1 : Yes.
    (they take a few steps outside when the eggs suddenly hatch)
    Wallace : Damn! We have to protect them!
    Tippi : Hurry up and get out of here!
    V-villager 1 : Y-yes!
    Event battle 19 : Let the villagers escape safely!
    Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
    Losing condition : Party defeated
    Enemies : 1-5 Yung alpha (Lv18)
              1-5 Yung beta (Lv18)
    (Not that hard despite having people to protect right near monsters. Have a
    mage heal at all times. Two others should cast Fireball/Blizzard. Carmaine and
    Ruise preferably as they're your best mages. Remaining characters can do
    whatever they want. If you have a long-range weapon for Wallace it'll come in
    handy here as you can prevent Yungs from getting close to the villagers easily
    with it. Don't take them too fast though. The more you kill, the more will
    hatch at first so let the villagers get in remotely safe spot before doing the
    mass-killing. Overall an easy battle)
    (egg hatch near a villager)
    Villager : Uwaah!
    Wallace : They might be weak individually but they will have the advantage
    when in large numbers. Fight carefully!
    (villager 1 escapes)
    Tippi : Don't worry about us and run!
    Villager : Th, thank you very much!
    (all monster dead)
    Ruise : There's no eggs left right?
    Wallace : The villagers are safe as well.
    Tippi : Well, everything is fine here. Let's go report to the village chief.
    Event battle 19 Clear
    (now let's get back to Klein village. Don't use teleport for a bonus event)
    (said bonus event)
    Burnstein soldier 1 : Hm? ...seems like they were wrong after all.
    Burnstein soldier 2 : You definitely can't be sure. Let the general deal with
    those guys, we have to hurry.
    Burnstein soldier 1 : Yes, you're right.
    Misha : Hmm, what was that about?
    Karen : Those persons sure seemed in a rush.
    ======= Klein village ========
    (upon entering)
    Burnstein soldier : Halt!
    Ruise : A Burnstein soldier?
    Burnstein soldier : You guys, you aren't from that village right?
    Julian : What is it?
    Tippi : Crap, Julian's here....
    Burnstein soldier : Ah, general. In fact, it's about those
    suspicious people here....
    Julian : You people....
    Ruise : He-hello....
    Burnstein soldier : Are they acquaintances of yours general?
    Julian : Well, yes....leave it to me and go back to your post.
    Burnstein soldier : Yes sir!
    Julian : ...are you the ones behind that...?
    Tippi : Huh?
    Julian : I don't want to suspect you but I can't ignore you if
    you're trespassing into enemy territory. Now, don't aggravate your
    situation. Answer me honestly. 
    Julian : ...you aren't the culprits right?
    Wallace : If you're not telling us what you're talking about how can we answer?
    Julian : The chief of this village has been murdered by someone.
    I'm asking you if you're the ones behind this.
    Ruise : What!?
    Wallace : Julian! Tell us how exactly this happened!
    Julian : Did you forget I'm the one asking questions here!? Well, never mind.
    Judging from your reaction I guess you're not the culprits
    . Recently there have
    been a large number of crimes targeting Growsians. They either get killed or
    went missing. However we do not have the slightest idea about the criminal's
    objective behind those actions. The scale of those crimes is disturbingly
    large. It's not likely to be the work of a single individual. However we have
    no idea what kind of organization could perpetuate those crimes. The only
    thing we know for sure is that there won't be anymore of those cases now.
    Tippi : What do you mean?
    Julian : That village chief here...he was the last Growsian in all our country.
    Wallace : ...how dreadful....
    Julian : Well then. Now it is your turn to answer my question.
    Why did you come here?
    1) To meet you Julian
    2) To fulfill a mission unrelated to the current war
    3) I can't tell an enemy
    4) To investigate a weird creature (correct answer yet no specific dialogue)
    Julian : I'm not in the mood for listening to jokes right now.
    Julian : Unrelated? Then you don't mind telling us more I assume?
    Julian : Then I guess you won't complain if I kill you here.
    Wallace : I guess we don't have much of a choice considering the
    situation. We will sum up what we have been doing here.
    Ruise : Ermm...actually we're conducting an investigation about Gevel.
    Julian : Investigation about Gevel? What's that?
    Ruise : In past times, when people were still living under the rules of the
    Growsians, Gevel was a monster which attacked mankind. But it's not a legend.
    Gevel seems to really exist.
    Tippi : We even found the proof that it got out of the crystal mines!
    Julian : Ho...
    Wallace : You don't seem to believe us but didn't you meet them yourselves?
    Gevel's underlings.
    Julian : What?
    Wallace : Remember that lady Sandra was attacked by masked men?
    They're those guys. Also they're the ones that took my eyes and right arm
    just a little north-east from this village.
    Ruise : That's why we came here to investigate.
    Julian : ...I see. And? Did you get any results?
    Tippi : In a cave behind the waterfall, we found small weird monsters!
    And alongside them were the same masked men as before too!
    Wallace : We defeated them all so if you go there, you'll find their corpses.
    (the panicked Burnstein soldiers come back)
    Burnstein soldier : General! We found many corpses in the cave!
    There were also the corpses of yet unseen monsters!
    Julian : ...seems like you were saying the truth.
    Julian : Understood. I'm now taking command of this case.
    Assemble a party of 5 persons immediacy!
    Burnstein soldier : Yes sir!
    Wallace : Well that's how it is. If those guys' aim is to bring harm to
    mankind, then this is not the time to be fighting among us.
    Julian : Yes. I do not wish to bring even more troubles to this village
    by fighting you here. I will let you go for today. However if we meet again
    on the battlefield that won't be the case! You'd better be prepared!
    (now go within the village chief house and speak to the guy near the bed)
    Guy : This morning when I came here, I found the chief's body all bloodied
    lying on top of the bed. Damn it! Why did that guy kill the chief...!
    Wallace : That guy? Did you see the culprit?
    Guy : Yes, probably. I saw the shadow of this man running away from the house.
    He seemed to have large shoulders and was wearing a white armor.
    Wallaze  : A man with large shoulders and wearing a white armor huh.
    Girl : I only saw him for a bit but I remember he had golden plates
    covering the back of his hands.
    Tippi : Golden plates on the back of his hands....
    (Hmm, mysterious indeed! I'm sure the guy also wears a poorly adjusted mask
    that don't cover his brown-reddish hair. Really who could it be? Once you're
    done speculating be sure to talk to them again and they will ask if you didn't
    find the chief' son. Open up your inventory and select the memento knife he
    gave you)
    Ruise : Ermm...this...was given to us by the son of the village chief...
    when he...
    (gave memento knife!)
    Girl : It can't be...he's...dead!?...that can't be...!
    Guy : I see. So he's too...thanks for bringing this back.
    It's not much of a thank you but please accept this.
    Ruise : What's this?
    Guy : The rod the chief used.
    (Got Zemeckis rod!)
    Ruise : Thank you very much. I'll use it preciously.
    (upon leaving the house)
    Tippi : Is this related to the weird deaths of Growsians the village chief
    told us about?
    Wallace : ...in any case, let's go back to the castle and report what
    we found here.
    (get back to te castle now. Nothing else to do except perhaps visiting
    Rashell and noticing that everyone's favorite nurse, Aileen, is missing.)
    ======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========
    Arcadius : You're back. Well did you get any results?
    Tippi : It was incredible! We found tons of Gevel eggs!
    Arcadius : Gevel eggs?
    Wallace : We traveled to the place he saw in his dreams, which is the same
    place where I lost my arm, and investigated there. Within the Burnstein
    kingdom, in a cave concealed behind a waterfall we found a place where lied
    Gevel eggs. Lately there have been cases of people going missing in that area.
    During our investigation we discovered that people were being detained to be
    used as food to nurture a growing number of small, strange creatures in that
    Tippi : If I'm not mistaken, those small creatures were called "Yungs".
    But we wiped 'em all! There's not a single egg left there.
    Sandra : I see. Still, to think that such places exist would mean....ah,
    about Gevel itself what did you find?
    Ruise : We haven't seen it anywhere. The only thing there were those masked
    men, the same as those who attacked you Mother and those small creatures
    called Yungs... Ah we also learned in a little village within the Burnstein
    kingdom that there are no Growsian left in the country. They've been strangely
    murdered. And while we were conducting our investigation, the village chief,
    a Growsian, was murdered too....
    Arcadius : ....*grumbles*
    Wallace : Hm? Is there something wrong your Highness?
    Sandra : Actually in our country too, incidents concerning Growsians
    disappearances have been reported recently.
    Aracadius : Now that I have heard your report I'm convinced it's not a simple
    coincidence. We will take urgent countermeasures to deal with the situation.
    The information you brought back have proven to very valuable. Well done.
    Wallace : We're honored to receive your praise, your Highness.
    Arcadius : In regards to your accomplishment this time, you will be granted
    Official : Considering your achievements we will grant you three days of rest
    this time. Well then, please select where you want to go :
    1) Capital city Rosaria
    2) Health resort Rashell
    3) Magic academy
    4) Hot spring town Comsprings
    5) My city
                                 Sixth Mission
                      Escort Aileen to the magic academy
    ======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========
    (after getting back from vacation)
    Official : Your vacations are now over. You will be given your next mission.
    Arcadius : Did you enjoy your vacations? Presently we've been focusing on
    the matter you informed us about last time and took action to protect
    Growsians. However there is one we can't seem to get in touch with. We know
    she's a woman who work in a sanatorium but....
    Tippi : Ah, she's that...err...what was her name already?
    1) Karen
    2) Aileen
    3) I forgot her name but I remember her
    4) I don't know such a person
    Karen : Am I not right here? I think this person would be Aileen-san.
    Tippi : Right! Her!
    Karen : I think this would be Aileen-san.
    Tippi : What are you saying! We talked with her, she was nursing Karen-san!
    Karen : I think this person would be Aileen-san.
    Arcadius : Hoho, that's a good thing if you know her.
    Then I want you to find and guard that person.
    Ruise : We're to protect Aileen-san?
    Arcadius : Yes.
    Ruise : Then where are we supposed to bring her after we have guarded her?
    Arcadius : To a place you're quite familiar with, the magic academy.
    Ruise : The magic academy?
    Arcadius : The chancellor already contacted us to offer his assistance.
    Well then, I'm counting on you.
    (after leaving the throne's room)
    Mishha : The sanatorium huh...
    Ruise : What's the matter Misha?
    Misha : West from the sanatorium, there's a really small rural village...
    Tippi : Medis village right? You told us you used to live there I think?
    Misha : Yes! It's my hometown. There's nothing there really but the natural
    scenery there is beautiful. There are also tons of medicinal herbs you can
    pick and my favorite flower garden!
    Tippi : I told you already but there's no such thing there!
    Misha : Huh? It's weird....I do remember grandpa giving me wheel
    lilies there...
    Ruise : Don't mind small details like that now. It's a nice memory right?
    Misha : Yes. Let's go all together and have fun there!
    It's a calm and nice place.
    Tippi : Humm, maybe it's because it's so calm that idiots like you can
    be born there.
    Misha : Uuh...Tippi-chan is so mean...
    Tippi : Well since we'll be going close to it I guess it's okay to drop
    by for a little while?
    (Now then let's go to the Rashell sanatorium. There, first speak to your buddy
    Alt. He'll be all stressed out about his girlfriend Mira who hasn't been giving
    any news lately. Eventually you'll learn that Mira is a Growsian and tell him
    that she's been brought to the magic academy. He'll be relieved and start make
    plans about getting a permission to go to the academy soon....yes he'd better
    go soon indeed.... Anyway enough spoiling, next take a look at the little
    girl's room. You'll notice she left. Someone will tell you she went back to
    Valmie. If you visit the Valmie inn, you'll find her and her family. As thanks
    her father will make Carmaine able to equip bows. What if Carmaine could
    already equip bows? I dunno, some say that instead you get the most powerful
    bow of the game. Kinda fishy considering how early in the game we still are.
    Then the only special customer left in the sanatorium is the super strong and
    rapidly aging amnesic man. Well he's still amnesic so you can't do much about
    him. Now on to Aileen. She's not here. Go to to the left side of the
    sanatorium and talk to the head nurse in the bottom room to learn where
    she went.)
    ======= Health resort Rashell ========
    (once you do so)
    Karen : Hello.
    Head nurse : My, Karen-san. You're back to help us?
    Karen : Please forgive me. I'll be staying with those persons a little
    bit longer.
    Head nurse : Is that so? Since Aileen still hasn't returned we've got no
    one who's knolewdgeable about medicinal plants. If you came back that would
    have been a huge help.
    Karen : I'm really sorry. Speaking of which, the reason I came today is
    because of Aileen-san.
    Head nurse : What about Aileen?
    Tippi : There have been a string of criminal incidents targeting Growsians
    lately so we came here to protect her!
    Head nurse : Ah yes, soldiers from the castle came here asking about her
    for the same reason. But I'm sorry, I don't know where she is either. She left
    without saying anything but since she usually does to go pick medicinal plants
    and come back soon afterwards I wasn't worried. It wasn't the case this time
    I guess.
    Karen : I see....
    Ruise : So we don't have any clues...
    Head nurse : Ah, that's right! I forgot to tell this to the soldiers that
    came earlier but how about asking her boyfriend?
    Karen : Her boyfriend?
    Head nurse : His name is Nick and since he didn't want to be separated
    from her, he willingly accepted to become a guard in a remote area.
    If I'm not mistaken he lives in Medis village west from here.
    Karen : Medis village you said? Thank you very much.
    Head nurse : Ah, by the way I remember that your brother came here and
    asked about the same thing a little while ago too.
    Karen : Niisan did?
    Ruise : Xenos-san...I wonder why?
    (if you use teleport to go to Medis or exit the staff room)
    Misha : Aa~ah! I'm so excited!
    Tippi : Why?
    Misha : I'll finally get to see that flower bed again....
    it's such a incredible sight you know!
    Tippi : There's no such thing as a flower bed in Medis village!
    Misha : Yeah? We'll see when we get there!
    (btw if you're wondering if Tippi is so annoyed by the flower bed thing,
    it's because if you go to Medis village and talk to the blue haired guy near
    the west end of the village he tell you about the medicinal plants but say
    there never was any flower bed here. If you haven't talked to him and thus do
    not know about this, dialogues may be a bit different here.)
    ======= Medis village ========
    (upon entering)
    Wallace : Hm? Aren't we missing a person?
    Ruise : Huh? ...Misha's not here... She was a here a second ago though....
    Tippi : Bah, she's probably goofing off somewhere. She's definitely
    somewhere in the village so she'll come back eventually.
    Tippi : Alright! Let's go
    (look around, people sorta know of Aileen but can't tell you where she is.
    There's always that guy who will tell you about the piece of land to the west
    with the medicinal plants. Go there to trigger the next event.)
    Ruise : Could she be here?
    Tippi : Well, let's look around!
    (do so - after a while)
    Tippi : Since we haven't found her after searching so much, could that mean
    she hasn't come here?
    Ruise : We can't get any further so let's go back to the village.
    (once you're getting close to the inn, a couple will exit)
    Ruise : Ah, those two, could they be...
    Aileen : I'm really sorry to drag you into this...
    Nick : Don't say that Aileen. I'm here to protect you. It seems that there
    are really people targeting Growsians lately. So I'll escort you to the magic
    academy at least.
    Ailen : Thank you Nick.
    Oswald : You're the one who got in the way of my guys?
    Nick : Who are you!?
    (more thieves pop out)
    Nick : So you're the boss of those scum I defeated last time....
    Oswald : Now that I'm here you don't have even a tiny chance of winning! 
    Cause I'm the damn best that's why!
    Nick : Run away Aileen! I'll hold them back!
    Aileen : But...
    Nick : Just run!
    Tippi : That guy again....
    Ruise : It's not the time for that! Aileen-san is in danger!
    Event battle 20 : Save Aileen and the villagers!
    Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
    Losing condition : Party defeated, Aileen dies
    Enemies : Oswald (Lv26)
              3 Thieves (Lv24)
              Thief (Lv24)
    NPC : Nick (Lv21)
          Xenos (Lv31)
    (Starting off by casting Grow protect on the NPCs is always a good idea.
    Nick should be able to hold his ground against the thief he's fighting.
    Simply concentrate on getting rid of the thieves that target villagers first
    then take out Oswald. Do note that a thief will appear all the way to the west
    near the shop.)
    (beginning of battle)
    Oswald : Guys! You go and stop those idiots! I'll deal with the girl myself!
    Thief : Yeah!
    Oswald : Kill everyone that get in the way!
    Thief : Hehehe! Sure thing!
    (Oswald spots you)
    Oswald : ...geh...it's you bastards again...!
    Tippi : Why do you keep causing troubles wherever you go!
    Oswald : Shut up! I told you it's my job!
    (a bit later)
    Oswald : You guys are finished! Give up already!
    Voice : What are you getting excited about, you petty thief.
    Oswald : Who's there?
    Xenos : You bastard, not only did you try to get your hands
    on Karen but now you're targeting her savior?
    Tippi : Huh!?
    Karen : Niisan!?
    Aileen : Xenos-san!?
    Oswald : Argh!? We'll kill you along then!
    (if Wallace get near Aileen)
    Walalce : You're alright?
    Aileen : Ah, you're...
    Tippi : We'll talk later! For now let's get rid of those guys!
    (after killing two thieves, another one pop out)
    Villager : Kyaah! There's one here!
    Thief : Hehehe...didn't expect to find me here huh?
    OSwald : Who cares! We have to kill that woman!
    Do whatever you wish about the other nuisances!
    Thief : Y-yeah!
    Wallace : As usual they're fond of petty schemes!
    (Getting near Xenos)
    Xenos : Hey, we meet again. But let's save the talking for later.
    Right now we have to kill this guy!
    (Oswald defeated)
    Oswald : Uwaah...not again....damn it! (he runs off)
    Tippi : Ah, wait! ...that kind of guy is never so fast as when it
    comes to running away...
    Event battle 20 Clear
    Xenos : Alright, now that's taken care of I guess I'll leave...
    Karen : Ah, niisan!
    Xenos : Yes?
    Karen : Why did you come here?
    Xenos : I can't stand still and watch the one who saved you get murdered right?
    Karen : ...niisan...
    Xenos : Though it seems you guys didn't need my help after all so maybe there
    was no need for me to be here?
    Karen : Not at all! I'm glad to see you niisan.
    I hardly get to see you anymore lately...
    Xenos : Now that I'm a mercenary I don't have that much free time.
    Sorry about that.
    Xenos : Well then, see you all later!
    (talking to Nick and Aileen)
    Nick : Than you! You just saved us.
    Aileen : Thank you very much.
    Tippi : We came here by orders of king Arcadius. We're here to escort
    Aileen-san to the magic academy.
    Aileen : I see.
    Nick : Then I'm entrusting her to you.
    (Aileen joined as a NPC!)
    (when leaving Medis)
    Misha : Ah! Wait!! Wait!!
    Tippi : Where the heck have you been!?
    Misha : That's a secret!
    (not much to do except going ot the academy now. By the way there is another
    Tippi icon you can grab now. It's located where the village chief son died
    in the previous mission. Get to the academy and head towards Maxwell's office.
    On the way students talk about the Growsians that have been coming here and
    some are rather disturbing like the guy who wish to kill them all so normal
    people would finally have a chance to be the best among magic users -_-;; )
    ======= Magic academy 7th floor ========
    (talking to the beautiful secretary)
    Ruise : We're emissaries from Rolandia. We've brought Aileen-san, a Growsian.
    CS : We've received word about your mission. Please go inside.
    (entering the room)
    Ruise : Excuse us.
    (talking to Maxwell)
    Maxwell : Oh, so this would be the last Growsian that was missing.
    Ruise : Excuse us for being late.
    Maxwell : It's fine, I don't mind at all.
    Maxwell : But still...who could be behind this Growsian hunt?
    Wallace : A Growsian hunt?
    Maxwell  Since they've been attacked one after the other, it's only natural
    to call it like that. But now that they're in this academy there's no need
    to worry.
    Ruise : Then, we entrusting Aileen-san in your care.
    (upon leaving Maxwell's office)
    Ariost : Hi there guys.
    Ruise : Ah, Ariost-san.
    Tippi : What's up?
    Arisot : Actually, there's something I’d like to tell you.
    Tippi : Yes?
    Ariost : It's about the war. I still want to persuade the Featherians but
    as long as we're at war I don't think it's possible. Unfortunately war isn't
    something I can do anything to stop by myself. But I learned you've been
    working for that to happen. So I want to give you my assistance.
    Let's make this war stop together!
    Tippi : What should we do?
    1) Take him in
    2) Not now
    (1 - and if you're already five)
    Tippi : But that'll be too many people then. You'll have to ask someone
    to leave.
    a) Misha
    b) Karen
    (you'll be asked if you want to remove the leaving person equipment)
    Ariost : I see. Sorry for the unreasonable request. If you ever need me just
    give me a call. I'm in my laboratory most of the time. Well then, later.
    (if Ariost joins)
    Ariost : Thanks. I swear I'll do my best.
    (no real reason to get him, it all depends on your way of fighting. Misha got
    low stats but high HM&MP thus she can cast a lot and is pretty though. Ariost
    is the exact opposite. High stats but low HP&MP. He has the second best INT
    stat of the game after Carmaine thus making him a very effective caster. He
    can deal decent damage with his long ranged weapon too. So in short he's better
    suited to an aggressive way of fighting. Considering the upcoming battles he's
    a slighty better choices than Misha in my opinion. Then again, the game's easy
    enough so you don't really need to tune your party that finely. If you're
    worried about the bonus dungeon do remember to make him visit the library at
    the top of the Featherians ruins where you first met him. Finally if you want
    to switch back to Misha or recruit him later, they both hang out at the academy
    and you can switch anytime.)
    ======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========
    Wallace : We escorted the Growsian girl named Aileen safely to the
    magic academy.
    Arcadius : Good job. Then enjoy some short vacations for now.
    Official : Considering your achievements we will grant you three days of rest
    this time. Well then, please select where you want to go :
    1) Capital city Rosaria
    2) Health resort Rashell
    3) Magic academy
    4) Hot spring town Comsprings
    5) My city
                                 Seventh Mission
                             Investigate lake Olivier
    ======= Rosaria - Carmaine's room ========
    (right after seeing the dream at the end of the vacations)
    Tippi : You seemed to have a nightmare this evening. Was it one of those
    dreams again?
    Ruise : What kind of dream was it oniichan?
    (Carmaine "speaks")
    Tippi : Huh? In a place with a crystal clear lake and plenty of Growshu
    floating around? And there was lots of Yung nearby?
    Ruise : The highest density of Growshu can be found in the northern
    Wallace : It's probably Lake Olivier then.
    Ruise : Lake Olivier....
    Wallace : It's a lake near the border with the Burnstein kingdom.
    Since that place has turned into a battleground though, going there
    will be difficult. If only we could use the road they're building for the
    supply convoys then it might be a bit easier but....
    Tippi : It's the road they were making west of the capital right?
    It'd be nice if it was completed already.
    ======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========
    (immediately after previous event)
    Official : Your vacations are now over. You will be given your next mission.
    Arcadius : Did you enjoy your vacations? Well then, here is your next mission.
    I want you to resume your investigation about Gevel.
    Wallace : Certainly your Highness. We wish to investigate Lake Olivier since
    we believe that place might have a connection with Gevel.
    Arcadius : Lake Olivier you say?
    Tippi : He saw a dream in which some of those small monsters were near
    Lake Olivier.
    Arcadius : I see. In that case go to the west side of the city and head north.
    Use the road that go through the Schuterm montain. It was build to deliver
    supply to the troops in the Nostridge plains and was recently completed at
    last. However, as the Burnstein army managed to advance, we will have to push
    them back if you want to reach lake Oliver. Now that the supplies can reach
    the Nostridge plains easily, this is our chance to regain the momentum and
    drive them back.
    ======= Rolandia castle ========
    (immediately after previous event)
    Convoy soldier : But hey captain, we sure are glad that the convoy line
    is completed.
    Convoy captain : Yes. Now we can fully support our comrades fighting in
    the Nostridge plains. Let's ensure the safe travel of this convoy and
    bring victory for our army!
    Soldier : We're counting on you. Take care!
    Convoy captain : Alright. All troops depart!
    Convoy soldiers : Yes sir!
    (let's head to the western cape now. Visit the hole in the wall shop btw.
    They have new stuff. On your way to the cape you'll hear a voice)
    (said event)
    Voice : Hey!
    Tippi : Say, didn't you heard someone calling?
    Man : Hey!
    Ruise : Eeeeeh!? That can't be!
    Carmaine : ....
    Misha : The spitting image of oniisama!
    Man : ...it's really you then I guess?
    Tippi : What do you mean?
    Man : Sorry for calling out to you so suddenly.
    Ralph : My name is Ralph. I'm looking for my younger twin brother from
    whom I was separated soon after we were born.
    Ruise : Younger...twin?
    Ralph : Yes. After seeing you in town I ran after you but...
    we look even more alike than I thought...
    Wallace : Do they look that much alike? I can't realize it by myself so...
    Tippi : It's not that they look alike! It's as they were the same person!
    Ralph : Isn't that the best proof that's we're really twins? Perhaps the
    people who raised you told you about it?
    Ruise : Yes, Mother said she found oniichan and took him in....
    Tippi : I guess now we know it was true.
    Ralph : So how do you feel after finally finding about your true family?
    Let's not stand here, how about getting back in town and talk at our
    leisure? I'll go book some rooms at the inn.
    Tippi : What should we do?
    1) Let the others decide
    2) Let's go (no specific response)
    3) I don't want to go
    (1 or 3)
    Wallace : What are you holding back for? You don't need to be concerned
    about us.
    Ruise : That's right oniichan.
    Tippi : It's settled then?
    Ralph : It was worth it to chase you down like I did. Come on, let's go.
    (follow him to the inn)
    ======= Rosaria inn ========
    (talking to Ralph)
    Ralph : I'll pay for the lodging. Go ahead and get upstairs.
    Ruise : Ah we can't, that'd be rude...
    Ralph : Don't mind it. I may not look like it but I come from
    quite an affluent family.
    Tippi : Since it's such a special occasion, we'll accept your offer!
    Ruise : ..o...okay...
    (in their room)
    Ralph : ...and that's how it is.
    Tippi : Then Ralph-san, you came all the way here from the Burnstein
    kingdom despite the war?
    Ralph : Actually it would be more exact to say that after coming here on
    business, the war started and I couldn't come back.
    Ruise : On business?
    Ralph : Yes. Although it may be a little bit pretentious to say so myself, the
    Hauel house is the first or second biggest traders of the Burnstein kingdom.
    Wallace : The Hauel house? Are you talking about the trader family owning
    the spinning mills, those Hauel?
    Ralph : Oh? Have you heard of us before?
    Wallace : Of course I have! I heard that name countless times while I was
    traveling in the Burnstein kingdom.
    Tippi (to Carmaine) : Eeeh...so hey, that means you're some high-society kid
    then! If you're that rich then don't forget to give me tons of expensive
    stuff to eat!
    Ruise : Geez Tippi, you're so silly!
    Ralph : Hahaha. But right now I feel thankful for the war. Since it has
    given me the chance to be reunited with my little brother.
    Wallace : Life is truly full of surprises.
    Ralph : You can say that again....
    Ralph : Well, it has gotten quite late. How about going to sleep now?
    Ruise : Yes. We'll get back to our room then. Good night.
    Ariost : Sleep well.
    Karen : Well then, I wish you a good night.
    Misha : Good night~!
    (you can go to sleep now or talk to all your party and Ralph)
    (knocking on Ruise's door)
    Ruise : It's not locked.
    (talking to her)
    Ruise : What's up oniichan? You're not sleepy?
    1) Nod
    2) Say you wanted to talk to her
    3) Something like that
    Ruise : I guess that's not surprising. You just found your true older brother.
    If it were me I'm sure I couldn't sleep either.
    Ruise : I'm glad you came to talk to me oniichan. But is that really okay?
    Don't you want to speak to your real brother? If it was me I think I would
    want to speak to him all night long though...
    Ruise : Something like that...? But is that really okay? Don't you want
    to speak to your real brother? If it was me I think I would want to speak
    to him all night long though...
    Ruise : ...sigh...onichan's real brother...I wish we could be real brother
    and sister too... If you go back to your real family, don't forget about
    me alright?
    1) I won't
    2) I will
    3) I don't know
    Ruise : Yes! That's my oniichan!
    Ruise : Uuuh.... are you really going to forget about me...?
    Tippi : Hey you, stop teasing her already!
    Ruise : ..uuh...oniichan, you're mean...
    (Carmaine get Tippi-kicked)
    Tippi : Geez you....
    Ruise : Well it's getting late so I'll be going to sleep.
    Good night oniichan, Tippi.
    Tippi : 'night Ruise-chan!
    (knocking on Misha's door)
    Misha : Ah, oniisama? Go ahead it's not locked.
    (talking to her)
    Misha : What's up oniisama? It's late already.
    1) I can't sleep so I came to chat
    2) I wanted to talk to you Misha
    3) Nothing
    Misha : In the end, oniisama has an oniisama! Err...doesn't that sound a
    little weird..? Bah, as long as it still makes sense it's fine. But he
    really looks exactly like you! I was so surprised. You two are really
    siblings after all.
    Misha : Oniiisama~ you're always so direct <3
    Misha : In that case let's talk together!
    Misha : Say oniisama, how does it feel to find out you have a big
    brother? I don't have any siblings so I don't really understand...
    1) It doesn't change a thing
    2) It's a little exciting
    3) It makes me happy
    Misha : Really? I thought you'd be a little bit more affected by it...
    Misha : Yes, anyone who would find out about having a brother so
    suddenly would be surprised too. I know I would too.
    Misha : Hehehe, of course you do! Having found your real brother,
    it's only normal to be happy.
    Misha : But that sure is nice. Oniisama you have not only Ruise-chan but a big
    brother now too! A~ah, isn't there a place where they hand out brothers?
    Tippi : Geez you....siblings don't just get "handed out" you know!?
    Misha : *pouts*
    Misha : Still I really wish I had a brother too...
    Misha : Ah it's already that late. Thanks for talking with me for so
    long oniisama. Let's keep on with that talk tomorrow. Good night!
    Tippi : Good night Misha.
    (knocking on Karen's door)
    Karen : Go ahead it's open.
    (talking to her)
    Karen : I'm really glad you could find your true family. How does it
    feel to discover you have a big brother?
    1) It hardly feel real yet
    2) It's wonderful
    3) It's a bother
    Karen : Is that so? But once you will live together with him, you'll
    realize how great it is to have an older brother. Since this is coming
    from me, someone who was always lived together with her older brother,
    you know I'm not wrong about this.
    Karen : Yes I think so too. Having an older brother is truly wonderful.
    Somehow when I look at Ralph-san, he reminds me of my own brother. I wonder
    what he is doing now...I hope he'd stop doing such a dangerous job...
    a) Xenos is alright
    b) I don't really know about what he's doing either
    Karen : Yes. I have to believe in him right?
    Karen : I don't really know either but I want to believe in him...
    Karen : Aren't you saying that because of your own behavior as an older
    brother up until now? If one rely too much on one's own brother, then that
    person never becomes independent.
    Karen : But really, it's so nice you could find your brother. I do not know
    what you intend to do from now on but please get along well with Ralph-san.
    Siblings should get along well with each other. Well, it is getting late so
    let's go sleep now.
    Tippi : Karen-san, good night~!
    Karen : Good night you two.
    (knocking on Ariost's door)
    Ariost : Go ahead it's not locked.
    (talking to him)
    Ariost : What's wrong, coming in so late?
    1) I couldn't really sleep so I came to chat
    2) I wanted to see you
    3) Nothing in particular
    Ariost : Of course you can't. You just found out you had a brother.
    I don't have any sibling so I feel envious. Still, I consider everyone
    in my village as my brothers and sisters. 
    Ariost : Well, I'm glad to hear that. How about talking a little together?
    Do you mind if I ask you something? How does it feel to realize you have
    a brother so suddenly?
    a) It feels nice
    b) It hardly feel real yet
    Ariost : You're quite quick to adapt yourself to changes. I think most
    people would have troubles accepting that situation as quickly.
    Ariost : Yes, I guess that's normal. To learn so suddenly about one own's
    brother, it's natural to feel a bit bewildered.
    Ariost : I don't have any sibling so I feel envious. Still, I consider
    everyone in my village as my brothers and sisters. 
    Ariost : Is that so? I thought you'd want to talk with Ralph-kun actually.
    Tippi : Yeah, but that guy is incredibly moody so....
    Ariost : Haha, is that so?
    Ariost : Well then, it's late. Let's go to sleep.
    Tippi : Good night Ariost-san.
    (talking to Wallace)
    Wallace : What's wrong? Still not asleep?
    1) I can't really sleep so I feel like talking
    2) Ask why he isn't sleeping either
    Wallace : That's quite normal. You just learned you have a brother.
    It's not strange to be excited.
    Tippi : By the way do you have siblings Wallace-san?
    Wallace : Siblings? I have quite a few. I haven't met them in a while though.
    Well, my comrades who fought with me are like siblings to me too.
    Tippi : Hmmm...
    Wallace : Anyway, treasure your family. Family members are easily lost but
    not easily gained.
    Wallace : No, I plan on sleeping soon.
    Wallace : We have an early start tomorrow. It's best if you go to sleep
    soon too.
    Tippi : You're right. Good night!
    (talking to Ralph)
    Tippi : Huh? You’re still not sleeping?
    Ralph : I've finally found the brother I lost for so long. I guess I'm a
    bit excited. But we have an early start tomorrow. Better get to sleep soon.
    Tippi : Good night then!
    Ralph : Good night.
    (get into your bed)
    Go to sleep?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Tippi : Time to sleep! Good night!
    (after the "good night" bgm)
    Ruise : Kyaaaah!
    Wallace : What was that voice? It sounded like Ruise was screaming!?
    Tippi : Huh? Ralph-san isn't here!?
    Ralph : Tsk, and I was so close....
    Ruise : Why? Why are you doing this Ralph-san?
    Ralph : You are a hindrance to our plans. If only you didn't exist,
    there'd be nothing to prevent our victory...now die!
    Ruise : Kyaah! Oniichan!
    Tippi : We've got to save her!
    Event battle 22 : Protect Ruise!
    Winning condition : Defeat Ralph
    Losing condition : Party defeated, Ruise dies
    Enemy : Ralph (Lv34)
    (Ralph is absurdingly strong for his level. For "some reason" Ruise's presence
    doesn't affect his strength that's why. Don't bother attacking him. Simply
    block the way while defending since he deals quite a bit of damage. Soon enough
    an old man will come to your help. That old man is both fast and strong and
    will catch up to Ralph and kill him in no time. Be sure to have a Fine and
    Healing spell ready at all time at first though since, Ralph attacks can
    inflict paralysis or poison. If he gets a critical hit on Ruise he might kill
    her in one blow so save before entering the inn. One last word about the old
    man : his name may be "mysterious man" but if you check his statut during
    battle you'll be given a hint : court magician :) )
    (get close to him)
    Tippi : Why are you after her?
    Ralph : Because she's a nuisance...
    Tippi : A nuisance?
    Ralph : Because she's one who holds Growshu! And hers is especially too strong!
    Wallace : Does that mean you're the one behind the Growsian killings!
    Ralph : Who knows!
    (the old man clad in white appears)
    Strange man : Here?
    Ruise : What? Another enemy?
    Strange man : Do not assume so hastily.
    Ruise : What?
    Strange man : I cannot let one who holds as much Growshu as you die.
    Weak as I may be, I will grant you my strength.
    Ralph : Tsk! What an annoying old man!
    (Ralph is killed)
    Ralph : Guh...that...can't be...
    Strange man : Hmph...it's over.
    Event battle 22 Clear
    (talking to Ruise afterwards)
    Tippi : You're not hurt Ruise-chan?
    Ruise : Thank you everyone.
    Wallace : But what was that? Where is the corpse of that guy?
    Tippi : He melted too and disappeared.
    Wallace : Which means, that guy is a Flesh Golem too?
    Ruise : And he said he was oniichan twin....
    Tippi : Could it be his disguise to get close to Ruise-chan and kill her?
    Argh, I swear I'll get them for this...!
    Karen : By the way, who was that person that came to help us during the battle?
    Ruise : He didn't look like an enemy but...
    Tippi : Anyway, we know that you're being targeted now. Let's be careful.
    ======= Rosaria - western gate ========
    (upon getting there)
    Convoy soldier : Geez, talk about a problem...
    (talking to them)
    Tippi : Hey, what's wrong?
    Convoy captain : Actually our duty is to carry supplies to the troops in the
    Nostridge plains. However, on our way there, monsters suddenly attacked us
    fiercely and we had to draw back.
    Wallace : Then what about the troops at the front line? Do they still have
    supplies remaining?
    Convoy captain : Since we haven't been able to reach them, they've been using
    resources available on hand. But if this keeps up, then our troops will...
    Ruise : But then, not only the battle will be lost but we won't be able to
    reach the lake either.
    Convoy captain : But then again, there isn't any more soldiers available to
    guard the convoy... Ah, if that's possible, could you escort us to the plains?
    1) Accept
    2) Decline
    Convoy captain : Oh! You'll be escorting us then!
    Wallace : Bah, unless the battlefield is pushed back we won't be able to reach
    our destination anyway so we don't really have a choice.
    Convoy captain : Then we will make preparations to depart immediately.
    Meet us at the start of the road that leads to the Nostridge plains.
    If you have preparations to make too, do so immediately!
    Ruise : We're sorry but...
    Convoy captain : No need to apologize. You have your own assignments already...
    ======= On the road to the cape ========
    (get near the convoy guys next the birds-like creatures)
    Convoy captain : Oh, you're here.
    (talk to him)
    Convoy captain : Let us depart immediately then. Please follow us closely.
    (once you reach the next screen)
    Convoy captain : I've got a request to make. Could you walk a little
    ahead of us?
    (Do so. You won't proceed otherwise. In the next screen there won't be any
    enemies but some will pop out afterwards so be prepared. Once you reach it the
    wind will blow stronger)
    (after a gust of wind)
    Tippi : Hmmmm...
    Ruise : What's wrong Tippi?
    Tippi : The wind got a bit strong...and flying get tiring then...
    1) Say you worried about her
    2) Pft, how weak of you
    3) Hold onto me
    4) Stay quiet
    Tippi : Ah, I'm fine, I'm fine. If I were to be defeated by something like
    this my name wouldn't be Tippi-chan!
    Tippi : Whaaaat! Just you watch, I'll be flying from here and back without
    a hitch!
    Tippi : Alright. If the wind blow strongly again I'll do that.
    Ruise : How about carrying her oniichan?
    Tippi : Ah, I'm fine, I'm fine. If I were to be defeated by something like
    this my name wouldn't be Tippi-chan!
    Wallace : But yeah, that wind sure got something offensive about it...
    Convoy captain : It's as if it was coming from the mountain itself right?
    That's why that mountain is called the Schuterm mountain.
    Convoy soldier : Hm? Over there...! Captain! They're here! The monsters!
    Convoy captain : They've finally showed up! It's up to you now guys!
    We're counting on you!
    Event battle 23 : Protect the convoy!
    Winning condition : Defeat all monsters
    Losing condition : Party defeated, convoy killed
    Enemy : Manticore (Lv27)
            2 Lizard lords (Lv26)
            2 Winged dragons (Lv26)
    (Don't waste your strength here. Dragons are fast but very weak against magic
    especially tornado. Cast a couple of wide ranged spells and then finish them off
    with your weapons. You've got a much more difficult battle soon.)
    Event battle 23 Clear
    Tippi : Seems like they're no more of them.
    Wallace : Yes. But why did the target specifically the convoy?
    Ruise : This is strange...
    Convoy captain : Alright! Forward!
    (getting to the crossroad)
    Tippi : Uwaaah! The wind got stronger again. I nearly got blown away.
    Convoy captain : The mountain is on the north side so the wind is blowing down.
    Wallace : ? I smell a strange odor carried in that wind...
    (alright this was the first hint. Now you've got two choices : keep going east
    to reach the plains and fight the hordes of monsters on the way or deal with
    the source of the problem on the mountain summit right now. If you go east
    you'll have two more battles with more hints about who's causing the monsters
    to attack and then you WILL have to go to the summit, it's not an optional
    battle. Unless you're really prepared don't bother with those additional
    battles even to gain more exp since they're quite bothersome with enemies
    appearing behind the convoy, which means you'll have to spend mp or items to
    heal your allies.)
    (additional dialogues if you choose to go east)
    (next screen)
    Tippi : Uwaaah! The wind got stronger again. I nearly got blown away.
    Convoy captain : The mountain is on the north side so the wind is blowing down.
    Wallace : There is a really weird smell carried by the wind...it feels like
    I smelled it somewhere before...or is it my imagination?
    Convoy captain : They're here! The monsters!
    Tippi : Alright, time to do our job! Good luck!
    (after the battle)
    Convoy captain : Whew...seems like we made it somehow...
    Wallace : Still, the actions of those monsters were unusual.
    Ruise : What do you mean?
    Wallace : They seem to be organized and followed the same pattern
    than earlier...
    Tippi : Come on, such a thing isn't possible.
    Wallace : Yes, I hope I'm just imagining things...
    Convoy captain : Then, let's resume our progress.
    (third screen)
    Tippi : Uwaaah! The wind's again...
    Wallace : Yet another gust of wind...and yet again that smell...
    Convoy captain : Crap! They're still more of them!
    Tippi : Alright, time to do our job! Good luck!
    (after the battle)
    Convoy captain : Whew...seems like we made it somehow...
    Wallace : This is definitely weird. I'm sure someone is manipulating
    those monsters...
    Ruise : Yes, it's the feeling they give off...
    Convoy captain : But how could someone control monsters?
    And from where could that person be controlling them?
    Wallace : About that...
    Convoy captain : Anyway, let's keep on walking. The soldiers on the front
    line are awaiting our arrival.
    Ruise : A person controlling monsters...a smell that can't be detected by
    normal people...?
    Tippi : Doesn't that sound like something we heard before?
    Wallace : There's no mistaking it. This is the work of a monster tamer.
    Using the wind that comes down from the mountain, the guy's been spreading
    that flour which smell can control monsters.
    Ruise : Then the enemy is at the mountain summit?
    Tippi : If we get that guy we won't be attacked by monsters again?
    Then let's go!
    Convoy captain : We're counting on you!
    (or if you choose to go north right after the first battle things
    will go like that)
    Convoy captain : Hey, where are you going! It's not this way!
    1) Sorry, took a wrong turn
    2) I just felt like going there
    3) I'm going to the mountain
    Convoy captain : Well, anyone makes mistakes. Come on, let's resume our walk.
    Convoy captain : Then come back here. We have to hurry.
    Convoy captain : You're going to the mountain? Didn't you come here to escort
    us? Why do you have to go to the mountain?
    a) To fight our enemy
    b) I don't have any real reason
    Convoy captain : The enemy? Is there an enemy here?
    Wallace : Yes, definitely. On the mountain summit.
    Tippi : Why are you thinking that too Wallace-san?
    Wallace : That odor carried by the wind...well most people can't smell it but
    for someone who can't use his eyes like me, I'm able to discern it a little.
    I smelled it before...it's the odor that's used to control monsters...
    Ruise : Then if we've been attacked by monsters it's because of a
    monster tamer?
    Wallace : Seems like someone is operating secretly to make the Rolandia
    troops lose the battle.
    Convoy captain : Understood. We believe what you said. We will inspect the
    surroundings in the meanwhile and once we ascertain that the place is safe
    we will resume our progress. We're counting on you.
    Convoy captain : Then come back here. We have to hurry.
    (once you went north, head in the north-west direction to reach the
    mountain summit)
    ======= Schuterm mountain summit ========
    (upon getting there)
    Monster tamer : Kukukukuh! Now, my sweet little monsters!
    I'll need you to work for me a little more!
    Tippi : Hold it right there!
    Monster tamer : Who are you!
    Wallace : We found out that you're the one using monsters to attack
    the convoy troops. If we defeat you, the monsters attacks will stop.
    Monster tamer : Eeeh! If you saw me then I can't let you alive! I'll make you
    regret opposing a Shadow knight!
    Wallace : A Shadow knight!?
    Monster tamer : Diiiiie!
    Event battle 24 : Defeat the monster tamer!
    Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
    Losing condition : Party defeated, monster tamer escapes
    Enemy : Monster tamer (Lv32)
            3 Masked men (Lv30)
    (soon after)
            Manticore (Lv27)
            2 Lizard lords (Lv26)
            2 Winged dragons (Lv26)
    (A fast-paced battle. He will summon the monsters faster if you attempt to
    get close so you might want to let some of the masked men get closer to you
    before doing so, that will allow to target more enemies with your area of
    effect spells. When he start to run away don't bother going after him unless
    you've got someone close or ranged weapons. Simply have everyone cast spells
    on him and that'll be enough. About Grengar he will come to help you unless
    you killed his guys near Galaschirz earlier. He has an auto-item skill that
    allow him tu instantly use potion whenever he gets low in health so you
    don't have to worry too much about him dying on you.)
    (after taking a few steps north)
    Monster tamer : What a nice breeze....now, come over here!
    (monsters appear)
    Monster tamer : Those are your enemies. Now fight!
    (after a minute or so and only if you haven't killed the thieves in Ranzack)
    Grengar : Well, aren't you working hard?
    Ruise : Ah!
    Tippi : It's you!?
    Grengar : I'm the great Grengar. How about remembering the name already?
    Wallace : Crap, having to fight him at such a time....!
    Grengar : Hold it! Don't get the wrong idea! I'm not here as you enemy today.
    Instead I'll help you.
    Wallace : What?
    Grengar : That's because right now, I can't let the Rolandia kingdom lose!
    Here I come!
    Monster tamer : Eeeeeh! Yet another interference!
    (most enemies defeated)
    Monster tamer : You're quite good. Are you the Rolandia knight that kept
    pestering us lately?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Monster tamer : Then it'd be foolish to fight you any longer.
    Monster tamer : ...I see. In any case I'll be no good if I were to fight you.
    Tippi : Are you trying to run away!?
    Monster user : Exactly! My mission is to hinder the delivery of supplies
    without being spotted. Even if I can't do it here, I won't have any troubles
    finding monsters somewhere else!
    Wallace : Tch! You won't escape!
    (monster tamer defeated)
    Monster tamer : Gu, guwaah...
    Tippi : It's over!
    Monster tamer : Is that so?
    (he whistles and a giant bird comes to take him away)
    Tippi : I can't believe such gigantic birds exist...
    Event battle 24 Clear
    Wallace : Anyway with a wound like this he won't be able to do much for now.
    The convoy troops should be safe for the time being.
    Ruise : Which means the soldiers on the front lines won't be short of supplies
    anymore right?
    Grengar : Guess it's time to take my leave too.
    Tippi : Wait up!
    Grengar : Hm?
    Wallace : What are you? An enemy? Or not?
    Grengar : When our interests conflict, I'm an enemy. If they're the same,
    I'll be an ally.
    Ruise : What do you mean?
    Grengar : Sorry but I won't answer that.
    Tippi : Then what is your connection with that Oswald guy!?
    Grengar : Oswald huh...he's a member of the band of thieves my brother
    assembled. Though now that my brother is dead, looks like he became the
    head of the band. I don't have any direct connection with him. We just
    happen to share some jobs from time to time.
    Ruise : Jobs...
    Grengar : Well, looks like we'll meet again someday.
    (he leaves)
    Wallace : What could be that guy's goal?
    (now time to get back to the mountain path and head east. You'll end up at
    the Nostridge plains camp. Talk to the guy who looks like general Bronson
    ======= Nostridge plains army camp ========
    (talk to general Bernard)
    General Bernard : Oh, so you're the ones who helped the convoy troops.
    Thanks to you we managed to get supplies for the first time.
    Wallace : A Shadow night were responsible for disrupting the transport
    of the supplies.
    General Bernard : A Shadow knight you say!?
    Karen : Yes, that's what he said.
    Tippi : What's a Shadow knight anyway?
    General Bernard : Shadow knights are the polar opposite of the
    Imperial knights.
    Tippi : What does that mean?
    General Bernard : Imperial knights are the symbol of their country and
    admired by their citizens. Shadow knights are unknown to the people and
    operate in the shadows.
    Ruise : They operate in the shadows...?
    General Bernard : Yes. The whole group is made of special people only,
    someone "normal" can't become one of them. Though our superiors know of them,
    we only learned about that group recently.
    Tippi : But that guy we fought wasn't all that strong right?
    General Bernard : They're not feared because of the individual strength of
    their members but for their capacity to infiltrate within enemy territory and
    carrying acts of sabotage or assassinations. Their skill in those fields make
    them equal to the Imperial Knight and their strength. We suffered a lot when
    faced with the combination of those two forces.
    Ariost : We droved one away just a little while earlier.
    General Bernard : Ah yes, that's right. This is why now is our best chance
    to repel the Imperial Knight in the battlefield.
    (talk to him again)
    Ruise : Excuse us, is Lake Olivier far from here?
    General Bernard : Lake Olivier? Is this where you want to go?
    Tippi : Yup! Our mission is to investigate that place!
    General Bernard : Humm...lake Olivier is close from here but you can't go
    there now.
    Wallace : If I remember well, it's right after the bridge east from here?
    General Bernard : Yes, but that's if you could cross the bridge.
    The Burnstein army have crossed the bridge and managed to reach those plains.
    We're currently fighting them with all our available troops. Besides you must
    be tired. It'd be best if you rest until our army managed to drive them back.
    Though we don't have anything besides tents for you to sleep in.
    (follow him)
    Would you like to sleep?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    (you can talk to him again after waking up)
    Ruise : Good morning.
    General Bernard : Seems you rested quite peacefully. Thanks to the supplies you
    guys delivered, the soldiers morale increased and we managed to push back the
    Burnstein troops last night.
    Tippi : That's why there are no soldiers left here then.
    General Bernard : It looks like that we will soon have them repelled until
    after the bridge. Once this will be done you will be able to reach
    Lake Olivier.
    (Head towards the east exit. Before you get there you'll get to the
    following event)
    Burnstein captain : Gahahahaha! I can't believe there's so little soldiers left
    in the headquarters! It was well worth it to go through the trouble to take
    the long way to get here!
    General Bernard : What!?
    Burnstein captain : Because of the lack of supplies you guys couldn't mobilize
    fully. Now that you finally managed to get those supplies, we expected you to
    attack with your full strength. But to think you'd go as far as empty your
    General Bernard : Tch! 
    Burnstein captain : If we kill general Bernard here, the morale of the Rolandia
    soldiers will go down! Concentrate your attacks on him!
    Brunstein soldier : Yes sir!
    Ariost : Still...isn't their timing a bit too good?
    Wallace : They probably planned this as soon as the monster tamer reported
    his defeat...
    Ruise : He took advantage of his own defeat...?
    Is this how Shadow knights operate...?
    Wallace : That's what you'd expect from a group that specializes in
    shady operations!
    Tippi : This is no time to praise them! We've got to protect general Bernard!
    Event battle 25 : Protect general Bernard!
    Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
    Losing condition : Party defeated, general Bernard dies
    Enemy : Burnstein captain (Lv36)
            2 Burnstein soldiers (Lv30)
            Burnstein magician (Lv28)
            Burnstein lancer (Lv26)
            Burnstein archer (Lv25)
    (You'll be starting the battle far away from your allies so have at least two
    people rush towards the general and that archer to shield them from enemies.
    Karen can stay where she is casting buffing spells and healing while Ruise and
    Ariost will start taking out the enemy magician and archers with their magic.
    The archer near the general can die very quickly so he's your top priority.
    Overall not a difficult battle.)
    (Bernie attacks someone)
    General Bernard : Don't underestimate my strength!
    (soon after battle start)
    Wallace : Hey. Wouldn't it be easier to protect him if we asked the general
    to move according to our directions?
    1) Go east of the big tent
    2) Go south east of the big tent
    3) Stay here and attack
    4) Stay here and defend
    (any choice)
    General Bernard : Understood. I will do as you say.
    (all ennemies defeated except for the captain)
    Burnstein captain : Damn you! You will pay for what you did to my men!
    (captain defeated)
    Burnstein captain : Gu...h...! And after going this far too....
    Event battle 25 Clear
    (talking to Bernard afterwards)
    Tippi : Are you alright!?
    General Bernard : Yes, thanks to you.
    Wallace : Since we just raised the soldiers morale we can't let the general
    die now can we?
    General Bernard : Hm. You have my gratitude. Still those guys just now...
    Walalce : Most probably the underlings of the Shadow knight.
    General Bernard : Hmm, we can't get too careful with guys like this around...
    Rolandia soldier : General! We've gained the upper hand! We're slowly
    pushing back the enemy troops!
    General bernard : Oh! That's great!
    Rolandia soldier : However, due to an incredible enemy we haven’t secured
    the bridge yet.
    General Bernard : I see...just a little more and we'll be there....
    Tippi : As long as we can't cross the bridge we can't reach lake Olivier right?
    Wallace : Yes. Somehow we need to find a way to repel the Burnstein troops
    beyond the bridge.
    General Bernard : If we could do that, then we would finally have them
    driven out of our country but...
    (don't forget to speak to that archer person to get some rest again and
    then head east again)
    (upon getting to the bridge)
    Oscar Reeves : Hang in there men! This is the critical moment!
    Burnstein soldiers : Yes sir!
    Rolandia soldier : Kh! Imperial knight really are strong...
    he's defending this place almost all by himself....
    Tippi : What's going on?
    Roldnia captain : We've finally managed to push back the enemy until here but
    now we can't proceed any further. All because of that one Imperial knight...
    Ruise : What should we do? The lake is really close from here right?
    1) We're going to fight (need to pick this to proceed)
    2) Let's not fight now
    3) This isn't our job
    Wallace  : We don't have much of a choice if we want to go on anyway.
    Rolandia captain : However, with only you alone this is...
    Tippi : Just watch us!
    Tippi : The enemy is quite though so we need to prepare.
    Rolandia captain : That's right. If we depended on you here, the Rolandia
    army would lose face. We will win this battle with our own strength!
    Rolandia soldier : Yes sir!
    Rolandia captain : That's right. If we depended on you here,
    the Rolandia army would lose face. We will this battle with our own strength!
    Rolandia soldier : Yes sir!
    Event battle 26 : Clear the bridge from the enemy!
    Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
    Losing condition : Party defeated, all your allies die
    Enemy : Oscar Reeves (Lv53)
            3 Burnstein soldiers (Lv33)
            Burnstein magician (Lv31)
            Burnstein cleric (Lv30)
            Ernest Lyell (Lv64)
    (Yay, we finally get to see the other Imperial Knights in action! The battle
    isn't too hard though. You can have Wallace stop the enemy troops from getting
    near your allies while the rest of your team take them out with magic. As usual
    take out the casters first. Do note that Oscar have the healing spell. He
    will only use it when his soldiers are very low on health so if you're not
    too slow that won't be a bother. Now about Oscar himself he won't move at all.
    So obviously bringing long ranged weapons is a good idea here. You'll want
    someone to get close to him though since otherwise he'll cast healing on
    himself making the battle drag on. He's quite powerful but as you can see from
    his character portrait he's also exhausted from his previous battle (he's
    drenching in sweat^^) So he will have very few HP actually and the battle
    should be over quick. Once Ernest appears do not attempt to fight him. He can
    kill most of your characters in two attacks while you can barely scratch him.
    You don't have to do anything once he appears. Simply wait for him to go away.)
    (before battle)
    Oscar Reeves : Hm? Are there still more Rolandia troops coming this way?
    Rolandia captain : That guy...if only that Imperial knight wasn't here then
    this would never have happened...
    Rolandia soldier : Captain! Let us avenge our comrades! That guy killed so
    many of them by himself!
    Wallace : Calm down! If you lose your composure you'll lose even against
    an easy opponent! Let us deal with this!
    Rolandia captain : Is that alright with you? Your opponent is an Imperial
    knight...our hundred men battalion...that guy faced them by himself and is
    still standing here...
    Ruise : We already know of the knights strength. So please leave this to us!
    (start of battle)
    Oscar Reeves : Oh. So you wish to fight us...I see they are still brave
    soldiers in the Rolandia too...
    Wallace : We'll be the front guard. Follow us slowly!
    Rolandia captain : Understood!
    (a few secs after start of battle)
    Wallace : Remember to help our soldiers! If they die, the enemy will break
    through the country borders.
    Ruise : Yes that's right. Let's work hard oniichan.
    (once you advance a bit more on the bridge)
    Oscar Reeves : All troops, attack! Repel them!
    Bursntein soldier : Yes sir!
    (getting near Oscar)
    Oscar Reeves : You made it here. I am one of the Imperial Knights,
    Oscar Reeves. To reward your valor I will give you the honor of being
    your opponent. I won't take a step from here. Feel free to come at
    me at your leisure.
    Tippi : Argh! That guys annoys me! Stop acting so high and mighty!
    Oscar Reeves : I'm simply giving you a fair handicap.
    Tippi : Everyone, hold in there! We don't want to lose to such a guy!
    (Wallace steps into Oscar strike range)
    Oscar Reeves : I'll challenge you. Face me!
    Wallace : As you wish.
    (or if it's Carmaine that gets there first)
    Oscar Reeves : I'll challenge you. Face me!
    Tippi : Go! Go! Beat some humility into that guy!
    (Oscar will then attacks and providing Carmaine survives the blow the
    following will ensue)
    Oscar : You're skilled. At least enough to be considered by Julian.
    Tippi : Julian did?
    Oscar : Yes. He seems to have quite an interest in you and often
    speaks of you.
    1) Tell him Julian is a woman (DON'T)
    2) Ask him what Julian said about you
    3) Now is not the time to share stories
    Oscar Reeves: Stop! I won't let you say anymore on that topic. If you do
    I will have no choice but to kill you here to protect Julian's honor.
    Oscar Reeves : Curious? He was praising you for becoming so much stronger
    since you two first met. Thus Ernest and I become quite interested in
    you too. Still, I didn't think we would meet here.
    Oscar Reeves : So you're the taciturn type? And I don't get along with
    them too....
    (Oscar defeated)
    Oscar Reeves : U..uuh...even though I'm alone to be able to stand
    against me to that extent...
    Wallace : ! Watch out! Stand back!
    (the place where you characters were standing blow up and Ernest appears)
    Ernest Lyell : What's wrong? This is not like you Oscar.
    Oscar Reeves : Ernest...why are you here? Weren't you in vacation today?
    Ernest Lyell : I am. So what? I can use my vacations the way I wish.
    Oscar Reeves : Anyway, I'm thankful.
    Ernest Lyell : What for? I came her because I wanted to fight.
    Not to rescue you. More importantly, how about pulling back now?
    It's not like you're not able to stand.
    Oscar Reeves : ...haha. You never change.
    (he cast a healing spell on Oscar then face the party)
    Ernest Lyell : Well then. Your opponent is now me.
    Wallace : Careful...things won't be going like they did with the one before...
    (attacking Ernest)
    Ernest Lyell : You must not value your life much to challenge me.
    (Oscar escapes)
    Oscar Reeves : ...fuh. Fighting with you made up for a valuable experience.
    Next time we meet, I'll face you with my full strength if you don't mind.
    Tippi : Ah, he got away!
    (a little bit later)
    Ernest Reeves : ...I changed my mind. I'll take my leave too...
    (Ernest leaves)
    Ernest Lyell : I'm sure we will enjoy our next meeting. At that time I will
    face you as an officer of the Burnstein kingdom. Farewell.
    Event battle 26 Clear
    Tippi : Looks like it's over...
    Rolandia captain : You really managed to drive away an Imperial knight by
    yourselves....I still can't believe it....
    Tippi : Didn't we told you to leave it so us?
    Ruise : Now we can finally proceed!
    ======= Olivier lake ========
    (upon getting there)
    Tippi : Here's the lake...
    Ruise : There's so much Growshu flying around. I guess there are no
    magic conduction lines around here...
    Tippi : Hey, is it the lake you saw in your dream?
    1) Yes, definitely
    2) I don't remember
    3) No, it's not
    Ruise : That means we'll find more clues here then!
    Tippi : Hurry up and show us the weird stuff you said you saw in your
    dream here!
    Tippi : Geez you....!
    Ruise : Don't blame him. Oniichan only saw it in a dream after all...
    Wallace : Anyway we made it here. How about exploring a little?
    We might find something.
    Tippi : Whaaaat!? We went through all those troubles to get here
    and it's the wrong place?
    Wallace : Anyway we made it here. How about exploring a little?
    We might find something.
    (getting near the lake)
    Tippi : Right here the ground's color looks different.
    (search here, you'll find some holy soil needed for a later event.
    Then head right, behind the rock and look around. You'll find a
    switch, press it.)
    Tippi : Uwah! Something popped out!?
    (entering the underground tunnel)
    Ruise : Is this the entrance you told us about oniichan?
    (once inside)
    Ruise : I can't believe there's a cave like this under the lake...
    Nature works in mysterious ways....
    Karen : Next to the strength of nature we humans are so insignificant
    after all.
    (get near enemies)
    Tippi : They're Yungs!
    Wallace : So there is really something going on here!
    (getting into the third "room")
    Wallace : Mh? I feel an hostile presence....
    Karen : Where?
    (8 Yungs jump in)
    Tippi : From above!?
    Yung : Intruders...kill!
    Ruise : W-we're surrounded....
    Wallace : Guess we don't have any other choice but to fight....
    Event battle 27 : Kill the Yungs!
    Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
    Losing condition : Party defeated
    Enemy : 2 Yung alpha (Lv27)
            1 Yung beta (Lv27)
            2 Yung alpha (Lv27)
            3 Yung beta (Lv27)
    (Pathetic battle. Cast a few Thunder or Holy cross spells and it'll be over.)
    Event battle 27 Clear
    (resume walking after the save point and the cliff will breaks making your
    characters fall. Once again a light emanating from Carmaine's hand will start
    to glow while you fall and slow down everyone letting them land peacefully)
    Tippi : Is everyone alright!?
    Ariost : Yes, I'm not hurt.
    Karen : I felt like something softened our fall somehow.
    Wallace : Still that was close...
    Ruise : We have to find a way to climb back somehow...
    (a few seconds later)
    Wallace : What's this, the ground is shaking....no!
    Tippi : What is it Wallace-san?
    Wallace: We must climb back quickly! A flash flood is coming!
    If we get caught in it's over!
    Ruise : What!? Oniichan, hurry!
    (Alright so here you'll have to head right quickly but before climbing be
    sure to grab the Tippi icon lying on the ground. It's located at the far end
    of the place you're standing in, you'll have to grab it before you climb since
    you can't come back here. Thankfully there was a save point just before this
    so you can retry as many times as you want.)
    (less than three seconds left)
    Wallace : Hurry and climb! There's no time!
    (once you've  climbed)
    Karen : Whew...I'm so relieved we made it.
    Ariost : If we got caught in that stream there'd be no way we would
    have survived.
    Wallace : Anyway, we're out of trouble now.
    (You'll be at a crossroads here. Go right to get the next event or up to grab
    an endurance apple. You'll have to fight a bunch of Yungs on the way though.)
    (once you get into the somewhat familiar building)
    Tippi : There are stairs there....
    Ariost : The area here looks like to be man-made.
    Tippi : And it looks like someone forced the way inside.
    Ariost : From the looks of it, this was done recently.
    Wallace : Chances are this was made by those Yung beasts.
    Ruise : I wonder what could be upstairs?
    1) The Yungs nest
    2) Something Yungs like
    3) Something that must bother Gevel
    4) I have no idea
    Ruise : But if it was their nest would they enter it so violently?
    Ruise : Something they like...what could it be?
    Wallace : Don't you remember the cave behind the waterfall?
    They feed upon humans.
    Ruise : Eeeeh~!?
    Ruise : A hindrance....but what could that be?
    Tippi : Can't you even try to guess?
    Ruise : Don't blame him. I don't have any clues either....
    Tippi : Bah, we'll know soon enough once we'll get there.
    (keep on climbing till you reach the roof)
    Ariost : This place...we're in the Growsian ruins.
    Ruise : It seems so....
    Tippi : Ah, over there!
    (screen shifts to a bunch of Yung)
    Tippi : So they were really here!
    Wallace : They seem to be struggling against something...
    Yung : ...hurry! ...destroy it all!
    Yung : Grah!
    Yung : Destroy the other boxes too!
    Ruise : It looks like they're destroying the room doors.
    Karen : There must be something within that room. but if we don't hurry
    it'll be broken.
    Tippi : What should we do?
    Wallace : That's obvious! We get rid of them and claim that treasure!
    Event battle 28 : Kill the Yung before they break the door!
    Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
    Losing condition : Party defeated, door broken
    Enemy : 6 Yung alpha (Lv27)
            4 Yung beta (Lv27)
    (Rather easy, if everyone have spells like thunder, fireball or holy cross.
    Make sure to take out the Yungs near the chests first. Don't worry about
    the door they need quite a while to take it down)
    (Yung attack a door)
    Yung : ..you won't have it!
    (Yung attacks you)
    Yung : Hindrances, die!
    (Yung get near treasure chests)
    Yung : Destroy, destroy!
    Event battle 28 Clear
    Tippi : Alright! We wiped 'em all!
    (open the chest, you'll get some ambrosia, a fire rune, a robe, a strength
    apple and one will open the way to get to the part of the ruin you visited in
    the "rescue the queen" mission. Then go examine the door the Yung were trying
    to break)
    Tippi : This room looks safe right?
    Wallace : Try to open it.
    Ruise : Let me do it. If those are Growsian ruins then...
    (she faces it and the door opens)
    Ruise : See?
    (get inside and take the book)
    Tippi : Doesn't those books looks like some sort of official documents?
    Wallace : Can you read it?
    Tippi : Yup, first this one. Hmm, it looks like a diary.
    I'll look for the parts that seems to contain something important.
    "...the installation is running smoothly. Thanks to it, the Gevels have started
    killing the ignorant masses."
    Ruise : The masses?
    Ariost : Some rulers look down on normal people and refer to them like that.
    It's not a very elegant word.
    Ruise : You mean, the Growsian rulers?
    Wallace : Anyway keep on reading.
    Tippi : "It is true that our numbers are much inferior to those of the humans.
    But we possess great strength. That those weaklings humans would oppose us is
    the height of foolishness. What is worrisome is that some among Growsians
    became the ally of the stupid masses. They know that the Gevels can't use their
    full powers against our kind. In order to deal with them we...have to complete
    the new model quickly...."
    Tippi : ...that's about it.
    Ruise : So Gevel isn't a legend?
    Wallace : Indeed. What's more, judging from that book, Gevel was actually
    made by the Growsians...
    Ariost : And also that humans opposed the Growsians.
    Wallace : Looks like the crucial parts aren't detailed here. What
    about the other one?
    Tippi : Err...this one looks like a report. I'll read it now.
    Tippi : "About the development of the new type of Gevel"
    "Presently the current types of bio-weapons "Gevels" are weak to magic.
    Gevels themselves can't use magic. Also, they were built to have lowered
    resistance against magic. This was done so that Gevels wouldn't be able to
    harm us, Growsians, if they were to be controlled by some negative influence.
    Although the current types of Gevels do possess sufficient resistance against
    magic from common individuals, the new model must possess far superior
    resistance. This is the purpose of its development."
    Tippi : ...that's what it says.
    Wallace : So Gevel is weak to magic. That's good to know.
    Ruise : But what about the new model? What kind of Gevel do you think is
    outside now?
    Wallace : I don't know. However the Growsians may have perished before
    the completion of the new model.
    Tippi : Anyway, let's report this to the king.
    ======= Rolandia castle ========
    (check Eliotte before going to see the king there's another event with him)
    Eliotte : Welcome back. Did you find something?
    Ruise : Yes...we learned that Gevel was created by the Growsians in the past...
    Eliotte : What!!? So it was the Growsians who created Gevel? Uwaaah~...
    Eliotte : ...by the way, what is that Gevel thing?
    Tippi (sweatdrop) : ....errrr...
    Ruise : Oh? So you never heard of it Eliotte-kun....
    Gevel is a monster that was ravaging the land in the past...
    and it looks like it came back to life 20 years ago in the crystal mines....
    Eliotte : In the crystal mines?
    Ruise : Yes...it's possible there are other beings like it in other crystal
    mines too...
    Eliotte : That sounds scary...if something happens will you please protect me?
    1) I'll always be here for you (obviously the best answer)
    2) I'd rather want you to help me instead
    3) One should be able to protect oneself
    Eliotte : Thank you very much. I'm relying on you then.
    Tippi : Aren't you spoiling him a bit too much?
    Eliotte : But you really are dependable. I admire you.
    Eliotte : If I could help you I would but...unfortunately I can't leave
    this place.....
    Wallace : Don't worry about us. We can take care of ourselves.
    Tippi : Hey you, stop saying weird things to Eliotte-kun!
    Eliotte : I guess so but...I don't have much confidence in my sword skills....
    Wallace : This requires a long training. No matter how poor you may be now,
    it will never hurt to train yourself. By doing so you will spontaneously
    correct your mistakes and learn the proper way to use a sword. And this
    doesn't only hold true for the sword but for everything else too.
    Eliotte : Ah....the wisdom of old persons is indeed impressive.
    Wallace : ...your praise isn't exactly making me happy....
    Eliotte : Ah, no, I didn't mean that...
    ======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========
    Arcadius : Oh, I welcome you back. I heard that your brave deeds allowed
    our army to repel the Burnstein troops in the north front line. I greatly
    appreciate that you actions went beyond my expectations.
    Ruise : Than you very much. We came to report some important information
    we learned.
    Arcadius : Hoh. Some important information you say?
    Tippi : It's about Gevel!
    Arcadius : Go ahead and make your report.
    Ruise : Actually it would appear that Gevel was created by the Growsians
    long ago.
    Arcadius : What!?
    Wallace : It would appear that in the past, the people of the Growsian
    civilization revolted against their Growsian rulers. In order to suppress
    the rebellion the Growsians, who were at a great disadvantage in terms
    of numbers, created Gevels as bio-weapons to obliterate the rebels. However
    they were some Growsians that took the side of the humans. Those are most
    probably the ones who are featured in the legend describing the battle
    against Gevel.
    Arcadius : And now that Gevel monster is threatening us once more....
    Ruise : We also learned that Gevel can't use its full strength when faced
    with Growsians like myself.
    Tippi : In short, since we have Ruise-chan among us, Gevel can't
    efficiently face us.
    Sandra : It seems like we will have to check once again every books of that
    time period then. Especially how the Growisans who sided with the humans
    were able to defeat Gevel. We must learn this no matter what.
    Arcadius : Then I will leave that matter to you Sandra.
    Sandra : Yes your Highness. As soon as I learn anything on that subject
    I will let you know immediately.
    Tippi : Okay. Then be sure to call for us at that time.
    Arcadius : Still, to think that the Gevel's legend was hiding such facts....
    Now that we start to have a better understanding on that matter, I'm more
    convinced than ever that you are the most competent to deal with it.
    I congratulate you on the work you've done this time too. You did a fine
    investigation in such a short amount of time.
    Go ahead and enjoy some vacations for now.
    Official : Considering your achievements we will grant you three days of rest
    this time. Well then, please select where you want to go :
    1) Capital city Rosaria
    2) Health resort Rashell
    3) Magic academy
    4) Hot spring town Comsprings
    5) My city
                                 Eigth Mission
                        Investigate the magic academy
    (quick note dialogues don't change whether you're using Karen or Ariost here.
    I first used Karen then Ariost when translating and most of Ariost sentences
    are the same as Karen's. It's showed as a Karen/Ariost in the script or
    "other name"/Ariost to show when he's supposed to talk if you pick him.)
    ======= Rolandia castle - Throne's room ========
    (after getting back from vacation)
    Official : Your vacations are now over. You will be given your next mission.
    Arcadius : Did you enjoy your vacations? Your next mission will be....or
    that's what I should say but I'm sure you know what you have to do by now.
    Thus I will not give you any specific orders about your mission but instead
    you'll be free to act according to your judgment. You're also free to report
    to me when you think you have to. If some urgent matter comes up, we will
    summon you back.
    Tippi : Hmm, having to decide everything by ourselves,
    doesn't it feel a bit messed up?
    Arcadius : Oh and I remember that Sandra wanted to see you.
    Feel free to visit her when you have the time.
    ======= Rolandia castle - Sandra's laboratory ========
    (talking to Sandra on the balcony)
    Tippi : Master!
    Ruise : We're here mother.
    Sandra : Are you vacations over?
    Tippi : Yup.
    Wallace : We've been told that you wanted to see us Lady Sandra.
    Could it be that you found out something about Gevel?
    Sandra : It's not possible to find something so quickly unfortunately.
    I called you here because I want to give you something.
    Ruise : Something?
    Sandra : Yes. It's your Magic Practice completion certificate.
    Ruise (blushing) : ...wah.
    Tippi : I see. So Ruise-chan was still in training actually.
    Sandra : Once you will have given this to the chancellor or vice-chancellor
    all that's left will be to graduate after completing your curriculum.
    (Got the certificate! It's been a while since the last permit like thing!)
    (if Misha is in the party, you'll get the following)
    Misha : uuuh...I fell behind Ruise-chan once again....
    Ruise : ...ah, but there still a long way to go before graduating so....
    Misha : If it comes to this then I'll just have to become your apprentice
    Ruise-chan! Since I'll be your apprentice, then I'll have to stick around
    you! Well, now that's said and done, I'll be tagging along from now on~!
    (talking to Sandra again)
    Sandra : As soon as I find out something about Gevel I'll let you know
    immediately. Until then please work hard on your side.
    ======= Magic academy - Campus entrance ========
    (if Misha isn't in the party she'll run at full speed towards you
    when you get here)
    Misha : Ah, oniisama! Welcome! Why did you come here today?
    Tippi : We didn't come to see you anyway.
    Ruise : Guess what? I received my practice completion certificate and
    I came to give it to the chancellor!
    Misha : Whaaat!? Ruise-chan, you've already completed your practice?
    *sighs* ...I fell behind you again.....
    Misha : If it comes to this then I'll just have to become your apprentice
    Ruise-chan! Since I'll be your apprentice, then I'll have to stick around you!
    Well, now that's said and done, I'll be tagging along from now on~!
    Misha forced her way in the party! Pick a member to eject.
    1) Ariost
    2) Karen
    Remove that person's equipment?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    (if you threw out Ariost)
    Misha : Sorry about that Ariost-san.
    Ariost : A-ah, I don't mind at all.
    If it's for your sake then I'm glad to help.
    Misha : I'll be sure to study super-hard from now on!
    (or if it was Karen)
    Karen : And here I thought I could see Aileen-san.
    Well, it's for Misha-chan sake after all.
    Let's meet again another time.
    Misha : I'm sorry Karen-san.
    Karen : Then be sure to study seriously alright?
    ======= Magic academy 7th floor ========
    (talking to the chancellor's secretary)
    CS : What could be your business here?
    Ruise : I came to bring my Magic Practice completion certificate but....
    CS : The chancellor isn't at the academy presently. He should come back in
    a short while however...if you're in hurry please deliver it to the
    vice-chancellor instead.
    (talking to the vice-chancellor's secretary)
    VCS : Welcome. If you're here to see the vice-chancellor he took the day
    off though...
    Ruise : So we can't see him?
    VCS : Yes. Well, lately he seemed to be getting completely taken by
    his research project actually...
    Tippi : Then if we go to his laboratory we can meet him right?
    VCS : Yes but it does not seem to be in the academy. I've been looking
    for him for a little while too and didn't have any luck. The only place
    I can think of now would be his house....
    Wallace : His house?
    VCS : Yes. It's in Medis village, north of here.
    Misha : Oh? In my hometown?
    Tippi : Medis village huh...
    (leaving his desk)
    Tippi : None of them seem to be here. What are you going to do Ruise-chan?
    Ruise : ...hum. That's annoying...
    CS : In that case I'll keep it here.
    Ruise : Ah, yes. Thank you very much.
    (delivered the certificate!)
    Ruise : Sorry to bother you.
    ======= Magic academy - main building entrance ========
    (after delivering the certificate)
    Nick : Oh, it's you people....thanks again for your help earlier.
    Karen : Nick-san...did you come to see Aileen-san?
    Nick : Yeah. I found the medicinal herbs she wanted. I thought I could see her
    when delivering those. I'm going to see either the chancellor or
    vice-chancellor to get the authorization to see her.
    Tippi : Humm. But none of them are in he seventh floor right now. Actually
    the vice-chancellor might even be in Medis village.
    Nick : I see. Well I'm going to search the main building for now anyway.
    If you find any of them them, be sure to let me know.
    Karen : Aileen-san...I wonder if she's doing well?
    Misha : Yes, let's go see her too.
    Wallace : Growsians are sheltered somewhere in the university...
    but where exactly?
    Ruise : Aren't they in the event hall? We haven't used it for a while so...
    ======= Magic academy - event hall entrance ========
    (talking to the guard)
    Guard : This is where the Growsians people are sheltered.
    Karen : One of my acquaintances is inside, may I see her?
    Guard : I'm not allowed to give you permission to enter myself. If you want to
    see someone inside, get the permission for either the chancellor or the
    Tippi : Cheh!
    (talking to him again)
    Guard : What, it's you guys again? I told you already, no matter how many times
    you ask I can't let you inside.
    Tippi : Pft! What a stingy guy!
    Guard : That's my job you know. But anyway, it's sure been quiet in there.
    Don't you think so too?
    Tippi : And how would we know that if you don't let us in!
    Guard : Ah, yeah, that's right, haha.
    (once you get back in the central courtyard)
    Karen : I wonder how Aileen-san is doing?
    Tippi : If only we could see her for a second.
    (what to do now? One of the student in the courtyard mention his friend being
    all curious and investigating near Ariost's lab so let's go there shall we?)
    (speaking to the student with the tortured expression)
    Student : Hmmm, it just won't open....
    Ruise : What are you doing?
    Student : Last night, there was some man I never saw withdrawing
    a box from behind this door.
    Tippi : A box?
    Student : Yeah. It was large enough that a person could have fitted inside.
    What's more there was many of them. So you know, I was getting curious about
    what could be inside those boxes and...
    Wallace : But you can't enter since you don't have the key right?
    Student : Yeah. I guess I'll just give up and forget about it.
    Student (mumbling to himself while leaving) : ....hmmmm.....if I use that
    drug then they won't see me enter...hum, hum....
    (on your way back to the central courtyard)
    Wallace : Things are getting suspicious....
    Tippi : Yeah....
    Ruise : The hall which got quiet lately...larges boxes that are
    getting carried out....
    Tippi : Hey, what do you think could be inside those boxes?
    1) Treasures
    2) People
    3) Documents
    Misha : Treasures huh...that's why they're carrying them out at night then!
    Tippi : Argh! We're trying to have a serious discussion here!
    Why do you have to make it sink at your level!
    Ruise : The hall got quiet recently...and boxes large enough to carry people
    have been carried outside. It's only normal to think that the Growsians were
    inside those boxes then, right?
    Ruise : When you say people, you mean the...
    Wallace : None other than the Growsians yeah...
    Misha : Documents huh...well they're plenty of them in the academy
    that's for sure!
    Tippi : Argh! We're trying to have a serious discussion here!
    Why do you have to make it sink at your level!
    Ruise : The hall got quiet recently...and boxes large enough to carry
    people have been carried outside. It's only normal to think that the
    Growsians were inside those boxes then, right?
    Tippi : But for what purpose?
    Wallace : In any case, it looks like we will have to investigate
    this thoroughly. In that regard, we need to find a way to get inside the
    hall no matter what.
    Ruise : How could we get inside without being spotted by the guard?
    (go back and speak to the student with the tortured expression again)
    Student : Ah, it's you people again.
    Wallace : By the way, do you happen to know where did they carry
    those boxes to?
    Student : Huh? Didn't I tell you? They brought them somewhere in the
    main building but I haven't found them anywhere. So I guess they're probably
    in the basement.
    Wallace : The basement?
    Misha : So you mean, the private laboratories of the executive members?
    Tippi : Who are those "executives members" people?
    Misha : Our grandpas! I mean the chancellor and the vice-chancellor.
    Student : Well then, I'll be on my way.
    Student (mumbling to himself while leaving) : ....hmmmm.....if I use that
    drug then they won't see me enter...hum, hum....
    Tippi : The hall nobody can enter without a permission from the chancellors....
    and the underground private laboratories....somehow this is even more fishy.
    (hmm, what to do, what to do? If you speak to the other students you'll
    eventually learn one of them just got to Blame mountain and nearly died in
    the process. By now you should guess it's time to go see your pal with the
    invisible chicken)
    ======= Magic academy 6th floor ========
    (speaking to the...only person in there)
    Assistant : Oh it's you people. Why did you come here for?
    Ruise : We'd like some of that potion to become invisible again but...
    Asisstant : Then you came at the right time. Actually I just received some
    Kuriano grass a little while earlier and finished creating the potion now.
    Wallace : Could you share us some?
    Assistant : Well, I do owe you a little favor I guess...alright I'll give
    you a little bit.
    (got the potion!)
    Assistant : But this is the last time alright? If I use it to quickly
    I won't have enough left.
    Tippi : Okay! Thanks a bunch!
    ======= Magic academy - event hall entrance ========
    (get as far from the guard as possible and use the potion)
    Guard : ?
    ======= Magic academy - event hall ========
    (once inside)
    Tippi : So Aileen-san and the others Growsians are here right?
    Ruise : They should be but...it's eerily quiet....
    Wallace : ..I don't sense anyone presence either...
    Tippi : Anyway, let's go explore!
    (after getting further inside)
    Tippi : Aileen-san!
    Tippi : ...hey, but there's no one here....
    Walalce : What does that mean?
    Misha : Ah! Look over there!
    (get near the man on the ground)
    Ruise : ...he isn't breathing....
    Tippi : So he's dead?
    Ruise : ...yes...
    Wallace : So...at least we know that guy isn't the culprit anyway...
    Misha : I remember seeing that man before.
    If I'm not mistaken, it's an acquaintance of the vice-chancellor.
    Tippi : Ah, he's holding something in his hand... Take it Ruise-chan!
    Ruise : What? Does it have to be me?
    Tippi : Well I obviously can't do it myself!
    Ruise : I...really have to take it?
    Tippi : Hurry up and take it already!
    Ruise : ...uuuh....
    Ruise : ....uuuuuh....
    (found a red earring!)
    Tippi : What's that?
    Ruise : ...a red earring...it's made from a ruby...
    Misha : So it doesn't belong to him then?
    Wallace : Let's sum up what we learned here for now. First, this is
    the place where the Gowsians were supposed to be sheltered but no one's
    here. Instead all we found is a corpse of a dead man. That man is actually
    an acquaintance of the vice-chancellor right?
    Misha : Yup.
    Wallace : And that man was holding a red earring in his hand.
    Who's the culprit who took away the Growsians?
    1) The chancellor is hiding something
    2) The vice-chancellor is hiding something
    3) This man's comrades are behind this
    4) The culprit is the owner of the earring
    5) The Growsians revolted and took off by themselves
    Misha : Eeeeh, why!? Grandpa is a really kind person you know?
    Ruise : The vice-chancellor is?
    Tippi : ...it's true that we can't completely reject that idea.
    Tippi : When that man got killed, he managed to tear off that earring from
    the culprit right? But we don't know anyone wearing earrings now do we?
    Ruise : But what if it belonged to one of the Growsians that was here?
    Tippi : Hummmm....
    Misha :  I see! They weren't abducted, they just went off by themselves!
    And that earring belongs to one of them!
    Ruise : ...errr, that doesn't sound too realistic you know...
    Wallace : ...we do not have enough evidence for now.
    Once we find more, we should find out who is behind all this.
    Tippi : This earring can serve as a proof right? Let's take it.
    (Let's leave this place now. But not from the front since we're not
    invisible anymore. There are two lateral exits in the hall. Use one.)
    (examining the panel in the middle of the alley behind the hall)
    Tippi : Isn't that wall somehow weird?
    1) Investigate
    2) Don't
    Ruise : Ah, it opened!
    Tippi : The path is leading down slightly...where could it lead to?
    (after going further inside)
    Tippi : Seems like it stops here. What could be behind that door?
    Wallace : You'll know that once it'll be open.
    (examine the door, it'll auto-open)
    (once outside)
    Tippi : This...we're...
    Misha : In a corner of the campus.
    Ruise : This is where we heard about the larges boxes being carried out
    right? So that mean, inside were....
    Wallace : Yes, you're probably right. Things are getting slowly clearer.
    Let's keep on investigating. Stay sharp everyone.
    (the exit was in front of the tortured student who's know elated since he
    can get past the damn door. Let's get back to the courtyard for now.
    The non-stop dramatic action kicks back)
    (after stepping in the courtyard)
    Tippi : Ah!
    Ruise : What's wrong Tippi?
    Tippi : Just a second!
    Tippi (to herself) : Yeah, everyone's here. What happened Master? ...eeeh!?
    The Burnstein troops invaded the Ranzack kingdom? ...okay, got it.
    I'll make sure to tell them!
    Wallace : The Burnstein army is on the move again?
    Tippi : Yes! And the Ranzack kingdom is requesting our assistance!
    She told us that we should go if we were available but....
    Ruise : What should we do oniichan? Should we keep searching for
    Aileen-san and the others or go help the Ranzack kingdom?
    Wallace : I'll let you decide what you want to do. Remember that we do
    not have enough time to travel to the Ranzack kingdom though.
    (decisions! decisions! You can let the Ranzack rot if you wish to and keep up
    investigating, or go help the Ranzack later. Ignoring it will make it harder
    (if not impossible) to get Julian though. Besides you'll gain tons of
    exp and a nice amount of money if you go so why not? It's not like it will
    prevent you to keep doing the investigation later. Since you don't have time
    to travel, teleport to either towns of the Ranzack kingdom you visited)
    (if you choose to teleport to Galaschirz)
    General Bronson : Oh, it's you guys.
    Ruise : What happened?
    Bronson : We learned that the Burnstein troops invaded the Ranzack kingdom
    so we came to help them but....the border town, Galashirz is already under
    the Burnstein army control and we can't proceed any further.
    Wallace : How come the town fell down so quickly?
    Weren't there any Ranzack troops here?
    Bronson : Oh, they do were here. But no matter how brave the Ranzack
    soldiers are, they didn't last long against a unit of elite soldiers
    led by an Imperial Knight. Anyway, we can't afford to waste our men in reckless
    attacks either so for now we have no choices but to keep watch here.
    (and then when you teleport to the Ranzack royal capital)
    Ruise : ...and here we are!
    Tippi : Yup, that teleport spell is really convenient!
    Ruise : It doesn’t look like the Burnstein troops are here yet.
    Wallace : This is no time to relax! Look!
    (a bunch of soldiers run past you)
    Wallace : We may have got here ahead of them but judging from the soldiers
    behaviors, the enemy will be here soon. Don't drop your guard.
    Karen : You're right. We should hurry!
    (simply step west from where you stand and you'll get the following event)
    Ranzack soldier : General! We're now in contact with the enemy!
    General Weber : Hm. Now that Galaschirz has fallen, reinforcements from the
    Rolandia kingdom won't be able to reach us. If we lose here, it'll mean the
    capitulation of the whole Ranzack kingdom!
    No matter what we have to keep them in check!
    Ranzack soldier : Yes sir!
    Burnstein soldier : It's the Ranzack troops! We've reached them!
    Burnstein captain : No need to bother the general for this.
    We'll defeat them by ourselves!
    Burnstein soldier : Understood!
    Wallace : The battle is about to start!?
    Ruise : It looks like it...
    Tippi : Let's fight too!
    Event battle 29 : Protect Weber and the Ranzack soldiers!
    Winning condition : Defeat all ennemies
    Losing condition : Party defeated, Weber dies
    Enemy : Burnstein captain (Lv35)
            2 Burnstein heavy soldiers (Lv30)
            2 Burnstein lancers (Lv29)
            Burnstein mage (Lv28)
    (after defeating three enemies)
           Julian (Lv48)
           4 Burnstein lancers (Lv29)
    (after defeating Julian)
            Burnstein captain (Lv35)
            Burnstein heavy soldier (Lv30)
            2 Burnstein lancers (Lv29)
            Burnstein mage (Lv28)
    NPCs : Weber (Lv38)
           2 Burnstein sodliers (Lv24)
           2 Burnstein archers (Lv22)
    (Welcome to one of the lengthiest battles so far. Thanks god the healing and
    buffings spells have infinite range so you can leave two of your members
    without moving, the others three should try to catch up with the Ranzack
    troops as soon as possible. The Burnstein lancers will cast buffings spells too
    so they'll be slow to get in the melee. Take out the mage and heavy soldiers
    first, this will make Julian and his troops appear. Try to have the Ranzack
    troops clear the lancers for you so they won't go after Julian. He's not too
    tough considering your numbers of allies. Weber will deal tons of damage too
    so make sure he's buffed. One last important thing is to make sure Carmaine
    and Julian exchange a couple of blows to trigger some event dialogues between
    the two. Once Julian is defeated the last wave of enemies will appear. They
    will retreat after a minute roughly so try to have characters near the west
    side of the battlefield before defeating Julian if you want to clear all
    of them.)
    (start of battle)
    General Weber : The main body of the enemy troops will be here soon!
    Don't waste time!
    (after catching up with the Ranzack troops)
    General Weber : It's you guys!?
    Wallace : We came to the rescue Weber.
    Tippi : We got Ruise-chan with us, so we could get around the soldiers
    and come here.
    Weber : That's the kind of reinforcements I like to see. Alright!
    Let's defeat the enemy at once!
    Ranzack soldier : Yes sir!
    (a bit later)
    Burnstein captain : Do you really think you're going to stop us with
    troops like those!?
    (Julian appears)
    Julian : What's wrong? Are you being stalled?
    Tippi : Geh, Julian's here....
    Weber : ...an Imperial Knight....the enemy sure have an impressive back-up.
    Julian  : The general Weber of the Ranzack...and isn't there some
    familiar faces too?
    Carmaine : !
    Julian : I see. You got here with Ruise's teleport. But even though
    you're here, do you think this will change the outcome?
    Julian : All troops, charge at once!
    Burnstein soldier : Yes sir!
    (Julian and Carmaine get near each other)
    Julian : We meet again. As we promised earlier, let's settle things here, 
    in a fair and square battle.
    Tippi : Do we really have to fight each other?
    Julian : This is the rule of the battlefield...
    Julian : I won't hold back. Come at me with your full strength!
    (Julian strikes Carmaine - and he needs to survive of course)
    Julian : Your improved since last time again.....if only it was possible I wish
    we could have competed against each other in a different way....
    Carmaine (looking sad) : ....
    Julian : Don't make that face! I...my sword will become blunt otherwise!
    (before Carmaine strikes Julian)
    Julian : I guess this is what they call fate. If it wasn't for the war,
    the two of us could have become good friends...but now we're facing each other
    in the battlefield as enemies...if you want to survive then come and defeat me!
    (after Carmaine strikes Julian)
    Julian : I wonder where did the gears of fate go wrong...or could it be that
    the error began when we first met on that day.....? *sighs* But no matter how
    much I may grieve now, those times won't come back!
    (Julian defeated)
    Julian : Guh..uuh...
    Walalce : We did it.
    Tippi : It's over Julian.
    Julain : ...kuh!
    Burnstein captain : General! We came to rescue you!
    Julian : Guys....
    Burnstein captain : We will keep them at bay! Come back now please!
    Julian : ...s-sorry....
    Tippi : Julian ran away! What should we do?
    Weber : We can handle them by ourselves now. I'll leave it up to you if you
    want to pursue him or not.
    (after a minute or so)
    Burnstein captain : That should give him plenty enough of time.
    Alright! Let's head back too!
    Weber (if close enough) : Don't let them escape! After them!
    (enemies ran away or are all defeated)
    Weber : Leave this place to us! You guys go after him!
    Event battle 29 Clear
    (go after west, after Julian, you'll catch up to him two screens later)
    Tippi : Wait up, Julian!
    Julian : ...kuh! As I thought I can't get away...then there's no other choice!
    (he draws his sword and get close)
    Tippi : Do you really think you can win in your state?
    Julian : Even if I may die here, I'll take you out with me at least!
    Tippi : Idiot! Do you realize what you're saying?
    And do you think this is what he wants too?
    Julian : ...
    (putting away his sword)
    Julian : ...why...
    Julian : Why did you come into my life!? Why as an enemy!?
    1) You're not the only one suffering from it
    2) It's because of the war
    3) It's fate
    Tippi : That's right. You're not the only one suffering here.
    Tippi : War....war put all of us into a mess...
    Julian : Fate...if we could explain everything with that single word,
    it would be all so easy...
    Tippi : Julian...
    Julian : Why was I born at that time....if I weren't I could have lived as
    a woman... If I did, I wouldn't have to suffer like this...nobody would....
    Julian : But I am an Imperial Knight. For the sake of the Burnstein kingdom,
    I must discard my personal feelings.
    (he leaves)
    Tippi : ...we're not going after him right...?
    (go back and talk to Weber)
    Weber : What about the Imperial Knight?
    Tippi : Ah...well....he ran away....I guess.
    Weber : ...I see. Well, it's obvious he must be in Galaschirz.
    Weber : Let me thank you again. Thanks to you, the citizens of the capital
    are safe.
    Ruise : But the town is still occupied?
    Weber : Yes. However freeing Galaschirz is our duty. They invaded quickly so
    they probably didn't harm the citizens. We will surround the city and slowly
    begin a battle of attrition.
    Wallace : I see. Feel free to call if you're in troubles again. I'll help you.
    Weber : Sorry about that Wallace.
    Wallace : We're comrades aren't we? Don't mind that. Alright.
    Let's get back to our mission.
    (Alright back to the investigation. Before though you might want to hop
    to Rashell and visit dear old Alt. You'll tell him that Growsians have
    disappeared and he'll be all upset about what could have happened to Mira,
    his girlfriend. You'll have a choice here after a while whether to help finding
    Mira or not, pick first choice to accept to help. Now then let's get back to
    the academy and see if the chancellors are back)
    ======= Magic academy - event hall entrance ========
    (talking to the guard)
    Guard : You guys again.....do you still need something?
    Tippi : What the heck are you saying! There are no more Growsians in this hall!
    Guard : That's impossible! I haven't seen anyone enter or leave the....
    Wallace : So they did leave through that other door then.
    Guard : Sorry but could report this to the chancellors yourselves? I'll keep
    watch here to make sure no one try to get within and remove anything from
    the spot. Thanks.
    ======= Magic academy 7th floor ========
    (talking to the chancellor's secretary)
    CS : What could be your business here?
    Ruise : Errr...
    Tippi : Hm? She isn't wearing the same earrings as before.
    If I'm not mistaken, that person was wearing red earrings before...
    the earring we found was red too right? What should we do?
    1) Ask her if she changed her earrings
    2) Ask her what happened to her previous earrings (no specific reply)
    3) Ask her if she's into collecting earrings
    CS : So what if I did?
    Tippi : You used to wear red earrings before so we were wondering
    why not today.
    CS : I wear some from time to time but what about it?
    Tippi : Well you seemed to enjoy wearing red ones before but recently
    you changed so we were wondering if you were into collecting them?
    CS : I have no obligation to answer questions concerning personal matters.
    If you have no business here, I will ask you to leave.
    (talking to the vice-chancellor's secretary)
    VCS : The vice-chancellor lives in his home in Medis village.
    (upon leaving this floor)
    Tippi : That person is hiding something about those red earrings.
    Wallace : Still she remained perfectly calm and I didn't sense
    any signs of anxiety.
    Ruise : Rather than suspecting anyone we should keep searching for clues.
    Wallace : Yes. She may wore the same earrings without being necessarily
    suspicious because of that.
    (since no one's at the academy, we're off to Medis)
    ======= Medis village ========
    (upon entering)
    Ruise : ...huh?
    Tippi : What's wrong?
    Ruise : Misha's not here....
    Tippi : Geez! That girl again....
    (knock on the vice-chancellor's door. It's the largest house)
    Tippi : Excuse us!
    Vice-chancellor Bradley : Who is it?
    Ruise : Ah, errr...I'm a student at the university and...
    Bradley : Yes...Ruise-kun, am I right?
    Ruise : Yes.
    Bradley : And? What do you want?
    Tippi : What are you being all relaxed for!
    The Growsians have all disappeared from the hall!
    Bradley : What!? This is extremely serious!
    (he runs off)
    Tippi : ...and there he went...
    Tippi : What are we going to do now?
    Ruise : And in top of that, Misha's not here either...
    (It's back to the academy now to talk to him again. If you use either Teleport
    or attempt to leave the village you'll get the following.)
    Misha : Ah! Hold on!
    Tippi : Where have you been off to!?
    Misha : It's a secret.
    ======= Magic academy 7th floor ========
    (talking to the vice-chancellor's secretary)
    VCS : Welcome. What can I do for you?
    Tippi : We'd like to see the vice-chancellor.
    VCS : I think that shouldn't be a problem now. Go ahead.
    (entering the room)
    Ruise : Excuse the intrusion!
    (talking to Bradley)
    Bradley : Wh-what is it?
    Ruise : Err...we'd like to hear about your research work and....
    Bradley : And?
    Ruise : We'd like to see your laboratory in the basement too...
    Bradley : Wh-!?
    Bradley : What are you saying! I obviously can't let you inside!
    Stop spouting nonsense and leave now!
    (leaving the room)
    Tippi : I guess it was useless to ask.
    (not much to do except harass Maxwell's secretary again now)
    (talking to the vice-chancellor's secretary)
    CS : What could be your business here?
    Ruise : Can we see the chancellor?
    CS : No. He's not currently in the academy.
    Tippi : Seems like he's not often here lately...
    Voice : Who isn't here?
    (Maxwell steps out the lift)
    Tippi : Ah, here he is....
    Maxwell : Do you need me for something?
    1) I want to hear about your research on Growsians
    2) I want to visit your laboratory in the basement
    3) Not really
    Maxwell : Hm? You want to hear about my research work?
    Ruise : I'm asking you too please. I...I don't know almost anything about
    my own strength.
    Maxwell : Hum....
    Ruise : Is it alright...?
    Maxwell : I'm glad to see you so enthusiast about your studies.
    As the chancellor of this academy, I must encourage students in their
    efforts to gain knowledge. Alright. I'll show you my laboratory.
    Maxwell : What! You want to see my laboratory!!
    Ruise : Fo-forgive us! We're sorry to have asked such a...
    Maxwell : Alright.
    Tippi : Huh?
    Maxwell : I said I don't mind.
    Ruise : Really!?
    Maxwell : I'm glad to see you so enthusiast about your studies. As the
    chancellor of this academy, I must encourage students in their efforts
    to gain knowledge. Alright. I'll show you my laboratory.
    Maxwell : Is that so.
    Wallace (to Carmaine) : Hey, are you sure about that?
    What about the boxes which were stored somewhere in the school?
    Tippi : Right. This is our chance to visit the laboratory in the basement!
    Maxwell : What's wrong?
    Ruise : Ah, err...if that's possible we'd like to visit your
    laboratory in the basement...
    Ruise : Fo-forgive us! We're sorry to have asked such a...
    Maxwell : Alright.
    Tippi : Huh?
    Maxwell : I said I don't mind.
    Ruise : Really!?
    Maxwell : I'm glad to see you so enthusiast about your studies. As
    the chancellor of this academy, I must encourage students in their
    efforts to gain knowledge. Alright. I'll show you my laboratory.
    Maxwell : I'll go on ahead and open the door.
    (follow him)
    ======= Magic academy basement ========
    (Maxwell's lab is the one on the right. Enter it)
    (upon entering)
    Tippi : Sorry for intruding~!
    Maxwell : Oh, you're here.
    Maxwell : Well? Here is my laboratory.
    (the party looks around)
    Ruise : Could you tell us about your research work in details?
    Maxwell : My research concerns those who holds greater magical power,
    the Growsians. Why are they the only ones who possess such magical
    power in this world? And is it possible for the average people to hold
    similar power to a Growsian?
    Tippi : And? Did you figure it out?
    Maxwell : The current theory is that Growsians can connect to our
    previous world by unconsciously opening a channel within them, and I'm
    trying to find if there's a way for normal people to do the same...
    To be honest, we still know very little about that process.
    Tippi : That won't do!
    Maxwell : Whenever a Growsian casts a spell, Growshu is emitted around
    that person but in a very limited quantity. We know that Growshu amplifies
    the magical power that we all possess but...oh right, if I'm not mistaken
    it's Sandra-kun who worked on a Growshu-infusing process to produce magic
    Ruise : Ah, that's my mother's research....
    Maxwell : Yes. If you blend Growshu in a crystal, even in very little
    quantities, the magical power of the crystal will be tremendously increased.
    Wallace : I see. That's why crystals extracted from the mines are so valuable.
    Maxwell : Yes exactly. However, Growshu extracted from a crystal isn't of
    any use. It's only when combined with regular magical power that it displays
    its amplification properties.
    Misha/Ariost : Then if I use crystallized Growshu, doesn't that mean with it
    even I could wield the same powers as Ruise-chan does?
    Maxwell : That's impossible. The Growshu that's infused within crystals and
    the Growshu that Growsians hold are completely different. To put it simply,
    the Growshu of magical crystals could be compared to the faint unused remnants
    that are left after a spell is cast. Even if you extract it outside of the
    magic crystals, it can't be used to amplifies magical power. It's in the
    same state that the Growshu Growsians emit after casting a spell.
    Tippi : Growshu sure is troublesome....
    Maxwell : And this is precisely the reason my research progresses so slowly.
    (his secretary enters)
    CS : Chancellor. Forgive my rudeness but it'd be good if you returned
    to your office soon.
    Maxwell : Oh, sorry about that.
    Maxwell : Well, shall we call it a day? I have to go back soon too.
    Ruise : This was most enlightening. Thank you very much.
    Maxwell : You're welcome.
    (he starts to leave then stops)
    Maxwell : Oh by the way, you are the first ones to have found out about
    the disappearances case right? We decided that together with Bradley-kun
    but could you keep that matter confidential for now?
    Wallace : Confidential?
    Maxwell : Such a scandal would badly tarnish the reputation of the academy.
    We will do all we can to find them for now, if we don't get any results
    then we'll report it.
    Wallace : ....understood. However you will allow us to investigate within
    the academy at our convenience right?
    Maxwell : ...well, I guess it can't be helped. I'm counting on you.
    (once you've left the room)
    Maxwell : Alright then, keep working hard on your studies now.
    (his secretary locks the door and they both get into the lift)
    Karen/Ariost : He doesn't seem to be hiding anything....
    Misha : I told you that grandpa was a nice person.
    There's nothing wrong about him right?
    Ruise : Yes, he really looks to be seriously devoted to his research.
    Tippi : What do you think?
    1) The chancellor doesn't look suspicious
    2) He really is suspicious after all
    Misha : Isn't he?
    Wallace : ...is that so?
    Tippi : Huh!?
    Wallace : I think that conversely, not having even a single little
    thing to hide makes him suspicious.
    Ruise : Conversely...suspicious?
    Wallace : He looks too clean.
    Misha : Eeeh! Are you serious oniisama?
    Wallace : ....I agree with him. The chancellor looks too clean.
    That makes him all the more suspicious.
    Misha : ...and he's such a good person....
    Tippi : Hmmm. Anyway, let's keep investigating!
    (It's back to Bradley's office since you're now allowed to investigate
    at your leisure)
    ======= Magic academy 7th floor ========
    (talking to the vice-chancellor's secretary)
    VCS : Welcome. What can I do for you?
    Tippi : We'd like to see the vice-chancellor.
    VCS : I think that shouldn't be a problem now. Go ahead.
    (entering the room)
    Ruise : Excuse the intrusion!
    (talking to Bradley)
    Bradley : Wh-what is it?
    Wallace : Let me set things clearly first. Currently you're one of the suspect
    in the case regarding the disappearance of the Growsians.
    Bradley : Wh-wh-what...sus...pect...?
    Wallace : Aren't you one of the major authorities in this academy? Anyway,
    the quickest way to get rid of suspicion is to let us visit your laboratory
    in the basement.
    Bradley : B-but, there's nothing there...
    Wallace (shouting) : If there's nothing, then what are you afraid of?
    Bradley : ...I get it. Then I'll show it to you if that's what you want!
    Wallace : That's better.
    Bradley (to his secretary) : I'll be downstairs for a little while.
    Take care of things in the meanwhile.
    VCS : Yes sir.
    (Bradley gets into the lift)
    Ruise : ...Wallace-san...you scared me a little....
    Wallace : R, really?
    Tippi : But thanks to those threats we can finally visit his laboratory.
    Karen/Ariost : Let's go then.
    ======= Magic academy basement ========
    (Bradley's lab is the one on the left. Enter it)
    (upon entering)
    Tippi : Eeeh, so it's that kind of place....
    Bradley : You certainly took your time despite hurrying people around you!
    (Tippi starts to fly around)
    Bradley : Don't touch anything! You'll get cursed!
    Tippi : Cursed!?
    Ruise : ...there's nothing that seems out of the ordinary?
    Bradley : ...that's what I told you already!
    Besides, how did you come to suspect me in the first place!?
    Wallace : In any case, you should be glad to get rid of suspicion.
    Karen/Ariost : But what kind of research are you doing here?
    Bradley : This has nothing to do with the disappearances right?
    Ruise : Ah but as a student of magic, I am genuinely interested in
    hearing about it too.
    Bradley : ...then I'll tell you I guess.
    Bradley : I am doing research on "curses".
    Tippi : That sounds soooo evil.
    Bradley : Keep quiet you!
    Bradley : Even though I study them, it doesn't mean I'm doing it for the
    purpose of cursing people. There are many traps remaining in ancient ruins.
    Many of them inflict curses on their victims. And there are always people who
    inadvertently trigger those traps and get cursed. Thus, by studying curses,
    I get to understand how they work and can figure a way to cancel them. If there
    was no real investigation of the Growsian ruins up until now, it was because
    we didn't know how to lift the curses that lie within them. Especially since
    the curses found in Growsian ruins are much stronger than the ones you can
    find elsewhere.
    Misha : Then, does that mean that now people can enter those ruins thanks
    to you, vice-chancellor?
    Bradley : Well...that's one way to put it.
    Tippi : You're a much more impressive person that you look I guess.
    Bradley : Hahaha. Have you a better opinion of me now?
    Ruise : Yes. I think what you're doing is wonderful.
    Bradley : The biggest differences between spells and curses is that curses
    are persistent and have an immense area of effect. To put it simply, curses
    ignore distances. Then again to create a curse that has an infinite range,
    a long ritual is necessary.
    Tippi : Hummm. Don't you get bored of studying that all the time?
    Bradley : Of course not. My only complaint is that I’d wish more Growsians
    would have used curses. That would allow me to make progress faster....
    well anyway, that's the gist of it.
    Karen : As someone interested in studying pharmaceutics, your story was
    really enlightening. Thank you very much.
    Bradley : Well, let's stop here. I have to go back to my office now.
    (leaves the laboratory)
    Bradley : Have you stopped doubting me now?
    (he locks the door)
    Bradley : Due to the particular nature of this laboratory, entering it
    carelessly can be dangerous. This is the last time I let you in alright?
    (he hops into the lift)
    Wallace : The chancellor who is studying growshu and the vice-chancellor
    who is studying curses... the two of them both could find some use for
    Tippi : Which one of them have abducted the Growsians?
    Or could it be someone else? Say what do you think?
    1) it's the chancellor
    2) It's the vice-chancellor
    3) It's someone else
    Wallace : Yeah, I think so too.
    Misha : While I think the vice-chancellor is much more suspicious...
    Misha : That's what I think too. It's thanks to that person that we can
    enter Growsian ruins now right? Can't there be a connection here?
    Wallace : I think there is something about the chancellor that stinks.
    Tippi : Someone else huh....now that you mention it, we still have to
    find out who's the owner of that earring....
    Wallace : I think there is something about the chancellor that stinks.
    Misha : While I think the vice-chancellor is much more suspicious...
    Ruise : Hmmm, which could it be?
    Karen : ...I don't want to suspect anyone so I can't answer....
    Wallace : ...whichever it is, there's something wrong about all this.
    Tippi : What is?
    Wallace : I feel like our actions are being anticipated. As if someone could
    watch what we were doing from somewhere....
    Ruise : Watch our actions from somewhere....what do you mean?
    Wallace : Let's take an example. Tippi.
    You can talk to Lady Sandra from here right?
    Tippi : Yup, I can!
    Wallace : So that shows that even someone who isn't here can know what
    we're doing.
    Ruise : So you mean...mother is...
    Wallace : I didn't say that. This is simply an example.
    Tippi : Hummm. I'm sure Master knows lots about that kind of things....
    I'm going to ask her!
    Wallace : Idiot! Quit it! If we're indeed watched that would tell
    them what we intend to do to prevent it and it'll be useless!
    Tippi  : Ah, true...
    Ruise : Then let's go meet mother directly.
    ======= Rolandia castle - Sandra's laboratory ========
    (talking to Sandra on the balcony)
    Sandra : Welcome back. Did you make progress on your work?
    Tippi : Well...not that much...
    Sandra : Seems like you're having a tough time.
    Wallace : Lady Sandra. I wish I could talk to you for a minute...
    Sandra : Yes. About what?
    Wallace  Everyone, remain here.
    (they both leave)
    Ruise : What could they be talking about?
    Misha : I have no idea.
    (Wallace comes back)
    Wallace : Hey. Lady Sandra is calling you.
    Tippi : Oh? What could it be?
    Wallace : Hold on! Tippi you can't go.
    Tippi : Eeeh~! Whyyy!?
    Wallace : You can't and that's how it is.
    Wallace (to Carmaine) : Anyway, hurry up and go.
    (talking to Sandra near the stairs leading down)
    Sandra : Wallace told me about what you've been doing and how it seems
    you actions are anticipated. It's true that a magic user powerful enough
    to create an homunculus could possibly steal a glance at your actions
    through Tippi eyes. Thus I will give you this.
    (received magic jammer!)
    Sandra : This is a magic jammer. It's an item that prevents homunculus from
    using telepathy. If you have this, it will prevent anyone trying to use
    Tippi's telepathy to know what you are doing. Although because of it you
    won't be able to contact me either but it's fine if you only use it until
    the investigation is over. At that time, bring it back please.
    (go talk to any of your party members on the balcony)
    Ruise : What did you talk about oniichan?
    Sandra : Tippi. Contact me through telepathy.
    Tippi : Huh? O-okay...
    Tippi : ....
    Tippi : ...huh? I can't....
    Sandra : And that's how it works.
    Misha : What are they talking about, I don't get it~
    Wallace : In short, we blocked the telepathic link that relies Lady Sandra
    and Tippi. Now, nobody should be able to read through our actions like before.
    Tippi : Eeeh! Then, what will I become...
    Sandra : Once the investigation is over you can return the magic jammer to me.
    Tippi : Uuhh...somehow I feel uneasy now....
    Ruise : Don't say that Tippi. You weren't using telepathy often anyway.
    Tippi : I'm uneasy because I wouldn't be able to use it if we need it!
    Besides now my mind feels kind of hazy....
    Misha : Mine too by the way....
    Tippi : Yours is always hazy anyway!
    Misha : Hahaha, so that's why!
    Misha : ...wait, hey that's mean Tippi-chan!
    Ruise : But she’s right...
    Misha : Uuuh...even Ruise-chan too....
    Sandra : Anyway as long as you're holding that magic jammer I won't be able
    to contact you. Bring it back as soon as you're done.
    (talk to Sandra again)
    Sandra : Still...there's something that's been bothering me.
    Tippi : About what?
    Sandra : You've been to the crystal mines before haven't you?
    Ruise : Yes.
    Sandra : How did the ceiling of the condemned tunnel look to you then?
    Wallace : I couldn't see it so...
    1) It looked like it could crumble at any time
    2) It looked sturdy and we weren't worried about it crumbling
    3) I don't really remember
    Tippi : Do you really have that poor a memory? It looked really sturdy!
    Tippi : Yes, that's right.
    Tippi : Do you really have that poor a memory? It looked really sturdy!
    Sandra : So that's really how it was.....
    Ruise : What do you mean by that?
    Sandra : Ten-odd years ago, an investigation was to be conducted
    immediately following the appearance of the creature we assume to be
    Gevel in the mines. But because the tunnel collapsed it couldn't be done.
    Also  the investigation we tried to conduct there recently failed for the
    same reason. In both cases the tunnel crumbled down as soon as the
    investigation party tried to enter.
    Wallace : Lady Sandra, do you mean that...
    Sandra : Yes. Those two accidents may probably have been deliberately caused
    by someone. And there is only one person that took parts in both
    1) The chancellor
    2) The vice-chancellor
    3) I have no idea
    Sandra : Exactly.
    Sandra : Unfortunately, you're wrong. The current vice-chancellor got
    into office five years ago. He wasn't a part of the first investigation.
    The person I'm referring to is the current chancellor.
    The person I'm referring to is the current chancellor.
    Wallace : As I suspected.
    Misha : Grandpa did...? That can't be...
    Sandra : If those crystal mines were something created as a
    consequence of the battle between Gevel and the Growsians then....
    Ruise : The chancellor is doing research on Growshu too...
    Sandra : So this is a possibility.
    (Well what to do now? Not much except returning at he academy again.
    There you'll notice that both chancellors as well as their secretaries
    are away. There is a notice on the vice-chancellor secretary's desk saying
    to go to the vice-chancellor house if one must sees him. So let's go to Medis)
    ======= Medis village ========
    (upon entering)
    Misha : How nostalgic...it's been so long since I came back after all...
    Tippi (sweatdrop) : Huh?
    Misha : ...hm?
    Tippi : Well, you see Misha...
    Misha : ...what?
    Tippi : ...did you hurt your head somewhere lately?
    Misha : That's mean! I know I may be a bit silly but I'm not that weird!
    Tippi : ...sorry....
    (if you knock on Bradley's door, a servant will tell you he's currently outside
    but should be back soon. This prompt Misha to wonder about her own house)
    (go the west side of the town)
    Misha : Ah, oniisama! If we go further this way, we'll reach my house!
    If you want to visit I'll make some tea!
    Wallace : So your house is over there?
    Misha : Yup. There is a flower garden there that slowly grew and a little
    above it there's a lone house standing. It's my home.
    Tippi : Ho...Misha's house huh...
    Misha : Both my father and mother passed away when I was little and
    grandpa came to my help then.
    Ruise : The chancellor did?
    Misha : He's really nice isn't he? That's why I want to do my best to meet his
    expectations of me, even though I'm not very skilled...
    Ruise : Misha...
    Misha : Well, let's stop with the gloomy stuff here. Won't you come over?
    We have time to drink a bit of tea right?
    Ruise : S-sure....
    (Misha goes on ahead)
    Ruise : Say oniichan. I have to tell you something about Misha....
    Ruise : You know, Misha's my best friend. But whenever she comes here,
    she tends to become a bit weird....
    Tippi : Yeah I noticed that too. Each time we'd come here she suddenly
    disappeared. And she didn't even know that the vice-chancellor lived in
    the same village as her.
    Ruise : And things here aren't the way she describes them....also when we
    went to Blame mountain to get the Kuriano grass, she suddenly started to
    speak strangely... *sighs* I'm doubting my friend...I guess I'm not really
    a good friend either...
    1) You mustn't doubt your friends
    2) Yeah, Misha's weird
    3) You're the only one that can open her eyes Ruise.
    Ruise : Y...yes. You're right...she's my best friend after all!
    No matter what happens I believe in her!
    Tippi : True enough...I think something must have happened to her.
    Wallace : No matter what happens, make sure you ascertain it by yourself.
    Don't believe rumors. That's what friends are for.
    Ruise : Friends...
    Ruise : I can?
    Tippi : We don't know what kind of secret this may hide, but if something
    happens we'll be counting on you. Best friends share a strong bond right!
    Misha : Come on, hurry up!
    (on the other side)
    Misha : ...aaah...it's been so long since I last came that the flower
    garden seemed to have withered away....
    Karen : This place has always been like that. I remember coming here to
    fetch medicinal plants.
    Misha : That can't be...
    Tippi : Err...you know Misha...
    Misha : That can't be! Just a little further, we'll find my house...
    (she runs off, Ruise follows her)
    Ruise : Misha!
    (Carmaine grumbles but follow them)
    Ruise : Misha...
    Misha : My house...disappeared....how...
    Karen : Misha-chan...
    Misha : The house where I lived with my father and mother...the three of us...
    Ruise : Get a grip Misha! You must have mistook the place!
    Tippi : My, that Misha! She's so careless~!
    Misha : ...
    Ruise : ...Misha?
    Misha : ...th..at's...not...
    Ruise : What?
    Misha : That's not possible! Even if I have no sense of direction,
    there's no way I couldn't know where my own house is!
    Ruise : Misha...
    Misha : I know it was here! I lived here! It was a small house surrounded
    by flowers!
    Misha : ...but...there's nothing here....the flower garden of wheel lilies...
    the small house with its red roof...
    Misha : Why aren't they here!?
    Ruise : Ah, well...since it was an empty house it must have been dismantled...
    Misha : Stop trying to comfort me! It's obvious that there wasn't no house
    built here from the beginning! But in my memories it's definitely here!
    And I remember growing up here!
    Ruise : C-calm down Misha!
    Misha : What's with those memories? Who is mistaken here? Is my name even
    Misha? Are my memories those of a girl named Misha? And where are the
    memories of my own past? Tell me Ruise-chan! Oniisama....
    1) Don't say anything and hold her in your arms
    2) Comfort saying that there is no need to find those answers immediately
    3) Cheer her up strongly
    4) Be at a loss about what to say
    (1 - only answer that won't force you to go to Rashell afterwards)
    Misha : ...ah...
    Wallace : Stop crying alone. We're your comrades aren't we?
    Tippi : Yup!
    Karen/Ariost : No matter what you mustn’t rush things.
    If you do you'll only get more confused.
    Misha : ...you all...you're all here for me...
    Ruise : Of course! Aren't we best friends?
    Misha : ...thank you. I'll think it over a little more.
    Tippi : Yes! You mustn't rush to find the answers!
    Misha : But...but...
    Ruise : Misha, calm down and listen to me! Some of your memories
    are different from the reality. But so what? It's not that bad!
    Karen : Yes. No matter what you still are who you are!
    Misha : ...I am...who am I...?
    Wallace : Yes. After all you're standing here. Forget about the past!
    What matters is the present!
    Misha : ...sorry everyone...after all it's true that I'm here right now...?
    But the person I am now is made up of what I've been doing in the past...
    if my past is fake, then even the person I am now is fake!
    (she runs off)
    Ruise : Ah, Misha!
    Tippi : Yeah, get a grip!
    Misha : But I can't feel relaxed now that I know my memories are fake!
    The person am I now, is that person really me...not only my memories but
    I feel that everything about me is fake...
    Ruise : Misha...
    Misha : ...who exactly I am? If I didn't live here then where did I live?
    I...I...who am I!?
    (she runs off)
    Ruise : Ah, Misha!
    Misha : Who am I...? Tell me, oniisama...
    Misha : ...why do I remember so distinctly those fake memories?
    Am I really Misha? Please...someone...help me!
    (she runs off)
    Karen : Misha-chan!
    (following take place if Misha ran off)
    Wallace : It may be cold but we shouldn't comfort her.
    Otherwise she won't become stronger...
    Ruise : But can't we at least help her?
    Tippi : Yes! We must solve the riddle about Misha's memory!
    (so if you didn't pick the first answer and Misha ran away
    it's off to Rashell to get her back)
    ======= Health resort Rashell ========
    (talking to Misha in the flower garden)
    Ruise : Misha!
    Misha : !
    Ruise : Wait Misha! Don't run!
    Misha : Ruise-chan...I...
    Ruise : Don't run away Misha. It's true that your memories are false.
    But don't stay alone crying about it.
    1) If you run away you'll never find the truth
    2) Don't say anything and hold her in your arms
    3) Tell her to leave it to you to find the truth
    Misha : ...
    Tippi : He's right! If you keep running you're not going to figure out
    anything right?
    Misha : ...ah...
    Wallace : Stop cry alone. We're your comrades aren't we?
    Tippi : Yup!
    Karen : No matter what you mustn’t rush things. If you do you'll only
    get more confused.
    Misha : ...you all...you're all here for me...
    Ruise : Of course! Aren't we best friends?
    Misha : ...thank you. I'll think it over a little more.
    Misha : ...oniisama...
    Tippi : Come on, don't cry! The people that care for you are here
    surrounding you aren't they?
    Misha : Oniisama...
    Wallace : Tippi's right. Why do you think we're here?
    We're not on display you know.
    Misha : ..thank you...I'll take the time to think it over again.
    Ruise : Yes, that's the spirit Misha!
    ======= Medis village ========
    (knocking on the vice-chancellor door)
    Tippi : Excuse us!
    Tippi : ...looks like he's not home?
    Wallace : He isn't. What should we do?
    (if you examine the door)
    Ruise : Eeehh! o-oniichan, are you going to force your way in!?
    Wallace : It's true that we can't encourage sneaking into people's house.
    (if you talk to Ruise)
    Ruise : We may have missed each other when coming here and he might
    be heading back to the academy.
    (in both case you'll get the following)
    Tippi : Maybe he collapsed inside his house?
    Walalce : That's a possibility too...
    Tippi : Then how about this? If the door's locked we give up and go back.
    How does that sound?
    Walalce : I don't think there is anyone leaving their door unlocked when
    they're away though. But yes, if we ascertain he's not here let's head back.
    Tippi : Then it's  settled! Come on, Ruise-chan, you do it.
    Ruise : Uh, it has to be me!?
    Tippi : If he comes out right when you open the door, isn't it better
    if he sees a familiar face?
    Ruise : I don't want to....
    Wallace : We're counting on you Ruise.
    Ruise : Uuuuh...why always me....
    Tippi : Hurry up already!
    (she gets closer to the door)
    Ruise : I’m so nervous...
    Tippi : Who cares, hurry up!
    Ruise : uuuueeeeh...
    Ruise : Then...ah, it opened...what should I do!?
    Wallace : Enter obviously!
    (once you're obviously inside)
    Ruise : ....so, sorry for intruding....
    Ruise : Ah, this is so stressing.
    Wallace : Relax. I don't sense anyone.
    (explore around. You'll get a brief description of the item followed by a
    "nothing out of the ordinary here" Except when you'll check the painting)
    Tippi : What's this? Looks like a switch....
    1) Flip it
    2) Don't
    Tippi : What happened!? I head a noise just now...
    Wallace : It sounded like something moved.
    Tippi : Yeah, we'd be in troubles if we break stuff here.
    (check the passage that showed up)
    Misha : Say, isn't it a staircase over there?
    Ruise : The noise from earlier must have been this.
    Wallace : An underground room...is this where the Growsians are held prisoners?
    (enter the basement. You'll end up in a spooky room)
    Ruise : No one's here...
    Tippi : I can't help to feel disappointed...
    (explore around. there are various stuff like a monster sculpture,
    a magic circle, voodoo dolls and humans skulls. You'll get a few amusing
    reaction from Tippi like this one for the magic circle)
    Tippi : What's with that magic symbol? Isn't it dangerous?
    1) It's totally dangerous
    2) It's safe
    3) I can't tell
    Tippi : Th-then let's get away now!
    Ruise : It's alright. This magic symbol is designed to prevent spells from
    reaching the physical world.
    Tippi : ...hey you, you'd better stop spouting whatever nonsense you feel
    like saying alright?
    Ruise : Yes. This magic symbol is designed to prevent spells from
    reaching the physical world.
    Tippi : Oh...
    Tippi : Uuh...are we going to be alright...
    Ruise : It's safe. This magic symbol is designed to prevent spells from
    reaching the physical world.
    (after checking a couple of things you'll get the following event)
    Ruise : ...hummm, none...
    Ruise : Oniichan. I can't see anything relating to research on Growsians.
    Wallace : So this was for nothing.
    Tippi : There wasn't anything here...
    Tippi : The Growsians disappeared from the hall...around that time suspicious
    people were seen carrying around large boxes...
    Wallace : In the hall we found a acquaintance of the vice-chancellor
    lying dead...in his hand he was carrying a red earring...
    Ruise : Who could be the culprit?
    ======= Magic academy 7th floor ========
    (talking to the vice-chancellor's secretary)
    VCS : Welcome. ...or so I’d say but presently the vice-chancellor isn't here.
    Tippi : Oh? Where could he have gone?
    VCS : Who knows? Actually I'd like to hear about that too.
    Yesterday I haven't seen him at all either.
    (upon leaving his desk)
    Tippi : And on the chancellor's side, even the secretary isn't here.
    VCS : Ah, about her, she just left the academy. If you need to see her go now
    and you may catch up to her on the road.
    Wallace : Outside then.
    (go in the surrounding towns and villages. you'll find a NPC near the
    entrance telling you whether or not he has seen her. Places where you can
    ask are : Granshill, Rashell and Bronieu. In Bronieu you'll get some info.
    One near the entrance will tell you about a beautiful girl. And another one
    in the fields will mention seeing that beauty heading west. You MUST talk
    to that guy in the field to proceed)
    (nearing the southern part of the cave)
    Wallace : Stop! I sense someone...
    (you'll see the secretary activating a switch causing an entrance to appear
    in the middle of the cave)
    Tippi : Uwaaah! Did you see that!?
    Ruise : Yes...why is there such a device here?
    Wallace : ...we can't make any conclusion yet but this is really suspicious.
    Let's go after her.
    (examine the wall on the left you'll find a switch which activate the entrance)
    Ruise : You did it oniichan!
    ======= Hidden research facility ========
    (upon getting there)
    Ruise : There is a house in such a place!?
    Tippi : Did she get inside?
    (upon entering it)
    Tippi : It's not locked?
    Wallace : They probably didn’t expect people to find this place.
    Ruise : The secret device in the cave was already a lock of sorts.
    (on the room to the left, you'll find a monitor that will ask you a
    randomly chosen question. The answer is often "4" afaik. On the right
    side you'll have to enter a code. It's "449". You can find it while
    looking around the bookshelves. Most books here are about Growshu,
    the former world or Homunculus but you can only read the titles so
    it's not really interesting. Once you've entered the two codes
    proceed to the central room)
    (get within the locked room)
    Aileen : Stop it...my...memories...stop it....
    (creepy device opens)
    Chancellor's secretary : Be quiet.
    (the secretary then process to activate another device)
    Bradley : Stop! Stop it! If you don't she'll become disabled!
    Karen : Aileen-san!
    Aileen : Ka-Karen...help...I..don't...want ...to die....
    Ruise : Aileen-san, we're coming to save you immediately!
    Bradley : Oh, it's you! Hurry up and save us!
    (examining the device where Aileen is)
    CS : You. How did you get here?
    Tippi : Who cares about that! Hurry up and release Aileen-san!
    CS : ...
    Tippi : Hey! Are you listening!?
    CS : ...the Master orders are absolute. What are you doing?
    Misha : Huh!?
    CS : Why aren't you obeying the Master?
    Misha : ...Master...?
    Voice : Yes, that's correct...
    Tippi : Who's there!?
    (Maxwell enters with a bunch of soldiers)
    Maxwell : I can't believe you managed to find out about this place...
    Wallace : So you were really the one behind all this.
    Ruise : Why...why are you doing this to Aileen-san and the other Growsians?
    Maxwell : What a stupid question. I'm doing this to become a Growsian
    of course!
    Wallace : ...wh-!?
    Maxwell : I am a descendant of the ruling classes that disappeared long ago.
    From the king's lineage no less! But no matter how powerful were my ancestors,
    after mingling with normal humans, the Growshu of my bloodline disappeared over
    the generations. Do you understand now? Why I, who was born as a mere human,
    needs Growshu!
    Wallace/Ariost : And? Once you become a Growsian you intend to rule over
    others like in the past?
    Maxwell : Precisely.
    Ruise : So this is why...this is why you did that to Aileen-san...
    Maxwell : Guinea pigs are needed for any research. Well now it's my turn to
    ask questions. How did you prevent me from using telepathy with Misha?
    Misha : ...with...me..?
    Tippi : What do you mean!
    Maxwell : What, you haven't noticed yet? Hahahaha! I see they didn't even
    notice! Hahahahahaha! I'll tell you then! That girl isn't human! She's the
    same as my secretary, a homunculus!
    Ruise : Wha!?
    Misha : I...
    CS : Indeed. I am a man-made life form created through magic to assist
    my Master. And you are too, Misha.
    Misha : ...
    Tippi : That can't be...
    Wallace : ..I can't believe that...
    Ariost : A human-sized homunculus!?
    Misha : ...
    Ruise : Get a grip Misha! You're my best friend aren't you!
    Misha : ....Ruise-chan...I...I...
    Maxwell : I created you to watch Ruise who was holding the greatest amount
    of Growshu. That's why I made you get closer to her as a normal human.
    Is this what you call your best friend? Something which doesn't even know
    about its own existence?
    Ruise : ...I'll...I'll never forgive you! You harmed so many Growsians...
    and even my best friend...I'll never forgive you!
    Maxwell : Idiots, you walked right to your own death!
    Your Growshu will be mine!
    Event battle 30 : Protect Ruise, Misha and the vice-chancellor!
    Winning condition : Defeat all enemies
    Losing condition : Party defeated, Ruise, Misha or the vice-chancellor dies
    Enemy : Maxwell (Lv38)
            Maxwell's secretary (Lv33)
            4 soldiers (Lv30)
            2 thieves (Lv25)
    (The final battle of the first disc already. Maxwell will keep casting the
    Fireball spell and it will take out more than half of Ruise's HP so watch out
    as he likes to hits her if he's in range. If he manages to strike her after
    casting the spell this will usually kill her resulting in a game over so put
    Ruise away or equip her with a fire rune, you should have one from the previous
    mission. The secretary is also quite annoying as it's one of the few enemies
    that know how to use the healing spell. Basically she will start casting it
    whenever she or Maxwell has 50-60% HP left. Fortunately she's isn't very though
    so if you keep attacking her you'll be able to kill her quickly. Carmaine may
    have already learned Soulforce by this level too, if he has that spell he can
    kill the secretary with only two castings. Soulforce has infinite range and
    it's one of the most powerful spell of the game so learn it quickly although
    it will make the game a bit too easy. Oh yeah and be sure to keep Carmaine
    near Misha so she'll become playable soon. if you don't you'll have to kill
    the secretary before she snaps out of it.)
    (beginning of battle if someone is near Aileen's device - Carmaine here)
    Tippi : Aileen-san, hang in there!
    Aileen : ...who's...Aileen...? Who...are...you...? I...don't...understand....
    Tippi : Aileen-san!?
    Maxwell : Seems like it failed again.
    Tippi : What did you do to her!?
    Maxwell : I attempted to extract the Growshu out of her body by using the
    same process used to remove Growshu from magic crystals.
    Ruise : ...extract her Growshu?
    Maxwell : The Growshu one can extract from magic crystals is basically similar
    to cinders. The same can be said of the Growshu emitted when Growsians use
    their powers. That's why I need to forcefully extract yet unused Growshu.
    Tippi : And just how many people did you experiment like this on!?
    Maxwell : The number doesn't matter. The only thing that matters to me is to
    be able to become a Growsian.
    Wallace : Bastard, how far do you intend to push your greed!
    (beginning of battle)
    Maxwell : They're no longer of use. Rid me of them.
    Soldier : Yes sir.
    Misha : ...
    Bradley : ...he-help me...
    (soldiers attack Misha)
    Maxwell : You did very well. I expected no less of my masterpiece.
    Misha : ...grandpa....
    Maxwell : Unlike that woman void of feelings, you're very similar to a human.
    But those human feelings of yours are now what make you worthless.
    I'll discard you right now!
    Misha : ...!!
    Wallace : I see. You were able to know our actions not through Tippi
    but Misha. That's why you were always a step forward us...
    Tippi : So it wasn't me...
    Maxwell : About time you noticed. If I made her become close to you, it was
    only to watch over your actions. But now, you're all useless to me!
    (Maxwell attacks Ruise)
    Ruise : Uuuuh...
    Maxwell : You're the only thing I need. You'll become mine no matter what!
    Prepare yourself!
    (later if Carmaine is near Misha)
    Misha : ...I'm...not human....
    Tippi : What are you doing Misha!
    Misha : Tippi-chan...oniisama...
    1) Cheer up
    2) You're one of us (obvious best answer)
    3) Take your hatred out on the chancellor
    4) You've got to fight now (let Misha joins the battle too)
    Misha : Oniisama....I'm glad but....it's useless...I can't fight...
    Tippi : She can't help it I guess. We've got to get through this battle by
    Misha : ...one of us...
    Tippi : That's right! Am I not a man-made life form too? But that guy,
    Ruise-chan and Wallace-san too. They all welcomed me! You're not alone
    Misha : ...not...alone...
    Tippi : Isn't what he is doing really bad? And right now we're the only
    ones that can stop him! Isn’t that right Misha!?
    Misha : B-but...
    Tippi : Even if you're not human you're still alive right! Are you going
    to die like this!?
    Misha : ...I'm...going to die?
    Tippi : You won't be able to have fun or talk with anyone anymore!
    Doesn't that bother you? And if you'll let him he's going to harm
    Ruise-chan next!
    Misha : Ruise-chan too...? ..I see...that's right...
    I still got a reason to fight....
    Tippi : Misha...
    Misha : Oniisama, I'll fight too! For myself and for the people dear to me!
    (Misha is now a party member!)
    Misha : ...on the chancellor...
    Tippi : Aren't you one of his victims? Doesn't that make you mad?
    The only bad guy in this is him!
    Misha : But...but...I just can't fight him!
    Misha : B-but...
    Tippi : Even if you're not human you're still alive right!
    Are you going to die like this!?
    Misha : ...I'm...going to die?
    Tippi : You won't be able to have fun or talk with anyone anymore!
    Doesn't that bother you? Wouldn't you hate that? then you have to
    fight Misha!
    Misha : O-okay...
    (Misha is now a party member!)
    (all soldiers dead)
    Maxwell : What an useless bunch...
    (Karen attacks Maxwell)
    Karen : I won't forgive you for toying with people's lives!
    Maxwell : Hmph! Shut and die, you peasant!
    (after being attacked by anyone)
    Maxwell : Hmph! Is that all you got!
    (Carmaine attacks Maxwell)
    Tippi : I'll make you pay for what you've done!
    Maxwell : Hmph! Shut and die, you peasant!
    (Wallace attacks Maxwell)
    Wallace : You're the kind of guy I hate the most!
    Maxwell : Hmph! Shut and die, you peasant!
    (Ruise attacks Maxwell)
    Ruise : I'll never forgive what you did to Misha!
    (Ariost attacks Maxwell)
    Ariost : I looked up to you as a reseacher...
    but as a fellow human I'll never be able to forgive what you've done!
    (Misha attacks Maxwell)
    Maxwell : Hoh...so you would rise against your creator?
    Misha : ...you may be the one who created me but I still have a will of my own!
    Maxwell : You failed puppet!
    (thieves enter)
    Thief : Ah? Lord Maxwell!?
    Maxwell : Oh, great timing! Hm? What about Grengar?
    Thief : Isn't he with you sir?
    Maxwell : Damn him!
    Tippi : Grengar? What's the connection between them?
    Wallace : The chancellor is quite the wire-puller.
    Under the cover of the war, he did whatever he wanted.
    (Secretary defeated)
    Secretary : Ma...master....
    Maxwell : ...dead huh. Or rather turned back to nothing.
    Never mind. I can always create another tool later.
    Misa : ...a tool...(she'll joins the batle now if she hasn't yet)
    (still later)
    Nick : Aileen!
    Tippi : You...you're her boyfriend..! How did you get here?
    Nick : I couldn't stay put once I learned that the Growsians
    disappeared from the academy. I asked around and learned you
    were here. More importantly, where's Aileen?
    Aileen : ...who...that voice...so...familiar....
    Nick : ....Aileen......(mad screaming ensues) Aileeeen!!
    Let me join the battle now!!
    1) Guard Ruise
    2) Guard Misha
    3) Guard the vice-chancellor
    4) Attack selected target
    5) Do as you wish
    (any choice)
    Nick : I got it!
    (Maxwell dies)
    Maxwell : Ri...ridiculous...that...I...would...damn you Grengar...
    you traitor....guhah!
    Tippi : It's over....
    Event battle 30 Clear
    Bradley : ...whew...we're saved....
    Aileen : ...uh...uwa....ah....
    Nick : Aileen...
    Karen : Aileen-san....
    Ariost : She may be alive but she's already been....
    Ruise : How can someone do something so cruel....even if it was for his
    research...hurting people cannot be overlooked...
    Tippi : But we can't let it as that. We've got to report to the castle
    immediatly and bring them here.
    Wallace : Right. But you can't use telepathy can you?
    Tippi : If I get far away enough from the magic jammer I think I can use it.
    I'm going outside to report to Master. Come look for me when you're done
    Wallace : Still, even though I suspected him, I didn't think the chancellor
    was that much of a corrupted guy.
    (CG of Ruise holding Misha)
    Misha : I'm sorry Ruise-chan.
    Ruise : Don't let it get you down Misha!
    Misha : ......I never was human...
    Ruise : What are you saying? You're Misha all the same right!?
    Misha : That's not the only thing, I was created to watch you Ruise-chan....
    Ruise : But we enjoyed the times we spend together right? When we were talking
    together, playing together, it was really fun right! Your feelings then weren't
    fake! Those memories aren't fake!
    Misha : ...Ruise-chan....
    Ruise : Our friendship is real right? If something like this breaks it,
    then it'd be fake right?
    Misha : ....Ruise-chan...Ruise-chan....!
    Ruise : ....Misha....
    Ariost : The meanings of our lives is defined through our relations to
    others around us. We have to trust in each other. That's what's most important
    ....just like my father did until the very end of his life.
    (back to the field screen)
    Wallace : Seems like things got solved over there. Tippi should be done
    reporting now too. Shall we go back to the royal capital?
    Nick : I will remain here with Aileen until the soldiers arrive.
    Thank you very much.
    Brradley : I will remain here too for a little while. To be honest,
    my legs are still shaking too much to walk around.
    Wallace : Then we'll leave this place to you. Hang in there.
    Tippi : Ah, you're here.
    Wallace : How did it go?
    Tippi : Looks like specialists from Rolandia will come to investigate.
    They'll be here soon.
    Wallace : Good. Then let's go.
    (You can warp out now and if you try to enter Rosaria you'll be
    prompted to change discs. You can also deliver the news to Alt,
    he will thank you even though you couldn't find/save his girlfriend
    Mira. Well that's it for Disc 1! Please look forward to Disc 2! The
    main part of the story will finally unfolds! (at last^_^;; ))
    Spells and skills list
    Here's a list of all spells and skills you can learn in the game. We included
    the japanese names for each of them so you'll be able to know what
    spell/skill you're learning by matching up this list with the statut screen
    of the characters. Do note that lots of them won't be available at first but
    will appear later once you reach a higher levels and that some characters
    never have access to some of them (unless you use a specific scoll that is).
    Offensive spells :
    Fireball (ファイアーボール)    MP : 6   Fire damage to an area
    Blizzard (ブリザード)        MP : 6   Ice damage to an area
    Tornado (トルネード)         MP : 6   Wind damage to an area
    Thunder (サンダー)          MP : 5   Electric damage to an area
    Earthquake (アースクエイク)   MP : 22   Earth damage to the whole field
    Holy Light (ホーリーライト)   MP : 12  Holy damage to a cross shaped area
    MP Drain (MPドレイン)      MP : 1    Absorbs some MP from an ennemy
    Death (デス)               MP : 16   Instant death to an ennemy
    Magic Arrow (マジックアロー)  MP : 3    Non-elemental damage to an ennemy
    Soul Force (ソウルフォース)   MP : 20   Non-elemental damage to an ennemy
    Meteor (メテオ)             MP : 25   Non-elemental damage to an area
    Statut altering spells :
    Sleep (スリープ)             MP : 6   Put ennemies in an area to sleep
    Silence (サイレンス)          MP : 5   Silence an ennemy
    Slow (スロー)                MP : 10 Slow down movement of ennemies in an area
    Bind (バインド)              MP : 8   Paralyse ennemies in an area
    Rust (ルスト)                MP : 6   Ennemy ATK down by 30%
    Weakness (ウィークネス)        MP : 6   Ennemy DEF down by 30%
    Fear (フィア)                MP : 6   Ennemy MGC DEF down by 30%
    Attack (アタック)             MP : 5   Ally ATK up by 30%
    Grow Attack (グローアタック)   MP : 18   All allies ATK up by 30%
    Protect (プロテクト)          MP : 5   Ally DEF up by 30%  
    Grow Protect (グロープロテクト) MP : 18  All allies DEF up by 30%
    Resist (レジスト)            MP : 6   Ally MGC DEF up by 30%  
    Grow Resist (グローレジスト)   MP : 22  All allies MGC DEF up by 30%  
    Invisibility (インビジリティ)   MP : 20  Make caster immune to physical attacks
    Magic Shell (マジックシェル)   MP : 25   Make an ally immune to magical attacks
    Quick (クイック)              MP : 9   Speed up movement of an ally
    Healing spells :
    Cure (キュア)                 MP : 3    Restore around 50 HP of an ally
    Healing (ヒーリング)            MP : 8    Restore all HP of an ally
    Grow Cure (グローキュア)        MP : 14   Restore 50 HP to all allies
    Grow Healing (グローヒーリング)  MP : 45   Restore all HP to all allies
    Fine (ファイン)                MP : 3    Cure any status ailments
    Raise (レイズ)                MP : 20   Bring back a dead ally to life
    Other spells :
    Teleport (テレポート) MP : 4 Teleport out of a dungeon/to any place you've been
    毒攻撃 (1-3) : chance of inflicting poison statut while attacking
    猛毒攻撃 (1-3) : chance of inflicting deadly poison statut while attacking
    マヒ攻撃 (1-3) : chance of inflicting paralysed statut while attacking
    石化攻撃 (1-3) : chance of inflicting petrified statut while attacking
    ソウルクラッシュ : reduce target's MP by 10% with each attack
    腕つぶし : chance of reducing ennemy ATK by 30% while attacking
    全周囲攻撃 (1-3) : chance of attacking all ennemies in range during an attack
    連続攻撃 (1-3) : chance of giving a second blow during an attack
    盗む (1-3) : chance of stealing an ennemy while attacking
    硬直延長 : increases additional ATW the ennemy receives when attacked
    解毒能力 : can't be poisonned
    マヒ無効化 : can't be paralysed
    石化無効化 : can't be petrified
    デス無効化 : can't be instantaneously killed
    魔力吸収 : chance of recovering one's own MP when being attacked by magic
    分身 : chance of evading physical attacks
    クリティカル	(1-3) : improve critical attacks rate
    カウンター (1-3) : improve counter attacks rate
    スペルターニング : chance of reflecting spells
    硬直短縮 : reduce the increase of charge time when being attacked by 25%
    詠唱時間短縮 : reduce the charge time of spells by 25%
    道具実行時間短縮 : reduce the charge time of item usage by 25%
    リジェネレート : regenerate 5% of one's own HP regularly
    MP回復 : regenerate 2% of one's own MP regularly
    俊足 (1-3) : movement speed up by 10-30%
    HPアップ (1-3) : max HP up by 10-30% 
    MPアップ (1-3) : max MP up by 10-30%
    魔力アップ (1-3) : magical power up by 10-30%
    This little section will simply let you know what the character introduction
    section of the game says. It's located between the male and female version
    of the intro movie at the beginning of the game so there are no spoilers
    here. In the disc 2 translation file, there'll be a character section too
    but this time with full details concerning the charaters and their role in
    the story. Until then!
    Main character
    VA : Nojima Kenji
    A young man raised by the court magician of the Rolandia kingdom.
    His future can't be foreseen.
    VA : Toyoguchi Megumi
    Created to watch over the main character, a homonculus with a harsh mouth.
    VA : Komatsu Rika
    The real daughter of the court magician of the Rolandia kingdom and the
    sister-in-law of the main character.
    VA : Genda Tesshou
    Despite losing both his arm and eyes, a wandering warrior whose actions
    are motivated by his strong convictions.
    VA : Toyoshima Machiko
    A female student at the magic academy. A klutz who sometimes gets hurt.
    VA : Shinichiro Miki
    Yearning to fly in the skies, a young genius magic researcher.
    VA : Asano Ruri
    Studying medicinal plants and using her knowledge to save people,
    a kind and gentle young woman.
    VA : Touchika Kouichi
    In order to raise his little sister Karen, he became a mercenary and
    keeps doing reckless missions. A talented swordsman.
    VA : Tsuruno Kyouko
    A timid and weak-willed young boy who try to escape the grasp of those
    who attempt to kill him.
    VA : Tezuka Chiharu
    A swordsman planning on becoming one of the renowned Imperial Knight
    of the Burnstein kingdom
    Ernest Lyell
    VA : Okiayu Ryoutarou
    Always calm and composed, a silent Imperial Knight who never smiles nor laughs.
    Oscar Reeves
    VA : Ueda Yuuji
    An Imperial Knight who conceals his strong will behind his gentle smile
    and demeanor.
    Vacation events list
    The following will list all vacation events available per character and how
    to get them. Translation of said vacation events will be covered in a future
    section. Vacation events take place consecutively, meaning to get event #3
    of a character you need to have gotten events #1&2 before. Most of them are
    available until the end of the game though ideally, you'll need to do them
    soon enough to complete the string of events before the final vacation. Also
    this obviously don't hold true for optionnal characters since past a certain
    point they become impossible to recruit if you haven't met the proper
    requirements. Optionnal characters are : Karen, Xenos, Julian and Eliotte.
    WARNING : As of now, this section contains errors.
    ======= Ruise ========
    Event : 1
    Location : Rosaria
    Available : Anytime
    Talk to her, she's standing in the north east district of the town, then
    talk to her again during evening she'll be at home.
    Event : 2
    Location : Rosaria
    Available : Third vacation and later
    Talk to her, she's at home, then talk to her again during evening she'll
    be standing in the north east district of the town.
    Event : 3
    Location : Rosaria
    Available : Fifth vacation and later
    Talk to her in front of the inn and agree to play "Catch ball" with her.
    Event : 4
    Location : Rosaria
    Available : During the first day of the seventh vacation
    Buy a brooch in a shop near your home and give it to her as a birthday present.
    Event : 5
    Location : Rosaria
    Available : Anytime from the ninth vacation to the twelfth one
    Talk to her, she's standing in the north east district of the town.
    Event : 6
    Location : Rosaria
    Available : Eleventh vacation and later
    Talk to her, she'll be near the inn then talk to her in the north-east
    district of the town.
    ======= Wallace ========
    Events : 1 to 12
    Location : Comsprings
    Time : before evening
    Available : once per vacation period and each time before evening
    Talk to him, he's taking a bath in the hot springs. He will be telling you
    about his past. You can visit him once in each vacation you have.
    ======= Misha ========
    Event : 1
    Location : Magic academy 4th floor
    Available : Anytime
    Talk to her
    Event : 2
    Location : Magic academy 1st floor
    Available : Third vacation and later
    Talk to her
    Event : 3
    Location : Magic academy 2nd floor
    Available : Fifth vacation and later
    Talk to her
    Event : 4
    Location : Magic academy rooftop
    Available : Eigth vacation and later
    Talk to her
    Event : 5
    Location : Magic academy near Ariost's lab
    Available : Ninth vacation and later
    Watch her fantasizing about her future with Carmaine
    Event : 6
    Location : Magic academy campus
    Available : Eleventh vacation and later
    Talk to her
    ======= Karen ========
    Event : 1
    Location : Health resort Rashell
    Available : Anytime
    Talk to her
    Event : 2
    Location : Health resort Rashell
    Available : Third vacation and later
    Talk to her
    Event : 3
    Location : Health resort Rashell
    Available : Fifth vacation and later
    Talk to her
    Event : 4
    Location : Health resort Rashell
    Available : Seventh vacation and later
    Talk to her
    Event : 5
    Location : Health resort Rashell
    Available : Tenth vacation and later
    Talk to her
    Event : 6
    Location : Health resort Rashell
    Available : Twelfth vacation
    Talk to her and talk to her again later in the flower garden
    ======= Xenos ========
    Event : 1
    Location : Rosaria
    Available : Second vacation
    Talk to him, he's near the eastern gate.
    You need to have done Ruise first event during the first vacation though.
    Event : 2
    Location : Health resort Rashell
    Available : Twelfth vacation
    Talk to him then go talk to Ruise and come back to see him again.
    ======= Eliotte ========
    Event : 1
    Location : Rosaria
    Available : Fourth vacation
    Talk to him in the southern part of the town
    Event : 2
    Location : Rosaria
    Available : Sixth vacation
    In the south part of the town drive away the dog that's after him
    Event : 3
    Location : Your town
    Available : Anytime after he joined your party
    Take him to the theater
    Note : Eliotte has events outside of vacation period where you can
    talk to him and answer some of his questions. They take place in
    Rolandia castle and are mentionned in the translation. I'll add them
    here once I get around to translate them.
    ======= Julian ========
    Event : 1
    Location : Comsprings
    Available : Third or fourth vacation
    Talk to him near the inn, then follow him east and talk to her again.
    Choose not to tell anyone about his secret.
    Event : 2
    Location : Comsprings
    Available : Fourth of fifth vacation
    Talk to her near the inn.
    Event : 3
    Location : Burnstein castle
    Available : After getting back the throne
    Talk to her, if your rank at the coliseum is "Master rank Class A" or above
    you'll be prompted to a fight at one point. Win it.
    Julian has more events but like Eliotte they don't take place during vacations.
    They'll be added here once we will reach them in the translation.
    Vacation events translation
    This section will contains translation for the above mentionned events.
    There'll be refered as "non-generic events". On the other hand "generic
    events" should be avoided as they're just a waste of vacation time. Each
    vacation day is made up of three periods of time : morning, afternoon and
    evening. Generic events take one, non-generic will usually take two but
    sometimes three; a whole day. Also you cannot go to the same place twice
    during your vacations even if you get three days. So plan accordingly.
    Lastly, you can easily know whether you just got a non-generic event or not as
    the BGM will change during those. Except for Wallace and Ariost events though.
                                 First Vacation
    ======= Rosaria ========
    (in front of the castle gate)
    Tippi : Let's meet here this evening.
    (Ruise first non-generic event)
    Ruise : Ah, oniichan. Aren't you hungry?
    Tippi : Why are you asking this all of a sudden?
    Ruise : Earlier while I was walking in the shopping district some cookies
    were giving off a delicious smell.
    Tippi : Cookies huh....so that's why you wanted to know.
    Ruise : I remember the first time I baked cookies....
    Tippi : Heh...you made cookies...
    Ruise : They turned out pretty bad. At first I intended to give them to
    oniichan, but the day ended before I could make some that tasted any good
    ...I ended up  crying. But oniichan stayed with me the whole time and we
    finally managed to make some. Those cookies....they were delicious.....
    Tippi : Hmm, if only I was there at that time....I'd like to eat cookies
    Ruise : Then I'll go back home and make some!
    How do you react?
    1) I'm looking forward to it
    2) It's your lucky day Tippi
    3) No need to make any today
    Ruise : Then I'll go make them right away!
    Tippi : Geez, you don't get it at all do you?
    Ruise : I'll try my best!
    Ruise : Eh? No?
    Tippi : What are you saying! Don't mind him, Ruise-chan. Go ahead
    Ruise : Yes, I'll try my best Tippi!
    Tippi : I'm looking forward to those! Mmh~ cookies, cookies!
    (evening at home)
    Ruise : Oniichan, the cookies are ready. Let's eat.
    1) Yes
    2) No (don't pick this or the event ends)
    Ruise : Here, oniichan.
    Ruise : Why....and I prepared them with all my heart too....
    Tippi : Sigh, you should really stop being so mean all the time.
    Tippi : Hm, let me have a taste too...munch munch...good!
    Ruise : Isn't it? I'm pretty confident about this.
    Tippi : Ruise-chan you have a real talent for baking cakes and sweets!
    Ruise : Then next is the "special" cookie.
    Tippi : Hmm, what could it be? I want to try it now!
    Ruise : No! Oniichan goes first!
    Tippi : cheh...unfair.
    Ruise : Oniichan do you want to eat it?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    3) Let me see it first
    Ruise : Here you go!
    Ruise : Could it be....you've found out?
    Ruise : What's wrong? Eat it quickly!
    Ruise : Could it be....you've found out?
    Tippi : I'm helping myself!
    Rise : Ah, Tippi, no!
    Tippi : munch munch....ugh...aaargh....that taste....it's killing me.....
    Ruise : Ah....I failed then. And here I thought I could try to make oniichan
    cry with mustard cookies....
    Tippi : R-U-I-S-E-C-H-A-N.....
    Ruise : Uh, see you later! (she runs away)
    Tippi : Make you cry eh...seems like she's serious about that promise
    pendant wish....
    (Misha first generic event)
    Misha : Ah, oniisama, Tippi. What's up? Doing anything interesting?
    Tippi : Hmm, more or less...
    Misha : Then let me teach you "the language of the refined"!
    Tippi : Oh, can you really do something like that?
    Misha : That's mean! Even I have something to be proud of!
    Tippi : Eh...and what is that?
    Misha : Hehe~ actually it's the flower language!
    Tippi : Heh...
    Misha : First, let's start with this! The hibiscus is the red flower from
    the southern countries symbolizing passion! In the flower language its
    meaning is "a new love". Teehee, that's totally fits us, don't you think?
    Tippi : I see....
    Misha : I'll teach you a lot of these from now on! Hope you're looking
    forward to next time!
    (Wallace first generic event)
    Wallace : Aha, it's you guys. Being the first time you've had a job, you
    don't know how to really relax during vacations yet? You'll learn eventually
    how great it is to enjoy a drink after long days of work.
    (Ruise first generic event)
    Ruise : Ah, oniichan. Holidays like this put me in the mood to go shopping.
    But I won't spend all of my allowance. Well, see you later.
    ======= Comsprings ========
    Tippi : Ah!? Right now, wasn't that Julian...? He did say he was a
    citizen of the Burnstein Kingdom but...he does come here after all?
    (Wallace first non-generic event)
    Wallace : ...it's you.
    What will you say?
    1) I came to talk with you
    2) I wanted to enjoy the hot springs
    Wallace : You came here just to talk to me? Well, thanks.
    Wallace : I suppose it's nice to get a chance to relax a bit without anyone
    buzzing around.
    Wallace : That reminds me...I used to talk a lot with a guy that joined the
    mercenary group at the same time as I did. He was a man with great ambition,
    always looking for ways to distinguish himself during missions. After 
    completing our first job, he enthusiastically got into the mood for relaxing.
    The bonus money the group received was spent on alcohol and he got totally
    drunk. The following day when he came to his senses he found himself lying in
    the middle of a road and his money had been stolen while he was sleeping.
    From that day on, that man swore never to get drunk again. That incident
    should let you realize that even when you get time off you shouldn't get too
    carried away and forget about your surroundings. Always remain vigilant.
    This is your duty as a soldier. Well of course no need to get all tense either.
    This is something you'll understand yourself over time anyway. Hang in there.
    Wallace : ...I'll be getting out now.
    ======= Magical academy ========
    (Misha first non-generic event)
    Misha : sigh....
    Tippi : What are you moping about?
    Misha : Ah...Tippi...oniisama...I...keep failing in my studies....it was
    much easier before entering the academy. I wish things would have stayed
    at the same level....
    Misha : But...since I've met oniisama I've vowed to change...I swore to try
    my hardest in order to make him proud of me ...I even managed to talk
    Ruise-chan and Grandpa in tutoring me but....sigh...it's no use I guess....
    How do you react?
    1) Cheer her up
    2) Praise her for her enthusiasm at least
    3) You've never been any good anyway
    Misha : Oniisama...
    Misha : I understand! Despite what I said earlier, I won't give up for your
    Misha : That's...that's right! Being enthusiastic is always necessary! Just
    you watch oniisama! I'll do my best!
    Misha : Uh...do you really mean it, oniisama?
    Misha : Ah, could it be....you're doing this on purpose to bring up my
    Misha : Oniisama! Your concern for me won't be wasted! I'll do my best!
    Tippi : ...It's quite incredible how she manages to interpret things the way
    she wants them to be....
    Tippi : Hm, somehow I don't get the feeling that this will improve anything
    Misha : Uh...I said I'll do my best anyway...
    Misha : This might take some time but...I'll definitely prove that I'll be
    useful to you, oniisama!
    Misha : I'll get going now! From now I'll be studying extra hard!! See you
    later oniisama!
    Tippi : I wonder what will come of this.....
    (go to Ariost's lab to get the second part of the event)
    Tippi : Misha! Why are you sleeping here!
    Misha : Huh? Oniisama, Tippi, 'morning.
    Tippi : Weren't you supposed to "study extra hard"?
    Misha : Err, I'm not sure I remember everything that happened but after
    talking with oniisama in the library, I rushed here. I wanted to ask
    Ariost-sempai to tutor me but he seemed pretty busy so I waited for a
    little while and....
    Tippi : And you fell asleep, right?
    Misha : Totally!
    How do you react?
    1) Kids need to sleep in order to grow up
    2) You're becoming worse with each passing minute
    3) I'm happy for you
    Misha : That's right, I'm doing my best!
    Tippi : Just what are you putting your efforts into I wonder....
    Misha : I'm glad you came to check how I was doing but I wish you'd express
    it a bit more nicely...
    Misha : ...just kidding!
    Tippi : sigh...looks like she doesn't get discouraged easily....
    Misha : Yup, afternoon naps feel good don't they?
    Tippi : Geez, you guys, you're so.....
    Misha : Well then, this time I'll study for sure! Later oniisama!
    ======= Health resort Rashell ========
    (Karen first non-generic event)
    Karen : Welcome. You're here for your work again?
    Tippi : Nah, right now we're on vacation.
    Karen : Then please enjoy yourselves.
    Aileen : My, Karen-san. Did your boyfriend come to visit you?
    Karen : A-Aileen-san....
    Aileen : What a fine-looking guy...looks pretty reliable too. So this is the
    type Karen-san likes...
    What will you say?
    1) Introduce yourself as Karen's boyfriend
    2) Deny
    3) Stay quiet
    Aileen : Teehee, pleased to meet you.
    Karen : You too, I wish you wouldn't say weird things!
    Aileen : That's alright, no need to be embarrassed.
    Karen : No, you've really got it wrong!
    Karen : Don't just stay quiet, tell her the truth!
    Tippi : Uh-oh...Karen-san got angry....
    Aileen : Then your boyfriend is someone else?
    Karen : I-I don't have any boyfriend!
    Aileen : Oh my, is there no one you like?
    Karen : There is one...but...
    Aileen : Oh! Where could he be?
    Karen : But...I can't confess...ever....
    Tippi : For ever...? Could he be...dead?
    Karen : Don't say ominous things like that!
    Tippi : Then who it is?
    Karen : ...I won't tell you! (she runs away)
    Aileen : Ah, Karen-san!
    Aileen : I'm sorry, I teased her a bit too much. Please wait Karen-san!
    Tippi : They're both gone...
                                 Second Vacation
    ======= Rosaria ========
    ======= Health resort Rashell ========
    ======= Magic academy ========
    (Ariost first non-generic event)
    Tippi : Whoa, there's a ton of notebooks here.
    Ariost : Ah, this is where I've written all that I've discovered from my
    research on ancient civilizations. Carmaine-kun, does that interest you?
    1) Tell him you're not interested.
    2) Tell him you're interested.
    3) Tell him you're knowledgeable enough yourself.
    Ariost : I see. Well I guess researchers can be seen as a bit weird by other
    people. In particular, the kind of subject I specialize in....
    Ariost : Really? Then we have something to talk about. In particular, the
    kind of subject I specialize in....
    Ariost : There are still many things we do not know about the ancient
    civilizations....in particular, the kind of subject I specialize in....
    a) Curses?
    b) Growsians?
    c) Magic conduction line mechanisms?
    Ariost : This is not my specialty...
    Tippi : Errr...isn't it magic conduction line mechanisms?
    Ariost : Yes, exactly.
    Ariost : This is not my specialty...
    Tippi : Errr...isn't it magic conduction line mechanisms?
    Ariost : Yes, exactly.
    Ariost : Yes, exactly.
    Ariost : But despite all our studies of it now, the magic conduction
    line mechanisms of the Growsian civilization were far more advanced.
    Unfortunately, we don't have many records from that era....
    Ariost : What was the world like in those past days, what happened then, how
    advanced was that civilization exactly.....I can't help but think about it...
    Tippi : Hmm, the Growsian civilization sounds incredible...
    Ariost : Indeed. Everything we're doing now is but rediscovering. Each time
    we find something new, it's something that already was discovered back then. 
    Well this is the life of anyone working on research. Each time we find an
    answer to a question, it also creates more new questions. Which then leads
    to more and more research work.
    Tippi : Is that how you feel too?
    Ariost : Yes, I said so myself didn't I? During my work on the flying device,
    I couldn't help but to feel like this too. I was obsessed with the idea of
    meeting my mother and worked recklessly for that purpose.
    Tippi : Isn't that the case still?
    Ariost : And now I have lots of other things to work on for it to happen.
    Like how to make Featherians reconsider humans.
    Tippi : Hmm....sounds difficult.
    Ariost : It's indeed difficult. But the best way to get through some day is to
    firmly make progress and advance step by step.
    Tippi : Hmm, I can't really do anything to help you but I'm cheering for you.
    Hang in there Ariost-san!
    Ariost : Thank you!
    ======= Comsprings =======
    (Wallace second non-generic event)
    Wallace : Hey Carmaine. Want to hear more of my stories when I was a mercenary?
    About my group or my comrades?
    1) Group
    2) Comrades
    Wallace : ...about my group then. Well there were some pretty rough types in it
    but most of our group was made of good guys really. Even though sometimes the
    entire group would drink all night long before a meeting for some serious job,
    the captain would try to give us a lecture but was unable to because of the
    cheerful mood everyone was in. As an all male-group we weren't too good at
    talking between us, so drinking parties would help with that. Well that's how
    it was anyway.....
    a) Agree
    b) Look surprised
    c) Stay quiet
    Wallace : Someday, it'd be nice if we both got drunk together.
    Wallace : What, don't you understand that? I guess you're still young...
    Wallace : Hahaha, well, sooner or later, you'll come to understand it 
    Wallace : Because of our encounter with Gevel, I lost my comrades one by one,
    and I found myself suddenly alone. Now, there are times I remember our
    gatherings in pubs and the mood we were in then and I feel a void within me.
    Because they were always there alongside me I didn't realize something
    important...having comrades is a precious thing...and it's only when you
    lose them that you realize it. I guess that's fate though....
    Wallace : ...I'll be getting out now.
    Wallace : Haha...there were a lot of funny guys in our group. They would
    keep cracking jokes and make the rest of us laugh with them to ease the
    tension. Each time we got a new recruit, each time they got in their
    first battle one would always say something like "as you guys know,
    any one of you who fails to take down an enemy has to buy drinks for the
    rest of us!"
    d) Praise the guy
    e) Laugh (trigger no specific answer)
    f) Stay quiet
    Wallace : Seems like you understand what it was about.
    Wallace : You don't get it?
    Wallace : New recruits don't have any actual battle experience for the most
    part. Their first battle is what will harden them and determine their attitude 
    towards fighting. It's important that they keep a positive mindset in that
    moment. That's why that guy relaxed the newcomers with silly comments like
    Wallace : Because of our encounter with Gevel, I lost my comrades one by one,
    and I found myself suddenly alone. Now, sometimes I remember our
    gatherings in pubs and the mood we were in then and I feel a void within me.
    Because they were always there alongside me I didn't realize something
    important...having comrades is a precious thing...and it's only when you
    lose them that you realize it. I guess that's fate though....
    Wallace : ...I'll be getting out now.
    (Wallace second generic event)
    Wallace : I was remembering the battle against that thing. You saw it too
    didn't you? That monster that was in the crystal mines. Many of my comrades
    were killed....and only the captain was a match for it....
    (He leaves looking in a bad mood)
    Tippi : Later Wallace-san.
    (Misha second generic event)
    Misha : The pink rose means "a warm heart" in the flower language.
    Teeheehee, my heart is pretty warm too~ <3
    (Ruise second generic event)
    Ruise : By the way, I saw a lovely pendant earlier in a shop. I hope it
    doesn't get sold before I can save up enough money for it.
                                 Third Vacation
    ======= Rosaria ========
    (Ruise second non-generic event)
    (enter your house)
    Ruise : Oniichan, oniichan, oniichan!!
    Tippi : What's wrong Ruise-chan?
    Ruise : uuh....
    1) Hear her out
    2) Pat her on the head
    Ruise : ah...I just had a really scary dream...
    Ruise : ...uh, oniichan...I'm so glad you're here...
    Tippi : Tell us what happened.
    Ruise : ...I had a dream where oniichan disappeared...
    Tippi : A dream where this guy disappeared?
    Ruise : ...um...since the weather was nice I took a nap under the tree in the
    square and... at first Misha and Wallace-san were in the dream too but...
    Tippi (to Carmaine) : Somehow I get the feeling this dream story will drag on
    quite a bit...is it because she gets distracted so easily?
    Ruise (wandering off and continuing her story) : The wind was blowing strongly
    and was carrying a lot of dust into my eyes so I keep them closed for a bit
    Tippi : Hey, come here for a second!
    (Tippi will go in the next room while Ruise is near the stairs, go talk to
    whichever you want)
    (if you try to leave the house)
    Tippi : Where do you think you're going!!
    (if you go near Ruise)
    Tippi : What's with you! I was even fed a mustard cookie because of you
    last time!
    (she kicks Carmaine and drags him with her)
    (of if you simply went near Tippi from the beginning)
    Ruise (keeping on with her story) : And when I opened my eyes, instead of
    seeing Wallace-san in front of me as usual....
    Tippi : Hehehe...I wonder when she'll notice we aren't there...
    Ruise : I was surprised that I couldn't see Misha either. And oniichan and
    Tippi were gone too! I found myself all alone. That was really frightening!
    (she turns around and notices there's no one)
    Ruise : !? Oniichan!? Oniichan! Oniichan, where are you!?
    Ruise (running around) : Tippi? Oniichan! uuhhh, oniichan where did you go!
    (she runs outside)
    Tippi : Ah...perhaps we went too far...
    (go after her she's near that big tree west of your house)
    Ruise : Oniichan! geez, you really gave me a scare earlier!
    1) Pretend you were playing hide and seek
    2) Say you were testing her judgment ability
    3) Say you were simply teasing her a little
    Ruise : Ah, so that's why...it was the same thing that happened in the dream
    too so I was a bit surprised...
    Tippi : It seemed more than "a bit"...
    Tippi : Geez, Tippi stop it!
    Ruise : Ah, I see...I guess I failed then....
    Tippi (sweatdrop) : ...
    Tippi : Why do you always trust whatever that guy is saying?
    Ruise : Geez, oniichan you're so silly...
    Tippi : Hm? Why do seem so glad all of a sudden?
    Ruise : Because I got to play with oniichan!
    Tippi : Ha...hahaha...
    Ruise : Now that I'm feeling better, I'm quite hungry. I'm going to get 
    something to
    eat. Later!
    Tippi : What an easily pleased girl....
    (Wallace third generic event)
    Wallace : ...so Julian became an Imperial Knight..his will and strength are
    really admirable...if we ever have to fight him we will have to pull
    ourselves together.
    (Misha third generic event)
    Misha : In the flower language carnations mean "a heart that believes in
    love". Of course I always believe in love too!
    (Ruise third generic event)
    Ruise : Ah, oniichan. Even without buying new clothes you can improve your
    look you know. Like by changing your combination of clothes or covering your
    shoulders a bit more *giggle*
    Well see you later.
    ======= Health resort Rashell ========
    (Karen second non-generic event)
    Xenos : Yo.
    Karen : Hello.
    Tippi : You're really getting along well you two.
    Karen : Well, we're siblings so...
    Xenos : More importantly, why did you come here?
    1) To see Karen
    2) Simply to say hi
    3) To see Xenos
    Xenos : For Karen? For what reason?
    Tippi : For a reason that doesn't concern you~
    Xenos : Then I won't let you. I'll never forgive myself if Karen were to be
    abducted again!
    Karen : Abducted you say? Please don't put it like that, it's not like I
    can't go out by myself.
    Xenos : Don't talk back. Protecting you is my responsibility!
    Karen : Your responsibility!? I can decide for myself! How long are you
    going to treat me like a child!
    (she runs off)
    Xenos : H-hey, wait Karen!
    Tippi : Sigh....
    Xenos : Crap...I got a little too heated up....
    a) Tell him to go after her
    b) Tell him he's gone too far
    c) Stay silent (no specific dialogues)
    Xenos : You...you're right. Sorry about that. Later!
    Xenos : You don't need to tell me! I know already!
    Tippi : Shouldn't you go after her?
    Xenos : R-right!
    Xenos : Then don't bother us. And here I finally got some free time to come
    visit my dear little sister.
    Karen : Geez, niisan....
    Karen : Please forgive him. We'll talk later if you want.
    Xenos : Hey Karen, let's go over there!
    (they both leave)
    Xenos : Me? I was simply coming to see how she's was doing and if she hadn't
    run into any trouble again.
    Karen : Geez, niisan...
    Xenos : I'll never forgive that bastard that tried to kidnap my sister!
    Karen : Kidnap you say? Please don't put it like that, it's not like I can't
    go out by myself.
    Xenos : Don't talk back. Protecting you is my responsibility!
    Karen : Your responsibility!? I can decide for myself! How long are you
    going to treat me like a child!
    (she runs off)
    Xenos : H-hey, wait Karen!
    Tippi : Sigh....
    Xenos : Crap...I got a little too heated up....
    a) Tell him to go after her
    b) Tell him he's gone too far
    c) Stay silent (no specific dialogues)
    Xenos : You...you're right. Sorry about that. Later!
    Xenos : You don't need to tell me! I know already!
    Tippi : Shouldn't you go after her?
    Xenos : R-right!
    Tippi : Sigh....that's because he always loses his calm when it comes to
    anything concerning Karen...
    ======= Magic academy ========
    (Misha second non-generic event)
    Misha : Ah, oniisama! I thought about giving you something to eat and so
    I made a cake for you!
    Misha : Oniisama, this way!
    How do you react?
    1) Be honestly glad
    2) Praise her for doing something unsusual like that
    3) Ask where the cake is (no specific response)
    (1 or 2)
    Misha : Hehehe~ Since it was for you I made sure to do something incredible.
    Tippi : Yeah? So where is that incredible cake?
    Misha : Huh? It's right here why do you ask?
    Tippi : Here...you can't be talking about the totally burned dark
    and somewhat round-shaped thing...?
    Ariost : What are you guys talking about?
    Misha : Ariost-sempai! Nice timing! I've baked a cake for oniisama.
    Would you like to eat it together?
    Ariost : Sounds good. I'll gladly have some. Well, were is it?
    Misha : Huh? Why, it's right here.
    Ariost (sweatdrop) : ....
    Ariost : It-it looks like something very original, just what I would
    expect from Misha-kun I guess...
    Misha : Right~? It may not looks too good but I have confidence on
    how it tastes.
    Tippi : ....did you taste it yourself first....?
    Misha : Nope, I didn't. It's a cake I made for you so I can't be eating
    it first. Alright, go ahead! I'm sure you'll enjoy it.
    1) Offer some to Tippi
    2) Cheer Ariost on
    3) Make it looks like you're eating it only
    4) I guess it probably won't kill me (no specific repsonse)
    Tippi : Ah-ahahaha...I ate a bit too much this morning and right now
    I'm full so, well, you know....
    Misha : Is that so? What a shame, it's really good you know.
    Tippi (pissed off and to Carmaine only) : There is no way I'd eat such
    a dangerous-looking thing!
    Misha : Then Ariost-sempai, please go ahead and eat it!
    Ariost : Alright then....munch, munch...!...!? aaah!?
    Misha : Is it good?
    Ariost : I...it has an extremly original taste....
    Misha : Hehehe...I told you I was confident about the taste!
    Tippi : I think you're totally misundertanding here....
    Ariost : Alright then....munch, munch...!...!? aaah!?
    Misha : Is it good?
    Ariost : I...it has an extremly original taste....
    Misha : Hehehe...I told you I was confident about the taste!
    Tippi : I think you're totally misundertanding here....
    Misha : Oniisama are you really eating? You look like you're
    just chewing on thin air?
    TIppi : Hey you, stop faking it and eat already!
    (picking 4) get you here too)
    Carmaine (looking desperate) : .....
    Carmaine (munching) : !...!?
    Misha : Is it good?
    a) It's good
    b) It's okay
    c) It's horrible
    Misha : Reaaaally? Then please help yourself and eat all of it!
    Carmaine (sweating like mad) : ....
    Misha : I see....it's not to your taste I guess?
    Tippi : I think it's on a whole different level altogether....
    Misha : I see....it's not to your taste I guess?
    Tippi : I think it's on a whole different level altogether....
    Misha : There's still plenty left. Go ahead and eat!
    Tippi (getting pissed off) : Well, how about having some too Misha?
    Misha : Eh? But I did it for Oniisama...
    d) Offer her some of the cake
    e) Don't
    Misha : Ehehe..really?
    Tippi : That guy might be saying that but I'm sure that deep down
    you want to try it too right? Please don't mind us and help yourself.
    Misha : Alright then...
    Misha : *munch* ....?????
    Misha : Whaaaaat is thiiiis!!? I must have made a mistake somewhere.
    Ariost-seampai, oniisama, I'm really sorry!
    Misha (leaving) : Uuuh...next time I'll definitely succeed!
    I'll taste it before though....
    Ariost : Well, I'll be leaving too now....I just remember something
    I had to do...
    Ariost (leaving and if ate some of the cake) : That was really
    awful....I have to find something to rinse my mouth quickly...
    ======= Comsprings ========
    (Wallace third non-generic event)
    Wallace : Oh, it's you Carmaine! Shall I go on with stories from the past then?
    Hmm, last time I told you about my comrades from the mercenary unit right?
    One of them was particularly skilled at making money. That guy was thinking
    about buying jewels with all that money of his since that would be easier to
    carry around. He went and bought some at a jeweler and came back at once to
    show them to the rest of us but.... That was an impressive sight to
    behold indeed...
    They were perfectly crafted fake jewels....
    1) How did you know they were fake?
    2) Laugh about how stupid this guy had to feel
    3) Stay silent
    Wallace : Ah, of course that's the first question that comes to mind, right?
    Wallace : That's how you feel too, right? The others were also laughing
    about how he was ripped off.
    Wallace : Hahaha. Don't make such a stern face. That story is supposed to
    make you laugh.
    Wallace : Actually there was a former jeweler from the Ranzack kingdom in our
    group. Did you know that the Ranzack kingdom is the leading producer of
    jewels of the whole continent. That's why you can trust the skill of the
    jewelers there. Well anyway, when he realized they were fake it was too late.
    The shop had already vanished. All he was left with is a bunch of worthless
    stones. There's always untrustworthy traders looking for easy money. Don't
    be fooled by attractive prices or supposedly rare goods.
    Wallace : Well, I'll be getting out now.
    (Julian's first non-generic event)
    Julian : You!? Why are you here!?
    Tippi : Hm, why indeed?
    1) Because we're on vacation
    2) Because we wanted to bathe in the hot springs
    3) I have no obligation to answer you
    4) Ask him what he is doing
    Julian : Vacation?
    Tippi : Yup! We're finally done with our work so we came to relax here!
    Julian : The hot springs?
    Tippi : Yup, cause there's no such nice hot springs on our side!
    Tippi : Exactly! Why do we have to answer you!
    Julian : I'm the one asking this question!
    Tippi : We simply came here to enjoy ourselves! Why do we have to tell you
    that sort of thing!
    Julian : ....you do realize the situation you're in right now, don't you?
    Tippi : Right now? Yeah, vacation.
    Julian : That's not what I'm asking about! Right now, our countries are
    officially at war. Why are you coming within enemy territory?
    Tippi : Ah but even though you call this enemy territory, isn't the area
    from here up to the crystal mines under the jurisdiction of the magic
    academy? Then it has nothing to do with the war!
    Julian : ...sigh. I really don't understand what's going on in your minds.
    Tippi : I told you already. We're simply spending our vacation here...
    Julian : Anyhow, if you attempt anything even remotely suspicious, I'll
    arrest you at once! Do not forget that!
    Tippi : ...geez, what's with him!? We came here on vacation; don't go and
    ruin the mood!
    (follow him and talk to him again)
    Julian : ...sigh. You again. Even though I keep telling you we can't keep
    being friendly...sigh...
    Tippi : ? You look a little strange. Aren't you feeling well?
    Julian : What? How exactly do I look.... (he collapses)
    Tippi : Hey! Get a hold of yourself!
    Tippi : I'm going to go fetch a doctor! You go bring Julian to the inn!
    Tippi : I wonder if he's alright. Collapsing all of a sudden like that...
    isn't that supposed to be really bad?
    Tippi : Ah, how is Julian?
    Doctor : She's fine. She just seems to be suffering from a severe lack of
    sleep. If she rests she'll get better soon. Well then, take care.
    Tippi : ...."she"?
    (she goes check on Julian)
    Tippi : ....ah, yes there's no mistake, she's indeed a girl....
    Tippi : ...what should we do? Is it okay if we keep that to ourselves?
    1) Keep it to yourself
    2) I want to tell the others (if you pick this Julian will never join!)
    Tippi : Yes. She made incredible efforts to become an Imperial Knight didn't
    she? We don't want to make her efforts become useless now. Alright let's get
    going now.
    Tippi : ...sigh. Didn't she make incredible efforts to become an Imperial
    Knight though? It feels like this would make all her efforts useless...
    let's not tell the others okay?
    a) Insist on telling the others
    b) Keep it to yourself
    Tippi : Tippi-chan kick!!
    Tippi : We're not telling the others! Got it!?
    Carmaine (looking resigned) : .....
    Tippi : Alright let's get going now.
                                 Fourth Vacation
    ======= Rosaria ========
    ======= Health resort Rashell ========
    (Wallace fourth generic event)
    Wallace : Weber is a quiet but sincere man. He was like an older brother to me
    in the past. When I joined the mercenary group, he helped me a lot whenever I
    was in trouble. Not just me  actually, everyone liked him. Besides, he's also a
    good tactician. That's why I felt it was safe to leave the surviving members'
    fates in his hands when I left.
    Tippi : Then, what about that Gamelan guy?
    Wallace : Hmm...actually he's the exact opposite of Weber. He was always
    harboring a smirk on his face, and you could never guess what he was thinking.
    In battle, instead of standing on the frontlines and giving instructions to the
    troops he was in the back using all sorts of spells to turn the tide of the
    battle to his advantage. For some reason, he and Weber never really talked much
    to each other but he and I would often get into arguments. If it weren't for
    the captain, the whole squad could have split with the tensions between us.
    Tippi : Later!
    (Ruise fourth generic event)
    Ruise : Say, oniichan. Don't you think Mother is really beautiful? I wonder if
    I'll grow up to be like her? See you later.
    (Misha fourth generic event)
    Misha : The red hyacinth means "a playful heart". It's an important thing
    right? That doesn't mean that we shouldn't study either of course.
    (Karen generic event)
    Karen : Being a nurse is a tough job but I find it to be so meaningful.
    ======= Comsprings ========
    (Julia second non-generic event)
    Tippi : Julian! Are you feeling better?
    Julian : You people again....
    Julian : About that matter, there is something I have to ask you...did
    1) No
    2) Yes
    Julian : Quit playing dumb! You saw right?
    Tippi : That you're a woman you mean?
    Julian : So you really knew then...
    Julian : As I thought....
    Julian : Why didn't you expose the fact that I'm a woman? If you'd simply said
    it, I would have immediately lost my title of knight. Considering you're
    working for the Rolandia kingdom, wouldn't that be to your advantage?
    1) Because I want to confront my rivals fair and square
    2) I didn't because I care for you
    Julian : Fair and square? Why?
    Tippi : It'd be pretty low to win by spreading the rumor you're a woman. You've
    been working very hard to get where you are now, haven't you? We'd rather
    confront you fairly.
    Julian : Because you care for me...?
    Tippi : You faced many hardships in order to become a knight didn't you?
    There's no way we could bring ourselves to crush all your efforts in such a
    petty way. Besides, you've been working very hard to get where you are now
    haven't you?  We'd rather confront you fairly.
    Julian : I see....forgive me for asking....
    Tippi : But why did you hide the fact that you're a woman?
    Julian : Didn't I tell you? The basics to become an Imperial Knight, the
    innermost qualities that are examined, they are all traditionally considered to
    be masculine traits. My family, the Douglas family, is a renowned one where
    many members of the Imperial Knights have been born. Of course whenever a
    child is to be born in this family there are great expectations if it's to 
    be a male. But the baby that was born that time was me....After giving birth to
    me, my mother became very frail. Her recovery took a considerably long time,
    and during it, it seems she refused to ever give birth to another child.
    Tippi : And so that's why you were raised as a boy....
    Julian : No. At first my father never expressed that intent. However from the
    day I was born, people started to notice a never-ending feeling of lassitude
    coming from him. He became lethargic. That's why I felt like I should do
    something to cheer him up. And from my own will I started learning fencing.
    "Father lost the will to live because of me." "I have to make it up to him."
    With those thoughts constantly on my mind, I first learned how to wield
    a sword.
    1) Tell her that wasn't her responsibility
    2) Tell her that was very kind of her
    Julian : Yes, you're right.
    Julian : Haha, I didn't think you'd say that.
    Julian : From the day I was born, Father always seemed to be so discouraged.
    That wasn't surprising considering our family has always be one of prestigious
    reputation, one from which many Imperial Knight were born. But the only child
    he had was a daughter. He was so severely disappointed....and so time passed,
    and I continued learning fencing with my father during my childhood. I thought
    he became a little bit more enthusiastic then. As it seemed I had an natural
    talent for fencing, my father happily gave me lessons. That was my joy as a
    child. But when my little brother was born, even though he had a weak
    constitution, he was made to study fencing too and my father completely
    ignored me to teach him instead. Eventually, with my father spending all his
    time with him, my little brother grew stronger...
    Tippi : Your little brother did...?
    Julian : Yes. Watching them, I started to feel some sort of jealousy and
    trained even harder despite being alone. But training out of spite didn't
    improve my skills much at all....and one day I finally lost to my brother.
    The expression of delight I saw on my father's face that day...it's as if it
    burned my eyes....
    Tippi : Somehow, I think I can understand how you must have felt...
    Julian : I wished that someday, Father would praise me like that too. So I
    devoted myself to my training. I thought that, if I became strong enough, then
    my father would once again be kind and affectionate with me. I kept deluding
    myself with those thoughts and kept practicing until I became more skilled.
    Tippi : Then did you became stronger than your brother again?
    Julian : Yes, my victory was very clear. But instead of congratulating me, my
    father was really disappointed. He simply went to my brother's side as he was
    mourning over his defeat to cheer him up. It was then that I realized....
    he had lost all the feelings he ever had for me. Feeling betrayed by my father,
    I left my home. What happened afterwards, well you know about that already.
    1) Sympathize with her
    2) Tell her you think her father was cruel
    Julian : But thanks to that, I met you. And found a reason to keep wielding my
    sword. Besides now I have come to understand him. The only thing to blame is
    the fact that I was born a woman.
    Julian : Haha, yes, he's really a cold father. But now I have come to
    understand him. The only thing to blame is the fact that I was born a woman.
    Julian : Even though I still think of how things could have been so different
    if I were born a man, since I've met you I'm no longer tormented like I used
    to be. For that alone, I'm truly grateful. Until now I've only seen you as an
    annoying guy who keeps getting in my way but from now on I'll think differently
    of you. Let's settle things next time we meet on the battlefield. Until then,
    improve your skills as much as you can. Ah and also, my real name is "Julia".
    Julia Douglas. That's my true name....(she leaves)
                                 Fifth Vacation
    ======= Rosaria ========
    (Ruise third non-generic event)
    (getting near the inn)
    Boy : There, go fetch!
    Pup : *barks*
    Boy : That's a good boy! Then, here!
    (throws ball again)
    Pup : *barks*
    Mother : How long are you going to play! Get inside and do your homework!
    Boy : ....Yes mom.....
    Pup : *whine*
    (pick up the ball to trigger the main part of the event)
    Pick up the ball?
    1) Yes
    2) No (nothing happens if selected)
    Ruise : Hi, oniichan. What are you doing?
    Tippi : Hi Ruise-chan.
    Ruise : A ball? Why do you have this?
    1) Someone threw it away
    2) It's mine
    3) It's a present for you
    4) I brought it to play with you
    Ruise : Who did?
    Tippi : A boy who was here just a little while ago.
    Ruise : But somehow it bring back memories right?
    Ruise : Is that so?
    Tippi : What are you saying! Didn't you just picked it up now?
    Ruise : But somehow it bring back memories right?
    Ruise : Huh? Errr...I'm glad you want to give me a present but....
    a) Ask why she doesn't like it
    b) Forget about giving it to her
    Ruise : It-it's not like I don't like it but...a-alright, I'll take it.
    Ruise : ...whew...
    Tippi : Hey you, isn't it obvious nobody would want such a dirty ball?
    Ruise : But somehow it bring back memories right?
    Ruise : It's like old times right!
    Tippi : Huh?
    Ruise : Yes. We used to play "Catch ball" a lot before.
    Play "catch ball" with Ruise?
    1) Yes
    2) No
    Ruise : Okay oniichan!
    Tippi : Catch ball huh....bah, I can't play that so I'll just watch.
    Ruise : I'm ready oniichan!
    a) Throw the ball gently
    b) Throw it far away
    c) Throw it in a way impossible to catch
    (the ball hit her in the face softly)
    Ruise : Huh?
    (the ball goes over her and get out of the screen)
    Ruise : Aa~ah, I can't catch it...
    (the ball fly high above her, escape her grasp, Tippi giggles)
    Ruise : Aa~ah, I can't catch it...
    Ruise : Here, oniichan catch it!
    (Carmaine catch it easily)
    Ruise : Alright, this time I'll get it for sure!
    (you'll have to do that two more times. Same choice and same outcomes.)
    (If you insist on sending impossible to catch balls)
    Tippi : ...ehehe, go fetch....
    (after throwing three times)
    Ruise : ...ah, it's no good...
    Ruise : Sorry oniichan, I'm a bit tired....
    Ruise : ...I'm really clumsy I guess. I still can't catch it just like
    when we were kids...
    Ruise:  But someday I'm sure I'll get better and it'll be much more fun....
    d) Cheer her up
    e) Ask her if she had fun
    f) Let's stop the catch ball game
    Ruise : Yup! I'll do my best so we can enjoy it together oniichan!
    Ruise : Yup! Cause I was able to play with you oniichan!
    Tippi : Then next time you'll have to get better Ruise-chan!
    Ruise : Yes, I'll do my best!
    Ruise : Huh!? Why?
    Tippi : ...I think that's best for you.
    Ruise : I'm sorry, oniichan...thanks for thinking about me like that...
    Next time I'll do it properly for sure!
    Tippi : You know...about that catch ball thingie.
    Carmaine : ?
    Tippi : Seeing you guys play that reminded me of that dog....
    Carmaine (sweatdrop) : ...
    Ruise : We're not kids anymore right? Well oniichan, see you later
    ======= Health resort Rashell ========
    (Karen third non-generic event)
    Karen : Ah, welcome. Although I'm sorry to say this but I'm quite busy
    right now.
    Tippi : Ah, sorry to disturb you while you're working.
    Karen : Not at all. We'll talk later then.
    Tippi : Ah, Karen-san! You let something drop here.
    Karen : Kyah!
    Tippi : Whoa, you surprised me...
    Karen : A-ah, thanks you Tippi-chan...
    Tippi : Why did you got so nervous?
    Karen : Ah, that's...
    Tippi : This is a drawing of Xenos right? You really like your big brother
    huh... But I think I can understand why...you two grew up together and helped
    each other out a lot right?
    Karen : Ha, hahaha...
    Tippi : Geez, that Xenos, always making his little sister worried about him...
    he could at least stop working as a mercenary!
    Karen : Yo-you're right! So don't you go and make Ruise-chan worry about
    you alright?
    1) Alright
    2) Nah
    Karen : Yes, that's a good reply.
    Tippi : Argh! I can't believe how you start acting like such a good kid
    in front of women!
    Karen : That won't do! That's too cruel towards Ruise-chan!
    Tippi : Bah! That guy won't die even if he get killed so it doesn't matter!
    (typical saying meaning one is a good-for-nothing guy, kind of like
    "idiots don't catch colds")
    Karen : *giggles*
    Karen : Well, I'll be going now. I have to help the nurses.
    Tippi : Bye!
    (Wallace fifth generic event)
    Wallace : My hometown is a small Rolandia village far from the capital.
    I haven't returned then in years. Then again my parents are deceased and my
    siblings have scattered so there's no family waiting for me back there.
    (Ruise fifth generic event)
    Ruise : Say oniichan. When you think about it, in a way, mother gave
    birth to Tippi right? Then the three of us are like siblings. Hehe, it
    feels funny to think I have a little sister. Later!
    (Misha fifth generic event)
    Misha : Oniisama, do you like sunflowers? In the flower language,
    sunflowers mean "you're wonderful".
    (Karen second generic event)
    Karen : If you're neglecting small wounds, they may start to fester
    after a little while. Please be careful.
    ======= Magic academy ========
    (Misha third non-generic event)
    Misha : Ah, oniisama!
    Tippi : What are you doing Misha?
    Misha : Hehehe...well my glasses just fell and the handle broke so
    I was repairing them.
    1) Smile and call her clumsy
    2) Ask if she run into someone
    3) Offer your help to fix them
    Misha : Hehehe....if only I could fix that as well.
    Misha : How did you guess? Oniisama, you're sharp...
    Misha : Whoa, thanks a lot oniisama! But they're already fixed so it's fine...
    ah, then I'll break them again!
    Tippi : IDIOT!
    (Misha get Tippi-kicked)
    Misha : It huuurts!
    Tippi : That's what you get for being stupid!
    Tippi : Sometimes I really wonder how you got accepted at the academy....
    Misha : That's...after my parents died, grandpa took me in....hehehe....
    1) Smile (no specific response)
    2) I thought you worked very hard and passed the entrance exam
    3) Nod (no specific response)
    Misha (sweatdrop) : Actually, I didn't even attend it....
    Tippi : So that's how a klutz like you managed to get here....
    Misha : That's mean! I work my hardest you know!
    Tippi : What extent is "your hardest" actually?
    Misha : Errrm...the day before the test I study all night without sleeping!
    Tippi : Don't say you work your hardest when you're not doing any more than
    the average student. Then again, I guess that's the best you can do....
    Misha : Oniisama~ Tippi-chan is bullying me!
    1) Sermon Tippi and tell her not to make fun of people
    2) Agree with Tippi
    3) Confort Misha and tell her not to pay attention to Tippi
    Tippi : Buuut~! She's sooo asking for it you know....
    Misha : Uuuh, I feel so miserable....
    Misha : Uuuuh, oniisama you're cruel too....
    Tippi (sweatdrop) : You can be quite mean too you know?
    Misha : Okay! If you say so oniisama then I don't mind at all!
    Tippi : Pft! Always making himself looks good!
    Tippi : Bah, never mind. Anyway if you don't want me to make fun of you,
    how about being more serious about your studies?
    Misha : ...geh....th-then oniisama...later!
    ======= Comsprings ========
    (Wallace fourth non-generic event)
    Wallace : Carmaine huh...well, which story should I tell you today...
    Wallace : ...I am the sort of person that always face things directly, putting
    all my strength in whatever I do. To go through what I have decided to the end,
    a strong will and strength of the body are necessary. If I didn't have those, I
    couldn't have looked for my missing captain for twenty years. And I couldn't
    have swear to accompany you, the son of lady Sandra. At first I was thinking
    about going my own way again, once you'll be able to stand on your own. But now
    that I've learned that the incident twenty years ago is because of Gevel, I
    changed my mind. If I stay with you I may not find the captain but chances are
    I'll find some clues at least. Well that's what I think anyway. Even now,
    my wish to find him hasn't changed in the end.
    1) Nod
    2) Encourage him
    3) Stay quiet
    Wallace : You can't accomplish anything if you don't believe in what you do.
    Wallace : Thanks. I'll prove you I'll definitely find him. That's the
    reason I've been wandering around the world for twenty years after all.
    Wallace : ...it might be a bit hard to understand I guess.
    Wallace : ...I'll be going out now.
                                 Sixth Vacation
    ======= Rosaria ========
    (Eliotte first non-generic event)
    Tippi : Isn't it Eliotte!
    Eliotte : Ah, hello.
    Tippi : Why are you here? Did they told you it was okay to go outside?
    Eliotte : Ahem...actually I slipped out without telling anyone...
    Tippi : W-H-Y!?
    Eliotte : Because it's boring to stay everyday in the castle all day long!
    I wish I could travel together with you and have fun like everyone else....
    Tippi : Geez...
    1) Tell him to return to the castle
    2) One should be able to watch out for oneself
    3) I'll watch over you so relax
    Eliotte : ...alright...but is it okay to remain here just for today?
    Tippi : Bah if troubles occur that guy will do something about it.
    Eliotte : Yes, I'll promise I won't be a burden!
    Tippi : My, what a nice little boy.
    Eliotte : Waah...as I thought you really are a dependable person...
    Tippi : Hey you, aren't you pampering him a bit too much?
    ======= Health resort Rashell ========
    ======= Comsprings ========
    (Wallace fifth non-generic event - if Wallace isn't ranking first in
    friendship level)
    Wallace : Are you sure you should spend your time with me? Isn't
    there someone else you should go to?
    Wallace : Lately you seem to getting along well with
    (insert #1 character in friendship level here).
    Am I wrong? In exchange for losing my sight, I became much more
    perceptive to other people around me. Whenever she's with you I felt
    like she reacted differently. That's all I will say. 
    It'd be good if you keep her in mind
    (Ruise sixth generic event)
    Ruise : Guess what oniichan? I met Misha for the first time when she bumped
    into me within a corridor. Teeheehee, that's so like her don't you think?
    (Karen third generic event)
    Karen : If you pay close attention to your health,
    you'll hardly get sick at all. Alright?
    (Ariost first generic event)
    Arost : My work aims to develop technology that use both science and magic.
    Although because of that, I've got twice the amount of hurdles to overcome.
    (Ariost second generic event)
    Ariost : Science and magic both follow rules and can be learned the same way.
    As someone working on those two forces, I realized they can be truly
    (Wallace sixth generic event)
    Wallace : There was a very large tree near the place where I lived as a kid.
    I remember I fell and got hurt while trying to climb. Haha, that was quite
    embarassing. As soon as I was healed, I frantically practiced tree-climbing.
                                 Seventh Vacation
    ======= Rosaria ========
    (if you go there on your first day of vacation)
    Ruise : Oniichan, do you know what day it is today?
    (Ruise fourth non-generic event)
    Ruise : Ah, oniichan!
    Tippi : Ruise-chan, what are you looking for?
    Ruise : Ehehe, no I'm only window-shopping. More importantly,
    do you remember which day is today oniichan?
    1) Say you remember
    2) Wish her an happy birthday (same replies as 1) then c))
    3) Tell her you have no idea (same replies as 1) then a))
    Ruise : I'm so glad, I thought you'd have forgotten.
    a) Stay silent
    b) Congratulate her for graduating
    c) Congratulate her for her birthday
    Ruise : ...so you really don't remember? Today is my birthday...
    Tippi : Hey you, can't you remember your little sister's birthday!?
    d) Congratulate her
    e) Don't (bring you back to these two choices)
    Ruise : Thank you oniichan.
    Tippi : Hey you, you should buy her a present or something.
    Ruise : It's okay Tippi. I'm glad oniichan wished me an happy birthday.
    Well then, oniichan, Tippi, later.
    Tippi : Don't stay quiet and congratulate her already!
    Ruise : You're wrong, graduation isn't before a long time.
    ...so you really don't remember? Today is my birthday...
    Tippi : Hey you, can't you remember your litle sister's birthday!?
    d) Congratulate her
    e) Don't (bring you back to these two choices)
    Ruise : Thank you oniichan.
    Tippi : Hey you, you should buy her a present or something.
    Ruise : It's okay Tippi. I'm glad oniichan wished me an happy birthday.
    Well then, oniichan, Tippi, later.
    Tippi : My, my, isn't she the disinterested girl...
    Tippi : By the way, what were she looking at earlier?
    Merchant : If you're talking about that little miss, she was looking at
    that brooch.
    Tippi : Uwaah, it's so cute~ <3
    Tippi : ....I can't wear it though. Hey you, don't you think Ruise-chan
    wanted this?
    (talk to the merchant)
    Merchant : How about that brooch? A real bargain, only 100 elm!
    1) Buy it
    2) Don't
    Merchant : Thank you very much.
    Merchant : If you don't buy it today, there'll be none left for you later.
    (then go to her room and knock on the door - if you don't have the brooch)
    Ruise : Ah, oniichan? What's the matter?
    1) I was just passing by
    2) I wanted to see you
    Ruise : Teehee, oniichan you look like you have too much spare time on
    your hands.
    Ruise : Teehee oniichan, that's so like you...
    Ruise : I'm going to study a bit today so see you later.
    (if you don't have the brooch this time)
    Ruise : Ah, oniichan? What's the matter? Ah, that brooch, could it be...
    1) Give her
    2) Don't (make Tippi prompt you back to the same choices)
    Ruise : ...
    Tippi : Hurry up and give it to her already!
    (go talk to her. Note that it's the only time you'll ever get in her room)
    Ruise : Sorry oniichan...I..I was just so happy...thanks...oniichan.
    Tippi : I'm glad for you Ruise-chan.
    (if you try to sleep instead)
    Tippi : This isn't the time to sleep!
    (or if you try to leave)
    Tippi : Are you sure you can leave her like that?
    ======= Health resort Rashell ========
    (Karen fourth non-generic event)
    Karen : Oh!?
    (she trips near Carmaine and clings to him. You get a CG of that scene)
    Karen : Kyaah!?
    Tippi : Are you alright Karen-san?
    Karen : ....niisan..?
    Tippi : Huh?
    Karen : Ah! What did I...I'm sorry!
    (she runs off)
    Tippi : ...did she call you "niisan" right now?
    1) She did
    2) She didn't
    Tippi : ...hmm~? Wh would she mistake you for Xenos?
    Tippi : Ah, so I heard wrong...I was a bit surprised.
    ======= Magic academy ========
    (Ariost second non-generic event)
    Ariost : Oh it's you. I'm glad you came to visit but right now I've got
    my hands full. If you want to look around the lab, go ahead I don't mind.
    (look around. Near various places, Tippi will have a question mark above
    her head. Check those items to trigger a dialogue with Ariost. You can only
    do this once per event though except for the books right now.)
    (examining the books on the table)
    Ariost : Woops, sorry but I can't show those to you.
    (examining the huge rock)
    Ariost : Ah, this was brought back from a ruin excavation site but the
    properties of that material aren't yet known. Its surface is very smooth
    despite not having been polished. Still this isn’t something found in its
    natural state. Well, we still have a long way to go about understanding the
    ancient civilization.
    (examining the cylindrical device on the bottom right of the room)
    Ariost : Ah this is a trap detector. It was built to detect still active
    defense mechanisms while investigating ruins. But it turned out to be
    too big and couldn't be brought along for investigations. So now it's
    just a piece of junk.
    (examining the flying device)
    Tippi : This is the flying device you made to go to Featherland right?
    Ariost : In the first place I created this to be able to meet my mother.
    Still being able to fly in the skies is such a great feeling. Well anyway,
    since the academy decided to seal the theory behind this device, this is
    just an empty piece of junk right now.
    1) Say you'd like to fly too
    2) Say you're jealous of Tippi who can fly
    3) Say you were worried about Ruise at that time
    Ariost : I'm glad you like what I've done. I wish I could make you fly someday.
    Tippi : Hehehe~ flying is cool right?
    Tippi : Ahahaha, so you were worried after all.
    Tippi : There's something I'd like to ask, is that okay?
    Ariost : What is it? As long as it's something I know I'll answer you.
    Tippi : What kind of person were you mother Ariost-san?
    Ariost : According to my father and the other villagers, she is quite a
    beautiful woman.
    Tippi : But she was taken away then....
    Ariost : Yes. But I'll never give up. I swear I will free her from their
    grasp. For that I have to convince them that humans aren't the bad creatures
    they think we are.
    1) Cheer him on
    2) Tell him you'll help if he needs you
    3) Stay silent (no reply)
    Ariost : Thanks, I swear I won't give up. I'll make the Featherians change
    their minds and free my mother.
    Ariost : Thanks. I'll be sure to call you when the time comes. If I don't
    succeed, I'll never meet her. So I swear I'll do it.
    Tippi : Then good luck Ariost-san.
    Ariost : Thanks, I'll do my best.
    ======= Comsprings ========
    (Wallace sixth non-generic event)
    Wallace : Yo...so you came today too.
    Wallace : ...I'll tell you about my captain I've been looking for today.
    1) Ask if he was strong
    2) Ask about his personality
    3) Stay quiet
    Wallace : He was...both with the sword and in his mind. For someone like me,
    who never followed anyone before I joined the group when I looked at him I
    thought I could follow him anywhere...speaking of which...I'll tell you
    something about that.
    Wallace : Even without his skills with the sword, the captain had other
    qualities that could sooth those around him....it was the first reason I
    remained by his side. Right...let me tell you about something he taught me.
    Wallace : ...I'll tell you something he taught me.
    Wallace : At that time, I still had little trust towards other people so
    everyone gathered in a pub and shared their stories with me while emptying
    their glasses. "When you become eminent or affluent, many friends in name only
    gather around you to get their share of money or influence."...right? "But when
    you lose everything and your temporary friends scatter then you'll learn about
    your true friends. They may not appear fast or may speak to you roughly but
    they will help you in your time of need." Just as that saying, the captain
    came for me and helped me countless times when I was in troubles.
    That's why now...it's my turn to help me.
    Wallace : Well, I'll be leaving now.
    (Ruise - if you talk to her outside of Rosaria on the first day)
    Ruise : Ah, oniichan!
    Tippi : Ruise-chan, what are you looking for?
    Ruise : Ehehe, no I'm only window-shopping. More importantly,
    do you remember which day is today oniichan?
    1) Say you remember
    2) Wish her an happy birthday (same replies as 1) then c))
    3) Tell her you have no idea (same replies as 1) then a))
    Ruise : I'm so glad, I thought you'd have forgotten.
    a) Stay silent
    b) Congratulate her for graduating
    c) Congratulate her for her birthday
    Ruise : ...so you really don't remember? Today is my birthday...
    Tippi : Hey you, can't you remember your little sister's birthday!?
    d) Congratulate her
    e) Don't (bring you back to these two choices)
    Ruise : Thank you oniichan.
    Tippi : Hey you, you should buy her a present or something.
    Ruise : It's okay Tippi. I'm glad oniichan wished me an happy birthday.
    Well then, oniichan, Tippi, later.
    Tippi : Don't stay quiet and congratulate her already!
    Ruise : You're wrong, graduation isn't before a long time.
    ...so you really don't remember? Today is my birthday...
    Tippi : Hey you, can't you remember your little sister's birthday!?
    d) Congratulate her
    e) Don't (bring you back to these two choices)
    Ruise : Thank you oniichan.
    Tippi : Hey you, you should buy her a present or something.
    Ruise : It's okay Tippi. I'm glad oniichan wished me an happy birthday.
    Well then, oniichan, Tippi, later.
    Tippi : My, my, isn't she the disinterested girl...
    Tippi : Hey you, when the battle against Gevel will be over be sure to buy
    her something alright?
    (Misha - if you talk to her on the first day)
    Misha : Oniisama, do you remember that's it's Ruise-chan's birthday today?
    Speaking of which my own birthday is...
    Tippi : We didn't ask!
    Misha : Uuuh...then oniisama, see you later...
    (Karen third generic event)
    Karen : I'm not as experienced as the other nurses so if I don't make
    extra efforts I can't be useful.
    (Wallace seventh generic event)
    Wallace : By the way, my village holds a annual festival too. The party in
    Derris village made me remember about it. Though the only things I remember
    about it is seeing the adults drink and making a lot of noise.
    (Ariost third generic event)
    Ariost : Technology is something that is created for people to use. That's
    why you have to keep thinking about the human factor when you're developing
    a technology.
    (Ruise seventh generic event)
    Ruise : You know Misha stood out as soon as she entered the academy. Since
    she keeps knocking things over wherever she was. But she's actually the
    hard-working type. She's also very good at knitting. So don't judge her too
    badly alright? Well then, later!
    (Misha seventh generic event)
    Misha : Daphne means "eternity". An ever-lasting love....a~ah,
    that's so dreamy!
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