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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kamui

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 01/31/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Version 1.3
    Copyright - Enix / Produce! - 2000  (Game)
                Unlimited records - 1999 (Soundtrack)
                Mayu Shinjo/ Shogakukan/JR Staff/ Tokyo TV (Anime)
    Sony Playstation
    Made by Kamui
    E-mail : leo@inw.psi.br
    1.	Updates
    2.	About the game
    3.	Game options and controls
    4.	How to play?
    5.     Scenario descriptions
    6.	Secrets
    7.	The band
    8.	The songs and lyrics
    9.	Extra / Special info
    10.    Legal information / Thanks / Contact info
    1	- -  UPDATES.
           Version 1.3 - Some minor stuff added. January 30, 2004
           Version 1.2 - Major updates. June 16, 2003. Added the lyrics
    and some information of the anime series.
           Version 0.9 - Minor updates. January 12, 2003.
           Ver. 0.8 - Finished in 19/8/2001
           First version - About July 2000
    2	- -  ABOUT THE GAME.
           Kaikan Phrase is a music simulation game, much like the Beat
    Mania series. It seems like Enix entered the music simulators gold
    rush (Enix already has the Bust-A-Move / Bust-A-Groove series that is
    quite popular) and has somewhat created a nice variant of this genre.
    The developer Produce! is already familiar with this genre of games:
    they developed the Paca Paca Passion series, which happens to be a
    music simulator too, and the gameplay are quite similar to that game.
           Kaikan Phrase is based on a manga/anime series with the same
    name that went on Japan a couple of years ago. I've never seen any
    episode of it, in fact I've never heard about this anime before I
    bought the game. Since the game is based on an anime series the game
    itself has a strong anime look. It has one of the most beautiful anime
    opening I've ever seen (the opening itself is a video MTV Japan style)
    and well-made characters designs. The major difference about this game
    and others Beat Mania clones is that Kaikan Phrase has a story mode.
           The story goes around a music band called Aucifer in their road
    to stardom. To accomplish their goal they have to sing in some places
    and you have to help them. If you like music simulators, j-pop music
    and, of course, anime, you'll like this game.
           After the opening movie, there some game modes to choose, and
    is written in English, here's a brief run-in of the modes:
           SCENARIO  -  The main game mode. In this mode, it will be
    composed of "scenarios" that you will choose where the band goes to
    tour. More details on the HOW TO PLAY section.
           2 PLAYERS -  Basically, is a 2 players scenario mode.
           EXTRA   -   This mode allows playing a different style of game.
    More info on the EXTRA section.
           OPTIONS   -   Unfortunately, is not what you thinking. There is
    no way to change the config of the buttons or change the sound
    setting. The options only had a ranking mode and a secret file mode.
           Ranking - If you select the ranking, there are two choices:
                     score or record. On the score screen you could
                     see the game mode (scenario or 2 players),
                     total of points received on the 4 scenarios, and the
                     instruments used on each scenario. The record
                     screen shows each song, the best EX percent of
                     each character and the max EX of each character.
      Secret file -  The secret file gives you a sound test, a movie
                     test and a voice test. But first you have to earn
    them. More on the SECRETS section.
           SAVE/LOAD  -  Just save and load games. It has an auto save
    feature if you want it to save automatically for you everytime you
    played the game. Just a reminder, the game uses 1 block of your memory
    card and only works if the memory card is on the slot 1. When you boot
    up the game, before the opening movie, it will check if you have any
    Kaikan Phrase files on your memory card, if so, the game will load
    automatically the Kaikan Phrase file.
           About the controls, the circle button is the accept button on
    the menus and you can use the x, circle, L1, L2, R1 and R2 to play the
    game. There is no soft boot command once you select the basics games
    mode (scenario, 2 players and extra), only the powerful reset button
    or you can lose your game on purpose (my suggestion: use the reset
    button). And there is no pause feature or dual shock support, by the
    4     - -    HOW TO PLAY?
            The rules of the game are very simple: just press the button
    at the time and you are set.
       A  - - SCENARIO MODE - After you select the scenario mode at the
    main menu, you'll be asked to choose one of two scenarios for the band
    tour. After that a music selection screen will appear. When you choose
    a song, you have also to choose a character to play. Choose your
    character and the game will begin. So I will explain each one of your
              The game has 4 stages, which is, 4 songs. On each stage there
    are 2 different scenarios that you can select and so, there will be 4
    times to choose the scenario. The game ends after 4 songs. Every time
    that you play the game you will have the same 2 choices of scenario.
    The scenario is just a story mode that illustrates the band playing in
    some places and a short anime cut-scene that will depend of the
    scenario chosen.
              Selects the music that you are interacting with. (This screen
    is much like the Dance Dance Revolution music selection screen). On
    the lower-left side of the screen, you can see how many times you
    played that song. It will appear in the form of a musical string. But
    this number will be erased if you finish the game or, if the game is
            The difficulty of the song depends on the stage (it will
    getting harder on the last stages). So the same song can have 4
    different difficulties, and if you want to play a song in the maximum
    difficulty, you will have to play the song on the last (4) stage.
            There are 6 playable songs in this game. If is the first time
    you are playing the game, only Datenshi BLUE is available. The other
    songs are there, but you have to unlock them. See the SECRETS sections
    for details.
            The song list is as follows:
            Datenshi BLUE
            Silent Melody
            Sekai de ichiban kirei na mono
            C no binetsu
            Midnight Crow
              Selects the character that you are playing with. Here is the
    choice that makes this game shines. The basic idea is that you will
    pick a character and, since you are playing in a band, an instrument.
            In fact, members of the band have their own role in the music
    (guitars, vocals, bass and drums) and the game was developed with the
    idea that when you choose a character you can change the course of the
    song. The game does that in an ingenious way: The developers take the
    songs of the game and split all the instruments and recorded it
    separately, thus creating different "layers". When you play a song,
    the game fuses all "layers" (instruments and the vocal) and voila,
    this is the original song after all. But when you choose the Guitar,
    for example, the game put the guitar layer of the song and boost the
    sound for you don't be confused of what the guitar does in the music
    along the others instruments. When you choose to play as vocals, the
    game add an extra layer of piano, that doesn't exist on the original
            Of course, the game will change based on the character picked,
    so the game have 120 ways of playing the game (6 songs x 5 band
    members x 4 difficulties settings). All this in the scenario mode, the
    extra mode offers even more ways of playing.
    	 The characters are:
            SAKUYA - Vocals
            YUKI - Guitar 1
            ATSURO - Guitar 2
            TOWA  - Bass
            SANTA - Drums
            As the songs have different difficulties by itself, each
    character will have a unique difficulty based on the role of the
    character (instrument) on the song. The hardest characters to choose
    in every song are TOWA (bass) and Santa (drums), because they have a
    crucial participation on every song.
            All music simulators share the same concept: There is the
    "beats", and a "reader" of the beats. Music "beats" is the marks that
    you will have to press the button to score. And the music "reader" is
    a place that keeps as reference for you to know when press.  In the
    DDR/Pump it up, the "Beats" are the arrows that goes up in the screen,
    in BeatMania / Kaikan Phrase the beats is a kind of sticks like " - ".
    When the reader and the beats are in the same place, you will have to
    press the button to score.
            The great difference of Beat Mania and Kaikan is that the
    reader of this game is mobile, and the beats will keep still and so
    the reader that find the beats, not the opposite like Beat Mania.
              A screen, much like the beat mania series, will appear. On
    each side of the screen, the music beats will appear. The reader will
    be going down the screen and every time the reader reaches the bottom,
    new beats will appear on the screen, and the reader will appear on the
    top of the screen. Fortunately, there is only a button to press. Each
    beat represent a string of the song, a different color of the beats
    represents different strings.
    1 Player                           2 player
    _____                              _____
    |   |                              |   |
    | - |                              | - |
    |   |                              |   |
    | - |                              | - |
    |___|                              |___|
    |   |                              |   |
    | - |                              | - |
    | - | ||                           | - | ||
    | - | ||                           | - | ||
    |___| ||                           |___| ||
            This is the basic layout of the screen that you will see, the
    first player field keeps on the left side of the screen, and the
    second player keeps on the right side of the screen. The reader is
    mobile and keep passing the screen going downwards, when the reader
    reaches the bottom of the screen, they appears on the top again, and
    keep doing that until the song is over.
            The screen has a divisor line on the middle of the screen. And
    when the reader passes on the middle of the screen, it will update the
    beats creating new ones. Keep hitting the beats on the correct time to
            There is a bar on the side of the player's field. That is the
    minimum score meter. When you score, the bar goes up. Each stage and
    character has a different bar combination. If you can't fill the bar
    until the song is over, the game is over. But is very simple to do
    that (I don't remember when, if ever, I can't fill the bar on this
    game), the EX rating is a more tricky condition to achieve. Read on.
    5	- SCORE
              The scoring and combo system is very similar as Dance Dance
    Revolution and Beat Mania. For you that are not familiarized for this
    kind of game, the game tells you if you imput the command on the exact
    time frame. In this game, there is a symbol that tells you if you hit
    the key in the proper time. This is the description of the symbols
    that appears in the screen.
            EX - The better rating of Kaikan Phrase. When you score an EX,
    is that you hit on the exact time frame and the song will be kept
    intact. Of course, the EX rating is more beneficial for the music
    counter that the others rating. When you successfully can achieve 2 or
    more consecutive EX, the number of the consecutive EX will be shown on
    the screen. This is known as combo. Every other rating will stop the
            GREAT - Better than nothing. Nuff said.
            BAD - The worst rating. That shows that you missed totally the
    timing of the command imput and so you use the string on the different
    time frame and makes the song somewhat awkward. This rating takes of
    the music counter.
    6	- RESULTS
              When a music is over, a screen will show your results: He
    shows your EX percentage, that is, the percentage of EX on all your
    grades (EX, great, hit and bad). You will gain a grade ranging from S
    to F depending of your performance, the grade that you receive
    affects, is if you clear or not a stage. It's hard to tell you when
    you clear a stage or not based only on the grade. On some stages a C
    grade makes you clear a stage, on some stages D clears a stage.
            + 90% EX - Rank S
            75-90% EX - Rank A
            65-75% EX - Rank B
            50-65% EX - Rank C
            30-50% EX - Rank D
            Less than 30% - Rank F
            After that, if you clear the stage, the selected member of
    Aucifer will say something, and so you will receive the EX point to
    unlock the NEW RELEASE (see the secret section for further
            If you failed a stage, you can try again. Also, you can choose
    another scenario to play the song.
       B - - 2 player mode
            The 2-player mode works like a cooperative play of the
    scenario mode. Only the songs available on the scenario mode are
    selectable on the 2-player mode.
            Only the first player can choose a character. When the 1
    player chooses a character, a supporter (the second player) is
    automatically selected. The first player also chooses the song. This
    is the list of the partner's combination available.
           1 player / Supporter
            Sakuya     Sakuya
            Yuki       Atsuro
            Atsuro     Yuki
            TOWA       Santa
            Santa      TOWA
            When you play the 2 players mode, the player and the supporter
    shares the same music counter, and the results are based on the
    performance of the 2 players. If one of the players is a real bad
    player, can get a stage failed and bog down the good player.
      C - - Extra mode.
            The extra mode is an alternate way to play the same game. This
    mode clones the Dance Dance Revolution settings, when the scenario
    mode looks like the Beat Mania series.
            The objective of the Extra mode is very simple, the band is
    making a concert and you must satisfy your fans. But the fans are very
    hard to please (to say the least ^_^) and every single mistake you
    made on the game, thus on the song, one fan will leave the concert. If
    every fan leaves the show the game is over.....Cool, huh? But.....this
    fans really loves your band, and so if you play the song correctly,
    say 5-6 combo, one fan will be back for more J-Pop action......
            If is the first time you are playing the game, nothing on the
    extra mode will be avaliable. You will have to play at least once on
    the scenario mode, and get some NEW RELEASE (more on the secrets
    section of the FAQ) to unlock characters and songs on the extra mode.
    To start playing the extra mode, there will be a screen called a Stage
    Select and there will be 2 options of stages to choose, the 2 stages
    shares all the game basics, but the design of the stage is different
    one from another.
    5   - -  SCENARIO DESCRIPTIONS (scenario mode only)
            Each time you begin a game on the scenario mode, Sakuya, the
    vocalist will give you 2 choices of where to tour. There are 8
    different locations that you can go in the game. If a scenario is
    chosen, an anime cut-scene will appear and a dialog will occur between
    some of the components and 2 girls (Yuka on the first 2 scenarios and
    Aine on the last 2). After you cleared a stage another video will be
    shown, showing the response to your performance. Just a reminder, the
    order that you pick a scenario does not change the ending.
            The order of the scenarios is as follows:
        First Stage     Second Stage      Third stage     Stage four
       Oh! Desire       TV presentation     UK Debut ---- Wild tour
       High Go House    Domuko Sat         Asia Tour -- JAPAN Concert
            The only place that you can't choose a scenario is when you
    are passing from the third stage to the fourth stage. If you choose UK
    Debut, you will automatically go to Wild Tour, and if you choose Asia
    tour you will get JAPAN concert. But if you failed the stage 4, you
    can change the scenario.
            FIRST STAGE
            Scenario 1 -  Everyone is waiting for the recording test to
    begin, and Santa is excited about it and talks with the others. So
    there you are: The way for stardom.
            Scenario 2 -  Same as scenario 1, but the dialog are
            Failed (both scenarios) - Yuka says "don't give up yet".
            Scenario 1 clear - Yuka says that Kaikan get a record
    contract, Atsuro and Santa screams, and so she looks to Sakuya and he
    does the normal "I don't give a damn" look.
            Scenario 2 clear - Yuka says that Aucifer managed to get a
    record contract. So all celebrated but Sakuya, well, oh why bother...
            SECOND STAGE
            Scenario 3 -  The band is the beach, with the band bus, and
    Yuka is talking to them.
            Scenario 4 -  Same as scenario 1, but the dialog are
            Scenario 3 clear - Sakuya says that Aucifer is in the right
    path and challenges make part of the band road to success. Atsuro
            Scenario 4 clear - Yuka comments about the performance on the
    TV show. Everyone looks confident.
            THIRD STAGE
            Scenario 5 - In a social party, Aine is talking to Yuki,
    meanwhile Santa is eating a lot....^_^
            Scenario 6 - Same as scenario 5, but the dialog are different.
            Scenario 5 clear - Aine talks, Santa laughs.
            Scenario 6 clear - Aine talks about Aucifer going up the
    charts, meanwhile all the band are playing the PLASMAGIC song, and so
    TOWA gives a smile.
            FOURTH STAGE
            Scenario 7 - Sakuya says that everything is going to be all
    right and that Aucifer will be the number one, Aine pray that
    everything gonna be fine.
            Scenario 8 - Same as scenario 1, but the dialog is different.
            Failed (7 and 8) -  A rival band makes fun of Aucifer, and the
    members just keep watching.
            Scenario 7 and 8 Clear - Aine tells the band that they come a
    long way and to don't give up. So Atsuro celebrates.
            ENJOY THE ENDING!!!!
    6    - -  SECRETS
           Every time you clear a scenario on the scenario mode, you
    accumulate points. When you accumulate a certain number of points, a
    NEW RELEASE will be opened. Each new release is a secret that can be
    either more music that you can play on the scenario mode or music and
    characters to play on the extra mode. You can also unlock the entire
    dialog and the anime videos of the game. For do it so, you must get a
    stage clear with all characters on the extra mode.
           The secrets of the extra mode can be seen on the secret file on
    the options menu.
    NEW RELEASE secrets
       280 points - datenshi BLUE - Extra mode - Sakuya
       560 points - Silent Melody - Scenario mode
       840 points - datenshi BLUE - Extra mode - Yuki
      1120 points - datenshi BLUE - Extra mode - Atsuro
      1400 points - datenshi BLUE - Extra mode - Santa
      1680 points - datenshi BLUE - Extra mode - TOWA
      1960 points - Sekai de ichiban kirei na mono - Scenario mode
      2240 points - Silent Melody - Extra mode - Sakuya
      2520 points - Silent Melody - Extra mode - TOWA
      2800 points - Silent Melody - Extra mode - Atsuro
      3080 points - Silent Melody - Extra mode - Santa
      3360 points - Silent Melody - Extra mode - Yuki
      3540 points - C no Binetsu - Scenario mode
      3820 points - Sekai de ichiban kirei na mono - Extra mode - Sakuya
      4200 points - Sekai de ichiban kirei na mono - Extra mode - TOWA
      4480 points - Sekai de ichiban kirei na mono - Extra mode - Yuki
      4760 points - Sekai de ichiban kirei na mono - Extra mode - Atsuro
      5040 points - Sekai de ichiban kirei na mono - Extra mode - Santa
      5320 points - Plasmagic - Scenario mode
      5600 points - C no Binetsu - Extra mode - Sakuya
      5880 points - C no Binetsu - Extra mode - TOWA
      6160 points - C no Binetsu - Extra mode - Santa
      6440 points - C no Binetsu - Extra mode - Yuki
      6720 points - C no Binetsu - Extra mode - Atsuro
      7000 points - Midnight Crow - Scenario Mode
      7280 points - Plasmagic - Extra mode - Yuki
      7560 points - Plasmagic - Extra mode - TOWA
      7840 points - Plasmagic - Extra mode - Santa
      8120 points - Plasmagic - Extra mode - Atsuro
      8400 points - Plasmagic - Extra mode - Sakuya
      8680 points - Midnight Crow - Extra mode - TOWA
      8960 points - Midnight Crow - Extra mode - Atsuro
      9240 points - Midnight Crow - Extra mode - Sakuya
      9520 points - Midnight Crow - Extra mode - Yuki
      9800 points - Midnight Crow - Extra mode - Santa
    EXTRA secrets
    Datenshi BLUE - SAKUYA - Voice 54, Voice 19
                    YUKI - Event movie 6, Voice 44, Voice 8
                    ATSURO - Voice 21, Voice 35, Event Movie 1
                    TOWA - Voice 20, Voice 55, Voice 37
                    SANTA - Event Movie 7, Voice 39
    Silent Melody - SAKUYA - Voice 49, OK Movie 3, Voice 17
                    YUKI - Voice 47, Voice 18
                    ATSURO - Event movie 8, Voice 28, Voice 2
                    TOWA - Voice 57, OK Movie 7, Voice 58
                    SANTA - Voice 38, Event movie 3, Voice 26
    Sekai de ichiban kirei na mono -
                    SAKUYA - OK movie 6, Voice 11, Voice 60
                    YUKI - Voice 9, Voice 36, Voice 1
                    ATSURO - Event movie 4, Voice 43, Voice 51
                    TOWA - OPENING MOVIE, Voice 53
                    SANTA - Voice 13, Voice 46, Voice 48
    C no binetsu -  SAKUYA - OK movie 4, Voice 45
                    YUKI - Voice 15, Voice 34, Voice 5
                    ATSURO - Voice 6, Voice 27, Voice 10
                    TOWA - Event Movie 2, Voice 62, Voice 23
                    SANTA - Voice 16, Voice 31, Voice 63
    PLASMAGIC -     SAKUYA - Voice 59, OK Movie 2, Voice 56
                    YUKI - Voice 4, Voice 50
                    ATSURO - Voice 61, OK Movie 5, Voice 41
                    TOWA - Voice 64, Voice 22, Voice 14
                    SANTA - Voice 33, Event movie 5, Voice 52
    Midnight Crow - SAKUYA - OK movie 1, Voice 12, voice 25
                    YUKI - Voice 32, Voice 65, Voice 7
                    ATSURO - Voice 42, OK movie 8
                    TOWA - Voice 3, Voice 30, Voice 40
                    SANTA - Voice 24, Voice 29, ENDING MOVIE
           B) HIDDEN ART
           Any game that is anime-based must have some hidden art of the
    characters on the game....so this is where the art is...
           1 - EX art (scenario mode only)
          To see that you must make a combo with a character, when you
    make the EX combo, you will see a portrait of a character, some of
    them are very interesting. There are 8 portraits per character. Each
    song has a different sequence of the portraits, but this list is based
    on Datenshi BLUE and Silent Melody.
          Sakuya - 5 EX -  Normal face / Just looking at you....
                  10 EX -  Angry face / Happy face
                  15 EX -  Sakuya is singing / Somewhat sad face
                  20 EX -  Wild face  /  He is shouting
                  25 EX -  Somewhat sad face / Angry face
                  30 EX -  Secret smile / Secret Smile
          Yuki -   5 EX -  Serious face / Normal Yuki
                  10 EX -  Angry face / Charming smile
                  15 EX -  Yuki playing his guitar / Distant look
                  20 EX -  Shouting / Angry 2
                  25 EX -  Distant Look / Yuki is happy
                  30 EX -  Playing his guitar 2 /  Serious face
        Atsuro -   5 EX -  Serious Face / Normal
                  10 EX -  Angry face /  Atsuro looks happy
                  15 EX -  Atsuro playing his guitar / Normal 2
                  20 EX -  Shouting / Atsuro is about to break something
                  25 EX -  Depressed face / Screaming
                  30 EX -  Normal face / Happy face
          TOWA -   5 EX -  TOWA playing / Sad face
                  10 EX -  Angry face / Mysterious face
                  15 EX -  Sad face / Hate face
                  20 EX -  Playing 2 / Looking tired
                  25 EX -  Depressed look / Normal face
                  30 EX -  Intense look / TOWA takes a breath
          Santa -  5 EX -  Santa is playing / Normal face
                  10 EX -  Normal face / Hate face
                  15 EX -  Santa shouts / Confused face
                  20 EX -  Normal face / Santa playing 2
                  25 EX -  Calm face / Mysterious face
                  30 EX -  Sad face / Really happy
          2 - Extra mode art
          The extra mode art is a collection of art that appears on the
    projection screen on the extra mode. To see the art, you must make
    combos as the same to see the EX art, but the number of the combos to
    see something is much smaller than the EX art, mainly because the
    combo on the extra mode is somewhat hard to do (+ 15 combo).
          An art is RARE because you must do a very high combo and even
    you doing that, not always will show on the screen. Every song has at
    least 3 RARE portraits, 2 normal and an extended photo.
        Datenshi BLUE - Santa playing - black outfit
                        Atsuro playing - black outfit
                        Sakuya singing
                        TOWA playing   RARE
                        Yuki playing and the hair floating RARE
                        All band playing - (Extended photo)
                        The band entering the show -(Extended photo)
                        Sakuya making a smile -(Extended photo) RARE
        Silent Melody - Santa with his red outfit
                        Atsuto playing
                        TOWA looks worried - red outfit
                        Sakuya with his white outfit RARE
                        Yuki playing RARE
                        All band playing 2 (Extended photo)
                        Sakuya singing (Extended photo)
                        All band playing (Extended photo)
        Sekai de ichiban kirei na mono
                      - Santa is praticing
                        Yuki is praticing
                        TOWA is playing - red outfit RARE
                        The fans are watching the show (Extended photo)
                        The band is praticing
        C no binetsu  - Santa playing with his red outfit
                        Sakuya makes a weird pose
                        TOWA preparing himself to the show
                        Yuki looks at the sky   RARE
                        Atsuro is smiling - red outfit RARE
                        All band playing 2 (Extended photo)
                        Sakuya singing (Extended photo)
                        The band is praticing (Extended photo) RARE
        Plasmagic     - Atsuro is really excited
                        Santa not so excited
                        TOWA playing with his loooong hair
        Midnight Crow - Atsuro playing with a grim face
                        Yuki making a cool pose
                        Sakuya also make a cool pose
                        Santa praticing and smiling RARE
                        TOWA playing     RARE
                        All band playing (Extended photo)
                        All band practicing (Extended photo)
                        The fans are watching the show (Extended photo)
           Also there are illustrations of the characters on the game over
    screen. There is 3 different game over screens: One if you lose with
    Sakuya (a portrait of a sad Sakuya), if you lose with either Yuki or
    Atsuro (a portrait with both), and if you lost with Santa or TOWA (a
    really Yaoi scene...just kidding, you perverts) ^_^.
    7     - - THE BAND.
           The comment of the band is based primarily on the movie events,
    character art, event voices and the ending movie and some of my
    personal opinion. Keep in mind that I never seen a chapter of the
    anime series or read the manga, so this can be pretty inaccurate and
    SAKUYA - Vocals
           Sakuya is the vocalist of the Aucifer band. He has a "cool"
    personality (that means he always has a bored face, even in happy
    events). Add a distant look and a quiet voice and he is the perfect
    pop star. The girls love him and he has presence on stage. Doesn't
    care about success or the band itself, but it seems that he has real
    YUKI -  Guitar 1
           Yuki is the guitar player and he is the one with guitar solos.
    Quiet, but charming, he devoted heart and soul to the band.
    ATSURO - Guitar 2
           Atsuro is probably my favorite character, because he looks an
    average guy. He is happy when it means to be happy; he is sad on sad
    events and so escapes of the stereotypes of the other characters. On
    the other side he plays fairly well.
    TOWA  - Bass
           Unfortunately, the game does not mention Towa much on the
    events movies. On the ending movie, he (?) has a part that he is
    surfing. The only font of information of Towa is the comments post-
    music, but I think that he keeps a low profile and a bad taste for
    clothing. But he plays flawless with a bass. TOWA is your average
    bishounen. I really want to see what he looks like in the manga.
    SANTA - Drums
            Santa has a "loud" personality, he always has a smile on his
    face, and he is funny and spontaneous. Loves eating and play with his
    friends. But sometimes he is temperamental and hot-blooded. He is (by
    far) the more talkative member of the band.
          There are 7 songs in this game, 6 of it you can play in the game
    itself and 1 is the music of the ending credits. I will give some
    comments of the songs, the difficult level of them and a personal
    review of the real band.
          The romanization of the lyrics is courtesy of Sailor Bacon of
           DATENSHI BLUE
           Written by : Yukinojo mori
           Arranged by : Takuya
           Composed by : Takeshi Tsuji
           Datenshi Blue is the intro song of the game and the only one
    that. As far as J-rock goes, this is a fairly good song and is quite
    fast. For first time Kaikan Phrase players, is kinda hard to learn the
    rules for this song alone because Blue is a fast song, but you making
    you play that song until you're unlock Silent Melody.  This is the
    music of the opening movie.
                     KIREta tenhi no akuma no
                     HAAFU nandate oretachi
                     Tsumi no Daiya o shabutta
                     HISUSTERIKKU na kuchibiru de
                     Nakushita yume o
                     Sagasu you na KISS
                     tejou hazushite hoshikerya
                     HIPPU mawashite ne dare yo
                     NAIFU ni utsuru omae ga
                     ZERII mitai ni torokeru
                     nageki no POEMU
                     tsudzuri nagara  Baby! Ready for dance?
                     tsubasa no ato ga
                     kasuka ni hikaru
                     dakishime au tabi
                     namida o himeta  sono hitomi ha BLUE
                     BLUE...datenshi BLUE
                     sou kodoku ni kogoeta iro sa
                     douse kanashii mirai sa
                     ore ni go DORU de uri na yo
                     daiji na MONO ga nanda ka
                     JIIZASU datte wakaranai
                     hi no kioku to  Baby! Ready for dance?
                                           Baby! Baby! Give me a chance...
                     tsubasa no ato ga  kasuka ni hikaru
                     dakishime au tabi
                     horobita hazu no  rakuen ga ima
                     koko ni wa aru no sa
                     furimukanai de  yami ha itsumo BLUE
                     BLUE... datenshi BLUE
                     aa  kodoku ni yarare chimauze
                     ...yarareru mae ni  ai ni tobikome...
           SILENT MELODY
           Written by : Yukinojo mori
           Arranged by : Takuya
           Composed by : Takeshi Tsuji
           Silent Melody is my favorite (hands down) song of the game,
    this music has a slow pace that is wonderful to play with and is a
    beautiful love song, with good lyrics and arrange that sounds way
    better than any of the others songs. The chorus is catching and you be
    singing alone in no time. For me, this is the song that makes me play
    this game until today, and when I found the trick to listen this song
    unplugged (see the secrets sections for details) I keep playing even
    more. Listening to this song I felt that was the right time to write a
    FAQ about this game.
                  Lav Lav Love Song...
                  kirameku umi o miteta  hikari no chou ga haneta
                  anata ha  hohoemu
                  adokenai  hitomi no mama
                  maboroshi mitai na koi ha
                  yurasu to koware sou de
                  te ha itsumo POKETTO no naka
                  mitsume ai  bokura ha
                  mirai e yume o  hakobu
                  sakebitai  kimochi o
                  chiisana Kiss ni kaete ...My Love
                  koinu ga nami tojareta
                  anata no kami ga nureta
                  himitsu no  kojima ni
                  kaerenai  ningyo no you
                  yasashiku kata o yoseta  shizuka ni natsu ga moeta
                  kisetsu ga  karete mo
                  owaranai  futari no tame
                  sotto fureta yubisaki o  kaze no kenban ninose
                  kokoro dake ni hibiku Melody
                  Just my love song
                  mitsume ai  bokura ha
                  mirai e yume o  hakobu
                  sakebitai  kimochi o
                  chiisana Kiss ni kaete ...My Love
                  mune ni hibike yo  My Love... mune ni hibike yo
                  Lav Lav Love Song...
           Written by : Yukinojo mori
           Arranged by : Takuya
           Composed by : Takeshi Tsuji
           This is a fairly good song, but nothing special. It's a matter
    of taste, really.
                      jounetsu yori KIREI na MONO nadonai
                      kimi o kazaru hikaru ha sore shikanai
                      eien o  te ni ireru
                      HINTO ga  kakusareta  isshun no kiss
                      Don't tell me why
                      Don't make me cry
                      It's the paradise  ...koi ni ochi you
                      UINDOU ni ha SHUGAA de katameta uso ga
                      chikatetsu ni ha kodoku o kikonda hito ga
                      kono sekai  kaeru no ha
                      tatoeba  kimi no yubi  yawaraka na yubi
                      Don't tell me why
                      Don't make me cry
                      It's the paradise ...ai ni fure you
                      kanransha de suisei o tsukamitai
                      MANHOORU ni BIITO o hibikasetai
                      MYUUJIAMU de
                      e yori kimi o mitetai
                      machijuu ga tokeru hodo
                      maware yo  Merry-Go-Round
                      kimi o saratte
                      Don't tell me why
                      Don't make me cry
                      It's the paradise  ...toki no kanata e
                      jounetsu yori  KIREI na MONO
                      sore ha kimi no  yume o miru hitomi
           C NO BINETSU
           Written by : Yukinojo mori
           Arranged by : Chisato
           Composed by : Takeshi Tsuji
           Other slow song, but not as catching as Silent Melody. This is
    the worst song on this game (on my modest opinion, by the way). They
    could change this song with the credits song that is better than
    this.....Oh, well. You can't always have everything.
                      Sunrise...  madobe ni tatsu  kimi ha OBUJE
                      furetara  sen no namida ni kawaru
                      Sunset...  koori no tsuki  tokasu you ni
                      yami ni RAITAA kageshita  Lonely Venus
                      kimi ga iru no ha  kanashimi no JEIRU
                      dare mo  sukuu koto ha dekinai keredo
                      * furueru  Cherry
                        sotto Kiss shite  nemurasete ageru
                        yoru o uzuru  toiki ha Fairy Dance
                        itoshiki Cherry
                        mawaru hoshi kara
                        furi otosareteku
                        kimi no yume o mamoreru nara...
                        daki tome you
                      Midnight...  kioku ga yobu  KAANIBARU ha
                      kimi o shibaru FEIKU sa  Lonely Circus
                      hito ha  jibun ga omotteru yori mo
                      zutto  koware yasui iki mono dakara
                      mayoeru Cherry
                      himitsu no nami ni  sarawarete shimae
                      kami ni hikaru  shizuku ha Fairy Stone
                      itoshiki Cherry
                      yowasa mo miseta  kokoro no NUUDO ga
                      utsukushikute mabushii kara... me o fuseta yo
                      moshimo HEVUN ni
                      hi o hanateta nara
                      hai ni naru sa unmei sae mo
                      * repeat
           Written by : Yukinojo mori
           Arranged by : Chisato
           Composed by : Takeshi Tsuji
           Very good song. This is one of the most difficult songs on the
    game. It actually seems that it will never ends, more frequent if you
    are playing with the bass or the drums.
                      Kiss...  yawaraka na Kiss
                      yuuutsu na machi ga  kieru made
                      Kiss...  owaranai Kiss
                      hitomi no umi ni  tokeru made
                      tamashii no soba ni  uchi komareteru
                      kodoku no dangan  nuite agetai
                      matsuge ni sotto  fureta koyubi de
                      furueru kimi o  kanjite
                      * setsunai PURAZUMA kono mune ni atsumete
                        koisuru mirai no  PANORAMA o tsukurou
                        Love can make it Love can do it
                        We are gonna get magic, baby
                        itami mo namida mo  kousoku de furi kiru
                        ai ha ENAJII
                        yume ha himitsu no ROKETTO
                      Kiss...  kotoba yori Kiss
                      ikiteru wake o  shiritakute
                      Kiss...  mou ichido Kiss
                      kagami no you ni  tashikamete
                      KAOSU ni nejireta jidai ha Lunatic
                      tsudzuku meiro mo  GEEMU ni mieru
                      dakedo hadaka de  mukaeta asa ha
                      totemo RIARU na  kimochi sa
                      ** futari ha PURAZUMA
                         PINBAARU mitai ni
                         hikari ni hajikare  Bonus o te ni suru
                         Love can make it Love can do it
                         We are gonna get magic, baby
                         dare ni mo mienai  rakuen o mezashite
                      kasoku shite yuku  yume ha mahou no ROKETTO
                      matsuge ni sotto  fureta koyubi de
                      furueru kimi o  kanjite
                      ** repeat
                      kasoku suru  yume ha ROKETTO
                      * repeat
           MIDNIGHT CROW
           Written by : Yukinojo mori
           Arranged by : Ippei
           Composed by : Takeshi Tsuji
           This is the last song that you can unlock, it's somewhat an
    easy and pleasant song. And a good one, but quite long. If you want to
    play with Santa but restrained because every song is freaking hard
    with him, it's the best song to get into the drums.
                      kanashimi no  juu ni utareta
                      kizuguchi o  GAMU de fusai de
                      DJ to  waratteitara
                      chimamire no  namida ga ochita
                      komi ageru  kuyashisa o
                      nadamete nemurou
                      ima ha tada  asa o matsu
                      KARASU ni  nareba ii sa
                      * yume ha itsumo  sora no kanata ni aru
                        kyou yori takaku  tobu tame ni aru
                        taiyou no naka  itsuka tsuki nuketara
                        yami no you na  kuroi tsubasa mo
                        ...tenshi ni mieru sa
                      omoide o  RAMU no BOTORU ni
                      tojikomete  BAIKU de hikeba
                      kokoro made  tsubushita you de
                      hikarabita  namida ga ochita
                      ore dake ha  ore no KOTO
                      shinjite yaritai
                      fukitsu dato  kirawareta
                      KARASU ha  shitteiru sa
                      yume ha itsumo  itami no naka ni aru
                      kyou yori tsuyoku  naru tame ni aru
                      eiri na ame ga  hitomi suki sashite mo
                      yami ni kakaru  niji o sagaseba
                      ...ashita ha mieru
                      * repeat
           Written by : Yukinojo mori
           Arranged by : Ippei
           Composed by : Takeshi Tsuji
           This is the song that appears in the credit movie. It's not the
    full version of the song. But for me is the second best song in the
                      nemuru kimi no  madogoshi ni sora ga
                      yaseta tsuki o  asa yake ni tokasu
                      riyuu mo naku  toki ha nagare
                      kimi hitori o  otona ni suru yo
                      hareta shuumatsu ha  umi made aruite
                      arashi no yoru ni ha  BEDDO de jareatta ne
                      yume no kakera sae  sagasenai boku ga
                      kimi no tame ni ima  nani ga dekirundarou?
                      ...dakishimeru hoka ni
           F) The manga and the anime series
           The manga was originally created by Mayu Shinjo. Mayu Shinjo
    also created the excellent Akuma no Eros (Virgin crisis). Kaikan
    Phrase already ended in Japan, it has 17 volumes plus one special
    volume and was published through Flower Comics, perhaps the most know
    publisher of Shoujo and Yaoi manga in Japan. All Yuu Watase work was
    also published through Flower comics (Fushigi Yuugi, Ayashi no Ceres).
           The anime series was produced by Half HP Studios/TV Tokyo and
    it have 44 chapters, which aired in Japan from April 1999 to March
    2000. There are no OVA's of Kaikan Phrase, but many OST CD's, Drama
    CD's and illustration books were made.
           The manga was well received in Japan but the anime made just a
    moderated run. The anime and the manga have the same characters and
    some of the songs, but the similarities end there.
           SICK DETAIL - If you watch the ending, without knowing the
    anime like me, you may think that Aine and Yuka make a love triangle
    with Sakuya, which is DEFINETLY not the case.
    9  - -  EXTRA / SPECIAL INFO
       A ) Game Information.
           NAME : Kaikan Phrase: Datenshi Kourin (SLPM 86438)
           PUBLISHER : Enix
           DEVELOPER : Enix / Produce!
           RELEASE DATE : 2/24/2000
           PRICE : 5800 yen
       B ) Alternate arranges
           Well, this is not a real secret; think of it as a bug of the
    game. You can, with that, create alternate arranges of the songs. To
    create this alternate arrange, choose the 2 players mode then choose
    the music that you want to listen, and choose the Yuki/ Atsuro
    combination or the TOWA / Santa combination (the Sakuya / Sakuya
    combination will not work).
           After you choose the combination and the song, let the game
    play by itself. So you will listen the song, if you choose the Yuki
    /Atsuro combination, without the guitars, only with vocals, drums and
    bass. But the Santa / TOWA combination is really special, that makes
    the music only with vocals and guitar. If you like the song Silent
    Melody, this is a great mode. Just try it once, it can amaze you.
       C ) What's missing on the FAQ.
            I really don't know. But if you do and want to contribute,
    send me a mail. Any other suggestions are REALLY welcomed.
       D ) Next project / Released FAQs.
            Serei Hata Rayblade (PS) - 30% completed
            Black/Matrix Cross (PS) - 20% completed
            Generation of Chaos (PS2) - 10% completed
            Black/Matrix 2, Shaman King - Spirit of Shaman, Samurai Deeper
    Kyo, Psychometrer Eiji, Cyberorg, Racing Lagoon, Digital Holmes, Maken
    Shao, Project Minerva Professional, Makai Tensei, Guardian Angel, Beat
    Mania 6+core mix.
            Mail me if you have any interest on these titles
          - Others released FAQ's
            Akumajou Dracula - Castlevania Chronicle FAQ (PS)
            Biohazard Complete Disk FAQ (PS)
            Card Captor Sakura - Clow Card Magic FAQ / Walkthrough (PS)
            Houshinengi FAQ / Walkthrough (PS)
            Kaikan Phrase Datenshi Kourin FAQ / Walkthrough (PS)
            Tales of Destiny (demo) FAQ / Walkthrough (PS)
            Tales of Destiny 2 Title FAQ (PS)
            PUMP IT UP: the season evolution FAQ (ARCADE)
            PUMP IT UP: extra FAQ (ARCADE)
            Unlimited SaGa FAQ / Walkthrough (PS2)
        E ) Closing comments
            I became very satisfied with how thing turned out with this
    FAQ. I begin to write it, like, 3 years ago, and I think that finally
    it's time to release it. Sometimes I keep wondering " NO, that FAQ is
    really bad, I should look at it one more time before releasing", but
    after 3 years, I must have more confidence in my decisions.
            Let's face it: the game isn't the best game in this world.
    Heck, isn't even the best CLONE of Beat Mania out there. But have a
    beautiful anime opening, and good J-Rock songs and Mayu Shinjo (I am a
    big fan of Akuma no Eros). Jeez, I actually have Doki Doki Pretty
    League, Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer and Sailor Moon Super S, which are 3
    of the worst and almost UNPLAYABLE games of the PS, only because of
    the anime opening. Oh well, I admit it. I, Kamui, have a certain
    tendency to buy games based of the "uniqueness" and............
             Well, hope that you'll enjoy it.
            A) Legal Information
            This document is (C)?2000, 2003, 2004 Leonardo Lugarinho. All
    rights reserved. Kaikan Phrase: Datenshi Kourin is (C) 1999 Enix /
    Produce!, Kaikan Phrase is (C) Mayu Shinjo /Shogakukan /JR staff /TV
    Tokyo. All rights reserved. Others trademarks is related to their
    respective owners.
            This document can be freely distributed on this original, non-
    edited form and for non-profit uses ONLY. If you wish to put this
    document on your homepage, send an E-mail first.
            B) Thanks
            Many thanks to:
            My family
            My friends
            Ken and Psycho Mantis who let me borrow his PS when mine was
            Enix (for all they done, not only by this game alone).
            Sailor Bacon and animelyrics.com for the lyrics of the game.
    Many, many thanks.
            Ookouchi K. for the info on Kaikan anime series.
            C) Contact info
            Questions, comments, suggestions...fell free to send a mail to
    (leo@inw.psi.br) with Kaikan as subject.

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