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Reviewed: 04/29/00 | Updated: 04/29/00

It could have been better.....

Another Bandai game based on the highly acclaimed as well as successful Super Robot Wars series has been made into a game.This is the second game to have a character from the Super Robot War series.The first was Getter Robo and Aura Battler is similar to it in every sense.The game is turned based and turns are given to characters with the highest speed.

As in Getter Robo, you play a character but unlike Getter Robo where you can select to be a female pilot, you can only be a male pilot and there is no voice over dialogue from any of the characters which is a major negative on this game and dulls the overall enjoyment of the game.Even the background music gets kind of boring after a while and why they chose to make a possibly great game so terrible is beyond my comprehension is beyond me.Except for the cool intro, everything else seems so placid including the effects and graphics.Personally, i think this game should not have been made for the Sony Playstation console for like a great many game, it simply does not maximize the capabilities of the Sony Playstation.Also the price tag alone is worth thinking over for it is not worth it to spend so much hard earned cash on a single disc game which is obviously made on the spur of the moment.I think the producers had depended on the publicity and fame of the Super Robot War series as the central strategy to selling this game.Also, the dialogue script is adapted from the anime series so those who have watched the anime may get bored after a while simply because they know what happens next.Some experienced strategy game players may notice that the control as well as the menu is similar to the Langrisser series type of controls.For a supposedly great game, it lacks any originality.Also the combat scenes are a rip off from Getter Robo and there was not much there which would make people buy the game.After a while i simply switched the whole combat sequence off.One of the few advantages this game has to offer is the ability to customize your dragon or aura battler with items and weapons.However, except for the change in the graphics of the weapon you are equipping, the movements and effects of the weapon are mediocre at best and you will notice that the damage effects are similar.One good thing is that this game has the opening sequences from the anime version of Aura Battler Dunbime.Other than that, there`s not much to say.

Basically, you will be following a linear plot which involves the adventures of Shou and his group of freedom fighters against the empire.At first you will be working for the empire but as the story progresses you find yourself having doubts on the empire.The plot is a cliche of many games before this and lacks hardly any originality. Eventually, you help Shou save the world and you see credits roll and you simply put the game aside and perhaps not even play the game again at all.

Impressive effects, Impressive music, Impressive everything.For a poor game, it sure has a great intro and
though not exactly anime, can be said to be one of the most well made in games of this genre.The Intro music is also quite spectacular and its CD quality suits the game exactly like skin to flesh.The graphics are also extremely well done and the 3D special effects deserves praise.Too bad the game producers did not extend their creativity to the game itself.It definitely would be great.Some anime cut scenes would be great too.

The game could have very well be mistaken for a Super Nintendo game due to its poor texture and dull palette of
colors.Even the Super Nintendo version of Langrisser IV is much better than the Sony Playstation version of Aura
Battler Dunbine.

To say that the sound is 8bit quality is a bit cruel but it is.I find that the sounds are not well done and the range of sounds are very limited.A big disappointment.

If you have see the anime then you have already known the plot and if you are still clueless, it is just a matter of time before you do.

It takes a while to get used to the controls of the game especially the controls for buying and equipping items.But for those who are new to this type of game, it is only a matter of experimenting with the controls and eventually will get the hang of it.I strongly suggest you practice a while just to get the hang of the game.

Although Aura Battler Dunbine is a bit over-rated, i find being a third person perspective is kind of

Buy or Rent
Definitely borrow from friends when you can and rent when you must.Buy only if you are a diehard fan who would rather
die a thousand deaths to not having this game.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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