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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ACurtis

    Version: 0.1b | Updated: 06/03/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Ray Blade Faq version .1b
    For Japanese Ray Blade for PS by Ashley Curtis 
    (Date 6/03/02) 
    This document is Copyright 2002 Ashley Curtis. Do not reference, alter, or use 
    (this include webmasters, publishers, and magazine staff) without my express 
    written permission.  
    1.1 Intro 
    1.2 Thanks and Email info 
    1.3 Updates 
    1.4 Menu Translations
    1.5 Gameplay Explained
    1.6 Special Ability and Trust Commands 
    1.7 Characters and Places
    1.8 Story/Walkthru
    1.1 -------------Intro------------ 
    After pretty much wrapping up my work on Xenosaga.  It is time to wrap up some 
    of the other games that have been sitting on the shelf.  This game is worth 
    getting hold of if you can find it.  Why?  The story telling is great, the anime 
    like characters and movies make this a must play!  I found it when I was in 
    Akihabara, so if you want to find it keep checking ebay or some other auction 
    place.  Also check out some Hong Kong online stores.  Or if your able to look 
    around every small nook and cranny of Tokyo, I’m sure it can be found in a small 
    I’ve just started playing this game.  I’m not sure how complete this faq will 
    get, and if it will ever get totally completed.
    If someone wants to use some of the info in this faq for a Dreamcast Version faq 
    of the game please feel free to go ahead.
    1.2 ----------Thanks and Email----------- 
    I can be contacted via asyurei@adelphia.net, please feel free to give help, 
    corrections and ask questions.
    1.3 -------------Updates---------- 
    05/25/02 The first one, Version .0a = well lets start with some menu         
    05/27/02 Version .0b = More additions to the menus, more story translation, 
    added character info.
    05/29/02 Version .1a = More menu stuff, added some Trust commands.
    06/03/02 Version .1b = Added special abilities
    1.4 -------------Menu Translation-------- 
    During Battle mode when pressing the Triangle button during combat the “Main 
    Command Menu” comes up.
    Main Command Menu
    フェイス終了 = End Turn
    部隊表 = Unit Info
    反撃命令 = Auto Pilot  
    作戦目的 = Mission Review
    撤退 = Retreat 
    システム = System (change game settings)
    セーブ = Save (save your game)
    部隊表 = Unit Info
    Here you can find up to the minute info on every unit.
    Pressing L1 allows you to change the units shown from friendly units, to enemy 
    units, to all units.  R1 changes how these are sorted out.
    反撃命令 = Auto Pilot  
    You always start out in Manual mode, however if your bored you can have the 
    computer take over, there are 4 different styles to choose from and they are as 
    作戦目的 = Mission Review
    This gives an over view of the mission, your goals and what needs to be 
    accomplished also what will be the cause of defeat.
    撤退 = Retreat 
    You will not gain any experience and some money will be lost, this will not work 
    every time it is randomized.
    システム = System 
    Battle Menu
    移動 = Movement
    攻撃 = Attack
    信頼 = Trust
    能力 = Ability List
    待機 = Wait
    修理 = Repair
    特殊能力 = Special Ability
    Preemptive Attack Menu
    反撃開始 = Counter Attack
    武器選択 = Use Weapons 
    回避 = Evasion
    防御 = Defend
    Please note this menu will not appear if you have your robots on Autopilot.  
    However you can have the Computer decide this for you and maintain manual 
    control of everything else.  Just use the R1, R2, L1, or L2 buttons to turn this 
    menu off.
    Intermission Menu
    セーブ = Save
    ステータス = Status
    ユニット改造 = Unit Upgrade
    プライベ―ト  = Private
    パ―トナ―変更 = Change Partner
    ヤマトチエック = Yamato Check
    システム = System
    次へすすむ = Finished 
    Save = Well it saves
    Status = Gives you info on your characters, there robots and weapons.
    Unit Upgrade = Allows you to upgrade a robots Hp and Armor.  Note you may 
    upgrade a robot to the limit, however after every 9 stages you can upgrade again.
    Private = Allows an event to take place, and to go to private mode.  
    Change Partner = Allows you to change your partner (becomes available later in 
    the game).
    Yamato Check = Yamato tells you how you are getting along with the girls.
    System = Change system settings.
    Private Mode Menu
    セ―ブ = Save
    移動 = Move
    話題リスト = Topic List 
    パートナー変更 = Change Partner 
    ヤマトチエック = Yamato Check
    システム = System Menu
    終了する = End Private Mode
    Move = Move to different parts of the ship instantly if you like.
    Topic List = Choose from the list what you want to converse about with other 
    people.  Try to note who you will talk about.
    Change Partner = Change your partner.
    Yamato Check = Love gauge.
    System Menu = Change the system
    End Private Mode = Returns you to the Intermission Menu.
    Notes about Private Mode:  If you want to talk to Ai, you may not be able to if 
    your topic of conversation is not her.  The same is true for some other 
    characters.  Also note that when asked a question the positive reply is always 
    the first one.  For example “Should we go in? 1) Yes we should 2) No we should 
    stop here” or “Will you help me? 1) Yes 2) No, not really”.  So keep that in 
    mind in quest for love.  Also here is a web page that has how to get each girl 
    by answering each question in the game.
    Weapons Overview
    武器名 = Weapon Name
    攻撃 = Attack Power
    射程 = Weapon Range
    命中 = Accuracy Ratio Effect
    ?弾数 = Ammo Left 
    必要闘志 = Battle Points
    消費プラーナ = Planner points
    Unit Overview
    Picture of Character
    Pilot’s name
    Level of Pilot and Experience
    Robot’s name
    Hp of Robot
    Combat Spirit/     Accuracy %
    Pilot & Robot Overview
    (This view occurs when you select”能力 = Ability List” from the Battle menu.)
    (The Top Left Box)
    Picture of Character
    Pilot’s name
    Level of Pilot and Experience
    Robot’s name
    Hp of Robot
    Battle Motivation Points/ Planner Points 
    (The Bottom Left Box)
    近接 = Close Range Power
    間接 = Long Range Power
    防御 = Defense Ability
    命中 = Accuracy %
    回避 = Evasion %
    信頼度 = Degree of Trust
    信頼コマンド = Trust Command
    直感 = Intuition Ability
    プラーナ = Planner Points
    (The Top Right Box
    サイズ = Size   (L, M, S)
    移動タイプ = Movement Type  
    移動力 = Speed Value
    装甲 = Armor Value
    (The Bottom Right Box)
    ユニット特殊能カ = Unit Skills
    1.5 -------------Game Play Explained--------------
    1.6 --------------Special Abilities and Trust Commands---------------
    Special Abilities
    プラズマバリア = Plasma Barrier (All long range non physical damage is reduced)
    特殊フィールド = Special Field (The damage of all attacks is reduced)
    対フィールド = Anti-Field (Nullifies enemy fields and barriers)
    バリア = Barrier (The damage of all attacks is reduced)
    プラズマコート = Plasma Coat (All short range damage is reduced)
    対実弾バリア = Ball Chain Barrier (All ball chain damage is reduced by 50%)
    HP回復 = Recover HP (Recover HP)
    小HP回復 = Small HP Recover
    中HP回復 = Medium HP Recover
    大HP回復 = Large Hp Recover
    プラズマモ―ター = Plasma Motor (Allows elevation change for Robots unable, the 
    power of the plasma motor is the allowance of elevation change allowed)
    修理能カ = Repair Ability (Allows HP Recovery)
    補絡能力 = Assistant Ability (Complete Ammo Reload, when used in conjunction with 
    the repair ability Combat spirit will lose 5 points)
    変形 = Deformation (Change form of movement)
    Trust Commands
    絆 = Bonds (Companion will recover a small amount of HP)
    友情 = Friendship (Recovers HP of all “friends”)
    激励 = Encouragement (Increases Combat Spirit for 1)
    加速 = Acceleration (A unit’s speed increases)
    ?中= Guidance (For 1 turn Accuracy will be raised)
    直感 = Intuition (For 1 turn Evasion will be raised)
    鉄腕 = Steel Arm (Adds to Attack, useless if used more than once per unit)
    鉄壁 = Steel Wall (Adds to Defense, useless if used more than once per unit)
    再動 = Double Move (Unit transfers their turn so another unit can move again)
    察知 = Sense (Unit is given affection and increases in attack power)
    1.7 -------------Characters and Places-----------------
    Good Characters
    Touya Kazemi トウヤ
    Ai アイ
    Yamato ヤマト
    Alfrena アルフォリナ
    Yumiiru ユミール
    Serika セリカ
    Fien フェイン
    Oswald オズヴァルド
    Clovis ケロビス
    Asa  アーサー
    Gabon ガボン
    Tyron タイロン
    Texas ティックス
    Muruku ムルク
    Baren バレン
    Miyasuko ミヤスコ  
    Derrick デロック 
    Bad Characters
    Backeen バーキン
    Renda レンダー
    Resyu レシュ
    Raymond リーモンド
    Flores フォレス
    Gloster ゲロウスター
    1.8  -------------Story/Walkthru--------------
    Note: This is done with the best of my limited Japanese ability.  It is 87% 
    correct.  I intend this to be a brief explanation of the story, although at 
    times this may vary.  Also note these are the stages that I’m encountering and 
    you may uncover a different path in the story.  Another note: any reference of 
    “you” means Touya.
    It all begins with Touya Kazemi day dreaming before class begins.  Touya is 
    woken up by a fellow student, they both share greetings and she asks him out for 
    a date.  Your best friend butts in asking to go along.  Later you run into 
    Kasumi who finds out to her surprise that your going on a double date with your 
    best friend.  Suddenly while outside the school 2 huge robots fall from the sky.
    The bad robot hits the good robot in the back knocking Ai out of the cockpit and 
    leaving Touya no choice but to jump in and save the day!  Well he can’t let the 
    school get totally destroyed!
    Begin Stage 1
    Stage 1 Strategy
    Basically just keep attacking.  You can’t repair, however your attacks are 
    stronger than his so keep attacking every chance you get.  You should survive 
    with about 15 hp left over.
    Anyways Ai is really outset that you are running her Robot, but she gives you 
    some tips for defeating the enemy just the same.
    Well you defeat your foe!  Well, you thought you did anyway.  Now you wake up in 
    your room.  Kasumi knocks on your door and quickly rushes in, even though you 
    didn’t respond to her knock.  Well you can say she was surprised and runs off.
    Anyways after getting up, and greeting your parents (via picture) you find a 
    note on the table which has the results from last night.  Then Touya remembers 
    his injury from the night before.  What he thought was a dream, was it true?
    Well, you get a knock on the door from the girl who asked you out on a date.  
    She reminds you that you have a date with her.  As you leave to go you find 
    Yamato the cat.  Suddenly a car pulls up with a man asking if you are Touya 
    You find out that the robot you took control of has bonded with you and will not 
    work with anyone else now.  Fuoruzan demands that you go with him and Yamato 
    scratches him. After some more explaining Touya agrees to go with him.  Fuoruzan 
    explains that you are needed to be part of a classified team. 
    Finally you get to the base which is inside of, yep you guessed it, the middle 
    of no where.  Ai meets you at the entrance; she seems not to remember who you 
    are.  Fuoruzan asks Ai to show you around.  Ai is curious about your cat, and is 
    worried because it is a black cat.  Touya explains its just a normal cat and its 
    name is Yamato.  Just when things are going good, Ai jumps you with an injection 
    of some sort.  Touya is upset and thinks Ai tried to drug him.  She explains 
    that she just drew some blood for medical reasons.
    Next the scene jumps to inside the base, as Alfrena and Roads are talking about 
    their relationship and the  lucky guy who just joined the club.   At the end 
    Roads gives Alfrena a pretty pendent.
    Ai starts to give you a tour of the base “Agaruteia”.  During this you meet 
    Yumiiru (she is rated the most popular of all the girls in this game according 
    to http://www.winky.co.jp/rayblade/pop/raypop2.pl) she is very kind and says 
    that it will take some time to adjust to your new surroundings.  She asks you if 
    you have someone special that you will miss.  Touya says no one really, Ai 
    thinks Yumiiru is getting fresh and tells how boys and girls shouldn’t pay any 
    attention to each other.  Yumiiru agrees and gets embarrassed.
    Anyways you get a further tour of the building you meet Oswald, Serika, and Fien.  
    Ai gets upset with Fien because he asks your age.  Anyways we find out the 
    Serika is 16 and Ai is 15 years old.
    In the middle of your tour you find out that Terrorists are attacking the base 
    and its time for…
    Stage 2
    Ai for some reason needs to prove something so she decides to go 1 on 3.  
    Needless to say, she gets ejected again.  Leaving our hero Touya to save the day 
    Stage 2 Strategy
    Take out the Robot with 240 Hp, I don’t know his name but he is the easiest to 
    destroy, take him out from long range buy using your weapons.  Then closs range 
    when he pulls up close.  Than destroy Backeen.  
    However as soon as you finish with them, Renda shows up with some support.  
    Don’t worry thou because Clovis and Asa save the day!
    After the battle you talk with Yumiiru and Ai.  It seems Ai didn’t take care of 
    your cat Yamato while you were piloting.  Oh what will the world be without 
    Yamato?  Well you run into the medic Gabon, who says he found your cat and he’ll 
    be alright.  What a sigh of relief.  Although he won’t be the same Yamato you 
    remember, it seems 80% of Yamato had to be replaced because he was hurt so badly.  
    So now Yamato is a 5 million dollar recovering cat.  
    The bad guys discuss new plans.  It seems they plan to infiltrate a woman into 
    the good guys team, you guessed it a new robot pilot should be showing up soon.  
    While waiting for further word about Yamato.  You are congratulated by Clovis 
    and Asa, come to find out it was Asa who found Yamato.  Then the young nurse 
    comes out not realizing who you are and talks about the cat in surgery (as in 
    the surgery is going strangely).  Later Gabon comes out and tells you to come 
    back tomorrow and that Yamato should be fine.  The young nurse than realizes 
    that you are Touya and is shocked at her mistake.
    Now you find Backeen and Resyu planning on when to attack, so that they can 
    destroy the robots.  
    Guess what the attack takes place!  Boom!
    Well it seems Touya makes it through it, with Yumiiru and Ai watching over you.  
    Although Ai seems a bit jealous because of the attention Touya has been getting.  
    After getting reprimanded by Asa and Yumirru, Ai apologizes for be rude.  She 
    says that the fact she didn’t take care of Yamato is what made her upset.  
    Anyways Gabon shows up and says to be patient with Yamato because Yamato needs 
    time to adjust to the changes he had to go thru to survive.  Then Touya hears a 
    voice he doesn’t recognize and doesn’t see anyone else.  Then out comes the new 
    talking Yamato!  Yamato says he got panicked and ran into the line of fire.  So 
    maybe it’s not all Ai fault after all. Anyways, Clovis comes by to how you are 
    doing, and is scared out of his wits by Yamato. 
    Somehow you manage to be talking with Alfrena, who takes not of how cute Yamato 
    is.  Of course Yamato thanks her for the compliment.  Also you get to quickly 
    meet Tyron, Texas and Roads for the first time.
    Stage 3
    As the story progresses every leaves the base undefended to track down the 
    people who attacked earlier.  The enemy decides to capitalize on this.  
    However the base seems to repel this attack.
    Stage 4
    While the base has its problems Touya and crew have found some of their own.
    Stage 4 Strategy
    Keep to your long range attacks, keep your distance.  This one is a piece of 
    There are more problems at the base it seems the infiltrator was… well you find 
    out.  The story is very obvious.  Tyron makes the rescue with the infiltrator 
    forced to flee.  Yamato is impressed with Tyron’s quick action.
    Ai is really upset about the outcome and falls into your arms.
    Now something has gone wrong in the private lab.  
    Well now it’s back to work, Yumiiru asks how Ai is doing.  Touya comments that 
    she is tacking it very hard.  Yumiiru mentions that she is not surprised since 
    Ai and Alfrena were such close friends.  Clovis makes the call to battle.
    Stage 5
    Fight a bunch of bugs.  Then the ship saves the day.  However I believe it is 
    possible to finish this stage without the help from the ship.

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