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    FAQ/Walkthrough by ASchultz

    Version: 1.0.0 | Updated: 09/04/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Inspector Gadget(subtitle: Gadget's Crazy Maze) FAQ
    (PSX game)
    version 1.0.0 by Andrew Schultz schultza@earthlink.net
    copyright 2002
    Please do not reproduce this FAQ for profit without my prior consent. 
    However, if you write a polite e-mail to me referring to me(and this 
    FAQ) by name, then I will probably say OK. But if I ignore you that 
    means no--and I am bad about answering e-mail. Sorry.
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        1-3. MAP LEDGERS
      2. BASICS
        2-1. CONTROLS
        2-2. POINTS
        2-3. OTHER ENTITIES
        4-1. CITY WORLD
          4-1-1. UNWANTED GUESTS
          4-1-2. MARKET SQUARE
          4-1-3. PARK STREET
          4-1-4. NEIGHBORHOOD
          4-1-5. CITY RACER
          4-1-6. FREE YOUR FRIENDS
        4-2. CIRCUS WORLD
          4-2-1. CIRCUS ARRIVES
          4-2-2. SETTING UP
          4-2-3. CLOSED TODAY
          4-2-4. CLOWNS ON STRIKE
          4-2-5. FREE YOUR FRIENDS
        4-3. HAUNTED HOUSE
          4-3-1. GUARDED CRYSTALS
          4-3-2. THE VAULT
          4-3-3. TRICKS AND TRAPS
          4-3-4. THE MASTER IS OUT
          4-3-5. FREE YOUR FRIENDS
        4-4. CANDY WORLD
          4-4-1. KIDS' CORNER
          4-4-2. ANGRY AGENTS
          4-4-3. CANDY 21
          4-4-4. AGENTS' DAY OFF
          4-4-5. FREE YOUR FRIENDS
        4-5. SPACE STATION
          4-5-1. MACHINE ROOM
          4-5-2. COMMAND CENTRAL
          4-5-3. SPACE LAB
          4-5-4. LOGIC DECK
          4-5-5. FREE YOUR FRIENDS
      5. VERSIONS
      6. CREDITS
        Detailed maps are a bit too much here, so I'll just settle for 
    referring to general areas. I am providing a complete walkthrough that I 
    know occurs on EASY mode. This should also work for medium and hard, as 
    the only difference is the timing. On every level I have looked to 
    maximize efficiency of pushing all the gems into place. However, I 
    suspect I've overlooked some subtleties. I also think I may have 
    overlooked some hidden levels; the game claims there are forty levels, 
    but going through easy only gives you 26, and when I tried to go through 
    hard, no secret levels popped up right away. Yet on the back of the box 
    is a level I didn't get through when I looked at easy mode. Sounds like 
    a job for...GameShark. Once I scrounge up the cash to buy it.
        This FAQ can still cover strategies for the level I've found as well 
    as general strategies; what to do is simple enough. Bash bad guys that 
    get too close, but you only get points if you shift gems on a grid so 
    that three or more of the same color are in a line. This must be done in 
    a certain time limit, which isn't an issue except for meager bonus 
    points on easy, but it makes hard a potentially more rewarding 
        As for the general personal blurb, I wanted to write a FAQ for a 
    game with the letter I to make my collection span all letters of the 
    alphabet. I've got X and Z to go now. I noticed this was high on the 
    GameFAQs request list after I bought it so I figured I'd dive into it.
      For moving I may use a shorthand : 1R 4U is one right then four up, 1L 
    4D is one left and four down. I may also use UL or another abbreviation 
    to describe a relative displacement or the direction a wall is in. But 
    for pushing something I will give full details.
      Wild card = multicolor
      goon = guard
      'gems of the same color' includes multicolored gems.
      row = row or column of gems of the same color.
      I'll also abbreviate 'blue gem' to blue and so forth.
      As the FAQ progresses I'll fill in fewer details which I feel should 
    be somewhat clear to an experienced player. For instance, if it's just a 
    simple move or two to put a gem in the right spot and nothing else is 
    around, I will try to be sparse.
        1-3. MAP LEDGERS
      Occasionally I'll give a mini-map of an area which needs particular 
    instructional attention.
    B/b = blue gem
    R/r = red gem
    G/g = green gem
    Y/y = yellow gem
    D/d = diamond
    X   = immovable obstacle
    T/! = movable obstacle(usually a trash can.)
    M/m = multicolored gem
    .   = ground
    ^   = spikes
        1-4. POSSIBLE ERRATA
      This FAQ may have several errors(right when I mean left and so forth.) 
    If you can help me correct them, that'd be great. I wouldn't be 
    offended. I'd also be interested in more elegant solutions, even if they 
    only cut down a move or so or just are smoother in general. A proof, 
    giving number of squares Gadget walks on, would be nice but not 
    necessary--a lot is just obvious from the description.
      I may also substitute a screen direction(up/down/left/right) with the 
    ordinal direction it's generally compared with..
    --X is used to confirm, as usual. But in the menus it has a check mark 
    next to it. But wait; triangle is used to cancel. But it has an X mark 
    next to it.
    --Not an error, but did they have to have the SAME CUT SCENES with the 
    machine making gems before the next level? And before the final part of 
    each level as well?
    --I'm just not terribly pleased they fail to give a bonus if, on the 
    final wave of a level, you manage to turn all gems into coins. A bit 
    aesthetic, but there's no encouragement to solve everything.
      2. BASICS
        2-1. CONTROLS
      Inspector Gadget can move in any of the four usual directions. He can 
    also move diagonally and will slide along if he hits a wall and you move 
    him diagonally. Moving diagonally is a nice advantage as Gadget moves 
    like a king in chess. For every one unit of time you can move a square 
    horizontally and/or a square vertically. Therefore you can cover twice 
    the ground with the risk that Gadget's a bit tougher to control.
      If Inspector Gadget does not have a hammer, pushing X will make him 
    kick a gem. The gem will go three squares in the direction you kick it. 
    If you have a hammer he will smack a bad guy in front of him if they are 
    close enough. The bad guy will then be prone and harmless. You can 
    hammer a bad guy even when he's down; this is useful if you need a bit 
    more time to complete a task.
      Push start and go to the red arrow and hit X twice to restart the 
    screen. This is useful if you painted yourself into a corner and can't 
    solve the current scene any more.
        2-2. POINTS
      1 point for each bronze coin you pick up
     10 points for each silver coin you pick up. You get a silver coin by 
    putting four gems of the same color in a row.
     50 points for each gold coin you pick up. You get a gold coin by 
    putting five gems of the same color in a row or alternatively getting 
    more than one row of three. Below is an example:
      Push the multi left and you get five coins.
      Note you can never have six coins in a row. The coin you put in to 
    complete the chain taken away, it would connect two chains one of which 
    would have more than three...however you can change seven coins at once 
    or six. See below. Push the multicolored down in each case.
      M     M
    RR.BB RR.R
      G     B
      G     B
      You also get a time bonus based on the following:
      10 pts per second on hard(not rounded--really 1 point per .1 second.)
      1 pt per second on intermediate
      1 pt per 10 seconds on easy
      You also get recharged for each row you make:
      5 sec for a row of 3 = 5/10, 5 or 50 points depending on your game's 
    skill level
      6 sec for a row of 4 = 5/10, 6 or 60 points depending on your game's 
    skill level
      8 sec for a row of 5+ = 8/10, 8 or 80 points depending on your game's 
    skill level
      The most potentially lucrative is the hard level as the easy level 
    gives at most 40 bonus points(6+ minutes / 10, the equivalent of 4 
    seconds on hard which seems probable on all levels given that making a 
    row gains you five seconds.) but of course it may require persistence 
    and exact control not to run out of time in the first place.
      Extra points at 200/300/500 for the various levels(easy/medium/hard.)
      Note that points are never summed until the end of the level, after 
    you've won. You don't get any points for coins you picked up before you 
    got beaten up/reset the game.
        2-3. OTHER ENTITIES
    --doors will unlock with the right key or occasionally if you stand on a 
    --spikes appear generally cyclically among a few squares. Time them and 
    you should be okay. Occasionally the wave of spikes will move faster 
    than you, but usually you'll find yourself waiting on them. A test of 
    your patience and alertness.
    --furniture: the smaller stuff can be moved. This way you can block 
    enemies, clear a path for a gem, or depress a yellow/black square. Trash 
    cans and crates can also be moved around.
    --keys/hammers: you can only have one at once, and a key unlocks 
    doors(X) but a hammer has five swats at a bad guy. Unfortunately you 
    can't drop the hammer and pick it up to get it recharged as in some of 
    my favorite old school games.
    --normal goons/thugs. They move randomly, even when you are close by, 
    and often turn back. They are easily outrun, and if you hit them with a 
    hammer they'll be harmless.
    --clowns. They track you pretty well, but you can outrun them and use 
    obstacles to outwit them. They don't like to turn around, so if you have 
    the following situation(1=you, 2=them):
      ...just wait to see which way they go and run away from them. You can 
    also move diagonally to buy extra time in more open areas. If you are in 
    a narrow hall you may want to sucker them into a wider area or, better 
    yet, trap them in a corner if crates are lying around.
    --'G'/'M' squares are important; 'G' squares often allow you to take a 
    breather or wait for a monster to go somewhere randomly, after which you 
    can sneak past them when they move into a corner. Note that if you push 
    a gem onto an M square you can't move it any more.
    --other agents that act the same as clowns may chase you extra when you 
    get close. The red agents seem to chase you no matter what, the others 
    that track you can also be outrun.
    --cats cannot be outrun. They also sneak up beside you and attack. 
    They're pretty rare, but when you see them, try to stand on a 'G' square
    --arrows, etc. Occasionally a gem or crate will land on a yellow/black 
    tile next to an arrow and will be kicked somewhere else. This is bad(you 
    lose a life if hit) and good(you can get the tiles/arrows to push gems 
    of the same color together.) Often boxes will go in a cycle and you'll 
    need to put something in its path to block it.
    --roller skates are annoying to control but necessary to get somewhere 
    quickly, either before the timer runs out or because you can't run 
    through certain obstacles. Often the game will throw them at you when 
    you don't need them, so push X to take them off. You can lean in a 
    corner(i.e. if blocked above and to the right, push up and tap left if 
    you wish to move up; see below. You=u.)
      About half of the time it shouldn't be too much of a problem to figure 
    this out. Two gems will be next to each other, and you'll need to 
    complete the deal. Other times it may be trickier, although I've tried 
    to list some specific cases below.
    --if a gem is in a corner, with none of its boundaries movable, you'll 
    have to bring the matching gems to it.
    --if a gem is against a side wall, and you can't push it so it is free 
    on three sides, it's stuck there.
    --often you may need to push a gem and circle around from a different 
    direction to push it again. This may take a bit as illustrated below.
      Here you push the blue gem right, then circle left/down/right/up to 
    push it up. This can be time consuming so look for other ways first.
      You may also have a wish to put two gems together--any two--but that 
    isn't always good.
      Here if you push 1 into 2 you will be stuck. But if you push 2 into 3 
    and then 1 into 2, you'll get the three gems to disappear.
      Lining up four gems in a row can be a bit tricky, especially since you 
    can't just line up three and drop the fourth one in; the first three 
    will vanish, and you'll be left with a stray!
      Always save when you can at a pennant. There's no delay for the memory 
    card, and they're usually conveniently along the way. Then if you're 
    beaten up you don't have to start all over again! Even if you're beaten 
    up and you have too little time to win on the restart, then you can just 
    restart the whole level.
      The number one way to save time and points is to move diagonally. 
    Gadget moves at the same speed in each direction even if you're moving 
    in two at once. This can potentially cut your time to get somewhere in 
    half, and also if there is a goon chasing you they will be at a 
    disadvantage. They can move linearly, only.
      Note if you're trying to get past a goon, though, this is not always 
    the best idea. You may cut out a slightly wider path and may be more 
    exposed to getting hit. Common sense dictates that if you want to go 
    diagonally past a goon you'll want to go away from it in one direction.
      Remember that the fewer times you have to pivot to put a block in 
    place, the better. So if you have the following position on the left and 
    need to get to the right:
    ...... .bb...
    ...... ......
    ...... ......
    ..BB.. ......
      You might want to push the right b up and three to the left and the 
    left b up three as opposed to pushing each one up three and left.
      Also in this sort of case:
      It's easier to push two gems up or two gems down then to align each of 
    the gems next to the center one.
      Finally, remember you can always restart if you've got a couple of 
    seconds left and things aren't working out.
      Also you may notice that it's not always worth it to get all the gems 
    on hard. Silver or gold coins are worth it; you get 10 or 50 points and 
    it shouldn't take more than a second(10 points.) But the other coins 
    aren't unless they're in your way or you need to free the squares 
    they're on(you can't push a gem over a coin.)
      Note that if you restart after losing a guy(i.e. hit by a moving gem) 
    you won't get the guy back, and if you reset just before you lose a guy 
    then you will not only save a life but also time. Getting killed often 
    hurts your overall time performance as well as it usually kicks you back 
    to a less progressive place--although it can be handy if you're in a 
    maze and just want to solve the level. Also note that any guard that 
    beats you up disappears--meaning you won't have to face them again 
    during the game unless you restart! So dying isn't all bad if you've 
    saved. Running into a gem gives no such bonus so if you've a choice 
    between the two, go for that human touch or something.
      Some of this is hinted at before, but these are the big things that 
    annoy me or that I forget.
    --Note that an item may be hidden behind a bookshelf or something tall.
    --Don't ever feel you have to pick up all the coins. Leaving one may 
    actually block a monster's path, and on the hard level it may cost you 
    points anyway.
    --Line up monsters horizontally or vertically so that you have a clearer 
    shot at them.
    --Be careful picking up a hammer if you already have a key.
    --Remember that combinations of yellow/black squares--and not just one--
    may open certain doors later.
        4-1. CITY WORLD
      This is a great introductory level and sadly the others don't really 
    achieve the variety it promises. Certainly each one after it is original 
    but with such a diverse introduction you'd hope for more. You also have 
    that extra roller skating wave, which makes this the only level with six 
    areas on a straight walkthrough.
          4-1-1. UNWANTED GUESTS
      Going straight down gets you the key. That will allow you to unlock 
    the door just to the left of the house. Do so(X key to unlock.) Get the 
    hammer and push the yellow gem up two. Cricle around clockwise and push 
    the red gem down one. Then push the yellow gem on the left right a few 
      Here it's good to discuss when you should go for picking up all coins 
    and when you shouldn't. On hard difficulty you get 1 point per bronze 
    coin and 10 points per second. So unless it takes you under .3 seconds 
    to get the coins it's not worth it. Translation: it isn't unless you 
    pick one up accidentally.
      From here push the rainbow gem right into the house, down past the 
    trash cans, right past the trash cans, and down to form a 'T' with the 
    other four red gems. This is much easier than the following way, which 
    is somewhat fun to try after you've mastered the game(I in fact thought 
    it was the only way at first:)
      R.R <- push up, then left, then bring rainbow on top, push final R in.
      Go back up to the house where the diamonds are. Push the left diamond 
    right, then push the diamond that was in the middle up and to the right. 
    Now hook down, right and up to get to the right edge. Push the middle 
    blue diamond in the upper left up one. Then push the rightmost yellow 
    behind the house to the left and push the bottom one up.
    Yellows: 6
    Reds: 7
    Diamonds: 3
    Greens: 0
    Blue: 3
    Wildcards: 1
    Starting times
    Easy 1:48
    There are some possibilities for alternate solutions but the one I 
    mentioned gets the most points. For instance you can use the wild card 
    on the yellows after clearing the reds in the upper left. But then you 
    have a mess with clearing the four reds at the bottom; you'll have to 
    push two in place. Things are set up in the first level so you can get 
    through it pretty quickly and only have to think about the basics, so 
    take advantage of it.
          4-1-2. MARKET SQUARE
      This is obviously a bit longer than the first one, but again only 
    basic principles of pushing gems around are needed here. You do look 
    into the special cases of having gems in corners(dictating a certain 
    course of action,) having to use the wild card gem on a specific gem, 
    and lining up four gems from a distant formation. You'll also want to 
    make good use of the hammers.
      Here you need to go to the middle of the map to get the keys and then 
    go to each of the three houses in the corners with back yards, enter, 
    sneak past the bad guys, and push the gems around.
      The first gems to get rid of are the four in the center. I'll draw a 
    1    2
    3    4
      You'll approach 3 and 4 first. Push 3 one square left. Push 4 four 
    squares left, under the one key. Push 2 down five squares and left 
    three. Now push 1 down. It's necessary to knock out all four at once and 
    not just get three in a row as that way you'll have one diamond left, 
    and there are no wild cards, meaning you can't win the level unless you 
    restart the board.
      Remember if you run over a hammer when you pick up a key, you drop the 
    key. With all the hammers and keys in this board it will happen.
      The upper right should be next to clear. You'll need to push the trash 
    can wedged between two reds up, then come back with the multi-colored 
    and push it between the two reds. Then you push the blue left four 
    squares and up into the corner.
      My first choice of houses with back yards is generally to go to the 
    upper left. I like to unlock the door, pick up the hammer(the guard in 
    the back yard is pesky,) and push the two yellow bales down, left one 
    first, before pushing the trash can to the left. Then I push the green 
    to the left two squares and complete the line.
      Then I clear the back yard. Pretty easy to push the only free red to 
    the left.
      Now the lower right presents a nasty challenge. You have 
      After that I clear the lower left. It's the best to clear last in hard 
    mode because the back yard's the biggest and the guard is the toughest 
    to avoid or hit. Be sure to pick up a key in the center. You'll have to 
    push the yellow out of the way, then go down, two left and push the 
    yellow up. Down, two right and up and push the yellow left--pick up the 
    hammer after unlocking the door as it should save time. Now for the back 
      The blue in the corner can't be moved, so you will instead need to 
    push the blue below it up one and push the other around. With a guard 
    snooping around this may be tough, so try to knock him with the hammer 
    ASAP. Note that if you push the lower blue right so you 'almost' have a 
    line all is not lost. You can push it back off to the side and attend to 
    the other free one just the same.
      The last part is the lower right. Go back to the center and get the 
    final key, and then enter the final garden.
      This causes a few minor headaches as well. Push the second red up into 
    the corner, then the bottom one. You may have to contend with the guard; 
    again there's a hammer around(back yard,) so use it if you're 
    Yellows: 6
    Reds: 7
    Diamonds: 3
    Greens: 0
    Blue: 3
    Wildcards: 1
    Starting times
    Easy 5:20
          4-1-3. PARK STREET
      A more complex map here. Fortunately you have a lot of things you can 
    get rid of early. On the hard level you won't want to worry about coins 
    at all but just about creating three-gem chains. Pretty much any order 
    will work out but for the hard level you'll want to focus on gem groups 
    that are close together and my walkthrough shows my recommended order. 
      You'll see sets of three blue gems, diamonds, yellow and green on the 
    first screen. Take care of the top first; push the leftmost diamond up, 
    then get the hammer and push the rightmost one left. Push the blue gem 
    right 2, down 4, right 1, up 1.
      Clearing the yellows is a bit sticky so I made a map.
    Y   G
     T T
    *  *
    * Y*
    *  *
    *Y *
    *  *
    *  *
      Go between the two trash cans and push left. Now go down and circle 
    around the bottom trash can. Push it up next to the other yellow, go 
    back down, and push the remaining one up. Next is the green; push it 1 
    right, 4 down, and 1 right. Now at the bottom there is a little garden 
    and you'll want to push the blue all the way right, up, and right. Then 
    push the diamond all the way right, down, and right. Sweep around back 
    to get the key and then go back up to where the street ends. Push the 
    lower of the two red gems close to each other up 2 squares. Then before 
    pushing the gem off to the side right 4 to match them, use a finesse. 
    Push the yellow into the wild card. With the reds disposed of, push the 
    yellow down. Don't worry about the wild card yet. You should now have 
    the yellows looking as follows:
      Your goal is to get
    YY.    YYM
     LY ->  LY
      Y      Y
      Since there are five yellows remaining, you'll need to get all of them 
    together. This looks to be the most efficient way. To do so you'll need 
    to take the top yellow by the house and push it left until it's DR of 
    the street lamp. Then take the other one, push it two up, and push it 
    left until it hits the street lamp. The wildcard now drops nicely down 
    to make two rows of five each.
      Now for the yard by the house. Note that there are four gems 
    remaining, so you'll need a row of four.
      If you can, use the trash can to trap the one guard wandering in the 
    unlocked part in the very upper right. It will mean one less bad guy to 
    navigate. Now push the top diamond right three to get almost a row, and 
    then open the door with the key(remember to check if you walked over the 
    hammer,) pick up the hammer, and circle around to push the multi-colored 
    gem down six squares. Go 1U 2W 2S and push right. You'll get a row of 
    four and a silver coin, and the level is complete.
    Starting times
    Easy 5:30
          4-1-4. NEIGHBORHOOD
      Now you will be introduced to the quicker spies who actually chase 
    after you here. The first place to go is behind the door with the blue 
    gem guarding it. A hammer is there; with quick work I find I only need 
    to use it twice. The major nuisance here is learning to fly. I lost a 
    whole game on this once. On expert levels you'll need to save this for 
    last, but on easy you may want to go at it first until you get the hang 
    of it.
      Because time is important here even on easy I'll provbide a diagram. 
    Push the multicolored right and up. Then push the blue left and go right 
    up to the door. In the back yard pick up the hammer to 'discourage' the 
    red guy chasing you. Put the two yellows and wild card together and get 
      Off to the left are three reds; push the right one up three. Below 
    that are three greens. Push the one off to the side right three and down 
    to make another row. You're on a roll now; there's a park to the right, 
    and push the blue diamond you see first to the right. Get the gems, go 
    down and push the multicolored em to the left. It'll create two 
    rows(three greens and three reds in five gems, and it adds up because 
    the multicolored mixes with anything.) The set of four yellows a bit 
    further to the right is trickier. It's as follows:
      It's easy to get 2 in a row or 3, but you need four. Push the middle 
    yellow up one and left, loop around and push the left yellow right (i.e. 
    just before you make a row,) and push the yellow above the others down. 
    Voila, a silver coin.
    Starting times
    Easy 2:02
          4-1-5. CITY RACER
      An unorthodox level counter to the game; it's a pure racing game. 
    Although the roller skating is used in a couple of other levels, this 
    provides a change from the box shifting and so forth. Not much to pick 
    up here but try to stay in the center in general when on the roller 
      In fact I find flooring it to the right from the start of the scene 
    work OK--until there's that park to the south of you. Then you need to 
    start turning south. It may be safest to run into the lamppost at the 
    right edge. Then tap left until you go down(avoid the goon that way) and 
    go left when you see an open space. The first set of gems will be in a 
    garden to the north with an opening: two reds with a multi-colored 
    between you just need to push a square up. See if you can get to them 
    without losing your skates(again, tapping the button helps here.) Don't 
    bother to pick up the first set of gems as it requires a lot of slipping 
    and sliding. 
    Starting times
          4-1-6. FREE YOUR FRIENDS
      This level certainly throws a lot at you. You don't have to get all 
    the gems in order to get to Penny and Brain, but it can't hurt.
      There are three red gems in the house garden to start; you should have 
    no problem disposing with them. The hammer will come in useful later so 
    even if you waste a second or two it is a good investment on any level.
     YR    YR
    YR    YRR
    R R ->R
    Y Y   YY
    RY    RY
     RY    RY
     Push the yellow left, and the red up. Now push the red on the far left 
    left, go around, push it right, and when it's below the two reds push it 
    up. Now you'll have two yellows free. Push the left of the two down and 
    right to form a row of three yellows.
      The rest is not too bad although there's a bit of dragging stuff 
    about. Push the top red left 2 and down. Push the middle(up/down) yellow 
    right three and down. Then push the top yellow three right and down. 
    Everything's gone!
      Now onto the next roadblock.
    M D
    D M
      Push the multi-colored gem left. Get the coins and then pus the bottom 
    diamond right and up. That's cleared.
    Then there is something else to deal with:
    MR X
      B   ... B
      Push the blue from the right into position next to the other blue, 
    move the multi-colored left and up two, and circle around and line up 
    the final multi-colored to make another row. The next part is one of the 
    more entertaining pure gem-pushing puzzles in the game. Too bad it 
    doesn't have to be solved.
        Y X
       G GX
      Y Y
     G G
    Y Y
      Of the leftmost yellows push the upper one right and the lower up two 
    squares. Get the coins(and do so in the future,) push the lowest G right 
    and two up. Push the lower right Y up and the left Y right two. Push the 
    left G up and two right. Go in the room to the left, curve sharply down 
    and push the yellows together. You can then push the red gem just 
    outside up four squares and the gem to the left of it up one square. Now 
    you can go right and if you want to clear everything you can take the 
    right green gem, push it down, two right and up before putting the multi 
    colored gem between the red and blue. Otherwise there's an easier way to 
    get the gold coin. Then you can use the key behind the diamonds that are 
    easy to line up to get to the upper right corner, where you'll find the 
    key and unlock the gate.
    Starting times
        4-2. CIRCUS WORLD
          4-2-1. CIRCUS ARRIVES
      It's important to get off to a good start here. You can mess up a lot 
    in the upper right area if you're not careful. In fact the lower middle 
    part is tricky, as well, and it's not easy to navigate the clown; he's 
    as fast as you are but can be faked out if you hide around barriers and 
    wait for him to move randomly away.
      Go left, pushing the red gem to the wall. Push the blue gem down and 
    get the coins. Push the middle red gem down. Go all the way back around 
    up. After pushing the block two squares left, push the green left to the 
    wall and down. Push the diamonds in the upper right so that they almost 
    form a row with the other diamond, i.e.:
    X X
    X X
    d X
    X X
      If you go too far with one diamond push it all the way down and try to 
    put the top diamond where the first went.
      You've cleared the upper right. Now the lower part is a bit trickier, 
    but what you need to do is first push the top multi-colored gem left and 
    then the right gem left. There seems no way to get five gems lined up 
    after getting the four lined up if you just pushed the red gem. So after 
    getting the first row of three the second should be obvious(multi gem 
    down.) Now getting the last three gems in order will be a bit tricky but 
    just push the two movable blocks(red and yellow) down. Push the right 
    gem down and to the left so you have two in a row. Then push the crate 
    below the left red gem left and down. Now push the final gem one left, 
    one down, right, and down. Voila. This sort of shifting maneuver will 
    become more important later on, with tougher variants.
      The diamonds are much easier; just push the garbage can north and then 
    the two diamonds likewise. Run behind the house to get the key and then 
    to the middle again beneath the yellows. Push one forward at the right 
      You'll need a bit of time to avoid the clown after you enter. It's 
    possible to lure it by placing yourself strategically. It seems to 
    generally tend toward you, but if you go right of the entrance as it 
    goes up it will wind up in a cul-de-sac. You can also sucker the bad guy 
    out of the square where he is(if you have the time) and block the 
    entrance with a crate. If you do not you may get beaten up as the bad 
    guy runs after you even if you manage to get the gems at the top 
    together(go right quickly, up and left.) If not you can probably trap 
    the monster in the upper right corner of the area with the crates. When 
    you fake him to the left as he goes up, quickly double back and push the 
    crate up. You can even push it up once first to be sure.
    Starting times
          4-2-2. SETTING UP
      This will be your first encounter with the G squares(you can step on 
    them, monsters can't) and the M squares(vice versa.) Some annoying 
    machinations here but nothing too hard hopefully.
      The blue gems below should go first. Push the upper crate into the UL 
    corner, the other crate to the left wall. Arrange the blue gems one 
    column away from the edge.
      The red gems are next. Push the lower one up two, right two, and the 
    other one one down and left. The yellow gems--just be sure to push the 
    middle one left first. Then go along the bottom and push the bottom 
    green gem up.
      Now you go to the upper part. The yellows are first to go; push the 
    upper one down one, then push the three in a vertical line. The diamonds 
    are next. Push the one beneath the G up until it collides with another 
    diamond, then bring the third one right. Get the hammer too. You may 
    have to bash the monster a few times now, but it's doable.
      Now go through the 'G' squares. The greens at the top should not be 
    too tough to figure out, but for the reds the safest way is to make use 
    of the M square. Push the red gem onto the M square so that you're 
    insulated in a corner, then make a row of two. Push the remaining red 
    gem up, right and down. If you're really feeling adventurous you can 
    push everything against the top wall, but this is risky.
      Finally you'll want to cover the area behind the locked door. The 
    puzzle is not how to push the gems but how to get there. The key is in 
    the upper right, and you should have few problems getting to it. You can 
    also pick up the helicopter and fly to the bottom although this is a bit 
    risky so only do it if you're short on time.
    Starting times
          4-2-3. CLOSED TODAY
      The key here is when to use the jetpack capability. The lower right is 
    off limits by walking(all the M icons) so you do so only when you are 
    finished with everything else.
      The blues don't need more than the standard way of putting things 
    together. Push the crate above the right one to the right, then bring it 
    up a square and left. The third will be easy to place. For the reds push 
    the top one down 2 right 1. Push the unconnected red one up and four 
    right. For the yellows near the hammer push one up and another right(the 
    only ones to move.) Push the bottom green outside the g's right, then 
    push the other green behind it to get another row. For the yellows push 
    the top one one left four down and the other down, 3 right, down.
      The greens above the area with the g's--move one of them right, the 
    next up. Use the hammer to navigate the reds below it, and for the 
    finale you'll need to fly a bit. Be sure you've saved some hammers. Try 
    to land in a very open space, circle around the multi-colored gem and 
    push it down and left to make the final row.
    Starting times
          4-2-4. CLOWNS ON STRIKE
      This level may be a bit unfair on hard as there is a lot of random 
    waiting about. But it's got some clever puzzles and is quite fun on 
      There's a nasty puzzle right off th bat here. What to do about those 
    five diamonds? Well, don't touch them right away. The only two you can 
    push from outside create a row of three. From outside, hmm. Instead go 
    up/left to get the blue diamonds in order and up/left, pushing the 
    garbage can down first, to get the reds in order. There are reds up and 
    to the right as well; push the right one left for and then the top one 
    down two, left three. With the wild card that is a row. Now you want to 
    go to the right where you can put the three reds in a line fairly 
    easily. Don't get the topmost coin as that will release the one monster. 
    Use stealth to get by the green monster and goon trapped between the two 
    G's in the place before the three blue diamonds. Line the three blue 
    diamonds up(push them against the right wall, moving the crate up first) 
    and then after you get out, check the crates with the greens lined up.
      Push the top green right three and down, the bottom one up one.  Now 
    note that the helicopter power is behind the van to the right. Pick it 
    up and fly as fast as possible to the inner part. Now this is tricky; 
    push all diamonds in a row, with the middle one last.
     d X
     d X
      Push the middle one right, then the bottom two right. Then push the 
    middle one two squares right and the one formerly above it left. The 
    middle one can now go left, and you'll have all the coins.
      If you want to cut out all the busy work you may also start with going 
    up/right and then getting the chopper. That way the toughest part is 
    gone first.
    Starting times
    Easy 4:11
          4-2-5. FREE YOUR FRIENDS
      Yikes, Uncle Gadget! Gems bouncing back and forth! Touch one and you 
    lose a life. The rules here are that pushing a gem on a yellow/black 
    platform causes it to start moving(and if you're behind it, you get 
    hit,) and to stop things you just push a gem into another gem's path. If 
    you need to cross, do so at an edge; the gems are less likely to pass by 
      This is a tricky level, but if you can navigate the first part and 
    notice what goes where, monsters won't bother you much.
      First cross on te right hand side as you go up. Push the blue gem 
    down, and if you can trap the other blue gem against the wall it means 
    you won't have to worry about crossing. Then push the green gem down 
    into the moving green gem's path. Off to the left there are two trash 
    cans in a row; push the right one down. Go left and up and push the blue 
    gem into the row of three. You'll need to move about a bit to put the 
    other green gem in the right position(down 2, left two, down three, 
    right.) Then push the two yellow gems that don't move up two; the other 
    gem will bounce into them. If the moving gem gets trapped on the left 
    side then move the bottom left gem left a square first. But whatever you 
    do, unless you feel confident enough to move the left gem and trap the 
    moving gem in the square to the left, be sure to move the right gem 
    first or otherwise you will be trapped in a no win situation.
      Cross the area where the yellow gem was. Take the first multi colored 
    gem and put it between the green and red gems. Then push the yellow gem 
    down, get the coins, and push the green gem down. Then take the bottom 
    diamond, push it down, and push it up twice. Get the coins and now take 
    the other multi-colored gem and push it through where the diamonds were 
    and into the square next to the red, blue and yellow. Go up and right 
    through the corridor, push the crate up, and get the hammer.
      If you are on the hard level you will want to use the skates to get 
    past the guys with the hamers, which requires using a bit of momentum, 
    but in either case you'll need the trash can that appears just above the 
    entrance to the crossings where crates are being kicked back and forth 
    in order to get through. Push it into the path of the crates, never 
    letting it touch an edge, and you will make it. Get the chopper in the 
    bottom right and fly back left of the trash can. Drop in, get the key, 
    and release Penny and Brain while ducking the goon.
    Starting times
    Easy 6:44
        4-3. HAUNTED HOUSE
          4-3-1. GUARDED CRYSTALS
      Your first experience with spikes! Enjoy it, or something. Lots of 
    keys here but this level is compartmented enough that it seems logical 
    enough. You just have to do a lot of moving around.
      Clear the left side first; it's the toughest so you won't have it to 
    dread later. Push the yellow gem up a bit to get the key. Then open the 
    gate and step on the panel and quickly dodge. Push the right gem(Against 
    the wall) into the bouncing gem's path(if the gem is not bouncing back 
    and forth push it up against the top wall.) Then push the other gem into 
    the row you've made. Enter the top left. Push the red gem in the corner 
    four down, three right and four up. It may not look like you can push it 
    down, but you can.
      Clear the yellows next by pushing the one in front of you all the way 
    up. Now note which way the spikes go. Note you go faster than the 
    spikes, so don't rush across. And don't be too eager to follow; even 
    tiny spikes can kill you. The bottom sequence of spikes is the way to 
    go; they go to the right. You'll want to leave via the top sequence.
      Beware of the yellow/black square in the room with the bookshelves. It 
    will release the red gem at the bottom up at you. However it is useful 
    to save a bit of time once you've placed another red gem in the way--
    probably the middle one, which you can push down(optical illusions or 
    fallacies are becoming more of the challenge as levels go on. Try to 
    push stuff down you're not sure you can; remember the game is in 
    perspective.) The blue gems are easy enough to put together. Push them 
    all to the left and the top one down.
    Starting times
          4-3-2. THE VAULT
      This one really annoyed me but the only really problem is to find how 
    to get the middle part. There's a hidden tile--but more on that later--
    and another optical illusion, and even a neat puzzle with getting the 
    gems on the left side, which should be saved for last especially if you 
    want to pick up all the coins. I think that the best way to go about 
    things is to start on the right. The other ways, you may release a bad 
    guy and have him chasing you all the time. It will have to happen 
    anyway, so save it 'til last.
      First push the green gem right onto the yellow/black square. Go up, 
    push the green gem there up one, go down, and push the green gem two 
    squares right. Now you've set yourself up for later without letting a 
    patrolman out.Get the key on the far right. Now there are four rooms 
    here and the order you do things in is important.
      Open the upper right room, get the key, push the diamond down to the 
    center of the hallway, and two squares left of between the two left 
    doors. Unlock the lower left room. Get the key before you push the red 
    gem up and to the right and unlock the door above. Make a detour to get 
    the three green gems in place before you put the red gem between the 
    entrances to the right rooms, in the middle of the hallway. Go back to 
    the upper right and behind(above) the bookcases to get the key you can't 
    see, and then push the diamond onto the yellow/black tile to open the 
    door to the right. Now you can put the red gems in a row. Do so before 
    putting the diamonds in a row.
      Now for the fun part. You can go across the slightly hidden yellow and 
    black tile just below the square area that is enclosed. That turns all 
    the gems there. You can leave the patrolman in there but won't get the 
    bonus points you might hope for; the alternative is to let him out, let 
    him chase you around, enter, give him the run around again, and then get 
      Whether or not you get the gems you'll need to clear out the left 
    side. Push the green gem back onto the yellow/black and all the way up. 
    Then circle around and above the final green gem. Push it down and then 
    right; if the patrolman interferes, run clockwise and away from him a 
    few times. Be sure that, if you're near the end, you don't get killed 
    just after you get all three gems together.
    Starting times
    Easy 4:21
          4-3-3. TRICKS AND TRAPS
      Be prepared to start over a lot. Also note that if you get hit by the 
    cat it will disappear, which is not all bad as your progress is not 
      Go left and avoid the blue gem bouncing back and forth. Push the gem 
    above it down while it's to the left, then push the other blue gem left 
    and down. Be sure that the cat is nowhere close when you do, or that you 
    can time your use of the hammer; it's fast. It's probably best to stay 
    just outside the boundaries, whack the cat, align the yellows(push to 
    the bottom,) and run out again after getting the roller skates. Bash the 
    cat again on the way if you need to or feel like it. You want to be sure 
    you can roller skate over the spikes as you sure can't walk.
      Roller skating is not trivial but tap the controller in the direction 
    you want to go and don't be scared to skulk in corners(the upper left 
    one is good to head for.) After the spikes have passed the intro and 
    gone up, skate onto the narrow passage and go up for all it's worth.
      Again you may get blind-sided here because a gem just doesn't show up. 
    Here's what to do. Push the left green gem up one. Push the right one 
    left three and push the above one left. Then push both up. Walk to the 
    right of them and you'll set off a spring; the third green gem will hit 
    them. Push the yellow gem right and you'll get another row of three.
      The final bit is surprisingly easy. Push the lower blue gem left and 
    two up, and push the multicolored gem up three. Whew.
    Starting times
          4-3-4. THE MASTER IS OUT
      I'm not totally satisfied with my solution here. It involves losing a 
    man and also a lot of trickery where I think just hitting a certain 
    square would suffice. But then again you expect that from a later sub-
    level, so here it is.
     Don't delay moving up a few squares. If you stay put, gems running by 
    will ambush you. Go up and right to the pennant. Then cross the two red 
    gems that are going past. You'll have to slip by the second one again to 
    the right in order to push the blue gems together. Once you do, go back 
    around the rightmost yellow/black and get the key. Push the red gem down 
    four, left three, up, left a few, and then block the path of the first 
    red gem. Move your gem up one again when the two other red gems are on 
    opposite sides of your gem. Then getting three gems in a row should be 
    easy. The room to the right of this is next; push the middle green gem 
    up and move quickly right. Now you must get over to the room with five 
    gems. Grab the pennant next to it to save your game. Then move down 
    quickly after the spikes have passed to push the multicolored gem left.
    BB BB   BB BB    B BB    B B    B
      M  ->M     ->MB    ->MB B ->MB BB
      Push the multi-colored gem three left. Then push the leftmost blue 
    down, push the rightmost blue down and two left, and the new rightmost 
    blue down. You should now be able to push the last blue down to get five 
    in a row. This is not totally trivial, as you constantly have to avoid 
    spikes as well. Generally you'll want to wait until the spikes have 
    passed where you want to go and then push one gem into place. Be 
    prepared to move to a safe spot if your first effort fails as well and, 
    in fact, to sacrifice a few lives. Once you're done you may wish to use 
    the chopper to go left into the next room. From there push the red gem 
    north. This will lose you a life, but I don't see any other way to 
    release the catch that will shoot the gem out. Circle back up, left and 
    down to the room again, being sure to push the yellow gem at its 
    entrance down two and left two. This will block up the other gems that 
    are constantly moving around the perimeter. Eventually they'll form a 
    row and coins. From there it is not trivial to direct the green gems 
    down the narrow tunnel to match with the other one, but you can do it. 
    This will complete the level.  Be aware that the chairs move and that 
    touching the fire will lose you a life.
    Starting times
          4-3-5. FREE YOUR FRIENDS
      In the room to the immediate right, Push the rightmost greens left. 
    Above that, push one yellow gem two down, the other left and two down. 
    Then go off to the left. Push the multicolored gem below to the right 
    up. Then push the other one left, then the original one down and right.
      Now to get beyond the locked door you'll need to move a crate in the 
    far upper left room and a chair in the upper right. This will release 
    the two panels which in conjunction will unlock the door.
      Now if you want to get all five blue gems, push them three up and two 
    left/right, obviously starting with the one closest to the multicolored 
    gem on each side. See alphabetized diagram below for an order--then you 
    push the multicolored gem down.
      ba cd
    BA     CD 
      Below the twisting corridors there are thre blue gems it's easy to put 
      However if you just want to get on with things, you may want to touch 
    the two yellow/black panels including the one at the dead end of the 
    corridor that will open the bottom right to you. Be sure to save your 
    progress at the G pennant after opening the first. The red agent may get 
    you--in which case he's no longer a problem, but you'll be set back a 
    bit. Then go down and through the open gate to the left. Run over the 
    platform, push the blue gems together, and hit the other one. The gent 
    is now sealed from you.
      The next big thing is, what about those moving boxes? Note the box off 
    to the left on the side that's not moving. Push it up one. You're 
    halfway done; wait until the pile-up stops. Go below the pile-up and 
    push the create north of the yellow/black onto it.
      If you're on easy or medium, now you can take the crate at the bottom 
    of the pile-up and go right, four up, two right for another pile-up. 
    Push a crate out of the way. There's a row of four greens to the right.
      In any event you're now ready to get Penny and Brain. Follow the path 
    to the three red gems and push them together. Then with the following 
    final configuration here's how to get all four yellows in a row, 
    although you can push the two middle ones down quickly to make a quick 
    path in hard mode:
     Y   Y
    YKY-> YKY-> YKY-> YK ->  K
     Y     Y   Y Y   Y YY  YYYY
      Of course you will pick up the key before then but I leave it as 
      In hard mode the extra coin isn't worth your time so I just suggest 
    the following:
               Y    Y
     Y    Y
    YKY-> KY-> KY-> K
     Y   YY   YY   YYY
      In any case you need to get the coin from the square where the bottom 
    Y was so you could even just push the yellow gem into a corner, quickly 
    detouring to get the key. Once you've got the key, go see Penny and 
    Brain. The next part will be much easier.
    Starting times
        4-4. CANDY WORLD
      Appallingly easy for its advanced stage in the game, but it's fun to 
    look at.
          4-4-1. KIDS' CORNER
      The tough part here is figuring out how to get the greens to work. Up, 
    left, down, left, up, right, down, push right. Right, loop 
    counterclockwise to push the diamond down, push red right, push red 
      Push the multicolored up and left past the other two. Push them into 
    line for a row of three. Back to the right, push the green gem above to 
    the left. Push the yellow up along the way. Cross over and push the blue 
    gem you see up two. Circle around clockwise and push the yellow right 
    before pushing the blue down, then push the remaining blue up.
    Starting times
          4-4-2. ANGRY AGENTS
      The patrolman is disguised like a regular goon here.
      If you are on hard level then the only coins you want to take are the 
    ones made when you put the blue ones in a row.
      This is almost shamefully easy. You can go up to line up the red gems, 
    right and up to knock out the greens, down, right and up to line up the 
    diamonds. Get the hammer if you need and then go down, right and down to 
    line up the greens before going up to line up the reds. Go left(there's 
    a passage back that way, and you'll notice it if you wait and watch the 
    guard as the scene starts.) Go down and left to push the blue gems 
    together. Get all the coins, go right and down and left(push the 
    diamonds together) and circle around to push the yellow gem up. You may 
    have to bash the patrolman once before moving on.
      This level is one where I believe you can end with more time than you 
    Starting times
    Easy 1:54
          4-4-3. CANDY 21
      Another dopey one, quite frankly. You need only get to the center to 
    step on the panel to get most of the gems turned to coins. For the left 
    side you proceed as follows:
      Two down, two right, up to turn the blues on the left into coins.
      Two down, two left, up to turn the reds on the right into coins.
      The right side is pretty easy, or half of it is. There are four 
    horizontal strips, the middle two offering no obstruction to putting 
    three gems in a row. Scrunch the side ones against the middle ones.
      For the end parts you'll need to try to push the far left and right 
    towards the center as you can. It often helps to goad the patrolman 
    towards you and run to entirely the other side. You can also trap the 
    bottom one off to one side, say, the left(note the gift box,) and move 
    the center and right over to make a row.
    Starting times
          4-4-4. AGENTS' DAY OFF
      Go up and take the roller skates all the way left. Then push the 
    multi-colored gem left two to create the 'T' and get a gold coin. Notice 
    the gift below you can use to push your way out.
    X  R
    XMR  M
    X  R
      Now working left to right, top to bottom:
    --push the red gem down two squares.
    --push the diamond up and left.
    --push the multicolored gem right. It looks like you might be blocked 
    from doing so, but you aren't.
    --push the gift up. Push the blue gem right of it where the gift was.
    --push the green gem right. Get the key. Open the locked door just to 
    the right. Push bottom diamond up, push top diamond right.
    --You may wish to save at the 'G' pennant before this as it may cost a 
    life. Push one of two gift boxes two squares to right. Push red gem to 
    the right. Now circle around before taking any of the gems and push the 
    other gift box right two before you do; this should trap the enemy 
    agent. Push green gem up, get coins, push blue gems that are free up.
    Starting times
    Easy 6:36
          4-4-5. FREE YOUR FRIENDS
      Lots of stuff to pick up here that isn't fully necessary to. However 
    it's rather fun, so if you're on easy, why not? Necessary parts are 
    asterisked here for those of you on the hard level. Some of these sets 
    of gems are very easy to get to and line up; they will actually gain you 
    a bit of time. The closer they are, the better.
      Go up above the blue diamond and push it down one and then left. Go up 
    and right, push a green right, get the coins, and push the blue near you 
    left. You may have to wait a bit here to push the red gem up and then 
    circle around right/up/left and push the other gem left. Go right from 
    the wafer area to the grassy area. Push the middle yellow right and then 
    go up to push the diamond onto the two above it. You may want to save at 
    the pennant before pushing the left multicolor(in the area to the right) 
    right two, then take the right one, push it up and left. Now cross the 
    spikes(bottom when you go right.) Push the diamond down. Push the red 
    gem up and get the key on the way up. Pick up the chopper and move down 
    to the right center by the row/column of gems. Push the multicolored up 
    to make rows of the green and yellow.
    **begin critical**
      Now there's a green above the boundary to the bottom part. Push it 
    left and kick it down. Get the coin and circle under the blue gem that's 
    not quite in the row of four. Push it up. Push the red gem below it 
    right. This gains you a bit of time. Cross any one of the spikes.
    **end critical**
      Getting the yellow gems to the left in line is tough. Push to yellows 
    all the way to the left then push them together. Then move the third 
    into these two. This can be a nuisance if the bad guy insists on hanging 
    around so you may just wish to go around them, avoiding the bad 
    guy(watch which way he goes.)
    **begin critical**
      Note that the hammer between the last two of the three spikes is a 
    nasty trap. You'll drop the key and pick it up. So you'll have to double 
    back once you're across the spikes. Wait a second for the leftmost 
    spikes to go down before going back--you can probably save at the 
    pennant and time it just right.
      If you are short of time then you should probably wipe out the two 
    gems here--it may be tough to wait for(and sneak by) that final guard by 
    where Penny and Brain are. So quickly push the two greens above to the 
    left. Then push the two reds below one square left(those that can be 
    pushed.) Now there's a bit of a crossroad after this. You should be able 
    to navigate it with ease though.
    X   B D DD
    X XBXMX   X
    X X M     X
    X XMXBX   X
      Push the multicolored and the blue at the bottom up, get the coins, 
    and push the blue and then the multicolored up. Push the diamond right. 
    Wait for the guard to leave the immediate jail cell area and run up and 
    unlock the door with the key--you do have the key and not the hammer, 
    don't you?
      On to level five!
    Starting times
        4-5. SPACE STATION
      None of the levels here are too tough, strangely enough. The last one 
    is an interesting case; I tried for a bit to get all the gems to 
    disappear. Lots of yellow/black tiles here and lots of cheap shots. Also 
    there are plenty of sub-rooms meaning you'll have to run around quite a 
          4-5-1. MACHINE ROOM
      A lot of small specific puzzles, with a neat way of navigating a blue 
    gem bouncing between two trap panels.
      Push the green gem seven squares to the right(i.e. when it is just 
    before the wall) and then push it up into the gem above. Push the gem 
    above down. Avoid the bouncing blue gem by sneaking in between the 
    teleportals and moving down one niche at a time. When down you want to 
    detour for the key before you push the blue gem right. Be sure to trap 
    the moving gem above it. Then take the gem you moved and push it left 
    one and up. Open the locked door(with the radioactive sign on it) and 
    push the  diamond up to get another row. Go back down, left and up 
    through the red 'no entry' sign and push the yellow gem up and then the 
    multi-colored one. Circle down, left and up to push the remaining red 
    gem up, then push it right.
      Now walk across the spikes for the final slightly tricky puzzle. I've 
    made a diagram below of the critical parts.
    X  *
    X X*
    X X*
    X  M
    X M
      Here's the pedestrian solution: Push the right multicolored left into 
    the wall. Push the lowest multicolored up two to hit the wall. Push the 
    new lowest up two squares, then push the remaining gem left into place.
      However, you can end with a flourish by going left from the spikes and 
    pushing the multicolored gem down into the trash can. Then push the 
    rightmost one down, and you have a row.
    Starting times
    Easy 3:57
          4-5-2. COMMAND CENTRAL
      This is a one-way trip but has a few nuances. However it's not too 
    bad, and the puzzles are more intimidating than outright challenging.
      For starters there's a nasty conveyor belt that will knock you out 
    with the three blue diamonds if you go over it at the wrong time. And 
    you'll have to go over it twice. Note that there's a longer break 
    between one pair of gems than the other two; take advantage of that even 
    if you have to wait for it a bit. Go north(circle around left) and push 
    the first crate you find three squares right and then down onto the 
    conveyor belt. That takes care of the three gems that zipped around. Now 
    you'll want to go all the way up and through the G's. When the red spy 
    is turned, push the blue gem right. If you can wait a fraction of a 
    second, the gem will be kicked between the two below it for another row. 
    If not you can push it into position but on hard that may cost valuable 
    time. Go right to get the key and save at the pennant and open the right 
    door. Charge down when the spy is ignoring you and unlock the second 
      Go left/down and push the multicolored down. Then push the middle 
    yellow down two, left two, and down. Push the remaining yellow down and 
    all the way left. Now hook down to where the green gem is between the 
    two X's. Push the green gem left(not like there's a choice of ways to 
    move it.) Then move it up a few. You'll be trapped in the room and the 
    screen should fade to signify the change of level; if not, oh well, you 
    can restart with little damage done--and some experience gained, I 
    Starting times
    Easy 2:14
          4-5-3. SPACE LAB
      This one's a bit tougher. A little urgency at the start as you must 
    zigzag past the first guard. Then you can push the diamond on the left 
    up; don't stop with it on the tile, but let it wait one square before so 
    that the red gem is not as much of a danger. Still, move quickly down 
    before the red gem hits you.
      Now if you're unlucky(really--it's more work and time that way even 
    though it's a bit safer) a guard will have walked in the way of the red 
    gem, but if not, cross and push one of the red gems down. Be sure to 
    stick the gem that was bouncing back and forth between the other two 
    horizontally, so you can push the third gem down with ease.
      Now to cover the top part. There are two blue gems above the bouncing 
    one; take the left one, push it right and down. You'll want to pin the 
    moving gem to the right so pushing the other blue gem left and down 
    creates a row. Teleporters make moving around awkward, but it's doable 
    and not that risky. Then off to the right push the green left gem up and 
    then two right. Push the right gem up two and left.
      Push the yellow gem all the way down, being sure to run across the 
    yellow/black panel. That gets one row, and if you loop around the yellow 
    gem above it and move it right into the next wall you'll have another 
    row. Now go up and push the right diamond up. Push the diamond above it 
    up two and right one. Zigzag diagonally if the red spy sees you, heading 
    toward the further-away wall, and touch the pennant. Circle around to 
    get the hammer, bash the red spy, and then move the red gem left and all 
    the way up before doing the same for the yellow. If you slip then bash 
    the red spy while he's down to buy a little more time(or get practice--
    it's not easy to control a hammer popping out of your hat you know, and 
    it may come in handy in the next mission,) just in case. Time your walk 
    down to get past the red guard who just moves back and forth 
    predictably. Go left from there and push the green, red and blue gems 
    down to create rows of four. Push the red gem left to create an 
    entertaining and lucrative chain reaction(a puzzle would have been more 
    appropriate here.) Then step over the red X(this was tougher to figure 
    out/remember than pushing the red gem left, which I got by accident.) 
    Pick up the coins and, in the lower left, the key. If you can afford the 
    time and risk, zip into the room above and get the gold coin.
      Back right, detour up and use the key. Get the hammer for security 
    once you've whacked the red guy, go clockwise around the machine and 
    push the yellow gem out. Go down almost all the way and look right. step 
    on the yellow/black tile and watch the red gem go flying. Now you'd like 
    to push the red gem to the right of the G's two right and down(trap the 
    moving gem below it,) and then push the left of the three diamonds right 
    until you have a column. Now go past the G square above. The blues 
    aren't trivial to arrange so I present the numbered diagram below. No 
    blue can go over the X.
      Push 2 up, 1 right. You can't see the floor but you can in fact walk 
    around gem 1 without walking around the teleporter. Cross over the 
    second G above and push the yellow gem to the top of the screen.
    Starting times
          4-5-4. LOGIC DECK
      There's not as much logic as you might fear here. First push the red 
    gem up and quickly move down out of the way. Then retrace your steps. 
    For the next part go up/right/up into the room with the green and yellow 
    lights. Push the side yellow gems up and the center one a square down. 
    Note all three lights in the vicinity should be on now. Go back left and 
    up to the door. Stand on the yellow/black tile and the door should open. 
    Once in the room push the green gem right and then get the coins before 
    pushing the multicolored gem right. Go back below the room with the 
    three yellow gems. Save the progress you've made at the pennant. Push 
    one multicolored gem onto one green square(say the bottom one. Left, 
    four up, three left, two up.) Push the other onto the other green 
    square(left, four up, left, up.) Push the low yellow gem up for a gold 
    coin. The rest is more of an endurance test.
    X  xB BX
    X   1  X
    X    23X
    X 4 5B X
    X      X
      I numbered the crates in the room below the red/green light room. Push 
    1 left, 3 down, 2 right, and circle around and push the blue gem up.
      Cross the G's and enter the big square room. Here you can't really 
    distinguish between the fast guard and the slow one. Just try to get to 
    the center, push a gem away, and make a row. THey're in a windmill so 
    you should be able to push one the first few times. Later you may want a 
    hammer but if you can cross to the other side without getting hit then 
    that is ideal--you'll need to sneak back along the bottom wall and get 
    the key. It may be worth it to sacrifice a life to the guard that can 
    sniff you out, just to save time, especially on hard.
      Now go right, down and left into the right room. You want to get to 
    the upper right but the guard is pesky. Go left, up and right when he is 
    near the upper right corner and you should have no problem. Leave the 
    same way. Note the green gems that were in the center are coins now; 
    standing on the trigger did that. Entry to the room trumps the coins' 
    value. Both guards are dumb so it's easy to outsmart them for the key. 
    Then climb across the spikes noting that the rows pop up when guards 
    walk over the critical trigger squares. You need to walk on the trigger 
    square above the monster squares to get the final three gems together. 
    You may get killed if you don't back up just the right amount(by the gem 
    or spikes) but with enough lives left it should be moot. Especially 
    given that the final level is low-risk once you understand it.
    Starting times
    Easy 5:46
          4-5-5. FREE YOUR FRIENDS
      The ending here is pretty dippy, nothing to brag about. I missed it 
    the first time through because I figured there would be more levels. 
    There aren't. Surprisingly this level is not too bad although it looks 
    incredibly nasty at first.
      The key to seeing how this operates is to note that there are three 
    switches; the crates just above/left of the blue, red and yellow dots 
    that prevent access for you. You must step on the triggers below them to 
    push the crates up. The trigger to the right of them kicks the next gem 
    out. If the gem is not the color you want then be sure the yellow, red 
    and blue crates are down until it is. However this should not be a 
    problem. Just be sure to clear out the coins after each time you run the 
      Notice that stepping on the trigger above the dot pushes its crate 
    back down, and if you kick a gem through, any crate it hits against(by 
    the blue, red or yellow) is pushed down. Note that is only one crate, 
    1. push the crate by the yellow button(push yellow,) step on the right 
    trigger(kick one gem)
    2. push blue, get the coins, push trigger
    3. push red, get coins, push trigger
    4. push yellow, get coins, bypass the gems below if you're in a hurry--
    skip to step 5.
    4a. Diagram below. Step on the pennant square.
    X   BYB  R   X
    X   Y  RB    X
    X     Y   R  X
      The first ones you can synchronize are the reds. Push them both left. 
    Push the blue up and left after clearing the coins. Now push the bottom 
    yellow four left, push the yellow above it right, and push the bottom 
    yellow right until you get a column. Get the coins and then push the 
    blue right.
    5. Getting past the guard may be a bit daunting at first, but if you 
    lean on diagonal movement you should be OK. It's best to start when the 
    guard is on the bottom of the screen. Remember you can always change 
    diagonal direction as you're going right, and if necessary you can wait 
    for the guard to come at you and move away, steering diagonally. Even if 
    you're worked into a corner you can just go up(on the right side) or 
    up/right and down/right until you're at the right side.
    6. Crossing the spiked pits to get the key requires a bit of footwork. 
    It's easy to time the first spikes but for the  second part you'll need 
    to time the crate bouncing back and forth as well as the spikes. Go to 
    the bottom after crossing the first spikes. The crate's a bit tougher to 
    time than the spikes so allow yourself a little more leeway if you worry 
    about getting hit with the spikes.
    7. The second set of spikes is easier but it may be tricky to tap the 
    controller right just enough to get between them and the crate. See if 
    you can walk diagonally once you're one square above the spikes, but if 
    not, and you have another life to spare, you'll be kicked back to 5. 
    Complete that if you lost your man, and go unlock Penny and Brain. You 
    win! Just remember not to hit the Go Go Gadget X key to skip the cut 
    scenes--which are actually different this time if not thrilling.
      **A brief digression**
      I think I have conclusive proof that you can't get all the gems on 
    this board. There are three yellow gems, two red and two blue in the 
    machine in the upper left. Now two yellow must go to the pairs of gems 
    in the tunnel above the pennant, as must a blue and a red. That leaves a 
    yellow, a blue and a red. But you can't get four reds in a row, as the 
    bottom one would be on the bottom row, and the red coming from the 
    chute/machine would have to wind up four rows above it. One of the three 
    rows in between could not be occupied by a red, of which there are two 
    Starting times
    Easy 4:24
    End of FAQ proper
    **This FAQ will not self destruct in 15 seconds but it probably will 
    tumble into obscurity in a year or so. Same thing with the universe 
    being as old as it is.**
      5. VERSIONS
    1.0.0: Go go gadget FTP'd to GameFaqs on 9/4/2002 with only minor level 
    info missing. Should have all the easy levels through although I'll take 
    another look when I get GameShark.
      6. CREDITS
    Coconuts for putting this game on my Go Go Gadget bargain radar with a 
    great deal($9.99 bargain bin.)
    GameFAQs and the people who requested this, without which I would not 
    have considered this game so much

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