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"Good game bit repetitve"

This is a game, which has many different styles of tournaments that can keep you playing for hours. The only problem is how after about ten tournaments the game can seem to become very repetitive.


This game is great for gameplay and gives great enjoyment whilst you try to use the different moves in the best possible ways. When however you have learnt the spin and the cross and the art of free kicks the game may become slightly repetitive and you may end up winning all the time. Gameplay rating - 7


The graphics on this game are fantastic and the players are slightly recognisable whereas with other games up close it looks slightly flawed. This game gives the PS1 football games a fresh new look and is very attractive to watch and play. The game is also quite good as the team shirts are the right colours and end clearly not in a blur. The players also have very distinctive hair and players who are bald in real life are bald in this. The only problem is sometimes the kits can be very similar to the referee and you may think that you have an extra player or opponent. Graphics rating – 9

The sound of the game in my opinion is quite good as the commentary is close to when the moves are made. The commentaries like the rest of the game can get a bit repetitive I think that the soundtrack to the game could do with some serious rethinking, as it is the same tune over and over again. The only other flaw is most of the team/player names are obviously recorded separately and the voices are not quite a perfect match. Sound I would give a 7

The game is very replayable and can provide the player with hours of enjoyment. There are quite a lot of things to do as there are various leagues and tournaments and a lot of teams to choose from. It will take a while to master the game and I have had it for four years and still I manage to lose every now and again. This is when using a not so good team to play a great team and this will provide more of a challenge in the game. Rating 8

Overall this game is a great one that any keen sports player would want to buy and it will give a lot of enjoyment and challenges throughout the various types of play. Some tournaments are a bit long winded but the matches are fun throughout the whole of the tournament.

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Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/13/04

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