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"Good game just a bit short of excelent"

Micheal Owens is a good game just a bit short from excellent and here is why.

This games gamplay is great once you get started and it keeps your eyes glued on the TV that is untill you just keep winning. But to get to that going it takes a lot of practice and skill. Ways the game could be improved would be throw in a classic match mode or even some senories like recent ISS. For Gameplay I give it an 8

These graphics are nice and sweet the players look excellent and the cellebrations are great this is where it can catch up. to other games like your fifa's and others. Why it dosen't get a ten is because the teams jumpers can make you think the ref is on your team. For graphics I'll give it a 9

This games sound is okay but there is no way you can compare it to fifa 99 or 2000 because Micheal Owens doesn't have a band or a male/female vocolists on it. This makes the game very dissapointing. Because I loved Robbie Williams in fifa 2000.Ways it could be improved would be get a music group or a singer to put on the game while it is loading or something like that. For sound I give it a dissapointing 6.

This game can be replayed you can try winning with every club or international team. But this game starts to get a bore after youv'e won it once there is no point of doing it again. Ways this could be improved would be you get awared for something you do like win the champship would be a good idea. I'll give this a 8

Soccer fans have got to have this one in their collection. But if you are not into soccer games give this one a try it my just suprise you. Or you can just go for fifa 99 or 2000 which are probley the best soccer titles.

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Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/07/00, Updated 06/07/00

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