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    FAQ/Walkthrough by chattyb

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                                   My Mini Guide to...
                                   LEGO  STUNT  RALLY!!! 
    Lego Stunt Rally
    Windows 95/98
    Written by Brock Goodison (hereafter known as chattyb)
    Email- chattybdg@yahoo.co.nz
    Version- 2.14
    Copyright Brock Goodison 2004
                        TABLE             OF             CONTENTS
    Section 1: Introduction
    Section 2: Contact me
    Section 3: Controls
    Section 4: Characters
    Section 5: Cars
    Section 6: Walkthrough*
    Section 7: Victory Dances**
    Section 8: General hints  
    Section 9: Rate my guide
    Section 10: Acknowledgements  
    Section 11: Legal stuff
    * Started but not complete
    ** Not yet started
    I am writing this Guide to you now, while in my computer chair, sipping hot 
    Milo. I was inspired to write this FAQ by 'zoopsoul', who wrote a great 
    walkthrough for Ratchet and Clank, on Playstation 2, so, thanks bud. This 
    game is easy to pick up, and quite easy to get through, once you learn the 
    secret to taking corners well. I hope to someday make this 'The brilliantly 
    definitive guide to Lego Stunt Rally', but that is a hell of a long way 
    Cheers, Chattyb
                                     CONTACT ME
    Please feel free to email me about anything to do with this game or guide. 
    I will respond to emails about grammar, spelling, other corrections, your 
    opinion on this guide (good or bad), if you want more hints, if you want 
    to add something to this guide. Please do not send attachments as they pose 
    a virus threat. Remember I can block your email address in a jiffy, so 
    watch out if you send me Spam etc. My email is: chattybdg@yahoo.co.nz
    Here are the game controls. If I get something wrong, please email me at 
    chattybdg@yahoo.co.nz also please note: Cars will round corners by 
    themselves- do not try and steer.
    Up arrow- accelerate
    Down arrow- brake
    Left arrow- drive in the left lane
    Right arrow- drive in the right lane  
    Enter/Return- Car horn/ activate power up
    There are the controls for player one. If you want more controls, have a 
    read of your manual. I just want to have a little rant. I don't see why 
    people never read the game manual that comes with the game!!!!! Okay, I got
    that out of my system.
                                    The Characters                                  
    Baron Flambo-
    The most evil, scheming little devil on the planet. Although he is not the 
    final boss, he is mean competition and will beat any challenger who comes 
    into his desert lair. 
    Glacia is the Ice champion and you will face her in your quest for success 
    later on. She is far from a fair player and will do anything to win. She 
    enjoys Skiing, Tobogganing, Ice skating, and tucking in to a nice cold bowl 
    of vanilla Ice cream. 
    Once a soldier, this jungle brute is known for causing trouble, after 
    being kicked out of the army. He now lives deep in the steamy jungle with 
    lizards and frogs. He meets them then eats them! Excuse the pun, I needed 
    to put that in.
    The king of the city world. He was once a part of the LEGO Rock raiders team, 
    but was expelled for doing incorrect pollution experiments. Now he says he 
    must wear a helmet on to contain his own radioactivity, or so he says. People 
    think that it is just to make his voice sound deeper.
    You can play as any one of these four characters.
    Chip is a laid back, easy going speedster who finds it hard to concentrate.
    Barney is the smart-arse kid on the block. He left school at the age of five to 
    find something "more challenging".
    The only chick in the group, but she is a strong competitor in her ways of fair
    Personally, he looks like a bit of a street beggar in bright clothes. He can 
    tower over you but he is really a big softie.
    These are the racers you have to beat to get to the bosses.
    Sid Vacant-
    A boy racer with nothing on his mind but speed, nitrous oxide and dodging cops 
    when necessary. 
    Brad Speedo-
    An arrogant American speedster and a hometown hero. He is a stunt man by trade, 
    but has trouble finding the brake pedal.
    Sandy Surf-
    A hippy beach chick that spends more time at a beach than the sand itself.
    She is an easygoing, always happy girl, who laughs way too much while racing. 
    AARGH!!!!! Mate, she IS annoying.
    Megahurtz- A munted up robot who wants to one day be human. He races to win 
    money for new body parts.
    So there you have it. Every racer in the Lego stunt rally world. Email me if 
    you have any ideas on describing the characters. (See the contact me chapter)
    You can unlock all these cars in Adventure Mode. VROOOOM!!!!!!
    Chip's little buggy that is quite fast but slides around way too much. 
    My Rating: 4/10
    This is the car of choice for Barney. It is by far the fastest car you can 
    get but it is VERY hard to control, even on straights.
    My Rating: 5/10
    Lucky's favourite car. It is a hard-out four-wheel drive that is slow but 
    brilliant around corners.
    My rating: 8/10
    The car of wrench, it is not very fast, but is quite easy to handle. 
    My Rating: 6/10
    Sid Vacant's car, it is great for burning rubber and going 100 000 kph.
    It has crap handling, though.
    My Rating: 5.5/10
    A stunt car of Brad Speedo. It is both fast and good at handling.
    My Rating: 6.5/10
    Crap. A car that suits Megahurtz: Mediocre. Awful speed and handling.
    My Rating:
    Sandy Surf drives wild in this car. Good handling and speed.
    My rating: 6/10
    Radium's fast vehicle, it is first off the line and had great cornering.
    However, I take off a mark for the name- Rad Truck? Come on, guys.
    My Rating:
    Snake's jungle buggy is great for slippery surfaces and it can accelerate 
    well too.
    My Rating: 7/10
    Glacia's Monster Truck is faster than the Mud Monster while keeping its 
    cornering intact. This is the BEST car!!!!!
    My Rating: 10/10
    The car of Baron Flambo, the car is hard out on speed, but weak with 
    My rating: 7.5/10
    X CAR
    Mr X drives this. The manual says this is the best car, but the Ice monster 
    could beat it by a whisker.
    My Rating: 9/10
                             =Championship walkthrough=
    This is the format I will use for the walkthrough:
    Race: The race number in the championship.
    Environment: This will be City, Ice, Jungle or Desert.
    Recommended Car: The car that I recommend for this race. This may be disputed 
    so please email me if you have a better idea.
    Opponents: The racers you will race against. These can't be changed.
    Racing: Shows the places in the track to watch out for.
    Prize(s): As well as unlocking the next track, you will probably get a car or 
    a construction piece- like the loop-the-loop.
    When I say brake, I usually mean brake slightly to gain control or take a turn 
    Right folks, Let's get a-racing!
    Race: 1
    Environment: City
    Recommended car: Boost Buggy
    Opponent: Megahurtz
    1. Brake at the third corner.
    2. Brake at Hairpin, just after above turn.
    3. Once you take the boost-jump near the end of the short lap, brake slightly 
    once you land so you do not miss the corner.
    Prize(s): Moon Buggy (Megahurtz's ride)
    Race: 2
    Environment: City
    Recommended car: Mud Monster
    Opponents: Sandy Surf & Megahurtz
    1. Brake before the speed ramp- it is after a corner so keep control.
    Brake at the hairpin turn straight after the boost ramp.
    Prize: Loop-the-loop stunt piece & the Beach Buggy (Sandy Surf's ride)
                                    VICTORY DANCES
    Not yet started. This section will be full of the dance moves that each 
    character does after winning a race.
                                     GENERAL HINTS
    These hints will make racing a lot easier. Email me if you have any hints.
    When rounding tight corners or hair pins, lightly brake and you won't go 
    spinning off the track too much.
    Only Change lanes when the track makes you or if you are overtaking another 
    racer. However, sometimes you need to to get power-ups.
    Use power ups ASAP- if you die you will have them no longer.
                                     RATE MY GUIDE
    This REALLY helps me with my guide writing. Email me with your view on this 
    guide. My email, if you haven't already picked it up, is 
    chattybdg@yahoo.co.nz so email me there. The message that you send me should 
    not look like cow poop, so please make an effort to use capitals, punctuation, 
    etc. Include the following in your message:
    How you rate this guide out of 10. You can use stuff like 9 and a half/10.
    Whether you have become a better player after reading this guide.
    2 things that I could make better in this guide.
    2 things that are really good about my guide
    Any other comments are accepted.
    Me: For writing this guide.
    Lego Media: For creating this game
    You: For reading this guide.
                                        LEGAL STUFF
    Copyright Brock Goodison 2004
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
    web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
    violation of copyright. 
    The only site that can publish this document is www.gamefaqs.com
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Thankyou for reading my guide.

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