The fans, the players, the directors expect great things from you - Don't fail them.
- New stylish and user-friendly interface: complete control at your fingertips!
- Exclusive feature: manage teams in England, Italy, Germany, France, Spain and conquer domestic and European competitions!
- Total management control: transfer deals including player exchanges, custom tactics, hire and fire scouts & medical staff, take bank loans and overdrafts...
- Unrivalled accuracy: up-to-date squads and transfer valuations, comprehensive training schedules, in-depth sponsorship and stadium improvements sections...
- Advanced AI and match engine: realistic team and staff behaviour on and off the pitch.
- Perfect match highlights: see your strategy work in superb 3D, complemented by the unmistakable commentary of Barry Davies.

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#31 lowest rated PS sports game (#144 on PS, #4805 overall)


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