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    SD Gundam G-Generation F FAQ
    Version 0.2
    Created by Michael Cox (ggenerationfan@aol.com)
    With assistance by Doug Shark
    DISCLAIMER: This FAQ is written with the knowledge gained by playing the
    game.  Any errors contained in it are due to my mistake in assuming how I
    did something.  I welcome email helping to correct a mistake but will delete
    mail flaming me for making an error.  This is done for fans of the game by
    another fan.  If something doesn't work for you, I might not be able to
    explain why.  As noted in almost all FAQs created during the last couple of
    years, the work contained in this document is owned and copyrighted by it's
    creator, Michael Cox, and is not to be used without permission.  This FAQ
    was written specifically for the visitors to www.gamefaqs.com which is the
    only site I will be sending updates to.
    Version 0.1 - August 3rd-9th, 2000
              Started gathering data just by playing the game.  I'd always
              planned on writing this FAQ so after about a week of just
              enjoying myself, here's the start. MS43, WS26, SP95, CH21
    Version 0.2 - August 10th-13th, 2000
              Been busy playing a lot more and trying to figure out what some
              of the abilities on the MS are.  Added Chap 5 and lots of new
              codes to Chap 4. MS74, WS46, SP100, CH48
    Chapter 1 - How to Start
    Chapter 2 - Playing/Menu Translations
    Chapter 3 - Stats
    Chapter 4 - Card Codes
    Chapter 5 - Option Parts
    This is a work in progress so I'm sure many things will be left out
    After loading the game, you are asked to press the Start button.  If you elect
    not to, you will be shown certain MS fight sequences.  As the fights work
    through the first couple of series, it will go back to the opening movie then
    back to the "Press the Start button" menu. Again, leaving the game alone for
    about ten seconds will start up another MS fight sequence.  Each time will show
    you different Gundam series until you get to the final MS fight sequence which
    will be mostly original characters.  When I get the chance, I'll mark down
    each sequence.
    At different times throughout the game, you will use different buttons for
    different options.  The basic commands are:
    O button: Select
    X button: Cancel/Text Speed-up
    Triangle button: Status Menu
    L1/R1: New menus/change maps
    Start button: Options
    After pressing Start when asked, you will be given four options:
    NEW GAME opens to two modes:
    MULTI SITUATION MODE (the normal game)
    V.S. FIGHT MODE (multiplayer and special games)
    DATA LOAD is to load saves made from either leaving the Meeting Room or saves
    made from the Operation Room
    CONTINUE is to load saves made during a battle
    OPTION first asks if you have any G-Gen F save data (Yes/No) then gives you
    the choices:
    PROFILE MODE is why the saved data is loaded.  I'll explain more about this
    one later.
    SOUND allows you the normal choice between Stereo and Mono.
    VIBRATION is simply ON or OFF.
    SOUND TEST allows you to listen to 255 different sound tracks in the game.
    Under V.S FIGHT MODE, you have three more options of:
    I'll get to those in a later version.  I'm here to help you with the other
    When selecting M-S Mode, you are immediately asked if you have any save data.
    That might seem strange to someone just starting a New Game, but the reason it
    asks is because G-Gen F will load certain save data from the previous game in
    the series, SD Gundam G-Generation Zero.  Note that I said it'd only load SOME
    of the data.
    So, if you select yes, it loads the data and checks to see how much you've done.
    If you managed to finish the game, you will be told that you finished 11 series,
    have a total of 48 characters, and will be able to start the game with 50,000
    If you select no, then you begin the game with 0 characters, 0 capital, but are
    given a warship and three Mobile Suits. (hereafter just called MS)  The three
    MS are Tornado Gundams, the warship differs depending on which series and stage
    you select.
    Having choosen to either load GG0 data or not, you are now given a choice of
    what series you'd like to play in.  Your choices (and the number of stages in
    each choice) are:
    MS Gundam - 10
    08th MS Team - 4
    Blue Destiny - 4
    Side Story 0079: Rise From the Ashes - 5
    War in the Pocket 0080 - 2
    Stardust Memory 0083 - 5
    Zeta Gundam - 10
    Gundam Sentinel - 4
    Double Zeta Gundam - 6
    MS Gundam: Char's Counterattack - 2
    Hassaway in the Brillian - 3
    F90 - 3
    Silhouette Formula 91 - 3
    F91 - 2
    Cross Bone Gundam - 6
    V Gundam - 9
    G Gundam - 8
    Gundam W - 10
    G-Unit - 5
    Gundam W: Endless Waltz - 2
    Gundam X - 9
    Turn-A Gundam is not a selectable series at the beginning of the game, but I
    believe it is a series you can unlock.  So you have 21 series with a total of
    112 stages to choose from.  Your options differ somewhat if you are starting
    a new game from Zero data or not.  If you are using Zero data, every series
    that you completed in Zero will have a Completed Zero addition to the stage
    selection banner.  What this means is that you can go into any of those series
    and play any stage in that series.  When you're done with that single stage,
    you are returned to the M-S Mode menu and you can select another series and
    If you are playing the game for the first time, elected not to use your old
    Zero data (like my roommate decided to do), or if you pick a series that you
    have not completed yet, the game is a bit different.  Having picked the series,
    you will have to play all the stages in that series, in the normal order, until
    you have finished all of them.  Having finished a series in GGF, the banner
    will now show in large red letters the word CLEAR.  This means you can play
    in that series like I explained for Completed Zero series... you can replay 
    a single stage over and over again if that's your wish.  Personally, I loaded
    my Zero saves and began with the first series.  Stage 10 is great for building
    up a lot of capital because there are alot of enemy ships to capture.
    Two different things might happen when you pick a series.  If it's a new
    series, you will see a Series Opening dialog.  After that, you will watch a bit
    of the normal gameplay as it sets up the stage for you.  Once again, two things
    will happen.  One, you will go directly into combat, being only to play the NPC
    characters and not able to sortee your original characters, or the game will
    load the OPERATION ROOM menu.
    If the series you selected takes you right into battle, it's likely a two-part
    stage and you'll go to the Operation Room during the second part of the stage.
    This is where the menu starts to get tricky.  It's also a menu you'll be using
    throughout the game, so it's good to get used to it.  First thing I'd recommend
    you do is to save your game then play around which each of the menus to try
    them out.  Nothing is more horrible then thinking you know what a menu option
    does then accidently selling away your prized MS or warship.
    Basic menu choices are:
    This menu also brings in the first use of the L1 and R1 buttons for quick
    menu selections.  From this basic menu, they are:
    AUTO SETUP - Automatically sets up a group for you.
    CODE ENTRY - Used to enter codes for special MS, characters, warships
                 See the chapter on codes below.
    R1 - Each of these sections will be detailed further below.
    If this was an HTML document, I might have more easily described these menus,
    but I'll try my best to do it in a regular ascii document so it's viewable by
    everyone.  Please excuse any confusion.
    This shows you all your MS and SP units.  Any unit that can be upgraded or
    customized is highlighted, all other units are non-selectable.  When selecting
    a highlighted unit, you generally have the option to Research or Customize.
    Make your choice carefully because once you choose, you can't go back.  Some
    units can only be Customized because they have no further units they can be
    upgraded (or downgraded as the case may be sometimes) into.  Only units that
    you have Aced are selectable.  If the unit is able to Transform, or is
    otherwise specially equipped, this option is usually available between the
    Research and Customize options.
    Researching a MS will pull up a menu showing you from 1 to 4 "new" units that
    you can change the MS into.  An example would be an aced Nu Gundam.  It can
    change into the Mass Production Nu Gundam, the Nu Gundam Heavy Weapon System,
    or the Hi-Nu Gundam.  On the far right on the choices are usually the words Next
    and/or Back.  They indicate if you are able to move freely between the old and
    new unit.  If Next & Back are both listed, you can go back and forth each time
    you ace the unit.  If only Next is listed, then you won't be able to change back
    to the old MS, but you can still continue forward to something else.  If only
    Back is listed, then you've reached the end of the line for that branch.
    Customizing a MS will change it's Ace level to Custom level 1.  You're given
    two points to assign to the units attack and/or defense value.  Every time you
    level up the unit in combat from now on, you're immediately able to assign
    two more points to attack and/or defense.
    SORT - Sorts all units according to the next option you pick.
      General Strength
      All Terrain
      On Water
    This is where you set up your warships, MS, and characters for their next
    battle.  As such, you are able to do alot from this menu, especially with the
    L1 and R1 menus.
    To begin with, if you select the empty warship square, you are asked to either
    Select, Buy, or Auto Select your warship.  If you click on an already placed
    warship, you can Move, Remove, or Sale the ship.
    Clicking an empty character square will give you the options to Select or Rent
    a character.  If you click on an already placed character, you can Move,
    Reselect, Remove, or Mind Control that character, unless the character is a
    Newtype or already Mind Controlled.  If so, the Mind Control option does not
    Additionally, once you have a warship and a character piloting the ship,
    another option will appear; that option is the Map Placement option.  Like it
    sounds, it allows you to select where on the map the group will appear.  Don't
    select this until you've completed editing your group or you'll just have to
    deselect the group from the map to edit it further.
    Clicking an empty MS square will allow you to Select or Buy.  If you choose to
    Buy, you are asked if you want a MS or a Support Unit. (hereafter refered to as
    SP)  Clicking on a MS/SP will allow you to Move, Reselect, Remove, Buy/Sell an
    Option, or Sell the MS/SP.  Depending on the MS, you might have the additional
    option to Transform or something else, which will be just above the Option
    selection.  The Option menu works in two ways.  If you already have an option
    added to your MS (SP can't have options) then it asks if you want to sell the
    option.  If you don't have an option on the MS, it brings up a menu of options
    to add.  Any option that is too expensive for you to buy will be darkened out.
    Note: If you have any MD (Mobile Doll) units, you'll have the option of
    selecting MD from an empty square to highlight just the MD MS units to add to
    the warship.  MDs are controlled by the leader of the row the MD is in.
    AUTO SETUP - Automatically sets up your group.
    GROUP REMOVE - Removes all characters, MS, and the warship from the group.
    OPTION BUY - Highlights all MS that don't currently have options.
    OPTION SELL - Highlights all MS with options to sell.
    MIND CONTROL - Highlights all characters you can add mind control to.
    Here you can look at the upcoming stage to see what you'll be facing.
    Sometimes you can even click the R2 button (it'll show when possible) to see
    what the second part of the stage will look like.  If there is no base on the
    map to launch your warship from, you will have to use the map to place as many
    groups as you're allowed on the white squares.  Sometimes you are given extra
    squares so you can decide exactly where you want to come from.
    You don't HAVE to place your guys or use them if you don't want to, but not
    using the original characters defeats half the fun of the game and there are
    some levels you just won't be able to beat using only the NPCs in the game.
    You can use the triangle button to look inside any of the warships that are on
    the map to plan out what units you may wish to steal.
    This is an important area you should never ignore.  Here you can spend some of
    your hard earned capital to increase your overall tech level.  With each
    increase in your level you improve the strength and weapons of your base
    guarders, add four more slots to your factory, are given one more generic
    rental character, and gain more support units to buy.
    Also, if you plan to use the codes from the G-Generation card game to buy
    units, each card code has a certain technical level you MUST be at for it to
    be accessable.  Don't plan on buying yourself a Phoenix Gundam right at the
    beginning of the game.  It requires a tech level of 10 and then it still costs
    250,000 capital.
          Buy MS
          Remove MS from factory
    This save uses up 3 blocks on your memory card.  It will overwrite previous
    Operation Room or Meeting Room saves.
    This takes you out of the Operation Room and into the next stage.  Hope you
    don't ever accidently click this instead of save because you tapped down once
    too often. ::grins::  I did that once.  Once.
    R1 Menus - You'll be using these alot, so I'll give as much detail as possible
    for each of the 6 basic R1 menu choices from the basic Operation Room menu.
    As the name implies, this is where all your MS and SP units are stored.  When
    you first begin the game, the space seems like a lot, but considering there are
    over 1000 units in the game, you'll have to do alot of shuffling and selling
    to get them all added to your profile area.  Unlike your factory, which starts
    holding 16 units and increases by 4 with each tech level advance, the storage
    area for your MS and SP units never increases.  It will always contain a total
    of 96 units.
    Selecting an empty square allows you to:
    Buy - Select MS or SP factories to buy from.
    Code Entry - Enter a MS code for the option of buying that MS.
    Selecting a MS lets you:
    Move - Rearrange your MS to wherever you want it in the list.
    Option Buy/Sell - Buy a new option or sell the one already on the MS.
    Sell - Sell the MS for an increase in capital.
    Other options that may appear on specific units could be to Transform or change
    weapon systems.  They will always be located above the Option and below the
    Move selections.
    SORT - Sorts all units according to the next option you pick.
      General Strength
      All Terrain
      On Water
    OPTION BUY - Highlights MS without options, select one to open Option menu.
    OPTION SELL - Highlights MS with options, select one to sell the option.
    CODE ENTRY - Enter card code to buy MS
    Similiar to the MS/SP List, this is a smaller area where all your warships are
    kept.  Again, you can only have so many warships, but I've never filled up this
    Selecting an empty square allows you to:
    Buy - Opens a new menu asking what type of warship you want to purchase.
          All-terrain, Space, Air, Ground, or Underwater.
    Code Entry - Like the MS, there are card codes for warships as well.
    Clicking on a warship lets you:
    Move - Rearrange your WS to wherever you want it on the list.
    Sell - Sell the WS for an increase in capital
    Again, like the MS, there are some WS that can transform.  That option will be
    found between Move and Sell when it appears.
    This area contains all the original characters you've gained in the game so
    far, or the ones you brought over from your Zero save data.  There are 48
    characters from Zero with many new characters added in F.  I haven't completed
    the game yet so I'm not sure yet just how many new characters there are.  I
    can't imagine any more powerful then the silver haired lad with red eyes
    though.  His stats when maxxed out were ungodly.
    Clicking on an empty square lets you:
    Rental - Choose from a list of characters you can rent.
    Code Entry - Once again, there are codes for certain characters just as with
                 MS and WS.
    Clicking on one of your characters lets you:
    Move - Rearrange the characters.
    Mind Control - Adds Newtype-like abilities to non Newtype characters, but it
                   now requires that character twice the experience to level up.
    SORT - Sorts the characters by different criteria.
       Captain - Sorted by order of highest captain rating.
       Leader - Unsure of this one so far.
       Pilot - The other one I'm unsure of.
       Operator - Sorted by order of highest operator rating.
       Driver - Sorted by order of highest driver rating.
       Mechanic - Sorted by order of highest mechanic rating.
       Guest - Sorted by order of highest guest rating.
    MIND CONTROL - Highlights all non-MCed, non-NT characters, selecting any you
                   wish to mind control.
    CODE ENTRY - Still the same.
    At the beginning of a new game, this area is going to be pretty empty.  As you
    encounter characters in the game, or build their MS in some instances, the
    characters will be come available for you to rent... but only so long as you
    are not currently playing in their series.  So while in a series with Amuro Ray
    in it, you can't rent him.  Same goes for Heero Yuy and everyone else.  To add
    special units to your profile area, such as Garma Zabi's Dop or Char's Zak,
    you'll need to rent those characters and place them in their particular unit.
    Click the character you'd like to rent.  Renting only lasts for a single stage
    so don't expect the character to stick around.
    Clicking this R1 option immediately gives you three other options:
    From inside the MS Factory, you can Buy an MS or Remove an MS from the factory.
    You can only buy inside the SP Factory.  Selecting the WS Factory opens yet
    another immediate menu, asking what type of warship you'd like to buy.  Your
    choices are:
    This is the area that contains information on what units you've gained
    throughout the entire game, including support and warship units, as well as
    keeping track of all characters seen and the series you've completed.  Each
    area has a set percentage.  Whether you start a new game or load your Zero
    data, you will start with the same numbers.  1% Mobile Suits, 11% Warships,
    8% Support Units, and 1% Characters.  The numbers listed in the history of
    this FAQ tell what point I was at during each revision.
    Your choices here:
    MS UNIT - Pulls up a katakana alphabet to search through for the units you've
              created, added to your factory, etc.  When viewing the units here
              you can see what they will change into with the Research option as
              well as seeing what it takes to combine into the units.  Information
              on the unit and what series it's from are also listed in some great
              detail... if you can read Japanese.
    WS UNIT - Same as with MS UNIT.
    SP UNIT - Same again.
    CHARACTER - Not much difference here, except a couple of button options should
                be noted.  When viewing any character, clicking the triangle button
                will began playing their series or specific music for that person.
                Also, by holding in R2 or L2, you can make either the face or the
                text vanish, the better to see the banner covered up behind the
                additional art or text.  This also works on the previous areas.
    SERIES - You can only look at the highlighted series here.  Only series that
             you have finished all stages for (though finishing them on your Zero
             save counts) are highlighted.  Selecting a highlighted series will
             open a menu containing information on that series to scroll through,
             or you can move to the right to see the text opening and endings of
             the series.  I hope that once the game is completed, you will be able
             to view the series movies here... ::crosses his fingers::
    Besides the Operation Room, the Meeting Room is the other menu you'll be
    spending some time in when not in combat.  This menu area opens up after you
    have finished a battle.  Your options here aren't as varied as those in the
    OR, but they are just as important.
    Those main options are:
    MS/SP LIST - Can Sell units only (or look at their status)
    CHARACTER LIST - Can only look at characters
    PROFILE MODE - Same as always
    The surrendered units you've captured during the last stage are found here.
    Your choices are rather simple.  You can either Keep the unit or Sell the unit.
    If you've captured alot, select the ones you want to Keep first, then use the
    L1 shortcut.
    KEEP ALL - Marks are units to be kept.  You must have room in your MS storage
               area for all the kept units.
    SELL ALL - Sells all units not marked to be kept.
    DESELECT ALL - Deselects all units marked to be kept.
      General Strength
      All Terrain
      On Water
    This option is only accessable if you had some new characters in the last
    stage.  New characters are usually easy to spot because they're wearing blue
    instead of the normal uniforms of the other non-named NPCs.
    (I haven't had any new characters since I began writing this FAQ, so this area
    is blank... basically you can rename the characters here, including choosing
    from a 26 letter alphabet, though all the letters are in capitals)
    Any MS that's been aced or customized will be found here, including almost any
    NPC's MS that you managed to ace in the last stage.  Your only available option
    is to Add the MS to your factory.
      General Strength
      All Terrain
      On Water
    MS FACTORY - Can only Remove, if you need the room.
    Ah, here's where you do most of your work on getting new MS.  Besides acing a
    MS to Research it into something else at the Operation Room menu, you can use
    this menu to Combine two MS "blueprints" to make a new MS that will be added to
    your factory.  You'll still need the capital to buy the new MS, but using this
    combining method doesn't alter the two MS used in any way.  This FAQ will
    contain a list of combinations once it's in a further revision.  Listing what's
    currently would be rather tedious work at so early a stage... I don't recall
    which unit it was, but I saw one that had over 263 pages of combinations
    available to make it.  Obviously it was a weak, standard unit.  Combining is
    simple.  Select the first MS you'd like to use.  All MS that it can Combine
    with will be highlighted.  Some MS can't combine with anything but the Phoenix
    Gundam.  Some combinations make sense, some don't.  A couple simple Combination
    examples would be: Wing Gundam + Tallgeese = Wing Gundam Zero, and Wing Gundam
    Zero + Tallgeese = Gundam Epyon.  Cool eh?
      General Strength
      All Terrain
      On Water
    MS FACTORY - Can only Remove, just like in ACED UNITS.
    This exits the Meeting Room menu.  Depending on the stage you've just played,
    one of two things will happen.  If it's the last stage of a series or a stage
    for a series you've already beaten, the game will load up the Multi Situation
    Mode menu for you to select another series and stage.  If it's a middle stage
    for a series you haven't completed yet, you'll start to watch the beginning of
    the next stage and will either go into combat with just NPCs to play or back
    into the Operation Room menu.
    While not it's own individual menu set, this is where the combat takes place.
    I thought I should note here some of the possible choices you can make.
    L1, R1 - Changes through the maps, if there is more then one.
    L2, R2 - Changes through your unmoved units.
    Start - Opens the Option Menu.
       Pass - Ends your turn
       Mini Map - Makes the map small enough to see the whole thing on screen.
       Square (On/Off) - Toggles between having squares visible on the map.
       Battle Anime (On/Off) - Whether the default for watching the battle scenes
                               is active or not.  You can still change this for
                               each individual battle.
       Vibration (On/Off) - For those annoying shock pads.
       Sound (Stereo/Mono) - Do you have good speakers?
       Mission - Displays Win, Loss, and sometimes Quest/Movie conditions.
       Save - In-battle save that takes up 9 blocks.  This is what the Continue
              option loads up from the start of the game.
    O button - Terrain/Defense Modifer if on empty square or already moved unit.
    Triangle button - Status of unit.
    When selecting a unit, usually your options are rather limited.  You can Move
    or Attack.  Sometimes you are given the added option of Map Move Up or Map Move
    Down, as well as Transform, launcing a Dummy, etc.  With Warships, an important
    option is the Deploy option.  It will be the third one, under Move and Attack.
    When selecting to Attack an enemy unit, after selecting your weapon of choice,
    a second small menu with two options might appear.  This menu is telling you
    that a friend from the same row inside the warship is within attacking range of
    the same enemy you've targeted.  You can either Ignore or Accept his help.  If
    you accept, it opens the weapon select of the friendly unit, allowing you to
    choose from all attacks within range of the enemy.  Using this option will not
    cost the friendly unit to lose his own move and attack turn, but it WILL use
    whatever the energy and/or MP cost of the weapon happens to be.  Just as when
    a leader gains help from the warship, the experience is shared with the
    friendly unit if the enemy unit is destroyed.
    Chapter 3 - STATS
    When viewing an MS or Character, you might be unsure what all those numbers
    mean.  This is the section for you then.
    Starting from the upper left, you have Level and Experience.  Your units will
    start at level 1.  Each time they gain the listed number of experience, the MS
    will increase in level.  With each level, the MS will gain a 10% increase from
    it's base Hit Point value, and a 5% increase from it's base energy value.  The
    max level of an uncustomized MS is level 4, which is listed in the game as
    Beneath the Level is the Hit Points and Energy stats.  Hit Points indicate how
    much damage the MS can take.  Energy is used by the different attacks by your
    MS.  It does not cost any Energy to move.  Only attacking will use up your
    energy.  To restore HP and EN, put your MS back into it's Warship for a turn
    or two.
    UA and UD are the next numbers listed.  These represent your Unit Attack and
    Unit Defense values.  A high UA means your MS will deal more damage, a high UD
    means it'll take less damage.  Once I explain Attack Values of weapons, this
    will make more sense.  Basically, if two units' weapons an Attack Value of
    1000, but one has a UA of 30 and the other a UA of 20 (let's say both have a UD
    of 20 also), then the MS with the UA of 30 will do more damage.
    Beneath this is space for the Option part you can add to your unit.  Only one
    option can be on a MS at any one time.
    To the right is a list of letters, from A to D or simply a - sign.  These
    indicate what type of terrain the MS can enter and how well it can move through
    that terrain.  The terrains in order from top to bottom are: Space, Air,
    Ground, On Water, and Underwater.  If there is a - by any of those terrain
    choices, then that unit can not enter that terrain.  Placing units that can't
    enter Space in your warship when you're going into a stage set in Space is not
    a good idea.  The letters A, B, C, and D indicate how well the unit can move
    through the terrain.  A is the best, D the worst.  B is a good value though
    certain obstacle in the terrain might slow movement.  With an A in space, your
    unit can zip through asteroid fields as if they weren't even there.
    When looking at the first MS stat menu, you'll see that you can move to the
    right and left to view additional menus.  To the right is a list of special
    abilities the MS has.  There are quite a few so I won't list them here.
    To the left is the weapon menu.  Here you will see stats on up to 4 different
    weapons/attacks the MS has.  The first line gives the name of the weapon/attack
    and next to that is a description of the attack, be it Melee, Ranged, NTL, or
    Map.  Beneath that, you have a listing for the Range of the attack, it's Attack
    Value, (A basic determiner for how powerful the attack is before consider the UA
    of the attacker and the UD of the defensive unit) the basic Hit Percentage,
    (Melee weapons almost always have higher chances to hit) the Energy cost of the
    attack, and any MP cost for the attack.  Certain NTL (Newtype) weapons have
    varied Range and Hit Percentages, depending on the NTL of the character
    piloting the MS.
    Just as important as that stats for your MS, you should know which characters
    are the best in their fields.  You wouldn't want a character with a high Ranged
    attack wasting himself in a MS with all Melee attacks.
    Looking at a character, we see lots of numbers.  Working our way down from the
    upper left, we have: 
    Name - Quite obvious.
    Ranged - Skill with ranged attacks.
    Melee - Skill with close/hand-to-hand attacks.
    Dodge - Skill to evade enemy attacks.
    NTL - Newtype Level, Adds to some degree to Ranged, Melee, and Dodge skills.
    Captain - Skill at piloting Warships, higher skill extends team area.
    Guest - Skill as guest on Warships, higher skill extends team area.
    Operator - Warship skill, adds to attack chance?
    Driver - Warship skill, adds to dodge chance?
    Mechanic - Warship skill, increases HP & EN recovery of units inside warship.
    To the right are a couple of other stats:
    Experience - How much you need to go up another class.
    Rank - I believe there are 7 basic ranks, each with classes from D to A.  Some
           rental characters are higher ranks then can be achieved in the game.
    MP - I call these Mental Points, though that's assuming MP is an acronym for
         an English word.  These are used for certain MS attacks and to determine
         your tension level.  When your tension is maxed out (a red outline is seen
         around your characters portrait) you gain automatic critical hits and it
         seems that melee attacks do even more damage then usual.
    Type - Human, Newtype, Mind Controlled, GFD, etc.  Just another listing.
    Chapter 4: CARD CODES
    These are codes taken from the G Generation card game.  The game seems to be
    similiar in vain to Magic: The Gathering, but I haven't had a chance to figure
    out the rules and give it a try yet.  Currently, I'll only be listing some of
    the cooler MS units here as I work on this and many other areas of the FAQ.  If
    you see something missing that you'd really like the code for, email me and
    I'll send it to you if I have it available.  Please don't email me with your
    own codes.  Likely I already have them.
    After successfully entering the code for the MS, WS, and character, you will
    need to buy (or rent in the character's case) the unit just as you normally
    would when buying something new from your factory.  Each card begins with a 
    two digit number.  That number represents the tech level you MUST be at before
    you can use the code.  So if you want the Phoenix Gundam, you better save up
    alot of capital to build up to tech level 10.
    Apsalas II                05-0335948
    Alpha Aziel               10-1843612
    Altron Gundam             08-0902058
    Big Zam                   10-8974908
    Blue Destiny 1            02-1439811
    Crossbone Gundam X1       08-6205508
    Crossbone Gundam X1 Kai   08-8834681
    Crossbone Gundam X2       08-0936807
    Crossbone Gundam X2 Kai   08-0612372
    Crossbone Gundam X3       08-0564891
    Devil Gundam              10-6769192
    Devil Gundam Jr.          10-2747348
    Ex-S Gundam               08-4633332
    Ez-8                      03-5100212
    FAZZ                      10-2176439
    FA Gundam                 04-7954392
    G-3 Gundam                03-7190600
    G Falcon DX               09-9161836
    G Falcon GX               07-0033228
    God Gundam                09-9806039
    GP-01                     05-6521703
    GP-01Fb                   05-3013219
    GP-02A                    05-0601262
    GP-03D                    10-1208186
    Grand Gundam              10-5615084
    Grandmaster Gundam        10-9211171
    Gundam                    03-7799496
    Gundam Astron             07-1570510
    Gundam Death Scythe       07-5730686
    Gundam Death Scythe Hell  08-8471208
    Gundam DS Hell Custom     08-5132352
    Gundam DX                 09-8693474
    Gundam Epyon              10-6828631
    Gundam F90                07-2227132
    Gundam F90 II             08-6464711
    Gundam F91                09-1631518
    Gundam Heavy Arms         07-3597494
    Gundam Heavy Arms Kai     08-8775719
    Gundam Heavy Arms Custom  08-7025099
    Gundam MkII               05-5132151
    Gundam MkIII              06-2837654
    Gundam MkIV               07-7700212
    Gundam Nataku             08-2438132
    Gundam NT-1               04-2584061
    Gundam NT-1 FA            05-8349849
    Gundam Sandrock           07-7261411
    Gundam Sandrock Kai       08-1984225
    Gundam Sandrock Custom    08-6446274
    Gundam Virsago            07-6874170
    Gundam Virsago.CB         09-8135277
    Gundam X                  07-0722075
    Gyan                      03-3652610
    Halo                      08-4178728
    Hiyaku Shiki              06-2466718
    Hiyaku Shiki Custom       07-0128703
    Knight Gundam             07-0979376
    Master Gundam             10-8321772
    Nobel Gundam              10-6769192
    Neo Gundam                08-9773228
    Noie Ziel                 10-5455632
    Noie Ziel II              10-7906117
    Nu Gundam                 09-1445906
    Perfect Gundam            08-1226536
    Phoenix Gundam            10-2163744
    Psycho Doga               07-7133774
    Psycho Gundam             10-5320513
    Psycho Gundam MkII        10-1911327
    Psycho Gundam MkIII       10-3949940
    Psycho Halo               10-6131565
    Psychoro Gundam           10-6788059
    Rising Gundam             07-1990796
    S Gundam                  08-2919622
    Shenlong Gundam           07-0935513
    Shining Gundam            09-4109796
    Super Gundam              06-9302018
    Tallgeese                 08-6013239
    Tallgeese II              09-5264361
    Tallgeese III             09-2185173
    The O                     08-8660039
    Turn-A Gundam             10-9764039
    Quebely                   07-0057686
    Queen Mantha              10-8210999
    Sazabi                    09-5626435
    V Gundam                  05-6227707
    Wing Gundam               10-7428057
    Wing Gundam Zero          10-0064526
    Wing Zero Custom          10-0343058
    Xi Gundam                 10-8080815
    Z Gundam                  07-1770919
    Z II                      07-1559653
    ZZ Gundam                 09-9860158
    Chapter 5 - OPTION PARTS
    In Multi-Situation Mode, you have the ability to buy an option to add to
    your MS.  You can only have one option at a time equipped in this manner.
    WS and SP can not have options added to them.
    Name                    Cost   Description
    Dummy System            1000   Allows MS to launch dummy once per turn.
    Booster                 1000   Adds 2 to MS movement.
    Megabooster             5000   Adds 4 to MS movement.
    Gundarium Alpha         2000   Adds 5 to MS UD.
    Gundarium Beta          8000   Adds 10 to MS UD.
    Gundarium Gamma        15000   Adds 15 to MS UD.
    Gundanium Alloy        30000   Adds 20 to MS UD.
    Field Generator         5000   Adds 5 to MS UA.
    Victor Engine          16000   Adds 10 to MS UA.
    Stealth System          3000   Adds 5 to MS pilot's Dodge skill.
    Hyper Jammer System     8000   Adds 10 to MS pilot's Dodge skill.
    Sniper Sensor           3000   Adds 5 to MS pilot's Ranged skill.
    Hybrid Dual Sensor      8000   Adds 10 to MS pilot's Ranged skill.
    Grapple Sensor          3000   Adds 5 to MS pilot's Melee skill.
    Mobile Trace System     8000   Adds 10 to MS pilot's Melee skill.
    Magnet Coating          9000   Adds 5 to MS pilot's Ranged/Dodge skills.
    ALICE                  15000   Adds 5 to MS UD & pilot's Dodge skill.
    Bio-Computer            9000   Adds 5 to MS pilot's Melee/Dodge skills.
    C.A. Chip              25000   Adds 10 to MS UA & pilot's Ranged skill.
    A.R. Chip              25000   Adds 10 to MS UD & pilot's Dodge skill.
    PX System              50000   Adds 20 to MS UA & pilots' Melee skill.*
    Zero System            40000   Adds 20 to MS pilot's Ranged/Melee skills.**
    Psycho Control System   6000   Adds 1 to MS pilot's NTL.
    Bio Control System     15000   Adds 2 to MS pilot's NTL.
    Psychoframe            20000   Adds 3 to MS pilot's NTL.
    Overload Chip          10000   Makes MS pilot's NTL 5.***
    EXAM System            20000   Makes MS pilot's NTL 7.***
    Berserker System       30000   Makes MS pilot's NTL 9.**,***
    Resist Beam Coating    10000   MS takes 1/2 damage from Beam1 weapons.
    I-Field                20000   MS takes 0 damage from Beam1 weapons, 1/2
                                   damage from Beam2 weapons.
    Barrier Coating         8000   Protects MS from Map weapon.  One time use.
    E-Pack                  9000   Reduces MS weapon's energy cost by 10%.
    Energy Cap             18000   Reduces MS weapon's energy cost by 30%.
    Nano Skin              12000   MS recovers 5% HP each turn.
    DG Cell                20000   MS recovers 10% HP each turn.
    M.D. System             5000   Converts MS to a Mobile Doll.
    Flash System           12000   ? Still figuring this one out ?
    D Navi System          15000   Makes MS an EWAC unit with range of 2.
    Beam Flag              10000   Adds 3 to MS pilot Captain skill.
    Ring Psycommu          10000   Keeps MS pilot's Tension level the same.
    * The PX System slowly drains EN from your MS.
    ** The Zero System and Berseker system modify your pilots normal Tension
    levels, making the pilot's nearly completely tense or afraid with no
    middle-ground between the two.
    *** The Overload Chip, EXAM System, and Berseker System slowly drain MP
    from the MS pilot.
    All series, character, and unit names from G-Generation F are (C) 2000 by
    Bandai.  This FAQ is (C) 2000 and written by Michael Cox.

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