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    FAQ by Erkhes

    Version: 2.00 | Updated: 07/15/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Authors: TED (Turuu,Erkhes,Didi)
    Version 2.00 [Updated]
                                    KONAMI (r)
                              BelIeve In yOuR dReamS
                                kce tOkyO PReSentS
    /=====\  /====================\  /====================\  /===================\
    |     | /   ________________  | /   ________________  | /    ______________   \
    |  |  | |  /	              | |  /		      | |   / 	      	   \  |
    |  |  | |  |  /===============/ |  |  /===============/ |      /========\  |  |
    |  |  | |  |  |	                |  |  |	                \=====/         |  |  |
    |  |  | |  |  \==============\  |  |  \==============\   /==============/  |  |
    |  |  | |  \_______________   \ |  \______________    \ /   _______________/  |
    |  |  | \		   \  | \		  \   | |  / 		      /
    |  |  |  \==============\  |  |  \==============\  |  | |  |  /==============/
    |  |  | 	        |  |  |     		|  |  | |  |  | 
    |  |  | /===============/  |  | /===============/  |  | |  |  \===============\
    |  |  | |  ________________/  | |  ________________/  | |  \________________  |
    |     | |		      / |		      / \	              |
    \=====/ \====================/  \====================/   \====================/
      | /== /==    /=== /== /==\    /== \\    // /==\ |   |  | /===\ | /==\ |\  |
      | |__ |__    |__/ |_/ |  |    |==  \\  //  |  | |   |  |   |   | |  | | \ |
      | __/ __/    |    | \ \==/    \==   \\//   \==/ \== \==/   |   | \==/ |  \|
                             we aRe a fOOtball tRIbe
                                                                  Logo: by Erkhes
             " International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution 2* " FAQ
                              + Strategy Guide
                            FOR PLAYSTATION (ONE)
                                Version 2.00
                           by Erkhes,Turuu and Didi
                      WEB: http://www.geocities.com/utd2k2/
                           E-mail: utd2k2@yahoo.com
                              (c) 2001 - 2002
    P.S.: This game is also called "Winning Eleven 2000" [WE2000] in Asia
    * this game will be called "ISSPE2" in this FAQ
     Hi there. Are you ready to enter the big world of ISSPE2 - 
    one of the best football games ever? YES? 
     Ok. Than let us first explain you the reason that make this game better 
    than another games like FIFA or UEFA: it's VERY enjoyable to play (gameplay!).
    Best ball-controls, realistic moves, good working strategies, different
    player statuses - are all in this game.
     In this FAQ you'll find information and answers almost to all of your 
    questions, which will help to make you a master...
     This document is copyright 2001-2002 (c) by Erkhes,Turuu and Didi.
    This FAQ is protected by law, shouldn't be used for any profitional 
    purpose and shouldn't be changed. Selling and unauthorized printings are not 
    allowed. Please feel free to distribute this FAQ in its original form. 
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     For any questions about this FAQ or about ISSPE2 you can send us an e-mail 
    to:  utd2k2@yahoo.com  
    Version 1.00 (07.01.2002)
      ° finishing of the FAQ, the logo... first publishing.
    Version 1.10 (15.02.2002)
       ° edited grammar mistakes
       ° refreshed content
       ° added poll results
       ° new strategies and tips [How To Score, Our Strategies..]
    Version 2.00 (15.07.2002)
       ° edited more mistakes & refreshed infos
       ° updated poll results
       ° new strategies from Dimitris "Dark-Avanger"
         [Tips & R1-Let-Ball-Through Technic]
     Table Of Contents:
        ° Legend
        ° Defending
        ° Offensing
        ° Menu buttons
        ° Throw ins
        ° Free kicks                 
        ° Scoring replays
        ° Special button combinings
    2. GAME BASICS:                  <-- Very Important (For Beginners)
        ° Player Statuses
        ° Attacking
        ° Defending
        ° Scoring!!                  <-- How To Score (For Beginners) - BY REQUEST
        ° Free kicks!!
        ° Corner kicks
        ° Penalties
        ° Strategies
        ° Defense Types
        ° Formatitions
    3. MENUS:
       ° Controls
       ° Select side
       ° Play Modes
       ° Options
       ° Game Menus
    4. THE TEAMS:
       ° International Teams 
          Europe zone
          Africa zone
          American zone
          Asian and oceania zone
       ° Secret teams
       ° Master League teams
       ° Secrets
       ° Mistakes
       ° Unbelievable
       ° Stadions
    7. STRATEGIES                   <-- Very Important! (For Everyone)
       ° Best to play with
       ° How Can I...
       ° Important advices          
       ° Our Strategies!!           <- Advanced Tips
       ° Game Info
       ° Our Rating
       ° Memory Card Use
       ° Standart Settings
       ° The "TED" Poll             <-- Interesting
       ° The Authors
    9. CREDITS
       ° Contact
       ° Thanks To
       ° Contributors
    | 1. Control Guide |----------------------------------------ISS Pro Evolution 2
     ° Legend:
    + = press together (hold)
    , = contineousely press
     ° Defending:
    Direction pad  = move
    X  = soft tackle, sometimes - push (especially from behind)
       = header to low pass (with direction pad)
       = blocking tackle (when opponent tries to shoot)
    CIRCLE   = sliding tackle
             = blocking-sliding-tackle (when opponent tries to shoot)
    SQUARE   = ball cleaning header
             = ball cleaning shot
    TRIANGLE = call out the keeper (hold the button when defending)
             = faster reaction of keeper (after opponents shot)
    L1  = switch(change) player
    R1  = sprint(run)
    start  = menu option
    R2 + CIRCLE  = switch to offensive (home) or to defensive (away) style
    R2 + SQUARE  = switch to  defensive (home) or offensive (away) style
    L2  = L2 Tactic in normal mode
        = X/CIRCLE/TRIANGLE/SQUARE tactics in professional mode with 
     ° Offensing:
    Direction pad  = move
    X  = pass
       = header to low pass (with direction pad)
    CIRCLE  = long ball
            = crossing (near from opponents penalty area)
    TRIANGLE  = through pass
    SQUARE  = shoot
            = header
            = special moves (like bicycle kick, diving...)
    R1  = sprint
    L1  = special button (combining button)
    start  = menu option
    R2 + CIRCLE  = switch to offensive (home) or to defensive (away) style
    R2 + SQUARE  = switch to  defensive (home) or offensive (away) style
    L2  = L2 Tactic in normal mode
        = X/CIRCLE/TRIANGLE/SQUARE tactics in profesional mode with 
     ° Menu buttons:
    X  = confirm, choose
    CIRCLE  = cancel, back
    L1, R1  = last/next window
     ° Throw Ins:
    Direction pad  = aiming (left/right)
    X  = short pass
    CIRCLE  = long pass
     ° Free kicks:
    D-Pad  = aiming (left/right)
           = hold UP/DOWN for a strong/lifted shot
    X  = pass
    CIRCLE  = long pass
    TRIANGE  = through pass
    SQUARE  = shoot
     ° Score replays:
    L1/R1  = spin camera to the left/right
    Up/Down  = zoom in/out
    Left/Right  = rewind/forward
    TRIANGLE  = play replay
    X = Pause
    L2/R2  = change players in replay
    Direction pad  = manual replay
    SQUARE  = save replay
    CIRCLE+L2/R2 = begin/end of the replay
    select  = change camera view
    start = end of the replay
     ° Special buttons combining:
    with the ball posession:
    L1+X  = one-two pass
    L1+CIRCLE  = one-two lob pass (in the air)
    L1+TRIANGLE  = high through pass
    L1+SQUARE  = lifted shot [press it slightly]
    L1,L1(hold)  = dribbling
    SQUARE,X = dribbling [press quick]
    SQUARE,Direction pad = curved shoot
    without the ball:
    X+R1  = chase and stick to opponent player
    SQUARE  = chase 1 opponent with 2 players
    R1(when receiving the ball)  = let the ball through
    | 2. Game Basics: |-----------------------------------------ISS Pro Evolution 2
     °Players Statuses:
    Offence      - important for forwards, wingers and offensive midfielders
    Defence      - important for defenders and defensive midfielders
    Body Balance - shows the balance of the player
    Stamina      - shows physical strength
    Speed        - shows running speed
    Acceleration - shows the time needed for maximal speed
    Jump Power   - shows the height of the jump
    Header Acc.  - shows the accuracy of the header
    Techinque    - needed for special moves
    Pass Acc.    - accuracy of passes, corners and crosses
    Shoot Power  - determines the strength of the shoot
    Shoot Acc.   - shows the accuracy of the shoot
    Dribble      - shows the possibility to trick opponents alone
    Curve        - possibility to do a curved pass or shoot
    Foot         - important for locating the players on the field or a free kick
    Height       - height of the player
    Stamina bar  - shows the current strength of the player 
    Mood(arrows) - important for penalties and for the match too
    There are also many unwritten statuses such as reaction, speciality, 
    positioning, which also have an influence on the game.
     ° Attacking:
    You can attack your opponent with hundreds of strategies:
    for good attacking we advice you to have 2 or even 3 forwards and 3 or 4
    midfielders. Passing game works great and if you can keep the ball by
    yourself for a enough time, your opponent will make a defending mistake
    and you can use then a through pass, a lob or even dribble alone and shoot.
    The success of an attack depends almost only on your imagination. If you 
    still need some special strategies take a look at "How can I..." section.
     ° Defending:
    It's the most important part of the game. Many players can attack 
    very good but they loose coz of their weak defending. To become a master 
    you should defend very good, always. We recommend you 4 or even 5 
    defenders: sidebacks with good speed(17-18) and centerbacks with good
    heading ability (17-18). Use man-marking, put your defenders closer. So
    you can escape getting any holes in your defence. You should never forget:
    1 wrong move and it can hurt you as well. For special advices see "How
    can I..." section.
     ° Scoring: How To Score (For Beginners) - BY REQUEST
    PS: here are mostly the tips for "vs. Computer" matches
    The beginners should start playing with the "low" difficulty level. Take a
    strong team - Netherlands is ideal. The strategy, formatition, player
    statuses are not important yet - you just want to score and win.
    Try to come to the opponent through the middle. When the defenders
    come, pass up or down, run and you will be in a good position for a
    header. Lob the ball and hold the "SQUARE" button when the ball is 
    near the goal. If you're coming from one of the wings, try to pass to the
    middle when you're coming to penalty area. Then SHOOT! 5-20 meters
    are usually a goal. Many beginners have problems with shooting. Here
    are some tips:
    - Your "shooter"'s face and body must always be turned to the shooting
    direction before you press "SQUARE". Try to come to opponents goal
    from a diagonal direction and shoot. It's better in the beginning.
    - For shooting in 5-20 meter distance just klick the "SQUARE" button
    very fast and light (0.5 seconds?). It will roll in - no problemo!
    - Avoid shooting with your defenders - they're weak.
    - Avoid shooting from long distance (more than 25 meters).
    - You can't shoot good if one of the opponents players is sticking to
    - Try to change ball's direction by pressing LEFT/RIGHT right after
    the shoot (or even in the same time)...
    * And here are some advices if you have problems by getting the ball
    from opponent:
    - Press and hold both X and "SQUARE" buttons. The opponent will
    have a chance to come to near of your penalty area. But then he'll
    loose the ball.
    - Use sliding tackles in the near of your penalty area. Works very often.
    - Try to wait until the opponent comes to your area and then take
    the ball, coz many of your players and defenders will be in your zone.
    It's always hard to get the ball if you're alone.
    - Never try a sliding-tackle from behind  - red card.  Make it from any
    other side of your coming opponent.
    - If your defence lost a through ball, press and hold "TRIANGLE" to
    call out the keeper. But be carefull. It doesn't works so good. Good 
    timing is needed...
     ° Free kicks:
    (special from Turuu)
    When kicking, try to imagine a diagonal line from your kickers shooting 
    foot to the goal - it's where the ball lands after the shoot when you'll 
    not make a curved shoot. So you should really know, with which of his
    feet is your player going to shoot (left/right foot). You can see it in 
    "Player Statuses" section.
    - If you're kickin in 16-23m, its better to  press "DOWN" key. When you're
    kicking, don't use high powered players (16-17 shoot power, 17-19 shoot
    accuracy, 16-18 curve are recommended). Shoot so, that it fills about
    3/4 of powerbar.
    Example: Schneider[=Scholl] (Germany, FC Bayern Munich)
    - If you're kickin in 24-35m you should choose good players which have high
    curving ability (17-18 shoot power, 17-19 shoot accuracy, 17-19 curve). 
    Shoot so, that it fills about 3/4 of powerbar.
    Example: Del Piero (Italy, Juventus Turin)
    - If you're kickin in 36-48m you must press "UP" key. Choose high powered 
    and high curving (18-19 shoot power, 18-19 shoot accuracy, 18-19 curve). 
    Shoot so that it fills about 6/8 of powerbar.
    Example: David Beckham (England,Manchester Utd.,European All-Star Team)
    - If you're kickin in 49-63..m, this i can't  promise you but try it:
    Press "UP" when you're kicking. Choose very very high powered and high
    curving players (18-19 shoot power, 18-19 shoot accuracy, 18-19 curve).
    Shoot so that it fills about 7/8 of powerbar.
    Example: R.Carlos (Brasil, Real Madrid)
    * To Curve (For Advanced Kickers):
    Press left/right buttons when pressing "SQUARE" to shoot. The ball will get
    a curve to left/right side.
     ° Corner Kicks:
    - Corner kicks work great almost always if you have a good header. Find your
    header, imagine a diagonal line to him and lob the ball with "Circle"(about
    3/4 of powerbar). In this situation the ball should find the player.
    Example: C.Vieri (Inter Milan)
    - You can also lob with your closed eyes. Some forwards or even defenders 
    with a good technik and reaction, if made correct, run automatically to 
    the ball and you only have to head it in by pressing "Square". 
    We call it: player finds the ball
    Example: Elberre[=Elber] (Brasil, FC Bayern Munich)
    - If your opponent plays with 3 defenders its usefull to make a low-cross
    by pressing "Down+Circle".
    - Or you can just pass the ball to the nearest player if you are playing 
    with a weak team which has no good forwards/headers.
     ° Penalties:
    Good luck! First of all, don't show your joystick to your opponent :)
    Now you have 6 shooting/defending possibilities: left,center,right,
    bottom-left,bottom-center and bottom-right directions. 
    Press 1 of those possibilites. Don't forget to check the mood-status of 
    your shooting player. If the arrow is grey, it'll be probably only a 50%  
    chance to score. So be carefull. Choose a player with good accuracy and 
    curving (17-18) if you can.
    Example: Totti (Italy, AS Rom)
    P.S.: computer shoots 70% in directions left or right. And please avoid
    of shooting in the bottom-center, couse the keepers with lower
    jump power can get the ball with their foot even if the jump to the side.
     ° Strategies:
    You should know: strategies are NOT very important in this game. Some
    strategies help or even disturb you for a better offence/defence.
    1. Offence/Defence Level: you can choose the playing style of your team here.
    You can manually shift up/down the level by pressing "L2+Circle/Square" in
    the game.
    Recommended: Normal Level
    2. Set Strategy:
    Here you can choose and combine up to 4 different strategies. Try to use
    variable strategies which will work good with your team. Imagination helps.
     # If you have good strikers and fast defenders and want to play an offensive 
    game, it can be useful to use:
    Left/Right Attack, CB Overleap, Zone Press and 5-4-1B in backup Formation.
     # Wanna play and defend? Try:
    Center Attack, Counter Attack, Offside Trap and 4-3-3B in backup Formation.
    You can change the strategies by pressing "R2+Circle/Square/Triangle/X" in
    the game.
    For more strategies see the "How can I..." section.
     ° Defence Types:
    Zone Marking, Covering and Man Marking.
    We recommend zone marking strategy for forwards and offensive midfielders, 
    covering for 0-1 defending midfielder and a tight man marking for 1-2 
    defenders if the opponent has a super player. Sometimes it really helps if 
    you just don't change the default defence type of your team which is zone 
     ° Formatitions:
    About 20 formatitions + self defined formatitions: you have to choose.
    What is important? You just have to know your team and players. If you're 
    playing with a good team with fast wingers and good defenders: 3-4-3B is for
    you. If have good midfielders too then try: 3-5-2A
    But we really don't recommend you formatitions with 3 defenders if you're not
    a beginner and need many players for an attack. 3 defenders are always easy
    to beat even you're professional. 1-2, through passes, low-crosses from corners
    and lobs will really hurt you.
    If you want to feel your team good defended, try to play 5-3-2A or any other
    formatition with at least 4 defenders. Formatitions with 4 defenders are the
    best in both defending and attacking. So make 4-4-2 formatitions as your
    default one ;)
    | 3. Menus:       |-----------------------------------------ISS Pro Evolution 2
     ° Controls:
    Direction pad      :  Move up/down, toggle choices
    X                  :  Ok
    SQUARE             :  Cancel
     ° Select Side:
    - You can play against human player or against the computer.
    - You can also manage and change formatitions of your team and watch your 
      team playing against a human player or vs computer.
    - Or you can enjoy the show by watching computer versus computer.
    PS: Don't forget to toggle the difficulty level as HIGH to watch a really
          good computer match.
     ° Play Modes:
    1. Match mode
       - Exhibition Match : play with 1-2 of all 82 teams
                            31 european teams + 6 african teams + 10 american
                            teams + 6 asian teams + australia + club and hidden
       - All Star Match   : play as European or World all star team against other.
       - P.K. Mode        : penalty Kick match for 1-2 of 82 teams.
       - Load Master Team : load a club team to play with it in other modes
                            P.S.: You can load a master team if you finished it 
                                  at least once as the champion.
    2. League mode : You can play in an international league here.
    3. Cup mode :
       - Interntional cup : win the world cup
       - European cup : you can win the european championship with your team here
       - African cup : become the best of 6 here
       - American cup : 10 american teams to choose of
       - Asian cup : 7 teams "fight" against each other here
       - Konami cup : a bonus cup for your choice
    4. Master League:
       You can choose 1 world-class club team from season 1999-2000 and begin
       your "quest". In the beginning there are no real players in your team, so
       you have to win, get points and build up your real or dream team.
    5. Practice : Training is the way to become a profi. Believe us!
     ° Options:
    In "Options" section you can see your saved replays, cups which
    you won. You can also change memory card options, save/load option 
    file, control sound and language settings, configurate the keys and 
    adjust the screen. But the most important thing here is the: 
     Edit mode.
    You'd be able to edit players names, numbers and create some new 
    players or even copy the base of the player here.
    For more information about creating a new player read the "New 
    player creation" section.
     ° Game Menus:
    - After choosing your team(s), the menu will  appear.
    You can choose the match condition, time, the type of the game, clothes
    type and the stadium there.
    PS: See "The Stadiums" section to increase you knowledge.
    - If you'll press the "start" button during the game, the menu will appear.
    You can change your formatitions, camera type, game speed, sound settings,
    some game options, exit or resume the match.
    | 4. Teams:       |-----------------------------------------ISS Pro Evolution 2
    There are total 82 teams in this game:
     - 54 international teams
     - 4 hidden/bonus teams
     - 24 club teams
    Our recommendations:
    [***] - we recommend
    [**] - average team
    [*] - better forget it
     ° International:
     - Europe Zone (31 Teams):
    Ireland          [*]
    Northern Ireland [*]
    Scotland         [*]
    Wales            [*]
    England          [***]
    Portugal         [**]
    Spain            [***]
    France           [***]
    Belgium          [**]
    Netherlands      [***]
    Switzerland      [**]
    Italy            [***]
    Czech Republic   [**]
    Germany          [***]
    Denmark          [**]
    Norway           [**]
    Sweden           [**]
    Finland          [**]
    Poland           [*]
    Slovakia         [*]
    Austria          [*]
    Hungary          [*]
    Slovenia         [*]
    Croatia          [**]
    Yugoslavia       [**]
    Romania          [**]
    Bulgaria         [*]
    Greece           [*]
    Turkey           [**]
    Ukraine          [**]
    Russia           [*]
    -Afrika zone (6 Teams):
    Morocco      [*]
    Tunisia      [*]
    Egypt        [*]
    Nigeria      [***]
    Cameroon     [**]
    South Africa [*]
    -American zone (10 Teams):
    USA       [*]
    Mexico    [**]
    Jamaica   [*]
    Colombia  [*]
    Brasil    [***]
    Peru      [*]
    Chile     [**]
    Paraguay  [**]
    Uruguay   [*]
    Argentina [***]
    -Asian and oceania zone (7 Teams):
    Japan               [*]
    South Korea         [*]
    China               [*]
    Iran                [**]
    United Arab Emirats [*]
    Saudi Arabia        [*]
    Australia           [**]
     ° Secret Teams: (4 Teams)
    Euro All-Stars          [***]
    World All-Stars         [***]
    Classic Euro All-Stars  [***]
    Classic World All-Stars [***]
     ° Club Teams: (24 Teams)
    Manchster (Manchster United)  [***]
    London (Arsenal London)       [**]
    Chelsea                       [*]
    Liverpool (FC Liverpool)      [**]
    Leeds (Leeds United)          [**]
    Westham (Westham United)      [*]
    Barcelona (FC Barcelona)      [***]
    Madrid (Real Madrid)          [***]
    Valencia (FC Valencia)        [**]
    Monaco (AC Monaco)            [**]
    Marseille                     [*]
    Amsterdam (Ajax Amsterdam)    [*]
    International (Inter Milan)   [***]
    Torino (Juventus Torino)      [***]
    Milan (AC Milan)              [***]
    Lazio (Lazio Rom)             [**]
    Parma (AC Parma)              [**]
    Fiorentina                    [*]
    Dortmund (Borussia Dortmund)  [**]
    Munchen (FC Bayern Munich)    [***]
    Leverkusen (Bayer Leverkusen) [**]
    Rio De Janeiro (River Plate)  [*]
    Buenos Aeros (Boca Juniors)   [*]
    | 5. Miscallenous:|-----------------------------------------ISS Pro Evolution 2
     ° Secrets:
    - Revealing European All Star and World All Star teams:
      win any cup under any mode.
    - Revealing Classic European All Star and Classic World All Star teams:
      win the international league under default mode. 
       But in spite of it you may not get the classic teams in match mode. We 
      the think it's the programmers mistake. All this time of playing ISS Pro
      Evolution 2 we got this teams only once. But you should check the master
      league player buying section after the league win. Sometimes the teams 
      are there.
    - To get the "Club House" training stadion under the match mode:
      win the konami cup under any mode.
    - Unlimited Master League players:
      When you buy an edited player in Master League, you can delete him from the 
      Option File. He will still be in your Master League team but will no longer 
      take up space in your Option File. You can therefore create an unlimited 
      amount   of players for Master League, despite there being only 22 slots in 
      the Option File.
    - If you buy a player from an All Star team the same player in the team won't 
      be replaced.
      ° Mistakes:
    - Problems to get Classic European All Star and Classic World All Star teams.
    - Impossibility to unlock home/away modes, time and difficulty modes in 
      Master League.
    - Wrong player, club names... Konami still got no FIFPro license.
    - Commentators call sometimes wrong names (Example: When we play against 
      AS Roma and Montella has the ball, the commentator sometimes say: "Vieri")
    - Referees sometimes don't see the offsides, outs... thats good so :)
    - It's still impossible to change the names of club team players :(
      ° Unbelievable:
    What was your longest goal-distance? We made free-kick goal from 63 meters 
    under hard difficulty level. 2 of us were plaing against each
    other. France vs Brasil. So one got a free kick almost from the right-middle
    of the field. He chose R.Carlos ... shot and an AMAZING, CURVED goal against
    Barthez. We have saved it on memory card & on pc. So if you interested in
    it, visit http://mitglied.lycos.de/erkhes/pesgoals/larcos.avi [Size = 1MB]
    Also visit:
    http://www.geocities.com/utd2k2/ - to post in our message zone
    http://mitglied.lycos.de/erkhes/ - to see the best of our ISSPE2/PES goals*
    * - Windows Media Player 7.0 with DivX 4.0 Bundle (or higher) needed
      ° Stadions:
    - Royal Palace: Konig Boudewijn Stadion (dutch).
                    King Boudewijn stadium (english).
                    (formerly known as Heysel - stadium).
    Place : Brussels
    Team : National Stadium of Belgium.
    Capacity : 50000
    - Flying Disk
    Real name: Stade de France (National Stadium)
    Capacity: 80.000
    Country: France
    - Twin Towers
    Real name: Olympiastadion
    Capacity: 76.243
    Country: Germany
    Club: Hertha BSC Berlin
    - Apex Stadium
    Real name: Wembley (National Stadium)
    Capacity: 78.500
    Country: England
    - White Stadium
    Real name: San Siro
    Capacity: 85.700
    Country: Italy
    Club: Inter Milan and AC Milan
    - Imperial Stadium
    Real name: Olympiastadion
    Capacity: 63.000
    Country: Germany
    Club: FC Bayern Munich
    - Arena Stadium
    Real name: Amsterdam Arena
    Capacity: 51.200
    Country: Netherlands
    Club: Ajax Amsterdam
    - Pacific Plaza
    Real name: Estadio Nacional (National Stadium)
    Capacity: 75.000
    Country: Chile
    Club: Universidad de Chile
    - Key Square
    Real name: Australia National Stadium (Olympic Stadium)
    Capacity: 110.000 
    Country: Australia
    - Legends Stadium
    Real name: Old Trafford
    Capacity: 61.250
    Country: England
    Club: Manchester United
    - Masters stadium
    Real name: Parc des Princes(not sure)
    Capacity: 48.600
    Country: France
    Club: Paris Saint Germain
    - Oval Stadium 
    Real name: Olympic Stadium(national stadium Japan)
    Capacity: 62.000
    Country: Japan   
    - Arc Stadium
    Real name: Nagai stadium
    Capacity: 45.409
    Country : Japan
    City : Osaka
    - International Stadion
    Real name: Yokohoma International Stadium
    Capacity: 70.564
    Country: Japan
    Club: Yokohoma Marinos 
    - National Stadium
    Real name: Saitama Stadium
    Capacity: 63.700
    Country: Japan(Korea?)
    Club: Red Diamonds
    |6. New Player Cr |-----------------------------------------ISS Pro Evolution 2
    - Go to Options->Edit Mode->Change Player->Create A New Player
    - Select the position in which he'll play
    - Enter person's name
    - Select the Call-Name.It could be number or a name of the real player of iss.
    - Edit the Outlook. Very important! Heh. Weight & height are really important.
    - Abilities. Let your imagination work for you here.
    - Stock the player, modificate him and you can use him in your team.
    | 7. Strategies   |-----------------------------------------ISS Pro Evolution 2
    °Best to play with:
    - Center Forwards
    Best kicker:   BATISTUTA(argentina), EUZEBIO(classic euro all stars)
    Best "runner": RONALDO(brasil), SHEVCHENKO(ukraine), OWEN(england)      
    Best header:   KOLLER(czech republic), VIERI(italy), BIERHOFF(germany)
    Best dribbler: DEL PIERO(italy), OWEN(england), RONALDO(brasil)
    Best OVERALL:  VIERI(italy),CANTONA(classic euro all stars)
    - Wingers
    Best OVERALL: KEWELL(australia),GIGGS(wales)
    - Midfielders
    Best passing:   BECKHAM(england), ZIDANE(france), STOJKOVIC(yugoslavia)
    Best attacking: RIVALDO(brasil), ZIDANE(france), HADJI(morocco)
    Best defending: NDO(cameroon), GULLIT(classic euro all stars), 
                    RIJKAARD(classic euro all stars),DAVIDS(netherlands)
    - Defenders
    Best center back: TUDOR(croatia), STAM(netherlands), NESTA(italy)
    Best side back:   THURAM(france), CAFU(brasil), R.CARLOS(brasil), STANIC(cro)
    - Goalkeepers
    CHILAVERT(paraguay),YASHIN(classic euro all stars),VAN DER SAR(netherlands)
     ° How Can I...:
    (special from Erkhes)
    - Attack: I personally recommend you to choose an average or a good team.
              First of all, change your formatition type. Choose 3 strikers for
              an attacking game. 3-4-3B is perfect for this. Check your strikers
              now. It'd be very good when you combine fast wingers and powerfull
              headers. For example: Elber-Jancker-Sergio of Bayern Munich. Even if
              your opponent has 5 defenders, it'll be very hard to guess your next
              move and stop you. With 3 strikers it's good to play a center-attack
              game if your opponent has 3-4 defenders, and its usefull to play a 
              left/right side attack game if he has 5 defenders. 1-2 passes are
              very usefull if you'll attack from center. But the headers are not
              really usefull couse you have only 1 good header and if a winger 
              lobs the ball it'll probably come to the other winger, which can't
              get the ball. So if you want an intensiv play with your header, 
              better choose formatition with 2 forwards. If through pass and other 
              technic's don't work against your opponent well and you can't shoot
              as you wish, try to play with you second column, i mean offensive
              midfielders. Many teams have great midfielders which can shoot 
              bombastic. Example: Netherlands. After all the work if you score or 
              the time is almost to the end, it'll be better to defend then.
    - Deffend: I promise you, that you can never defend with 3 defenders. They're
               very weak against through and 1-2 passes, low-lobs from corner and
               against headers. So 4 or even 5 defenders are needed in this 
               situation. I like 4-4-2B. It's the best formation for both offence
               and defence. Stick 2 centerback players near each other and make a
               libero of 1 of them if you want. If your opponent has very "hot"
               forward(s) you should man-mark them with your sidebacks. So they'll
               become cooler. Avoid sliding tackles. It's brutal. Even if you 
               woun't become a red card, there are so many free-kick specialists
               which can easilly score from 35 meter. By critical situations its
               sometimes usefull to call out the goalie by holding "TRIANGLE".
               Never forget that the defence is the most important part of the game
               Be concentrated, change tired players, make a auto-defence strategy
               if needed. Offside Traps and Counter attacks are very important 
               too. Hold "X" to stick to opponent player who has the ball, chase
               him with to players by holding "SQUARE". And never let them shoot.
               To practice defending it can be usefull to complete a master league
               with the default team, not buying any players. If you win the 
               league, then you're good enough.
    - Free Kicks: See the "Free Kicks" from Turuu section in part 2. It's very 
    - Overall: There're 3 very important rules  in this game. It works also for
               many other games. It's like a law:
               1. Believe In Yourself
               2. Try Your Best
               3. Never Give Up
               Especially 3rd rule helps very often. 
               So HOLD ON and MAKE IT THROUGH. You can be the one!
    If you're interested in very special tactics or have any questions write me 
    to: utd2k2@yahoo.com
    °Important Advices:
    (special from Didi)
    My advices for them, who really want to win:
    1st: Make your own club with best players(no matter, it isn't a real club).
         Then choose best body balanced and tall players. They should have good
         passing ability and speed. Example: France players.
    2nd: Lethal weapon (Koller,Ronaldo) has to be in your team. As you know, to
         win in football you have to make a goal...
    3rd: Take good goalkeepers. Even if you can't score they'll save you(penalty?)
    4th: You really have to study powerfull shootings.
    5th: Make usefull faults, avoid red cards.
    6th: Practice quick running and dribling as well.
    8th: Learn doing free-kicks. It's very IMPORTANT! See the free-kick section.
    9th: Anyway, don't take your home country if you aren't french. Hehe
    10th: I found best set. It's like that:
          Change your set to 5-3-2, than hold your defenders back and place them
          as near as you can to each other. After that try to place your defensive
          half (DH) near to the opponents strikers. Hold two OH's (offensive half)
          both ways. And remember 1 thing. It's really no use against good heading
          team. It looks not good but believe me, it's the best set.
    That's all. Work hard. Feel the spirit of the football...
    °Important Advices #2:
    (special from Dimitris)
     I like 1-2 passes, which work great (with my
    formation too great I think, especially the high 1-2). With some 
    practice you can go through the whole defence just with some 1-2s. And the 
    COM has a bug so that the reaction of CPU players is rather slow, so the 
    player can get the ball after it has passed just by 1-2 defenders.
     Also a very easy way to score is to go along out line at the height of
    penalty and shoot smoothly. It's always a goal!
     !An advanced technic is the "R1 - let through ball". With this you can
    catch off guard other players mostly(against CPU it doesn't works very
    well). This technic requires much practice, it took me many hours to
    master it. I will give you a diagram to show you a very frequent use of
    this technic.
         D2   D3
    D1   A2   A3
    A1 passes to A2. If A2 lets the ball through A3 runs diagonally for the
    ball(A3 is a rather fast player, with slow teams this technic is not
    working well unless you are close to goal). While D2 and D3 are in
    surprice(low reaction players, after all most CB just are not the best 
    this :)) A3 gets the ball between them and runs towards goal. This is a
    rather difficult situation though, and it takes a lot of practice to
    master this technic. Now lets think that there is a counter attack, and 
    is missing(he hasn't returned to his position yet).
    D1   A2   A3
    The novice player will risk with a high pass for A3. A pass to A2 and 
    a through pass to A3 is not suggested because there is a great chance 
    an offside. So if you see that D2 is marking hard A2 just use this
    technic. A3 will receive the ball and he will propably score. The 
    now is A1, so you can use it to break offside trap.
    The only thing you should keep in ming is that if the pass from A1 to 
    doesn't have enough power A3 may wait for the ball to come at his feet
    which is a disaster. And if D2 is fast he will get the ball from A3 
    he will notice it :).
     And a bug, which exists from ISS 98... The borders of the field are
    extended. I have seen the ball going out about half its size more and 
    the game continued normally.
    ° Our Strategies:
    # Erkhes's playing method:
    1. First of all i choose my team of course. I don't like(need) teams with very
    fast players such as Ronaldo or Schevchenko - its only for beginners or losers.
    If you'll play this game for enough long time, you'll understand that its much
    interesting & funnier to win with a normal team. There're too many ways to stop
    my opponents fast players.. So, my favorite teams are: Netherlands, Germany,
    Italy, Spain and Norway. But my most fav. team is FC Bayern Munich (FCB).
    It's a very balanced team, good for both advanced players and beginners.
    2. Before the match begins i always check the "Formatition" menu:
    First of all, i choose the 4-4-2B formatition there. Believe me, it's the best
    formatition for 95% of all teams in the game. 4 defenders, 2 defending mid-
    fielders, 2 atacking midfielders and 2 strikers.
    *Keeper: Oliver Kahn is one of the best keepers of the game. He makes never
    any mistakes if the ball comes to the middle of the goal. It's a rare player.
    But his(all keepers) weak point is: to get the ball which is flying to one of
    the sides. I mean - jump power is not phenomenal. Kahn plays always in my team.
    *Defenders: FCB of season 99/00 has 4 really good defenders. Patrik Andersson
    is the defence organisator and plays in centerback. He is the highest defender,
    so i always try to defend headers with him. Second centerback is Thomas Linke.
    He's fast, has a good reaction, speed and heading abilities. That's why he can
    also come out the the side - to defend, when the sidebacks aren't at their 
    position. I use Sammy Kuffour as my left sideback. With his 18-defence and 17-
    speed his the best at this position. BUT of course there're some problems:
    My right sideback was Bixente Lizarazu. He is fast and very agressive, but 
    he is very short (169cm), which is very bad if i play against a good heading 
    team. So i changed his place with defensive midfielder Jens Jeremies's place.
    Jeremies is higher (176cm) and his defensive abilities are even better.
    On the bench there're not so many players to choose from but Babbel is 
    pretty good. Hehe.
    I also use my centerbacks sometimes for my corners. They head the ball "in"
    very good.
    My left defending midfielder is Michael Tarnat. He is left footed and has an
    amazing shoot power. Its really good to have at least 1 left footed player
    in the team..I make with Tarnat all my long-distance free kicks and left
    corners! The right defending midfielder is Lizarazu. He's really cool. Left
    footed too. So lets come to my offencive midfielders - the gamemakers.
    Stefan Effenberg is the capitan of the team. He has very good statuses.
    He's passing, curving, reaction and offence are perfect for a midfield
    regiseur. Effenberg makes also free-kicks in normal distance. The right
    attacking midfielder is Mehmet Scholl. He has a good accuracy, even
    better than Effenberg. But he's shoot power is not great. He makes all short
    free kicks, penalties and right corners.
    There are also some good substitutes in midfield such as Sforza,Salihamdzic..
    The two brasilian samba players Giovane Elber and Paulo Sergio play in my
    starting formatition. Elber is perfect in all ways. He makes the most of the 
    goals in my team.. Sergio is used by me most as a connection way to Elber. 
    But he's very good too. Sometimes, when i play against a good human opponent,
    which is using fast teams as brasil or nigeria, i place Sergio on defensive
    midfielders place. He has speed 18 and can match up with anyone.Carsten Jancker
    strikes with Elber then. Jancker is very big, has a great body and balance.
    Heading maschine, especially from corners. Oh yeah - Elber plays on the left.
    Substitutes: Sannta Cruz!!,Jancker,Zickler
    My players overall:Very fast(only Effenberg & Jancker have speed 16),technical
    (with good brasilian players and perfect midfielders) and good defended(every
    -one has speed 17 and a good heading ability)
    3. Now its important to change some positions:
    I put Linke and Andersson closer to each other so its easier do defend
    1-2 or through passes. Andersson plays as a libero too. So he can take even
    a part in some attacks. Sidebacks stay on their places. I push Effenberg a
    little bit forward and Scholl a little bit back coz of their speed.
    4. If my opponent has a very dangerous player in his team i use Man-Mark
    defensive type for Kuffour or Jeremies. All other play zone-mark. I recommend
    Man-Marking only for your side-backs such as Carlos.
    5. I prefer the "Normal" Offensive/Defensive level. It's in the middle. The
    defenders have green arrows(go always back) and strikers pink arrows (go 
    always forward)
    6. Strategies: Left Side Attack(good for Elber), Zone Press(for a massive
    attack), Counter Attack(for big surprises with my good midfielders and
    strikers), Offside Trap(it's really good against through passes)..
    When the match starts:
    There're some rules which follow during the match. I can't exactly tell you
    how i shoot or head the ball in.. coz sometimes its a goal sometimes its
    just a kick off.. I try it in many ways, thats why i win very often.
    The rules:
    1. My opponent should never shoot!
    2. I must keep the ball by me (posession) as long as i can.
    3. I can make short and long passing games. Dribbling works good with 
    only few players.
    4. I must never loose a chance!
    5. I shouldn't play with my keeper or my defence. Must sweep the ball
    6. If i'm in the near of the opponents goal - turn to keeper - shoot!
    7. I also try variable tricks such as 1-2, through, lob passes, dribbles..
    8. I must always avoid brutal fouls. (Example: If i make a bad foul in my 
    penalty area, the player will get a red car + a penalty kick. So it'll be very
    hard to defend later in the game. It's just better to let the opponent 
    score, than to get a red card.)
    9. I must try to use all chances: shoots, headers, free kicks, corners,
    penalties.. Only so i can score many goals and win.
    10. See sometimes the radar, located on the middle-bottom of the screen.
    It helps with orientation..
    11. Important: i always try to stay cool even if i loose a goal. Taking a 
    deep breathe, and concentrating helps to play better. You can never
    give a 100% of you if you're talking with someone.
    Of course its not easy to follow all the rules, especially in the beginning.
    But i made it, i know and follow all the rules exactly.. And why should
    you be weaker?? No, if i made it, you CAN really make it too. Play
    alot, have some fun and don't give up!
    # Dimitris's (contributor) playing method:
     First of all, I play ISS since ISS Pro, for about 5 years... One
    year before ISS 98. My favourite team from ISS 98 and on is Nigeria(I 
    justlove speed, and green shirts - Panathinaikos :)) and I saw you (TED)
    didn't give her much attention. In ISS evolution Nigeria is perhaps the 
    fastest team (Amokachi and Babaginda) but now it is more balanced. 
    Even though it has great speed(I think Nigeria is no2 after Brazil - 
    Brazil is lame :P) but doesn't have good shooting ability or dribbling... 
    It's just speed :).
     I play 4-3-3B with Nigeria with sidebacks 2 positions backwards(the
    defence is a line now) and with defencive mentality, so now they don't
    attack and they don't leave their positions easy. Also Kanu, my CF is 
    one position forward with attacking mentality so the crosses go for his
    head(1.97 is really high :)) and the other 2 attackers Babaginda and
    Aghahowa are fast so they can go by the sideline and cross for Kanu's
    head. In the centre I have Okocha and Oliseh(really powerful shot - if 
    it goes in :)) back and Finidi(tall enough) forward. With this formation I
    don't have any problem with any other teams, except perhaps the 
    defencive ones(5-4-1 sucks).
     After all I like open games. My Master League teams are
    in the same formations, just with better players(Shevchenko is much 
    better than Aghahowa :)). Just give this formation a try, if you like fast
    football you'll love it!
     Defence is not that bad, I mean Babayaro and West are really good defenders. 
    And Iyenemi(or Sodge) and Adeypoju are good enough(there are far worst 
    defenders :)). Yes, the keeper sucks, but that
    is why I like Nigeria, it's not THE superteam(I HATE BRAZIL!). About 
    the sidebacks... After all my purpose is not to let the side attackers cross
     the ball for a header, and at that position they stop rather easily through 
    balls. Also with long range shots is more difficult now to score 
    (in ISS evolution this is not working because everyone can shoot really
    powerful, and with good accuracy). So letting the opponent waste their 
    chances with long range shots is better than letting him cross the ball
    (in hard the CPU cheats at headers, you'll propably know about it :), 
    and if you play against Norway every header of T.A Flo is goal). About the 
    offside trap I never really used it, my timing with L2+button is not that 
    good when I defend, because I use to change my defenders with L1 the very 
    second I notice their opponent has passed them or they have a slow reaction.
     Against me the offside trap works some times, but when I notice that 
    the opponent is using it I use the classic attack method Run-Like-Hell with
    Babangida and usually the defenders don't have the time to react and 
    run backwards now :). Also with Nigeria there is a really fast way to 
    counter attack... When I have the ball at defence after the opponent's attack
    I use the Square button to send the ball towards Kanu and then with a
    passing header Babaginda gets the ball and he uses the method mentioned
    before :).
     Inter? Ronaldo? :) He is by far the best striker in the game, he is so good 
    that I just don't like him :). Also Bierhoff is one other reason that I 
    prefer AC Milan, I think the best header in the game. Finally I don't like 
    Inter because there is a Greek player in it, Georgatos, and if I take a team 
    with greek players in it, they will have an advantage against their teammates,
    and I will try to make everything with them.
    | 8. Game Infos   |-----------------------------------------ISS Pro Evolution 2
      ° Game Info:
    Name: International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution 2 
    Shortened: ISS Pro Evolution 2 [ISSPE2]
    Genre: Soccer Simulation (Football)
    Developer: KCET (Konami Computer Entertaiment Tokyo)
    Copyright: Konami Corporation [http://www.konami-europe.com]
    Year of production: 2001
      ° Our Rating:
    Graphic     : ****
    Sound       : ***
    Control     : ****
    Gameplay    : *****
    Features    : ****
    Movies      : ****
    Difficulty  : ****
    Fun factor  : *****
    Play again  : *****
    Overall     : Best Football Game Of 2001
    ° Memory Card Use:
    Option File        - 2 blocks
    League save        - 1 blocks
    Cup save           - 1 blocks
    Master League save - 1 blocks
    Formatition save   - 1 blocks
    Replay save        - 2 blocks
    ps: you can overwrite your saves
    ° Standart Setting:
    10 Min.
    Extra Match
    Golden Goal
    Random Stadium
    ° The "TED" Poll:
    # Favourite National Team:
    France:       - 2  
    Netherlands:  - 1
    Brasil:       - 1
    Nigeria       - 1
    # Favourite Club Team:
    Inter Milan:      - 3
    FC Bayern Munich: - 1
    AC Milan          - 1
    # Favourite Goalkeeper:
    Van Der Sar (Juventus, Netherlands) - 2
    Kahn (FC Bayern Munich, Germany)    - 2
    Barthez (AS Monaco, France)         - 1
    # Favourite Centerback:
    Tudor (Juventus, Crotia)          - 2
    Linke (FC Bayern Munich, Germany) - 1
    Nesta (Lazio, Italy)              - 2
    # Favourite Sideback:
    Carlos (Madrid, Brasil)   - 3
    Maldini (AC Milan, Italy) - 1
    Thuram (France)           - 1
    # Favourite Midfielders:
    Rivaldo (FC Barcelona, Brasil) - 3
    Davids (Juventus, Netherlands) - 1
    Zidane (Juventus, France)      - 1
    # Favourite Playmaker:
    S.Effenberg (FC Bayern Munich)      - 1
    Maradonna (World Classic All-Stars) - 1
    Del Piero (Juventus, Italy)         - 1
    Zidane (Juventus, France)           - 1
    Rivaldo (FC Barcelona, Brasil)      - 1
    # Favourite Winger:
    Giggs (Manchester, Wales)            - 2
    Overmars (FC Barcelona, Netherlands) - 1
    Zenden (FC Barcelona, Netherlands)   - 1
    Babangida (Nigeria)                  - 1
    # Favourite Striker:
    G.Elber (FC Bayern Munich, Brasil)  - 1
    Vieri (Inter Milan)                 - 1
    Koller (Czech Republic)             - 1
    Shevchenko (AC Milan, Ukraine)      - 2
    # Favourite Header:
    Bierhoff (AC milan, Germany) - 3
    Koller (Czech Republic)      - 2
    end of the poll.
    ° The Authors:
     We are 3 young students from Mongolia. Since 1998 we played and play
    games such: WE3(ISS Pro),WE3 Final Version(ISS 98), WE4,WE2000,
    WE2001 J-League, ISS Pro Evolution, ISS Pro Evolution 2 in our free & 
    busy time. In this game our fav. teams are: FC Bayern Munich, Inter Milan, 
    Manchester,Juventus, Netherlands, Germany, France and Brasil[blah]. Each of
    us has a different art of playing and scoring. But we like it so :)
     It's our first FAQ and we hope that it'll help you and give you a lot of
    usefull information. Keep on moving, master!!!
    Erkhes, Turuu and Didi - utd2k2@yahoo.com
    P.S.: Sorry for the mistakes (if there are any). 
          Please tell us if you'll find some.
    | 9. Credits      |-----------------------------------------ISS Pro Evolution 2
    ° Contact:
    - For your questions, comments, suggestions, requests and wishes write us to:
    ° Thanks To:
    1. TED (Turuu, Erkhes, Didi)
    2. Konami (r) - [http://www.konami-europe.com/]
    3. Gamefaqs.com, Gamewinners and other sites.
    4. To our friends which helped us.
    5. YOU, for spending your time reading this faq. Have alot of fun!
    ° Poll Joiners:
    Dimitris "Dark-Avenger"
    ° Contributers:
    - Argiropoulos Dimitrios [Dark-Avenger] (argirop@ceid.upatras.gr) - Thank YOU
                            Co-work of Turuu, Didi and Erkhes,
                            the WE and ISS fans, in 2001-2002
                                    To be continued.
    End Of The Faq. 
    PS: Free-Kick and many other tips work also for other Konami-games such as:
    ISSPE, PES (for PSOne and PS2) and Winning Eleven x.

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