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                                  Winning Eleven 2000
                              Road to  the medal of  U-23
                                version 1.0 (09/27/2000)
                             by  Nico Soe (n_soe@yahoo.com)
         Standard Winning Eleven logo, players are Copyright 2000 Konami.
          Game is Copyright 2000 Konami and Copyright 2000 Sony Computer
            Entertainment. Unofficial FAQ is Copyright 2000 Nico Soe.
    FAQ/Strategy Guide
    for Sony PlayStation
    by Nico Soe
    version 1.0
    email: n_soe@yahoo.com
    version history:
    *version 1.0 - first version
                 - actually, I used my old WE4 faq as the base, that's why this 
                   faq looked similar with it ^_^'
                 - a little more to come, wait for the next update!
    This FAQ is protected by international law. This FAQ cannot be changed, 
    cannot be disturbed in any ways. This FAQ CAN ONLY BE REPRODUCED 
    ELECTRONICALY for PERSONAL USE only. This FAQ (and any part of this FAQ, even 
    a little part) cannot be used for any profitable or promotional purpose. This 
    FAQ (and any part of this FAQ) cannot be used at any websites without 
    permission from me, the author. In addition, I have the right to have this 
    document removed from any site in anytime I wish. This FAQ is available ONLY 
    FOR www.gamefaqs.com. Plagiarism of this FAQ is prohibited.
    Copyright (C) 2000, Nico Soe.
    Yup, finally Konami has released its latest version of the popular Jikkyou 
    Winning Eleven series, pheww, what a long wait.
    This game has been improved in many aspects, better graphic (has the same 
    quality as Winning Eleven 2000-J-League version), better sounds (the ball 
    sound looks real this time), and hiya!!, and improved master league.
    What I hate from this game is only one thing, the players move slower. After 
    all, it's still a great game to play. Then, what makes you waiting? Just kick 
    the ball and play! 
    As usual, you can send your comments (constructive comments only) or 
    questions to me. Maybe it will took a long time for me to reply it (no 
    guarantee, sometimes I just can't reply your comments, critics or questions 
    since I'm a very busy person and have a lot of another works to do). And 
    unfortunately there's no guarantee that I can answer your questions or 
    solving your problems.
    Read this FAQ carefully before you send a question to me, many hints are 
    already inserted in many sections. Any email asking about things that already 
    explained in this FAQ will be ignored (if I'm in a good mood, I will answer 
    it, and if I'm not, I will delete it).
    The latest version of this FAQ can be found at: - www.gamefaqs.com
    - Basic introduction
    - Control guide.
    - The basic you should master.
       Freekick and shooting freekick.
       Corner kick.
    - Common playing type.
    - Formation.
    - Strategy.
    - Tips.
    - Player edit.
    - Cup section.
    - Credits.
    This game is now using a Japanese text format in almost all of its menus. For 
    you who can't read Japanese, it can be a little problem, especially when you 
    play the game for the first time. That's why I decided to write this section.
    After many logos of the developer and publisher, you'll come in the title 
    screen (well, no more great FMV). Press start and you will be given choice to 
    load your latest save file --2 blocks of your memory card, skip that section 
    if you want), after that you will enter the main screen. Here the list of all 
    menus in that screen: (note: O = confirm button, X = cancel button)
    Main menu
    - Friendly match -->(press O)--> - Normal team match
                                     - Normal team penalty kick
                                     - U-23 team match
                                     - U-23 team penalty kick
                                     - All star match
                                     - Load master league team
    - League ---------->(press O)--> - New game
                                     - Load game
    - Cup ------------->(press O)--> - New game -->(press O)--> - Free choice
                                                                - European cup
                                                                - African cup
                                                                - American cup
                                                                - Asian cup
                                                                - Konami cup
                                     - Load game
    - Olympic game ---->(press O)--> - Premilinary round (Japan only)
                                     - Final round
                                     - Load game
    - Master league --->(press O)--> - New game
                                     - Load game
    - Training -------->(press O)--> - Normal team
                                     - U-23 team
                                     - Master league team
    - Option ---------->(press O)--> - Save and load setting
                                     - Edit player
                                     - Cup gallery
                                     - Controler setup
                                     - Config setting(commentary, bgm, etc.)
                                     - Screen setup
    - Miscellaneous
    Match type menu
    Enter the match, choose your controller mode (single, dual, or as manager). 
    After that, choose your favorite team. After you choose your team, match type 
    menu screen will appears. You can select the type of your costume, your enemy 
    level, etc. Anyway, here the list map of it:
    - Match type  <day or night>
    - Costume type/match weather  <short/dry, short/rain, long/dry, long/rain>
    - Match time  <5, 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 minutes>
    - Enemy level <easy, normal, hard>
    - Extra time  /normal       <yes/no>
                  /Golden goal  <yes/no>
                  /Penalty kick <yes/no>
    - Stadium     <15 stadiums + 1 club house + random selection>
    - Costume     <home/home, home/away, away/home, away/away>
    Match menu
    Before enter the field, you have your opportunity to prepare you squad. Here 
    the list of what appeared in the match menu:
    - Start match
    - Squad formation
    - Confyg setup (bgm, commentary level, etc.)
    - Controller (single, dual, manager, auto/manual[by pressing S])
    - Exit match
    Choose 'formation' and enter the formation menu screen (before that you will 
    be given choice to edit your formation manually or load your saved formation 
    file). Here the maplist of it:
    - Finish (choose this after you finish editing your squad)
    - Member change
    - Kicker select 
    - Captain select
    - Formation change -->(press O)--> - Formation type
                                       - Defense type
                                       - Awareness
                                       - Position edit
    - Set strategy -->(press O)--> - Strategy edit (professional/normal)
                                   - Offense/defense type (manual, auto defense, 
                                     auto normal, auto offense)
    - Formation copy
    Match menu (while playing)
    - Resume game
    - Formation (manually, saved file)
    - Camera angle
    - Indicator edit -->press O)--> - Field radar <yes/no>
                                    - Info and offense indicator <on/off>
                                    - Time indicator <on/off>
                                    - Score indicator <on/off>
                                    - Strategy indicator <on/off>
    - Speed
    - Config setup
    - Exit match
    First of all, you must understand your controller perfectly. This is the 
    easiest way to master this game. What I will explain here is only in playing 
    control. For all other game control, replay control, option control, you can 
    learn by yourself, I don't need to explain them here.
    Control button
    note: T = Triangle, S = Square, X = X button, C = Circle, R1, L1, R2, L2,
          D-pad = directional pad of your controller
    D-pad : - moving your player (yeah right, I think you already knew it)
    T     : - through pass
            - make your goalkeeper rushing out (while defending)
    S     : - normal shooting --with power gauge
            - shooting header (in opponent area, penalty box)
            - clear a ball/clear a crossing/defending header (in your area)
              call other nearest player to chase an enemy player/chase 2/
              double defense (while defending)
    X     : - short passing
            - passing header
            - easy tackle (ball not in possession)
            - chasing an enemy player/chase 1 --sometime causing a push
            - chasing a wild ball (while pressing with R1)
    C     : - crossing (if you in crossing area, there will no power gauge while
              you crossing a ball. In this case, by pressing it repeatedly, will
              change your cross into a low cross. Faster you press it repeatedly,
              more low your cross will be)
            - sliding tackle (ball not in possession)
            - high passing --with power gauge
            - clear a ball (while defending)
    R1    : - running (tab front while running for rushing dribble)
    L1    : - switch to other nearest player to the ball (ball not in possession)
    R2    : - hold this, then press S or C to more defensive or to more offensive
    L2    : - hold this then press T or S or X or C to set your strategy (in
              professional mode)
    L1,L1 : - dribbling skill (ball in possession, while you're not running)
    L1+T  : - lob a ball --lob passing
    L1+S  : - chip shot/lob shot (longer you press the S button, higher the
              chip will be)
    L1+X  : - one-two pass (yesss!!)
    L1+C  : - high one-two pass.
    S+X   : - trick shot (if you doing this while you close enough to the goalie,
              he will 100 percent fall down --even before he is rushing out, and
              you'll be easy to pass him)
    If you want to beat your every opponent, then you should master the control 
    of your player, take any chance. By master them you will get many scoring 
    chance, pressing your opponent. The basic four you should master are passing, 
    freekick, corner kick, and shooting of course. Master them will make you play 
    more vary.   
    Train your passing skill often. Do a short pass or a long pass whatever you 
    want. Predict your opponent movement, do a passing which they cannot 
    intercept. Don't do a short pass if your target player is too far from your 
    current player. Try to do a one-touch pass, fast pass, which will confuse 
    your opponent.
    Better make a room for your player before you shot. If your player cannot do 
    a clear shot, or under pressure by the defence, then the shot will less 
    accurate than a clear shot. Do a long shot if you want, but watch your player 
    shooting skill. When you are in one on one condition with the goalie, then 
    watch him carefully, if he rushing out then do a chip shot or use your skill 
    to pass him, if he stay then better do a normal shot, it should score.
    freekick, shooting freekick
    Actually you can do freekick in many ways, you could pass to other player 
    than try to make a clear shot, or you can do a high pass then get your other 
    player to make a heading. But of course the pleasure is when we doing a 
    shooting freekick, and it score. What I will explain is only a shooting 
    freekick button:
    D-pad(left and right): aim your shot
    T    : N/A
    S    : shooting --with power gauge
    X    : short pass to other player
    C    : high pass to other player
    Up   : make your shot more powerful, faster, but lower
    Down : make a lift shot, the shot will pass the defence, but slower
    Left : hold this quickly after shooting will make a little curve to the left
    Right: hold it quickly after shooting will make a little curve to the right
    When you got a freekick and you think you still in shooting range, then 
    better do a shooting freekick. But only if you're not too diagonal with the 
    net. The concept is like this, if you stand straight in front of the net, the 
    goalie will stand in the middle, and the defence will try to cover your shot 
    from the middle to. If you stand diagonal with the net, the goalie will stand 
    in the far post, and the defence will try to cover your way to the near post.
    Watch the diagram below.
    Don't blame me if it's hard to understand, I'm not an art master.
                 -------------                         -------------
                 |    GK     |      <----net----->     |        GK |
                     ****           <--defence--->      ****
                       +     <---freeckick taker-->     +
    If you stand far from the net, then do a long freekick plus hold the up 
    button. Give a curve for better result. If you stand not too far from the 
    net, then do a normal freekick--watch your power bar. If you stand in very 
    close range with the net, for example near the penalty box, then do a lift 
    shot freekick in order for the ball to pass the defence. The risk of a lift 
    shot is the shot will be to slow for the goalie to catch.
    If you stand diagonal with the net, the best way to score is by aiming your 
    shot to the near post (while the goalie stand in the far post), try to shot 
    the ball pass the defence (use lift shot in the close range), give your best 
    curve. The goalie will difficult to block the ball. You should know that the 
    right foot freekick taker is good for doing left curve than right curve, the 
    left foot freekick taker is good for doing right curve then left curve. 
    To master a freekick, train it often in the training mode.
    Corner kick
    Well, there aren't much to explain here. Anyways, corner can be a good idea 
    to create a score from.
    Corner button:
    D-pad(left-right): aim your corner.
    C    : cross a corner.
    X    : short pass.
    Up   : hold this after press C will make a high cross
    Down : hold this after press C will make a low cross
    As far as I know, the way people play can be divided into 3 common type. They 
    are dribbling type, heading type, and the combination of them.
    Dribbling type
    This main point of this type is trying to keep the ball in possession, not 
    passing often. The good team for this type for example are : Brazil, Holland.
    Heading type
    This type needs a good winger in their team to supply a good crossing ball. 
    And of course a good header. The good team for this type for example: 
    Nigeria, Germany, Holland. Brazil is not suitable for this type.
    Combination of them
    This is a flexible type. They can keep the ball in possession, can do a good 
    cross to make a devastating heading too. I don't know which team suitable for 
    this type. This type is good to master. This type can do their attacking 
    strategy more vary.
    The formation you choose is really up to you. You can put one, two, or three 
    striker in front, but never put four!!  ^_^(bad joke). Usually if you good in 
    heading you will put one or three striker in front (at least all my friends 
    doing that). Just try any type of formation, edit the position as you like, 
    try the best position for your type of playing, use the right strategy, be 
    Oh yeah, in the formation menu you can set your defender to sweeper or 
    libero, you can set the awareness too.
    In WE 2000 there are some strategy that will be very useful to use. You need 
    to know them.
    Your strategy screen is available in the formation menu (see basic 
    introduction section). Here are the list of them:
    - Manual
    - Normal
    - Center attack
    - Right
    - Left
    - The other side
    - Change side
    - CB overlap
    - Zone press
    - Counter attack
    - Offside trap
    - <> Support formation 1 (press left/right to select)
    - <> Support formation 2 (press left/right to select)
    The explanation are:
    Center attack
    Concentrate the attack from the center. 
    In WE3, if you are using two strikers in front, and if you cross the ball to 
    the center, your striker will automatic chasing the ball from the center. 
    Then a good header will be no problem.
    It's totally different in WE4. If you put only two strikers in front, and if 
    you cross a ball, the ball will usually crossed to the center, while your 
    striker waiting in the right and left side. It would be to late for them to 
    chase the ball. To avoid this, use center attack strategy, the ball will 
    still crossed to the center, but your striker will be in center too. 
    Unfortunately, this strategy is now become less useful in WE 2000.
    Right or left side attack
    Concetrate the attack from right/left side attack.
    The other side attack
    Don't really know the use of this.
    Change side
    Change your striker position. Your left attacker will move to the right, your 
    right attacker will move to the left.
    CB overlap
    Make the Central Back to help the attack (overlapping).
    Zone press
    This strategy will make your player act more aggressively to help your 
    attack, pressing your opponent movement. The weakness of it is it will be 
    easy for your opponent to counter attack.
    Counter attack
    Well, you know this one, don't you? Use this against an attacking team.
    Offside trap
    While pressing, make your defender trap opponent player so that they caught 
    offside. Don't seem to be useful.
    Support formation 1 and 2
    Set your backup formation. When you use this strategy, your team formation 
    will change to the selected support formation.
    1. Understand your controller perfectly.
    2. Try to pressure your opponent, don't let opponent pressure you.
    3. Trap your opponent into your type of playing. Make them confused.
    4. Don't play monotony.
    5. Watch carefully your map to know clearly all of your player and your
       opponent's player position.
    6. Use your strategy effectively.
    7. Predict your opponent movement, try to do as many intercept as you can.
    8. Don't depend on one player only.
    9. Stay cool.
    Well, thanks to Konami for this one. It's easy to edit a player, just enter 
    the gaming option menu, enter the edit mode section (see basic introduction 
    section). And that's all. You can create a player by your imagination, or you 
    can take a base copy. Or you just want to change a player name, or a player 
    shirt number. Do as you wish.
    Edit mode
    - Edit name (choose a team, choose a player, choose a letter type)
    - Edit number
    - Create player
    - Entry
    - Delete player
    - Data save
    Create player
    Press O, then you will be given three choices --> - New player
                                                      - Base copy
                                                      - Edit stock
    You can create your own new player, or you can create it by copying an 
    already existed player from a national team, U-23 team, or master team.
    First you have to enter his position (GK, CB..., WG --press left or right). 
    After that, input your player name. Then enter the player callsound, press 
    start to skip. The enter your player looks.
    List of player looks screen:
    - Nationality
    - Skin color type
    - Hair type
    - Hair color type
    - Facial hair type
    - Facial hair color
    - Height
    - Body build
    - Age
    - Shoes type
    - Favorite leg type
    Press O after you finish. After that you'll have to enter the player status 
    List of player skill screen:
    - Offense
    - Defense
    - Body balance
    - Stamina
    - Speed
    - Acceleration
    - Pass accurate
    - Shot
    - Shot accurate
    - Jump power
    - Head accurate
    - Technigue
    - Dribble
    - Curve
    - Aggressive
    - Response
    - Outside
    This time, as you know, there's an ability added in a player status. It's 
    called 'response'. And there's an option added when you try to make a player. 
    You can now enter the nationality of the player
    After that you will be given three choices: --> - Stock
                                                    - Edit
                                                    - Cancel
    Choose 'stock' to stock your player. After that go to the entry screen, 
    choose the first choice. Here you can enter your U-23 player to a national 
    team, or you can enter your edited player to a team. A player will be 
    automatically set for his own national team --depend on his nationality. 
    That's why better to set your player nationality to 'none'.
    Bonus cup
    - International cup : added all stars team in friendly match
    - Konami cup        : added club house in stadium selection
    - Olympic game      : added classic all stars in friendly match
    - Master league     : added the selected master team in friendly match
                          (after loaded)
    Cup gallery
    Here the maplist of the cup gallery:
    International cup       Konami cup       International league cup
    European cup    African cup     American cup            Asian cup      
    Master cup    Gold medal(Olympic)  Silver medal      Bronze medal
    Master league (season 99/00)
    Hiya, the master league are now updated. Now you can choose up to 24 team. 
    Most are from europe zone, along with two team from american zone.
    Here the list of them: 
    - Manchester (Manchester United)
    - London (Arsenal FC)
    - Chelsea (Chelsea)
    - Liverpool (Liverpool FC)
    - Leeds (Leeds United)
    - West Ham (West Ham United)
    - Barcelona (FC Barcelona)
    - Madrid (Real Madrid CF)
    - Valencia (Valencia CF)
    - Monaco (AS Monaco)
    - Marseille (Olympique Marseille)
    - Amsterdam (Ajax Amsterdam)
    - International (Inter Milan FC)
    - Torino (Juventus FC)
    - Milano (AC Milan)
    - Lazio (SS Lazio)
    - Parma (AC Parma)
    - Firenze (Fiorentina)
    - Roma (AS Roma)
    - Dortmund (Borussia Dortmund)
    - Munchen (Bayern Munchen)
    - Leverkusen (Bayer Leverkusen)
    - Rio De Janeiro (Vasco Da Gama)
    - Buenos Aires (River Plate)
    In master league, you have to start from divison 2 with other 7 random clubs. 
    After playing 28 match in total, and become a champion/runner up, you will be 
    promoted to division 1. The real confrontation is in division 1. You have to 
    become champion in division one, in order to win the master cup.
    1. GameFAQs for publishing my FAQs.
    2. My eyes.
    3. Michael A.T for telling me about this gamefaqs site.
    4. Konami.
                            Hope it would be useful for you.
                                Email: n_soe@yahoo.com
                            Copyright (C) 2000, Nico Soe.

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