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    Secrets FAQ by Demonrugal

    Version: 0.3 | Updated: 09/11/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Console : PS 1
    Developer : Bandai
    Shaman King Secret FAQs.
    Ver : 0.3 / Add "Super moves" lists.
    Ver : 0.2 / Correct spelling. Fix most of "wrong" part i just saw... Thank
    Ver : 0.1 / Complee writing this FAQ
    Copyright 2002 : Demonrugal.
    Disclaimer : All of this FAQ must be kept in it's original form. Do NOT
    modofied / use it without my permission. Anything in here / codes must be
    use under permission. Or else...
    What is Secret FAQ?
    -This one is for anyone who frustated with this game. An entire list of all
    secret stuff. Hope you enjoy it.
    Contents :
    -The "unlocking" steps
    -Super Moves
    -Action Replay
    The "unlocking" steps
    Default characters :
    -Yoh 1
    -Tao Ren
    -Tao Jhun
    To get more characters. You must follow this steps :
    1. Story Mode.
    Just play it. After that you'll notice that you're facing game's new
    characters. To beat them are to unlock them. Most of them can be beaten by
    normal tactics and they're so easy to beat but... after pass it for a few
    stage. You'll see...
    -Anna's "Run" training.
    How to play?
    Simply hit "Circle" button rapidly. Yoh has 3 running step. First he'll run
    very slowly. Second he'll start "real" running. Third, Yoh will start
    running at full speed. But there're a few stuff block your road.
    Button :
    Circle = Run
    X = Jump
    Condition : Reach 4000 m. in 1 minute.
    Tips : Always run at "Full" speed. (Or slower, if you're newbie) And make
    sure that Anna's Shikigami is not behind you. Avoid these : iron fence,
    Stone and Children's bike (???) These 3 will cause you to stuck. After you
    saw these stuff. Simply press X immediately to avoid it. Finally you'll
    breeze through it without any problem.
    -Anna's "Cut wood" training
    How to play?
    This trainng. You must push "Left and right" in order to reach the woods
    which launch to the stage. Move left / right and then jump / cut those
    Button :
    Left : Move to the left.
    Right : Move to the right.
    Circle : Jump / cut wood.
    Condition : Cut woods for 30 pieces in 1 minutes.
    Tips : As you can see, there are only 3 rows in this stage. So stick to the
    center after / before you cut those woods. But beware. Somtimes Manta will
    thrown in instead of those woods. No points for cut Manta!
    -Anna's "Oversoul" training.
    How to play?
    Like "normal" game. Abidamaru (Yoh's soul) will appear and tell yoh "How to
    oversoul with him" . By simply press "The button" he just told you.
    Button :
    Every buttons except for L2 and R2
    Condition : Oversoul for 100% in 1 minutes.
    Tips : A normal and easy one. Remember what Abidamaru said. Then follow it.
    BUT DO NOT PRESS THE WRONG BUTTONS. For a final part. There're "Another"
    soul interrupt your training. Don't listen to them. Only follow Abidamaru's
    word. You'll be fine.
    -An Underworld Cave.
    How to play?
    In order to past this training. It only need your mindpower. So your "will"
    to survive must be absolute than anything here. There are a questions that
    you must complete it in order to advance. The correct one will reach for 200
    M. and the wrong one will step back for 50 M.
    Button :
    By the answer.
    Condition : Reach it for 4000 metres. (20 ans.) The time will count
    automatically 	  every 1 minute, so you have 7 minutes here.
    Tips : NONE. Only for Japanese people / The one with luck. Or you can write
    it down into your paper...
    >>>note : If you completed this "Cave" training. Yoh would be in his
    >>>"Advance oversoul Yoh" (Yoh O.S 2) which is better in any way.
    In fact. If you can complete "Underworld Cave"... Yoh would be Yoh O.S 2. I
    don't know it cuz it beat it all... Thanks
    -Anna's "Air Chair" training.
    How to play : Yoh must hang in there at least for 1 minute. It's rather easy
    here. Yoh's stamina would be gained automatically after you press "Circle"
    button rapidly. If you press X button. Yoh will sat down. In order to get
    him back to work, press "Circle" rapidly. For the final part. There are
    Yome's Shikigami flying around here. Release "Circle" button in order to
    avoid them. Hit them for  3 times = game Over.
    Button :
    Circle : Gain stamina.
    Press X : Sat down.
    Tips : Simply press "Circle" button Rapidly. Until "Shikigami" comes. Press
    X button. And then regain his stamina by pressing "Circle" button rapidly.
    You'll find yourself breeze through here without any trouble.
    >>>After you beat this game without any continue (Against normal characters,
    >>>Not Hao. He's unplayable) You shall unlocked every characters you just
    >>>beat them.
    Note : You must beat them in "Story Mode" to get them !!!
    Note : For Yoh O.S 2 , You must beat all Training to get him. (Especially
    for CAVE training)
    These are the chart of characters you would unlocked :
    -Yoh 2 : Complete "Story Mode"
    -Yoh 3 : Complete "Story Mode" and complete "Cave" Training.
    -Horo Horo : Beat him in "Story Mode" and complete it once.
    -Faust VIII : Beat him in "Story Mode" and complete it once
    -Silver : Beat him in "Story Mode" and complete it once
    -Reserg : Beat him in "Story Mode" and complete it once
    -Malco : Beat him in "Story Mode" and complete it once
    -Choco love : Beat him in "Story Mode" and complete it once
    2. Shaman Fight Mode.
    Like "Arcade" mode. So i'll not explain it.
    Beat this mode with " Yoh 2". You'll breeze through it if you have got some
    fighting experience. No Hao here! (Good news)
    After You beat it. you'll get.
    -Tamao Tamamura : Complete "Shaman Fight" mode with "Yoh 2"
    --- "Sudden Death" mode would be unlocked.
    3. Sudden death Mode.
    Like "Survival Mode". Simply beat all characters in your way. There are 10
    stages here. Except for "Asakura Yome" is the last boss.
    Note : You can lose only ONCE in this mode
    Beat this mode with "Yoh 1" ... Tips. Always combo" them and corner them.
    It's easier to fight them with "Scrub" tactics.
    After you beat "Asakura Yome" -- You'll get.
    -Asakura Yome : Beat Survival Mode with "Yoh 1"
    4. "Anna's training" mode.
    Anna : "Chini tai ne?"  (Wanna die ?)
    If you beat all Anna's training in story mode. This special mode will appear
    in mode selection screen. This one is harder, tougher and insaner than
    anything you ever met!
    The training program are the same. But there're an impossible conditions in
    You can miss it ONLY 3 TIMES, no jokes.
    -Anna's "Run" training 	= Run for 4000 metres.
    -Anna's "Oversoul" training	= Oversoul for 150%
    -Anna's "Wood cut" training  	= Cut woods for 150 pieces.
    -An Underworld cave 	= Reach it for 3600 metres.
    -Anna's "Air chair" training	= Hang in there for 3 minutes.
    And there are "special condition & trouble" in it. Please read.
    -Anna's "Run" training
    Only longer lane. Other than that, none.
    -Anna's "Oversoul" training
    Another spirit will interrupt very rapidly. Some 			   	    times there are
    4 spirits in your screen. Be 			  	    careful. Only for past 100%
    -Anna's "Wood cut" training
    For past 70 pieces. Manta and Gonji would 			  	    thrown in instead of the
    woods. Focussing your eyes on  the wood (It will spin at the begining) Cut
    wrong  woods = You loose 2 of 3 points.
    -Anna's "Air chair" training
    Those evil Yome's Chikigami will interrupt  			   	   rapidly than before in
    past 1.5 minutes. 			  	   Remember to push "Circle" button rapidly to gain
    			   Yoh's stamina back. For the last part. You should 			  "Avoid" them
    all instead of "Peek-a-boo" them. Do 			   you understand?
    -An Underworld cave
    Same as "Underworld cave" in Story mode. But what you have to do is
    different. The rule change from 4000 m. and time limit to 3600 m. and time
    is unlimited. But the "correct" one will reach 100 m. instead of 200 m. So
    you must correct all 36 answer. (You can loose for 3 times) ...
    Note : There are 125+ question in this game!
    >>After you beat those traing. Anna would be unlocked.
    --Kyoyama Anna : Beat all 5 Anna's training in Anna's training mode and get
    	            	             better score than the original.
    5. Sudden Death Mode (Again)
    Use "Anna" and beat this mode. It's  rather easy because her combo ability
    is... deadly.
    Beat this mode to get "Aoyama Manta" as a playable character.
    -Aoyama manta : Beat "Sudden Death" mode with Anna.
    6. FINAL.
    In "Shaman Fight" mode.
    After all characters are unlocked. You should see there's only one blank
    cell. Now we should open it.
    Use "Malco" and beat "Shaman Fight" mode.
    "Iron Maiden Jeanne" should be unlocked.
    -Iron Maiden Jeanne" : After all characters are unlocked. Beat "Shaman
    Fight" 		     mode with "Malco"
    Jeanne is my favourite, because she is sooooo cute!
    (Raise my 2 hands)
    Now you should have all characters / modes. All secrets are revealed now!!!
    Default characters :
    -Yoh 1
    -Tao Ren
    -Tao Jhun
    -Yoh 2 : Complete "Story Mode"
    -Yoh 3 : Complete "Story Mode" and complete "Cave" Training.
    -Horo Horo : Beat him in "Story Mode" and complete it once.
    -Faust VIII : Beat him in "Story Mode" and complete it once
    -Silver : Beat him in "Story Mode" and complete it once
    -Reserg : Beat him in "Story Mode" and complete it once
    -Malco : Beat him in "Story Mode" and complete it once
    -Choco love : Beat him in "Story Mode" and complete it once
    -Anna's training mode : Beat all training in Story mode.
    -Tamao Tamamura : Complete "Shaman Fight" mode with "Yoh 2"
    --- "Sudden Death" mode would be unlocked.
    -Asakura Yome : Beat Survival Mode with "Yoh 1"
    --Kyoyama Anna : Beat all 5 Anna's training in Anna's training mode and get
    	            	             better score than the original.
    -Aoyama manta : Beat "Sudden Death" mode with Anna
    -Iron Maiden Jeanne" : After all characters are unlocked. Beat "Shaman
    Fight" 		    	      mode with "Malco"
    Except for one thing. Hao is unplayable. (And he is NOT playable...)
    Super moves :
    I got many demand for "How to execute thier super moves?" or "OK, I unlocked
    them, but how to use them effective?"
    Here is their Super moves list.
    All of these moves must execute when characters health bar is FLASHING, If
    your OS is 100% too. These moves will deal more damage than normal one.
    -Yoh : (1,2,3)
    Ultimate sword slash : Fw, Fw + Square.
    Ultimate striking power : Down, Bw + Square
    -Horo Horo
    Avalanche : Down, Fw + Square
    Nipopo Punch : Down, Bw + Square
    Strom ice sword : Fw, Fw + Square
    Lighting of executor : Down, Down + Square
    -Tamao Tamamura
    RIOT : Fw, Fw + Square
    -Aoyama Manta
    Hyper Encycolpedia : Down, Up + Square
    -Kyoyama Anna
    1080 necklace, You can't escape! : Bw, Fw + Square
    -Asakura Yome
    100 Shigikami : Bw, Fw + Square
    -Tao Jhun
    Twin Lightning cannon : Down, Fw + Square
    -Faust VIII
    Calcium 12730 Kg! : Down, Bw + Square
    -Choco Love
    Mig wind : Down, Bw + Square
    -Iron Maiden Janne
    Executor : In the air , Down + Square
    -Tao Ren
    Great Land's dancing spear : Down, Fw + Square
    Perfect great land's dancing spear : Bw, Fw + Square
    Tomahawk Cannon : Down, Fw + Square
    Big Ben Wire Frame : Down, Down + Square
    Action Replay :
    For the one who hate those training...
    Can use at every GS but some of those codes needed "PRO" version.
    Note : Some of those codes... I created it. it may look like someone's code.
    But the result of "Debugger" and "Search cheats & Value are THESE" So don't
    bother me by sending trash E-Mail. Or else I'll give you a virus! Please pay
    respect to my hard work! Not ruin it!
    -Max wood cut. (Both Story and training)*
    801BCA5C 03E7
    -Underworld cave (Pass all)*
    8009F00A 270F
    -Max metres (Both story and training)*
    8009F036 1388
    -Max time at "Air chair" (Both Story and training)*
    801BCA90 FFFF
    * Note : After you beat it. TURN THE CODE OFF. Or else the game will FREEZE.
    -Unlock Anna's training mode.
    800A3D84 0140
    -Unlock "Sudden death" mode.
    800A3DC2 0104
    -Unlock All modes (GS ver .2.0+)
    300A3D84 001F
    300A3DC3 0001
    -Have all characters
    (Note : This one is UNSAVEABLE. You must open it for
              everytime you play)
    800BF76C FFFF
    800BF76E 000F
    -Your character is Hao :
    (What i mean is... CPU will control it. Not you. This is a proof that he's
    unplayable. Or?)
    Input these codes
    300A3D80 0000
    300A3D81 0000
    300A3D82 0001
    Now any of your characters in characters celect screen should blank. Except
    for Yoh O.S 2, Anna, Manta, Jeanne, Malco, Yome, Choco Love and Reserg. Now
    Go to ??? (Random) and then choose it until your character is "???"
    You'll hear this voice "kare no nawa... Spirit of fire"
    And the character you have selected should BLANK (???) Now let the round
    You should be Hao. But CPU will control it. Not you.
    So? You win easily... Didn't you?
    All you just do is watching Hao slaughter your friends.
    Then the "winner" screen should display his face.
    All these codes here copyright to Me. C.Man and Kaizou.
    OK, That's all folks. At last I thanks to everyone on Gamefaqs "Shaman King"
    board for information and advise. I'll keep my hard work and improve my
    english skill... for our next meeting!!!
    Hope this help... For anyone who loves Shaman King!
    Creditted :
    -Me. I wrote it and create those codes.
    -Mr.Kaizou : For origin codes. Thank you.
    -C. Man : For "All characters" code. Thx a lot.
    -Everyone at Gamefaqs' Shaman king board. I appreciate your kindness.
    Copyright 2002 : Demonrugal.

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