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    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/23/10 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Qix 2000
    PSX 2000
    Version:        1.0     released on the 21st of April 2010
    Main Menu:
    The main menu only has the choice between 1P Mode and 2P Mode, and then pick
    Original, Arrangement or the Options.
    Lives             1    2    3    4    5
    Fill Requirement  25%      50%      75%
    Level             Easy             Hard
    BGM               Stereo           Mono
    Vibration         On                Off
    Display           Vertical   Horizontal
    D-Pad              Direct your marker
    D-Pad + O or X     Move your marker fast
    D-Pad + /_\ or []  Move your marker slow
    O                  Select (OK)
    X                  Cancel
    START              Pause the game
    From the vertical perspective, the left area is your gaming field. On the right
    are a few numbers. The top number is top score. The numbers below are how many
    per cent of the area you have claimed and how much you need to gain to complete
    the level. The large number is your current score and the small icons at the
    very bottom is the number of lives you have left. The white dots show the
    current lives. Once they are gone (turned red) you have to use a Continue and
    eventually it is Game Over.
    Your goal is to claim a certain percentage of the playing field by cutting into
    it with your cursor. This can be set to 25%, 50% or 75% accordingly. As soon as
    the player has claimed the required amount the level is complete. You move
    the marker around the field to claim territory if the wall you are building
    joins to another wall. Once you start claiming territory with the selected
    speed you are stuck with it until the box is complete.
    There are five things stopping you from completing your task:
    • A timer which limits the amount of time you have to complete the level
    • The Qix which blocks a large amount of space in the center of the area
    • Sparx that run around the walls
    • A fuse that follows you the line you are creating if you stop moving and
      eventually catches up to kill you if you take too long. If you start moving
      again then it will vanish again temporarily until you stop once more, and it
      will reappear at the last spot seen as indicated by the different color of
      the fuse line.
    • Hitting your own wall while creating it. There is also the famous "spiral
      death trap" that is caused by yourself when building walls that trap your
    Touching any of the opponents with either your cursor or the lines you are
    currently creating means that you lose a life. Run out of time and you also
    lose a life. You start the game with three markers and cannot add any more.
    You usually get 100 points for each percentage you claim in the game. However,
    as you hardly ever achieve an exact percentage the score is often less than you
    expect looking at the claimed percentage. In other words, if the claim says 1%
    but you only have 76 points then the game rounded up the percentage. You get
    more points when claiming land slowly.
    After four levels there will be two Qix on the screen. Splitting them up will
    add a 1x multiplier and restart the level. This can be stacked and raised even
    further by splitting the two Qix up yet again.
    When the level is won, any percentage over the threshold (required claim area)
    gives you 1,000 point bonus for each per cent.
    • Build towers from the edges, thin ones are better if you want to split up the
    • If you just go for claiming all the land, try taking small chunks all the
      time. Do not make them too small else you waste your time but enough to make
      it worth it without any risk of the Qix catching you.
    • The sparks do not follow the lines you are currently making, thus you can
      strategically build around them to avoid them running into you.
    • Normally you claim the smaller area of the split screen; however, if a Qix
      is trapped within the small area then you claim the larger area. This is
      unless you have split up the Qix in which case the level restarts.
    • Use the slow button if you want more points. Split the Qix as much as
    • To maximize your threshold you want to get just as close as possible (e.g.
      74% and then draw a very large box for the remaining area.
    Basically the same game but with better background artwork and a couple of
    bonus items you can collect. They are collected by either tagging on your wall
    you are currently creating or if they in a section being claimed.
    Star     Can speed up or speed down your marker. This appears to be random?
    Numbers  Get enough of these and you will speed up. Once you are sped up you
             do not need to collect them anymore until you get a Speed down
    This guide is available for and to anyone who wishes to use the information on
    their site or in their own guide. Remember this was posted on GameFAQs first if
    you want to copy and credit anything.

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