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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Kinweng

    Version: 3.21 | Updated: 07/04/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Walkthrough/FAQ ver 3.21 (Complete) Edited Final Version
    JiuYinZhenJin MINIGAME.>
    (also known as 'She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan' in Chinese and Shachou Eiyuu Den 
    in Japanese)
    Only for the Playstation console
    Avail. WINTER 2000
    This file is in .txt format, suggested programs to use include Notepad, 
    Wordpad, MS Word or your usual web browser.
    Revision History
    28 Dec 2000     1st created, walkthru up to end of Chapter 1.
    29 Dec 2000     Amended mix-up with NeiGong and QingGong
                    Amended Menu call-up button to SQUARE
                    (thanks to Lam Waileong <wai3882@yahoo.com>)
                    Did some formatting and spelling changes.
                    Corrected Japanese Game Name
                    Added to 'Comparions' section.
                    Added Chapter 2.
                    Introduced Boss and Minigame locations.
    30 Dec 2000     Completed Chapter 3.
                    Created Chapter 4.
    New Year's Eve  Finished till Chapter 6
                    Added some observations throughout.
    01 Jan 2001     Finished it across the New Year with some finishing touches.
    29 Jan 2001     Some add-ons.
    03 Feb 2001     Final Editing
    04 Jul 2001     Erroneous Minigame solution corrected
    By this time the game is getting old, my interest shifts to other RPGS such 
    as FF9 and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment, so this will be my last and final 
    version. Apologies, but if you still have problems, do drop me a mail and I 
    will try my best to help you (if I still remember stuff from the game, heh).
    1.1 Overview
    1.2 Comparisons
    1.3 Why this thru/FAQ
    2.1 Game Layout
    2.2 Gameplay
        2.2.1 Controls
        2.2.2 In-Game Menu
    2.3 Character Status
    2.4 Items
        2.4.1 More on Curative Items
    2.5 Special Skills
    2.6 Battle techniques
    2.7 Battle System
    Chapter I
    Chapter II
    Chapter III
    Chapter IV
    Chapter V
    Chapter VI
    Chapter VII
    Chapter VIII
    Chapter IX
    4 Additional Information
        4.1 Sidequests
        4.2 Movelist
        4.3 Gameshark Codes
    1.1 Overview
    Eagle Shooting Hero is the 1st ever all-Chinese PSX game (Not referring to 
    Kanji Japanese games) developed by the good people of SCEI ie Sony. I was 
    surprised that a Chinese PS game would appear on the market, let alone a 
    Chinese PS RPG. Anyway I'm glad this game was released, cuz its such a 
    different experiece, and really fun too.
    The game is based on Jin Yong's novel series with the same title, which of 
    course, is most familiar with so many Chinese-literate individuals.
    Do note that I did bad rough translations throughout.
    1.2 Comparisons
    It can be termed as a 'new school RPG' with all the FMVs and 3D 
    environments. It has a great storyline and damn unique characters. I mean, 
    what did u expect, it came straight out from a novel. Compared to FF8/9 or 
    Chrono Cross, the dungeons and backgrounds are pretty bland, and the camera 
    angle in towns suck. The other problem with this game is that your next 
    objective may not be too clear, althogh you have the general idea on what to 
    do. For example, you would never guess that you need to go to the tavern to 
    trigger an event, which had no prior mention. You really have to wander 
    around the area to try your luck.
    However, the gameplay is pretty ok for an RPG of today's standards. What is 
    great about this game is its theme, story and characters.
    1.3 Why this thru/FAQ
    Well... there aint too many walkthrus/FAQs for this game at the moment, I 
    was really a bit frustrated to find so little information on this game to 
    help me out... and also I thought perhaps I could share with fellow gamers 
    what I gathered from the game.
    I would like to say that it can be puzzling at times during the game when 
    you just don't know what to do next, since sometimes there isn't any clue 
    given at all. I hope the 'thru will help.
    2.1 Game Layout
    The game is linear, and you follow an FFT kind of track. You progress on 
    from one location, do your stuff there, complete it, and move on to the next 
    Within one location is probably made up of:
    a. A town
    b. A dungeon, or a few dungeons
    The town probably is made up of:
    Pawnshop:  You can trade, buy weapons, Skill scrolls, and sell unwanted 
    NOTE that the Pawnshop offers better buying and selling prices of herbs 
    compared to the Medical Hall.
    Medical Hall: where you can buy and sell recovery herbs
    Doesn't deal with any other items.
    Inn: for saving and resting
    A tavern: for some information gathering
    Key character homes/buildings
    Civilian homes
    Other structures like a whorehouse or gambling den
    Scattered treasure chests
    and perhaps a dock.
    The dungeon is your usual treasure chests, branching roads and 
    random-appearing foes and a boss at the end.
    2.2 Gameplay
    2.2.1 Controls
    The controls are not very different from most PS RPGs, but the button layout 
    is of Japanese style ie
    CIRCLE to select/confirm
    X      to cancel, hold to run
    SQUARE to bring up the in-game menu
    L1     change character
    L2/R2  rotate camera.
    Note that you can rotate the camera only sometimes, and this can be quite 
    Analog joysticks can also be used for walking/running, and vibration is 
    2.2.2 In-game Menu
    In order:
    STATUS: Check each chaacter's stats, including equipped special skills
    ITEM: You can look at your inventory and use the herbs. Press L1/R1 to 
    switch screens.
    TECHNIQUES: You can view the characters' learnt techniques.
    SKILLS: You can view the characters' learnt special skills, as well as equip 
            EFX Vol
            BGM Vol
            Speech Vol
            Background color
            Text Speed
            Auto-progress (text will scroll automatically after a while)
    2.3 Character Status
    Much like the usual RPGs, you are in control of GuoJing, the protagonist. 
    And he has various stats.
    RED: WaiGong (Physical Strength) :  Your Hit Points
    YELLOW: NeiGong  (Inner Strength): In China, this is something like internal
    energy drawn from your body. A physically inferior person may be very strong 
    in NeiGong. Treat like Magic Points. Eh... something like that...
    BLUE: QingGong (Skill of light-footedness?!): In such 'medieval China' 
    novels, martial arts exponents commonly possess this skill which allows them 
    to scale mountains, climb walls and float over enemies. Treat as another MP 
    These 3 stats may be recovered by resting or using herbs.
    In the Eagle-Shooting Heroes world, there are 3 kinds of attacks represented 
    by the 3 colors RED BLUE and YELLOW, as opposed to the Physical and Magical 
    attacks in most Japanese RPGs.
    Each character also have these stats (roughly translated):
    ATTACK     determines damaging power
    DEFENCE    determines how much damage inflicted upon character
    EXPERIENCE the usual
    LEVEL      the usual
    HEROISM    I suppose the more points you rack up here, the more heroic you 
    are... can anyone tell me the use of this? Only GuoJing has this stat.
    There is no Accuracy/Evade stat though.
    There is also a special skill element in the game, only those currently 
    equipped will show on the status screen.
    2.4 Items
    There are 4 categories of items in the game.
    Press Square to call up the menu, choose the item menu and then press L1/R1 
    to toggle.
    Curative Items: heal up WaiGong, Qi Gong, QingGong and cure poisoning with 
    these items. Can be used anytime in the game.
    Stat Boost Items: When used, they either increase WaiGong/NeiGong/QingGong 
    permanently in various quantities. An example would be the Dragon Bone. Use 
    them as soon as you receive them to power-up as well as to empty your 
    Weapons: Swords, Metal fans etc. unusable, but they do have one use in the 
    game :) (mentioned later)
    Special Skill Scrolls: see 2.5, may be used outside battle.
    Important items: such as LingZhi, white condors... items neccessary for 
    developemt of plot. Unusable.
    2.4.1 More on Curative Items
    There are 5 classes of curative items.
    a) those that replenish WaiGong in steps of 25, 50 and RecoverAll.
    b) those that replenish NeiGong in steps of 25, 50 and RecoverAll.
    c) those that replenish QingGong in steps of 25, 50 and RecoverAll.
    d) antidote to poisoning
    e) those that replenish multiple stats and cure poisoning as well.
    They are easy to figure out!
    2.5 Special Skills
    Your character is able to learn Special Skills which activate randomly 
    during battle.
    Think Front Mission 3.
    eg if u have the Strong Attack skill equipped, it may activate at a 
    probability which increases your attack and defence for one turn. Yea, 
    something like Ryogo's ROFLUP in FM3.
    Other skills give you the ability to overcome poison, fake death etc etc or 
    even cause yourself to fall asleep!
    How to learn Special skills?
    You gotta acquire skill scrolls which give you the skill once used.
    You can get them from chests, the shop, or by theft.
    You can learn a whole list of skills, but you can only equip 4 at a time.
    Once equipped and used, the skills will increase in level which means that 
    it becomes more effective as time goes by.
    2.6 Battle Techniques
    Different characters can learn different battle techniques, or 'kung fu' 
    techniques as the plot progresses.
    Unlike most RPGs where there is only the 'Attack' command, you choose which 
    technique to use. However, there is no Magic option. Anyway, more of this 
    The techniques are categorised into the 3 color classes.
    RED: Physical attack. The sort of basic attack with no frills. NO cost.
    YELLOW: Inner Strength attack. Will incur a cost of NeiGong points.
    BLUE: Light-footed attack. Will incur a cost of QingGong points.
    There is a GREEN technique class which is actually curative techniques. It 
    is similar to using an item, but it depletes NeiGong / QingGong rather than 
    an item stock.
    Each technique is marked by a corresponding colored icon.
    Each technique has a few stats as well:
    ATTACK: add that to your basic character attack stat to get the total attack 
    when using that technique
    DEFENCE: add that to your basic character defence stat to get the total 
    defence when using that technique
    COST: every use will incur this number of points dedcuted from your NeiGong 
    or QingGong, depending on the class of technique it belongs to. If you don't 
    have enough to meet the cost, YOU CAN STILL CHOOSE TO USE THE TECHNIQUE, but 
    it will surely fail. Also, if going against multiple foes, you may use the 
    technique more than once, so if you don't meet the multiplied cost, you will 
    cease unleashing the move halfway. So keep track of your stats!
    REQUIREMENT: Some techniques require some conditions to be met before being 
    used. Such as for the QingGong Fan attack which obviously requires a fan, or 
    the Twin Sword attack which requires GuoJing with his Yue Nu sword and 
    HuangRong with her Er Mei sword.
    EFFECTS: Some have special effects, such as numbness which is inflicted 
    randomly by GuoJing's Fan attack, or a STEAL effect.
    LEVEL: Each battle technique levels up with use and thus become more 
    powerful as the game progresses.
    Personal observations so far:
    I have realised that there is some sort of priority amongst the 3 classes.
    YELLOW dominates RED: GuoJing's arrow attack hits the enemy using a Red 
    attack with the enemy unable to close in with his fists.
    RED beats BLUE: opponent using Blue attack tries to jump in only to be 
    countered by physical blows.
    BLUE overwhelms YELLOW: opponent using Yellow technique is shown unleashing 
    move, but is interrupted by the Blue attack.
    In other words Y>R>B
    Something like paper rock scissors! But can some1 confirm this?
    RED vs RED: There will be an exchange of blows. The no. of hits by each 
    character varies (randomly?).
    YELLOW vs YELLOW: the stronger YELLOW move will dominate and hit the 
    opponent before he unleashes his own move.
    BLUE vs BLUE: A melee in the air with both characters using Light-footedness 
    moves. Both will get damaged, depending on the power of each character's 
    USE of ITEM (or USE OF GREEN TECHNIQUE) vs ANY ATTACK: the item-user will 
    use it first, then the attacker will hit him with 100% chance of success. 
    Therefore you gotta consider that if the attack will do more damage than 
    what the herb recovers, you should think twice.
    Please refer to Section 4.2 for the movelists of GuoJing and HuangRong.
    2.7 Battle System
    Random encounters occur in dungeons, and battle is turn-based.
    Before each turn, you get to choose what to do for EACH character in your 
    party. Press Up/Down to scroll.
    You can (in order shown in the menu):
    Choose technique: pick the technique you want to use, if u decide not to use 
    an item. Note that the chosen technique will be used for the whole of the 
    round. If you cannot use the technique anymore halfway (say your NeiGong is 
    depleted for example, then you will stop using the technique.)
    Use item: choose item to be used by character when sparring starts. Note 
    that each character may use the item on any ally character
    Check statistics: bring up status screen
    Confirm: begin sparring!
    Change position: there r 3 positions: TOP MIDDLE BOTTOM
    Run: there is no random escape rate, you can either escape the battle, or 
    Personal observation: For battle positions, I can only guess that if you 
    choose TOP, you are most damaging to the enemy on the top row and receive 
    the least damage from him and likewise for MIDDLE and BOTTOM. Can any1 
    verify this?
    Anyway changing poistion will define the order of battle, if the enemy has 
    no one facing him directly then he will attack last. You can use this 
    command to your advantage if you know what the enemy is going to do next.
    Question: How is the order of attack determined? How is the number of 
    strikes by each character determined? Cuz it sure varies.
    After you pick confirm, the characters will take turns sparring and damage 
    will be dealt to each other. The number of sparring will be determined by 
    the size of the larger group (ally or enemy). You cannot inflict any damage 
    if using an item, but the item is effected before the enemy comes into 
    contact with the user. (There is no animation for item usage, although 
    sometimes a green field will be shown to indicate this action.)
    Of course you die if your WaiGong reaches 0, but there are no Phoenix Downs 
    or whatever in the game!
    Don't worry, dead characters still get experiece points.
    During battle, your stats are shown as colored bars:
    WaiGong: Red
    NeiGong: Yellow
    QingGong: Blue
    Attack (total of character's attack and technique's attack figures): Pink
    Defence (total of character's defence and technique's defence figures): 
    "You can tell to a certain extent on what kind of moves your opponent has. 
    Their abilities bars will show it. You can plan your moves to a certain 
    'ShiroKage', www.gamefaqs.com message board
    Any temporary change to these stats during that particular round will be 
    indicated by a change in length of the respective bars.
    The background is that China is sort of divided into 3 powers: The Mongols 
    to the North, the Songs to the South and the notorious Jin in the middle. 
    The currency is the Chinese LIANG, not gold or gil or zenny or dollars.
    Note: You can save only at save points and inns.
    I have highlighted the dungeon locations in the 'thru for easy reference.
    I have also indicated where bosses and minigames will be encountered.
    The point of this 'thru is to help players through the plot as sometimes its 
    hard to know what to do next, and it doesn't dabble too much in the plot and 
    thus is not too much of a spoiler :)
    Clue: You know that you have done the correct thing if the characters have 
    digitised speech, because then they are part of the plot.
    CHAPTER I : Mongolian Village
    The scene starts with the Blind Guy who had been searching for GuoJing (you) 
    and stops to find a ravaged village. He is Jiang Nan Qi Guai (7th weirdo 
    from Jiang Nan. Jiang Nan is somewhere in China)
    The scene changes to where GuoJing and ChiLeDu (mongolian guy who is 
    obviously jealous of you and takes you as a rival) are alerted by whiney 
    Mongolian girl HuaZhen of an invasion of the village by Jin soldiers. You 
    rush back. Kill one of the soldiers.
    BOSS: Jin Soldier
    Then your mom tells you that a family heirloom dagger had been stolen. You 
    must get it back. ChiLeDu will join you. Walk out of the village to the 
    prairie, go straight to see 4 cave openings. The 2nd and 4th contain trasure 
    chests. The 3rd is linked to the 1st. Just go into the 1st one on the left.
    You may be confronted by Jin soldiers on the way. Finish them with RED 
    attacks and use herbs if necessary.
    Don't bother venturing too far deep into the caves as the soldiers get too 
    hard to kill.
    BOSS: Jin Soldier Mob
    The next battle is one you cannot win. ChiLeDu will chicken out and a single 
    158 dmg hit finishes you off. The Blindguy saves you.
    Go back to the village, talk to your mom, sleep and save. SAVE POINTS are 
    depicted by YIN YANG SYMBOLS in the game (The white tent at the back) Then 
    return to the cave entrance to meet the Blindguy. He teaches you a RED Sword 
    Technique. Go into the 1st opening again for your quest up the 4 storeyed 
    cavern to kill MeiChaoFeng, some psycho bitch.
    The enemies get tougher as you go deeper and there are a few items here and 
    there, but nothing too important to collect. Just wander your way around and 
    head up the stairs you see.
    BOSS: MeiChaoFeng
    On the 4th storey u meet the boss MeiChaoFeng. Looks like the Blindguy has a 
    grudge with her. GuoJing would probably die with a few swipes of her claws. 
    (Don't worry GuoJing still gets EXP) She has 150 WaiGong and uses her YELLOW 
    Jiu YIn Bai Gu Zhao technique a lot. So use the BLUE Fan technique to 
    counter that, then since it has a stunning effect, when she is frozen use 
    your more damaging Sword attack or better yet steal a scroll from her if you 
    want. Use herbs when necessary. You may LOSE if you are not careful here.
    After that, note that you cannot go through the Skull Door and make your way 
    back to the village.
    Save/Rest, then proceed to the brown hut at the back, next to your home, to 
    learn the Stealing Fists (coined this translation myself, literal 
    translation would be Empty Incredible Hands technique?!)technique from your 
    new blind master. Then he asks you to learn archery.
    At this point you may want to restock on some herbs and buy some scrolls. 
    The 300 liang one is useful, the rest seems useless... well I haven't 
    discovered their use yet. Their effects seem negative.
    it. You will need it in Chapter VII. There are also some other points in the 
    game where you can get it, but better be safe than sorry?
    Buy also a bow and arrow for your archery lesson later on.
    Anyway, u need to learn archery. Did you buy the bow and arrow? There is a 
    path from within the village that leads you to a man in the forest. He will 
    teach you by telling you to kill 20 leopards. (Greenpeace!!)
    Minigame: Shoot Leopards!
    Then talk to HuaZhen in the Red Tent of the village.
    Go to the Cliff. Its on the right side of the prairie. Go all the way up and 
    shoot down a black condor to save the white ones. Geez... this game is cruel 
    man... Then Ma Yu a priest of the Quan Zhen sect teaches you basic QingGong 
    and you are able to collect the White condors and a LingZhi in the chest.
    Go back to the village.
    PS: Here you might find some difficulty in jumping down the cliff from the 
    top due to the poor design of the game. There is a particular spot somewhere 
    where you have to press the ACTION button. I stumbled here too.
    Thanks to Game Master playstationmaster7@hotmail.com for reminding me.
    Go to HuaZhen's red tent again to confirm her absence and return to your 
    master's tent for a meeting and to learn the Fan technique. But you don't 
    have a fan.
    Go back to the prairie AGAIN to find the village chief. Give him the LingZhi 
    for his Metal Fan.
    Make your way to where MeiChaoFeng was. You are strong enough to do so 
    alone, and can consider swiping a few herbs from the Jin soldiers. Enter the 
    Skull Door and fight HuangHeSiGui the fat ass.
    Note that you must have learnt the PanGuanShuangBi QingGong skill (the fan 
    skill) and possess the metal fan as well to unlock the Skull Door.
    Thanks again to Game Master playstationmaster7@hotmail.com for this point.
    BOSS: HuangHeSiGui
    Consider using the Fan attack to counter his special moves.
    After winning, activate the lever to get out to the prairie and the village.
    Talk to HuaZhen, then your master the BlindGuy and then the merchant and his 
    horse in that order. You need a horse...
    Go outside, talk to the stupid kid, and grab the Red Horse.
    Minigame: Tame the Red Horse
    A minigame starts where you have to steer the horse using either LEFT or UP 
    keys. Jump if you see obstacles but don't jump too early.
    After that, with a horse, you are ready to leave Mongolia.
    Grab the letter in the Blindguy's hut, show it to your mother, and that's 
    the end of chapter I.
    CHAPTER II: Yan Jing and the Marriage
    You enter the Zhang family area.
    Talk to the green guy near the entrance and then go to the tavern for an 
    encounter, then the blind fortune teller by the street (Darn din know he was 
    blind at 1st). Next talk to HuangRong in the tavern. Then talk to this guy 
    nearby who knows about XiaoCui the missing girl from the previous town, then 
    head to the forest.
    Nothing too hard around here, some bandits around.
    There's a fork to the right that leads to a dead end. Ignore it.
    BOSS: PengLianHu
    But then you meet Bridge troll-wannabe, PengLianHu. I shall not elaborate 
    too much here as he is easy to beat. He uses RED and YELLOW attacks so you 
    may have to predict his moves a little.
    BOSS: WanYan Kang
    The forest ends at Yan Jing town. On the EAST portion, there will be a 
    tournament which GuoJing interferes and GETS DEFEATED. You meet WangChuYi 
    who asks you to meet him in the forest.
    A scene occurs at the bridge. Then return to EAST YanJing.
    Note that there are 2 inns in YanJing, one is much bigger and costlier.
    Go to the cheapo one immediately to the side of the city entrance and go to 
    Anyway u wake up to find WangChuYi poisoned after a visit to 
    WangYanHongLie's mansion and you need to help him buy some herbs. So go to 
    the herbal store in the WEST part of the city.
    (By now you would have realised that it is difficult to navigate around 
    YanJing cuz you can't really see where you are going. I just hope you can 
    sort of get used to it.)
    There is a whorehouse upstairs and a gambling den where you can play some 
    kind of minigame which can double your bet. Yep, really realistic, you can 
    even play the ancient game of Da Xiao.
    Anyway talk to the herbalist to find that what you need is out of stock. 
    Return to the inn, and read the letter in which HuangRong asks you to return 
    to the forest. Again.... sigh.
    You meet HuangRong who decides to join you and take a trip to WanYan 
    HongLie's mansion on the EASTERN part of the city.
    Go straight up the path to the large building, use QingGong to enter, then 
    wander around to collect stuff from the chests, then peep into the old house 
    on the left.
    After that, peep into the main red building.
    Then, HuangRong will spy on the mistress while you should go to the Drug Hut 
    to the right to recover the herbs.
    Search around the sides to get 3 of the 4 herbs. Then search the cauldron, 
    take a fall and fight a giant snake.
    BOSS: Giant Snake
    Another easy fight here, just smash it.
    After that, go outside and find a melee in the courtyard, where the pond is.
    After the sequence, return to the cheapskate inn WEST of YanJing.
    Cure WangChuYi, and you can leave town.
    Note: If you have 1000 liang, u may consider picking up the Medicine book 
    required in Chapter 3, although you can buy it later on.
    BOSS: LiangZiWen
    Meet LiangZiWen who is pissed with you for slaying his snake. You may 
    consider using the new skill Twin Sword technique. Not a hard battle really.
    Return to the Zhang family area. Talk to Zhang the merchant who will give 
    you his horse to take you to HangZhou.
    CHAPTER III: YiXing The Disgrace of JingKang
    (I have borrowed this translaion from Viewer's FAQ)
    You arrive at YiXing town which is made up of 2 parts.
    The 1st part is the main town area where your are in, and contains the usual 
    shops and also the boatman's house.
    The 2nd part can be found by going down an alley to the right of the main 
    town area, and this alley is marked by a save point.
    Anyway talk to the fortune-teller when you first enter, then proceed on to 
    the boatman's house. The shops are all closed at the moment.
    In this chapter, you can go save anytime you want by going to the save point 
    in the alley or just talk to the innkeeper.
    After this, go on to the 2nd part of the town via the alley.
    There, you meet a bandit who had grabbed a kid from the nearby mansion. 
    Looks like you gotta do the dirty work again...
    BOSS: HouTongHai
    You might need to use herbs in this battle, try to guess and counter his 
    special moves. I have not found any strategy which is exceptionally 
    effective. After some conversation with the people of the mansion, proceed 
    on to the temple nearby.
    (I had no idea I had to go to the temple at first, but sort of chanced upon 
    an encounter there. This is frustrating...)
    BOSS: Robbers
    These are weak, but they may zone you with QingGong or NeiGong if I remember 
    You can also find the dock in this part of town, I think you can fight some 
    battles there at this point.
    Anyway, return to the town's main area. The shops are reopened.
    Buy whatever you need from the shops, and there's a herb which boosts your 
    WaiGong permanently, so get it if you can afford it. However only one of 
    those is on sale. Also get the MEDICINE BOOK from the pawnshop and show it 
    to the herbalist so that he can heal the boatman.
    Walk down the street to meet HongQiGong, or BeiGai (Northern Beggar), one of 
    the 5 most powerful martial arts exponents in the realm. After some 
    sequences, return to the boatman's home to get a chicken. Cook it and bring 
    it to the 2nd town area. You will meet HongQiGong who will teach HuangRong a 
    new skill and GuoJing the famous NeiGong technique XiangLongShiBaZhang (18 
    Dragon Fists).
    Minigame: Learning the XiangLongShiBaZhang
    What you have to do is to destroy the tree by decreasing its HP from 200 to 
    zero within 2 minutes.
    There are 2 bars, the Red Strength Bar on top and the Blue Qi bar below.
    Try to hold CIRCLE until the red bar fills up as much as possible and note 
    that it will decrease if you hold too long. In other words, try to get it to 
    100, then release.
    What the blue bar does is that you will not be able to execute your move 
    when you release X if the blue bar is too short. Fortunately it doesn't 
    happen too much so just concentrate on the red bar and speed.
    After more sequences, head to the dock for even more sequences.
    You arrive to GuiYunZhuang, some kind of island mansion. At the beginning, 
    keep turning the mechanism in one direction until you can follow the stone 
    path up to the mansion. Remember to check out the couple of chests nearby 
    Talk to the guard and meet up with some big shots.
    BOSS: QiuQianRen
    The slimy old fool is actually an idiot who just keeps using RED attacks.
    After the battle, go through the door on the right of the room after 
    checking out the chest.
    Talk to WanYan behind bars, then return to the main room again to find a 
    familiar face...
    BOSS: MeiChaoFeng
    GuoJing should be able to handle her now that he has so many new skills. 
    XiangLongShiBaZhang is quite damaging if used at the right time.
    After the fight, your Blind master suddenly appears and swipes the antidote 
    to your poison (as well as the JiuYinZhenJin, although not mentioned in the 
    plot) from MeiChaoFeng. WanYanKAng becomes Yang Kang your sworn brother.
    Return to the town and enter the inn. Go into the guest room on the left for 
    a chat.
    You will then be left alone again. Go to the large house with the garden at 
    the end of the town and talk to the servant to find that their mistress is 
    Go to the temple to save 3 damsels in distress.
    BOSS: White women
    They alternate between BLUE and RED attacks so react accordingly.
    Go to the mansion nearby and talk to the guard and the man inside to find 
    that their son is kidnapped as well.
    Bandits await at the dock.
    BOSS: HouTongHai, ShaTongTian
    The thin guy will use BLUE attacks while the fat guy uses YELLOW attacks (or 
    is it the other way around?)
    Take the boat to TaoHuaDao in Chapter 4.
    CHAPTER IV: TaoHuaDao (Peach Blossom Island) & JiuYinZhenJing (The Manual of 
    Peach Blossom Path
    You come to a path which forks to the right. There's a rock door in front 
    which you cannot open yet.
    The Chinese slabs on the ground is for you to step on in correct sequence to 
    make out names of Chinese dishes. A treasure chest will appear for each 
    correct answer. There's another set of these slabs on the fork to the right. 
    You will be able to get permanent stats boosts if you bother to play with 
    Anyway proceed on to this pinkish area. After paying respects in front of a 
    tomb, open up the chests around the area, then find your way out. One exit 
    leads to the dock where you first arrived, the other takes you to a cliff. 
    Go down the cliff via the steps, open up any chests and a sequence follows.
    Looks like you are trapped with ZhouBotong aka LaoWanTong (old fogey who 
    just doesn't grow up). There's a save point here if you care to rotate the 
    camera. You'll need it since you will be spending days in the cave heehee.
    There's not much to do here but to listen to the old kid's stories, answer 
    his lame questions, and bring the food to him. Finally he teaches you a new 
    set of techniques but you still can't escape...
    Still after some time, go look at the firewood. A chain of events will cause 
    you to learn the JinYin technique, which you use to bust out.
    Now, return to the rock door which you cannot open earlier on and bash 
    through. Lift up the sunken floor by naming a dish if you cannot pass 
    A long sequence follows and its time to win back HuangRong with a minigame!
    There are 3 parts to this minigame.
    TRY NOT TO FAIL even once or else you will see the words GAME OVER and have 
    to restart from your last save point! (Which was in ZhouBoTong's cave!)
    Minigame 1/BOSS: YangKang
    He is no pushover. What you have to do is to beat him 2 out of 3 battle 
    turns to win, and you can only use one technique of each class once.
    His sequence of attack technique class is RYB.
    So use YBR to defeat him.
    Note: For his last BLUE move, if you use BLUE as well, you will be killed 
    instantly as it does 300+ damage to you.
    Minigame 2: Flute-blowing
    It's like a Parappa or DDR styled game here, YangKang will go 1st, then 
    follow the sequence and press the corresponding key when the symbol touches 
    the 'flute' at the bottom. Not too much precise timing is required but don't 
    screw up!
    Minigame 3: Memory
    You are supposed to recite the JiuYinZhenJin.
    I bet you didn't remember! I didn't too!
    But the answers are:
    Press down twice for the 1st character, once for the second, once, then once 
    Note: Well, this seemed to work fine for my version, perhaps mebbe I'm 
    playing the Asian version. After I published the above solution, I have 
    received many emails saying that it simply didn't work.
    Suryana Rachmad <Rachmad@rocketmail.com> provided me with the corrected 
    first : don't need to scroll
    second: press down 2 time
    third : press down 1 time
    fourth: press down 3 time
    Try Suryana's solution 1st, if it doesn't work, try mine, and if it still 
    doesn't work, the last resort is to return to the cave where you were 
    trapped with the old fogey LaoWanTong (within walking game distance). The 
    JiuYinZhenJin is etched on the wall, you may refer to that.
    Anyway lotsa stuff happen after that and you find yourself at the entrance 
    of a labyrinth.
    Save then proceed on...
    Damn, I hate these stuff since Super Shinobi on the Mega Drive....
    However, you don't have to find your way around too much. I think if you 
    just pick a door and keep on going, whichever choices you make will still 
    lead you to the exit.
    Each time you go through a door, a monster attacks you, which is fairly 
    powerful compared to the other dungeon foes you have met so far. Here are 
    their info which I have gathered which might help you out:
    Turtle: All Y attacks
    Poison Turtle: All Y attacks
    Flying Snake: YB,BY,YB,BY etc... might want to use switch position command 
    here during battle
    3-faced bird: BYBYBBYB
    Tree-monster: YYYBBYYBBB (replenish) YB (replenish) (Should be dead by now)
    All the monsters carry no items, but u may find some on the way down.
    Just hang in there!
    This is the one of the routes which I have taken.
    At the end of it, take a boat to HangZhou's town.
    CHAPTER V HangZhou
    There are 2 parts to this town, separated by a bridge with a save point.
    The 1st part consists of a herb shop, a dock, a tavern and a door to the 
    outside of the town.
    The 2nd is made up of the inn, the brothel and a gambling den.
    1st go to the tavern nearby to find YangKang.
    At this point in time I didn't have enough money so I gambled till I earned 
    5000liang (using the 'load game if you lose technique') to buy the 
    stat-boosting herbs from the herbalist.
    Anyway go to the inn for another short sequence, then enter the left-hand 
    side guest room in the inn for another sequence.
    The door to the outside should be open now (right beside the dock) so leave 
    There are bandits attacking in trios. Each have a pattern of YYR YYR... ad 
    nauseum, except for the knife-wielding one which only attacks RED.
    HuangRong may be overwhelmed at times but don't worry she still gets EXP if 
    killed. Anyway she would level up somewhat enough to hold her own a little 
    later on.
    You can enter NiuJia village on the left. You cannot open the rock door or 
    go through the hole in the forest.
    In the village, you can only enter the tavern. Move the statues there by 
    holding CIRCLE and direction one step at a time to the marked tiles on the 
    floor. A barrel is blocking one of them so go into the bar counter, then 
    come out right beside the statue and push from there. (Got a little stuck 
    there, heh heh.) You meet HuangRong, then go back to town.
    Go to the gambling den and open the secret door via the 2 panels on each 
    side. Put 8 on the left one (counting the number of Wang characters in the 
    wall-scroll) and 4 on the right (number of Gui). Follow the path, some 
    sequences, then go to the outside of town again.
    Note: On the way, you probably collected a blue and a green crystal. What 
    are they for? I find no use for them other than selling them at the pawnshop 
    for a few hundred bucks... can any1 find their use?
    OUTSIDE TOWN************
    Now go to the rock door. Approach the tree on its right to discover a 
    switch. Enter and grab a box. Then come outside to meet a mob...
    BOSS: OuyangFeng
    You cannot win this fight. So just die. Return to the tavern in NiuJia 
    village, then you are in control of HuangRong only.
    You should be able to stand up to the bandits. Also, they attack singly this 
    time. Anyway, go to the town's dock, learn a GREEN technique which 
    replenishes GuoJing's NeiGong in exchange of HuangRong's, then return to 
    NiuJia's tavern again. After curing GuoJing, go back to town
    On the way, you meet QiuQianRen again.
    BOSS: QiuQianRen
    As usual, he only attacks RED.
    Return to town, go to the inn, talk to the guy in the right guestroom, save, 
    exit, and its night.
    Go to the gambling den for a raid.
    BOSS: LingZhiShangRen (meaning superior wits and agility) and 2 Jin 
    I finished off the soldiers 1st by positioning my characters each on each 
    end, before facing LingZhi.
    His attack order is: RYYBBBRYRY...
    Not too hard here.
    Finish him off, go to the tavern for some cover from the rain, then its the 
    end of this chapter.
    CHAPTER VI TieZhang Mountain
    There's a small village here with only a tavern, an inn and some chests. 
    Proceed on to the dungeon at the back.
    TIEZHANG MOUNTAIN (Mountain of Metal Palm)
    The right path leads you to some herbs and a Skill Scroll.
    Go back down and take the left route.
    There are some sequences, then you fight someone familiar?
    BOSS: QiuQianRen
    Suddenly he's so powerful!
    Just lose... you can't beat him.
    Then follow the route to the Stone Room.
    There, you find that the QiuQianRen you have been fighting was a twin!
    BOSS: QiuQianZhang
    As usual, only RED attacks.
    Finish him, take a look outside at the mob, go back in, go upstairs to grab 
    the book, go back to HuangRong, then go to the summit.
    There, the white condors bring the duo to the vicinity of YingGu's place. 
    SAVE. (You must fight 5 bosses before the next save point.) Make your way 
    across by stepping on those damned stones. Grab the herb before you enter.
    Some talk, and then...
    BOSS: YingGu
    Use a lot of blue attacks, because she uses a mixture of B and Y.
    Easy victory! Anyway, you proceed on...
    BOSS: YuFu (Fisherman)
    For the next 4 bosses, you either have to answer all the questions 
    correctly, or you have to fight them. I suggest violence, since they are 
    easy to beat, plus you get 51 EXP each (more for the last guy).
    The fisherman's pattern is BY BY BY...
    (carries herb that cures 50 WaiGong)
    By the way, the answers to his questions are:
    1. (gotten from ZhouBotong's story in the cave)
    3. (gotten from some woman civilian in HangZhou)
    3. (gotten from ZhouBotong's story in the cave)
    BOSS: QiaoFu (Woodcutter)
    >From here on, I have no idea on the answers...
    Anyway his pattern: YR YR YR...
    (carries no items)
    BOSS: NongFu (Farmer)
    Pattern: RRB RRB
    (carries no items)
    BOSS: ShuSheng (Scholar)
    Pattern: YRBBYRYRB...(dead by this time)
    (carries no items)
    After these, HuangRong gets cured and you learn YiYangZi from NanDi, or 
    CHAPTER VII Great Change in Island
    Go back to HangZhou town. It's all pretty much the same except that the 
    pawnshop is now open. The man offers you a rare item in exchange if you can 
    sell him the 5 weapons (now I know what they are for!): Sabre(PuDao), 
    Straight Sword (ZhiDao), Curved Sword(WuGou), Spear(Qiang) and Green Copper 
    Sword(QingTongJian). I think you can get most of the weapons from chests 
    dropped items etc without a need to buy them except for the Green Copper 
    Sword. Now you know why I asked you to buy it in Chapter I :) Anyway I don't 
    know what the great gift is (no surprise since I missed out on ONE weapon).
    Anyway from what I have heard, you get to choose one out of 3 - 4 skill 
    scrolls if you sell him all the weapons. One of them gives you the ability 
    to replenish your Wai/Nei/QingGong during battle... I think it's the same 
    one which you can steal from DongXie HuangYaoShi during the battle in 
    YanYuLou later on. One for GuoJing, one for HuangRong!
    Thanks to Evilkeven for this tip-off.
    So, anyway, go to the brothel to try to rescue XiaoCui, then go to the 
    tavern, 2nd storey, to meet up with the Quanzhen priests.
    Return to the brothel, pay 2000liang (you can afford that, can't you?!) and 
    consider saving your game at the inn at this point.
    Go to the dock to meet...
    BOSS: YangKang
    You can smash him if you know that his pattern is: RYRYBYRYRY
    in other words he alternates between R and Y, and occassionally replacing a 
    R with a B.
    Go to the tavern, talk to the boatman, then meet up with him at the dock to 
    go back to YiXin town.
    Proceed on to the large mansion with the big garden at the end of town to 
    find MeiChaoFeng dead. Then enter the mansion to inspect more corpses.
    Return to the dock and hitch a ride to GuiYun tower (you also have an option 
    to go to HangZhou, first time you can make a choice on where you wanna go!).
    I've found out that if I turn the lever LEFT 8 times I open up the path at 
    GuiYun tower. Go inside to find Sect Leader Lu dead, then return to the dock 
    for a ride to Peach Blossom Island.
    Go straight all way (name one dish to bring up the floor so you can go 
    through), grab the items on the way, then discover JiangNanQiGuai's corpse 
    (he was ugly anyway heehee).
    Take the boat to YanYuLou (Pagoda of Mist and Rain)
    CHAPTER VIII Black and White
    Open the chests, save, then proceed to the 1st level of the pagoda.
    Do check out all the chests inside the pagoda as some contain KEYS.
    1st LEVEL
    You will be attacked randomly by trios comprising of familiar foes:
    TieZhang Sect Member: R attacks with an occasional B, so just use R on them.
    Jin Soldier (Yellow): uses only R with his sabre.
    Bandit: the usual YYR combination.
    Foes sometimes flee when their WaiGong are almost depleted.
    2nd LEVEL
    You will be attacked by:
    Jin Soldier
    Woman in White
    If you approach the corpse, you will have to fight a battle.
    BOSS: 3 Women in White
    Each will either do a B or Y move in the 1st turn, then they will all use R 
    in the 2nd.
    3rd LEVEL
    You will be attacked by:
    3 Sect Members (so what's new?)
    There will be a boss battle!
    YangKang: R Y R G (tries to heal with a Green technique)
    OuYangKe: B Y R (killed)
    You     : B B B (recommended)
    You will also have to fight
    BOSS: DongXie/HuangYaoShi
    His pattern is YYBRRBYYB (killed in less than 10 turns).
    Try to steal from him. He carries a scroll which gives you the skill to 
    recover WaiGong/NeiGong/QingGong during battle.
    4th LEVEL
    There are no random battles here, and there's a save point.
    Take note of the chest containing a key in the foreground. There are 2 keys 
    to be found here. You need 5 to open the door, but you only have 4...
    2nd LEVEL
    Find YangKang's corpse here. Take his key, but it's not one of the keys to 
    the door.
    1st LEVEL
              Floor Plan of 1st Level
                ______       ______
                |    |       |    |
                |   S|_______|R   |
                |                 |
                |                 |
              S: Stairs leading to 2nd Level
              R: Use YangKang's key here to access the basement!
    Grab the final key and head back to the 4th Level. Save, then go to the 5th.
    BOSS: QiuQianRen
    Pattern: RRYYBR (recovery)
    You might want to save on the 4th Level before moving on to the 6th.
    BOSS: WanYanHongLie
    He seems to be the hardest enemy in the game, but he is still a pushover!
    Pattern: YYY BB YY (no more NeiGong) BBB...
    Note that his Y attack overwhelms GuoJing's.
    He carries no items.
    Did Jin Yong really make him some sort of a demon?!
    And that's the end of Chapter VIII.
    CHAPTER IX HuaShanLunJian
    (The Discussion of Swords at Mount Hua, or The Fight to See Who is the Best)
    Back to Mongolia...
    Follow the path to the tree where you used to practice with ChiLeDu.
    Then just go straight down back to the village, you can't go anywhere else.
    Note: You can still save at your home.
    Anyway go to HuaZhen's (the red hut) for a talk, then proceed on to HuaShan.
    Grab the items, one is a Dragon Bone which boosts your QingGong.
    Save. You will meet the 4 disciples of NanDi on the way up.
    BOSS: QiuQianRen (again...groan)
    Pattern: RYBBY
    BOSS: OuYangFeng
    Pattern: YBY
    Clue: YiYangZhi (One-Fingered Yang Shot) is the bane of HamaGong (Toad 
    Technique), as mentioned by NanDi.
    FINAL BOSS: OuYangFeng, 2nd form
    Pattern: YYYYY...
    But note that his/its NeiGong moves beat all of GuoJing's anytime!
    I think XiDu mutating into a giant toad is pretty lame... Yuckz.
    Although you didn't really KILL OuyangFeng...
    Anyway all you gotta do now is to read Dr. Louis Chia's / Jin Yong's novel 
    series, if u haven't already done so.
    4.1 Sidequests (and secrets??)
    As far as I know, there is only one sidequest discovered so far by gamers, 
    and that is the collection of weapons, which is described in detail in the 
    Walkthrough Section of this FAQ.
    However, there exists a numbered of coloured crystals which you can collect 
    throughout the game? Is it another sidequest? Is it pure pointlessness? Or 
    is there a hidden secret? If anyone has figured out, DO DROP ME AN EMAIL!
    4.2 Movelist
    Just for reference... arranged in order as shown on-screen. The letter on 
    the left of each move is its classification.
    Class Chinese Name         Notes               Requirements          Effect
    Y     LiuXingJian          'Comet Arrow'       Gong Jian (Bow+arrow) NA
    R     YueNuJianFa          Swordplay tech.     YueNuJian(Sword name) NA
    B     PanGongShuangBi      the 'fan' tech.     TieShan (metal fan)   Stun
    R     MiaoShouKongKong     Thievery Kempo      NA                    Steal
    R     KongShouDuoBaiRen    'Fists vs Edge'     NA                    NA
    Y     TianGangBeiDouZhen   Co-op attack        YueNuJian + HuangRong Co-op
    Y     XiangLongShiBaZhang  Dragon Attack       NA                    NA
    Y     JiuYinZhenGong       Using Yin energy    NA                    NA
    R     KongMingQuan         Strongest Kempo     NA                    NA
    B     YiYangZhi            Yang energy shot    NA                    Stun
    G     ZhiXinShang          Heals WaiGong       NA                    Heal
    Class Chinese Name         Notes               Requirements          Effect
    R     E-MeiGangJian        Swordplay tech.     E-MeiJian(Sword name) NA
    B     LanHuaFuoXueShou     Seal Acupoints      NA                    Stun
    R     LuoYingShenJianZhang Sword-style kempo   NA                    NA
    Y     KuangFengJueJi       Typhoon secret move NA                    NA
    Y     TianGangBeiDouZhen   Co-op attack        E-MeiJian + GuoJing   Co-op
    B     XiaoYaoYiu           'Free-roam'         NA                    Sleep
    G     TiZhenZhi            Heals NeiGong       NA                    Heal
    4.3 Gameshark Codes
    You probably don't need them for such a comparatively simple RPG, but since 
    there is some demand, and I have found some, so oh well...
                     Infinite HP - GuoJing
                     8006f00c 03e7
                     8006f02c 03e7
                     8006f054 03e7
                     8008c262 03e7
                     Infinite HP - HuangRong
                     8008c342 03e7
                     8008c406 03e7
                     Infinite Cash
                     8008c254 ffff
    Thanks to 'kazee' of www.gamefaqs.com forum
                     GuoJing codes
                     8008c262 ffff
                     8008c266 ffff
                     8008c26a ffff
                     HuangRong codes
                     8008c342 ffff
                     8008c346 ffff
                     8008c34a ffff
                     Money code
                     8008c254 ffff
    The codes gives u infinite HP and MP. You can change the last four digits to 
    03e7 to make it at 999.
    Thanks to 'Catcha' of www.gamefaqs.com forum
    SORRY! I don't know any more gameshark codes, don't bother asking me via 
    email. But if anyone else has more, do send them to me so I can share with 
    the rest.
    Did you enjoy The Eagle-Shooting Heroes? Well, it's not that good an RPG by 
    today's standards, but I guess it'll do and what impressed me was the speech 
    throughout the game, looks like no other RPG on PS attempted that to such an 
    extent. Perhaps that's why they have no memory left for the graphics... heh.
    There are other flaws, like the crappy camera angles, way too easy gameplay 
    and of course the lack of freedom. You just can't do anything but follow the 
    tracks. The game is too short for my liking, and there isn't much impress 
    factor in the FMVs as well.
    And what the hell is an ENGLISH SONG doing at the end of the 1st ever 
    Chinese PS game?! Theme song is really stupid compared to Xenogears, FF8, 
    Legend of Dragoon...
    I guess if you enjoy the story then you might enjoy this over-easy and 
    straight-forward RPG, and you might enjoy it even more if you have already 
    known the story, otherwise for hardcore RPGamers, this might be too bland a 
    cup of tea.
    This file is available at:
    as on 29 Jan 2001.
    Please do not rip my work off.
    Cuz this means that you are a lazy asshole with no ethics.
    My email is leekinweng@hotmail.com
    Do drop me a note if you decide to use this file on your site, or extract 
    some information for your own website/walkthru/FAQ.
    All PSX, RPG fans and Singaporean gamers I would like to hear from you!
    Kin Weng
    Other FAQs online: Xenogears Final Dungeon Walkthrough
    On www.gamefaqs.com and other sites which I did not keep track, sorry.

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