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"Coolest game ever"


The storyline is pretty good. You are a girl who once fell down during a storm and a boy rescued you though you never caught his name or what he looked like. He carried you to the village and when you looked to see who it was all that was left was a devastated pasture. Now that you are grown you wish to make a living in the village.


For those that have played harvest Moon: Back to Nature the plot is the same. You are too try to make a living at the farm. You get married to a boy: Cliff, the doctor, Gray, Rick or Kai. The meetings of the boys are different,some festivals have been changed to include you(Like the goddess festival,which you are in.)


For Playstation I think that this happens to be the best graphics ever. I guarantee you will love this game even if you don't like the graphics. Unfortuanatly the graphics only allow you to see things from the top screen

Fun Factor:8/10

This game is awesome! It just gets boring after playing it for so long. If you like RPG's than you'll love this game.
You get to raise all sorts of animals on your farm such as fish, cows, chickens, sheep, and bees. Their are also more crops to choose form like carrots, sweet potatoes and lots more. You can also make recipes you get married or have a boyfriend.Boys are much harder to court than the girls were in BTN. In this game you have all the tools you had in Back to Nature which are: Hammer, sickle, hoe, watering can, ax, etc.....


It is the boring music except for summer. The Fall is my second favorite because it motivates you. Winter just sounds so gloomy and Spring is also motivating.

Game recommended:
Harvest Moon SNES, Harvest Moon GB, Harvest Moon GBC, Harvest Moon GBC2, Harvest Moon GBC3, Harvest Moon 64, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature, Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland.

Final rating:8/10

I just wish it could give you a bigger hothouse, more crops to grow, more animals to choose from and more than one horse and dog. More vegetables and recipes would also be nice.

My opinion

I think that this is a perfect game for anybody. Even if you have never played any Harvest Moon games before I guarantee you will love this game!!!

I hope you liked my review!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/07/01, Updated 09/04/01

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