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"Bokujou Monogatari For Girl.. Wow..!"

Farm Story For Girl (For you non-Japanese speaking people out there) is a remake of Harvest Moon: Back To Nature but you play as a girl instead. You're daily chores and tools are the same, but the events are much different and you get to do different things at some festivals. This game is better than BTN in my opinion, and far surpasses Harvest Moon 64.

Storyline 7/10:
Not the best storyline in the video game world. You are on a cruise ship (From what I can understand) and you meet up with a boy. You and the boy have fun, you go out to eat, watch the stars, etc. But there is a big storm and the ship wrecks, you are washed up onto Mineral Village, where you must try to get over a case on Amnesia and find the boy. Now, I don't see what farming has to do with Amnesia, but it gives it a nice storyline.

Graphics 5/10:
Same as Back To Nature, blocky. but the people's little pictures when they talk are nice, you get to see people do different faces and have different reactions than BTN. There are also differences than Back to Nature, mainly just the colors of some things. You're bed is pink, your diary is pink and your Watering Can is originally purple. This is definetly not a boy-colored game.

Gameplay 10/10:
What can I say, classic Back to Nature gameplay, you harvest, build relationships and get to cook! The gameplay, is as always, perfect (except for the lack of a few things). Getting a boy to like you is very fun, their hearts can get to purple on the first day you play, though... that's very easy. Harvesting and crops are still the same as BTN, but still, it's very addicting.

Music 3/10:
The music is not too bland, but it's annoying. The character themes are cute, though. Not much to say about the music.

Fun Factor 9/10:
If you can't stand doing basically the same thing almost everyday, then you'll find it boring. But if you like to do things to get to a bigger prize (Getting married, festivals and events) then you'll love it. Since there are a variety of ways to do different things then it gets a tiny bit more interesting. The addition of a Oshare Box (Vanity Box) to keep your girly things in like a Goddess Festival dress and a mirror to tell you about your looks makes it quite a bit more interesting.

Overall 8/10:
Would have been 9 or 10 out of 10 but the blocky graphics and the music kept it from there. If you can overlook those factors, you will have a very pleasant video game experience ^-^

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/05/01, Updated 09/05/01

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