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    Secrets FAQ by Heero Yuy

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    -SECRET FAQ- finale
    by Adias Fitranto (Heero Yuy) - <heeroyuy@dazzleyou.com>
    Contents : 1. What is Kamen Rider Kuuga
               2. Secret and Stuffs
               3. Credits and Thanks
    I. What is Kamen Rider Kuuga
    Kuuga is, the newest and best(?) Rider series that hit Japan at early 2000. As
    you may know, the Rider series are ultra-famous Japanesse superhero which
    appear -always- with their mask and motorcycle (extracted from the word Kamen
    (Mask) and Rider^^).
    This time, the good guy of Bandai release the game in fighting platform; just
    like the prequel (Kamen Rider V-3). But unlike the prequel, there are plenty of
    good addition (as well as many down-grade). The graphics and backgrounds now
    become better, and the annoying grab-system at V-3 now switched back to  grab
    at common 3d fighting game. In other side, they also decrease the number's of
    playable character. Also they erase -superb- story mode from Kamen Rider V-3.
    Still, the game is pretty good and must-to-buy if you are truly Rider's fan.
    2. Secret and Stuffs
    Mainly, the secrets from the game can be unlocked by 'playing' Digital Card
    mode. If you played Kamen Rider V-3, you may had know what I am talking about.
    Digital Card mode is some of 'jackpot' game, which you choose at one of many
    turned down card. Once you choose it, the card will be yours and added to 'Card
    File', ready to viewed at anytime.
    To play Digital Card, you need some 'coin' that can be earned by playing
    Challenge, 1P(or 2P)battle, and Survival. Each coin worth a game, which mean a
    coin for a card. Unfortunatelly though, the stacked card at Digital Card mode
    never decreased. This mean you always had chance to get same card (that you
    already had) over and over, making completing card's collection pretty hard.
    Anyway, go on with secret;
    Playing as Kamen Rider Kuuga -Dragon Form-
    Play Digital Card mode and collect all "blue relic card" set (3 cards).
    Playing as Kamen Rider Kuuga -Pegasus Form-
    Play Digital Card mode and collect all "green relic card" set (3 cards).
    Playing as Kamen Rider Kuuga -Titan Form-
    Play Digital Card mode and collect all "purple relic card" set (3 cards).
    Survival Mode
    Play Digital Card mode and collect all 'yellow relic card" set (3 cards).
    Playing as Me-Garima-Ba
    Complete 'Challenge' mode
    if you confused what you must do in challenge mode, follow this cart;
    note : S button = special, the default is circle.
    #1 : Glowing vs Zu-Gooma-Gu  : pumel him before the time run out
         Mighty  vs Zu-Gooma-Gu  : kill him at fast as possible
    #2 : Dragon  vs Zu-Bajii-Ba  : endure (don't get killed) for 30 seconds
       : Dragon  vs Zu-Bajii-Ba  : beat him, then finish him with Splash Dragon    
                                (press S button)
    #3 : Mighty  vs Me-Badisu-Ba : kill him before the time run out
       : Pegasus vs Me-Badisu-Ba : beat him, then finish with Blast Pegasus (S     
    #4 : Mighty  vs Me-Giiga-Gi  : endure for 30 seconds
       : Titan   vs Me-Giiga-Gi  : finish him with Calamity Titan (S button)
    #5 : Mighty  vs Zu-Zain-Da   : endure for 30 seconds
       : Mighty  vs Zu-Zain-Da   : finish him with Mighty Kick (S button)
    #6 : Mighty  vs Me-Piran-Gi  : beat him till reach half of his life
       : Dragon  vs Me-Piran-Gi  : finish him with Jumping Splash Dragon (->S      
    #7 : Titan   vs Me-Garima-Ba : beat her, then finish her with Calamity Titan   
                                (S button)
    Playing as Zu-Mebio-Da
    Play digital card and get his card
    Play Survival mode and beat 50(?) opponents
    Playing as Me-Garume-Re
    Play digital card and get his card
    Quick Coin build
    To get plenty coin at flash and easy way, play survival mode (with normal
    dificulty) and choose your character as Titan Form. Now just use Calamity Titan
    (press S button) to quick kill your enemy. The enemies usually are dumb enough
    to just sit there and wait to be killed.
    Playing as Kamen Rider Kuuga -Glowing Form-
    <submited by Alexander Ruspandy and Andri Basapaskana>
    Play digital card and try to get his card
    Beat the 1P Battle with all Kuuga forms (Mighty, Pegasus, Dragon, and Titan).
    You'll receive the card instead and Glowing (or Growing?) now selectable by
    presing Up at Dragon, Titan, or Pegasus form during character's select screen.
    Playing as Kamen Rider Kuuga -Ultimate Form-
    <submited by Arnandha Partono>
    to playing as the strongest but cheapest character in the game you must
    collecting all digital cards. Unfortunately though, you can't get all cards
    from digital card mode. Some cards are super rare and few of them even
    impossible to get. Arnandha Partono mailing me how to get the last 5 hyper rare
    cards, as follow below;
    -Rising Titan Card      : playing "Battle 2P" mode 10 times
    -Rising Pegasus Card    : playing "Battle 2P" mode 20 times
    -Rising Dragon Card     : playing "Battle 2P" mode 30 times
    -Rising Mighty Card     : playing "Battle 2P" mode 40 times
    -Rising Bit Gouram Card : playing "Battle 2P" mode 50 times
    It doesn't matter who character you are using or who are the winner. I also
    recommended you to change the round count at option to 1, to quicken the
    proccess. After you got all the cards, Goudai Yuusuke will congrats you and
    Ultimate form will accessible at character select screen.
    3. Credit and Thanks
    Firstly and Mostly, to God
    Bandai of Japan, for yet another great title
    C Jay C, who accept this sheet of garbage in his site
    Alexander Ruspandy (ruspandy@hotmail.com), for Glowing's info
    Andri Basapaskana (wing3zero@yahoo.com), for another Glowing's trick
    Arnandha Partono (arnandha@hotmail.com), for his super cool trick to enable
    Last Word;
    Indeed, I am not put any copyright stuff and legal thingie like other FAQ did.
    But THAT DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN STEAL IT. I had seen already an html page that I
    am realy sure cropped from this tinny FAQ, without crediting my name of course.
    I won't mention the one who did it nor its url address. But just in case you
    read this mr/mrs; the FAQ is written using a lot of effort. I put plenty of my
    precious time to completing this FAQ. SO I REALLY NEED TO BE CREDITED. Even so
    I make this FAQ Free of Charge, everyone can view it without paying, and you
    still steal it.....
    Anyway I am ussually always give permition to anyone that asking my FAQ for
    his/her page, as long as it not changed, HTML-ed, ...you know the drill.....
    End of work
    March 25 01

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