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    FAQ by White Ghost

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                    Mary-Kate and Ashley: Winners Circle
                        FAQ/Walk Through Ver 1.0 3/2/03
                           By White Ghost (whiteghost)
                                Copyright 2003
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    Career Mode!
    Part One-The Menus!
    Rider Setup: Choose to use Mary Kate or Ashley as your rider. OR, you can
    create and name your own custom rider!
    Game Modes: Here you select to play adventure or event game modes.
    Shop: You can spend the ribbons you earn in the shop to get new items such
    as clothes or maps to the adventure areas.
    Change Room: This where you can change the clothes your rider wears.
    Options: This is where you can the game settings such as the controller
    Grooming: Here you can preform the tasks needed to keep your horse in good
    Horse Setup: Here you can name your horse.
    Quit: This option lets you exit the game and return to the title screen.
    Part Two-Basic Horse contols!
    Use the Left and Right buttons on directional pad to steer your horse.
    Use the Up button on the directional pad to increase you horse's speed.
    Use the Down button on the directional pad to decrease your horse's speed.
    The Horse's speed are, in order from slowest to fastest: Halt, Walk, Trot,
    Canter and Gallop.
    Watch for icons in the bottom right corner of the screen that prompt you
    to press a button, such as "X" to jump over an obstical.
    Watch the Red Arrow at the top middle of the screen because it points in
    the direction of the next check point you must pass through.
    Part Three-Three Day Events!
    The three day events are each made up of three competitions: Dressage,
    Cross Country and Show Jumping. There are 5 "Circles" that each get
    slightly harder as you unlock them by doing well in the one before it.
    They are, Beginner's, Competitor's, Challenger's, Contender's and Winner's.
    They may take practice, but each circle follows the same pattern.
    Change your horse's speed as you move through the colored orbs.
    Use the meeter on the left and Mary Kate's instructions to to help you.
    As you enter the black orbs change your speed to the color of the next
    colored orb. "H" means to stop. When prompted to salute by an (s) icon
    appearing in the bottom right corner of the screen press "X" to salute.
    You will also be scored on whether or not you groomed your horse and how
    well dressed you are. Wear "Dressage" clothes when you can.
    [Cross Country] 
    Follow the direction the red arrow points and try to stay on the darkend
    trail and head for the flags that the arrow points at. Pick up speed as you
    approach each obstical. A "X" icon will appear promting you to press X.
    So do so to jump the obstical. After jumping press "Down" a few times to
    reduce your speed so you can more easily steer to the direction of the next
    check point.
    [Show Jumping]
    Fallow the white dot trail and jump each obstical! Fun and easy!
    Part Four-Adventure
    [Free Ride]: In free ride mode you explore a wide open area and try to earn
    ribbons by playing mini games and other tasks. You can buy a "Tour Map" at
    the shop in the main game, which will help you find the spots to earn
    ribbons at.
    Note: It is better to do the both "Horse Trail" adverntures first and then
    by a map to one of the free ride areas with the ribbons won. The map will
    let you more easily find the locations to earn more ribbons. Then buy the
    map for the second free ride area. The areas are very large and you can get
    lost very easy without the store baught map.
    [Forest World: A beautiful magical forest to be explored!
    *Red Ribbons
    The Old Well: Find an old well, after a cut scene ride up to the old well's
    handle to trigger another scone and earn 5 ribbons!!!!
    *Green Ribbons
    Jumping the Logs: Find the row or logs near the timber mill and run at them
    and jump them all in a row by pressing "X" when the icon appears. You can
    stop and back up after jumping each one if you like. After jumping 3 of them
    you get your 10 ribbons!
    *Blue Ribbons
    Treasure Chest: As you start across the bridge to the island a cut sence will
    start. After words ride up to the chest and get your 15 ribbons!
    *Pink Ribbons
    The Eagle: Explore the area along and below the moutains edge just
    north east of the bridge that leads to the island-with-the-chest, until
    you find an Eagle and a cut scene starts. After ward ride up the spot where
    the Eagle went. It's marked on the Store-Baught map a "Eagle's nest".
    Once you get there, you'll get you 20 ribbons!
    [Island World: A sunny tropical island to explore and frolic in!
    *Blue Ribbons
    Rice Field: Find the rice field and approach the sign (NOT the one that says
    "exit") and watch the path the camera takes through the maze. Follow the same
    path and come out at the exit sign to win 15 ribbons!
    The path is, strait, right, right, left, left, strait, right, right, strait,
    *Green Ribbons
    Fire Place: Find the large flat stone relic to the far south and approach the
    steps. After the cut scene, go up the steps a WALK along the dark squares
    to the fire place to get the ribbons. If you step on the light gray squares
    the fire place closes and you have to back to the steps to try again.
    You get 10 ribbons for doing this!
    *Pink Ribbons
    Easter Island Statues: Find the satues in the norht east corner of the Island
    and after a cut scene, then go touch the statues in the order of the numbers
    on thier backs. [I]=1, V=5, X=10, and keep doing this to make the statues
    sink farther untill they're down all the way and another cut scene happens.
    You get 20 Ribbons for this one!
    *Red Ribbons
    Flowers and Butterflies: Find a bright patch of colorful flowers along the
    north side of the river. After the cut scene, find and follow the butterflies
    until they stop at the tree and approach them.
    You get 5 ribbons for this!
    [Horse Trials]: Ride through a wide open course and earn ribbons!
    [Forest World: Just follow the direction the red arrow and pass through
    each check point. Each check point awards you more extra time!
    [Island World: Unlocked after finishing the Forest world trail.
    Just follow the direction the red arrow and pass through
    each check point. Each check point awards you more extra time!
    [Horse Shoes]
    In this mode you try to collect as many horse shoes as you can before the
    time runs out. Whenever you get a horse shoe, stop and look around because
    the next horse sho will often be in view. Once you finish "Island Word" you
    can do "Forest World". Each difficulty level you pass unlocks the next.
    There are easy, normal and hard modes. You can win a lot of ribbons!
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