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    Prologue Translation by hooi

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 04/13/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         Prologue Translation Version 1.1 
                                   Chia-Hooi Lim
    Sony Playstation's Tentama is released on January 25, 2001 by Kid. 
    I first apologize for any mistakes that I made in the translation. 
    I hope you will enjoy the translation. The purpose of my translation 
    is to give you the most out of the story without losing the feel of it.
    Of course, to get the best out of the translation, you have to own 
    the original game itself. Please feel free to send me your comments 
    at hooi@iastate.edu :D
    Apr  4, 2002: (Ver.1.1) - Improve translation.
    Apr  4, 2001: (Ver.1.0) - Translations Finished.
    [/] - Place and Person's Perspective
    () - Thoughts
    {} - Describe the situation from the person's perspective.
    -->[] - Notes to understand the translation
    ??(T) - Takashi-kun, name unknown then.
    ??(S) - Shiina-kun (the protagonist), name unknown then.
        E D I T O R ' S   N O T E S
    First, you have to own the game to knows what actually happens. You
    cannot understand what is going on completely by just reading this 
    In this game, Kid introduced a very interesting system, where you can see 
    the Tentama world from different characters' perspective and their
    thoughts/feelings at the moment. No, you cannot choose which perspective
    you want to see from. The game will choose for you. Most of the time,
    you will see it from the protagonist, Hayasegawa Shiina-kun. What's weird
    about this game is that sometimes, you actually makes some choices for
    the girls, as you can see in this translation.
    This translations doesn't show how the game is. After all, it's just 
    the prologue. The ACTUAL GAME actually starts almost a year after that, 
    when the three angels-in-training comes to visit Shiina-kun and his
    childhood friends.
    When I read the preview about this game, I was pretty reluctant to get
    this game, as I noticed that the relationship between the characters
    are pretty complicated. In the end, I got it. It's not one of the best 
    ren'ai games that I had played, but it has interesting feature 
    (perspective system) and stories. Of course, the CGs are very beautiful, 
    as you may noticed on the cover.
    I translated the prologue because it is very nice, some characters 
    stands out more than the others, especially Rikako-chan, Chinatsu-chan 
    and Yuka-chan. The only girl that makes the changing perspective 
    game system looks great is Rikako-chan. Her thoughts and feelings 
    are very appealing. I like Hatsune-chan's CGs the best, though 
    her story is not that good, too messed up with Mao-chan's story.
        P R O L O G U E
    Futaba  : The day when I first moved here and met him for the first 
    Futaba  : And then, the second meeting.
    Futaba  : I never thought I am so persistent. When I met him again, 
              I tried to talk to him, instantly, but...
    Futaba  : But, I don't want to regret this. This is for the best...
    Futaba  : That's right, after all, the only way to let a person knows 
              how you feel is by words...
    Futaba  : (Ahh, what should I do? I came late.)
    Futaba  : (There are so many people in the class. Are there so many
              people that are going to be in the same class as myself?)
    Futaba  : (Huh? That guy looks familiar. He is that guy from that time...)
    <Begin Divergence>
      <Choice 1: Yuuki wo dashite hanashi kakeru.                            >
      <          (Be brave and talk to him)                                  >
        Futaba  : Excuse me, excuse me...
        Futaba  : (Without thinking, I tried to talk to him. I wonder if he 
                  remember me.)
        Futaba  : (Huh? It looks like he didn't notice me. I guess, I will
                  try to talk to him again.)
        Futaba  : Ah, excuse me...
        ??(T)   : Hm? What?
        Futaba  : (Eh? I was not trying to talk to you, I was trying to talk 
      <Choice 2: Yappari hanashi kakerarenai.                                >
      <          (Just as I thought, I can't talk to him.)                   >
        Futaba  : (Just as I thought, it is too embarassing talking to him.)
        Futaba  : (Ugh...)
        Futaba  : (What should I do...)
        ??(T)   : What? What do you want?
        Futaba  : (Ah, I was talked to.)
    <End Divergence>
    ??(T)   : What do you want from me? Did we meet somewhere before?
    Futaba  : (Eh? Eh?)
    ??(T)   : Are you so attracted to me that you could not speak?
    Futaba  : (... Oh no, he hold my hands.)
    Slipper : SUPA-N!!! (Sounds of slippers hitting Takashi-kun's head)
    {The sudden sound vibrate through the classroom. Everyone in the classroom
    look here with surprised.}
    ??(T)   : Wh, what are you doing, CHINATSU!!
    Chinatsu: She looks like she is frightened of you, right?!
    ??(T)   : That's no reason for hitting me. I can't believe you. Where
              did that slipper come from in the first place?
    Futaba  : (Really. Come to think about it, the slipper suddenly appear in
              her hand.)
    Chinatsu: ... Let's put that aside, what do you want from us? Please tell
              Oneesan. -->[Onee-san==Big Sis]
    ??(T)   : Who is Oneesan? And no matter how you look at her, she is as 
              old as you are...
    Slipper : SUPA-N!!! (Sounds of slippers hitting Takashi-kun's head)
    Chinatsu: I can't believe you, please don't say something unnecessary!
              The next time you say something unnecessary, I am going to start 
              hitting you.
    ??(T)   : ... You already started hitting me.
    Chinatsu: ... 
    Chinatsu: More importantly, what do you want?
    Futaba  : Let's see... Excuse me...
    {She look at me with full of interest.}
    {Anyway, I should say my thanks...}
    {I talked to the guy who was involved in the conversation until now.}
    Futaba  : Excuse me... I want to thank you for what you did recently.
              I was so shaken that I did not say my thanks.
    {He looks at me with a blank face, as though he doesn't know what is going
    Futaba  : (Come to think about it, I didn't even ask for his name.)
    ??(S)   : Let's see... what did I do recently...?
    Futaba  : You forgot about it? That can't be happening...
    Futaba  : (He really forgot about it. I thought, he will surely 
              remember about it... I am going to cry...)
    ??(S)   : Waawaaa. She, she looks like she is going to cry. Chinatsu,
              please do something!
    Chinatsu: Ahhhh-ah, you made such a cute girl cry...
    ??(T)   : You are such a cruel guy.
    ??(S)   : Don't say that.
    Chinatsu: This cannot be helped... Shiina, you owe me one.
    {Chinatsu talks to me, who is about to start crying.}
    Chinatsu: Hmmmm. There is more to Shiina than what can be seen with
              my eyes. I could not imagine you picking up this cute girl...
    Futaba  : Excuse me... That's not it. Recently, when a car was
              going to hit Rakishisu, he came and saved him.
    Chinatsu: Rakishisu?
    Futaba  : ... Yes, well... it's my dog.
    ??(T)   : Shiina, you are pretty good. Acting cool in front of such
              a cute girl.
    Shiina  : I was not really trying to act cool... First of all, Takashi 
              is the one who probably will do such a thing.
    Chinatsu: Right, right. Don't feel sorry for yourself just because you 
              are not popular with girls.
    Takashi : SHUT UUUUPPPP. Chinatsu, be quiet...
    Chinatsu: GIRO!! -->[Cold Stare]
    Takashi : ...please.
    Futaba  : Ah, excuse me...
    Chinatsu: Ah, sorry, sorry. Let's see...?
    Futaba  : Ah, I am Watase Futaba.
    Chinatsu: I am Shinozaki Chinatsu. This jerk is Aizawa Takashi. And this
              is Hayasegawa Shiina.
    Takashi : This jerk?... It's okay not to remember Chinatsu's name.
              So, you are called "Futaba-chan".
    Takashi : Your face is cute, and your name is also cute. A big difference
              when comparing with Chinatsu.
    Chinatsu: What did you just say?
    Takashi : It's just your imagination, Chinatsu, right?
    Takashi : No, that... A big difference when comparing with Chinatsu...
    Chinatsu: I see... Takashi... Can I have a moment with you?
    Takashi : ...
    Takashi : I am in deep trouble.
    Sound   : KATAN!! -->[Sounds of Takashi-kun running away.]
    Chinatsu: Hehehe... you won't get away.
    {The person who is called Takashi, ran away. Chinatsu-san chased after
    Takashi-san out of the classroom.}
    Futaba  : ... I wonder if they are going to be fine.
    Shiina  : Don't worry about those two. They are always like that. 
              Let's see... Watase-san?
    Futaba  : Yes?
    Shiina  : I remembered what happened before. Please forgive me for
              forgetting about it.
    {*shake her head*}
    Futaba  : Since you remember it... please don't worry about it.
    Futaba  : Hayasegawa-san. Is it going to be alright? The school
              entrance ceremony is going to start soon, but 
              Aizawa-san and Shinozaki-san had left the classroom.
    Shiina  : Yeah, because those two are from another class. They come
              here to talk until the ceremony begins. You can call me,
    Futaba  : Eh?
    Shiina  : The way you call me. Don't call me "Hayasegawa-san", just
              call me "Shiina". You can call those two, "Chinatsu" and
    Futaba  : ... I understand. Well then, you can call me "Futaba".
    Shiina  : I will call you that from next time onwards.
    Shiina  : The chime has rang, let's go to the P.E. Building.
          -->[I am not sure what it is called in US. P.E.=Physical Building.]
    Futaba  : ... Okay.
    {After that, we headed towards the P.E. Building and attended the school
    entrance ceremony.}
    {The friends whom I made when I just entered the school. They will surely
    become people who I cannot replaced in my life. With that thoughts, I look 
    forward to my highschool life.}
    {It has been a month since the school entrance ceremony.}
    {With Futaba joined the three close friends, the four of us spent
    time together a lot.}
    {Takashi and Chinatsu are the same as usual, Futaba and I are also 
    the same.}
    {Well, nothing can change in a month, I guess. But, there were 
    times when we acted out our true self...)
    Takashi : Good morning!
    {Light-heartedly, Takashi entered the classroom. As usual, he approached
    us with a grin on his face.}
    Futaba  : Ah, good morning.
    {Futaba greeted Takashi.}
    {Futaba shyly speak, as though it is imprinted on her. It has been
    a month already, and yet, she didn't change much.}
    (The only thing that is changed is that she no longer treated us like
    a stranger.)
    {However, that is for certain...}
    Takashi : Futaba-chan, you are cute as usual.
    Futaba  : ...
    Takashi : Really, I really think that from the bottom of my heart.
    {I take back what I said.}
    {Except towards Takashi, that is for certain...}
    {Takashi doesn't act like a stranger from the first day.}
    {Even that... with that, he will start entering his own world. He 
    will say things that only drunk person would say.}
    {Futaba looks like she is in trouble, should I help her?}
    <Begin Divergence>
      <Choice 1: Aida ni hatte tasukete yaru.                                >
      <          (Move in between them.)                                     >
        Shiina  : Ok, stop there. Stop doing that, as you can see Futaba-san
                  doesn't like it.
        Takashi : That's impossible. She kept her silence because of the 
                  my attractive look.
        {This jerk, actually thinks that Futaba kept her silence because
        of his attractive look.}
        {From Futaba's attitude, that cannot be true. And with him doing
        these kind of things...}
      <Choice 2: Takashi wo tataite tomeru.                                  >
      <          (Hit Takashi to stop him)                                  >
        Shiina  : Being reasonable... and stop doing that!!
        {Saying that, I hit Takashi's head.}
        Takashi : IT'S HURTTTT... What are you doing?
        Shiina  : Futaba-san is feeling uncomfortable with you.
        Takashi : That is impossible. Right, Futaba-chan?
        {Saying that, Takashi looks at Futaba.}
        {Futaba smiles shyly.}
        {Just as I thought.}
        {And with him doing these kind of things...}
      <Choice 3: Futaba wo jibun no hou ni yobi yoseru .                     >
      <          (Asked Futaba to come to my side.)                          >
        Shiina  : Futaba-san, Futaba-san.
        {I called out to Futaba in a soft voice.}
        {Futaba, hearing my invitation, came to my side.}
        Futaba  : Is it okay?
        Shiina  : It's okay, he always has been like this. Once he
                  is immersed in his own world, it should be fine.
        Shiina  : In additional to that, it's about time that...
    <End Divergence>
    Chinatsu: Ta~ Ka~ Shi~
              What are you doing skipping your class duties? *IRRITATED*
    {... Just as I thought.}
    {From the direction of the voice, the angry aura of Chinatsu can
    be felt.}
    Takashi : H, hey, Chinatsu-san. Good morning. You look beautiful
              today as usual.
    Chinatsu: Really? I guess, I did well putting on makeup today, 
    Chinatsu: Do you think you can get away from this using this trick!
              What are you doing skipping your class duties! *IRRITATED*
    Takashi : I... am in charge of the class duties today?
    Chinatsu: That's right. Now that you know it, go back to your 
              classroom at once.
    {Chinatsu pulls Takashi's ear out of the classroom.}
    {... What a sad guy.}
    Futaba  : Aizawa-san is, well... how to say it...
    Shiina  : A funny guy, right?
    Futaba  : Eh? That's not it...
    Shiina  : It's okay to say it. He is really a funny guy after all.
              More importantly, are you free this afternoon?
    Futaba  : Eh? I, I am free, though...
    Shiina  : This morning, on the way to school with Takashi, we have
              decided to go somewhere this afternoon, do you want to come
    Futaba  : ...
    Shiina  : Could it be that you got something to do?
    Futaba  : It, it's fine. I don't have anything to do then.
    Shiina  : Good, we will invite Chinatsu too, so the four of us can 
              go together.
    [CD Shop/Shiina-kun]
    {The four of us came to the shopping district to look for CDs.}
    {It's not that we want to buy some specific CDs. If we can find 
    something we like, we will buy it.}
    Chinatsu: Hey, Futaba, which type of CD do you listen to?
    Futaba  : Let's see, I listen to almost anything.
    Takashi : Ah, I...
    Chinatsu: You listen to Anime Song, right?
    Takashi : That's cruel. I listen to others too, you know.
    Chinatsu: Others?
    Takashi : For examples, Pops...
    Futaba  : Excuse me... How about you, Shiina-san?
    Takashi : Futaba-chan. Please don't ignore me.
    Shiina  : Me? I...
    Takashi : Shiina also...
    <Begin Divergence>
      <Choice 1: Konayagi Yuri wo saikin yoku kiku kana.                     >
      <          (I have been listening to Konayagi Yuri recently.           >
        Shiina  : Recently, I have been listening to Konayagi Yuri.
        Futaba  : I see.
        Shiina  : I also listen to others.
        Futaba  : I have Hamazaki Ayumi's CD.
      <Choice 2: CLAY wo kikuyo.                                             >
      <          (I listen to CLAY.)                                         >
        Shiina  : I listen to CLAY.
        Futaba  : Is that so?
        Shiina  : And also Euro-beat and Rock, I guess.
        Futaba  : I also love CLAY.
      <Choice 3: Mo-tsuaruto na do no Kurashikku wo kiku                     >
      <          (I listen to Mozart's Classic.)                             >
        Shiina  : I listen to Mozart's Classic.                             
        Futaba  : I also listen to Mozart. *love*
    <End Divergence>
    Shiina  : But, basically, I listen to any songs.
    Chinatsu: There are all different kinds of CDs in Shiina's house, 
              so how about borrowing some from him next time?
    Futaba  : Eh? Is it really okay?
    Takashi : I don't mind, you can come any time.
    Chinatsu: You don't have the right to say it, you.
    Futaba  : Excuse me... How about you, Aizawa-san?
    Chinatsu: Just as I say earlier, Takashi only listens to anime songs, so
              he only has Anime Song CDs.
    Takashi : I said, I also listen to Pops, right?
    Chinatsu: Well then, what do you have in your hands now?
    Takashi : Ugh.
    {Takashi is holding onto an Anime Song CD.}
    {He cannot convince anyone with that.}
    {Chinatsu is probably thinking about the same thing, as she is saying 
    something into Futaba's ears. I don't know what she said, as the voice
    is too soft.}
    {At the end, only Takashi bought a CD. Well, that was fun anyway.}
    {On our way home, Chinatsu and Futaba are talking to themselves. Even
    though Takashi tries to join into their conversation, Chinatsu kicks
    him away and won't allow him to join in.}
    Shiina  : It's time to go home?
    Takashi : Let's do that.
    {Chinatsu nod her head to agree. Futaba also nod her head, but she
    avoids eye contact with me.}
    Shiina  : ?
    {Futaba looks uncomfortable. I wonder what I did?}
    {With that thought, I parted with those three.}
    Futaba  : (I wonder if it is really like that.)
    {When we went to look for some CDs, Chinatsu-chan asked me why I only
    called Shiina by his first name. She asked me if it is possible that
    I like Shiina.}
    {Since we met again in the school entrance ceremony, it has been a month. 
    I, without knowing it, started to call Shiina-san, "Shiina-san", 
    instead of "Hayasegawa-san".}
    {After all, I called Aizawa-san, "Aizawa-san", instead of "Takashi-san".}
    {Come to think about it, I also find it is mysterious. Without 
    Chinatsu-chan pointing it out to me, I would never have noticed it.}
    Futaba  : (Am I really in love with Shiina-san?)
    [School Roof/Futaba-chan]
    {During the recess, I asked Chinatsu-chan to come to the school roof
    because I want to discuss it with her.}
    Chinatsu: What do you want to talk about?
    Futaba  : Actually...
    Chinatsu: I see... Well, what do you think about Shiina?
    Futaba  : ... I like him. I think... I like him.
    Chinatsu: Well then, it's obvious. You should confess your feeling to him.
    Futaba  : But... But, if Shiina-san did not like me...
    Chinatsu: Well, let's ask Takashi to find out how Shiina feels.
    Futaba  : ... Sure.
    {Chinatsu headed towards her classroom, to call Aizawa-san.}
    Futaba  : (I hope it will go well.)
    Takashi : What do you want to talk about?
    Chinatsu: Right, actually, Futaba...
    {Chinatsu-chan explained the situation to Aizawa-san. Actually, I
    should be the one asking him to do it, but I am too embarassed that
    I have Chinatsu-chan telling him everything.}
    Takashi : Futaba-chan, you like Shiina?... Even that, I won't allow Shiina
              to have a girlfriend.
    Takashi : How about it, asking me instead of asking Shiina to go out 
              with you?
    Chinatsu: Stop saying those stupid things, and start finding out about
              Shiina's feeling!
    {Chinatsu-chan hit Aizawa-san's head and screamed angrily at him.}
    Takashi : I, I understand. There is nothing else I can do, it's for 
              Futaba-chan... and me... I will ask him, when we go home 
    {Aizawa-san, saying that, he headed back to his classroom.}
    Chinatsu: It's going to be fine.
    {Saying that, she put her hand on my shoulder. It's time to go back.}
    {I nod my head and headed back to the classroom together.}
    [On the way home/Shiina-kun]
    Shiina  : It's rare that you ask me to go home with you.
    {Takashi asked me to go home with him.}
    Takashi : Shiina. You like Futaba-chan, right?
    {After walking a while without talking, Takashi suddenly asked me that.}
    Shiina  : Don't... don't say such a stupid thing.
    {I, I didn't expect him to say that...}
    Takashi : It's okay not to hide it. Chinatsu and I somehow noticed it.
    Shiina  : ...
    Takashi : Tell her, your own feeling. I bet, Futaba-chan will surely
              accept your feeling.
    Shiina  : How can you possibly know that?
    Takashi : ... Probably, Futaba-chan likes you.
    Shiina  : How can you know that?
    Takashi : My experience. In additional to that, you have make up your
              mind, right? Then, you should confess your feeling.
    Shiina  : ...
    {I did not say anything.}
    {I think that Futaba like me, but I don't have any proof that Futaba has 
    any feelings towards me. But, since Takashi said that, I think that there
    is no mistake.}
    {Putting aside his experience.}
    {Well, Takashi may look like a jerk, but he is pretty sensitive to
    other people's feelings. But, for him to not notice Chinatsu's 
    Takashi : I got something to do today... I will part with you here.
    Shiina  : Hm... Sure...
    {Turning around, Takashi headed towards the shopping district.}
    Futaba  : I wonder if it is going fine.
    {I waited with Chinatsu-chan at the playground.}
    {Today, Aizawa-san is going to ask Shiina-san about his feelings.}
    {The wait for Aizawa-san to come feels very long.}
    Takashi : Hah, hah... Sorry for keeping you waiting...
    {Short of breath, Aizawa-san finally arrived. Chinatsu and me are waiting 
    for what Aizawa-san is going to say.}
    Takashi : I heard it from him... Shiina's feeling.
    {Aizawa-san said that, after he calmed his breathing.}
    Takashi : It's great for you, Futaba-chan. It would appear that 
              Shiina likes you too, Futaba-chan.
    Futaba  : Eh?
    Chinatsu: It's great, isn't it?
    Futaba  : Ah, what should I do! Hey, what should I do, Chinatsu-chan!
    Chinatsu: There is nothing else to do, except confessing your feelings. 
              You will have to wait very long, if you wait for Shiina to
              confess his feelings. You have to do it.
    Takashi : Right, right, you should confess right away.
    Takashi : Shiina seems like he is going to confess, but he is troubled by
              the fact that he doesn't know how Futaba-chan feels about him.
    Takashi : You should confess first.
    {Hearing it from Aizawa-san, I am troubled with what I should do.}
    Futaba  : (Confession... from me...)
    {With only that thought, I feel nervous.}
    {Chinatsu-chan and Aizawa-san say that they will be rooting for me...}
    {But... if it fails...}
    {Chinatsu-chan looks at me gently.}
    {My worries ended, I decided to confess.}
    {Telling them that, the two of them say that they will be rooting for me.}
    {I am a bit afraid, but I will confess my feelings to her with all my 
    heart tomorrow.}
    {I was concerned about what Takashi said yesterday.}
    {Because of that, I still haven't spoken to Futaba.}
    {I cannot talk to her with this feelings.}
    {During recess, Futaba went somewhere, but she came back when the class
    {Without having any chance to talk to Futaba, it's lunch time.}
    {When it's lunch time, I stand up from my seat and plan to head to
    school canteen.}
    {At that moment, the front door of the classroom opened, Takashi
    and Chinatsu entered through that door.}
    Takashi : Shiina! Can I have a moment with you?
    {Takashi and Chinatsu look at me with a suspicious look on their face, and 
    come to my side.}
    Chinatsu: Futaba-chan has something to say to you.
    {Saying that, she called out to Futaba.}
    Futaba  : Ah, let's see...
    {Futaba starts to talk in her low voice. It looks like she is trying to
    tell me something, but something inside her seems to interfere with her 
    that she cannot speak properly.}
    {But, finally, with a decisive look on her face, she started to look up.}
    --->[One of my favourite BGMs from Tentama.]
    Futaba  : ...Shiina-san, I am a very shy girl, and if that is okay with
              you... will you be willing to go out with me...?
    Shiina  : ...
    {The whole classroom become silent completely.}
    {It takes some time to interprete what she just said. When I finally
    understand what she just said, my mind is blank, confused.}
    Takashi : Oy! Don't daydream!
    Shiina  : Ah, right...
    Futaba  : Excuse me, is, is it just as I thought... am I giving 
              you trouble over this?
    Shiina  : N, no...
    Chinatsu: Are you planning to keep quiet after a girl had came all the way 
              here to tell you that?
    {Chinatsu is irritated that I still haven't given my reply yet, so she 
    started to scold me.}
    {Thanks to that, I manage to calm myself down.}
    Shiina  : ... Someone like me is fine with you, right?... I also, 
              no, I should also say this. I like you, Futaba.
    Futaba  : R, really? Ah, what should I do! I cannot believe it! Hey,
              Chinatsu-chan, what should I do?
    Chinatsu: It's great, isn't it, Futaba? *love*
    Futaba  : ... R, right.
    {Futaba is shedding her tears, happily.}
    {Honestly, I am surprised. I could not believe that Futaba also 
    likes me...}
    {Looking at Takashi, he is grinning at me.}
    {Jerk. What he said yesterday is about this. I fell for it.}
    {With that, we recognized as a couple in our class.}
    {After that, I got teased by the people in the class.}
    {I was teased about using the words "Someone like is fine with you, 
    {I should not have said those embarassing words.}
    [School Roof/Shiina-kun]
    {Takashi and Chinatsu's lecture has been prolonged, so it is just
    the two of us having lunch together.}
    {Since we start dating each other, this is probably the first time
    we have lunch together alone.}
    Futaba  : Shiina, you always buy food from the school canteen... 
              Don't you have someone at home to make obento for you?
    Shiina  : Huh? I didn't tell you? There is no mother in my
              household, and my father is working overseas, so I am living
    Futaba  : Eh, well... So, sorry.
    Shiina  : You don't have to apologize. I am used to it.
    Futaba  : Is it... is it okay for me to make Obento for you...?
    {Her voice trailed away as she made the suggestion. She looks cute,
    looking down with her face becoming red.}
    Shiina  : Can you really do it?
    {Instantly, I start teasing her. I like her pouting face. It's
    rare to see it though.}
    Futaba  : HOW CRUEL! Even though I may look that I am not, I am 
              actually pretty good at cooking.
    {Just as I planned, she stared angrily at me with her pouting face.} 
    --->[Hard to really describe this.]
    Shiina  : I guess, I will have you make it for me then.
    Futaba  : Yes. Please look forward to it, okay? *love*
    Shiina  : Great! I will be waiting for it with my stomach medicine.
    Futaba  : I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU!
    Shiina  : Just kidding, kidding. Really, you look really cute when you
              are angry.
    Futaba  : Eh?
    {Her cheek became red, as she looked down. Really, I cannot get bored 
    looking at her.}
    Shiina  : By the way, about what you said during the school entrance
    Futaba  : ... About you coming to save my dog?
    Shiina  : Right.
    {Actually, I did not remember anything because I was daydreaming.}
    {When I realised it, I was surrounded by a lot of people... I ran away
    because I was so embarassed.}
    {I should asked her about what happened then...}
    --> [Don't really matter which ones you choose first. You will ask her
    <Choice 1: Tasuketa toki no koto wo kiku.                                >
    <          (Ask about the rescue.)                                       >
    <Choice 2: Rakishisu no koto wo kiku.                                    >
    <          (Ask about Rakishisu)                                         >
    <Choice 3: Futaba no koto wo kiku.                                       >
    <          (Ask about Futaba.)                                           >
    <Choose Choice 1>
    Shiina  : I don't remembered about what exactly happened then. I 
              was daydreaming, when I rescued him.
    Futaba  : Is that so? I... moved here just recently before the school
              entrance ceremony.
    Futaba  : I wanted to know more about the neighbourhood, I took
              Rakishisu out for a walk. Suddenly, he ran into the middle
              of the road...
    Shiina  : And I was there.
    Futaba  : Yes, right. You look very cool... then. *LOVE*
    Shiina  : ...
    {I guess, I should try asking her more...}
    <Choose Choice 2>
    Shiina  : Come to think about it, how's Rakishisu?
    Futaba  : He is healthy, thanks to Shiina. *LOVE*
    Futaba  : Please come to play at my house, I bet Rakishisu is going
              to be happy.
    Shiina  : I see. I will go to your house to play in the near future.
    Futaba  : Great.
    Shiina  : I was meaning to ask you, did you search for me after that?
    Futaba  : Yes. After all, you were not there when I want to thank you...
    Futaba  : But, I could never imagine that I would be in the same 
              class as you. *LOVE*
    Shiina  : As though, it is destined.
    {During the time talking to her, Futaba took out something from her
    accessory bag.}
    Shiina  : That... Could that be medicine? Are you sick?
    Futaba  : ... Yes, a little bit. I... have been sick since young, and
              have been drinking medicine. But, it's not that bad.
    Shiina  : It's fine if that is true... Don't push yourself.
    Futaba  : Yes, thanks. Shiina, you are really kind.
    Shiina  : Ou! It's nearly time for the the recess to end, right...?
    {I was embarassed, so I say that to change the topic.}
    {When Futaba sees me like that, she smiles and giggles.}
    Shiina  : I am going to leave you!
    Futaba  : AHHH. Wait for me!
    {I cannot stand looking straight at Futaba anymore, so to run away from 
    that situation, I go inside the building.}
    {Behind me, Futaba chases after me. I wait at the stairs for her and
    then headed back to classroom together.}
    [Shopping District/Shiina-kun]
    Futaba  : Shiina, let's go inside that shop.
    {After school, Futaba and I went to the shopping district and is having 
    fun window shopping.}
    {The more time we spent together, it started to feel natural being together
    like this.}
    Futaba  : Hm? What's wrong?
    {Innocently, she asked me.}
    {However, she looks a bit pale.}
    Shiina  : No... it's nothing.
    {Probably, it's just my imagination. If there is anything, I bet Futaba
    will tell me about it.}
    {No, that's not right. She doesn't like people worrying about her, 
    especially me...}
    {By just looking at her until now, she is like that. I don't know what it is, 
    but she is afraid of something.}
    Shiina  : More importantly, do you want some snacks?
    Futaba  : Hmmm, what I choose? It would great... if it is crepes.
    Shiina  : Crepes, huh...
    Futaba  : CANNOT?
    {I was thinking about going to Aimirucha, instead.}
    <Begin Divergence>
      <Choice 1: Wakatta, iiyo.                                              >
      <          (I understand, it's fine with me.)                          >
        Shiina  : It's okay with me. Well, let's go.
        Futaba  : Great.
      <Choice 2: Aimirucha ni ikanai.                                        >
      <          (How about going to Aimurucha?)                             >
        Shiina  : How about going to Aimurucha instead?
        Futaba  : Ehhhhh. Crepes is much better.
        {She plead with her eyes in tears.}
        Shiina  : Y, yes. Let's do that.
        Futaba  : Well then, let's go.
    <End Divergence>
    [Shopping District/Futaba-chan]
    Futaba  : This crepe is delicious, you know.
    Shiina  : Let's see.
    Futaba  : AAAAHHH, you cannot eat it~.
    {Shiina ate my crepe from my side.}
    Shiina  : Yes, it's really delicious.
    Futaba  : I can't believe you! This is mine.
    Shiina  : It's only just a little bit.
    Futaba  : Well then, I will do the same.
    Shiina  : Hey, you ate much more than me.
    Futaba  : Thut's nut turue.  
          -->[Spoke with her mouth full. Should be "That's not true."]
    Shiina  : You are cruel.
    SWALLOW : KOKUN. -->[Sound of Futaba-chan swallowing the food.]
    Futaba  : You ate mine in the first place. First of all, you shouldn't act
              so stingy being a guy.
    {Looking at my angry face, Shiina smiles.}
    {I also smile with him.}
    {It's always fun when I am with Shiina. It's fun to discover the unknown
    side of Shiina.}
    {But, I cannot really enjoy it today.}
    {I am not feeling too well since morning.}
    {But, since this is a date, I shouldn't let Shiina worry about me.}
    {I will do my best, acting cheerful.}
    {But... today is strange... I kept getting thirsty...}
    {Somewhere it is strange... Somewhere it is not right...}
    {Once in a while... it is hard to breath. It feels as though I am 
    going to stop breathing.}
    Shiina  : Are you alright? You look pale.
    Futaba  : ... I am alright. After all, there is... nothing wrong.
    {Shiina is worried about me.}
    {Please don't at me this way, I am fine...}
    {I am not feeling too well just a little bit... so...}
    {Ahhh... But... I can't hold out much longer... I reach... my limit...}
    [Shopping District/Shiina-kun]
    Shiina  : Futaba! Futaba!
    {Suddenly, Futaba fell on me.}
    {I got panicked. What has just happened? What is happening to Futaba?}
    {All kinds of thought come into my mind, and disappear. Then, the wave
    of quiet loneliness came.}
    Shiina  : (Anyway, I should let her lay down somewhere...)
    {I anxiously look around searching for it, but cannot really find it. I
    felt more anxious.}
    {Futaba. She has fell down.}
    {Futaba. She has fell down. Futaba. She has fell down.}
    {Futaba. She has fell down. Futaba. She has fell down.
    Futaba. She has fell down. Futaba. She has fell down.
    Futaba. She has fell down. Futaba. She has fell down.
    Futaba. She has fell down. Futaba. She has fell down.
    Futaba. She has fell down. Futaba. She has fell down.
    Futaba. She has fell down. Futaba. She has fell down.
    Futaba. She has fell down. Futaba. She has fell down.
    Futaba. She has fell down. Futaba. She has fell down.
    Futaba. She has fell down. Futaba. She has fell down.}
    {A fearful thought come to my mind, I do my very best to banish that 
    Shiina  : (If I remain calm...)
    {I do my best... to take a deep breath to calm myself down.}
    {After taking a deep breath... several times, I finally calm myself down.}
    {After calming down, I took my handkerchief and wipe her sweat off
    her forehead.}
    {Then, I slowly search for some place where she can rest.}
    Shiina  : There... the bench... of the bus stop...)
    {I let her sleep on the bench with her head on top of my thigh.}
    {Her hair is sticking onto her forehead. She is still breathing painfully.}
    {Effortless, I raised those hair.}
    {Feeling my touch, Futaba open her eyes.}
    Shiina  : ----Futaba. Are you alright?
    {She nods her head weakly.}
    Shiina  : Do you need to go to the hospital?
    Futaba  : ... I... am fine. Once... I drink... the medicine... I will...
              be... fine.
    {After saying that, Futaba looks as though she is trying to take
    out the medicine from her bag.}
    {I take the bag, and search for the medicine.}
    Shiina  : I will go and get a drink for you.
    {I lift her head, and lay her head on top of my own bag, making it
    a pillow.}
    Shiina  : Wait a sec.
    {After saying that, I rushed to the vending machine.}
    {After I bought the water, I lifted her up so that she can drink the
    medicine much easier.}
    {After receiving the water, she drinks down the medicine.}
    {Then, I let her sleep on top of my thigh again, and gently caress her head.}
    Shiina  : Just sleep until you are feeling fine again.
    Futaba  : .... 
    {She weakly smiles at my words and nod her head. Then, she closes her eyes.}
    {A world without sound. A world where it is left alone by its surrounding. 
    A world where it makes a heart become lonely.}
    {A world without anyone. A room with only yourself. Lonely space.
    Another world.}
    {Am I going to spend my time in a room without anyone again?}
    {Am I going to spend my time in a house surrounded by silence?}
    {I don't want to be alone. I don't want to spend my time alone. I don't
    want to become alone.}
    {I don't want the thing that finally came into my hands to be snatched 
    away from me.}
    {After a while, Futaba, who has opened her eyes, is feeling much better.}
    {I touch her forehead.}
    Shiina  : ... Are you alright?
    Futaba  : ... Yes.
    Shiina  : Can you walk? If you cannot, I can carry you on my back to
              your house.
    Futaba  : Most likely... I can do it...
    {Futaba got up, fell onto my chest.}
    Shiina  : Don't... force yourself. I will carry you on my back to your
    [On your way back to Futaba-chan's house/Shiina-kun]
    {I head towards Futaba's house carrying her on my back. She is still 
    very weak.}
    Futaba  : Sorry... After all... it is supposed to be a date...
    {Saying that with a very weak voice, she covers her face behind my back.}
    {I continued walking without saying anything.}
    [In front of Futaba-chan's house/Shiina-kun]
    {When I reach near her house, I turn my head to talk to Futaba.}
    {Futaba, who has her eyes closed, opens her eyes when she realizes that
    I have turned around to look at her and smiles at me.}
    {Then, immediately, she starts to have trouble breathing again.}
    {I made sure that she is comfortable and I rush towards her house.}
    [Futaba-chan's room/Shiina-kun]
    {When I reached her house, Futaba's mother saw Futaba on my back in pain,
    she immediately directed me to her room.}
    {After Futaba's mother lifted up the blanket from the bed, I lay Futaba
    down to rest on the bed.}
    Futaba  : ... I am sorry.
    {After taking rest for a while on the bed, she starts to feel better again
    and apologizes to me.}
    Futaba  : ... I am sorry. I must have... made you worry a lot, right?
    Shiina  : Don't worry about it.
    {I stroke her head until she calms down.}
    {Futaba looks at me as though she is about to cry.}
    Shiina  : (Don't look at me this way. I don't mind worrying about you, 
    {I talk to Futaba, who is about tocry.}
    Shiina  : Get well soon. Let's... go somewhere together again.
    {Tears flow down her cheek, as she stares at me.}
    Shiina  : I am going... I am going home for today. Tomorrow, I will 
              come again... for sure, I will come.
    {Before I leave the room, I caressed her head once more.}
    [Shiina's room/Shiina-kun]
    {After I left Futaba's room, I talked to Futaba's mother.}
    {Futaba's sickness cannot be cured with any medicine that they have 
    {I was so shocked that I could not believe those words.}
    {Really, she cannot be cured? There should be some other alternatives, 
    {However, what Futaba's mother said put that thought to rest.}
    {I laid down on my bed without having a motivation to do anything else.}
    [In front of School/Shiina-kun]
    {When I got out of the school gate, somebody called out to me.}
    Takashi : Shiina, are you going home now?
    Shiina  : Yes.
    Takashi : Let's go somewhere to eat before going home. On the way, I want
              to look at the new released CD.
    Shiina  : No, I can't do that today...
    Takashi : Ah? Why's that?
    Shiina  : Futaba took a day from school today. I am thinking of paying her
              a visit.
    {After saying that, Takashi also wanted to come along.}
    Shiina  : Sorry. I have something important to discuss with Futaba, so 
              please don't come along.
    Takashi : What's that important thing?
    Shiina  : I cannot say...
    {As if he noticed that I don't want to talk about, Takashi stopped 
    pressing me for answers.}
    Takashi : Don't overdo it. If there is something up, tell me.
    Shiina  : Sure.
    {After saying "Take good care of Futaba-chan", Takashi headed for the
    shopping district.}
    {After seeing Takashi off, I headed towards Futaba's house.}
    [On the way home/Futaba-chan]
    {After receiving medical check-up, I am on my way home.}
    {I took a day off from school for the medical check-up since morning
    until now.}
    {The recent attack. I felt as though it is the same as those before.}
    {However, I can feel that there is something difference in the doctor's 
    {I don't know what it is, just something... just something.}
    Futaba  : (I also can feel that mother is acting strangely.}
    {After she talked to the doctor, without saying much to me, she said she 
    got some shopping to do and so, she asked me to go home first.}
    Futaba  : (Could it be that the sickness is much worse than I thought?)
    {Anyway, I should concentrate on healing this sickness quickly, and
    put away those bad thoughts.}
    {While thinking that, I continue walking and without noticing it, I am
    standing beside my house.}
    {With a glance, someone is standing in front of my house.}
    Futaba  : (Ah... that is...)
    [In front of Futaba-chan's house/Shiina-kun]
    {When I arrived at the front of Futaba's house, thinking about Futaba
    who absent from school today, a familiar face coming in my direction.}
    Shiina  : Futaba!
    {I run to the side of Futaba. Futaba looked at me with surprised.}
    Futaba  : Shiina... what are you doing here?
    Shiina  : You were absent from school, so I got concerned that I came to
              visit you.
    Futaba  : Since you came, please come in. I want to talk to you...
    {Saying that, Futaba offers her hand.}
    {I held her hands and start going inside the house.}
    [Futaba-chan's room/Shiina-kun]
    {When I entered Futaba's room, I got a bit nervous.}
    {When I came here the last, I did not really noticed it because Futaba
    was not feeling well. Come to think about it, this is the first I go
    inside a girl's bedroom.}
    {Well, I had entered Chinatsu's bedroom before, but in Chinatsu's case,
    she is more like a big sister than a girl to me. It's like entering
    the bedroom of my siblings.}
    {Considering that, this is the first one.}
    Shiina  : (I have to calm down, or else...)
    {I tried to repress the idea that this is a girl's room, otherwise I
    will act a bit awkward.}
    Futaba  : I will go and get some drink.
    {After seeing Futaba out of the room, I try my best to remain calm.}
    {After drinking the red tea that Futaba brought back with her, I felt
    more calm.}
    Shiina  : You went to the Hospital, right? How was it?
    Futaba  : Hmmmmm... I was asked to stay at home quietly for a while.
    Shiina  : "For a while"? How long?
    Futaba  : I don't know. But, I don't think... it is that long.
    Shiina  : I see...
    {I will not be able to meet Futaba at school for a while... I feel a 
    bit lonely, when I think about it.}
    Shiina  : But... I will come here to see you like this again.
    {After hearing that, she smiled gently.}
    Shiina  : Once you are cured, let's go to the beach, Futaba. Just the two
              of us.
    Futaba  : If it is beach that you want, we can go to the Seaside Park.
              In additional to that, we can ask Takashi-kun and Chinatsu-chan
              to come along with us.
    Shiina  : No, not a nearby beach, but a faraway beach. We will go there
              alone, just the two of us, without telling anyone else.
    {After giving it some thoughts...}
    Futaba  : Sure.
    {Just as promised, I went to Futaba's house everyday.}
    {It has already been a week after that. Yet, she still not going to school.}
    {She told me that she is getting better over the phone, and that she will 
    come to school in the near future.}
    [Futaba-chan's room/Shiina-kun]
    Futaba  : I feel like I can go to school tomorrow.
    {Happily, with a smile, she informs me.}
    {Recently, her shyness is gone, and she is left with only her childish talks. 
    She has became more cheerful.}
    Shiina  : Then, how about going to the beach during the next holiday
              as promise?
    Futaba  : Yes. Let's go!
    {Today, Futaba is excited, somehow.}
    {... I take back what I said, she is left with her childish gestures, as well.}
    Futaba  : Hey, which beach are we going to?
    {Futaba is very excited about the beach trip. I like her childish nature
    and her motherly-like nature which she shows once in a while.}
    Shiina  : Somehow, you seems different.
    Futaba  : Is that so? But, I feel great today... That's probably why. *LOVE*
    Shiina  : Futaba, are you feeling thirsty? I will ask your mother to
              make us some drinks.
    Futaba  : It's okay. It's my own house, I can go and get them myself.
    Shiina  : It's okay. I will go and get them. Futaba is a sick person in a way.
    Futaba  : "In a way"....?
    Shiina  : Because you don't look like a sick person at all now.
    Futaba  : BUUUU.
    Shiina  : Well then, I will go and get them.
    {I left the room without giving Futaba any chance to say anything back at me.}
    Shiina  : ----FUTABA!
    Shiina  : FUTABA!!
    Shiina  : Pull your self together! I will give you your medicine now!
    {When I got the drinks and returned to the room, I saw Futaba in pain
    on the floor.}
    {I rush to her side and lift her up.}
    Futaba  : I... am... fine. I feel... a bit better...
    {I took the medicine from the desk and helped her to drink it.}
    Shiina  : You should lay down on your bed.
    {Saying that, I carry Futaba and lay her down on her bed.}
    Shiina  : ?
    {When I carried Futaba up, I feel something is different. Somehow, she
    feels lighter.}
    {I go to inform Futaba's mother about what just happened.}
    {Futaba's mother said, 'we have to rush her to the hospital', and 
    start preparing to leave for the hospital.}
    {When I was about to tell her about that, Futaba suddenly asks me.}
    Futaba  : ... If, if I die... what will you do?
    Shiina  : Wh... what are you talking about?
    {With surprised, I ask her.}
    {Don't say such a thing suddenly.}
    Futaba  : You probably... know it already... My sickness... cannot be
              cured with the current medical technology. So, if I die...
              will you take good care of Rakishisu?
    Shiina  : Don't say such a stupid thing! Don't say such a thing! You
              will not die! I won't let you die!!
    Futaba  : Please... forgive me. I don't know what I am saying.
    Futaba  : When I was alone just now, I feels very uneasy. Thinking
              that I am going to die...
    Shiina  : ... Futaba.
    {I hug Futaba tightly, and shed my tears.}
    Shiina  : For sure, you will be fine. For sure...
    {After I hugged Futaba, I kept repeating myself the same words over and
    over again.}
    Futaba  : Thank... you...
    {I caress Futaba's head.}
    Shiina  : I will call your mother.
    {After hearing thanks from behind, I closed the door.}
    [Shiina-kun's room/Shiina-kun]
    {After coming back Futaba's house, I went straight to bed and laid down.}
    {Recently, there are a lot things that are bothering me.}
    {About Futaba. About myself. And also about her sickness.}
    {Those things gathered in my head.}
    {About what I can do for the sakes of Futaba who is feeling uneasy.}
    {When I am thinking of that, the phone rang suddenly.}
    {I rushed to the living room, where the phone is.}
    [Shiina-kun's living room/Shiina-kun]
    {It's from Futaba's mother.}
    Mother  : Shiina-kun... It's about... Futaba...
    {Futaba's mother's voice sounds as though that she is crying.}
    Mother  : Futaba's... Futaba's sickness... has gotten a lot worse...
    Mother  : She... won't last long... uu...
    {She won't last long...}
    {Those words slowly seep into me.}
    {Understanding what those words meaning, I feel a sharp pressure.}
    {As though that I could not breath, the heart beat very crazily making
    my chest hurt.}
    {Futaba's mother also says something else, but it feels as though it is from
    a very long distant, and cannot reach my head.}
    Mother  : Shiina-kun... I beg you... Please come to see her... everyday.
    Shiina  : I... undestand...
    {After saying, the phone conversation is finally over.}
    {I hang up phone, stand there without moving, and my mind is worked up
    thinking about what had just happened.}
    {Then, I stagger back to my own room.}
    [Shiina-kun's room/Shiina-kun]
    {I laid down on the bed again, after I got back into my room.}
    {Without any energy left to do anything else, I closed my eyes.}
    {----Futaba's sickness.}
    {----Futaba's death.}
    {----Her inevitable death.}
    {But why now? It's okay that it does not right now, right? It's okay that
    it is not Futaba, right?}
    {I cursed my inability to do anything. I cursed myself for not being
    able to do anything.}
    {Without raising my voice... I cried.}
    [On the way home/Shiina-kun]
    Chinatsu: Huh? Shiina, what's wrong?
    {On my way out of the school, Chinatsu called out to me.}
    Chinatsu: How about walking home together halfway?
    Shiina  : No, I want to go home alone today.
    {After saying that, I am about to part with Chinatsu.}
    Chinatsu: What's with that sad face?
    {She asked me, after noticing how strange I look.}
    Shiina  : No, nothing at all...
    Chinatsu: Is that so?
    {She still do not understand, but she did not continue to ask me 
    about it.}
    Shiina  : ... It's not the time... to talk about it yet, when the time
              come, I will tell you about it.
    Chinatsu: Okay, I understand.
    Shiina  : Sorry.
    Chinatsu: Don't worry about it. Well, see you.
    {After saying that, Chinatsu headed home.}
    [In front of Futaba-chan's house/Shiina-kun]
    {In front of Futaba's house.}
    {Just as I have promised Futaba's mother, I come to see Futaba.}
    {But, can I maintain my calm meeting Futaba?}
    {I bet Futaba still don't know the truth yet.}
    {But, it's no use standing here thinking about it.}
    {I rang the chime decisively.}
    [Futaba's room/Shiina-kun]
    {When I enter Futaba's room, I noticed that Futaba is not sleeping on
    her bed.}
    {Looking around the room, I saw Futaba sitting beside her desk.}
    Shiina  : Futaba, I came to visit.
    {When I was heading towards Futaba, she looked at me.}
    {Her face is stained with tears.}
    Futaba  : Uu... I... soon...
    {She looks up at me, while crying. There is no light in her pupil.}
    Futaba  : I... I... Uu... soon... soon will die, right?
    {I am frozen by those sudden words.}
    {How did she know... But, before I ask her about it, Futaba continue
    to talk.}
    Futaba  : I... know it. After all, it's my body.
    Futaba  : Hey... I am going to die, right?  I am going to die, right?
              I... don't want to die! I don't want to die!! I don't want
              to dieeeeeee!!!
    {I hugged Futaba tightly. Trying to calm Futaba down, as though I am 
    trying to tell myself, I said this to her.}
    Shiina  : Th, that's not possible. What proof do you have...?
    Futaba  : But... it's weird. Comparing the attacks before, this attack
              is different. It's very painful...
    {Futaba is feeling uneasy. It's a sickness that she have since she
    was young, so she can feel that she is going to die because it's her
    {Unbearable uneasiness... That feeling is going to hit her hard, so...}
    {... so, I will hit her with my own feelings.}
    {What she said to me recently about her death is probably the same as now.}
    {I realized another thing. She is talking like her old self.}
    {When she is still feeling uneasy and shy.}
    Shiina  : It's going to be fine, Futaba.
    {I hug her tightly, and continue.}
    Shiina  : You won't die. I won't let you die.
    Shiina  : It's going to be fine, I am going to be with you.
    {For the sakes of Futaba, I am going to create proof that she is going 
    to live.}
    {I will do anything for her, even sacrificing myself.}
    {I decided this at this very moment.}
    [Futaba's room/Futaba-chan]
    {Shiina went home, and my mother is not in my room.}
    {Until it's time for Shiina to go home, he was worried about me.}
    {Shiina, had a very uneasy pupil. Sad pupil...}
    {I cannot cured my own sickness.}
    {Even though Shiina said that, I know it because it's my body.}
    {I know about my own sickness, and I know that the current medical 
    technology will not be able to heal me.}
    {Nearing death, I felt the fear.}
    {That's why I talked to Shiina.}
    {But, I knew the reason when Shiina hugged me tightly.}
    {The reason for fearing death. The reason for being frightened of death.}
    {About losing my own existence. About your opposite forgetting about 
    {And then, about leaving behind your opposite in pain.}
    {If I die.. If I die, what will Shiina do?}
    {His parents are not with him... he always has been alone...}
    {If I am not there... he will be alone again.}
    {He will not be able to bear it.}
    {Kind, but lonely Shiina.}
    {At least, I make it such that he is not lonely by spending all 
    my remaining time, making lots and lots of memories.}
    {So much memories that he could not forget about me.}
    {That is what I can do last for Shiina after all.}
    [Chrismas Party at Shiina-kun's house/Shiina-kun]
    {It's winter vacation, we have Chrismas Party together with Takashi and
    Chinatsu from noon.}
    {Futaba also for the past few weeks, is feeling well, and the
    four of us spent the time together in a very long while.}
    Chinatsu: Takashi! Don't take other people's stuff.
    FORK    : GUSAA!! 
    {To stop Takashi, Chinatsu used her fork, to stop his fork from going
    after the food.}
    {But, Chinatsu's fork sticks into Takashi's hand.}
    Takashi : HAUuuuuu!! Chi, chinatsu, you don't have to stick the fork
              into my hand, right!
    Chinatsu: Oh. Sorry. OHOHOHOHO....
    {Chinatsu laughs, even though she is shaken by it. Even that, what are 
    those two doing?...}
    Futaba  : Here, Shiina. *LOVE*
    {Futaba offer me an cake on a plate.}
    Shiina  : Thank you. Ah, Chinatsu! Hand over the drink over there!
    Chinatsu: Eh? Ah, this.
    Takashi : Forget about that, do something about this hand.
    Shiina  : Just lick it and it will be healed.
    Chinatsu: Right, right. Just lick it and it will fine.
    Futaba  : Don't be like that... he is pretty pitiful.
    Takashi : Just as I thought, Futaba-chan is very kind...
    Futaba  : I am giving you this, please do it yourself.
    {Futaba takes out bandage from her bag and gives it out to Takashi.}
    Takashi : EHHH? Futaba-chan, won't you do it for me?
    Futaba  : I won't do it for anyone, except Shiina. --->[KAWAIII!!]
    Chinatsu: Futaba, you actually can say those words.
    {Hearing Chinatsu saying that, Futaba blushed. If you are really embarassed
    about it, don't say it. I am getting embarassed myself.}
    {When it's evening, we start cleaning up.}
    {When she is cleaning up, she is doing it happily.}
    {It has been a while, since I saw Futaba's smile.}
    {It will surely because a memory that I cannot forget, I guess.}
    [Shopping District/Futaba-chan]
    Futaba  : Father, thank you for today. I will treasure the present.
    {At night, I ate dinner outside with my parents.}
    {I received a wrist watch from my father.}
    Mother  : You should have ask Shiina-kun to come with us. He is alone,
    Futaba  : I asked him, but he said, 'I always been bothering, so at
              least, for Christmas, the family should spend time alone.'
    {It seems like my mother likes Shiina, as she kept asking him to stay
    over for dinner recently.}
    {Shiina seems to enjoy having dinner with us, probably because he is 
    living alone.}
    Father  : He should have come.
    {My father also seems to like Shiina, he always played Shogi with
    Shiina after dinner.}
    {After the conversation, my shoe lace got loose and I will most likely trip
    with that.}
    Futaba  : I will tie my shoe lace. Please go ahead.
    {My parents go ahead, as I ties my shoe lace.}
    {After I finished tying my shoe lace and when I stand up, I feel 
    something strange with my body.}
    {...The attack is starting.}
    {With that thought, the heart beat so hard that I have difficult 
    {Because of the sudden attack, I cannot get enough air in me to make any 
    Futaba  : (Father... Mother... Please save me...)
    Futaba  : Haa... Haa... Haa...
    Futaba  : (... Am, am... I going to die like this?)
    {I am having a hard time breathing that I cannot stand up... My chest 
    Futaba  : (I... I... still cannot die now... Please wait... a while...)
    Futaba  : (I don't... want to part with Shiina... like this... There
              is... something that... I want to... tell... Shina...)
    Futaba  : (It's painful... It's so painful that I cannot say anything...)
    Futaba  : (---Shiina, please come here. I want to tell you something...)
    Futaba  : (Somebody, borrow me some strength... the strength to create
              a miracle...)
    {As I lost my consciousness, I heard my parents' voice from far away.}
    {When I woke up, I am sleeping on top of a bed.}
    {According to the doctor, to make me conscious, they have to make me
    half asleep.}
    {It's very hazy, but the feeling is not that bad.}
    {After a while, Shiina and the others came.}
    {Chinatsu-chan looks like she is going to cry. Chinatsu-chan is 
    supported by Takashi-kun.}
    {Shiina standing there, as though enduring something.}
    Father  : ...It has reached the limit.
    {With those painful words from father, mother and Chinatsu-chan cried.}
    {I cannot say, "Please don't cry."}
    {You cannot stop yourself from crying, if someone close to you is about
    to die.}
    {But, it's mysterious.}
    {I am so calm, even though it is just before my death.}
    Mother  : Futaba... Everybody is here...
    {Mother is said that in tears.}
    {I nod, only the neck moved.}
    Chinatsu: Futaba...
    {Chinatsu took hold of my hands in tears.}
    Futaba  : Chinatsu-chan, thank you for everything until now.
    Chinatsu: What... are... you saying.
    Futaba  : I am really glad having you as my best friend, Chinatsu-chan.
    Chinatsu: ...
    Futaba  : Get along well with Takashi-kun. Please take care of Shiina... Even
              though, Shiina may look that way, Shiina is actually really
    {Chinatsu nods her head several times. By her side, Takashi-chan hold
    her shoulder to support her.}
    Futaba  : Takashi-kun, don't make Chinatsu-chan cry.
    Takashi : ... Sure.
    Futaba  : Don't keep chasing after girls.
    Takashi : ... Sure.
    Futaba  : Please take care of Shiina.
    Takashi : ... I understand. Just leave it to me.
    {Takashi-kun leads Chinatsu towards the door.}
    Father  : ...
    Mother  : ...
    Futaba  : ...
    {I have to say something... But, I don't know what to say.}
    Father  : ... Futaba, as a father, I am sorry that I could not do 
    Futaba  : No. That's not true. You have done more than enough for me.
    Father  : ... We are proud of you. We are happy to have... such a
              great daughter.
    Futaba  : ...
    {My heart shrink at my father's words.}
    Mother  : ... Futaba.
    Futaba  : Mother... Thank you for everything until now. I... I... 
              led a very happy life.
    {My mother hold my hand with her tears flowing out.}
    Futaba  : Father, Mother, thank you for giving birth to me. I...
              Watase Futaba... live a fulfilling life...
    Futaba  : It's all thanks to Father and Mother.
    {Mother collapses down at the spot, crying. Father hugs her and 
    moves her away from me.}
    {Shiina is looking at me with his lonely eyes.}
    {I cannot said, 'Don't look at me with those lonely eyes'.}
    {After all, once I am gone, Shiina will be alone again.}
    {There is no one in this world who will not be lonely in his situation.}
    Futaba  : Shiina... Thank you for giving me so many memories.
    Shiina  : ...
    Futaba  : I will take good care of... all the memories that you gave me.
    Shiina  : ... Futaba.
    {Without saying anything, we look at each other.}
    {I wish that time would just stop for a while longer at this moment.}
    Futaba  : ... Hey, Shiina. Even if I am gone, please don't be sad.
              Don't stuck yourself in the past.
    Futaba  : ... Lonely Shiina. The Shiina who I fall in love with... is 
              not a person who will stuck himself in the past... right?
    {I touch Shiina's forehead with my weak hand.}
    {Ahhh... It's warmth...}
    {Shiina bites his lips and tears start to flow from his eyes.}
    {I wipe his tears gently.}
    Futaba  : Shiina, I got one last request. Will you please say "I love you."
              to me... I never heard it out clear before.
    Shiina  : I can say that as many times as you want. I love you. I love
              you, Futaba. So, don't go. Don't go.
    Futaba  : Sorry, Shiina. I have... to go now. I am going to be one with
              nature and will always be by your side. This time, I will
              watch over you.
    Futaba  : Please live happily for me....
    {Shiina helds my hands, he cries without saying anything.}
    {Seeing that, Chinatsu-chan cries in the Takashi-kun's chest.}
    {Takashi-kun hugs Chinatsu-chan, shedding his tears and gently smile
    at me.}
    {Father... Mother...}
    {And then... looking at Shiina.}
    {It's time... It's time, it's started to feel painful.}
    Futaba  : ... Doctor... It's time... please do it.
    Doctor  : You did... well. Good night.
    Futaba  : ...Yes.
    {The doctor let the transquilizer liquid down the tube.}
    {After a while, I probably won't have consciousness left after this.}
    Futaba  : Shii...na...
    Shiina  : I am... here.
    Futaba  : Hold... my hands...
    Shiina  : Sure... I won't let go of them...
    {Shiina helds my hand gently. Ahhh... it's warmth...}
    Shiina  : Futaba, I love you.
    Futaba  : Thank you... Shiina... I also... lo...ve... yo...u...
    {Something spilled on my cheek.}
    {Shiina's tear.}
    {I can feel his warmth with that.}
    {As I lost my consciousness, I felt that.}
    {Don't be sad. There will surely be a person, who will appear by your
    side and make you happy.}
    {I wish that someone will appear to make Shiina happy.}
    {I wish that someone will appear to replace me and make Shiina's 
    loneliness disappear.}
    {The unique miracle that happens for human... please make it happen...
    for his sake...}
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