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                                    Pocket Price
                                    Midas Interactive
                                    EU 06/04/2001
                                    by threetimes 11th September 2007
    Why a FAQ?
    If there had been a FAQ or a review for this game then I would not have wasted 
    any time or money.  This is only reason why I decided to write this FAQ; in 
    case anyone else wondered if this game might have anything to offer.  After 
    all, Shadow Hearts Covenant has Anastasia as a playable character so there was 
    a possibility that another game with Anastasia might be fun.  But it isn't.  
    In fact this is not really a game at all, but a short cartoon of dubious 
    quality and scant regard for historical truth.  There are  a couple of 
    optional extras, which, I suppose, justified Midas calling this a "game".
    What is this "Game"?
    As well as the cartoon the extras are identified on the cover as a "Jigsaw 
    Puzzle' and a "Colouring Book".  Both of these descriptions are gross 
    The box art is also completely misleading as it shows a picture from the 
    Disney film "Anastasia".  In fact, the cartoon bears no resemblance at all to 
    the film.  There is no golden domed castle, and no dark haired Russian 
    princess.  Anastasia appears with blond hair and has an American accent.
    Boris, the young man who befriends her, keeps his hands in his pockets the 
    whole time, and there is a cute dog called Sasha.
    All you can do as the player is sit and watch for about 20 minutes.  Then,
    assuming you have been so enchanted by the story of mass killing, revolution 
    and the evil Rasputin... you get to colour in some stills from the cartoon.
                                 PLAYING THE "GAME"
    From the start screen, select your language.  There is a choice of four, 
    indicated by the flags of Great Britain, France, Italy and Germany.
    You will know which one is the right one because the word Select, will be 
    shown in the appropriate language. 
    The next screen gives four options in the form of icons: a toolbox, a movie 
    camera, an artist's palette and some jigsaw pieces.
    There is no option to save your game.
    The Toolbox
    This is at the right of the screen and it allows you to change the settings.
    The top icon of a speaker with some film attached to it allows you to alter 
    the sound during the cartoon.  Use the right and left directional buttons to 
    increase or decrease.  Put it all the way to the left and there will be no 
    sound at all.  This could be considered a good thing.
    The second icon of a speaker allows you to change the  sound during the 
    "game" part.
    The third icon of  a mouse, allows you to alter the speed of the cursor's 
    movement.  It is best to keep this as far to the right as possible.
    The Movie Camera
    Select this using the directional buttons to run the cartoon.  Watch it.
    Artist's Palette
    Select this to view 6 sketches taken from the cartoon.
    From left to right:
    Top Row
    1. Rasputin in his small driving carriage whipping his horse to go faster.
    2. Duchess Olga in a four wheeled carriage being driven by a man with a top
       hat.  She has a hat with a tall feather
    3. Anastasia standing with the dog, Sasha.  There are three flowers in the 
        foreground, and a couple of trees in the background.
    Bottom Row
    4. The palace kitchen with the plump chef in the centre holding a frying pan.
       There is a broom, small decorative bread on the wall and a flame on the hob.
    5. Tsar Nicholas complete with beard and medals, standing with two round 
       ornamental trees in the background and a decorative pillar to his right.
    6. A young Anastasia in pigtails, standing next to a single plant on a 
       cupboard, with a large window behind her.
    How to Paint
    Select one of the drawings and on the new screen choose from a colour palette 
    at the bottom of the screen.
    Place the paintbrush over a section of the drawing and select your colour using
    the L1 and L2 buttons to move the small white arrow left and R1 or R2 to move 
    it to the right. There are eleven colours.
    Bright red, muddy red, bright blue, white, black, bright yellow, grey, lime 
    green,pale blue, pink, grass green. 
    As you select a colour the bristles on the brush will turn the same colour.
    If you press X on the wrong part of the picture the colour will not paint.
    You must find a part that does not have a black line.  Just move the brush to 
    another area if it won't paint the place you selected.
    This is the only part of the game that might be of slight interest, though the
    colour selection is odd.  No purple!
    Jigsaw Pieces
    Select this to see the same six pictures...yes, that is right, the SAME six 
    pictures.  Only now they are seen in their proper colours.  
    Choose one and there is a new screen with the choice of four options.
    You can pick from a three by three puzzle, four by four,  five by five, or 
    six by six tiles.
    Select one and all the tiles will be shuffled and then one removed, leaving 
    the total minus one.
    9 tiles >>>>>8
    12 tiles >>>11
    5 tiles >>>>24
    6 tiles >>>>35
    How to Solve the Jigsaw
    Your task is to move the tiles one by one to make the picture appear correctly.
    There is a white arrow on the screen and you move this using the directional 
    buttons.  When it is over a tile that can be moved into the blank space press
     X, and the tile will move.  This means that the maximum number of options at 
    any time are three.  
    Since the tiles are shuffled randomly, there is no advice I can offer, except 
    to say that the more tiles on the picture, the harder it is to complete the 
    jigsaw.  Seriously...don't bother. 
    There is a timer on the right of the screen.  I am not sure why since there is 
    no score or record kept of your achievements.  I suppose you could write down
    the time and play again against the clock... But the fact that the makers of 
    this piece of rubbish were too lazy to even bother listing your score is 
    downright disgraceful, and shows their utter contempt for anyone who might 
    try to play this silly mini-game.
    When you successfully complete the jigsaw an encouraging message will appear:
    "Well Done.  Play again?"  You can select Yes or No.  
    There is no score and no record of your achievements. 
    Quit the Game?
    If you want to exit the screen from any of the three modes, press Start to 
    exit to stop the cartoon, painting or jigsaw.
    You then have the choice of :
    Options/Resume or Quit.
    Options simply takes you to the menu for the Toolbox.
    Resume will take you back to whatever you were doing.
    Quit will take you back to the initial Select screen.
                           CREDITS AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS
    The makers of this "game"should be ashamed of themselves.  As I am for buying 
    it.  So no credit goes to anyone, not even to Saikyo Mog.
                               LEGAL AND CONTACT
    Legal Stuff
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    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site other than
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    violation of copyright.
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This FAQ is copyrighted by threetimes 11th September 2007.
    If you wish to complain or comment, emails must  be titled ANASTASIA FAQ and 
    can be sent to me at:

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