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    Secrets FAQ by Daba Mylord

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    Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden (SRWAG)
    for Playstation
    Secrets Guide
    by Daba Myrod (daba_myrod@srwgenesis.every1.net)
    Current Update: None
    SRWAG was one heckuva game. Eventually, that's the only game I know where people kept on
    re-playing just to get one famous secret... the G-Bit Attack. My inbox was bombarded with
    requests on how to get it, and so I put up my site's SRWAG sector. Then, months later, some
    pages were ready until a software change corrupted my files, taking the shots with them.
    Discouraged, I halt for a few months paving the way for my semester in College. That time,
    my inbox continued to flood AG secrets. So, I created this guide to serve as the "text
    version" of my AG pages. This guide shall tackle each convincible character and obtainable
    secret unit, together with some of my clarifications.
    Again, as mentioned before, this guide can be found currently in my site, SRWGenesis. URL
    is http://surf.to/srwgenesis and obviously, in GameFAQs, http://www.gamefaqs.com. That means
    that other sites that host this guide may be hosting illegally or otherwise. Usually, when
    webmasters want stuff from me, they would always write in their sites about them asking
    permission so they can be easily identified. If the disclaimer is not mentioned in the site,
    that means that they've taken it illegally. Report cases like this to me via e-mail on
    daba_myrod@srwgenesis.every1.net and you will be rewarded loyally.
    Names and translations are informal. They are translated literally and I applied my usual
    western accent in translation. There may be some minor errors since I'm not perfect. Should 
    there be any mistakes or there IS an official name, don't hesistate to e-mail me and you'll
    be given all the credit in the world. Of course, you may also contact me if there are any
    corrections to be done in this guide, including spelling and grammar. Likewise, you'll be
    credited for your trouble.
    Plagiarism is a serious crime. To those who are not familliar with the term, it's the act of
    copying someone else's work (and that means ANY work) and claiming that it's yours. Imposing
    penalties may include imprisonment and perhaps a fine to pay for moral damages caused to the
    original author. If you take my work without my consent or giving me credit, the least you
    could do is to link back to my site and I'll reconsider. That's just one simple favor I ask
    and frankly it's not too dificul to do so. However if you want to take it the easy way and
    decided to ask permission, you may e-mail me and ask NICELY and I'll grant you consent. If
    you do e-mail me but express it in an unfriendly or uneducated matter, you will be ignored.
    Now for stuff regarding reporduction. You are allowed to download this guide provided that 
    you swear not to reproduce it yourself for commercial reasons like selling it to people or
    publishing it on magazines or game guides. Although I won't stop you from printing it out
    ONCE, photocopying it and distributing it even without my consent is still illegal, even if
    it's not commercial in nature. In summary... don't reproduce it by any means. Violation of
    the afforementioned rules will subject you to criminal prosecution. Don't do anything as 
    stupid as this and stay out of trouble for your sake. You've been warned.
    Although SRWAG may not have as much secrets as Alpha had, this game boasts of newly improved
    character design, not to mention the addition of my 2 favorite Gundam series... After War
    Gundam X and Turn-A Gundam. These 2 are the main reasons why I loved this game to the core.
    GX was a favorite of mine, and so did Turn-A on its 1st release. This game never failed to
    amaze me even if its difficulty was sometimes a little overboard (but bearable compared to
    the monstrous SRWFF). Now, I'll point out the steps on how to crack SRWAG's secrets, with
    my usual mouthwash statements to clarify things for you. On with the show!
    Step 1: In scenario 9, have Judo and Puru convince Puru2. During that scenario, have Judo 
            defeat Puru2, giving her the final blow.
    Step 2: In scenario 30, have Judo convince then afterwards defeat Puru2.
    Things you need to know:   
    - You should be able to convince Puru2 only THRICE. Twice in scenario 9 and then one in
      scenario 30. If Puru has the convince command in Scenario 30, then consider yourself 
      failed since you'll be getting Puru2's Red Quebeley instead of Haman's Quebeley.
    - Puru2 is a surefire joining character. If you didn't perform any of the convince
      processes, she'll join you without a unit. The only reason why you'll be convincing her 
      is to determine what unit she'll be piloting when she joins you.
    Step 1: In scenario 16, have Garrod defeat Enile.
    Step 2: In scenario 22, have Garrod defeat Enile.
    Step 3: In scenario 32, have Garrod convince Enile. 
    Things you need to know:
    - Enile is a surefire joining character. Performing the convince process only determines on
      whether you'll be able to tag her Jenice Kai along or not.
    - If you never got the Jenice Kai, you'll never be able to get the G-Bit attack later.
    - Enile won't automatically sortie in scenario 22. This is the trickiest part of all why
      bucketloads of players failed to convince her. In this scenario, you'll need to deploy 
      Garrod personally. Enile won't come out in the map if Garrod doesn't.
    - Jenice Kai is upgraded. Equip it with a Minovski Craft and a High Performance Targeter.
    Step 1: In Turn-A route scenario 16's 1st half, Gavan will sortie in his Borjanon. All you 
            need to do is to make sure that Rolan DOESN'T kill him in that scenario.
    Things you need to know:
    - To be able to pull the convince process off, decrease Gavan's life by half or so. Then,
      on your next turn, have Rolan cast "mercy" then attack Gavan using Turn-A's Gundam Hammer
      or perhaps the Beam Sabre. That way, you'll leave Gavan 10 HP, and you'll succeed.
    Step 1: In Turn-A route scenario 17, have Rolan and Sochie attack Coren.
    Step 2: In Turn-A route scenario 17, move IRON GEAR near Coren and convince him. Although 
            you're using Iron Gear, Kiel Heim (actually Diana Sorelle) will do the talking.
    Step 3: In scenario 32, have Rolan attack Coren but make sure you DON'T KILL HIM. An event 
            will take place and Coren will retreat.
    Things you need to know:
    - Coren is NOT a character who'll join your party automatically. You'll need to convince
      him. Without him, you won't get the Red Capule and vice versa.
    - Should you get the Red Capule, and you have enough Blue Stones, you can buy Coren's mech,
      the Eagel at the Bazar. If that's the case, you can give the Red Capule to Sochie or 
      Meshie if you want.
    Step 1: In scenario 28, have Jiron defeat Tron USING ONLY PUNCHES within 2 turns.
    Step 1.2: Alternative convince process: In scenario 28, ignore Tron. When the enemy arrives, she'll
              switch into an NPC. Keep her alive until the end of the scenario and she'll join 
              you later. Her Yellow Kaprico is already upgraded.
    Things you need to know:
    - To be able to defeat Tron using only punches, from the very start of the scenario where
      Jiron can be played for the 1st time in the game, have Jiron keep on attacking and killing
      enemies using punches, kicks and the Xabungle Full Power attack. That way, Jiron's melee 
      power will be increased. Take the Turn-A route and obtain the Donkey Bun item in scenario
      16 and then before scenario 28 equip it to Jiron's Walker Galliar. When the scenario 
      starts, cast all the necessary spells to raise Jiron's morale as high as you could, then 
      cast "hot blood" and attack Tron. In the next turn, use the Donkey Bun item to replenish 
      Jiron and Chill's SP atjem cast the spells again. This time kill Tron with a lethal punch.
    - Tron is NOT a character who'll join your party automatically. You'll need to convince her
      to get her and her Yellow Kaprico. It comes to your inventory upgraded, and you can sell 
      it at the Bazar, but it's advisable not to do so.
    Step 1: In GX route scenario 15's 1st half, have Garrod defeat 6 Jenice units within 3 turns.
    Step 2: In GX route scenario 19, have Garrod defeat Karis in the Vertigo.
    Step 3: In GX route scenario 19, have Garrod defeat Karis in the Batouria at point blank 
            range. A special event will take place.
    Step 4: In scenario 23, allow the G-Bit event to take place by not letting Jamil reach 
            beside DX within 4 turns.
    Step 5: In scenario 32, have Garrod convince Enile.
    Things you need to know:
    - To defeat Karis in the Batouria at point blank range, decrease the Batouria's HP by 1/3 
      or so. Put GX Divider beside Batouria, and Combattler-V beside GX Divider. In your next 
      turn have Garrod attack Karis using the Divider Beam, assisted with Combattler-V's 
      Chodenji Spin. If there are any more substitutes you can replace Combattler-V with any 
      strong Super Robot.
    - If you can't convince Enile in scenario 32, then you can't obtain the G-Bit attack.
    - One reason why a lot of people missed this move is because they failed to let Garrod kill
      6 Jenice units within the time limit on scenario 15's 1st half. So even if you did get the
      Jenice Kai, you won't get the G-Bits if the 6 kills did not take place because there's a 
      conversation between Garrod and Tifa every time Garrod kills 2 Jenice units.
    - For GX, you can only use the G-Bit attack if the Divider Shield/Harmonica is removed. If
      you install the Harmonica and turn GX into GX Divider, the G-Bit attack is disabled. You
      will need to remove it if you wish to use the G-Bit attack continuously.
    - Only 3 GX pilots can use the G-Bit attack: and they are Garrod, Jamil and Karis.
    Step 1: In scenario 29, have Jiron conivnce Eruchi TWICE.
    Step 2: In scenario 30, have Jiron convince Eruchi again.
    Step 3: In earth route scenario 33, have Jiron convince Eruchi.
    Things you need to know:
    - If you obtain the Brackary, Eruchi will be a main Walker Machine pilot, that means she'll
      give up being the Iron Gear's co-pilot, leaving Gotset alone as pilot for Iron Gear.
    - One reason many players failed to obtain the Bracaky is because of the 1st step. Make
      sure you don't overlook it and have Jiron convince Eruchi TWICE in scenario 29.
    Step 1: During scenario 39, simply deploy Kamiyu in the Z Gundam and halve Rosamia's Psycho 
            Gundam mk II's HP. An event will take place and you'll get it on the spot.
    Things you need to know:
    - When attacking Rosamia, make sure Z Gundam is in MS form (robot form). If the event takes
      place and Z Gundam is in Waverider (plane) mode, the game will hang.
    Step 1: In scenario 40, defeat Zengar using any character.
    Step 2: In scenario 41, defeat Zengar using any character.
    Things you need to know:
    - You must be in the hard level by scenario 40 if you wish to recruit Zengar.
    - Once you recruit him, Zengar will lose his flair in his abilities so that means he'll be
      downgraded as well as his Sledgelmil.
    Step 1: In space route scenario 36, have Ryouma defeat Bat Shogun in the Shin Getta-1.
    Things you need to know:
    - Getta Dragon will get an upgrade in stats, and Shine Spark requires less morale to
    - If you get the Power-Up Getta Dragon, you'll no longer obtain the Shin Getta. Weigh
      out this choice carefully and decide which unit you want to keep.
    Step 1: In earth route scenario 36, have Tetsuya in the Great Mazinger go beside Koji in the
            Mazinger-Z. An event will take place.
    Step 2: In earth route scenario 36, have Koji in Mazinger-Z decrease Mazinkaiser's HP by 30%.
    Things you need to know:
    - Simply pick the Earth route and do the winning conditions in scenario 36. Picking the 
      earth route is probably the only thing you need to do to obtian Power-Up Mazinger-Z.
    - You can obtain both Mazinkaiser and Power-Up Mazinger-Z in your party. You won't lose any
      of them no matter what.
    - By picking the Earth route, this is the only chance where you get to see Mazinkaiser's 
      original SRWAlpha Fire Blaster animation attack sequence. When you obtain the Mazinkaiser
      later, it will be switched to the new-improved SRWAG attack animation sequence.
    Step 1: In scenario 9's 1st half, all you need to do is to make sure that Isamu doesn't 
            counter-attack when Guld attacks him for 3 turns. He'll join you on teh spot.
    Things you need to know:
    - Guld is a surefire joining character. You convince him just for fun and so you could get
      to use him earlier than expected. It makes scenario 9's 1st half a lot easier.
    Step 1: In Lean Horse Jr. route scenario 4, have Heero attack Wu Fei TWICE.
    Step 2: In Lean Horse Jr. route scenario 5, have Heero attack Wu Fei.
    Step 3: In Lean Horse Jr. route scenario 7, have Heero attack then convince Wu Fei TWICE. 
            He'll join you on the spot.
    Things you need to know:
    a) Wu Fei is a surefire joining character. You convince him just so you could use him a lot
    earlier and making scenario 7 a whole lot easier.
    Step 1: In Turn-A route scenario 19, bring Iron Gear beside Will Game and convince him. 
            Although you're using Iron Gear, it's Kiel Heim (actually Diana Sorelle) talking.
    Things you need to know:
    - Will Game is NOT a convincible character. Convincing him is just for fun and it adds a
      little dramatic touch to scenario 19. No more, no less. May be a waste of time.
    Right now, that's the drill for this guide. I will see if I could add some more of those
    skill point-related mechs. Currently I'm anxious on how to get R-1 Kai because I've been
    receiving loads of theories about it. Therefore, it's still under research to see which 
    method is truly accurate. Until then, wait for the next update for this guide.
    1) The MB Boys (http://accessboards.com/messageboard/robotwar.html)- My primary source of 
       info. All of you there no by now how deeply I owe this guide to you. Thanx for all of 
       your help!
    2) GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)- For hosting my guide, of course. That also includes 
       the people in the message board whom have been nice and supportive in my return after a 
       full absence of one year. A million thanx to you guys for your kind attention and 
    3) Lee Jin Lai (aka JL Lee)- His guide was the my 1st source of information, and so credit
       goes to him for all the 1st-hand information presented in this guide. THANX A LOT PAL!
    4) http://www.geocities.co.jp/Playtown/7800/g_guide/gameguide.html- I dunno how to translate
       the site's name officially, but I can assure you that when I made mistakes, this site 
       helped me shed some light. Arigatou Gosaimasu!
    5) Banpresto (http://www.banpresto.co.jp)- Without them, SRW would never have been created.
       Demo, arigatou!
    6) Banpresto's Hotline Web (http://www.hotline-web.com)- For every new source, there's 
       always a new update. Arigaou!
    7) Shinigami- He taught me Tron's other convince process. Thanx man!
    8) DJin- Thanx a lot for giving me "the thing". I owe you one!
    9) Dragoon T- Thanx for re-confirming my theories on obtaining the G-Bits. LOTSA THANX!
    10) Yurika Misumaru (yurika@srwgensis.every1.net)- Thanx for filling in for me chick!
    11) YOU (yes, you, the one reading right now)- This guide is for you to use. Thanx for 
        taking the time to read it!
    Of course, to my beloved parents who understood me and gave me the time to write this guide
    even in the wee hours in the morning and to may siblings who sacrificed playing Yuri's 
    Revenge and CS on the PC just so I could write this guide. Finally, my greatest thanx to 
    God Almighty for giving me the strength to write this guide, and for giving me inspiration 
    to go on and write more guides to serve me fellowmen. 
    This game is special, and this guide is written for a very special person in my life, my 
    very own real life Tifa Adil. This guide is dedicated to you...
    This is one humble section dedicated to those whom I have missed or not mentioned in the 
    credits. Therefore, sorry for those whom I forgot... please e-mail me so I'll add you ASAP! 
    Also, I admit that I have made millions of mistakes in the past (and stupid, selfish ones 
    too). So I deeply apologize to all those people online whom I may have offended, whether 
    it's by e-mail, by the message board or by any means necessary. I hope to reconcile with 
    you guys. I know I may have made mistakes in the past, and I hope you people will find the 
    time to forgive me. Of course, I won't expect you guys to do so if you think I'm not worth 
    forgiving at all. At least I get to apologize and that works good for me.
    This guide is currently 17.30 KB in size, written in Notepad, Courier New font, size 10.
    Guide Copyright: Daba Myrod, December 2001.
    All names and other copyrighted material are trademarks of their owner

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