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"At last... a pretty good game for more than 6 hours from Disney"

Well,first of all I should tell you that if you're thinking this a stinky game, you're wrong!!! The first time I heard About this game, my friend called me and saidd ''Hey I picked up Atlantis.'' I was like ''Oh so you did.'' Anyway this game doesn't give you any idea about Atlantis like the movie does. Anyway on with the review.

Graphics: 6
The graphics in this game aren't that good. Heck they're even worse than Tarzan. The characters are all blocky but the other people( guards etc.) look pretty good. All the FMVs absolutely suck, if you call them FMVs. The backgrounds and sky look like they were drawn by a pre-schooler. Overall the graphics are good.

Sound: 8
The sound, well is actually kind of good. It has a nice adventurous feel to it. For example when you have to escape from the Atlantean Guards a sneaky type music comes on. The effects are of cheap quality. Wherever you step, the same sound comes, so dumb again. The voices are pretty good because they sound exactly like in the movie. For example Milo's voice is like quivering always.

Controls: 10
Controls are kept to the minimum complexity in this game which is EXCELLENT!!! Not like that crappy WWF Attitude.

Gameplay in this game can be good and bad but fortunately it's good most of the time. Actually the game is hard in the beginning but gets easier later in the game.(huh?!!).
The last level is so easy I can beat it blindfolded and one arm tied behind my back because you have a lot of Med Kits and stuff.( I had ten!!!) Overall I liked the gameplay and it's original in its own way.

I'm giving it only a 1 because the movie has a mythological feel to it and also it'ss a bit funny. Unfortunately the game has none of that so if you want to understand the story, go see the movie( whew, thank heavens I saw it.) Otherwise you'll be thinking that the whole crew are fools to go searching for a lost city called Atlantis. So like I said before, go see the movie, if you want to know the STORY!!!

Replay Value:2

Hmmm... there's nothing to do after you beat the gme, other than collect all 13 green crystals and unlock something( Darn, I forgot).

Buy or Rent: Don;t buy this game if you're looking for a long thrillig game because even if it's a bit long the puzzles can be broken easily. If you're looking for a game which you can beat.. well this is well worth a try. So, it;s up to you, if you want to buy or rent. Or go see the movie, you'll get a blast.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 04/04/02, Updated 04/04/02

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