Review by Dayzed

Reviewed: 04/29/04

Like, tubular dude!

I wont do like most review do on gamefaqs, since its a collection of many great old games from the Atari, I will give you reasons to buy, and reasons not to buy. There are many reasons for both:

Reasons To Buy
There are, believe it or not, for you younger chaps, some really good old games that you never even heard of. The Atari is a great system with some old games that even kids who never heard of an Atari would love. They might look like card board cut outs and you won’t get caught dead playing, this is not the case. Well, the part about card board cut outs is.... Any way, you could keep you Atari, or buy one, and look for all these games that are on this one disc, or you could buy the one disc and get rid of the Atari. You get the feel of the Atari and forget your playing a current generation machine. Also, get you moms or dads to play you in these games; they might even beat your butt in them. Just hope they don’t brag to your friends when you loose miserably.

Reasons Not To Buy
There are some reasons not to buy it, believe it or not. If you don't own an Atari, you don’t need too read it. Many of these games were very very famous when the Atari was ''hip'', but, chances are you own at least three to five of the games on the disc. If you own a full library, you might own all of the games on the disc. I wish I would have kept my Atari instead of getting a Playstation. If you own a Playstation, and you can’t stand bad graphics, close this box now and go get a Final Fantasy game. The originals were much better, but this is a must have if you don’t own an Atari. So. All you would really be doing is throwing all those Atari games away, and re-buying them. Shooting your self in the foot huh?

So. Final recommendation? Decide for your self. Rent if you can, but chances are, they won’t carry it. If you read the reasons not to buy, then you could figure it out by yourself. I hope this review helped, although I do not think many people even know about this game. I hope though, that you will rate my review... Ahem...

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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